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Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Morocco and Then Some
I'm a Morocco expert. This is my chance to chew your ear off.
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Click here for proof I’m a Morocco expert—3 million Moroccans can’t be wrong!

I tuned in to Wisconsin Public Radio yesterday. Lest you think I’m a masochist…well, you’re right! It’s excruciating, and I keep doing it, so…but let’s not go there.

Lame excuse: I’m a red pill pundit. I can’t do my job without knowing what the blue pill people are talking about.

And now they’re talking about Morocco. The public radio hosts were explaining how to make harira, a spicy lamb-vegetable-chickpea stew that all of Morocco consumes each evening during the holy month of Ramadan. Every square centimeter of Morocco, plus the dozen or so closest downwind countries, smells like herira for a whole month every year.

If you didn’t like herira, that would be almost as unpleasant as listening to public radio. Fortunately, almost everyone likes harira. There are definitely worse things to smell like. I won’t bother to list them for you.

Since I already know how to make harira (obtain spices, lamb, vegetables, and chick peas, and give them to my wife) I changed the station. WORT-Madison, a Pacifica affiliate that’s basically a bunch of boomer pseudo-leftists pretending to be “alternative” (which they actually were 50 years ago) was talking about Morocco too.

Then I got home, turned off the radio, checked my email, and found The New York Times and Washington Post daily digests. Both had lead stories about…you guessed it…Morocco.

Being a shrewd and perceptive analyst finely-attuned to the subtlest nuances of current events, I pondered the data and deduced that Morocco is currently experiencing its Warholian fifteen minutes of fame.

For me, that’s the opportunity of a lifetime. I’m an academically-trained Morocco expert. My Ph.D. dissertation compares medieval Moroccan Sufi miracle stories to contemporary personal experience narratives of similarly miraculous events. So I’m not just an expert on Morocco, I’m specifically an expert on Moroccan miracles. I’m the guy everybody should be asking the obvious question: How in the world did Morocco’s underdog soccer team make it to the World Cup semifinals?

Unfortunately I can’t answer that question, beyond the obvious “it’s the will of Allah,” since I know next to nothing about soccer. I did coach a soccer team for a couple of years when my kids were little, but my four-year-old players understood the game better than I did. I was too thick, or too American, to grasp their explanations of the offside rule (among other fine points of the game). As Groucho said: “It’s so simple a four-year-old could understand. So bring me a four-year-old—I can’t make heads or tails of it!”

Pressed to explain Morocco’s success, I would draw a comparison with another sport I don’t know much about: boxing. The Moroccan team’s approach to soccer reminds me of Muhammad Ali’s rope-a-dope gambit in the Rumble in the Jungle with Foreman. Like Ali, the Moroccans hang back defensively and let the supposedly more powerful opponent flail and pummel to his heart’s content. When the powerful opponent eventually wears himself out, the Moroccans, like Ali, skillfully execute just enough offense to get the job done.

So why is the whole world in love with Morocco’s rope-a-dope overachievers? One obvious reason is that everyone loves a lovable underdog. And the Moroccans are not just big-time underdogs who’ve been consistently beating heavily-favored teams. They’re actually pretty lovable, as professional athletes go. They value teamwork. There are no prima donna celebrities. They’re down-to-earth, seem like genuinely nice people, conspicuously lack the egomaniacal narcissism that afflicts many star athletes—and after each game they kneel down humbly and give all praise to God, then run around the field waving Palestinian flags. If you’re Arab or Muslim or African or just non-Western, that probably strikes you as pretty cool. And even if you aren’t it’s still kind of refreshing.

The Palestinian flag-waving is actually a major statement. A few years ago, Morocco’s government was one of the handful of regional regimes that reluctantly “normalized” relations with the Zionist entity. The Zionist-run US made an offer Rabat couldn’t refuse: We’ll accept Morocco’s claim to the Sahara if you recognize Israel. So even though the vast majority of Moroccans loathe Israel and love Palestine, nudging the world down the path of recognizing the Moroccan Sahara as Moroccan was judged important enough justify nominally recognizing a regime that virtually nobody in Morocco accepts as legitimate. (And by the way, the Moroccans are right about the Sahara.)

The 2022 World Cup in general, and the Moroccan players in particular, have exposed the utter vacuity of the so-called Abraham Accords—a name that is blasphemously insulting to the beloved prophet Ibrahim, peace upon him. By shunning Israelis, telling Israeli reporters to get stuffed and that there is no such country, and waving Palestinian flags at every opportunity, World Cup participants, led by the Moroccan team, have emphatically informed the world that whatever their (utterly unrepresentative) governments may say, the people of the region and the world overwhelmingly oppose Zionism and avidly yearn for the complete liberation of Palestine.

