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Donald Trump: Another False Messiah?
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Trump, Self-Styled “King of Israel,” Has Failed to Save America from Democrats and Pedophiles…Will His Cult Followers Keep Making Excuses?

In the year 1666 the whole Jewish world went crazy. A manic-depressive madman named Sabbatai Zevi, aided by his loquacious PR flack, Nathan of Gaza, had declared himself the Messiah.

History hadn’t been kind to the Jews. Their self-image as God’s chosen, destined to rule over the goyim cattle, clashed with messy reality. Persecuted here, expelled there, despised everywhere, Jews felt themselves a nation in decline. Many were ready to follow a mad messiah who promised to “make Israel great again.” As the Sabbatean frenzy swept through Jewish communities across Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East, Establishment rabbis were powerless to contain it. Jews abandoned their businesses, sold their belongings, and did so much masochistic penance that the price of nettles soared. Those who could afford to bought tickets for the Holy Land. This was Zionism 1.0, and it set the tone for future iterations.

Fast forward 350 years to 2016. Another psychologically unbalanced individual, a certain Donald J. Trump, crowned himself with a red baseball cap and declared himself the redeemer who would “make America great again.” Like Zevi’s, Trump’s madness found an audience. Like Jews in 1666, (white male) Americans in 2016 were starting to feel like persecuted members of a nation in decline. Like Sabbatai Zevi promising to restore the Biblical glory days of Israel and then some, Donald Trump sold his followers a nostalgic-messianic vision of a rebuilt temple of national greatness. And like Zevi’s proto-Zionists, Trump’s MAGA-hat-wearing lemmings followed their leader into madness, abandoning critical thought and embracing what more sensible people could see was a bizarre, mythical delusion.

Why did so many people uncritically follow lunatic leaders like Zevi and Trump? Most obviously, both had good propagandists: Zevi was a nobody until Nathan started promoting him, while Trump built his political empire with the help of an army of flacks hired by MAGA-nation’s fake alt media. But even good propagandists need a viable product. And Zevi and Trump were both obviously clinically insane. Fortunately for their flacks, both suffered from mental illnesses tailor-made for selling them as false messiahs.

Zevi was a manic-depressive who, in his manic phases, did madly transgressive things. But according to Nathan, Zevi’s crazy criminal behavior was exactly what you’d expect from a Messiah! The whole point of being a Messiah, Nathan said, was to abolish the Law. (Sounds like something Giuliani might say in defense of Trump.)

Jews, who were probably sick of punctiliously obeying every last petty aspect of Jewish law, ate it up. A world with no more law, in which Jews would rule over the Gentile cattle the way God intended, sounded damned good to them.

Trump’s unique brand of craziness likewise played on the fantasies of his audience. Like Zevi, Trump broke rules and got away with it. Many working class Americans fantasize about living lives of egotistic opulence while flouting the rules. Through Trump—or, rather, their image of Trump—they could vicariously live out their fantasies. And like Zevi, who, rumor had it, married a prostitute and invited acquaintances to enjoy her, Trump is said to have married a “model” trafficked from Eastern Europe and to have led a dissolute life in many other respects, as Roy Cohn and “Katie Johnson” could attest.

Another fatal attraction: Both Zevi and Trump were satanic egotists, narcissists who demanded that people worship them instead of God. Zevi changed liturgies so Jews would stop worshipping Yahweh and start worshipping Zevi. He was a self-styled Antichrist who consciously stole the “man as God” motif from the Christians and applied it to himself. Trump, too, invited worship of himself, and was always the foremost and most enthusiastic member of the congregation.

Finally, one can’t help but notice that Zevi and Trump were both “crazy Zionists.” By that I mean that unlike “sane Zionists” (pardon the oxymoron) Zevi and Trump had complete faith in their own ability to madly defy common sense, geopolitical and historical reality, and the existence and independent volition of the people of the Muslim East, and unilaterally will the supreme success of Greater Israel.

Zevi’s message to the Jews—”come to the Holy Land, I am now King of the World and the Ottoman Sultan is about to surrender to me so we Jews can subjugate and enslave the goyim cattle and retire in splendor and let them do all the work”—quickly collided with reality, in the form of the Sultan himself. Zevi was brought before the Sultan, who said: “If you are the Messiah, my executioners’ arrows won’t hurt you. If you aren’t, you’re an imposter who deserves death.” Zevi’s quick-witted response was a nominal conversion to Islam. The Sultan, who found Zevi mad but charming, treated the new “convert” with proverbial Muslim mercy and compassion, revoking the death sentence and appointing him to a high position with a good salary.

Zevi’s followers, like Trump’s today, were crestfallen. Like followers of Q Anon, Zevi’s cultists (the majority of Jews of 1666) had been dreaming up all kinds of unlikely scenarios purporting to explain why the “messiah” who was going to put everything right couldn’t seem to do so. “In spite of Sabbatai’s apostasy, many of his adherents still clung tenaciously to their belief in him, claiming that his conversion was a part of the Messianic scheme.” (Wikipedia). Likewise, there are still Q followers out there who believe Trump still is going to pull some kind of miracle out of his rear end, magically beam himself back into the White House, arrest the satanic pedophile elite, execute Biden and Hillary, and help America live happily ever after.

50 years after Zevi died in 1676, his self-proclaimed reincarnation, Jacob Frank, rebuilt his satanic Zionist cult and elaborated on Zevi’s doctrine of “redemption through sin.” Will a madman who thinks he is the reincarnation of Donald Trump similarly revive Q Anon during the final years of this century? Stranger things—as the story of Zevi and Frank and the creation of modern Israel shows—have happened.

(Republished from Kevin Barrett by permission of author or representative)
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  1. g8way says:

    I’ll concede that of all people, Kevin Barrett would know what a “psychologically unbalanced” “lunatic” “satanic egotist” is like.

    • Troll: TimeTraveller
  2. Chris Moore says: • Website

    Trump basically stole Pat Buchanan’s nationalist-populist-anti-war political program and rhetoric, but didn’t follow through on much of it, other than tamping down the wars. He did follow through on his promises to Israel though.

    Does that Zionism, in combination with his Jewish family members, make him a Jewish grifter? Possibly. Does it make him a Judas to his patriotic, America First, Constitutionalist, Christian, white, conservative, anti-Communist and pro-freedom and American sovereignty-loving followers? Probably.

    Does that mean the patriotic, anti-war, America First, Constitutionalist, Christian, white, conservative, freedom and American sovereignty-loving message is “Jewish”? Most definitely not.

    In fact, the Jewish grifters and the liberal grifters and the neocon grifters would call that political program “anti-Semitic.”

    I’m surprised the grifter Kevin Barrett doesn’t declare it “anti-Semitic” too. I’m sure he would if Israel didn’t exist. But Israel does exist, and it demonstrates the true character of Jewish grifters and their ilk, like Kevin Barrett and Donald Trump.

    • Troll: Lucy Lipinska
  3. @g8way

    Since you, like all the other ad-hominem-spewing first commenters at this site are presumably a troll from Tel Aviv, ergo a Zionist, ergo a follower of Sabbatai Zevi, I assume calling me a “psychologically unbalanced lunatic satanic egotist” is intended as a compliment ; – )

  4. @Kevin Barrett

    His comment history is an endless stream of MIGA apologia.

  5. I believe that many Trump voting Americans simply don’t get how naive and simplistic this man was. Entering the White House in 2016 Trump simply didn’t have any clue as to the chokehold the Jew Elite & Israel have on Washington and on US foreign policy.

    Even leading up to and after the fiasco of the stolen election Trump still hadn’t comprehended this chokehold. I suspect, though, that at this time he was beginning to evolve comprehension of it. And this realisation unbalanced him, which made his objections to the fraud and his pursuit of it through the courts erratic, unstable and halfhearted.

    Ann Coulter tells of him visiting Georgia in relation to election fraud, where he “insulted everyone, refusing to talk about anything but himself”. I suspect this irrationality (cognitive dissonance) resulted from Trump realising that the (((people))) he had thought were his very best friends were now dumping him. He started to become aware (((they))) were controlling the election and that he wasn’t staying in the White House under any circumstances.

    Look at the halfhearted manner in which Trump pursued almost unquestionable evidence of election fraud through the courts. Trump is no stranger to litigation, he built his business empire on the back of it.

    So why didn’t he use litigation to its full extent when the most glittery prize of all was at stake? Because he knew this time he’d be urinating against the wind.

    Trump’s administration:

    Stephen Miller, Trump’s immigration aide, spent his first year in the White House keeping Ivanka happy by spending his time pursuing Women’s Issues. Most of his remaining 3 years was spent sucking up to Jared Kushner.

    Trump practically turned his presidency over to Jared and Ivanka, while he concentrated on watching news channels and tweeting. Ivanka’s main preoccupation was keeping in with the Kardashians. Jared Kushner’s was making the world a much better place for Goldman Sachs.

    The truth about Trump is that he talked about mail-in ballots opening the doors to massive fraud, but did nothing about it. He talked about his administration being one of law and order as cities were burned and looted, but did nothing about it. He talked about the wall, but built only about 12 miles of it.

    To quote Ann Coulter on the election theft: “Yes, the Democrats cheated. They always cheat. Maybe somebody should have done something about it before the election.”

    Trump thought he could stand the USA down from participation in endless and pointless foreign wars. He thought that by doing so the only people he would hurt or annoy were those in the US military-industrial complex (MIC). By this time the reality star is probably aware that Israel plays a much bigger part in the endless US foreign wars than does the MIC.

    A big hint to Trump only lately realising how powerful the Jews are, and how they played a big part in his defeat: He pardoned Steve Bannon. The Jews would nearly rather see Hitler being made a saint than Bannon pardoned. This was Trump’s parting shot at the Jews.

    Personally Trump is lucky the election was stolen from him. If he were to do a second term and continue keeping the US out of foreign wars, like Kennedy, he would be taken out.

    • Agree: Dumbo
    • Thanks: Iris
  6. Interesting comparrison.

    Like followers of Q Anon, Zevi’s cultists (the majority of Jews of 1666)

    Do you have a reliable source showing that the majority of Jews in 1666 were followers of Zevi?

  7. @rain dragon

    I’m going to update the Sabbatai Zevi Wikipedia page saying the majority of Jews did follow him in 1666. For the hell of it, I’ll also add that the minority of Jews were busy burning London in this same year.

    When it’s on Wikipedia it’s official history. I’ll be back to you with a link.

  8. @rain dragon

    Yes, the go-to source on Zevi is Gershom Scholem’s magisterial book . (Just noticed my hardcover 1st edition is worth $700+!) Scholem covers all the scholarly ground and shows that the Zevi “believers” were clearly the majority in almost all the major Jewish centers at the time, while “infidels” (those who rejected Zevi’s messianic claim) were a persecuted minority. After the apostasy there was an effort to rewrite history: Just like in France after WW2 where suddenly everybody claimed they had been in the resistance, after Zevi’s apostasy the majority hated to admit it had been taken in.

    For interesting interpretations of Zevi from an Orthodox Jewish perspective, including allegations that the Rothschilds and the NWO they founded (including the Labor Zionists who founded Israel) are Sabbetean-Frankist satanists, check out Rabbi Marvin Antelman’s To Eliminate the Opiate and Barry Chamish’s Shabta Tzvi, Labor Zionism and the Holocaust. Chamish seems to think these are the folks behind the 9/11 and Charlie Hebdo false flags:

  9. Lucky for us the dems stole the election or we’d be facing four more years of preposterous lies about and mad dog hatred of The Narcissist, Orange-Man-Bad. Instead we now face four years of preposterous lies about anything the dems (and establishment republicans) want to push or destroy.

    Saddest of all are Julian Assange and Ed Snowden, trapped in hell in Julian’s case…purgatory in Snowden’s. Too bad Biden is too warped to care.

    But thank Gawd Biden’s Very Busy implementing Important Statecraft, including shutting down oil production on federal lands, raising the minimum wage to $15 to ensue businesses go under, and saving the world from Global Warming even as signs get taken down in Glacier Park warning of shrinking glaciers now expanding for years.

    Things do have a way of working out in the end, so thanks to dems for their tyrannical instincts.

  10. @ForeverGone

    Much of what you say is true but for the idea that Trump was naive about the jews…..nothing could be further from the truth.

    FTN did a deep dive on Trump and his father. Trump’s mentor was Roy Cohn.

    The Trump’s were always closely involved with jews.

    His daughter married Kushner…. Netanyahu is close to the Kushners.

    Trump had quite a few jews advising him as well.

    I would say that Trump is hyper-aware of jews and this was surely a key to his success.

    Maybe he didn’t realize how badly they wanted war with Iran and Syria.

    Maybe they installed him to run out the clock on white people.

    I do agree that they have thrown him away like a used condom.

    • Replies: @sarz
  11. “… abandoning critical thought …”

    Says Kevin Barrett about people he likes to refer to as “Trumptards”. Mr. Barrett has taken up with Islam.

    Here’s a verse from the Quran, Surat at-Tawbah, Chapter 9 Verse 5:

    “But when the forbidden months are past, then fight and slay the Pagans wherever ye find them, and seize them, beleaguer them, and lie in wait for them in every stratagem …”

    Ambuse and murder non-Muslims, the Quran instructs. And this is just one of many such instructions along these lines that “Allah” has scattered throughout the “holy book that he personally dictated to his prophet”.


