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Biowar World War 3: Has It Already Started?
Kevin Barrett interviews Ron Unz
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Russia and China have accused the US of riddling Ukraine—and the world—with biological weapons. Both nations are echoing (between the lines) Iran’s charge that the US unleashed the COVID-19 pandemic in a botched biological attack on Wuhan and Qom. Are we already in the middle of BioWW3?!

Video Link


Victoria Nuland: Ukraine Has “Biological Research Facilities,” Worried Russia May Seize Them

Russia Tells the US “We Have Found Your Biological Weapons”

Ron Unz’s ebook on COVID’s origin in a US bio-attack on China and Iran

Note: The ABC News report “US intelligence agencies warned of virus in November “and a few seconds of Ruth B’s song “World War 3” are included in this video under the Fair Use doctrine protecting creative expression. The meaning of both cited works has been adapted to the argument advanced in this video, and thus substantially altered for creative purposes in accordance with the Fair Use provision.

(Republished from Substack by permission of author or representative)
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  1. JWalters says:

    “It is classic Russian technique to blame on the other guy what they’re planning to do themselves”. – Victorial Nuland

    This statement by “neocon” (i.e. Israeli) Nuland is a perfect example of the standard Israeli technique of accusing the other guy of what the Israelis are in fact doing. Here she is accusing the Russians of sowing disinformation. The Israelis have steadily soaked Americans in disinformation for decades. As another example, the Zionists used a conscious strategy of terrorism to drive almost a million Palestinians from their homes and lands, and then accused the Palestinians of terrorism, creating an entire “war on terror” PR campaign to justify their mass murders and land thefts.

    Nuland is a consummate example of a professional con artist. No one would look at this frumpy lady and imagine she is a spokesperson for vicious terrorists. Professional con artists are very skillful at appearing harmless and virtually incapable of having ulterior motives. I had a personal encounter with a crooked car mechanic who could bring tears to his eyes while lying.

    In early times there were two main professions that afforded opportunities for skillful con artists to sell confidence in themselves on a mass scale. One was religion, and the other was politics. Now similar opportunities are afforded in broadcast news. Here too, skillful con artists who can get wide swaths of people to trust them can make a lot of money. Different audiences require different cons, as we see with Rachel Maddow and Sean Hannity. But the basic techniqes are the same – hiding key facts, a few key lies, and just the right mix of obfuscating emotion.

    My thanks to both Ron Unz and Kevin Barrett for their top quality work helping Americans see through the con artists controlling America today.

    • Thanks: Jim Christian
    • Replies: @Kevin Barrett
    , @anon
  2. @JWalters

    “The RUSSIAN cries out in pain as he strikes you!” -Vickie Nudelman

    • LOL: JWalters
  3. There’s nothing quite to compare with previously-covert Fascist global mass-murder operations crashing and burning down to the ground….

  4. To think that we’d need to send a bunch of military trainees to infect the Chinese public was, on the face of it, totally absurd. Why not just intercept a snail mail family letter exchanged between a Chinese here going to Wuhan and contaminate it with COVID-19? Besides, why was the COVID strain detected in Italy early in 2021 so distinctly different from the Chinese Wuhan virus?

    The new Corona strain is an excellent agent to use as justification for a new round of inter agency, governmental “dry run” crisis exercises. This latest pandemic caused the issuance of a slew of Presidential Declarations, in all probability used as an excuse for additional intrusions into privacy, the raison d’ etat for releasing additional helicopter monies aka quantitative easing, for evolving”emergencies” It has become a code word for adding atop our crumbling economies, ever higher levels of inflation. As a consequence, the voting public cannot point blame at any politician. Hiding in the background of this scenario is that old shadow of marshal law, in other words, getting the general public accustomed to drastic government edicts. A good example here is the Katrina disaster, where local citizens in New Orleans’ metro areas were subject to lethal force issued by paramilitaries, this to protect private property again, with the Imperial President issuing Emergency Funding authorized by then, Bush Jr. No one knows how many looters were killed by sniper fire, I heard seventy (murders) but it may be much higher…

    I’m suggesting that if an epidemic equivalent to the Spanish flu occurs, federal tax monies? may have been put into the hands of private research and policing corporations, supported by all kinds of new weapons technology aimed against citizenry-everywhere (from drones to MSM misinformation). This CBW strategy will inevitably spill over into the Ukraine conflict, again be it research establishments or policing agencies such as Academi (formerly Blackwater) Why? it provides a side-step, should something novel pop up on the battlefield, be it chemical or biological, the US armed forces, western corporate entities or NATO allies could not be linked to, or traced back to, the new incident(s). Under sworn testimony, Nuland to the senators yesterday that there are labs in Ukraine devoted to Chemical and Biological “Research”…uhmmm she looked a bit nervous to me!

    Zerohedge articles written by Tyler Durden , early in 2020 and similar inquires by journalists such as Spiro Skouras, suggest that deliberate genetic manipulation may be at the root of the COVID outbreak. Visit those interviews of Dr. Francis Boyle (who may be a CIA asset?) but he is definitely a bio-weapons expert and worth listening to. Boyle speculated that the COVID-19 strain may be a direct result of an accidental release from a biological BSL 3 and or 4 level research lab in Wuhan China where previous corona virus strains were manipulated for “gain of function” thus, given attributes that can only increase viral lethality….but then again who really knows? The Chinese examined over eighty thousand species of animals looking for a plausible link between the transmission of COVID from animal to man however found none.