Okay, enough about the Moroccan soccer team! Enough about the World Cup! I am a Morocco expert not a soccer expert! So instead of going on and on about the Moroccan footballers following in the footsteps of the Almoravids (al-Murabitun) and conquering Spain and Portugal en route to France, or gushing about how this is the first time an Arab or African team made it to the World Cup semifinals, or rambling endlessly about how the Muslim world is triumphing over the Western idiots who hate Qatar because it frowns on alcohol and sexual deviance, or speculating about whether Morocco’s “nobody scores on me” goalie Bono will become not only more famous than Cher’s mobbed-up ex-hubby Sonny but maybe even surpass the WEF-hobnobbing Irish songwriter of the same name, I will instead tell you about the pickled-lemon-and-chicken tajine that my wife made to celebrate the victory over Spain.

That pickled-lemon-and-chicken tajine was really, really good! I do have to warn you, however, that it takes about six months to prepare. First you have to pickle the lemons, which involves finding the right kind, Meyer lemons. (When I started typing that into Google up popped Meyer Lansky—you definitely don’t want that.) Anyway, you basically just leave the lemons in salty water for six months and let them ferment. You will find that, unlike Meyer Lansky, the Meyer lemons don’t become disgustingly rotten and putrid. (Yes, I know he was disgustingly rotten and putrid even while alive—but if you think that was bad, you should try digging him up sometime.)

After leaving the lemons in salty water for six months, you…you…well, I think I’d better let my wife explain how to make it. And since I actually don’t have that particular recipe right here with me, I’ll give you her apricot chicken recipe instead, which is somewhat similar except it involves apricots.

Tajine Djej Bil Mashmash
(Chicken With Dried Apricot)


  • 1 whole chicken or chicken parts
  • 1 onion grated
  • 1 tsp salt
  • 1 tsp ground black pepper
  • 2 Tbs olive oil
  • 1 tsp cinnamon powder
  • 1 tsp ground ginger
  • 1 tsp turmeric powder
  • dash of ground nutmeg
  • ¼ tsp ground allspice
  • ½ tsp saffron
  • 10 ounces dried apricots
  • 1cup water
  • 1 cup toasted blanched almonds


  • Marinate the chicken in the rest of the spice mixture for about 2 hours in the fridge.
  • In a large pot, heat oil over medium heat, add chicken and stir fry for about 10-15 minutes. Add water and cook over low heat for about 40 minutes or 1 hour if you’re using whole chicken.
  • Meanwhile cook the apricots in a little water with cinnamon and let them simmer until soft. Add the apricots to the chicken pot and let everything simmer for 15-20 minutes.
  • Serve warm topped with toasted almonds.
This is the tajine with lemons and olives, not apricots. It is not traditionally served with soccer balls. I added those to make it an “altered for creative purposes” image so the cookbook publisher I stole the rest of the picture from can’t sue me. I considered photoshopping in some apricots too, but my lawyer and my culinary consultant both advised against it.
This is the tajine with lemons and olives, not apricots. It is not traditionally served with soccer balls. I added those to make it an “altered for creative purposes” image so the cookbook publisher I stole the rest of the picture from can’t sue me. I considered photoshopping in some apricots too, but my lawyer and my culinary consultant both advised against it.

If you like that recipe, there are a whole lot more in my wife’s book Moroccan Cooking for Diabetics. Unfortunately, when some people hear that title, they think: What is this, a cookbook full of desserts and syrupy mint tea? Is just looking at this book going to give me diabetes? Thinking about all that chebakia (sesame cookies with honey) and cornes de gazelles (ground almond pastries) washed down with the national beverage, sugar-saturated mint tea, is making my blood glucose level explode!

Well, actually, it’s the opposite. The book is designed to ameliorate or even cure diabetes if you have it, and prevent it if you don’t. As Fatna wrote in her introduction:

“In this book, I am going to try (Insha’allah—God willing) to offer delicious, bright, soulful recipes for diabetics. Non-diabetics are also welcome to try them. It will only make their lives healthier Insha Allah. In fact, eating this kind of healthy, delicious food may help prevent diabetes. It is better to manage diabetes with diet than to attempt to cure it with drugs. And it is an even better idea to try to prevent it in the first place, by following a diet and exercise regimen that keeps the body and spirit in balance and avoids overloading the endocrine system.”

Sachi Kuhananthan, MD wrote in his introduction to the book:

“Traditional diets were nutrition-dense and prevented the occurrence of chronic diseases in those societies. The Moroccan diet is one such traditional diet. Fatna Bellouchi has studied this diet over the years and has written this book of healthy traditional Moroccan recipes. I enjoyed her spicy Moroccan food on a few memorable occasions, and even thinking about them makes my mouth water!

“Fatna’s traditional Moroccan cooking offers numerous health benefits. First of all, olive oil is primarily used in Moroccan cooking. Butter is also used liberally. Goat meat and lamb are not only healthy foods but also very tasty in a curry form. Moroccans also value the intake of green leafy vegetables and fruits.

