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Sexual Orientation and Psychological Disorder
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For decades, homosexuality has been known to be associated with psychological disorder. In the past, the interpretation was that social ostracism caused stress, and that in turn led to psychological distress. If that was true, the massive changes in the acceptability of homosexuality should have reduced the pressures of social rejection, and led to an improvement in psychological well-being. So, how are results turning out now?

A review studied epidemiological studies to look at the mental health of the non-heterosexuals.

Sexual orientation and symptoms of common mental disorder or low wellbeing: combined meta-analysis of 12 UK population health surveys
Joanna Semlyen, Michael King, Justin Varney & Gareth Hagger-Johnson
BMC Psychiatry volume 16, Article number: 67 (2016)

Sexual orientation and symptoms of common mental disorder or low wellbeing: combined meta-analysis of 12 UK population health surveys – PMC (

Around 1–2 % of the United Kingdom’s adult population identify as lesbian, gay or bisexual (LGB) and 5 % as non-heterosexual, although because sexual orientation comprises identity, behaviour and attraction, the chosen definition used can lead to variability in these estimates. We know that sexual minority populations experience poorer physical heath and engage in riskier health behaviours such as smoking and hazardous drinking. These inequalities may emerge in adolescence and early adulthood, then persist throughout the life-course.

Symptoms of poor mental health (e.g. anxiety, depression) and low wellbeing (e.g. not having ‘positive mental health’) are common in the adult population but there is established evidence that adults who identify as lesbian, gay or bisexual are at higher risk of experiencing these symptoms than adults who identify as heterosexual. A systematic review of the prevalence of mental disorder, substance abuse, suicidality and self-harm in LGB people showed that these populations experience a greater incidence of depression, anxiety, suicidality and substance misuse than heterosexuals. Meta-analysis following this review found that LGB people were around twice as likely to have attempted suicide in their lifetime and have around 1.5 times higher prevalence of depression and anxiety disorders in the preceding 12 months. Associations between minority sexual orientation and poorer mental health have persisted over time with recent studies showing the same effects as older studies. Such disparities are thought to emerge early in adolescence and persist into adulthood.
Of the 94,818 participants in the analytic sample (those with available data on sexual orientation identity, mental health and covariates), 97.2 % as heterosexual, 1.1 % identified as lesbian/gay, 0.9 % as bisexual and 0.8 % as ‘other’ (Table 1). People meeting the threshold of common mental disorder or low wellbeing were significantly different across all study variables (using bivariate t-test or chi-square tests): they were younger, comprised more females, and had lower levels of educational attainment, more current smokers, more longstanding illness/disability and fewer married/co-habiting participants than those below the threshold (Table 2). Significantly higher proportions of those who identified as lesbian/gay, bisexual and ‘other’ were found among those who met the mental disorder threshold.
Our results are consistent with evidence internationally that non-heterosexual adults are at increased risk of mental health symptoms compared to heterosexuals, but provide important new insights by suggesting that younger and older non-heterosexual adults are particularly vulnerable (compared to those at mid-life).

To my mind the “minimally adjusted” figures are most reliable, since the “additionally adjusted” list of factors includes ones that might be a consequence of sexual orientation.

Bisexual men 2.66
Gay men 2.25
Bisexual women 2.23
Other women 1.69
Other men 1.52
Lesbian women 1.38

Non hetero Men (total) 2.14
Non hetero Women (total) 1.76

Leaving aside the sex of the person, the relative odds are worst for Bisexuals 2.37, Lesbian/Gay 1.82, Other 1.59. This is a significant and real increase in the risk of psychological distress. Why is this the case?

The authors suggest that stigmatisation, in various forms and operating from adolescence is the most likely cause. They do not raise any other hypotheses.

One possible interpretation is that bisexuals are the most confused about their identity, which suggests that a sense of clear identity about sexual orientation is partly protective in mental health terms, although non-heterosexuals are more distressed. It was sometimes asserted that bisexuals had “the best of both worlds” in that they had the double the number of prospective sexual partners, but even if that is the case, the result is that this is a very disturbed group.

More generally, it could be that, even given social acceptance, something about the non-heterosexual mode has an intrinsically unsettling effect. A psychological interpretation is that one source of meaning, the strengthening of a personal commitment to children and the resultant future perspective/slow life history is denied to many non-heterosexuals. (This could be tested by comparing them with childless heterosexuals).

Another hypothesis is that whatever the primary cause which leads to non-procreative sexuality, it is also a cause of mental distress, either by some direct route, or as a strong consequence. In this interpretation, even open support of non-hetero orientation by the public is of little help, because the set of choices, orientations and behaviours is inherently damaging to well-being. How might that happen? Does it lead directly or indirectly to a more vivid emotional sensibility, so that emotions become a part of identity?

Usually, women are more emotionally vulnerable than men, and twice as likely to be emotionally upset. This is not the pattern here. Both are more disturbed than normal, but non-hetero men are more feminine in their vulnerability, with high levels of distress; and non-hetero women, while still being distressed, are relatively more masculine, and a bit more resilient than the men. It seems that there has been an inversion of the usual sexual differences in psychological vulnerability.

Another interpretation is that being non-hetero is inherently unsettling. How could one test this? There has been a massive change in the public status of homosexuals, which ought to have had a very big effect. Results as shown in the above paper should be very unlikely if the main cause of distress is lack of public acceptance. The fact that the pattern is international also makes it seem that social acceptance is not the key variable, since this still varies in different countries.

The cause of non-hetero preferences is not determined. The usual interpretation is that these preferences would not of themselves cause distress. However, perhaps the cause of the preferences also brings about vulnerabilities, as a result of increased emotionality.

As for all studies, there are some caveats. Everyone self-reported their problems, but there was, understandably, no test of actual behaviours. Perhaps non-heterosexuals pay much more attention to minor troubles and over-report them. The suicide data would make this unlikely. They would appear to be more distressed and at risk. A minority of respondents did not state their sexual orientation. Hard to see why that would necessarily lead to lower risk figures, unless most of the refusers were also absolutely stable non-heterosexuals.

In sum, to have a sexual orientation other than heterosexuality seems to come together with psychological vulnerability.

• Category: Science • Tags: Gays/Lesbians, LGBT, Mental Illness 
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  1. @Vergissmeinnicht

    Yes, but her sample was too small, probably not representative, and her tests of low validity.
    However, she seems to have been a bright and bold researcher.

  2. I’m pro-Gay Marriage but sceptic regarding Gay Adoption. At least, I don’t a priori think that in the adoption queue a gay or lesbian couple should be considered as fit for parenting as heterosexual couples are.
    Tell me, Dr Thompson (or anybody else who knows more than I do), if you’re reading this thread, what does the current scientific literature say about Gay Adoption? (And, by the by, is the literature on that reliable?)

  3. Altai says:

    Bisexual men 2.66
    Gay men 2.25
    Bisexual women 2.23
    Other women 1.69
    Other men 1.52
    Lesbian women 1.38

    I think this data point is contaminated by straight women with BPD who claim to be ‘bisexual’.

    There was a recent imbroglio at the WaPo over one reporter retweeting a joke “Every woman is bi. You just have to work out if it’s polar or sexual”. Actually BPD and potentially misdiagnosed bipolar women are heavily comorbid with claiming ‘bisexuality’.

  4. @Vergissmeinnicht

    UK councils do not hesitate to prevent adoptions by people who smoke, are overweight, or are too old. This is not because they believe that such people are inferior to others, but because they believe these rules are in the best interests of the adopted children. Within such a framework it would clearly be possible to refuse most or even all gay adopters, but I am not aware of any council that has had the courage to do so.

    • Agree: Alfred
  5. Mental illness is still far too vaguely defined to come to many real-world conclusions. It’s one thing to go by suicide rates, involuntary institutionalization, and addiction/overdose statistics — these are numbers you can work with. But even clinical diagnosis is full of uncertainty, and once you get into self-identificaton you’re just asking for manipulable bad data.

    It’s very possible that the same thing that encourages people to claim a mental health problem also encourages people to identify as GLBTetc — and that the root of this disorder is more or less describable as “victim culture.” In which case no actual success stories of well- adjusted members of ‘marginalized populations’ are forthcoming or even welcomed by their cohorts and advocates…

    • Agree: Kratoklastes
  6. anon[785] • Disclaimer says:

    “Gays” are hardwired to be hay-wired.

  7. Pheasant says:

    ‘I’m pro-Gay Marriage but sceptic regarding Gay Adoption’

    Kill yourself.

    Gays are evil and prey on children.

    Take a good long look in the mirror.

  8. Vinnie O says:

    “Symptoms of poor mental health (e.g. anxiety, depression) and low wellbeing (e.g. not having ‘positive mental health’) are common in the adult population but there is established evidence that adults who identify as lesbian, gay or bisexual are at higher risk of experiencing these symptoms than adults who identify as heterosexual. ”

    You clearly have this BACKWARDS. That is: “poor mental health (e.g. anxiety, depression) and low wellbeing (e.g. not having ‘positive mental health’)” are symptoms of homosexuality. That is, homosexuality is a “mental disorder” and should be treated as such.

    Pretending that homosexuality is “normal behavior” in the general population simply confuses the ENTIRE discussion.

  9. Vinnie O says:

    I should note that amongst the Ancient (Classic) Greeks and Romans, it was EXPECTED that every normal boy/young man would pair up with an adult man. The “husband” was then expected to be the boy’s mentor and sponsor in society. I have never read anything suggesting any similar conduct was expected of any normal girl/woman. After all, every Greek or Roman adult male was expected to father children for the next generation, for which he required a FEMALE wife. So Greeks and Romans married, mostly to provide a family name to their sons. But your Lover was a man. (I assume this applied ONLY to the Upper Class, and farmers and such lived like normal people.)

    Contrary-wise, amongst the Germans, if a man was discovered having sex with another male, the “active shooter” was thrown into any convenient creek and the entire village then walked across his back, pressing his face into the mud. I assume this was continued until the offender had drowned dead.

  10. @Pheasant

    Sodomites reveling in their sin have been a disaster for our culture.

    • Replies: @emerging majority
  11. BuelahMan says:
    @Vinnie O

    Where is your NAMBLA link that proves your assertions?

  12. Aether says:

    I have a lot of random thoughts Mr Thompson, so I am sharing them, and thank you for your article.

    There has been a massive change in the public status of homosexuals, which ought to have had a very big effect. Results as shown in the above paper should be very unlikely if the main cause of distress is lack of public acceptance. The fact that the pattern is international also makes it seem that social acceptance is not the key variable, since this still varies in different countries.

    Although I agree that it is not social prejudice that causes this effect, I don’t think this study provides good evidence for my agreement.

    These “disparities emerge in early adolescence.” And “homophobic” bullying was certainly still a thing until very recently. In fact, it may even have been more pervasive and harsher, as a childish reaction against greater homosexual visibility.

    Usually, women are more emotionally vulnerable than men, and twice as likely to be emotionally upset. This is not the pattern here. Both are more disturbed than normal, but non-hetero men are more feminine in their vulnerability, with high levels of distress; and non-hetero women, while still being distressed, are relatively more masculine, and a bit more resilient than the men. It seems that there has been an inversion of the usual sexual differences in psychological vulnerability.

    Given the much lower rate at which women kill themselves, shouldn’t we question whether a measure which says women are more disturbed than men might actually not be a measure of likelihood to be open about your problems and seek help? Is this not also possibly a measure of the different demographics’ fluency in psychological language and ability to interface with a study like this? I know you address this, but…

    The suicide data would make this unlikely. They would appear to be more distressed and at risk.

    If the suicide data is what justifies this data, then we should we not use the suicide data instead?

    Any study that makes women look more disturbed than men based on questions rather than actions needs to grapple with the fact that on basically all measures of disturbed actions, women are substantially less disturbed than men. This includes drug abuse, alcoholism, suicide, criminality, anti-social behaviour and even life expectancy.

    As for homosexuality and its relation to disturbedness, in my opinion, it is downstream of it. Exclusive homosexuality is obviously a strange trait from a biological perspective, but also from a social or psychological one. I mean, why?

    Yet this study offers up some evidence that bisexuals have it worse, despite not being a strange trait at all from a biological perspective, nor even particularly from a social or psychological one, at least when compared to exclusive homosexuality, but this may just be a (self)-selection bias. Probably most bisexuals still do not publicly, or even internally, identify as such. Therefore those who do announce it, are perhaps already selected for by their histrionic qualities.

    Do people still do studies that measure the physical signs of arousal? Or perhaps some other way to measure people’s obscured sexual proclivities?

    Researching sex and sexuality is very hard. It seems that studies can’t even get a consistent answer on how often couples have sex. Perhaps the subject with the least taboo surrounding it.

    Can this really be true?

    So while there may be no one right answer to the question of how often couples should have sex, lately I’ve somewhat been less equivocal and advise couples to try to do it at least once a week.” According to David Schnarch, PhD, through a study conducted with more than 20,000 couples, he found that only 26% of couples are hitting the once-a-week mark, with the majority of the respondents reporting sex only once or twice a month, or less!

    And if true, since many would feel ashamed for their relationship if sex is this infrequent, do they even want to be having sex this much? Or are they just doing it out of a sense of propriety?

    Perhaps because I am younger, I would never imagine the frequency would be so low, but then again, I have been told of 20 somethings who maintain a relationship while not even having sex in many months. In this context, what even is bisexuality, or sexuality at all?

    An answer to whom you choose to go through the motions with once a month?

    If so, could non-heterosexuality also perhaps be confounded by being a measure of people with some form of compulsiveness mixed into their sexuality?

    • Replies: @James Thompson
    , @Anon
  13. Vinnie O says:


    Why do you demand I have a “NAMBLA link”?

    If you read ANY History of Greece or Rome that discusses their social conduct, you will find discussions of the men (at least the Upper Class men) having male sex partners.

    But I read those chunks of history decades ago before moving on. I have no idea of the titles of my sources. The point is to Gain Knowledge, not catalog my reading.

    So go read some books.

    • Replies: @Emslander
  14. Rich says:
    @Vinnie O

    You are incorrect. Homosexuality was forbidden in ancient Rome and participants were subject to the death penalty. I’m not as familiar with the ancient Greeks but was told by a former professor that the legends of Greek homosexuality were created by old homosexual British professors who were trying to justify their own degeneracy.

  15. Emslander says:
    @Vinnie O

    If you read English translations of the depictions of various Greek social norms, it certainly appears that homosexual relationships between men and boys was common. However, those depictions need not be treated so clearly as the same relationships that we immediately assume they are. I don’t really know, but I doubt that a clear-minded functioning Greek state would so entirely dedicate itself to homosexualism.

    The Greek language had very subtle ranges of meaning for its words depicting love and friendship. English isn’t so subtle. The word “love” means lots of things in modern times, from divine to exploitative.

  16. @Vinnie O

    I can’t find the exact quote, but 50 years ago, the much maligned Anita Bryant said something to the effect of – ‘They are lying to to when they say that all they want is to be left alone. What they want is to be able to preach to your children that their lifestyle is normal’. It seems to me that she underestimated the effects of the preaching, which now extends into delusion about gender.

    • Replies: @Flo
  17. nosods says:

    “For decades, homosexuality has been known to be associated with psychological disorder. In the past, the interpretation was that social ostracism caused stress, and that in turn led to psychological distress. If that was true, the massive changes in the acceptability of homosexuality should have reduced the pressures of social rejection, and led to an improvement in psychological well-being…”

    The “massive changes in the acceptability of homosexuality” has led to a nosedive in the psychological well-being of the whole society ( or most of it). To accept such depraved behaviour is a massive social disorder in itself. Society needs to be cleansed of such degrading behaviour if it is ever going to be able to help individuals overcome such perverse tendencies themselves; & all the additional woes which spring from it. It all starts with building a more moral society.

    • Thanks: Emslander
    • Replies: @Son of a Jedi
  18. Anymike says:

    Some people are not very incisive and not very good at working out their ideas. What I think the position means is that people should have the right to the protection of their property and the right to control its disposition during their lifetime and upon their death.

    I think that when someone says they are pro-same sex marriage but skeptical about adoption, they are trying to be libertarian on the issue of property rights and socially conservative on family issues.

    Marriage is not required to protect property rights. Other legal structures could provide for that. Not to mention, some people don’t want to be married to their domestic partner. Even many heterosexuals. You can make the argument, when you get married in our world today, you are marrying the state.

    The pressure to legalize same-sex marriage came more from the wealthy class, in my opinion. I suspect that many wills and family trusts passed on benefits only to spouses in the event of the death of the legatee. Oh, how unfair to the same-sex partners of LBG heirs and heiresses.

    What does same sex marriage mean to middle class and working class LBG individuals? Very little, compared to the benefits other legal instrument or just some estate planning would provide. But if there are surviving spouse pension benefits, then it could mean something. As in all things, follow the money trail.

    There is one more thing I want to say. Not all people who are same-sex in their orientation want marriage for themselves. Some apparently see it as incongruous. When the state of Washington adopted same sex marriage through a voter initiative and converted existing civil unions into marriages, some same sex couples refused the offer and divorced. At least to some degree, same sex marriage was something that was imposed on the LBG community and the majority community alike by activists. People who see marriage as incongruous should have their rights too, and the reason why is no else’s business.

    • Replies: @Alrenous
  19. Aether says:

    A mildly interesting snippet from an otherwise irrelevant article:

    The limited studies carried out into age-gap relationships suggest greater prevalence among LGBTQ+ couples. One Canadian dataset found that 18% of people in female same-sex relationships have an age gap of 10 years or more compared with 8% of people in mixed-sex relationships. Of same-sex marriages in France in 2017, more than a quarter were between partners with an age gap of 10 years or more. The 2014 Facebook study found that partners in same-sex relationships have higher age gaps than their heterosexual counterparts.

    • Replies: @Vergissmeinnicht
  20. bwuce wee says:
    @Vinnie O

    rich is correct. AND the only place in greece where there actually was ‘homo patronage’ as you describe was SPARTA. you are describing sparta, not all ancient greece. the spartan youth basically left home at an early age and lived in permanent ‘boy scout world’ with their scoutmasters, who educated them in a life of weapons and being soldiers. the roman era was much later. the roman civilization was built upon the ideals of ancient greece, as well as the actual civilization of the estruscans, who were waay ahead of their neighbors civilization-wise. the romans wiped them out and stole their women and most of their technology from them. so much for the noble romans…

  21. I see the Obama-era ‘gay marriage controversy’ as a head fake. They could easily have made ‘domestic partnertship’ a legal contract with no fanfare, and no one would have complained, but they were not satisfied with that! That was not controversial enough. That would not stir up the fundamentalists enough. They just had to stick it to the fundamentalists, because after all, they have God on their side! So their play was to force the gay marriage issue, and force the majority to accept that God recognizes gay marriage. Therefore creating maximum cognitive dissonance among the populace. See how that works? They could have made it painless, but instead they choose agony, torture, outrage, and pain for those bible-thumpers. Not to mention a big dig a mohammedans! The Hebrews, well they applauded and said: ‘Well done Mr Obama! You managed to piss off both the muslims and the Christians’!. In reality all this government support for gayness is merely part of the long range depopulation playbook. Just like coronavirus, vaccine mandates, NAMBLA, transkids, etc.. The weird thing is, millions of illegals are allowed to spawn willy-nilly…

  22. dearieme says:

    Welcome back, doc.

    I have little to say save (inevitably?) an anecdote. When I was fourteen my father said “You may notice that a boy in your class is attracted to other boys, unlike the rest of you. Don’t let anyone bully him.” I think that has aged well.

    • Agree: James Thompson, Realist
    • Replies: @Realist
  23. @Aether

    Lots of good questions. Will reply with some brief answers.
    Women have more “internalising” disorders, like anxiety, men have more “externalising ” disorders like drinking too much and getting into fights.

    Women may be more open about feelings, but they are also more vulnerable.

    How much sex are people having? I haven’t got into the recent literature, but the claims of infrequent sex are surprising to me. I can see why people might exaggerate their sexual life, but not why they would under-report sex. Very curious.

  24. Anonymous[319] • Disclaimer says:

    Setting aside the question of homosexuals, we live in a declining, intrinsically disordered world that fosters mental illness. In a sense, it’s not a mark of dysfunction or dysgenic to be merely in poor mental health, as it once was. Among young people only the wealthy or abnormal are extremely happy.

    • Replies: @Kim
  25. Factorize says:

    There’s a great deal to address here. For me the connection of lead to prefrontal brain damage to promiscuity as seen especially in the 1960s-1990s is of clear importance. There have been dramatic declines in fertility rates since the removal of tetraethyllead (~1990s) from the ambient air supply to the present. Without damage to the organ of civilization it would be expected that young people would behave in a more civilized manner and be less amorous etc.. This is exactly what has happened.

    Notably absent from the discussion about homosexual behavior is the potential of genetic selection to change genotypes (and phenotypes) of future offspring. My polygenic genome report found strong hetero tendencies. One can only speculate how parents to be (including my own) might (have) respond (ed) if they (had) learned that one of their embryos were not to have a high polygenic score for heteronormative behavior. Polygenics creates outcomes that have been entirely beyond the control of parents to be. Offspring have until now been a wild spin of the recombinant roulette wheel which the parents and the community have to live with into the eternal future. Polygenics now presents us with the profound possibility that parents would have much more control over the traits of their offspring. One can speculate that prospective parents will make highly normative trait selection for their offspring, though it will be very interesting to observe in the years ahead what actual choices are made.

  26. JimDandy says:

    Well, what percentage of men who identify as gay were molested as children compared to hetero men?

    • Thanks: Je Suis Omar Mateen
  27. Gays are nutty.

    Trannies are even nuttier, and they off themselves at a very high rate.

    No way any of them should be able to adopt innocent children.

    • Agree: inspector general
    • Troll: mulga mumblebrain
  28. @Vergissmeinnicht

    Not all all. Many homosexuals are pederasts.

    • Agree: Sisifo
    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  29. @Vinnie O

    “Normal” is a swear word, when one approaches these issues from historical, anthropological and depth-psychology perspectives. The core meaning of “normal” is that a given individual goes along to get along—the herd instinct.

    Normals have generally subsumed and/or repressed elements of their inner being. Consider the fact that there is no such thing as an “all man”. Unlike women, who possess two “X” female chromosomes; men are chromosomally bisexual, as their makeup pairs a “Y” male chromosome with an “X” female one. Initially, in utero, all early stage fetuses are female. It is only when the testosterone level begins asserting itself in roughly half of those females, that the male “Y” becomes dominant and the plumbing switches from indoor to outdoor.

    Many of the problems academicist, logical, analytical, materialistic researchers persist in exacerbating, such as the writer of this screed; is that they are psychologically and emotionally incapable of not remaining within a leftbrain over-ride over the right hemisphere of their brain.

    A deeper problem is that they are spiritually ignorant and often inert. We are, after all, spirits living a material lifetime. Depth researchers such as the psychiatrist author of “Many Houses, Many Mansions” have employed hypnosis with some of their clients and in the process have discovered that most of these individuals have lived as both males and females in prior lifetimes.

