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The Bitter Tiers of Mutant England
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This has been the year of counting the days.

On Saturday morning people in England were preparing for a family Christmas. By 5 pm that afternoon they were phoning their regrets, in sadness and sometimes rage. All this may be good news. Opinions differ.

The story so far is that the United Kingdom has not had a good Corona war. While not as bad as Belgium, it is among the Terrible 20 nations who have seen over 700 per million deaths. Whatever the excuses (direct flights from Wuhan, many direct flights from everywhere, many older folk) there is a feeling that we could and should have done better. The coronavirus set us an IQ test, and exactly as our measures of global IQ would have predicted, the Chinese, Japanese, Taiwanese, Koreans and Singaporeans have done better than the Europeans. (That aside, I doubt if the final tally of deaths will be well predicted by national IQ. All that can be worked out later).

At the moment, blaming governments seems a justified reaction. They are supposed to protect us from bad stuff, in return for the taxes we pay them. In theory, they should have protected us better than we could have protected ourselves. Citizens have complained: They did too little too late; they did too much too soon; they did not get anything just right, just at the right time, and there is no health in them. Governments dare not reply: too many of you indulge yourself too much, have let yourself fall into a rotten state of health, and are slow to take up the advice about healthy living we have been offering you, so you are being justly punished. In fact, obesity and general sloth aside, the UK and the USA have a high uptake of flu vaccinations, so the populations played their part in protecting themselves, though they certainly overdid the cream cakes.

Back to England. Up till Saturday we had been released from lockdown into 3 Tiers of relative severity. If lockdown is the jail sentence, then the Tiers are the parole conditions. Starting Sunday a Tier 4 was declared, because the citizens of Kent and East London boroughs have been showing a rapid increase in cases (defined as positive test results, and increasing positive proportions of all people tested in that area). This has not yet been translated into hospitalisation and deaths, but that is presumed to happen in 28 days.

About a third of the population is under severe restriction, and will celebrate Christmas without all their family, and possibly on their own. The increase in these areas may be due to them being relatively poorer, and thus more likely to have public-facing occupations which require them to serve customers and use public transport. Another possibility is that the new mutant version is far more contagious (about 70% more) and that is driving the increase. This was the interpretation the government chose. It is the more prudent and cautious one, though it also gives them an additional excuse for a late change in policy. If cases are going up for whatever reason as we go into winter, then additional restrictions are probably required anyway. “Mutation” is a resonant word. “New, more contagious variant” is more accurate, based on what we know so far.

There is the further artefact that the better a country is at sequencing variants, the more variants they will find, and the more other countries will ban flights from the country with the variants. Interesting how things have changed. In the first months of the year, banning flights from Wuhan was seen as unnecessary by some experts (the virus will get here “anyway”) and simply unfriendly. Now, countries have no hesitation in taking appropriate health measures, though they may be hurting livelihoods and thus possibly lives, while trying to save lives.

The Pfizer vaccine has been given to at least 135,000 citizens, so they will have received partial protection (perhaps 50%, thus cutting their risk in half, which on its own is acceptable for a vaccine), and fuller protection (say another 40% for a total of 90%) a week after their 21-day booster jab. Currently, people over 80 years of age are already being vaccinated. They get about 5 days warning of their appointment, which for Londoners are delivered at specified specialist vaccination centres. The estimated date of vaccination for the 80 down to 75 year olds is January. There are 6 million people to vaccinate before they can start on the 75 year olds. People are called in in age order. All these dates depend on steady supplies of the vaccine, and on 20% of those offered the vaccine turning it down.

An interesting moral dilemma: should one encourage those most vulnerable to get vaccinated for their own good, or be grateful that they are getting out of the way and speeding up the protection one seeks personally? The vaccinators have already found out that instead of the official 5 doses, they can get 6 doses out of each phial. That means they had some left over, and so call in hospital doctors to take up those doses. Pragmatic, and probably with a greater effectiveness. If you vaccinate the 12% most prone to get the virus and spread it, you will get about 60% of the overall reduction conferred by vaccinations. We should track down those who meet most strangers, and vaccinate them first. Hospital porters, hospital receptionists, ambulance workers, security guards, and all those with gregarious, altruistic or promiscuous tendencies.

That is the general picture, but the fine detail is contradictory. Hospitals are not all that full, but there is much talk of their whelm being over. Cases are up, deaths per case down. Some specialist Covid hospitals (Nightingales) are resolutely empty. Many general practices claim to have no clue as to what is going on, and suggest their patients stop phoning them with questions they can’t . The numbers needed to treat are about 20 vaccinated to prevent a care home death, and about 160 to prevent the death of a care home worker or an over 80-year old outside a care home. Frontline health workers and over 75-year olds will need achieve 350 vaccinated to prevent one death. For over 65-olds, 1000 vaccinated per death saved.

Our intelligence has been tested in two ways. First, working out what to do. Second, explaining that “what to do” in a way which encourages people to comply with it. The UK Tier system is intended to guide behaviour according to the risk in a geographic area. That might help, and should be easy to understand, but it introduces many anomalies, and generates disputes. Areas of the country aren’t of themselves risky. It is only that in that particular place lots of people have been indulging in risky behaviours. A higher order approach would be to enunciate a set of general principles: don’t inhale other people’s exhalations. For that reason, avoid crowds, enclosed places with other people in them, and particularly places where people are talking loudly, shouting or singing. Above all, don’t expose yourself to any such place for very long. If you have to go into those spaces, wear a mask. The key rule is: Avoid exhalations. As part of inculcating the general principles, people must understand that some activities are more dangerous than others, which is why going to a night club is more dangerous than talking a walk in the park.

In retrospect, the whole approach to vaccination has been anachronistic, because there is a good case to be made that the Moderna vaccine was available in January and could have been deployed from 24 February onwards. It took two days for a bright scientist to complete her mRNA design, and then it was ready to go into production.

It could have presented a rational wager for those most vulnerable: shall I willingly take a probably very small risk now, to avoid a higher risk of severe illness or death later? It pits the individual against Fate, making them responsible for the decision, and possibly irresponsible if they don’t. The vaccine they were taking was based on an entirely new approach (mRNA) which was highly likely to be safe, and reasonably likely to be effective. On balance, volunteers might have felt it was a very good prospect. If the most vulnerable volunteered then it would be relatively quick and easy to see if it was efficacious. Naturally, the vaccine should have been given without a control group. Control groups are so last year. By now we know what reactions are found in control groups. Data on the last few years of control group studies could be pooled to provide a base rate. Getting rid of control groups doubles the speed with which you learn things of interest, which is whether the vaccine works, and has bearable side-effects. All that matters is that the benefits considerably outweigh the unwanted effects. All you have to do is to continue to dole out the vaccine to volunteers who are willing to take it. No need for any other regulatory processes. It should be a personal decision.

The more people volunteer the more persuasive the evidence, and the faster community protection is achieved. We have a new weapon in the armoury. We can design vaccines in advance, and keep them on the shelf till they are needed for rapid deployment. The rollout is the test. All the traditional phases are dropped. For once, we might get vaccines when they are required, not a year later, when most of the vulnerable are dead.

If this can ever be agreed and acted upon, it offers us a good prospect for years to come.

• Category: Culture/Society, Science • Tags: Britain, Coronavirus, Disease, EU, Vaccines 
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  1. What bothers me about the whole episode is that so little attention is paid to the genetic aspect of vulnerability.

    A few weeks ago a study announced that five key genetic markers had been identified that were linked to a likelihood of severe cases (assumed to mean cytokine storm), but that has been studiously ignored by the MSM even though picked up widely in smaller media branches. It’s as though they don’t want us to think about the fact that this virus is very selective and not all of us are subject to the same risk.

    Cytokine storms are indicated to be genetically linked and that is where research should be focused, imo.

    We are being herded into collective behavior where none is justified. Maybe this will pay off in the future when a more deadly virus comes along and we have a better developed technology, but I don’t like being treated like a mushroom, i.e. being fed shit in the dark.

  2. Andrei says:

    Life expectancy is too high in most nations. A lot of people who should normally be dead, not because of bad nutrition or accidents, but just normal illnesses accrued with age, are kept alive artificially by modern medicine. The obsession with prolonging life abnormally is just as much a proof of decadence as below replacement fertility. And this obsession is consistent on the political spectrum, from the very far left to the very far right.

  3. @another fred

    Yes. I checked on those variants personally, and apparently don’t have them. However, they seem to account for a very small part of the variance. Age still the biggest factor.

    • Replies: @gavishti
    , @Herald
  4. I do not plan on taking a novel virus, whose theoretical means of action, method of production, and planned distribution are all novel; particularly when that vaccine has not undergone an extended period of testing for long term safety. That the purveyors of these vaccines and the governments encouraging their use have been granted blanket immunity for any consequences is not reassuring.

    I notice that the vaccine in your chart, whose development, testing, and distribution cycle most resembles that for the current Rona vaccines, is the vaccine for Swine Flu. But, unlike the Rona vaccines, the Swine Flu vaccine was based on prior standard models of vaccine action and production. It’s worth remembering that there were widespread, serious side effects from the Swine Flu vaccine. These were significant enough that there were post facto debates about whether widespread use of the vaccine had been appropriate.

    • Thanks: Fred777, RadicalCenter
    • Replies: @tomo
  5. pyrrhus says:

    I know or know of about 25 people who apparently had Covid-19, none of whom were over 75 years. All lived in AZ or CA..Most of these cases were in the spring, but not all…None were hospitalized, all recovered fully, and only a few were ever tested…One guy we know personally had rather severe lung pain, but they refused to test or treat him because he was not running a fever..He went home and recovered..So the statistics of this disease cannot be trusted, because the number of cases earlier in the year has clearly been grossly underestimated…
    Another major point, confirmed by a Board Certified Internist we know, shows up in the Arizona statistics, is that ethnicity has everything to do with vulnerability to the virus…Native Americans and hispanics with aboriginal blood are several times more likely to be victims because of their weaker immune systems (due to evolution in the very benign North American environment)…Blacks are also more vulnerable, no doubt for similar reasons…So it would make sense to take much stronger precautions on the Rez, whereas healthy people of European extraction are at little risk, and behave accordingly in this State….

    • Replies: @dearieme
    , @padre
    , @karel
  6. I notice that the vaccine in your chart, whose development, testing, and distribution cycle most resembles that for the current Rona vaccines, is the vaccine for Swine Flu.

    Not really true, with an exception mentioned below, the vaccine for 2009-10 pandemic was exactly the same as those in previous years, again substituting as needed proteins against old strains for new, the only difference being it had proteins against just the new swine flu strain, not two against type A strains like seasonal vaccines, and 1-2 against type B strains.

    But, unlike the Rona vaccines, the Swine Flu vaccine was based on prior standard models of vaccine action and production. It’s worth remembering that there were widespread, serious side effects from the Swine Flu vaccine.

    Are you confusing the above with the 1976 political fiasco which was, like COVID-19 being a “silver bullet to take out the Trump administration,” aimed more at Gerald Ford than anything else?

    Otherwise, for 2009-10, while I’ve not really studied it because it’s irrelevant to the near and medium term COVID-19 vaccines, one company took advantage of the crisis to sell for the first time what I suspect was a cut rate new adjuvant formulation to cheap socialized medicine countries (and there was a public health argument for what I suspect it to be, not hardly enough virus proteins to go around). It’s alleged this triggered a lot of cases of narcolepsy, but at a rate too low to be found with a US Phase III trial, let alone whatever is required in the EU (I’ve seen signs that’s half as many people in a trial, 15,000, half vaccine, half placebo, vs. 30,000 minimum for the FDA).

    Not relevant since the near term vaccines are “active,” either new mRNA technology, allowing them to be first out of the gate (Moderna’s candidate was created over a weekend after the first publication of SARS-CoV-2 sequences, but of course that was based on a lot of prior work by both Moderna, and researchers on SARS like vaccines (details on request)), or virus vectors, like the Ebola vaccine that turned out to work so well in the last African epidemic (again, more details on request).

  7. pyrrhus says:

    It goes without saying that, being at little risk, I will happily allow a POC, or anyone, to have my experimental vaccine…

    • Replies: @aleksander
  8. Like Steve Sailer, James Thompson is an expert on IQ but apparently unwilling or unable to see the big picture regarding this hoax of a pandemic.

  9. Dumbo says:

    I find it bizarre that so many smart, “high IQ” people in the IQ-centered “HBD-sphere” fall for this obvious hoax / exaggeration of “Covid”, but maybe I shouldn’t be surprised.

    “HBD” is merely a club for nerds who like statistics, but can’t seem able to perceive larger patterns or discuss deeper ideas.

    Look, Covid is a lie. It kills mostly people over 75 years old with other diseases.

    The vaccine is not only unneeded, it is dangerous.

    Lockdowns are not only doing NOTHING, but their negative social and economic effects will end up killing MUCH more people than “Covid”.

    Masks are useless and pointless and probably a health hazard and conducive to respiratory illnesses.

    The “number of cases” is irrelevant, as the PCR test is not reliable to testing for “Covid”.

    These new “Covid” mRNA vaccines have not been fully tested and it is stupid to take it for a disease that kills only 0.04%. There will be more people dead or sick from the vaccine. (And I don’t even think the “virus theory of disease” is correct at this point, but that’s another issue).

    The polio vaccine, which supposedly “saved millions”, also contaminated millions of people with a simian virus, SV40, linked to cancer. What can we expect of this one?

    Wake up, HBD nerds! There is a war out there, and the target is you.

  10. dearieme says:

    “The coronavirus set us an IQ test, and exactly as our measures of global IQ would have predicted, the Chinese, Japanese, Taiwanese, Koreans and Singaporeans have done better than the Europeans.”

    Perhaps what matters is that those oriental peoples have a history of exposure to related viruses. So either their immune systems, or genomes (or both) afford them better protection.

    But assume my conjecture is wrong. With next-to-no cases Singapore, for example, must be highly vulnerable to a nasty epidemic the moment it opens its borders. “Get vaccinated” you cry. But I know of one Singapore doctor who is highly cautious about the new vaccines rushed out to save the day. “Don’t touch them” is his advice. Tricky, eh?

    • Replies: @Mr McKenna
    , @3g4me
    , @denk
  11. @Dumbo

    The polio vaccine, which supposedly “saved millions”, also contaminated millions of people with a simian virus, SV40, linked to cancer. What can we expect of this one?

    A very significantly improved state of the art in the last seven decades? It’s pretty hard to be more stupid on this topic than to bring up possible mistakes made that long ago, while understanding nothing about mRNA that makes that class of mistakes nearly impossible, which is failing to know the very basic and simple biology of them. They’re are a very close but controlled simulation of an infection by the wild type virus … but you don’t care about the latter since you’re a sociopath who doesn’t care about the lives being lost to COVID-19.

    In addition to being half a COVID-truther, you’re an anti-vaxxer who’s so very stupid you don’t believe that polio vaccines did anything, evidently never having in your life spent some quality time with someone from the Silent Generation or earlier (well, it that was easy for me having parents from it). Sounds like your advice is to just not get any vaccines at all; better be careful with wounds, lockjaw is an ugly way to die.

    • Disagree: R2b
    • Troll: Alfred
  12. SteveK9 says:

    Frankly I don’t give a damn anymore about the ‘virus’, what I care about are the dictatorial policies followed around the World and accepted by an oh-so-easy to scare population. As human beings we are pathetic and deserve the totalitarian nightmare that is around the corner. You think the ‘vaccine’ is the end? You will be forced, to get a half-dozen vaccines for the rest of your life. And anytime you are feeling uppity, there will be a new crisis.

  13. anon[372] • Disclaimer says:

    Yes, this pandemic is an IQ test: Here’s an entirely new, scarcely-tested biological agent developed by a convicted criminal enterprise, manufactured by the makers of the ineffective and harmful anthrax vaccine for a prior US use of banned biological weapons, and approved by their captive regulators. Everyone involved has blanket immunity for any harm to you. Which arm do you want to get your shot in?

    A. The left!
    B. The right!
    C. Both!
    D. Fuck you asshole

    And you forgot another thing we’re not allowed to do: take evidence-based safe and inexpensive prophylactic measures.

    It’s not illegal everywhere, some governments are harder to bribe, so Ka-FOOM!

    • Agree: Peripatetic Itch
  14. TG says:

    I hear you, and agree with much of what you say.

    And yet… we are missing the big picture. We thought that with vaccines and antibiotics we didn’t need to worry about infectious disease. Sure, let millions of people fly back and forth between continents, let the Chinese continue their unsanitary ‘wet markets’ that we KNOW to be the cause of the seasonal flu – we could have ended the annual flu many years ago, but our leaders didn’t want to bother and just figured that putting up with occasional waves of bad flu was just a cost of business. Oops.

    I don’t just blame the Chinese: I also blame our own western leaders, for ignoring a clear and obvious festering problem that would have been easy to solve just two years ago…

    And it’s not just COVID19. There are lots of exciting new diseases starting to spread from the third-world to the first: dengue, chugas, Enterovirus 32, zika, and these are just the start. But our leadership basically just ignores this as a cost of business, not only is there no serious attempt to control the flow of people across the border, there is no serious attempt to understand these diseases, to develop and disseminate tests and therapies, and track contacts, etc. Because our elites just do not care. Nothing must stand in the way of profit, and cheap labor.

    In our arrogance we thought we had mastered nature. Nature had other ideas.

  15. @TG

    Covid began in Italy–in Nothern Italy at Milan- German Virologist team confirms. Somehow it got out in Milan–nothing to do with wet market in Wuhan. The original 3 infected in Wuhan had NOTHING to do with the wet market—they were closer to the Games where there was another set of enterprises —-doing fur—- likely mink.

    • Agree: davidgmillsatty
  16. TG: “I don’t just blame the Chinese: I also blame our own western leaders, for ignoring a clear and obvious festering problem that would have been easy to solve just two years ago… ”

    Not really that easy. An invading virus is comparable to invasive species of other kinds that have been wreaking havoc in the biosphere for centuries. Man’s system of technology is a global system that is constantly growing in complexity and introducing new problems as a side effect of its growth. One side effect of global commerce is that diseases and pests of all kinds are easily spread out of their normal range, even between continents. One example out of thousands that could be adduced is the Varroa destructor mite, a virulent parasite of honeybees, originating in Japan, and spreading from there all over the world in a few short years. It causes billions of dollars in agricultural losses each year and truly effective countermeasures have yet to be found.

    At the very beginning of this panic fest I said that the goal here of “eradication” of the Covid-19 virus isn’t realistic. In point of fact, and contra to one of the above charts, neither polio nor swine flu were eradicated. The rule appears to be that once something like this is out in the environment, it remains there. AFAIK, smallpox is the lone exception, and even that may return one day should it somehow come into use as a biological weapon. If Covid-19 really did come from a single release point in China perhaps draconian containment measures might have worked if they had been implemented quickly, but once it’s become a worldwide problem, it seems pointless to hope for “eradication”. To me it seems better to recognize that an illness with a 99.97% survival rate isn’t much of a threat in the grand scheme of things. Rather than chasing the will-o-the-wisp of eradication or trusting to a possibly dangerous vaccine, all would be much better advised to improve their overall health by losing weight. The “Terrible 20” countries listed in the article are all countries with large percentages of obese. By contrast, China, Vietnam, S. Korea, and other countries that have fared pretty well have very low rates of obesity.

    “Follow the science” we are told. But which science? There’s plenty of disagreement on virtually every point, even among the so-called experts. Masks or no masks? Up until this current crisis, it was taken for granted that masks weren’t helpful in preventing colds or flu. “The science” said they weren’t. In fact, at the beginning of it, even Dr. Fauci said that they weren’t useful for preventing transmission of this virus too. But suddenly, amazingly, they’re in vogue everywhere, and “the science” has changed. Now you’re a sociopath if you don’t wear one and, at least in my area, none of the grocery stores will sell you food unless you mask up. Lockdowns or no lockdowns? Some claim they are useless, others say they’re essential. It’s indisputable they cause problems of their own, crashing economies and causing excess deaths. How to weigh the costs vs. benefits, if any? Nobody knows.

  17. Neoconned says:

    What film is that thumbnail from?

  18. @Andrei

    They offer assistance for your upcoming suicide in Oregon. Bon voyage!

    • Replies: @anonymous
  19. @dearieme

    “The coronavirus set us an IQ test, and exactly as our measures of global IQ would have predicted, the Chinese, Japanese, Taiwanese, Koreans and Singaporeans have done better than the Europeans.”

    Perhaps what matters is that those oriental peoples have a history of exposure to related viruses. So either their immune systems, or genomes (or both) afford them better protection.

    Those nations also have a history of relative efficiency and (even more importantly) a collectivist mentality, w/r/t the European-descended nations, the USA in particular. Where the ethos is much more on the order of “Whatever, I do what I want” as opposed to “We will do this for the common good of our society.”

    • LOL: Pheasant
    • Replies: @dearieme
  20. Dube says:

    Covid? Oh yeah, Covid. Tell me more. I used to buy Playboy for the thoughtful articles.


  21. anon[328] • Disclaimer says:

    Objective scientific facts have no place in an ideological mass hysteria psyop. So shut up, and get in line for your vaccination.

  22. GMC says:

    Ya well, the reason Belarus is doing so good , is because the Ukrainian /US biolabs haven’t be attacking the Belarusians- Hey, there is a coup d’etat going on, and we can’t have no stupid lockdown – that would spoil our coup. Let’s look at the other Ukrainian border with Crimea . The first wave had 5 to 10 folks a day getting ill – maximum. . Yesterday , 350 new cases and this has been going on for months now. Russia , just recently figured out to close the Gate/border , but it’s way too late. This NWO scam has been spread heavily – wherever needed – and since day 1, way too many countries are in on it. President Putin, today, wants a new law, exempting many of the top government workers from and lawsuits , court proceedings etc. etc. after they retire. How Constitutional is that ? Medvedev, was the last President and is very connected – if you get the drift. And we remember, that when Russia enacted their new Law that states – No dual citizens can hold top government offices, Medvedev’s whole team quit. spacibo

  23. Go to the ONS tally of weekly death registrations and show us the alarming uptick in deaths compared to the prior five years. Yes, there are a few weeks this year, but nothing suggesting TEOTWAWKI.

  24. ThereisaGod says: • Website

    Is having a high IQ any use to a person prepared to believe lying, genocidal, Luciferian bullsh*t?

    Can anybody who believes provable nonsense that might kill themselves and their families be said to have a high IQ in the first place.

    Perhaps Mr Thompson is obsessed with IQs because he fears he hasn’t got one.

    • Agree: RadicalCenter
    • Troll: botazefa
    • Replies: @TTSSYF
  25. Refl says:

    Help me, after ten months I can no longer take this Corona BS. Last week, for the first time ever, I bothered to look up the worldwide overall death toll, which is at about 1,5 mio, after nearly a year in a world population of 7,7 billion. So even the official numbers testify that the pandemic is nonexistent.

    The other thing is that it has been said months ago that the mRNA vaccination would result in making people more vulnerable and make infections with any type of coronavirus more severe. So within days after vaccination has started, the script provides us with a mutant version of the virus to give cover for the deliberate cack-handling of this manufactured crisis.

    And now back to the parallel universe of coronaworld.

    • Thanks: Emslander
  26. Miro23 says:
    @Dr. Robert Morgan

    To me it seems better to recognize that an illness with a 99.97% survival rate isn’t much of a threat in the grand scheme of things. Rather than chasing the will-o-the-wisp of eradication or trusting to a possibly dangerous vaccine, all would be much better advised to improve their overall health by losing weight. The “Terrible 20” countries listed in the article are all countries with large percentages of obese. By contrast, China, Vietnam, S. Korea, and other countries that have fared pretty well have very low rates of obesity.

    It looks like choosing between taking the vaccine or taking the risk of infection – keeping in mind that the vaccine doesn’t offer complete protection and may carry risks of its own + the virus is only a real risk factor for very old people who are already sick. Also, the survival rate. According to a University of Stockholm study, it is for example, 99.99996% for 0-19 year olds and 99.9965% for 30-49 year olds.

    The undisputable real damage comes from locking down very sophisticated modern economies. These have a mass of interlocking social and economic parts that have to function correctly, and that the government really doesn’t fully understand. In their day, the Soviets thought that they could run a planned economy and it failed badly.

    IMO better to protect only those at serious risk (if they want to be isolated and vaccinated) and let everyone else get on with life.

    • Thanks: St-Germain
    • Replies: @anon
  27. About a third of the population is under severe restriction, and will celebrate Christmas without all their family, and possibly on their own.

    Fortunately or otherwise, only about a third of Brits still celebrate Christmas.

    An increasingly sizable minority don’t even know (or care) what Christmas is.

    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
  28. @Andrei

    Not generally true. The keeping alive unnecessarily for most people is in their last year only, that is also the year with the highest medical expenses in a person’s life. Most of the over eighties in my family and my friend’s families are living at home on their own and are reasonably fit.

    • Agree: RadicalCenter
    • Replies: @Andrei
    , @RadicalCenter
  29. Dumbo says:
    @That Would Be Telling

    since you’re a sociopath who doesn’t care about the lives being lost to COVID-19.

    That’s very funny.

    So the medical establishment and governments and big tech worldwide are locking people in their own homes, not allowing them to see many of their friends and family for Christmas, creating ridiculous rules such as forbidding people to sing or even to walk, forcing restaurant owners to close their business or lose their jobs, making millions lose their livelihoods, forcing billions of people to wear completely useless masks, abandoning old people to die alone in care homes not permitted to see anyone, denying service to those who do not wish to take a very dubious and experimental vaccine (i.e. Quantas, Ticketmaster)…

    …but I’m the sociopath??

    LOL. You are insane, or a clown.

    As for polio, check about SV40 and all other problems derived from the vaccine such as recurrent cases of polio caused by the vaccine itself (eerily similar to what happened with a dengue vaccine in the Philippines). I didn’t know about all this until recently, but the more I read, the less the myth of “vaccines saving billions without any side effects” becomes more, well, a myth.

    My own theory about vaccines is that the medical establishment were sad that they could only profit from sick people, so someone had the brilliant idea, hey, let’s sell healthy people a medicine that they take before they get sick, and make billions more. 😀 (I’m joking, but, it’s not completely far from the truth, and it explains the push for mandatory worldwide vaccination. Unless you believe that governments and the elite care about us and only want our good, which I don’t. But I’m cynical that way.

  30. @Dr. Robert Morgan

    ‘. The “Terrible 20” countries listed in the article are all countries with large percentages of obese. ‘

    Italy, France., Spain, Belgium and Peru? Much less obesity than in the US there or than in Australia.