“Turmeric is widely used in Moroccan cooking. It has anti-inflammatory properties, and several studies show its usefulness in controlling pain in arthritis. Turmeric is also beneficial in blood sugar control in diabetic patients. Heart attacks occur when a clot forms in the coronary artery. It is becoming clear that the inflammation in the endothelial lining initiates this clot formation. Therefore, turmeric is probably useful in preventing heart attacks.

“Since we have learned about the key role of inflammation in so many ‘diseases of civilization’ Fatna’s turmeric-heavy dishes, and her use of nutrient-dense non-inflammatory foods, should offer health benefits to all, not just to diabetics.”

So now that it has been established that I am an expert on all things Moroccan—especially miraculous things like the success of their soccer team and delicious things like the dishes my wife cooks to celebrate it—there is nothing left to do but scream “GO MOROCCO!” and drop you this offer:

If you subscribe to my Substack at the $210-per-year level, and have a US mailing address, email me at TruthJihad(at)gmail[dot]com and we’ll send an autographed copy of Fatna’s book, with its 100+ delicious Moroccan recipes, to that US mailing address. (Sorry we can’t do it for non-US addresses.)

(Republished from Substack by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Culture/Society • Tags: Cuisine, Food, Israel/Palestine, Morocco 
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  1. Biff says:

    Morocco will lose to Croatia in the final – there, I said it.
    BTW, Muslim lamb dishes(เเกงเเกะ) are some of the best on earth. Up here in Northern Thailand there are a good number of fantastic Muslim restaurants to chose from.

    • Replies: @Biff
  2. Biff says:

    Oops, maybe I should read the news before making stupid comment.

    • Replies: @brostoevsky
  3. Thanks to Kevin for the article –

    (and viva L’Argentina in the finals)

  4. @Biff

    I just hope some team whips Argentina’s butt. I can’t stand Messi the golden child and they played so dirty against the Netherlands it was painful to watch. Constant tripping and fouls. Morocco and Croatia are my two favorite teams left in this championship. I wish them both the best of luck 🤞

    • Replies: @Curmudgeon
  5. Philip Kraske [AKA "Phil4Phil"] says:

    Morocco’s luck can be explained by its penalty shootouts against Brazil and Spain. Soccer is a defense-dominated sport. It’s not hard for a weaker team to bring a stronger team to a tie. Penalty shootouts mean that its chances of winning rise to 50-50, for they are little more than luck. They are the basketball equivalent of settling a game with each team shooting five half-court shots: yes, skill is required, but a team needs Allah on its side if it is to prevail. It’s a poor way of determining a winner; it’s not even the same game. A better way might be a sudden-death period in which the goalkeepers can’t use their hands. At least winning would depend on full teams playing the same game.

    • Replies: @Tindo
  6. the beloved prophet Ibrahim, peace upon him

    …”the beloved prophet Numbakula, peace upon him” would be – and is – in every respect as correct an assertion historically, as the quoted one is.

    (I’ve written about the matter more than once, but people must be permitted not to understand anything that goes against their beliefs – which, rightly, are protected by the Luxembourgeois constitution and, I believe, by the American too)

  7. We’re all hoping Morocco beats France and thereafter goes all the way.

    What the Moroccan team have achieved by raising the Palestinian flag at the end of their games and bringing the world spotlight onto the human rights abuses of the Apartheid Israeli state, is a thing to behold.

    I will forever be grateful for what they have done. They are the pride of the Arab world.

  8. roonaldo says:

    Dang it, Mr. Barrett, I’m crying in my bowl of bachelor-made dinner while my stomach growls in protest for the dishes you describe . . .sure, I’m grateful for the food I receive, but. . .c’mon man, have mercy!

    I’m also grateful for this World Cup–truly amazing athleticism on display, Qatar squelching the rainbow wussies, the Moroccan team’s open support for Palestinians, the Argentines telling the race-obsessed assholes to get lost–two more matches to look forward to. . .

    I had concerns that the usual suspects might try some terrorist act in retaliation for the anti-globohomo and pro-palestinian stances. But word has it that the Biden gang shelved those plans after intensively researching Arab countries by watching Hope and Crosby’s “On the Road to Morocco” and “Harum Scarum” starring Elvis Pressley.

  9. In the link to one can read Though Christians and Jews had lived happily and prosperously in Islamic Spain.

    This can be explained only by the “völlige Unkenntnis des Autors von den Verhältnissen im frühen islamischen Spanien // the complete ignorance of the author regarding the conditions of life in early Islamic Spain”, Die Entstehung einer Weltreligion V, Schiler & Mücke, Berlin/Tübingen 2020, p. 181, the title of the contribution being “Al-Andalus-Propaganda”, pp. 179-207.

