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Alexander Wolfheze and Kevin Barrett Discuss "The State of the Right" - Interregnum #64
Warning: This video was immediately taken down by YouTube!
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Alexander Wolfheze’s Rupes NigRa: AN ARCHAEO-FUTURIST COUNTDOWN IN TWELVE ESSAYS is a profound, beautifully written and illustrated reflection on issues raised by the European New Right (ENR) and its American cousin, the alt-right. (For background, check out Keith Preston on Thinkers Against Modernity, Blake Archer Williams’ critique of the ENR from a Shia Muslim perspective, and my article Rights and Wrongs of the Alt-Right.)


“The Eurasianist project aims at re-territorializations: politically in restored state sovereignty, socially in restored ethnic identity and economically in restored autarky (i .e . a maximum of self- sufficiency in the production of food, energy and industry for each of its regional ‘welfare spheres’).”

“‘Cultural Nihilism’ is here defined as the de facto—functionally effective, but largely implicit and sub- conscious—‘world view’ of the ruling globalist elite of the Western nations. This ‘world view’ is being imposed on the Western peoples through ‘post-family’ child rearing, ‘idiocratic’ anti-education, ‘politically correct’ media reporting and narrowly normative consensus politics, triggering institutionalized cognitive dissonance as well as a collective race to the intellectual and moral bottom. Its main characteristics are extremist secularism, hyper-capitalist social-Darwinism, collective narcissist conditioning and state-enforced cultural relativism. The informal—functionally effective, but ‘plausibly deniable’—ideology of Cultural Nihilism may be defined as ‘Liberal Normativism’, which results from a pragmatic alliance between neo-liberalism and cultural Marxism.”

“While it is undoubtedly true that what many Westerners have experienced as ‘contemporary Islam’ is negative (sectarian violence, alienating behaviour and aggressive expansion in their Western homelands), it should be emphatically stated that these negative experiences are entirely due to the ‘reverse colonization’ policies of the globalist hostile elite. The problems caused by the entirely artificial—globalist-enforced—presence of non-indigenous Muslim populations cannot be reduced to the true qualities of Islam as such.”

Alexander Wolfheze received his MA in Semitic Languages and Cultures in 2004 and his cum laudePhD in the Humanities in 2011, both from Leiden University. With extensive research experience in the fields of Assyriology and Cultural Anthropology, he subsequently authored several publications in the field of Near Eastern cultural history. His current interdisciplinary specializations are pre-modern epistemology and Traditionalist philosophy; his earlier book The Sunset of Tradition and the Origins of the Great War applies these specializations to the cultural-historical background of the First World War. Alexander Wolfheze is a regular contributor to the patriotic-identitarian study group Erkenbrand in his native Netherlands, as well as to the Eurasianist think tank Geopolitica based in Russia.

(Republished from Substack by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Ideology • Tags: Alt Right, European Right, Islam 
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  1. “To get back to European values with Muslims…”

    Kevin, what a load of utter bullshit!

  2. Sorry to trigger you, snowflake ; – ) Can you be more specific about what’s bothering you?

    • Replies: @Psychotic Break
    , @Anon
  3. @Kevin Barrett

    Sure. There is a lot to be said on this subject, but what I’ve just stated perfectly sums up what i just listened to.

    First, you don’t live in Europe. I live in London and travel frequently to Holland, Germany and France. We are all undergoing a massive ‘planned’ invasion of Arabian and African muslims. These people are destroying the large cities, with violence and general sleaze. And when they get here they become even more ‘oriental’ that they ever were at home, as if only to make a point. They are convinced that they can take over; which is indeed the great ZOG ‘replacement’ plan. Take for instance the not so famous Farmer’s Protests in Holland: their land is being taken, not for climate change reasons, but so as to build massive housing complexes for millions and millions of Arabians and Africans. There can be no compromise here. You obviously have no idea of the sheer scope of the takeover.

    Second, I recognize the claim made by Youssef Hindi in his paper (Eschatological war : Russia and the West) you cited, that maybe (hopefully) one day there will be common cause between a ‘real’ Christian Russia and a Muslim caliphia to comprise a force to oppose Israel in the final Gog-Magog battle, but…

    as for now, these two peoples are so vastly different as for it to be impossible for significant numbers of them to live together. And the facts on the ground prove this. Sweden, for example, is not the same country anymore.

    Islam is completely incompatible with Europe and European values. There is ZERO common ground.

