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America is in turmoil because of a video in which a Policeman seems very highly likely to have caused the death of an arrested man. He must face trial. Also, the techniques used in making arrests must be put on trial. Kneeling down on the back of the neck of a hand-cuffed man is not remotely a safe procedure.

A few years ago, Europe was in shock at the picture of a refugee child lying dead on a Greek beach, leading to a chain of events which culminated in the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, inviting into Germany one million refugees. The picture was more powerful than a thousand words. A thousand times more powerful.

A dreadful image, a horrifying video, can have enormous impact. It brings us face to face with death, from which we are now spared in everyday life, since death has been outsourced to professionals, whereas before it was part of family experience to attend to the dying, and to sit by a visible body in a protracted wake. Equally, the videos of riots, beatings, and shootings cannot help but arouse emotions, of fear, pity, anger and hatred. It is easy to be horrified, repelled by human behaviour, outraged at violence on the part of others, and to wish for prompt and savage retaliation.

Bertrand Russell observed that individual cases had an enormous impact in popular argument. When an individual case is made flesh in the virtual reality of a video, it takes on an incontrovertible status: we saw it happen, as if we were there, and no one can contradict us, other than a liar. We regard ourselves as a witness to a broader reality, and are reluctant to accept that we have witnessed a rare and unrepresentative event. Traumatised victims of crime are apt to over-generalise, both about the perpetrators, the circumstances and place of the event, and about the prevalence of crime. And why not? Their lives were mostly good until that point, and then one or two miscreants put them in fear of their lives, on a street somewhere, in a way they will forever remember. Avoiding those types of people (including their race) and those types of circumstances (talking on a phone in a street) and that particular location seems prudent. The victim has learned from experience, and much therapeutic time may be needed to help them out into public again.

In the face of these emotional realities, from which few are exempt, the search for context may seem a betrayal: the cop-out of the feeble, the excuse of the bystander. Quoting the available statistics may seem perverse, as if it were an attempt to deny that a citizen was killed, as depicted.

Would it be better to show videos of other citizens being killed, in the same or similar manner, to reveal that it happens to men of all races? Bizarrely, this might be a good corrective to over-generalization. Say, the last 20 to 30 cases of death of arrested men, each shown in painful personal detail, might show in virtual reality what comes out of the dry government statistics, that in recent years 3 black men per 10,000 arrests have ended up dead, as compared with 4 white men per 10,000 arrests. @LeonydusJohnson

Will these figures have any impact? I doubt it. We have not seen their faces, heard their pleas, witnessed their agony. It is the difference between a great tragedy onstage and the dry recitation of a telephone directory in a side alley. Statistics are of interest to 0.1% of the population.

Of course, the context should be even broader, which is to look at all racial aspects of crime. These data are not available on an annual basis, and tend to be given as bald numbers, requiring readers to do extra work in order to interpret them. A good starting point is to go through the logic before looking at any numbers.

For each group in society, in this case racial groups, we need to know the crime rate per head of population for all arrestable crimes. This gives us a first approximation, subject to reporting errors, which of course could include differential arrest rates because of racial bias. Where possible, we could compare those arrest rates with victim and witness descriptions of perpetrators. Victims very often see their assailants very close up, and can give racial characterisations, if not descriptions which are detailed enough to secure convictions. Witnesses likewise can generally give racial groupings of perpetrators. Interestingly, self-reports are also available from crime surveys, and these serve as another comparison against which to evaluate arrest rates.

To evaluate the argument that all these figures are shot through with specific racial biases, it would be good to look at speed camera infractions by race.

Crime surveys in which citizens recall crimes (which they may not have taken to the Police) and also give racial descriptions of the perpetrators would be another test case. Interestingly, the argument that the Police and justice systems are biased would have to be extended to all victims, arguing that out of personal racial prejudice the victims mis-identify the actual perpetrator so that the police search for the wrong racial group. This seems unlikely.

Government statistics on race and crime have been published, debated and publicised countless times, yet seem to have no effect at all on the nature of the national discussion. They seem to exist only as a footnote, which should not disturb the main narrative. To mention them is to interrupt an action movie with obscure comments on the possibly misleading effects of selective camera angles.

One reason for confusion is that mainstream media (the BBC is a prime example) give a selective presentation of the findings. This week they were showing graphs (as part of “reality-checking”) of fatal police shootings by ethnicity. What could be wrong with that? What could be wrong with prison population by ethnicity?

The error lies in assuming that racial groups are equally law-abiding. That possibility is not included in the BBC reality checking.

What is to be done?

The statistics don’t matter, and statistics are the distillation of innumerable biographies.

• Category: Science • Tags: Floyd Riots 2020, Race Riots 
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  1. > America is in turmoil because of a video in which a Policeman seems very highly likely to have caused the death of an arrested man. He must face trial. Also, the techniques used in making arrests must be put on trial. Kneeling down on the back of the neck of a hand-cuffed man is not remotely a safe procedure.

    Why am I reading this?

