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Breaking! NY Times: "US Created COVID-19"
Out of the mouths of babes and propagandists...
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One hour ago as I write this, The New York Times published a big front-page story that begins:

The United States secretly manufactured biological weapons in Ukraine. It trained birds to carry pathogens into Russia. It created Covid-19.

My first reaction: Yowza! Man bites dog! NYT tells truth! MSM is stealing our stuff! I’d better invite this NYT journalist, Steven Lee Myers, as a guest commentator on False Flag Weekly News!

Then I read the second paragraph:

Of the many falsehoods that the Kremlin has spread since the war in Ukraine began more than six months ago, some of the most outlandish and yet enduring have been those accusing the United States of operating clandestine biological research programs to wreak havoc around the globe.

So the first paragraph had been an innoculation, and the second paragraph the desired immune response.

Regime propagandists have been using this “immunization” technique intensively for at least a decade. After 9/11 and the widespread loss of faith in the official story, a cottage industry sprung up in academia, heavily funded by grant money, looking at ways to “cure conspiracy theories.” (The seminal contribution to the emerging field was Cass Sunstein’s “Conspiracy Theories: Causes and Cures.”) A consenus emerged that since conspiracy theories were a viral disease, the authorities should “innoculate” those who had not yet been exposed, while “locking down” the “carriers” (conspiracy theorists) off in the far corners of the internet where they wouldn’t “infect” the normies.

So how do you “innoculate” someone against conspiracy theories? Simple: You state the conspiracy theory (i.e. you inject the subject with a small dose of the toxic, contagious idea) and then “debunk” it (building an “immune response” in the subject). That’s what the above-cited New York Times story tries to accomplish in its first two paragraphs.

Note that the Times’ debunking atttempt doesn’t actually engage in factual debate. It doesn’t have to. Most people are dominated by emotional, impressionistic thinking. So smearing the theory that COVID came from a US bioweapons lab as an “outrageous falsehood” and “Kremlin propaganda” suffices to innoculate the average NYT reader.

One thing the NYT innoculation attempt, I mean, news story, fails to mention, is the fact that the Chair of The Lancet’s COVID Origins Commission, Jeffrey Sachs, has made it clear that he thinks COVID did originate in a US bioweapons lab. As Ron Unz has noted, that’s a bit like Philip Zelikow, Chair of the 9/11 Commission, saying 9/11 was an inside job. If such a thing happened The New York Times probably wouldn’t mention that, either.

Jeffrey Sachs is a consumate insider. He’s the last person on earth anyone would call a Russian stooge. Sachs was actually a prime villain in the 1990s looting of Russia, as explained in Naomi Klein’s The Shock Doctrine. Maybe he’s telling the truth now because he wants to be remembered for doing something admirable rather than reprehensible.

Why did The New York Times, the leading propaganda organ of the Deep State, find it necessary to run a big front-page innoculation against COVID origin “conspiracy theories”? I would like to think it’s because I just published “What America Needs Right Now Is a COVID Origins Truth Movement”—and then highlighted it during this week’s False Flag Weekly News broadcast. Or because my video with Ron Unz COVID-19 Bio-Attack Smoking Gun! just broke 400,000 views on Rumble (the equivalent of millions of YouTube views).

Video Link

But it probably wasn’t me, or even Ron Unz’s book and articles, that forced the issue. It probably was the Russians. The peg the NYT uses to hang its innoculation attempt on, the actual news, arrives in the fourth paragraph:

In Geneva this week, Russia has commanded an international forum to air its unsupported assertions again. The Biological Weapons Convention, the international treaty that since 1975 has barred the development and use of weapons made of biological toxins or pathogens, gives member nations the authority to request a formal hearing of violations, and Russia has invoked the first one in a quarter-century.

Naturally the NYT piece assures us in advance—more innoculation!—that the Russian accusations will be unsupported by facts:

Virtually no Western officials or experts expect Russia to produce, during the weeklong gathering, facts that corroborate the accusations. If the past is any guide, that will not stop Russia from making them.

If the Russians want to provide facts to support allegations that COVID emerged from a deliberate US (neocon) bio-attack on China and Iran, they won’t have to work very hard digging them up. A strong prima facie case has been freely available on the internet since spring 2020.

China is on Russia’s side:

The state media in China routinely amplifies Russian claims about the war with Ukraine and about secret biological weapons research, as part of its own information battle with the United States that began with the debate over the spread of Covid-19.

China is in an “information battle” involving “the debate over the spread of Covid-19” presumably because the Chinese leadership knows that its Wuhan Lab was set up as a patsy to take the blame for the October, 2019 US bioattack. But don’t expect The New York Times to say that, or anything like it, any time soon.

COVID/Vaccines = Bioweapon/Antidote?

Many people have a hard time accepting that US leaders would be so stupid as to attack China and Iran with a highly contagious (even if only .5% lethal) bioweapon. Wouldn’t they be deterred by the possibility of blowback?

Certainly the blowback was intense. The US took a much bigger hit than China did. If someone with the mentality of Mike Pompeo or Robert Kadlec wanted to slow China’s economic growth using deniable bio-attacks, and decided to go with COVID, they would seem to have screwed the proverbial pooch.

If we consider the long-term strategic perspective, however, the picture becomes more murky. The key to the outcome of the US-China battle for global #1 power status is China’s economic growth rate, especially in key technological sectors. If you’re a China hawk neocon dedicated to perpetuating US unipolar hegemony, you know that the prime US geostrategic imperative is to reduce China’s economic-technological growth by any means necessary, even if it means sacrificing US and global well-being.

Though COVID hit the US worse than China, it may still have served US/neocon objectives. It battered international trade and initiated a process of decoupling the US (and US imperial sphere) from China. (The US cannot credibly threaten pre-emptive war on China without decoupling first.)

And though COVID has harmed more Americans than Chinese, the very success of the Chinese “hard lockdowns” has prevented China from gaining herd immunity, necessitating continuing rounds of lockdowns that inflict economic damage. So COVID may continue to slow the Chinese economy for years—or even decades if new variants and viruses keep emerging.

And then there is the most powerful and underestimated factor in history: demographics. By disproportionately killing old and infirm Westerners, especially Americans, COVID offered at least a partial solution to the West’s single biggest economic problem: the massive bulge of baby boomers hitting retirement age and consuming heavily while producing nothing. As US life expectancy crashes from 79 to 76 years, largely though not entirely due to COVID deaths among older people, the disappearance of people Yuval Harari considers “useless eaters” will actually serve to enhance US economic growth vis-a-vis China.

But what about the antidote? You don’t unleash a bioweapon unless you have an antidote, right? And if the antidote to COVID was MRNA vaccines developed alongside the bioweapon, what kind of lousy, dangerous, only-temporarily-effective antidote was that? As the Unz Review commenter allergic2catz puts it: “How can ineffective/actively harmful (containment) measures (like MRNA vaccines) be ‘necessitated’”?

My response:

Remember the extremely harmful vaccine cocktails inflicted on US troops during Gulf War 1? The long-term vaccines-plus-toxins casualties were orders of magnitude greater than the war casualties: 60k deaths according to Doug Rokke, 250k disabled by Gulf War Syndrome according to Wikipedia. The vaccines were deemed necessary to defend against Saddam’s potential germ warfare attacks. The anthrax vaccine was probably the worst culprit.

The military approach to biowar mitigation involves willingness to sacrifice a lot of pawns on the chessboard, especially in the long term, in order to preserve enough forces in the short term to win the game. The vaccine cocktails (like DU and lots of other toxins) were seen as a military necessity.

The US military presumably developed COVID and the vaccines (or their precursors that were later farmed off to the military-linked corporations) side-by-side, using a military rather than civilian approach to threat mitigation—in other words, they weren’t that concerned about negative side effects. I don’t think it’s a stretch to imagine that the RAND and DARPA biowar strategists saw the COVID response as a dry run for defense against a future virus that could be much more lethal.

To which another commentator, Iris, added:

Especially that they believe the mRNA “vaccines” are their joker cards out of any such biowarfare trouble.

There is something very unique about the mRNA “vaccine” technology: unlike traditional virus vector vaccines, an mRNA product can be adjusted to a new virus/new variant and be developed in relatively very short time. No long experimentation is required. This is why all booster doses, adjusted to fast-evolving virus variants, are mRNA, even in countries which used AZ or J&J among initial main vaccines.

This is why the US warmongers are now so fond of using viral biowarfare: they think that they are the only ones able to quickly produce the antidote.

What a depressing thought; we can expect more of the same, for sure.

(Republished from Substack by permission of author or representative)
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  1. lloyd says: • Website

    This reminds me from the scene in C S Lewis’ final Narnia book. The Last Battle. The monkey accuses Narnia’s enemies of doing what the monkey had done. Now the truth cannot be revealed.

    Lewis having been banished from the BBC after the war, wrote the Narnia cycle as a parable on the modern world. The stories themselves are nonsensical and exploit children’s ignorance. He also put in his Prince Caspian Narnia story that school history is a bigger lie than fiction.

    • Replies: @Doug Ryler
  2. Notsofast says:

    what this really shows is how desperate the nyt has become, they have to stoop to bait and switch, click bait tactics in order to have anyone even look at the old grey whore (insert nancy “tiddies” joke here). the only people who even read this rag are sad aging boomers, trying desperately to recapture their wild youth of reading the “paper of record” while wolfing down whoppers, back when they could still have it their way.

    the old grey whore just ain’t what she used to be and i’m sure someone will be hired to put fresh lipstick on this pig. i’d like to suggest perhaps a new motto, how about “all the news that’s fit, on which your parakeet can shit.”, or perhaps “all the news that fit, for you to wrap your fish.”. yes, their survival as a newspaper will require finding new uses and i’m sure their circulation will soar the next time we have a toilet paper shortage.

  3. Phibbs says:

    Jews are innately cunning, deceiving, manipulative and deceptive. The New York Times is Jew-owned. Case closed.

    • Agree: AlexanderEngUK
    • Replies: @Anonymous
  4. JWalters says:

    The West’s mafia media specializes in “unsupported assertions”.

    This is an excellent description of the NYT’s dishonest tactics. The same reprehensible tactics are used at the PBS Newshour.

    There are no actual reporters left in the MSM. They have all been fired or fled. Those remaining merely parrot cover stories for their mafia owners. They assist in massive crimes that kill millions of people and steal trillions of dollars.

    • Agree: Iris
  5. Anonymous[366] • Disclaimer says:

    Jews are innately cunning, deceiving, manipulative and deceptive. The New York Times is Jew-owned. Case closed

    Sometimes the Jew-bashing conspiracy nuts on Unz are a lot like the Trump Derangement Syndrome #Resistance types who blamed everything bad on Russia.

  6. TKK says:

    I was filling out a questionnaire for a clinical trial. Under the Infections Section where you had to check a box if you had said infections , along with HIV and HPV – Covid Vaccinations was listed – as an infection.

    Not sure what this means, but it definitely adds to the strangeness of Covid, its origins, the “vax” and the totalitarian responses.

    • Thanks: The Real World
    • Replies: @guibus
  7. @Anonymous

    “Sometimes the Jew-bashing conspiracy nuts on Unz are a lot like the Trump Derangement Syndrome #Resistance types who blamed everything bad on Russia.”


    The jew bashing is based on factual evidence that cannot be denied or refuted.

    TDS is a disease caused by jewish propaganda and brainwashing.

    You seem like a dipshit.

    Or a jew.

  8. A123 says: • Website

    Wow! The New Tehran Times printed fiction? Say it ain’t so!

    Khamenei’s NYT attack dog has a 100% proven record of deranged hate & Taqiyya deception.



    If it is in the NY Jihadist Times of Islam. It is sure to be lying about Infidels (mostly Christians and Jews).

    PEACE 😇

  9. bert33 says:

    ok and who is getting prosecuted for any of it? nbody. @#4% the new york times anyway their credibility went downhill years ago so whatever keep typing though lol

  10. @Anonymous

    So that we may better serve our readers in the future, which of the following did you have a problem with? (check all that apply)

    Jews are NOT:

    □ cunning
    □ deceiving
    □ manipulative
    □ deceptive

    Both TUR and the Jews thank you for your participation.

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  11. Ron Unz says:

    I was interviewed for an hour a few days ago on Jeremy Nell’s popular Jerm Warfare podcast:

    He’d previously been very skeptical of my Covid biowarfare analysis, but after absorbing Jeffrey Sachs’ shocking accusations, he’s begun taking them much more seriously. Perhaps other podcasters will begin to do the same.

  12. @Robert Dolan

    You seem like a dipshit.

    Or a jew.

    Whaddya mean, Or?

  13. @A123

    So the NYT is run by moslem fundamentalists in Teheran? Even by the lax standards of clunky hasbara propaganda that’s one heck of a whopper, dude. Impressive!

  14. Alden says:
    @Ron Unz

    I’m glad your analysis and writings about covid are getting more attention. Congratulations I know it’s been a lot of work.

    • Agree: Biff, Iris
    • Replies: @Robert Magill
  15. @Robert Dolan

    If not a Jew, a Jewge*!
    *Jewge: A Jews’ Stooge
    Make it a meme!

  16. JimDandy says:

    Sometimes? Maybe. But what does that assertion have to do with the comment you’re responding to?

  17. The Khazar Jews are in absolute control of the West. They and they alone engineered the covid attacks. They are not Americans. They are not acting in the interests of the United States. They don’t care one bit whether the US is economically or militarily superior to China or Russia. They are interested as always in one thing and one thing only: let’s you and him fight. That’s what the covid attack was intended to do–inflame hostility between the US and China. By arguing that there was some kind of increasingly implausible American economic self-interest behind the attack, Ron and Kevin are feeding the flames for them. Amd by obscuring the real motive, they obscure the real culprits.