    How can someone who converts to this devilish political/pseudo-religion have the gall to even mention critical thought?

    • Agree: Irish Savant
    • Troll: TimeTraveller
    • Replies: @Iris
    , @Sirius
    , @Cohen
  12. anon[901] • Disclaimer says:

    Trump was a false prophet alright. Ann Coulter was right about him, he was all talk. His biggest campaign promise was immigration, and his biggest accomplishment there was suppressing Muslim refugee admission, from 125k/yr under Obama to 15k/yr. It took him 3 years of record illegal entry from Mexico to finally put in “wait in Mexico”, and he did absolutely nothing, zilch, on H1b, which was why he lost the support of college educated males in 2020.

    Failing on immigration is inexcusable. But everything else he did was lame too, most notably his foreign policy — irrational love of Israel, irrational hate of Iran, Venezuela, China. On the economy, all he cared about was the stock market. He pressured Fed Chief Jerome Powell to lower interest rates, keep up the cheap money to prop up Wall Street — same thing he accused Obama of doing. He did nothing on Big Tech’s speech censorship but instead tried to bend over backwards to please them on H1B. Serves him right that both groups then turn around and F him over in 2020.

    Healthcare was another major debacle.

    In the end Trump was just a really ineffective leader. He talked loudly and carried a tiny stick. I think he’s actually quite dumb, you can tell by the way he speaks. Stable genius my eye.

    It galls me that whenever I go to, I see posts claiming he was “the best president ever”. The fawning and worship of him on is nauseating. Trump voters are good people, but many are too dumb and trusting; they still believe in God and country, even though both their God and their country have been hijacked. The mainline Protestant churches have all become leftist and accept gays, help bring in illegals and Muslim refugees, the Evangelical churches only care about Israel, the country is completely Jew run and the military only fight wars to protect Israel.

    • Agree: Irish Savant
  13. Iris says:

    Ambush and murder non-Muslims, the Quran instructs.

    This is beyond ludicrous and unworthy of a discussion between educated people.

    There exist no “general instructions” in the Quran to “murder non-Muslims”. This debate has been covered by the highest Islamic Orthodox theological authorities in Cairo and Damascus, who have in particular unambiguously condemned terror attacks.

    The only “Muslims” who legalise violence against both non-Muslims and Muslims are the new strain of Takfiris, a recent creation going back to the 1980’s and tool of the US, Israel and their Saudi geopolitical puppet.

    Furthermore, their real impact on the West is nil, since every single major terror attack committed in Europe or the US was a false flag, where Islamist extremists played at most the role of useful idiots and patsies.
    Any American who still believes that 19 Arabs with box-cutters did 9/11 should look for another hobby outside political discussions.

    Finally, you grossly misrepresented Surat Al Tawbah by truncating it and quoting it out of context, which was about treaty violation and was specific to those Arab polytheists worshipping on the Ka’aba. Nothing to do with Christians.

    Verses 9.4 and 9,5 of Surat Al Tawbah:

    As for the polytheists who have honoured every term of their treaty with you and have not supported an enemy against you, honour your treaty with them until the end of its term. Surely Allah loves those who are mindful ˹of Him˺.
    But once the Sacred Months have passed, kill the polytheists ˹who violated their treaties˺ wherever you find them [inside or outside the sanctuary of the Sacred House in Mecca] capture them, besiege them, and lie in wait for them on every way. But if they repent, perform prayers, and pay alms-tax, then set them free. Indeed, Allah is All-Forgiving, Most Merciful.

    • Agree: Sirius
    • Replies: @ForeverGone
  14. @Kevin Barrett –

    “Trump’s unique brand of craziness likewise played on the fantasies of his audience. Like Zevi, Trump broke rules and got away with it. Many working class Americans fantasize about living lives of egotistic opulence while flouting the rules. Through Trump—or, rather, their image of Trump—they could vicariously live out their fantasies.”

    This is completely unfair… the equivalent of saying all Muslims are Muslims because they want to go to heaven to be treated to endless luxury and virgins. In fact the vast majority of Trump voters simply want to wake up every morning, go to work, pay the bills, raise the kids, have AFFORDABLE health care, insurance, and FAIR and legitimate courts, and have enough left over to send the kids to college and take a few vacations… i.e. the Middle Class (Cold War) dream. In fact, the Soros, Rotschilds, David Singer, GolddamnSachs VULTURE CAPITALISTS and VAMPIRE SQUIDS have been DESTROYING the American “level playing field” for… over 200 years. (See Bill Still’s excellent financial video “the Money Masters” or James Corbett’s “Century of ENSLAVEMENT; the history of the federal reserve”… and to see just who is running these 2 centuries of financial predation, see Still’s amazingly understated video, “Money’s Prophets.” See also AUTHORIZED family biographer FREDERICK MORTON’s “The Rothschilds” – where he makes the clear assertion, “the Rotschilds have CONQUERED THE WORLD MORE thoroughly, more cunningly, and more lastingly than ALL the Caesars before.”
    Americans ARE a PERSECUTED PEOPLE… just see YOUR OWN “MILITARIZED POLICE OCCUPY USA” article for PressTV, posted on VeteransToday back in 2014
    (Unfortunately the magnificent & prescient David Dees illustration headlining the article, of soldiers in helmets snarling at the viewer, or arresting & choke-holding Americans in foreground with Capitol building lit-up by fireworks in the background is missing.)
    or see the RON UNZ article, ‘American Pravda’ “ODDITIES OF THE JEWISH RELIGION”:
    “Critics today of all backgrounds BEMOAN THE TOTAL IMPOVERISHMENT of so much of America’s once comfortable MIDDLE CLASS, noting that SIXTY PERCENT of the American population possesses LESS THAN $500 of readily accessible savings…. A younger generation has been reduced to [DRIVEN TO!] PERMANENT DEBT SERVITUDE… while the OPIOD DRUG EPIDEMIC has claimed a DREADFUL TOLL IN LIVES and FAMILY BREAKDOWNS even [as] Wall St. and other SECTORS of the ‘FINANCIALIZED’ economy ARE RICHER THAN THEY’VE EVER BEEN before.”
    “…There are many different economic explanations for this sad economic trajectory… BUT IT DOES SEEM like A SUBSTANTIAL FRACTION OF OUR POPULATION has BEEN REDUCED to a 21st Century version of DRUNKEN, IGNORANT, EXPLOITED, INDEBTED, IMPOVERISHED, & IMMISERATED Slavic PEASANTRY of THE JEWISH DOMINATED PALE OF SETTLEMENT.”

    You – like the idiots over at VT today – say that Trump is “unbalanced” and “a lunatic leader” but clearly, NANCY PELOSI and the Soros, AIPAC, ADL Demorats ARE ALL INSANE, they’ve been paying ANTIFA & BLM TERRORISTS to BURN & TERRORIZE our cities all summer of 2020 – then accuse rightly outraged, DISENFRANCHISED Trump voters OF BEING TERRORISTS for simply swarming to the Capitol building, the locus of all the past 20 years of “false flag” atrocities.
    Clearly, BIDEN VOTERS ARE INSANE… Biden flew AF-2 to Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Russia… and China, POCKETING KICK-BACK SLUSH-FUND BRIBES from ever oil despot oligarch & CHI-COM spy & factory owner…. basically, the RUBIN, GREENSPAN, SOROS model of “OUTSOURCING” AMERICAN JOBS, TECHNOLOGY, & INDUSTRY TO SLAVE-LABOR Chi-Com factories… i.e. the above mentioned VULTURE CAPITALISM DESTRUCTION of American economy & middle class.
    Trump was far from perfect: but for STANDING UP to the INSANE aipac, adl, splc POLICE STATE WARS PROFITEERING MOB YOU spoke of back in 2014 Trump GAVE YOU & everyone else FOUR YEARS of relative freedom… which will SOON BE GONE as the TERROR PURGES roll out…

    • Replies: @Kevin Barrett
  15. Sirius says:

    How? By not falling for the disinformation that you’re peddling, that’s how.

    Anti-Islam deceivers or self-deluders like yourself love to quote the first half of this verse (which by the way, refers to one particular event, not a policy), but they conveniently leave out the second half of the verse:

    “…Yet if they repent, and take to prayer, and render the purifying dues, let them go their way: for, behold, God is much-forgiving, a dispenser of grace.” –Qur’an, 9: 5..the second part. (*translation used here is by Muhammad Asad, who renders “Allah” as “God”).

    Furthermore, had you engaged in any critical thought yourself, you might have read several verses in the Qur’an that stress self-defense:

    “Fight in God’s cause against those who wage war against you; but do not commit aggression, for verily, God does not love aggressors” –Qur’an, 2: 190.

    and stress freedom of conscience:

    “There shall be no coercion in matters of faith” –Qur’an 2: 256.

    A seeker of truth doesn’t cherrypick an out of context half-quote, then falsely interpret it and pass it off as evidence.

    • Replies: @ForeverGone
  16. Biff says:

    Who was it that said Trump wasn’t really elected in 2016, but he was simply the last man standing after the voters rejected Hillary and the establishment?

    • Agree: Iris
    • Replies: @Iris
    , @Sirius
  17. @Dark Markets

    Trump “stood up” to AIPAC, ADL, SPLC, and the police state? Are you joking? Trump gave the most extreme Zionists everything they wanted and then some. And he strengthened the police state by helping create an image of hordes of lunatic confederate nazis who need to be censored and dealt with. These are probably the real reasons why he was inserted into the Oval Office in the first place.

    A sane, principled, competent representative of the America-first school of thought—someone like Pat Buchanan or Merlin Miller (whom I voted for in 2012)—would have been a real threat to “make America great again.” Trump never was. He was a false flag, a false messiah. Wake up.

  18. Pat Bou says:

    Kabbalah agents make every president, since Harry Truman, believe that they are the new Messiah (or the new Cyrus The Great). The puppet Trump believed it more than the others.

    As for Biden, he will leave his place to the New Popess “Kabbalah Harris” of the Noachic Apocalypse.

  19. @Kevin Barrett

    @ kevin barrett: THERE ARE NO “sane, principled, competent representatives of America first school of thought” out there…. if there were, they’d be run out of America or blown-up, like so many of our best investigative journalists and so many whistleblowers have been.
    Speaking of Pat Buchanan, he wrote “NANCY PELOSI THE AIPAC GIRL” back in 2007
    Why does it seem like I’m the only person in America who remembers SO-CALLED “LIBERAL” NANCY PELOSI “TOOK IMPEACHMENT OFF THE TABLE” when she became Speaker of House in 2007, for BUSH & CHENEY who so richly deserved it – for DOING NOTHING to prevent or even warn us of a LOOMING TERROR THREAT in long summer of 2001; for LYING us in to Iraq war, and for BOTCHING the OCCUPATION by DISMISSING ALL the Iraqi POLICE & ARMY… and letting the Al QAAQA AMMO DUMP BE LOOTED for 2 weeks, the better to make IEDs to blow up Iraqis AND AMERICAN TROOPS alike. (The above assuming that 9/11 wasn’t sheer treason in the first place.)
    YOU HAVEN’T NOTICED the CHORUS of JEW MEDIA MOGULS flying monkey armies of SHEER, DRIPPING LIES & HATE aimed at Trump over past 4 years? You think they would have BROUGHT MUELLER OUT OF RETIRMENT to run the ROSENSTEIN “Russia Collusion” DoJ, Con-gress, Media LYNCH-MOB if he wasn’t standing up to them?!! YOU DON’T THINK THEY WEREN’T RAGING IN FURY when HE ENDED MASS IMMIGRATION and CANCELED the Paris CLIMATE ACCORDS NOOSE on American economy… while allowing India & China to POLLUTE as much as they wanted?!
    And we’ve heard President Trump survived a dozen assassination attempts… including one that killed his secret service food-taster in Scotland. I regret to say, I respected your writings back in 2014, but you now appear to have devolved to a foaming-at-mouth Trump hater like Duff over at VT. What are you, Duff, and so many millions of Libtard idiots, Hollywood, celeb degenerates, and “establishment” Demorats & RINOs going to do when AIPAC kamala/biden 2021 makes even LOCKDOWNS, STOLEN ELECTIONS, & SOROS, DEMORATS FUNDED BLM & ANTIFA RIOTS 2020…. LOOK LIKE THE GOOD OL’ DAYS?!!
    Hoping Trump would or could SAVE US! from the INSANELY CORRUPTED COURTS, Con-gress (Senate), “Deep State” infested govt. agencies, vulture/sabotage financial system, and 9/11 WHITEWASHING fbi, cia, DoJ, & DoD without an informed and active support base protesting in Washington by the millions every week for past 4 years is sheer fantasy…

    • Replies: @Iris
  20. Iris says:

    A key problem of the USA’s political process is the sterile bi-partisan system, terminally finished off by the corruption of lobbying money.

    It is indeed certain that other candidates who tried in the past to promote a “third way”, such as Ralph Nader or Ron Paul, had better credentials and intellectual capabilities than President Trump, but they did not, and could never have made it to the White House because they were not famous enough among the American electoral body to successfully cross through the MSM barrage.

    The only reason Donald Trump stood a chance is because he was a TV star and a household name before running for President , and he probably did so against the secret will of the GOP establishment.

    The man may arguably have redhibitory flaws, but he, at least, was able to break the bi-partisan stronghold that suffocates the entire country, thanks to his pre-existing celebrity.