    Are you an expert on restraints? Do you know that the technique was authorized by the Minnesota PD based on appropriate restraining techniques research? Are you aware of the history of drug abuse by the offender and the fact that the offender had plenty of different substances in his blood? Do you understand that the life of an average cop is move valuable than the life of an average criminal who is typically a burden for society and they on average very rarely turn their life around? Are you in position to assess what would be a proper way to address the excited delirium situation?

    You are hopeless, I regret taking your perspective on IQ in the past seriously, if you can’t figure out this rather simple situation how can I be confident that you don’t make mistakes in other fields?

    Removing my subscription.

  2. Bro43rd says:

    Maybe this event will open some minds regarding the violent system that rules the world. Instead of deferring to it to make some magical tweak that’ll make everything all better, like momma kissing your booboo.

  3. @huwhyte ppl

    No, not an expert on restraints, so consulted a medical director of a large accident and emergency service, and he did not support the use of that technique. British and American advice may differ.
    Yes, aware he had many drugs in his bloodstream, including fentanyl.
    Personally, I am very sympathetic to the problems policemen everywhere have in dealing with drunk, drugged and highly disturbed persons.

    • Replies: @Anon
  4. Anon[375] • Disclaimer says:
    @James Thompson

    Apparently the amount on fentanyl in his system was 4 times the amount known to kill a person, and 3 times the amount considered very dangerous.

    Fentanyl in particular suppresses breathing and can cause heart attacks.

    He also had marijuana and meth in there.

    • Agree: Dieter Kief
  5. @Anon

    Thanks. Was this from the first or second post-mortem? Have the full findings been published?

    • Replies: @Sean
    , @obwandiyag
  6. Sean says:
    @James Thompson

    Fentanyl level was not sufficient to kill him. He was positive for COVID-19, most likely did not have any symptoms when he died. On the other hand, Floyd had foam visible at the corners of his mouth when taken out his own car and arrested.

    The lungs are surprisingly high up. Chauvin had both knees on Floyd, the right knee on Floyd’s upper back had more, maybe almost all, of Chauvin’s weight on it in my opinion. The family commissioned 2nd autopsy said said he died from asphyxiation due to the pressure on his neck but also his “upper back”. A common way to die with people on top using their weight to keep you immobile is the ribcage is prevented from expanding and thus breathing halts. Mass deaths in crowd crushes are usually by asphyxiation from rib constriction. The second autopsy cites him having his hands cuffed behind his back as a contributory factor to his difficulty in breathing. A lot of little things: his poor state of health, age, drug use, recent respiratory infection probably added up to getting on for half the reason he died.

    As Lane and Leung were putting an apparently compliant Floyd in a police vehicle, Floyd said he was claustrophobic, and went over onto the ground of his own volition. Then Chauvin and colleague arrived. Floyd, who weighed weighed 250lbs, would not get up and when they tried to get him back up and in the car he went limp and was (forgive the irony) so much dead weight. This going limp act may be part of the reason that Chauvin was so slow to pick up on Chavin becoming unresponsive. After repeated failures to get him out of his wet dishtowel act, they decided to hold him down.

    I would note that only Chauvin’s partner Thao did not object to what Chauvin (the veteran officer present) was doing. The two rookies who did object (Lane said “I am worried’ and twice asked Chauvin: ‘Shall we roll him over?’, while Kueng said ‘You shouldn’t do that) are in prison facing 40 years for aiding and abetting second degree murder (what Chavin has been charged with) which in that state consists of having: “Killed a human intentionally”.

    Off topic. The –to me incomprehensible–Karl Friston and his fancy maths models seems to be very roughly in agreement with the conclusions of Professor Gupta about a lot of people not being susceptable to being infected in the first place, and so never getting the specific antibodies that are being taken as a sign of immunity through prior infection.

  7. @James Thompson

    Good point. The second autopsy, the real one verified for a fact that he died from knees on his neck and back. Simple inarguable fact that these fantasists will deny like Flat-Earth Deniers till the cows come home.

  8. Anonymous[121] • Disclaimer says:

    Funny thing – I was *TOTALLY* indifferent to that photo of Alan Kurdi, my only reaction was anger against his parents for killing him. Emotionally and mentally, my mind has firmly been twisted to a place where I see all of the dark skinned people abasing and humiliating themselves, conning foolish gullible white politicians into invading and taking over Europe, as my sworn and hardest and most ruthless ENEMIES.
    Alan Kurdi’s parents fit that bill too.

    What *does* upset are images of deliberate human inflicted cruelty to animals.

  9. Bertrand Russell observed that individual cases had an enormous impact in popular argument. When an individual case is made flesh in the virtual reality of a video, it takes on an incontrovertible status: we saw it happen as if we were there, and no one can contradict us, other than a liar.


    Right. Russel reconstructed or reflected, why drama/theatre plays and – novels – and movies are so powerful. Because they are personal and typical and are indeed individual cases made flesh (today even more so than at the beginning of the 20th century…).