    • Replies: @Iris
    , @ld
  18. anonymous[238] • Disclaimer says:

    You rabid infidel scum are pagan polytheist mangods-worshiping lowlifes. That is the only truth which matters ultimately.

    Can you wash off that pagan stain from your cursed self?

    • Replies: @Zumbuddi
  19. Petermx says:

    When I read the title of the article I got all excited. I thought they finally broke down and decided to tell the truth for once.

  20. nsa says:

    The Jew York Times has a long history of pimping for yid supremacism and ginning up wars killing many many thousands of folks the yids don’t like. Anyone remember the sad saga of mass murderer Cheney planting bullshit WMD stories with Jewess Miller of the JYT……then citing the planted concocted stories as definitive WMD evidence necessitating the immediate destruction of Iraq? “Journalism” doesn’t get any lower than the JYT………

    • Replies: @Zumbuddi
  21. Dumbo says:

    Well, I guess one must admire Mr. Unz’s indomitable obsession in proving something unprovable and, to my mind, in the end not really that relevant.

    Even if it was created in a lab, it was not created “to hurt China and Iran”, which is ridiculous. Who would create a “contagious virus” and expect it not to spread around?

    I think Covid is natural. It may have been tweaked in a lab, perhaps with a pattern added to make it more recognizable for the tests. But who knows.

    But a much bigger story is vaccine failure – by now, everyone knows vaccinated people who had Covid, and the symptoms were no different from unvaccinated people. I honestly can see no benefit from this vaccines, and yet, they are still being pushed. Some countries still mandate them. Anyway. I guess it’s useless now. There are other worries now…

  22. zard says:

    Welcome to Whiteocide. The Jewish Overlords will utilize whatever means (vaccines/war/drugs/wog migrants) to reduce/eliminate the white gentiles, to clear the way for their new brown/black replacement population.. In Ukraine Antifa Russia is employing guns, missiles & bombs to exterminate Aryans & in the Antifa West they’re primarily using the Shipman shot, wog on white murders & miscegenation. But hey, you didn’t want to believe Hitler, Mosley, Rockwell or Jordan…so this is the genocide you get…

  23. meamjojo says:

    YOU are part of the problem, conspiracy pushing Barrett!

  24. I was looking for any evidence that the NYT was in fact admitting t5hat COVID was the result of bioweapons research. no such admission is made. look, the issue has been perverted by the use of the word


    Bioresearch labs are not the same as bioweapons research. To date there is no evidence that COVID was a weapon or that the labs in Ukraine were experimenting, or even considering the use of birds as carriers of diseases. But research in combatting potential cross-over pathogens from animals is shedding the old adage that animal illnesses are contagious to humans and as such “birds” are considered primary pathways to infecting human beings.

    The political fallout in assessing blame has cost all of us because it has abandoned accuracy for rhetoric.

    So the primary truth that seems to belie a consistent thread

    Bioresearch into the cross contamination of animal pathogens can itself be a danger to the general population if protocols and precautions are violated to treated carelessly.

    That assumes that COVID is derived from such research Zoonosis.



    There is no evidence that Russia’s claims regarding bioweapons tech was the primary, secondary or anything of the nature that posed a threat to Russia by the joint research conducted in US-Ukraine bioresearch labs formally created, maintained and used by Russia and the Soviet Union

    • Replies: @guibus
    , @SBaker
  25. @Robert Dolan

    You seem like a dipshit. Or a jew.

    I vote for “jew”. 🙂

  26. @Ron Unz

    You’re doing God’s work, Sir.

    Thank you.

    • Replies: @goeshittheragman
  27. @Notsofast

    Amen! Sadly R. U. does endorse that same paper about every time he wrote something over the last ten years. “Respectable”. Good Jews and Bad Jews must know each other.

  28. R2b says:

    There is no virus!
    Maybe a poisonus bioweapon, which is a whole other story.
    The vaccine on the other hand is always poisonus.
    So one right out of two Kevin.
    It’s hard why the breaking down of the US according to WEF is not obvious!
    Just look at the overall deathtoll in US and read Denis Rancourt and Unz/Barrett-bio-weapons theory is debunked!

  29. My first reaction: cognitive dissonance. As if the laws of physics were no longer valid. The NYT telling the truth is akin to travel at the speed of light. Then I read the rest. Nothing new in the West.

  30. sonofman says:

    Is a virus a living organism capable of replication? No.

    Can a virus escape from a lab, hijack a syringe, and inject itself into the bloodstream of a living animal or human being? No.

    Can a virus land on your skin and excavate a way into your bloodstream? No.


    Can a virus enter your lungs and replicate, like a bacteria, and cause an immune response? No.

    Do vaccines contain chemical toxins? Yes.

    Does the immune system create antibodies to remove toxins and antigens? Yes.

    Is the immune response responsible for the symptoms of a cold and the flu? Yes.

    Are antibodies capable of shedding? Yes.

    Did the DoD introduce a new type of vaccine in the 2019 schedule? Yes.

    Were the athletes at the Military Games in Wuhan inoculated with the new vaccine???

    Are vaccines cheaper to produce with the mRNA technology? Yes.

    Was the specific immune response used to create a new sickness? Yes.

    Was the new sickness used to justify lockdowns? Yes.

    Were the lockdowns used to justify voting by mail? Yes.

    Was voting by mail the only way to defraud and invalidate millions of peoples right to vote? Yes.

  31. @Liosnagcat

    Why can’t/won’t God do his/her/it own work???

  32. Daniel38 says:

    This is why the US warmongers are now so fond of using viral biowarfare: they think that they are the only ones able to quickly produce the antidote.

    But they don’t !! Their crap-jab wasn’t able to cure those infected with Covid, despite this a mostly a benign illness.

  33. Rush says:

    The discussion of ‘innoculation’ takes my mind back to post the 2020 election but pre Jan 6th when every media harpie was describing any and all claims about election rigging as ‘baseless’. Then later came the Time magazine article showing the claims did have a basis after all.

    • Replies: @egwin
  34. guibus says:

    the simple fact that “covid vaccines” are protected all over the world for 50-75 years by military secrets, that no one can get their content or the clinical trial results, is a big red flag that they are weapons of mass destruction, making them an obvious infection for the inf/jected.

    • Agree: TKK
  35. guibus says:

    hey schlomo, is the weather good in haifa ?

  36. Realist says:

    Why did The New York Times, the leading propaganda organ of the Deep State, find it necessary to run a big front-page innoculation against COVID origin “conspiracy theories”?

    Exactly, why would anyone believe anything written in the nefarious NYT?

  37. SBaker says:

    Finally, after reading the first 20 comments I began to lose hope of finding one that makes any sense. The only disagreement I have with your comment–the vaccine is not 100% effective and there are variants of coronaviruses that escape. There are very few bio-scientists that ever visit this site, and Barrett and Mr. Unz, are not two of them. Not to get too critical of Ron, I do appreciate his support for free speech. Many people, including Ron and 100s of commenters here, hold themselves up as experts in areas beyond them. Ron is no exception, but he thoroughly enjoys constructing these conspiracy theories and has a fair number of blind believers. At least I have a professional degree and a license to treat every species on the planet except humans. I have vaccinated thousands of a half dozen animal species to diminish coronavirus induced diseases, and observed the results. We have been vaccinating the same since the early 1960s, but, technology changes and so do infectious agents–this one was manipulated after the wild-type emerged from an animal source. Having taught biological agents courses in most states and a dozen countries, I never cease to find the occasional physicist, with expertise in securities investing, in the same classes.

    • Replies: @Charles Martel France
  38. Zumbuddi says:

    Why the animus toward paganism?

    Seeing god – the god in every tree, door, flower, bird makes a lot more sense to me than demanding that ONLY one idea of god be worshipped because that idea is written in a book.

    Especially when you realize that Book and the NYT had same authors.

    • Thanks: Johnny Smoggins
  39. SBaker says:

    Russia once had the largest bioweapons operation on the planet and it was quite sophisticated. It was supposedly shut down in the early 90s, but was it, and where did all those scientists with that knowledge base go?

  40. Zumbuddi says:

    Joseph and Magda Goebbels had the decency to kill their children rather than allow them to live a life of humiliation, perhaps torture.

    Cheney’s child claimed the limelight, shamelessly showcasing Dick’s crimes.

    The sins of the fathers are visited on their children.

    Which course of action will Steven Lee Myers and others of today’s propagandists take — kill their children or condemn to a life of shame & disgrace?

  41. “Virtually no Western officials or experts expect Russia to produce, during the weeklong gathering, facts that corroborate the accusations. If the past is any guide, that will not stop Russia from making them.”

    It’s pretty ballsy for anyone calling themselves a journalist to dismiss something that hasn’t happened yet on the basis of unspecified prior events… and also to provide nothing in the way of corroborating quotes from the people in whose mouths he’s putting words.

    Plus, “virtually” implies that there are exceptions. The author gave the rest of the piece a distinct tone of certainty, so along with the lack of quotes, it’s not unreasonable to assume that there may be more ‘Western officials or experts’ open to Russia’s proofs than the author wants to admit.

  42. geokat62 says:

    … presumably because the Chinese leadership knows that its Wuhan Lab was set up as a patsy to take the blame for the October, 2019 US bioattack.

    Backup… October, 2019?

    Didn’t Ron Unz say the DIA released its secret report in November 2019. ie, PRIOR to the bio warfare attack on China (Iran)?

    Here’s the Times of Israel report Ron linked to in another thread:

    US intelligence agencies alerted Israel to the coronavirus outbreak in China already in November, Israeli television reported Thursday.

    According to Channel 12 news, the US intelligence community became aware of the emerging disease in Wuhan in the second week of that month and drew up a classified document.

    If your chronology is right, doesn’t this completely discredit Ron’s rogue neocon bio warfare attack hypothesis?

  43. is there anything positive to this article?

    all this does apparently is to support what it accuses the nyt of doing. I thought a real confession had opened up…which is why I dug in greedily.

    now the confusion is worse! what actually happened, is happening with covid then! who/which media to take seriously? which line or lines of argument to follow as what, where and why covid is all about?

    I cant take Barret seriously anymore, as well as the full coverage of covid to the extent I know it so far. to protect myself now I feel compelled to drop the media/journalists I had accorded any credibility to along the way. I am giving it all up…let it sort itself out if we have time and opportunity before the stage and the mess we thicken all the time for the worse, consumes humanity

  44. @Notsofast

    “…click bait tactics in order to have anyone even look at the old grey whore (insert nancy “tiddies” joke here).”

    Nancy’s tiddies are no joke. They are to die for. And to deny this is the height of folly. Or maybe it’s just guys who don’t appreciate women or tiddies.

  45. Anon[357] • Disclaimer says:

    The caliber (so to speak) of discourse here just keeps going further down. Ron’s drum beating is over a galley of two rowers, one of which pulls an oar of contorted logic that any claim published against Ron’s “theory” is actually a claim for Ron’s theory if you read it in a mirror. But what happens to Kevin Barrett if Kevin Barrett’s logic is held up to Kevin Barrett’s mirror? Omg! Helpful readers make Barrett seem sane in this crazy-cave bastion of recursive contradictions by pointing out how a monkey character in children’s fiction applied Barrett’s mirror logic to immobilize the mythical land of Narnia, while a pipe organ of anti-semitic twaddlers toot slurs in the background: just how cunning and devious are da joooos?! Please debate. This joint has psychic plumbing that goes in reverse. ‘Just astoundingly foul stuff. But keep up the good work pumping the contents of community wastewater treatment plant back up into the attic of Unz, the whole world can be carpeted in sludge.

  46. Cohen says:

    The shameless idiot is back.

    Thanks for your well researched list of 30 “freaks” let us call them “Dirty Dozen” two and a half. Why on earth your Israeli handlers dont put a sock in your mouth. You are doing more harm than than good to their propaganda

    I wonder how could you be so stupid?
    1. Palestinians deny citizenship to “peaceful” Jews. Where is Palestine on the map?
    2. Jews can not own land in Palestine? really

    Your hate for Muslims could be justified for your own personal reasons. Some Muslim could have raped you as a little boy. You are justified. But what is this double standard? But dont understand the hate towards innocent and helpless Palestinians (Arab, Muslim, Christians….. just Palestinians)

    You love Saudis, Emirate es, Qataris and ready to lick their rear end after they take a dump in deserts. What is so special of these Muslims? I guess Rich Muslims have special exemption.

    I like your new title for me “Mullah” Beautiful. Mullah Omar was my cousin and we went to school together in Afghanistan or Pakistan? He probably is dead? right?

  47. Alex Jones at INFOWARS has been warning for weeks that the Covid-19 narrative would be
    flipped such that the focus of attack would be against Trump….And here it is.

    Jones has been urging, and correctly, that that Trump renounce the bioweapon aka the Operation Warp Speed clot shot Vaccines. Trump should heed Jones advice…

    As President Tump caved to Pentagon pressure, knowing that his son had been injured by childhood vaccines, the option was probably you will be eating his brain in the soup at the next State dinner….along with your grandchildren’s liver pate… to compliment the rump roast….while Jarroid grins..

    By pushing its present narrative the NYT is now pushing the “genie is out of the bottle” excuse for more “variant hysteria” or some other new science fiction novel, planet of the apes, ‘monkey pox’ plague…to be blamed on a Russian captured ‘Trump” biowarfare lab in the Ukraine. Thus more excuses for totalitarian control and collapse of the entire economy.

    Anyways the globalists poison pens, of media, commerce and bureaucracy is not immune from the clot shots as they fall, dead from the dumb hubris of the fawning cucks at the integrated country clubs…more concerned about their Pfizer stock and BlackRock portfolio.

