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Alfred and Monika Schaefer Reflect on Imprisonment for Exercising Free Speech
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Alfred Schaefer was released from a German prison last July 1st. He had been imprisoned since 2018 for “Holocaust denial” and “incitement to hatred.”

Alfred’s sister Monika Schaefer was also convicted alongside Alfred and spent most of 2018 in a German prison. The Canadian siblings were prosecuted after various Judeo-fascist organizations complained about their June 2016 video “Sorry Mom I Was Wrong About the Holocaust” which quickly garnered six figures worth of YouTube views, and elicited mostly positive comments, before it was taken down.

The West endlessly harrangues the rest of the world about “freedom.” It insists on forcing gender madness and other forms of moral turpitude down the throats of that vast majority of the world that wants no part of such degeneracy—all in the name of “freedom.” But historians who question victors’ history face imprisonment, as do the ordinary people who read and talk about their scholarly books. Erudite and well-sourced interpretations of what actually happened during World War II in general and in the German internment camps in particular are actually illegal.

I don’t agree with Alfred and Monika Schaefer about many things, as you’ll discover by listening to this interview. But their view of the world is vastly more humane, compassionate, and (overall) accurate than the moronic hate propaganda of the psychopathic mainstream media oligarchs, who have the blood of tens of millions on their hands. Passionate voices of dissent like those of the Schaefers should be aired and debated, not silenced.

(Republished from Substack by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Ideology • Tags: Censorship, Free Speech, Germany, Holocaust denial 
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  1. ariadna says:

    Doesn’t it seem odd to you, Kevin, that Jeffrey Sachs, now repackaged as a whistle blower on the issue of COVID which, he tells us, was a creation of US labs is a terrible scourge for which the “vaccine” is the miracle, a true silver bullet? Fully qualified as an economist to lead the Lancet Commission, of course.

    • Replies: @cohen
  2. ariadna says:

    Monika is impressive, even more than Alfred. Excellent arguments against Kevin’s fear of “generalizations.”

  3. Empire of lies.

  4. anonymous[122] • Disclaimer says:

    The fact that Monika and Alfred Shaefer were locked up in the present totalitarian dictatorship of Germany for simply expressing an opinion is testament to the fact that the pen is mightier than the sword. “Western” governments are 1000x more scared of the truth than anything else. Canada despite being one of the most oppressed peoples in the “western” world, with their horrible prime minister, has produced some of the toughest and most impressive dissidents standing up against the yoke of political correctness. Ernst Zundel, Paul Fromm, Doug Christie, for freedom of speech and Chris Sky, and Tamara Lich and others against covid lockdowns. May their numbers swell a thousand-fold in Canada and around the world.

    • Agree: A. Clifton
    • Thanks: HdC
    • Replies: @Kevin Barrett
    , @anarchyst
  5. If any people have a reason to hate whites, it’s the American Indians. But, I get the impression that they hate whites less than Jewish Supremacists do.

    • Agree: AlexanderEngUK
    • Replies: @OilcanFloyd
  6. Kevin is so naive. I guess it’s that silly academic brain. He asks all the questions no matter how stupid but never comes to any answers that aren’t Marxist pablum. “It’s the money.” No Kevin, Jewish ideology trumps money and it is murderous.

  7. cohen says:

    Packing and repacking of Jeffery Scahs is the word I had been trying to remember. A failed and fired economist by Yelstin in 1990 turned into an icon, then a whistleblower, a sustainable champion and a guru, an expert on Military matters and now fearless political analyst.

    Bio weapons have been in public knowledge since the 1960s, such as lyme disease Nile, and MERS, so why did Jeffery get the title of whistle blower on SARS-2. It is all over in the Mid 2010s. Then the over blown “Covid Commission” emerged, courtesy of a magazine called Lancet. The commission funded by Rockefeller Foundation and consisted mostly of economists, a few from medical academia, engineers, a politician and a librarian.

