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Medical Equipment May be Racist
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Headlines have to grab attention, and the two headlines in the Sunday Times certainly did that. Usually considered a mildly conservative Sunday paper, with a circulation of 648,000 it is twice as popular as the next rival, the Sunday Telegraph. A Sunday paper is often the one that families are most likely to read and discuss together.

Sajid Javid orders racial bias review after Covid deaths

Medical devices ‘made for white people’ may have driven higher minority fatality rates



‘Racist’ oxygen device may explain why Covid hit minorities so hard


So, that is two “racist” implications to begin your family Sunday.

Notice that the paper did not say that there was to be an investigation into the possible causes of Covid fatalities, which would be the sensible way to approach the topic, since all possible causes could be mentioned and discussed.

For example, the death toll in the first wave of Covid hit over-weight people particularly hard. Racial differences in body mass index, and overall high national body mass index may have been an important cause, but there are many others.

My own view is that we do not yet know what caused the racial differences in fatalities. In the latter phase of the pandemic, differential uptake of vaccinations will have been a new factor.

Now, back to the main story. Racism has been given pride of place, to the detriment of other factors. Perhaps Sunday newspaper editors and writers find that irritating their readers actually boosts readership, but this is a distinctly odd way to approach an unresolved issue.


The Health Minister has said:

When I walk to my office, there’s a board showing everyone who’s held this role for over a century, and being the first name on that list from an ethnic minority is a responsibility I take very seriously.

I’m determined to take a fresh perspective to this position, and do whatever it takes so that in this country, your health and your experience of health and care isn’t dictated by where you live or where you come from.

Because although we’ve come together as a nation to fight this virus, the pandemic has shown that in many areas we’re far apart. At the height of the Covid peak last winter, black, Asian and other minority ethnic groups made up 28 per cent of critical-care admissions in England — about double their representation in the population as a whole. So one of my first visits in this role was to Blackpool, one of the parts of this country where life expectancy is in decline. I spoke about the Office for Health Improvement and Disparities, an organisation that was launched last month and has so much potential to tackle these injustices.

Notice the phrase “these injustices”. Different outcomes may be due to differences in life styles and differences in genetic susceptibilities. At the moment, we are not sure, but the condemnation has already been issued by the Health Minister. In his judgment, someone has perpetrated an injustice on ethnic minorities.

Odd that a national priority is being favoured on the basis of the genetic background of a Health Minister. Imagine if the next one says: “being White British, I think that poor whites should be a priority, because after all, they are the majority of the users of the health service, and also, they have short lifespans”.

Also, it is a bit odd to get into this issue without talking about lifespan data, this being the keystone of most health inequality debates.

Here is what the Office for National Statistics says about lifespan and racial background:

  • In the period 2011 to 2014 in England and Wales, both males and females in the White and Mixed ethnic groups had lower life expectancy at birth than all other ethnic groups, while the Black African group had statistically significant higher life expectancy than most groups.
  • Statistically significant higher age-standardised mortality rates from cancer were present among males and females of the White ethnic group compared with Black and Asian ethnic groups.
  • Statistically significant higher age-standardised mortality rates from circulatory (heart and related) diseases were present among Indian, Bangladeshi and Mixed males and Pakistani, Indian and Mixed females compared with the White group.
  • Cancers and circulatory diseases account for 61% of male and 53% of female deaths in the study and are therefore an important influence on the life expectancy differences seen between ethnic groups.
  • These results reveal important patterns in life expectancy and mortality by ethnic group which are complex but nevertheless consistent with most previous studies; further research is required to investigate the reasons for the differences, with potential explanations including past migration patterns, socioeconomic composition of the groups, health-related behaviours, and clinical and biological factors.

So, whites and part-whites (and some other mixed groups) live shorter lives, Black Africans longer ones. (For the avoidance of doubt, I am not accusing Black Africans of racism towards white people, but in these extraordinary times I feel I need to make that clear).

Sajid Javid is of Pakistani origins, so his children would have lifespans which are higher than those of White British. Here is the relevant Table, ranked by male lifespan.

This is a very interesting, and somewhat unexpected, set of results. As usual, there are potential complicating factors, including the younger ages and better health of some recent immigrant groups. Infant mortality, cardiovascular disease (CVD) and diabetes are higher among Black and South Asian ethnic groups. An analysis of data from the Clinical Practice Research Datalink (Lawson et al 2020) showed that people in the South Asian ethnic group (including Bangladeshi, Indian and Pakistani ethnic groups) had higher ischaemic heart disease, hypertension and diabetes prevalence than those in the White ethnic group. Conversely, those in the Black ethnic group had lower ischemic heart disease than those in the White ethnic group.

In fact, different racial groups have different patterns of health problems. If lifespans are seen through the lens of racism, then whites and part-whites have a grievance against all more recent arrivals.

It would have been useful to include these findings in the article, but we are reading a newspaper, after all.

The Health Minister continues:

For example, research has shown that oximeters, which monitor oxygen levels and are used to see whether treatment is needed for Covid-19, are less accurate on people with darker skin. One of the founding principles of our NHS is equality, and the possibility that a bias — even an inadvertent one — could lead to a poorer health outcome is totally unacceptable.


Sajid Javid is working with his American counterpart, Xavier Becerra, on introducing new international standards to ensure that medical devices have been tested on all races before they are allowed to be sold.

I think that Javid and Becerra are making an ethical mistake. If someone anywhere has produced a device which might save a life, they should use it to save a life immediately. The intended prohibition of the sales of devices will be to the detriment of patients, and will punish innovators and the countries which produce those innovators. A better approach would be to get the devices to market immediately, with supportive documentation showing the patient samples on which they had already been tested. Other countries can then conduct their own standardisations. That would be fair, otherwise the innovators will be burdened, without any responsibilities being placed on those who do not invent things.

In my view, if a Japanese person invents an oximeter, Japanese people should be allowed to use it and sell it, and we will work out our own table of figures from a standardisation study later. My compliments to Takuo Aoyagi, who invented the device for us in 1974. It was “the greatest advance in patient monitoring since echocardiography”


If pulse oximenters give erroneous readings for black patients, then this should not take long to investigate.

In fact, the work has already been done:

The American Journal of Emergency Medicine

Volume 26, Issue 2, February 2008, Pages 131-136

Original Contribution

Diagnostic room-air pulse oximetry: effects of smoking, race, and sex

Author links open overlay panel Michael D.WittingMD, MSaSteven M.ScharfMD, PhDb


Of 871 eligible subjects, 50 (5.7%) had an Spo 2 value less than 97%, and 13 (1.5%) had an Spo 2 value less than 96%. Lower readings were associated with the following characteristics (odds ratio with 95% confidence interval): male sex, 3.8 (2.5-5.6); age ≥60 years, 2.4 (1.3-4.5); white race, 5.3 (3.6-7.8); obesity, 3.2 (2.1-4.8); history of asthma, 3.2 (1.6-6.2). Smoking was not associated with lower Spo 2 values.


Room-air Spo 2 values less than 97% are rare in asymptomatic, awake adults. White race and male sex are associated with lower Spo 2 readings.

Comment: good sample size, so we have base-rates, a crucial guide to understanding any readings from the device. Whites are more likely to get low readings. Fatter people get lower readings, even when not ill. (If one ethnic group is fatter than another, that will affect results).