  48. Our founding hordefeathers were skittish. The care rearier pigpens were wiped out in the 19th century once so numerous they blacktopped the sties over entenmen’s estates now called saint ates. They youngerstoob that woe shuns poach texted Tusks from moe’s tiny things, so they gott town tube business.

  49. Bro43rd says:

    Pretty sure the theory is the contagion was released in Oct 2019 during the World Military Games in Wuhan. Ron then asserts this is the reason why the US IC knew of the infection prior to China reporting it. So the chronology fits the theory.

    • Replies: @geokat62
  50. What is needed is a truth and reconciliation commission.

    But first it would be an even better idea if we had some show trials and executions.

    Ha ha just kidding. None of this is ever going to happen. These assholes are running things and when they get shoved out they will be replaced with a new crop of an extremely similar variety.

  51. @Notsofast

    Well said, The biggest blowback of our family turning the lights out on print media is a growing shortage of convenient fire starter material. A small price to pay I suppose for opening our eyes.

  52. Anonymous[284] • Disclaimer says:
    @Robert Dolan

    “You seem like a dipshit.

    Or a jew.”

    He is both: a dipshit Jew.

    As to the virus, it’s Chinese in origin without any if, but, and.

  53. Anon[391] • Disclaimer says:

    Breaking! NY Times: “US Created COVID-19”

    There are people who love to be jerked off. Maybe the US created Covid, maybe not ! Maybe it was created in Timbuktu, the Amazon, a Chinese Doggie slaughterhouse.

    All that is irrelevant now, as a matter of fact it is all bullshit ! Some quick reasons:

    =MSM does not publish truth and facts but shit to make profits. We can never believe them !
    =No matter where or how created we the little people will never know for sure. FACT.
    =Finally, the ignorant majority will be duped again in the future with another similar drama.

    We need to move on from the hoopla. Life is already short and we have forfeited 2 + years of our lives.

    It is unfortunate but we are flogging a dead donkey. I dont care who says what and the “evidence” we will never know the origin of Covid. The Powers will not allow it !

    Time to move on ! Fuck Covid and the creators. We need to live and make up for the lost years.

  54. egwin says:

    The article is smart and worth reading. But this is where we are in 2022, I would much prefer to get my analyses and opinion pieces from people who are able to spell basic English wods such as ‘inoculation’.

  55. Iris says:
    @Fungus Among Us

    No, not really.

    From the very ancient times of the Roman Empire, imperialism never was in the interest of the ordinary people of the considered Imperial Polity, but always in favour of the minority oligarchy ruling over them.

    The Roman Empire first stripped off native Roman citizens from their farming lands, to starve them and force them to join the imperial armies. The oligarchy then replaced native farmers by slaves snatched from all over to work the lands it so monopolised. So the imperial predatory strategy of “ripp off, enslave, divide and rule” always applied to the natives first.

    Denouncing American imperialism is actually the most patriotic action, because it implies that the US government’s efforts and resources must be responsibly used to better off the lives of the majority of Americans, instead of enriching obscure oligarchies which don’t even invest back or pay taxes in America.

  56. Zumbuddi says:

    “A much bigger story is vaccine failure.”

    I’d modify that sentence:
    A much bigger story is the \$billions US handed to “vaccine” developers, their failure, & totalitarian measure to force vaccination, suggesting an ulterior agenda.

    Neither Ron, nor his acolyte Kevin, nor Sachs, address those factors in the “American bioweapons” and “attack on China & Iran” theory.

    Nor do they incorporate into their thinking the overwhelming, sustained propaganda campaign — psychological warfare, of a dimension dwarfing WWII propaganda.

    Therefore, my working postulate: the Unz (Barrett) Sachs efforts as well as NYT inoculate- infect tactic are ALL SUNSTEIN tactics to obscure the larger agenda, perhaps as yet inchoate, and to deflect from the gradually-being-revealed Actual Perpetrators.

  57. Che Guava says:

    Dear Mr. Barrett,

    The vaccine-disease connection goes further back. During the Swine Flu II panic, I spent much time looking into Swine Flu I, the latter a very long time ago.

    A big vaccination campaign was conducted on U.S. soldiers, only at particular bases, they stopped it before making it general.

    That was because some died, many suffered chronic illnesses from the vaccination.

    Almost all of the people said to have been made dangerously ill by Swine Flu I were vaccinated soldiers.

    Easy to confirm, although I would not be surprised if some information has been wiped since then, the meaningless Swine Flu II panic was well over ten years ago.

    World-wide spread of and disaster from those allegedly terrifying diseases to humans never happened, although pigs in China appear to have been affected by Swine Flu II, or something similar, more recently.

  58. @Anonymous

    Feel free to prove the comment wrong, then. Meanwhile we know what you are, we know why you’re hiding behind anonymity, and we will never fall for your Talmudic tricks again.

  59. Anon[180] • Disclaimer says:

    The US may well have attacked China with Covid-19, but the idea that the “vaccines” are in any way a protective measure is ludicrous. The US is not a national power and has not been for some time. It is a major subordinate province of the New World Order filled with malevolent ideas of depopulation.

    There is a world war in progress. it is not the war that most would expect. It consists of the Western states’ war against the peoples of the world-the depopulation agenda. Outside the West it conforms more to the traditional concept of war. Covid is then a strike weapon against China and, perhaps, others.

    Within the West where the domestic populations are more directly accessible to the Western governments it takes other forms such as the deadly Covid “vaccines”, economically destructive lockdown policies, promotion of Green solutions to nonexistent problems, sanctions over unnecessary wars and the like. All meant to breakdown and degrade Western populations.

    In particular, the Covid “vaccines” do too much damage and are far too useless even as a temporary measure against Covid to justify the appellation of a countermeasure except for propaganda purposes.

    One may see the Covid virus and the “vaccines” as two interrelated fronts in this war. The blowback provides justification for the “vaccine” attack in the US and wherever the US can reach. The situation is delicate. Depopulation will drastically weaken the West. A war to break Russia and China is necessary soon to prevent these two states from inheriting the world.

  60. @Ron Unz

    Ron – we should be very skeptical about whatever the government and mainstream media tell us about the origins of Covid

    Also Ron – we should have absolute confidence in whatever the government, mainstream media and big pharma tell us about Covid vaccines

    • Replies: @Ron Unz
  61. @SBaker

    Finally, after reading the first 20 comments I began to lose hope of finding one that makes any sense.

    At least I have a professional degree and a license to …..this one was manipulated after the wild-type emerged from an animal source.

    If you look at the behaviour ( suicidally inviting a nuclear Holocaust while rejecting global interdependence and labelling it as dependence in particular when it comes to Russia and China ) of the Biden adminstration towards Russia,China,Europe and the whole world you realize that at least the circumstantial evidence is there for everyone to see.

  62. @Zumbuddi

    Bingo…it is probably part of the concessions and cover relative honeypot services that perpetuate antisemitism kabuki

  63. Beam me up Scotty.
    Time to go.

  64. @lloyd

    9/11 + Covid 19 = 9 and 1 in both = Apartheid Israhell in both

    Satanic meanings of 9 and 1:

    • LOL: Anonydog
  65. A123 says: • Website

    Sometimes the Jew-bashing conspiracy nuts on Unz are a lot like the Trump Derangement Syndrome #Resistance types who blamed everything bad on Russia.

    Replace “like” with “the same” and you can make an even more powerful observation.

    Here is a picture of the “Great Replacement” transport Sea Watch 4, funded by a George IslamoSoros NGO.



    This Muslim transport vessel proudly flies both LGBT and Antifa flags. Islamophilia & antisemitism are critical parts of #NeverTrump TDS extremism. SJW Islam is a single united force.

    If you do not believe me. Believe what Ilhan Omar, possibly the most prominent Muslim voice in America says, says (1)

    Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) lashed out at her Jewish House Democratic colleagues during a CNN interview Tuesday, claiming that they “haven’t been partners in justice.”

    During Omar’s appearance on “The Lead,” host Jake Tapper cited some of the congresswoman’s statements that have led to accusations that she is anti-Semitic. Tapper specifically cited a February 2019 tweet that stated the alliance between the US and Israel is “all about the Benjamins” and a 2012 message in which she claimed that Israel “has hypnotized the world, may Allah awaken the people and help them see the evil doings of Israel”.

    Omar did not mention any names in her answer. However, earlier this month she blasted a group of Jewish House Democrats who pushed back on her claim that the US, Israel, Hamas and the Taliban had all committed “unthinkable atrocities.”

    She would fit right in with Jew-bashing conspiracy nuts on Unz Review.

    PEACE 😇


  66. anon[119] • Disclaimer says:

    Jews prosper by
    1 -starting war
    2 -by creating animosity between two non-combatants
    3 by turning friend into foe
    4 by preventing resolution of war
    5 by preventing conflict resolution

    6 By blaming the powerless junior partner in any conflict that tries to rise against the “mowing operation” of Nazi – I mean of Israel. .

  67. A123 says: • Website

    Here is more detail on the chronology problem.

    Sorry, this is essentially a dupe from an earlier thread, but the detail is critical for understanding the situation.

    @Ron Unz

    Well, here’s the link again from a leading Israeli media outlet, along with a few excerpts:

    US intelligence agencies alerted Israel to the coronavirus outbreak in China already in November, Israeli television reported Thursday.

    According to Channel 12 news, the US intelligence community became aware of the emerging disease in Wuhan in the second week of that month and drew up a classified document…

    Thank you. I added bold to the critical date.

    How do you reconcile this with the other resource you provided?

    More precise analysis of swabs taken from floors, cages and counters track the virus back to stalls in the southwestern corner of the market, where animals that can harbour Covid were sold for meat or fur at the time.

    A second study claims to have pinpointed the exact date the first animal-to-human infection occurred — November 18, 2019 — after carrying out genetic analysis on hundreds of samples from the first human carriers.

    Again I added bold to the critical date.

    • The 2nd week of November ended on the 14th
    • “Patient zero” was the 18th

    This negative four day time line is scientifically impossible. Thus, on the facts, this means only one of your two sources can be correct.

    There are additional reasons to believe that the purported DIA document was a fabrication. I detailed them here.

    PEACE 😇

  68. Ron Unz says:
    @Johnny Smoggins

    Also Ron – we should have absolute confidence in whatever the government, mainstream media and big pharma tell us about Covid vaccines

    Not really. I’ve looked at the vaxxing data and don’t see any evidence supporting the wild claims of the anti-vaxxers:

    The anti-vaxxers seem to have fallen for a huge hoax just like the QAnon people did, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it weren’t just a Cass Sunstein-type strategy to lead anti-establishment activists into blind-alleys and make them look ridiculous:

    • Replies: @Anon
    , @Anon
    , @MarkU
  69. geokat62 says:

    Pretty sure the theory is the contagion was released in Oct 2019 during the World Military Games in Wuhan. Ron then asserts this is the reason why the US IC knew of the infection prior to China reporting it. So the chronology fits the theory.

    No, the theory is that the DIA released their secret report (in November) BEFORE the alleged attack happened (in October).

    Ron just posted this comment in another thread…

    But more importantly, you’ve missed the entire point. The impossible timeline you’ve emphasized is the “smoking gun.” The secret DIA report described the potentially “cataclysmic” disease outbreak in Wuhan before it had happened.

    The timing demonstrates foreknowledge of the outbreak by some elements of the US government, and very strongly indicates that they or US informants were responsible. As I’ve repeatedly written:

    Unless our intelligence agencies have pioneered the technology of precognition, I think this may have happened for the same reason that arsonists have the earliest knowledge of future fires.

    • Thanks: Chuck Orloski
    • Replies: @A123
  70. anon[119] • Disclaimer says:

    Not sure what are you trying to achieve or indicate ? Just because alert was not shared in October but days later in November doesn’t mean the chronology was wrong .

    What is important is the tendency of the MSM to ignore this story and bury it as if it were some kind of accidental stupidity or imagination or typo error.

    The standard US follows to cast aspersion on Iraq,Syria,Iran,Pakistan,Cuba ,Libya, Venezuela or NK and then order UN ’s special session before mounting R2 P is poorer by hundreds of powers of ten compared to this claim .

    Explore the leads and see where it goes .

  71. The origin of COVID is merely interesting: What is being done in the name of fighting COVID is a far larger story.


    8 mice

    CDC budget: \$10.6 billion.

    FDA budget: \$6.1 billion.

    Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine revenue: \$33 billion

    Moderna Covid-19 vaccine revenue: \$21 billion

    Advance purchase order from the Biden administration for reformulated shots: \$3.2 billion.

    Total amount they were willing to spend on efficacy trials for the rejiggered booster? 8 f’ing mice.

    You can buy these BALB mice on the open market. The most expensive one? \$48.91. So Pfizer spent a grand total of \$391.28 to measure antibody response from these shots (+ whatever it cost for mouse food and the little water bottle with the metal ball stopper in it). The mice were not autopsied so Pfizer spent \$0 on safety. THAT’S how much they hate us.

    • Agree: Adam Smith
    • Thanks: TKK
  72. Anonymous[315] • Disclaimer says:

    Great idea, following the CIA propaganda fallbacks as Langley’s germ warfare is exposed. As BWTC treaty parties impose state responsibility for CIA’s germ warfare, the Mockingbird media NYT will follow its standard CIA propaganda sequence.