    The author, Johannes Thomas, hitherto has written two contributions to the “Inârah” series ( ), the above being the second whilst the first, “Al-Andalus: Historiographie und Archäologie” can be found in Die Entstehung einer Weltreligion V, Verlag Hans Schiler, Berlin 2017, pp. 547-635.

    Now, for once I am lucky enough not to have to copy by hand some +/- lenghty (and, as someone said, “pedantic”) excerpts, because Johannes Thomas can be found online; quote:

    This glorification of al-Andalus goes hand-in-hand with a blatant misjudgment of the real circumstances and events, indeed with a general ignorance of the primary and secondary sources, unless they are available in English. In addition, the unscientific, anti-historical and anti-philological attitudes of many American postmodernists was spurred on by post-colonial studies, especially the completely baseless attacks on European Oriental studies by Edward Said. The most significant representative of such is the late María Rosa Menocal, formerly Sterling Professor of Spanish Studies at Yale.

    Menocal used many of the arguments and some of the same examples that Jewish historians of science in the 19th and 20th centuries used to justify the concept of a “Golden Age” in al-Andalus. However, unlike the Jewish historians of science, she consciously employed anachronistic concepts. Thus, for example, when she defines the Middle Ages as being “postmodern” vis-à-vis Modernity, it fits very well with her desire to tell the story “in the lyric mode.” Naturally, this was very popularly received in the mass media and at university campuses, where departments of comparative literature, and especially those of cultural studies, enthusiastically embrace all new fads, such as, postmodernism and postcolonial studies, irrespective of their scientific merit.

    Such utopian and idyllic views of Islamic rule in al-Andalus, propagated by Menocal and her followers, are further promoted by mass culture because of political demands for fruitful dialogues between cultures and by the culture industry’s need for simple models and solutions to complex problems. Such tendencies, however, naturally also have an impact on academic studies, as can be clearly seen in the section devoted to the literature of al-Andalus, edited by Menocal, in the Cambridge History of Arabic Literature. , bold writing (“mass culture” 2 x, of course, what would one expect?) mine.

  10. I look forward to the end of all this soccer, nothing turns grown men into imbeciles faster than spectator sports. I’ll just have a few weeks of peace and then the stupidbowl starts.

  11. Visited there once briefly…nice people and great food. The success of their soccer team is a great mystery to the world of sports. That Italy was not even in the World Cup and Germany and Brazil are long gone is a great mystery too. Regarding the politics of Morocco…they are nothing and of no account.

  12. France has 821 after 4, but Argentina is 88821 after 6. 12 is with the Europeans and 19 with the Americans. Messi might do it but never underestimate the defending champions.

    • Replies: @anno nimus
  13. @brostoevsky

    Watched the “highlights” of the Argentina – Croatia game. I didn’t know the final score beforehand. I knew Croatia was screwed (again) when the referee awarded the penalty. Shades of the fix for France in 2018.
    France is a team of thugs and divers who are given free rein, and rewarded for their thuggery and diving. ABF – Anyone But France.

  14. I want to see Morocco keep winning.

    …if only so that they keep getting to run around waving Palestinian flags. It’ll make the Jews try to bring down the boot even harder.

    The more you tighten your grip, Lord Vader, the more star systems will slip through your fingers…

  15. Tindo says:
    @Philip Kraske

    Firstly, Morocco did not play against Brazil, it was Croatia that did. Secondly, it was more skill, tactical nous and heart, than luck, that took Morocco the the semi-final. Thirdly, it is very easy to recognise that someone is American when they say something about ‘soccer’ and inevitably make a comment that makes you think, ‘what the…!’, like yours (I might be wrong of course -about your nationality). Your understanding of football (the proper name of the sport worldwide outside the US (probably because, players actually, you know, use their feet…) appears to be…shall we say, bizarre (not in a negative way), as proven by your strange analysis and very funny suggestion. But that’s ok, you’re (I’m guessing!) from the US, where football has always been viewed with contempt and the NFL is king. It’s not part of the more than a century-long sporting culture, I get it. But seriously, it’s like me, a non-American, saying, ‘the NBA should allow players to run with the ball as long as they want without having to bounce it! Or, the NFL should make it so that quarterbacks have to kick the ball downfield to the running back, not throw it…’ Absurd to American ears, right? Well, that’s how weird your ‘suggestion’ would sound to any non-American football fan. Watch top level European or South American football (not the low level, low quality MLS) and you might come to learn why, at the highest level, it is very attack-minded, has players of breathtaking creativity and skill, and why, it is, always has been and always will be, by far the world’s most popular sport (outside the US). But hey, then again, you have a right to your opinion. Hope I didn’t come across as offensive, that wasn’t my intention, If I did, I’ll humbly tone it down next time.