    It’s cute that you are a Muslim but it distorts your best positions where otherwise you might have the intellectual edge.

    A circumcised heart and a circumcised dick isn’t really the best combination, is it? snowflake ; -)

  4. Thank you, that was much more informative! You should read Alexander Wolfheze’s book. He feels the same way you do about excessive immigration in Europe. But he recognizes that “Islam” isn’t the issue, at least not the way the simpleminded Islamophobes seem to think. (Any more than “Catholicism” is the issue with Hispanic immigration into the US.)

    When I played for the University of Paris 8 basketball team in 1988-89 we had a couple of Algerians and a Moroccan (nominally Muslim but not religious), some Cameroonian, Congolese, Greek, and Portugese Christians (likewise not very religious), one actual French guy, and me and one other American. The French guy and the “Muslims” were the most culturally French. So basically there were a whole bunch of immigrant types—I almost immigrated to Paris myself—kicking the butts of the Grandes Ecoles ethnic French white boys we played. We won the league championship—a triumph of immigration and multiculturalism in the heart of Europe. But it had nothing to do with the religion of Islam ; – )

  5. @Kevin Barrett

    But he recognizes that “Islam” isn’t the issue …

    Of course its the issue. It is precisely the issue. Islam was introduced by ZOG to destroy Europe, and Christian values, in our society. If these people were Buddhists (whatever their colour), for instance, we wouldn’t have the same massive overwhelming set of problems. There’s nothing simpleminded about that knowledge.

    You too readily conflate the micro with the macro to make your point, and the Paris of the 80’s and 90’s isn’t the Paris of today. I had some Indian friends at university but it doesn’t mean that I can use that to explain, for example, the India-Pakistan border conflict. There’s good and bad people everywhere, but we all almost always revert to type when its crunch time collectively.

    I’m afraid you are too partisan on this issue to be objective. We’re just going to have to differ.

  6. Anonymous[387] • Disclaimer says:
    @Kevin Barrett

    While I’m aware that you can cherry pick data as all the deceitful kids do today, to paint Islam as the primaey issue, or not, your objection is irrelevant.

    Islam is one of several problems with these people in Europe. Ethnicity is another. Culture is another. Race is another. Tradition apart from Islam is another. They’re all serious issues, and your dismissal of people who do not agree with or appreciate Islam as “Islamophobes”? All of your people have to go back, Christophobe.

    • Replies: @Event Horizon
  7. dimples says:

    Dr Kev sounds like a muslimically marinated neocon. Instead of ‘moar war will fix everything!’, its ‘moar Islam will fix everything!’.