The next publication is more directly involved in the measurement of oximeters in clinical settings with very ill patients. It is this paper which may have generated the projected investigation.

Racial Bias in Pulse Oximetry Measurement Among Patients About to Undergo Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation in 2019-2020: A Retrospective Cohort Study

Author links open overlay panel Valeria S.M.ValbuenaMDabcRyan P.BarbaroMDdDruClaarMDeThomas S.ValleyMDeRobert P.DicksonMDeSteven E.GayMDeMichael W.SjodingMDeTheodore J.IwashynaMD, PhDbce

Show more Get rights and content


Pulse oximeters may produce less accurate results in non-White patients.

Research Question

Do pulse oximeters detect arterial hypoxemia less effectively in Black, Hispanic, and/or Asian patients than in White patients in respiratory failure and about to undergo extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO)?

Study Design and Methods

Data on adult patients with respiratory failure readings 6 h before ECMO from 324 centers, January 2019 to July 2020, were provided by the Extracorporeal Life Support Organization registry. Our primary analysis was of rates of occult hypoxemia—low arterial oxygen saturation (Sao 2 ≤ 88%) on arterial blood gas measurement despite a pulse oximetry reading in the range of 92% to 96%.


The rate of pre-ECMO occult hypoxemia, that is, arterial oxygen saturation (Sao 2) ≤ 88%, was 10.2% (95% CI, 6.2%-15.3%) for 186 White patients with peripheral oxygen saturation (Spo 2) of 92% to 96%; 21.5% (95% CI, 11.3%-35.3%) for 51 Black patients (P = .031 vs White); 8.6% (95% CI, 3.2%-17.7%) for 70 Hispanic patients (P = .693 vs White); and 9.2% (95% CI, 3.5%-19.0%) for 65 Asian patients (P = .820 vs White). Black patients with respiratory failure had a statistically significantly higher risk of occult hypoxemia with an OR of 2.57 (95% CI, 1.12-5.92) compared with White patients (P = .026). The risk of occult hypoxemia for Hispanic and Asian patients was equivalent to that of White patients. In a secondary analysis of patients with Sao 2 ≤ 88% despite Spo 2 > 96%, Black patients had more than three times the risk compared with White patients (OR, 3.52; 95% CI, 1.12-11.10; P = .032).


Compared with White patients, the prevalence of occult hypoxemia was higher in Black patients than in White patients about to undergo ECMO for respiratory failure, but it was comparable in Hispanic and Asian patients compared with White patients.

A very large-scale study came to similar but more cautious conclusions.

Pulmonary Medicine

Analysis of Discrepancies Between Pulse Oximetry and Arterial Oxygen Saturation Measurements by Race and Ethnicity and Association With Organ Dysfunction and Mortality

An-Kwok Ian Wong, MD, PhD; Marie Charpignon, MS; Han Kim, MSE; Christopher Josef, MD; Anne A. H. de Hond, MSc; Jhalique Jane Fojas, MSE, MSc, MRes, PhD, PhD;Azade Tabaie, MSc; Xiaoli Liu, BS; Eduardo Mireles-Cabodevila, MD; Leandro Carvalho, MD; Rishikesan Kamaleswaran, PhD; R. W. M. A. Madushani, PhD;Lasith Adhikari, PhD; Andre L. Holder, MD, MSc; Ewout W. Steyerberg, PhD; Timothy G. Buchman, PhD, MD; Mary E. Lough, PhD, RN; Leo Anthony Celi, MD, MS, MPH

Discrepancies in oxygen saturation measured by pulse oximetry (SpO2), whencompared with arterial oxygen saturation (SaO2) measured by arterial blood gas (ABG), maydifferentially affect patients according to race and ethnicity. However, theassociation of thesedisparities with health outcomes is unknown.

JAMA Network Open.2021;4(11):e2131674. doi:10.1001/jamanetworkopen.2021.31674

Hidden Hypoxemia by Race and Ethnicity

Hidden hypoxemia occurred across all racial and ethnic subgroups, assessed using the first ABG measurement with an SpO2level greater than 88%. Patients self-identified as Black had higher SaO2variability for any given SpO2value, as evidenced by a larger IQR (eg, median [IQR] SaO2at SpO2of88%, Black patients: 90.10% [10.13]; White patients, 90.00% [9.10]). There was a varying incidence of hidden hypoxemia among racial and ethnic group in descending order: Black, 1785 [6.8%]; Hspanic, 160 [6.0%]; Asian, 92 [4.8%]; White, 2822 [4.9%] (P< .001)

In summary, it is possible, but not certain, that oximeters under-record low oxygen levels in black people. However, normal healthy white people probably have lower oxygen levels than black people, (and fatter people lower oxygen levels than slimmer people). Also, white people in the UK have shorter life-spans than immigrant groups, and the reason for that is not clear. It is worth investigating if any medical device has an unacceptable error term, but on balance oximeters save lives.

In a break from reading medical papers, I chatted to a hospital doctor about this controversy. In a kindly manner he explained that the problems caused by oximeter readings “from dark skins had always been known about (for obvious reasons) but is adjusted for”. It is a sign of the times that so much attention can be paid to something which is a minor part of our current health problems.

It is unlikely that racism, even very broadly defined, is the reason for errors of oxygen level estimation in patients. Wild accusations aside, on the bright side, there is general agreement that, where health is involved, it is perfectly acceptable to talk about race.

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  1. Okay, henceforth, non-whites must only be treated with nonwhite medical devices.

    We wouldn’t want them harmed by ‘racist’ instruments.

    Of course, media are controlled by Jews and they push such nonsense to guilt-bait whites into obeisance, all the better to manipulate them.

    West is over. What we have now is the Schwest, one controlled by Jewish Supremacism.

    It’s Schwestern Values, not Western values.

    • Agree: OldWhiteMan, HammerJack
  2. The original Apple watch was supposedly designed with a non contact diabetes monitor. It was killed off because it was calibrated, indeed only usable on white skinned people, allegedly. I personally worked with an Israeli firm that was developing a non contact diabetes monitor for use on the lip (the skin is thin) but this was abandoned due to the inability to compensate for skin colour (even on the inside of the lip or the alternative site on the earlobe). Medical devices relying on optical techniques are often skin colour sensitive.

    Here I draw your attention to death rate, an inverse of life expectancy. Across the rich world, death rate stopped declining about 2011 for unclear reasons. So it becomes interesting to see what happens to disadvantaged groups. Have increases in their life expectancies compenstae for falling life expectancies in majority populations plagued by obesity and anti depressants?

    Also note that the 2020 age adjusted death rate which includes Covid deaths barely rises above the average for the previous 10 years. Wales did manage the initial impact of Covid better than England but even so, Covid is no big deal for mortality even prior to vaccination.

  3. dearieme says:

    On any matter, the first to play the race card is in the wrong.

    That may not be universally true but it’s generally true.

  4. dearieme says:
    @Philip Owen

    Wales did manage the initial impact of Covid better than England

    There’s no particular reason to think so. If the Welsh figures are lower they are lower – there’s no way anyone can know why.

    The only mystery I’ve seen solved on international comparisons was the one involving Belgium, which reported unusually high death rates. It turned out, according to something I saw, that the Belgians had a definition of a covid death that explained it.