  16. @Tindo

    I’m a football fan (from Australia), and I thought Phil4Phil’s suggestion that we amend the rules so that in the event the scores are tied at full time, we allow :

    ‘a sudden-death period in which the goalkeepers can’t use their hands’ ,

    to be very sensible. It would be much better than deciding the outcome by penalties and there would be a lesser element of luck involved.

    Meanwhile, the whole of this video is worth watching if one is a connoisseur of the ‘Art of Football’. But, on the matter of penalty kicks, NO ONE did it better than Bulgaria’s Dimitar Berbatov (watch the last minute of this video) :

    In the interim, the dream has ended – Morocco lost to France.

    Nevertheless, we owe a debt of gratitude to the Moroccans for having had the guts to bring up the Palestinian issue during the World Cup and for their gutsy efforts to date – they really made the French work hard in that game.

    Meanwhile, Irish and Scottish football fans have, on numerous occasions, shown their solidarity for the Palestinian cause.
    The two min video below shows Celtic fans from the Scottish football league :

    Ahhhh, you gotta love those Scots.

    • Replies: @René Fries
  17. Cook-ie says:

    I see Scott Ritter is under attack on YouTube and others areas.

    Whoever is mounting this attack -its organized- and is “drowning out” his content by using his name and the current time and date in the description, they seem to be using random private videos and reloading them.

    This is most probably a state actor because YouTube could easily filter it out.

    Obviously Scott is having an influence on opinion.

  18. “and after each game they kneel down humbly and give all praise to God, then run around the field waving Palestinian flags.”

    So they use the World Cup to proselytize and to make political positions.

    • Replies: @Colin Wright
  19. @Truth Vigilante

    Meanwhile, Irish and Scottish football fans have, on numerous occasions, shown their solidarity for the Palestinian cause.

    “Football fans”???

    Let me quote, first, something I yesterday replied to Mulga Mumblebrain:

    “[…] But then – apparently, you forget that since 9/11, there have been over 42.000 ‘Allahu akbar’ attacks in the world (for those before, see ). Apparently you forget that the ‘slaughter of infidels’ is commanded to the ‘faithful’ by Q 2:191-193 [so ‘Muslims must kill non-believers wherever they are, unless they convert to Islam’, a Dr. (sic) Ali Gomaa, grand Mufti of Egypt, told Al Ahram on 4/7/2008)]. Apparently you forget or never knew that a certain Wael Al-Zarad has made a speech on Al-Aqsa-TV 28 feb 2008, according to which the bloody revenge of the Muslims against the Jews ‘will cease only with their annihilation, because they repeatedly have have tried to kill our prophet’ [bold writing mine; btw, it goes without saying that it is strictly impossible to kill someone who doesn’t exist or to ‘insult’ him, be it with Danish or even French cartoons]. Now, if ‘their annihilation’ is not genocidal, then nothing is. That Israel has the obligation to try and protect its own citizens is beyond doubt and beyond any discussion – seems to me (here you may contradict me) that the IDF’s actions always are reactions, the murderous ‘Islamic’ creed of the ‘Palestinians’ forbidding them to make any concession (I already have quoted Hamas’s – ridiculous – stance that ‘Palestine is an Islamic territory’ which it is NOT). […]

    And then: Mark Humphreys says that “Islamic terror against the US began in 1785. Must have been because of its support for Israel!” , bold writing mine.

    So, the said “football fans” are part of those I’ve spoken of under #9 ( = the consumers of mass media and mass culture), that’s to say they are of a “remarkable clumsiness in understanding things”,

  20. @Orthodox Catholic

    ‘So they use the World Cup to proselytize and to make political positions.’

    As opposed to say, praising God in English, and waving an American flag.

    Palestine isn’t a political position. It’s a place.

  21. Philip Kraske [AKA "Phil4Phil"] says:

    It’s true I’m American, but I’ve lived in Spain for 35 years, so I know something about the sport, having spent hours with my English students talking about it. And most of them agree with me that the penalty shootout is a poor way to determine a game, much less a championship, though nobody really has any good suggestions as to an alternative; mine is probably the least bad. Spain came very close to a shootout when it won its only World Cup, but if the game had gone to penalty shots, it would have been the third championship in the last four that went to a shootout.

    I called it soccer here because I figured that most people who read UNZ are Yanks; could be wrong.

    And you’re right: Morocco defeated Portugal, not Brazil.

  22. @René Fries

    Why the question marks after the words ‘football fans’ ?

    Did it look like an ice hockey game to you ?

    Of course it is the round ball game, or WORLD GAME, referred to as FOOTBALL in practically the entirety of the world outside of Nth America.

    Anyway, what’s this nonsense you write ? :

    …. the IDF’s actions always are reactions

    Let’s get the answer to ‘Which came first – the chicken or the egg ?’ correct.