    I would like to add Photographs here explicitly – because photographs arrest and focus time itself. Very powerful. – The dead “refugee” boy you mention, James Thompson (they were no refugees though when the boy drowned), the naked girl, running down a street crying in Vietnam, etc. …

    There is a whole chapter in Back to Blood – Tim Wolfe’s last novel about immigrants and the police – and dentists and Sex-O-Matic Maniacs (Macy Gray) on yachts and drug addicts and Russian Oligarch’s bonding with the posh gallerY-scene of Art Basel/Miami Beach… 

    And amidst all this Wolfe explains in scrupulous detail how that works – how the individual case becomes the center of public debate – via a TV-news-clip! – And how this news-clip overwhelms the rational part of the public discourse, that reflects what this filmed sequence brought up.

    In other words: Tom Wolfe’s Back to Blood is at the epicenter of our actual situation – once again. Since I moved and about half of my books are still in boxes, I can’t quote Back to Blood and bring up more details. But the core of my argument stands.

    So, of course, Bertrand Russel was right. And may I add: Tom Wolfe is even eh – righter – in that he points out that the news-clip, representing a scene from actual life, is even more powerful because it looks like life itself, caught on a screen. And the internet is intensifying the mass-impact of the Gorge Floyd video (the equivalent of Tom Wolfe’s news-clip) – and that is new (now I think of Wolfe’s primal-process (Freud) lust = enthusiasm, which was lit up whenever such novelties hit his eye…(that’s maybe the main reason to say he was a genius).

    The George Floyd video shows a terrible death – and makes it public at the same time.

    Something that in this combination never happens and hits the soul of the thin-skinned and anyway overly sensitive 21st-century regulars midship. People experience something which is – I agree – now hardly ever encountered because dealing with death is highly professionalized and thus expelled from experience. and that was very different here: The experience of this death not only happening in public but also happening in a – may I say: Esthetically extremely challenging way – without sounding cynic, hopefully (I think I’m still just describing what happened).

    Now what I agree with: I agree, George Floyd’s death as the video shows it, is deeply humiliating and utterly terrible. We see that – and while looking at the video, we even get the impression we would have personally experienced George Floyd’s death (note, I don’t say: We personally experienced Georg Floyd’s death, I said: We – after seeing the video, might think, we would have personally experienced Georg Floyd’s death. ut that’s not true. We didn’t. We have seen a video though, that’s what lots of people did, that’s right, but that’s not the same.

    As far as the cause of George Floyd’s death is concerned – most people confuse their impression of having personally experienced this terrible death would imply that they saw, why George Floyd died. But that is clearly wrong because complex reasons for the death of a person can’t be shown in a video. Not in this case. It would have been clear if George Floyd would be on video run over by a truck. But he wasn’t. The reasons for his death are not obvious and might in fact differ a lot from what the video shows indeed: That George Floyd was overwhelmed by policemen and died then.
    Now I would have to go into the details of this death seen from the perspective of a CO-19 infected person with heavy drug-consumption – stretched out over decades: A multi-tox man if ever there was one. Such heavy loads of all kinds of drugs taken-in over decades cause bodily damages, which make you prone to dying under any circumstance. Your heart is most likely damaged, you might suffer from hypertension – and that is all quite dangerous especially if you are under high stress and at the same time extremely high on Fentanyl with some crystal meth and cannabis and alcohol in your system too. – And all that was the case with George Floyd, as we know from the autopsy.

    So: Yes, the video shows that Geoge Floyd died a terrible and utterly humiliating public death. But no: The video does not show, why he died. The video does show at least one person, who is responsible for the circumstances under which this suspect died as well as at least for some if not for the main reasons, why he died too.

  10. @Anon

    That’s Stefan Molyneux’ main reason to sum things up like this:

    George Floyd:-

    On fentanyl –

    Heart disease-

    Used meth-


    Cocaine addict-

    Having a heart attack-

    Resisted arrest-

    Refused to get in the car-

    Ambulance called-

    Restrained (dangerous due to fentanyl)-


  11. Svevlad says:

    I have a proposal, that’s extremely easy:

    Mass desensitization. Total and utter elimination of all feels

    No feels, therefore no butthurt, therefore no riots

    • Replies: @Dieter Kief
  12. dearieme says:

    Would he have died if he hadn’t had someone kneeling on his neck and back?

    Isn’t that what a jury will have to decide based, no doubt, on conflicting medical testimony?

    Be that as it may, it looks very much like murder to my inexpert eye.

    • Replies: @HallParvey
  13. @Sean

    As Lane and Leung were putting an apparently compliant Floyd in a police vehicle, Floyd said he was claustrophobic,

    Strange that he didn’t have claustrophobia when sitting in the front seat of the vehicle he was first found in.

    Was he lying in the second instance. Sure sounds like it to me.

  14. @obwandiyag

    The second autopsy, the real one verified for a fact that he died from knees on his neck and back.

    Perhaps you are not smart enough to realize that the state can never let the ME’s report be overturned.

    Also, Floyd died because of his own poor choices.

  15. @obwandiyag

    Simple inarguable fact that these fantasists will deny like Flat-Earth Deniers till the cows come home.

