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Daesh Terror in Afghanistan: A Divide-and-Conquer Operation?
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On Friday, October 15, more than thirty people were killed in a terrorist bombing of the Bibi Fatima mosque in Kandahar, Afghanistan. A week earlier, on October 8, a terrorist bomb devastated the Sayed Abad mosque in Kunduz, killing dozens of people and wounding more than 150. The previous Monday, at least seven people died in the bombing of the Eidgah Mosque in Kabul during the funeral service for the mother of Taliban spokesman Zabiullah Muhajid. All three attacks were claimed by Daesh.

Western media blames “Islamic extremism” for these and similar events. But Daesh, far from being an authentic Islamic liberation group, is actually a tool of anti-Islamic forces. To understand the true role and origins of Daesh, we need to understand the geostrategic imperatives and false flag tactics of the imperialist invaders of the Muslim world.

Zbigniew Brzezinski, perhaps the single most important force behind the post-1979 US presence in Afghanistan, famously wrote: “The three grand imperatives of imperial geostrategy are to prevent collusion and maintain security dependence among the vassals, to keep tributaries pliant and protected, and to keep the barbarians from coming together.”

Today, a great many nations could be called either tributaries or vassals of the US empire (which might be more accurately termed the Anglo-Zionist empire, the Western bankster empire, or the NATO empire). To the extent that a nation’s banking system is linked to the Bank of International Settlements (BIS), the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the World Bank, and other Western-dominated financial institutions, that nation could be considered one of the empire’s tributaries; while those nations that host US military forces, and/or cooperate with US/NATO military ventures, might be called vassals.

Then who are Brzezinski’s “barbarians”? They are the nations that refuse to be dominated by the empire’s military and financial control systems.

US-occupied Afghanistan was a de facto tributary and vassal from 2001 through 2021. In August of this year it rejoined the ranks of “barbarians” (nations that resist the imperial system). By doing so, it set itself up to be targeted by the empire’s covert operators, whose mission is to “keep the barbarians from uniting.”

The empire will implement its divide-and-conquer strategy against Afghanistan on two levels. First, it will try to foment fractiousness and chaos within the borders of Afghanistan, using false flag operations as its primary tactic. Second, it will try to divide the government of Afghanistan from other “barbarian” nations outside the imperial system.

The empire’s primary tool for dividing-and-conquering Afghanistan is Daesh. Branded “ISIS-K” in English—a name that sounds like a pagan breakfast cereal—Daesh routinely attacks civilian targets with the aim of inciting ethnic and sectarian strife. Though Daesh pretends its goal is to unify the Muslim world, its real objective is precisely the opposite: to “keep the Muslims from uniting,” as Brzezinski would put it. Currently Daesh is being deployed by its controllers to destabilize the Taliban government in Kabul, which has set out to establish a government of national unity under Islam that would be considerably more inclusive than the tribalist Taliban governments of the 1990s.

The empire has unleashed Daesh as a weapon against the Taliban’s unifying efforts. By slaughtering Hazara Muslim worshippers and other innocent civilians, while simultaneously attacking the Taliban, Daesh hopes to turn Shia and Sunni Muslims against each other, while provoking ethnic strife in order to prevent the peaceful unification of Afghanistan.

The empire also hopes that its Daesh mercenaries will wreck Afghanistan’s relations with Iran, and by extension with the Iran-Russia-China bloc that is rising to challenge the empire’s dominance in Eurasia. Daesh’s ferocious pseudo-Sunni sectarianism is not only anathema to Iran, but also alienates Russia and China, which have their own problems with “Islamic terrorism.” While using Daesh to destabilize Afghanistan and ruin relations with its neighbors, the empire also can send its Daesh terrorist shock troops to serve as mercenaries against the Chinese in Xinjiang, the Russians in Chechnya and across Russia’s southern border, and the Iranians and their allies in the Muslim East.

Daesh terrorism also serves as a psychological weapon against Islam in general and the post-1979 Islamic Awakening in particular. Public relations experts and psychological operations specialists know that the best way to discredit a message is to put it in the mouth of a loathsome spokesperson. Today, the noble Islamic concept of jihad, which means “struggle in the path of God,” has been equated in the public mind with the horrific terrorist atrocities of Daesh. In reality, jihad can refer to either the struggle to be a better person (greater jihad) or the struggle to defend the community (lesser jihad). But thanks to false flag terror groups like Daesh, when the non-Muslim public hears the word jihad it thinks of appalling attacks on civilians.