    Thus, we can conclude that alleged “normalcy” is merely a state of religious and academicist programming, as is readily provable historically where in both Classical Greece and Ancient Rome, bisexuality was the norm. So there goes contemporary “normalcy” into the ashbin of history.

    As both the religionist and the rationalist/materialist cultural memes ultimately crumble in the face of both historical and anthropological knowledge, as well as these times of extreme cultural change; mankind will free itself of the self-imposed strictures which represses the inner nature of the average, “normal” human being.

    • Replies: @Nemo1001
  30. @Change that Matters

    “Change” is obviously a demented religionist without a scintilla of common sense and utterly ignorant of history and anthropology. He takes all his porridge from a book which was edited and published by the Emperor of Rome and worships Yahweh, the bloodthirsty, satanic ancient Hebrew tribal WarGod.

    That’s what’s the matter of that particular lack of change. He’s nuttier than some of those who are tranny fadists.

    • Agree: Realist
  31. @Rich

    Rich: Once again you are proving your status as one of the most biased and ignorant posters ever to disgrace U.R.

    Ignorance: Julius Caesar was commonly referred to as “every woman’s man and every man’s woman.” He was sent by the Senate to be a “house-boy” for a foreign potentate, before returning to Rome and becoming that land’s most renowned warrior and conquerer.

    Ignorance #2: One of the two or three most acclaimed of the Emperors was Hadrian, who was both politically very astute and happened to have as his primary lover, a Greek youth name of Antinous.

    The former professor was obviously a Victorian idiot who was evidently quite ignorant of the writings of Macauley, who noted that of the first 15 Emperors of Rome, only one was totally “Strait”. That was Claudius.

    Perhaps you should read a couple of books by the late brain-surgeon and polymath, Dr. Leonard Shlain, a father of three, who concluded that one male of every 12 is same-sex oriented and that there are evolutionary reasons for that proclivity. The two books are: “The Alphabet Versus the Goddess” and “Leonardo’s Brain”.

    DaVinci can be considered, and is by most cultural historians as the very fruit of Western “civilization”. The only stage at which the Christianized world achieved a high level of civilization was the Italian Renaissance.

    Leonardo’s love of his life was Francesco Melzi, the scion of the Melzi villa where the incomparable genius was a guest for a long stretch of time. In his old age, Francesco was described by Rachel Annand Taylor as “a beautiful and serene old man”.

    Some people, though, are concretized in their ignorance and prejudices, as such states are regarded in a clinically insane culture as perfectly normal.

    • Replies: @Rich
    , @Aether
  32. thordaddy says:

    The subversive use of “men” and “women” is what most stands out in this article. For example, “gay men” is a completely fictional category (a radical social construction) as a true man could not possibly be sexually attracted to a boy. To suggest as much is to ruthlessly gut the very ideal of a man, himself. So it goes for woman. “Lesbian women” is a satanic subversion conditioning and normalizing the idea that a true woman can be sexually attracted to a girl.

    What explains “radical sexual autonomy” where homo=same=exact same=SELF is a metaphysical desire for total annihilation. And this desire for self-annihilation as expressed through homo-sexuality is almost certainly a result of traumatic sexual abuse up to and including full immersion in the “sexual r/evolution.”

  33. Alrenous says: • Website

    The gay brain is buggy. The genes assume the brain is not gay, but it is. Parts of it are reversed, but the rest of it isn’t, leading to incompatibilities. A lack of order, you might say.

    It’s also too late not to admit that much homosexuality is caused by sexual abuse in pre-pubescents. This damage appears to be irreversible.

    By the way, letting gays out of the closet destroys male friendship for the 98.5% of the population who aren’t gay. Sociologically, it is correct for straights to be unaware that homosexuality is even a possibility. The opposite of being marinated in sodomite messaging.

    Modern society ghettoizes gays with each other, which is also generally not what they want. Gays (like women) prefer masculine men, which gays are not. Gays have a choice of picking a repulsive partner or burying their real personal preferences.

    It would be hard to design a society more optimized for widespread suffering.

    • Replies: @emerging majority
  34. Alrenous says: • Website

    Marriage is already illegal.
    1) It’s “until death do us part” not “until I happen to feel like something else do us part.” If you sign a contract stating the first vow, it will be struck down by any court. (Except possibly in the Philippines.)
    2) It is a gendered crime, a crime only men commit against only women, which pays extraordinarily large damages if she deigns to prosecute. There is no statute of limitations.

    Whether gays are specially allowed to commit this crime upon each other is not particularly relevant.

    • Replies: @Anymike
  35. AndrewR says:

    Chill out, closet fag

    • Replies: @Pablo
  36. nsa says:

    The two lead essays (Bryan ragging on the afros while Thompson has a go at the fruities and rug munchers) serve no purpose except to goose the normies. The afros won’t be going back to Africa and the fruities won’t be returning to the closet any time soon. To think otherwise is just mental masturbation.

  37. @nosods

    You have hit the nail on the head

  38. @Rich

    Homosexuality was forbidden in ancient Rome and participants were subject to the death penalty.

    I suppose it matters what period you are talking about. After all, just the decline and fall of the empire alone took 1200 years. There is a story of one emperor who caused a scandal when he was seen in an area under a bridge that was well-known as a gay hangout. The scandal wasn’t that he was seen there, but that he was seen bottoming.

    I’m not as familiar with the ancient Greeks but was told by a former professor that the legends of Greek homosexuality were created by old homosexual British professors who were trying to justify their own degeneracy.

    Nonsense, the literature of ancient Greece is full of it. Your professor was lying to you to justify his view of degeneracy–which is its own kind of degeneracy.

    • Replies: @Rich
  39. Maybe it’s lack of self-acceptance. Perhaps when they cancel the Bible and other religious books that keep telling them that it’s wrong and that they’ll go to hell they’ll feel better about themselves. And once they normalise their behaviour and their grooming propaganda becomes the norm, then maybe normal people may start having problems because they won’t fit in. It’s all about Satanic inversion of society.

  40. Dumbo says:

    Mr. Thompson doesn’t seem to say much or conclude much, but to be fair it’s a complicated issue.

    I think homosexuality may come from childhood abuse, or from childhood/fetal or hormonal issues. I don’t think it’s genetic. Although perhaps some of the factors associated with it are.

    While they can be more similar to the opposite gender in some things, not all lesbians are necessarily “masculine”, nor all male homos are “feminine”. They tend to mimic the heteros, so there’s usually one in the couple who is more “feminine” and another who is more “masculine”. Then again, there are feminine men and masculine women who do not turn homo.

    Perhaps homosexuality is just uncontrolled lust. Gays tent to do much more sex, and much more kinky kinds of sex, than even more extreme heteros. They just have less barriers. Although that doesn’t explains lesbians, who appear to have less sex.

    Gay “marriage” doesn’t really exist, as the only valid marriage is the religious/spiritual one.

    Gay adoption is however very bad. I mean, having “two dads” is just gross. And having “two moms”, isn’t one smothering enough, at least for a boy? Lesbians shouldn’t raise boys, although perhaps it could work for girls (didn’t old spinster aunts sometimes raise orphans?).

  41. Gordo says:

    Early abuse leading to this?

  42. JR Foley says:

    Is it Patrick Fitzgerald or Gerald Fitzpatrick—that is the question !!!

  43. Interesting but not really surprising. Perhaps there might be another, or an supplementary explanation for the apparent growth in sexual abnormality and the penchant for non-procreative sex. it is a known fact that after a war, the number of male baby births is significantly higher than that of baby girls. This has been interpreted as a spontaneous corrective biological phenomenon in order to make up for the men killed in battle.

    I just wonder if a similar mechanism could be at work in modern “Western” societies: the end of a cycle has apparently been attained and in order to further slow down or even halt population growth, important numbers of people are becoming “non-binary” or identifying as such.

    • Replies: @Sisifo
  44. All this means is that queers need our acceptance and care, as fellow human beings.

    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
  45. popcorn says:

    The researchers are NEOPRIMITIVES who believe in a religion called NEOPRIMITIVISM. They suggest stigmatization causes the mental problems while offering no alternative hypothesis because they are religiously compelled to do so. Primitive stone age tribes, whether in Polynesia or the Amazon rain forest, share the same magical belief system wherein thought leads directly to effect without the intermediate step of action:

    MAGIC: thought -> effect
    REALITY: thought -> action -> effect

    These researchers being NEOPRIMITIVES consider it simply obvious that the reason gays suffer mental illness is because others are casting the evil eye on them. There is simply no question that there could be any other cause besides magic.

    Similarly if you were to ask a NEOPRIMITVE why blacks are always at the bottom of the socioeconomic ladder, whether in Sweden or Japan or anywhere, the answer is always racism or some other thought or belief held by others. Blacks are unable to do math because of the evil eye. This is considered obvious.

    NEOPRIMITIVISM is dangerous because it is a religion that compels its adherents to endlessly hunt around for the alleged witches who are allegedly casting the evil eye. The solution to all problems lies in finding and destroying the witches.

    NEOPRIMITIVISM is also known as WOKENESS.

  46. ARepli says:

    This entire thread is socially diseased. If only it would get the help it needs to overcome its unhappiness and anxiety with other peoples’ realities. Of course, perverts routinely feel compelled to project their neuroses onto others. But note to Unzcom: While you can’t change what you feel, you can learn to deal with it. I’m sure you all are anxious that others will soon be knocking on your door to see that you’re living right. Can only hope the church and gubment will be checkin’ up on ya.

    • Troll: Joe S.Walker
  47. @Vinnie O

    This troll just crawls out from ‘neath its rock to advocate murder for the ‘crime’ of being different from him (I assume). Being queer is normal for the queer person, just as being a hate-crazed bigot is ‘normal’ for you. Being queer does not mandate homicidal mania, however.

    • Agree: René Fries
  48. JohnS says:

    “Gays are evil and prey on children.” – This is the kind of comment I’d expect from a completely ignorant fucktard. So that’s what you are. Drop dead, dickhead.

    • Replies: @Kim
    , @Norma Hamlet
    , @Pheasant
  49. Anon[380] • Disclaimer says:

    And “homophobic” bullying was certainly still a thing until very recently. In fact, it may even have been more pervasive and harsher, as a childish reaction against greater homosexual visibility.

    Because of male homosexual goings-on in public conveniences, public parks, and so on. It was all very unfair and victimizing, I know.

    • Replies: @Kim
  50. Andreas says:

    Way back in college a philosophy professor handed us a list of social topics. The assignment was to make some kind of logical deduction about each.

    One of the topics was about homosexuality as a “choice”. I forget exactly how it was stated.

    In any case, homosexuality is a topic that won’t die, so I do remember generally how I responded.

    I argued that humans are social, have a strong herd instinct and that there is demonstrable social pressure against homosexual behavior. Given these premises, I concluded that no one would make a conscious and deliberate “choice” to behave in such a way as to consistently invite bullying, ridicule and ostracism. And that, therefore, homosexuality is not a “choice”.

    I still think this is a solid, working conclusion. Since then, I have not seen a single compelling shred of evidence that suggests otherwise.

    Furthermore, though I only realized it later, this conclusion also relieves the LGBT’s of any moral burden. Yet, this also highlights an important distinction. While the state of being homosexual has no moral implications, the behavioral choices made by those who are homosexual do have moral considerations. But that is a different subject.

    But while this logically concludes that being or becoming homosexual is not a “choice” with a moral foundation, it does not tell us what homosexuality is and how it develops. While oversimplified, it is likely that, just as with other human characteristics, it is the combined effects of nature and nurture that determine where someone falls on the sexuality spectrum.

    Now for my criticism of the article.

    At the time I made my argument, LGBT’s did not have social acceptance and the political protection they do now.

    Now they have political protection, but it is anything but clear to what extent this translates into social acceptance.

    These are two entirely different concepts. Behavior that is socially acceptable does not need political protection. Only behavior that is not socially acceptable needs political protection. It follows that the continued politicization of homosexual behavior can only be due to its lack of social acceptability.

    Therefore, this article is problematic in that it does not explore this distinction. In fact, the conclusion that LGBT’s are still suffering from “mental illness”, suggests social rejection is still a major factor for LGBT’s and that any purported “acceptance” of their behavior is still a just political construct.

    Further analysis requires clear operational definitions for social acceptance and political protection such that the behavioral consequences can be better understood and clearer conclusions can be drawn about the nature of the current LGBT experience in straight society and whether the politics is making things better or worse.

    • Agree: Wizard of Oz
    • Thanks: Alrenous
    • Replies: @Realist
    , @Thomasina
  51. It’s almost as if they believe that reproduction stopped being the single most important priority of every life form on the planet for 3,000,000,000 years just because of the psychobabble of some Jewish bint in Cosmo back in the 60’s.

    Reality matters.

    • Replies: @Aether
  52. Alfred says:

    I would be very interested to know if there is a link to vaccination history. Today, there is little doubt to any open minded person that vaccines (not just the clot shots) lead to big risks.

    Vax-Unvax: What Does the Science Say? (Children’s Health Defense)

    It is interesting to see how Amazon seems to have removed all the comments about this book.

  53. This lacks one crucial aspect a recounting of the 1972 and the pivotal 1973 APA conference episodes that changed the APA classification.

  54. @Pheasant

    Same stuff happened in Greece, Rome and Weimar Germany. It’s what happens right before the end of a culture, nation, empire.

    • Agree: Mefobills, Pheasant
  55. What about male transgenderism, high IQ and low sociability (=high bullyishness = Steve Sailer’s male transgenderism thesis)) – and the outlier quality of this phenomenon with regard to the overall positive correlation between high IQ and – mental well being?

  56. Kim says:

    We live in era in which Pleasure is proritized over Happiness.

    Pleasures over-indulged become addictive behaviors that involve repeated stimulations of the dopamine neurotransmitter. Such behaviors include gambling, drug taking, alcoholism, use of internet porn, sex addiction/promiscuity, shopaholism, bullying behavior, attention seeking, gossiping, keeping up with the joneses and you may add others. A common feature of addicted behavior is that it is anti-social insofar as it weakens or damages human bonds, as such bonds are all placed second, at best, to the addiction.

    Happiness, in contrast, does not involve addictive behaviors and does strengthen human bonds. Continence, moderation, the enjoyment that comes in social gatherings, in helping people, in achieving goals or working to achieve goals, meeting friends as one goes about one’s day, sitting to a meal with friends and family, maintaining a clean and tidy environment, having financial security, being safe in your home and person, healthy exercise and eating, journey for enjoyment, cooking, recreations and games, reading, writing, hobbies, and such like.

    Our modern society massively prioritizes the former and deprecates the latter. Thus many people are miserable, aside from those rich enough to maintain both their addictions and the illusion of friendship that comes from having hangers-on.

    • Agree: René Fries
  57. @James Thompson

    It does seem surprising but real, whether or not people are in relationships. Of course people are marrying later than they used to. I imagine 50 years ago the average 23 year old woman was married.

  58. @James Thompson

    I can see why people might exaggerate their sexual life, but not why they would under-report sex.

    If sex isn’t that sexy any longer (that seems the trend), it is only natural to play it cool and give the impression of somebody who’s not very intersted. – People might have a tendency to go with the herd in any case – and thus make trends usually look stronger than they are. – So – we might see the changin’ of the sexual guards.

    A very cool looking teen, who loves to dress in rather sexy ways and had all kinds of sexual experiences, and who became a mother with fifteen, and is now eighteen, told me at a hot spring day last year, sex would be wildly overestimated. She might be a trandsetter.

    • Replies: @Alrenous
  59. Kim says:

    The desire to plunge one’s private parts into another person’s fundament is an unequivocal sign of mental illness, being as its only possible motivation must be the sadistic desire to hurt, damage and humiliate that other person.

  60. Backward says:

    Another article which uses sexual behaviour to entertain the impressionable plebs and to appease macho feelings. You will never read in low-level pieces like this, which claim to be “scientific” (and scientism is perfectly ok when the “Right” uses it) that Ceasar had homosexual adventures for which he was amicably made fun of by his soldiers. That before the curse of Abrahamic religions sexuality was more fluid and labels like “homosexual” didn’t exist.
    Equally you will never find on this macho site any articles on the serious habitat destruction we are inflicting on ourselves and all fauna and flora. No no, those are fake Al Gore news; the crucial issue is who you fancy sleeping with tonight.

    • Replies: @Dumbo
  61. Kim says:

    A few years back, I was taking a leak in a busy university facility when a passing fellow thought he would come and look over my shoulder to check out my equipment.

    He got a nice backfist to the face.

    Was I being a bully and a homophobe?

    • Replies: @Anon
  62. Perhaps the difference in mental health is connected with ‘mental identity’ not with physical acts.

    As can be seen with the transhumanist push for various transgender identities, the most vulnerable are being PUSHED, via social media sites and transhumanist academics and medical professionals and BigPharma transhumanists, into a confusing vortex concerned with IDENTITY. This is part of the intentional destabilization of culture, done to bring in the ideology of transhumanism.

    If we go back to Gore Vidal, we get a clearer picture.

    Vidal said “Actually, there is no such thing as a homosexual person, any more than there is such a thing as a heterosexual person. The words are adjectives describing sexual acts, not people. The sexual acts are entirely normal; if they were not, no one would perform them.”

    “There is no such thing as a homosexual or a heterosexual person. There are only homo- or heterosexual acts. Most people are a mixture of impulses if not practices.”

    Vidal wisely focused on the physical ACT, and ridiculed the IDENTITY.

    The IDENTITY, just as IDENTITY POLITICS, is a brain niche that can be occupied and manipulated by those who control the media, including the ‘social media’ and online tech companies like Google. IDENTITY POLITICS, as can be seen by all, is the fulcrum of division, the SPLITTING of possible resistance to TRANSHUMANIST ELITES.

    • Thanks: emerging majority
    • Replies: @Swaytonious
  63. Aether says:
    @Bill Jones

    If “nature” can so easily be overwhelmed by the “nurture” of a few articles, songs or films, then “nature” is so weak a factor as to be irrelevant.

    This means that there’s a constant tension between those who think “nature” is an important factor to observe and which has explanatory power, and the everything is broken and a conspiracy crowd.

    The latter only latch onto the arguments of the former in order to ventriloquise nature to serve as a moral “ought” against the world, as currently is, which they abhor.


    And to wrap themselves in the stolen garb of science or reason so as to disguise the fact that their worldview is essentially hysteria and borderline projected self-hate.

    But that’s the problem with being willing to research and try to understand taboo subjects. As those topics sit in society’s collective shadow, you become bedfellows with those almost entirely controlled by their shadow. The many demonic responses to this article confirm this.

    Never expect clear-thinking from such types. They will perceive bright and clear thought as a threat to the darkness they shroud themselves in, while also usually believing themselves pure, for, in darkness, they can never see their reflection.

    • Replies: @Kim
  64. @Altai

    It wouldn’t surprise me that a lot of those hussies are practicing one upmanship.

    • Replies: @jeff stryker
  65. Kim says:

    If I can blindfold a child and lead it by the hand to walk off a cliff, the faculty of sight, being so easily overcome, must be so weak a factor as to be irrelevant.

    • Replies: @Aether
  66. Kim says:

    Homosexuals, who are just 1% – 3% of the population, make up one third of those charged with sex crimes against children.

  67. Dumbo says:

    So that’s where the nick “Backward” comes from?

    Sorry to say, but the negative view of homosexuality predates Christianity, Islam and even Judaism.
    Even in Greece and Rome, who accepted pederasty, those that are today called ‘bottoms’ were mocked or despised. Most other Pagans were not too fond of it either, except perhaps those androgynous Phoenician cults. (I’m not sure about the Egyptians, or the Mayas.)

    Homosexuals might be nice people, there are surely great artists and writers who were homosexual, there’s no need to paint them all as evil, but look, it’s also not like normal male-female relations. They are defined by an act that is quite degrading is in itself, anal penetration with someone of your own sex. It is more like a mimicry or parody of heterosexual sex (Greeks and Romans, as well as apparently modern Afghans, only liked effeminate, less developed young boys, as they would be more similar to females in some ways).

    (Lesbians are slightly less weird, as they don’t really have “sex”)

    The word “homosexual” didn’t exist simply because “heterosexual” also didn’t exist, just as “cisgender” never existed until a little while ago.

  68. Anonymous[178] • Disclaimer says:

    Of course, there’s nothing gay or rainbow-like about homosexuality. The claim is that homosexuals are “just like everybody else,” but for their homosexuality. In other words, what sets them apart is their behavior, which, in males, revolves around an obsession with male defecation so great they take dangerous drugs to enable them to ingest same-sex feces and genital excreta. That’s according to their own medical experts hoping to avoid the transmission of sexual diseases like monkey pox.

    The last gubernatorial race in Florida was decided by one-half of one percentage point, with Soros’s black puppet-candidate, Gillum, found in a feces and blood befouled hotel room by Miami police, vomiting up the filth he’d consumed in a homosexual orgy with a white male prostitute he’d hired, no doubt with Soros’s money.

    This barely avoided horror was almost inflicted on Florida’s families because of the power of the Jewish media and Hollywood to author the thoughts of the white women who give the Democrats the edge in most elections by accepting this sort of thing as gay and deserving of characterization by the rainbow.

    A look at the flagship event of the LGBTQ movement, the San Francisco Gay Pride Parade, makes it perfectly clear that homosexuality cannot be dissociated from whips & leather bondage, sadomasochism, anal intercourse, coprophilia, coprophagia, fellatio, cross dressing, drag-queen story hours, and the latent child molestation seen in the queers’ leering looks and foul displays in front of the children allowed to watch or participate.

    These sexual reprobates can parade their behaviors as they do everywhere, but for anyone else to mention that their behaviors are anything but gay or characterized by the rainbow is called homophobia.

  69. Is homosexuality bad for mental health?

    Is driving your car in reverse gear on the highway bad for the engine?

    Sexual pattern recognition is hardcoded into the brain (and must be to ensure survival of the species), preferences being defined by genetics, epigenetics, and hormones. Affinity to the wrong pattern indicates some kind of pre-existing neuropsychological damage and entails more, resulting in a vicious circle. Approving and even glorifying this malfunction is about the worst thing a society can do – you end up with judges who cannot define what a man or a woman is, celebs marrying the Eiffel Tower, ineffable criminals like Dahmer and Dutroux, etc.

  70. Agent76 says:

    Sigmund Freud (1856–1939). Three Contributions to the Sexual Theory. 1910.

    II. The Infantile Sexuality

    IT is a part of popular belief about the sexual impulse that it is absent in childhood and that it first appears in the period of life known as puberty. This, though an obvious error, is a serious one in its consequences and is chiefly due to our present ignorance of the fundamental principles of the sexual life. A comprehensive study of the sexual manifestations of childhood would probably reveal to us the existence of the essential features of the sexual impulse, and would make us acquainted with its development and its composition from various sources.