    The murderous ZIONIST COLONIAL SETTLERS initiated The Nakba in 1948, whereby they slaughtered countless tens of thousands of Palestinians and displaced hundreds of thousands more, in the process of STEALING A COUNTRY from them.


    So clearly Rene, you have it arse backwards.

    You go on to say :

    Israel has the obligation to try and protect its own citizens ….

    Let’s get the wording right. The correct description for that nation is OCCUPIED PALESTINE.

    If you must use the ‘I’ word abomination, then best to call it the APARTHEID ISRAELI STATE.

    Now, I agree that in every jurisdiction, governments should protect their own citizens.
    If the authorities that rule Occupied Palestine really want to protect their own citizens, WHY THE EFF ARE THEY PUTTING THEM IN HARMS WAY ??

    You steal the land of these people, you murder them and commit heinous human rights abuses on a daily basis and you’re surprised when you get some push back ?

    If they really wanted to protect their people THEY WOULD SEND THEM BACK TO WHENCE THEY CAME.
    They could go back to Krakow in Poland, the Jewish enclaves in Brooklyn NY or those shit-hole shtetls in Khazaria where their forebears originated.

    Legendary White House Press Corps journalist Helen Thomas speaks for ALL people with a conscience (28 sec video) :

    • Replies: @René Fries
  23. @Truth Vigilante

    Why the question marks after the words ‘football fans’ ?

    Did it look like an ice hockey game to you ?

    One must be allowed to make silly remarks (yes, the quotation marks were misplaced, unjustifiable and plain silly), that’s the very core of democracy: quite regularly I look at BBC Parliament (GB), RAI Camera dei Deputati (IT) , Chamber (Luxbg), LCP (Fr) and Phoenix/Bundestag (DE) and find this saying plainly confirmed.

    ‘Which came first – the chicken or the egg ?’

    Historic fact is that there were “kanaanitische Stämme, die sich um 1100-1200 v. Chr. zu ‘Israel’ zusammengeschlossen hatten // cana’anite tribes that around 1100-1200 BC merged into ‘Israel’ “, Vom Koran zum Islam, Verlag Hans Schiler, Berlin 2009, pp. 60-61

    The murderous ZIONIST COLONIAL SETTLERS initiated The Nakba in 1948

    There is some truth in that assertion, although in their mind of course, they were but RETURNING; as to have “initiated” the Naqba©, there the contradictions between the 2 narratives are insurmountable. However, I already have quoted somewhere the Cunningham papers and the Middle Eastern Studies showing that – at least – the Arab (“Arab”, NOT “Palestinian”, according to the Peel Report) inhabitants of Haifa and Tiberias were chased by their own brethren


    Interesting. Am I to understand “everybody back to Africa”? My own ancestors, the Franks [Regnum Francorum Orientalis = Germany (+ Benelux + Switzerland + Austria + Northern Italy), Regnum Francorum Occidentalis = France (Frankreich)], were INVADERS. The ancestors of 99,9% of all US-Americans currently living were INVADERS. The ancestors of most inhabitants of the Arabic speaking countries were INVADERS. The Turks were INVADERS.

    • Replies: @Truth Vigilante
  24. Disappointed to learn of Kev’s Morocco connection and his views on Western Sahara…
    Surely, Kev, you must know the satanic sultan of Fès had recorded confidential discussions at the Arab League summit and shared this crucial intelligence with the zionist entity prior to its 1967 blitzkrieg…?
    And how do you reconcile the cynical recognition of the zionist entity by the latest iteration of the satanic sultan of Fès? Does he really believe the zionists are now seriously supporting his occupation of the Sahrawi people’s homeland…? BFFs?? Let’s watch how that all plays out… And I thought you were more circumspect when it came to the zionists… but ‘this time it’s different’…???
    To their credit, the poor and starving masses in Morocco reject this recognition and maintain their support of the Palestinian people’s just cause. But they have even less voice than our deluded masses in the west. I have spent 10 years working in this region and have never seen anything like the horrors this monarchy perpetrates against independent media, civil society, the Sahrawis in Western Sahara and its own poor long-suffering people. Talk about the North Korea of the Maghreb (which is not fair to North Korea)!
    And Kev, you normally have such a good radar when it comes to ‘conspiracies’. Haven’t you noticed that funny looking star on the Moroccan flag (symbol of the satanic sultan of Fès, and nothing at all to do with the Moroccan people)? Talk about hiding in plain sight!
    What’s going on Kev?

  25. @René Fries

    I see Troll: Kevin Barrett, Colin Wright, hence I must conclude that both are deplorable victims to the well-known Islamic taqiyya which “ist im Islam eine äusserst geschätzte Praxis. Sie kommt zur Anwendung, sobald die Enthüllung bestimmter Aktivitäten oder Tatbestände Risiken für Existenz und Frieden der Gemeinschaft der Gläubigen bedeuten // in Islam is an extremely valued practice. It comes to application whenever the unveiling of certain activities or facts entail risks for the existence or the peace of the ummah”, Die Entstehung einer Weltreligion V, Verlag Schiler & Mücke, Berlin/Tübingen 2020, p. 357.