    We saw the template when the CIA command structure was bombing neutral Cambodia and the UN member nations were defining aggression. The first stage is what we see here, “Pftt, yeah, your Mom, ha,” unsubstantiated point-and-sputter dismissal. The next stage is sending cub reporters to the hearing and describing delegates falling asleep in the meetings (but still no facts in rebuttal.) You saw this in NYT articles in the 70s. The terminal stage we’ve already seen with aggression: US official assholes calling everything aggression. When the term of art gets defined with legal teeth, CIA apparatchiki use it randomly to try and void it of meaning. To that end CIA dreams up word-salad soundalike fake terms of art. Like “rules-based order” instead of rule of law. “Gain of function” exemplifies this propaganda trick. Gain of function is CIA cant for banned biological weapons development, and it’s illegal under BWTC Article 1.

    So when CIA germ warfare is formally shown, giving rise to US state responsibility for restitution, compensation with interest, and satisfaction including prosecution or extradition, you will hear CIA apparatchiks calling everything germ warfare. Russia is committing cultural germ warfare. China is committing trade germ warfare. Iran is committing energy germ warfare. North Korea is committing information germ warfare.

    This is how stupid they think you are. CIA’s problem is, it’s full of ASVAB 51 knuckledraggers trying to outsmart their ennemies. Works on ASVAB 50s. But where you’ve got actual meritocracies like Russia or China, CIA undergoes humiliating rout. CIA becomes a laughingstock with educated Americans, and regular smart ones when the brainwashing doesn’t take.

    And when the time is right, the CIA impunity regime gets knocked over and CIA criminals are duly prosecuted or extradited under universal jurisdiction law. Pompeo gets hanged and breaks the rope three times. Bob Gates wrecks his asshole as some vor’s pétoukh.. And Gina finds Jesus in prison cleaning meaty Russian dumps off toilet bowls.

  73. MarkU says:

    Even if it was created in a lab, it was not created “to hurt China and Iran”, which is ridiculous. Who would create a “contagious virus” and expect it not to spread around?

    It is difficult not to agree with the logic of that, mRNA viruses would make awful bio-weapons and blowback would be inevitable, as I have already stated myself on these pages.

    However, Ron Unz’s bio-attack hypothesis cannot be so lightly dismissed (though it does need a tweak) What if…

    The original leak was at fort Detrick where they were doing ‘research’ (ie fucking around with dangerous viruses) Just type ‘vaping disease’ into a search engine and you will numerous results like this…

    Note the dates on those reports (mid to late 2019) So what happened to ‘vaping disease’? The whole thing smacks of grasping at straws, a hastily contrived explanation intended to satisfy the general public and discourage further investigation.

    It may well be that faced with an uncontrollable and undeniable outbreak, it was decided to muddy the waters by planting it in China, the attack on Iran being an afterthought (never let a crisis go to waste?)
    It would be useful to know when Covid-19 research began in the Wuhan lab. Was it before or after Fort Detrick was shut down?
    It would be useful to know more about the US team in those military athletics. I have heard it said that the US team’s performance was disappointing, could it be that some of the team were not selected primarily for their athleticism?
    What about the patently untrue reports claiming that Wuhan was a ‘ghost town’ when the US team arrived? (Clearly trying to imply that a lockdown was already in force) Who would start such rumours, and why?

    Thoughts anyone?

    • Replies: @A123
  74. Anon[422] • Disclaimer says:
    @Ron Unz

    Yes , the stupid fight over the severity or nature of Covid or need for lockdown and claim of efficacy of horse or dog dewormer shit diverted the attention away from the need to explore US ‘s role and particularly roles of US labs .

    • Replies: @MarkU
    , @The Real World
    , @Alden
  75. A123 says: • Website

    I posted a rebuttal to Mr. Unz here.

    This is the highlight from a longer post:

    If a few “rogue necons” were setting up WIV, the *last* thing they would do is fabricate a document that runs counter to the conspiracy’s narrative.

    It would be much easier for them to not create the fake document, and not leak it.


    What is the correct site etiquette to avoid double posting everything under similar articles?

    PEACE 😇

    P.S. The video you shared with the Bill Gates slip has been pulled from YouTube. Is it available on Rumble or elsewhere?

    • Replies: @geokat62
  76. “Covid 19” doesn’t pass the chicken little test: if someone tells you the sky is falling, you first have to ask if there is a sky to fall.

    Corona is a massive deception. It doesn’t exist. Every time someone says “it might be a bioweapon” it reinforces the lie that there is something out there. All there is the Corman-Drosten test which was probably created years in advance and suddenly published. Audit the test, you figure out the scam.

  77. Silly article. At this point, it is not known, publicly, who made the genetic changes to the virus that became the Covid virus, UNC Chapel Hill or the Wuhan Biowar lab. The NYT is just as clueless as the author of the article above.

    • Replies: @MarkU
  78. A123 says: • Website

    Even if it was created in a lab, it was not created “to hurt China and Iran”, which is ridiculous. Who would create a “contagious virus” and expect it not to spread around?

    It is difficult not to agree with the logic of that, mRNA viruses would make awful bio-weapons and blowback would be inevitable, as I have already stated myself on these pages.

    I concur. This certainly implies that a mistake was made, rather than an intentional release.

    The solid theory I have put forth on is that WIV had a petty crime problem. The worst paid employees would guards, building staff (e.g. janitors) etc. A small group of non scientists could have been padding their salary by regularly nicking a few of the apparently healthy lab animals slated for destruction. Perhaps this had gone on for months before they accidentally filtched a specimen contaminated with WUHAN-19.

    This would also explain why the spread hot spot was the Wet Market, not the WIV laboratory. The release event was not a leak. It was an intentional security breach, but not a grand conspiracy.

    China is one Iran’s few high contact diplomatic/business partners. Both mix government and commerce via State Owned Enterprises.

    The WUHAN-19 virus could have easily travelled to Iran via a mid to high level diplomatic/business contact. The young & healthy can have asymptomatic cases that would not have prevented travel. It could even be the youngest & healthiest Chinese security detail members, not the government representatives.

    PEACE 😇

  79. @Zumbuddi

    “Neither Ron, nor his acolyte Kevin, nor Sachs, address those factors in the ‘American bioweapons’ and ‘attack on China & Iran’ theory.”

    I propose that all of us are intelligent in some ways, and morons on other ways. For example, we may see through government lies, and yet we stupidly worship government lies about vaccines, Big Pharma, the CDC, and the “pandemic.”

    If this causes us to experience cognitive dissonance, we cope with it by indulging in empty chatter about imaginary “origins.”

    Let us be patient with one another. Even if a person is retarded in some areas, he may still have something to teach us in other areas.

  80. anon[842] • Disclaimer says:

    This is an outrage. 8 million mice were killed by Pfizer safety Nazis!

    • Replies: @Charles Martel France
  81. AW says:

    I’ve been staying in GER( 2.1/2 year break) for personal reasons, but this will come to an end at the end of September. Then I’ ll return to my formal occupation in working for an organisation setting up projects, worldwide, for SO CALLED handicapped people (regardless how it does appear).

    So normally I’m working 6 months in the US, CAN & South Amerika, than 4 months in China & Asia, to return to Europe & Russia for 2 months….
    So I may claim I see the influences & politics & stage play dealings with my very own eyes since more than 20 years.

    Unfortunately the amounts of utter mendacity, hypocricy & double standards are everywhere to find BUT the USA only IS that huge ICEBERG, where you see just the “TIP” of it, but a very bloody, cruel-greedy, murderous & massive REST lays below the viewable.

    Americans are the most brainwashed people on this earth!!

    I’d talks in the filthiest Indian slums, humans who never went to any school or in so called most indoctrinated places like NK, where citizens came up with a rather balanced & acurate reflection of our world than the vast majoriety of so called well educated Americans.


    If I stay in the USA, I’ll prefer home-stay thats the only way to get a authentic picture of what is going on, REALLY… and I can tell you it isn’t pretty.
    WHAT YOU SEE OR HEAR… mostly !!!
    Since 1O years it’s almost disintegrating.

    How come, those rotten inner cities in general ?!… in one of the richest countries!?… all those mentally impaired people on the streets (also there’re working poor, people/families living in their cars, kicked out youth, other homeless, drug adicts etc.) or in prison, not in places (there are some, ofc, yet too little drops on a very hot plate!) to help, cure or support. All in all that’s MILLIONs , and it’s just one factor.

    Even when the packaging seems to be affluent or even rich. So much hate (well hidden under phoney blah, blah, blah) for each orther, so much envy and excuses for taking advantages, regardless how cruel or inhuman.

    And so called racism has a nice pillow everywhere, among all ethnics backgrounds. Sometimes I was quite surprised what blacks, latinos and asians had to say about each others… and also what they did to each other.

    If you look at the bigger picture, you start to understand… all of this gives you the right impressions about the true face of the USA… and to me its seems impossible to come up with any movement big enough to generate a more social & humane society, without destroying the foundations of the actual one!!!

    The only way to bring change, an better alternative, of course not perfect but nonetheless more just and balanced, is the falling down & defeat or how the Germans say: Die Niederlage of the USA. Even physically… if neccessary.

    Unfortunately, this might be the case, then Americans will learn themselves how it does feel & hurt to be eradicated for purely political reasons.
    And the moment the USA-Cancer is erased, all those puppets will be silient, including bloody scheming UK.
    That’s the lesson in history you read over and over in those writings of mankind.

    I remember that fake prediction, lol,
    that the USA where that country best prepared to overcome a mega pandemic.
    After one MILLION deads: a rather braindead & imcompetent govermental USA – REALLY – is that emperor without clothes, enriching corporations & owners, the ONE %, but leaves the commons – more than ever – helpless and eventual dead.

    And believe me you have no idea what will hit you, the moment hot war between US – CHN will break loose, especially concerning RUS also involved, somehow.
    And sorry to tell you, in the aftermath the USA won’t be relevant anymore. In stark contrast to CHN & RUS.

    Like your outdated airports, when I arrive from China in the USA, let allone from its first tier cities, you REALLY look, feel and behave quite outdated and rather banana-republic-like.

    It’s painful to read that 51% of all Americans believe Dinos & Humans walked the same earth together according to some publications. Over 35% still think Iraq had WMD, at least 42% do believe Iraq did attack the USA via 9.11., even so the VAST majority of planning and executing terrorists were Saudi-Arabians. And so on, on and on…

    The USA reminds me of our former cousin the Homo Erectus, almost 2 million years on earth, who conquered quasi the entire landmass, only to go down surprisingly fast.
    That’s you, America: Created on ethnic cleansing & genocide of the natives !!
    (You broke or “adjusted” every single CONTRACT, more than 500 !!, during the first 200 years, there’re about 500 nations, far more than just 8 million people, latest studies estimated 24-35 million people lived before the Europeans came along. Where are they!? What happened? 8 years ago the UN wrote: native proverty of appaling & extreme levels, a genocide of culture almost complete, the native’s elite as corrupt as greedy as the ‘white’ ones, the financial damage scince settlers’ arriving counts on double diggit trillons of dollars… got it any better… ?! )

    And concerning the empire, compared to the Roman one, you haven’t even gotten the 300 years touchstone, and definitely you won’t reach its almost 950 years.

    You’ll stuck with the as greedy as sad bloody end of the Roman Republic – it’s such a mirror to the USA, historically.
    And it won’t take the next 50 years to lay your “IMPERIUM” to rest.

    If so… a bright new day may arise for the homo sapiens sapiens.


  82. geokat62 says:

    The video you shared with the Bill Gates slip has been pulled from YouTube.

    Try this…

    • Thanks: A123
  83. Iris says:

    But a much bigger story is vaccine failure – by now, everyone knows vaccinated people who had Covid,

    And how is that?

    Of course the vaccines proved to be only marginally useful, perhaps mostly in regulating the flow of hospitalisations; it is clear that the COVID pandemic winding down is mostly to be credited to the virus evolving into more benign variants.

    But what was to cost of the Big Pharma vaccine rip off to America? In the order of 20 billion USD at a maximum. A mere tenth of the official TARP funding programme of 250 billion USD that rewarded the US Banksters for doing nothing, just for creating the 2008 Global Financial Crisis.

    Surely, you realise how much such scams are usual for Western taxpayer? How much your indignation is wasted denouncing such common fraud, financially limited in scale compared to so many other frauds we had to put up with?

    With all respect, you suffer from the same blindness as people who parade a Ukraine flag on their chest believing it is avant-garde. Only the European West, not even 10% of the world population, is brainwashed into supporting the Zelensky genocidal delirium. Nobody else does.

    Similarly, this anti-vaxxing fad is mostly a Western obsession, because only Western regimes proved to be tyrannical and fascistic enough to mandate vaccines and deploy unbearable fear propaganda.

    The Rest of the World, not suffering from the same political ailments, cares about the 18 million Covid deaths, not about vaccines they were not forced to take anyway.

    • Disagree: MarkU
  84. @geokat62

    This seems as good a time as any to ask why US intelligence agencies notified, specifically, Israel? Why not the UK? Or one of a dozen other allies. Nope, it’s Israel and then it goes from the Israeli government quickly to their TV stations. WTF? Does this mean that Mossad double agents in the US alerted US intelligence so that US intelligence could tell Israel (what they already knew?) so that could wind up in the public record, thus allowing it to become proof of a US WMD attack on China?

    Just a thought, not an assertion.

  85. “Russia once had the largest bioweapons operation on the planet and it was quite sophisticated. It was supposedly shut down in the early 90s, but was it, and where did all those scientists with that knowledge base go?”

    i think those are valid questions. I think countries are obligated to acknpowkledge such labs and location

    What the article does not do is make the case that it announces – a confession from NYT is not evident any more than it has been evident that bioresearch in Ukraine was for the purposes of a russian attack. I could not locate such labs in Russia. Though i suspect they exist.

    My cynically interpretation is that russia and the Soviets’ conducted such research in their colonies — as wedge against possible accident. That research goes on right alongside gene splicing and genetic manipulation for the perfect human or the best crisper can beget.