    Any Dick, Harry and their cousin establish a commission and make Jeffery Sachs the chairman and publish a report. I brought, laughingly, this issue of why not Ace Hardware store could establish a Covid commission and issue a report.
    Here is some interesting video on Lancet collusion with governments.

    • Replies: @ariadna
  8. anarchyst says:

    How to counter “holocaustianity™”…
    Start with the jewish freak shows, the various holocaust™ museums paid for with American taxpayer dollars throughout the country.
    One cannot attack the holocaust™ directly as the political and social deck is stacked against anyone who dares to speak out.
    Not only social ostracization but potential job loss is likely for those truthseekers and purveyors of truth who dare to make their views public.
    Here are possible solutions:
    Print flyers with images of Monika Schaefer, Ursula Haverbeck, Sylvia Stolz, David Irving, Ernst Zundel and others, with a simple question: Why were these people imprisoned?? Answer: thoughtcrimes
    A link to CODOH or other revisionist websites will definitely peak the recipient’s interest.
    Pass these flyers out in front of these jewish freak shows
    Use the jew-run local media outlets and beat them at their own game.
    Send copies of these flyers to local media outlets with a short letter feigning (fake) outrage. You can bet that these flyers will be featured on the six-o’clock news.
    This is “free publicity” that cannot be purchased…
    These are but two of many ways to get the message out.

  9. ruralguy says:

    Ideally, a court of law, with its rigorous rules for evidence, would decide the factual basis of the Holocaust claim. But, this never happened. We saw the complete breakdown of this objective process during the Nuremberg trials.

    Of the 485 tons of confiscated German documents sitting in our National Archives, not a single document describes a Holocaust plan, even though the Germans meticulously documented every detail of their military campaigns. The prosecution sought and obtained very relaxed rules of evidence and criminal procedures to win their convictions, because they couldn’t win the cases with proper legal procedures. The German prisoners suffered severe physical symptoms of torture, but many of them said the psychological torture was worse– mock executions and threats to deport their families to the Soviet Union, where they would have met certain death. A legal team that has a winning case doesn’t need to resort to loosening criminal procedures, eliminating rules of evidence, falsifying evidence, and threatening and torturing witnesses. It rightly impugns their case. The U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice Harlan Stone, said of the Nuremberg Trials: “Chief Prosecutor Jackson is away conducting his high-grade lynching party in Nuremberg. I don’t mind what he does to the Nazis, but I hate to see the pretense that he is running a court and proceeding according to common law. This is a little too sanctimonious a fraud to meet my old-fashioned ideas.” The hypotheses that the Germans conducted a Holocaust was never proven with proper legal arguments.

    Why were the Allies unable to prove their arguments through proper legal procedures? Because their arguments were likely flawed. If their reasoning was flawed in the Nuremberg trials, their reasoning was likely flawed in their political views of events that led to WW2. Americans were deceived by patriotism into adopting a biased perspective, instead of a properly reasoned perspective. Today, some 80 years after WW2, that war propaganda still prevails, with threats to imprison academic historians if they dare to challenge it. Germany needs to use prison threats, because they know their logic will not prevail under the scrutiny of science of logic.

    • Agree: HdC, anarchyst
    • Thanks: AlexanderEngUK
    • Replies: @HdC
  10. @anonymous

    I agree. It’s amazing that Canada, stereotypical home of ultra-polite conformists, is producing so many fearless dissidents.

  11. @Priss Factor

    If any people have a reason to hate whites, it’s the American Indians. But, I get the impression that they hate whites less than Jewish Supremacists do.

    If there us any group that whites would owe anything to at this point, it would be the American Indians. Really, that would be everyone who lives in America. Since everyone comes here to profit, nobody gets to play the stolen land game against whites. Blacks claiming that America owes them a thing is laughable at this point. Jews have been treated extremely well in America, and their complaints and subversion is nothing more than a giant stab in the back to whites.

