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Excluded Schoolchildren
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I am in favour of schools in principle, with some reservations about what schooling can achieve. Schools cannot compensate for individual differences.

From time to time, children have to be excluded from school because their behaviour makes it very difficult to teach other children. Under the current rules, a pattern of disruption has to be tolerated for some time before the official processes can be commenced which eventually lead to a suspension, usually temporary, time-limited and with a cumulative upper bound of 45 days. Severe cases can be permanently suspended, which means that they are offered more teaching in other facilities.

It is hard to judge exactly how damaging this is to education, but it must be costly, because one disruptive child can damage the educational experience for 30 children. The disruptive child may be offered individual tuition, also costly, but potentially cost-effective if actually effective.

The UK Department of Education has released the 2017 figures for suspensions. The table below is from the downloaded spreadsheet details. I have listed them by the percentage “temporarily suspended” by ethnic group. The full list has groupings which can be extremely heterogenous, such as “Asian” covering both Indians and Pakistanis, so I have omitted those in favour of listing specific groups. I removed one “unknown” category because the ethnic background was unknown.

By way of benchmarking, White British children are excluded at the rate of 5.23%. If British teachers were prejudiced against other racial groups, then they would exclude foreign kids at higher rates. Inspection of the rates show this is an unsupported assumption. For example, another benchmark is the Chinese exclusion rate of 0.56% which is what is attainable using Confucian principles, which presumably can be inculcated to the general benefit of all children, and all teachers. Indian children at 0.84% are doing almost as well.

If teacher’s animus is against Black foreigners, then they have got their prejudices the wrong way around. Black Africans are definitely foreign, while Black Caribbeans are British born and have been exposed to as much local culture, cuisine and weather as the White British, yet the Black Africans are excluded at the lower rate of 4.21% and the familiar Black Caribbeans at higher rate of 10.2%.

Of course, every Western nation has its own history as to which immigrants arrived when, and from where. Those who arrive in a particular European majority nation may not be representative of their country of origin: Black Africans appear to be more selected in terms of education, Black Caribbeans less so. Equally, the Indian group is highly selected. Cross country comparisons, and comparisons with country of origin (or province or caste of origin in the case of India) would be informative.

Overall, the figures are very much like those collected in 2008, which suggests stability of behavioural characteristics over a decade.

It is hard to do admixture studies given the vague categories of “other” but the contrast between Black Caribbean and Mixed White/Black Caribbean is minimal. Perhaps these unions are mostly Black father/White mother and the former are dominant in influencing their children’s behavioural upbringing. Cultural effects are likely, to some degree.

I interpret these figures as showing that there are enormous behavioural differences between ethnic groups. Gypsies are 31 times more disruptive than Chinese, Black Caribbeans 18 times more so. Overall, I think the genetic hypothesis is the stronger interpretation for the majority of the difference, but a smaller cultural factor can also be argued for.

Who would be a teacher?

• Category: Science • Tags: Antisocial Behavior, Blacks, Britain, Public Schools 
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  1. Anon[381] • Disclaimer says:

    How reliable are these official statistics? In the United States pressure from the school administration has resulted in various ways to conceal discipline that would skew the numbers away from population proportionality. There is a whole genre of anonymous teacher blogs that discuss this and other topics.

  2. Edward says:

    There is no reason to doubt the reliability of these statistics. Just as the statistics disprove the notion that ethnic minorities (or black pupils in particular) are discriminated against in UK schools, the high rates of disciplinary action being taken against Black Caribbean and Black Other pupils also disprove the notion that the statistics are “politically correct”.

    What’s more, they are more or less in line with the statistics on educational achievement: Chinese and Indians do best; White British, Black Africans and Bangladeshis do okay; Black Caribbeans and Pakistanis do poorly. The only difference here is that Pakistanis aren’t doing too badly when it comes to exclusions. But even then, they are still doing worse than the Indians and the Bangladeshis.

    • Replies: @Mr. XYZ
    , @Alden
  3. dearieme says:

    What can “Black Other” be? It’s neither Black Caribbean nor Black African.

    Black Brazilians? But are there enough of them in the country to provide 3,295 exclusions?

  4. I don’t have further details. In general, there is certainly pressure on teachers not to exclude children unless absolutely necessary. I assume teachers may be under more scrutiny when excluding minority children, but don’t have any direct evidence of that.