  86. Anon[208] • Disclaimer says:
    @Ron Unz

    Did you check vaers yet? I thought you weren’t even interested in the topic.

  87. MarkU says:

    You people never let up on the anti-Ivermectin garbage do you.

    The labelling of Ivermectin as ‘horse or dog de-wormer’ is a typical example of the blatant smearing that goes on. Ivermectin has been used to treat millions of humans for parasitic infections for decades. There are many drugs that are used for other animals as well as humans. Amoxicillin for example is a well known antibiotic which is used on animals (including horses) as well as humans. If you were prescribed Amoxicillin by your doctor would you sneer at him and say you weren’t going to take ‘horse antibiotic’?

    The efficacy of Ivermectin against Covid-19 has been demonstrated by numerous studies

    There are two main reasons why its usefulness is denied.

    1) In order to get emergency authorisation for their so-called vaccines, they had to deny that any alternative treatment existed.
    2) It is very cheap and nobody was going to get fabulously wealthy selling it.

    You are either a badly informed fool or a shill (or maybe both)

  88. Andreas says:

    The NYT article seems intended to discourage anyone from publicly supporting any theory that traces Covid-19’s origins back to the US by preemptively implicating anyone who does so as a “tool of Russian propaganda”.

    It’s a warning from the Deep State. And it has obvious retroactive implications as well.

    The timing of the article suggests that things might be getting hot. At this point, only experts in the field can say just from what is presented in the article whether Prof. Sachs’ conclusions are really compelling or just more tantalizing circumstantial evidence.

    However, if Deep State analysts themselves have reached the former conclusion – meaning others with similar backgrounds are likely to have reached it as well, or if digital surveillance has detected a buzz amongst genetics researchers, then this might explain the heat and why such a warning was issued now.

    If Covid-19 can be conclusively traced to US origins, then this would confront the Deep State with an existential crisis. If traced to botched handling, then the US would be exposed as an agent of criminally reckless negligence on an international scale that has cost the lives of millions and negatively impacted the lives of many more. If traced to a bio-weapons attack, the US would be implicated for carrying out a cold-blooded, premeditated and overtly racist war crime that has killed millions and ruined the lives of many more.

    In any case, the international reputation and credibility of the US would be irreversibly destroyed.

    The Deep State will do everything in their power to prevent it.

    • Agree: Kevin Barrett, fran
    • Replies: @Iris
    , @ThreeCranes
    , @A123
  89. MarkU says:

    At least you are conceding that Covid-19 was created in a lab, one of the few things you have ever written on this site that I can agree with.

  90. Agent76 says:

    Nov 4, 2019 Event 201 Pandemic Exercise: Segment 4, Communications Discussion and Epilogue Video

    Event 201 is a pandemic tabletop exercise hosted by The Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security. The exercise illustrated the pandemic preparedness efforts needed to diminish the large-scale economic and societal consequences of a severe pandemic.

  91. @Iris

    Of course the vaccines proved to be only marginally useful, perhaps mostly in regulating the flow of hospitalisations;

    That was not the initial aim of the vaccines. Normally you need more than two years to make a properly working vaccine but those who wanted to make money misled the people into believing that the solution was already there. The ” marginally useful ” and ” mostly helpful in regulating the flow of hospitalisation ” was the conclusion that the people ( misleaders ) were forced to draw when they noticed that the public was not buying their initial claim.

    ….it is clear that the COVID pandemic winding down is mostly to be credited to the virus evolving into more benign variants.

    Winding down ? Benign variants ?

  92. @anon

    This is an outrage. 8 million mice were killed by Pfizer safety Nazis!

    They belong to a privileged group of people.

  93. @Anon

    You seem to be entirely unaware of the tremendous success of using Ivermectin to assist in treating Covid. At this point in time, you almost have to be trying to not know about that.

    Ivermectin is a damn wonder drug and the NIH knows it. In fact, I’m now wondering if many, or most, cancers are originally parasitic in nature.

    Give a gander at these article titles – scroll and then don’t forget pick your jaw up off the floor.

    (Tell me all sorts of drugs aren’t being held back that could successfully treat cancer. Like Ivermectin, they’re too cheap so, they don’t get used in favor of big bucks treatments. Ka-ching….always follow the money!)

    • Thanks: Alden
    • Replies: @Alden
  94. @MarkU

    Totally agree with all.

    I just posted a comment that will show up in a bit where I provide a link to the NIH listing their studies of using Ivermectin to treat various cancers. They show much promise but, the drug in likely on the slow track because it’s too cheap.

    (Hhmm, could they also not want people to deduce that many cancers are parasitic in origin?)

  95. Iris says:

    In any case, the international reputation and credibility of the US would be irreversibly destroyed.

    Very insightful comment.

    Now that she has made the sacrifice to go to war to protect her borderlands, Russia will not stop and will dial up the (self-inflicted) pain on Western Europe, to ensure American influence is removed forever.

    Such increased pressure will not be economic only.
    Russia has re-asserted herself as the confident power she was during her Soviet past, and will occupy the ideological and soft power battlefield anew as well. Hence, she will publicise to the most the terrifying findings about illegals biowarfare activities in the Ukraine, and will similarly put a Covid origin inquiry to the forefront of her communication efforts.

    This is what the NYT backers are bracing for: a new, Cold War-style soft power battle where Covid and criminal biowarfare will become key topics.

  96. @Iris

    I don’t see the payout to Pharma as the total price tag. The CARES Act of March 2020 alone authorized spending of over 2 trillion dollars, of which more than half went to the already wealthy. The stimulus checks to the serfs didn’t add up to half, it seems. A huge portion of that fiat currency was given to Black Rock to manage iirc. So no, I don’t think it pales in comparison to the 2008 bailouts. If anything, it dwarfs them.

    • Replies: @Jefferson Temple
  97. MarkU says:
    @Ron Unz

    The anti-vaxxers seem to have fallen for a huge hoax just like the QAnon people did, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it weren’t just a Cass Sunstein-type strategy to lead anti-establishment activists into blind-alleys and make them look ridiculous:

    For reasons known best to yourself, you have chosen a straw-man approach when alluding to the opponents of the ‘vaccine’ program. When you staged your debate on the ‘vaccine’ question, you could not have chosen a softer target than Mike Whitney, a humanities wonk who had really jumped the shark on the issue. That was a very cheap victory imo and I was not impressed.

    The Cass Sunstein stuff is just making a point that I have been making for literally decades now, particularly in the context of the 9/11 truth movement. We know bait gets planted to make us look like idiots and unfortunately most people don’t use their critical faculties on material that (apparently) comes from their side of the argument.

    I think a lot of us would be terribly grateful if you could very kindly please stop lumping all opposition to the ‘vaccine’ program into one single category labelled ‘anti-vaxxers’.

    Some of us simply believe that a hastily developed series of ‘vaccines’, utilising experimental techniques and with no long-term testing should not have been foisted on the entire population of the planet. Is that really so difficult to grasp?

    • Replies: @Greta Handel
    , @Ron Unz
  98. ld says:

    don’t know
    don’t care
    don want to know what the empire of lies promotes/thinks/construes

    Julian Assange says it all

  99. @Andreas

    In either case watch the deep state do a sudden reversal and recalculate the number of deaths due to Covid. Suddenly, all those misallocated flu etc. deaths will be pulled out of the plus column and reattributed. Hell, by the time they’re done, Covid will be presented as a great saver of lives.

  100. “We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.” — CIA Director William Casey. And apparently Kevin Barrett is not wary of the trap. Jeff Sachs is an insider and disinformation agent. Sars-Cov-2 does not exist but Kevin Barrett falls back into the matrix of lies so easily. While Kevin is jumping up and down and yelling Wowheee, he is being led down the wrong path. Said virus has never been isolated. The Russians and Chinese must know that, so they are part of the global scam. Wake up Kevin.

  101. @MarkU

    Some of us simply believe that a hastily developed series of ‘vaccines’, utilising experimental techniques and with no long-term testing should not have been foisted on the entire population of the planet. Is that really so difficult to grasp?

    If someone’s

    (i) jealous of the limelight and

    (ii) having second thoughts about his shots

    then, apparently, yes.

  102. Alden says:

    Ivermectin works to cure many diseases. Similar to penicillin and streptomycin. Even Prozac. It was originally developed as a weight lose medicine. Elevating serontin levels in the brain depresses appetite. And elevated serontin levels causes anxiety and depression to end.

    Many medicines are used for a variety of diseases. One reason African nations had so little covid is the widespread use of the anti malaria drug hydrochloride Every African household has a jar of it. And they take the pill once a week. Medics always take daily or weekly pills at a certain time so as to establish the habit. Africans take hydrochloride on Sunday a day of leisure for adults and no school for the kids.

    The idiot liberal intelligentsia NGOs distribute the old fashioned mosquito nets. And make an excellent salary doing it. But hydrochloride works both for malaria and covid hoax. As does ivermectin. And does Prozac for anxiety depression and as an appetite depressant.

    Birth control pills cause weight gain and puffiness by significantly increasing the volume of blood. Because the pill is a 28 day a month artificial pregnancy it also elevates the mood, soothes anxiety and depression and causes a bit of nausea.

    Most non medical people, like you are unaware that most medicines cure more than one disease. After one semester in pharmacy nursing medical school, medical people learn what non medical people like never learn. EMTs nurse aides and med techs also learn about medicine in their training.

    Some of these comment threads are the blind leading the blind.

    • Replies: @The Real World
  103. Alden says:
    @The Real World

    Anon and most commenters are the blind leading the blind.

  104. Agent76 says:

    September 5, 2022 Video: The Octopus and “The Great Reset”

    Introduction: The objective of the video interview on 23 August 2022 with “Doctors for Covid Ethics” was shining light on the totality of the planned Great Reset. Though, of key importance for its implementation, covid is just one of a series of instruments. With WHO’s declaration of covid as a pandemic – let’s call it a “plandemic” – on March 11, 2020, the entire world, the 194 WHO member countries were obliged to follow the absurd, oppressive and health-damaging “measures” in lockstep.

  105. ld says:
    @Fungus Among Us

    you are next level

    (jk) you are low level and obvious

  106. @Jefferson Temple

    It might simply mean that some Israeli intelligence people wanted to smear Trump. Remember that Netanyahu was turned out of office, and his losing office is a lot like Trump losing office. Not that I’ve ever liked either of them. In 2016 I refused to vote for Trump because I was sure that he would start a war in Iran. I still think that Tucker Carlson’s warnings played a big role in swinging Trump away from this option, making him see that he would be to Antifa by his own supporters if he went this far. I did vote for Trump in 2020, simply because at this point the election was really about whether or not you supported Antifa attacking working people.

    But if Trump had a lot “Globalist Deep State” enemies in the FBI, then it’s perfectly plausible that Netanyahu may have been scorned by some elements among the Mossad in the same way. There are a lot of divisions going on within the higher echelons of power which we humbug mortals can only glimpse from the sidelines. So, it is plausible that Israeli intelligence may have been promoting this story first as a way of taking down Trump, and perhaps secondarily aiming at some of their own politicians.

    • Replies: @Jefferson Temple
  107. Alden says:

    It’s always been my opinion that covid hoax was created in winter of 2020 by the lying press and democrats to defeat Trump and Republicans in the November elections. It was all Trump’s fault because he didn’t create a vaccine within 2 months. Much like AIDS was all Regan’s fault because he didn’t create both a cure and vaccine.

    I’ve seen a few articles in the Enemy of Whites Press claiming that the vaccine didn’t work caused blood clots 42 rise in miscarriages of vaxxed women, insurance company and funeral home figures proving high death rates among healthy teens and young adults. Miscarriages and deaths that appeared when the vaccine became widespread.

    Those figures first appeared in anti vaccine circles that claimed covid was a hoax no worse than any other flue.

    Now the anti White useful idiot liberal democrats are noticing the vaccine caused more more deaths among healthy teens and young adults than is normal. 42 percent rise in miscarriages among vaccinated women. That’s astonishingly high.

    After a lifetime of observing how the lying press operates I conclude they are going to blame all the deaths of vaccinated previously healthy young people, and the fact that vaccinated people got covid as much as the unvaccinated in the fact that the vaccine was first used in 2020 when Trump was still president. .

    Election of 2020 it’s Trump’s fault because he didn’t create the vaccine soon enough. Election of 2024 the vaccine didn’t work. Killed X thousands. I’m sure the lying press will publish the life insurance funeral home miscarriage and strange deaths of day old babies. And make up even more deaths.

    January 21 1969 the Vietnam War is all Nixon’s fault Even though he’d only been president one day and democrats Kennedy and Nixon started it. Election November 1972 Vietnam war is all Nixon’s fault even though due to Nixon ere peace negotiations the war was winding down and there were affirmative peace talks.

    election of 1984 AIDS was all Regan’s fault. And soon millions of women and heterosexuals men would die of AIDS because it wasn’t a gay disease. Same thing election of 2004 AIDS was all the fault of President Bush.

    It’s just my opinion. Comes from a lifetime of observing how the press lies.

    It will be the same in 2024 Trump did it. As well as the non crime non violation of any law or regulation fact that he had passports.

  108. Eudion2 says:

    “Who would create a contagious virus and not expect it to spread around?”

    People who thought it was designed to burn out quickly, that they had an effective vaccine ready to go, and who knew it only affected the very old and very sick.

    Of course it backfired. Everything they do backfires.

    • Replies: @Iris
  109. @Alden

    Couple things.
    1) The medicine name is slightly off. You stated, hydrochloride. I didn’t know if it was another wording for hydroxychloroquine but, it isn’t. I found this:

    What is hydrochloride used for in medicine?
    Hydrochlorothiazide belongs to a class of drugs known as diuretics/”water pills.” It works by causing you to make more urine. This helps your body get rid of extra salt and water.

    Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) is what you meant. It’s ALSO an anti-parasitic! As defined online: HCQ is used to treat malaria. It is also used to prevent malaria infection in areas or regions where it is known.

    2) Doesn’t it make you wonder whether, when utilizing gain-of-function with a flu virus in the bio-labs to create Sar-Cov2, they inserted a malarial component? I have not heard that claimed but, have wondered about it. Here’s why.

    Short story – I had what was highly likely a case of Covid in Feb 2020 before there were tests (they’re bogus anyway). It was an absolute ass-kicker – like nothing I’ve ever had. I was simply delirious for a week, could barely get out of bed at all and had intense respiratory issues. Didn’t get back to 90% for a month and had two harsh, lingering symptoms for another 6 months!

    I’m describing the not being fully healed and having continuing intense flares on a website about June 2020 and some guy says, “that sounds like malaria.” Which really stunned me. Given I expected no help from Doctors, I started researching online and that’s when I found that HCQ is used for malaria (and Fauci, etc. were trying to get Trump to stop talking about it then!) AND, very importantly, that outside of places like Africa where malaria is common, its symptoms are rarely recognized by Docs in Western countries and there are only a handful of labs in the USA that can even test for it!!!

    So, I was thinking then – what a perfect insert into a bio-lab created virus. The Western world will never detect the malarial aspect and it will keep flaring in people and Docs won’t know how to treat it. Can you see why the discrediting and tamp-d0wn about HCQ was so sudden when Trump began speaking about it in Spring 2020? Yeah…

  110. @Patrick McNally

    Yes, that could be so. I looked back at Times of Israel article cited and it did say that US intelligence informed NATO and Israel. But again, that made no sense to me. Israel was not even listed as a participant in the Wuhan military games. Maybe they just have to be informed because ultimately they run US intel?

  111. Am I stupid to expect questions to be settled once and for all? Does that even still happen? It’s frustrating. My default setting on the lab question is that it’s natural in origin but proved useful to TPTB to justify implementing pre-planned social engineering strategies.

    Even though I want the lab theory to be true( I suppose I still feel paranoid after almost 2 years of lockdown) there still isn’t a “gotcha” moment that I’m aware of. I do believe elites are capable of such atrocities. Here’s to the narrative being disrupted to the point where facts become clear and provable, especially in court.

    • Replies: @Iris
  112. A123 says: • Website

    If Covid-19 can be conclusively traced to US origins, then this would confront the Deep State with an existential crisis. If traced to botched handling, then the US would be exposed as an agent of criminally reckless negligence on an international scale that has cost the lives of millions and negatively impacted the lives of many more. If traced to a bio-weapons attack, the US would be implicated for carrying out a cold-blooded, premeditated and overtly racist war crime that has killed millions and ruined the lives of many more.

    In any case, the international reputation and credibility of the US would be irreversibly destroyed

    So as an exact parallel.

    What happens when the WUHAN-19 virus is conclusively traced to the CCP laboratory at WIV?

    The CCP will exposed as an agent of criminally reckless negligence on an international scale that has cost the lives of millions and negatively impacted the lives of many more.

    The international reputation and credibility of the CCP will be irreversibly destroyed.

    America Accepts!

    • The source of the WUHAN-19 virus will be conclusively proved as product of WIV.

    • Gradual but inexorable decoupling from CCP exploitation will commence.

    • MAGA Reindustrialization will bring high value, both blue & white collar, jobs back to America. U.S. Citizens will once again have the opportunity to obtain good jobs at good wages.

    The vision of this glorious future could only be stopped by a CCP cover-up. Where could the CCP find collaborators? Is it possible they may have bought Hunter Biden and his corrupt father? Say it ain’t so!

    PEACE 😇

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  113. Iris says:

    People who thought it was designed to burn out quickly, that they had an effective vaccine ready to go, and who knew it only affected the very old and very sick.

    Also, people who have the mastery of the mRNA technology, allowing them to put together in a very fast fashion and in a very short time, “antidote” vaccines to emerging viruses.

    For Moderna’s personalised cancer vaccines, Dr Moore says that they aim to sequence the tumour and produce the vaccine under Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) with the appropriate quality control processes within 45 days.

    “We’d already done that many dozen times before Covid-19 hit.

    “And that’s how we were able to make the material for our (Covid-19 vaccine) phase I clinical trial so quickly – we made it in 45 days, and sent it off to NIH (the US National Institutes of Health) for the trial.

    “(And) not only made it, but made sure we had done every quality control assay,” she says.

    So, for example, with the flu vaccine, which is adapted every six months according to the prevalent influenza viral strains in the Northern and Southern hemispheres respectively at the time, Dr Moore says they would be able to produce a more accurate vaccine in a shorter amount of time.

    Currently, the flu vaccine takes about six months to produce, mostly through incubation in chicken eggs, where the virus replicates before being inactivated (killed) and further processed to make the vaccine.

    With the mRNA platform, it would be possible to manufacture the flu vaccine within 45 to 60 days.

    The extensive work and techniques performed in the field of mRNA technology therefore appear to have always been part of the NeoCons biowarfare planning; mRNA technology provides the quickly-adjusted antidote to match blowback or new variants.

  114. @MarkU

    Myself and several family members used Ivermectin regularly instead of vaxing, in my experience it delivered. We all had batflu more than once, and got mildly ill, for short periods of time, about three days on average. One elderly family member is on chemotherapy and had other co-morbidities, and was never treated for or diagnosed with batflu during the entire lockdown, despite living in the same house as people who tested positive. No masks were worn inside the house.

    • Replies: @Sisifo
  115. Iris says:
    @James of Africa

    In his PNAS article, Pr Sachs provided very strong arguments for the engineered origin of SARS-CoV-2:

    1) The inability to find, over two years into the pandemic, any sign of zoonotic origin.

    2) The reverse viral experiments showing that SARS-CoV-2 does not survive in bats’ or other animals cells, as if it were solely adapted to the human organism.

    3) The ability of SARS-CoV-2 to ubiquitously attack different types of cells within the human respiratory system, within the nasopharynx, trachea and lungs, a feat that no other respiratory virus can achieve.

    4) And finally the EcoHealth Alliance and Pr Baric applying in 2018 for a DARPA loan to develop a virus presenting exactly the same (((improvements))) described in 3).

    These are very strong arguments. Instead of labelling his work a “conspiracy”, his opponents would be more credible bringing on counter-arguments of the same standards.

    • Thanks: James of Africa
    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  116. @Alden

    The Life Force in residence on Planet Earth appears wary of having humans occupying the Biosphere in such inappropriate numbers. Every inch of suitable space seems occupied by the needs of a human and this negatively impacts other life forms.

    An assortment of virus plagues seem to follow each other around the Planet seeking perhaps to slow the relentless impact our species makes on the health of the Biosphere. To date, Life has been sparing in it’s use of it’s main complement, death.  Perhaps hoping to nudge enough chaos into human existence to at least slow the degradation of the Planet somewhat. A plaster as long as the River Nile would be only a band-aid for healing the Earth and slowing global degradation.It has been suggested elsewhere that perhaps the human population which now exceeds 8 billion needs, perhaps, reduction by three quarters.

    The eons long drift of one species’ adventures with awareness/consciousness appears to have been at the expense of the Biosphere and all other life forms. The Force has been reluctant to unleash it’s full power but if it is necessary… the dying will be beyond epic.The living will not only envy the dead; they will simply abandon the dead where they fall, for self survival.

    I hesitate in releasing this sort of hopeless seeming Jeremiad, but considering my age, near91 years, I feel I have little skin left in the game and therefore it’s now or never. Humankind,so as to not repeat the same flawed behaviors, might need to reexamine the ethos which cause the failures.The first of these is certainly the total disregard exhibited to date in dismissing the ability or the desire of the Life Force to operate consciously beyond and without human perception.  Humans regard their gifts as the only discernible voices worth auditing.

    Life may be capable of creating T. Rex, the African elephant, Albert Einstein and you, dear reader, but could not possibly tweak a virus at will. Certainly not.Humans to a species, cannot abide competition. This human trait should go straight to the top of the, ‘exorcize at once’ list. No ‘serious’ person will accept the knowledge that awareness is not exclusive to our species. Digesting this morsel will test the human species capacity for maturity and survivability

    • Agree: mulga mumblebrain
  117. @Iris

    Imperialism? What are you even responding to?

  118. Anonymous[299] • Disclaimer says:

    Note how all the junior spy cadets are out here in force with their bullshit Langley pilpul, red herrings, and dumbass slogans.


    From the outset Russia never accepted the CIA impunity regime. And now that CIA is the perps, it’s payback time. Now that CIA is hopelessly busted for the most despicable and indiscriminate of crimes against humanity and peace, the whole world is chompin at the bit to fry these SIS scumbags.

    The problem for Pompeo, Robert Gates, Haspel, Haines, Hayden and their Mengeles: there aren’t too many places they can swan around in safety. With its worldwide germ warfare CIA is the very definition of hostis humani generis.

    Not even at home. CIA killed our families too. As DCI Bush said, this will not stand. When the CIA loses this war, they are gonna need their Nazi cyanide molars.

  119. I don’t understand one thing: what makes the author feel surprised? NYT is simply consistent, it has not been caught telling the truth in years.

  120. geokat62 says:

    Hot off the press!

    Ivermectin reduces COVID death risk by 92%, peer-reviewed study finds

    If this were acknowledged from the outset instead of calling IVM a “horse dewormer,” the justification for emergency use authorization (EUA) would have vanished into thin air.

    Oh, well.

    • Agree: Chuck Orloski
    • Replies: @AnonfromTN
  121. Dumbo says:

    The Rest of the World, not suffering from the same political ailments, cares about the 18 million Covid deaths, not about vaccines they were not forced to take anyway.

    I don’t know where de hell you live (Mars?) but vaccine passes and vaccine mandates where the order of the day in most of the world, including South America and most of Asia. Only Africa and perhaps India seem exceptions.

    Even assuming that the first wave was harsher than the next ones, Covid deaths were heavily exaggerated.

    It doesn’t seem to me that the vaccine was useful at all, not even marginally, and as for the pandemic “dying down,” it is dying down in the media (perhaps to be revived in Winter?), not in the number of cases. It is similar to a flu these days, if not the actual flu, and most people are having or had it without major consequences.

  122. @geokat62

    Man, you are naïve like a baby. Do you really think that the US government cares about you health or your life?

    Hard fact is that the manufacturers of ivermectin did not make more than a billion every month, in contrast to manufacturers of “vaccines”. Naturally, they did not have the money to buy CDC and other government agencies. Surely, you saw written on the US bills “in god we trust”. It’s because that’s the only god they trust in.

    • Replies: @geokat62
  123. geokat62 says:

    Man, you are naïve like a baby. Do you really think that the US government cares about you health or your life?

    US government? You must be referring to the ZUS government, no?

    How many MAGAts are aware of ZOG? My self imposed job as a supposed naïve baby is to wake up as many normies as I possibly can. Thanks for helping me in that endeavour… appreciate it!

    • Thanks: Chuck Orloski
  124. Treg says:

    I have a few questions for you…..

    Is there such a thing a generalized personality? Certainly there is a successful line of tourists advice books that go on to describe “the American personality” or the “English personality” or the “Italian personality”. The books that I am speaking of are called “Xenophobes Guides” and they are very useful and funny when traveling. See


    These books witty, clever and very insightful to large particular patterns of behaviors, thoughts and attitudes. If you haven’t picked one up I suggest that you do, if only to get both a laugh and a larger picture of ourselves.

    When traveling millions of people have found it to be a good informative guidebook to both understanding idiosyncrasies and national characteristics of the people you’re visiting.

    For example when I was out of the USA, the people I was with found it amusing and typical of the American me when I loaded up on ice in my coke and when I ordered popcorn. It was hilariously funny to them. We sat down outside near a movie theater for a small snack, so I ordered a coke “with lots of ice and a large bag of popcorn”. To make worse, I looked back innocently as they could not hold back their laughter, though they tried out of politeness. For these Indonesians, I just completely fulfilled their image of a typical American. It was hilarious and I laughed along and added “I really love popcorn!” And that made it even more funny.

    So imagine for example if you sat down to eat at any American restaurant in the USA with your new Nigerian business friend that you just met and who landed here just days ago. Then after you just ordered your dinner, he then quickly looks at the menu and says, “I’ll have the fried chicken for dinner and watermelon for desert”. He then looks back at you, completely innocent of the stereotype he just fulfilled. Well that was me in Indonesia with the coke “with lots of ice and a large bag of popcorn”

    So perhaps we can agree there are indeed national stereotypes and cultural differences. But can we agree there is also an underpinning of our actual ethnic genetic biases that are expressing themselves through the culture and nation that we happen to be living, despite the era? That’s my second question to you.
    To answer that one you might want to read “PREDISPOSED: the Biology of Political Differences of Liberals and Conservatives” by Hibbing, Smith, & Alfred. They found that hidden within us all and operating outside our conscious mind, are biological forces that leans us towards or predisposes us towards either a liberal or conservative direction. And further research by many others has found that the amount of political leaning does indeed vary among our human ethnic subgroups. Northern white people are perhaps the most evenly split between liberal and conservative while people of a Jewish ethnic background the strongest leaning towards the liberal side and a few other other subethnic groups leaning towards the conservative side, or not down the middle.