    People who celebrate the defeat of President Trump should be weary that they are actually celebrating the agony of the last attempt to save American democracy.

    The People are ALWAYS right; mocking them as “deplorables” is the utmost mark of delusion. Hillary Clinton and her ilk, for this, will join “Let-them-eat-brioche” Marie-Antoinette in History’s freak show.

  21. Iris says:
    @Dark Markets

    (The above assuming that 9/11 wasn’t sheer treason in the first place.)

    I can confidently reassure you: 9/11 was sheer treason.

    There exist undeniable and unassailable scientific evidence that the WTC came down as the result of controlled nuclear demolition.

    The energy released by the WTC after the tragedy was calculated, using the aerial thermographic images of its footprint and the century-old equations of thermal decay. It returned a value of energy equivalent to that of a 900 MW nuclear reactor. Nothing could have caused the collapse of the WTC but the explosion of underground nuclear weapons.

    Within an assembly of physicists and/or engineers, the discussion of the real causes of 9/11 is done with within 5 minutes.

    • Replies: @Dark Markets
  22. BWise says:

    Bottom line..
    K. Barrett’s a crypto Jew. And regardless of what you find on this site, it’s a jew site. Period end of story.

  23. @Sirius

    Man, you’re unbelievable. It has four legs, a tail and barks but you’d stand right beside it and swear it is not a dog.

    You’ve read the English translation of the verse, I assume. Therefore you are unable to interpret written English, or you’re a brazen lying fool.

    Here’s the full verse:

    “[9:5] But when the forbidden months are past, then fight and slay the Pagans wherever ye find them, an seize them, beleaguer them, and lie in wait for them in every stratagem (of war); but if they repent, and establish regular prayers and practise regular charity, then open the way for them: for Allah is Oft-forgiving, …”

    As anyone, apart from a shameless, witless imbecile like you, can see, it’s categorically instructing followers of Islam to murder non-Muslims if they refuse to convert.

    You should try the comments section on Breitbart News. It’s top to bottom with morons. You’d fit in there.

    • Replies: @AnonStarter
    , @Sirius
  24. Sirius says:

    That sounds about right. Trump misinterpreted it to believe he was actually popular. The problem is voters never have anywhere to go, and never will under the current system. It’s either mediocre choice A or bad choice B (you get to interpret which is less worse).

  25. @Iris

    You’re trying to defend the indefensible.

    I’m afraid that it’s you who’s ludicrous, or perhaps sad would be a better adjective.

  26. @Iris

    yes, I know, ty for that… Christopher Bollyn was beaten up and falsely arrested by
    the satanic (Pritzker!) Chicago ___s’ HIRED MOB…. I mean,
    by CHICAGO PD SWAT TEAM and forced to leave USA for his fantastic reporting on it…
    his magnificent website is still up, a genuine gift to humanity,
    but will be purged, censored, wiped-out, unplugged, DELETED by the 9/11, covid bio-war(s), ANTIFA, BLM, and other false flag wars, terror attacks & stolen elections mob soon…


    The movie that shows 9/11 was beyond a shadow of a doubt
    PRE-PLACED HIGH EXPLOSIVES in 3 different WTC towers (actually 4 – no one every mentions Building Six!) is “ANATOMY OF A GREAT DECEPTION”

    The video that shows it was a Mossad, Israeli + American ___s’ + traitor govt. insiders operation
    is “9/11 Missing Links – Full Documentary on the Israeli Mossad Involvement of 9/11”

    The video which exposes the govt. + cia + military + corp finance & “security” personnel involved –
    “911 Conspiracy Solved Names, Connections, Details Exposed”

    I don’t believe every video I watch… these are just the best of the best, amazing research….
    private Americans doing the job of billions-dollars funded fbi, cia, dod, doj, etc. etc. etc. etc.

    Special mention: U.S. Marine, military high command battered wife KAY GRIGGS revealed
    the extensive criminality and inside USA terror ops of the “deep state” hijacked MILITARY HIGH COMMAND back in 1998… obviously before 9/11, but she NAMES NAMES and explains that WACO, OKC and the Kennedy assassinations, among many, many others, were all “insider” military FALSE FLAG Black Ops, or NATO “Operation GLADIO” operations brought home to American shores.

    She explained that the ONLY WAY to move up in the Military High Command was to join in
    in homosexual orgies video-taped by israeli, mossad NY, NJ ___ MOB operatives, for future blackmail… what she called “CHERRY MARINES” and similar is now well known as the “GAY MAFIA” of the Obama regime lawyers, corp. tycoons, & Dem party + Billionaire donors (Pritzkers!) LGBTQ agenda.
    She explained that JEWISH NAVY CNO Adm. Boorda was MURDERED BY (the military “gang stalking,” assassinations, & terror ops wing of) THIS MOB, before he was able to censure and fire them when their sordid “TAILHOOK” scandal leaked out (which was spun by the MSM media as a “heterosexual” misogynistic scandal… but the truth is right there in the name!)

    See also (the very Jewish) GEORGE WEBB’s magnificent reporting – now CENSORED, BANNED, PURGED, DELETED from YouTube but some portions still available at his own website – about how this DEEP STATE = israelis/___s’ + organized crime + LGTBQ mob & big finance corruptocrats INSERTS THEIR OWN IN TO EVERY COMPANY & CORPORATION involved in lucrative BILLION DOLLAR MILITARY CONTRACTS, their people are incubated and promoted over generations by those corporations seeking favors from these MASSIVE govt. MILITARY CONTRACTS FUNDING SOURCES over the years;
    and see what Webb calls “HUMPTY DUMPTIES” – the corrupt POWERS THAT BE ORCHESTRATING SOROS COUPS all over the world, trafficking WEAPONS and CASH IN TO STAGE their cia/mossad/hired mercenaries COUPS…
    then trafficking DRUGS, CASH, child sex slaves, and ALL wealth & assets OUT of the targeted country once the deadly “color revolutions” (or SYRIA, LIBYA, YEMEN, etc. style cia, saudis, mossad funded & directed PROXY CIVIL WAR!) have installed “chosen” kleptocrat, corruptocrat, kakistocracy regimes (like the Saudis, etc.)… as then VP Biden BRAGGING he got UKRAINE’S PROSECUTOR FIRED for investigating Burisma oligarchs corruption confirmed in spades!
    See also Sibel Edmonds, James Corbett, Peter B Colins, and former NSA researcher become investigative reporter Wayne Madsen at BFP Boiling Frogs Post roundtable
    BFP Roundtable: Pedophiles Run the Government & No One Gives a Damn!

    and see Paul Joseph Watson’s similar video “PEDOPHILES RULE THE WORLD

    These AMERICAN “deep state” actors are just the tip of the iceberg of the “old world” MONEY POWER behind the American names and faces… as RON UNZ explains, THEY FINANCED & DIRECTED the “communist revolution” i.e. TROTSKY or KAGANOVICH led, TENS of MILLIONS KILLED commissar TERROR PURGES over 8 decades of horrors in “the soviet union,”
    which are finally – almost exactly a century later – finally boomeranging on to AMERICAN, Brit, Canadian, & Australian shores…

    Ron Unz, American Pravda: The Bolshevik Revolution and Its Aftermath
    [i.e. NY ___ billionaire JACOB SCHIFF REALLY DID FUND & DIRECT the “communist revolution” = TERROR PURGES!]

    • Thanks: Iris
  27. @ForeverGone


    This so-called ‘verse of the sword’ commands Muslims to defend their community against idolaters who violated their peace treaty obligations and were waging a war of aggression. The verse is applicable only to hostile armies and not to non-Muslims in general. We should look at the entire chapter and interpret the verses comprehensively and consistently, rather than taking one verse out of context.

    I’d edit only the first sentence of this paragraph to read, “…to defend their community against those who violate their treaty stipulations …”

    The verse was revealed following the Banu Bakr’s flagrant violation of treaty terms established with the nascent Muslim polity. Today, it would be applicable only if analogous circumstances warranted it: violation of treaty terms by martial aggression and imperative demand for defense.

    One would have to be entirely unfamiliar with the historical context to claim that the verse commands murder of non-Muslims if they failed to convert.

    • Replies: @ForeverGone
  28. Sirius says:

    The only idiot here is you. Did you read anything I wrote? Did you bother with the other quotes?

    This verse you is absolutely NOT what you say it is. You took it out of context and you didn’t even put the whole verse the first time around. And it refers to one particular episode if you bothered to read the previous verses, which, with your low level of literacy you didn’t bother to do. You can also read comment number 27 by AnonStarter if you have the attention span.

    You are either an incorrigible liar or an ignoramus or both. Either way you shouldn’t be commenting on something you know nothing about. You’re basically a hater who looks for a verse, any verse, to fit in with your preconception and then goes about spreading your nonsense to convince other people to be as stupid and ignorant as you are.

    • Replies: @AnonStarter
    , @ForeverGone
  29. @AnonStarter

    There are quite a lot of morons on this site.

    • Troll: AnonStarter
  30. @Sirius

    Just forget about him, Sirius.

    When the boy has nothing to offer but insult in the face of scholarship, he’s not worth the time and effort.

    Like so many other self-proclaimed “experts,” we’ve got to let this one go.

    • Replies: @ForeverGone
    , @Sirius
  31. Donald Trump was really caught in the crossfire of Obama-AIPAC Schizophrenia, currently a very widespread mental illness which heavily afflicts Jews in particular. For the last 50 years Jewish identity on the USA has been dually defined by the Israel lobby (Jewish nationalism) and crusades of anti-racism (Jewish humanitarianism). Although on a high enough the latter may seem like a cynical ploy, yet many people of Jewish stock really do lean on it as a psychological crutch even when lobbying for Israel. Higher up people, whether at the ADL or Likudniki in Israel, have often had to work to reconcile these notions among the ordinary Jewish populace of the USA.

    That was easy through the 1960s when the Civil Rights Movement was a real thing and the Israel lobby itself was much less influential. But after 1970 the successes of the former and growth of the latter meant that a tension between blacks and Jews began to grow. No single figure epitomized this tension more than Barack Obama. Obama attained office at a time when a lot of significant people like Zbigniew Brzezinski were fed up with the Israel lobby. John Mearsheimer & Stephen Walt did a lot to set the framework for the Obama policy towards Iran. Obama’s 8 years involved the most sustained fight with Israel lobby since JFK.

    To avoid ending up the way the latter had in Dallas, Obama followed a methodical policy of appealing to Jewish sentiments against “white racism.” Whenever Jewish groups started becoming too pushy over Israel the canned Obama response was “Now you don’t really want to help the white racists, do you?” This became more and more heated up in Obama’s 2nd term as it was now clear that he had defined AIPAC’s wishes for an attack on Iran. All of Obama’s “if I had a son” gibberish should be understood in the context of his fight with AIPAC over Iran. He communicated the message of “don’t push me too hard to attack Iran because I’m a sensitive little black boy.”

    Many ordinary Jews in the USA were dumbfounded by this. They had waited all of their lives to celebrate the first black President and how Obama’s administration showed what a great progressive role Jews played in the world. To instead be confronted with an ongoing relentless conflict between Obama and Netanyahu was more than their poor little brains could adapt to. The only thing which might have provided a psychological relief would have been if Obama had been succeeded by a raving white supremacist Christian Jew-hater. This would have allowed them reassurance that “relations between blacks and Jews have always been good, both during the Obama years and now today as we fight the white supremacist.” Instead of that, they got Donald Trump.

    Trump has always been an AIPAC-male from the start. Trump’s whole career was in good measure subsidized by Jews who understood that it was important to have the occasional successful Goy who demonstrate the importance of being pro-Israel. But it was never intended that Trump should be President. The assumption was that Trump would just remain a successful TV star who could tell all of us little Goy how much he loves Israel. Because of this Trump was allowed to express some criticism of the Iraq war. Jeffrey Blankfort has commented before about how AIPAC could allow Jewish representatives to speak against the Iraq war as a way of showing the “peaceful Jewish protester” role. But AIPAC would demand that Goy representatives should vote for war. Because Trump was not expected to become an actual politician he too was allowed a little bit of license on this point.

    However when Trump announced his candidacy his past record of having criticized the Iraq war started to complicate things. To make up for this Trump went out of his way to dump the peace agreements which Obama had made with Iran and tighten sanctions. But it was also obvious to Trump that his main voting base did not really look forward to attack on Iran ala Iraq in 2003. So Trump did everything else possible to show that he was visibly more pro-Israel than Obama, but without going to war against Iran. If everything was really just up to Netanyahu and the Likudniki then it is likely that Trump would have gotten a thumbs with 2 terms.

    But many Jews here in the USA simply freaked out at seeing the first black President spend 2 terms trying to pressure Israel, only for this to be followed by a white President who gushed with praise for Netanyahu. Their heads really exploded in Obama-AIPAC Schizophrenia. At the moment of Trump’s election they couldn’t make themselves decide which is more important: having a black President who fights endlessly with Netanyahu or a white President who loves Netanyahu? The only way they get their heads around this was to endlessly accuse of Trump of being a “white supremacist” with no rhyme or reason.

    • Thanks: Iris
    • Replies: @Iris
    , @Dark Markets
  32. Anastasia says:

    Oh, just think about it Barrett. No one thinks Trump is a saint, or the “messiah”. They see very plainly his warts, but we have been pushed into defending him by the outrageous conduct by the media. Further, we are pushed into defending him because of the massive election fraud that no one wants to write about or talk about.