  12. HdC says:

    “…a court of law, with its rigorous rules for evidence, would decide the factual basis of the Holocaust claim…”

    This was, in fact, done during the Zundel trials in Toronto during the 1980’s.

    All witnesses, testimony, and evidence proffed by the prosecution were completely demolished by the defence attorney Doug Christy.

    And yet, the jury still ruled Zundel guilty as charged!

    Not until the appeal to the Supreme Court of Canada was this ruling overturned.

    Zundel had been charged with “spreading false news” when he published a booklet entitled “Did 6 million really die?” A Jewish Torontonian took umbrage at this expression of free speech and got the crown attorney to charge Zundel.

    The transcripts make fascinating reading as to what constitutes “evidence” for a deed.

    Attorney Doug Christy was brilliant in defence and cross examination of the crown’s witnesses. He was a real defender of free speech in Canada.

    • Agree: ruralguy, A. Clifton
    • Thanks: AlexanderEngUK
    • Replies: @ruralguy
    , @Curmudgeon
  13. ruralguy says:

    I’m glad Canada’s Supreme Court looked at this as abusive prosecution and refused to acquiesce in perverting criminal legal procedures to support unproven WW2 war propaganda.

    U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice Harlan Stone took a similar bold stance, when he examined the fraudulently twisting of the Nuremberg criminal procedures and rules of evidence. If the head of the highest Court in the U.S., which as a nation was a principal in the Nuremberg prosecution, says it was a fraud, then it is a fraud.

    Legal theory is quite interesting. Truly, every legal dispute should be resolved in pretrial memorandums or conferences, without the need to grand juries or trials. But, in the cases like you mentioned, where a prosecutor is motivated by politics, they can easily use ignorant juries to confirm their malicious prosecution or abuse of process. That is likely what happened in Canada and in Germany. They are using ignorance of the mob, to support their political biases and as a weapon to bludgeon their political opponents.

  14. Petermx says:

    I wish they would stick to one conspiracy, the holohoax. I think I heard talk that they don’t believe the moon landing happened either. It’s hard enough to get people to look at the great work serious people (historians, scientists and engineers) have done debunking the holohoax and they have to start talking about the moon landing. Now, I won’t share this with others that I might like to enlighten about censorship in Germany to uphold libelous Jewish lies against Germans.

    • Replies: @Kevin Barrett
  15. @HdC

    At the announcement of Zundel’s prosecution, I lost several friends and made enemies for saying that his prosecution was wrong. He wasn’t promoting violence against anyone, and the pamphlet “Did Six Million Really Die?” was a question raising documented facts countering the “official” narrative. I contacted my then Member of Parliament asking why he was being prosecuted and got the standard “rise” of Auntie Shem-itism BS, along with the actual charge “publishing False News”. I asked if that was the case, then why isn’t every newspaper editor being charged, because they constantly publish false news. No response.
    I followed the trial as closely as I could, and noted that the Judge, Ronald Thomas, was extremely hostile to Doug Christie, and several in trial rulings were nothing short of bizarre, and hindered Zundel’s defense. The fact that the “official” narrative was also the Government narrative, in my opinion, was what swayed the (naive) jury. I noted, to anyone that would listen, that it was ironic the Supreme Court’s ruling, saying Zundel’s views were covered by the Constitutional right to free expression, were just about the time that plaques were changed at Auschwitz lowering the number of “victims” by some 2.5 million.
    Fast forward to the announcement of Monica Schaefer’s arrest. I contacted the moron collecting a paycheque for posing as my MP, and asked why his party was silent on her arrest, when Germany, under its obligations to the UN Charter, was in breach of its (UN) freedom of expression provisions. Deja vu – the standard “rise” of Auntie Shem-itism BS repeated as if reading (copying) from a (((script))). This past February, when the shabbos goy from Saskatoon, Kevin Waugh, seconded by the MP from “the most Jewish riding in Canada” introduced hi “Private Member’s Bill to make Hollow-co$t denial illegal, (nanimously passing first reading), I again contacted the dullard posing as my MP, asking among other things, if he, and his (woke) party understood that the Supreme Court had already ruled on that in the Zundel decision(s). He has refused to answer.
    Former MP and Trudeau v2.0 mentor Irwin Cotler was declared, in an Israeli poll, popular enough to be President of Israel. The Con-job-servatives and New Dumbshit Party are both on board with our (((occupation))). We’re effed.