    • Replies: @LondonBob
  5. Yes, my toothpaste was racist because it was white, so I had to switch to a blue colored toothpaste.

    • Replies: @Badger Down
    , @Rogue
  6. LondonBob says:

    I would have thought by now we had learned you can’t really manage the impact of a virus.

    Newer Samsung phones don’t have the blood oxygen measuring thing on the back, you have to get the watch.

    • Agree: Mike Tre
  7. LondonBob says:

    The Conservative Party seems to be runs by Asians and Jews, clannish behaviour and corruption has inevitably followed.

    • Replies: @Rogue
    , @OldWhiteMan
  8. Medical equipment is not racist. I am racist. I was born that way and so was everyone else, because it is hard coded into all DNA.

    • Replies: @sickofit
  9. dearieme says:

    But surely Persons of Colour using pulse oximeters is just naked cultural appropriation? There oughta be a law about it.

    • Replies: @Gordo
    , @niteranger
  10. If there is one thing I have learned from democrat politicians over the past 50 or so years, it is that anything, ANYTHING at all, can be given a racist connotation. Nothing, is free from this scourge.

    It simply “works” too well and besides, it fits in with one American philosophy that believes, “if it works, use it”, it’s fine.

    • Agree: Old and Grumpy
    • Replies: @Jud Jackson
    , @JackOH
  11. Idiot! Heads straight to a retirement town (Blackpool) and wonders why so many people are dying.

    • Agree: Rogue
  12. @abbra cadaver

    Mine was racist because it was called “Darkie” and had a sketch of a black Toff (smartly dressed gentleman) on the pack. Now it’s called “Darlie”.

  13. fausto says:

    Hence they will never let AI on internet. It can clearly see racial differences and say it like it is. I wonder how long they will keep AI off the net.

    • Replies: @interesting
  14. BlackC says:

    Minorities should stop appropriating White/Western culture.
    You have your own cultures and histories that you are proud of.
    So stop using stuff invented, designed, manufactured, installed and maintained by us.
    Invent, design, manufacture, install and then use and maintain your own stuff.

    Cultural appropriation is baaaaaaaad.

    Come on. You can do it. We believe in you.

    • Agree: Vinnyvette
    • Replies: @Ted Kennedy
  15. Dumbo says:

    Both “racism” and “Covid” (or at least the “fight against Covid”) are a huge scam, so there’s nothing to be taken seriously here. Just politicians being politicians. Introducing such rules may be just a way to reduce or eventually forbid the sale of such devices and increase deaths and create even more social and racial division, who knows. I wouldn’t doubt anything at this point.

    Why is someone called Sajid Javid (rhymes with Covid) in charge of health in England?

  16. Franz says:

    Also, white people in the UK have shorter life-spans than immigrant groups, and the reason for that is not clear.

    It is a fact that you really don’t notice things like infrasound and low-level stress till your immune system just no longer has enough strength to keep them from killing you.

    Same as working class whites in the USA: You are bombarded every waking moment that you are being replaced and it’s a GOOD thing, it is RIGHT because your ancestors were all bigots and genocidal maniacs so just give in and let the negativity rot your soul.

    The simplest level of knowledge you might have in street magic might be worth all the tracts and tomes about “loving your race” because nobody is going to love a race that consistently elevates people who make deals with those who want you dead.

  17. We should just ban anyone over 65 from interfacing with the medical system. Would solve 99% of the world’s problems.

    • Troll: tyrone
  18. @Dr. Charles Fhandrich

    You got that right. And the American philosophy is called “Pragmatism” which was made popular by Pierce, James and Dewey.

  19. Maybe if they had been open to using a therapeutic like IVM, which seems to have done wonders for brown-skinned people in India and black-skinned people in parts of Africa, they wouldn’t have had to rely so heavily on racist medical devices.

    The problem isn’t the machines; the problem is the politics of COVID.

  20. Headline:

    Women and Minorities Hit Hardest

    • Troll: Vinnyvette
  21. Gordo says:

    Good article Dr Thompson.

  22. Gordo says:

    But surely Persons of Colour using pulse oximeters is just naked cultural appropriation? There oughta be a law about it.

    Apparently it was invented by a Jap. Try telling them they can’t use a life saving device because it doesn’t work on Africans, they would laugh.

    As for Javid, he has shown his true colours, pity Johnson doesn’t have the courage to sack him!

    • Replies: @dearieme
  23. cohen says:

    May be racist Gandhi had a point when he fought to have separate entrance door for Indians in a post office in Durban. Originally, there were two entrances Whites and non whites. Gandhi believed Africans were dirty and were animals (in his columns) and did not want to do anything with “inferior” balcks

    Ironically, MLK, the useful idiot library in Atlanta has a full size statue of Gandhi. BLM dont dare to remove that statue. While in Ghana, Africa Gandhi’s statue was removed a few years ago. If anyone wants a free statue of him to decorate their lawns, contact the Indian embassy.

    All those worshipers of Gandhi who act likes sheep or or just being lazy should check to see if Gandhi ever graduated from law school. He did attend the school in London. No records of his graduation. He did not get a job as an attorney in Bombay so he moved to a far off place or Animal Kingdom or South Africa. And got his job with two Muslims Merchants.

  24. @fausto

    Harper’s already covered this. White programmers will write racist code so hence AI will be racist too.

  25. Sajid, Rishi, Priti, Boris … whatever happened to Charles, Edward, Henry, Cecil? Is it any wonder then England is suffering!

    • Replies: @Badger Down
  26. JackOH says:
    @Dr. Charles Fhandrich

    Dr. Charles–, yep.

    One can walk away from a raving street evangelist or a homeless schizophrenic muttering gibberish without paying a price. We can’t as easily walk away from our government using similar rhetoric.

    What makes our American “liberal democracy” so terrible, in my opinion, is that our political elites routinely deploy gibberish, gobbledygook, jabberwocky—call it what you will—to block issues from ever being joined. Sometimes the gibberish has a veneer of rational discourse; sometimes, as with the “everything’s racist” shtick, our leaders don’t even bother with cover rhetoric.

    You’re right—because it works. If you disagree that “everything’s racist”, well, that’s presumptive evidence that, indeed, you are—well, you get the picture.

  27. funny says:

    Well just maybe the creators of the Virus meant for it to attack certain ethnicities. Therefore the Virus itself is Racist. So the question is how to to combat a Virus that is RACIST. Pass a law that Viruses cannot be racist. There! The nut jobs should be happy.

  28. OK. Medical equipment is racist, and white guys are dying sooner. Are we really calling the brown NHS professionals equipment now? If so, really need to keep up on my woke jargon.

  29. @Supply and Demand

    Euthanizing liberals of any age, would solve 99% of the problems of the western world.
    We could even reach out to the expats, just because. 😉

  30. HT says:

    The Jewocracy and their non-white pets rolling back civilization on all fronts.

  31. @Sick of Orcs

    Difficile est, satiram non scribere

    A Congressperson who menstruates just informed us in all bloody earnestness
    that 80% of the victims of climate change are womxyn (whoda thunk the little island monkeys are all polygamists?).

    – These things always remind me of the ancient House episode where the
    black heart patient balks at medication “optimized for African Americans” until
    House prescribes the exact same stuff with “It´s the same we give the Republicans.”