    • Replies: @Buzz Mohawk
    , @notanon
  5. @dearieme

    From the school census. Other is a very tricky category. I should have excluded it totally, but I suppose it is “mostly, plus some other stuff”

  6. Anecdotally, in the USA there’s an alarming bulge in the number of students showing up to grade school lacking the minimum level of self-control necessary for group activities.

    In this anecdote it has nothing to do with race, or even social class. Something else is at work, though no one in the schools seems to agree on causation (except some teacher believe it’s a complete breakdown in disciplinary standards and above all consequences.)

    My kids’ grade school added, since they moved on to Middle School years ago, a full-time social worker, a part-time school psychologist and a (literally) padded room for any student who goes Full Volcano. Kids as young as 6 now assault teachers. Imagine sending your small child to a place where violent and impulsive classmates have free reign.

    The school district’s approach is to all but eliminate discipline for grade schoolers. Even students who threaten teachers, scream profanity, throw desks, etc., are not removed from the classroom for more than minutes. No significant consequences follow such behavior.

    It is an axiom that whatever you reward, more will be supplied. Students increasingly are rewarded by attention and enabling actions by the adults (especially administrators) for “acting out.” Predictably, their disruptive behavior becomes more extreme and frequent.

    Violent crime in modern times in the USA peaked around 1993 as a consequence of “prison reform” movements where punishment for violent behavior was substantially reduced. We can only imagine what will be the long-term consequences of raising an entire cohort of young people under an analogous “anything goes in school” touchy-feely approach.

    Today’s fad of “tolerance” has broken the boundaries of sanity. We were required to tolerate “diverse cultures,” then “diverse sexuality” and now “diverse behaviors.”

    All roads lead to a reversal of this, and a snap-back reaction. People will not forever tolerate the presence of the intolerable.

  7. It looks like the Chinese kids are little conformists. You could pin an intellectual accolade on this group tendency except for one inconvenient fact: the non-intellectual atmosphere of most public schools. Conformity means no resistance to a mind-numbing babysitting warehouse, no recoiling from the bully pitt of kids weaned on a no-holes-barred cut-down culture of graphic harshness and no maladjustment in an “academic” setting that focuses on things like athletics and the number of bottom-enhancing pairs of designer pants that you don.

  8. dearieme says:

    Decadence, decadence, all is decadence.

  9. I like how the Gypsies and the Travellers are the worst! Three cheers for nomads!

  10. @Endgame Napoleon

    To Roman eyes, it may look like the Chinese kids are little conformists.

    To Confucian eyes, it looks like they’re smart and want to learn–an assumption with data to support it.

    • Replies: @anon
    , @EastKekistani
  11. res says:

    It turns out they have data going back to 2008-2009.

    Looking at 2008-2009 they have similar data only it is also broken down by sex as well. See Tables 12 and 13 in the 24 page PDF.

    The 2016-2017 page there has maps as well which may be of interest.

    P.S. They also make data available in a zip file, but I did not download it.

  12. Factorize says:

    res, I have become interested in R. Might you be aware of any R datasets related to psychometrics (school marks, IQ tests etc.) that could be factor analyzed? Have any favorite R packages for FA? Any suggestions of online walkthroughs for FA?

  13. Mr. XYZ says:

    According to the data here, Bangladeshis and Pakistanis in the UK perform about equally on verbal reasoning and quantitative reasoning–but with the Bangladeshis having a slight (slightly less than 3 IQ points) advantage in regards to non-verbal reasoning:

    Indians in the UK, of course, perform a bit better than both Pakistanis and Bangladeshis in the UK on all of these things.

    • Replies: @Kent Nationalist
  14. res says:

    This looks like a good basic tutorial complete with R code:

    This is MUCH more detailed:

    • Replies: @Factorize
  15. swamped says:

    Presume you’re talking here about state school, ‘ol chap; and not ‘public schools’? If average (schoolroom)class size is 30 pupils: 1 teacher, then indeed, who would want to be a teacher? Which then could mean you could get “teachers” that are more focused on trying to maintain order in oversized classes than individual learning. Probably not so much of a problem in private ‘public schools’ with more personal instruction. In the U.S. too, security has become the biggest single concern in most urban public state (municipal) schools. So what’s missing here seems to be social class. Asian immigrants, as mentioned are “highly selected” & Black Africans too, but not so, Black Carribeans. But how many of the white pupils that are expelled are from working class homes?
    An official report issued by the UK Dept. of Education in 06/17 showed that ethnic Chinese students in both primary & secondary state schools made up only 0.4% of all students, in both primary & secondary schools. So the Chinese exclusion rate of 0.56% actually exceeds their enrollment rate percentage. White British made up 67.2% of the total pupils in primary schools & 69.5% in secondary schools. Asians made up 10.7% in both levels. Blacks made up 5.6% at both levels. “Mixed” are 5.9% in primary &5.0% in secondary. Something called “Any other” are 1.9% & 1.5%; “Unclassified”(?) 1.9% & 1.7%. And, interestingly enough, “White Non-British” made up 7.5% of primary pupils & 5.7% of secondary students: quite a sizable & growing category – now the second largest in fact, ahead of Blacks & only trailing Asians. It’s not clear what the “exclusion” rate is for this group, but “British whites” don’t appear to be doing so badly given their much larger numbers.

    • Replies: @dearieme
    , @Edward
  16. Yes, I think we are talking about state schools.

    I think that the exclusion percentages mean “the percentage of that ethnic group that are excluded”.

  17. dearieme says:

    Probably not so much of a problem in private ‘public schools’ with more personal instruction.

    We moved our daughter from a state school to a private school – where the classes were larger.

    What about, though, the copious playing fields, the swimming pool, and so on? Yup, she gave those up too when she moved, though the private school did have a small tarmac netball court.

    The difference is nothing to do with class size nor to do with luxuries. It was to do with the state school being a social engineering enterprise and the private school being an educational enterprise.

    • Replies: @animalogic
    , @Curmudgeon
  18. A123 says:

    You are likely correct. In order to present ‘neutral’ statistics. U.S. schools regularly under report and under penalize issues with certain religious and racial characteristics.

    Odds are the UK numbers have exactly the same flaws to correspond to the Politically Correct zeitgeist.

  19. Edward says:

    Chinese students in both primary & secondary state schools made up only 0.4% of all students, in both primary & secondary schools. So the Chinese exclusion rate of 0.56% actually exceeds their enrollment rate percentage.

    I’m afraid you are misinterpreting the statistics. 0.56% of Chinese pupils in state schools are excluded, compared to more than 5% of White British pupils in state schools.

    Asian immigrants, as mentioned are “highly selected”

    Given that most British Indian pupils today are the third and fourth-generation descendants of immigrants who came to the UK during the period of open borders between Britain and the Commonwealth during the late 1940s, 1950s and early 1960s, or are the descendants of those who came as refugees from Kenya and Uganda during the 1960s and 1970s (in the former case, anyone with a passport was allowed to come to the UK; in the latter, tens of thousands of Indian refugees were allowed to come freely), it’s a stretch to say that British Indians are a particularly “highly selected” group, at least on the part of the Government.

    My guess is that the proportion of Indians with IQs higher than 100, 115, 130, and so on, is higher than would be expected from a standard bell curve, due to the fact that India consists of thousands of sub-groups. The top 50% of Indians probably have a higher IQ than the top 50% of Pakistanis, but the bottom 50% of Indians probably have a lower average IQ than the bottom 50% of Pakistanis. Even though both countries have an average IQ of around 83, Britain – which attracts mainly those from the top 50% – will witness Indians doing better than Pakistanis. (As it happens, we’ve mainly attracted middle-caste Punjabis and Gujaratis).

    And, of course, there’s a high degree of cousin marriage in Pakistani communities, which can’t be helping them. And culture will play a role too: Indians in the UK strongly emphasise the importance of education and hard work.

    • Replies: @res
    , @Anonymous
  20. Factorize says:

    res, thank you very much for these suggestions. I have been pleasantly surprised to see how easy learning PCA can be with the available online resources.

  21. Factorize says:

    Might anyone have any references for the IQ testing of one twin as a predictor of the other. Clearly, there is a great deal of diagreement on this forum concerning the accuracy etc. of IQ testing. It would seem to me that twins might offer a strong opportunity to rebut such arguments. Twins that were chosen so that they were in fact genetically identical (some are not), and had very similar in utero experiences (some do not) would be a great way to test IQ tests. Test one twin, and then test the other. With twins that were chosen with sufficient care, the IQ difference should only be 2-4 points on average.
    Any citations?