    Wait. What is a Flat-Earth Denier?

    Are you a flat-earther?

    I should have guessed.

    • Replies: @Adam Smith
  16. @Svevlad

    No feelings and no riots and all that – this might be why people fear paradise more than the Devil – the devil is entertaining (Jumpin’ Jack Flash! – Flying through the elements showing off big signs of pride and joy and trickiness and thus he is – alive ‘n’ kickin’ – sexy & forbidden = interesting.

    (If one looks at the medieval paintings in the (upper) Rhine valley – museums between Cologne roughly and – – Zürich – one finds all kinds of interesting Devils but God? Uhhh! – Old man with a beard, looking a bit sour…)

  17. dearieme says:

    Here’s a question for US policemen: how many of the people you are arresting/restraining complain “I can’t breathe”?

    It seems to me that if the complaint is common but no harm results it’s reasonable of the cops to ignore it. If it’s uncommon they might be wise to heed it. Don’t I remember it was said by the chap in NYC who was being arrested for the heinous crime of selling illicit cigarettes? He died too.

    • Replies: @lloyd
  18. lloyd says: • Website

    To play the devil’s advocate, what should the cops have done instead to resist a six foot six man who insisted on resisting arrest and was a public danger. Concusssed him and then carried him away? That was the method of primitive police tactics. Another possibility was sedated him. That would only be permissible in a hospital setting. Leaning on his neck until he capitulated or fainted makes sort of sense. Like a mother animal carries its young. Unfortunately, in this case, the man tragically died as his weakened heart could not take the strain. The same death as has happened to a very few others such as white man Timpa. Ridiculed by the cops as he lay dying. George Floyd was apparently turning his life around. His drug intake was no more than one might expect from a night club security guard. Maybe it’s time to interview the woman he home invaded and held a gun to her a decade or so ago. Concerning long time trauma.

    • Replies: @dearieme
  19. lloyd says: • Website

    Then of course, every felon under restraint would say that. It is after all true they can’t breathe. For traumas, it is the least long term damaging unless one suffocates. I myself have practised neck holds on my wife and step son with no long term effects.

    • Replies: @Zumbuddi
  20. Zumbuddi says:

    “I myself have practised neck holds on my wife and step son with no long term effects.”

    To you or to them?

  21. dearieme says:

    what should the cops have done?

    They already had him handcuffed. Maybe they should have cuffed his ankles, rolled him on his side, and then taken a breather while they decided what to do next. Making a decision under less stress mighty have been a good idea.

    I’m not suggesting that policing violence-prone drugged-up criminals is easy, mind.

    If, on the other hand, they hadn’t cuffed his ankles and they’d had him get to his feet and if he had then launched an attack on them, they would be perfectly entitled to shoot him. Maybe it was fear of being “lynched” for that that persuaded Chauvin to kneel on his neck instead. I don’t suppose we’ll ever know.

    • Replies: @SafeNow
  22. eric says:

    As to those who appreciate stats, 0.1% is too low. I’d guestimate 1 to 10%.

  23. @Anon

    Apparently the amount on fentanyl in his system was 4 times the amount known to kill a person, and 3 times the amount considered very dangerous.

    It’s important to know your tolerance before you eat your fentanyl patches!

    He also had marijuana and meth in there.

    One certain result of the legalization of marihuana is that there are going to be more potheads, more mass killings, and more death! The costs will be borne by society and the families of future victims of potheads! Marihuana is the gateway drug, the escalator drug, to cocaine, heroin and fentanyl. Just one taste of the devil weed and it is only a matter of time until you are eating fentanyl patches.

    The New York Times chronicled the fate of an unfortunate family who happened upon the most sinister of herbs…

    A widow and her children have been driven insane by eating the marihuana plant, according to doctors, who say that there is no hope of saving the children’s lives and that the mother will be insane for the rest of her life.

    The tragedy occurred while the body of the father, who had been killed by the coronavirus, was still in the hospital.

    The mother was without money to buy other food for the children, whose ages range from 2 to 15, so they gathered some herbs and vegetables growing in the yard for their dinner.

    Two hours after the mother and children had eaten the plants they were stricken. Neighbors, hearing outbursts of crazed laughter, rushed to the house to find the entire family insane.

    Examination revealed that the narcotic marihuana plant was growing among the garden vegetables.

    With all that fentanyl racing through his blood, why did Floyd have to be restrained at all?

    Usually someone in the depths of a fentanyl overdose is just lying there, dying, unable to get up and barely able to move. Did he have an unusually high tolerance for fentanyl? Was this death really a marijuana overdose?

    • Disagree: Bro43rd
    • LOL: Tsar Nicholas
  24. dearieme says:

    One question, just to show how little I know about that business. Chauvin gave me the impression that he was kneeling on the fellow while awaiting … what? More policemen to arrive?

    • Replies: @dearieme
  25. @Peripatetic Commenter

    What is a Flat-Earth Denier?

    A Round-Earther.