    Elmer Fudd could have won against Biden. Trump was several rungs above Elmer Fudd, and therefore won by a landslide.

    Trump was obviously not one of them; he was a successful businessman compared to thepeople in Washington who never held a job outside of Washington. He was involved in real estate development, a very difficult way to make money, but he made money. He knew how to build things; he knew how to spend money; and he knew a lot about people, business and the world. But most importantly, he was not one of them, to be sure. That is good enough reason to vote for him.

    • Agree: Twodees Partain
    • Replies: @BuelahMan
  33. Iris says:
    @Patrick McNally

    Thanks for sharing your very insightful and original thinking.

  34. @Sirius

    A 150 word rant. Just what one would expect. That’s your low IQ way in the off-line world, you believe that if you shout the loudest and longest you win, no matter the stupidity of your argument.

    Here’s a quote and a link from the Jorge Scientific Corporation:

    Islam is not just a religion, but a “complete way of life governed by Islamic Law (Shari ‘ah). ” Islam is the social, cultural, military, political, and religious life of a Muslim governed by Islamic. Law. Theology is subordinate to the requirement to adhere to the Shari’ah. Islamic Law was formed from the Qur’an and the Sunnah (the ‘way’ of the Prophet) as detailed through the Hadiths.

    For your information, Islam has the world divided into two parts, one of which is Dar al-harb:

    The world of the sword, the infidel and perpetual war. Countries that are non-Muslim reside in the dar al-harb. Individuals from the dar al-harb are designated as harbi, “enemy person, person from the territory of war.”

    Here are some more verses from Islam’s *holy* writings:

    3:4: Then those who reject Faith (Kafaru) in the Signs of Allah will suffer the severest penalty.

    4:56: Those who reject (Kafaru) our Signs, We shall soon cast into the Fire.

    3:151: Soon shall We cast terror into the hearts of the Unbelievers, for that they joined companions with Allah, for which He had sent no authority.

    9:29: Fight those who believe not in Allah nor the Last Day, nor hold that forbidden which hath been forbidden by Allah and His Messenger, nor acknowledge the religion of Truth, (even if they are) of the People of the Book, until they pay the Jizya with willing submission, and feel themselves subdued. (People of the Book” refers to Christians and Jews.)

    9:3: And an announcement from Allah and His Messenger, to the people (assembled) on the day of the Great Pilgrimage,- that Allah and His Messenger dissolve (treaty) obligations with the Pagans(Mushrikeen). If then, ye repent, it were best for you; but if ye turn away, know ye that ye cannot frustrate Allah. And proclaim a grievous penalty to those who reject Faith (Kafaru).

    I suppose you’ll come back and tell me that Jorge Scientific’s analysis of Islam was done out of context. As, of course, are the 5 verses that instruct Muslims to inflict violence on kafirs. And the Dar al-harb? Sure, why wouldn’t a brainless nut-job like you find a way to also decontextualise that.

    Now, please f-off you narcissistic idiot.

    • Replies: @Sirius
  35. @AnonStarter

    “… in the face of scholarship ….”

    He/she/it displays an IQ that simply has to be south of 85 and then talks about scholarship. I reckon you’re most likely to be unable to wipe your own derriere without getting excrement all over himself.

    Like I said to your witless mate, will you please f-off.

    • Replies: @Sirius
  36. @g8way

    Hey Kevin, you worthless race traitor queerbait, this kind of battle is coming.

    Die and rot in Hell, motherfucker.

  37. unwoke says:
    @Kevin Barrett

    …the ‘reply’ only affirms the accuracy, sans sarcasm, of the original comment, which is probably the first thought of many & so, appropriately, the first comment – the whole bizarre article is no compliment to its author, anymore than the comment. Such a ludicrous rant really deserves some sort of booby prize for the most outlandish ad-Trump-derangement-syndrome-spewing insanity.

  38. anon[901] • Disclaimer says:

    Oh he’s stupid alright. He didn’t even pardon himself. Now Mitch McConnell and the rest of the GOP traitors are going to impeach him to make sure he can’t run again in 2024. He might even be in jail.

    Kinda hard for him to see things straight when it comes to the Jews when his favorite child is married to one, who was credited by the NYTimes to have come up with the winning strategy for 2016. The New York effing Times giving credit to another Jew, shocker.

  39. Cohen says:

    OK. Mr/MS/or in Between. You should have some decency by not attacking anyone faith, views, or religion. Since you are an Israeli troll paid or volunteer I would like to be polite.

    1, Did you follow Talmud’s teaching by praying “• Thank you God for not making me a gentile, a woman or a slave”. • Menahoth 43b-44a.

    2. Your views on Talmud IV/1/113b The Jew is allowed to exploit the mistake of a Non-Jew and to deceive him” Who came up with this great idea?

    3. What Adam had done to Jews to deserve this from Talmud Yebamoth 63a. “Adam had sexual intercourse with all the animals in the Garden of Eden” Why Jews are pissed at Adam

    4. Do you practice something allowed from Talmud Yebhamoth 11b “Sexual intercourse with a little girl is permitted if she is three years of age” plus one day.

    5. Why Talmud is so much against Christians “Extermination of the Christians is a necessary sacrifice.” -Zohar, Shemoth. Which Christian Denominaton? I thought Jews consider Mike Pompeo their friends

    6 Sanhedrin 59a: “Murdering Goyim is like killing a wild animal.

    7. Talmud IV / 2 / 70b “The Jew is allowed to practice usury on the Non-Jew” And why not Jews? Does not make sense when you are after profits.

    No Wonder Benjamin Franklin warned his associates by saying “I warn you, gentlemen, if you do not exclude the Jew forever, your children`s children will curse you in your grave.”

    Hope to hear your clarification or interpretation.
    Tell you handler to come up with a better approach than smearing others race, nationality, or religion.

    • Replies: @ForeverGone
    , @Miville
  40. Sirius says:

    You’re probably right, but people like him/her/it spread their lies to others so they have to be refuted.

    • Replies: @AnonStarter
  41. Sirius says:

    So it the face of a good argument, it’s not enough for you to hurl insults but you need to get truly vulgar and filthy. “Forever gone” is the state of your mind apparently, tiny as it is. Return to the gutter where you belong.

    • Replies: @cohen
    , @ForeverGone
  42. bonjour Kevin je suis écrivain et ami de Laurent Guyénot vous connaissez ce livre de Novak sur les frankistes ?

    • Replies: @Kevin Barrett
  43. Sirius says:

    That’s your source, the Jorge Scientific Corporation? A private military company? Wow, you really know how to pick ’em. That’s your source of expertise on Islam?

    Do you know the names of any Islamic thinkers or philosophers?

    You never bothered to refute the quotes I offered, for the same reason I stated before. You’re a quote-hunter who seeks to confirm your preconceived notions, to confirm your hate and probably to make you feel better about your lowly self.

    You’re not someone who studies, takes a balanced look at varying views and makes up his mind. When you’re ready to do that, and when you clean up your mouth, others might be ready to have a proper discussion.

    • Replies: @ForeverGone
  44. @Kevin Barrett

    Hey, Kevin.

    Out of curiosity, have you ever seen Stanley Kubrick’s film “Eyes Wide Shut?”

    Some believe that global sex trafficking rings (such as the Epstein ring) are organized by Intel agencies to blackmail elites. Some believe these trafficking rings often mix in Occult rituals and ceremonies.

    Many have claimed that “Eyes Wide Shut” offers a realistic glimpse into the Occult practices and prostitution rings of the global elites. In particular, it has been claimed that ritual ceremony and orgy in the Somerton mansion were based off real-life practices of the followers of Sabbatai Zevi. It has even been claimed that the Rothschilds are followers of this prophet.

    What’s your opinion of all that?

    Here’s something to read.

  45. BuelahMan says:

    Entering the White House in 2016 Trump simply didn’t have any clue as to the chokehold the Jew Elite & Israel have on Washington and on US foreign policy.

    I’m just pointing out the ridiculousness of that statement. Seriously ridiculous.

    • Replies: @ForeverGone
  46. BuelahMan says:

    They see very plainly his warts, but we have been pushed into defending him by the outrageous conduct by the media.

    What is sad is that people that defend him are fooled by the Kabuki. How can it be possible that so many people think this way?

    Willing, desperate, lemmings in need of a savior when most won’t even NAME the culprits that control every aspect of Trump’s (or ANY POTUS’s) life.

    • Replies: @Twodees Partain
  47. sarz says:
    @Robert Dolan

    Trump’s father was a German Jew who pretended to be Christian, helped by his middle name, Frederick Christ Trump (Sr). We know because Trump’s elder brother, Frederick Christ Trump Jr, the nice one, apparently to escape the family’s crypto tradition and obligations, came out by joining Sigma Alpha Mu, a Jewish fraternity, at Lehigh. His dad was actually a German Jew, Freddy told his frat brothers, and they must have believed him because Sammy doesn’t take goys. On the occasion of Trump winning the presidency the frat brothers shared their memories of Freddy with the New York Times. (This was the Jew York Times’ way of kvelling, sharing with their Jewish readers the juicy morsel that one of their own had made the top slot. But since goys were looking over their shoulder, Freddy’s claim about his dad was immediately followed by editorial denial in parentheses, without a shred of even pretended evidence.)

    Trump’s father was a big supporter of Israel and Jewish institutions, so much so that on that basis alone he was thought of as actually Jewish. In 1927 the father was arrested in a riot with six other KKK members, all in hood and gown. Big shots among the Jews, the Kehillah, must have known that this was a crypto-Jew in the service of Jews—the KKK being targeted at Jews. That’s why a NYT clipping of the arrest that surfaced during the first campaign was immediately dropped despite Trump’s opponents otherwise being willing to use every sort of ammunition against him.

    Anyone so fanatic would definitely marry a Jew or have his wife convert. Trump’s mother’s own mother’s identity is a bit of a puzzle. The accounts have been fiddled, so it looks like Trump’s mother and her own mother had the same name. Trump’s mother was probably Jewish by birth. The accounts of Trump having a Presbyterian upbringing are nonsense. They spent their time with Norman Vincent Peale, who preached the Judaic aim of being a winner rather than being a good soul. Trump is entirely unfamiliar with the least detail of Christianity.

    Jared Kushner’s brother had a hard time from his family for wanting to marry (and then marrying) a shiksa. When she protested to them that they had not objected to Jared marrying Ivanka, the answer was that that was different. Indeed it was. That’s perhaps why one always hears that Ivanka converted to marry Jared, not to Judaism, but Orthodox Judaism.

    So, Trump has not been a servant of the Jews. He’s very much a big-shot Jew himself. Though over the years at least three different researchers have described Trump as being without a soul, he does have a primary if soulless aim, to be a winner. That usually shows up as wanting to be the biggest Jewish macher of all time. Not for nothing have the Adelsons spoken of him getting his own book in the Jewish bible. Like Queen Esther. Trump broke the Rothschild rules by running on disallowed winning issues, dogwhistling to the goy herd that he would save them from the Jews by stopping immigration, releasing the truth about 9/11 and auditing the Fed. Then, using his office instead in the service of ultra-Zionism, Trump turns around and thumbs his nose at the Rothschilds, retweeting that he Trump is the King of the Jews. (“What an unbearable usurper. May his bones be crushed!”)

    Trump, the ultra-Zionist taking on the Rothschild globalists, is no longer King of the Jews. Among the very first to congratulate Biden on his successful steal was Binyamin Netanyahu.

    • Thanks: Iris
    • Replies: @sarz
  48. cohen says:

    You are probably wasting your time talking to this part time Israeli Troll, location unknown. He/she/it is not going to answers the question raised in # 39. I found it easy to handle Trolls or self prescribed intellectuals by asking questions with references. Here is a satire. Way to go Malone

    • Thanks: Sirius
  49. @Patrick McNally

    @Patrick McNally:

    “But many Jews here in the USA simply freaked out at seeing the first black President spend 2 terms trying to pressure Israel….”

    With all due respect, Patrick McNally…. you couldnt possibly be more mistaken, more wrong….

    …more taken in BY ILLUSIONARY OPTICS….
    – like so many millions of Americans, you have fallen victim to the thinnest of propaganda veils.

    The proof is simplicity itself: Obama was (and is) a PUPPET of the Chicago jew billionaires PRITZKER clan, and he stuffed his administration with larcenous “RUBINITES” – GolddamnSachs and ISRAEL FIRST JEWS. I donated to, campaigned (as volunteer) and went door to door for obama in 2008, and celebrated his overwhelming Dem TRIFECTA victory that night….House, Senate, & White House
    … all with a HUGE popular American voters support MANDATE.
    THE VERY NEXT DAY HE BROKE MY HEART, and exposed in no uncertain terms that the next 8 years would be a NIGHTMARE…

    ….by selecting well known Chicago Congressman/ISRAELI mossad SPY RAHM EMANUEL AS his WH CHIEF OF STAFF.
    Under Rahm’s evil hand, the Dems LOST THE HOUSE the very next election (by ramming INSURANCE INDUSTRY give-away “obama-care – DESIGNED TO GUT company insurance health care – down Amer. families throats.)

    What followed was NEO-CON, “neo-Lib” PROXY WARS FOR ISRAHELL… in LIBYA, in SYRIA, in YEMEN etc etc etc.