  22. res says:

    You might try following references at
    to get correlation coefficients. Then you should be able to derive prediction accuracy from that. I don’t recall the way to do that, but this talks about it:

  23. res says:

    The Brain Drain Data allows looking at immigration selectivity by education. For 5 years before 2010 Indian men arrived in Great Britain in these numbers (Total/Low/Medium/High education):
    267839 121334 13683 132822

    So it looks like recently at least there is a low/high split.

    P.S. Data link:

  24. ‘… Perhaps these unions are mostly Black father/White mother and the former are dominant in influencing their children’s behavioural upbringing…’

    ? You’re being sarcastic, I assume.

  25. @obwandiyag

    ‘I like how the Gypsies and the Travellers are the worst! Three cheers for nomads!’

    Maybe your daughter will marry one!

    • Replies: @Cloudbuster
  26. X says:

    School is a place deliberately designed to teach you nothing. It proceeds at a pace and rhythm perfectly aimed to sabotage anyone who stands still to try and understand anything. You just mindlessly regurgitate a scatter of incomprehensible rubbish that you promply forget as the stress of exams and stopwatches wears off under the calming soma of consumption (and later, alcohol). Rinse and repeat. The good little goys who excel at these stupid little dog tricks get the privilege of writing their egoes a blank cheque and proceeding into an NPC world of management and system maintenence. Apparently we’re all supposed to envy and aspire to such a sterile existence, futility your weekly paycheck, but apparently compensated by libertine indulgence. Are you inspired now to do “great” things with your life, goy?

    “…you dropped 150 grand on a fuckin’ education you coulda got for a dollar fifty in late charges at the Public Library.”

    I am very familiar with these stupid dehumanizing rituals and I got absolutely zero respect for that distinct breed of subhuman automaton who excells in this futile goy quest.
    Incidendly, the Chinese do very well at this, even when not speaking English! Which is why Western universities are filling up fa\$t with these obedient bugmen replacing Whites.

    • Replies: @animalogic
    , @tamo
    , @MarkinPNW
  27. @Factorize

    ‘Might anyone have any references for the IQ testing of one twin as a predictor of the other. Clearly, there is a great deal of diagreement on this forum concerning the accuracy etc. of IQ testing…’

    I wouldn’t bother. Those who would deny the accuracy, etc of IQ testing are immune to reason or evidence.

  28. Anonymous[394] • Disclaimer says:

    QUOTE … Chinese exclusion rate of 0.56% which is what is attainable using Confucian principles …

    Chinese Exclusion Act?

  29. @dearieme

    I can’t prove it but I believe, all things being equal, that a child’s school/learning “success” is roughly equivalent to their parents commitment to that education. (The “home culture” is also important — ie parents that read books, speak intelligently etc)
    Sending your child to a private fee paying school is already at least some kind of sign of parental commitment.
    Chinese/Indian parents tend to be highly committed to their childrens’ education.

    • Replies: @HallParvey
  30. @X

    Schooling can be criticised for many things — for fostering conformity, even mediocrity. For being a vector for government /cultural propaganda. For often being simply a nasty place….
    “School is a place deliberately designed to teach you nothing. It proceeds at a pace and rhythm perfectly aimed to sabotage anyone who stands still to try and understand anything. You just mindlessly regurgitate a scatter of incomprehensible rubbish that you promply forget….”
    This criticism is extremely exaggerated & unfair. Were it true, we would probably have not gone beyond the hunter-gatherer level of cultural evolution….

    • Replies: @X
  31. Anonymous [AKA "A Bengali View"] says:

    As a British Bengali, I would add that one of the primary determinants of educational outcomes is the socio-economic backgrounds of the families. Pre-1970s, lax immigration policy attracted Pakistani and Bangladeshi migrants from mostly deprived areas e.g. Mirpur in Pakistan and Sylhet in Bangladesh. The educational aspirations of these groups were limited as most Pakistanis came to work in textile mills (and later taxi services), and Bangladeshis in the restaurant business. After 1970, immigration was tightened and more educated migrants came to fill the skills shortage. Our community (mostly doctors) settled in Britain during the 1970s, and our children became doctors or academics.