    Jun 20, 2016 The Century of the Self – Part 1: “Happiness Machines”

    The story of the relationship between Sigmund Freud and his American nephew, Edward Bernays. Bernays invented the public relations profession in the 1920s and was the first person to take Freud’s ideas to manipulate the masses. He showed American corporations how they could make people want things they didn’t need by systematically linking mass-produced goods to their unconscious desires. 

  71. Aether says:

    Ok, but now you’re replacing adults with “a child” and some media articles with a physical “blindfold” and strongarming off a cliff.

    Which means your analogy only holds if you have the underlying assumptions that everyone, but you, are children, and that a newspaper article you disagree with is equivalent to physical force and blinding.

    And if both of those are your underlying assumptions, conscious or not, you lack the humility or sobriety to add to any discussion on political realities.

    • Agree: Realist
    • Replies: @Kim
  72. Santocool says:

    ”If that was true, the massive changes in the acceptability of homosexuality should have reduced the pressures of social rejection, and led to an improvement in psychological well-being”

    I don’t know if the fact that you are a person of 70 years old is having any effect, but… where did you get that, now, Western society “absolutely and unanimously” accepts sexual diversity??

    Here, it is already completely wrong.

    You take statistical data and analyze it based on your subjective perceptions.

    This acceptance is extremely irregular, concentrated in large cities, in a few groups.

    In this way, you resemble an LGBT activist who naively believes that public ”acceptance” is massive.

    The vast majority of LGBTs have some history of discrimination since childhood. Most LGBT people, perhaps the vast majority, are bullied during their school years.

    Discrimination against LGBT tends to happen within the home, by the parents themselves, is extremely constant, of low frequency.

    To make matters worse, yes, there are intrinsic vulnerabilities associated with sexual diversity.

    In relation to gay/bis men, because we have, on average, brains more similar to women’s, this makes us particularly vulnerable to the opinions of others.

    But here we have another primary error of our psychologist: correlation is not causality.

    Having a variable sexual attraction to the same sex =/= having mental or psychosomal disorders.

    • Replies: @Alrenous
  73. Rich says:
    @emerging majority

    One of the “most biased and ignorant posters ever to disgrace U. R.”? But I was voted “poster most likely to succeed” by an unbiased group of UR readers and I placed second in the “handsomest boy” contest. I can’t believe anything you write.

    I know I’m wasting my time, but…The law forbidding the practice of homosexuality was on the books. As the Republic faded away and tyrants gained power, many laws were often ignored. There were many rumors started about Julius Caesar, but they were spread by his enemies, not “unbiased” historians. I’m familiar with the rumors about Hadrian, but again, they were spread by his enemies. And both men, although emperors, were in violation of Roman law if they participated in the disgusting habit you embrace.

    • Replies: @emerging majority
  74. Santocool says:

    Bisexuals are much more rejected even by homosexuals. There must be a lot of bisexuals who try to be literally bisexual, looking for both sexes, while it is a group that is divided into 3:


    I don’t need to explain what it means.

    If they had this awareness that they don’t necessarily have to pursue both sexes, that would help.

    Sexual diversity is related to a number of potential health problems, but again, this is more of a correlation than causality.

    I think we can find similar patterns among the most creative individuals, especially in the art industry.

  75. Rich says:
    @Craig Nelsen

    Sounds more like you’re trying to justify your own vile habits by trying to run down a good, honest man. The rumor about an emperor hanging around under a homosexual bridge is possible, I remember one of your kind was elected governor of New Jersey and used to hang around rest stops making friends. Anything is possible, McGreevey admitted his inclinations, did this Roman emperor of yours? Or was it just a rumor started by his political enemies? Speak to actual Greek historians and you will find that the homosexual stories are false, started by English professors. Sorry if that offends you. Homosexual behavior is degenerate. The rectum isn’t a sex organ.

    • Replies: @Backward
  76. @American Bulwark


    Prior to Madonna in 1990 popularizing bisexuality-not many posters here remember this because you are either retired old-age boomers or Gen Z Asian/Indian incel virgin 19 y/olds on this site-no woman wanted to be bisexual.

    Alas, Hollywood pushed this agenda in the 90’s. Angelina Jolie in particular, but also post-Heathers Winona Ryder, popularized the bisexual female.

    Males liked it because “Threesomes” became fashionable.

    Because 9 y/o girls are sex educated through porn made by cocaine-feverish males in the San Fernando Valley since the 90’s all women think bisexuality is “trendy”.

    It is simply a media-driven assault on the nuclear family.

    Back in the 80’s most women detested “dykes” & deep down they still do although they have suppressed the urge.

    Female bisexuality is like anal sex. Deep down, most women instinctively don’t want to actually do it but because they are raised on internet porn & constantly pressured by porn-addicted males who “fap” all the time they acquiesce to fashion.


    Reality 1

    Anal sex is a dirty dangerous practice. Any ER nurse will tell you of gays who perforated their anus getting fisted or Lesbians with terrible vaginal infections from sharing vibrators that had been in some other woman’s rectum.

    Anal sex spreads AIDS. Male porn stars get AIDS from women because of the ridiculous sex acts like “Double Anal” or “Anal Creampies”

    Reality 2

    50% of female Lesbians were not born gay but had a bad experience with males such as molestation or adolescent rape & seek other women in order to have sex because they hate males.

    Reality 3

    The film CRUISING with Al Pacino is banned & picketed by gays when it was released because it told the truth about the gay single male lifestyle. Watch it.

  77. @James Thompson

    I may have mistaken the figures as not very significant but even so I suspect I am right in finding it quite unsurprising that being LBGT is likely to be disturbing to mental normality. Another commenter has made the valid point that social acceptability may not have advanced with the law, medical definitions, political correctness etc.
    I would add that even within the nuclear family stress might arise from a myriad of factors from “I’m never going to be a man like my father”, “I think I make my siblings giggle and Mum go silent when the subject of grandchildren is mentioned” and the kids at school saying how pretty he is (or saying “its a pity you are going to be 6ft3in if you are going to be a girl”). to…. well you get the idea. Yes, a lot of people don’t want to be different.

    • Replies: @emerging majority
  78. Nemo1001 says:
    @emerging majority

    I know normal and abnormal when I see it. A man walking around the market dressed as a woman is abnormal. Just as it would be abnormal if he were dressed as a clown or a cartoon character. The herd mentality is not always wrong about everything. Just sometimes, and then not everyone in the herd is as wrong as the herd.“Remembering past lives is abnormal” since it is hard to remember what you did last month. Not to mention all the crazy assumptions that this dishonestly implies about everything. Are we “spirits living a material existence?” If anything, we are spirits living both a material and a spiritual existence at the same time. You may noticed. Your other observations are well appreciated.

  79. It doesn’t surprise me that great numbers of homosexuals are disturbed and psychologically tortured. The very sexual practices they engage in runs counter to the created and natural order. Their conscience screams out to them that something is horribly wrong, yet they suppress it.

    Homosexuals do their best to convince themselves that they’re ‘normal’ and that their perverted sexual practices are perfectly ‘normal’ too. Still, they remain deeply unsettled and bothered. And why shouldn’t they be? Have you heard about what they do in private – the feces eating, the ‘bug chasing’ and ‘gift giving,’ the strange erotica, the pedophilia, and all the diseases they catch and spread to one another?

    So disturbed are homosexuals that they engage in massive public campaigns to convince everyone that what they do is ‘normal.’ Everyone’s expected to ‘celebrate’ it too. Homosexuals are not content to keep their perversion to themselves. No, they must make it known far and wide, and God help the brave soul who dares to say it isn’t as ‘normal’ as heterosexuality!

    One day Whites will awaken from their slumber and realize that we’ve been lied to about everything.

    • Agree: Kim
  80. Realist says:

    Kill yourself.

    Very Christian of you…one of the multitudes of reasons I am not religious.

    • Replies: @Kim
    , @Pheasant
  81. Escher says:

    Wonder how much of this is a result of modern societies with their toxic air, toxic “food” laced with all kinds of additives and preservatives and the even more toxic media.

  82. Realist says:

    Most religious people are of the belief that homosexual desire is a life choice. This is demonstrated by some comments of some religionists on this blog.

  83. Backward says:

    I don’t see where your points contradict what I said, nor why you feel the need to mock my username with such originality (not).
    You are just contradicting yourself when stating that the condemnation of homosexual behaviour predates Abrahamic religions and then admitting that for pagans the issue revolved around sexual roles, not sexual partners.

    • Replies: @Dumbo
  84. Anon[989] • Disclaimer says:

    The word around the University was you had a small tool. He wanted to see if it was as little as the girls said.

    Thats why he had to look over your shoulder but even then could not get a glimpse of your caterpillar.

    Dont make it out like it was a homophobe thing or that you were some kind of tough guy.

    • Replies: @Kim
  85. Realist says:

    I argued that humans are social, have a strong herd instinct and that there is demonstrable social pressure against homosexual behavior. Given these premises, I concluded that no one would make a conscious and deliberate “choice” to behave in such a way as to consistently invite bullying, ridicule and ostracism. And that, therefore, homosexuality is not a “choice”.

    Exactly my thoughts. You used deductive reasoning. Logic is beautiful.

  86. Kim says:

    You just keep on putting your dick in poop and preying on children and disingenously protesting that people regard you as mentally ill and in need of the hammer cure.

    • Troll: Aether
  87. Alrenous says: • Website
    @Dieter Kief

    A key feature of perversion is excessive interest in sex. They must then back-define sex as extremely good, to justify their own interest in it. Otherwise they would have to admit they are sexually disordered, and humans are not designed to admit deprecating things about themselves. Causes around as many problems as it solves unless you go full Stoic.

    If you have a pervert-dominated public square, then the norm becomes pretending sex, even casual sterile sex, is a peak experience.

    That said, women in particular don’t like casual sex. When their guard is down, they admit they regret it in something like 97% of cases. A woman wants to be firmly attached to a man who is trying to get her pregnant, for the obvious Darwinian reasons. She wants to be de jure or at least de facto married in a publicly-reinforced way.

    Men don’t much like casual sex either, they just don’t dislike it. Beats the alternative. A woman who can’t keep the partner around feels like a failure. A man just feels annoyed he has to land another fish.

    • Replies: @YetAnotherAnon
  88. Kim says:

    Not fit even for hell in any case.

  89. Alrenous says: • Website

    Sodomy spreads disease and gays clearly can’t keep it in their pants. Result: gene-level anti-sodomite prejudice. Evidence-driven disgust.
    It’s possible for gays not to be socially harmful, but unlikely.

  90. Backward says:

    Homosexual behaviour has always existed, exists in the animal kingdom, and will always exist. It is nothing to be proud of or especially ashamed either, just a manifestation of sexuality and bonding that only becomes exclusive for a tiny fraction of the population, vastly overestimated by social-engineering propaganda.
    In a healthy society there would be no calls for homosexual marriage nor for the gallows, but unfortunately all we see on both sides is fanaticism of Abrahamic flavour.

    • Replies: @RJ Macready
  91. Alrenous says: • Website

    The vast majority of LGBTs have some history of discrimination since childhood. Most LGBT people, perhaps the vast majority, are bullied during their school years.

    Probably because their brain doesn’t work right which causes them to be socially inept, which causes bullying. Children smell weakness and pounce.

    I myself am a non-visible minority so I’m familiar with the phenomenon, and thus the causation, first-hand.

    • Replies: @Santocool
  92. @Vergissmeinnicht

    If the only criteria in regard to gays adopting children is that for the most part they will be materially comfortable and well educated, then the powers that be are correct. But from a psychological perspective I’d beg to differ. Gays/Lesbians have their own particular mental/emotional bag of worms to deal with even they are materially very successful or well educated.

  93. Backward says:

    Rewriting history, I see. Like the Catholic prudes of the XVII century who would cover the genitals of ancient statues and paintings. Are you going to burn Sappho’s poems next?

  94. Anonymous[255] • Disclaimer says:

    NEOPRIMITIVISM is dangerous because it is a religion that compels its adherents to endlessly hunt around for the alleged witches who are allegedly casting the evil eye. The solution to all problems lies in finding and destroying the witches.

    Classic commentary on externalizing and then destroying.

  95. @Pheasant

    How are homosexuals any worse than Christians? both are mentally deranged. We gave the Christians(and all religious imbeciles) many thousands of years to exist in our society. Why not give the same time to homos? And don’t say, people who believe in a man who walked on water(!!!) and who was somehow “reborn” after being scientifically and clinically dead, to be rational human beings(that is if this Jesus ever actually ever existed-no scientific or archeological evidence thus far in 2022)

    • LOL: Pheasant
    • Replies: @Pablo
    , @Pheasant
    , @Swaytonious
  96. @Backward

    Absolutely spot on. I think the religious are far more mentally unstable than homosexuals. How can anyone believe in some higher power, let alone build buildings for them and not be cray cray? And I support the hypothesis that homosexuality exists in the animal kingdom- evolution and rationale, not based on a fucking book or fairy tale. I don’t like gay pride marches and all, and a lot of them annoy me(and Id never indulge in it) but hey- there’s a reason they’re so in your face today. You peg them down for centuries you deserve some spite,

    • Replies: @Robert Dolan
  97. Backward says:

    A mind infected by Abrahamic fanaticism will always choose the most gruesome case to exemplify entire categories who have nothing to do with it.
    Your equating of homosexuality with sadomasochism illustrates this kind of tactics. Yes, sadomasochism is more commonly practised within homosexual behaviour, yet still in a minority of cases and by no means exclusively within homosexual behaviour. Moreover, sadomasochism in itself is not necessarily a sign of disturbed personality.
    Records seem to show aggressive pathological people of any orientation, and Jack the ripper didn’t strike me as having homosexual tendencies.
    Therefore, the stigma that you are trying to attach to any and all homosexual behaviour seems largely based on ignorance.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  98. @Realist

    Is society is to progress-if we are to land on Mars and build a civilization all religions must be EXTERMINATED! And I don’t mean banned or outlawed…I mean all these religious clowns must be eradicated off the face of this planet. The only solution is biochemical warfare-mass sterilization and eugenics.

    Any man or woman below 40 who believes in a God must be put behind bars for good. These are mentally challenged individuals who do not find 21st-century air breathable. They procreate a lot too and brainwash even more jackasses(who are, to be fair, great for economic exploitation). They must be exterminated(humanely) and then a strict ban on religion and spirituality must be put forth, its the only way to progress. Rationality-Science- and technological advancement is the purpose of human being, Everything else is baseless, trivial pursuits.

  99. @mulga mumblebrain

    Yeah, and do they care about you or anyone but themselves? Most of them suffer from a severe narcissist personality disorder.

  100. Aether says:
    @emerging majority

    Thank you for mentioning da Vinci. He was a wonderful man.

    I cannot imagine finding such a person disgusting, especially from my irrelevant perch built on my far less substantial achievements.

    These people are funny and sad. Like the transgender crazies, they have decided that your soul has a sex and that they will ensure that this is all they see, either without or within. This is a very harsh divide, as one can feel from their sense of revulsion that follows them around, and their need to be unpleasant.

    Amusingly, one of the commenters claimed that 50% of lesbians are only that way because they hate men, meanwhile his comments display a very strong feeling of fear and hatred towards women. Yet another human who constantly sees their own reflection, but instead of recognising it, froths at the mouth, shouts and spits at it, and then wonders why he feels bad.

  101. Flo says:

    Did you know 80-something Anita Bryant is still alive, living in her home state of Oklahoma? She was right all along and paid a very high price for daring to speak out.

  102. Mac_ says:

    The subject could be widened to total, as masculinity has been under assault over a thousand years, initialy by pushers of monotheism religion to push feminizing ‘obedience, which females should have refused and become more masculine balanced, and males should have increased their masculinity by seeing the down-steering, but most didn’t bother. That of course led to the slavery and dictators on us now. Focus on ‘orientation’ or secs at all these days assumes you can afford to ignore tyranny, and is juvenile, failure of prioritizing, which then as people are distracted, a large gang of cons is taking over. Point being it’s a more basic subject. If people recognized tyranny and by now most should, and prioritize, each person manning up, male or female, would naturally solve whatever psychological disorder, as focus would be on situations that matter, instead. Would say I recognize article is more male focused, but it’s a more basic subject imo.

    Another factor in having good ability to prioritize is stop eating poison. Soy or canola oil in everything etc, instead should eat organic yogurt, clean water, and stop beer, hops is estrogen. Make some local masculine friends, male or female. And learn to watch for infiltrators, they’re everywhere, in every neighborhood. The cons have been on us a long time, they did it by ‘blending in’. Remember half the cons are females. The problem is focus, and it shouldn’t be on reproducing, either. Another point. By the way ‘watching sports’ is not male, its female. Build a fire instead. Just some thoughts.

    • Replies: @Kim
  103. Anonymous[834] • Disclaimer says:

    Have a look at that parade, which is the definitive LGBTQ event in America, and the main impression you’ll get is flamboyant men dressed in black leather to signify their obsession with sadomasochism. But, you’re right in that sadomasochism isn’t the essence of male homosexuality, which is coprophilia and same-sex coprophagia. According to the homos own medical experts, most male homosexuals have begun ingesting same-sex feces by the time they’re in their early twenties and get hooked on dangerous drugs to enable them to overcome the filth and stench of what they’re trying to pass off as sex.

    • Disagree: Backward
  104. @Dumbo

    I was greatly disappointed to find out that many authors and artists I admired in my youth like William Burroughs, Oscar Wilde, Francis Bacon, Michel Foucault, Leonardo Da Vinci, Alan Ginsberg, etc. we’re not just regular homosexuals but had sex with catamites, and probably even children. They were predators and as it turns out very unpleasant, even evil, people. But this was usually not publicised. Had I known this about them I wouldn’t have touched their works. I used to think you used to have to go to those specialist homosexual bookshops like “Spartacus” to find books by such author; little did I know that they were widely distributed in regular bookstores. On balance, considering how many lives of young people they destroyed, the world would have probably been better off without them. Thanks, but no thanks, for their ‘great’ works.

  105. @jeff stryker

    I remember that feminists in my youth hated porn and the fact that it degraded and exploited women, while all these post-modern porn stars claim that they are feminists and that getting tortured and abused on set and treated as sex objects far worse than in that old porn that upset the feminists of my time makes them confident, assertive and feminist. You have to say those Jews who run porn have done a good job turning things upside down so that today’s respected feminists are porn stars who like to be degraded, beaten, and abused. Or so they say. Of course most of it is probably bullshit: they’re in it for the money and then try to justify themselves in their chosen profession. Some of them even teach at universities and are published by respected publishing houses and main stream media. What a world it has turned out to be.

    • Agree: Backward
    • Replies: @Alrenous
    , @jeff stryker
  106. @jeff stryker

    With the kind of porn they make nowadays I’m surprised no one has died on set yet. Or maybe they have and they erase the tape, inject the girl with an OD, dump her in her slut pad and we read that yet another porn star has overdosed or committed suicide. Of course nobody would say a word or investigate as the show must go on and money has to be made.

    • Replies: @jeff stryker
  107. Pablo says:

    It is interesting–and quite revealing–that the worst insult a Gay Man–like YOU AndrewR–is to call someone Gay!!!

    • Agree: Alrenous
    • Replies: @AndrewR
  108. @RJ Macready

    You are…..nuts.

    Homosexuality is a biological dead end.

    There are solid reasons why all of the world’s religions frown on homosexuality…’s a disgusting perversion.

    The degree of instability in the west directly corresponds to the diminishment of the Christian value system and the implementation of globohomo by organized jewry.

    You are a mental midget and I will remember to skip over your comments from now on.

