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Effects of taxes and benefits on UK household income: financial year ending 2019

This interesting report of pre-Covid times, can be described succinctly, and the basic numbers are more striking than the official histogram.

The basic fact in this official report from the Office of National Statistics is that there is a massive financial transfer from white households to black households, and a lesser transfer to all other ethnic groups. Asians make a lesser but still significant contribution.

“White” encompasses White British; Irish; Gypsy or Irish Traveller; and White Other ethnic group categories.

“Asian” encompasses Indian; Bangladeshi; Pakistani; Chinese; and Asian Other ethnic group categories.

“Other” encompasses Arab and Other ethnic group categories.

“Mixed” encompasses White and Black Caribbean; White and Asian; White and Black African; and Other Mixed ethnic group categories.

“Ethnic Minorities” encompasses all ethnic groups that are not “White”.

“Black” encompasses Black Caribbean; Black African; and Black Other ethnic group categories.

For simplicity I have removed the Other and Mixed categories from my brief table.

Compare the “original” income (salary, dividends and all other incoming funds) and then look final income, after taxes and all the benefits received.

In the UK money is transferred heavily from Whites (and slightly from Asians) to give significant benefits to other Ethnic groups, and a massive benefit to Blacks.

• Category: Science 
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  1. ruralguy says:

    A dictionary defines parasite as: “an organism that lives in or on an organism of another species (its host) and benefits by deriving nutrients at the other’s expense.”

    That’s exactly what is going on with with these financial transfers to Blacks and others.

  2. Moe Gibbs says:

    In the U.S. this sort of thing is just accepted as reparations 8 generations removed for the turrible, turrible legacy of that ‘peculiar institution’ that every paleface is retroactively guilty of.

    What is the U.K. self-flagellating for?

    • Replies: @HammerJack
  3. dearieme says:

    I’ve seen another disparity referred to, namely that some non-white ethnic groups are perfectly happy to receive blood transfusions but reluctant to donate blood.

    Do you happen to know whether that’s true? (And if it is, who had the courage to collect and publish the numbers?)

    Afterthought: before Brexit it must therefore have been white Britons ( and other white residents) who paid virtually all the UK’s subsidy to the other EU nations.

    P.S. I hate pie charts but that figure could make me hate bar charts too.

    • Replies: @James Thompson
  4. LondonBob says:

    These studies don’t take in to account those hard to measure effects, like the fact we can’t nice things anymore.

    • Agree: HammerJack
  5. dearieme says:

    What about age? In two senses: if the British – meaning the whites – are older on average than the others then you’d expect quite a reduction in tax paid, because their incomes become lower on retirement. Similarly you’d expect them to take more in “benefits” because – to the outrage of some – the State Retirement Pension is classified as a “benefit”.

    The fact that in spite of these conjectured effects they are still carrying the bulk of the burden is therefore even more striking.

    Then there are other burdens: one ethnic group is disproportionately given to serious crime and must consequently cost more for policing, the courts, the jails. Another disproportionately bears handicapped babies, so adding to the costs of the NHS and “care” services. And so forth.

    • Replies: @Bartolo
    , @res
  6. @dearieme

    I looked at this about 20 years ago, when giving a lecture on donating blood. Apparently some ethnics said “I would donate, but only if my blood went to my ethnic group*. I have since seen some newer data, but typically will have to search for a while to remember where I found it.

    It was a very bad bar chart. Pie charts are worse.

  7. Phibbs says:

    Jews are not white, so they should have their own category — especially since they are the richest race.

  8. Oh – but race does not exist!
    (I’m tempted to go on: That to ignore this basic fact is the foundation of the house of cards, that is erected in the – represssive… – article above about the assumend or: even better:pretended (= constructed) social injustices towards whites. -That said – and now without irony/sarcasm: What you show above is impressive…)

  9. Blacks, Asians, and Middle Eastern people residing in the UK should be thought of as ‘DP’s’, or ‘displaced person’s.

    Alternatively, they can be thought of as colonists or foreign diaspora.

    It’s time to apply disincentives to encourage them to self-deport. Ending wealth transfers is the first step.

  10. Bartolo says:

    Yes, the numbers seemed too low to me. Probably the differing age distributions account for this smallish difference. I am sure if you take age into account, differences explode.

  11. Factorize says:

    Shouldn’t we be talking more about the Remote Revolution? The large scale migration towards a fully virtual school/work/social life is of profound importance.

  12. It would be interesting to divide Asians by religion. Parsees, Hindus and Confucians might well show different characteristics to the religion of peace.

  13. dearieme says:

    I wonder what euphemism will be devised for “Albanian gangster”?

  14. res says:

    Good points. The current (2021 data) version of that page has an age breakdown (by head of household as Figure 7, I believe all of this data is by household). Might be possible to estimate part of your effect by combining that with age demographics by ethnic group. Though “per household” might skew things. How much does household size/composition vary between groups?

    It is interesting to see how the graphs presented vary by report year. The 2019 graphic Dr. Thompson presented is the only ethnic breakdown I see 2018-2021.

  15. @Moe Gibbs

    Empire, of course. As punishment for civilising half the world, the UK shall now become uncivilised. Fair’s fair, right?

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