More specifically, Daesh has been tasked by the empire with discrediting Muslim unity. Daesh pretends that is mission is to establish a universal Islamic caliphate. But by using the most mindlessly heinous terrorist tactics imaginable, Daesh creates the impression that only bloodthirsty homicidal maniacs favor Islamic unity. That impression is far from the truth! In reality, polls have showed that roughly two-thirds of the residents of the biggest contiguous Muslim countries favor abolishing national borders and establishing a unified pan-Islamic ummah. And they want to do it peacefully. That prospect terrifies the empire—which, if the Muslim “barbarians” united, would lose its control over the world’s most strategic lands and resources. Even worse, from the empire’s perspective, is that a pan-Islamic ummah would use its energy resources to annihilate the Western bankers’ monopoly on currency, overthrowing the current riba (usury) banking system in favor of an Islamic non-usurious alternative.

Additionally, a unified House of Islam would quickly expel the genocidal Zionist squatters from Palestine. The illegitimate Zionist entity only survives due to the division and fractiousness in the Muslim world. So Daesh divides and subjugates Muslims, and discredits their pan-Islamic unity efforts, on behalf of Zionism as well as imperialism.

When we pray for the victims of Daesh’s terror bombings, we should recognize their status as martyrs in the larger struggle to defend the Muslim-majority lands against invaders and plunderers, as well as in the moral struggle of right against wrong.

(Republished from Tehran Times by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Anonymous[239] • Disclaimer says:

    It is impossible for Takfiris to be agents of unity, it is in their core ideology to divide and butcher those who don’t agree with them.

  2. lloyd says: • Website

    I recall a news snippet that an acid thrower in Pakistan said he didn’t want to do that but he was paid to do it to support his family. Burning down a girls’ school makes sense to Islamic fundamentalists. That makes no sense. Brezezinski spent his first ten years of his life in Poland as a native Pole. They should have a statue of him in Poland as a Polish nationalist who brought down the Russian Empire. That is the centuries’ old Polish Question. Again, there is the issue of dual loyalty, actually mono loyalty. How did Brezezinski’s policy benefit the American people? George Washington was controversial for keeping America out of the Napoleonic wars. But ever since then, it seems, America has been dragged reluctantly into European and Middle Eastern wars to support a sentimental attachment to a foreign country. America does not appear to be a country to be sentimental about at least to the point of starting wars.

  3. raga10 says:

    Oh please! Muslims are not a uniform group with single identity, nor were they ever. They are perfectly capable of disagreeing and fighting one another without any assistance or encouragement from the outside.

  4. TG says:

    I apologize for repeating what I have said so many times previously, but IMHO we are missing the elephant in the room.

    1. When the United States invaded, the population of Afghanistan was 20 million. It has since doubled to about 40 million.

    2. During this time the ability of the Afghani economy to (among other things) grow food was basically stagnant. Maybe if things had been different the economy could have grown along with the population, but the key point is that it didn’t.

    3. The United States did NOT engage in “nation building.” There was minimal real investment in real infrastructure. The United States simply fed the growing Afghani population.

    4. Now about half (or so) of the population of Afghanistan is dependent on foreign food aid, and the United States has both cut off this aid, and frozen external accounts, blocking the Afghanis from importing food.

    Without massive foreign aid the population of Afghanistan is likely to crash back to around 20 million – give or take- and that won’t be pretty. I can’t think of anything more destabilizing than mass famine. Daesh may well be a western tool to create dissent in the muslim world, but it’s like the froth on top of a tidal wave.

    I do not understand why these factors are not more widely discussed. What am I missing? It sure seems logical to me…

    • Replies: @lloyd
  5. TG says:

    A follow on thought: perhaps the real point of Daesh is not to destabilize Afghanistan per se, but to take the blame for what is really a deliberate setting the stage for mass famine.

    What headline do you think that our ruling class would prefer? “US policy of starving Afghanistan results in chaos and misery,” or “Radical Islamicists spread fear and chaos in Afghanistan, desperate refugees clamor to move to the United States”?