    Since the 1990s we’ve noticed more Sylhetis are also graduating, which is encouraging given that their families were largely uneducated, a trend borne out by various studies. However, educational attainment is lower among Pakistanis, most of whom have been in the UK longer than Bangladeshis. This is probably down to religious and cultural values rather than IQ (which is roughly the same for both groups), as Islamic fundamentalism is stronger among Pakistanis. Bengalis are more moderate and place a greater emphasis on education, and have a long tradition of learning.

    You may have noticed that I use the term Bengali and Bangladeshi interchangeably as Bangladesh was a creation of the British (originally East Pakistan until 1971). Culturally we are Bengalis first, so have more in common with India than Pakistan. Going forward, I would expect to see educational attainment among Bengalis to be more in line with Indians than Pakistanis, as is already the case among educated Bengalis, but among Sylhetis, this will take time.

  32. X says:

    Nah, that criticism is accurate and well informed by my voluminous experience in these fraudulent institutions. And as a result we will see a regress into a dark age of sorts.
    The problem is that you are invoking the past. I never once argued that education of the past was dysfunctional. What I did argue is presently today it is an epic failure. Don’t believe me?
    Consider that an English-illiterate Chinese \$tudent can quite literally get bribed into an “elite” Westen university and graduate with minimal comprehension of English.
    Now what does that say about modern day Univer\$\$\$ities?

    • Replies: @animalogic
  33. @Mr. XYZ

    Dubious about Pakistani/Bengali performance

  34. @X

    I don’t disagree agree with you in that there is a degree of degeneracy in 21C education. I simply don’t think that that degeneracy is as advanced as you believe.
    I have no doubt we could both write volumes on educational deficiency. However, I maintain that there is still quite a bit of wheat amongst all that chaff.

  35. Chaotic family life seems to be a factor here. Is there is a difference in adopted kids.

    The good behaviour of Chinese and Indians makes me wonder if White behaviour (in the middle classes at least) used to be similarly sober before the chaos of the 60s.

    • Replies: @jeff stryker
    , @X
    , @orionyx
  36. @TelfoedJohn


    The real serious crime in Canada is committed by Sikhs and Tamils of whom some were trained as terrorists in Khalistan or as Tamil Tigers.

    In the US, Indians are Brahmin or Gujarati merchant castes and Sikhs don’t commit crimes because they cannot compete (Or choose not to) with Latinos or Blacks whose gangs control drug distribution completely.

    Walking through East Vancouver or Brampton and walking through Edison, New Jersey are different because although Canada is much-touted as a safe place the Indians there commit more crime.

    • Replies: @BengaliCanadianDude
  37. onebornfree says: • Website

    This all gets extremely boring and repetitious.

    Yet another writer at the Unz review complaining about the inevitable results of what they have in fact been brainwashed to support , and to therefor never question – in this case, government funded , so-called “education” .

    This just in:

    All so called government “education” is a criminal scam. It has absolutely nothing to do with anything resembling the attempt to enlighten and improve the minds of young people by getting them to think independently, it is nothing more than state approved brainwashing designed to result in an unquestioning blind obedience to the state which funds it all.

    Solution: Get the government completely out of all education [amongst many other things], from kindergarten to university level , NOW!

    Regards, onebornfree

    • Agree: Agent76
    • Replies: @MarkinPNW
  38. X says:

    Good point. At one point it was Irish lawyers who played a noticable role in checking the disgusting indecencies of Hollywood jews before 60s. And the Irish are stereotyped as the dumbest of whites. Even if true, their brief, but remarkable influence is a testament to the difference good upbringing can have on a person. Of course thesedays any White parent who conditions their child is slandered as an abusive Nazi, with their children abducted by the corporate state.
    You see, today white children are just supposed to grow up by complete accident! Zero guidance, you’re on your own, sink or swim, up by your bootstraps, libertarian parental anarchy, with your future left to random chance. It’s how Darwin would have wanted it you see. It’s natural not to care about your children’s future. And it’s also racist to notice non-whites doing just that with their own kids. Hanging your kids out to dry as rugged individuals is what made America so great in the first place. Helping your child grow up is a free handout afterall, and there is nothing more un-‘murican than a free handout.

  39. orionyx says:

    Anyone who grew up in the Britain of the 50s and early 60s could tell you that the behavior of the British (who then as now all White despite the edicts of the Home Office) was maybe a little more unruly than that of today’s Chinese children in Britain. And the blame for the decline rests firmly on the British.