    • Agree: hardlooker

    Fag Facts


    Fags fellate almost 100% of their sexual contacts and ingest semen from about half of those. Semen contains virtually every germ carried in the blood stream, so this is about equivalent to ingesting raw human blood (6).
    One study reports 70% of fags admitting to having sex only one time with over 50% of their partners (3).
    One study reports that the average fag has between 20 and 106 partners per year (6). The average heterosexual has 8 partners in a lifetime.
    Sperm readily penetrates the anal wall (which is only one cell thick) and gains direct access to the blood stream. This causes massive immunological damage to the body’s T- and B-cell defensive systems (14).
    50% of male syphilis is carried by fags as a rectal infection and can enter through the urethra of another fag during anal sex (7).
    Around 67-80% of fags lick and/or insert their tongues into the anuses of their partners (called “rimming”, analingus, fecal sex, etc.) and ingest biologically significant amounts of feces (7), which is the chief cause of hepatitis and parasitic infections among fags (8). This practice is called the “prime taste treat in sex” in the bestseller The Joy of Gay Sex.
    33% of fags admit to fisting (inserting the hand, sometimes part of the arm, into the rectum of his partner) (7).
    Urinating on each other (“golden showers”) and torture has doubled among fags since the 1940s, and fisting has increased astronomically (7).
    17% of fags eat and/or rub the feces of their partners on themselves (4).
    12% of fags give/receive enemas as part of sexual pleasure (4).
    In one study, the average fag fellated somewhere between 20 and 106 men, swallowed 50 seminal discharges, had 72 penile penetrations of the anus, and ingested feces of 23 different men EVERY YEAR (6).
    Many fag sexual encounters occur while drunk, high on drugs, or in an orgy setting (7).
    Many fags don’t pay heed to warnings of their lifestyles: “Knowledge of health guidelines was quite high, but this knowledge had no relation to sexual behavior” (16).
    Activities of fags involve analingus “rimming, urophilia “golden showers”, fisting, and using “toys” (21).
    Fags got homosexuality removed from the list of mental illnesses in the early 70s by storming the annual American Psychiatric Association (APA) conference on successive years. “Guerrilla theater tactics and more straight-forward shouting matches characterized their presence” (2). Since homosexuality has been removed from the APA list of mental illnesses, so has pedophilia (except when the adult feels “subjective distress”) (27).
    Fags account for 3-4% of all gonorrhea cases, 60% of all syphilis cases, and 17% of all hospital admissions (other than for STDs) in the United States (5). They make up only 1-2% of the population.
    Fags live unhealthy lifestyles, and have historically accounted for the bulk of syphilis, gonorrhea, Hepatitis B, the “gay bowel syndrome” (which attacks the intestinal tract), tuberculosis and cytomegalovirus (27).
    73% of psychiatrists say fags are less happy than the average person, and of those psychiatrists, 70% say that the unhappiness is NOT due to social stigmatization (13).
    25-33% of fags and dykes are alcoholics (11).
    Of fags questioned in one study, 43% admitted to 500 or more partners in a lifetime, 28% admitted to 1000 or more in a lifetime, and of these people, 79% said that half of those partners were total strangers, and 70% of those sexual contacts were one night stands (or, as one fag admits in the film “The Castro,” one minute stands) (3). Also, it is a favorite past-time of many fags to go to “cruisy areas” and have anonymous sex.
    78% of fags are affected by STDs (20).
    Judge John Martaugh, chief magistrate of the New York City Criminal Court has said, “Homosexuals account for half the murders in large cities” (10).
    Captain William Riddle of the Los Angeles Police says, “30,000 sexually abused children in Los Angeles were victims of homosexuals” (10).
    50% of suicides can be attributed to fags (10).
    Dr. Daniel Capron, a practicing psychiatrist, says, “Homosexuality by definition is not healthy and wholesome. The homosexual person, at best, will be unhappier and more unfulfilled than the sexually normal person” (10). For other psychiatrists who believe that homosexuality is wrong, please see National Association for Research and Therapy of Homosexuality.
    It takes approximately \$300,000 to take care of each AIDS victim, so thanks to the promiscuous lifestyle of fags, medical insurance rates have been skyrocketing for all of us(10).
    One study reports that 90% of fags have engaged in anal sex, and 66% engage in anal sex regularly (6).
    Fags were responsible for spreading AIDS in the United States, and then raised up violent groups like Act Up and Ground Zero to complain about it. Even today, fags account for well over 50% of the AIDS cases in the United States, which is quite a large number considering that they account for only 1-2% of the population.
    Fags account for a disproportionate number of hepatitis cases: 70-80% in San Francisco, 29% in Denver, 66% in New York City, 56% in Toronto, 42% in Montreal, and 26% in Melbourne (8).
    10% of fags admit to eating feces and/or drinking contaminated enema water (8).
    29% of fags engage in urine sex (8).
    37% of fags engage in sadomasochism, which accounts for many accidental deaths. In San Francisco, classes were held to teach fags how to not kill their partners during sadomasochism (8).
    In large cities, hospitals are often called on to remove objects from the rectums of fags. Sometimes, the fags do so much damage that they have to wear colostomy bags for the rest of their lives (8).
    41% of fags say they have had sex with strangers in public restrooms, 60% say they have had sex with strangers in bathhouses, and 64% of these encounters have involved the use of illegal drugs (8).
    Depending on the city, 39-59% of fags are infected with intestinal parasites like worms, flukes and amoebae, which is common in filthy third world countries (8).
    The median age of death of fags is 42 (only 9% live past age 65). This drops to 39 if the cause of death is AIDS. The median age of death of a married heterosexual man is 75 (8).
    The median age of death of dykes is 45 (only 24% live past age 65). The median age of death of a married heterosexual woman is 79 (8).
    Fags are 100 times more likely to be murdered (usually by another fag) than the average person, 25 times more likely to commit suicide, and 19 times more likely to die in a traffic accident (8).
    21% of dykes die of murder, suicide or traffic accident, which is at a rate of 534 times higher than the number of white heterosexual females aged 25-44 who die of these things(8).
    50% of the calls to a hotline to report “queer bashing” involved domestic violence (i.e., fags beating up other fags) (18).
    About 50% of the women on death row are dykes (12).
    Fags prey on children.
    33% of fags ADMIT to minor/adult sex (7).
    There is a notable fag group, consisting of thousands of members, known as the North American Man and Boy Love Association (NAMBLA). This is a child molesting fag group whose cry is “SEX BEFORE 8 BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE.” This group can be seen marching in most major fag parades across the United States.
    Fags commit more than 33% of all reported child molestations in the United States, which, assuming fags make up 2% of the population, means that 1 in 20 fags is a child molester, while 1 in 490 heterosexuals is a child molester (19).
    73% of all fags have had sex with boys under 19 years of age (9).
    Many fags admit that they are pedophiles: “The love between men and boys is at the foundation of homosexuality” (22).
    Because fags can’t reproduce naturally, they resort to recruiting children. Fags can be heard chanting “TEN PERCENT IS NOT ENOUGH, RECRUIT, RECRUIT, RECRUIT” in their fag parades. A group called the “Lesbian Avengers” prides itself on trying to recruit young girls. They print “WE RECRUIT” on their literature. Some other fags aren’t as overt about this, but rather try to infiltrate society and get into positions where they will have access to the malleable minds of young children (e.g., the clergy, teachers, Boy Scout leaders, etc.) (8).

    • Thanks: Je Suis Omar Mateen
  110. @Rich

    Rich: It is highly evident that you are, among other things, a victim of a deliberate dumbing down allegedly “higher” educational system. Hell, you might even sport letters behind your surname.

    “Rumors”? That was the name of a popular lesbian Bar in St. Paul. How bout that for perfect irony. In Imperial Rome, for better or for worse, the Emperor WAS the law.

    Do some research on Pompeii, specifically the “herms” which decorated virtually every household. Those Herms were representations of a virile male member. Pompeii was a resort town for wealthy Romans during the Republic era.

    Whatever laws may have been on the books, they were obviously ignored by most of the population. In any event, those laws were promulgated by a massively corrupt Senate. Does that sound familiar in the Di\$trict of Corruption today?

    • Replies: @Rich
  111. Kim says:

    Oooh, bitchy!

    • LOL: TKK
  112. I’m a confused heterosexual (CH) and I would like to know if I too have a pronoun that would identify my confused state of heterosexuality?
    By confused i mean I don’t understand why less than 5% of the population are demanding that 95% allow those that identify as 2SLGBBTQQIAPWXYZ+ – Two Spirit, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Beastiality, Transgender, Queer, Questioning, Intersex, Asexual people, Hemorphadytes and Pedophiles. + added to cover the overlooked, bow to their mental disorder psychosis.

    I admit I’m a confused heterosexual in that I only have sexual interest in the opposite sex, not someone pretending to be something they are not.

    I mean, seriously, these freaks are totally mentally retarded and should all be euthanized ASAP for the betterment and future of humanity.

  113. Pablo says:
    @RJ Macready

    It is curious to discover that most homosexuals have a deep, bitter HATRED of Christians and Christianity. Gays have no tolerance for those who disagree with them! Talk about intolerance!! The LGBTQ+ movement is a lot of things but Hate and Intolerance–two words gays constantly invoke about others–are Primary Factors.

    • Replies: @Alrenous
    , @Anon
    , @Backward
  114. Kim says:
    @Commentator Mike

    Foucault was a notorious AIDS-spreader and a magnet for bug-chasers.

    Nice sexuality those guys have there.

    They’re just like us.

  115. Kim says:

    With regard to watching sports, it is worth noting Nietzche’s assertion that the essence of maculinity is “I will”, while that of femininity is “He will.”

    And it certainly is the case that watching sports is for fags.

  116. @Commentator Mike

    Don’t you find it humorous that gays believe everyone’s who’s not come out being gay are closeted 2SLGBBTQQIAPWXYZ+ – Two Spirit, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Beastiality, Transgender, Queer, Questioning, Intersex, Asexual people, Hemorphadytes and Pedophiles. + added to cover the overlooked.

    Cue CQ’s song: Buttplug in D minor.

  117. @Alrenous

    As usual, All-Anus has got things almost perfectly screwed-up. Oh well, what to expect from a dissolute deviant from any positive form of spiritual perspectives.

    “Sexual abuse of pre-pubescents”? From which orfice did you yank out that gem of wisdom? Sounds like you have been cavorting with shrinkologists of the B.F. Skinner persuasion.

    Dr. Leonard Shlain propounds that some 8% of the male population rather than your hyperventilating 98.5% allegedly being perfectly strait, happens to be same-sex oriented. He also accords this finding that approximately the same percentage happen to be left-handed. Also, he notes that a similar percentage are color-blind. He then postulates the evolutionary reasons why these remarkable “coincidences” happen to occur.

    If there is such a thing as cultural advancement, it does not originate for the approximately 20% of the male population which is actually “straight”, rather than “strait”, a perversity which is the product of organized religion being crammed down people’s throats for the last couple millennia. Because males are chromosomally bisexual, it is only logical that that erotic expression of their dual nature is not only natural but also historically and anthropologically buttressed.

    You have a lot of opinions about the samesex phenomenon, but are almost perfectly ignorant about the amazing diversity amongst that metric. A percentage, the most evident one to the casual onlooker, of gay men are at one level or another of a feminine mindset. Those who are victims of neonatal sexual assault (circumcision) tend towards effeminacy if they innately possess that more feminine nature. That particular grouping is often described as “fags”.

    Then there are the hyper-masculine set who are into Harleys and black leather. They clearly appear to be men who prefer men. Somewhere in between those two extremes are outwardly “normal” types whose preferences in samesex can be all over the place. Finally, there are a broad range of those whose preferences tend towards youths, all the way across the spectrum to the more rare “gerontophiles”, whose preference is for aged or even elderly partners.

    As for suffering, that is mainly due to post-Victorian attitudes amongst the fear-laden “normies” and “Normas” who do not pretend to begin to face their own inner “demons”. Fortunately, not all those “normals” are no longer as unblissfully ignorant as All-Anus.

    • LOL: Alrenous
    • Replies: @John Johnson
  118. Alrenous says: • Website
    @Commentator Mike

    Da Vinci comes across as straight to me. The gay lobby likes to pinkerize historical figures to prop themselves up. Primarily in desperation for legitimacy, and secondarily to try to further smear normal male friendship. Recall that in most of the world it’s normal for male friends to go about holding hands; this doesn’t seem strange because they are gay, but because you are. (Every American is a bit swish.) The idea Bacon wasn’t straight is laughable.

    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
    , @Anon
  119. Alrenous says: • Website
    @Commentator Mike

    feminists and that getting tortured and abused on set and treated as sex objects far worse than in that old porn that upset the feminists of my time makes them confident, assertive and feminist.

    Feminism: created by men, for men. (Primarily perverts?)

    Earlier feminism was slightly confused and thought it was supposed to be something other than the most degenerate male chauvinism with a coat of lipstick. They’ve cleared up the misunderstanding now.

  120. @Wizard of Oz

    Jeff: Do you want me to reveal the actual identity of the original “Jeff Stryker”, or would you prefer to retain some level of normie anonymity?

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  121. Alrenous says: • Website

    The gay lobby (as opposed to relatively normal gays) is made up of narcissists. As with any narcissist, they go absolutely berserk, DEFCON 1, on anyone who forsakes or dismisses their mask. Nor could they have chosen a non-gay mask; they’re aware it wouldn’t fly.

    The fact Christianity is for narcissists twists the knife. “We like all narcissists…except you, kindling.”

    Bonus round: narcissists immediately challenge each other for dominance when they meet. They know nobody is obsessed with social status they way the cluster B is. They can’t be indifferent to each other. They can’t leave each other alone.

  122. Dumbo says:

    OK, I apologize for the silly comment about the nick. People also pick on my nick for some reason.

    Isn’t “sexual roles” and “sexual partners” more or less the same thing, though? When I was a teen in school, the jokes/banter were always about the receiving side of gay sex, i.e. joking or accusing someone of being a “faggot”. (I suppose young people don’t joke about gay sex now.)

    • Replies: @Backward
  123. @RJ Macready

    What we need is direct contact and communication with a deep space ET that explains to earthlings a few known secret facts of the universe.
    Number one: expose messiah cults for what they are, charlatans and narcissistic power hungry scum promoting fake messiah’s to the masses, dividing humanity, causing endless wars.
    Number two: Rid humanity of centralized and global government, you either respect and follow basic human rights or sent to off planet mining camps to work out your karma.

    Nothing complicated, just simple basic understanding and respect for all life in the universe.

  124. Ross23 says:

    The reason is rather obvious.

    Non heterosexualality is a result of a small brain malformation that also causes mental health issues as co morbidly

    Except political correctness means saying this is taboo in western society.

    Another study found most trans kids are autistic.

    Autism is another brain malformation disorder that leads to other co morbid mental health disorders.

    So you already have a sexual orientation/ gender identity linked to brain malformation so it’s not a stretch of existing scientific probability that this is the case with other sexual orientations

  125. Dumbo says:

    Wrong. They believe homosexual *acts* and lifestyle are a choice. Which they are.

    “Desire” almost by definition is not something you “choose”. (Old-school religious people would call that “sin”, I suppose, although not all desire or temptation is sinful).

    • Replies: @Realist
  126. @Alrenous

    “That said, women in particular don’t like casual sex. When their guard is down, they admit they regret it in something like 97% of cases. “

    They regret it because he didn’t ring the next week, not because they didn’t like it.

    • Replies: @Alrenous
  127. Sparkon says:

    I recall a television documentary about WWII from more than 20 years ago, where the discussion was about the effects on Britons of the Blitz and subsequent rocket attacks, and a remark was made that a generation of queers more eventually gay men than expected were born in Blighty in the immediate post-war period, presumably because pregnant women were so stressed out by the bombing that the wrong hormones were secreted at the wrong time, discombobulating the sexual identity of the fetus.

    The idea is that severe stress, anxiety and emotional distress affect the hormonal balance of the pregnant women, which results in the “gender” of the unborn infant being flipped, among other harmful effects.

    In the Americas, an early account of native homosexuality can be found in the Degannes Memoir, penned by the French writer Sieur Pierre Deliette, who lived among native tribes of the Illini beginning in 1687.

    While living with these tribes, Sieur Pierre Deliette noted that a small number of young males attached themselves to the squaws, lived with them and dressed like them, rather than engaging in the more usual play and eventual hunting activities enjoyed by most of the young braves. He noted these boys were used for sodomy, which he said was practiced casually by these people.

    The sin of sodomy prevails more among them than in any other nation, although there are four women to one man. It is true that the women, although debauched, retain some moderation, which prevents the young men from satisfying their passions as much as they would like. There are men who are bred for this purpose from their childhood. When they are seen frequently picking up the spade, the spindle, the axe, but making no use of the bow and arrows, as all the other small boys do… They are tattooed on their cheeks like the women and also on the breast and the arms, and they imitate their accent, which is different from that of the men. They omit nothing that can make them like the women. There are men sufficiently embruted to have dealings with them on the same footing. The women and girls who prostitute themselves to these wretches are dissolute creatures.

    Shocking to be sure but when it comes to sexual excesses and perversity, I doubt the Illini had anything on Hollywood.

    For a smooth sexual seque, let’s consider Ronald Reagan, who grew up and was raised in the old Illinois Country, and attended Eureka College, not far across the Illinois River from Peoria, name of one of the Illini tribes and a frequent camp or lodge site of their big chief.

    When Ronald Reagan got to Hollywood, he was a big smash with the starlets, and came to be known as a swordsman greater even than Errol Flynn – “In Like Flynn” – but whatever else can be said about Reagan, unlike many in tinsel town, including Flynn, it appears The Gipper was strictly heterosexual.

    Within months of his hitting town, Betty Grable, Susan Hayward and Jane Wyman were among the starlets ‘fighting over him’…


    But Love Triangle’s authors claim Reagan embraced Hollywood’s libertine ways only up to a point. An attempt by the famous gossip columnist Hedda Hopper’s son to seduce him on a yacht was swiftly repulsed, as was an invitation by a Hollywood couple to join them in a threesome.

    According to the authors, he also had to spurn the advances of the bisexual Errol Flynn who, it is claimed, loved to try to kiss Ronnie on the mouth.

    Liz Taylor claimed she had sex with Reagan when she was 15. She has also claimed that Marilyn Monroe went down on her. My my. Joe D thought MM was more interested in women than men, which was the real reason for their divorce.

    The book claims that Taylor – whose scandalous affair with Burton started on the set of their hit movie 1963 Cleopatra – once walked in on him and British actor Peter Lawford in the middle of a sex act.

    Taylor, said to have lost her virginity to Lawford in the back of a limo, apparently told them: “Carry on, boys.”

    To be clear, the point I’m making is that sexual excess is hardly confined to queers, lesbians, and trannies.

    Finally, in this world, there are any number of things to be thankful for, especially the chance to be alive, but speaking for myself, I sure am glad I wasn’t born queer.

    • Replies: @Thomasina
  128. SafeNow says:

    What a world it has turned out to be.

    But not for long. In “On the Beach” Fred Astaire is asked how the nuclear war started. He replies “The world went…crazy.”

  129. Thomasina says:

    “Given these premises, I concluded that no one would make a conscious and deliberate ‘choice’ to behave in such a way as to consistently invite bullying, ridicule and ostracism. And that, therefore, homosexuality is not a ‘choice’.”

    Maybe it wasn’t a choice, but it was a direction headed down in very early childhood. How is this behavior any different than having sex with children or your dog? Should we make these things acceptable? Should we politically protect these people, glorify them, have parades in their honor? I mean, they say they can’t help themselves, and we wouldn’t want to see them be ostracized! Where does it end?

    This is confusion, delusion, insanity.

    Instead of cheering on homosexuality, for instance, wouldn’t we be better off trying to figure out what made them twist in the first place? The child did what “worked” at the time, what brought him protection early on, what he felt he had to do. Why?

  130. @emerging majority

    are you gay? because your history sucks and you seem really overly emotional about this topic. who touched you? why do gays do nothing but attack Christ?

  131. @emerging majority

    Because males are chromosomally bisexual, it is only logical that that erotic expression of their dual nature is not only natural but also historically and anthropologically buttressed.

    Are you actually giving us the “we are all bi” speech?

    The one consistent pattern I have noticed about gays/deranged perverts of assorted types is that they assume we share their brains but actively work to suppress them. What makes them think we wouldn’t be flaming faggots if we shared their brains? When we do “straight guy stuff” are we just faking it? Why would I fake my hobbies?

    I actually had a gay guy tell me that all men are basically enslaved to women and that we don’t really like them. He even believed that kids were just a way that women control men and if “liberated” we would all be having gay sex.

    Completely insane. I actually started laughing out loud when he told me this. It wasn’t long after I had talked my wife into having another kid. Of course he didn’t believe me and thought I was pussywhipped and trying to save face. My wife complains about me “doing my thing” and getting my way all the time.

    It was a good laugh though.

    • Replies: @Alrenous
  132. Rich says:
    @emerging majority

    You homosexuals are so obsessed with your genitals and vile habits, that you think normal people are as obsessed as you. If your contention is that as Rome became an empire, filled with wealth, some persons, some wealthy and with power, practiced degeneracy. I’m not going to disagree with you. I’m sure that just like in every powerful empire, there were degenerates in positions of power.

    I’m not surprised that you know the names of homosexual bars, but your point that emperors had tyrannical powers, isn’t something I’m disputing. A degenerate emperor might loosen the laws that prohibited sodomy, a Christian emperor might crack down on effeminacy. As a society declines, homosexuality does appear to become more common. There are indications this happened in Rome.

  133. dearieme says:

    Do they really suppose that many people would choose such a sad, unsatisfactory existence especially back when representatives of the state – and plenty of other people – enjoyed bullying them?

    Seems far-fetched to me, and certainly contradicted by the only homosexual I’ve known well enough to discuss these things with. I think my father was right: at the age that sexual attraction sets in some few males find that their instincts are directed differently.

    • Replies: @John Johnson
    , @Realist
  134. Alrenous says: • Website

    Unlike men, for women the physical interaction is not the bulk of the stimulus. It’s social. Her genes are thinking about supporting the child, not merely matching some gametes.

    Aside from a few turbosluts, women will not doggedly pursue sex with strangers. Even though good female sex is way better than the best male sex. This reveals their preferences.

    See also: gay male promiscuity vs. lesbian bed death.

  135. Anon[358] • Disclaimer says:

    Homo Perverts are a minuscule percentage of society. Why we allow these pervs to frame our political and social debates is beyond me.

    Tranny Pervs are even a smaller percentage of our society.

    Can we please return to the sensible rules where pervs were not allowed anywhere near children ? Like not allowed to teach etc.

    Let’s also accept that pervs do their damnest to convince themselves and others that everyone is a pervert

  136. @Alrenous

    I attended a Da Vinci exhibition some 40 years ago and it was written in his bio in the thick catalogue that he was twice arrested for pedophilia and that there was a record of this in the Vatican. It was the first time I read of this and was shocked.

    I used to like William Burroughs as he was influential on many rock musicians, and an experimental 60s jazz rock band named themselves “The Soft Machine” after one of his books. Then after his death his correspondence with Allen Ginsberg was published. I happened to be leafing through it in a bookshop and it was utterly disgusting the things they got up to with little underage Arab boys in Morocco. I had before read several of his biographies and although they mentioned his homosexuality nobody mentioned this stuff with very young boys. I was actually looking forward to getting that book of correspondence but after reading a few pages I was utterly disgusted.

  137. @emerging majority

    I can’t answer for any version of “Jeff” but, as far as I’m concerned, go for it.

  138. WHAT says:

    Dysfunctional people are dysfunctional.
    Who could have thought…

    • LOL: acementhead
  139. This pretty much accords with what I have suspected for a long time. Nevertheless, to me at least it remains unclear what, exactly, CAUSES sexual deviancy. I have read that there is anecdotal evidence for an endocrinological source in the form of physical and/or psychological stress-ridden pregnancies which somehow effect the endocrine systems of the fetus but I have no idea if this is in fact true.

  140. @Realist

    homosexuals cannot fathom that for 40 years you have been telling “religionists” and the rest of the world that you

    1. were born that way
    2. it is a choice

    (hint: i don’t care what it is!)

    if you were a realist you would admit that you have mental issues holding those two thoughts at the same time

    • Replies: @Realist
  141. @RJ Macready

    lol who knew ron unz’s website attracted so many murderous, psychopathic homosexuals.

    it seems the article really brought them all out.

    gays aren’t sophisticated: they are the ass end of obtuse.

  142. Alrenous says: • Website
    @Commentator Mike

    Galileo was house-arrested for heresy, but that doesn’t mean he was a heretic. Galileo was in fact a better theologian than his inquisitors. Galileo was arrested for calling Pope Urban an idiot. In writing. Turns out that’s a stupid thing to do, especially when you know the man personally and he personally reads the book you insult him in.

    Quite likely some historical figures were closet gays, but it’s impossible to tell which ones with the gay lobby feverishly muddying the waters. I wouldn’t put it past them to straight fabricate some stuff on Da Vinci. Speaking of Galileo, during his first two inquisitions, they found falsified records. Galileo had miffed one of the clerks at a party. Which is how the inquisition got called in the first place – annoyed partygoers.

    Basically it’s availability bias. Da Vinci is particularly famous, and thus particularly likely to be the target of historical vandals. His whole story is suspect, frankly. (See also: Shakespeare controversies.) To say anything about him requires extraordinary evidence, because of the extraordinarily strong attached agendas.

    Ginsberg and Burroughs sound plausible. I’ll buy it.

    I detest Foucault anyway, so perhaps I’m biased there.

    P.S. Galileo was not a particularly skilled scientist. Indeed his inquisitors were better scientists than he was.

    • Replies: @Wielgus
  143. Element59 says:

    For a long time I’ve been deeply skeptical of the common claim made by some male gays that they were “kicked out of the house” by their deplorably homophobic and intolerant parents. Especially if their parents were…Christians!

    In my experience these traumatic events, if happened as-claimed, were more often brought on by other factors that these anxiety-riddled “homophobia victims” will leave out of their narcissistic life histories.

    Most appeared to have psychological instability issues; behaving inappropriately in public settings, deliberately dressing in inappropriate/provocative ways in public, refusing to abide by common household rules, constantly seeking out novel experiences (staying out all night despite parent warnings), chronic drinking and drug abuse that occurs in the house, bringing home wild like-minded friends, refusing to conform to basic social “norms”, refusing to respect teachers or authority, extreme promiscuity, refusing to work or an inability to maintain gainful employment, etc. The poor parents often reach a breaking point when all remedies and control have utterly failed, and the shape-up or ship-out ultimatum is finally acted upon.