  31. cranc says:

    Look on the bright side James, at least the flu isn’t killing so many people this year. In fact, almost nobody at all it seems.
    Even things like heart attacks appear to have gone down, remarkably.
    Perhaps a country’s position on the table of ‘covid related deaths’ is more to do with exactly what ‘covid related death’ means as much as any factor like prior immunity, ‘dry tinder’ effects or governmental actions.
    For example, in the UK, doctors are professionally obligated to register each and every covid diagnosis (that being one resulting at least in part from an actual face to face or telephone consultation). The total as of Nov was between 17 and 18 thousand. That is a third of the number of those who are said to have died from the disease, and a mere fraction of those who have been labelled as ‘cases’. Your article simply ignores the controversy of the reliability of PCR testing as a diagnostic tool – something that has driven the whole narrative and policy response of governments all over the world.
    PCR is not a diagnostic tool – certainly not as it has been used this year with Covid. It is a political tool.

    • Replies: @Jus' Sayin'...
  32. padre says:

    Actually those were replaced by non existing ones!

  33. Schuetze says:

    “The story so far”

    That about sums up this entire plandemic: “a story

    Until the entire ZOG hierarchy stops spewing their lies about “covid 19” from the WHO on down there is no reason to believe anything they say. Their statistics about “cases”, “infections” and “deaths” are drivel, and people like Mr. Tompson who prattle on as if they are true just look like stooges.

  34. @Dr. Robert Morgan

    Statistics jockeys, Sailer, Karlin are others. This “real” virus seems to spread to other rather narrative prone (making a tedious argument, then pursue it into some limited context conclusion, or a mix of both(Ronny himself)), a more traditional way of doing journalism, meekly follow up on the trend.

    No problem when the data nuggets are dummies, no-one notices, as long as the deductive logic of the stating are correct, that is a matter of maintaining prestige around collegues. Must be un-observed by the readers, probably psychologically oppressed a notion, that despise for the common intellect is at play. Our journos-experts-intellectuals-titled scientists despise us. Who can blame them, tweaking the data, any way you desire, is the cheaper solution, no hard sweat, the comments are telling.

  35. @Neoconned

    Thank you! Well asked. The bitter tears of Petra von Kant.

    I thought it dragged on and on, like this pandemic.

    • Thanks: Neoconned
    • LOL: YetAnotherAnon
  36. Hibernian says:

    There’s a slippery slope depending on the subjective interpretation of the dividing line between ordinary and extraordinary means. Not to mention the increasing acceptance of active means to hasten death.

  37. Alfred says:

    When the data underlying an article is entirely false, the whole analysis becomes an exercise in semantics.

    It takes no great intellect to appreciate that we are being played on a massive scale – and most people love it. 🙁

    Johns Hopkins University’s student newspaper, the News-Letter, reported on a university presentation stating that COVID-19 “had no effect on the percentage of deaths of older people” and that the virus “has also not increased the total number of deaths” in comparison to historical data. However, the paper later removed the article, stating that it had been used to support “dangerous inaccuracies” on social media

    Briand told Campus Reform that the News-Letter’s decision to remove the article was its own, and pointed out that she explained “during the presentation where I found and downloaded the data from, so anyone can easily replicate my analysis.”

    • Replies: @Ugetit
  38. @James Thompson

    For info on films, instead of the maliciously error-filled CIA-Mossad Wikipedia, run by arch-Zionist former pornography salesperson, friend of Israeli Presidents, and Tel Aviv University prize-winner Jimmy ‘Jimbo’ Wales –

    It’s better to first consult the more reliable IMDB, the Internet Movie Data Base, a much higher quality site where contributions are vetted, and with a great expanse of relevant info, quotes, trivia etc

    For the IMDB listing of the 1972 Fassbinder film, ‘The Bitter Tears of Petra von Kant’ –

    A successful fashion designer abandons a sado-masochistic relationship with her female assistant in favor of a love affair with a beautiful young woman

    • Replies: @James Thompson
    , @anon
  39. Bro43rd says:
    @That Would Be Telling

    Pro vaccination TROLL!
    How dare one question modern medicine.
    You don’t care about people, you want grandma & grandpa to die.
    Blah blah blah. All ad hominem.
    There is a mountain of evidence that vaccine efficacy is not what has been promoted by the governments owned wholly by the corporations. Thus the government provided protection from liable.
    My only question & I’m not really looking for an answer is; do you get paid or are you just that gullible!

    • Agree: Alfred
    • Thanks: John Fisher
  40. Andrei says:
    @Occasional lurker

    My point is fortunes are being spent to keep people over 70 alive while nothing is being done about increasing the fertility rates (below replacement fertility is obviously collective suicide).

    The reaction to this virus is telling as well. The young, fit and healthy are punished, forced to wear masks, socially isolate and take potentially dangerous vaccines to keep the very old and sickly alive a little longer. A society with this kind of priorities is screwed.

  41. Ugetit says:
    @That Would Be Telling

    A very significantly improved state of the art in the last seven decades? It’s pretty hard to be more stupid on this topic than to bring up possible mistakes made that long ago…

    Good thing you have a question mark at the end of the first sentence. What amazes me is that it appears as stupid as it is easy to trust “authorities.” I suspect that the main thing that’s been improved is the ability to manufacture and manipulate masses of gullible fools.

    • Agree: John Fisher
  42. Mike129 says:

    I’m living in ground zero of this in Essex Uk.

    All suspiciously close to the Brexit deadline of 31.12.20 where talks between France and England are at crucial phase.

    France then shuts the border blaiming this new strain.

    Where did this strain come from the hot sprawling slums of Calcutta or Hong Kong?, no a quite country in the Atlantic, in a small largely middle class county of Essex and Kent, not ignoring the now gentrified expensive E London.

    I’m not a virologist but I smell a rat!

    Already the remoaners are coming out of the woodwork again asking for a delay blah blah blah, what a coincidence.

    • Agree: GMC, YetAnotherAnon
    • Replies: @cranc
    , @YetAnotherAnon
  43. dearieme says:
    @Mr McKenna

    I dare say, but we have no idea which matters most: genetics, prepared immune system, or tendency to collective action.

    My own guess is that in a few years time, people looking back on this emergency will conclude that on the whole government action or inaction won’t have mattered much. The great exceptions will be good or poor infection control in hospitals, and madcap decisions to send infectious patients into care homes. Are these IQ matters? Specifically, for example, is Governor Cuomo stupid? I mean, I can see that Mayor de Blasio is dim, but is Cuomo?

  44. @brabantian

    Thanks for the film listing reference. I had entirely forgotten it.

  45. Bert says:

    There is a spectrum of medical interventions: from tetanus vaccination to long-term life support. Most of the interventions are relatively low cost measures that allow several more years of life (arterial stents) or greatly improve quality of life (knee replacement surgery). If you had your way, where on the spectrum of interventions would you prohibit more expensive interventions? Define “abnormally.” Specify the age at which the accrual of serious disease should disqualify someone from treatment. You sound like a 20 year-old pontificating without enough specificity to have said anything worthwhile. Of course medicine is a business that wants customers and will provide whatever there is a demand for. Of course all the fat-ass 50 year-olds should not expect a fit 80 year-old to subsidize their diabetes treatment with his medical insurance premiums. But the issues of life, death and money are clearly too complicated for someone of your paygrade to solve.

    • Agree: Niebelheim
    • Replies: @dearieme
  46. @Refl

    Yes, not a major cause of death, at present. Letting the young get on with their lives is a reasonable policy, at present. Basing the response on the understanding of aerosol transmission would be a useful simplification, and would supplant tiers.

    • Replies: @Refl
  47. noname27 says: • Website

    What a load Coronahoax propaganda crap!

    Dr. Stefan Lanka – All Claims About “Viruses” Are Wrong!

  48. cranc says:

    Where did this strain come from ?

    It came from the secret models of a failed disgraced technocrat called Neil Fergusson. Someone who resigned because he clearly didn’t believe his own propaganda, but is re-instated just a few months later to do as he has always done : give the right wrong answers at the right time.

    Of course James doesn’t mention any of this, because ….[fill blank].

    • Agree: Philip Owen
    • Replies: @utu
  49. TTSSYF says:

    Ayn Rand once said a person could immediately raise his or her IQ by ten points merely by thinking more rationally.

    • Replies: @Philip Owen
    , @Badger Down
  50. Mike Tre says:
    @That Would Be Telling

    This comment proves nothing more than that you are a disgusting pro panic hack who serves up massive helpings of projection.

    Do you not see what the consequences of these totalitarian lock downs are? If you’re not stupid then you are just evil.

    YOU are the sociopath, buddy. Another old man afraid to die, and perfectly happy to fuck over every young person in the world because of it.

    Fuck. You.

    • Agree: Fred777, Jimmy le Blanc
  51. As soon as I realized the author was taking the whole Covid-19 hysteria seriously I stopped reading.

    Some countries have higher death totals than others because they lie. England needs a “deadly virus” to lock its people down. Period. So all the 86 year olds who die with Covid in their veins are coded as “Covid deaths”, even though a combination of old age, diabetes, emphysema, and pneumonia caused by the flu actually caused the deaths.

    If a human being cannot call a thing what it is, I don’t have anymore time for him. Are we doomed to deal with this silliness forever?

  52. Anonymous[352] • Disclaimer says:

    I find it bizarre that so many smart, “high IQ” people in the IQ-centered “HBD-sphere” fall for this obvious hoax / exaggeration of “Covid”, but maybe I shouldn’t be surprised.


    In February I was doing (investigation) work at [a large quasi-governmental financial entity] in D.C. At that time one of the senior IT managers told me, off-handedly, that for weeks they had been setting up the system for employees to work remotely in case the office closed.

    At that time it made no sense to me, I certainly didn’t link it to the new virus that was starting to get a little attention in the news, so I didn’t give it a second thought. Then a couple of weeks later in March (~first week) everyone entering the building was asked if they had traveled to Iran or China. By the beginning of the second week the decision was made to shut down the office of this [large quasi-governmental financial institution entity].

    Within a week or two all other government and private sector offices followed suit. I recall this sequence because I was also working at at these locations in March.

    • Thanks: GMC
  53. Emslander says:

    Ron Unz is covering his ruling class ass.

  54. At the moment, blaming governments seems a justified reaction. They are supposed to protect us from bad stuff, in return for the taxes we pay them

    If (((fake news))) had never mentioned covid most of humanity (outside of nursing homes) would have no idea it exists, just like most folks have never heard of Leishmaniasis, Echlnococcosis and Dengue fever, and have no clue tuberculosis kills roughly 1,418,000 worldwide, every year.

    Only a dumbass would risk taking a still-experimental “vaccine,” with zero liability for its manufacturers, for a flu with a 97% recovery rate.

    If anyone thinks once-vaxxed they won’t have to wear a mask or that getting the shot will remain voluntary, a double-dumbass on you.

    • Agree: Fatmanscoop
  55. Refl says:
    @James Thompson

    Thank you for answering to my post, first of all, as I have basically given up discussing the issue.

    I have been a corona denier from day two, as on das one I was not able yet to estimate the cynisism of the perpetrators and I find it an explanation to far fetched to claim that the PTB are run by a satanic sect.

    Still, from the start I was absolutely conscious where the whole thing was going and I have since anticipated where we are now. In the meantime in my country (Germany) democracy has been abolished, part of the family has all but fallen apart. My families economy is hanging by a thread, and I know that others are in worse conditions. I just read an article that in this developped country residents in old peoples homes go unattended due to quarantines and are dying in their feces.

    This developped western world is breaking down at lightning speed and any person with a slightest bit of conscience should come off the corona trip now and deal with what really is at stake.

    • Agree: Fatmanscoop
    • Replies: @Georgia
    , @Peripatetic Itch
  56. Ugetit says:

    It takes no great intellect to appreciate that we are being played on a massive scale – and most people love it.


    To paraphrase Hedges, COVID is a(nother) hoax that gives us meaning. It’s quite evident that vast masses of people love being part of the drama, no matter how outrageously stupid the whole deal is, the pathetically dimwitted arseholes.

    That’s what “elections” are for as well.

  57. Emslander says:

    In our arrogance we thought we had mastered nature. Nature had other ideas.

    I think it becomes more and more evident that the “scientists” don’t know jack about this or anything else in the human experience. They shoot in the dark with billion dollar government bullets until enough bodies are laid out in the morgue and then pronounce something. If the survivors don’t agree with them, they turn out the lights again.

    • Agree: Peripatetic Itch
  58. Drew says:
    @Polite Derelict

    It’s pretty telling that guys who subscribe more-or-less wholeheartedly to Darwinian evolution theory are very susceptible to believing this nonsense. It’s probably because, like Darwin, they have a very narrow view of data, and are intellectually unwilling to question the assumptions upon which the data they are analyzing is based. As such, they attribute too much explanatory power to what is, in the final analysis, a very small amount of information.

  59. anon[321] • Disclaimer says:
    @Polite Derelict

    Here is an actual expert, “with high IQ”, on “variances”:

  60. This article must be a joke. It is basically saying it is good to make people at large guinea pigs, test subjects, etc. Why was it a bad thing when the Nazis supposedly did this on tiny groups of people, and now it’s a good thing when our govt does it on everyone?

    And why does everyone keep calling this new thing a “vaccine” when it is messenger RNA?

    Although one interesting point the article does infer is that without the clinical trials on so many vaccines, of course it makes sense we know so little about them, plausible deniability for big pharma. No wonder they claim no connection between vaccines and autism, ADHD, peanut allergies, and on and on, when common sense dictates otherwise. Interesting.

  61. Henchmn says:

    The governments of the world better do something quick. No one ever died before 2020 and now some people have died! Just last night there was a guy pushing a cart down my street yelling “Bring our your dead!” Oh wait, that was a different moronic English black comedy.

    • LOL: Bro43rd
    • Replies: @Badger Down
  62. Rdm says:

    Thanks James for the vaccine development chart. It was interesting and reinforces my standing on this opportunistic vaccine development.

    How much Moderna and Pfizer made during Covid?

    – Moderna CEO sells stocks immediately after vaccine announcement.
    – Pfizer CEO sells stocks immediately after vaccine announcement.

    What are we missing?

    Go and look up Thalidomide.

    For those of you who have no idea what the drug does, here’s the snippet.

    Morning sickness was a major illness among pregnant women in 50s. Once you have the morning sickness, it ruins your entire day. Women become lethargic and couldn’t focus on their work. Coupled with pregnancy, you can imagine how this affects pregnant women mentally and physically. It goes on for months. Thalidomide did the magic of alleviating the sickness or completely remove the illness. Usually drugs trial needs to be tested in every steps of the way to make sure that it’s safe in every aspect of human life. The drug was administered immensely in Europe. All pregnant ladies were happy.

    Lo and behold, the drug has teratogenic effect, i.e., mutating the DNA at the genetic level, leading to birth defects. You’d know the consequences only after 9 months. Afterwards it’s completely banned for usage in pregnancy at all costs.

    The question is we didn’t test the vaccine at all aspects and administering like there’s no tomorrow. The death counts are rising either because (1) a huge discrepancy in reporting COVID deaths, majority have underlying conditions, gunshot wound, chronic asthma, pollen allergy, blocking airway (2) incentivizing hospitals to report COVID deaths, it’s fast to report as such death rather than forensic study at mortuary.

    This creates the immense pressure on Government to act upon the fake number.

    Just hope it’s not another Thalidomide.

    • Agree: Old and Grumpy
  63. @Dr. Robert Morgan

    A couple of minor points. Australia is one of the most effective countries at curbing Covid 19 infection but is not so good on obesity,though better no doubt than the US.

    Also, it stands to reason that masks help prevent infection because they limit the projection of infected droplets by infected people.

    • Replies: @Rufus Clyde
  64. Bro43rd says:

    The biggest mistake is thinking for profit corporations and for power governments/organizations are somehow benevolent.

  65. “If this can ever be agreed and acted upon, it offers us a good prospect for years to come.”

    And it’ll also show how intelligent we truly are or not.

  66. This article is extremely disappointing in it’s obvious fallacious premise and starting point. I do agree that this whole “virus” situation has been an IQ test, but not at all that the parameters for what we were being tested for were as the author stated. It was an IQ test that the west totally failed in its blind greed of its ruling class that were so blinded by the gold and shekels that they left us all, including themselves; exposed, vulnerable, and easily manipulated into self-destruction.

    On a side note, one only has to look to something as simple as the author’s trumpeting of the “deaths per million” rates as being anything than the utter nonsense they are. They’re fudged numbers for many different reasons and include even the deaths by serial killers like NY Governor Andrew Cuomo that deliberately placed SARS-CoV-19 infected patients in with the most vulnerable of our society. That’s at the very least involuntary manslaughter, what, 100,000 times??? Not even to mention that suddenly the death rates of other causes magically declined at the simile rate as the rates of Covid deaths rise??? All with financial incentives of various sorts incentivizing claiming that someone is ill and needs treatment t due to Covid or that they died of COVID, rather than with COVID? It’s all a sick and twisted scam of the psychopaths that run all our societies.

    And I fear this is just the start, because as with all tyrannical sadists, once they have tasted your submissiveness and weakness, they will never ever relent.

    • Agree: Alfred
  67. Tlotsi says:
    @That Would Be Telling

    It’s going to be hilarious when you take this vaccine, and drop dead like that nurse.

    • Replies: @Anon
  68. Thim says:

    Yes, take that vaccine, Limey. It will save you, and will save your Queendom as well. Trust in those vaccines. God Save The Mutant Queen and her Mutant People.

    Meanwhile, German researchers remind us yesterday, there are thousands of strains of Coronachan at this point.

    So that’s going to be a lot of vaccines Limey, but cheerio, keep the firm upper lip while getting those thousands of jabs. Don’t let the natives see you wince.

    • Replies: @semeonx
  69. @Dumbo

    All the research on people who fall for cons and frauds shows a clear and standout vulnerability of the more educated to fall for even obvious tricks. I suspect it has to do with a combination of hubris, conceit, self-confidence, and even a tinge of supremacism that all nullifies the normal instincts someone else who has not gone through the communist brain scrambler called university, may rely on, as millions of generations of humans before them have. The “less educated” are therefore immensely skeptical of others because they rightfully generalize, something that has been hijacked in mostly the ethnic western Europeans.

    It’s rather easy to trick someone when you’ve already lain the groundwork of a twisted and distorted mental framework, e.g., diversity is good. If you can convince someone that diversity, i.e., division, is good, you can quite literally get them to self-destruct, especially the “smart” ones. It’s really no different than an addiction to a substance that causes the compulsion through physiological dependency and chemical hijacking of the organism, it makes the addict believe that drugs are good just like the addict believes diversity is good … all the while as they are destroying themselves.

    • Agree: John Fisher
  70. No one even knows what the long term damages are with the various Covid vaccinations, but we do know they are actively covering up the immediate reactions. I don’t know if it is just me, but I think it is irreprehensible to permanently damage the health of someone for some statistic make believe herd immunity. I raised the replacement stock in a herd of cows for several decades. There is no real world herd immunity, but it sure sounds smart. The fact the pharmaceutical companies won’t carry liability because they couldn’t afford to make vaccines if they did is a pretty huge red flag.

    I’m ok with being called an antivaxer. I know too many formerly healthy people who got very sick after their vaccines. A few have been damaged permanently. Why don’t their lives matter? Also they will be the ones if the get Covid, that will have the plug pulled. But hey, they are just stats. The elite win with that mindset.

  71. @Mike129

    It seems quite probable that the New Improved Covid is already hitting Europe, and it’s just that the UK tests are better at picking it up, if Dr Campbell’s lectures are at all accurate. But for the EU it’s a golden opportunity to put more pressure on Boris.

    That hasn’t stopped the Guardian’s gloating over the “Plague Island” gibes.

    • Replies: @Alfred
  72. Fred777 says:

    I don’t see rioting for BLM among the high risk activities, now I see why the MSM gave them a pass.

  73. @Drew

    I agree.

    In this Age of the Big Lie, the one thing necessary is discernment, i.e., an ability to discern the difference between reality and deception.

    While one will frequently encounter people who see through the deception on many things, but have a blind spot on a few obvious deceptions, it is generally the same people who fall for all hoaxes, both big and small. Obviously, intelligence has nothing to do with it, and may even be negatively correlated with discernment, while discernment and natural common sense are positively correlated.

    But the amount of mind-control gaslighting that smothers our social existence makes it difficult for many to resist. These comment threads are good examples. The gaslighters show up and the avalanche begins.

    Any thread on vaccines has become like the call of a horse race, when the bell rings and the gates open: “And there they go!”

    The gaslighters are here because the stakes are high. Very, very, high.

    • Thanks: Polite Derelict
  74. semeonx says:
    @Polite Derelict

    Agreed. Its not as if the scam is not Very Obvious and in your face.
    I can only assume these people have at a moment of great deception
    reverted to cowardice and willful ignorance

    • Agree: John Fisher
  75. @Dumbo

    Love your comments, Dumbo. Thanks and keep it going.

    I’m embarrassed to ask what HBD means?

    • Replies: @Boston Ben
    , @Blubb
    , @lysias
  76. Anonymous[182] • Disclaimer says:

    The English are being set up to be the scapegoats for the economic collapse and mass unrest/war that is coming. Sort of like the Jews during the 1920s-40s.

    • Replies: @Badger Down
    , @Bill Jones
  77. @John Fisher

    I’m embarrassed to ask what HBD means?

    • Replies: @James Thompson
  78. Sean says:

    Population density is high in Belgium, very especially around greater Brussels. Also true of the south east of England, where the new more transmissible variant came to attention. Slum people worldwide seem to suffer from Covid-19 less than the wealthy so maybe a combination of lack of exposure to mild coronavirus family infections such as colds by having spacious houses makes for less general antibody protection against Covid-19, but large urban areas in the West containing many immigrants are dangerous to navigate on the way to work ECT.

    There are millions more people in England (especially the overheated SE) than the government knows or wants to know, so I think there will be far less than 80% of the population who get vaccinated.

    The necessary qualitative easing will create a property boom and even more immigrant construction workers will be drawn in. The vaccine will allow government to override the natural cultural adaptation to diseases sweeping in from other counties, which is isolationism and xenophobia.

    • Replies: @Alfred
  79. Bert says:

    Slightly OT, but hilariously well done: a takedown of randomly controlled trials when observational data are clearly at hand and speaking clearly. Read it before it’s removed.

    BMJ. 2003 Dec 20; 327(7429): 1459–1461.
    doi: 10.1136/bmj.327.7429.1459

    Parachute use to prevent death and major trauma related to gravitational challenge: systematic review of randomised controlled trials

    Gordon C S Smith, professor1 and Jill P Pell, consultant2

    Fauci, like the little mouse he is, should for sure be in the control side of the experiment.

  80. Trinity says:

    IF only America, England and the rest of the West had the guts to report the violence perpetrated on Whites by nonwhites in their respective nations like they do this MANUFACTURED coronavirus. TRUTH BE TOLD, more Whites from Black on White violence, Brown on White violence, etc., than these FUDGED coronavirus stats. You think CNN would have a table showing the deaths of Whites attributed to Black on White violence or Brown on White violence on their network nightly? How about England showing a graph at how many White children are being groomed by Pakis and other Brown invaders each year.

  81. Tor597 says:

    The UK should pay reparations to the world for this new British Virus.

    The British aren’t even canceling flights from the UK to other countries and they didn’t report on the virus till now even though they had the data since September.

  82. Blubb says:
    @John Fisher

    Human Bio Diversity

    Or the idea that ancestry (including race) is the root cause for differences in groups of humans.

  83. Steve B. says:

    This is all well said. However, it omits the foundational lie: there is NO virus. The CDC and numerous governmental health bodies openly ADMIT that they have never isolated the virus. Thus there is no viral genetic sequence. The sequences put forward are all from computer models that have no relation to reality. Numerous doctors (such as Andrew Kaufmann) have read the papers and they ALL committed fraud by violating Koch’s postulates. It’s total fraud. There is NO virus. From there you have a PCR test which cannot test for a virus as none exists, but even if one did, the inventor of the test (Kerry Mullis) said that the test could never be used to diagnose an infection. The primers are all looking for HUMAN DNA. Huh? All positives are false. So then we have a vaccine that cannot be directed at any virus either as none exists. We know what it is for, and we’d better be worried. We are being led into a technocratic medical tyranny.

  84. Georgia says:

    If you actually research — the conclusion is inescapable that these “Elite” behind this Great Reset and NWO Agenda are “Occultists” — there is Masonic symbolism always interwined with them and their plans — their “god” is Lucifer — it doesn’t take very much research to figure this out.

    Bill Gates had a well known “artist” Satanist as an ad spokesperson the last Good Friday during this Pandemic — she was quickly withdrawn due to the very negative public reaction — but why would he do that? It is well known these Occultist “Elites” like to “message” us who they are and their nasty plans for us.

    Gates’ wife around that same time went on National Television wearing an upside down Crucifix. The “Elite” do this type of thing all the time –people don’t want to see it but it is clearly there…. website documents this “signaling” — it is so obvious when you wake up to it….Ex-Satanist Wizard Zachary King flat out said he worked with Gates and he is a Satanist.

    • Replies: @John Fisher
  85. @Dumbo

    I guess you are another bible-thumping hillbilly who also screams hysterically that “Darwin erred about…” because your education is not sufficient to realise that the more than 50 years since the first polio vaccines, or the 150 years since “Origin of Species”, have more than enough time for plenty of scientific advances. Just to give you an idea of the dimension – in the 1960s computers were still built from individual transistors, and for about 1000× the price of a modern smartphone you got about one-millionth the power. In the life sciences, advances have been similar. Go back to your trailer and your anti-vaxxer meetings.

    • LOL: davidgmillsatty
  86. @Andrei

    Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel has said one thing which I agree with. He wrote an article a few years ago in The Atlantic (Oct 2014) entitled “Why I Hope to Die at 75.” That title was an exaggeration. He went on to say that he didn’t plan to kill himself, but only to refuse modern life extending measures once he reached that age. That also included that he would refuse to take additional vaccines, including the flu shot. Interesting, as he is now one of Biden’s Covid advisors.

    There is merit in his argument. It is ridiculous that millions plan to live as long as possible, no matter what it takes, when all quality of life is gone. It’s no wonder that Medicare and Medicaid are financially insolvent. I keep reading that 80+ year old’s have died of Covid, when, in reality, they died of old age.

    I say this as a man who will soon be seventy. The way things are proceeding due to this Covid plandemic, I’m not sure life will be worth living for another 5 years.

    • Replies: @Skeptikal
  87. @anon

    Thanks. Very useful explanation.

  88. @Polite Derelict

    Sailer is bought-and-paid-for controlled opposition. How I know this is a long story but I’m quite sure of it. So he isn’t falling for anything in spite of his continuous vaccine promotion.
    Thompson is an interesting case. Go back and reread the last three paragraphs of this essay. Is this tongue in cheek? It’s like a neoliberal manifesto. No regulation, just rule by GloboCap. It’s too over the top. The appeal to IQ snobbery is suspicious too. So no, I don’t think Thompson is an “intelligent fool”. He’s just another paid liar.

  89. @Georgia

    Thank you for that link.

    Both the obvious signaling and the just-as-obvious ‘revelation of the method’ as a means of mass mind control have reached levels of perfection through technology that is almost stunning when you step back and observe. We are in the midst of a diabolical masterstroke.