    For some, it seems, it is either “informed” or “consent” but not both.

  32. Maddaugh says:

    My South African boerboel is a light brown and so racist he barks at the little black statue holding a lantern I have at the head of my driveway. I strongly suspect the statue may also be racist as a couple nights ago the bulb blew and I almost ended up in the ditch. The bastard !

    I think I will replace him with a ceramic Chinaman ! Does that mean I am racist or am I an equal opportunity affirmative action employer ?

    Could someone tell me as these emotions really bother me and I am having difficulty sleeping at night.

    • LOL: Stephane
  33. sickofit says:

    You are aware that everything-every single thing that exists-is now considered (and changed or eliminated, torn down or canceled) strictly on the basis of race? You know things like cartoons, books written decades ago, pictures on food products, names of sports teams, etc. Soon, the air (oxygen) will have to be evaluated as to how it discriminates against people of color and draconian acts and billions of dollars spent on research to end this discrimination.

  34. sickofit says:
    @Supply and Demand

    Well the purposeful release of an enhanced virus to make people whose health is already compromised, i.e., the elderly, and cram them all together in nursing homes or purposefully kill them in hospitals has been an excellent method of culling the population from the “worthless eaters” while also expanding dictatorial power (part of the plan) and making Bill Gates wealthier than he dreamed.

  35. Rogue says:
    @abbra cadaver

    Sorry, but that’s just not good enough.

    I only use multicolored toothpaste as I wish to make sure I am embracing all diversity.

    Quite frankly, there is not a racist bone in my body – or racist tooth in my mouth.

  36. sickofit says:

    The only thing hard coded into all DNA is damaged souls from the sin against God that Adam and Eve passed down. But that damage can be repaired if one uses the brain God gave them and use reason and common sense to conclude that what He revealed about Himself, through Christ, is that Christ came into the world to redeem man and gave everyone the tools to “love thy neighbor as thyself” thus making it impossible to be racist.

  37. Rogue says:

    When David Cameron took over as the Conservative party leader, journalist Peter Hitchins said that Britain no longer had a mainstream choice for right-wing voters.

    Whether Labour, Conservative or Lib-Dem, all three parties would be left of center in future.

    This has proven to be true. Boris Johnson, with his stated dislike of Enoch Powell (I read about half of one of Johnson’s books), and his enthusiasm for immigration from everywhere, is absolutely not any real “conservative” either.

    Nigel Farage has also stated bluntly that Johnson is a purely faux conservative.

  38. Rogue says:
    @Sick of Orcs

    Well, I kid you not.

    A Black government minister in South Africa (where I reside) wondered why so many Blacks were being zapped by lightning.

    She went on to muse that lighting might be racist…

  39. Corrupt says:

    This will result in an indirect medical tax wherein white people will end up paying more for medical devices so devices that work for minorities can be developed, much like the “kosher tax” currently works.

    • Agree: Gordo
  40. dearieme says:

    But remember that in apartheid South Africa the Japanese were classed as Honorary Whites. (Or so I dimly remember: open to correction.)

    Anyway, anyone non-white using electric current is doing cultural appropriation. Neither Volta nor Michael Faraday were blackamoors.

  41. I done support dis here agenda:

    2 + 2 = sheeeeeeeiiiiit, ni**a please!


  42. Neuday says:

    For Blacks, a more popular and needful device might be the pulse-cannibimeter, tracking level of THC in the blood. Or perhaps the pulse-lootimeter, tracking the value of the looted goods and when in danger of crossing from misdemeanor to felony. Or maybe the pulse-slapimeter, to track how much you can beat that bitch before she likely to call the cops.

    With so many Blacks now attending college, interesting inventions are in the offing, I’m sure.

  43. Sheesh, it’s going from ‘the vaccinated’ to vaccine-junkies.

    Yes, you need the BOOST over and over and over. Craccines.

  44. @JackOH

    So true. I can’t even comprehend some of these idiots in Congress on a basic level. If one examines the rhetoric that is overused by the political class, there are too many abstract words but very few concrete ones. Fine, if one believes that a country should be guided by people who have a medical condition known as The Alice in Wonderland syndrome, where things are not seen, as in politicians like Jerry Nadler and others, when being asked about all the fires and looting two summers ago, told the reporter’s “it never happened.” And Trump is a kook.?

  45. @Chinaman's Nightmare

    Enoch Powell predicted much of this, way back in the middle of the last century.

    • Replies: @Chinaman's Nightmare
  46. @JackOH

    And the polos are so often saying the opposite of what they mean. Take FOIP, please! Our superiors have been banging the drum for a “Free and Open Indo-Pacific” for years now. It is actually a conspiracy to interfere with trade in that area, and to use “chokepoints” against China.

    No-one’s old enough to remember that that is how the US started the “Pacific war”: by choking off Japan’s oil imports.

    So who wants to choke off trade? China, the Great Trader? Or the militant USUK pirates?

    • Thanks: JackOH
  47. GeneralRipper [AKA "Nemo me impune lacessit"] says:

    Could we please have a list of what is NOT racist?

    I’d imagine it’s a much more manageable figure.

    • Replies: @Bel Darrow
  48. @Badger Down

    Enoch Powell was way ahead of his time but sadly, his voice was drowned out to the peril of the late Great Britain. It’s a pity!

  49. tyrone says:
    @Supply and Demand

    I’m pissed ,Unz doesn’t have an evil troll button.

  50. GeneralRipper [AKA "Nemo me impune lacessit"] says:

    Keep in mind that this “American” expat shacking up with a Commie Chink monkey also calls himself a Catholic.

    Joe Biden is a “good Catholic” as well.

  51. @sickofit

    That’s the thing though, I hate most white people so me being racist is me loving my neighbor. Tough loving them

    • Replies: @GeneralRipper
  52. GeneralRipper [AKA "Nemo me impune lacessit"] says:
    @White genocide Nostradamus

    You should move away from them.

    That’s what white people do when we have to live around garbage like you.

    If you weren’t a broke dick, half retard, sad sack, lazy pothead welfare nigger, you probably could.

  53. @Sick of Orcs

    I accidentally hit the troll button, sorry man, was going for LOL. Thanks for the laugh!

    • Replies: @Sick of Orcs
  54. @dearieme

    The Pulse meters didn’t work on many blacks because they forgot to put the battery in.

  55. @BlackC

    A straw hut, dung packed in their hair, and a bone in their nose. That’s the height of “black culture.” Why are they worried about medical diagnostic devices anyway? Don’t they all have digital displays? Isn’t math racist, too? Isn’t all testing racist?

    • Replies: @Bel Darrow
  56. @LondonBob

    “Liberalism is defeat, Conservatism is surrender”–John Tyndall

  57. @Vinnyvette

    No problem, friend. If you mistakenly hit the wrong button, you can reselect a different button within the time limit.