    The read Xenophobe’s Guide to Israelis. “I’m on the map!” Thats how a jew and an Israeli feels, “I’m on the map!” Yes, you start a business you’re on the map. You go a tiny country you’re on the map. But they don’t want to see themselves too often. “When traveling abroad, avoiding their own kind is a national sport. An Israeli has the ability to spot a fellow countrymen in a crowd of spectators of a film shoot on a Los Angeles Street. He sees him and immediately dislikes him, and if the other notices his glare ( as he inevitably will), the feeling becomes mutual. Yet under different circumstances, such as when their backs are to the wall, Israelis stand united like no other nation. Sometimes they secretly LONG to have their backs to the wall just so they can feel united…..the reason for this is they see their own faults only too clearly. In the Holy Land. Everyone is a critic. Israelis know whats wrong with everyone else, but not themselves. They know that they lack good manners, that they resent anyone slightly more successful than themselves, spend hours trying to trick the system, days trying to trick one another, and haggle with anyone about anything.” — from Xenophobe’s Guide to Israelis.

  125. @Nancy Pelosi's Latina Maid

    The problem is that not all Jews are alike, and many goyim exhibit the same odious behaviours. I will agree, however, that most elite Jews, in politics, business, the brainwashing apparatuses, are very dangerous and malevolent creatures indeed.

  126. @Iris

    I’ve just been reading of Baric and his crew getting research moneys to investigate manipulating coronaviruses so that they caused and could cause myocarditis and cardiomyopathy in rabbits. Back in the 1980s. Someone must have decided that this research had…capabilities.

  127. @A123

    The pustule of Talmudic hatred oozing pus all over the thread-as ever. I think that declaring 1.4 billion Chinese Amalek might be where you bite off more than you can chew-finally.

  128. Sisifo says:
    @Ron Unz

    I seriously doubt that, since he really doesn’t believe there is a virus or a pandemic.

  129. Sisifo says:
    @James of Africa

    Myself and all my family members don’t get “respiratory infections”, we have a healthy lifestyle and a healthy diet.

    Never had covid nor flu, the last pill a doctor gave me was more than 15 years ago, before I decided that doctors don’t have your health at heart and I changed my diet and lifestyle.

  130. @Notsofast

    Anonymous I dispise the Jew attacking as well. People like Norman Finkelstein Aaron Mate Alfred Lilliental Howard Zinn Ruebner Peled Atzmon etc….etc are great heroes. But the historical evidence of Khazari Zionist power consolidation and conspiracy and the weaponizing of anti-semitism to destroy lives and careers while embarking on the biggest heist of the last century in Palestine is now becoming so overwhelming that to dispute it would be folly.
    From Gilad Atzmon “Together with veteran Pink Floyd star Roger Waters and many other artists and thinkers worldwide, I am being subjected to an international smear campaign, orchestrated and promoted by various Zionist institutions that attempt to silence every form of legitimate dissent of Zionism and Israeli politics”
    All one has to look at is the USS Liberty and the coverup by the US government and US Media at the behest of Zionist power is breathtaking in scope and scale. The US invasion of Iraq was completely masterminded by Zionists. At the same time US Media and the Times were completely complicit and even gave them political cover while disabling war critics This was done on both sides of the Atlantic. It is these Zionists who once Russia intervened to restore Syria’s Bashar al Assad to power went to work in the Ukraine and again took the US into a proxy war against Russia for their own interests.

  131. Karl1906 says:

    Next NYT-topic coming up: “Who is to blame? Trump!”

    The same establishment propaganda media spinning the same shit ever since.

    In a “proper” world the next topic would be: “China and Russia consider nuclear response on US viral attack in 2019.”

  132. Ron Unz says:

    I think a lot of us would be terribly grateful if you could very kindly please stop lumping all opposition to the ‘vaccine’ program into one single category labelled ‘anti-vaxxers’.

    Sure, there are all sorts of difference anti-vaxxers, and some of them are much more reasonable than others.

    Don’t forget that I wrote an extremely favorable review of RFK Jr.’s book, which I’d think must be regarded as the central-text of the anti-vaxxer movement:

    And I followed it up with several additional articles supporting his positions:

    But with monthly death rates having plummeted this year, despite all the massive vaxxing and boosting, I just don’t see any evidence that the vaccines are all that deadly.

  133. @Ron Unz

    The point is not that the vaccines(?) are necessarily doomsday weapons. The point is that they are much too harmful to have won honest approval from government regulators. I make reference to RFK Jr.”s recent ebook in the comments above. Do you deny his research? Do you think Dr. Naomi Wolf is a nut job?

  134. I tried to locate the front page of the NYT with the alleged article but could not find it. I did however find the second page article. Could you please publish a photo of the NYT of the stated article or whatever?

  135. Chris Moore says: • Website

    The point is that they are much too harmful to have won honest approval from government regulators.

    And as Paul Craig Roberts recently pointed out:

    As I wrote not long after the “Covid pandemic” hype was underway, there were two known preventatives and cures: HCQ and Ivermectin. This known medical fact had to be suppressed by Fauci, Big Pharma, and their political allies. Otherwise in the presence of cures, the emergency use authorization of the untested and extremely dangerous Covid “vaccine” could not be granted.

    So if this wasn’t all pre-planned, and the goverment was scrambling for cures and/or prevention, why did they immediately rule out safe, tried and true HCQ and Ivermectin?

    My answer: Because they’re led around by Judeofascists and kosher fascists. Their behavior, combined with the obvious history of wars for Israel and the international ((Jewish)) agenda, and the huge number of ((Jewish)) and Zionist oligarchs and influencers in business, MSM/propaganda, government and academia, makes the “unthinkable” obvious, if people would just open their damn eyes.

    Or maybe their brains gave been rotted by greed, brainwashing, drugs, booze, fear and the need for social acceptance and conformity to the point that they’d rather march lockstep over a cliff than challenge the prevailing, ZOG-elite concocted conventional wisdom and zeitgeist.

    Sometimes a marvel at how, even in a ((Jew)) wise environment like, people still willingly ignore the 800 pound gorilla fornicating with the elephant in the middle of the living room.

    I’m utterly at a loss.

  136. @Jefferson Temple

    Oh no. My Kennedy comment was in a different thread. Sorry about my mix up.

  137. gay troll says:
    @Ron Unz

    Well Ron, all the latest legwork from the anti vaxx lunatics suggests than in addition to an immediate risk of injury and death from the jabs, there is a “spike” in mortality 5 months after administration. That spike has passed in this country; it showed up in Q3/Q4 2021. Has excess mortality gone down since then? Sure but it’s still elevated. You’re being a sophist.

    This article is a very interesting read: “Exclusive: Proof that Israel found serious safety problems with the COVID vaccines then deliberately covered it up”

  138. The New York Times has always printed misleading propaganda. Its creator, Henry Raymond, was one of the founders of the Republican Party in 1854, when the paper was just three years old. That party was not founded to selflessly crusade against slavery but to represent the interests of the Yankee capitalist class, who were locked in a life-and-death struggle with the ferociously aggressive slaveholder lobby for dominance of the national government. Lincoln, for one notable example (his Secretary of War Stanton is another), was a corporate attorney who worked for big railroads, the equivalent of today’s powerful multinationals.

    In the course of my researches I have read many N Y Times of the 1850s, 60s, and 70s. The elitist bias is consistent. It is especially dramatic during the Civil War, which is presented largely as an unbroken series of national successes. On those occasions when the magnitude of the catastrophe was too evident to conceal, “The Retrograde Movement of Our Troops” was a favored euphemistic headline for a skedaddle. There were also endless attacks on disloyal vermin such as New York’s hated Irish-American community and others uncomfortable with the increasingly savage conduct of the struggle against fellow Americans.

    During WW2 the paper was owned by the Jewish Ochs family. Its policy was never to identify the alleged Jewish “victims” of Germany by their ethnicity, lest charges be made of deliberate exaggeration (now why do you suppose that might be a concern?) or that lurid atrocity tales might inspire local emulation. Interestingly, such reports were invariably datelined from the Red Army or the Polish Underground, which could be counted on for being scrupulously honest about their adversary, just like the little actor in Kiev today who thinks he’s a general.

    The “free press” courageously championing truth has always been more fictional than real. Journalism is first and foremost a for-profit enterprise. No editor has grown prosperous challenging the real power behind the status quo – unless of course he is doing so in the service of a rival faction of the ruling elite, to increase its share of the plunder of the public, as is so transparently the case in our time. It may be at least somewhat encouraging that the astonishing political naiveté of 19th century Americans no longer exists as it once did. More than a century of non-stop lying and betrayal has had unintended consequences, at least in some circles.

  139. geokat62 says:

    The latest interview with the indefatigable Dr Roger Hodkinson… a must see!

    Dr. Roger Hodkinson Interview ~ “Why Are Canadian Doctors Dying in Unprecedented Numbers?”

    Excerpt of the good doctor dropping truth bombs:

    BLN Host – What are your thoughts then on the Trillium Health Partners spokesperson who operates three of the hospitals where three of the doctors had died?

    He said, “The rumour circulating on social media is simply not true. Their passings were not related to the COVID-19 vaccine.”

    By what criteria or evidence do you think he used to definitively [inaudible] these deaths?

    Dr Roger Hodkinson – I doubt he had any conclusive evidence. From my understanding, there were no autopsies. So, anything, if it’s sudden adult death syndrome, any statement of that nature is pure conjecture. Obviously, wha he’s trying to do… well, what I suspect what he’s trying to do is defend the indefensible, forcing these physicians to take the vaccine as someone involved in the administration of that hospital and that policy. You know, they’re all walking in lockstep here, desperately trying to avoid responsibility for the most heinous crime against humanity. To force people to take an experimental product that could kill you with no good reason is absolutely despicable. I call these people imposing that “decomposing maggots.” They are evil, evil, despicable people who should be brought to justice. This should never have happened on this scale. The Great Barrington Declaration should have been it. Basically, do nothing but protect granny in the nursing home, which is still not happening even today. Granny is still not getting a daily dose of vitamin D, for example. They’re culpable at so many levels. But, I suspect whoever made that statement is simply an organization man, so-called. Woke to the cure. Scared stiff of the reality that they’re responsible, probably, for these deaths and is trying to escape any, any responsibility that might subsequently come out of the woodwork, legally.

  140. Iris says:

    A new publication by researchers at the Tel Aviv University conclude that it is unlikely that the Covid virus has originated in bats.

    A new Tel Aviv University study rejects assertions according to which the origin of the COVID-19 outbreak is in bats. According to the study, bats have a highly effective immune system that enables them to deal relatively easily with viruses considered lethal for other mammals.

    The researchers claim that there is indeed evidence that the origin of the “ancient potentiall of COVID-19 was in bats, “but on the other hand, until now, two years after the pandemic first broke out, we still do not know for sure what the exact origin of the COVID-19 variant is.”

    Conclusion from the original publication in Science, which while not entirely closing this door, further dismisses any chance of natural zoonotic origin of Covid:

    While bats are often referred to as reservoirs of viral pathogens, a meta-analysis of the literature reveals many cases in which there is not enough evidence to claim so. In many cases, bats are able to confront viruses, recover, and remain immune by developing a potent titer of antibodies, often without becoming a reservoir. In other cases, bats might have carried an ancestral virus that at some time point might have mutated into a human pathogen. Moreover, bats exhibit a balanced immune response against viruses that have evolved over millions of years. Using genomic tools, it is now possible to obtain a deeper understanding of that unique immune system and its variability across the order Chiropteran. We conclude, that with the exception of a few viruses, bats pose little zoonotic danger to humans and that they operate a highly efficient anti-inflammatory response that we should strive to understand.

    • Replies: @Sparkon
  141. @Jefferson Temple

    You say MRNA vaccines may not be “doomsday weapons” but are “much too harmful to have won honest approval from government regulators.” You’re right. For details, follow the Substacks of Alex Berenson, Joel Hirschhorn, Steve Kirsch, Meryl Nass, and Josh Mitteldorf.

    The second half of my article, especially the comment cited at the end, explains why: MRNA vaccines were developed by the germ warfare branch of US military/intelligence as a quick-fix all-purpose antidote to their biowar viruses, and COVID was the first shot in what will be—if we don’t wake up and stop it—an escalating bio-war. Most of our “public health” infrastructure is covertly funded and run by the military, so when the military says “approve our experimental antidote or else” the civilian regulators say “yes SIR!”

    • Thanks: Chuck Orloski, Iris
    • Replies: @Jefferson Temple
  142. @Kevin Barrett

    Yes, and I don’t find your premise unreasonable at all. But I do directly ask Mr. Unz once in awhile why he thinks these vaccines are no big deal when they have caused so much harm in such a short time. I feel like he is gaslighting us “kooks” when the information available on this is much greater than the evidence for bioattack on China. Yet he adamantly denies its importance.

    Off the top of my head I would add medical Doctors Peter McCullough, Lee Merritt, Joseph Mercola and non-medical Doctor Naomi Wolf to your list of people to follow on this subject.

  143. Dumbo says:
    @Ron Unz

    Yet you see evidence that Covid is deadly, when all evidence points to the contrary. Just because a “deadly virus” benefits your absurd “neocon bioweapon theory”.

    If mortality decreased (that’s a big if, as it is not what some studies show), this just means that the disease, as usual, decreased in intensity after the first wave. This happens in all diseases. Vaccine manufacturers come a year later when the disease is already weaker and say, “see, it was us”. No, it wasn’t.

    The Covid vaccines have zero effect on transmission, deaths, or symptoms, by several studies and by my own evidence of both vaxxed and unvaxxed acquaintances.

    “The vaccine didn’t kill lots of people, so let’s continue to force it, even if it is useless and possibly harmless”, seems to be Unz’s idea. Whatever. It’s just annoying at this point.