  90. @cranc

    I have contacts within my state’s Department of Public Health. They report a large increase in drug OD deaths this year. However, every OD death is reported as a Covid-19 death if there is even the slightest evidence, e.g. a positive PCR for the presence SARS-COV-2 or a bad cough weeks before the OD death (I’m not making this up!), that the dead person might ever have had a SARS-COV-2 infection or Covid-19. As a result, many thousands of drug OD deaths are reported as deaths due to Covid-19 and the Rona Panic is amplified.

  91. Trinity says:

    So is it better to be killed by a Black thug or the coronavirus? As far as (((our media))) is concerned, FUDGED death stats from this MANUFACTURED HOAX FOR THE MOST PART is more important than all those REAL White victims of Black violence. CNN talks about the corona hoax 24/7 but won’t touch some White girl in Mississippi being burned to death by a Black or group of Blacks with a ten foot pole. The little White boy shot execution style and the poor White child thrown off the balcony in the Minneapolis mall, hardly received 5 minutes of coverage while Saint Floyd and CoronaRona were/are looped nonstop.

  92. @pyrrhus

    Marketing 101. Blacks and POCS are less likely to take the vaccine. Therefore, play up the fact that older white people are being “left out” by giving the vaccine to “essential workers” first, who are majority blacks and POCS. Stick it to whitey by getting the vaccine first, say all the “woke” celebrities, Dementia Party, and Joos.

    Great trick to make the oppressed want the vaccine even more, sticking it to whitey.

    Of course, the vaccine is dangerous as hell. People will surely drop dead from it. And the MSM will ignore it all, or blame it on COVID. How convenient.

  93. Agent76 says:

    “If the machine of government is of such a nature that it requires you to be the agent of injustice to another, then, I say, break the law.” Henry David Thoreau

    Dec 4, 2020 Lockdowns Haven’t Brought down Covid Mortality. But They Have Killed Millions of Jobs.

    Strict lockdowns have devastated millions of families’ incomes while failing to bring success in suppressing covid mortality.

  94. @Wizard of Oz

    It absolutely does not stand to reason that masks help prevent infection with respiratory viruses. It is well-established that the principle mechanism for transmission is aerosolized particles that can travel tens of metres indoors and remain suspended on the fluid air for hours. At lest 8% of sub-5um particles escape from n-95 respirators. Cloth masks increase the proportion of such tiny particles and are worse than not wearing a mask in that regard. 300 virions is apparently adequate to infect a person, and the loads in these tiny particles consistntly exceed that threshold. The notion that millions of people across the globe are being infected by droplets is absurd, particularly so in nations with over 90% compliance with the ridiculous mandatory masking laws.

    • Thanks: Ugetit
    • Replies: @Philip Owen
  95. Another weirdo lover of “the jab” spinning out from the prole-fed premise that xxx deaths in xxx,xxx,xxx’s of people is just unacceptable attrition for, you know, being a species.

    • LOL: Bro43rd
  96. @Polite Derelict

    “That bastard won’t get away with this! What’s going on in this country when a scumsucker like Polite Derelict can get away with sandbagging a doctor of IQ?” — Dr. Hunter S. Biden, “STEM and Loathing on

    • LOL: BenKenobi
  97. gavishti says:
    @James Thompson

    Have you had all those variants whilst checking them out. Please share your experience.

    There are presently thousands of mutations of the same virus. If you find the time please check them all out. It will be a truly unique scientific study.

    Another question, how many vaccines have taken as off yet ? It is recommended that one takes all available vaccines as soon as possible.
    Please hurry !

  98. Any Covid article that doesn’t mention Ivermectin is suspect.

  99. lysias says:
    @John Fisher

    I tried to look up HBD on line, but I still don’t know what it means in this context.

    • Replies: @John Fisher
  100. anonymous[144] • Disclaimer says:
    @Ari Silver

    There are many people who are better off dead. The very old and sick, for example. And the stupid.

    • Replies: @Wielgus
  101. @lysias

    Thanks for looking, lysias. I did the same and came up with “Happy Birthday” LOL

    @Boston Ben and @Blubb were kind enough to explain that it means Human Bio Diversity. The video linked by @Boston Ben of Steve Sailer was informative (and the short lead-in Bach cello piece at the beginning was worth the click)

  102. canspeccy says: • Website

    It could have presented a rational wager for those most vulnerable: shall I willingly take a probably very small risk now, to avoid a higher risk of severe illness or death later?

    That’s the wrong question.

    The lethality of the virus is age dependent. For the great majority of the population, those under 50, the risk of death from Covid19 is no greater than that from the flu.

    For most people, therefore, the question should be:

    Shall I willingly take a probably very small (James thinks) risk now to avoid a very small risk of severe illness or death later?

    The answer to which, in most cases, will be no.

    The result of that decision, if the public is allowed to make it without bullying and legal sanctions to force a different decision, is that herd immunity will be acquired, if it can be acquired, naturally rather than through mass vaccination.

    An additional result will be that the elderly, and particularly the frail elderly who fail to sequester themselves, will be for a while at relatively high risk of contracting a lethal disease, unless they make the decision to risk whatever negative consequences there may be of a largely untested vaccine.

    So if you believe in a free society, all the bullying and bullshit about the urgency of mass vaccination should be dropped and all the intimidation and economic destruction by lockdown should be ended: NOW.

  103. @Refl

    residents in old peoples homes go unattended due to quarantines and are dying in their feces.

    And that, IMHO, is the really big instrument of propagation for this plague. Aerosols produced by the feces of incontinent residents of nursing homes.

  104. 3g4me says:

    All flu variants and covid variants ORIGINATE in Asia. This was not in question until geography became woke. If this were a true pandemic instead of a massively exaggerated flu hoax, a collectivist response – to be expected in collectivist Oriental societies – would likely work better than an individualist and Occidental one. Since I’m still waiting (in vain, alas) to see piles of corpses in the street, I’m utterly uninterested in either.

  105. Wielgus says:

    Who decides who is stupid, though?

    • Replies: @The Alarmist
  106. Chinaman says:

    UK covered up the London Virus and was not transparent\withhold its data. UK fail to notify the international community in a timely manner. The incompetence of the demon-cratic government in the UK and actions of its satanic worshippers led to hundreds of thousands of preventable death.

    It is called the London Virus because it originated from London and white people.

    UK didn’t stop flights and impose travel bans, *purposely* letting it spread around the world. Many died because of the incompetence and evil-doers in the Demon-cratic government in the UK.

    UK and white people needs to pay for the economic damage that the London Virus have brought to the world by fucking up Christmas. Xi will make UK pay for what they have done. China will

    Meritocratic governments like China handled the London Virus much better because Chinese instinctually understood that each person need to make sacrifices in freedoms in order for society to endure. Demon-cratic governments like UK and US produce Satan worshippers that will sacrifice the weak -and even their grandmother- to goto the pub to get a beer.

    White people have a genetic defect with predisposed them to act like man-childs that never grew out of their teenage rebellion.

    White people eat beef infected with mad cow diseases and let the virus cross-breed with the London Virus and mutate uninhibited. It is a bioweapon against all non-whites.

    White people try to silent Chinaman, the whistleblower of the London Virus.

    • LOL: mikemikev

    What a pansy ass nation. How did the British get through the Battle of Britain?

    Btw, those Asian nations didn’t act smart. They acted candy-ass wussy in globo-homo manner, and it’s no wonder they are in demographic steep decline. Men have become pussy boys and women are twits.

    The only way to be is to say, “I ain’t afraid of stinking virus.”

    • Replies: @europeasant
  108. El Dato says:

    And I don’t even think the “virus theory of disease” is correct at this point, but that’s another issue.

    Fancy yourself more hardcore than a world full of PhDs looking at generations of knowledge accumulation through empirical data collection? Everyone has a brain problem, that one’s yours.

    The polio vaccine, which supposedly “saved millions”, also contaminated millions of people with a simian virus, SV40, linked to cancer. What can we expect of this one?

    Trash talk.That was the 60s. And polio is not a luxury disease that you can sleep off. And “linked to cancer” doesn’t mean much either.

    OTOH, I have come to the conclusion that mask mandates are actually meant to SPREAD the virus. That or the masqueradi suddenly can no longer look at graphs straight.

    Whenever the masks go on, the curve goes up.

    Stop wearing masks.

  109. @Drew

    It’s pretty telling that guys who subscribe more-or-less wholeheartedly to Darwinian evolution theory are very susceptible to believing this nonsense.

    People who have actually read On the Origin of Species, as I have, would beg to disagree. Darwin was meticulous in his documentation. Scrupulous in his intellectual honesty as well. He was, I believe, quite religious and would not have condemned you for disbelieving his theory.

    As such, they attribute too much explanatory power to what is, in the final analysis, a very small amount of information.

    Entirely agree. But in attributing this to Darwin you may be falling into your own trap.

  110. The PM Programme (Beeb Radio 4 News) started banging on about an even horrider, more athletic and all-round scary South African strain at 1700hrs today. “501.V2”, they tell me.
    All Saffers who, for whatever ill-judged reason have abandoned the southern midsummer, and their vineyards and citrus groves, to fetch up in dark, wet, cold, blockaded and thoroughly depressed Blighty are obliged to quarantine for 10 days or something.

    A bit late.
    I was woken by a particularly thunderous overflight around 4 a.m. today. Annoyed, I pulled up Flightradar24 and saw that it was British Airways inbound to Heathrow from Cape Town.
    Another one is due in at a similar time tomorrow morning.

    This next lot may well be instructed to imprison themselves for the holidays. Not so sure about the previous loads, though. Apparently nobody knew, or the meeja would have been screaming the house down to distract from the good old British pox which everybody (I’m looking at you, Frenchies) is hating on us for just recently.
    So presumably they’ve gone on their merry way. Couple of jars in ‘Spoons to get into the Yuletide vibe before calling a cab, maybe?

    The odds are high that these are soutpiels eager to get home to mummy and daddy for a lovely fambly crimbo in Surrey, North Yorkshire or the like.
    Do you really think they’re going to lash out all that money just to spend Christmas and New Year in some scabby Travelodge off the M25, surrounded by druggies, murderers and ‘working girls’ ? Or even non-Londoners.

  111. @another fred

    Being treated like a mushroom and feeling like a mushroom are two different things.

    If you were expecting answers and a solution from the MSM and “they” and then didn’t receive such gifts, I can see how you feel like you are being fed shit.

    But that was your choice.

    I have been following the virus quite closely since Anatoly Karlin mentioned it here in January I think. I was jokingly wearing a mask in my office before ANY of my co-workers or anybody I knew, in fact, had any idea about coronavirus.

    I am a studied expert on the numbers. I work for a hospital in Boston. I am patient-facing all day long. I wear a mask 12 hours a day. Nobody gets infected in our hospital. When anybody is confirmed “exposed” the whole department is tested and monitored. We wipe down all surfaces with high-test sani-wipes in any room a patient has been in for even a minute.

    We plan to have 4000+ hospital employees vaccinated by the end of January. It is not mandatory. Every employee who wants to be vaccinated was given their two appointments by last Thursday the 17th.

    Maybe all this is overkill. But NOBODY gets infected. Our universal masking policy works.

    I read history books about viruses and pandemics. I don’t watch or read or listen to the MSM for anything. And yet, most of the horseshit I’ve heard about the virus has come from UNZ. Imagine that.

    I get a briefing from a virologist every week. I talked with a friend this morning who was vaccinated yesterday. Two co-workers were vaccinated as we were working today. They sent nurses to us.

    The suggestions James makes were planned months ago by the hospital and are being executed now. These are no brainers.

    The State of Massachusetts’ website on COVID statistics is outstanding. Everybody wears masks and social distances in Boston except in malls on weekends. Restaurants are not open after 9pm anymore. There are no “nightclubs” in business. The England James describes seems like a third-world Hell-hole compared to Boston. We had the highest infection rates in the world in April and May, but now we are below the American average. Our “second wave” has reached a case per day peak more than double that of the spring and has plateaued for the last three weeks.

    • Thanks: Sean
  112. Alfred says:

    if Dr Campbell’s lectures are at all accurate.

    I watched a few of these videos of Dr Campbell when this virus was allegedly killing a few very old and sick people on a cruise ship in Japan. I quickly realised that he is propping up his generous NHS pension by scaring as many people as possible. I would not be surprised if Youtube is giving him a bonus for his efforts.

    If you enjoy fearporn, this is a good way to go. 🤣🤣🤣

    When I copied the link above and went to, I saw a number of similar fearporn videos on display on the right side of my screen. Here is the first one.

    Swedish Professor: we are headed for disaster

    Well, the mortality statistics for Sweden are available here and there is no difference with the preceding 3 years for all age groups. Look guys, it is a scam. How many times do you have to be told the obvious? This Swedish professor is a liar and a crook.

    EUROMOMO – Graphs and maps

    I also put the graph my own website. Try clicking this:

    • Replies: @anon
  113. Alden says:

    Right. tuberculosis was eradicated in the USA. Then we got TB patients and spreaders from all over the diseased ridden countries of the world.

  114. Alfred says:

    Population density is high in Belgium, very especially around greater Brussels. Also true of the south east of England, where the new more transmissible variant came to attention….

    You are a troll and everything you have written is pure unadulterated BS. Calculated to confuse people.

    Have you ever been to Essex, Kent, Sussex, Surrey? I doubt it.

    I think there will be far less than 80% of the population who get vaccinated.

    No one needs a risky vaccine for an infection that kills 0.05% of healthy people.

    The vaccine will allow government to override the natural cultural adaptation to diseases sweeping in from other counties, which is isolationism and xenophobia.

    What planet do you live on? 🤣🤣🤣

    • Replies: @Sean
  115. Meanwhile, Astra Zeneca and the Gamelaya Institute both had so so results with their first attempts at a vaccine. Good in the young, less good in the old. GI still testing the old. AZ failed to pick up on the immunology and used the same carrier for both spike proteins but had a luky “accident”. GI avoided this trap. Luck, better understanding of the immunology or less concern about costs?

    They techniques they used were identical but the virus spike proteins are not the same.

    They have combined forces, although you won’t see this in UK propaganda outlets. Alone each had an amoury of two vaccines that could be administered A>B or B>A with some ability to vary doses. With A, B, C and D available they immediately have 12 combinations to play with more if they adjust dosing. Win! Win! Gamelaya seem to have the better understanding of immunology, AZ better testing and prodcution capabilities. A rare example of UK-Russia cooperation that will not be visible in the UK media.

    Another situation not being revealed in the UK media is the case rate in Bridgend where I live. It is the highest or 2nd highest in the UK . I suspect a D Notice. The hospital is full. The emergency hospital added 50 beds to the 350 available but is now completely full and there are no more local nurses. The army has set in 90 drivers to beef up the ambulance service. I don’t know about army nurses.

    On my new, expensive housing estate, nobody knows their neighbours. Infection rates have been and continue to be low. 15 miles up the Llynfi valley in the ex mining villages stuck on mountain sides it is different. Strangers seldom visit. Few people have friends but everybody is a cousin to everyone else. Social interaction is massive. The area, along with other similar places was hit badly in spring. Now infection rates are approaching 2000/100k (double yesterday). We don’t know if it is the mutant. It seems likely. We are outstripping Kent for infectivity (Macron did the right thing for France). The house is stuffed full of food.

    My daughter, an epidemiologist amongst other talents, is currently running the NHS side of Track and Trace in a large English city. They have an R rate of 0.6 at the moment. The new strain adds 0.6 to the R rate so they fear an increase to R of 1.2 which will overwhelm any management techniques they ahve tried so far. In this case, although the disease may not be more dangerous for any one individual, instead of millions infected and tens of thousands dying, there will be tens of millions infected and hundreds of thousands dying. This time, although Neil Ferguson has been making similar projections, it seems real. There may be a saving grace. It may be less deadly. This usually happens when transmission increases but it is not an iron law of nature. There is no evidence for a less deadly form yet. The biology is such that it may affect younger people than heretofor.

  116. @TTSSYF

    Which is why emotional issues like English nationalism generate such stupidity over Brexit.

  117. Epicycles and deferents – hallmarks of bullshitters’ attempt to keep their bullshit alive in Copernicus’ day, and rien n’a jamais changé.

     • ‘new variant’ – became absolutely necessary because every man Jack now knows that the old variant has a median victim age of 80… and even then, is of zero concern to sprightly 80 year olds;

     • ‘long haulers’ – also necessary, because for walking-around-without-assistance-aged people who contract it, they can barely notice any difference between the ‘rona and a mild hangover.


    As to the public authorities… I had a chuckle at this bit:

    They are supposed to protect us from bad stuff, in return for the taxes we pay them. In theory, they should have protected us better than we could have protected ourselves..

    Such naïve acceptance of government’s marketing bromides would be endearing in a mildly-retarded 5 year old, but in an adult male it just makes the utterer sound like a naïf of the first water.


    Government exists to concentrate wealth upwards. It clips everyone’s ticket on behalf of a narrow favoured class: it always has, and it always will. Anyone who believes otherwise is a fool; anyone who says otherwise is an ignoramus or a bullshit-artist. Or maybe both – but definitely not neither.

    Now you might think that there might be some governmental concern for the masses, on the same basis that cattle ranchers make some small effort to protect their herds from predators.

    Thing is though, cattle ranching is a relatively low-margin endeavour, whereas the government grift throws off so much free cash flow that it would take a 50% reduction in the herd before there was any discernible change to the overlords’ consumption patterns.


    The last two or three decades have resulted in policies that favour imprudence.

     • Monetary policy favours the financially imprudent (by lowering the cost of debt);
     • Welfare policy favours the genetically imprudent (by lowering the cost of stupid offspring);
     • Health policy favours the metabolically imprudent (by lowering the cost of metabolically-destructive lifetyles);
     • Education policy favours those who are imprudent with respect to their children’s cognitive development (by enabling disinterested parents to warehouse their children, so that the parents can both continue in paid employment). That said: 95% of the starting material – the children – are only fit for warehousing.

    By ‘lowering the cost’, I mean the direct, out-of-pocket cost to the individual (in health policy this is more of a problem in the Civilised West – i.e., the West excluding the US).

    The cost to society is abundantly clear to anyone who sits on a bench in any mall, and simply spends 5 minutes observing the parade of obese tattooed halfwits wandering around with their waste-of-ejaculate offspring in tow.

    But there is no cost to the people ‘at the top’ – the Apex Grifters – at least, not so’s they’d notice.


    So by all means, everyone go get a pointless vaccine for this particular problem – while we await the next problem.

    Also, wear a crucifix to protect you from vampires, and make sure you’re sufficiently fervent when praying because Yahweh gets annoyed by impiety.

    Protip: I hear that putting a banana in your yard protects against tigers, so you might want to do that too.

    In fact, yard-bananas should be mandatory: if yard-bananas only save one deathly-ill octagenarian from being dragged from their mobility scooter by a rampaging Big Cat, then surely they’re worth it.

    We must keep every old person who is currently alive, alive for at least another hour. We must pay any price; bear any burden; suffer any indignity; surrender any silly ‘rights’.

    If any octagenarians die – of anything – between this moment and the end of time, we will have failed as a people.

    • Thanks: RadicalCenter
    • Replies: @Ugetit
    , @Dumb4asterisks
  118. @Rufus Clyde

    A few comments.

    In the UK at least, very few people wear respirators in contrast to, say, Spain where they are as common as IIR masks. So respirator effectiveness is not a huge issue. That said, I wear KN95’s. I had them tested during a tender to supply the UK Depeartment of Health and Social Care with 30m of such. The masks from my supplier actually blocked 99.2% of particles. This is typical of KN95’s. 92% is the requirement but most do far better. Even 92% is a huge reduction in viral dose.

    I am currently up and running with a face covering supplier that offers viriscidal snoods. This time it is a UK company which was planning to be a pandemic specialist when this one struck. As the snoods kill the virus particles outright this can be touched and requires less onerous disinfecting protocols than a KN95 (typically 3 days in a paper bag). The snood can stand some washing too.

    • Replies: @Rufus Clyde
  119. Occasional lurker: “Italy, France., Spain, Belgium and Peru? Much less obesity than in the US there or than in Australia. ”

    The former are all countries in which about ~20% of people are obese. That’s way too high. Contrast that w/Vietnam (2.1%), Japan (4.3%), or China (6%). Also, I notice that sub-Saharan Africa is ostensibly doing well against the virus. But of course, that’s probably not just because they tend to be skinny. Rather, it can be attributed to the ultra-high cleanliness of the people, their high IQs, and their top flight health care! LOL.

  120. Mefobills says:

    England is mutant because the City of London (Finance Capital) runs the affairs of the state.

    Hidden Oligarchs and money wizards maneuver from behind the scenes. These people could give a damn about the English. Even better, if the people are busted out economically, then their property and real assets can be bought up cheap. Win Win. OH! And if we scare the people enough, they will gladly give up their property and freedom for a little security.

    China, on the other hand, does not have hidden rulers. What you see is what you get.


    BEIJING, Dec. 22 (Xinhua) — China will continue with two credit policy tools to provide financial support to small and micro-sized companies next year, according to a State Council meeting on Monday.

    China will continue with the policy, which allows small and micro-sized businesses to postpone principal and interest repayments on inclusive loans in the first quarter of next year, and will extend the policy period as appropriate, according to the meeting presided over by Premier Li Keqiang.

    Incentives will be put in place for local banks that provide inclusive loans for micro and small enterprises with a deferred repayment period of no less than six months. The incentives will remain at 1 percent of the loan principal.

    The inclusive credit loan support program, the other policy instrument, will be extended from the end of this year as appropriate to help small businesses stabilize their operations, the meeting said.

    The implementation of the two targeted credit instruments has benefited over 3.1 million small and micro-sized market entities, played a positive role in alleviating financial pressure on enterprises, and ensured market entities and secured employment, the meeting said.

  121. @TTSSYF

    “Ayn Rand” could have raised her IQ 50 points merely by falling asleep.

    • LOL: Malla
  122. Anonymous[102] • Disclaimer says:

    I like the idea of getting rid of control groups. I’m waiting for the first cohort of “vaccine diers” before rolling out my official refusal to take this monstrosity. Flatten the curve? Eff that. If we’d carried on as normal this would all be over. Newsflash: people die all the time. I simply don’t care anymore about the population as a whole. Individual people are another matter.

  123. @Henchmn

    Sixty million people in the UK.
    And almost all will be dead in a hundred years.

    • Replies: @Dave Bowman
  124. Pembo says:

    Geez… just when you thought THICK BRITS couldn’t possibly get any THICKER… this Agony Aunt of an author appears TOTALLY unaware that CovidSCAM is a GIGANTIC HOAX…
    just a PRETEXT to usher in the GREAT RESET…. where you get to live on your knees….PERMANENTLY!

    What a fckin feckless twat!!

    • Replies: @Expletive Deleted
  125. Sean says:

    Essex? Yes been to


    As I said “Slum people worldwide seem to suffer from Covid-19 less than the wealthy so maybe a combination of lack of exposure to mild coronavirus family infections such as colds by having spacious houses makes for less general antibody protection against Covid-19, but large urban areas in the West containing many immigrants are dangerous to navigate on the way to work ECT.”

    • Replies: @karel
    , @Alfred
  126. Alden says:

    Dumbo is a perfect name for an anti vaxxer.

    • Replies: @Dumbo
  127. Voltara says:

    It’s not IQ that determines your reaction to the virus tale. It’s personality type. Most emotional types buy the scare campaign. Instinctive types are divided between loathing infection and their trust or mistrust of the messengers. Intellectual types see the facts do not align. The cabal running the program know this. The additional division and fear is a bonus prize.

    There is no agreement on anything amongst humans.

    • Agree: Wielgus
    • Replies: @Wielgus
    , @Dumb4asterisks
  128. theMann says:
    @James Thompson

    Fassbinder films are the only films playing in Hell.

    • Replies: @James Thompson
  129. tomo says:
    @Jus' Sayin'...

    The current CEO of Pfeizer Bourla – (a veterinarian – not a doctor) basically created Mad Cow Disease when he worked for EU as a head of animal health. It was his idea to feed animals with leftover animal parts from slaughter houses.
    Thousands of people died of it in the UK – I lived there at the time.
    He has so far refused to take his own franken-vaxx

    • Replies: @dearieme
  130. @Wielgus

    If you have to ask that question …. 😉 😉

    • Replies: @Wielgus
  131. Here’s a question: Would they really let Joe Biden, a 78 y.o. who could drop dead on a good day from any number of age- and health-history-related reasons, actually take a real dose of the vaxx? If that were to kill him, that would be the end of The Great Reset right there and then, as nobody would want the vaxx.

    How do we know any of our virtue-signalling politicos are getting the same shots they propose the rest of us take?

    • Agree: Wielgus
    • Replies: @Wielgus
    , @Mike Tre
  132. anon[168] • Disclaimer says:

    A successful fashion designer abandons a sado-masochistic relationship with her female assistant in favor of a love affair with a beautiful young woman

    … and bitter tears ensue. Possibly a commentary on transitioning from Marxism to Capitalism.

  133. ATBOTL says:

    So kill yourself now and help solve the problem, you sperg retard.

  134. Wielgus says:

    For me the facts don’t align. I may or may not be intellectual but I read books and compared to earlier epidemics that have ripped through human societies Covid-19 is pretty damn weak and the response highly over the top. Mistrust of the messengers – yeah. I am not particularly emotional and think that in a crisis panic is the worst thing you can do.

  135. Wielgus says:
    @The Alarmist

    Well, for example, I don’t know whether Boris Johnson is diabolically clever or incredibly stupid. Perhaps only history will render the final verdict.

    • Replies: @The Alarmist
  136. Wielgus says:
    @The Alarmist

    Well, one worthy in Britain was “vaccinated” for the camera but a close-up showed they kept the plastic cap on the syringe, so he was not in fact injected.

    • Replies: @dearieme
  137. Mike Tre says:
    @The Alarmist

    If he dies they can make up any story they like, and they still get Komodo in the Oval Office.

  138. dearieme says:

    Thousands of people died of it in the UK

    Oh balls. 178 (as of 2018).

    • Replies: @Alfred
  139. Skeptikal says:

    Nobody dies “of old age.”

    There is always a specific cause of death.

    The problem with our health system is that prevention is ignored, and the general American lifestyle and diet is toxic and even young people in the “prime” of life have multiple comorbidities, starting with obesity, continuing on through drug abuse, diabetes 2, etc. Just look around you.

    Don’t be dumping on healthy 75-year-olds.

    • Agree: Alfred
  140. Ugetit says:

    If any octagenarians die – of anything – between this moment and the end of time, we will have failed as a people.

    Meanwhile our benevolent government is all on board with abortions on demand and it willy-nilly and gleefully bombs the bejeebers out of anyone unable to defend themselves.

    Yup, they love hyoomanutty..

  141. @Kratoklastes

    Protip: I hear that putting a banana in your yard protects against tigers, so you might want to do that too.