    But like a lot of narcissistic “victims”, they cannot see or admit their own part in the life difficulties they claim to have experienced. It’s far more convenient and effective to gain the desired sympathy action they desperately need to feed their self-absorbed narcissism.

  144. Anon[290] • Disclaimer says:

    Probably intended the modernist painter Francis Bacon, who was definitely a homosexual.

    • Agree: Commentator Mike
    • Replies: @Alrenous
  145. @Commentator Mike

    “Underage” is a bullshit concept, developed by the Sanhedrin controlled B’nai Brith as part of their blackmail regime used to control most of Congre\$\$ and even the Pentagram. There is a huge difference between adolescents and mere children. Yet, the controllers have deliberately conflated the situation.

    Adolescent males are the biggest horn-dogs around. Basically, all they think about is getting their rocks off. Children are a whole nother issue. So you need to get your thinking outside the box developed to control the regime in the Di\$trict of Corruption. Consider the old Quean, McConnell and light in the slippers Linda Graham, Senator from, of all places, Southfriggen Carolina.

    Don’t know whether Burroughs preferred youths or children, however, the former is far more probable. Whatever his sexuality, this heir to the Burroughs adding machine fortune was one odd duck. He even got off on charges down in Mexico, where he most likely murdered his wife. However, his novel, “The Wild Boys” was an interesting excursus into the realm of a righteous army of youths overthrowing repressive governmental regimes.

    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
  146. @fray juan crespi

    Nominally, you pass yourself off as a monk. The Cat-Lick church is overladen with psychopaths, particularly since its takeover by the Marrano founded Jezzies. Didn’t the most famous Jew in human history have something to say about not kvetching about a mote in someone else’s eye, while you have a log in your own?

  147. @Prester John

    More bullshit from academicist sources. The “causations” are primarily spiritual and evolutionary…no NOT of the Darwinist or Neo-Darwinist type, but according to the universal laws of Creator. Why even give minutes of your time listening to these atheistic, materialistic academic idiots?

  148. @jeff stryker

    “Prior to Madonna in 1990 popularizing bisexuality-not many posters here remember this because you are either retired old-age boomers or Gen Z Asian/Indian incel virgin 19 y/olds on this site-no woman wanted to be bisexual.”

    Don’t get personal Jiffy Lube! But there were always masculine women in every society and because of social mores, most of them didn’t want to ‘come’ out of the closet, if you will. And I am certain they’re fascinated by gorgeous female bodies unlike their own ugly selves and most likely had the desire to ‘explore’ it. On the men side, there had to have been feminine types and I am certain they’re taking up the schwing-schwing in places like prisons, armies and even in medieval courts.

    Perversion has been around ever since Adam got screwed by his own rib (Eve) but that didn’t dramatically effect traditional societies but ever since the Jew has gotten hold of the power, the trend has been to undermine natural order and so far he is getting away with it.

    • Replies: @YetAnotherAnon
  149. Alrenous says: • Website
    @John Johnson

    It’s even more obvious that homosexuality is dysfunctional if you yourself are homosexual. “Damn, it would be way easier if I hadn’t been diddled by uncle at 9.” This leads to self-hatred.

    Self-hatred leads to narcissism. Narcissism means assuming everyone is you.

    The one consistent pattern I have noticed about gays/deranged perverts of assorted types is that they assume we share their brains but actively work to suppress them.

    • Replies: @John Johnson
  150. @dearieme

    Do they really suppose that many people would choose such a sad, unsatisfactory existence especially back when representatives of the state – and plenty of other people – enjoyed bullying them?

    I don’t believe that lesbians are all born gay. Not even for most.

    They find relief in lesbianism because they already live sad lives of rejection. They have very limited access to men and unfortunately we live in a society where a lot of value is placed into a woman’s looks. It is not “by chance” that so many lesbians are butch or masculine looking. The proportion of lipstick lesbians on television is Hollywood fantasy.

    With that said there are men that are definitely born gay. I have met them and I doubt that conversion therapies would work. Might be worth trying but like others here I think society should regulate them as they are too promiscuous by nature. AIDs has cost the government over 100 billion in treatment and the vast majority went to paying the bills of irresponsible gay men.

    I also do not doubt that there is a problem with homosexual men that prey upon confused adolescents. Older psychology books talk about them as lacking both sexual and moral control. Once they trust you it is unnerving as to how quickly they will discuss their sexual behaviors. Anyone that has worked around gay men can confirm this. They are seemingly always ready for anonymous sex. I know someone that worked with HIV patients (99% gay) on government aid and one openly talked about how he was saving up money for a sex trip to Asia. Zero shame at all about being on government aid and potentially spreading HIV to gays in another country.

    • Replies: @emerging majority
  151. AndrewR says:

    I have much worse insults, Paul.

  152. @JohnS

    This is the kind of comment I’d expect from a completely sadistic pedophile. So that’s what you are. Go get yourself fisted to death in a bathhouse, pervert.

  153. Thomasina says:

    You are referring to actors and actresses, some of the least likely people ever to know themselves. They are able to mimic well, though; that’s why they act.

    “…the point I’m making is that sexual excess is hardly confined to queers, lesbians, and trannies.”

    More likely spans all those who do not have a solid core, a well-established sense of identity. It’s as if they try to fill themselves up with sex because there isn’t anything else there.

    • Replies: @Sparkon
  154. @Alrenous

    It’s even more obvious that homosexuality is dysfunctional if you yourself are homosexual. “Damn, it would be way easier if I hadn’t been diddled by uncle at 9.” This leads to self-hatred.

    I don’t know if he was molested and don’t want to know.

    He comes from an all American family and his brothers are completely normal. I honestly feel bad for his parents. They are this nice older small town couple.

    His brain is so gay that I get creeped out by talking to him. As my wife pointed out the gay male brain it isn’t a female brain in a man’s body. They aren’t attracted to men in the same way that women are. They also spend far more time thinking about sex as a recreational activity. Their vanity is a constant obsession. Once I ran into him and he said I did a good job matching my clothes. I said I said I didn’t even look at what I put on since it is the weekend. He believed me but I could tell that the idea was impossible to him.

    They really don’t get straight men and assume we all quietly have their thoughts. It’s really weird and creepy. Women at least at some point accept that men are different than them. I can only stand gay men for short periods because even simple conversations turn weird.

    • Thanks: Johann Ricke
  155. @Commentator Mike

    not just regular homosexuals but had sex with catamites, and probably even children. They were predators and as it turns out very unpleasant, even evil, people. But this was usually not publicised.

    well in voltaire’s case, he was parading his asshole around europe for rich men, bottoming for frederick the king of prussia, for years and years. then they had a falling out, maybe he asked him to bottom. who knows. gay tiffs. but voltaire is championed and published in the west, for his “enlightened” preference for eating shit out of the assholes of men wearing wigs.

    is it any surprise we cannot define what a man or a woman is in 2022?

    enlightened my ass

    • Replies: @emerging majority
  156. @American Bulwark

    ” am certain they’re fascinated by gorgeous female bodies unlike their own ugly selves and most likely had the desire to ‘explore’ it”

    Both men and women had their first experiences of food, caresses, warmth and love at a woman’s breast, so it’s not surprising that quite a few women are excited by other women. Women’s sexuality seems to be much more plastic and maybe even ‘trainable’ than men’s.

    • Replies: @Alrenous
  157. Anon[364] • Disclaimer says:

    Indeed. You can almost every time guess correctly the background of a journalist, director, comedian, writer, professor, actor or show host that disparages Christianity and jeezuses constantly: they are either Jews or homos.

    • Agree: Pheasant, Sisifo
  158. Sparkon says:

    I am referring to actors and actresses because they are well-known personalities.

    I could just as easily talk about people I’ve known personally, who were swordsmen of Ronald Reagan’s towering stature, or BJ artists every bit as beautiful and alluring as Grace Kelly, but it would be merely salacious hearsay, whereas entertaining the juicy gossip about the famous faces of tinsel town may help us calibrate our own notions of morality, and it sure is good for a chuckle.

    I hope this is not a shocking revelation, but humans are sexual creatures, and why not? Procreation is obviously one of the purposes of life, and the urge to merge is strong.

    Alas, there are more sexual hang-ups than Fuller had brushes, many if not most originating with religious zealots and others who can’t enjoy sex without feeling guilty about it, and don’t want anyone else to have any fun either.

    • Replies: @Thomasina
  159. Lin says:

    Not just transgenders, some are ‘transpecies’
    **Some like doggie style so much:**Ballerina waving her arms to mimic a dying swan:
    **Mermaids are transfish romanticised:
    **Look,the popular culture icon Batman is a transbat:

    • Replies: @Joe S.Walker
  160. Alrenous says: • Website

    I see.

    The other Bacon’s wiki page has accusations of homosexuality too. “Several authors believe that, despite his marriage, Bacon was primarily attracted to men.”

    In Soviet America, all historical figures have to be either gay, Jewish, or racist.

  161. Realist says:

    Wrong. They believe homosexual *acts* and lifestyle are a choice.

    All sexual *acts* and lifestyles are a choice.


  162. @Change that Matters

    Many people who accuse others of paederasty, are paederasts.

    • Replies: @RestiveUs
  163. Realist says:

    Do they really suppose that many people would choose such a sad, unsatisfactory existence especially back when representatives of the state – and plenty of other people – enjoyed bullying them?

    Yes, indeed and there is a number on this blog…though when called on it they obfuscate.

    I think my father was right: at the age that sexual attraction sets in some few males find that their instincts are directed differently.

    I agree, as a young boy, I never had to decide which way to go…I was obviously a heterosexual.

  164. Alrenous says: • Website

    Sexual cues for women are more social than physical. If a woman is assertive and dominant, that’s good enough. If assertive, dominant, and someone she can brag to her friends about, it hits all the notes. There’s an amusing anecdote about a F-to-M lesbian trying to pick up other women. “Actually I’m a chick.” “Oh, huh. Again next Friday?” Bonus: women can also develop abs, or at least take steroids.

    Though generally the woman will pick up infertility cues sooner or later. The series goes through penetration to impregnation, and they will ultimately fall out of lust with anyone who can’t. After you bang a woman enough times she gets broody and if you don’t give her a brood her genes label you impotent. It’s one major cause of lesbian bed death.

    Happens to straight couples too if they “date” for 5+ years, abusing the pill. If they stay together it’s not because they like each other, but because they feel stuck. You can see it on their faces: they look kind of crestfallen or exhausted all the time.

  165. Anon[364] • Disclaimer says:

    Regarding Greece.. the problem was the “space” that the culture afforded women, so to speak. In a very real sense, women were largely undeveloped outside and inside the household. (It would be interesting to understand what role slavery played in this.) If you read Plato’s “the banquet” you will see that at least the citizens were quite open to homosexual liaisons. Socrates was held as particularly virtuous for having resisted the charms of beautiful and wealthy Alcibiades, who sneaked into his bed naked. It would be fair to say in Greece love was merely erotic love. Much less emphasis —if any— on romantic or familial love.

    Then there was a difference between city-states. The wedding ritual in (heavily homosexual) Sparta would astonish many. The chosen bride was shorn of her hair, covered in a coarse shift and laid down not on the bed but on the floor. The room would be unlit, dark. The male was encouraged to come in, do the deed, and not linger but rather go back to the barracks. Keep in mind that the partners had had very little prior contact.

    The elderly Greek professor doing the translation was sheepish and said it was tantamount to rape, misogynistic, etc etc. True, but the ritual also did great harm to the male, almost as if the point was to deprive bride and the bridegroom the opportunity to bond and fall in love and have a “normal” marriage.

    It would seem there is a natural law, the transgression of which sets the stage for unhappiness and less fruitful societies. To paraphrase Tolstoi’s insight: “All happy societies are alike, each unhappy society is unhappy in its own way.” A correct understanding of man and woman and the family unit greatly contribute to a society’s outcomes.

  166. Realist says:
    @fray juan crespi

    Your reply seems to have been written by a moron.

    I have no idea where you got 40 years or any of the other goofy shit you wrote.

  167. Backward says:
    @Robert Dolan

    How could the Chinese empire thrive without Christianity? How could Rome thrive without Christianity?

    • Replies: @Swaytonious
  168. Pheasant says:

    Who mentioned Christianity? Whos living rent free in your head. Trying to hold me to a standard you dont even agree with. By the way most mainstream churches now accept homosexuals.

    Fucking moron.

    • Replies: @Realist
  169. Alrenous says: • Website

    When someone asks for sympathy, unless you know them personally, it is almost always proof they don’t deserve it.

    They’re asking for a stranger’s sympathy because those close to them, who know the history, aren’t providing any.

    If it’s none of your business, it’s best to have no comment.

  170. anarchyst says:

    Mental illness has been legitimized, laws being passed protecting “gender fluidity”. When will the madness stop??
    It started out with decriminalizing homosexuality.
    We were told that all homosexuals wanted was to be respected and left to form their own relationships. Almost no one had a problem with that, but when militant homosexuals finally had political clout, they exercised their power with a vengeance, demanding that those of us who do not agree with their behavior be silenced.
    Harassment of the Masterpiece Cake Shop for refusing to bake a “gay-themed” cake by Colorado state officials is a prime example of state abuse of power. The homosexual lobby purposely chose the Masterpiece Cake Shop as a target, even when they could have had the cake baked by other bakeries. The head of the Colorado commission who persecuted the cake shop is himself a homosexual.
    It is FACT that homosexuals “recruit” impressionable young boys whose sexual identities are not yet “set in stone” and are vulnerable to the disgusting machinations of adult homosexuals. These adult homosexual predators are called “chickenhawks” whose criminal activities result in many damaged and lost lives among young impressionable boys.
    Homosexual “poster boy” Harvey Milk was a prominent chickenhawk predator who bragged about introducing young boys to the “lifestyle”. Sad to say, the U S Navy named a ship after this homosexual criminal predator.
    This homosexual lobby is so powerful, that in some states, “conversion therapy” (reversing homosexual tendencies) is now illegal.
    It gets worse…the slippery slope indeed…
    There are calls to decriminalize pedophilia, redefining criminal pedophiles as “minor-attracted adults”. this decriminalization of such damaging behavior started out with the legitimizing of homosexuality as a “lifestyle”…

    • Replies: @emerging majority
  171. Pheasant says:
    @RJ Macready

    Did you misplace your fedo ra? Is there is Rabbi in the woodpile?

    Fuck off.

  172. Backward says:

    While it is no secret that Christians have hated “homosexuals” for 2000 years. So why are you surprised?

  173. Backward says:

    Thank you, I appreciate your civility.
    Roles and partners are different because the Romans did not object to the sex of the partner, as long as the “vir” had the active role. What was considered dishonourable was performing a role inconsistent with one’s social status. In the Roman mind, an adult man of high status couldn’t possibly play the passive role he might have played as a young boy.

  174. @Element59

    So. You have a degree(s) in clinical psychology, on the B.F. Skinner model?

    When one grows up in a clinically insane, consumerist, materialistic culture, intelligent and sensitive types, close to the human androgynous norm, whether or not outwardly expressed in voice modulation or clothing expressions; it is definitely a positive sign if such an individuated person will be impelled and possibly even compelled to rebel.

    Face it, dude, you strike me as an enforcer of those very cultural norms which denote a clinically insane culture. Initially predicated on a few verses in Constantine’s Bible and latterly enforced by Holy Mother Church, and its not so protesting offshoots and then a partial shifting of gears into leftbrain rationalistic, logical, exclusivist monomanias; the insanity of contemporary mass mindsets in devolutionary America is writ large in psychobabylonian statements like yours.

    • Replies: @Element59
  175. J Carpio says:

    My son has effeminate tendencies. I am worried that he could be gay or heading in that direction. He’s 19 and has very high functioning Autism. He’s got few friendships — boy or female. I’d say he’s a loner. Is there any intervention that someone can recommend to me? I am desperate and racked with guilt for not spending more time with him as a kid. But he was never into sports. I raised him the same way that my European parents raised me — set a good (silent) example. Please offer any advice that you have. He’s starting university this September.

    • Replies: @anarchyst
    , @Factorize
    , @kim
  176. @anarchyst

    So you are an adherent to the evils of “conversion therapy” in a baldfaced campaign to alter or even change the very innate nature of a spiritual being. Shame on you!

    • Replies: @anarchyst
  177. @fray juan crespi

    Curious: What was the procedure which enlightened your ass? Hopefully, you were not the recipient of a lightbulb. There are weirdos out there, but that’s a new one on me.

  178. Word games were more fun before the pronoun thing.

  179. Mark Dankof says: • Website

    The article doesn’t mention the importance of getting tested for STDs. My advice to the Alamo City for Pride Week and Month was posted on Vkontakte as a public service to the community.


    “If you support Zelensky in Ukraine and Biden’s Democratic Party in San Antonio, get tested today.”

  180. anarchyst says:
    @J Carpio

    Your son sounds like a caring, concerned individual.
    Kudos to you for raising him right. What are your son’s interests? You would do well to encourage him in whatever interests him. From music to technology, to philosophy and other non-sports interests, there are many other things to occupy one’s time and mind instead of mindless sports.
    Those who are on the high-level autism spectrum (Aspergers) are some of the worlds greatest and best thinkers, philosophers, analysts, engineers, innovators, inventors and that of other non-sports pursuits–things that really make a difference.
    I would be reluctant to suggest profession intervention as, in my humble opinion, you son’s skills will cause others to gravitate towards him as other will find his skills valuable. He will learn to interact socially when others seek him out to utilize his expertise.
    Social interactions can be difficult, but once his skills are known, he will have little problem interacting with others, as others will seek him out for his technical and professional expertise.
    I am speaking from personal experience, never having been professionally “diagnosed” as being on the “spectrum”. Knowing that I was “different” but not being able to “put my finger on the differences”, being somewhat socially inept, (but one hell of an engineer and musician) I was able to “crawl out of my shell”, have had a successful lifetime career and decent social life.
    All the best to you and your son…

  181. anarchyst says:
    @emerging majority

    “Conversion therapy” to reduce homosexual tendencies is no different than the “conversion therapy” that homosexuals use to recruit and groom vulnerable heterosexual children, introducing them to the homosexual “lifestyle” which ruins them for life.
    Shame on you.

    • Replies: @emerging majority
  182. Realist says:

    Who mentioned Christianity? Whos living rent free in your head. Trying to hold me to a standard you dont even agree with. By the way most mainstream churches now accept homosexuals.

    I don’t care if you’re Christian or not… you’re sure a dickhead.

    Tell someone to kill themselves is sick

    You’re a scummy little fuck.

  183. @Anonymous

    The original gay liberation movement in ’69 and ’70 was both about liberation of eros (as against the basic animal reproductive act) and a significant element of the generality of liberation movements which suddenly burst forth from the several repressed minorities during that era.

    The Black Panthers; the American Indian Movement and several expressions of Neo-feminism all reached peak energy levels during the core of the despicable U\$\$A massacres of well over a million Vietnamese people. All these movements crescendoed in the October 1969 half-million-strong peace-march in San Francisco.

    These developments rapidly reverberated throughout the land. The very word “Gay” as recognized in a major mass-media publication came to public attention for the first time in July of ’70 when Time magazine covered the first major Gay mass-march/demonstration up Hollywood Boulevard before crowds of thousands. The dernier cri in the coverage was highlighted in the articles final paragraph, which quoted a button produced by the L.A. Gay Liberation Front: “Better Blatant than Latent”.

    Up to that time, Gays and to a much lesser degree, Lesbians were often arrested, sometimes assaulted, usually fined and/or blackmailed by the L.A. P.D. Nowadays those gay “pride” marches often feature lesbian and gay police officers—in uniform.

    Some changes are positive, others not so good culturally.

    By the mid-70’s some very slick organizations assumed the role of representatives of gays and lesbians. Those organizations were initially funded by some of the ((usual suspects)) and later on by growingly wealthy gay men, the West Hollywood crowd and suchlike.

    Gone was the emphasis on personal liberation from Neo-Victorian anti-erotic strictures. Rather, these organizations began pushing silly notions like gay marriage and the tranny fad. The motives behind these sidetracks were to once again divide the American people into mutually hostile camps.

    George Soros currently finances and pays trained seals to run various organizations and fake “movements” such as BLM, Antifa and the gun-control agenda. The usual suspects have long worked diligently to continue to push their “divide and conquer/divide and rule” agenda.

    Boobus Americanus, deliberately misinformed by school systems and mass-media, tend to take sides in those agenda-created “Hot-Button” issues.

    And of course, as “anonymous” claims, the most outrageous acts and actions always get prime billing and front-page coverage. This tends to piss-off the normies and Normas and utterly outrages the Troglydites.

  184. @emerging majority

    Are you an atheist? I remind you demented militantly atheist communists murdered more people in a 70 year period than the inquisition and a thousand years of the crusades COMBINED! Your moral high horse is a jack-ass drowning in the shallows. There is nothing more dangerous in than an atheist with power.

  185. @anarchyst

    Why call yourself “Anarchyst” when you happen to be a fanatic about maintaining the very norms which keep people confused and at each others’ throats. Your concern about children may be admirable, as I don’t hold with drag-shows for kindergartners and suchlike silliness. However, you must learn to discern between actual pre-pubescent children and horn-dog kids.

    At some time in the future, helping them get their rocks off may be considered a valuable public-service.

    After all, the most painful thing I ever semi-witnessed was when I walked into a public park facility to take a shower and in the process of getting ready for the shower I heard a high-pitched “uh, oh, oww” coming from the crapper cubicle across the way from behind the low-cut divider wall. Looked over there and I see these tiny shins under colorful socks. Assuming the worst, I belted out a loud warning. Out of the door ran a kid of maybe 14 pulling up his shorts as he evacuated. The voice and the colorful socks came from a girl of ten or maybe eleven.

    Perhaps the child was too young to get impregnated, but maybe not. Can you imagine anything worse than a pregnant pre-teen, particularly in one of those states which forbid abortions? If that horny kid was getting daily head for his hot to trot wounded weenie, maybe he would not have seduced that child. Wouldn’t be surprised if he was already a regular passing off for being eighteen on one of those loose-goosie porn sites.

    Maybe he was already tired of the happy handshake and was on his way to having to pay child-support before he even is old enough to buy alcohol. Once a kid experiences the primary carnal act for the first time he’s usually hooked…and it’s not on phonics.

    • Replies: @kim
    , @anarchyst
  186. @RJ Macready

    We gave atheists a century and in that time the militantly atheist communists murdered more people in the name of their atheist utopia than all the crusades and the inquisition combined.

    Imagine being that blinded by narcissism.

  187. @Backward

    The Roman Empire was Christian longer than it was pegan.. unless you take the Jewish view that the Eastern Emperors in Constantinople had no continuity with those in the west. Of course if you do we would understand you follow the Jewish narrative of history and therefore have invalid opinions.

