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Arnaud Develay on "Donbass: The War on Remembrance"
Plus new Press TV interview "Israeli Aggression Accelerates"
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Watch today’s interview with Arnaud Develay above; below is his new article. Scroll down for my latest Press TV discussion on Israel’s accelerating murders of Palestinians.


by Arnaud Develay

We has just received the news that another shelling had taken place.

To be sure, the school we had just left had been hit for the umpteenth time with a 155 mn caliber NATO-made missile during the morning hours. The quasi-totality of the windows frames were covered with wood-panels which bore witness to the almost frantic desire of the NATO-supported Kiev regime to not only target the most vulnerable but also impede the transmission of remembrance in an attempt to eradicate the future.

In what has become a grim reminder of the daily ordeal suffered by the population of Donetsk these past nine years, we drove to the site of the bombardment only to discover that this time the target had been the football stadium.

Known as the DONBASS ARENA, this state-of-the-art stadium had been home to the SHAKHTAR Donetsk (the Donetsk Coal Miners) local football team since its inauguration in 2009.

It embodied the vibrant economy of the region and its then attractiveness to foreign investors. (The structure had been built and completed ahead of schedule by a Turkish consortium and its architectural style was conceived by a famed British designer.) The DONBASS ARENA was selected to host a few games of the 2012 European Football Championships, including a semi-final game featuring future champion Spain.

What immediately struck me upon arriving on the site was that it was built right next to the city’s war memorial in Lenin’s Komsovol Park.

Known as the Monument dedicated to the DONBASS Liberators, the site features a towering 18-meter high sculpture depicting a soldier and a miner (Donetsk’s name during the Soviet Era was Stalino and as the symbol of the city’s then vibrant mining industry, “Stalino” had been named as twin city to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania) jointly holding a sword with its edge planted firmly in the ground.

At the foot of the statue stands the entrance of a museum with an ever burning flame.

The Monument was dedicated to “the memory of all military units and formations that liberated DONBASS during the Great Patriotic War”.

The contrast between the gravitas oozes from this place in opposition to the consumerism, almost pagan rituals symbolized by the stadium situated a stone-throw away highlights the struggle currently taking place in this part of the world between the materialistic and unhinged forces of materialism.

The cult of money and ephemera-like gratification of supporting football teams stands in stark contrast with the timeless sobriety and dignified undertones emanating from the site where the names of thousands of martyrs are forever etched in dark granite.

In the background, the thundering of artillery resonated sporadically in the grim grey sky as if to remind the visitor that the war is ongoing and that its outcome is still uncertain.

This dichotomy plays out throughout all of the DONBASS.

We then drove to a place where the current war might very well have turned out completely different had it not been for a few soldiers turning the tide of fate against incredible odds back in 2014.

As a place where the forces of nihilism also attempted to eradicate the memory of those who had given their lives in liberating the region, SAUR-MOGILA was “the focal point of intense fighting, when Soviet troops managed to retake control of the height from German forces in August 1943. In 1963, a memorial complex was unveiled at the top of the hill to honor fallen soldiers, comprising an obelisk with a steel-and-concrete statue of a Soviet soldier, four steel-and-concrete sculptures built along the slope leading up to the obelisk (each memorializing infantrymen, tank men, artillerymen and airmen involved in the battle), and walls inscribed with the names of fallen soldiers in the battle.” (1)

In May 2014, the Kiev junta launched a massive military attack on this highly strategic hill. They started by bombing World War II war memorials. A few DPR volunteers managed to contain the offensive by calling their artillery gunners to target their own coordinates with the intention of inflicting huge casualties on the enemy. This tactic succeeded in allowing the Republic of Donetsk time to mobilize in a way conducive to survival in order to prolong the struggle. “Alec”, one of these heroes was with us and told us about the ferocity of the fighting. He joined the ranks of the volunteers at 48 years old. He is now 57. He testifies that in the heat of the moment, he called on his commanders “to bomb the Germans”.

Former SBU operative Vassili PROSOROV perfectly captured the war for the control of the narrative going in Ukraine for at least 20 years. In his documentary “Culturocide”, he recalls in detail how the school manuals throughout the cities of the Lougansk and Donetsk Republic were aimed at brainwashing children with crude russophobic propaganda and an invented history of Ukraine predicated on an ideology known as “integral nationalism”. (2)

Oleksii Arestovych, a former intelligence officer now serving as an adviser to Ukrainian President Volodymir Zelensky, once stated that “Ukraine’s national narrative is predicated on a lie that we tell ourselves and others for if the truth was to come out, the country would cease to exist.” (3)

These are the stakes of the Special military operation.

Arnaud Develay is an international lawyer. He participated to the defense of former President Saddam Hussein along with Former US Attorney General Ramsey CLARK; he has documented the illegal sanction regime imposed on Syria while living in Damascus in the wake of the Caesar Act.

(1) Donbas strategic offensive (August 1943) – Wikipedia


(3) Ukraine and Lugansk 2014-2022. Interview with witness. Facts and revelations.

Israeli forces have killed a Palestinian during an arrest raid in the occupied West Bank. As bad as that sounds, it pales in comparison to the brutality of the Israeli regime’s track record. Those incidents follow months of tensions that have deepened since Israeli forces began a crackdown in the occupied West Bank in March in response to a series of attacks by Palestinians in Israel. In this edition of the Spotlight, we will look at why Israel has ramped up its spree of killings, and whether we are on the cusp of another intifada.