    You joke, but for proof you need crocodiles and a pinch of salt:

    My neighbour spread salt onto his lawn.
    When asked why, he explained that it keeps the crocodiles away.
    “But there are no crocodiles,” I pointed out.
    “You see!”

  142. anon[141] • Disclaimer says:

    This vaccine is pretty much what would happen if Sackler and Johns-Manville went into the patent medicines business with Union Carbide India Limited, Bhopal.

  143. utu says:

    Neil Fergusson prediction that COVID-19 could kill 500,000 Brits was for the scenario where Great Britain just carried on life as before. You can get this result very simply w/o any modeling. One gets 500k from 75% herd immunity threshold (out of 66 million) and IFR=1%. No modeling required.

    Neil Fergusson was not wrong. Yes, IFR is lower than 1% now because of improved treatment but if the epidemic reached the herd immunity level we could expect about 250,000-500,00 deaths.

    How can we get from the current 69,000 death toll to 500,000? Very simply. It is a factor of 7. Where can find the factor of 7. Look at Nordic countries and compare Sweden that had minimal countermeasures with Norway and Finland and Denmark that had very effective countermeasures. The difference there is a factor of 7-10. Can we say that if UK had the level of countermeasures similar to Sweden than the death toll now would be about 500,000?

    But somebody could object that the current deaths per million in Sweden is 817 while 500,000 deaths in UK would imply 7500 deaths per million which is 10 times more than in Sweden. Yes, but (1) Sweden did not reach its herd immunity threshold of infection yet and (2) Sweden natural unconstrained R0 is lower than that of UK so its herd immunity threshold is lower.

  144. How about: just when things are settling down, our evil overlords release a new strain of the virus. This constant disruption will continue until we accept their Great Reset and accept our place as a slave class- if we are permitted to live.

  145. Rubicon says:

    We totally agree with “Dumbo.” The PCR tests are not reliable.
    When you have a bunch of the Super Multi-billionaires heavily involved in this, it’s a telling reminder of their real motives behind all the Covid Nonsense.

    • Agree: Ugetit
    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  146. utu says:

    The coronavirus set us an IQ test, and exactly as our measures of global IQ would have predicted, the Chinese, Japanese, Taiwanese, Koreans and Singaporeans have done better than the Europeans. (That aside, I doubt if the final tally of deaths will be well predicted by national IQ. All that can be worked out later).

    A sad case of “if all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.” Discipline and compliance to the well defined directives coming from authorities does not take much intelligence. Singaporeans know they will be punished for infractions. Some Taiwanese were fined and arrested for spreading false rumors about Covid-19. Koreans came down very hard on the virus super-spreading religious cult. Were Ashkenazi Orthodox in NY and NJ punished with equal severity? By the Taiwanese standards 75% of the UR commentariat would be fined and/or arrested. Would that improve their intelligence? No, but they would adhere to requirements that promote fighting the epidemic. This is not about Asians being more intelligent? Grow up, Thompson.

    • Replies: @Rdm
    , @Chinaman
  147. @Voltara

    There is no agreement on anything amongst humans.

    • Agree: Wielgus


  148. @Wielgus

    Diabolically stupid is another possibility.

  149. @dearieme

    I have moderate diastolic dysfunction (stiff heart) though manage my 10,000 paces a day or equivalent and, while complaining of its effect on my tennis was told by a slightly younger man that, some 15 years earlier he had collapsed on the tennis court and, next day, had a stent puut in. He was so thrilled at it having made him feel 15 years younger that he kept on badgering me to see if it would do the same for me. No.. but I have no doubt that it has worked well for him.

    • Replies: @dearieme
  150. Rdm says:

    Our of curiosity, what’s your definition of intelligence?

    • Replies: @utu
    , @Chinaman
  151. @utu

    Yes, but (1) Sweden did not reach its herd immunity threshold of infection yet and ….

    Nobody really knows what approximate value that might be.

    Yout simplistic example is itself a model with very limited inputs. Ferguson’s model was a bit more complex, but not much so.

    The difficulty I have with your analysis is that is based on a limited sampling window that doesn’t allow for longer-term spread of the virus and its cumulative effects, and is further affected by a serious heterogeneity of responses from country to country; where some strict-measures countries appear to have limited spread in the short run while others did not, each relaxation has then seen upticks that seemingly suggest the virus makes up lost time.

    Let’s look at this after three years before we start picking winners, especially if we count the collateral damage caused by the destruction of our social fabric and our economies.

    • Agree: Skeptikal, Mark G.
    • Replies: @utu
  152. @Rubicon

    Have you heard of the Maslow Hierarchy of Needs? It is not new but neatly describes manifestations of human nature over millennia at least. Do you really think “multi-billionaires” seek to maximise profits and make themselves even richer as a marker of top priority. – even the young ones in a growth phase?
    I see them, if not as genuinely altruistic, stil likely to seek prestige in the way the tribal chief did who owned 50 pigs more than anyone else and gladly slaughtered half to show off his generosity.

    • Replies: @Skeptikal
  153. utu says:

    Curiosity killed the cat.

    • Replies: @Rdm
  154. @Anonymous

    Oh that’s much too fuzzy.
    Your saying “scapegoats” suggests you think the English innocent of the coming collapse and war.
    Your saying “like the Jews” suggests you think the Jews were not responsible for the first world war, the economic collapse of Germany, or attacking Germany from within and without from 1933 onward.
    Then you fuzzy it further by saying “sort of”. You’re fading out, Anonymous.

  155. utu says:
    @The Alarmist

    Let’s look at this after three years before we start picking winners

    No. We have the winners already. Because we have vaccine. The winners are those who succeeded putting off the deaths into the future so they could be alive while vaccine arrives. Norway and Finland did it while Sweden did not. Swedish vaccine recipients are dead. About 7000 of them. The 10 to 1 ratio of deaths per capita between Sweden and its Nordic neighbors stays.

  156. Skeptikal says:
    @Wizard of Oz

    U R dreaming a fantasy of billionaire altruism.

    Stated succinctly by the 19th C magnate Henry Rogers (laughing):

    “We are not in business for our health [or anyone else’s]; we are out for the dollar.”

    • Agree: Ugetit
    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  157. Chinaman says:

    The coronavirus set us an IQ test, and exactly as our measures of global IQ would have predicted, the Chinese, Japanese, Taiwanese, Koreans and Singaporeans have done better than the Europeans. (That aside, I doubt if the final tally of deaths will be well predicted by national IQ. All that can be worked out later

    I have been that saying for a long time and I respect Mr Thompson for having the intellectual honesty (unlike you) and courage to say it. Thank you.

    You guys look like complete moron to Asian. Every Chinese I have spoken to is entirely flabbergasted at the stupidity and lack of common sense exhibited by white people. Common sense is really not common.

    20% of the cases spreading in Asia is the *London Virus*.
    It is called the *London Virus* because it originated there and while people eat mad cows.
    UK spread the virus purposely by not stopping flights to rest of the world.
    It mutated in aug\sept and the UK covered it up.
    UK need to pay for spreading the virus.

    Do you see any Asian saying the *above* ?? Why not ? Because Asian have an higher IQ, emotional maturity and common sense to understand it is a virus…*London Virus* We are not man-childs cry babies like white people and instead of blaming and shaming, we should all work together.

    We are all in this together.

    You and your 2 digit IQ cohort should get a brain transplant and *grow up*

    • Replies: @utu
    , @Wizard of Oz
  158. Chinaman says:

    Intelligence is NOT getting *London Virus*

    My estimate is that 80% of the commenters is already infected with the *London Virus * and probably don’t even know it because he thinks it is a flu.

  159. LYDIA says:

    Christmas Eve Mass

    Waiting for the Blessed, Glorious Hope.

  160. utu says:

    “Because Asian have […] emotional maturity and common sense” – This comes from one of the most unhinged Chinese commenters here at the UR.

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  161. CanSpeccy says: • Website

    but if the epidemic reached the herd immunity level we could expect about 250,000-500,00 deaths

    Depends how you get there.

    If the old and frail either isolate themselves safely 0r get vaccinated, while the virus spreads freely among the young and healthy, herd immunity will be achieved with very low mortality, and certainly not hundreds of thousands.

    There will be, in addition to a few deaths among the under 50’s, relatively high mortality among the frail and elderly who chose to to live dangerously without either vaccination or isolation. But that is a reasonable choice for those close to the end of their lives to make and it is a choice they should be free to make. The argument about hospital overcrowding is irrelevant. If all beds are occupied by younger patients, the virus infected old will have to die at home as old people have done throughout the history of the human race until about five minutes ago.

  162. Masks are bad. They are terrible.

    Down with the Maskochists.

    • Agree: Skeptikal
  163. @That Would Be Telling

    New Village Shaman “Bad news. Fully one in a hundred more of you will die of old age this year. To avoid this great curse you must abandon half of your fields and crafts, stop breaking bread together, hide all your children in a cave and give sacrifice to the Great Porcupine God. ”

    Village Elder “What is this sacrifice you speak of?”

    NVS “To give each of you protection! A small ritual. A touch of the quill dipped in my excrement. It will be quick, and you only have to do it a twice a year. Unless you are a newborn. Then you get about twenty five in the first 15 months.”

    Village Woman “Will it harm my fertility?”

    NVS “Bah! That story is about a different Porcupine God. One that laid low our enemies I may add. Besides if you become a bitter spinster you will be blessed with a very fertile imagination.”

    Village Child “Do you have any skin in this game?”

    • Agree: Alfred
  164. karel says:

    So what. I know also about ten people who have had it. Three have had a high fever for more than two weeks and one gets recurrent attacks three months after the onset of the symptoms. None is black, yellow, or brown, all of them are good solid Arians, the oldest of whom is 56 yr, old. Your info is utterly useless,

    • Replies: @Rocha
  165. karel says:

    Let us create more slums in the larger cities to protect the old and vulnerable. Living under a bridge does marvels for your immune system and soon you will acquire nerves of steel.

    • Agree: Alfred
  166. anon[217] • Disclaimer says:

    These have a mass of interlocking social and economic parts that have to function correctly, and that the government really doesn’t fully understand. In their day, the Soviets thought that they could run a planned economy and it failed badly.

    They absolutely understand that stopping this socio-economic machine will wreck it. A clown could figure it out, never mind Ph.D Economist ‘advisors’. That is the end game of the ‘pandemic lockdowns’; devastate economies and let the world be indebted to the IMF, WEF, global multinational banks and mega corporations, forever. This is nothing less than a coup.

    IMO better to protect only those at serious risk (if they want to be isolated and vaccinated) and let everyone else get on with life.

    You honestly believe they never thought of that? Get real.

  167. says:

    That video seems like an old man rambling about virus structure mutation and missed the crucial information. Where are the forking infection rate data?? What we want to know is not what they look like but how fast those variants are spreading in the wild. Ct value is the proxy for viral load and it is an indication of infectiousness only when comparing with exactly the same variant, only in his distorted belief that it signifies infectiousness in general. PCR is used to prove the presence of the virus, only in his imagination that it measures infectiousness.

    It seems that the video is just a bunch of weasel words not straight to the point about infection rates. Is that why NewYork is one of the worst hit area in the world?? Where are the forking infection rate data?? We do not want to know the effects of mutations in general many of which will be extinct, just the effects of some of the very significant variants. Yes there are super-spreading events. The SARS2 virus mutates about once every 13.30 days. Do they constantly have super spreading events everyday in competition with all the other variants in all the 90+ days?? If they do then don’t they have special unusual properties?? If they don’t then are they very infectious?? The cold hard facts are that they are now very significant after starting from 0 three months ago.

    The real life data tracked by COG-UK is in the report “COG-UK update on SARS-CoV-2 Spike mutations of special interest Report 1” whose location seems to have moved (may be there are now more new data) but the google cached archive is readily available,

    The infection data are in table 1a in page 3, the report adopted the PANGOLIN Lineage classification rather than the Nextstrain clade classification.

    This is the HTML version of the file [1] Google automatically generates HTML versions of documents as we crawl the web.

    Page 3

    Table 1a. Priority mutations being tracked by COG-UK

    Mutation | Predominant Lineage | Reasons for tracking | Cumulative number in UK | Number over last 28 days (13/11/2020 – 10/12/2020)

    D614G | B.1 | Moderate effect on transmissibility | 118,906 | 11,447
    A222V | B1.177 | Fast growing lineage but no evidence of mutation effect | 46,710 | 7,856
    N439K | B.1.141 B.1.258 | 1) Increased binding affinity to hACE2 receptor 2) Escape to some mAbs | 3,320 | 246
    Δ69-70 | B.1.1 B.1.258 | 1) Evasion immune response 2)Diagnostic failure in some assays targeting the S gene including the three-target TaqPath assay and the two-target Biofire assay | 3,504 | 1,228
    N501Y | B.1.1.7 | Fast growing lineage & increased binding affinity to hACE2 receptor | 2,057 | 1,182
    N501Y + Δ69-70 | B.1.1.7 | Likely to maintain characteristics described for N501Y and 69-70del | 1,524 | 1,034
    N439K + Δ69-70 | B.1.258 | Likely to maintain characteristics described for N439Y and 69-70del | 1,895 | 176
    Y453F | B.1.1 B.1.1.298 | 1) Increase binding affinity to hACE2 receptor 2) Escape to some mAbs Human/mink associated | 0 | 0

    Cumulative number as of December 15 based on data deposited into CLIMB. Caution is required since the data will not include information from the last 2 weeks.

    Coverting those data into percentage 28 days increase infection rate with respect to self in the wild, and compare them with reference to that for the current dominant D614G variant in Europe. Those new variants are competing directly in the wild and not in isolated laboratory conditions. All the new variants are descendents of the more generic D614G ancestor variant and thus have the D614G co-mutation as well.

    #Rank| Ratio | PctRateM | Mutation
    1| 7.05 | 67.85 | N501Y + Δ69-70
    2| 5.97 | 57.46 | N501Y
    3| 3.64 | 35.05 | Δ69-70
    4| 1.75 | 16.82 | A222V
    5| 1.0 | 9.63 | D614G
    6| 0.96 | 9.29 | N439K + Δ69-70
    7| 0.77 | 7.41 | N439K

    The worst variant (N501Y + Δ69-70) is about seven times more infectious than the current global dominant D614G variant. Those are early data and the infection rates might change but those are enough information that early precautions must be taken.

    The fatality rates will have to wait for a few more weeks to be analysed.

    NY is one of the worst hit COVID area. Do you believe the contrarian information coming from there?? Even when the information is coming from a professor in NY where such information are heavily politicized ?? As reported by WPost UK have sequenced 157,439 samples (7.4% of the 2 million documented cases) whereas US has only sequenced 51,212 (0.3% of the 18 million documented cases) and has documented cases of the authority stopping researchers to investigate further. What is US trying to hide? Who is flying blind?? Who will you believe??

    According to NeherLab the immediate ancestor of subclade 20A/S.N439K is clade 20A which is widespread in the Mediterranean regions and the country with the highest percentage of clade 20A is France (30.57%), and UK only at 16.37%.

    From NeherLab the immediate ancestor of the South African subclade 20C/501.V2 is clade 20C. From the 2020-11-08 data South Africa only has 0.2% clade C so subclade 20C/501.V2 is most probably imported. The country with the highest % clade 20C is USA (49.32%), and at NewYork (82.98%), and UK only at 2.83%. The White House clade is shown to be 20C. It is most probably that Trump was infected with clade 20C.

    • Thanks: Chinaman
    • Replies: @skrik
  168. John Hagan says: • Website

    Stable nations have the nucleus of a strong family, a spritual moral order and an economic system based on fairness. Presently the US has none of these. Where did it all go wrong?

    With Covid/19 the Church learns a new and therapeutically correct language. Sins become diseases and infections, the Eucharist becomes the equivalent of rescuing antibodies, and Jesus Christ becomes the great vaccine.

  169. Alfred says:

    Slum people worldwide seem to suffer from Covid-19 less than the wealthy

    Maybe the local media is not trying to drum up panic. Or maybe going out in the sunshine and breathing clean air is good for you. 🙂

    Here is what that psychopath of a wife of Bill Gates had to say 8 months ago:

    experts say the poor, people with disabilities and other vulnerable groups, can be disproportionately harmed. VOA Africa health correspondent Linord Moudou spoke via Skype with Melinda Gates, co-founder of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, to discuss how the foundation is contributing to the global fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. Melinda Gates says addressing the needs of vulnerable populations is a priority.

    The amount of shit we are being subjected to is beyond anything previous – MH-17, Skripals, 9/11, WMD, Crimea …

    • Agree: Skeptikal
    • Replies: @Refl
  170. Alfred says:

    Thousands of people died of it in the UK

    Oh balls. 178 (as of 2018).

    Not bad for a mass murderer I say. 🙂

    I am not sure how many millions of cows were slaughtered in their fields. I was living in Carlisle at that time. A lot of livestock farmers went bust. I suspect a lot committed suicide when they watched their herds of prize cattle – cattle that were the results of hundreds of years of breeding – being killed.

  171. CanSpeccy says: • Website

    No. We have the winners already. Because we have vaccine.

    You think.

    But you don’t know how long immunity induced by the vaccines lasts. If it’s only three months of so, what use are they?

    You don’t know whether the vaccines are effective against mutated strains of the virus. If, like flu vaccines, they are not, what use are they?

    And you don’t know if the vaccines induce immunity in those who account for the great majority of covid deaths, namely, those who are both sick and old. If they do not, as experience with other vaccines suggests, what use are they?

    For now, the claim that the vaccines are winners, is no more compelling than the claim that Joe Biden won the Presidential election. It remains to be seen.

    • Agree: Mark G.
    • Replies: @anon
    , @Wizard of Oz
  172. Dumbo says:

    Wow, that’s an original joke.

    Listen, if you like vaccines, take them, take as many as you want. Stuff yourself with vaccines and give them to your children too.

    I am not forbidding anyone to use them.

    On the other hand, I don’t like that they want to force the Covid vaccine on everyone by denying travel, work or products to people who don’t want it. Who is the authoritarian here?

    Basically, vaccines are like injecting a little amount of poison in your body in order to make you more resistant to larger poison (i.e. attenuated virus vs live virus). But it’s still poison. And so it can cause bad side effects in some people, or unintended consequences. What’s so hard to understand?

    Yes some vaccines have saved lives. Others failed. Cononavirus vaccines have been particularly tricky to develop, so yes, I (and millions of others) are suspicious of this Covid vaccine. But enjoy it, you can take my place in the line.

    • Agree: John Fisher
    • Replies: @anon
  173. @utu

    Norway and Finland are, thus far, outliers. Not Sweden. Sweden ranks 2o something in CV19 deaths per million, The main difference being Sweden does not have the ignominious distinction of shutting down all their grade schools for practically a year. This is what Anders Tegnell had to say about all that just a couple weeks ago:

    “We are all the time trying to think of what can we do to keep our population healthy. Our prime example is related to the schools that you mentioned we kept open. And it is because we know keeping schools open is incredibly important for children’s health, both in the short term, because for many deprived children this might be the one place they feel during the day where they get good food and all these kind of things, but also we know at least in Sweden finishing school is the one most important thing you can do to have a healthy life. Because if you do finish school with reasonable grades you go into society and you get good work and you get much better health than anybody else in society. And that is why weighing what we thought and still think are the small consequences of keeping the schools open for the spread of the pandemic; what you can gain by keeping children in school is so much more important. And of course that also reflects to many of the poorer countries where schools are even more important. By closing schools now they have really caused major effects that is probably going to take a long long time to repair.”

    Find it at 46:20 below. Also re: Masks? Yes, HA! Starting at 17:00 getting to this:

    “So no real pressure in that area. As I said it is not politicized at all. And of course there has been a certain group of scientists who have argued strongly for it. But when we have talked with our specialists in the regions where the people who are specialists in hospital hygiene and so on, they are very much in agreement with us: yes, there is a role for masks in health care, in care of the elderly and all of those places for sure. There might also be a role for masks if you cannot keep a distance in certain situations. Then the local reagents give advise about that. But to sort of enforce them in certain settings, we have not reached that level yet…”

    How do you pronounce “Staeheyheyhey Saeheyheyheyhaif”?

    • Replies: @utu
  174. @Skeptikal

    They are on a spectrum of course But I would put Andrew Forrest in Australia, Allan Myers QC, Alan and Elizabeth Finkel, and in the US Warren Buffett and Bill Gates as enough to disprove your over generalisation. I am, myself in the course of trying to build up a charitable fund to keep my extended family’s eyes raised to where they should be once they graduate from good universities and set their sights in life. Obviously I am a very insignificant chieftain with very few hogs to slaughter but I have been able to establish a scholarship to my old school for a bright kid that can’t afford it and help get an award winning film made about a green project in Africa. Do you think that, if I were a multibilliinaire my aims would be more limited?

    • Replies: @Skeptikal
    , @anonymous
  175. Wielgus says:

    His office later tried to claim he did get the shot but there is just no picture of this. Whyever not?
    “Fact checkers” have tried to deny the rather obvious message being sent out, that TPTB are not as keen on the vac as they pretend.

    • Replies: @Wielgus
    , @dearieme
  176. @utu

    No he’s not though I think going through some personal revolutions in thought about his country, its history and its government. I think he is someone who would like to have a firm faith even though he knows it is an intellectual problem.

    • Replies: @utu
  177. Wielgus says:

    However, I assumed it was a Covid jab, it appears it was for the flu and taken three months ago.

  178. @Chinaman

    There is a problem with your generalisation. Australia and New Zealand have been quite as successful as Taiwan, Japan and South Korea and New Zealand didn’t even have the advantage of being a penal colony where people like my great-great-great grandparents could learn good habits of obedience to pass on to their descendants. Indeed try to impose discipline on 225 pound Maoris and see where you get.😎

    • Replies: @Chinaman
  179. @James Thompson

    Still not quite sure if this article was satire or not, but if you’re wondering when this coronavirus “pandemic” will end, you’ll have to wait until 2023. How do I know this?

    Just look up Event 201, a simulation of a coronavirus outbreak across the world, held in New York City on the exact same day that the World Military Games were staged in Wuhan, China (October 18, 2019) to know that this pandemic was planned and when they will end it.

    For those who are movie buffs, I suggest a better movie to watch is “Hair,” which was released in 1979 and it was predictive programming for what is happening today in society. The song “Age of Aquarius” from that movie was very popular– our controllers made sure it was a big hit–and it foreshadows Klaus Schwab’s 4th Revolution and the Great Reset.

    Klaus Schwab is the founder of the World Economic Forum which was a co-sponsor with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation of Event 201. 

    The coronavirus “pandemic” is the pretext for the Great Reset in the Age of Aquarius which began with the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in February of this year–the same time that the first cases of Covid-19 were reported in the West.

    Aquarius is an air sign of the zodiac and Covid-19 is supposedly a deadly virus that attacks the respiratory system. Goyim died because there weren’t enough respirators and toilet paper. lol.

    I know it sounds crazy, but our controllers are really that crazy and they love their occult rituals more than they love us. They also love mocking us.

    • Replies: @Ugetit
    , @Dave Bowman
  180. Levtraro says:

    Last week, for the first time ever, I bothered to look up the worldwide overall death toll, which is at about 1,5 mio, after nearly a year in a world population of 7,7 billion. So even the official numbers testify that the pandemic is nonexistent.

    Germane to your argument: since there have been so many non-pharmaceutical interventions (lockdowns, face masks, businesses shut down, working from home, travel restrictions, closing schools) after China sucessfully stopped virus transmissions, this could be a case of an arrested pandemic.

    Assuming you are open to change your opinions based on evidence, you may want to examine this:

    15 scientists using vasts amounts of data and advanced statistical modelling (common in econometrics) estimated that non-pharmaceutical interventions prevented in total approx. 495 million infections in China, SK, Italy, France and the USA. That sounds like a global pandemic whose development was arrested.

    • Replies: @Rocha
    , @Refl
  181. Lee says:

    Because Asian have […] emotional maturity and common sense”

    Japanese common sense was quite apparent when they attacked Pearl Harbor …………

    Also,when you live in Asia (like I do now), it quickly becomes apparent just how emotionally immature most Asians are.

  182. Rocha says:

    How can anyone have anything that there is no diagnostic test for?
    The CDC has admitted that they have never isolated or quantified the virus in other words IT DOES NOT EXIST.

    • Replies: @Dave Bowman
  183. Rocha says:

    The CDC has admitted that they or anyone else have never isolated or quantified the virus. In other words IT DOES NOT EXIST!
    The phantom pandemic that was arrested by the destruction of the global economy and suppression of our liberty.
    Everyone complicit with this farce needs to be sectioned!

  184. @utu

    Swedish vaccine recipients are dead. About 7000 of them.

    That’s a curious statement; did you mean ‘non-recipients’?

    As Joe Biden might say, “Come on, man!” We still don’t have any idea how many people will be killed or maimed by the vaccine, and we are only coming to grips with the collateral damage caused by the lockdowns. The virus in Sweden killed a few thousand old folks who likely would have died in a couple years, and to be honest, when most folks get much north of 75, they aren’t living anymore, they are merely existing.

    Keeping old folks alive a few more years to sit alone in old folks’ homes with no contact to family and loved ones is not heroic, it is shameful. Condeming tens of millions to lives penury and despair while doing it is criminal.

    • Replies: @utu
    , @Wizard of Oz
  185. utu says:

    Norway and Finland are, thus far, outliers. Not Sweden. Sweden ranks 2o something in CV19 deaths per million

    Let’s look at the four Nordic countries (Dec 5, 2020 data). On abscissa is the effective pop. density (not arithmetic pop. density) which is calculated as a sum of inhabited 1, so large uninhabited areas are excluded.

    Clearly Sweden is an outlier. The remaining three Nordic countries line up nicely on the straight line. This suggests that the population density is indeed a parameter that may be controlling the deaths/1M. There are other confounding variables but in this case all four countries are very similar economically in human development index and so on. Sweden is the outlier because it is not doing what the other three are doing which was the lockdowns followed with effective contact tracing which they could do because they run low manageable infection rate while Sweden can’t handle contact tracing at its high infection rate. This is the key to handling the epidemic. You lower the infection rate with lockdown to the manageable level when you can effectively do contact tracing , so the infection percolate on low level at R0 close to 1 or lower than 1.

    Now let’s look at 30 European countries deaths/1M vs. the pop. density

    There is a scatter and at first Sweden does not look like an outlier because there are countries with higher death/1M. But you notice that the correlation is high. 25% of variance among the 30 countries is explained by the effective pop. density. Now let’s remove the pop. density part of variance by diving the ordinate by the abscissa.

    In this metric Sweden is the worst. It is almost 4SD above the median. The next country is 2SD above the median. 26 countries (87%) are below 1SD from median. Clearly Sweden is a gross outlier among the 30 European countries. While Norway, Finland and Denmark are with the rest of the pack that includes Germany, Netherlands and even Spain. It happens that Spain among the larger countries of Europe is the mostly densely populated if empty unpopulated areas tag Spain has many are excluded form the calculation of density.