  8. * After lasting just 24 hours, the Arktos Interregnum interview I did with Dr Barrett was taken down by YT. But before that, some comments came in with objections approximately in line with some of those raised here. So it may be useful to repeat some of my responses here. First (1 below), some remarks about the place of the small but significant (Traditionalist-supported, Old Right-validated) ‘Euro-Islamic’ section of our larger dissident right movement. Second (2 below), some remarks about the undoubted credentials of Dr. Barrett within that movement. Third (3 below), about the largely unknown, misunderstood and misrepresented phenomenon of Euro-Islam in general. So here it goes: (1) Our dissident right movement is home to many ‘niche’ ideas and people – what unites us is a common struggle against the globalist hostile elite, for our people, our heritage and our freedom. There are many, often very well-read and highly productive, Westerners who are secular or pagan (further removed from our old Christian core Tradition than Abrahamic monotheist believers such as Muslims) and then there are many who adhere to non-West-origin belief systems – including Baha’is, Buddhists, Hindus and Muslims. Regarding the old Christian core Tradition of the West it can be argued that it is, in fact, of non-Western origin, but that it became Western as many of our nations adopted. adapted and inhabited the Christian religion as their spiritual home. At the margins of the West, on the Balkans, in Eastern Europe and the Caucasus, the same is true for Islam: there are many ethnically white/European peoples (from Bosnians and Albanians to Circassians and Abkhazians) who adopted Islam in the same way that many ethnically white/European nations further West adopted Christianity. Later, as Christianity fell into ever deeper decay, a considerable, and still ever rising number of great Western thinkers, writers and artists adopted Islam. These European-Muslim peoples and European-Muslim individuals are neither ‘forced converts’, nor ‘fifth columnists’ nor necessary in favour of ‘open border’ mass immigration and state-imposed ‘diversity’ (read: globalist-organized 3rd World colonization) any more than any other European – mostly, they are, in fact, considerably more socially conservative and bio-realistic than their ‘idealist’ and now-woke non-Islamic fellow-Europeans. It is very well possible to have an authentic Western identity AND be an authentic right-leaning dissident AND be a Muslim. However, awkward others may find it (perhaps because they did not think it through or because it is incompatible with ‘easy fix’ populist islamophobia) – Dr Barrett and I are all three at the same time. (2) What we can all agree on is that, over the years, Dr Kevin Barrett has distinguished himself in the struggle of the wider dissident movement against globalist-nihilist hostile elite rule, exposing cover-ups and seeking the truth, enlightening many obscure topics and breaking through many prejudices. He also stands for what used to be one of the most fundamental values of the now enslaved and fallen West: our freedom of speech. He was not allowed to say the truth on YT. YT has, perhaps predictably but still regrettably, failed to learn from the past and is doubling down on its persecution of truth-seeking and truth-speaking – they took down his interview after just 24 hours. The powers that now rule the MSM and the ex-free West are apparently really afraid: Dr Kevin Barrett must have been ‘on to something’ and ‘over target’ to be so rapidly ‘cancelled’. I think the real reason was not so much the reason given (‘medical misinformation’ – smile), but rather one of the main points of our interview: the option of a (pragmatic, temporary) united Muslim-Dissident Right front against the hostile elite. That does not mean agreeing to an unconditional ‘conservative alliance’, but rather first getting rid of a common enemy (the hostile elite) before sorting out the immigration-colonization issue. In fact, I think that a large-scale remigration program for all immigrants (not just Muslim immigrants), but on equitable terms, would be the first step after getting rid of the elite – if the Muslim immigrant communities help us in that, they should be generously rewarded (modest life-long pensions for those returning to their own homelands are anyway cheaper than having them around within our homelands). A smaller number (intermarried, willing to convert, well-integrated, etc.) could be allowed to assimilate (given strict criteria). Small groups (those unable to return for real political/war situations) may stay behind but separated (own legislations, own neighbourhoods), provided they are no burden on the host-population. And those who have committed crimes, terror and fraud will be simply deported. (3) As to the intrinsic value of Euro-Islam (the Muslim indigenous people of Europe and ethnically European Muslim ‘converts’ – this assessment is predicated on one’s analysis of the ‘Crisis of the Modern West’, now not doubted by anyone as to reality but still arguable as to depth and scope. I personally think the West has already fallen. The Western Christian Tradition, overall, has certainly fallen. And, through a long devolution process, it has been replaced by the nihilist ‘secular values’ and trans-humanist ‘scientific improvements’ of today, allowing the top-down orchestrated deconstruction of all authentic identities and all individual freedoms. Let us posit a hypothetical choice to clarify this issue. Given a simple, stark choice between being forever under the thumb of the present globalist hostile elite (=state-imposed usury, generational debt-slavery, institutional anti-whitism, pathological feminism, open border ‘diversity’, war on gender, mandated mRNA therapy) and living under a Euro-adopted Islam-inspired dispensation, what would still-sane Europeans chose? I think that many of them would opt for the second. We may yet hope for a ‘third way’, but as time progresses and our nations fall ever deeper into decay, ever stronger remedies are required. In any case, nobody can deny that some non-Western Traditions, including Islam, are much more conducive to maintaining a minimum civilizational equilibrium (as in: biological continuity, cultural transmission and psycho-social stability) than the ‘modern western’ paradigm of totalitarian nihilism imposed by the global hostile elite. We need a totally New West. Islam, which has been subscribed to by many of the indigenous white nations of the Balkans, Eastern Europe and the Caucasus for centuries and which has inspired some of the greatest Traditionalist thinkers of the 20th Century, has more of a place in that New West than the ‘Enlightenment’, ‘liberalism’ and ‘secularism’ – which have proven fatal mistakes, merely serving the transnational hostile elite. Of course, the 3 points above just list some surface thoughts – if you wish to delve deeper into these difficult but essential questions read my book: ‘Rupes Nigra’ (Arktos: London. 2021).

  9. @Alexander Wolfheze

    If you insist, but I repeat, what I just listened to here was a load of utter bullshit!