    A Round-Earth conspiracy theorist.

  26. @obwandiyag

    The 2nd autopsy is the FAKE one. Dr. Baden, with multiple priors for faking conclusions from autopsies in high-profile cases did not do a physical autopsy but instead viewed a video? And you call that the real autopsy? Are you serious right now?

    • Replies: @Peripatetic Commenter
  27. @restless94110

    Dude, he (or she) is a flat-earther … don’t expect much sense from him (or her).

  28. @Sean

    Fentanyl level was not sufficient to kill him.

    Perhaps you missed this:

  29. @huwhyte ppl

    Reciting the constituents of a corpse’s bloodstream is not a valid argument. Has anyone knelt on your throat for a couple of nine minutes? Have you done it to someone? Or is it safe because it was okayed by a CORPORATE system that paid to have their ‘assets’ trained by ‘specialists”? How do you restrain a guy twice your size without wounding him?
    This entire argument is a logic black hole, and the way it is dividing society tells me it was expertly designed in a Think-tank.
    All my sympathies to the simpletons too simple to realise they are being driven into a frenzy to the point where the State needs (and has legal “right”) to defend itself. Calm down or get mown down…
    Maybe Bill’s Crown vaccine will have a permanent calming effect, too. Or is he still working on that one?

  30. nier says:

    positive for Coronavirus
    severe Arteriosclerotic heart disease,
    Hypertensive heart disease
    mild biventricular dilatation
    Clinical history of hypertension
    overdosed on Fentanyl
    overdosed on Methamphetamine
    Urine drug screen: presumptive positive for cannabinoids, amphetamines, and fentanyl/metabolite

    No life-threatening injuries identified!!!

    It looks like these cops will be aquitted of murder.

    • LOL: Sean
    • Replies: @Peripatetic Commenter
  31. @nier

    No doubt the Democrats will try to ensure the trial completes before November 3 …

    • Agree: res
  32. nier says:

    “Signs associated with fentanyl toxicity include severe respiratory depression, seizures, hypotension, coma anddeath. In fatalities from fentanyl, blood concentrations are variable and have been reported as low as 3 ng/mL.”

  33. SafeNow says:

    “launched an attack on them”

    Coughing at someone is now an attack. And you needn’t be 6’6” to cough.

    • Replies: @Peripatetic Commenter
  34. @SafeNow

    In a world where Corona Virus is a serious pandemic that will kill you very quickly, coughing on someone when you know you are COVID-19 infected is a felony.

    However, I suspect that most Democrats realize that that bullshit is really only an attempt to paint Orange Man Bad!

  35. Here is one city that disbanded their police force. However, they moved to using a private police force …

    However, apart from someone called dearieme posting there what is amazing is the murder rate there even after they employed a new police force.

    25 murders per 100,000? That is high.

    • Replies: @dearieme
    , @James Thompson
  36. dearieme says:
    @Peripatetic Commenter

    someone called dearieme posting there

    Wasn’t me, guv.

    There used to be a poster at MR who claimed to be me. I repeatedly mocked him for being incapable of posting in anything resembling British English. My guess is that the mockery had little effect; rather, eventually a moderator blocked him.

    And now someone else flies a false flag, eh? Am I bovvered?

  37. @dearieme

    Isn’t that what a jury will have to decide based, no doubt, on conflicting medical testimony?

    Nope. The trial that counts has already been held in the court of public opinion, operated by the political powers that own the communication networks. The cop side lost.

  38. dearieme says:

    “he was kneeling on the fellow while awaiting … what?”

    On another blog I saw the answer: he was apparently awaiting an ambulance.

  39. dearieme says:

    Marginal Revolution seems also to have a bogus doc T.

    James Thompson
    June 9, 2020 at 1:36 pm

    #5 I do not think it is that simple! Evidently, freedom is important, but how would Libertarians protect America in a time when Russia renews its aggressivr instance against us and our allies? I think we beed to contain Russia, overhaul the military, increase infrastructure and military spending and aid our allies.

  40. @Peripatetic Commenter

    To British eyes, 25 murders per 100,000 is sky high.

    • Replies: @Peripatetic Commenter
  41. @James Thompson

    Indeed. It tells me there are lots of blacks in Camden, NJ.

  42. LondonBob says:

    I think these recent events have been a real wakeup call for many, watching the violence, and particularly the attack on monuments. Even seen some mainstream commentators speak the unspoken truth, resentments have been allowed to spill forth. Unfortunately I have always seen the decline and collapse of the US as necessary to save Europe, we can’t let it happen here combined with collapse of US influence in Europe event.

  43. Tarrasik says:

    I’m AMAZED that this information is not common knowledge.

    Floyd died of Excited Delirium, NOT neck restraint


    The charging document that outlines the probable cause arrest for Officer Derek Chauvin mentions a discussion he had with another officer when they were on the ground on top of Floyd. Chauvin said that he was concerned about “excited delirium” and they were going to stay on the ground. Excited delirium, is a condition that is characterized by agitation, aggression, fear, panic, violence and hyperactivity along with “super strength” culminates with distress and sudden death…

    Minneapolis Disaster: Fentanyl, Methamphetamine & Excited Delirium


    “The death of George Floyd after an interaction with the Minneapolis Police Department has rocked the world and while everyone reading this believes that an officer that put his knee in the back of Floyd’s neck for close to nine minutes was the cause of death, the facts and evidence are anything but that.”