    I noticed that Anders Tegnell takes lots of time to talk about the welfare of children how would they suffer if they were denied school and so on. Falling back on the welfare of children is the last refuge of the cornered scoundrel. Would you trust this face with the welfare of your children?

    • Replies:
    , @thotmonger
  186. Ugetit says:

    They also love mocking us.

    Without a doubt.

    But hey, we should give ’em a break because, after all, they’re all philanthropists even if they’re on a “spectrum.”

    PS: On another topic, what can you tell us about the Taiping “rebellion” and the involvement of the opium merchants with it?

    • Replies: @Maowasayali
    , @Maowasayali
  187. @theMann

    grateful for the warning.

    • Replies: @utu
  188. utu says:
    @Wizard of Oz

    “…going through some personal revolutions…” – From hating CCP (check his early comments) to being the patriotard of the Communist China after having his ego bruised by few negative comments about China. Not a sign of “maturity and common sense”. The unhinged stays.

  189. utu says:
    @The Alarmist

    …when most folks get much north of 75, they aren’t living anymore, they are merely existing…

    Have you been 75 years old before?

    Keeping old folks alive a few more years…it is shameful.

    You would have them euthanized out of pure compassion because you are such a sensitive guy who just can’t stand suffering of other human beings. Where did you take your ethical learning? A slaughterhouse?

    It seems that behind every apologist of the ‘Swedes miracle’ there is a real swine.

  190. @The Alarmist

    Do you know many over 75s or are you perhaps living amongst the obese who don’t exercise and have always watched too much TV . J know two 90 year old historians and a 96 year old political scientist who are all about to publish recently finished books. And I heard an 80 year old who had just played in the final of the Over 75s tennis singles complain that an 85 year old and 86 year old who played twice a week were going to make it hard to achieve e his ambition to be the oldest singles player in the club.

  191. @Dr. Robert Morgan

    YES, and thank you for making a point that we rarely hear: most Americans could increase their chance at a longer lifespan, higher function, and less suffering more by dropping egregiously stupid and unhealthy habits than by wearing a mask or antisocial-distancing.

    My wife and I remark daily on the morbidly obese people waddling about in masks “for health.” Even better, tobacco smokers and vapers pulling their masks down to take a puff, then pulling the mask back up.

    I include myself in this. Much of my suffering and medical problems were exacerbated by my own stupid, indulgent, unhealthy behavior. The difference is that I don’t blame other people, don’t pretend I’m not to blame, and don’t comfort myself with ritualistic habits to “protect” against viruses that have never been shown to pose much of a threat to non-elderly people — even most elderly people — compared to what we do to ourselves with our “lifestyle.”

    The diabetes, heart disease, lung disease, and joint deterioration that we inflict on ourselves through popular vices — definitely including overeating, overconsumption of sweets / junk food, smoking tobacco, excess or binge drinking of alcohol — are killing and will keep killing way way way more non-elderly people than covid-19 (even if one accepted the systematically exaggerated “covid-19 death” stats).

    I’ve even had a lady so fat she could hardly walk yell and curse at me and two of our young children for refusing to wear a face—diaper on the bus. Meanwhile she’ll suffer and die from the consequences of her absurd obesity but spend all day worrying about covid-19 (and the next allegedly apocalyptically dangerous virus) and whether other people are mindlessly following “personal protective gear” and (anti-)”Social distancing” “mandates” from other, more powerful scientifically ignorant, hysterical, or simply malicious and dishonest “leaders.” The same dictators who show by their own actions that they do not consider the virus to be especially dangerous to them. Brilliant.

  192. @Occasional lurker

    Mostly agree with you, Lurker.

    I cannot say that the people whom we know in their late 70s and eighties are mostly “reasonably fit”, as a number are very overweight and do not exercise much, quite unwise.

    But we do notice that NONE of the people in their eighties is a current tobacco smoker, and most never smoked. (My mother’s parents made it a bit past 80 despite being tobacco smokers since their youth. But two of THEIR parents never smoked, and they made it to ninety, so perhaps my grandparents also “had the genes” for a good chance of reaching ninety with some decent physical and mental function and enjoyment remaining, if they hadn’t poisoned themselves by smoking.)

    And for what it’s worth, my mother and our older family friends gather together in normal close quarters to socialize, dine, pray, once or twice every week in their homes, without absurd face-diapers or distancing. They are seeing each other smile as God intended, laughing, sharing a bottle or two of wine, hugging and playing their grandkids, while easily frightened ill-informed younger people cower at home and lecture normal people “PUT YOUR FUCKING MASK ON!!”

    They are all visiting their children and grandchildren and loving their lives, helping each other through the increasing physical difficulties that typically come with old age (and before!) and commiserating in person when someone dies. Good for them, and sad for those older people whose brainwashed sheeple relatives leave them isolated in their final years “cause the government experts said you gotta.” The same government experts and authorities who go travelling and gathering with friends (and lobbyists) in close quarters without masks.

  193. @Mr McKenna

    Partly due to the sharp decline in Christian belief among the younger generations, but also due to the fact that probably half of that two-thirds not celebrating Christmas are not “Brits” in the first place.

  194. @Wizard of Oz

    75 year olds in the UK have a 12 year life expectancy. I know one at least one 90 year old still publishing work, and will be commenting on one of his papers shortly. His actuarial life expectancy is 4 years. Another 90 year old is still working on the testosterone/autism link. Jim Flynn was publishing until his death this month.

  195. @Wizard of Oz

    I’ve seen too many just hanging on to life, like my mother, who is north of 80 and was “running” marathons into her 60s, but checked out to Alzheimer’s last year and will be that way for probably another five years. The dozens in care with her aren’t in as good shape, and it is heart-breaking. I see plenty of spry oldsters like my mother-in-law, who spend most of their days planning the passing of their estates and remarking each day on the passing of dear friends who suffered for months before passing. In New York, I knew more than a few Octagenarian authors and poets who would split the time telling great stories and then telling me what ailed them. I sit on several boards of directors with guys and a gal in their seventies and eighties for whom getting to and sitting in those meetings is the high-point of that quarter, and hear too many stories from them, mostly wealthy and healthy, about who most recently passed. None of these folks I’ve come across would be considered the lesser -advantaged.

    For every one remarkable 80 or 90 year old still hitting the pinnacle of a successful life or even just functioning well, there are probably several hundred who are simply hanging on to to life and hoping for a peaceful death.

    Like typical Boomers and younger generations, you kid yourselves thinking that many of us can have great lives into our 80s and 90s just because a relative handful actually do.

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
    , @Skeptikal
  196. cranc says:

    Anyone trying to defend Fergusson is sinking their own reputation.
    His ‘model’ was junk, and predicted 40,000 Swedish deaths by 1st May if they followed their light restriction course. The death toll at that point was under 3,000 – an order of magnitude wrong. Which as anyone who had read about his track record would know is par for the course.
    There is no correlation (let alone causitive link) between the various government responses and the death tolls seen in countries around the world. A tentative correlation is suggested by percentage of ‘dry tinder’ and likely previous exposure to closely related viruses.
    It is all hyped beyond any sense or reason, and now is nothing more than a pseudopandemic driven by scientifically meaningless mass testing.
    Real pandemics are not questioned, because everyone knows someone who has died before their time.

    • Thanks: Mark G.
  197. Chinaman says:
    @Wizard of Oz

    NZ and Australia are very big islands and geographcially isolated.

    The Kiwis don’t wear masks. I have a business there run by an ex-goldman guy. He was very dismissive of this mask thing earlier on and would be using the term “China virus” in private but didn’t dare to do so in front of me of course. He had to ask me for masks when the government impose the mask rule.

    Anyway, I guess what we can agree is that this whole thing have been a complete farce if not for the sad reality that people actually dies from it.

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  198. skrik says:

    Nice to see you back. You didn’t mention P681H:

    is immediately adjacent to the furin cleavage site, a known location of biological significance

    In fact, that mutation directly impacts the PRRA insertion, changing it to HRRA, obviously with the same if not increased potency – or so they say. Here is a graphic:It’s a comparison of the ‘reference’ spike vs the ‘new, mutated’ UK B.1.1.7 variant. Could you kindly provide us with your comments/analysis? thnx in advance & rgds

    • Replies:
  199. anon[174] • Disclaimer says:

    A look at the background of Prof Fredrik Elgh is quite illuminating.

    A few years ago he was predicting mass deaths from MERS.

    Follow his research back a few steps you and unsurprisingly you find Lord Bill of Gates paying the bills.

    These people are shameless.

    • Thanks: Alfred
  200. Whitewolf says:
    @That Would Be Telling

    … but you don’t care about the latter since you’re a sociopath who doesn’t care about the lives being lost to COVID-19.

    Shaming tactics are common witb sociopaths. Plenty of lives are also being lost and destroyed by the hysteria over covid and the government overreaction to it. People dying of covid tend to be on their deathbed already. Tragic for those concerned and their loved ones but hardly reason enough to shut down the world and turn it into a hospital.

    People have every right to question the covid hysteria and the vaccines which at this stage can only truthfully be called experimental. In fact given the people promoting the hysteria and vaccines(such as the same msm that tells people Biden won the presidential election fairly with no fraud whatsoever) they would be crazy not to question it.

    • Agree: RadicalCenter
  201. @The Alarmist

    Octagenarian authors and poets who would split the time telling great stories and then telling me what ailed them

    I know what you are talking about. There is of course a brand of humour based on the ills of old age. My mother and contemporaries sometimes referred to an “organ recital” as part of the agenda. My own contribution was, when escorting a 96 year old patron of the arts (who made it to 103 in good shape) to her car after a dinner to s say “You’re about to turn 97 aren’t you? You’ll have to be careful. You know my mother’s cousin Eddie died from lack of discipline at 97. He missed his Wednesday tennis and he died a week later”. I feel for those whose parents or spouses suffer dementia even when they are like a tennis partner the club pros gave me as partner a few times last year. He could hit the ball quite well. I simply had to remind him who,was serving and which end we were meant to be. My male ancestors mostly were let down by their hearts but none suffered dementia and my mother and her sisters lived to 84 and 88 (the two drinking sisters), 94 and 101 with the only sign of mental oddity being that the 101 year old remained a Stalinist to her dying day and left instructions that I was not to attend her funeral despite the fact that we had only spoken about once every 20 years since the 1960s.. (I think she resented her mother and her mother’s favourite which was my mother). So you can see why I look forward personally to many years of inflicting the output of a very good memory on everyone within range.

    • Thanks: The Alarmist
  202. @Priss Factor

    Some one asked me just last week about the Virus. They said, Europeasant Europeasnt are you afraid of the Corona Virus? I replied, Virus…Virus.. I ain’t afraid of no stinkin’ Virus. I’ll bitch slap that Virus left and right like if she were a two bit whore. And I ain’t jokin’ cause I’m comin’ out Smokin’.

  203. @Wizard of Oz

    As always, you make great use of the non sequitur. The fact that you know some active elderly people does not in any way address the main point of the post, which is that the people at high risk of dying with Covid are over seventy with three or more comorbidities and already consigned to long-term care, where the median stay for a male before dying is under half a year. These are not people with ambitions to achieve status in over 75 tennis. In my province over 65% of deaths are in long-term care, 86% over age seventy, and 91% with two or more comorbidities, over half with dementia. Good job.

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  204. @Philip Owen

    Great job ignoring the principle points of my post, and adding false assertions. KN95 respirators absolutely do not block 99.2% of sub-5um particles. Point to a single scientific study that demonstrates your claim. 92% reduction in the number of particles in no way prevents sufficient-for-infection volumes of such tiny particles from filling a room in low absolute humidity, which is why there is not a single scientific study that demonstrates that masks can prevent transmission of infectious respiratory viruses. You are simply a lying huckster.

    • Replies: @Philip Owen
  205. canspeccy says: • Website

    Anyway, folks, one thing we can be thankful for, Covid19 has eliminated that old killer, the flu virus:

    • Replies: @Wielgus
  206. dearieme says:
    @Wizard of Oz

    Then if on average stents achieve nothing for people with chest pains then it follows as the night the day that for your chum who did well there’s some poor fellow who did badly.

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  207. dearieme says:

    My dear fellow, if only you’d said it was Sadiq Khan who was faking a flu jab I shouldn’t have dreamt of asking for evidence. Any charge levelled at that little twister is likely to be true.

    • Agree: Wielgus, Alfred
  208. @Rufus Clyde

    The rest results are on my business machine and this is not important to be worth the effort. The quality of the underlying non woven fabrics has risen and risen since demand rose. The spec remains 92% but most respirators now far exceed the spec. I do not withdraw.

    • Replies: @Rufus Clyde
  209. Mike-SMO says:

    I am still in favor of the “Birb Poop” theory.

    Western and southern Europe are loaded with bird populations that have been mingling with the Chi-knee birds in Siberia. The Italians obviously also got all those Han-some workers making the “Made in Italy” fashions who flew in on the “Wings of Man”, but the rest of the infestation seems to be correlated with the bird migrations. Sort of like the MERS in the Gulf states and the SARS(2019) in Iran, both of which appeared under migratory flyways, as well as the “Spanish Flu” in Kansas.

    Be careful when you clean your windshield or yard furniture.

    • Replies: @Alfred
  210. @dearieme

    My two did wonders for me. My angina came suddenly after a bout with a viral disease involving a continuous meet cough, in 2017. I went running twice to encourage my recovery, without incident. On the third occasion I had a massive pain in my chest 100 yards in. It took a while to get the stents, a third blockage was untreated. Pain relief was instant. I haven’t recovered my running times though. I was getting cold onset angina but that’s gone this year, probably because of capillarization. Stents gave me back my life and probably saved it.

    I didn’t have the sort of angina that comes on after a bit of effort. I went from fit enough to run to major disability in a second.

    • Replies: @dearieme
  211. Dennis Dale says: • Website

    There is no more tiresome subject than this. I think getting Covid would be better than reading another word about Covid.

    • Replies: @Dave Bowman
  212. RadicalCenter: “The diabetes, heart disease, lung disease, and joint deterioration that we inflict on ourselves through popular vices — definitely including overeating, overconsumption of sweets / junk food, smoking tobacco, excess or binge drinking of alcohol — are killing and will keep killing way way way more non-elderly people than covid-19 (even if one accepted the systematically exaggerated “covid-19 death” stats).”

    You’ve understood what I was trying to convey perfectly, a rarity on this forum. Most sabotage their own health with bad habits. Everything I’ve seen indicates that Covid-19 isn’t much of a threat to otherwise healthy people, and with proper lifestyle, health can be maintained well into old age. I myself am proof of this. I’m close to 70 now, and either in the gym or on the track can out-lift or outrun most men in their 20s. I take no drugs or medicines of any kind, needing none. I attribute this to good genetics, an iron constitution, 30 years as a vegetarian, and a brutal daily workout regimen. I think anyone could do this and get similar results, but few are willing.

    In some ways it’s too bad Trump isn’t the Hitler that the press made him out to be. The Nazi Reich placed a great emphasis on physical fitness, which is typical of totalitarian regimes. If only America, which is a nation of decadent fatasses, had simply changed its lifestyle, it would have been much a better response in every way than the current insanity of lockdowns, vaccinations, and mask mania. If they had done so, Americans would have preserved their civil liberties (at least to the extent they still had any), their economic well-being, as well as their health.

    Another opportunity lost by the orange Tweety Bird!

    • Thanks: RadicalCenter
  213. 21 day infection rate at the top of the valley is 5400 per 100,000. Even here in the posh bit it is now 2000 per 100,000 following a massive surge in the last two days. My neighbour across the road, a former international rugby player, in bad shape with multiple modbidities (like many ex sportsmen) has died. The normal hospital and Seren, the emergency hospital can’t cope. The local authorities to the west and north are also overwhelmed. Triage is in place. Lower risk cases are being left at home, like 1957 flu. In fact, I do think that where a person isn’t alone and can be put in a bedroom with a window open, especially in bigger houses with ensuite bathrooms, it might not be better for all concerned to leave them at home with an oxygen generator. Nursing capacity seems to be the issue.

  214. says:

    “The Inside Story of How Sweden Botched Its Coronavirus Response”

    • Thanks: utu
    • Replies: @anon
  215. anaccount says:

    I stop reading whenever I see a mainstream friendly account of this virus hoax and that is what I read here. It goes something like this: Europeans are bad people for not taking this hoax seriously.

    You can choke on your mask now.

    • Agree: RadicalCenter
  216. @utu

    What is this cheap shot about Tegnell’s appearance? Should we simply trust our children to the charms and good looks of men like Jeff Epstein, Harvey Weinstein, and Larry Nassar?

    Personally, I do not care if you look like Stephen Hawking crossed with the elephant man. It is the content of your ideas, and the conduct of your character, that determines how I may praise or refrain.

    The population density you failed to compare is that of rest homes where Sweden has facilities much larger and house many more elderly than those in either Finland and Norway. As such, the latter two countries never had the concentrated and vulnerable “fuel” available for the virus to spread and kill.

    Ask any American about Sweden’s covid 19 experience to date and 9 out of ten have a highly negative view. Most Americans have the false impression Sweden has been suffering a continuous onslaught of excessive death and overwhelmed hospitals, when in fact from April through October of this year deaths had declined and for a few months were down to just a few a day. Even during the recent very dramatic rise in cases the actual death rates in Sweden have never come close to what originally occurred last spring and it has again fallen dramatically. But Americans do not have a clue. Why? I will tell you. A concert of mass media sophistry. A marching band of Dershowitz’s.

    Re: Education. I understand that both Thompson and The Alarmist appear not at all alarmed by how this past year many countries have utterly dislocated the continuity of education for hundreds of millions of children. Me? Not so sanguine. Along with derailing of the global economy, the huge political power grabs, the mass censorship, the thinly veiled colossal greed incentive behind this New Vaccine Gold Rush/Vax Panacea… To me it looks like we have all been stuffed under a giant circus tent being set up by Goofy and Micky Mouse… Operation Warp Speed to Folly.

    • Agree: Alfred, Mark G.
  217. says:

    I usually stay away from biochemistry and concentrate on mega trends 🙂

    Anyway from my particular set of records (only up to Jun), P681H seems to have occurred independently on a few Nextstrain clades stretches from US.WA to Spain.

    Epiisl | Varname | Muta | CladeGisaid | CladeEmerge | Collection | Strain
    EPI_ISL_430887 | S:P681H | C23604A | S | 19B | 2020-03-12 | USA/WA-UW-555/2020
    EPI_ISL_423723 | S:P681H | C23604A | V | 19A | 2020-03-23 | England/20132005704/2020
    EPI_ISL_468968 | S:P681H | C23604A | G | 20A/20268G | 2020-03-28 | Spain/Palma2546/2020
    EPI_ISL_460624 | S:P681H | C23604A | S | 19B | 2020-03-30 | USA/WA-UW-4562/2020
    EPI_ISL_468964 | S:P681H | C23604A | G | 20A/20268G | 2020-04-07 | Spain/Palma_de_Mallorca_h2563/2020
    EPI_ISL_468980 | S:P681H | C23604A | G | 20A/20268G | 2020-04-07 | Spain/Palma2571/2020
    EPI_ISL_469015 | S:P681H | C23604A | G | 20A/20268G | 2020-04-14 | Spain/Palma2590/2020
    EPI_ISL_468952 | S:P681H | C23604A | G | 20A/20268G | 2020-04-19 | Spain/Palma2577/2020

    • Thanks: skrik
    • Replies: @Chinaman
    , @skrik
  218. aspnaz says:

    The sad thing about this pandemic is that it has revealed modern civilisation to be totally incapable of using or wanting to use its own science to fix the problem. What should be a very easy problem is turning into a complete farce: a problem we all knew was coming, that we had plenty of time to prepare for and will come again, has caught us off guard like a bunch of amateurs.

    We have a totally inaccurate test that detects dirt in your airways rather than an infection. After a year of using such an inaccurate test, we are suffering from the tsunami of rubbish data. Despite a whole year of this pandemic, there is still no decent gold-standard test, no covid-specific antibody test. In addition there is no data being collected on the number of false positives. What a farce.

    The west’s scientists then try to cover their tracks by saying that a positive test can mean an asymptomatic infection. No mention of false positives, instead we have a newly discovered aspect of viral disease: the asymptomatic spreader who never gets infected themselves but instead magics the additional disease virons out of thin air and passes them on. This is plainly nonsense.

    So, we get to the end of the first year and the only progress is to develop a money making vaccine that has an effectiveness measured in ‘cases’, it stops 95% of cases. As I said, rubbish in, rubbish out. Infections is what we should care about, not cases, but we have not spent the billions preventing infections, only on preventing cases, and we don’t even know what it means for the individual to be a case.

    Unfortunately the level of government and scientific advisor incompetence has resulted in many wondering whether this is all deliberate. After all, how is it possible that the governments around the world could all be so incompetent? Why is nobody trying to improve the data being collected and trying to measure error rates? Why is the response of the failing government to lash out with obscene rights abuses in order to persuade people that they are doing something: their modus operandi appears to be to swat the fly with a truck.

    Unfortunately, the Asian nations are just as bad, their people are living in terror of the virus, so we cannot hope to get a better response out of them. Hong Kong, for example, ran a campaign to PCR test 5 million people – more rubbish data in, rubbish data out. They were surprised when they ran out of voluteers at 1.7 million, so they are now running a propaganda campign to prepare people to take the vaccine, trying to avoid the embarrassment of too few voluteers: the campaign is working through the ‘local level’, using the church, sports and community leaders.

    According to the HK government online statistics, more people have died in traffic accidents this year than died of Covid.

    I am sure the Romans had to put up with similar sorry behaviour and thinking when their empire was collapsing. Unfortunately for us, modern empires encompass the entire globe, so a collapsing empire is resulting in a collapsing globe. Whether this pandemic is completely overblown, which many suspect, the one sure signal that it sends is that the western nations, and all who follow them, such as the Asian manufacturers, are in the final few years of decline. Without any replacements currently visible on the horizon – let’s face it, the WEF may try, but what are they offering other than scraps of past glory – we could be in for a long period of tough times waiting for the next group of envigorated nationalists to build a new empire.

    • Replies: @skrik
  219. Anon[243] • Disclaimer says:

    I just had the Pfizer vaccine and it was fine. No worse than any flu shot. I had a little myalgia but that was all.

    • Replies: @Alfred
  220. says:

    A particular Portuguese case just very elegantly proved he was wrong that mutations do not affect infectivity. A person was infected with two particular strains over contiguous time, i.e. there goes his super-spreading theory, it was on the same person. Strain clade 20A had the first mover advantage and was the initial absolute dominant strain and it was gradually and totally replaced by clade 20B, i.e. clade 20B is more infectous.

    Dynamics of a dual SARS-CoV-2 strain co-infection on a prolonged viral shedding COVID-19 case: insights into clinical severity and disease duration

    Results: The patient had co-infection by two SARS-CoV-2 strains, affiliated in distinct clades and diverging by six variants. The 20A lineage was absolute at the diagnosis (shared with a cohabitating relative), but nine days later the 20B lineage had 3% frequency, and two months later the 20B lineage had 100% frequency.

    • Replies: @Chinaman
  221. Chinaman says:

    Hi dux. ie

    It is great to see you back on Unz, I have been looking for you.

    First, I want to thank you for the research that you have done and for advancing our understanding on the origin of the virus. Your phylogenetic research bridged the data\knowledge gap that have widened after Peter Forster’s preliminary studies and answer many of the questions that have emerged. Your findings were truly enlightening ( perhaps too enlightening for some) and you deserve a lot of credit and recognition for your ground-breaking work.

    I have been referencing your research in numerous discussions on Unz review ( notably with our host himself. In any case, please ignore my trolling and bantering with some of the characters here. It is all in jest. ) and also in private with many people. I believe I have been met with a lot of resistance because of the politicalization of the virus’s origin and also because of the numerous conspiracy theories been floated round in the media This is perhaps why you and others have refrained from publishing your research. In any case, I want to commend you on your intellectual honesty and for having the courage to seek truth wherever it might lead you.

    I have been contemplating whether to contact Dr. Forster himself and to provide private funding ( I am not associated with any public or political entity) to support his research but I was disappointed that there hasn’t been any follow-up from him since May. As such, It would be my pleasure to help you in furthering your research in anyway I can. No strings attached. I have no ulterior motives or agenda except to enrich our understanding and to get to the truth. I know we are on a public forum and the sensitivity of the issue but I am serious and I think it will be worth your time if we can pursue this discussion in private. ( I shall be very discreet)

    I have setup a new email so we can get in contact. [email protected]

    Please contact me. Thank you.

    • Replies:
  222. Chinaman says:

    In any case, I think all of us would benefit if you can give us a quick update on what you have learned about the origin of the virus and also perhaps your views on the long term efficacy of the vaccines given the mutation rate of the virus (13.3 days!).

    Much appreciated. Thanks again.

    I will be on UNZ during the holidays so to hear from you!

    • Replies:
  223. Factorize says:

    I am anxiously anticipating all the exciting developments that are in store for us in 2021!
    More progress on IQ GWAS and probably the fading of the threat of coronavirus.
    Best Wishes of the Holiday Season to all on the Unz forum.

  224. Skeptikal says:
    @Wizard of Oz

    Bill Gates as altruistic billionaire . . .

    Bwa ha ha

    I don’t even know where to begin to disabuse you.

    Well, I just mention one little thing:

    Gates Foundation *Trust.*

    OK, you’re on your own now.

    Bill Gates . . . . (shaking head in disbelief)

    OK, one more:

    James Corbett series on Bill Gates.

    Don’t come back until you have figured out why Bill Gates — bwa ha ha, excuse me …

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  225. Skeptikal says:
    @The Alarmist

    All of this obsession with the quality of life of others who sound as though they are quite satisfied with their quality of life and happy to be alive.

    You are the one who needs to get a life.

    • Thanks: The Alarmist
  226. Refl says:

    Slum people worldwide seem to suffer from Covid-19 less than the wealthy

    Maybe the local media is not trying to drum up panic. Or maybe going out in the sunshine and breathing clean air is good for you

    Indeed, this should be the ultimate test for the corona scam. If anything was real about this virus, there would be a considerable death toll among the weakest human beings on earth. The craziest thing for me about corona is that they have chosen Brazil of all places as a most affected country. My own experience in favelas is ephimerous – and hopefully so – but definitely enough to know what life is like for people in the really poor quarters of humanity.

    The corona lovers with their whole blabla on the pandemic quite simply expose their lack of knowledge about life. They do not even care to look beyond their gilded lifestyle in the upper tiers of degenerated western society.

    Though being a most foolish scam, the plandemic has a lesson to teach about who we are in our broken, so called developped societies. So yes, in the end I am in favor of teaching these fools a lesson they urgently need and I pray for those who suffer from their idiocy.

    Merry Christmas!

  227. utu says:
    @James Thompson

    There can be very dark but also great like the Berlin Alexanderplatz, 14 parts miniseries based on Alfred Döblin novel and then not so dark like The Marriage of Maria Braun with Hanna Schygulla about survival in the post war Germany.