    Now add to this:

    Let us posit a hypothetical choice to clarify this issue. Given a simple, stark choice between being forever under the thumb of the present globalist hostile elite (=state-imposed usury, generational debt-slavery, institutional anti-whitism, pathological feminism, open border ‘diversity’, war on gender, mandated mRNA therapy) and living under a Euro-adopted Islam-inspired dispensation, what would still-sane Europeans chose?

    This is defeatist, degenerate, disgraceful, almost triumphalist, trash. It is worse than that, it is pure filth cloaked in a squalid ‘neo-woke’ intellectualism.

    • Replies: @Alexander Wolfheze
  10. Henryb says:
    @Alexander Wolfheze

    Alexander Wolfheze said…”what unites us is a common struggle against the globalist hostile elite, for our people, our heritage and our freedom.”

    Really? Please don’t pretend that Europe would not be awash today with people who do not belong here (yet still they come) if those same globalists had not directed their ‘hostilities’ against only the native peoples of Europe.

    The Muslims et al have prospered from this hostility. Indeed they continue to thrive on it.

    What evil (if any) has happened to them in Muslimland it’s no business of ours. They should go home and take issue with those who opened Europe to their barbarism: something you seem to you crave.

    It’s clear that you and your comrade, Barrett, are trolling You’re both taking the piss. Hence the childish story about a silly game of basketball in France.

    • Replies: @Alexander Wolfheze
  11. @Psychotic Break

    Well, I am sorry to hear you use such unflattering adjectives. But you do realize, that even if you touch upon some true sentiments, then you are talking about the sentiments of those cuck-servatives, lib-tards, antifa mercenaries and woke activists among our ‘talking classes’ – not about those dissident publicists, who are simply stating the obvious and asking uncomfortable questions. In any case, I do not take offense at anything said by people who operate anonymously and pseudonymically. The first 3 qualifications in your last sentence seem more appropriate to such people than to those of us actually standing up under their own names bravely, cleanly and gracefully. But I do like your word ‘neo-woke’ – nothing like that found in so-called ‘primitive’ Euro-Islam, but a lot in so-called ‘modern’ Euro-secularism.

    • Replies: @Psychotic Break
  12. @Henryb

    Well, despite some of your uncouth language, I do agree with you that the immigrant masses – Muslim or otherwise – should, as much as possible and in as humane a fashion as possible, be repatriated to their own places – something I wrote in my comment, which you perhaps did not take care to read carefully. The counter-part to that is, of course, that also ‘we’ – the West, those who rule it and those Westerners collaborating with the rulers – should get out of the home-countries of those immigrants: stop waging war, colour-revolutionizing, exploiting and undermining them. And then there is a question: who is more barbaric – those immigrants who indulge in terror, rape, fraud and other Islam-inappropriate activities, or those cowardly indigenous politicians, administrators, bankers, journalists, clergymen and ‘humanitarian worker’ who sell out and betray their own peoples by promoting, financing, shielding and staffing the ‘immigration industry’. And how deep into barbarity must a ‘civilization’ fall for its ‘men’ NOT to stand up in the face of decades of outrageous reverse colonization? No true European – Muslim or otherwise – would.

    • Replies: @Henryb
    , @Alex70
  13. Henryb says:
    @Alexander Wolfheze

    Well, despite some of your uncouth language,…

    Don’t be a pretentious twat. Carry on in that vein and your partner in crime may level against you the charge of being over-civilised. IIRC, that’s something he applied to Europeans during your cosy chat.

    If you didn’t notice “then perhaps you did not take care to listen carefully”.

    I do agree with you that the immigrant masses – Muslim or otherwise – should, as much as possible and in as humane a fashion as possible, be repatriated to their own places – something I wrote in my comment, which you perhaps did not take care to read carefully

    Nah, I read it. The problem of course is that the devil is in the detail and you failed to furnish your comment with any details.

    As you know, but do conceal, the millions of people from recent immigrant stock already born and due to be born in Europe provide such a vast anchorage that no legal means will ever remove them to where they belong.

    It’s tragic I know, but medieval methods will be needed to deal with medieval peoples.

    • Replies: @Alexander Wolfheze
  14. @Alexander Wolfheze

    In any case, I do not take offense at anything said by people who operate anonymously and pseudonymically.

    This is an untrue statement otherwise you would not have taken the time to craft a reply.

    This site welcomes, even encourages, contributors to use pseudonyms for the very good reason that in many of our states and regimes there is often heavy criminal penalty for such political expression. Since this site’s contributors are evidently the constituency you hope to reach with your presentation you are therefore operating here also in bad faith.