    Excited Delirium technical overview


    Thanks to the work of Drs. Ted Chan and Tom Neuman, research has proven that Positional Asphyxia as presented in the 1990s does not exist; Compression Asphyxia theories have been dispelled with researchers finding that several hundred pounds of weight on a subject’s back does not lead to asphyxia; OC spray has likewise been proven safe in medical studies; and the TASER has been found to be safe in countless medical studies. What then is causing suspects to die in the arrest process?

    Official Hennepin County autopsy report.

    Neck Restraint is an approved Minneapolis police technique.

    Michael Baden Did Not Perform Autopsy But You Are Being Told He Did.

    Mayor of Minneapolis Lets Rioters Burn Down Police Station, Force Cops to Flee Under Attack, but Accuses Trump of ‘Weakness’


    Rioters got into the building and took all kinds of police equipment after police fled, under attack from the rioters. This was absolutely insane, as police fled under attack. Officials blamed “a core group of people” not from Minneapolis for a lot of the destruction and there’s likely a big truth there with the anarchists/communist groups that have come in to literally fan the flames.

    • Replies: @schnellandine
  44. dearieme says:

    “a core group of people” not from Minneapolis

    Ah yes. Please Miss, it was bad boys from Kinlochleven.

  45. @Tarrasik

    Icky homo—the famous Dr. Derek Chauvin, field diagnostician, administering emergency medical treatment to the cohluhds since whenever.

    Cops deserve whatever evil befalls them. Have watched them grow increasingly drunk with power since was a kid.

    Wouldn’t call any cop for any reason. They are a blight on the land, and a big reason for the state of things. Not a deep enough pit for the criminal lot.

  46. If only the cops had taken Floyd’s car keys away from him he would have died of an OD without any other intervention by the cops and the Democrats would have had to search for another trigger for their race riots.

  47. dearieme says:

    Sit rep on this week’s hospital visit.

    I wore a mask. The nurses treating me wore masks. All the patients in the waiting room wore masks. But out in the concourse many nurses passing through did not wear masks; many of them ignored social distancing too. One of my nurses implied that the crisis is over. The Plague, I mean, not my problems.

    One difficulty: the departmental receptionist wore a mask. Normally his voice is as a balm; alas not through a mask and a two metre gap. I found it hard to follow his questions and instructions; he was far too well mannered to shout. Practical solution required. Microphone? Hearing aids? Certainly bellowing, or publicly amplifying, question and answer breaches medical confidentiality.

    The roads were busier than last month: we even had to stop before entering one roundabout. But still much quieter than the old normal. The poppies and dog roses were a picture.

    This has been my year without a Spring, except in our back garden. And to top it all, a varmint is stealing all our strawberries. I blame that Jeremy Corbyn.

  48. Thank you for your situation report. I have politely declined an invitation from my dentist to have a long delayed appointment, asking for another 3 weeks grace.

    • Replies: @dearieme
  49. dearieme says:
    @James Thompson

    I am struck that the supermarkets and many other businesses have adjusted adroitly to the problems of the plague but the NHS seems not even to have considered the problems for patients and receptionists at check-in.

    Bloody typical, I’d say. Even when I am entirely happy with my treatment by nurses or doctors I suspect they are succeeding in spite of the NHS not because of it. There is something rotten about that organisation.

  50. dearieme says:

    Here’s a calm review of the Aussie response. He concludes that the secret of success was to close your borders early and in a well thought out way. He praises Taiwan, Singapore, and Hong Kong for their wisdom in these matters.

    He leaves the drawing of an obvious conclusion to the reader. To wit, in addition to their skill those countries have the great advantage of being impervious to complaints of Racism when they close their borders.

    • Replies: @James Thompson
  51. @dearieme

    Thanks. This makes sense. The virus can’t travel, and the best way to stop it is to stop people bringing it in. There is something about Western countries which makes them consider it vulgar to do anything obvious, even if it might be effective.

    • Replies: @Dieter Kief
  52. @James Thompson

    There is something about Western countries which makes them consider it vulgar to do anything obvious, even if it might be effective.

    Mentality (individualism) and industries.

  53. dearieme says:

    Excellent news from Oxford.

    Normally the editorial line of The Guardian is dead against Oxford: privilege, wealth, history, blah di blah.
    Tear down those statues, etc, etc.

    • Replies: @James Thompson
  54. @Peripatetic Commenter

    Yes, friends had quizzed me about this blood vessel hypothesis. Asking medical colleagues, they replied that it was probably relevant in a sub-set of cases, but weren’t sure about it. The article does well to be cautious about the ubiquity of the problem.