    • Agree: HdC
    • Thanks: AlexanderEngUK
    • Replies: @anarchyst
  16. @Petermx

    I agree that the Schaefers have had a few too many “anti-Semitic conspiracy theories” to drink. The bartender should have cut them off a while back. Still, if anyone has earned the right to speak their minds, it’s them.

    • Agree: Petermx
  17. anarchyst says:

    Ernst Zundel’s Canadian home was firebombed. The perpetrators were never found. …mossad, anyone?

    • Agree: HdC
  18. anarchyst says:

    The backlash against honest and impartial holohoax (oops, I mean “holocaust”) investigation is proof that this minor event in history is a total fraud.
    All one has to do is investigate the claims using basic scientific and logistical principles.
    –Killing jews with “bug spray” (Zyklon B) is not only impossible, but is laughable on its face.
    –Transporting jews to “camps”, utilizing scarce energy sources, transportation and logistical difficulties only to kill them is not only problematic but impossible as well.
    –Tattooing camp inmates only to kill them is also problematic.
    –If the “camps” were truly “death camps” why would medical facilities, recreational facilities, brothels, movie theaters, and other amenities be needed?
    –“Gas chambers” with non-sealed wooden doors and the lack of ventilation systems for such facilities, once again, disproves the claims made by holocaust™ promoters. Doors that “swing the wrong way” would make retrieval of the bodies impossible. Ordinary light fixtures, rather than explosion proof lighting fixtures are claimed to have been the norm.
    –Claims by holocaust™ promoters that gassed bodies were blue or green (rather than bright red) from poisoning are totally false.
    –Claims that the inmates could tell when jews were being cremated by the color of smoke emitted from the crematoria chimneys are patently foolish and false.
    –Let’s not forget “lampshades, wallets, soap and shrunken heads” made from jews is also laughable.
    –Crematoria running 24 hours a day, without “downtime” for maintenance on the muffles and flames “visible out of the crematoria stacks” are also impossibilities. Crematoria are designed to burn “clean” with no visible smoke and definitely no flames outside the stacks would be possible. Not only that, the claims that thousands of bodies were cremated daily are a statistical impossibility as it takes approximately 1.5 hours to cremate a human body. If cremation were used on “6 million” jews, the cremation process would have been operating into the 1950s.
    –The lack of depositories for bodies and ashes is more proof that the “camps” were not “death camps” but rather “work camps” for the German war effort.
    –Anne Frank’s “diary” partially written with a ball-point pen which was not invented till the 1950s. Time travel, anyone? lol
    –Otto Frank was treated in a camp hospital and survived the war while his daughter Anne Frank perished. What is a hospital doing in a (purported) death camp?
    Germans were (and still are) excellent engineers and could not have engineered the grievous errors that are claimed by holocaust promoters.
    (((They))) are trying to keep their “con game” going as log as possible.
    Follow the shekels.