    Just look at the GolddamnSachs, ISRAEL FIRSTERS puppet obama STACKED HIS CABINET WITH:

    and dont forget PENNY PRITZKER, his “fairy godmother” over at Sec Commerce.

    These GS/”Rubinites” apparatchiks FUNNELED $29 TRILLION+ to the GS, soros, BoE, BLACKROCK, kkr jewish financiers in “BAILOUT$”
    as American people got PINK SLIPS, EVICTION NOTICES, “OUTSOURCED” jobs, factories, and ENTIRE INDUSTRIES under the “fox guarding henhouse” above criminal psychopath govt. “regulators”. For $29 TRILLION in stolen loot “bailouts” they were willing to PROJECT THE IMAGE that obama WASNT their puppet….
    while CIA + saudis HIRED JIHADIS KILLED 600,000 in Syria and turned Libya FROM most stable, prosperous nation in Africa TO ARAB WARLORDS RULED SLAVE-TRADE HELL HOLE… all part of ODED YINON, israhell first plans….

    • Replies: @Patrick McNally
  50. Tulip says:

    If Trump is the Messiah, then please give us Barrabas!

  51. @Cohen

    Please go back to your psychiatrist and tell him or her that the meds don’t work. As for your diatribe, the spelling and grammatical mistakes in the first sentence signals you out as a fool. I don’t read what fools write.

  52. @Sirius

    Well, Sirius, seems the truth hurts.

  53. Malla says:

    Mr. Barret would be surprised to know that there are many in the Islamic World, political observers in that world, who have a much more realistic (and thus better opinion) about Trump as well as how things work.

    This is a discussion on a Pakistani channel ‘Jamanah Gawah Hai’ (World is witness) where they have a discussion episode. (USPresident Elections & Its Global Impact| Ep#232).
    One of the guests, from Tarjime Islami, Mirza Ayub Beg (White beard dude with cap) sitting on the Right. I will translate the Urdu discussion into English as best I can, some of the things he says along with the host.
    At 20:10 minutes in the program (above video) Mirza Ayub Beg (Mullah dude with White beard and cap) says:
    “Yeh baat bilkul durust hai DEMOCRAT aur khas tar se yeh Biden jaab saib sadar tha,
    duniya ko bahuut jyada jango me mulaavas kiya gaya hai.”
    English Translation from Urdu: This is very correct that during DEMOCRAT rule and during the Vice Presidency of Biden, the World was pushed more into wars.
    20:18 mins Mirza Ayub Beg further says: “Trump ne nikala hai. Trump ko log is havale se
    galat samjhe hai. Trump ne Iraq se bhi nikala hai. Afghanistan se bhi nikala hai.”
    English Translation: Trump has removed the World from Wars. People misunderstand Trump in this respect. Trump has removed (American troops and American interference) in Iraq. Trump has removed (American troops and American interference) in Afghanistan.
    20:28 minutes Mirza Ayub Beg says: “Trump isi koshish me tha, aga chahe Shyam me se us tarah nikla nahi jaye lekin barhal…..”
    English Translation: Trump was trying to if he could not withdraw from Syria atleast

    20:39 minutes he says: “Trump ne apne aap ko, Amrika ko jungo se nikalne aur Trump kyo ki tajer hai, uski sari towojyo Amrika ke ECONOMY par hai. Amrika ki tasadiyat behtar ho jaye.”
    English Translation: Trump has always tried to remove the USA from earlier American wars and Trump’s main focus was on the ECONOMY. That the economic condition of the USA becomes better, that was his main focus.
    20:50 minutes he says further: “Aur yeh apko tasleem karna padega ki usne Amrika ki tasadiyat behtar kiya hai kuch na kuch.”
    English Translation: Translation: And you have to admit that he has improved the economic condition of the USA up to some extent.
    20:55 minutes he says further: “Jis tarh wo zawalpazeer thi isse pahale, iske daur me kamsekam ye to hua na wo zawal tasiyaad ka roka hai. Maashi zawaal roka hai.”
    English Translation: The way the USA was sliding downwards before him, during his tenure,
    he has stopped the down-slide of the country.

    21:07 minutes he says: Aur androon Amrika DOMESTIC POLICY ke hawale se uski POLICES ko pasaand kiya gaaya hai.
    English Translation: And interior America (Middle America) has liked and approved of Trump’s DOMESTIC POLICIES.

    • Replies: @Malla
    , @Malla
  54. Malla says:

    Also, 15:22 minutes in the above video (USPresident Elections & Its Global Impact) in post 53 Mirza Ayub Beg says: “Pahele to mai, jyo Razaullah sahab ne baat kiya hai ki dono jyo hai umeedwar sadaratke Biden bhi aur Trump bhi, ye PRO-ISRAEL hai”
    English Translation: Firstly what Sir Razaullah (the other guest, mullah dude on the left hand side big bearded guy with blue shirt) had said that both the candidates for the Presidency Biden as well as Trump, both are PRO-ISRAEL.


    Host at 15:36: “Pro-INDIA bhi kaha inhone.”
    English Translation: He (Mr. Razaullah) also called both of them PRO-INDIA.15:37 Mirza Ayub Beg answers:PRO-INDIA to fir ho hi jate hai. Asalan PRO-ISRAEL hai.”
    English Translation: Well they always end up becoming PRO-INDIA anyways. But in reality they are both PRO-ISRAEL.
    15:41 minutes Mirza Ayub Beg says further: “Mai aslan ye samajta hu ki Amriki sadarti umeedwar. MAJOR ummedwaronki baat kar raha hu. Wo chote chote umeedwar kai hote
    hai, pata hi nahi lagta ki wo umeedwar hai unke hoi naam nishaan nahi hota.”
    English Translation: As I understand it, American presidential candidates, I speak of MAJOR candidates. Those smaller candidates (& parties) nobody comes to know about them and they have no traces.
    Host at 15:53 minutes: “Razaullah sahab ne kaha gadhe aur haathi.”
    English Translation: Sir Razaullah just said donkey and elephant.
    15:56 minutes Mirza Ayub Beg answers: “Ha gadhe aur haathi ke jyo umeedwar hote hai na, wo ban hi nahi sakte jab tak wo PRO-ISRAEL na ho.”
    English Translation: Yes, donkey & elephant, their candidates, they cannot become candidates unless they are PRO-ISRAEL.
    16:02 minutes Mirza Ayub Beg says further: “Umeedwar dono PRO ISRAEL hone
    chahiye aur honge.”
    English Translation: Both candidates have to be PRO-ISRAEL and always will be so.
    16:07 minutes Mirza Ayub Beg says further: “Lekin mai yeha ye mahsus kar raha hu. Unme bhi thoda farak kiya jata hai.”
    English Translation: But here I feel, there is a some difference here in between them.
    16:11 minutes Mirza Ayub Beg says further:“Mai yeha thodi si kashmakash si dekh raha hu. Israel me aur Pentagon me. PREFERENCE ke hawale se. Dono PRO-ISRAEL hai. Dono Alm-Islam ke dushman hai. Dono India ke haami hai. Lekin PREFERENCE ke hawale se kashmakash dekh raha hu. AMERICAN ESTABLISHMENT jisse aap PENTAGON kahete hai aur Israel me.”
    English Translation: I see some friction/power clash here. In between Israel and the Pentagon (Globalists) from the point of view of PREFERENCE. Both are PRO-ISRAEL. Both are enemies of the Islamic world. Both are seduced by India. But from the point of view of PREFERENCE I see friction and clashes. In between the AMERICAN ESTABLISHMENT whom you call the PENTAGON (globalists/deep state) and Israel (Pro-Israel lobby).
    16:35 minutes Mirza Ayub Beg says further: AMERICAN ESTABLISHMENT Biden ke liye jyor laga rahi hai. Israel ke dono Gore hai lekin firbhi ye Gora jyo hai usko kamiyaab karna chahete hai.”
    English Translation: The AMERICAN ESTABLISHMENT (globalist deep state) is backing and pushing for the victory of Biden. They are both (Biden and Trump) Israel’s White goyims but even then, this White goyim (Biden) is the one they (Globalists) want to push to success.
    Host at 16:43 minutes: “Jab aap do dalonka keherahe hai ki jyor laga rahe hai aur kamityab karwana chahete hai. To aap ke khayal me kya AMERICAN ELECTIONS kya ENGINEERED honge?”
    English Translation: When you speak of two parties, and you say that they (Globalists) are making sure Biden wins, in your opinion, the AMERICAN ELECTIONS were ENGINEERED?
    16:50 minutes Mirza Ayub Beg answers:ENGINEERED” ka lafaz to nahi hai. Lekin aap dekhiye na, ek lavsa ka aaj bahut chal raha hai ‘DEEP STATE‘ ka.”
    English Translation: Well I would not use the term “ENGINEERED“, but you see now a days this term is being used a lot, the term of “DEEP STATE“.
    Host at 16:57 minutes:”Ji…Joe Biden bhi to DEEP STATE ka hi to numainda hai na?”
    English Translation: Yes…Joe Biden too is a DEEP STATE representative, right?
    17:01 minutes Mirza Ayub Beg answers: “Mai aarz har raha hu na? Jitne waaze US DEEP STATE hai, duniya me aur koi nahi hai. ”
    English Translation: Well I am saying this, right? The US DEEP STATE is the worst in the World. No other Deep State is that bad.

  55. In a sense, President Donald Trumps impetuous behavior and attitude, forced the deep state individuals to reveal themselves for the phony wizards they are. But along with revealing how phony they are, they also revealed how dangerous they are. We see them in action right now. For four long years, day after day, they desperately fought this “crazy” man who was ruining much of their agenda. I give Trump a little more credit than the author of the article.

  56. Malla says:

    17:24 minutes Mirza Ayub Beg says from the linked above video in Post 53 of this page, further:“Mere pass bahut mishale hai jisme PENTAGON (deep state) kuch chata tha, WHITE HOUSE kuch chata tha. Lekin dono me se ek ki mani gayi aur jyada tar PENTAGON ki mani jati hai, WHITE HOUSE ko SURRENDER karna padta hai. Aksar maine dekha hai.”
    English Translation: I have many examples where the PENTAGON (Deep State) wanted one thing and the WHITE HOUSE something else. But normally one wins out over the other and their policy is implemented at the end and mostly it is that of the i>PENTAGON (Deep State) and the WHITE HOUSE has to SURRENDER. This I have observed often.
    Host at 17:37 minutes: PENTAGON se berhad ESTABLISHMENT
    English Translation: By PENTAGON you mean the ESTABLISHMENT?
    At 17:39 minutes Mirza Ayub Beg answers: “ESTABLISHMENT. Lekin phir kya hota hai WHITE HOUSE duniya ko zaheer nahi hone deta ki meri marzi nahi chali PENTAGON jyo hai.”
    English Translation: ESTABLISHMENT. But what happens after that is that the WHITE HOUSE does not let the World know that their policies were surrendered in favour of that of the Deep State.
    Host at 17:48 minutes: “Ye apna Androoni Iktlaaf jyo hai wo manzira arm pe nahi iklate.”
    English Translation: They do not show the world and the people, their internal differences and power struggles.
    At 17:56 minutes Mirza Ayub Beg says further:(…..) “Wo unko ADJUST kar lete hai ager unke andar iklafat hote hai.”……
    English Translation: They ADJUST it among themselves if there are differences.

    Later Mirza Ayub Beg says that Biden will be worse for Pakistan than even Trump, more stricter than Trump while Trump himself was quite strict. He talks about Afghanistan and US withdrawal from Afghanistan saying, the USA has no other option but to withdraw.

  57. @Sirius

    I have a blockhead trolling me. A sad blockhead that tried to fit-in many many times, but always failed to be accepted. Now the blockhead thinks they’ll fit-in with the Muslims. Unless you qualify as a belly-dancer or knob-sucker you’ll also fail this time.

    As for your rant: Anything that “Islamic thinkers or philosophers” ever put forward was plagiarized word-for-word from White Christians. Even the Koran was copied from ancient Jewish writings.

    Ever hear of the ancient library of Alexandria? When the Muslims conquered Egypt they took knowledge (the little they could comprehend) from this library and attempted to pass it off as their own. Albeit, being savages, they burned most of it.

    Actually, as the Muslims were burning the books and manuscripts someone pointed out that they might be useful. One of the Muslim leaders responded by saying: We don’t need it, Allah will give us all the knowledge we need.

    Clever and high IQ, wasn’t he? (This is a rhetorical question. Thus, an answer is not expected, because the question answers itself.)

    The North of Africa was a well watered area of agricultural fertility until Muslims conquered it. Now it’s a desert where Muslims struggle to feed themselves and depend on White Europe for food.

    Please take your apologias for this savage, backward and ineducable tribe, this stain on humanity, somewhere else.

  58. @Sirius

    You’re probably right, but people like him/her/it spread their lies to others so they have to be refuted.

    Occasionally, there’s value in that, and I wouldn’t want to deprive anyone of the opportunity if they’re so willing. That said, over the years, I’ve found that where the subject of religion is concerned, anonymous internet folk are usually prepared to believe what they want to regardless of the facts.

    Let’s see … Looking at his last post …

    1. References antiquated, region-specific dar al-Islam/dar al-Harb dichotomy. Note the absence of any Qur’anic verse or hadith to corroborate it.
    2. Cites five Qur’an verses he believes command Muslims to commit “violence against kafirs,” four of which refer to punishment in the Hereafter, not this life. 9: 29 is a command to fight People of Book who have initiated aggression against Muslims, as explained here.