  58. says:

    The SJWonkers assert that there is no race effects. Unfortunately the virus/nature do not understand that. Ironically using one of their particular catch phrase, that is also a “social construct”. The SJWonkers favourate trick is to dilute the facts with chads to hide the real life data/facts while the finer grain analysis might show the effects. However they are playing with people’s lives if the SJWonkers trying to assert equality of outcome to medical matters. For example, the US Center for Disease Control (CDC) has collected the serious adverse effects data due to the COVID vaccinations. In particular with respect to the potentially fatal Guillain-Barre Syndrome (GBS) which affects the neuro systems and muscle controls, especially when that control breathing and the sufferers might have to use mechanical ventilators. The US Janssen vaccine (JJ) for COVID is similar to the British AZD vaccine which uses the adeno virus as the vector. The generally default acceptable safety level is 40 serious adverse effects per million vaccinations for any one particular adverse effect syndrome (AES) while the aggregated risk for all AESs could be higher. Anyway from the US official CDC data, the overall results for Janssen vaccine appears to be acceptable. US seems to be the only country that breakdown the AES data by race, and there shows the glaring anomality.

    From “Guillain-Barré Syndrome after COVID-19 Vaccination in the Vaccine Safety Datalink”

    The risk for the Janssen vaccine appears to be higher than the acceptable default risk level for WHITE while it seems to be acceptable for all other races in US. Should the SJWonkers hide this real life facts and assert that the Janssen vaccine is acceptable for all people in US?? US seems to have dis-continued the use of the Janssen vaccine in US and has exported Janssen vaccine to the rest of the non-white world.

    Another SJWonkers’ trick is the very opposite of chadding, by salami slicing the fact to nothing. Although it is not the aim of the above paper, the further breaking down of GBS to identifying ills shows that all of them individually were below the default acceptable risk, except the death item which have to weigh against the number of the non-vaccinated COVID GBS death.

    There is a hoaxer nicknamed “Angie is an*l” asserted that race is a social construct. Unfortunately the SARSCOV2 virus does not understand that, especially wrt Subcontinent Indian. From the Oxford Uni paper in the reputable Nature Genetics journal,
    “Identification of LZTFL1 as a candidate effector gene at a COVID-19 risk locus”
    Here, using a combined multiomics and machine learning approach, we identify the gain-of-function risk A allele of an SNP, rs17713054G>A, as a probable causative variant. We show with chromosome conformation capture and gene-expression analysis that the rs17713054-affected enhancer upregulates the interacting gene, leucine zipper transcription factor like 1 (LZTFL1). Selective spatial transcriptomic analysis of lung biopsies from patients with COVID-19 shows the presence of signals associated with epithelial–mesenchymal transition (EMT), a viral response pathway that is regulated by LZTFL1. We conclude that pulmonary epithelial cells undergoing EMT, rather than immune cells, are likely responsible for the 3p21.31-associated risk.

    The 3p21.31 risk haplotype, which arises from Neanderthal DNA and is currently unexplained with regards to the causal variant(s), causal gene(s) and specific role in COVID-19, confers a twofold increased risk of respiratory failure from COVID-19 (refs. 9,10) and an over twofold increased risk of mortality for individuals under 60 (ref. 13). Additionally, the risk variants at this locus are carried by >60% of individuals with South Asian ancestry (SAS), compared to 15% of European ancestry (EUR) groups, partially explaining the ongoing higher death rate in this population in the UK.

    The more fatal genotype AA is virtually absent in Asian and European populations but exists at 9.4% in the Indian population. From the 1KGP data the distribution of the lesser mutation genotype AG in SAS, EUR and EAS are 40.3%, 16.1% and 1% respectively. With respect to European EUR the ratio (9.4*2+40.3)/16.1 ~ 3.67 . Thus the risk ratio wrt East Asian EAS should be 59.10x higher. The risk ratio between European EUR and EAS is hence 16.1x. That seems to be a lot for the imaginary “social construct” fantasy than the cold hard real life data.

    Furthermore, the SARSCOV2 virus adaptation to the human hosts is through a process called “passaging” through a long series of infecting the human cells and that points to the most probable origin of SARSCOV2 to the most succeptable population with the more fatal genotype rs17713054AA. Otherwise does SARSCOV2 also practices discrimination?? In contrast, for the previous SARS1 it seems that Asians were more succeptable and hence the probable origin of the previous SARS1 was Asia. Genetics has proved that SARSCOV2 is not a direct descendent of SARS1.

    • Replies: @James Thompson
  59. @Ted Kennedy

    Somehow I remember something about pine trees being racist, too…? :/

    Also – I just gotta ask: wouldn’t the correct term be cultural misappropriation, as opposed to cultural appropriation? Confused about that. Anybody who can shed light on that is welcome to respond to my (probably stupid) question!

  60. @GeneralRipper

    Lol! Very short list indeed. I mean… what isn’t rayciss, sexist, or offensive nowadays?

    Mr. Potato Head…wow…

  61. Bill Meyer says: • Website

    The higher incident of Covid in minorities mentioned in this article could likely be due to lower Vitamin D levels and weaker immune response. There are studies – The vast majority of people are deficient in this necessary nutrient. All things being equal, darker skin means you need even more exposure to sunshine in order to naturally generate the vitamin. I’ve been a slave to Vitamin D supplementation the last two years of Wu hysteria, and even taking 5000 IU per day ended up testing on the low end of normal. There’s strong evidence that many of the bad outcomes re Covid are due to weak immune systems that you’d think the medical system would be a bit more interested in fixing. By and large we’re an overfed but undernourished people.


    Thanks for your detailed comments. I assume that knowledge about different susceptibility of different races will increase, and may go some way to accounting for the different death rates in the early stages of the pandemic.

    A more prosaic explanation is race based vaccination “hesitancy”.

    At the emergency booster sessions today, some people are now coming in for their first vaccination, and at one London clinic this afternoon that was the case for an apparently professional class, Indian woman.

    • Replies: @dearieme
  63. says:

    Are SJWonker’s social indoctrinations like expection of the equality of outcomes always good for the society?? They totally reject that that will cause a race to the bottom. It is usually those deep into it cannot see that withing their own country, like the alledged frog can be slowly boiled alive in hot water without feeling the heat, those outside the country can plainly see the differences. Finland used to be an academically strong country which scored the highest in Europe for the OECD PISA survey but lately the standard has slipped and has fallen behind Estonia. Why is that so??


    Rank| Pisa18 | Country
    1| 1736 | BSJZ.China
    2| 1669 | Singapore
    3| 1627 | Macao.China
    4| 1592 | HongKong.China
    5| 1576 | Estonia <–
    6| 1560 | Japan
    7| 1559 | Korea
    8| 1550 | Canada
    8| 1550 | ChineseTaipei
    10| 1549 | Finland <–

    The International Chemistry Olympiad 2020 http://www/ might give a glimpse of what happen. With the top 4 students in the country as representatives, repeat THE TOP 4 STUDENTS IN THE COUNTRY, Finland manage to score only 30.15 out of 100. The situations are not unique to Finland, Switzerland, Denmark and Norway are also joinning Finland at the vey bottom to sing kumbaya with Nigeria.

    Rank| AvgScore | Country
    1| 95.15 | China
    2| 94.83 | United States of America
    3| 93.73 | Vietnam
    4| 91.11 | Singapore
    5| 90.66 | Chinese Taipei

    9| 85.75 | United Kingdom
    9| 85.75 | United Kingdom
    12| 79.71 | Japan
    18| 75.41 | Germany
    20| 72.67 | Indonesia
    22| 70.26 | Australia
    33| 58.94 | Canada
    43| 45.54 | France
    46| 41.57 | Switzerland <—
    51| 30.15 | Finland <—
    53| 28.00 | Denmark <—
    54| 27.44 | Norway <—
    58| 20.36 | Nigeria

    59| 19.11 | Montenegro &lt– last

    In fact many Northern and Western European countries are like that, Sweden the inventor of the chemical explosive TNT did not participate (doing an Indian flip??). Indonesia (72.67) even scored higher than Australia (70.26), Canada (58.94), France (45.54) and Switzerland (41.57). It is supprising that nobody has yet declared that Chemistry is “racist” against White. There is a Harvard student that droped out of the pre-med course declaring that Chemistry is “racist” against colored people.