    • Agree: Curmudgeon
  19. Kevin you should do a massive compare and contrast article on the thousands of inconsistencies of policies of various Countries vs the USA. For instance how many “Johns” in the US get busted and messed up every year by the tens of thousands but look at Prostitution in Germany where there are tens of thousands of brothels and upward of 400,000 prostitutes…yet US Citizens can shout out anything they want including all manifestations of Holocaust denial but in Germany they lock you up…or up in Canada they can prosecute you. Canada by the way had a sexual consent law at 14 for over 100 years up until 2009…where the US was higher, and if you took a girl across the road into another State you could get ruined by the Mann Act in the US where in Europe they would laugh at you. The great USA lets you kill for your Country and join the Military at 17 but you cannot drink until you are 21 where most European countries which will ruin you over free speech issues have no drinking age laws and very low sexual consent laws. but brutal gun laws which we no not have. Smoking and Gambling and Pot laws all reveal more hypocrisy. Get to it Kevin.

  20. ariadna says:

    I think you are somewhat unfair to Sachs calling him a “failed economist.”
    To my mind he performed very well in his role of economic adviser (“architect” is what he was called) in Russia with his “shock therapy” measures that detached Russia’s inexpert hands from its huge assets (natural resources, energy, etc) and allowed said assets to be acquired by more … enterprising people with nimbler hands. You may be judging him by goals that were not in his brief.
    As for the Lancet, it was considered the sensationalistic tabloid of scientific publications, the catch-all basket for ”hypotheses,” single case reports and the occasional original study rejected by BMJ, NEJM and even JAMA.
    During the HIV/AIDS hysteria it published hypotheses that should have made even Fauci blush if he weren’t in on it and were capable of feeling shame.
    So it was the dependable outlet to use again with COVID 19.

    I wouldn’t vouch for all the employees of a Lowe’s or Home Depot giant store but I might trust the manager of a well-run neighborhood Ace hardware store to act with more honesty and common sense than the Lancet Commission.

  21. Treg says:

    What does Steve Kirsch say about the death rates inside Israel vs other countries?

    A simple search says that Israeli death rates are growing fast…

    • Replies: @Kevin Barrett
  22. @ariadna

    As for the Lancet, it was considered the sensationalistic tabloid of scientific publications, the catch-all basket for ”hypotheses,” single case reports and the occasional original study rejected by BMJ, NEJM and even JAMA.

    During the HIV/AIDS hysteria it published hypotheses that should have made even Fauci blush if he weren’t in on it and were capable of feeling shame.

    To confirm what you’re saying, my Harvard and fellow MIT STEM friends along with myself considered The Lancet to be a rag in the 1980s. Can’t remember any of its AIDS/HIV publications from then except maybe one pertaining to toilet seats (our normal skin having receptors for HIV; this might not have been a Lancet article though), but they were part of our calculation. It has not improved its editorial polices since then, see for example the lethal survey methodology flaws in its Iraqi war deaths article.

    Note the retracted mostly Indian HCQ paper that was based on a claimed data set from Indian run Surgisphere that was on its face completely implausible. Claimed to be getting real time (!) data from way too many hospitals including Africa. Also very questionable due to privacy issues. All this was part of the demolition of the US and perhaps Western in general public health community’s reputation, which was running on gas by then anyway.

    • Replies: @ariadna
  23. Liza says:

    Monika has always come across well. Her brother, less so. I can see why he pisses the authorities off. He needs to tone it down when he talks.

  24. @Treg

    I don’t know about Steve Kirsch, but Alex Berenson has been looking at Israeli data on and off since COVID started, and according to his well-sourced accounts, Israel has had many of the same COVID/vaccine problems as the rest of the Western world. Israel actually got mRNA vaxxed earlier than other countries, so Berenson was able to see patterns emerging early there that later showed up elsewhere—including a sharp uptick of “COVID” deaths immediately after rollout, and a rapid waning of vaccine efficacy after only about six months for the first shot and a couple of months for subsequent shots.

    All available evidence suggests that Israel got quickly and heavily mRNA vaccinated.