(Republished from Substack by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Germans and Germany, including the Wehrmacht, were not a “force of nihilism” or not more and not less than any other army and to to mention the blood-red-army of the Bolshois (i.e. Jews) sacrificing Russians like nothing.
    The force of nihilism is thanks to Jewish France & Tsarist Russia (of 1914) today also entrenched in the remnants of Germany, where ethnic Germans no longer hold a majority let alone power.
    “Germany” – Hitler – made many mistakes, like failing to annihilate the French and British armies in Dunkirk and killing the ancestors of a cuck Arnaud Develay who obviously thrives in generating hatred towards Germans on the basis of his personal greed, lust, fear-anger, ego and attachment to fairy tales suiting his distorted mind of envy and jealousy towards German work(ers). France je-a-lousy.
    Why do you – Monsieur Develay – fail to enlighten us about the relevant crimes of “France” together with its Jewess Merkel (the Ferkel) of “Minsk agreements” and the cui boni?
    Besides Jewmerica, France & Russia are benefiting from this conflict. Yes, Russia is benefiting from this war (and I am happy for Russia). Germany is yet again paying an incredible price. That 2/3 Germans do not agree with the Jewmerican government over Germany (with Jewish France as “advicer” – cuck Macron just returned from The Biden) and their “policies” of occupation is also lost with subjektives like you.

    • Agree: Curmudgeon
  2. That the Jewkrainian government is just that, is also lost with monsieur devoid.
    This war is a Jewish war. Germany is used and put into the window like a whore with covered chains. The remnants of Germany do not have a German government. Germany is in no ways sovereign. You should know that!
    Since Russia is running this campaign as de-Nazification it is very Jewish; de facto it is a de-Jewdification. It is why the Jews are on edge and their poisonous sword hangs over the Putin just the way the Jew poisoned Stalin, the moment he tried to sort out the devils. The Jews have already threatened to “put a spell on Putin” if he dares to take Dniepropetrovsk.

    • Replies: @Derer
  3. so, Babyface Tsar’s fake and gay liddle war in Ukraine

    is 10 months old….and

    the Uke’s are still rocketing and shelling the Donbas.

    and just today, Babyface Tsar sez it’s going to continue 2B

    a “long term operation”. I’m sorry…

    I shouldn’t laugh about a war. But

    Babyface Tsar is making me laugh.

  4. Cook-ie says:

    I wonder what it would do for moral in the Ukraine if Zalenski delivered a speech from the French Riviera on how Ukrainians must stay the course.

    Or if images of him got out of him smoking a cigar after a Sunday banquet with a glass of single malt whisky in one hand while “his people” warm themselves with a candle and eat rat on a stick each day.

    But I suppose the hardest death is the death of an Ideology…an idea…well if the idea came from the U.S of A then that idea is a lie designed to use you.

    • Replies: @That one comment
  5. @Cook-ie

    But I suppose the hardest death is the death of an Ideology

    Few people genuinely care about ideology. Both today and in the past, most people adhered to or believed in an ideology only because they could benefit from it and advance their own cause, e.g. getting a better job, not getting fired/cancelled, not getting killed by the secret police at 2 a.m.

    It really is a constant of human interaction and behavior, especially if they’re organized in large social groups. Wokeism and if I dare say ‘Trumpism’ both obey the same laws. The sooner people here realize that wokeism is popular precisely because it enables people to advance their own interests, the better. Once you understand that, you can counter the effects of an ideology that is tearing apart nations.

  6. In his documentary “Culturocide”, he recalls in detail how the school manuals throughout the cities of the Lougansk and Donetsk Republic were aimed at brainwashing children with crude russophobic propaganda and an invented history of Ukraine predicated on an ideology known as “integral nationalism”. (2)

    One website I make a point of visiting every week is

    This is an excerpt from this week’s article from

    This is a group comprising hundreds of thousands of people, perhaps millions. It originated in the First World War, but solidified during the interwar period, the Second World War and the Cold War [2].

    • Replies: @Curmudgeon
  7. @Rev. Spooner

    “THE UKRAINIAN “INTEGRAL NATIONALISTS” were around long before WWI. Many emigrated to Western Canada as “Austrians” in the late 19th century. My parents’ generation called them Galicians, and we called them Hunkies. I went to school with some of them starting over 60 years ago. That is not to say all Ukrainians were of that ilk. Most of the ones that became friends had parents that, while pushing them to excel, wanted to leave the old country behind. Proud of their heritage, but living in a new land and working hard not to fit in. Anglicizing their surnames was not uncommon.

  8. Cook-ie says:

    I see the aid to Ukraine is nearing one hundred billion Euros…that is a great movement of taxpayers money into the pockets of the U.S “elites.”

    This will go down as one of the greatest grifts in history.

    Oh well if the populations of those countries been fleeced don’t care about the enslavement of their children to pay the debt then why should I!

  9. Derer says:
    @Kurt Knispel

    This war is a Jewish war.

    The present US internal disorder, including manipulating financial, media and intel domains is a Jewish anti-Christian war.

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