  228. @dearieme

    Yes, worth saying to keep at least some of us sharp on UR. But, if I were a doctor it would make me look very hard at the data in the studies to see if that really followed inevitably.

  229. @Rufus Clyde

    You misunderstand “non sequitur”. I was not seeking to provide proof of anything following from anything else. But, in response to someone inclined, it seemed,, to more extensive euthanasia, I was, in a conversational way, offering more food for thought.

    • Replies: @Rufus Clyde
  230. says:

    Thank for the offer. Currently I have no use to get the next level of resources. For a start the GISAID data source are only available to universities and research institutions. The current dataset is so large with more than 75K sequenced data that even university departments might have problem fully utilized them. The well known Nextstrain site linked to a university seems to be limited to handle about 4000 sequenced samples in a single run. The reported analysis from Michigan State University is able to process all that data because they have access to the super computer cluster of the hardware manufacturer NVidia which could be the one with 127,488 cores 🙂

    • Replies: @Chinaman
    , @Chinaman
  231. skrik says:

    The sad thing about this pandemic is that it has revealed modern civilisation to be totally incapable of using or wanting to use its own science to fix the problem … Unfortunately the level of government and scientific advisor incompetence has resulted in many wondering whether this is all deliberate

    Can’t argue with that; let’s look a bit closer:

    1) The market. As a convenient starting point, I nominate TINA [= there is no alternative]; Thatcher and Reagan’s introduction of *erring-ideology* neoliberalism including privatise any/all state enterprises. Particularly here, crippling academia and medicine, to do these for \$s means almost certain disaster; profit takes priority over results, especially medicine for profit means profits before health.

    2) The politics. Consider bipartisanship; as soon as that dominates a topic, the voters are disenfranchised = we the sheople lose even the option of voting an offender out since the other side will similarly offend and the damage is done. Then, they legislate to put their thumb on the ‘level playing field’ scales, companies are to prefer profits for shareholders over putatively most-appropriate production. Adding the corrupt&venal MSM+PFBCs means we can’t even have a reasonable debate [except in places like UR, say. Hooray!]

    3) Who dunnit [and is it all deliberate]? Well, we don’t give much credence to coincidence, so of course it’s all deliberate, and done by whatever [covert] agency it is which wields its total control over us. It looks pretty bad [= only ‘solution’ on offer is a *questionable* vaccine]; I think the very least we the sheople should do, is to demand a ‘free market’ on vaccine = as well as the West’s models, we should also have Russian and Chinese options.

    Finally, I agree that an optimal solution would be to a) find an effective anti-viral to combat SARS-CoV-2 directly and b) find an effective treatment to halt the progress of Covid-19 infection in all victims. rgds

    • Replies: @skrik
  232. Alfred says:

    Be careful when you clean your windshield or yard furniture

    Absolutely. And be extra careful when you clean your behind or brush your teeth. 🤣🤣🤣

  233. Alfred says:

    I just had the Pfizer vaccine and it was fine.

    Tried having any kids yet? Have they grown up? Are they normal? No “funnies” in their genome? Are you sure?

    This is an interview censored by Youtube.

    These two smart American doctors are discussing vaccines and much else. It is important.


    Video Link

  234. anon[391] • Disclaimer says:

    For now, the claim that the vaccines are winners, is no more compelling than the claim that Joe Biden won the Presidential election. It remains to be seen.

    The question of winners & losers is flawed, because it’s based on the assumption the global covid scam is genuine i.e. something more than a nasty flu bug. A more urgent question is, Is it still possible to derail this coup.

  235. anon[395] • Disclaimer says:

    On the other hand, I don’t like that they want to force the Covid vaccine on everyone by denying travel, work or products to people who don’t want it. Who is the authoritarian here?

    This is what ‘we’ have to fight, tooth and nail. They are boiling the frog gradually, by turning up the heat slowly. You have a choice now, but sooner or later everybody will have to present their ‘health status’ on a smartphone every time they want to visit a shop, take a bus, travel, etc. I’m telling you baby, this has a bad future…

  236. anonymous[205] • Disclaimer says:
    @Wizard of Oz

    and in the US Warren Buffett and Bill Gates as enough to disprove your over generalisation.

    Thank you, to the Bill Gates Hasbara Dept.

  237. Chinaman says:


    Understood. Thanks. Is there any way that we can stay in contact with you and keep abreast of your latest research?

    I was hoping to fund some research myself in this field. Can you point me in the right direction? Is there any group or organization that are doing independent phylogenetic research tath I should get in touch with?

    • Replies:
  238. Wielgus says:

    This is what I keep telling people. We should be celebrating, not masking up or locking down.

  239. skrik says:

    Thanks for the list. I checked two:

    _468952 which turned up another mutation, L5F, somewhat known, then in turn found this:

    “Molecular Evolution of SARS-CoV-2 Structural Genes: Evidence of Positive Selection in Spike Glycoprotein”

    _468952 which turned up D614G, quite well known.

    But this ‘pursuit’ is getting me nowhere; thnx & rgds.

  240. W. Baker says:

    Couldn’t have said it better.

    There is a distinct blindspot in these HBD nerds. They have very little in the way of lives. None of them know how to do anything with their hands. I’ve been around them. They couldn’t plant and nurture a garden, to say nothing of husbanding livestock, to save their lives. Want to build a home or barn, forget about calling these folks. They’re helpless.

    And, of course, females sense this lack of ‘realness’ from a mile away.

    But what they are good at is feeding off a ‘crisis’. Whether it’s the inner cities’ constant turmoil or wokeism in the academy. They are simply keyboard warriors. No different than the mainstream commentariat except they claim a particular insight in human biodiversity, genetics and statistics. This obviously dictates a tiny, tiny audience who will wade through their statistics and charts.

    And within that fraction they find the acclaim, reverence and righteousness they ‘knew’ they deserved all along.

    They are no more than the ‘early adopters’ standing in lines outside the latest sale of some technological piece of junk, and cheerleading with their fellow queue-ers about the grand leap of humanity due a newly jerry-rigged piece of silicone.

    Yes, this is an ad hominem reply.

  241. dearieme says:
    @Philip Owen

    I suppose that the problem is that the patients for whom stents did particularly badly can’t write a comment, being defunct.

    • LOL: Philip Owen
  242. Kati_uk says:

    Lots would not even think about how parts of science, esp. here medical science is rewritten by those people who pushed narratives and reformed the western medicine system.

    For a good base watch James Corbetts “Rockefeller Medicine”, they destroyed or shame lots real ways of healing to replace it with their theories with the help of institutes and universities, and all this sure not for the love on humankind, transforming the medicine into a giant profit machine.

    Rockefellers started as snakeoil salesmen after migrating to the US, and still are. And just as history is partly rewritten by “the winners” *cough*, so is science and more.

  243. Rdm says:

    Which cat, black cat or white cat?

  244. @Pembo

    Geez… just when you thought THICK BRITS couldn’t possibly get any THICKER… this Agony Aunt of an author appears TOTALLY unaware that CovidSCAM is a GIGANTIC HOAX…

    Oh dearie me chaps. That’s us knocked for six, all ends up. I have never, repeat never seen a more rigorous and forensic argument deployed against us.
    Might as well pull stumps, and off to the old battle-cruiser for a jar or three.

    The toast?
    “Here’s to spastics and morons, lads, may they never disappoint us!”
    Unlike the French.

    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
  245. Why would anyone believe pathological liars to somehow for this reason, the covid scam, start telling you the truth? Only a moron would go along with this.

  246. semeonx says:

    I to would like a moron such as yourself to take that vax. do it. People like yourself
    have been the bane of my life. I do my best to avoid your type. How about giving me
    a helping hand.

  247. @Chinaman

    It is easier for people to sneak into Australia than many other countries, because being a “large” island should make it harder to remain isolated than being small. Japan is is much smaller than Australia, as are Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapor, and South Korea, is a virtual island. New Zealand is not I think larger than Japan, Korea or Taiwan though certainly more decisively isolated.

  248. I would like to see a comparison of vegan versus meat eaters deaths, rather than oldies versus youngsters. And simply building up the immune system by diet rather than aiming for a vaccine. Any data available?

    • Replies: @Ann Nonny Mouse
  249. says:

    Actually I did not seriously trying to find the origin of SARSCov2 since there are about 1,200 mutations between it and the alleged bat virus RatG13 which the mutation age difference was estimated to be in the order of 45 years. So RatG13 can go through many many stages in those 45 years and evolves to adapt to human. I am just surprise that people will jump to some very esoteric theories without looking at the simplest straight forward plausible path. What even surprise me was that the more I look the more the same factors keep popping up and the probability of them not being random seems to be quite high.

    Starting from the previous SARS1 the origin is supposed to be from bat which the virus had somehow proven to be transferred to the palm civet as the intermediate host before mutated to infect human. Right there the key is already there, the “palm” civet. What are common between the bat and palm civet? They both feed on the surgary palm sap. Who else feed on the palm sap? Hundreds of million of people in South Asia, South East Asia and Oceania who collected the palm sap in “open jar” up on the palm trees. In India alone, if 10% are palm wine drinkers that will be more than 100 million people.
    Alcoholic Beverage Consumption in India, Mexico, and Nigeria

    However, the percentage of men who had consumed an alcoholic beverage in the previous year varied widely among different regions, ranging from 16.7 percent in Madras City in southern India to 49.6 percent in a Punjab village in northwest India (Isaac 1998)

    The bat and civet readily feed on the plentiful palm sap collected in the open jar, and they also do some other business like taking baths, urinated and defecated in the open jar. The bodily fluids of bat and civet had been proven to be sources of corona viruses in general and the palm sap in the open jar become the common medium for transferring the corona viruses in general. Hundreds of million of South Asians, South East Asians and Ocenia people collected the sugary palm sap which might be already contaminated with bat and civet urine and feces to drink them directly or to make palm wine for a very long time. Palm wine in those countries is as common as beers in western countries. The palm sap has already be shown to be the medium for transferring other bat viruses to human, like the Nipah virus episode in India, Bangladesh, Malaysia and Singapore.

    Now for SARSCov2 the civet seems to be not involved. It was reported that the spike protein of SARSCov2 resembles that of the pangolin corona virus but some studies had shown to be not the “immediate” ancestor of SARSCov2.

    Microbiologists and geneticists in Texas have independently found evidence of reassortment (gene swapping) in coronaviruses suggesting involvement of pangolins in the origin of SARS-CoV-2.[15] However, pangolin coronaviruses found to date only share at most 92% of their whole genomes with SARS-CoV-2, making them less similar than RaTG13 to SARS-CoV-2.[16] This is insufficient to prove pangolins to be the (immediate) intermediate host; in comparison, the SARS virus responsible for the 2002–2004 outbreak shared 99.8% of its genome with a known civet coronavirus.[17]

    Viruses in general has the property of exchanging genes when they are in the same host cells with other viruses or bacteria (reassortment process). So at some stage in that long 45 years there could be several bat-pangolin corona viruses depending on which genes were exchanged and they might not readily infect human but given enough time some of them might be able to infect human. If no bat-pangolin corona virus that can directly infect human can be found, then the “intermediate host” could human themself where the bat-pangolin viruses enter the human when the pangolin are consumed by human and mutated to a form that can infect human but not the pangolin in reverse. Or there could be other yet unknown “intermediate host”.

    How do the bat viruses get into the pangolin? Pangolin lives on tree tops, especially palm tree tops (“It prefers forested habitats (primary, secondary, and scrub forest) and plantations (rubber, palm oil).”, and feeds on ants. And what do ants like in the jungles or plantations? Sugary tree saps like the palm sap which is collected in open jar. So pangolin is feeding on those ants which might be with belly full of palm sap which might be contaminated with bat urine and feces. I was trying to find an academic study on ants and palm trees and the google results were swamped with queries from people with problems of ants in the palm trees in their garden. So I gave up.

    Why mink is also susceptable to SARSCov2? Apparently pangolin is a very good swimmer,

    So at some stage in that long 45 years the pangolin managed to transfer the corona virus to mink which lives by the water, may be even before the bat-pangolin-coronavirus has adapted to human.

    Why are tigers also subceptable to SARSCov2?

    “The Sunda pangolin’s main predators are humans, tigers, and the clouded leopard.”

    The tigers eating pangolin with a stomach full of ants with a stomach full of palm sap which might be contaminated with bat urine and feces. The tigers might be even susceptible to the coronavirus before the bat-pangolin-coronavirus has adapted to human.

    However, the “immediate” intermediate SARS2Cov2 host is yet to be found.

  250. anon[327] • Disclaimer says:

    Rubbish and rubbish.

    Add one more rubbish.

    No end to the rubbish.

    5 dancing shlomos

  251. denk says:

    Perhaps what matters is that those oriental peoples have a history of exposure to related viruses

    Perhaps what matters is that those oriental peoples have a history of exposure to related viruses…Made IN USA. [FIXED]

    Jeff Brown

    China, being the most biologically attacked country in history, with pre-liberation Japan, the USA in the Korean War and 2002-2003 SARS, plus uncountable livestock and poultry biological sabotage seedings,….

  252. says:

    To develop phylogeny tree requires lots and lots of RAM. Common desktop computers can handle datapoint in the low hundreds. I sidestep that by only looking at the Nextstrain metadata with aggregate tabulation. The link to the Nextstrain metadata information is at the bottom of the page

    As I said before Nextstrain only processes about 4000 strains per run. Sometimes interesting strains might appear only once and never to be seen again either intentionally or by certain algorithm. Which country submitted what on what date are on record. For example Germany had accused China for spreading the D614G variant (old Nextstrain calde A2) by a visiting Chinese employee of a German company in China. It was a bit thick when Germany had not done any full sequnecing before that date while China had done more than hundred before that date and submitted the full data to the public repository even before the clade classification had been developed. How did Germany knew that it was not the transmission in the other way?? Especially now that it is known that Spain had detected SARSCov2 in wastewater in March 2019 and Italy had direct positive PCR test result in early December 2019, both earlier than China detected SARSCov2 in late December 2019. Why D614G is extremely rare in China if it was the source?

    So I aggregate the successive run metadata with unique EPIISL ids. The metadata contain info on clade, country, region, collection date, etc, and from there many other info can be inferred, like tabulation by country, clade and collection date, which are not directly available from the site.

    • Replies: @Chinaman
  253. @Skeptikal

    Well your butting in on a conversation and ignoring its theme is not unusual on UR threads. I bring up the human reality so often well described by Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs** and you turn it into an attack on Bill Gates whom you do show, by your recommended reading of Corbett has not been motivated in his actually or purportedly philanthropic work since he became a multibillionaire by greed for money or profit but by his attempt, altruistic in intentions, to make a better world by (preferably eugenic) population control. Equally unresponsive to the point was your singling out just one billionaire as if proving he was a bad guy could be relevant to the generalisation I objected to.

    I am indebted to you however for making my day. I had no idea that the Gates Foundation was so much on the right side in attempting to tackle the world’s population disaster.

    ** My reply to Rubicon

    Have you heard of the Maslow Hierarchy of Needs? It is not new but neatly describes manifestations of human nature over millennia at least. Do you really think “multi-billionaires” seek to maximise profits and make themselves even richer as a marker of top priority. – even the young ones in a growth phase?
    I see them, if not as genuinely altruistic, stil likely to seek prestige in the way the tribal chief did who owned 50 pigs more than anyone else and gladly slaughtered half to show off his generosity.

    • Replies: @Skeptikal

    Civets, you say? That reminds me. My 2nd youngest brother lived in Chiang Rai for decades (complicated, couldn’t just leave, hilltribe waifu &c.)
    Thing is, he got right sick back at Heathrow (where he worked as a tradie during the compulsory vacations from the tribal village. In the airport main hotel, fucking about in the rooms when shit got broke (leccy, drains, carpentry, all that stuff; don’t panic, he had all the tickets and then some. Time-served).

    So he inquired by text of his loyal and honest (cough cough) in-laws “Wot da fuk is this ‘ere pox wot you have giv us, eh, yu bastids?”
    They patiently explained (in local chat, naturally, he’s damn’ good at it).
    “O mate, that’s cos yu ‘av bin eatin’ them civets. Last big feed we ‘ad. We gets proper ill arfter an’ all”.

    “Never mind” says he,” it’s just that when I checked in to hozzy in Walton, the doc freaked out an giv us the blue light racer to the School of Tropical Medicine in London”. Fortunately his first cousin is a Prof there.
    They let him go after a few days ; “garn, fuckoff and be ill elsewhere; we ain’t got anything like this on the books”.

    So when he got back to bamboo fuckarse nowhere (his preference), the local retards explained.
    “We get sick from that shit all the time. But it’s civet cats, proper good nosh, and ritual. Wot you done wrong was to not suck down pints and pints of (some hideous local moonshine as would kill you faster than a bullet).”

    Seems the trick is to flood your vascular system with a slightly-less-than-lethal dose of ethanol. God only knows what it actually was he got, repeatedly, but sounds exactly the same as what I had last Feb.
    A deadman, blackout for four/five days. The missus was (metaphorically) shitting herself and about to give up on me.
    Thanks, there’ll be no charge.

  255. Alfred says:

    However, the “immediate” intermediate SARS2Cov2 host is yet to be found.

    Why don’t you ask that rather helpful chap Bill Gates?

  256. skrik says:

    find an effective treatment to halt the progress of Covid-19 infection

    Something like this, perhaps:

    “Instant immunity? UK scientists test drug to prevent people exposed to Covid-19 from catching disease via rapid antibodies boost
    25 Dec, 2020 22:31”

  257. @Philip Owen

    It’s not important to be worth the effort to provide a single scientific study that supports your claim? Spoken like a true scumbag.

    • Agree: RadicalCenter
  258. @Wizard of Oz

    No, I don’t misunderstand “non sequitur”, you dumb asshole. You provide food for thought if the menu is entirely dogshit-based.

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
    , @dearieme
  259. Chinaman says:

    Thank you for your observations and that line of thought seems to be the simplest and most logical explanation. I agree with you that Occam’s razor and some common sense is much needed in this world. Perhaps an unknown bat virus in South East Asia is the most common ancestor rather than RatG13

    Here’s some questions that have been on my mind for many sleepless nights ever since I came across your comments on the genetic age of the Spainish samples (as being the oldest) which dovetails with the discovery of the virus in Mar 19 Barcelona wastewater. I would really appreciate it if you could opine on them.

    1. Why Spain??? Is there a causation chain? ( except for the Spanish Flu!)

    2. Are the genetic age studies that you have done unequivocal evidence that the virus have originated from southern Europe ( this was before I read your last comment )? What are the shortfalls and caveats of this method of inference ( as in determination of genetic age) ?

    3. Does the large sampling and selection biases in the data (negative genetic age in the US!) prevent us from drawing any conclusions about the origin of the virus? I believe you were using 1000 samples in June which is already an improvement from the 100 odd which Forster was using.

    4. Does the genetic age of the samples from India or South East Asia support your hypothesis above?

    5. At this point, do we have enough emprical\genetic evidence to reject the hypothesis ( within the usual confidence intervals) that the virus have originated in Wuhan wet market ( or China)?

    Sorry for the many questions but they have been bothering me for awhile now and thr plot seems to deepen with every piece of the puzzle!

    Thanks in advance and I want you to know I really value this opportunity to correspond with you. You are the main reason I am still read comments on Unz Review!

    • Replies:
  260. At the moment, blaming governments seems a justified reaction. They are supposed to protect us from bad stuff

    How can any sane, sober individual write this nonsense?

  261. Chinaman says:

    Thanks. I am invested in a quant fund which have just built out a \$20m FPGA cluster for big data and AI. May be it is not 100k Nvidia chips but I think ram shouldn’t be a concern in this application.

    I think I can get time on it if you are interested. I am a fund manager who have managed money for the likes of Ivy League endowments and George Soros in the past.

    May I know how much ram would you need to do an actually need ? Single servers with 1 or 2TB ram are quite common these days and I believe that number is actually quite scalable?

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  262. Chinaman says:

    I also would like to know what is the size of the dataset we are discussing?

    I am actually used to handling large dataset as I simulate quantitative strategies on E-mini S&P futures using high-frequency Level 2 data. We might be talking about a few terabytes of data every simulation.

    We can’t load all of that in Ram of course so we have a specialized database for financial time series for that (KDB + Might that be of help? Is the data is organized as time series?

    • Replies:
  263. For a people with high IQ the Chinese sure spit everywhere including indoors: lifts, corridors, restaurants and not into spitoons like Europeans once used to (anybody remember spitoons?). Hopefully with mask wearing they’ll give up this nasty disease spreading habit.

  264. @Rufus Clyde

    If you understand it, why misuse it?

  265. @CanSpeccy

    You seem to be more determinedly negative than usual. Even if s mass produced vaccine had to be jejabbed every three or four months that could be a big leap forward. Also, what do you mean by “mutated strains”? Is there any evidence yet of anything more than just a few DNA letters being altered that may allow identification of the proximate source but mostly don’t affect function?

    • Replies: @CanSpeccy
  266. dearieme says:
    @Rufus Clyde

    Spoken like a true scumbag.

    you dumb asshole

    entirely dogshit-based

    Whatever happened to the season of goodwill?

  267. CanSpeccy says: • Website
    @Wizard of Oz

    You seem to be more determinedly negative than usual.

    Yeah, well, to take a more positive line, Goldman Sachs says 26 percent of Americans now have Covid19 immunity, which means the US is well on the way to naturally-acquired herd immunity (“though there is no such thing according to the UN’s Medical WHOre) — just another 74% to go, according to Fauci. Still, it’s a puzzle why we have to rely on a fucking bank for basic information on the course of the epidemic.

    And now, if you don’t want to experience a nasty flu-like respiratory disease, which I hasten to state is not the flu — although all cases of what would once have been called the flu are now recorded (along with gun-shot and automotive accident deaths) as Covid — you can take the vaccine: that’s if you don’t mind being jabbed twice and risking not only a sore arm, but anaphylaxis, sterility, and genetic transformation into a high-IQ, zombified reincarnation of Bill Gates.

  268. @Anonymous

    In what way were the jews set up?

  269. Refl says:

    this could be a case of an arrested pandemic

    I would rather call it a pandemic by definition , as the WHO famously in 2009 changed the definition of a pandemic, dropping the need for it to be highly lethal (which means that any disease circulating worldwide can be turned into a pandemic by just handing out a declaration). That same year swine flu became the first non-pandemic, which still failed to make an impact. 11 years on, the grip of the liberal imperial elite has become strong enough to get where they wanted.

    This thing mostly affects the anglosphere and dependend countries: The five eyes, the US sticking out in that republican governed states are mainly spared; Western Europe with the first line of vasals Germany, France and others; Skandinavians and Slavs are less affected as they are less integrated into the angloamerican occupation area; then there are certain target countries, Russia with huge numbers but staying cool, China and Iran are no longer heard of.

    Basically, my idea is that China has just won the Third World War. They have taken a long, sober look at the failings of Western society and then have succesfully planted a psychological weapon of mass destruction. The Western World has abdicated, and I have to say that I marvel at the sophisticaton of how this assault was achieved.

  270. @Badger Down

    Sixty million people in the UK

    75 million minimum.

    The population of the UK was well-understood to be pushing 65 million in 1980.

    Plus you’re forgetting – as everyone insists on doing – 5 million illegal immigrants over the past 20 years (and probably nearer 15 million over the past 40) – who don’t complete census forms; at least the same number of 2nd and 3rd-generation Moslems who routinely (don’t) do the same; (supposedly) 2% Jews who are notorious for the same; And the ADMITTED 10-million “legal” Moslems purposely… err… “Admitted” to the UK… who were shipped in by the war-criminal and profiteer scumbag Tony Blair’s government over just 10 years between 1997 and 2007, for the sole purpose of “rubbing the noses of the Right in Diversity”. And vast numbers of the immigrant “POC” work the underground economies and don’t fill in forms – ever.

    I am personally acquainted with 3 Blacks in one workplace alone who told me they are not registered for tax, NI or anything else, and that many of their many “bros” are in the same boat. They all drive nice cars.

    Lies; damned lies; and government statistics on population (control).

    No wonder the government hushed up an outbreak of bubonic plague in east London – heart of the new 3rd world – a few years ago.

  271. @Ugetit

    PS: On another topic, what can you tell us about the Taiping “rebellion” and the involvement of the opium merchants with it?

    Don’t want to be off topic on this thread, so I’ll give you a link to a long comment I made at the Darkmoon site about 4 years ago that was featured as an article which briefly touches on the Taiping Rebellion aka Taiping Heavenly Kingdom* and how it relates to ZOG’s rabid China-bashing in recent years.  

    The Demonization of China by the Usual Suspects

    *Zion = Zodiac. That’s your biggest clue as to who were behind the theocratic “Taiping Heavenly Kingdom” in a country that had virtually ZERO Christians prior to the opium merchants’ arrival in China in the early 1800s. Note, however, that they used “Christianity” to destroy atheistic China, and atheism to destroy Christian Russia and Muslim Turkey: classic divide and conquer and astroturfing.

    All those subsequent revolutions and the world wars were lined up like proverbial “ducks in a row” to usher in the Age of Aquarius or Pax Judaica, which, after 60+ years of predictive programming and social engineering, officially kicked off on December 21, 2020 with the Grand Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn.

  272. @Maowasayali

    Just can’t help thinking that, when the Unz Review posts a spiel about an astrological “explanation” for current events… and their connection to a lame, laughable, beyond-pathetic 1970’s musical… all in the world we once knew is really lost : (

    Thank you anyway… Maowasayali… for involuntarily reminding the readership about the REAL “dark side” of the African IQ vs. superstition problem for all to see.

    • Replies: @Wielgus
    , @Maowasayali
  273. @Rocha

    The CDC has admitted that they have never isolated or quantified the virus in other words IT DOES NOT EXIST

    You DO know, don’t you… that the Chinese sequenced – and then published – the entire genome of the “non-existent” virus for the world’s analysis and use on the 9th January 2020 ?

    How exactly does that fit with “non-existent” ?

    • Agree: Wizard of Oz
    • Disagree: Hippopotamusdrome
    • Replies: @Rocha
  274. Caerau, the remotest community in Bridgend county was the most heavily infected area in the UK in the last two weeks. Rates topped out at 2200 per 100 000 for 7 days and 5400 for 21 days. The 7 day rate has now fallen to 1600. Whether this is due to herd immunity or a change in social habits is hard to say. Certainly in Bridgend town people appear to have taken lockdowns more seriously. Two weeks ago, a friend of my sons had to text everyone who had attended an illegal 20 somethings birthday party in Maesteg to tell them he was incubating Covid-19 at the time. Such things are less likely this week.

    It looks as though 5% symptomatic infection rate is the peak for this variant. Add as many infected who show no symptoms and this round will have added 10% to herd immunity. That said, the above area had a high level of infection and death last time round.

  275. @Dennis Dale


    You and me both, brother. You and me both.