  25. cohen says:

    You may be right in disagreeing with my terminology of failed economists. Jeffery Sachs was part of the “TEAM HRVARD and he became economic advisor to Yeltsin. Who later fired him. I am sure you are very much familiar with propaganda terms, Shock Therapy, collateral damage, QE, and in the good old days of M1, M2…. (money supply). These are terms TV reporters for diversion, in my opinion. Shock therapy to Americans back in 1980s according to Alan Greenspan was to increase unemployment to bring down inflation, wages, and negotiating power of labor. My favorite is something attributed to Bill Clinton that is he is of testosterone. What they meant, the guy was pervert and pedophile.

    Ironically, I have been to Russia five times and have spent time learning about their culture and history that I had no clue before. How they survived the economic shock therapy is hair raising. Thanks to their old resilience and survival experience they managed. It is a separate discussion with emotional narratives and interpretations but they managed. My friends and acquaintances told me that they relied vegetable gardens and on their villages resources.

    One of Jeffery Sachs friend and associate of the Team, LARRY SUMMER, famously suggested the under developed countries had the capacity to absorb extra pollution. Fancy term to dump garbage from the west to poor countries at a very minimum cost.

    You rightfully identified perfect term repackaging of Jeffery Sachs. Economist, an Icon, carefully chosen whistleblower, Chairman of prestigious Lancet Covid commission (most of the members had nothing to do with medicine, politician, and TV pundits)

    I read many of Noam Chosky’s writing and learned a lot. But when he, in 2016 came up with the idea of closing our noses and voting for Hillary Clinton. My question was why he was providing unsolicited advice. We are capable to making our own decisions. Noam tried to become expert on 911 and in case of Covid he got carried away by recommending to lo lock up the vaccine deniers or who were resisting masks. Fouci , recently, was interrogated by DA of MO-LA and we are going to slowly learn govt role on Mask Policies. My issue, as expressed in UNZ comments was a reminder how you could catch coronavirus of a size of 1 micron (CDC never disclose the size of virus with all those electron microscopes and high tech). Catching Mosquitoes with chicken wire fence.

    • Agree: ariadna
    • Replies: @That Would Be Telling
  26. cohen says:

    While I disagree with some of the opinions with Ron Unz on Covid background and government policies, I would give him credit for providing a open forum with mostly free expression and very valuable information sharing that we as reader can not dream of getting on places like Zerohedge. Against all odds Ron put Robert Kennedy Jr. book “Meeting Dr. Foci” and it opened a flood gate of information, courtesy of readers. I saved myself from the vaccine.
    I had problems with the accuracy of the videos of Chinese dropping dead like flies. Later someone suggested that it was the work of Chinese descendants in Hong kong ( CiA, MI6 or MI14 that I think is involved in economic subjects). That is debatable. Similarly, Ron was kind of neutral on the vaccine issue.

    Kevin Barrett is a courageous man of integrity whose presence resonates throughout this site. It is him who brings many guest on his show who he does not agree with. Again, a good service to his listeners. I understand his reluctance to address his personal views in the comments section and cheer leading for Jeffery Sachs the great whistleblower ever. I dont have any problem with him being cautious or objective because of his experience through the grinder of big tech/govt.

    Alfred and Monika Schaefers in the last episode of Truth Jihad are great for me to look into of some of their claims. Thanks Kevin.

    BTW. Your views on certain issues are clear as mud we could like hear more your guests. A friendly observation.

  27. @cohen

    My issue, as expressed in UNZ comments was a reminder how you could catch coronavirus of a size of 1 micron (CDC never disclose the size of virus with all those electron microscopes and high tech). Catching Mosquitoes with chicken wire fence.

    These sentences well encompass the US [fill in the blank] Right with all its parochialism.

    You think the US CDC is the only place in the world that’s studied coronaviruses? That from SARS and MERS we didn’t already know the likely size range and a whole lot more about SARS type coronaviruses?

    Your “chicken wire” and whatever Saint Fauci said that’s summarized in the link provided by you:

    Another tidbit from Fauci depo: In Feb ‘20 he emailed a friend advising her masks were ineffective. Confirmed again on Mar 31. On Apr 3 he’s adamant masks should be worn even though he couldn’t cite a single study to prove it.