    The individual scores of those TOP STUDENTS from Finland, Denmark and Norway have shown that those countries have achieved the SJWonker Paradise of Equality of Outcomes, and why Estonia is now ahead of Finland. If the FOURTH TOP STUDENT in the country can only scored 11.89 out of 100, what hope for the average students in the country for Chemistry??

    ScoreIChO20 | Competitor
    99.07 | United States of America Competitor 1
    95.98 | United States of America Competitor 2
    92.98 | United States of America Competitor 3
    91.29 | United States of America Competitor 4
    88.23 | Estonia Competitor 1
    77.08 | Estonia Competitor 2
    54.31 | Estonia Competitor 3

    42.23 | Finland Competitor 1
    41.63 | Denmark Competitor 1
    38.06 | Finland Competitor 2
    37.67 | Nigeria Competitor 1
    28.41 | Finland Competitor 3
    28.03 | Norway Competitor 1
    26.85 | Norway Competitor 2
    26.83 | Denmark Competitor 2
    25.99 | Denmark Competitor 3
    20.50 | Nigeria Competitor 2
    17.56 | Denmark Competitor 4
    15.26 | Nigeria Competitor 3
    11.89 | Finland Competitor 4
    8.01 | Nigeria Competitor 4

    The western lack of interests in Chemistry might have tainted the OECD PISA science scores, as it can be shown that IChO scores are closer correlated with PISA maths rather than PISA science. Much have been said about the advantage of Maths for the East Asian countries in the OECD PISA survey. In fact the East Asian Math advantage is slight compare to the drastic handicap of the West in Chemistry, of which Finland is a very stark example. On the zscore scale, Finland is behind the top score in PISA18 Math by 1.50 and IChO20 by 2.66, another extra handicap of 1.16 sigma below in Chemistry. And this is not due to race as it can be seen from the Chemistry results for Indonesia (with limited edu resources), Canada and Australia (Indonesians by law have to adopt Indonesian surnames, those with Christian first names are most probably with Chinese ancestry, those with Malay ancestry by law have to be Moslem) that the western legacy population with East Asian ancestries are equally handicapped by the social indoctrination.

    • Replies: @James Thompson
  64. @Philip Owen

    Your findings about Covid-19 in Wales fit in nicely with this paper, which found the appraisal of Michel Levitt:

    • Thanks: Philip Owen
  65. dearieme says:
    @James Thompson

    How odd. As the evidence accumulates that the jabs are less effective than first claimed, and more dangerous, why on earth would someone opt to take the jab now? A year ago I understand, but now?

    • Replies: @James Thompson

    Thank you for these very useful findings. It would be important to look at the backgrounds of the top competitors: many national maths teams are disproportionately Chinese in origin.

    • Replies:
  67. @dearieme

    Had assumed that jabs were effective.
    What should I read for a good evaluation of their efficacy?

    • Replies: @dearieme
    , @dearieme
  68. dearieme says:
    @James Thompson

    There’s a clear summary of Pfizer’s early results here. Discouraging. The data were not publicly available to early vaccinees like thee and me.

    Of course you could argue that the trial results don’t matter either way since the trials were dogged by malarkey. I don’t know what to make of that. Not encouraging anyway.

    But, I hear you cry, never mind the controlled experiments – how about the observational data? There are enough odd features to the observations that some statistically shrewd critical minds are having a sceptical look. Here’s one, for example; there are others.

    Note that that latter writer is looking only at effectiveness. The other part of the decision-making is to balance effectiveness, such as it be, against the potential for damage. That’s tricky because the systems for recording “adverse events” – i.e. nasty side effects – have the notorious property of under-recording them. By how much? Maybe ten-fold for the most serious AEs, perhaps a hundred-fold for the less serious – those estimates come from historical studies completed long before the pandemic came along. Consider too that it’s only AEs that occurred in the last year that can be recorded yet – anything nasty that might appear after two years, five years, ten years, is conjectural.

    Anyway, overview:

    Causing heart problems:

    Pregnant women:




    A stab at estimating the scale of the problem:

  69. dearieme says:
    @James Thompson

    If the woman you spotted was hoping for protection from the ohmygad variant she may be out of luck.

    “The Omicron variant presents a serious threat to many existing COVID-19 vaccines and therapies, compelling the development of new interventions that anticipate the evolutionary trajectory of SARS-CoV-2.”

  70. says:
    @James Thompson

    A better understanding of the effects of the European social indoctrination on tainting the the OECD PISA Science survey can be seen from the scores plotted. The International Chemistry Olympiad comprises with 4 competitors each from the participating countries, i.e. a proxy representation of the tip of the smart fraction. Thus they are compare with the PISA Math 95+ percentile scores. In general the IChO scores are statistically significantly linearly correlated to the PISA Math95, i.e. low odds of false positive, but with large scatter that the Rsq value is low. For the Asian countries with NO HANGUP with the DIE equality of outcomes dogma, the linear trend between IChO and Math95 is pretty obvious and with high Rsq value. However, for the Europeans the range of Math95 is moderately high and quite tightly packed with a large vertical spread in the IChO scores, i.e. Math95 or IQ have no effect on the IChO scores contrary to the rest of the global countries and that can only come from the social indoctrination. Thus this is a self fulfilling assertion, the social doctrine that performance does not depend on IQ ONLY WARPS THE PERFORMANCE OF THE EUROPEAN SJWONKERS AND NOT THE REST OF THE WORLD, A BLANTANTLY OXYMORONIC SOCIAL CONSTRUCT FROM THE EUROPEAN SJWONKERS. The European countries with DIE equality of outcomes dogma are sticking an unright middle finger to the OECD Science survey. Some European countries with scores around the regression line for the Asian countries have sense to have minimal impacts from this. However Switzerland has a significant pharmaceutical industry but with the FOURTH TOP STUDENT FROM SWITZERLAND scoring only 20.44 out of 100 in Chemistry, how long can they hold on to those companies??

  71. says:
    @James Thompson

    Some might argue that that could be the results of the general European concept that Chemistry is a “dirty science”. However, the anomality is also in the International Biology Olympiad IBO althouth the effects are not as mark. Mass of European countries IBO scores are disproportionally below the overall regression line, especially under the Asian countries regression line, going against the general global trend that higher Math95 tends to give higher IBO score.

    This message is alread long enough. Without going into detail of what I had shown previously for the OECD PISA (2015?) test which also survey the attitude of the students wrt wanting to be the best, the real technical reason for the decline of Denmark etc is that most countries’ performances declined when under competitive pressures due to performance anxiety, etc, and yet some elite countries the performances increased instead to meet the competitions. At that time I noted that the countries with mostly Viking descendents like Denmark, together with those with Anglo-Saxon and East Asian (Japan with WW2 angst an outlier) ancestries thrived with competitions. So when the SJWonkers in those countries indoctrinated the populations against competitions to achieve equality of outcomes, their performances declined down the slope. This might have some recent Chinese policy consequences to ease the competitions in school.