  276. Rocha says:
    @Dave Bowman

    When and how have the Chinese got it but the CDC , British and Irish governments have admitted that the virus has not been isolated or quantified? Who do you believe?
    Even Kary Mullis stated that his test could not identify a virus.
    The science of virology is as scientific as reading tea leaves and just as credible!

    • Replies: @Rocha
  277. Rocha says:

    The Chinese extracted alveolar lung fluid and centrifuged it and stated that the result contained the virus. The resulting liquid was a mix of millions of genetic bits and pieces containing exosomes which are indistinguishable from so-called viruses and arbitrarily declared that 5-7 bases belonged to the genome of a virus that is supposed to have 30,00o bases if I remember correctly. The rest of the sequence was a product of the imagination of computer programmers as are the pretty graphics that are presented to us as faithful representations of the virus!
    No the virus does not exist!

    • Thanks: Alfred, Hippopotamusdrome
  278. @Chinaman

    May I tap your brains please. If you think our host would prefer us to go to Announcements/Open Thread #4 [or maybe #5 by now] I’ll follow you there.

    I keep on saying to all the under 25s in my extended family that anyone who doesn’t speak Chinese in 15 years time will be like someone who doesn’t speak English today. Pretty well true in your opinion??.

    The eldest of those whose mother is Japanese and who also speaks Indonesian fluently [his surfing and skiing are even more fluent😉] starts at an Australian university in March and I have offered him \$US7500 to do the same 6 week crash course at Monash University (equal to Chinese Language 101) that I did many years ago. Unfortunately I couldn’t follow it up despite having learned enough to know that, with about five such courses I would probably have had usable Chinese. He is much younger than I was of course. From my experience of that, and also from total immersion in living with a German family at 18, I decided to add to my initial bribe the promise of 6 weeks or so with Chinese families taking paying guests in each of the next few university vacations which would be long enough.

    What’s your advice?

    Unfortunately the 17 year old who, having a good memory and graphic arts skills was showing real talent at Chinese under a tutor gave it up when she was just doing it at school. I will be offering her a holiday in Taiwan or some other bribe to get her back on the job. Any suggestions?

    • Replies: @Chinaman
  279. @Expletive Deleted

    As one wag said, “ah the British — the only people who can’t speak their own language properly.”
    What the Hell are you talking about?

    Merry Christmas to all in formerly-Great formerly-Britain.

  280. Chinaman says:
    @Wizard of Oz

    I think it would be a mistake to just learn the language and not the culture\vernacular.

    I speak mandarin as spoken by Taiwanese since I lived there during my formative years. When I went to Beijing, they tell me I speak like a women and the hostility is mutual. I am a foreigner even though I speak the same language. No one actually speaks like what they teach you in those Chinese crashes courses. Accent and colloquialism is all that matters but I guess it don’t matter that much for a white dude. Chinese adore white dudes who have made the effort to learn the language. It will be a huge edge for them in East Asia. As I said, It will be even cooler if he can speak with a Beijing\Shanghai accent or be fluent in their vernacular. He will get any job he wants.

    Instead of doing those courses, my suggestion is to actually go to China (or Taiwan!) for 6 weeks to do that language course and immerse yourself in that alien world. Get a girlfriend or something. Rewire their brain for the future.

    • Thanks: Wizard of Oz
  281. Bert says:

    How do the bat viruses get into the pangolin? Pangolin lives on tree tops, especially palm tree tops (“It prefers forested habitats (primary, secondary, and scrub forest) and plantations (rubber, palm oil).”

    There are 8 species of pangolin. Some are scansorial and others are entirely terrestrial. The Chinese Pangolin is terrestrial. “The food habits of Chinese pangolin (Manis pentadactyla) were surveyed by using the field observation methods and the analysis of droppings and stomach contents. The foraging behaviors were classified into 6 categories, that is, walking, searching, walking/searching, digging, feeding and pause. Its feeding sites occurred at the bases of grasses, trees and shrubs, under leaf litter, near fallen logs, fallen branches and dead stump, and in termite nests.”

    Why mink is also susceptable to SARSCov2? Apparently pangolin is a very good swimmer,

    So at some stage in that long 45 years the pangolin managed to transfer the corona virus to mink which lives by the water, may be even before the bat-pangolin-coronavirus has adapted to human.

    The two species of mink, American and European, are entirely North Temperate in their geographic distributions and do not exist in nature within thousands of miles of any pangolin species.

    Your scenarios are fantastic……in the derogatory sense of that word.

    • Replies:
  282. Wielgus says:
    @Dave Bowman

    It is the kind of magical thinking that is the last thing we need right now. I wouldn’t say it is the most off the wall thing on this site but it is definitely competitive.

  283. Herald says:
    @James Thompson

    The single biggest factor for severe Covid illness and death is having previously had the flu shot.

    • Replies: @Bert
  284. Bert says:

    Perhaps you meant to say “The single biggest factor for severe Covid illness and death is not having had the flu shot.”

    Nevertheless, “our team looked at patients who tested positive for COVID-19 and saw that patients who received the influenza vaccine within the last year were less likely to be hospitalized and be admitted to the ICU,” Yang said.

    How much less?

    “COVID patients who had not received a flu vaccine within the last year had 2.4 times greater odds of being hospitalized and 3.3 times greater chance of being transferred to the ICU,” said Yang, a third-year resident in family medicine in the department of community health and family medicine at the University of Florida in Gainesville.

    • Replies: @res
    , @anon
    , @Herald
  285. res says:

    Interesting. I thought your second link was the better account. The paper itself is available here.

    The paper is short. They give both the unadjusted and adjusted odds ratios (for up to date influenza vaccination only) in Table 2. The adjusted ORs are notable (though the CIs are fairly wide they remain significant).

    I wish they had included all of the ORs for their adjusted model. It would be interesting to see what they were for their other variables: race, age, gender, hypertension, diabetes, COPD, obesity, coronary artery disease, and congestive heart failure. Perhaps there will be supplemental material in the published version.

    This June paper using county (rather than individuals as above) data had a similar conclusion.

    • Replies: @Bert
  286. anon[327] • Disclaimer says:

    Herald not far off.

    Flu shots shielding from flu would be news.

    Any numbers for horse manure protecting
    against flu and Balony Corony and Fauxci?

    My mistake. Balony Corony, Fauxci, and flu vaccines are horse manure.

    5 dancing shlomos

    • Agree: Herald
  287. Bert says:

    Thanks. Looks like comorbidity ORs would be better for circulatory and respiratory problems and not so good for metabolic ones.

    Along with ivermectin, Vitamin D, etc prophylactics, the flu vaccination would be another option for elderly folks who would prefer to wait for more side effect data on the mRNA covid vaccines before taking one.

  288. anon[361] • Disclaimer says:
    @That Would Be Telling

    A real vaccine requires one dose and when vaccinated one is immune for life. And if enough people get the vaccine, the disease is wiped off the face of the earth. That is the case with the small pox vaccine; smallpox killed millions of people over centuries, That one time dose really worked andafter enough people got vaccinated , the disease has been wiped out. Not true of the fake polio vaccine and these others needing boosters which often cause the diseases said to prevent and have other severe adverse consequences. Some of these diseases are cyclical and never were as ubiquitous , as small pox was.

    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
  289. says:

    The temperate zone,
    “Mink is by far the most popular farmed fur, and Chinese minks dominate the market. In 2014, the country produced 35 million pelts, according to the International Fur Federation.”

    The pangolin zone,

    Once SARSCov2 adapted to other hosts, it can even spread to Antarctica. It is the SARSCov2 viral genes, not the animal.

    You are very fantastic.

  290. says:

    The data for a single strain is about 30KB of the viral RNA. Last time I checked there were 75K strains. Also a special execution environ has to be setup that make use of very recent packages not usually find in the standard OS distributions updating of which might rack the operation of the standard OS which depends on the older packages. That can take a lot of work. I have wrecked mine a few times before and had to reinstalled, and I gave up. The RAM requirement increases exponentially with size. The softwares involved are usually in C, python and R.

    A site has revealed their computer setup for processing 30,000 strains phylogeny tree:

    “access to a reasonably large server (e.g. ~500GB RAM and about 50 cores). Processing time 24 hours.”

    • Replies: @Chinaman
  291. @Dave Bowman

    Age of Aquarius = Jewish Messianic Age. They believe it!

    The Lubavitcher Rebbe Menachem Mendel Schneerson explained that upon having reached the Hebrew year 5750 (1989 CE), the millennial ‘time-clock’ had reached the time of the ‘eve’ of Shabbat.[31]

    This is based on the teaching of the Talmud,[10] which states that one thousand human years is equivalent to one ‘day’ in the eyes of the Creator, which in turn is based upon the verse in Psalms, “For one thousand years in Your eyes are but a day that has passed (Psalms 90:4)”. Therefore, given that one human-time millennium is equal to one cosmic ‘day’, the human-time seventh millennium is equivalent to the seventh cosmic ‘day’, the ‘Shabbat’, the Messianic age.

    Given that the Jewish day begins at nightfall, the year 5750 represented 12:00pm midday on the millennial ‘Friday’, as per the table below.

    The Lubavitcher Rebbe, as others, maintained that the Messiah must arrive at, or before, the onset of the Shabbat, the year 6000.[31]

    Hebrew Year (Common Era year) Millennial Time
    5000 (1239 AD) 18:00 Thursday
    5250 (1489 AD) 00:00 Friday
    5500 (1739 AD) 06:00 Friday
    5750 (1989 AD) 12:00 Friday / Shabbat eve
    5770 (2009 AD) 12:30 Friday / Shabbat eve
    6000 (2239 AD) 18:00 Entry of Shabbat

    The English year 2020, corresponding to the Hebrew year 5781, thus marks 12:44pm on the Millennial Friday. In Jewish law, a half-hour past midday or mincha gedola marks the time on Friday afternoon when the influence of Shabbat begins, and some authorities forbid keeping a business open past that point.[32]

    Source: Wikipedia “Year 6000”

    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
  292. says:

    > 1. Why Spain???

    Spain has a very unusually high clade 19B WuFLu distribution within the country while the surround countries have low %, even for Italy which detected virtually 0. Others like USA/CA is reasonable with the significant Asian American population.

    Region | %19B | NTotal
    China | 21.17 | 326
    Spain | 20.35 | 511
    USA/CA | 9.42 | 138
    Denmark | 2.95 | 1626
    Belgium | 1.53 | 392
    UK | 1.06 | 849
    Germany | 0.65 | 306
    Sweden | 0.53 | 374
    France | 0.52 | 386
    Italy | 0.0 | 292

    The only reason I can think of is that Philippine was a former colony of Spain and significant number of Filipinos either resided in Spain or travelled there. Philippine is a country that has extensive palm sap/wine production/consumption.

    Then there is an event that triggered my speculation. A sign of the source or near to the source of SARSCov2 will be the continually sending out very rare variants with no immediaate know ancestors. All the Chinese strains can be detected from the Chinese visitors to oversea countries and there are no surprises or new strains. The MinkFlu is the immediate descendent of clade 20B, the new UK variant is also the immediate descendent of clade 20B, the new South African variant is the immediate descendent of clade 20C.

    In October NZ and Australia had detected a very rare new strain from Filipino salors aboard the ship Sofrana which the Australian scientists had determined to be 12 mutations away from the outlier of the currently known global strains. The global average genetic distance from the Wuhan reference strain is about 6.5 mutation. So the Sofrana variant could be, say, 25 mutation away from the Wuhan reference strain and with no known immediate ancestors. However it is unlikely the NZ/Aus researchers will publish the results because of the current politcal climate in there.

    World-first mutated strain of COVID-19 detected on Sofrana Surville ship off Queensland coast

    Crew members on a cargo ship forced to anchor off Queensland’s Sunshine Coast were infected with a mutated strain of coronavirus undetected elsewhere in the world, health officials say.

    Testing by New Zealand scientists found it was “12 mutations away from the closest international genome”.

    The “passaging” of the corona virus through many human populations in that 45 years might enable it to specially adapted to certain populations while still showing no obvious infection rates and remained undetected. The fact that SARSCov2 is relatively less adapted to the Asian populations (lower infection rates) might suggest that it might have more “passaging” through people with blood group A / European. Regression to the mean ??

    >2. direct evidence

    It is very hard to have direct evidence especially many countries like Philippine does not have good medical facilities, sample storage and record keeping. There are also lots of frozen samples not yet tested, like the 2013 sample in Japan just recently tested,

    “That is the case with the other virus, called Rc-o319, identified in a little Japanese horseshoe bat (Rhinolophus cornutus) captured in 2013. That virus shares 81% of its genome with SARS-CoV-2, according to a paper1 published on 2 November — which makes it too distant to provide insights into the pandemic’s origin, says Edward Holmes, a virologist at the University of Sydney in Australia.”

    > 3.

    Theoretical analyses only can point to the direction to be persue and only field work can provie the proof. For example Philippine is in my list of country of interest but there are little data from there.


    The data from India seemed to have the same fate as my earlier data when Nextstrain suddenly stopped reporting on certain strains which I had to rolled back the data to update with new data. That particular old dataset has the more detailed classification no longer available for Malaysia and Singapore which can explain why the fatality for Singapore is so low but it might also showed that India might have more influence on Singapore than China and that might upset the current political narratives. The classification of the Indian local data is in such a state that even simple tabulation statistics cannot be done. The Nextstrain global dataset have some Indian data but given their population size I wish more are available.


    As the Italian case shown new evidence can suddenly change the narratives. I now start to think that searching for patient zero with a single source variant might be fruitless. It could be that the source is n-ary reassortment event where each components by themselves cannot infect human and no single animal host variant could be found.

    “However when two or more damaged viruses infect the same cell (multiple infection), the infection can often succeed (multiplicity reactivation) due to reassortment of segments, provided that each of the eight genome segments (from different animal hosts) is present in at least one undamaged copy.”

    • Replies: @Chinaman
    , @RadicalCenter
  293. @TG

    let the Chinese continue their unsanitary ‘wet markets’ that we KNOW to be the cause of the seasonal flu . Most of the world uses wet markets and they are no more unsanitary than our slaughterhouses.

    There is zero evidence that Chinese wet markets are the source of any malady, as life expectancy figures demonstrate:

    • Replies: @Chinaman
    , @bjondo
  294. Chinaman says:

    Understood. Sounds quite involved and you don’t necessarily have the resources you need at this point to run further studies.

    I don’t want to be presumptive but are you running these analyses out of your own curiosity and not professionally? You are obviously an expert in genomics\molecular biology (?) but this line of inquiry is not your particular field? Apologies in advance if I am wrong.

    I have some programming and IT resources on my end which can help with the setup if you need help setting up an environment. ( What version of Linux?) We could commission a new colocated server on something like Rackspace (stuff as much RAM we can on it) and build the environment to your spec. Do most of the data heavy lifting and then just hand you the keys. You can remain anonymous in this whole process to protect your identity and of course, you keep the IP.

    I just want to get to the bottom of this.

  295. CanSpeccy says: • Website

    Here’s why Sweden was right not to lock down the country: covid kills almost no one under the age of 60. In Britain, where over 70,000 covid deaths have been reported, only 367 of those deaths were of those under 60 years of age.

    As for those over 60, let them “self-isolate” if they wish: provide them with government funded delivery of food and medicine if you wish. But why the devil would you lock them up? In the long-run we’ll all be dead. In the meantime, allow those near the end of their journey to the grave to get on with what little remains of their life.

    • Agree: RadicalCenter, Alfred
  296. Chinaman says:

    Thank you for your detailed reply. mind-blowing stuff…

    1. 19B WuFLu->

    96 | | A2a | 2020-03-29 | Italy | Italy/TE7859/2020
    96 | 19B | B | 2020-03-28 | Spain | Spain/Valencia212/2020 <– MaxAge Clade 19B
    96 | 20A | A2a | 2020-04-13 | Germany | Germany/BAV-MVP0186/2020
    96 | 20A | | 2020-03-08 | Spain | Spain/Madrid_LP23_5852/2020
    96 | 20B | | 2020-03-22 | Israel | Israel/51141014/2020
    96 | 20B | | 2020-03-31 | Italy | Italy/VR_20COV31-18/2020
    96 | 20C | | 2020-03-11 | Sweden | Sweden/20-50294/2020

    I guess we will never know whether WuFlu really is from Wuhan or is it from Pinoflu.

    1. Per Forster’s classification, Wuflu is of the B cluster of related strains (descended from A strains)? How does that fit with the Nextstrain classification method based on genetic age which I assume is more granular.

    2. Is the MaxAge 19B strains in Spain of the B cluster or A cluster (per Forster) or is his classification method already outdated due to the small size sample he was working with ?

    3. To be sure, Is the MaxAge 19B from Spain the closest known strain to RatG13? Sorry, I am a bit confused.

    A sign of the source or near to the source of SARSCov2 will be the continually sending out very rare variants with no immediate know ancestors.

    12 mutations away from the outlier of the currently known global strains.

    4. Is that because the virus would have been evolving for much longer? Does 12 mutations means it have been evolving independently for about 156 days (13 days per mutation) from the most recent common ancestor with the known strains?

    5. What is the largest known difference in the number of mutations in the Nextstrain database?

    As the Italian case shown new evidence can suddenly change the narratives. I now start to think that searching for patient zero with a single source variant might be fruitless.

    Not sure whether you have come across this paper done by…of all people..the CDC in America.

    I would like your opinion on this paper which purportedly to show that 2% of the Californians who gives blood already have COVID antibodies on *13th Dec* 2019 ! ( appendix on page 17). You can infer the population infection rate as you wish but I would argue 2% infection rate quite representative of the West Coast. They collected from hundreds of Red Cross blood donation centers across America. (1% in Connecticut). This is *shocking* of course but there is little doubt that COVID was widespread and spreading through the community from Northern California (2.4%) to the East Coast (1% in Jan).

    Using a doubling rate of 3.6 days, I estimate that patient zero landed in America at least before *8th Oct* 2019 or much earlier.

    6. Assuming the study is valid, how would this evidence fit in your overall genetic timeline of how COVID spread?

    Sorry for all the questions again. This stuff is absolutely fascinating. Thanks in advance.

    • Replies:
  297. Chinaman says:
    @Godfree Roberts

    Hi Godfree here also made the assertion that COVID might have originated from South East Asia and I remembered you mentioned India as the possible origin.

    Would you be kind enough to share your source ? Perhaps there is circumstantial evidence from your end that would dovetail with the genetic side of things?

  298. Skeptikal says:

    Your explanation makes quite a lot of sense. That is, at least I can follow the chain of reasoning, unlike the case of many other hypotheses.

    Here (below) is where I stop being able to follow, not only your hypothesis but others: Once the virus gets into the feces into the syrup into the ants into the civets/pangolins into the tiger into (somehow) the human, why or how does it suddenly become extremely infectious and transmissable between humans?

    What occurs within, say, the Infected Human Zero such that the virus suddenly (seemingly) becomes capable of being transmitted so easily? It seems to slumber along for 50 years and then explode in the human population.

    • Replies: @skrik
  299. Skeptikal says:
    @Wizard of Oz

    “Well your butting in on a conversation and ignoring its theme is not unusual on UR threads.”

    Nice try, but no. The theme of billionaire altruists was your very own, in comment 158.

    As for my “butting in,” once again you are up to your favorite pastime of instructing others as to what your rules are for their participation in a UR comment thread.

    Silly old gas bag.

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  300. @Refl

    Refl, I can’t stand it either. I am amazed how the most blatant scare-mongering in the media is allowed to pass without comment. None of the apocalyptic predictions, made early in the epidemic, have come true, and there are huge areas of the world (including dirty, crowded places) with no lock downs, preceding as normal. Anyone who points this out is accused of being indifferent to the deaths of our old people. As if death is not inevitably associated with age.

    • Agree: RadicalCenter
  301. bjondo says:
    @Godfree Roberts

    “Wet market” new term for most.
    Used negatively at beginning to conjure … what image?

    County fairs, farmers mkts with farmers produce and farm
    animals, pets, not different than wet markets that I can tell.

    Bat soup also used in deceptive way.

    Two deceptions say something about Terror 19, aka BS.

    5 dancing shlomos

  302. Pancho says:

    This article should have been printed in the New York Times (a.k.a. the Toilet Paper of Record). It is pure, unadulterated bovine manure.

  303. bjondo says:

    This by Primo Levi via Lawrence Guyenot seems to fit #19:

    From all that you have just read you can deduce that lying is a sin for others, and for us a virtue. Lying is one with our job: we should lie by words, by eyes, by smile, by clothing. Not only to deceive patients; as you know, our purpose is higher, and the lie, not the twist of hand, makes our real strength. With the lie, patiently learned and piously exercised, if God helps us we will come to dominate this country and perhaps the world: but this can only be done on the condition of having been able to lie better and longer than our enemies. I will not see that day, but you will see it: it will be a new golden age, when only the last resorts will force us to pluck out teeth again, while it will be enough for us to govern the State and administer public affairs, to lavish the pious lies that we have learned to bring to perfection. If we prove ourselves capable of this, the empire of the tooth-pullers will extend from East to West until the most distant islands, and it will have no end.

    Liars, liars everywhere not a mask nor a vaxine to block.

    Knock ’em across nose with truth and fist.

    5 dancing shlomos

  304. @Ugetit

    Another thing to draw your attention to is that the rebels fighting for the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom were nicknamed “Long hairs” (長毛). They were Chinese hippies.* lol

    Was China the guinea pig where they alpha tested and perfected their civil wars and cultural revolutions? The Taiping Revolution in China (1850-64) was still ongoing when the American Civil War (1861-65) began and precedes it by 11 years. 

    I have argued that the movie “Hair”–based on a 1969 Broadway musical ten years earlier–was predictive programming and propaganda for the Age of Aquarius, which is really a euphemism for the Jewish Messianic Age and Pax Judaica.

    With the Coronavirus pandemic allegedly coming out of Wuhan China to start Pax Judaica with a possible WW3, it would appear that we have come full circle. 

    * Chairman Mao Zedong (毛泽东), founder of evil Communist Red China… his surname “Mao” means “hair”… but I’m sure this was just a coincidence. /S

    Jewish mysticism believes that hair contains profound energy…


    What is hair?

    In our modern terminology, hair is defined as “a collective term for slender, threadlike outgrowths of the epidermis of mammals, forming a characteristic body covering.” However, Jewish mysticism believes that hair contains profound energy. The Zohar, one of the ancient Kabbalistic texts, sees every strand of hair as “harboring entire universes”. One of the most profound sections in the Zohar, known as the Idra Rabba, a commentary on this week’s Torah portion (Naso), is dedicated almost exclusively to discuss hair and its source in the divine reality. According to the Zohar, “…from the hair of a person you can know who he is.” (Zohar, Naso, Idra Rabba 129a)

    Kabbala discusses the paradox of hair, where on one hand it is rooted in a tubular pit of the epidermis, known as the hair follicle, and is nourished by the blood vessels in a papilla that extends into the follicle and into the root of the hair. This makes it part of the bodily structure. Yet on the other hand, hair contains neither blood vessels nor nerves, therefore not generating any pain upon their removal from the rest of body (Ohr Hatorah, parashat Emor p. 588-593).

    The Kabbala of Hair

    So how does Jewish mysticism view the significance of hair?

    Hairs act as “straws” transmitting profound and inaccessible energy. Each strand of hair, shaped like a straw (the form of the Hebrew letter vav), communicates a level of soul-energy that due to its intensity cannot be communicated directly, only through the “straw” of hair, through the contracted, and curtailed medium of hair, which dilutes the intense energy.

    Now, the Kabbala distinguishes between “fine hair” and “coarse hair” – the fine hair decorating the cranium, present immediately during birth, and the coarse hair of the beard, appearing only at a male’s entry into adulthood. The hair that links the “fine” and the “coarse” are the peyot, the hair extending from the skull, down the jawbone, after which it merges with the beard.

    The hair growing on top of the cranium, the “fine hair”, represents the deeply concealed energy stemming from the interior of the skull, identified by Kabbala as the location for the super-conscious formations of the human psyche. The deepest and most primal forces of our psyche, the supra-rational desires and cravings of the soul formulated even prior to the birth of cognition, are associated in Jewish mysticism with the skull, defined as “the crown over the brain”, or simply as “keter”, which means the crown. Keter is seen as the most lofty and elevated part of the soul, its link to G‑d, Who also transcends reason and logic.

    The hair of the male beard, on the other hand, the “coarse hair”, represents the energy stemming from the sub conscious cognitive impressions of the human psyche, located within the higher and lower brain. This dimension of the human soul is known in Kabbala as “Mocha Stima’a” (or “the hidden cognition”), and stands one rung below the level of keter.

    Source: Chabad Online “Kabbalistic Hair Styles”

  305. Bert says:

    Your uninformed speculations clearly referred to wild mink. Secondly the Chinese mink farms are in the north of the country. Mink produce better fur in places that are climatically similar to the extremes of their North American and European geographic ranges. See the article quoted and linked below.

    It was early December when we got the invitation to come and take photos of the mink farm. Although we found the farm without too much trouble, it was brutally cold at -12°C, with freezing fingers and shortened camera battery life a constant challenge.

    Major mink farming areas in China are located in Heilongjiang, Jilin, Shandong, Jiangsu, Henan, Hebei and Liaoning provinces. This particular mink farm was located near the northern city of Changchun, in Jilin province.

    Mink do not live in the wild with pangolins in China, and mink farms in China are north of Shanghai whereas wild pangolins are south of Shangahai.

    Your unwillingness to be corrected about natural history casts doubt on anything you assert regarding SARS-2 evolution.

    • Replies:
  306. Bert says:

    Americans have shown themselves to be ignorant sheep in many regards about SARS-2 and Covid-19, whether they believe the pandemic is a hoax or whether they overestimate the threat. That TPTB and MSM have been able to suppress information about effective early treatment is the clearest evidence of herding of sheeple.

    In Far-Flung Places, COVID-19 Is Being Treated Early And Well. Here’s Why Americans Don’t Know This.

  307. skrik says:

    What occurs within, say, the Infected Human Zero such that the virus suddenly (seemingly) becomes capable of being transmitted so easily?

    What occurs within, say, a test-tube such that the virus suddenly (seemingly) becomes capable of being transmitted so easily?

    There, FIFY; suggested A: Add a furin-cleavage site using CRISPR technology:

    “Furin cleavage of SARS-CoV-2 Spike promotes but is not essential for infection and cell-cell fusion” [preprint] rgds

  308. says:

    > why or how does it suddenly become extremely infectious and transmissable between humans?

    For a start there are very large numbers involved. The RatG13 mutation age is about 45 years. The number of palm sap/wine drinkers are in the hundreds of million people, so the multiply factor is in the billion of person-years. So even if the probablility of that happening is very small, say 1 in a billion, statistically there is expected to be a handful of infected people and you need just one super-spreader to start the epidemic. A documented case is South Korea. When the Wuhan lockdown happened SKorea started testing. For 28 days straight they only discovered about 1 infection per day. Then a single case of the Christian cult member returning from the cult meeting at Wuhan, the epidemic exploded. May I added that that single infection was shown to be the old Nextstrain clade A1a which is very very rare in China. Most Chinese clades are clade B. Unless that Korean cult member was very unlucky or the cult meeting was already seeded with clade A1a most probably from the other international cult members. If clade A1a originated in China why was it so rare and yet the Korean cult member caught it?? Why it did not replicate further in China??