    • Replies: @Backward
  188. @Vinnie O

    I don’t agree. The Romans hated the Greeks for their homosexual practices. If you were a homosexual in Rome, your life span was short.

    • Disagree: Backward
  189. @John Johnson

    According to Dr. Allan Cantwell, Aids was developed at the Army’s Fort Detrick base in Maryland and had the full support of a Congressional grant. The top Brass was apparently freaked out in the late 70’s when gays and lesbians were coming out of the closets in large numbers and so were the Congre\$\$critters.

    Haters always tend to jump on the blame-game bandwagon if it happens to fit into their pre-digested prejudices. Older psychology books, which Yonny Yonson cites are usually coming from some warped Freudian perspective and not from the depth psychology of a genius like Carl Jung. They also tend to follow the directives of B.F. Skinner who kept his own children in cages and was a devout follower of Pavlov and his operant conditioning of dogs.

    Many of the “sex pigs” Yonny cites are/were the products of a massively repressive anti-eroticism false morality shtick, originated with organized religion and their fear programming and then by the psychobabbling minder-binders, endeavoring to keep the plebes in line. A similar phenomenon can be seen in college binge-drinking at campus bars on weekends. Those kids have been bottled up so long in hypocritical Neo-puritan environments, that as soon as they escape the family nest, they are gung-ho to let it all hang out.

    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
  190. Factorize says:
    @J Carpio

    Get him full genome sequenced through Nebula Genomics and read through their polygenic scores. They have dozens of polygenic scores that provide a large amount of insight into patterns of behavior etc.. The problem has been that people could not precisely describe what their actual problems were. There is a small, inadequate vocabulary for these problems such as depression, autism and others that are used for everyone; even when the terms do not apply.

    Basically, people have been shoe-horned into the very limited number of diagnostic categories that exist. This will become obvious when you get back the polygenic report. For example, when you suggest that your son “has high Functioning Autism”, are you really sure that it is autism or could it be something autism “like”?

    Before I received my polygenic report I would also have chosen high functioning autism as the most probable description to describe myself largely because it was essentially the only choice on the menu that describes aloneness type behaviors. I suspect everyone in the community (including doctors) who had to make this assessment about me would have also guessed autism. It was only once I read the genetic report did I realize how wrong such an assessment was. While the report did lack a good measure of autism itself (it only had systemizing), what immediately caught my eye was my score for “Loneliness”. I scored at the 5% in loneliness meaning that I have very low predisposition to feel loneliness. I strongly suspect that this is the best explanation for my behavior: I rarely feel lonely even when I am not around other people. For me not feeling lonely probably mimics autism.

    Making these sorts of discoveries about your son could be critically important in supporting him in his development. With my polygenic report I can see how completely backwards the response by my family and others was in trying to help me. The typical response that I received from others was to get out there and socialize with others. Given my polygenics, the suggestion to be the life of the party makes zero sense.

    If you do not know exactly what the problem is, then whatever random intervention that you try likely will merely make things worse. You could always consider sending him to a doctor, though even with doctors if they have not incorporated genetic thinking into their practice it too would only make things worse. Seeking such support would, however, be highly instructive to you, as you would then realize how counter-productive such help would have been if you had followed it. I have found that my genome report has offered extremely insights into my inner person that has helped to instantly clarify how I should behave to function at my optimum. Without such mental clarity life had always been very confusing to me.

    With your son’s genome report, you and he will discover a great number of things that you likely had never understood before; I know my report was very startling to me. Remember with polygenics, your son will have had a different set of scores from you. It is not like a dominant trait where he had it or doesn’t. With polygenics it is more quantitative, it is more shades of gray.

    I feel that we are rapidly approaching a day of genetic reckoning as when people finally genotype a great many personality and other features will be revealed to them and our society will need to reorganize itself to accommodate these discoveries.

    • Thanks: anarchyst
    • Replies: @Backward
  191. @emerging majority

    It can get confusing in the case of rent boys. I used to know some teenagers who used to rent themselves out to old pervert homosexuals just for the money they would spend on drugs or going out but otherwise they seemed normal and had regular girlfriends. I don’t know if they grew out of this monetary induced phase or became adult homosexuals.

    Also in some societies, like among Arabs, it is only the passive party that is considered gay and looked down on. I suppose violence is often used to decide who will play that role and it is often the younger weaker party that becomes the bottom. Although Islam bans homosexuality it is surprising how they allow their young boys to engage in it, especially when it comes to renting them to foreign homosexuals. Some of the transexuals in the Third World may also have made their choice because of monetary interests seeing women profiting from prostitution. When money is involved it becomes hard to decide what is “natural”. And then rich affluent degenerates easily spread their perversion.

    • Replies: @emerging majority
  192. kim says:
    @J Carpio

    Vaccines. Do they really need 72 vaccines by age 15?

  193. kim says:
    @emerging majority

    the most painful thing I ever semi-witnessed was when

    Well you certainly have lived a sheltered life.

  194. anarchyst says:
    @emerging majority

    People are confused more than ever by the LGBTQXYZ123 demands for “cisgender” recognition and are presently using the courts to demand that their “cisgender” pronouns be recognized. This is an offshoot of the homosexual “pride” movement which has now been “normalized”.
    As Charlton Heston remarked in “The Planet of the Apes” movie “it’s a madhouse”.
    The child WAS too young to get impregnated. Your nonjudgmental attitude towards such behavior speaks VOLUMES. It is possible that the children were exposed to pornography or “grooming” and were acting on what they observed…
    That being said, I don’t care what (mentally ill) adults do among themselves.
    Sexualizing pre-pubescent children, pushing LGBTQXYZ123 as “normal” on today’s children is child abuse of the highest order. Transgender “freak shows” sponsored by public schools is criminal…and is “grooming”.
    Parents who go along with this crap deserve to lose custody of their children.
    We are seeing the repeat of the Weimar Republic in which “anything goes”…not good.

    • Replies: @emerging majority
  195. @WingsofADove

    Vidal was engaging in PilPul.

  196. hankjr says:

    it’s not just psychological. It’s also an affect of the amount of endocrine disrupting chemicals in the environment. Throughout history, there has always been a few homosexuals in any society. but not to the level we are seeing now.

  197. Sisifo says:
    @H. Ph. Vogel

    The decline in testosterone started many decades ago and has reached alarming proportions, plus we have a long list of new chemicals, widely used, which mimic estrogens and cause havoc in the hormonal system.

    • Agree: Backward
  198. I’m tired of fags.


    • Replies: @Hankjr
  199. KDE1711 says:

    Anal penetration is inherently violent and hateful, even when consensual. It revolts against the cosmic order, desecrates the body, and dehumanizes both participants. The most obscene lie perpetrated by the modern left is that shit-fucking is “love.”
    Lesbians might not generally abuse their bodies to the degree of the average male homosexual, but their lifestyle is no less hollow and miserable, defined as it is by rejection of their proper womanhood and hatred of men.
    Homosexuals live a lie, which naturally leads to mental anguish.

  200. so much mental masturbation to avoid the obvious reason for sexual deviants having more and more significant psychological problems:
    when you endorse and give your life over to sin, you engage in ever more self destructive and contradictory behaviors.

    • Replies: @Backward
  201. Thomasina says:

    Good-looking people (and, no, I don’t include Ronald Reagan in this category) are a dime a dozen. So is antisocial behavior, the art of acting, manipulation, seduction, short-term hook-ups. Empty bags.

    So stress during pregnancy caused more gay babies to be born post-WWII? Maybe. Or maybe it was the emotional absence of all the shell-shocked fathers returning from war? Or overly-protective mothers who wanted perpetual infants who would never leave them? Take your pick.

    So much more to say, but I’ll leave it there.

    • Replies: @Sparkon
  202. Element59 says:
    @emerging majority

    The great thing about Unz is that it’s a platform for dissident views and controversial ideas to be freely discussed and debated. This is why I come here. I don’t come here for more of the woke progressive moralizing invective that’s commonplace on the WaPo type of publications.

    “So. You have a degree(s) in clinical psychology, on the B.F. Skinner model?”

    This isn’t an argument, but it is a deflection to addressing mine. And it’s rich, given that you proceed to diagnose a “clinically insane culture” in your rebuttal. Citation?

    “When one grows up in a clinically insane, consumerist, materialistic culture, intelligent and sensitive types, close to the human androgynous norm, whether or not outwardly expressed in voice modulation or clothing expressions; it is definitely a positive sign if such an individuated person will be impelled and possibly even compelled to rebel.”

    Did you even read this study and James Thompson’s comments? It appears not. It suggests the very basis for the argument that I made; that mental disorders in homosexuals appears to be operating independent of culture and social acceptance:

    “Results as shown in the above paper should be very unlikely if the main cause of distress is lack of public acceptance. The fact that the pattern is international also makes it seem that social acceptance is not the key variable, since this still varies in different countries.”

    I stand by all of my comments and they are based on a lifetime of first-hand experiences with homosexual siblings/relatives, former roommates, co-workers, bosses, and yes, good friends. I have lived in a gay enclave as well, and these are the consistent patterns that can summarize the majority of those who claim they were “kicked out” of their family home “for being gay”. It’s convenient and soothing for them to process themselves and their troubled fast life histories as being a perpetual victim of their family/society sans personal agency or responsibility. They believe they don’t deserve any criticism for their behaviors and choices, and those who do criticize are just out to get them.

    “Face it, dude, you strike me as an enforcer of those very cultural norms which denote a clinically insane culture. Initially predicated on a few verses in Constantine’s Bible and latterly enforced by Holy Mother Church, and its not so protesting offshoots and then a partial shifting of gears into leftbrain rationalistic, logical, exclusivist monomanias; the insanity of contemporary mass mindsets in devolutionary America is writ large in psychobabylonian statements like yours.”

    Another useless retort that avoids addressing a single claim I’ve stated…or the study…or Thompson’s comments.

    It’s rich again in that you assert “psychobabylonian statements” when your prior paragraph states: “intelligent and sensitive types, close to the human androgynous norm, whether or not outwardly expressed in voice modulation or clothing expressions; it is definitely a positive sign if such an individuated person will be impelled and possibly even compelled to rebel”


    This is just awful, blank-slate banality that implies that humans are strictly products of a response to their cultural environment (yay Lysenkoism!). That gays would be perfectly fine and well-adjusted citizens, indistinguishable from anyone else – if – they didn’t have to consume your recipe of alleged cultural maladies.

    It’s akin to invoking woke-speak language for the stubborn persistence of black dysfunction, despite enormous societal efforts to close all gaps. Making absolutely staggering social and cultural improvements for blacks for decades has not cured or improved their long list of serious social dysfunction. Same appears to be true for gays and their own associated dysfunctions.

    • Replies: @Alrenous
  203. @Element59

    But like a lot of narcissistic “victims”, they cannot see or admit their own part in the life difficulties they claim to have experienced

    they seem to be incapable of taking responsibility for their actions, because they seem to be able to get away with whatever they want to.

    one time in a group environment, we were all sitting around talking and enjoying ourselves. a dude walking by eating gummy bears dropped a gummy bear onto my pants, landed right on top of my crouch area, on accident. a guy 4 years older than me promptly decided it was a good idea to grab the gummy bear off my crouch area. he did just that and smiled. everyone thought it was kinda weird. i thought it was weird. but i am a tolerant big guy.

    turns out it was a good thing i didn’t beat the fuck out of him for that, and just laughed it off as boys being boys? because little did i know he was a faggot. you see, 2 years later, i found out he was a literal shit eating starbucks barista homosexual.

    but if i had beat him up without knowing he was gay, lord knows every fag would have called it a hate crime, or something.

    what i am trying to say is, gays think they can do whatever they want with no backlash. gays are a legally protected class who are allowed to be degenerates. that has to do wonders to their psyche. if being an obnoxious homo isn’t enough, now you have an entire month!

    what i am trying to say is matthew shepard probably tried to touch a guy at the redneck bar. bad decision.

    • Replies: @Element59
  204. @emerging majority

    So what made them give up on suppressing homosexuality to promoting it? Is it because of the de-population agenda?

    • Replies: @WhoaWaitaMinute
  205. Wielgus says:

    Really? People trying to enforce through burning if necessary the idea that the sun travels around the earth were better scientists than Galileo?

    • Replies: @Alrenous
  206. Backward says:

    Regardless of what you consider Roman, my question was not: which religion made the Roman empire last longer? Rather it was: how could Rome (or China) thrive without Christianity?
    Good luck with twisting arguments, it’s an Abrahamic speciality.

  207. Backward says:

    By the same token, taking away virginity from a woman is also an inherently violent act. And relationships of women with men can equally be hollow and miserable -just look at the number of divorces, for heaven’s sake, or at all the women who throughout history have poisoned their husbands.
    It is not up to you to determine what kind of life a woman is meant to find fulfilling. Most will love men, others will be indifferent, others will love women. I don’t understand why this fact poses a problem for some men, if not out of sexual frustration. Homosexual behaviour has always existed and exists in the animal kingdom too, which makes your claims sound as if nature was unnatural.

    • Replies: @KDE1711
  208. Backward says:

    Imagine having such a low self awareness that you rely on genetic analysis to tell you what you feel. Scientism, the religion of the dumb who fancy themselves intelligent.

    • Replies: @Factorize
  209. @Commentator Mike


    Back in the 80’s when we were young you remember that a CLUB MAGAZINE would send feminists into the streets in droves because Sam Fox was showing her big breasts.

    Nowadays porn is nothing but six men stretching out a prolapsed anus of a woman or beating her or worse & the feminists say “IT’S SO EMPOWERING!!!”

    Samantha Fox is an example of a tough old dyke who was probably hetero by wiring but after having been used by males she went Lesbian & hates males.

    At any rate, the pornographers won.

    They won.

    Nine year old girls believe the average male penis should be as long & black as a police nightstick & prepubescent boys believe girls do anal “creampies”

    What is the big deal of saying that buggery spreads AIDS anyhow? Of course it does.

    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
  210. @jeff stryker

    The kind of classic porn they made in our youth is now referred to as “vanilla” as what they produce nowadays is getting ever more extreme.

    • Replies: @Wielgus
  211. @Commentator Mike


    I think Millennial & Zoomer males use pornography as an outlet for how angry at women they are & feminized society.

    1) Nobody is going to pay to watch a BJ or sex because kids do this free on their cell phones. The mores of teen girls are completely wiped out & as a result so is their SMV.

    2) Ergo, porn has to be shocking. To portray acts that are horrendous. Ben Dover once said that human trafficking put the British & American porn with its dole fraud slags & punters out of business full stop.

    3) Males these days are “fapped out”. Back when we were young, only dirty old men & school boys of O-Level age were porn addicts. It was just not a normal thing for a male in his reproductive prime to be wanking to porn all day. Now it is normal.

    4) Economically Gen Y & Z cannot have a real normal sex life anyhow. Living at home until 40.

    5) The sexual revolution of the 60’s & 70’s was a way to wipe out the healthy distrust/resistance of working people to the upper class

    • Replies: @KDE1711
    , @KDE1711
  212. Backward says:
    @furor kek tonicus

    Therefore the vast majority of mankind must have huge psychological problems due to their sinful worship of money, lust, anger, laziness, gluttony, pride… oh wait, I forgot that for Abrahamic bigots the only sin is sex.

  213. Santocool says:

    Socially inept Isaac Newton…

    Do you want a list of socially inept geniuses whose brains weren’t working properly??

    It must be because most kids are like underdeveloped adults OR comparatively mentally handicapped, so when most kids grow up they remain idiots and therefore unempathetic, not just with ”lgbt” but with everyone else.

    In fact, when you’re bullying someone, it’s likely that the more primitive parts of your brain are working while the more advanced parts are silent. It’s not much different from when you’re drunk.

    Bullying is a classic case of a lack of emotional intelligence, of control and understanding of one’s own and others’ emotions.

    Bullying someone who isn’t doing anything to deserve it, it’s likeshooting a rose or opening an umbrella when the weather is just cloudy.

    • Replies: @Backward
  214. @Commentator Mike

    Somehow you are stuck on the concept of “perversion”. Consider that samesex eroticism is the most natural form of birth control. Try to argue that one. Good luck.

    Attitudes on same-sexuality vary widely across cultures, as you have pointed out. Bisexuality is the evolutionary developed norm, which was battered and beaten down by “Holy Mother Church” because it messed with their fear-based control and domination policies.

    Prior, to Constantinian Churchianity and similar excrescences common to Sunni Islam and to hyper-Judaism; there was a considered social value in keeping horny young males out of the breeding population until they matured in their mid-20’s or thereabouts.
    There are similar developments in the higher levels of the phylogenetic scales among the great apes, chimps, elephants
    and lions. The randy young males are deported/exiled until such time as they have grown into full adulthood and are then able to successfully battle some of the oldest males in the group and take over their roles as favored insemenators.

    You confuse “natural” with normal. Natural can be either endemic or evolutionary. Normality simply happens to be “go along to get along” herd mentality. Culturally, normalcy is static, no creativity. New directions can only (axiomatically, even) be developed by those with the intuition, insights and creativity to violate the norms and develop templates for higher levels of general acculturation. Often among humans, this can take decades to be fully incorporated by the non-creative masses.

    “Degenerates” and “perversions”, terminologically, are not even capable of becoming “retro”. They are value judgements based primarily on false assumptions and programming. The whole notion is anti-evolutionary and retrogressive. It’s basis is in organized religion and the fear-programming those self-serving institutions promulgate. You probably are at least half a generation younger than me, but some of your ingrained engrams are virtually senescent.

    One is never too old to re-create one’s outlooks.

    • Replies: @Art Deco
  215. @anarchyst

    As I noted in another posting, the original gay liberation movement in ’69 and the early 70’s was part of a generalized movement of minorities and intuitive creators who had come to realize that the war-based and corporate controlled system in the U.\$. was becoming worse and worse and needed to be opposed and ultimately replaced.

    For various reasons, that rebellion never did become a revolution, culturally at least. It was co-opted.

    So gay liberation was first denigrated as a unity and then replaced by an extremist wing amongst lesbian feminists of the most militant type. THEY not only insisted on being calling “lesbians” and not “gay”, so okay. But over time, with organizations being developed by the ((usual suspects)) and wealthy and very culturally conservative gay men; the gay liberation movement became taken over by these emplaced institutions, which included paid staff/bureaucracies who diligently heeded their “masters’” voices.

    Thus was born LBGTWTF and all the other silliness and divisive agendas, which were carefully inculcated to become key elements in the controllers’ “divide and conquer” hot-button issues which have successfully divided WE THE PEOPLE.

    So preferred, innate eroticism is a non-issue. The real struggle is against the financial elite, not against the false-fronts of their paid minions.

  216. Art Deco says:
    @emerging majority

    One is never too old to re-create one’s outlooks.

    You’re not outbidding anyone.

  217. KDE1711 says:
    @jeff stryker

    Absolutely spot-on.
    Porn is psychological warfare. That’s why it’s free; if it were meant simply to feed consumer demand then the free streaming sites where users get the bulk of their porn wouldn’t exist. The penis enlargement ads don’t fund those sites; they’re CIA/Soros operations.
    The primary purpose is to waste men’s time, drain their energy, obliterate their morals, and deaden their spirit. This keeps them from revolting against the neoliberal order.
    The secondary purpose is more subtle and sinister – to sow distrust between the sexes and poison our concept of sexual normalcy. Sickos who find black-on-white sex and anal mutilation arousing surely exist, but they account for no more than a small percentage of porn users. That’s just common sense. I’m far from naive about human nature, but no sane person wants to see a woman take two massive penises in her anus. Not even sexually uninhibited women lust after blacks – in my wayward youth, I met women of ill repute who told me blacks are rough and disgusting. How then to explain the ubiquity of this putrid content? It’s meant to provoke fear and despair; to make women think men are all violent perverts, to make men think women are all depraved sluts. It’s meant to indoctrinate a generation of young people into believing that loving, procreative sex is aberrant, into thinking it’s healthy and “empowering” to make hate with another human body.
    Porn is the most evil crime committed by the globalists. It may have destroyed more lives than drugs by now. To anyone reading this who still uses porn, stop immediately. When you use porn, you’re like one of the boys turned into a caged donkey in Pinnochio – dehumanized and enslaved. Humans were meant for noble acts of love and self-sacrifice, not to drown in the mud of perverse lust.

    • Replies: @Anon
  218. Alrenous says: • Website

    That is certainly the story the enlightenment/secular humanists/progressives like to tell, yes. I’m sure they enjoy their own mythology.

    • Replies: @Wielgus
  219. @KDE1711

    Your confusion on these issues is monumental. Some years ago I read about French prostitutes in Marseilles, the largest port city in the Mediterranean. This was back in the day when sailors often spent weeks if not months on the briny and when they docked for a few days had two things on their minds: (1. get stinking drunk and (2. “get your ashes hauled”.

    So after too much to drink, those sailors sought out whore-houses. They paid their money and entered the little room with the woman who made her income on her back. However, some of them had drunk waaay too much and were unable to get “up” to the task.

    After long experience, the prostie pulled out her candle, flipped the seaman around and inserted it into his golden-gate. In only a few short minutes, she had massaged his male “G-spot” (that quarter of the prostate gland which extended within the rectum). The massaging accomplished the mission. Sailor-man rose to the occasion. He inserted, pumped a few times and then achieved release. So did the woman.

    Mission accomplished. Job done.


    So your notions on “anal-penetrations” are based on simple ignorance and not so simple prejudice. Unlike women, whom a number of “normal” men enjoy penetrating anally as well as up front, men are quite capable of enjoyment “taking it”. Reason: Women do not have a “G-spot” located immediately behind the nutsack, so they receive no physical enjoyment from that rather common act on the part of “normal” hetero men.

    As for “living a lie”, you clearly are utterly clueless. There is not a single human community on the entire planet which does not include an approximate 8% of its population as being samesex oriented. If you are capable of some level of original thought based on deductive reasoning and perhaps a bit of inductive sensing; you should come to realize that a phenomenon which is universal amongst humans would not persist if it had no evolutionary utility.

    • Replies: @KDE1711
  220. Wielgus says:
    @Commentator Mike

    I remember copies of the magazine Mayfair circulating at my school at the end of the 1970s. By today’s standards it was indeed pretty vanilla, although, in its way, it was an education resource for males going through puberty, just as much as the formal school textbooks were for the formal school subjects.

  221. Wielgus says:

    Seems to me that the secular humanists on this one are most people, and the Catholic Church leadership ruled Galileo to be “vehemently suspect of heresy”. For which the punishment was not a parking ticket. And despite a recantation he was probably lucky to get off with just house arrest to the end of his life. As opposed to what Thomas More, himself a persecutor of heretics in the previous century, called “the short fire”. The long fire being for More Hell, “where the wretches burn forever”.