    You’d both better be taking about cloth or maybe surgical grade masks. Which for the purposes of public health “Catching Mosquitoes with chicken wire fence” is the completely wrong direction, the idea is that maybe someone who’s got COVID or the flu or whatever will spread it less effectively if they’ve got a mask. Long considered to be elementary politeness in Japan for example.

    I suppose I shouldn’t blame you and Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt et. al. when the public health messaging on masking was a or the Original Sin of that community in the US (before then I’d cite downplaying the threat, and to get rid of the BAD ORANGE MAN gimping the testing). But it really is a major detail which or both possible functions of masks were considered important in keeping the curve bent so we didn’t lose more people than necessary from overloaded hospitals.

    As for the size, lots small than 1 micron/μm, more like centering around 100 nm. Except then we get to what’s genuinely hard to figure out, what are the size of whatever’s expelled by humans. And if mucus including some number of viruses, what’s their fate? I mention fate because while they’re delicate, enveloped viruses might separate out and survive long enough to infect. One hypothesis I read posited that having these particles dry out on the inside of a mask would result in much more effective transmission.

    So, yeah, you really do have to test this stuff. But as of when it started hitting the US hard in mid-March it would be really iffy to have data, and certainly not from any US study due to the malicious testing regime, de jure through the end of February and de facto through say mid-March as the earliest.

    We might have been able to extract some data from SARS and MERS outbreaks, except they were or are much more dominated by a few super-spreaders than COVID. Otherwise you’ve got to use proxies like the flu where we have epidemics and recent enough pandemics which might be useful. But long before the 2009 swine flu pandemic infectious disease control was unfashionable for our public health community.

    Meanwhile I continue to marvel that the [fill in the blank] Right decided that adults should die on the hill of masking, and see the link, that continues to this day (only cowardly teachers had a very bad case for masking children after vaccines became available). Besides ignoring how this made it harder for the technological panopticon to track people, it signaled very loud and clear to the rest of the country and world you’re selfish sociopaths. When these people fear being ruled by you, they’ve got a compelling case, it’s really a balancing test of who’s the least worst, and when it comes to STEM issues crazy ignorant people on the Right really are an existential threat.

    (Doesn’t help when the Left has been lying about global cooling global warming climate change for decades and decades. Really says something when an event like Climategate was a blip in their campaign. We’ll see what happens as more people freeze this winter….)

    • Replies: @cohen
  28. ariadna says:
    @That Would Be Telling

    “Can’t remember any of its AIDS/HIV publications from then”
    I remember some pearls published in the Lancet. One that stands out was that homosexuals have sex much more often than heterosexuals and thus more sperm production, which leads to zinc depletion, hence collapse of the immune system.
    Also the only positive description of Lancet was always “largest worldwide circulation,” never anything like “reputable.” As you well said, a rag.

  29. cohen says:
    @That Would Be Telling

    You took some time to write your opinion that I appreciate. Some interesting points you brought up.

    The size of the filter/s is going to be whatever it is designed for! 1 micron or one inch diameter! It does not matter if the filter is made of cloth, metal, nylon or whatever. It will catch anything larger than the design value. End of discussion.

    Surgical masks were not designed for filtering viruses. Mainly for saliva, sneezing etc to protect the patients during surgeries and to protect the surgeon from patient fluid. A kidney surgeon told me how he was sprayed with a patient’s urine. Luckily he was wearing a surgical mask. People in China and other S,E Asian countries were using it for air borne particulates. I dont know about Japan. Never have been there and have no desire to do so.

    The notion that clumsy masks will prevent the spread of viruses of any kind is fine with me. But why do the rest of the ones with no virus have to be punished to wear it because someone in the upper ashalan said so. After all those free of viruses or would be so called recipients would not be protected as N-95 is incapable of capturing the virus. The whole thing was to create panic, make life miserable for ordinary Joe. I never had any difficulty in Morocco, Russia and Turkey. Only at Istanbul airport (not even at Ankara airport).