  55. @dearieme

    Excellent news. The fact that the drug is cheap and available probably allowed The Guardian to overlook that it came from an elite origin.

  56. dearieme says:

    “Coronavirus is constantly attacking society’s vulnerable classes and spaces,” says Park Won-soon, the mayor of Seoul. “We must shake off the fantasy that we can go back to the past we were accustomed to.”

    A painless route to this interesting/gloomy FT article is via:

  57. dearieme says:

    Apparently in the US “homeless people” get infected at a high rate but hardly any die.

    Conjecture: taking heroin suppresses their appetites and keeps them skinny, affording useful protection.

    Or: adopting a filthy, unhygienic lifestyle has primed their immune systems against the virus.

    Or again: any of them with weak constitutions had already died before the virus arrived. In other words, as a group they must have strong constitutions just to survive at all. We have a case of selection bias.

    • Replies: @dearieme
  58. dearieme says:

    The virus is on the loose in NZ again (so far on a tiny scale).

    How so? Mutton-headed sentimentality by the government.

    Reuters reports … “the two women were given compassionate exemptions, as they were traveling from the U.K. to visit a dying parent in Wellington.”

    Apparently one women even had symptoms and yet was still allowed to forego the full quarantine period.

    What is so difficult to understand about “closed borders” and “quarantine”?


    • Replies: @dearieme
  59. dearieme says:

    Come to think of it, I failed to correct the spelling mistake in that report: “forego” forsooth! The lockdown must be getting to me.

    It’s one of those verbs: you make spelling mistakes but I make the occasional typo.

  60. dearieme says:

    Maybe I missed the obvious conjecture: they spend the greater part of their lives outdoors.

  61. says:

    There are lots of political hot air about China spreading COVID.19 to USA, unable to admit that it has been reared by the European. From the public accessible GISAID dataset which was cited in many COVID.19 research papers, the Jun version has clustered the samples into 5 genetically similar clades. Thus it can be seen from just a glance of the national SARSCoV2 clade profiles to infer as to who is spreading to whom. Detailed data are at the end of message.

    It can be seen that the profiles for China and Singapore are very closely matched and so there must be significant exchanges of SARSCoV2 between them. Then look at the profiles between China and USA which are highly disjointed. That signified that there are little DIRECT exchanges between China and USA. Now look at the profiles between USA and Sweden which have considerable overlaps. In fact the global MaxAge Clade 20C sample was from Sweden which also has significant number of senior age Clade 20C samples that it can be inferred that Clade 20C originated from the Swedish cesspool with their ‘let it rip’ no lockdowns strategies allowing novel clades to develop. USA seems to have received a significant dose of the Clade 20C SwedeFlu ~34% (NY ~45%), compare to ~35% of Clade 20A LombardFlu and just ~9% of Clade 19A WuFlu.

    GISAID 2020-06-03 dataset
    Rank| Age|Clade|Collection|Country|Strain
    1| 97|20C|2020-05-04|Sweden|Sweden/20-51167/2020
    2| 96|20C|2020-03-11|Sweden|Sweden/20-50294/2020
    3| 95|20C|2020-05-06|USA|USA/LA-EVTL092/2020
    3| 95|20C|2020-03-18|USA|USA/NJ-NYUMC84/2020
    5| 94|20C|2020-03-28|France|France/B5413/2020
    6| 91|20C|2020-04-07|Sweden|Sweden/20-07010/2020

    Latest news. Beijing is suffering from a serious bout of imported SARSCov2 from Europe, most probably of clade 20C SwedeFlu or clade 20B NATOFlu. In Beijing Schools and universities are now locked-down, flights cancelled.

    It is severe enough that China has banned the importation of salmon from Scandinavia, someone seemed to have intentionally or acidentally sneezed at the salmons for export to China. The European SARSCoV2 clade 20s are very rare in China and so the importations stood out like a sore thumb. This also shows how easy it is to export pandemics to China through wet frozen products. Although it might not be easy to identify the culprits, through full SARSCoV2 sequnecing, the small subset of people of interest from the fishermen to the wholesaler employees can be identified and matched to the very specific infected SARSCoV2 strain identified.

    NATO has invaded Russia, err, rather the SARSCoV2 Clade 20B NATOFlu which is common in Northern Europe NATO countries together with the Clade 20A LombardFlu which is common in Mediteranian countries. There are little signs of the presence of the Clade 19A WuFlu and Clade 19B APECFlu in Russia. Rather than the Chinese, what are the French doing in CongoDR??

    Furthermore, there seems to be some partial immunizing effects from the Clade 19A WuFlu IF there are adequate health-care resources. On average the higher the %19A the lower the per capita fatality rate. That might have accounted for the relatively lower COVID.19 fatality rates in the Pacific Basin countries. For example, compare the fatality rates for FRA, ITA and ESP with that for SGP, KOR and Japan. The “Original Orange From Africa” seems to have blocked the spread of partially immunizing Clade 19A WuFlu and let the killer clades 20A LombardFlu and 20B NATOFlu to ravage NewYork from the rear. Just compare the fatality rates between NewYork (CFR=6.4%, %19A=13.6%, %20AB=40.9%), California (CFR=3.7%, %19A=52.8%, %20AB=22.6%), Singapore (CFR=0.07%, %19A=55.6%, %20AB=13.9%) and Korea (CFR=2.4%, %19A=17.7%, %20AB=0%).