  6. lloyd says: • Website

    The same in Kurdistan. I was there ten years ago. The land is so poisoned by the wars, that the markets sell only consumer junk. At least that is all I saw. The population is dependent on free food supplied by the U.N. The population is so disillusioned by the Barzani clan that when the Kurdish army was sent in to resist Iraqi encroachment, they very sensibly fled.

  7. Anon[800] • Disclaimer says:

    My strategy would be to let the Taliban have time. Let them have time to do the multitude of important tasks ahead of them, including rooting out the idealogical psychopaths. They need time to form a standard nation-state government acceptable to other nation-states, they need time to work out a financial system so that people can buy, sell, pay, and get paid in a currency that is acceptable to all, they need to protect their country from the AngloZionists who are livid and feel vicious about their defeat, they need to deal with the traumatic terror that the people have suffered for at least 20 years, they need to deal with the flood of arms that any desperate bandit with $20 can buy, they need to deal with being cut off from most international financial systems… I can go on and on. My strategy would be to give them time to recover and assist them in working out their own future.

  8. Anon[800] • Disclaimer says:

    I’m not finished yet. Did you know that in 1979 half the medical doctors in Afghanistan were women. I don’t know the exact number but about half the university students were women. What happened?
    I can tell you exactly what happened. The AngloZionists saw an opportunity to strike at the soft under-belly of the Soviet Union. I don’t know why but SA went “all in” on this evil scheme. Someone more informed than I could explain this.

  9. Remember how Iraq refused to give Amerikastani accused war criminals immunity from prosecution and forced the blood soaked child droning mass murderer Barack Hussein Obama to withdraw occupation forces in 2011? Magically right after that ISIS (then Al Qaeda in Iraq, AQI), which had earlier been almost annihilated (even according to ISIS itself) rose up out of nowhere and began streaking towards Baghdad, but considerately stopped short of the capital while Amerikastan reoccupied the country in the name of fighting it.

    Just mentioning that here for no reason. I’m certainly not claiming that ISIS in Afghanistan is being used to justify an attempt at reoccupation of the country in the name of fighting it. No, not at all!

  10. We should care Why? We (fake) tried to civilize that s-hole for 20 years. Let them kill each other off.

  11. @Sick of Orcs

    I love how Amerikastanis claim they’re “civilising” countries that were ancient civilisations before Amerikastan was ever thought of, as a justification for invading and colonising them.

    Still smarting from the kick up the posterior the Taliban gave you, are you?

    • Replies: @Sick of Orcs
  12. @Fiendly Neighbourhood Terrorist

    I love how Amerikastanis claim they’re “civilising” countries that were ancient civilisations before Amerikastan was ever thought of, as a justification for invading and colonising them.

    I don’t know what an “Amerikastani” is other than a ridiculous non-word.

    ‘Civilizing’ in this sense means not raping kids and goats, allowing women access to education, etc. You know, things crapghanistan still won’t have 500 years in the future.

    Still smarting from the kick up the posterior the Taliban gave you, are you?

    A forever war is not a real war, so it’s impossible to know. I would execute the architects of this fake war before bothering with the fagiban.

    Now the crapghanistanis can get back to their centuries-old warring tribes and kill each other in peace.

    You’re already forgotten.

  13. JWalters says:

    “Anti-Semitic conspiracy mongering of this sort is beneath contempt.” – Daniel Lazar of New York, on Kevin Barret’s astute analysis of Daesh’s recent attacks in Afghanistan.

    It seems to me that Daniel Lazar’s attempt to subtly cover up the well-known history of Zionist provocations in the Middle East is beneath contempt. His rude tactic of trashing the messenger instead of addressing the facts is straight out of the Zionist playbook. He would probably claim to believe the official Zionist 9/11 report.

    • Replies: @Kevin Barrett
  14. The empire has unleashed Daesh as a weapon against the Taliban’s unifying efforts.

    This claim is in line with my own reading. The US uses ISIS as ‘shock troops’ and flies them around to places needed a stout dose of attitude adjustment which may include “burning alive” and “beheading.”

    In a just world, Saint Obama would be in the same cell block as GWB. But the “real world” doesn’t have a lot of justice for the high and mighty.

  15. @JWalters

    To his credit, Daniel Lazare came on my radio show the week after our Press TV debate for a reasonable discussion of the underlying issues:

  16. Any actual evidence for these extraordinary claims?

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