  5. I had Covid-19 in mid-November 2019, followed by two friends. I live in the United States. Either 1) I am patient zero, or 2) I was exposed to an infected Chinese who traveled to the USA. Doctor did not know what my infection was and it did not have symptoms of any known respiratory infection at the time, but months later as facts became known I learned that my infection and that of my friends was typical of Covid-19 in every respect. By the time antibody tests were available months later, antibody levels were too low to detect in my blood. I am somewhat apprehensive about even posting this comment. When I told people I already had Covid-19, I was either not believed, attacked for believing my natural immunity was effective, told there was no such thing as Covid-19 (or even any viruses whatsoever), or treated like a plaguebearer, as if I was still infected. I was concerned that if I alerted medical authorities I would be subjected to some kind of ‘contact tracing’ regime.

    As soon as the Covid-19 outbreak was publicized, I immediately suspected it was biological warfare and said as much. An employer told me that it didn’t make any sense, since it did not target a specific population. Soon after that, I tracked the incidence of Covid-19 fatalities and realized that the coincided with the Silk Road between China and Iran, and with a little research uncovered the fact that these populations share DNA, transmitted by Armenian traders in the 12th century. Then it was revealed that Neanderthal DNA on Chromosome 3 makes people susceptible to the worst respiratory symptoms and death. This Neanderthal DNA was found in skeletons in India, Croatia and elsewhere and could easily explain the susceptibility of Chinese and Persians to this virus.

    I pointlessly left a long message for the CDC detailing all of the above. At that point, I assumed that, everything else aside, authorities could at least be relied upon to confront a crisis of this magnitude that was seemingly apolitical. Later I learned that the Covid-19 virus appears to be a chimera of SARS, HIV, and Malaria which could not evolve in the wild. My own very conventional medical doctor agreed that it did not exhibit behavior typical of a normal virus.

    I soon noticed that hospitals were obviously inflating death statistics because they were counting virtually all deaths as “Covid-19,” not distinguishing deaths by other causes by patients who tested positive, using unreliable tests, not even testing presumed cases, and receiving money for every Covid-19 case therby having a perverse incentive. Then the number of cases started being used as an excuse to impose police state measures in my city and across the world. Then the metric of concern was switched to what percentage of the population was vaccinated, then back to infections but with constantly moving goalposts. Now the people who put us in Covid jail want to be thanked for letting us out of Covid jail, which they can put us back into at any time according to rules they make up as they go.

    The government promised aid that was never delivered or delivered too late as they let small businesses crater. Then I learned from Rand Paul and others that the same people responsible for the Covid-19 police state were the people who funded the virus research in the first place. Then I noticed that all of these people were related to each other and to the people who recommended prescribing addictive opioids to injured workers and veterans. Slowly I began to hate them.

  6. Bio-labs and their secrecy ongoing in Kosovo. Kosovo is a strategic location for bio-warfare operations against Russia(Serbia) and the EU. Convenient, submissive and cheap local politicians are the incentive before everything else.

  7. R2b says:

    Covid was planned since long.
    What these gentlemen says proves nothing.
    It’s just pieces in a chain to be plucked out after case confirmed.
    How can any thinking being believe this is proof?
    The news report and event 201 are in one piece.
    There is however spraying, and that causes maladies.

  8. TG says:

    Was COVID-19 a botched biowarfare attack? The evidence that COVID-19 was created in a lab is pretty strong – though we shall probably never know for certain – but I am skeptical that even our elites are stupid enough to have tried something like that. I know, I know, they are amazingly arrogant and living in a bubble and who the heck knows what they are capable of…

    But what does seem real, is that our elites are incredibly cavalier about funding labs that are producing and even making stronger dangerous human pathogens, and scattering them all over the nation and the world, with laughably poor levels of control and oversight. What the heck is that all about anyhow?

    A lab that makes weaponized anthrax in order to develop a better vaccine, is a lab that makes weaponized anthrax. You can call it a secure bio research facility, or a bioweapons lab, that’s just semantics. But regardless: the possibility of a leak is the same! I work in science, and I can say with certainty that all of these labs are inherently leaky. People are people, and over the course of years, day in and day out, what are the odds that one time someone won’t deglove correctly or change the filter on schedule etc.etc.etc.? About 100%.

    I remain skeptical that the US government funded labs in the Ukraine to launch a bioweapons attack on Russia. But funding multiple labs producing dangerous pathogens in a notoriously corrupt country bordering a potentially hostile neighbor… I don’t see malice as such, more like criminal negligence of biblical proportions.

  9. anon[219] • Disclaimer says:

    ““While psychopaths appear to use the same language as normal individuals, they have their own inner logic. They calculate the world around them in terms of self-gain. They are society’s vampires. They may be intoxicated rather than repulsed by the idea of targeting humans and picking them off, because it makes them feel powerful. Their agendas have no analogues in the normal world.””

  10. bert33 says:

    we don’t need biowarfare, per se, all that really has to happen is for sewage treatment systems to get backed up during a rainstorm or just overloaded and then you have plenty of bionasties to contend with same goes for trash removal

  11. Future says:

    China was a victim of this plot. All of the authorities looked all over for the source but, long behold Moderna patented a segment of the gene sequence that was present in covid back in 2019.

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