    And that’s really all there is to it. Not sure who Jorge is, but he doesn’t look too original compared to the countless anti-Islam brigadiers I’ve encountered for the last three decades.

    • Replies: @Sirius
  59. @Dark Markets

    What neocons and Likudniki wanted in 2008 was a move to crush Iran. Many like Daniel Pipes viewed the triumph of Islamists in Libya with great wariness. Obama definitely did not follow the neocon agenda which would have preferred that John McCain take office and invade Iran. Of course one make many arguments that neocons were able to reconcile themselves to certain parts of Obama’s actions, because that’s how politics works. Clinton in the 1990s rejected the neocon for an invasion of Iraq, but he maintained the sanctions on Iraq and occasionally bombed the country as a concession to the Israel lobby. Bush II came in determined to satisfy the neocon demand for an invasion of Iraq. Obama rejected the push for an invasion of Iran which was the main neocon demand, but shifted to more restrained forms of intervention which usually aided Muslim factions. Trump tore up the agreement with Iran and re-imposed sanctions, but like Clinton in the 1990s he refused to go ahead with an actual invasion of Iran.

    Overall Trump shared much more in common with Clinton and Obama than any of them did with Bush II and the neocons. That fact is just obscured by all of the rhetoric. The fact that Rahm Emanuel is another well-to-do Jew from Chicago doesn’t change the point that Netanyahu and company were genuinely pissed off with Obama’s insistence on reaching accommodations with Iran. It just highlights that Obama still had to work with certain types of people even when his administration was engaged in conflict with Netanyahu over Iran.

    • Replies: @Iris
    , @Dark Markets
  60. @Nicolas Bonnal

    Non, je n’ai pas lu ce livre, merci bien pour l’url!

  61. Iris says:
    @Patrick McNally

    Netanyahu and company were genuinely pissed off with Obama’s insistence on reaching accommodations with Iran

    This has to be correct; it is the Europeans who needed the US to be conciliant and reach an agreement with Iran, because their corporations had badly suffered from the sanctions imposed on Tehran.

    Obama made the rational decision that satisfied the majority of the US’ Western European allies and angered its Middle-Eastern burden Israel. It is also significant that the JCPOA came into being at the end of his second presidency, when Obama had not much left to lose.

    Many like Daniel Pipes viewed the triumph of Islamists in Libya with great wariness.

    This, I am afraid, is not correct. The politician with foremost responsibility in the destruction of Libya was French President Nicolas Sarkozy, followed by British PM David Cameron. Both are Jewish NeoCons and ardent Zionists with strong “mentoring” ties in the US. Libya was in Israel’s bullseye, even if not in Obama’s.

    Overall Trump shared much more in common with Clinton and Obama than any of them did with Bush II and the NeoCons.

    How about the new American President? What does the overwhelming MSM turn out in his favour mean? Simply that he will restore the US onto the path of globalisation, or that he will also be a war man like GW Bush?

    Thanks ever so much for your most interesting comments.

    • Replies: @Patrick McNally
  62. Sirius says:

    Yes, I agree with you, that person is an irredeemable idiot and possibly a paid troll as another poster suggested, but the refutation is seen by others who might be misled otherwise. So I think it helps, at least to a point.

    Part of the Zionist plan in my view, along with those who support “forever wars”, is to stoke animosity between Christians or Westerners on the one hand and Muslims on the other. I mean, it already happened in Lebanon back in the 1970s in a different way. Perhaps it was a practice run. Now, starting with the first Iraq war in 1991 but especially after 9/11/2001, it’s happening on a world scale.

    The attacks have several prongs, and posts misrepresenting or defaming Islam are one of them (the toxic Pamela Geller is a good example in the US). That has made it easier to attack, kill or starve (re: Yemen) or place heavy sanctions on millions of people in Muslim-majority countries. So it prepares or at least neutralizes Western public opinion.

    That’s why I think it’s important to refute such false accusations. And in fact you did a good follow-up yourself in your post about the antiquated notions and the 5 verses.

    • Replies: @Iris
    , @AnonStarter
  63. Why even ask the question? Of course Donald Trump is a False Messiah. He is an Establishment Trojan Horse designed to derail and destroy the American Patriot movement.

  64. Iris says:

    The attacks have several prongs, and posts misrepresenting or defaming Islam are one of them (the toxic Pamela Geller is a good example in the US)

    The ideological framework for demonising Islam and Muslims was openly set up by Samuel Huntington’s 1993 “Clash of Civilisations” blueprint article, later turned into a book.

    It was a beyond-mediocre scholarly work, that nobody even quotes as a reference anymore.
    It was actually grotesque, compared to a magistral academic opus on the same topic of civilisations, produced at around the same time by historian Paul Kennedy (“Rise and Fall of the Great Powers”). But Kennedy’s book was objective and highly intelligent, and did not set out to depict non-Western civilisations as “evil” for the purpose of attacking them, so Western MSM and Academia shunned it.

    Mercenary works such as Huntington’s are much worse than just intellectual prostitution: his book was deliberately drawn up to enable a carefully pre-planned agenda, as 9/11 was long in the pipeline; it served to prepare the minds for the nuclear holocaust of 3000 innocent Americans in the heart of NYC, followed by the direct and indirect slaughter of millions of innocent Muslims worldwide.

    Considering all that we have learned about 9/11, it is now clear that those who still demonise Muslims are de facto siding with the abject criminals who blow up 3000 innocent civilians in the controlled nuclear demolition of the WTC. There is nothing to be proud of being either a gullible anti-Muslim imbecile, or a conscious Zionist psychopath condoning genocidal crimes. Neither of theses are worthy of wasting one’s time answering to.

    • Agree: Kevin Barrett
    • Thanks: Sirius
    • Replies: @AnonStarter
  65. @Kevin Barrett

    As soon as saw the userID (g8way) I immediately recognized the same naming system I have seen many times before in YouTube comments especially. Without doubt this person is one of the Trolls posting from Israel who attacks anyone who attacks Israel or Jews. See this post for who I am talking about:

    These people scour the internet looking for posts critical of Jews and Israel and they attack the post and the poster. I liked your article and found it very informative. Ignore these Israeli organized Trolls and keep doing the work you are doing.

  66. @Iris

    I agree that neocons like Bill Kristol favored a Libyan intervention whereas Daniel Pipes was much more wary about the consequences of Muslims taking power in Libya. No such controversy existed over demands to move against Iran, which Obama rejected. What distinguishes someone Hristol from Pipes is that Kristol had always seen himself as someone in the role of selling US interventions to the public. For this reason Kristol has to be more aware of the need to keep the water wet, whereas Daniel Pipes doesn’t worry so much about that and can consider other things.

    Bill Kristol has to be aware that if the US goes for a long time without any major interventions anywhere then the public may just decide that they are not interested. For this reason Kristol tends to be an advocate of all-around interventionism even if it might involve a place like Somalia which perhaps isn’t of that much interest to the Likudniki within Israel proper. From Kristol’s point of view it is simply important to keep the US public jazzed up for another troop-mobilization somewhere or other so that when something needs to be done for Israel the public will be in the mood.

    Daniel Pipes doesn’t spend so much time thinking about this aspect but is more interested in just policing the domestic scene for any signs of wrong-think about Israel. For this reason Pipes didn’t feel as much of a pressing need to use Libya as an example of another place for US intervention to overthrow Qaddafi and make the world safe for democracy. Instead he was more worried about what types of people will be coming in after Qaddafi.

    • Thanks: Iris
    • Replies: @Iris
  67. @Sirius

    Yes, there is a desensitizing, dehumanizing element to the anti-Islam propaganda. Undeniably. Your reasoning is sound.

    I just don’t want to see you and other well-intended individuals exhaust yourselves with trolls who — let’s be honest — aren’t really taken that seriously to begin with; but if you’re willing to address their content, just brush past the ad hominem and focus on the substance (whatever that may be). Sometimes, it just takes a hyperlink.

    For example, there’s a lot on the Library of Alexandria’s demise that undermines the myth concerning the Muslim destruction thereof.

    Here are two links offhand:

    The Vanished Library | by Hugh Lloyd-Jones | The New York Review of Books

    The Great Library at Alexandria was destroyed by budget cuts, not fire

    Providing such material while stepping over the low-brow, inebriated gutterspeak is best. That way, bad manners stand out in stark relief against the backdrop of good sense.

    • Thanks: Sirius
    • Replies: @ForeverGone
  68. @Patrick McNally

    @ Patrick McNally:
    with all due respect, P.M., you could NOT be more mistaken:

    “What neocons and Likudniki wanted in 2008 was a move to crush Iran. Many like Daniel Pipes viewed the triumph of Islamists in Libya with great wariness. Obama definitely did not follow the neocon agenda”…

    PLEASE get with reality! Obama’s first WH CHIEF OF STAFF – the equivalent of an XO, executive officer on a naval warship…was UBER ISRAELI FIRSTER (neo-con/neo-lib) RAHM EMANUL… reputed to be the Mossad’s spy chief in America.
    Obama’s career political/fundraising “fairy godmother” was/is CHICAGO JEWESS BILLIONAIRE heiress PENNY PRITZKER… whose family owns mega- “defense” = WARS PROFITEERING contractor GENERAL DYNAMCIS. The people Obama STUFFED his administration with were ALL GOLDDAMN-SACHS, “Rubinites” – JEWISH, ISRAEL FIRST apparatchiks totally in line with the Emanuel, Netanyahu, (Pritzker, Adelson, Saban, &&&) agenda:
    Larry Summers, Jacob Lew, Mary Schapiro, Peter Orszag, Gene Sperling, Gary Gensler, among many, many others and, over at “the fed” bernanke, janet yellen, and ex BANK OF ISRAEL fraudsters stan FISCHER. These were “obama’s” HANDLERS.
    btw, as much as I loathed obama and his GS, Neo-Con, neo-Lib PROXY TERROR WARS, “BAILOUT$” & “obama-care” ECONOMIC SABOTAGE, & BLM RIOTS SABOTAGE of America agenda, I have to give him credit: he DESERVED that NOBLE PEACE PRIZE, because if either of the 2 possible alternative pres. candidates in 2008 had become president – sHillary or McInsane – they DEFINITELY WOULD HAVE GONE TO WAR AGAINST SYRIA, IRAN… and 99% probability against Russia. Obama, for all his great faults (and I believe the rumors of his satanic cult membership under the pritzkers, ny, chicago, & hollywood vampires) PREVENTED them from GETTING THEIR centuries- sought-after SYRIA & IRAN wars.
    Well, the Jews are a patient & cunning bunch…. rather than FORCE THE ISSUE (world-ending wars!) under obama… they simply BACK-STEPPED… SABOTAGED TRUMP for 4 years… and now have puppet “TRAITOR JOE” Biden ATTACKING SYRIA FOR THEM,
    ALREADY (day 3 of biden regime)!!!

  69. @Iris

    The ideological framework for demonising Islam and Muslims was openly set up by Samuel Huntington’s 1993 “Clash of Civilisations” blueprint article, later turned into a book.

    That book is significant in terms of understanding more recent influences, though the framework of which you speak extends back much further.

    Islam is a continuum, a way of life as old as man himself, its core tenets unchanging, its shari’ah evolving in incremental milestones across the ages. Demonizing Islam has been the primary vocation of the enemies of humanity from time immemorial. There are those entrusted with its representation who faithfully upheld the trust, and those who sold the Signs of God for a paltry price — renegade Levites being among the most infamous of them.

    The Children of Israel had an agreement with God: they were to remain faithful to Him in word and deed, preparing the way for Shiloh (Gen. 10:49) who would not arise from the House of Israel, but rather, from without.

    The Levites knew who he was, yet labored to conceal his identity so as to “keep it in the family.” The Lie that salvation comes in Israel was fabricated for this very purpose.

    This is the proper framework for understanding the demonization of Islam.

    • Thanks: Iris
  70. Ranchpig says:

    Great article.

    I think the real losers are the ones who continue to believe in the two party system. How could it be any clearer that this is Pro Wrestling… Theater?
    Trump was the Patriot Pacification Program.

    The rulers always use a republican to pacify the “normies”. Reagan, Bush Jr., Trump. It’s a brilliant con-job and that fact that so many still believe it shows how effective the mind control is.

  71. Iris says:
    @Patrick McNally

    Well, we did not have to wait long to see who really masterminds the anti-Iran policies and who the beneficiary is.

    Mossad chief Yossi Cohen may become the first top Israeli official to meet with US President Joe Biden amid concerns in Tel Aviv that his administration will revive the Obama-era international nuclear pact with Iran.

    The head of Israeli secret service and one of PM Benjamin Netanyahu’s most trusted allies, Yossi Cohen, is heading to Washington sometime next month to brief the Biden administration on a set of terms regarding any potential nuclear deal with Tehran, Channel 12 reported on Saturday, citing “communications” between Israel and the new US administration.

    Cohen is also expected to meet with the CIA chief and once again present an intelligence assessment of Iran’s nuclear program, which according to Israel is secretly aimed at obtaining nukes.

    Cohen’s team is reportedly set to demand a “radical overhaul” of the agreement, with far stricter commitments from Tehran, including a full halt on uranium enrichment and production of advanced centrifuges. On top of that, Israel wants Iran to stop “supporting terror groups” and “end its military presence in Iraq, Syria and Yemen.”