    I used to ask why a guy who is driving alone, windows rolled up, and sitting by himself, however, wearing a mask and feeling good. If the virus is in the air than why is he not wearing the protective mask when he enters his house. If the Boogy virus is in the air then it is everywhere. Has anyone given a thought about hurricanes, or heavy rains? Why do we need masking?

    Just wait a few more months when those who are chirping for the Govt. narrative will jump on the other side and enthusiastically find information about the hoax. All these coronavirus deaths circulating around are questionable. I strongly believe that several vulnerable people had died but the number of death reported are not substantiated by any reliable source. Now the real story is death because of vaccines and death from Covid 19.

    Regarding your climate change comments. It is not the left or right who are lying. The bankers are pushing carbon trading and not the real issue of pollution abatement. I know pollution does affect our land, water, and air but climate change is above my head. People who are using climate change are snake oil salesmen. I salute to ordinary mom and grand moms who fight against land, water, and air pollution and not Mr. Jeffery Sachs whose name I never heard while doing some sustainability work with the UN. This Jeffery Sachs guy came from nowhere and claimed himself to be a Sustainable guru.
    Parting thoughts. Quote from John Meynard Keynes “ I change my opinion when I get new information. What about you sir ?”

  30. The hall of costs myth grew out of tall tales peddled by Jewish DPs after the war.

    Electric floors, Eagles and bears, masturbation machines, lampshades and shrunken heads, 6 million turned to ash…. Eli Weisel’s ‘Night’ and Zyklon B…. it was way over the top because they were enjoying telling lies and seeing the dumb Goyim believe them. The 1950’s and 60’s were good times for liars.

    What began as hucksterism for attention progressed to articles of faith. Now they ride the tiger with this lie which cannot be walked back.

    • Thanks: anarchyst
  31. dewi says:

    With all do respect to Kevin…

    When you become a Witness to the Truth it accomplishes a very strong stand/conviction against the Lie. Monica stood on that 1000%. And so did Alfred albeit in a different way. Just like Alfred explained the reality of getting too close to a cub…the Momma bear will absolutely stand and charge in her conviction to protect her cub. ‘Conviction’ without propaganda to cause confusion or doubt is the Courage to carry on without waiver and then learning through time turn into Instinct. Something that the human condition is sorely absent of. Alfred is talking about bringing back that instinct. The only way that can happen is to be absent from the propaganda and becoming a Witness to what is true as he spoke about i.e. the population waking up from the covid Lie. No amount of intellectual debate can change a person…it is when a person is changed by the Truth and thus becomes the reality of that Truth, is the only time (without hypocrisy) that Truth can stand with courage.

    Kevin needs to understand the ‘reality’ of what the jewish bolshevicks did to 60 million Christians in Russia. We are in that bolshevick revolution 2.0 because there has never been reconciliation, apologies nor repentance of it or what the allies/bankers planned and executed before, during and after WWI and WWII. The reality of what jews have said openly as to leading communism, marxism, and many other ism’s in that it is the basis of judaism which comes from their teachings in their holy book called the Talmud. Which btw has been (as they claim) their way since Babylonian times. This is what Jesus Christ was up against, died by and now lives again. The satanic Talmud is what is controlling this hell as we know it and will absolutely deny Jesus Christ (anti Christ). But with respecting Kevin’s religion I don’t expect him to understand this. The bottom line is…the belief of the tribal jews from the Talmud would have to be destroyed before this would end…and according to the Bible that day is near. To that end I am a Witness to that Truth and agree with Alfred and Monica even though we stand many miles apart. God can speak through anyone but the question is…Is anyone listening? or Can anyone hear? what the Truth is saying?

    • Replies: @dewi
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