    There seems to be some American hoaxers cheering for the alleged Swedish no lockdown ‘herd immunity’ strategies. Those ignorant hoaxers do not seem to know what hit them, shooting themselves on the lungs/hearts rather than on the feet. Their ‘let it rip’ dominant clades 20A LombardFlu and 20B NATOFlu are the killer clades. What a joke. I thought those countries surrounding Sweden should implement reverse containments against Sweden and that seems to have happened before I can assert that. Sweden seems to have retaliated by imposing the useless travel ban to Denmark as Swedish visitors are already restricted for entry.

  62. dearieme says:

    A journalist writes in today’s Telegraph:

    [Germany’s] route out of lockdown has been to relax controls as long as the virus stays below a certain level in each region: 50 infections in a week for every 100,000 people.

    Every part of Britain is safely below this level. The highest is in Bedford where the weekly diagnosis rate stands at 24 per 100,000. In East Suffolk and Sunderland, it’s just 0.4.

    There are no longer ‘excess deaths’ detected in any age group. Four out of five UK Covid cases, now, report no symptoms.

    If he’s got his facts right, and if he (and I) understand them correctly, then his conclusion seems reasonable i.e.

    It is nigh-on impossible to justify Britain’s restrictions on today’s threat.

    Who knows, but there may prove to be a strong case for reintroducing restrictions in (say) November. In which case it might be wise to encourage public respect for government policy by relaxing restrictions when they appear to be unnecessary. Meantime the government, I suggest, might usefully crush the teaching unions and local authorities who veto schools re-opening.

  63. says:

    Re: Beijing Fish Market SARSCoV2 infections

    China has submitted three full sequenced data from the Beijing Fish Market to GISAID and it is Nextstrain that determined that the three samples submitted are in clade 20B (NATOFlu). The closest known relative one generation up is Denmark/ALAB-HH-174/2020 but that is a country of interest not suspect as there could be many more cohort countries or black ops. The phylogeny tree also shows how sparse the data are as many generations up have no representative samples. Clade 20B is rare in China, estimated to be 2.9%.

    From the Chinese samples the great difference in the genetic age (generation) but in the same sub-clade might mean that there could be multiple importations from the same source or that the virus might have been hiding in the Beijing cold wet fish market for quite some time.

    #GISAID 2020-06-19 Phylogeny Tree
    |—-|Italy/BG-11639-28Feb/2020 (20B) 87
    |—-|Finland/13M77/2020 (20B) 78
    |—-|Switzerland/VD0503/2020 (20B) 39
    |—-|Portugal/PT0079/2020 (20B) 44
    |—-|Denmark/SSI-01/2020 (20B) 45
    |—-|Sweden/20-50097/2020 (20B) 46
    |—-|Belgium/VRS-0320308/2020 (20B) 49
    |—-|England/20099069004/2020 (20B) 50
    |—-|Germany/FrankfurtFFM4/2020 (20B) 32
    |—-|Spain/Canarias201939/2020 (20B) 28
    |—-|Denmark/ALAB-SSI480/2020 (20B)
    |—-|England/NORW-EBE89/2020 (20B)
    |—-|Netherlands/ZuidHolland_10005/2020 (20B) 23
    |—-|Ireland/Dublin-22361/2020 (20B) 29
    |—-|Greece/140/2020 (20B)
    |—-|Nigeria/Lagos01/2020_travel_history ()
    |—-|Thailand/Bangkok-CONI-0099/2020 (20B)
    |—-|UnitedArabEmirates/L9768/2020 (20B) 19
    |—-|Mexico/Chihuahua-IMSS_01/2020 (20B) 21
    |—-|Ecuador/HGSQ-USFQ-018/2020 (20B) 27
    |—-|Vietnam/VNHN_148/2020 (20B) 27
    |—-|Chile/Santiago-05207/2020 (20B) 57
    |—-|Peru/010/2020 (20B) 61
    |—-|—-|—-|–Colombia/INS-103303/2020 (20B) 27
    |—-|—-|—-|—Denmark/ALAB-HH-174/2020 (20B)
    |—-|—-|—-|—-Beijing/IVDC-02-06/2020 (20B) 25 <– Fish market virus
    |—-|—-|—-|—-|env/Beijing/IVDC-03-06/2020 (20B) <– Fish market virus
    |—-|—-|—-|—-|Beijing/IVDC-01-06/2020 (20B) 53 <– Fish market virus

  64. An discussion of the situation in Sweden:

    With an IFR (from Swedish Public Health) for those under 70 of 0.09% it would definitely seem like:

    A. Lockdowns are unnecessary, and
    B. This was not as bad as even the 1957 Flu epidemic.

    • Thanks: res
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