    • Replies: @Alexander Wolfheze
  15. Alex70 says:
    @Alexander Wolfheze

    Alexander, It’s admirable that you are engaging in this discourse but you should probably spend your time on other worthwhile endeavours as nothing positive will come from this for you. I have not listened to your interview with Dr. Barrett yet, I will do so now, but your conversation with E Michael Jones was fantastic and I was very impressed with your knowledge and intellect. I also agree with every comment you have posted in this section. I look forward to seeing more of your work.

    • Thanks: JWalters
    • Replies: @Alexander Wolfheze
  16. @Psychotic Break

    I do not take offense, so that’s that. And yes: your and those of other anonymous’ and pseudononyms’ comments do deserve (some) attention, but a little modesty is in order here . It’s simply ridiculous for you, as an pseudononymous poster, to here use the terms ‘defeatist, degenerate, disgraceful’. And (to put the finger on the sore spot of too many anonymous key-board warriors) to indulge in your own fear (of ‘heavy criminal penalty’), while lecturing those who do actually stand up, is exactly that: ‘defeatist, degenerate, disgraceful’. And, in this case also (to use your own ‘projective’) words: bad faith – sowing suspicion where none is warranted. But, of course, ‘Psychotic Break’ really describes your own state – which I do not envy.

    • Replies: @Psychotic Break
  17. @Henryb

    Yes – the quite funny ‘pretentious twat’ and ‘overcivilized’ sections aside – I recognize the validity of the argument you are making here. I.e. the daunting task of somehow ‘lifting the demographic anchor’. And I do agree that there is a larger-than-life, ever-increasing, risk of the shift to ‘medieval methods’. That does not mean, however, that we should not try a well-balanced approach first – as long as there is any change. Because certain means are guaranteed to barbarize and dehumanize those who employ them. I belief that, if the immense (digital/media/surveillance/coercive) power of the modern state can be switched to the control of our movement and consistently applied to achieve a hard but fair remigration-assimilation-segregation-deportation combi-policy – for let’s say 4 or 5 years – we might still be able to avert all-out atavism in a ‘final solution’ to ‘diversity’. Another – very unwelcome – alternative would be to simply partition Western and Central Europe, but that would probably involve massive population transfers and extreme economic upheaval – not to mention the long-term, if not permanent loss of parts of the European homeland. And what parts would we chose to abandon? Everything west of the old Iron Curtain with the exception of some ‘majority-indigenous reservations’ along the lines of the ‘solution’ of the American Frontier? In another generation, that would include my whole homeland with the exception of a few islands and forests. In any case, I fear you may be right – it may come to those ‘medieval methods’. God help us.

  18. @Alex70

    Hello Alex, undoubtedly you are right in what you say. But I actually do believe people who take the effort to comment do deserve at least some minimum attempt at a response. Mostly, I do not have much time for such an effort, but in this specific case I try to make some time – I will explain why. In my estimate, within our dissident right there finally is a consensus building on many previously difficult or under-investigation issues – including Race Realism, the ‘JQ’, the ‘Female Question’, etc – but this is distinctly not the case on the ‘I(slamic) Q(uestion)’. My working thesis – on which I appreciate feed-back – is that it may be wise to impose a ceasefire on the issue of Religion, and shift the entire discussion to the issue of Ethnicity. One of the strongest mind-warping weapons the hostile elite uses to divide the political (populist-civnat >< real right ethnonat) opposition is the 'secular values' fiction, by which all 'immigrants' can be miraculously transformed into 'good citizens'. Which allows them to blame religious divides – short for the only serious religious threat to their order in the West, i.e. 'Islam' – for all those woes that actually stem from ethnic divides. The reaffirmation of Islam as simply one of the world's authentic religious Traditions – the ethical imperative of which is entirely incompatible with terror, rape, theft and fraud – will allow us to focus on the ethnic dimension. The various outrages committed by invading colonists can then be seen for what they are: the inevitable and universally recurring (cultural-anthropologically predictable) side-effects of all ethnic cleansing/replacement phenomena, visible in the fate of the Australian Aboriginals, the American Indians – and now the European peoples in their own home-lands. This point needs hammering, which is why I put – admittedly disproportionate – effort in my comments here. Probably it of marginal use, but at least I can say I tried. Anyway, it is interesting to see what kind of audience comments here. And thank you for your words of advice and appreciation.