    • Replies: @Patrick McNally
  72. @BuelahMan

    I have yet another jerk commenter show up. This mostly one sentence troll is mouthing off about ridiculousness.

    This is fantastic, considering the way he writes. Three random quotes from @BuelahMan’s (hereafter Mr Moron) past comments:


    thing is clear… Hitler was right

    … and Southern

    Mr Moron feels the need to insert random lines of periods in his sentences. He believes this gives his comments (and through them himself) gravitas and lends them a distinctive aesthetic.

    But, Mr Moron, it does the exact opposite. When normal people see tracts of writing in this style they ignore them and move on. Because the habit of inserting random lines of periods in sentences is the sole domain of the halfwit. And intelligent people don’t waste their time reading what halfwits write.

    How did halfwits like you, Mr Moron, develop the trend of inserting random periods in your sentences? The halfwits read an article in which the writer quoted someone else and used an ellipsis, … or […], to show that words had been omitted or added to the quote.

    The halfwits didn’t know what the ellipsis stood for, but, nonetheless, they thought the three dots that broke up the sentences looked cool. But, like you, they further thought that if three dots looked cool then five or six would look even better.

    And thus we have jerks like you splashing random lines of periods up and down comments threads thinking it makes you look intellectual.

    As regards your verdict of “ridiculousness”. I believe you didn’t make this accusation due to disagreeing with what I expressed in the sentence. If you believed what I said in the particular sentence was wrong, you’d have at least orientated your response towards correcting me.

    This accusation was actually made against the entire comment. You saw that my comment was well expressed and well written. Expressing yourself well in writing and understanding the proper use of grammar is something your IQ doesn’t stretch to.

    The effluvium of jealousy has you lashing out at your betters. By the way, I work in the psychology field, I understand, and am interested in, people like you more than you’ll ever know.

    If you find anything ridiculous in the above please let me know.

    • Replies: @Hans
    , @BuelahMan
  73. Hans says:

    Excellent, Bman. You’ve got shill’s dander up nicely. LOL.

    • Replies: @ForeverGone
    , @BuelahMan
  74. Iris says:

    The rulers always use a republican to pacify the “normies”. Reagan, Bush Jr., Trump.

    I am sure that you easily see the flaw in your argument: both Reagan and Bush Jr got two terms, the latter definitely thanks to the Team Zion Deep State and its affiliated media, as GWB most certainly lost the second presidential election.

    Among those who believe that President Trump was a pure Zionist puppet, none is providing a credible explanation as per why the worldwide Israel-friendly media, and the PTB briefing them, have turned against him.

    And please, do not quote Trump’s narcissism, megalomania or stupidity as the reason he was gotten rid with. The US Presidency has sunken to its lowest during Bush Jr’s tenancy, an all-time and worldwide inferior intellectual landmark that remains unbeaten.

  75. @AnonStarter

    Here’s an example of what you are defending:

    A 16-year-old French girl whose name is Mila has received over 50,000 messages and letters from Muslims containing threats to rape her, slit her throat, torture and behead her. These threats are very real, the Muslims would act on them if given the slightest chance.

    As a result Mila has had to move from one school to another. Her education has been destroyed, as has her life. She’ll be living in fear for evermore. Her family, parents and relatives are also at very serious risk, never knowing when one of the 50,000 Muslim nut-jobs comes running at them with a machete.

    What did she do to deserve this? She rejected a Muslim male who asked her on a date.

    The pedantic elements of the situation are: As Mila was partaking in a webchat a Muslim male asked her on a date. She refused, telling him she was gay. The Muslim responded by accusing her of racism; and then he called her a dirty lesbian.

    Mila, shocked as you’d expect her to be, responded in a video that was streamed in the immediate aftermath of the Muslim’s disgusting insults, that she hated religion. She said in this video: “The Koran is a religion of hatred; there is only hatred in it … Islam is sh*t…”

    Remember that Mila is a child.

    And for this “crime against Islam” over 50,000 Muslims believe Mila should be raped, tortured and then murdered. Even today she still gets 30 hate messages a minute from hateful and murderous Muslims.

    A few days later a professor, Caroline, at the Faculty of Law of Aix-Marseille University received countless death threats. Her “crime against Islam” was that she had explained to her students: “There is no freedom of conscience in Islam. If you were born to a Muslim father, you are a Muslim for life. A kind of sexually transmitted religion. One of the biggest problems we have with Islam, and unfortunately it is not the only one, is that Islam does not recognize freedom of conscience. It is absolutely terrifying”.

    In light of the 50,000 death threats against Mila, what Caroline said is the absolute truth. No ifs or buts about it.

    A few days later the Pierre Joël Bonté High School in Riom was forced to close due to Muslim death threats against teachers. “We have decided to close the school following insults and death threats to protect students and staff,” a spokesperson for the school explained.

    A few hours after this forced closure, a teacher in Toulouse, Fatiha Boudjahlat, had to ask for police protection after receiving very significant death threats from Muslims.

    In October 2020 Samuel Paty, a French history teacher, was beheaded by a Muslim. His “crime against Islam” was: He taught his students to respect the founding values ​​of Western societies and free speech. Samuel taught his pupils by example, thus he showed them Charlie Hebdo’s cartoons of Mohammed to drive home his lesson on respect and free speech.

    For this Muslims cowards butchered him with meat cleavers.

    In the days after Paty’s beheading, according to the French Minister of Education, Jean Michel Blanquer, 800 violent and/or abusive incidents took place in French schools.

    A teacher was threatened with beheading by a student’s father at the Battières School in Lyon, where Samuel Paty had started his career. This teacher’s “crime against Islam” was: He told his students that “Emmanuel Macron was not Islamophobic”. This teacher had to leave the school and go into hiding.

    At a high school in Caluire-et-Cuire, near Lyon, a Muslim student threatened to “cut the head of teacher”.

    In Gisors, a Muslim girl distributed a photo of Paty’s beheading to her companions.

    In Albertville, Savoy, the police had to be called to deal with four Muslim 10-year-old children and their parents because they had abused the teachers and said “that teacher [Paty] deserved to die”.

    In Grenoble, a Muslim was arrested for threatening to behead a teacher of history and geography: This teacher’s “crime against Islam” was: On a reality TV show he said he was preparing a video tribute to Paty.

    At the Pierre Mendès France School in Saumur, a Muslim student told his teacher: “My father will behead you”.

    In 2015 the Islamic State ordered its French adherents and Muslims generally to attack French schools and kill French teachers. According to Gilles Kepel, an expert on Islamism, “The European Education System, for the supporters of political Islam, has become a citadel to tear down.”

    As we’ve seen above, the French Muslims followed orders.

    L’Express, a French publication, reports that schools around the world are targets of vicious and violent campaigns by Muslims:

    In 2014 a school in Peshawar, Pakistan was attacked by Muslims and 132 students murdered. Between 2009 and 2012 Muslims attacked 900 schools in Pakistan, according to a report by the NGO International Crisis Group.

    Malala Yousafzai, a Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, who fought for girls to have the right to education in Pakistan was shot in the head by Muslims.

    The Muslim group, Boko Haram, is responsible for countless murderous attacks in Nigeria. It has also kidnapped 276 school girls in Chibok, Nigeria and many of these are today held as sex-slaves.

    In an attack by Muslims in Kenya 142 students were murdered in Garissa University. In Burkina Faso more than 2,000 schools have been forced to close becuade of Muslim attacks and threats.

    In 2006 French philosopher, Robert Redeker, wrote:

    “Islam tries to impose its rules on Europe, opening swimming pools at certain times exclusively for women, a ban on caricaturing this religion, the demand for special dietary treatment of Muslim children, the fight for the wearing the veil at school, the accusation of Islamophobia against free spirits.”

    Redeker immediately began receiving death threats. A few days later he said: “I can’t work and I am obliged to hide, so in some way, Islamists have succeeded in punishing me on the territory of the republic as if I were guilty of a crime of opinion”.

    With you being an arrogant and very self-important narcissistic sociopath, and no doubt also on some or other mentally dysfunctional spectrum, I expect you can easily brush facts like these aside.

    I’d bet I’m not far wrong when I say: You were bullied at school and never fitted in with the other students. You clung to the fantasy that when you finished school you’d go out into the world and be someone. But when you did go out you only found more ostracism and isolation.

    After years of trying to fit in and constantly being rejected you’ve created a niche for yourself where you can virtue signal by defending the “vulnerable”. On the Unz Report, of all places.

    Buddy, you are both dumb and sad. But your insane arrogance hides both these facts from you.

  76. @Iris

    It can certainly be no surprise that the Mossad is going to push with all force for an attack on Iran. It’s an open question how Biden will respond to that. Obama actually did push back strongly against Israeli demands for a war in Iran, and this was the one single creditable thing which could be said for him. Since Biden was linked with Obama at this time, you might innocently hope that he too will push back against this. But Biden also must realize that one of the reasons why the 2016 election was not effectively fixed in favor of Clinton was that some well-to-do pro-Israel Jews were not happy with Obama. Trump played upon this and made sure to show Netanyahu that he was better for Israel than Clinton. Biden could easily try upping the game from the other end with an approach meant to show that he is really better for AIPAC than either Obama or Trump. We’ll just have to watch and see.

    • Thanks: Iris
    • Replies: @Sirius
  77. Sirius says:
    @Patrick McNally

    Considering that Biden is unlikely to seek a second term, why should he bother to up the game? I’d be more worried if he didn’t finish his first term and a potentially more compliant Harris took over. She might be more belligerent than he is. The thing to watch is whether Biden will indeed rejoin the JCPOA, as he said he would, and on what conditions.

    • Replies: @Robjil
  78. @Kevin Barrett

    You will never get anywhere with these Trump lovers. Their entire reason for supporting this tangerine coloured man was because of the memes and fun in 2016. There is nothing serious about MAGAtards, their entire lives revolve around consumerism and the lulz.

  79. Thomasina says:

    What are you talking about? The Jews got him elected. He knew this. Kushner pulled some strings. You simply don’t get elected without them. What did you expect Trump to say? “Listen up, everybody, the Jews have got the U.S. by the balls. Until we get rid of them, there is no country.” Incoming bullet to the back of the head!

    All the armchair wannabes with egos at least the size of Trump’s are coming out of the woodwork now to give us their armchair opinions. How about you step up and take the job if all you need is intelligence? Yeah, like that would really make a difference!

    Of course Trump was in over his head, but at least he kept the U.S. out of wars for four years and, above all, he exposed the establishment elite in all their ugliness. That is worth something.

    “Look at the halfhearted manner in which Trump pursued almost unquestionable evidence of election fraud through the courts.”

    Gathering hundreds of affidavits and mountains of evidence is hardly “halfhearted”. You could actually move heaven and earth, but against a crooked court system that seems to have misplaced the rule of law, you don’t stand a chance. The rule of law is dead. Corruption and the fear of being Scalia’d rules the day.

    It took a man with an ego like Trump’s to withstand what he’s been put through by the establishment. Frankly, I’m surprised he’s still standing. But you’re not. You have lost your country, yet you somehow think it’s funny (or something) to denigrate someone who at least tried.

    Let’s cheer on the last nail in the coffin.

    • Replies: @Iris
  80. @Hans

    Nice to see you morons sticking together.

  81. Iris says:

    Of course Trump was in over his head, but at least he kept the U.S. out of wars for four years and, above all, he exposed the establishment elite in all their ugliness.

    You are right, Thomasina. And one can go even further: the Trump Presidency has had a profound impact beyond US borders, since it has exposed the plutocracy that really controls America’s poster democracy.

    This was best expressed by German FM, Heiko Maas, when he observed: “Without democracy in the U.S., [there is] no democracy in Europe”.

    What the contested 2020 US election has revealed is how, notwithstanding the actual numbers of Trump voters , the American people are blatantly and with impunity cheated by their Establishment, and how easily and quickly those claiming their constitutional rights are labelled as “domestic terrorists”.

    The Trump presidency has stripped the mask off the Establishment and showed to the world that “liberal democracies” are nothing but a fool’s game. There will be important consequences for such realisation.

    • Agree: Thomasina
    • Replies: @Sirius
  82. Sirius says:

    You’re both right, though I doubt Trump did it wittingly. If there was any intentionality (or any sense of justice), he should have pardoned Assange and Snowden on his way out. Instead he pardoned 4 war criminals and plenty of crooks.

    On another note, Glenn Greenwald does a good job outlining the threats to free speech, which have a lot to with the backlash to Trump’s January 6 gambit:

    One ominous quote from that article by General Stanley McChrystal:

    “I did see a similar dynamic in the evolution of al-Qaida in Iraq, where a whole generation of angry Arab youth with very poor prospects followed a powerful leader who promised to take them back in time to a better place, and he led them to embrace an ideology that justified their violence. This is now happening in America….I think we’re much further along in this radicalization process, and facing a much deeper problem as a country, than most Americans realize.”