    Another SJWonkers’ favourate assertion is that those high scorers are only good in theory and not on practical things. It so happen that for IChO18 there was a lab prac component and that assertion can be put to objective global quantitative test instead of just mad hand waving.

    Yes, those high scorers tend to have higher theory scores than the prac scores. However when looking at the raw prac scores it is apparent that even the prac scores were less than the theory scores, the prac scores of those high performers were still very much HIGHER than those who ravelled in claiming they had better prac scores. That SJWonkers’ assertion does not stand up to real implication of the REAL SITUATION. That SJWonkers’ assertion just gives those suckers who believed them a false sense of grandeur that does not stand up to scrutiny.

  72. dearieme says:

    Doc, you may be the only blogger I follow who has experience of designing and running Randomised Controlled Trials. So may I ask you an off-topic question?

    I’ve been pondering Pfizer’s trials of its Covid vaccine. The initial trials look familiar: about 20,ooo people in a treatment group and about 20,000 people in a control group, the latter being given a placebo, specifically saline solution. So far so good.

    But my interest today is in the follow-up booster trial, specifically Phase 3 of that trial.

    This wasn’t an RCT; instead – if I understand their rather clumsy English – they simply selected at random 312 people from the 20,000 in the treatment arm of the previous trial, with the intention of giving them their third “booster” jab. Events intervened and they ended up with a group of 234 who satisfied their criteria for satisfactory testing of the antibody response to the booster jab. (I think it was just the antibody response, rather than including B-cell and T-cell response, but here my ignorance of biology may be betraying me.)

    Here’s my point, in two parts. First, it’s impossible to select 312 participants at random from the 20,000 because some of the people you contact and invite to enter the new trial will say “no” or be uncontactable. So your sample can’t, in fact, be a random sample from that 20,000; it will inevitably have become biased because the refuseniks and gone-aways cannot be assumed to be themselves random samples. Do you agree? I don’t suggest that the non-randomness is important, I just want to see if my thinking is clear.

    Secondly, the reduced number of 234 are even less likely to be a random sample. Do you agree?

    Separate issue: I am mightily impressed that booster doses are being administered to people in the tens of millions, maybe hundreds of millions, based on a trial on 234 souls whose response was measured in vitro. Lord, Lord, ah didna ken.

  73. I had a look, not a detailed examination, and I think you are right that the selection is not random. However, that is always the case with volunteer samples, who tend to be brighter and more community minded than average. Those who agree second time round will be even more compliant, and the more cussed minded will be unlikely to volunteer again.

    Does it matter? Somewhat. It depends on the refusal rate overall, and the sample size at the end of the process. In this case, rather small.

    It my brief glimpse was accurate, they also depend on the Israel experience, where the numbers were probably much higher.

    I may be being too kind, but it is far better than clinical psychology trials, in which volunteers are signing up for 8 to 16 or so one hour treatment sessions. Few want to do this, and even fewer last the course.

    I did a truly random PTSD trial, which I typically didn’t publish. At the end of a 3+ hour trauma de-briefing session I opened an envelope handed to me by an assistant, and on that basis some patients were randomly told that they were offered another 8 sessions of treatment, and the others that they should simply show up for a followup in 8 weeks time. The latter group did just as well as those given further treatment.

    • Replies: @dearieme
  74. dearieme says:
    @James Thompson

    Many thanks. I’m not too worried by the initial groups of 20,000: that they are not a random sample of the population is inevitable. All we can ask is that the two groups are well matched which the randomisation ought to ensure.

    always the case with volunteer samples, who tend to be brighter and more community minded than average Yes: recently I looked at a paper about the flu jab. It referred to the “healthy vaccinee effect”, an obvious allusion to the healthy worker effect.

    This thread started with your points about racist medical equipment. I was pretty impressed that the original Pfizer trial managed to round up a racially/ethnically mixed bag to try the vaccine on. They were Americans so a bit on the fat side, but that’s probably an advantage since for under-65s being fat puts you at more risk.

    Or so they say: have they allowed for the probably greater level of comorbidity among fatsos? Are they mistaking correlation for cause? Tricky blighters, mere observational data. Controlled experiments are the thing whenever possible. Though I’ll grant you that both can be far superior to the vapouring of the preposterous Astrologer Royal.

    • Replies: @Philip Owen
  75. @dearieme

    The micro clotting of capillaries that is supposed to take place is very much a biological featrure that would make diabetic patients worse. Weak capillary beds are a feature of diabetes and metabolic syndrome.

  76. There is an easy solution. 1 Billion sub Saharan Blacks, with Haitians, Caribbean, can easily devise medical devices for Blacks. Let us add a Black vaccine for Blacks, devised in Kenia or Zimbabwe. Add some voodoo from Haiti and Brazilian black magic, and whites (lowercase) will flock to the superior Black medicine.

    Medical devices ‘made for white people’ may have driven higher minority fatality rates
    ‘Racist’ oxygen device may explain why Covid hit minorities so hard

    As we have learned in hidden figures, wise black women are superior in math
    Blacks are as good as whites in medicine, science, etc. They also profit from immense diversity, and thus are superior
    South African medicine has greatly improved since Blacks have taken over, has it not? Remember the white South Arican racists got merely the world’s first heart transplants done
    /satire end

  77. BobWhite says:

    Let the Darkies invent their own Oximeter.
    BTW. Most black people don’t have black pigmented palms or pigmented fingers on the palm side.
    Banning oximeters that work on everybody else is Murder. This man is dangerous.
    This whole thing represents why immigrants need to migrate back to where they or their family came from. My opinion about about this guys “equity” attitude and plan is…
    F**k him and the car he didn’t invent or build…but drove to work in.
    Move back to where you or your family came from from and invent your own shit.
    And…F**k Equity.

  78. dearieme says:
    @Dieter Kief

    Thank you: Fenton and chums continue on their merry way. I liked this comment on p13 of your second link: In line with the fact that the data does not reveal excess mortality compared to previous years, we see no direct evidence of overall excess mortality caused by vaccine side effects in the data. The spikes in mortality that appear to occur soon after vaccination may be caused by the infirm, moribund, and severely ill receiving vaccination in priority order and thus simply appearing to hasten deaths that might otherwise have occurred later in the year.

    So their proposition is that the vaccination of the old and infirm bumps them off, but only a little sooner than would otherwise have happened. That reminds me of what some people originally said about Covid – many of its victims were close to death anyway, it just hastened things a bit. Now Fenton et al suggest the same thing for the vaccine, but maybe with the vaccine doing its culling more swiftly than Covid would do its.

    This is clearly a different problem from the effect some people think they’ve detected in young athletes (footballers for instance) of healthy youngsters and young adults – particularly males, perhaps – suffering heart problems, including deaths, caused by the vaccines.

    Separate issue: what long term ill effects might be caused by having our blood and organs exposed to high concentrations of spike proteins? Oh God, is there to be no end to it?

    Will the combination of lockdowns and mass vaccination prove to be one of the greatest public policy fiascos in history?