    Veiled behind the taqiyya are not only the violences, be they historic (270 million victims) or more recent (> 42.000 “allahu akbar!” attacks since 9/11) but also

    “(…)non-violent tactics, used by the jihadist (…). Over the last few decades they have perfected a series of effective Jihads against the non-Muslim world while it slumbered in its politically-correct dream-world. There are many Jihads the Islamists use and they all support their ultimate goal — an Islamic world ruled by Shari’a Law. Here they are:

    * Education Jihad
    * Cultural Jihad
    * Demographic Jihad
    * Economic Jihad
    * Institutional Jihad
    * Media Jihad
    * Financial Jihad
    * Criminal Jihad
    * Thuggery Jihad.

    — and their most effective tool of intimidation — the Litigation Jihad”,

    Hence, calling “Islam” [quotation marks, the historical Islam being what Luxenberg called “Islam I” i.e. “eine vornizenische, christlich-orientalische, syrisch-arabische Form des Christentums”, p. 142 in Die dunklen Anfänge, Verlag Hans Schiler, Berlin 2007, the said “Islam I” having been overthrown by the Abbasid revolution 749 AD] a terrorist organization is an understatement.

    This entirely fictitious “Islam”, sucked out of the unclean thumbs [unclean, that is, in a philological-historical (scientific) view, I already have written about that under ] of al-Hisham, al-Waqidi, Tabari etc, is but a laughing stock for every well-read thinking being. To make oneself the apologist of such a ridiculous scam would only be ridiculous itself, were it not that the said scam is also DANGEROUS.

    Kevin Barrett clearly is indoctrinated by Islam, his PhD having certainly been got at a time when most “Islamologues” still believed in the Traditional Muslim Literature (Tabari etc) which of course is utterly false.

  26. @René Fries

    The ancestors of 99,9% of all US-Americans currently living were INVADERS. The ancestors of most inhabitants of the Arabic speaking countries were INVADERS. The Turks were INVADERS.

    I’m Australian so we too are invaders that dispossessed the indigenous people.

    Meanwhile, three generation of Jews have been born in Occupied Palestine since the Nakba so I acknowledge that returning large numbers of people to the nations of their forebears and dispossessing them of houses/apartments/land holdings that they bought in good faith, is not practical.

    In addition to the Jews that settled in Palestine after 1948, we have of course the ones that arrived between the wars and more than a few that settled in the Levant during 19th century.
    They have every right to remain in Palestine.

    So the solution for Occupied Palestine will be thus :

    1) End the Apartheid.

    2) Adopt a ONE STATE solution – and naturally this state will revert to its original name [Palestine].

    3) Allow for the Right of Return*.

    (* Of course very few Palestinians that resided there from before the Nakba are still alive or willing to relocate in the twilight of their lives. But their descendants should be given the option to settle there and be granted immediate residency, should they so desire).

    The Palestinians are a very forgiving people and will accept those Jews that are willing to live alongside them in harmony.
    Undoubtedly the hateful rabid Zionist zealots will not be able to make this transition, and quite a few will [of their own accord] emigrate from the country.

    This is a sensible outcome that should be implemented and will bring peace to the Middle East.

    • Replies: @YesYesCircle
  27. @anno nimus

    mea culpa, oops. France has 19, both have 12. the beauty of 12 favors France. but after their 3-0 win, the south Americans have the stars lining up after 3-6. with 88821 vs. 821, it’s a beautiful set up. that’s why they call it The Beautiful Game. make sport, not war!
    Vive la France!

    • Replies: @anno nimus
  28. @Truth Vigilante

    “Peace in the Middle East”…ha, ha ,ha, ha You must be kidding? And the Baltimore school system will graduate top doctors, engineers and physicists.

    • Replies: @Truth Vigilante
  29. Truth vigilante also wrote that “The Palestinians are a very forgiving people”.

    I remember that back in time +/- 1917, of the ca 420.000 Arabs (cf “the Arabs desire to revive the traditions of the Arab golden age”, Peel Report) a very large if not predominant part [for instance in Bethlehem 80%, in Nazareth 60% (still in 1946)] were Christians, and that in the year 1922 in Jerusalem there were more Christians than Muslims (15.000 vs 13.000). And yes, forgiveness IS a key feature in our religion.

    As to most of those who currently are – wrongly – called “Palestinians”, they’re not Christians but Muslims who consider that Palestine is an ISLAMIC country – a claim which simply is ridiculous [“I already have quoted Hamas’s – ridiculous – stance that ‘Palestine is an Islamic territory’ which it is NOT”, ]

  30. @YesYesCircle

    “Peace in the Middle East”…ha, ha ,ha, ha You must be kidding?