  83. sarz says:

    PS: I forgot to mention the very first dogwhistle that won me over to Trump. (Kevin, you will remember those days because I tried to recruit you to the Trump cause. I stayed on much longer than reasonable, convinced that Trump was playing 13-dimensional chess. I remember making up justifications to you for Trump’s very aggressive remarks sbout Iran, oblivious to the fact that Michael Flynn, his choice for security advisor was a goy Neocon, co-author of a very nasty anti-Iran book with Jew Neocon Ledeen.) Anyway, the first thing that snapped my attention to Trump was a single statement that when he became president it would no longer be “Happy Holidays”. It was going to be “Merry Christmas!” It was an easy enough promise to fulfill but be forgot all about it his first three years. Only at the end when it got to be time to pay mind once again to the Deplorables did he wish them a merry Christmas. That was four years later. At the time I thought, Oh my God, he’s taking on the Jews.

  84. @Ranchpig

    Indeed Pro Wrestling —the Towers of Doom verus Diesel and The Big BossMan–early 2001. Diamond Dallas Page –the Bushwhackers Luke and Butch —The Undertaker and Pall Bearer–Then Kamala –entering the ring in Wooden Face Mask and Kamala shouting to frenzied audience ( real name Harris ) to take on a couple of washed up white “ham and eggers”. Doctor Harvey Y Whipplestein had to keep a very close reign on Kamala –those grunts and groans and shouting “Me Beat” after pinning his 2 opponents to a 10 count –is what appealed—- apart from some comic relief with midgets Dink and Doink —-referees then had to be able to count to 3.

  85. @ForeverGone

    Trump simply didn’t have any clue as to the chokehold the Jew Elite & Israel have on Washington and on US foreign policy.

    You are still pursuing the illusion that Trump actually cared about any of that. All he really seems to care about were good relations with the Saudis, Israelis and Russia, mostly for his personal business interests. Trump has no patience for the details of policy and probably wouldn’t understand what you are talking about.

    He just delegates, tweets and basks in the admiration of his followers. On immigration he made some progress only because he had Sessions (at first) and then Miller, who were actually committed ideologues, unlike most of the Cabinet.

    • Replies: @Kevin Barrett
  86. @Peter Akuleyev

    You and a lot of other people haven’t noticed that Trump’s entire career can be summed up in three words: kosher nostra frontman. A classic shabbos goy, Trump was “made” as Roy Cohn’s apparent boy-toy, put his brand name on casinos and hotels that were basically mob money laundries, made a trafficked Eastern European “model” America’s First Lady, and as president took orders from Jewish gangsters like Adelson, Netanyahu, Kushner, and behind them, people like Semion Mogilevich.

    The liberal and mostly not-so-mobbed-up Jews who dominate MSM and politics were embarrassed by Trump—though not too embarrassed to cover this stuff up so effectively that even most Unz Review readers haven’t heard about it.

    • Replies: @sarz
  87. ChuckyL75 says:

    Dear Kevin, how can you explain after all these years of Jewish zionist stranglehold over American politics that the avg American is still clueless, naive and stupid about Trump and other leading American politicians like Biden and Obama before him as well as all the leading others who are all stooges of Zionist power? Do they at least sense something is wrong with the political decision making process in their country? That the democratic voting process and their views expressed through the ballot box amounts to nothing? After all these years?

    • Replies: @AnonStarter
  88. sarz says:
    @Kevin Barrett

    For a better account of Trump’s relationship with financial big Jews and their friends, please take a look at the chapter—in Michael Collins Piper’s The New Jerusalem: Zionist Power in America (2004)—dealing with Trump: “Who Towers Behind Trump?: The Strange Story of ‘The Donald’”. The book can be downloaded for free from the Z-Library at

    I have discovered that supposedly knowledgeable references to Roy Cohn are invariably a substitute for facts, more like an instruction saying “Shudder here!”. Piper mentions quite a few worthies behind Trump’s operation, including Edmond de Rothschild, David Rockefeller, William Mellon Hitchcock, Tibor Rosenbaum and Meyer Lansky. But no mention of Roy Cohn. And Trump as Cohn’s “boy-toy”? Okay, “apparent boy-toy”. Come on, Kevin.

    Piper in conclusion does say, “Thus, although Trump—a major character on the American scene— is evidently not of Jewish descent, he definitely owes much to the patronage of the Zionist elite.” But Piper was writing many years before the New York Times came out with Freddy Trump’s Jewish-fraternity-brothers’ disclosure. You are carrying on with the shabbos goy stuff after the fact. It changes the whole color of things when you realise Trump is not working for the big Jews. He is striving to be the biggest one.

    It helps the shell-game of Jewish criminality, by far the most evil on the planet, to refer to them with descriptors such as “Kosher Nostra”—or Jewish Mafia or Russian Mafia—as if they were a pale reflection of the real thing. Call them what they call themselves. Mishpucha.

    • Replies: @Kevin Barrett
  89. @sarz

    Roy Cohn was Meyer Lansky’s errand boy in NYC. Some of Lansky’s orders to Cohn were apparently relayed through J. Edgar Hoover. I believe Von Hoffman wrote about Hoover passing orders to Cohn about which politicians/judges were to be promoted, demoted, or destroyed.

  90. @ChuckyL75

    Dear Kevin, how can you explain after all these years of Jewish zionist stranglehold over American politics that the avg American is still clueless, naive and stupid about Trump and other leading American politicians like Biden and Obama before him as well as all the leading others who are all stooges of Zionist power?

    Control of media, both mainstream and educational, is key.

    When you control the media, you can more easily control how people think, defining and reinforcing social taboos and conventions.

    Mind control facilitates political control.

    • Replies: @ChuckyL75
  91. ChuckyL75 says:

    Anonstarter, I thank you for answering my question so promptly and I appreciate of course the media control that leads to mind control, but still there are other sources of info such as the alternative media, books, yes good old-fashioned books, and plain commonsense!!

    When you get bombarded day in day out for years on end with the same message by the mainstream media, i would think that any citizen of regular level of intelligence will start asking himslef whether he is being subjected to propaganda/intoxication or a truthful view of what is really happening in his own country.

    I live in the UK , I like American people they are nice and kind-hearterd people on the whole, but i am puzzled, even baffled by this degree of naivety and stupidity. Here in Europe it is only marginally better. Same level of media control,but i think peole are a bit more perceptive . Which bears another question: how and why did the gentiles let the jews take such overwhleming control of the media outlets since early 20th century and getting worse and worse after that? Are the gentiles less well-organised, less greedy and less financially savvy? possibly all 3.

  92. BuelahMan says:

    I don’t ‘correct’ jews and their shabos goy, dickweed. I point out your ridiculousness whenever possible. Your response is all I need to know that I am directly over the target.

    Bite… me.

  93. BuelahMan says:

    Making the jews kvetch is easy.

  94. @ChuckyL75

    One of the key moments in US history is Nixon and Billy Graham meeting and deploring Jewish domination of media, but never considering doing anything about it.

    • Replies: @ChuckyL75
  95. @ChuckyL75

    When you get bombarded day in day out for years on end with the same message by the mainstream media, i would think that any citizen of regular level of intelligence will start asking himslef whether he is being subjected to propaganda/intoxication or a truthful view of what is really happening in his own country.

    Only when he’s presented with a reasonable alternative, but the MSM itself functions to direct some of its consumers to alternative perspectives that are effectively controlled opposition. So we’ll get a star-studded, oscar-nominated film on the JFK assassination that challenges the Warren Report, but not a hint of a suggestion that Israel played a role in it.

    At the end of the day, Israel is always inviolable terrain. One not only has to actively seek information about it to understand the truth, one has to sift through many layers of propaganda. The average person, worn out by a 9-to-5, bills to pay, and numerous personal obligations, usually has neither the passion nor energy required to undertake this task.

    Which bears another question: how and why did the gentiles let the jews take such overwhleming control of the media outlets since early 20th century and getting worse and worse after that? Are the gentiles less well-organised, less greedy and less financially savvy?

    I’ve seen similar questions like these, but I think it’s important to understand that there’s no test explicitly written into American constitutional law that ever prevented Jews from establishing their own media companies. Jews learned the law of the land and exploited it to their advantage.

    Now there is nothing stopping anyone else from doing the same. Yes, they’re going to face a lot of challenges at this stage in the game, but if they want independent media, there’s no other path.

    Yes, discipline and savvy are needed. Greed, no.

    • Replies: @ChuckyL75
  96. ChuckyL75 says:
    @Kevin Barrett

    Kevin, Nixon wanted I think an evenhanded resolution of the Israeli-Arab and Israeli-Palestinian conflict but he was thwarted by Kissinger, ambushed and trapped by the Watergate scandal which was done on purpose to sink him.

    Control of the media and publishing industrywas already done in the 1920s and 30s as the British journalist Douglas Reed said in his famous book the Controversy of Zion. No doubt gentilles Americans and Europeans bear a huge responsibility in letting things happen. They either folded under pressure or greed got the better of them and they sold their media interest to the Jews. I don’t know how exactly it happened, but it did, and maybe the Jews had a concerted plan of attach to gradually gain a stranglehold over the media, the press, the TV, Hollywood and now social media giants. Mark zukerberg basucally obeys Netanyahu and so do the Google bosses

  97. ChuckyL75 says:

    Yes of course I fully understand what you’re saying that people are absorbed by their day-to-day lives and associated obligations of work and

    However, all the wars that America has fought for Israel’s interests in the last 30 years (Afghanistan, Iraq, the global war of terror, and now targeting Iran), have been very deeply unpopular with the American public and yet they go ahead and America is plunged deep into a Middle Eastern morass not of its own making yet no one in America is asking deep and searching questions about the insanity of all of it in the Congress or in the press. Those who are, like Professor Kevin Barrett, Philip Giraldi and Chris Bollyn are not reaching a wide audience and it is surprising the mossad hasn’t done them in yet the way they possibly did away with
    Michael Collins Piper who died in mysterious circumstances in Idaho in 2015 eventhough he was in poor health.

    The level of Israeli arrogance is such that the anti- BDS legislation has been adopted by dozen of states. Again I ask where are the WASPs and other Americans? Where are their dissenting voices?

    Netanyahu openly brags that America is a thing that can be moved easily and Sharon said in a cabinet meeting back in 2002 when he was replying to a comment from shimon peres that he found irritating because Peres was advising him to be cautious for fear of reaction of America. He banged on the table and said to him Everytime I want to do something you tell me we have to be cautious because America this and that. I must tell you one thing: Don’t worry about America’s reaction. We, the Jewish people control America, and Americans know this”

  98. Robjil says:

    Considering that Biden is unlikely to seek a second term,

    This article is from 12.11.19. At the time, Biden said he would like to serve one term.

    Biden signals to aides that he would serve only a single term
    Advisers weigh the merits of a one-term pledge by the 77-year-old former vice president.

    The article talks about “signaling” for a “young” and “diverse” running mate and Cabinet. Yes, we got Kamala with her “diverse” Jewish husband from another Jewish family, that is “diversity” from another Jewish family. He will be pulling the shots like Jared Kushner. There is also a “diversity” of Jewish Families in the Biden Cabinet.

    By signaling that he will serve just one term and choosing a running mate and Cabinet that is young and diverse, Biden could offer himself to the Democratic primary electorate as the candidate best suited to defeat Trump as well as the candidate who can usher into power the party’s fresh faces.

    “This makes Biden a good transition figure,” the adviser said. “I’d love to have an election this year for the next generation of leaders, but if I have to wait four years [in order to] to get rid of Trump, I’m willing to do it.”

    Kamala was noted in this article, as having “suspended” her campaign. This all seems like it was planned to be. Biden and Kamala were “selected” to take the throne of Zion USA in 2021.

    The greatest threats to Biden’s African American base have been neutralized. Sen. Kamala Harris has suspended her campaign. Sen. Cory Booker has struggled to qualify for the PBS NewsHour/POLITICO Debate, on Dec. 19. Former Gov. Deval Patrick, a pre-Thanksgiving entrant to the race, has barely been heard from and is polling at less than 1 percent.

  99. @ForeverGone

    Trump simply didn’t have any clue as to the chokehold the Jew Elite & Israel have…

    C’mon man, he knew (((who))) he had to suck up to — how could a big-shot New York real estate developer NOT know??

    From Day One he gave (((them))) everything (((they))) wanted, and more, including the Key to the White House:
    — (

  100. Miville says:

    That quote of Benjamin Franklin is fake : it is composed of many worlds that were to enter general English usage only in romantic Victorian times, like vampire, and is written in sentences typical of 19th century literature, not his own classical style. Benjamin Franklin considered himself as a Jew, though of a very special kind, and was accepted as such by quite a few. He even built synagogues for them. Benjamin Franklin was most expert at attracting Jewish sponsors for his fledgling American enterprise, both in the Plantation south and in various places in Europe. Like all Jews or would-be Jews he backstabbed the non-Jewish sponsors having been lured into financing his enterprise. His 100% utilitarian code of moral conduct as exposed in John’ Poor Man Almanach is pure Talmud. Expecting a forewarning against Jews from Franklin is like expecting the same from Lenin.

  101. @BuelahMan

    Surely there are some like you’re describing, but some, while disagreeing with the lies told in the media are taken as Trump supporters, when they really aren’t any such thing. Anything can be claimed when using a broad brush, but the claims don’t apply to everyone individually.

  102. J1234 says:

    Sheesh. What a mess of an article and thread. I guess that this is the down side of what a free speech site has to tolerate in order to be considered a free speech site. It’s worth it, but it ain’t fun to read.

  103. @Kevin Barrett

    Trump is a closet Jew—son in law is Jewish and Trump forgave his son in law’s father–a Jewish criminal.

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