    • Replies: @Alrenous
  222. KDE1711 says:

    Coitus is the divinely ordained mechanism of human reproduction. The pain that accompanies deflowering is simply part of the cycle of life in a fallen world. Anal sex is foul mutilation that serves only to please the id and possess another’s flesh. No honest intelligent person can fail to see the difference between procreative sex and fecal penetration.
    When did I say that heterosexual relationships can’t be hollow and miserable? Thanks to the sexual revolution, most of them are.
    My comment clearly stated that male homosexuality is typically more depraved and unhealthy than lesbianism. If my motive were sexual frustration, then I’d welcome male homosexuality. As it happens, I’m not celibate, but if I were, what exactly would be wrong with opposing lesbianism (and all other manifestations of feminism) out of sexual frustration? Are the impoverished not allowed to oppose neoliberal oligarchy due to their personal bias?
    The mere existence of something in nature does not make it natural in the philosophical sense. Homosexuality – and contraceptive heterosexuality – overtly revolt against the teleological function of eros.

  223. Anonymous[129] • Disclaimer says:
    @Prester John

    Nevertheless, to me at least it remains unclear what, exactly, CAUSES sexual deviancy.

    See: Dutton, How to Judge People by What They Look Like, 2018; kindle edition in


    Dutton indirectly points out that mammalian genomes are not particularly stable. From other sources, it turns out that the integration of anaerobes as mitochondria in eukaryotic cells is less than perfect. Mitochondria essentially execute metabolism that involves oxygen and ends in the production of ATP. Some of the compounds involved in this process lost to general cellular material, and cause various forms of cell damage. DNA is damaged along with every other cellular structure. [1]

    DNA damage explains quite a bit about mammalian species, such as why they have sexual reproduction, why males have only one copy of the complete genetic heritance (the X gene) while women have two, and why fertility declines with age. It also explains why the “Red Queen” [2] of natural selection is necessary for the very continuation of mammalian life.

    The basic mechanism is that DNA becomes corrupted as people age [3]. Corrupted (mutated) DNA usually produces a dysfunctional result.

    What the mammals do to counter the creeping dysfunction is to rely on “natural selection”, both physical and sexual, to prevent the mutants from reproducing. In effect, mammals minimize birth of mutated mammals, and also rely on natural mortality. In the United States today, about 1 in 160 births are stillbirths, the young human had been unable to survive during fetal development[4].

    Leaving the subject of humans briefly, domesticated animal breeds require constant culling by breeders to maintain their characteristics [5] and even their genetic health. Absent such culling and selection of more “fit” or at least healthy breeding animals, breeds deteriorate [6].

    Same with humans. Dutton points out that mutations in humans quite often show up in the face and general bearing, which validates use of physiognomy to assess character and suggests why the pictures of Antifa members look so strange. Dutton further points out that the human brain is the most complex part of the human anatomy, and that about a third of human genes are involved in brain development during human lives [7]. This implies that about a third of mutations occur in that third of human genes, and that mutations would be expected to cause differences in brain function.

    Here’s a statistic that may shock you:

    The child mortality rate in the United States, for children under the age of five, was 462.9 deaths per thousand births in 1800. This means that for every thousand babies born in 1800, over 46 percent did not make it to their fifth birthday. Over the course of the next 220 years, this number has dropped drastically, and the rate has dropped to its lowest point ever in 2020 where it is just seven deaths per thousand births. [8]

    Assuming that those under 5 years old who died had a higher mutation load than those who did not, Dutton draws the obvious conclusion: the end of massive human culling before age 5 has vastly increased mutation load related to overall health in human population since AD 1800. About a third of that mutation is in the brain. Unfavorable mutations (almost all of them) in the brain were not tolerated even 50 years ago as they are today, and are accordingly accumulating in the human genome. Dutton calls politically active people who seem irrational and fail the physiognomy test “spiteful mutants”, and it would be surprising if sexual function were not affected by mutation load [9].

    Ganna and his colleagues also used the analysis to estimate that up to 25% of sexual behaviour can be explained by genetics, with the rest influenced by environmental and cultural factors — a figure similar to the findings of smaller studies. [10]

    Ganna refers, of course, to human sexual behavior other than that determined by XX or XY genes.

    So that’s it. The parsimonious explanation for the strange politics, and the strange political causes, since about 1960 is that they are partially the result of increasing mutational load on the human genome. It is at least plausible that homosexuality also results from increased mutation load.

    If that hypothesis is true, and we are nowhere near the deterioration of the human “breed”, then the only way that our existing human society could cope with the situation is radically increasing human culling for a few hundred years, probably by an involuntary end to industrialization and return to a pre-1800 peasant society with little medical care. Perhaps one could speculate that this reversion to harsh selection through involuntary civilizational collapse has been regular human practice since at least the Bronze Age collapse, which may have been a reaction to increased mutational of human genetics in the early civilizations.

    We are currently seeing that bad policies can bring down a society and cause food shortages/famine. More speculation: You might consider scanning a brief article about Pharaoh Unas, the last ruler of the Egyptian Old Kingdom’s golden age [11], who ruled long enough to become senile. Note the pictures of Egyptians dying of famine in the article. Anything sound familiar?

    2] The Red Queen in

    Through the Looking Glass

    was apparently intended by Dodgson (the author) to represent natural selection in practice. The Queen wandered around, friendly to most, but always in charge and also occasionally, for often trivial reason, yelling “Off with his head!”.
    3] Yes, there are effective DNA repair reactions, but they get corrupted also. Think of a robot that maintains equipment in a highly corrosive salt spray environment. Who repairs the corroded robot? There are also mechanisms other than simple oxygen related corruption, such as virus attack and unsuccessful attempts at RNA immunization.
    6] Turns out this is true for plants as well, and maintaining productive seeds for farmers to buy requires specialized, fairly large, and completely necessary “seed farms”. An attempt to “re-use” last year’s seeds eventually produces unproductive plants.
    9] See also Dutton, Witches, Feminism, and the Fall of the West, 2021; in which Dutton says a few more things about “spiteful mutants” and child raising.

  224. KDE1711 says:
    @jeff stryker

    Please elaborate on number 5. It’s reasonable and intriguing, but I don’t quite understand how it works.

    • Agree: Commentator Mike
    • Replies: @jeff stryker
  225. Mike Tre says:

    No surprise that the people who have the biggest problem with your statement are browns and broads.

  226. Mike Tre says:
    @James Thompson


    Would you allow your 12 year old son to spend the weekend away with a 40 year old homosexual male?

  227. KDE1711 says:
    @emerging majority

    I don’t need to be convinced that faggots take pleasure in what they do. Regardless, the pursuit of euphoria for its own sake is inimical to society.
    People have all sorts of antisocial tendencies and bodily defects that defy the notion of a blind evolutionary force guiding humanity. Time to retire your simplistically materialist 19th-century worldview.

  228. Backward says:

    I’d say all geniuses have some mental problem. The extraordinary abilities they have come with extraordinary vulnerabilities. Many of them suffer from depression. Many are asexual.

    • Replies: @Santocool
  229. Alrenous says: • Website

    Those are the lies you’re supposed to tell, yes. Great work. Very socially acceptable.

    • Replies: @Wielgus
  230. Alrenous says: • Website

    I shouldn’t laugh at emerging majority. He’s obviously coping hard to avoid thinking about a serious sexual abuse incident in their childhood, and how they’re gay now, probably because of it.

    Background: you can tell some boys are gay pre-abuse because they want to play with dolls instead of trucks. It’s normal for small boys to want to try on dresses occasionally, but it is not normal to want to wear dresses regularly – unless they’re already gay. The leading theories are [parasite] and [leaky placenta].

    • LOL: Alrenous, KDE1711
    • Replies: @Alrenous
  231. Mike Tre says:
    @Robert Dolan

    He’s another one of the closet Hindus pretending to be white here. Mulga mouthbreater and emerging buggery are also a couple of subcon anti-white primates. Best to put them all on ignore. They are a waste of time.

  232. Alrenous says: • Website

    the pursuit of euphoria for its own sake

    …isn’t what humans actually want.
    Sometimes humans settle for wireheading or lotus-eating. It is never their first choice.

    I make a distinction between satisfaction of values and pleasure per se, but you can call it whatever you want.
    Sadly, in general what homosexuals want is to be heterosexual, but that isn’t up to either of us.

    • Agree: KDE1711
  233. Backward says:

    Your position is based on dogma therefore there is no point for me in contending it with facts. If you were at least minimally objective you would admit that the purpose of sex is not exclusively procreation, or anyone would only copulate a few times in a lifetime. Sex is also a vehicle for bonding and expression, and in some species also for establishing social hierarchy.
    Someone claiming that any non-reproductive sex is an outrage clearly is at odds with reality. Which is inevitable when one demands reality to conform to abstract ideas.

    • Replies: @KDE1711
  234. Backward says:

    I’d say the anti-social tendencies and bodily defects rather defy the notion of a perfect creator. And mind you, I don’t necessarily believe in Darwinian evolution.

    • Replies: @KDE1711
  235. KDE1711 says:

    I never said sex was exclusively for procreation. Pursuing it to the deliberate exclusion and detriment of procreation – its essential purpose – generates selfishness and misery. Look no further than the widespread unhappiness created by the sexual revolution.

    • Replies: @Backward
  236. KDE1711 says:

    I’ve tried to be an atheist, but the reality of infinite evil and suffering compelled me to believe in infinite punishment. I believe in God because I believe in the devil.

    • Replies: @Backward
  237. Wielgus says:

    What’s the lie? Thomas More, sainted by the Catholic Church in 1935, burning “heretics” and gloating about it? The pale blue dot we dwell on not being the centre of the universe or even the solar system?

    • Replies: @Alrenous
  238. Santocool says:

    I agree with most of it, because they are facts, but I find simplistic to say that the majority have ”mental problems”, because there are mental vulnerabilities caused by lack of adaptation between the individual and the environment they are in, that is, where the context is just as important.

    Which is not the same thing as developing bipolar disorder or schizophrenia, disorders that tend to arise with or without co-incidence with triggering events.

  239. Element59 says:
    @fray juan crespi

    what i am trying to say is matthew shepard probably tried to touch a guy at the redneck bar. bad decision.

    The Matthew Shepard murder was the 1990s George Floyd of the gay community. A drummed-up and commercially packaged homophobia victimhood narrative that raced around the world long before the truth could even tie its shoes.

    Only recently, with the fading sting of this tragic incident on the gay community, could the truth about the murder slowly emerge for open discussion. For example from this gay publication:

    “It involved rather what was then a growing scourge of crystal meth use among both the rural poor and the gay male community at the turn of the century – and the murder of a young gay man in rural Wyoming was a classic case of where the two meth populations met and overlapped. As the cops eventually conceded, this was a drug-related murder, related to a meth delivery, a desperate McKinney seeking money or another hit, and a naive kid caught up in a world he didn’t fully understand. Shepard knew McKinney, his murderer, before their encounter at the bar that night; and the two had been sexually involved on and off for quite some time.”

    “So we now have the body of Matthew Shepard interred, like a martyr to homophobia, at the National Cathedral in Washington DC. And you begin to understand how saints are indeed made: by legend, and by orthodoxy.”

    Like the black community, it seems that the gay community also chooses to rally behind false-narrative martyrs, not behind actual innocent victims of their boogeyman ideologies (racism, homophobia), to club their ideological enemies, elicit sympathies for political gain, and to disarm any fair criticism.

    • Replies: @anarchyst
  240. Hankjr says:
    @Robert Dolan

    But you just can’t give them up?

  241. Alrenous says: • Website

    Yes, that is indeed the catechism. Superb recital. I must especially applaud the subtle change of topic; choosing a seemingly related part of catechism to misdirect the opponent, while deftly weaving in sly implications of not just one, but at least three kinds.

    I could try – with difficulty – suggest additions, but the advantage of the conciseness of the chosen message seems all but ideal.

  242. Alrenous says: • Website

    Reminder that sodomy spreads disease.

    Even if you take all possible precautions, it causes deformation and debilitation of the anus over time.

    If you don’t take all possible precautions, it’s a horror show. If you don’t know what happens, treasure your ignorance; don’t think about it, and don’t look it up. Suffice to say that if porn stars don’t, the footage is unusable, so it doesn’t get seen.

    Gays very rarely take all possible precautions. The ritual is not spontaneous, to say the least.

    • Agree: KDE1711
  243. anarchyst says:

    Here are true (corrected) stories about “icons” of the so-called “civil rights” movement . . .


    There is much more to the “Emmett Till” story that is not widely known. Of course, killing him made him into a “martyr” of the black “civil-rights” movement, but–it is not generally known that Emmett Till was a strapping young man of about 160 lbs.–NOT a “little boy” as some media types tried to portray him as. He was a known womanizer and attempted to take his cocky “Chicago ways” in dealing with women to the Deep South. He was sent to live with relatives in the South because his Chicago relatives could not handle him. He had a “cocky attitude” and bragged about “getting it on” with white women–not a good idea especially in the South. . . According to published accounts, Mr. Till did not just “whistle” at a white woman, but grabbed, manhandled and fondled a married white woman. In Southern culture, this was, and still is, the ultimate form of disrespect. Despite Mr. Till’s relatives’ attempts to spirit him “out of town” to avoid retribution by the woman’s relatives and townspeople, his cocky attitude “got in the way”, similar to the way that “young master Trayvon’s” attitude got him killed. Despite being given numerous “chances” to apologize for his behavior, he was defiant to the end. IF he had apologized for his behavior, he would still be alive today. In fact, one of his killers was a black man.
    It is interesting to note that Emmett Till’s father was executed by the U S military for multiple rapes. Maybe “the apple didn’t fall far from the tree” . . .

    Rosa Parks was not the “ordinary” black woman that so-called historians made her to be. She was an organizer for the NAACP and was “planted” in order to advance the cause of black “civil-rights” to which she was successful.
    Approximately a year previous to Rosa Parks’ “bus ride” and refusal to vacate her seat, a REAL ordinary black woman did the same thing. This black woman received NO publicity or support from the NAACP or other black “civil-rights” organizations. You see, she was an unmarried black woman with children. According to the black civil-rights crowd, this would not do. They wanted someone who was “squeaky clean” without any “baggage”. In fact, the “white guy” sitting behind her was part of the “set-up”. He was a UPI reporter, contracted to “stage” the event…not only that, in the photo there is no one else on the bus. Ms. Parks could have sat wherever she wanted.
    Hence, Rosa Parks made (fabricated) history . . .

    Martin Luther (Michael) King was well-known for frequenting prostitutes, beating and abusing them while exclaiming that he “finally felt like a white man”. His own associates have stated as such. He also plagiarized his college papers and doctoral thesis. Of course, this was overlooked because of his status. King was also a communist.

    Jesse Jackson used to brag to his associates on how he would spit in the food of white patrons of the restaurant he worked at.

    There are many more fabrications of history that were used to lend “legitimacy” to the so-called “civil-rights” movement . . .

    More to come . . .

    • Replies: @Wielgus
  244. @KDE1711

    Having not seen your blatherings previously on U.R., it is my conclusion that you belong to some kind of religious sect which carefully monitors sites which allow open discussions. If you had taken the time to read my extensive body of postings, you would promptly discover that I happen to be anti-materialist and possess anything but a “19th Century worldview”.

    My Big Bang Theory is totally opposite to the one proffered by the rationalist, materialist, atheist, scientistic psychobabblers.

    Creator got bored and decided to experience everything through those of his sentient creations. Lost in religious dogma as you appear to be; I’m a bit concerned that the possibility of losing one’s man-hood to abusive, diabolical, neonatal sexual assault and abuse by means of fear-inductive ritual castration is in combination a horrific fate.

    Neonatal circumcision is a sin against creator. Do you support this outrageous custom? Do you worship the ancient Hebrew tribal WarGod, Yahweh/Jehovah? If so you also sin against creation.

  245. @KDE1711

    You totally confuse eros, also known as Eros, the Greek God of Love, with procreative sexuality as an exclusive entity. That’s ridiculous. Eros was considered as the flower of creation, the most beautiful of human beings.

    Elementary animal reproduction does have it’s place, of course. However, to equate reproductive sexuality with eroticism is logically ridiculous. Eroticism is an escape from exclusively reproductive sex. As previously noted, eroticism has social value of its own, particularly as connective with creative endeavors and the celebration of aesthetic beauty.

    In the words of Bob Dylan, it would appear that you are “stuck on a whale who’s married to the deputy sheriff of the jail.”

    Without eroticism, with all its manifestations, strait males would still be clonking attractive women over the head and dragging them back to their caves. Mind you, I specified strait and not straight. Straight men are born that way and that’s it. Strait men are always bothered by others who do not fall into the same pits that they do. It’s all a matter of culturally induced repression.

    Once we liberate our minds from both dogmatic religions and scientistic materialism we will be on our way to re-creating a beautiful world.

    • Agree: Backward
    • Replies: @Backward
  246. Anon[281] • Disclaimer says:

    @ It’s meant to provoke fear and despair; to make women think men are all violent perverts, to make men think women are all depraved sluts.

    Spot on. Make a point of speaking well of individual women (viceversa for ladies speaking of individual men) in front of others. Make general observations about the sexes as regards the positive traits.

    The culture war must be fought as guerrilla war. Virtue cannot be taught but it can certainly be inspired.

    • Thanks: KDE1711
    • Replies: @KDE1711
    , @anon
  247. Factorize says:

    Backward, thank you very much for replying. These topics that are on the innovation frontier do not have a well-worn logic and do not offer opportunity for automaton rebuttals. Yet, they are topics that need to be discussed further. My impression is that many people are completely unaware of the science that is now evolving and the harm that is being done by ignoring the science that we are aware of.

    There is a truly overwhelming social crisis that continues because typical people do largely have low self-awareness. People simply walk through life as zombies without understanding how their environments are often structured against them. This is a tragedy at population scale. It is difficult for me to imagine that I am at the 95th% of aloneness behavior. In a high school of 1,000 students, 50 of them would be even less socially inclined than me? Is social life truly that hollow? Buildings filled with people who are millions of miles away from the people that are 5 feet away from them? Isn’t it supposed to be such a triumph of modern society that everyone can all get along under one big tent? For many the analogy is not so much a big tent as a maximum security prison; the long term consequence is not so much about building a cohesive viable society as creating long term resentments arising from the uncritical use of the coercive force of the state.

    Then there are those with mood disorders, those with anxiety disorders, those with cognitive ability deficits, ….. how can society possibly function at all with so much dysfunction? Nonetheless, I see a lot of blue sky. Once some of the hidden genotypes/phenotypes (such as aloneness behavior) are brought into the open, the environment could become more responsive and people could be much happier and more productive.

    Imagine having such a low level technology infrastructure that you rely on feelings to tell you your phenotypes. Empiricism, the religion of totalitarians who fancy themselves progressive.

    The underlying problem is that the clinical vocabulary available to those wanting to discuss differences in behavior (e.g. the poster above) is so limited. For example, the Merck Manual (the bible of medicine) offers only these psychiatric disorders: personality disorders, drug dependence, psychosexual disorders, neuroses ( mostly anxiety), mood disorders, schizophrenic disorders and paranoid disorders. It also discusses Autism, Attention Deficit, dyslexia and cognitive impairment separately. That’s all. It is not so much that people have such low self-awareness that they need technology to tell them how they feel as it is the verbose description of feelings that have not been operationally defined has no translation into clinical medicine. Doctors can not legally prescribe treatments that are outside of clearly specified clinical taxonomy. Basically, if they are unable to shoe-horn your trouble into one of the above ~10 diagnostic categories, then you are out of luck whether or not your feelings are hurt. Modern medicine is directed by science and not feelings.

    Yet, the massive GWAS studies that are now reporting have opened up a new frontier in objectively (scientifically) defined human experience. A GWAS of 1 million people can investigate the nature of aloneness and report back the variants found. Such GWAS speak the language of science; they speak the language of objective truth that modern medicine is founded upon. Medicine has largely shunned the very idea that critically important choices should be guided by what patients or others feel. Many would view the feelings based medicine (i.e. traditional non-quantitative medicine) that dominated for thousands of years (and in some places continues to dominate) largely as a failure. Even now from time to time a new randomized clinical trial will reveal that folk medicine was wrong once again and did more harm than good.

    It is difficult to argue against our modern scientific medicine that has produced such marvelous progress. It is even more difficult considering that the genome has been unlocked and we are now beginning to genetically engineer our species. A Genetic Singularity has now become inevitable.

    The first stage in this unlock is already freely available to us: We can sequence our full genomes and find our correct place in the universe. This is the Genetic Revolution 1.0 that is now underway. With my full genome sequence in hand, I am very well aware of large comparative advantages that I have over others by nature of my specific polygenic scores. With my 2 SD advantage in some traits, the best strategy that others can play is to simply resign. Without the genome report I would not have realized that I had these advantages.

    Of course, above feelings and sometimes above science there can be real politik. Even the truth can be ignored by those with power. It is not so much that people can’t feel what is right for them or that they do not know what is right for them, but that others can have the power to impose their will upon them no matter what the consequences for people. During COVID many realized for probably the first time in their lives how much they disliked the bricks and mortar world that they lived in; they would take hours to commute to their jobs to attend pointless meetings, to be non-productive and ultimately to be unhappy. The remote work culture that arose during COVID showed them that something else was possible. This offers the differently normal a path forward that could make their life better and allow them to feel better about themselves. Great Resignation 1.0.

    • Replies: @Backward
  248. @Lin

    Look at that glum-faced bunch of kids behind, holding their rainbow flags and wishing they were somewhere else.

    • Replies: @anonymouseperson
  249. @fray juan crespi

    I am a Hindu,rich, straight and yes..psychopathic. you’re still a Jesus freak who still can’t fathom the fact that everything that was brainwashed into him was false and a lie. And Jesus himself was a fag(you know this deep down). Lmao. The way he looks in your pictures it seems he took it in the ass himself.

  250. @KDE1711

    Who has the syphilis in their throat? The teen black girl or the white middle-class porn actor whose makes “throat [email protected]” movies?

    It was the same with drugs. Back in the 1960’s & 1970’s the tail-end of the Silent Generation popularized by middle-class Jewish & Wasp “nebbishes” on film (Dustin Hoffman, Donald Sutherland) or protestors (Abbie Hoffman, Timothy Leary) popularized drug-taking hippiedom.

    It was that sad working class white guy who came of age in 1970 that you saw twenty years later in his forties in a faded Grateful Dead t-shirt collecting bottles his mind an acid-casualty.

    …Or the embittered white working class woman who got pregnant at a “love-in”.

    The working-class is poor & lives with age-old primitive realities like-

    1) When girls get pregnant it is a disaster out-of-wedlock because nobody has any money-even for an abortion.

    2) The bastard out-of-wedlock kid, when male, becomes a vicious terror. When female, a little attention-seeking slut.

    3) Drugs ruin poor communities when Johnny the Meth Addict is out in the road going crazy at 11 PM at night when the poor have to sleep for their jobs & his shouting & throwing rocks.

    4) Once the working class nuclear family of the working class is dismantled they are prey-in the past to sleazed out feudal nobleman & now to Pakistani groomers or to Epstein.