  79. dearieme says:
    @Dieter Kief

    And on p21: We would like to acknowledge the invaluable help of Shahar Gavish, and other independent researchers. The paper has also benefited from the input of senior clinicians and other researchers who remain anonymous to protect their careers.

    The way we live now, eh?

    To return to the neighbourhood of the topic of the original post: on p 18 we read we know vaccination take up is high in white British, Indian, and Chinese populations and lower in those of Bangladeshi & Pakistani heritage and in the Black population.

    So, is the problem with the usual suspects? They do some back-of-the-envelope arithmetic to conclude it is not.

  80. Fortunately Family Guy has already solved the racial medical equipment crisis.

  81. dearieme says:

    “Medical Equipment May be Racist”

    On reflection I conclude that the only logical response is for People of Choler to reject all medical treatments and equipment developed by whites. No X-rays, no antibiotics, and so forth. The Japanese, obvs, would be exempt because their nation has contributed to the development of modern medicine.

    I suppose they, the PoC, should also reject medicine-adjacent whitery: clean water, functioning sewers, and so on. Anything less would be hypocrisy. Harsh but fair, I’d say.

  82. dearieme says:

    O/T again, I’m afraid, doc. But I seek your advice in the sense of a broad brush answer.

    On another blog we were having a rather desultory discussion about how dim Prince Harry is. I suggested that there must be a respectable lower bound to his IQ since he was successfully taught to fly a helicopter. Have you any feel for what that lower bound might be?

    (I suspect that quite a few of the disparaging commenters might lack the intelligence and co-ordination to fly a Sopwith Camel, never mind a helicopter. I mean, I think Harry is dim by the standards of the people I spent my career with but what can I make of a commenter who suggests Harry’s IQ is 80? “Inexperienced in the world” might be the kindest assessment I could offer.)

  83. @dearieme

    I’d rate Harry as a modest average rather than dim. However, he is neither intellectual nor creative so it shows. Charles tried to be an intellectual. Megan ahead of him enough to be the leader and have his confidence but no more than that. Low cunning I think.

  84. @dearieme

    Harry’s issues seem to me to be related to moral rather than intellectual shortcomings.
    Most of us have a moral code that, at its core, is based on “Because we should treat people as we would like to be treated” and “you wouldn’t like it if they did that to you”.

    He has probably never met anybody who didn’t treat him extremely well even if he behaved in a way that ordinarily would have resulted in violence or at least the credible threat thereof. I think he just hasn’t heard the word “no” enough.

  85. The deification of the race that costs all others the most in welfare and lives and property ruined is fomented by a certain group of eternal outsiders.

  86. @dearieme

    I don’t know. I understand that some doubt has been raised about his helicopter flying, asserting he was a crew member rather than the pilot, but I have not followed this up.
    I saw him at an event at which he was talking to friends of mine, and when I quizzed then later they judged him to be of at least average intelligence. His speech, though no doubt written for him, was well delivered.
    Years ago my wife had a long chat with his mother, Diana, and was sure that she was of average to above average intelligence. As a clinical and educational psychologist she can claim to have some skill in this. Another psychologist friend knew Charles quite well over some years, and did not mention any intellectual problems, but had certainly noticed his temper.

    • Replies: @dearieme
  87. dearieme says:
    @James Thompson

    some doubt has been raised about his helicopter flying

    That’s inaccurate as far as I know: WKPD, which I assume is not a hot bed of pro-royalist sentiment, covers the matter in some detail. For example:

    Prince Charles presented him with his flying brevet (wings) on 7 May 2010 at a ceremony at the Army Air Corps Base (AAC), Middle Wallop. Harry was awarded his Apache Flying Badge on 14 April 2011 … In June 2011, Clarence House announced that Harry would be available for deployment in current operations in Afghanistan as an Apache helicopter pilot. … He also discussed killing insurgents while piloting his Apache helicopter, and added “we fire when we have to, take a life to save a life, but essentially we’re more of a deterrent than anything else”.

    He may be a miserable excuse for a prince but apparently he is capable of flying a helicopter in battle and surviving. Which, as I said, presumably implies a floor on his IQ. But what can it be?

  88. dearieme says:

    Off piste again, Doc. I was wondering when the word “intelligence” came to bear its current meaning in English. Then I thought of a couple of lines in Dunbar’s Lament for the Makars.

    (English of a Scottish sort, with Latin thrown in.)

    The best verse is this:

    Our plesance heir is all vane glory,
    This fals warld is bot transitory,
    The flesche is brukle, the Fend is sle;
    Timor mortis conturbat me.

    The relevant verse is this:

    He sparis no lord for his piscence,
    Na clerk for his intelligence;
    His awfull strak may no man fle;
    Timor mortis conturbat me.

    What do you think? Could that use of “intelligence” circa 1500 be roughly ours?

  89. @dearieme

    Not impossible but still also readable as information read by the clerk from a book or scroll.

    Good find though.

    • Replies: @dearieme
    , @dearieme
  90. dearieme says:
    @Philip Owen

    also readable as information read by the clerk from a book

    Aye, that’s why I feared it was ambiguous. After I posted my comment it occurred to me that I must find my magnifying glass and see what my compact OED has to say about it.

    But stay! Here it is on the web. They cite Dunbar in section 4.

  91. dearieme says:
    @Philip Owen

    Good find though.

    Thank you, but no great credit to me. I went to secondary school in an era when they saw their business as being education.

  92. @dearieme

    This is the language which Ezra Pound so loved. Prosody, prosody.
    Yes, could be military intelligence, which any lord would need.

    I like the description of intelligence as being able to find differences between things which seem the same, and sameness in things which seem different.

    Have forgotten where I found it, more crisply and sonorously enunciated.

  93. Alrenous says: • Website

    Physics is racist. Medical technology is a proper subset of physics, so racism is only to be expected.

    Here of course “racist” means “a cause of envy inspiration in the resentful races.” As opposed to “sexist,” which means, “a cause of envy inspiration in women.” It almost goes without saying that physics is also sexist.

    There’s an easy way to define intelligence, but it turns out it’s not monolithic. Bit gathering, bit processing, bit creation. Learning, thinking, creativity. It’s a bit odd that these three separate things are linked so tightly in the mortal races.

    Note that intelligence and consciousness are almost entirely distinct. Consciousness is provably not mathematical, whereas bits are always numbers.

  94. dearieme says:

    Somewhere in this morning’s paper I saw that (UK) pharmacists are going to be encouraged to hand out anti-obesity advice and products to fatsos. The definition of fatso is BMI > 30 if you are white, BMI >27.5 if you are … um … well, brown or black I suppose.

    This implies that there may be some genetic basis to the concept of race, I suspect. I thought that was an intolerably unwoke position to take these days? Perhaps the Department of Health should be cancelled.

  95. dearieme says:

    “Medical Equipment May be Racist”

    Do you suppose we could use it to distinguish Ukrainians from Russians?

  96. dearieme says:

    The leading American public intellectual Ms Whoopi Goldberg has argued that Hitler’s mass murder of the Jews was nothing to do with racism. What are the views of items of medical equipment on this question?

    (I’m hoping their views are better considered than Ms Goldberg’s.)

  97. @dearieme

    Certainly. It is highly likely that EEGs will detect race differences.

  98. Also, white people in the UK have shorter life-spans than immigrant groups, and the reason for that is not clear.


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