    • Replies: @Alex70
  19. @Anonymous

    Quoted for truth.

    Barrett’s crass behavior here on this site is trolling in the most puerile sense of the term. I am embarrassed to say that I once considered him very intelligent, and quite credible.

    My mistake.

  20. @Alexander Wolfheze

    But, of course, ‘Psychotic Break’ really describes your own state – which I do not envy.

    I wondered how long it would take before you made personal use of what is simply a ‘handle’. Always, always, always.

    You are pathetic and disgusting, and what you are slyly attempting to flog here is pure shit.

    Haven’t you got any parties to go to where little girl’s genitals are getting sliced up and mutilated in the name of your cult ‘dispensation’?

    • Troll: JWalters
  21. dimples says:
    @Alexander Wolfheze


    If possible, try to summarize your thoughts in a few sentences before committing it to electrons. Paragraph breaks would also help. I am not suggesting your thoughts are not worth reading, but try not to come across as a scrambled egg.

  22. @Kevin Barrett


    Doing an old goat on the mountain top is one thing; he was for the chop anyway. And we’ve all got to eat, right? But you nauseating creeps take propitiation to a whole other level.

    So utterly terrified are you of the hereafter, the world-to-come, or even of whatever tomorrow might bring, and based on nothing than what others have spooked you with, that you’ve instituted, ritualised to a ‘fine art’, the sudden springing on young girls, holding them down and slicing, scraping and literally shaving with knives the very best parts from them simply to stave off your own nightmares and fears.

    This is nothing other than the most despicable, most miserable, most abhorrent, most barbaric, most utterly repugnant practice on this whole unfortunate planet.

    Europe, the world, is going through its greatest ever time of existential crisis and challenge against a fiend of almost alien-like character and power, and you propose this as our solution? How fucking dare you!

    Just look at the pair of you: the ‘trustworthy’, expert, professorial, know-all goatee beards, the watery pleading little pig-like eyes, with your misleading, conniving, pathetic twisted logic: what do you actually do with the body parts; the little clitorises (clitorōs, clitorīs, clitorae?) and all the labial parts?

    Don’t be bashful, don’t be modest…

    What do you do with them; keep them in a jam-jar with the rusty old razor blade, or flush them down the toilet?

  23. Alex70 says:

    Kevin, Were you referring to Tetouan when discussing the Moroccan area on the Med? I was there a few years ago and while I didn’t notice a westoxification I did notice that the locals seemed very lazy and very comfortable. The men were not working and were sitting at outdoor cafes all day and I remember thinking that this lack of “struggle” you refer to will probable lead to negative outcomes

  24. Alex70 says:
    @Alexander Wolfheze

    I listened to your interview with Dr. Barrett. In theory I would agree that there is a natural alliance but the current systems are beyond repair in the West. However, I would prefer to be aligned with a Ramzan Kadyrov as opposed to a Nigel Farrage. I appreciate your comment and reasoning and perhaps I have been in the dissident sphere longer than many commenters. 10 years ago i spent half my time online on anti Islam sites likes Gates of Vienna or Bare Naked Islam but I haven’t been on those sites for many years, i prefer to focus on the cause rather than the effect.Where I live in Europe I don’t see any wokeism in public and not many immigrants but I do see apathy and decadence. As an example, a few weeks ago while on a local Med beach to the right of me was a Moroccan family, there were 4 children all well behaved and the father was doting and the mother was under a sun umbrella with a full length summer dress and hijab. To my left there was a woman who seemed to be a single mother from the UK with two children. The early teen son was talking and acting like a wannabe gangster, the daughter (9 or 10 years old) was twerking on the beach to some current garbage dance music while the mother , topless and multiple tattooed, was laughing and clapping and drinking beer and smoking marijuana. Perhaps these are both outliers (doubtful) but the difference was striking. We have real problems with our own populations aside from wokeism and Islam,.or rather multiple ethnicities

  25. No, Tetouan is on the Euro tourist map, partly thanks to hashish. (If you ever go there, it’s worth the bus ride to visit Chefchaouen, a beautifully-preserved mountain town with an interesting spiritual heritage.) I was referring to Saidia on the Algerian border. It’s known as the “blue pearl” with the best Mediterranean beaches in Morocco. The summer tourists there are almost all Moroccan—hardly any Westerners go there. At some point roughly 20 years ago there was a plan to build a Club Med, so they slaughtered the forest by the beach, one of Saidia’s nicest features. Fortunately the development plan fell through.