    5) Pornography affects the working poor in adolescence when their sexuality is forming.

    The working class has totally been ruined by pornography & drugs. The middle & upper middle class of educated porn producers or media who espoused drug use are unaffected.

    • Replies: @KDE1711
    , @KDE1711
    , @Bert
    , @Alrenous
  251. KDE1711 says:

    Thank you, friend.

    Father Damien Karras:
    Why her? Why this girl?
    Father Merrin:
    I think the point is to make us despair. To see ourselves as… animal and ugly. To make us reject the possibility that God could love us.
    – The Exorcist

    • Replies: @Anon
  252. KDE1711 says:
    @jeff stryker

    Thank you. I knew that the drug culture and sexual revolution enable the rich to prey on the poor, but I don’t quite follow how they’ve eliminated the poor’s distrust of the rich. It seems plausible to me; I just don’t understand the mechanics.

    • Replies: @Alrenous
  253. KDE1711 says:
    @jeff stryker

    You left out no-fault divorce, which has been catastrophic for the poor, and which was pioneered by the sleazy homo-loving corporate shill from Hollywood, Gov. Reagan.

  254. RestiveUs says:
    @mulga mumblebrain

    And many people who over-use the Troll button are paederasts…

  255. Backward says:

    There have always been a number of childless men and women. Why should they give up on the other functions of sex simply because they don’t reproduce?
    Equally, why should people who do have children not engage in homosexual sex if/when they feel so inclined?
    And marital sex can lead to misery too.
    It seems you are using the reproduction argument to rationalise your disgust.

  256. Backward says:

    I am agnostic, and I find atheism stupid.
    I also find the Abrahamic religions inconsistent though. Suffering is inherent in the workings of nature, for which their god rejects responsibility.

  257. Backward says:
    @emerging majority

    I must applaud your last sentence. The mystery of existence evades the ludicrous ideologies of both Abrahamic religions and scientism. I am probably a pagan.

    • Replies: @emerging majority
  258. Backward says:

    I certainly don’t fancy myself a progressive, as the sheer idea of progress is laughable. Like the scientistic idea that by identifying chemicals one knows better the very same phenomenon.

    • Replies: @Factorize
  259. Anon[135] • Disclaimer says:

    But we know who has won already. Finish the race. Keep the faith.

    • Agree: KDE1711
  260. @Backward

    The pejorative usage of the word “Pagan” came to us courtesy of the urban-based Church of Rome. In the original Latin, “Pagani” simply means a countryman, a person from outside the urban culture.

    When Crosstianity was imposed by the successors of Constantine, the creator of the Bible, and thus of Crosstianity; the fully racinated folk of the countryside still retained their deep connections with the natural world and also maintained a cosmic vision.

    Crosstianity, as created by the minions of the Emperor Constantine, was devised to become a bulwark for the empire. THEY decided which texts would become part of the “Holy” Bible, wholly a production of the Empire striking back against the Jesusites, who embraced the spiritual (not religious) message of Jesus.

    To embrace a gospel which was NOT diluted and added to by the Emperor’s henchmen, read the Gospel of Thomas. The bass-turds of the church destroyed every copy of that wonderfully spiritual book they could get their grubby hands on. At least one copy survived, however. It was discovered in a cave in Qumram, Egypt and was sequestered there by Jesusites who sought to protect the true spiritual messages of Jesus.

    The JudieChristie MagickMindfuck, based on worship of Yahweh/Jehovah, the self-concocted tribal WarGod of the ancient Hebrews, a bloodthirsty and satanic genocidal killer.

    False religions are created by men who seek power over others. The spiritual pathway was revealed by Jesus when he stated that “the Father is within”. As created beings, we are innately part of Creator.

    • Replies: @dearieme
    , @Backward
  261. Sparkon says:

    Good-looking people (and, no, I don’t include Ronald Reagan in this category) are a dime a dozen. So is antisocial behavior, the art of acting, manipulation, seduction, short-term hook-ups. Empty bags.

    So stress during pregnancy caused more gay babies to be born post-WWII? Maybe.

    I mistakenly typed immediate post-war period, but I really meant during the war, especially during the Blitz and V1 and V2 attacks. There was a different set of anxieties after the war, but nothing quite like the terror of bombs and rockets falling from the sky.

    Ronald Reagan’s face and mind did not age well, but he was a handsome guy in his younger years. You may not find Reagan good looking, or even know his younger persona, but obviously he was a smash hit with some of Hollywood’s most glamorous stars, along with a host of other less well-known beauties, some of whom may have been nymphomaniacs, because, you know, the female of the species is more horny than the male. Apologies to Rudyard Kipling.

    Hollywood recruits its stars and starlets because they are photogenic to begin with. That’s what screen tests are all about. More than a few make it because they also pass the casting couch. In addition to being sexually manipulable if not themselves manipulating, these beautiful people are also commonly glib and voluble with some measure of charm, and can learn to read their lines well enough that someday they may be considered great actors, because, you know, it really is high art to be able to pretend convincingly…

    Handsome men and beautiful women learn early on even as teenagers to use their looks and sex appeal to get what they want. Most people eventually want to get laid, even the ugly ones, but don’t ask me how they do it.

    Like misery, maybe ugly loves company.

    Indeed, as soon as the mostly fat, ugly, and neglected if not scorned Feminists – who never got laid – began to gain influence in the ’70s, women’s looks began going down the stinky tubes in a headlong rush to the bottom that has produced some of the most hideous variants of the female form ever known to man.

    Cast thy eyes away quickly lest thy ardor and appetite be ruined.

    And as soon as the Queers came out of the closet in numbers, butt hopping increased dramatically among the gay bath house set. Not to be left out, for heterosexuals and lesbians, Plato’s Retreat offered community rent-a-orgies.

    Peckers need a period of recovery before coming back to life, but the two or three available orifices are like that battery bunny that never runs out of juice…

    Visions of all those sordid mounds of heaving,squirting flesh might inspire the thought someday that, after all, old fashioned romance leading to love and marriage between man and woman really is the best happy ending.

  262. Bert says:
    @jeff stryker

    The effects on the working class you describe also stem from a factor internal to them: IQ. Folks in the lower deciles of IQ have greater difficulty making good life decisions and so are more likely to fall prey to drugs and free love.

    And helpful stigma does not exist. Going back five generations in my family to 1784, a female ancestor produced a child out of wedlock by a man twice as old as she was. She was fined by the local government (in upcountry South Carolina) for the crime of bastardy. No such help with staying on the right path is available today. She subsequently married and her child was thereby adopted. The marriage was long and fruitful.

  263. Alrenous says: • Website

    Speaking of parasites, there’s been several reports of a cure for homosexuality.


    A genuine medical establishment would run a trial. That’s what science is about: test possibilities, even if they seem outlandish. Praise facts, not social acceptability.

    I find the ivermectin theory rather plausible precisely because polite society hates ivermectin so much. Would they really despise it that badly if it didn’t work?

    • Replies: @emerging majority
  264. dearieme says:
    @emerging majority

    Qumram, Egypt

    Is that in any way related to Qumran in Palestine?

    Anyhoo, you’re probably thinking of Nag Hammadi, Egypt.

    • Thanks: emerging majority
  265. Alrenous says: • Website

    If the lower classes are, depending on your perspective, stupid and gullible or respectful and obedient. If they weren’t, they would have rejected no-fault divorce i.e. the time America outlawed marriage. “That’s a terrible idea and we’re not going to play along.” Declare the government illegitimate. (Because it is.)

    They are stupid or obedient, so they trust the rich because they’re told to trust the rich. Monkey say, monkey do.

  266. Alrenous says: • Website
    @jeff stryker

    When girls get pregnant it is a disaster out-of-wedlock because nobody has any money-even for an abortion.

    Causation reversed here, though. Folks with no money often get pregnant out of wedlock, due to the same poor habits that pauperize them. Habits most likely caused by tainted bloodlines.

    Bastardy probably makes it worse, but America has been intentionally increasing crime and dysfunction for at least 100 years, so it could merely be a coincident correlation.

    Americans used to have tons of shotgun marriages. Now they don’t. I’m rather suspicious about the efficacy of a shotgun marriage vs. pure bastardy. I expect there’s only a minor effect. The pro-crime policies, especially the Warren Court, are a big deal though. As is feminist anti-love propaganda.

  267. @Alrenous

    A cure? You are outta your mind. It’s spiritual, not materialistic. It also happens to be highly evolutionary on a cultural basis. Perhaps you need to see a depth psychologist, or maybe even a hypnotist. It appears you have more than a simple bias. There are quite a few closet cases who have real problems adjusting to being a stranger in a stranger land.

  268. Factorize says:

    My inversion of your comment was not intended to be interpreted in the first person. Did I choose the correct words? I wasn’t entirely sure whether progressive was the best antonym of totalitarian; from your original dumb –> intelligent. In fact, totalitarian and progressive have in current practice become more synonyms than antonyms.

    How could empiricism be favored over scientism given the endless technological breakthroughs? Of course, the latest exemplar of the power of science is the unlocking of the polygenic genome. Genetic uplift of our species has already started. How long will it take the empiricists to feel this truth?

    Progress is laughable until you remember what came before the age of science … vast millennia of emptyness. People would speculate futilely about the nature of the universe from the comfort of their armchairs while achieving nothing. It was only within the last few centuries when people embraced the scientific method that everything started up. Before the time of science there would be endless non-falsifiable statements that rendered even the highest reaches of medicine nothing more than gibberish. Uplifting average human IQ by merely 1 SD will cause a clear rupture in the development of our species.

    Polygenic scores have dramatically clarified for me who I am and what specific personal traits I possess. Giving ideas clear and scientifically objective terminology is important. Otherwise, all there is left is subjectivity. This is important with the hundreds of polygenic scores because there can often be conflicting traits that confuse a simple-minded interpretation. For example, not only did I score at the 95th% for aloneness, but I also scored above the 80th% in extraversion. Merely having high self-awareness would not be able to reconcile such seemingly contradictory genetic tendencies. When I am around others I can be the life of the party, though given the choice I wouldn’t even attend the party? Very confusing! In fact, even immediate family members were highly confused by such anomalies. High self-awareness is typically only reinforced when people are within the normal range of traits as it would then elicit responses such as … “oh, yes , I know exactly when you mean …”. When people’s polygenic scores drift to the extremes, the responses from others would tend toward silence and/or confusion. That has been my experience.

    • Replies: @Backward
  269. @Altai

    Bisexuality in women is quite abstruse. From its oftentimes temporary on & off nature to the degree of “sexuality” actually involved (often it’s not even genital). In male “bisexuality” one cannot include penitentiary – confined men, etc., but unlike in women, it IS always genital and one can only include those men who repeatedly and voluntarily seek bisexual encounters even rarely, and this, at times there is potential for a hetero encounter. Most of the recent studies assigning participants to the various categories do not consider the above factors so they are not by any means scientific.

    Masters & Johnson did very objective studies on this nearly 70 years ago – long before media modification of the population’s perception of potential sexual proclivities, and at a time when there were less means for lining up encounters (especially in men – but also women).

    • Replies: @Wielgus
  270. Backward says:
    @emerging majority

    Exactly, pagan comes from “pagus” which means countryside village.
    I don’t know much about Thomas’s gospel and I frankly do not believe any revelation can explain existence. At the same time I know better than being anti-Christian, as Christianity is as varied as its preachers.

  271. Backward says:

    The first paragraphs of your comment made me laugh so much that I had to stop reading. “Genetic uplift already begun”, “millennia of emptiness”… You should be a comedian. Trouble is, comedians usually know what they are talking about. You seem to have no clue on virtually anything.
    Happy gene uplifting! Haha

  272. anarchyst says:

    All you need to do is ASK children who have been adopted by homosexuals. Every child, whether still a child or adult always sensed that “something was missing”–a parent of the opposite sex. Whether it was two women or two men as “parents”, this sense that “something was missing” was always there. Even if the homosexual couple was loving and treated their children well, this sense was (and is) always there.
    Children are much smarter than most people realize when it comes to adult parent relationships. Children KNOW that parents should consist of one male and one female (NOT “transgender” or homosexual).

  273. anarchyst says:

    Woman Raised By Lesbians Has Some Shocking Things To Say About Needing A Dad
    Experience is supposed to be top card over any and all facts. But what happens when experience blows holes in the activist narrative?
    It doesn’t matter who you click with. That was what the airline put in their ads.
    Homosexuals should be able to raise children. We’ve been told this for as long as same-sex relationships have been socially acceptable.
    But did anybody ask what the CHILDREN thought about it?
    One has finally spoken up. The keepers of the narrative will not like it.
    We can probably expect her to be given the same rough treatment that other heretics against the cause are given.
    So, while she still has a voice, let’s let hers be heard:
    It’s her own personal story, after all. By the rules of the game as the Left has been playing it, “who can judge her for her own story”?
    [Heather]Barwick, who is 31 now, married, and has four children, said that “same-sex marriage and parenting withholds either a mother or father from a child while telling him or her that it doesn’t matter. That it’s all the same. But it’s not.”
    “A lot of us, a lot of your kids, are hurting,” wrote Barwick in her essay for The Federalist website. “My father’s absence created a huge hole in me, and I ached every day for a dad. I loved my mom’s partner, but another mom could never have replaced the father I lost.”
    “I grew up surrounded by women who said they didn’t need or want a man,” said Barwick. “Yet, as a little girl, I so desperately wanted a daddy. It is a strange and confusing thing to walk around with this deep-down unquenchable ache for a father, for a man, in a community that says that men are unnecessary.”
    She used to be an advocate of same-sex marriage. So she isn’t motivated by disdain for same-sex relationships. She’s backing a different cause now.
    “Gay marriage doesn’t just redefine marriage, but also parenting,” she says. “It promotes and normalizes a family structure that necessarily denies us something precious and foundational. It denies us something we need and long for, while at the same time tells us that we don’t need what we naturally crave. That we will be okay. But we’re not. We’re hurting.”
    “It’s not just me,” said Barwick. “There are so many of us. Many of us are too scared to speak up and tell you about our hurt and pain, because for whatever reason it feels like you’re not listening. That you don’t want to hear.”
    “If we say we are hurting because we were raised by same-sex parents, we are either ignored or labeled a hater,” she wrote.
    Source: Daily Mail
    Now she’s an advocate of Children’s rights. She’s also married and a mother of four.
    Buckle up, Heather. It looks like you’ll be in for a rough ride.

    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
  274. @Robert Dolan

    Says the guy who believes in a man who walked on water lmao. The cognitive dissonance is hilarious. You clowns are getting everything that’s coming to you. The end of your race and nation. You do realize Jesus himself was a homo right. Anyway I’ve put you on ignore myself. I thought you were one of the decent ones but nopes…another religious dickhead believing in an afterlife. Meh.

    • Agree: WhoaWaitaMinute
  275. @anarchyst

    I should think there are many more children missing a dad being raised by single mums than by homosexuals. But the biggest worry is that they’re being abused by homosexual parents and shared about in sex rings. I suppose we have to wait for them to grow up to start seeing court cases, especially for “historical” abuse when they start “remembering”. Who knows, maybe one day the experiment of adoption by homosexuals could be banned it the truth comes to light.

    • Agree: anarchyst
    • Replies: @jeff stryker
  276. Trannies and their backers are up in arms because FINA has banned them from swimming competitions.

    A small win for reason. Let’s hope other organisations extend this. Although it was funny watching feminists complaining because men posing as women were beating women in sports.

    • Replies: @Wielgus
  277. Wielgus says:

    It seems to me they can’t have it both ways, although they try.
    There are all kinds of odd contradictions today. More extreme porn plus attempts to normalise homosexuality. And yet newspapers like The Sun that would show topless women in the past no longer do so. A pretty mainstream German magazine, Neue Revue was perfectly willing to show images of female nudity in the 1980s but stopped doing that in the following decade. Despite or perhaps because of that it folded. “Lad’s magazines” like Nuts in the UK were bitterly attacked and then went out of business. Of course maybe this is part of an attack on heterosexuality…

  278. Wielgus says:

    Some of the people in history famous for homosexuality were perhaps closer to being bisexual by today’s standards. Oscar Wilde, James I and Edward II of England all had children, it seems clear they could sexually perform with women if they wanted to. For royalty, producing an heir was vital and could not be done by a king with a male favourite, however much he might be preferred for everyday sexual encounters.

    • Replies: @WhoaWaitaMinute
  279. @Commentator Mike


    Add to this a steady diet of porn.

    Even straight porn is homoerotic with two penises rubbing together in a woman’s mouth or the endless emphasis on anuses & buggery (Female or no).

    Male children are socialized by & for gay behavior.

    Which is not to say all adult actors come to bad ends

    as some adult film actors have done well in non-pornographic regular films at least of the B Movie sort

    • Agree: Commentator Mike
  280. Anymike says:

    I’m not going to say illegal. But marriage is a contract defined by the state. I have even said, when you get legally married, you are marrying the state. A pre-nuptial contract may possibly alter the state-imposed contract. There is no guarantee, though, the pre-nup will stand up in court.

    For another thing, people who get married with a pre-nup are not really married in the meaning of the word in long human tradition worldwide. They get to hold hands and say they are married at such social events as they attend. Their children are legally legitimate. But it’s not real. It’s a facade. Hollywood lawyer Marvin Mitchelson of palimony lawsuit fame once said that every marriage where there was a marriage contract that he knew of had failed. He also said, he had no marriage contract with his own wife. He was in a position to know

  281. anon[133] • Disclaimer says:

    It’s not often I get a mentally healthy, positive, spiritual truth put forward here. You are so right.

  282. Wielgus says:
    @Commentator Mike

    During the Cold War there were endless complaints that some female competitors, generally Soviet or East German, were not really women. This seems to be an extension of that. Men do have superior muscle mass and in competitions it tells.

  283. Sparkon says:

    Girls’ basketball has always been a joke. I grew up with the game during the 1950s, watched the development of the jump shot, and eventually developed my own deadly jumper by the time I was a teenager. I was a pretty good player with excellent all-around skills but under 6′ tall, just like many good and very good guards coming out of high school, most of whom could easily thrash any WNBA player 1 on 1.

    Basketball favors the quick and the strong, but it also helps to be tall. However, the best player in the game today, maybe ever, is 6’2″ Steph Curry, who was about the shortest man on the floor during the recent NBA finals, where he was MVP.

    I can’t imagine any heterosexual man wanting anything to do with another man’s cock, anus or mouth. I had the same experience as Reagan when a queer tried to kiss me on the lips, the occasion being Christmas. He came closer than the German Shepherd that tried to bite my face off, but still I was too fast for the flaming faggot, and was able to turn my head in the nick of time, and elude his thrusting puckered lips. Ugh!

    And men hugging! Jumpin’ Jiminy Cricket in a cast-iron jockstrap, let’s be done with this loathsome practice!

    • Replies: @Sparkon
  284. Factorize says:

    That’s interesting! There was a dramatic decline in drug and alcohol use amongst high schoolers in 2021?

    • Replies: @Factorize
  285. Sparkon says:

    They’ve come a long way, baby, since the days of girls’ six-on-six basketball, also called basquette, which was played only by girls in a number of U.S. states up through the end of the 20th century, but 6-girl b-ball was falling out of favor by the ’70s, when most states abandoned it in favor of the 5-player game.

    Of course, Title IX was passed in 1972, granting girls and women the same number of figurative fingers as boys and men to grab at local, state and federal money for sports.

    But still the girls use a smaller ball because, you know, fingers. As a pre-teen, I played with that smaller ball in Biddy Basketball, which also had 8′ and 9′ baskets, but All Star tournaments were played on 10′ baskets.

    The jogging craze began around that same time in the early ’70s, inspired perhaps by MSM coverage of the ’72 Olympics, and was taken up by increasing numbers of women.

    Before Title IX, one in 27 girls played sports. Today that number is two in five.


    Before Title IX, many if not most U.S. girls and women were slender and reasonably attractive, no doubt because most gals of that era were totally interested in being “strictly a female female” and not a sweaty athlete, although some women went to gyms to exercise, even lift weights, or attach themselves to motorized butt reducers and other gadgets to take off the pounds, and remove unsightly bulges.

    One commercial from the time period said it was a woman’s duty to stay slim

    Getting back to Steph Curry, I should have qualified my statement about him being the best player in the game today, maybe ever, with an “arguably.”

    Who would you pick in 1v1 playoffs? Could Curry beat Luka Dončić, Kevin Durant, or LeBron James? What about Candace Parker?

    It’s too bad basketball doesn’t have collegiate, pro and/or Olympic half-court competitions in one-on-one, along with 2v2 and 3v3, which are all good games of basketball played casually in gyms everywhere, in addition to the familiar 5v5 full court game.

    It’s all ball.

  286. Wielgus says:

    You seem to have a problem with Rosa Parks being promoted because she was “squeaky clean”, while King was not and Emmett Till’s father was hanged, thus making Till hereditarily guilty, I suppose, according to the mentality of some. Promoting Parks actually suggests to me some public relations savvy, especially in the conditions of the 1950s.

    • Replies: @anarchyst
  287. anarchyst says:

    Rosa Parks was “squeaky clean” as far as criminality is concerned, but she still was an avowed communist who attended the Highlander School with Martin Luther (Michael) King.
    It was the jew-run “civil-rights (for some)” movement that insisted that prominent protest examples be “squeaky clean”.
    Martin Luther (Michael) King slipped through the cracks, despite being a serial philanderer and plagiarist. I guess that it was his “extreme faith” that carried him.
    As an aside, disgraced, criminal former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick has a new calling as well, finding religion. Follow the shekels.

  288. Factorize says:

    The Lead-Social Functioning Hypothesis gets stronger and stronger. Previously, I examined the lead-crime link: there appeared to be a substantial positive correlation between them; I then examined the lead-fertility link: there also appeared to be a substantial positive correlation between them; now I have examined the lead-substance abuse link: there also appears to be a substantial positive correlation between them. The removal of lead has helped to create a very highly functioning youth cohort not seen in centuries. Surprisingly, the evidence to support this claim does not seem to be evident in the psychometric literature, while the real world indicators noted above provide compelling evidence.

  289. @Wielgus

    Yes. No matter what label you put on someone a true homosexual male would never voluntarily get naked with a woman. (the few that do so to be socially acceptable [i.e., wedding band] usually wind up in divorce court – a blindfold and that clothespin on the nose thing isn’t typically considered acceptable sexplay by a wife).

    Bisexual males cover things other than prisons and dropped soap.

  290. @Commentator Mike

    Good question. And there are many answers. Here’s one.

    Media fed “normalization” initially by inference by beginning to use effeminate males as “mainstream” characters. That fostered the first instance I ever heard people (women mostly) talking openly about “fairies.” Late 60’s – but pre-Greenwich. Prior to that mens’ sexuality was 100% hush-hush outside of a conversation between men who trusted each others confidentiality, usually after a few beers on the way back from the whore house. Hard to believe, eh? But it was.

    50-some years later everything man-ish is outed. Has that feminazi odor.

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