    The virus become infectious when the mutation offer immune escape ability, for example the new UK variant with the del69-70 mutation which they have not quantified yet. The mink flu has been shown to equally sensitive to strong immunity as other variants, but for those with weaker immunity, i.e. those asymptomatics and elderly people, the sensitivity has been shown in the lab to be reduced by 4 folds, i.e. 4x more infectious. Still there are some experts who poo poo that 4x more infectious is insignificant. There are papers that show theoretically the immune escaping properties of thousand of mutations, “Prospective mapping of viral mutations that escape antibodies used to treat COVID-19” “Complete mapping of mutations to the SARS-CoV-2 spike receptor-binding domain that escape antibody recognition”

    Most people just concentrate on fatality rate, ignoring the infection rate, saying so what if the fatality rate is the same. Some simple math with increasing both factors seperately by 70% just to show the drastic exponential effect of increasing infection rate after 4 SARSCov2 generations (~ 28 days).

    frac fatal = r0^ngen * rfatal
    r0=1.10, rfatal=0.80%, ngen=4, inc=70%

    reference 0.0117128
    inc fatal 0.0199118
    inc infection 0.0978265

    If the reference population is 1 million people.

    With the set of initial parameter the reference fatality is 11,713 people.

    If the fatality rate is increased by 70%, the expected fatality is 19,912 people.

    If the infection rate is increased by 70%, the expected fatality is 97,827 people. Plus the lingering effects of COVID on the larger pool of survivals.

    The new UK strain is reported to be 70% more infectous (overall in competition with other variants). From the UK COG data if the new UK del69 is the sole variant, the infection rate is 364% and for H501n+del69 it is 700%. There are already reports of various parts of England are moving towards 100% the new del69 variant.

    East Midlands|82|45
    East of England|99|375
    North East|91|58
    North West|93|83
    South East|99|646
    South West|100|34
    West Midlands|98|80
    Yorkshire and the Humber|89|36

    • Replies:
  309. @Ann Nonny Mouse

    The only relevant thing I’ve seen since writing that is the RT report of a 91-year-old Russian woman who was infected with corona virus and threw it off.

    The old seem no more susceptible than the young to CV but the old in nursing homes, already in their last days due to other ills of the body, kidney, liver, pancreas, a hundred other potentially fatal issues, contract CV. It does them no harm but they die. CV is blamed.

  310. The article advises this:
    “avoid crowds, enclosed places with other people in them, and particularly places where people are talking loudly, shouting or singing. Above all, don’t expose yourself to any such place for very long. If you have to go into those spaces, wear a mask.”
    See that? Its telling us to wear masks to protect ourselves from contagion!!
    Yet masks DO NOT protect the wearer!! They are supposed to be about protecting others from the wearer who my unknowingly be infected and thus be an asymptomatic spreader.

    Basically, this article is further unscientific journalistic illogical incoherence.
    ‘Keep spreading the fear, everyone. Don’t think it through. Just believe.’ That’s the message.

  311. @anon

    My great-grandmother, born over 120 years ago, had polio. I was able to meet her because she lived into her 90s — more than nine decades in a wheelchair.

    Our family is not getting any of the covid-19 vaccines, and we conclude that the virus’s lethality has been intentionally and systematically exaggerated: see the medical doctors writing at Swiss Policy Project,, for example. But please don’t encourage people not to get their children vaccinated for polio if they have a choice. Please.

    Polio, unlike covid-19, is no fraud, and not all vaccines can sensibly be called ineffective or too risky to take.

    • Disagree: Corvinus

    I appreciate and learn from your comments. I’d just note that almost no Filipinos lived in or visited Spain during the centuries of Spanish domination of the Phils. Almost no Filipinos visit Spain nowadays, and almost nobody from Spain visits the Phils either. Spain really is just another random small, insignificant, far-away, declining white country to 99% of Filipinos today.

    (It appears, also, that very, very few Filipinos today have substantial Spanish genes. Not much genetic imprint left behind. My wife is Pinay (Filipina). She and one of her siblings have taken genetic tests, which reported zero Spanish or “Iberian” genes.

    • Replies:
  313. @Johnny Rico

    I am a studied expert on the numbers.

    Well, all that is good for you and your colleagues, congrats and all that, though perhaps the reason you and your colleagues haven’t gotten the Wuhan is that (a) you work in a sterile environment in general and (b) your and your colleagues are mostly healthy to begin with.

    But, hey, you’re a virologist, you’d never confuse correlation with causation, right?

    Unfortunately, or fortunately, most people CAN’T work in a hermetically sealed environment, because they work in a factory, cook in a restaurant (if the Stalinist overlords deign to keep in open), drive a truck, or load boxes in a warehouse.

    So here are some numbers for you to study.

    In the United States of American we have 330 million people. Estimates of course vary, as they always, do but it is arguable that the various lock downs, mandates, restrictions from this “pandemic” have ruined the economic lives of 30 million people, and likely have taken years of living off of other wise normally healthy people who could have gone about their lives but who are now faced with destitution as they have descended into poverty. And the businesses they could have worked for are dead, or dying.

    After all this is said and done, we may lose 500,000 people to the Wuhan, mostly older and rife with co-morbidities — assuming we can even believe those numbers not to mention whether we can DIRECTLY attribute their deaths to the virus.

    In other words, we have destroyed the lives of 10% of the population, or more, to save, what, how many? Do we even know? All we know is that we will have lost less than ONE HALF of ONE PERCENT of our population but crushed TEN percent of the population, many of whom have decades to live.

    So, study those numbers, why doncha, in between congratulating yourself on your sterility.

    • Agree: Alfred
  314. says:

    Sorry, the numerical example is for transmission rate. I am getting too tired.

  315. says:

    On average about 13.3% of current Filipinos are of direct Spanish/European descent with yHg DNA of R1b.

    Spanish people of Filipino ancestry,

    “There are many Spanish people of Filipino ancestry, consisting of the descendants of early migrants from the Philippines to Spain. The number of Filipinos with dual citizenship is of 115,362 as of 2007. There are also 40,000 expatriates from the Philippines living in Spain that do not hold the Spanish citizenship.”

    We are talking about importation of SARSCov2 virus not people. One super-spread from anywhere in Spain can cause the epidemic. For example, it is generally argued that one single visiting Chinese employee of a German company from China carried the D614G variant to Europe and that is the current dominant variant in Europe, although the Chinese will argue against that. The probability of that sort of thing to happen is proportional to the % of the sources concern but the actual transmission might need only 1 super-spreader from that source.

    The statistical 95% confidence interval of the time for the Filipino Sofrana variant ancestor excludes the “alledged” Wuhan origin strain and the early Italian variant, but the time of the Spanish wasterwater sample is inside that range, i.e. the possibility of the Filipino source in Spain cannot be ruled out statistically.

    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
  316. says:

    Minks has no problem surviving in large numbers in Guangdong, even Yunnan. Period. Now go away.

    “where the majority of wildlife farming takes place, farmers in other provinces, including Guangdong, Yunnan and Guangxi , are being offered similar deals, according to Steve Blake, China’s chief representative at WildAid.”

    • Replies: @Bert
  317. says:

    >1 whether WuFlu really is from Wuhan or is it from Pinoflu

    Well there is a third source of interest that I avoid talking about it. Similar to the relationship between Spain and Philippine, Congo was also a colony of Belgium and there are also African pangolins whose zone extended down to temperate South Africa.

    Belgium and Congo also have a anomaly of subclade 20A/15324T which are quite unique in Europe and Africa. However clade 20A might not be easilily asserted to be the original source. All Nextstrain clade 20’s have the supposely new mutation D614G. Actually there is a recent Chinese paper that argued against that and insisted it is G614D with D as the new mutation. But if I cite that many people will have knee-jerk reactions to attack it,
    The early cryptic transmission and evolution of SARS-CoV-2 in human hosts

    “The G614D mutation in S protein is recurrent and independently emerges (later) in the strain 0042 (Wuhan City, China) and the strain 0008 (California, USA).”

    His supplementary data is behind registration wall so I did not get it and cannot say much about it. His methodology seems valid but I do not know about the analysis. Basically he argued that the centroid of the current global dataset should be considered as the reference/origin rather than the first discovered Wuhan strain which in his scheme is a later strain. You can see why people are hopping mad, attacking that his method is unproven.

    Before Copernicus people were fixated with the earth as the center of the universe, just like current people fixated on assuming that the first discovered Wuhan strain as the origin. Only after Copernicus analysed the movement of all the planets that he could shown that earth was not the center of the universe. It seems that some epidemeologists that asserted the method is unproven still have the the fossilized pre Copernicus mindset. There is an American paper using similar method but with different conclusions.

    CladeForsters | CladeNextstrain2
    A | 19B
    B | 19A
    B | 20A
    B | 20B
    C | 19A


    The age is from Nextstrain metadata.


    All Nextstrain data are with the Wuhan strain as the reference. Only Forster explicitly asserted in his paper from the data he had at that time and identified the two strains closest to RatG13.

    From the NZ scientists description the Sofrana strain is most probably 12 mutations away from a certain outlier (they did not specify which) from the global data with the Wuhan strain as the reference center. Some correction and clearafication. The global average is actually 7.23, my bad memory.
    Geographic and Genomic Distribution of SARS-CoV-2 Mutations

    Results: The number of mutations is relatively low, with mode per sample equaling 6, an average of 7.23, and very few samples having more than 15 events.

    Some of the data in the above paper are doubtful if there are more than 15 mutations and those could be experimental errors. One strain from Africa is with 198 mutations !! If true that could be the closest to RatG13. Mmm. Previously I just look at the charts not the raw data in detail. I was looking for rare strains and this could be them even when many could be experimental errors. However this subset will be heavily biased against China as they were the earliest to submit data to GISAID while those later submissions from other countries have the template to judge if their data are too outlier for submission.

    > 4.

    Yes, but with emphasis on the direction of the time difference, earlier than the Wuhan reference. The logic is that the collection time of the reference outlier should be close to the time of the NZ analysis, i.e. expected to be less than 13.3 days. Otherwise with additional time it will be expected that there will be another datapoint with one additional mutation and closer to the Sofrana strain. If projected backwards the 95% CI of the outlier’s original ancestor time should cover the Wuhan reference collection time if the Wuhan sample was the origin.

    The Sofrano strain is collected at the time of the NZ analysis, i.e. close to the collection time of the outlier, the difference could be, say, less than 13.3 days. So in practice the ancestor of the Sofrana strain is 12 mutations further back in time than the collection time of the “supposed” Wuhan strain origin reference, i.e. 159 days earlier than the collection time of the Wuhan sample, very much longer than the possible collection time difference of the outlier and the Sofrana strain. So is 159 days large enough to stand by itself or do we need further replications to statistically prove it?? The collection date of the Italian sample is already earlier than that for the Wuhan reference. The Spanish wastewater data is hinting that there could be earlier infection, may be even earlier than the Sofrana origin ancestor but it is inside the 95% CI.

    > 5.

    The Nextstrain metadata do not show the number of mutations. The dataset in the paper I mentioned in #3 could be used to calculate that if you trust their data.

    I have seen the CDC employee’s paper, it is not the CDC’s official position. However antibody tests are not definative and there could be cross immunity from other corona viruses. The accepted formal proof is still the PCR test.

    > 6.

    Added Sofrana to my earlier projections. The Wuhan reference collection time is definitely outside the 95% CI of the Sofrana tMRCA, even with added additional tolerance zone of 13.3 days.

    • Replies: @Chinaman
  318. Wielgus says:

    Video LinkA not exactly overwhelmed hospital in Gloucester, England.

    • Replies: @Wielgus
    , @Philip Owen
  319. Wielgus says:

    The woman who shot that film was arrested, yesterday I believe. Revealing that the emperor has no clothes has its costs…

    • Thanks: Alfred
    • Troll: utu
    • Replies: @Wielgus
  320. Bert says:

    The article you cite deals with captive production of native Chinese wildlife. “Some wild animals may continue to be legally farmed, but the Chinese government will offer payment to farmers of at least 14 wild species , including king ratsnakes (Elaphe carinata), bamboo rats (Rhizomyini spp.), Asian palm civet cats (Paradoxurus hermaphroditus), Chinese muntjac deer (Muntiacus spp.), and Chinese bamboo partridges (Bambusicola thoracicus).”

    You give no evidence that American or European mink are naturalized in the wild in Guangdong, or anywhere that the Chinese pangolin exists in nature. You attempted to confuse readers with a reference to southern provinces that does not itself discuss mink farming in southern China. On this question, you are a fraud. To me that clearly indicates nothing you assert about SARS-2 can be trusted.

  321. Wielgus says:

    Whether my drawing attention to it or not is “trolling”, it happened. As did the arrest. How much medical martial law do we need before even someone like you becomes worried?

    • Agree: RadicalCenter
    • Troll: utu
    • Replies: @Alfred
  322. @Maowasayali

    Embarrassing drivel. But they’re in good company with other religions there.


    Thank you 🙂

    The dual-citizenship number amounts to about one-tenth of one percent of the Phils’ population of well over 100 million and growing. Moreover, I will guess that dual citizens are generally not young, and that the number will tend to decline. The 40,000 Filipino expats in Spain is also a tiny number.

    As for percentage of a Filipino’s genes that are Spanish (or “Iberian”), the fact remains that it is near zero for almost all Filipinos notwithstanding the above.

    Not saying that transmission by a Filipino returning from Spain, or going to Spain, can be ruled out.

    Saying, instead, that Spain plays surprisingly little role in the economy, culture, or consciousness of Filipinos outside very small, wealthy enclaves. Even more so on the big southern island of Mindanao, with a population over twenty million and almost not a single person speaking Spanish or “looking” predominantly European / Spanish. (The frozen-in-time Spanish-y language Chabacano, centered in the Zamboanga provinces on western Mindanao, is an exception, but apparently Chabacano speakers aren’t typically genetically Spanish either.)

    It could have happened, of course, but there is simply no particular reason to think that Filipinos traveling between Spain and the Phils were responsible for spreading the virus — any more than the larger number of Chinese-Filipinos regularly visiting and returning from China. (This is not to imply that the virus originated in China. I have no idea and of course don’t trust either China’s denials or the US government / Epoch Times’s propaganda to the contrary.)

  324. @Andrei

    A lot of people who should normally be dead…… are kept alive artificially by modern medicine

    Don’t worry. Modern Medicine does its best to keep things balanced.
    This study reckons 400,000 per year killed, third leading cause of death in US.,_Evidence_based_Estimate_of_Patient_Harms.2.aspx

  325. Chinaman says:

    Before Copernicus people were fixated with the earth as the center of the universe, just like current people fixated on assuming that the first discovered Wuhan strain as the origin. Only after Copernicus analysed the movement of all the planets that he could shown that earth was not the center of the universe. It seems that some epidemeologists that asserted the method is unproven still have the the fossilized pre Copernicus mindset. There is an American paper using similar method but with different conclusions.

    That summarise the status who and it is the best analogy I have heard in a long time. I hope seekers of truth, like yourself, will never suffer the fate of Galileo ! Although the anti-intellectualism rivals the dark-age now, I believe science and evidence will prevail at the end.

    Thank your for your replies. Enlightened and much obliged.

    Happy New Year. I do have many follow-up questions for you but let’s enjoy the holidays!

  326. Alfred says:

    Please ignore utu. He seems to have never heard of the Streisand Effect. 🙂

    We all know he is a troll – probably in the pay of the British government / NHS

    Nothing is more painful than the truth to these guys.

    UK Woman Arrested for Filming Empty Hospital

    And here is the video she shot. Deserted cancer wards. But no dancing nurses.

    • Replies: @Philip Owen
  327. Missed this the first time around, but it may be the most foolish thing ever published on Unz dot com.

    “In retrospect, the whole approach to vaccination has been anachronistic, because there is a good case to be made that the Moderna vaccine was available in January and could have been deployed from 24 February onwards. It took two days for a bright scientist to complete her mRNA design, and then it was ready to go into production

  328. says:

    The new UK variant subclade 20B/501Y.V1 (light green) abruptly taking over since Nov and now it is dominant with close to 100% in the clade distribution.

  329. says:

    Another nail in the coffin for those assuming that particular Wuhan strain was the origin. A formal refereed paper had recently updated their results and had cited various other refereed papers results on the estimated time of the more recent common ancestor but extrapolating backwards in generation/time. That is the acid test, if the Wuhan strain is the origin then the 95% Confidence Interval should include the Wuhan sample, otherwise the assumption of the Wuhan strain as the origin IS STATISTICALLY WRONG. To aid in the comprehension I have created the graphic chart for the results. It is obvious that the Wuhan sample is close but outside all but one of the projected 95% CI’s while the early Italian PCR proven positive sample is right in ALL the projected ranges. The Sofrana sample if valid is totally out of those ranges but it includes the Spanish wasterwater sample time. The more the relative number of mutation difference the longer the 95% CI range.
    Emergence of genomic diversity and recurrent mutations in SARS-CoV-2

    Table 1 Estimates of SARS-CoV-2 time to most recent common ancestor (tMRCA). BCI: Bayesian Credible Interval; HPD: Highest Posterior Density; CI: Confidence Interval. Asterix * denotes non-peer reviewed estimate of tMRCA.

    Ref | tMRCA
    Li et al. 2020 (Li et al., 2020) | October 15, 2019 (95% BCI May 2, 2019; January 17, 2020)
    Li et al. 2020 (Li et al., 2020) | December 6, 2019 (95% BCI November 16, 2019; December 21, 2019)
    Giovanetti et al. 2020 (Giovanetti et al., 2020) | November 25, 2019 (95I September 28, 2019; December 21, 2019)
    Hill & Rambaut 2020*1 | November 29, 2019 (95I October 28, 2019; December 20, 2019)
    Hill & Rambaut 2020*1 | November 17, 2019 (95I August 27, 2019; December 19, 2019)
    Hill & Rambaut 2020*1 | December 3, 2019 (95I November 16, 2019; December 17, 2019)
    Lu et al. 2020* (41) | November 29, 2019 (95% HPD November 14, 2019; December 13, 2019)
    Duchene et al. 2020*2 | November 19, 2019 (HPD October 21, 2019; December 11, 2019)
    Duchene et al. 2020*2 | November 12, 2019 (HPD September 26, 2019; December 11, 2019)
    Volz et al. 2020* | December 8, 2019 (95I November 21, 2019; December 20, 2019)
    Volz et al. 2020* | December 5, 2019(95I November 6, 2019; December 13, 2019)

    • Replies: @skrik
    , @skrik
    , @Godfree Roberts
  330. Chinaman says:

    Thank you. A brilliant example of inductive reasoning. The 10m people of Wuhan ( and 1.4b Chinese!) are indebted to you for doing these studies. This is the first time I have seen anyone demonstrate this scientifically. I doubt there are any other study that have explicitly made that claim in this political climate. Have the Chinese researchers said anything on this ?

    1. Are there any researcher or groups that you respect that is at the forefront of research to find the origin of the virus via genomics ? ( beside Forster )

    2. Can you explain why the Sofrana sample have a much larger Standard deviation ( thus CI) than the other strains? Is it because there are more mutations thus the higher probability of compounding errors?

    3. I would like to go back to the Nextstrain “Maxage” designation, would you be kind enough to give me an layman explanation ? I remembered you have mentioned ( if memory serves!) that the the Spanish sample in clade 19B is of the oldest “genetic age”, can you clarify that statement in the context of the “Maxage” designation?

    4. I have been thinking whether RatG13 is really just a red herring ? Did the “batwomen” publish RatG13 to prove her innocence and that the strain she collected in 2013 is NOT the culprit due to the implausible genetic distance of 50 years? How do we ever get to the bottom of this? Perhaps An analysis of palm wine or bat caves in India ?

    Thanks again and I really wish I could thank you in person!

  331. @Andrei

    Said the guy who’s not old or sick yet 😉

  332. @Alfred

    I promise you both the General hospital and the emergency hospital are full to overflowing where I live and have been for weeks. See earlier comments.

  333. skrik says:

    Erratum: In my #248 above I made a copy’n paste error; I attributed the L5F mutation to _468952, which should read _423723, sorry.

    A small quibble; proper spelling of IMHO the closest known Bat coronavirus is RaTG13.

    My prime interest here is your impressive work on the Sofrana infection, NZ/Auckland detected it as did Aus/QLD, both contribute sequences to Gisaid. I have searched extensively; so far I have only come up with MSM reports and no mention of either specific mutations or genome. Q: Could you kindly provide us with Gisaid Accession ID(s), or ncbi GenBank identifier(s) or any alternative Sofrana genome source? Thanks in advance. rgds

  334. CanSpeccy says: • Website

    Elon Musk’s evaluation of the Covid19 response:

    we have something with a very low mortality rate and high contagion,” he said.

    “Essentially, the right thing to do would be to not have done a lockdown for the whole country, but to have anyone who is at risk quarantine until the storm passes.”

    Had this view been adopted by governments, we’d have herd immunity by now and everyone would be back to work. As it is, economies remain throttled as we advance toward the “lower and more sustainable course” (which is to say that lower standard of living) so urgently desired by Prince Charles and that Davos Schwab guy — a lower standard of living for us but not for them, you understand.

  335. @Wielgus

    My local general hospital and the emergency hospital are both overwhelmed. That said, attendances for non Covid infections are dramatically down. Non covid deaths are also modestly down in Wales. IT would seem about half the dead were due to die shortly anyway. That still leaves the other half.

  336. Wielgus says:

    I am reminded of the American soldier in the Vietnam War who was quoted as saying that “we had to destroy the village in order to save it”, or words to that effect.
    Sometimes we also have hand-waving about worse diseases on the way in future of greater lethality than Covid (and Covid is not lethal by the standards of many diseases in history). But firstly, how do they know this? Secondly, given how they responded to Covid with medical martial law, what are they going to do with really lethal illnesses?

  337. skrik says:

    While waiting for a response to my Q:

    Could you kindly provide us with …

    I did some research, perhaps you’d care to comment/analyse?

    My proposed candidates for Sofrana genomes (GISAID Collection date, Accession ID):

    20-10-16, EPI_ISL_622793, nz;Auckland

    20-10-19, EPI_ISL_622778, nz;Auckland

    20-10-20, EPI_ISL_622776, nz;Manukau

    20-10-21, EPI_ISL_639750, aus;qld

    What these 4 have in common is:

    Spike D614G, Spike P812S, M H155Y, two with an additional Spike L8F.

    The BIGGER Q would be, of course, how these genomes may relate to your ‘not out of China’ thesis [also, of course, recalling how close the RaTG13 spike is to the Wuhan ‘original’].

    As before, thanks in advance. rgds

  338. Cking says:

    Does Covid exist and are vaccinations a solution to a ‘virus’ no one can see, not one scientist has been able to isolate, identify, 3,500 -4,000 people have died from vaccination in the USA. Gee, what is the death rate from vaccination. We must proceed from the posit that Covid is deployed to impose radical economic and population contraction. And impose social regimentation that de facto terminates the population’s constitutional and human rights, including the necessity to employ critical thinking.

    • Replies: @canspeccy
  339. canspeccy says: • Website

    are vaccinations a solution to a ‘virus’ no one can see?

    Actually, you can see the virus here.

    As for

    a virus that not one scientist has been able to isolate, identify

    the genome of the isolated virus was published on January 10, 2020 by Professor Yong-Zhen Zhang, Shanghai Public Health Clinical Center & School of Public Health, Fudan University, Shanghai, China.

    We must proceed from the posit that Covid is deployed to impose radical economic and population contraction.

    It would be interesting to know the logic underlying this claim. Certainly, the enthusiasm of Prince Charles for taking advantage of the pandemic to “reset ourselves on a more sustainable path,” suggests that among the elite, Covid19 is seen as providing a splendid opportunity to impose radical economic and population contraction.

    • Replies: @dfordoom
  340. dfordoom says: • Website

    Certainly, the enthusiasm of Prince Charles for taking advantage of the pandemic to “reset ourselves on a more sustainable path,” suggests that among the elite, Covid19 is seen as providing a splendid opportunity to impose radical economic and population contraction.

    I very much doubt that “the elite” thinks that way. You’re making the mistake of assuming that “the elite” is monolithic and that all members of the elite have exactly the same agenda. I think that’s very unlikely. I think it’s much more likely that the only thing that unites “the elite” is the desire to hang on to their power and money. The elite most likely consists of an unwieldy coalition of interest groups and factions all with slightly different agendas. Or in some cases, with radically different agendas.

    Prince Charles represents the environmentalist lunatic fringe of the elite. To most members of the elite he’s a babbling loony.

    Do you seriously think that most members of the elite want shrinking markets, declining profits and the plummeting share prices that will follow? Do you think American elites want America’s GDP to shrink, which would make it increasingly difficult to project American power over the entire globe?

    • Replies: @skrik
  341. skrik says:

    Do you seriously think that most members of the elite want shrinking markets, …

    IMHO, the so-called ‘elite’ [nothing élite about criminals] could probably do quite well with a 90%+/- die-off/cull of the hoi polloi, because they have a magic ‘self-renewing asset’ = the Wall St. / Fed combo = a casino ‘shitting out’ endless profits ‘supported’ by [near-infinite, inflationary!] QE. Looks to me like they’ve ‘solved’ 1929/Weimar. A bit of proof: With all the off-shoring = already reducing production, the so-called ‘elite’ is getting ever richer, also in more reducing production Covid-19 time. rgds

    • Agree: CanSpeccy
  342. Dawnal says:

    The risk of the new vaccines lies not only in the deaths that result but the long term effects that are totally unknown. What effects upon fertility in women will there be? What impact upon our immune system? None of this can be known until time passes and we human guinea pigs start showing the effects over the years. The lack of animal testing and the denial of full approval by the FDA are stark warnings!


    Does this recent CDC paper help: Tests of blood samples taken in the US from December 13 last year revealed high levels of antibodies nationwide for the Covid-19 virus. The samples were taken more than two weeks before the December 31 official confirmation of the outbreak in Wuhan and a month earlier than the first confirmed case of Covid-19 in the US on January 19.

    Serologic testing of U.S. blood donations to identify SARS-CoV-2-reactive antibodies:December 2019-January 2020. Sridhar V Basavaraju, MD, et al.

  344. Herald says:

    Perhaps you meant to say “The single biggest factor for severe Covid illness and death is not having had the flu shot.”

    No, I meant what I said at the time. The flu shot was virtually a prerequisite for being seriously ill or dying with or of Covid, but being old clearly doesn’t help things, but those without the flu shot stand a far better chance of survival. Flu shots don’t work for flu, never mind Covid, whatever it really is. Your citations have all the stink of being no more than shitty bought science.

    Of course the Covid shots themselves now seem to be the lead cause of what is called severe Covid illness and death.

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