    It’s true that Moroccan cafés are full of under-employed young males. I was one of them when I was working on my dissertation ; – ) I get the sense that Moroccan culture accepts the fact that some people are ambitious, talented, and productive, others not so much, so the productive people are expected to support (at a minimal level) their less-productive relatives. It’s an informal social welfare system, preferable in some ways to the formal one in richer countries.

  26. JWalters says:

    Thanks for this thoughtful discussion of the big picture, including the understandings and misunderstandings of religion and immigration. I’d like to offer a few thoughts about the somewhat confusing place of the alt-right in our current situation.

    At one time the Republicans were the party of the bankers and the Dems were the party of the working people. This conflict was highlighted by Wall Street’s attempt to overthrow FDR with a military coup. The coup was averted when Marine Corps Major General Smedley Butler blew the whistle to Congress.

    Over time the bankers grew their voter base by emphasizing cultural issues over economic ones, documented in “What’s the Matter with Kansas” by Thomas Frank. Most people are not going to vote for a platform of making the bankers richer and themselves poorer. So the bankers assembled a coalition of highly emotional single-issue constituencies, including unregulated gun rights, extreme anti-abortion religionists, and racial and cultural bigots (with a wink and nod).

    The bankers also launched new media outlets which dropped the academic model of appearing objective, rational, and calm. That model was necessary to appeal to the college educated population. The new model was aimed at the less discerning high school population (about 2/3 of the population), and featured lavish emotional indignation. It also featured more outright lying, as well as the lying by omission which had been standard for the college demographic.

    Then two things happened. First, the hot button voters found out they were being laughed at behind their backs by the likes of Karl Rove. i.e. They were being suckered and used. So they started to put real pressure on the banker reps who ran the Repub party. Threatened with a significant loss of their voter base, the bankers capitulated. Thus today the GOP is facing a majority backlash from their recent anti-abortion moves.

    Second, Donald Trump happened. On 9/11 Trump was interviewed live on-air by a local NYC news team about the collapse of a WTC tower. He said emphatically that the tower could not have been brought down by a plane, that explosives must have been used, and gave a coherent engineering explanation of the building’s structure which supported his conclusion.

    Two days later, after seeing that the entire MSM was reporting the same cover story, he got on board with that, presumably for his own safety. He knew the thoroughly controlled MSM narrative meant the operation was orchestrated from the highest level. And being a NYC insider, he probably had a pretty clear idea who was behind it. Even though he was a self-centered showman, this may have had a profound effect on him.

    Then Trump spent several years building his public recognition quotient with a TV show built around his business identity.

    In 2016 he runs for president. Harkening back to 9/11 and the Iraq war, he demolishes Jeb Bush in a GOP primary debate, emphatically accusing Bush’s brother (Dubya) of lying to the American people in order to go to war in Iraq.

    The establishment Repub pundits and politicians are horrified at this breach of party loyalty, and devastating (for them) truth. Even Bernie and Hillary have not dared accuse Dubya of outright lying (“mistake”, “bad intelligence” instead). The GOP establishment predicts the immediate collapse of Trump’s campaign.

    But the Repub voter base loves it. They know by then that their family members had been killed for establishment profits. Trump did particularly well in states with high numbers of military casualties.

    Trump was stealing away the banker’s carefully assembled coalition of voters right from under their noses. At one point he mocked the criticism of his supporters as “low information” by saying, “I love low information voters”. Similarly, today we hear Steve Bannon routinely refer to Trump supporters as “deplorables”, using Hillary Clinton’s famous phrase as a badge of honor.

    In courting these voters Trump adopted their culture. These are people who go to the neighborhood bar Friday night. They enjoy the theatrics of World Wide Wrestling. Trump adopted the theatrics of wrestling shows for his campaign. The crowds felt this guy was really one of them, not like the rest of those elitist, pansy, overly polite politicians.

    Thus the primary focus of Trump’s opponents became, and remains to this day, his alleged terrible character.

    During his nomination acceptance speech he railed against those who had destroyed American cities by shipping jobs oversees. “They didn’t even care!” he said. And the working class crowd knew he was right. He vowed to start bringing jobs back to America, in contrast to Obama’s statement that “those jobs are never coming back”. Now the Biden administration realizes the folly of being so dependent on Chinese manufacturing, and has declared it will repatriate jobs. But it makes no mention that Trump started this turn of strategy.