    • Replies: @geokat62
    , @Anthony Nugent
  144. My family is more of a mixed bag health wise, the average age we reach is high, but we suffer from all the usual diseases like cancers and diabetes and high blood pressure. I’ve had asthma all my life and my heart or lungs are most likely to do me in. As for things like flu, I get ill about once or twice a year but only mildly, seldom serious enough to stay away from work.

    The good thing for me is being blessed with a fast metabolism, I can eat or drink whatever I wish to in large quantities, as long as I stay active. When I get lazy my medical problems seem to multiply. I have no desire to live into my senile years, I really feel that life gave me a fair deal already, I may as well enjoy the rest of the ride.

    But I appreciate the advice, it makes sense.

  145. Ahoy says:

    The first Covid-19 was let out in London, in 1812 ,when the Rothschilds bought the Bank of England. Ever since then we also had a lot of vaccines, some good, some bad, some indeffernt, all to keep people confused and not realizing that the Debt Economy is a criminal plan.

    Here is another man’s view on the mafia government of the U.S.

  146. anon[394] • Disclaimer says:

    Breaking! NY Times: “US Created COVID-19”

    Breaking! NY Times: “NY Times aids and abets Covid-19 criminal
    operation and the murderous vaxine-weapon against humanity by
    lying and covering for liars, psychopaths, parasites, Secret State.

    Breaking!: NY Times attempts a token of honesty.

    Not so much breaking: New Yorkers still depraved dumbshits.

  147. Sparkon says:

    …bats pose little zoonotic danger to humans and that they operate a highly efficient anti-inflammatory response that we should strive to understand.

    The deadly zoonotic Nipah virus (NiV) carried by Fruit bats overturns that hasty conclusion.

    There are unknown numbers of potentially zoonotic viruses circulating among both wild and domesticated animals.

    • Replies: @anon
    , @mulga mumblebrain
  148. Jew Soros and Jew Gates organize the dirty works for the big wigs (overlords of chaos, destruction and control).
    The marking (of a genome sequence 19) was done in Wuhan; but it is more or less irrelevant were it was done.
    With the help of the Chinese government (for its very own purposes of subsequently closing foreigners out in preparation of The Big Confrontation – the Third Jewish World War) it was propagandized worldwide as “pandemic”.
    In May 2019 the FRG held a pandemic preparedness conference at the Reichstag in Berlin. Jewess Merkel, poofter Jens Spahn as “health minister” (), psychopath Christian Drosten, totally corrupt Georg Nüßlein, WHO (Gates) head Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus (have a look at that guy!), the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the research foundation Wellcome Trust and Jew Pharma were all present.
    In October 2019, the pandemic scenario “EVENT 201,” was simulated.
    EVENT 201 was a simulation of a Corona pandemic conducted by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF), the World Economic Forum (WEF), and the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security (of Gates, Rockefeller, Bloomberg L.P.), as well as “leading international institutions” (aka “global stakeholders”), such as World Economic Forum (Soros) and World Bank. Participants from the private and public sectors were presented with the scenario. The described disease symptoms and spread in the scenario strongly resembled that of the 3 month later propagandized “Covid-19”.
    Gates fosters the plandemic to stay ahead in the digital virus business and the production of a world citizen passport (biometrics) linked with a social credit system, while securing all privileges for himself. Billy is the eager first cunt implementing it for the 300 big wig cunts. Soros does the ideological side. All need to be sent to the GULAG.
    China, Russia, India… play along for own purposes, just the way they still play along with the Jew hijacked UN.

    • Replies: @GoySoy
  149. Anon[293] • Disclaimer says:
    @Ron Unz

    Don’t forget that I wrote an extremely favorable review of RFK Jr.’s book, which I’d think must be regarded as the central-text of the anti-vaxxer movement:

    Yet you continue to belittle “anti-vaxxers” as “crack-pots” despite this favorable review and offering no critique other than you don’t like “emotional” writing. For a short time, it looked like you might even amend your earlier stance with new information (rare for such high IQ intellectuals). Since then, you’ve digressed back to ad hom insults while you continue to poke the bear by printing favorable anti-vax articles. Your current position makes no sense to people paying attention here.

  150. geokat62 says:

    “The vaccine didn’t kill lots of people, so let’s continue to force it, even if it is useless and possibly harmless”, seems to be Unz’s idea.

    Very harmless…

  151. anon[364] • Disclaimer says:

    yep, everyday, every hour around here we get attacked.
    swatters hard to keep in stock.

  152. Avianthro says:

    All parties involved in the debate need to present their hard physical evidence, e.g.

    On the Unz theory, I’d accept the following as conclusive: Irrefutable physical evidence that the version of the virus which first infected the Iranians was specially-“tuned” for the Iranians’ physiology and differed in that regard from the version that first hit Wuhan which was “tuned” for maximum impact on Chinese physiology.

    For now, the only facts I see are ones that can be used in circumstantial arguments weaved together by either side.

    It’s like the case of 9/11…The wreckage of the buildings that should have been subjected to a thorough investigation were disappeared and we now have no hard physical evidence of all that transpired that day.

    The one thing that all should see as true is our human hubris and folly in developing genetic engineering technology. Its risks clearly outweigh its benefits. Ahh, but now we cannot go back, as the genie is out of the bottle along with a bunch of others…AI, nanotech, nuclear, etc., and since these seem to hold so much promise for making us more godlike, and for making big profits for their investors, they will march forward in spite of foreseeable and unforeseeable risks, unless “God” intervenes and modern economics comes to an end before these things can bring us to our end.

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  153. @Avianthro

    The SARS CoV2 virus is a chimera and was serially passaged through human tissue or ‘humanised’ mice, so was immediately fit to attack humans and spread through human populations. Iranians and Chinese are human, so I don’t accept that premise of your argument. The Iranian leadership in Qom is a gerontocracy, a prime target due to age, as well.

  154. @Sparkon

    We’ve had bat lyssavirus here in Australia, too. A relative of rabies it is highly dangerous, but does not spread easily-so far. I’m sure that AMRIID and the rest of the US biowarfare apparatus have given it some attention.

    • Replies: @Sparkon
  155. BuelahMan says:

    And then there are the ass-kissing sycophants who promote and admire the jews to the very detriment of the world.

    Thanks, fool.

    • Troll: Anthony Nugent
  156. @Dumbo

    The Covid vaccines have zero effect on transmission, deaths, or symptoms, by several studies and by my own evidence of both vaxxed and unvaxxed acquaintances.

    “The vaccine didn’t kill lots of people, so let’s continue to force it, even if it is useless and possibly harmless”, seems to be Unz’s idea. Whatever. It’s just annoying at this point.

    The COVID and the JABs are both FAKE. Everyday 50,000 people die due to various reasons, with a population approaching 7 billion. Every year 600,000 people die due to common cold. However, the embargo of Oil and Gas will continue and we will have recurring COVID until the following two goals are achieved.

    1. The Jews power depends on Mammon to bribe and blackmail the Goyim. This Mammon has to be destroyed to destroy the Jewish Power.

    2. The Jewish Ethos which are crept in most religion, especially Christianity and Hinduism and to some extent in Islam has to be destroyed. One example, Zina means Fornication, which is defined as sex between two individuals who are not married to each. These individuals are married or single, doesn’t matter. ZINA is very serious and destroying the fabric of all religions and cultures! We need to protect our precious daughters; precious mothers; precious sisters and more importantly our precious wives.


  157. Sparkon says:
    @mulga mumblebrain

    Yes, thanks for mentioning that. There are no fruit bats in N. America, but zoonotic viruses are also carried by insectivorous bats, as well as rodents and other mammals:

    Bats are the second most diverse mammalian order on Earth after rodents, comprising approximately 22% of all named mammal species, and are resident on every continent except Antarctica. Bats have been identified as natural reservoir hosts for several emerging viruses that can induce severe disease in humans, including RNA viruses such as Marburg virus, Hendra virus, Sosuga virus and Nipah virus. In addition to direct isolation of these human pathogens from bats, accumulating evidence suggests that other emerging viruses, such as Ebola viruses, severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus (SARS-CoV), SARS-CoV-2 and Middle East respiratory coronavirus (MERS-CoV), also originated in bats, even if other hosts, such as civets for SARS-CoV and camels for MERS-CoV, are proximate reservoirs for human infection. A growing list of emergent coronaviruses, including the Swine acute diarrhoea syndrome coronavirus, which emerged from horseshoe bats and killed >20,000 pigs, and the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, further underscores the ongoing threat of bat-borne viral emergence.

    Bats harbour a high viral diversity relative to other mammalian orders; indeed, recent studies have suggested that viral diversity is reflective of the number of species, with Rodentia (rodents) and Chiroptera (bats) containing the most species among mammals.

    Bottom line: All animals are potential reservoirs of zoonotic diseases. Keep your distance, and never handle wild animals dead or alive.

    • Replies: @Kevin Barrett
  158. The early stories that Covid-19 evolved naturally serve as evidence. These were published in science journals then parroted in other media. Sourced by the British and the Americans. Search “coronavirus epidemic has a natural origin”

  159. Does the evidence that the virus was already spreading in Italy (among other places) in September 2019 affect your analysis at all?

  160. @Sparkon

    “Never handle wild animals dead or alive”?! If they’re alive they won’t let you handle them, and if they’re dead, you’re a hunter and you just shot them and I don’t see how you’re going to be able to skin and eat them without handling them. (If humans during the 99% of our history during which we were hunter-gatherers had taken your advice, we wouldn’t be here to argue about this.)

    • Agree: Chuck Orloski
    • Replies: @Sparkon
  161. It was very telling that a day after someone posted a map of the Ukrainians biological research labs on Twitter:

    1. The account was suspended.
    2. The website hosting the PDF files went offline –
    3. The docs were still available on

  162. Sparkon says:
    @Kevin Barrett

    Well, I agree my warning was far too broad, but I was speaking primarily about handling [these] wild animals, i.e. bats and rodents, but there is some risk of contracting CWD (chronic wasting disease) from eating infected deer, moose, elk, etc. Not long ago, the news media were showing somebody handling a real cute baby octopus that turned out to be poisonous, and of course there are regular reports of nitwits being gored by bison, ripped apart by bears and tigers, because they got too close or even tried to climb into the wild beast’s enclosure, but we already know there seems to be no limit to human stupidity, especially these days.

    I’ve been camping and hiking in the woods since my childhood, identifying and taking pictures of the birdies in my adult years, but I’ve never been a hunter and additionally, I stay well out of the woods during hunting season, when any Elmer Fudd or Mr. Magoo can get a 30-06 and start blasting away at anything that moves. Already too many innocent people have been wounded and killed by reckless and incompetent deer hunters, but I know the call of the wild sounds irresistibly to men with one foot still in the bush.

    Rather than going through all that, it’s much easier for me to pick up a pound of lean ground beef, or occasionally a nice small filet. The father of a high school pal worked in a local slaughterhouse, and sure, his too vivid descriptions of his job braining cows are always on my mind as I munch on a cheeseburger.

    • Replies: @Kevin Barrett
  163. “Don’t blame me.”

    • Thanks: Chuck Orloski
  164. GoySoy says:
    @Kurt Knispel

    Not sure if the Chinese government complicity was due to the preparation of WWIII, but definitely part of their “gratitude” to the jews. Jews have helped China for the last 50 years ( I think this was for jews to pay repatriation for the opium wars) through deindustrialization of the West. Every country that have nuclear weapon program, space program and have participating in this covid scam, is part of the NWO.

  165. @Iris

    You seem to know very little about Roman imperialism : it precisely developed as a popular response, through the masses of legionaries they formed and which built nearly every monument, equipment and road of note, to the more and stubborn fact the Republican institutions proper would serve only the interests of big landed property : the only cities where Republican elections still elicited interest were those composed of the topmost rich, like Pompei. The plebeians would rather vote with their feet by joining one would-be emperor’s legion or the other.

    The concept of imperial populism had started with the Gracchi brothers who would settle the newly subdued province of Carthage with landless Roman peasants, and the patricians’ reaction was pure outrage since the plebs’ prosperity was to short-circuit the monopolizing aristocracy’s purview. After their assassination by the patricians, Cesar implemented their policy for real, this time starting with Gaul. Throughout the Roman Empire proper, which started with Cesar and Augustus and ended with Marcus Aurelius, the emperors though of aristocratic origin stood for populism, while what still functioning of the Republican institutions stood for the big landed interests. Throughout those two centuries the Senate perpetually complained about the excessive expenses for public works the emperors decided to give prosperous employment to the greatest number, and for the opening of new lands to colonization by the more modest Romans.

  166. @Sparkon

    I see your point. But there is one very important exception to your “don’t pick up wild animals” advice: my cat. He was a scrawny flea-bitten feral kitten when I picked him up and made friends with him.

  167. Actually, the stunt the NYT article cited at the beginning of this article is an extremely dangerous one, from the perspective of a propagandist. Just about the very last thing he’d want to do is actually name, in detail, the point he is claiming is false, a “conspiracy theory,” etc.

    The mere act of “naming the Devil” draws attention to your opponent’s claim that you presumably want to denigrate. This doesn’t mean that a propagandist will never recur to citing the opposition’s beliefs, and perhaps for some maneuvers it’s required. I’m just saying it’s a high-risk, and I suspect, a high-desperation move.

    Those who’ve studied literature or rhetoric know the technique can also be a devious device to advocate a certain viewpoint while seeming noncommittal or even opposed. For example: “It’s absolutely untrue that Blacks are more likely to be violent criminals or do poorly in school, compared to Whites. Only a racist would believe such claims. It’s true that differences exist, but these are likely explained by racism, institutional white supremacy and other factors…etc…”

  168. Anyone believing that trash will believe anything. Accepting anything NYT publishes as factual marks you as a moron. The story above doesn’t even rise to the level of a conspiracy theory.

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