    Of course I’m not kidding.

    Obviously you haven’t thought through what the implications of a One State solution/End of Apartheid entail for Palestine.

    It entails One Man One Vote. Right now the Jews outnumber the Palestinians.
    But the latter have a higher birth rate and will catch up to the former in no time.

    When that happens, they will thus vote in a Palestinian controlled government (not that a small, but significant percentage of righteous Jews won’t also be voting for the Palestinian politicians, rather than vote for the psychotic war mongering Likud Party).

    Importantly also, the Palestinian component outnumbering Jews will happen faster than most people imagine because :

    1) A significant number of rabid and racist Jewish settlers will pack up and get the hell out of Palestine, because they fear they’ll be persecuted for crimes they committed or because they simply can’t live alongside the original inhabitants and have grown accustomed to living in their Jewish only high security enclaves.

    2) A significant number of Russian engineers/technicians (that only emigrated to Israel in the last 10 or 20 years for the lucrative money on offer), and that formerly worked in the IDF or for military contractors that supply the Israeli military, will now be out of work as spending on Defence is wound down.
    They will return to mother Russia.

    3) Likewise quite a few individuals that emigrated from other eastern European countries (and Jews originating from other nations) will likewise return to their country of origin.

    Bottom Line: Once Palestinians are a majority in that country, they will form a pro-Palestinian/PRO-ARAB government that will not behave belligerently towards its Arab neighbours and indeed will go out of its way to establish friendly relations with them.


    So Mr/Ms ‘Yes-Yes’, was it really that difficult for you to connect those dots and come to that OBVIOUS conclusion ?

  31. Al Ross says:

    You are right to mention cuisine . It is an invaluable aid to racial interlopers in the West as a general promoter of soft cultural host acquiescence.

    If the English disliked Curry, then Subcontinental immigration , often erstwhile illegal but subsequently forgiven , might not have achieved critical mass.

    Also , because in Malaysia , for example , the economically – dominant Chinese rather enjoy spicy Malay – influenced food , it was formerly the case that members of the dominant Malay ethnic group looked across a non – Muslim run restaurant , saw Chinese people enjoying their cultural creation, and felt a sense of culinary pride and a concomitant lessening of financial envy.

    That ceased to apply when the Malays were told by Saudi – financed Wahabist prosyletisers that it was Haram to eat with utensils not guaranteed to have touched pork.

    The Malays were played by Arabs and forfeited their Sunny Disposition for a (Saudi ) Sunni Disposition.

    The long term EU plan is for Morocco and the other Maghreb nations to join the EU , with the dolorous racial outcomes imagined by Coudenhove – Kalergi ‘s desideratum.

  32. @anno nimus

    Argentina winners 2022,1986 (M and M : Messi, Maradona)

    2022 ÷ 1986 = 1.018126888218

    greatly favored by 12 after 3rd decimal, and 3, 3 goals. great Leo Messi ought to thank Saint Michael the beloved archangel.

    France winners 1858!!!


  33. Mystery Beyond Understanding

    +++ I believe in the Three Holy Names, Three Divine Persons, the Holy Trinity, One God. Amen.

    “We noted previously the difference between generation and procession – as the dogmatic theologian, St. John of Damascus, expounded in the Exact Exposition of the Orthodox Faith, book 1, chapter 8 – but we really do not comprehend or grasp what actually constitutes that difference. Consequently, the difference between the generation of the Son and the procession of the Spirit is a mystery beyond man’s understanding.”

    Apostolos Makrakis

    + + +

    World Cup Mystery 2022 Qatar


    3 goals in semi finals, 3-3 goals in the final, 3rd world cup victory, 1 winner, 1 Messi, 1 Argentina.
    3 x 12 = 36 years later.
    2022 ÷ 1986 = 1.018126888218

    + + +

    Surprising Property of Three Centers of a Triangle

    3 sides, 3 angles, 3 centers, 1 line, 1 triangle.

    Euler Line

    In the 18th century, the Swiss mathematician Leonhard Euler noticed that three of the many centers of a triangle are always collinear, that is, they always lie on a straight line. This line has come to be named after him – the Euler line. (His name is pronounced the German way – “oiler”). The three centers that have this surprising property are the triangle’s centroid, circumcenter and orthocenter.

    A brief overview:

    The centroid is the point where the three medians converge. The medians are the lines joining a vertex to the midpoint of the opposite side.

    The circumcenter is the point where the perpendicular bisectors of the triangle’s sides converge. The three perpendicular bisectors are the lines that cross each side of the triangle at right angles exactly at their midpoint.

    The orthocenter is the point where the three altitudes of the triangle converge. The three altitudes are the lines that pass through a vertex and are perpendicular to the opposite side.

    mathopenref dot com

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