    About a week before the FBI raid on Trump’s home he said nobody had really gotten to the bottom” of 9/11. The event was a Saudi sponsored golf tournament at his golf course in New Jersey. Undoubtedly this statement unnerved the perpetrators of 9/11, as Trump surely knew it would.

    Recently I’ve noticed several analysts, who (it seems to me) have a high awareness of the Deep State cabal, and who are not part of standard the Trump demographic, leaning toward that idea that the very ferocity of the Deep State’s attempts to take Trump down is becoming evidence that they see him as a genuine threat to them.

    But in that case, how can we account for his slavish subservience to Israel, and his apparent cultivation of support by bigots?

    There’s an old saying, “Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer”. If he truly understands the Deep State, that might explain his subservience to Israel. He may have hoped that his extreme obsequiousness toward Israel would highlight how subservient the US to Israel. Alas, that got no mention in the MSM.

    But then near the end of his administration he said that the only reason America had troops in the Middle East was for Israel, that we should get them out, and that we should never have put them in. A very stark statement.

    The Israeli role at the heart of the Deep State is also a problem due to the Christian Zionist faction of Trump’s voting base. How can these people be rescued from their delusion and enlisted in bringing down the Deep State? Steve Bannon regularly drops references to the Neocons and the City of London which suggest he understands the source of the Deep State problems. But these hints would only be meaningful to those who already know the backstory. The deadly power of the Deep State must be appropriately feared.

    As for cultivating bigots, Trump has disavowed bigots specifically and repeatedly, and those statements have been ignored by the Deep State’s MSM. Simultaneously, bigots are akin to the canary in the coal mine for noticing destructive levels of uncontrolled immigration. Properly polite people won’t raise objections to avoid being called a bigot. Bigots don’t have that reservation, so they speak up.

    Some people argue that since Trump was once rescued from bankruptcy by Rothschild agent Wilbur Ross, Trump is therefore still indebted to the Deep State, and is just participating in a gigantic, divide % conquer political theater.

    Others say he was just learning the ropes in his first term, and planning his main moves against the Deep State for his second term.

    Evidence worth noting, Trump got some of his worst flak from the Deep State mafia media for working away from war and toward peace with Russia and China.

    • Replies: @Kevin Barrett
  27. @JWalters

    Well, that may be an overly charitable interpretation of Trump’s character and abilities, but it isn’t entirely wrong. And I fully agree about the bankers using hot-button issues to divide and distract the less-educated population. They’re doing it to the left too, by using money power to promote cultural Marxism over Bernie Sanders style “share the wealth” Marxism.

    • Replies: @JWalters
  28. JWalters says:
    @Kevin Barrett

    Thanks for your thoughtful reply. I realize the speculations I presented are unconventional. But if 9/11 did galvanize Trump’s sense of duty from his military academy days, he did not have a path to the presidency through the Democratic party since Bernie was already in the “renegade” lane.

    I would appreciate your elaboration sometime on your statement, “They’re doing it to the left too, by using money power to promote cultural Marxism.” In particular, what is “cultural Marxism”?

    Regarding the fact that “This video was immediately taken down by YouTube!”, I’m guessing that was triggered by your bringing up the Satanic Judaic cult of around 1666. That is a particularly devastating part of the Jewish supremacist story. It is a potential pivot point in Christian Zionists abandoning Zionism. That would be catastrophic for the Zionist mafia.

  29. Anon[190] • Disclaimer says:
    @Kevin Barrett

    I live in Europe.

    The problem with mass immigration from the Mid East, Pakistan, North Africa and most especially sub Saharan Africa, is that the vast majority of these immigrants are significantly less intelligent than the average European. Even if the first generation decides not to grift and fills low wage jobs, the second and third generations will (and already are) noticing they are generally less successful than the native Europeans. Their self esteem prevents the immigrants from understanding that they lack the aptitude to be anymore successful in Europe than they were in their home countries. A majority can’t accept this and will therefore be dissatisfied, hate their hosts, and feel justified in grifting on welfare, turning to crime and generally debasing the native culture they can’t fit into as equals.

    Of course, mass immigration is not an accident. The Eu leaders, or whoever directs them, knows that an unassimilated under class will destroy the individual European countries cultural cohesion and atomize the Europeans into global citizens of Europe rather than as French, German or Italian, etc. Europe is becoming rapidly like the USA, home to all and home to no one. This is not a religious issue.

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