  40. El Dato says:

    Something else is at work, though no one in the schools seems to agree on causation (except some teacher believe it’s a complete breakdown in disciplinary standards and above all consequences.)

    What else?

    In the end, there will be high demand for drill sergeants. Bearing sidearms.

    But you already can see the rot going right up to the top of the politicial/media/financial sphere. I’m not sure this will come to a good end. Who will clean up?

  41. El Dato says:


    There is a reason for why “nomads” are sent away to … faraway places …. from time to time.

    It’s not a morally defensible reason but – there is a reason.

  42. Republic says:

    This study seems to me to make the case for school segregation. The races should not be educated together. Look at those high exclusion rates for West Indian Blacks. Educational results were quite high in schools in the British West Indies as attested by the leadership qualities of people like Malcolm X, Roy Innis ,James Farmer, Shirley Chisholm and Stokely Carmichael who either all immigrated to the US or were of second generation stock.

    It is highly unlikely there would have been any disciplinary problems in those West Indian schools. Teachers were respected there unlike in the US and the UK.

    Multiracial societies will never work.

    • Replies: @Alden
  43. tamo says:

    You sound like a jealous subhuman whitey.

    • Replies: @X
  44. X says:

    Jealous of what exactly?
    Last time I checked it was Chinese lining up to get into our coutries. I don’t know any Westerners who wish they could live in China lol.
    China, where you can wake up to gutter oil fried cat and melamine dumplings, then dodge exploding manholes and Chinese drivers while trying not to get killed by the elevator on the way up to Ingrish crasses.
    Hahahaha, of course not.
    > protip: stay in china.

    • Replies: @tamo
    , @jbwilson24
  45. Agent76 says:

    The Federal government took control of Schooling nationwide under the Carter administration by executive order.

    The United States Department of Education (ED or DoED), also referred to as the ED for (the) Education Department, is a Cabinet-level department of the United States government. Recreated by the Department of Education Organization Act (Public Law 96-88) and signed into law by President Jimmy Carter on October 17, 1979, it began operating on May 4, 1980.

    The Department of Education Organization Act divided the Department of Health, Education, and Welfare into the Department of Education and the Department of Health and Human Services. The Department of Education is administered by the United States Secretary of Education. It is by far the smallest Cabinet-level department, with about 5,000 employees. It has an annual budget of US\$73 Billion (2016).

    Mar 10, 2014 Department of Education whistleblower Charlette Iserbyt about the deliberate dumbing down of America.

    The former US Department of Education Senior Policy Advisor suggests that the our educational system is not based upon children learning

  46. @animalogic

    I can’t prove it but I believe, all things being equal, that a child’s school/learning “success” is roughly equivalent to their parents commitment to that education.

    Probably true. But, children will learn, with or without school. School exists to channel the learning that naturally occurs along socially acceptable lines. i.e. P.C.

    And to delay, as long as possible, entry into the work a day world. Too many people looking for good jobs looks bad politically.

  47. @Anon

    Would you be able to provide links to some of these blogs? Not doubting your statement, by the way. Just curious to read what these dissenters have to say for myself.

    • Replies: @BengaliCanadianDude
  48. tamo says:

    Hey boy, I think you whites are the stupidest MFs in the world because you dumb f–kers are in the process of committing your own racial suicide. According to the U.S. CENSUS, whites in America will be a MINORITY in their own country by 2043, LOL !!! Even if you whites are a majority now, you can not get your shit together to prevent this impending demographic disaster for whites. The things you mentioned such as food poisoning, exploding manholes or gas pipelines, collapsing bridges ALSO HAPPEN in AMERICA pretty regularly. You should try FLIED-cats , it might improve your own low-iq LOL !!! Have you moved out of your poor mom’s little garage yet? I guess not. I feel sorry for long-suffering mother. My boy, for your information, I’m not Chinese.

    • Replies: @X
  49. @dc.sunsets

    I agree with you and am hoping that you are right about this reversal.

    Things have changed significantly since I was in school (1980s – 1990s); for the worse, naturally. Up until I was in 3rd grade, corporal punishment was a reality. I recall the paddle prominently displayed in my 2nd grade teacher’s classroom, which she was swift to use lest any of us got out of line.

    Even in my time, though, change was discernible. It could be said of my elementary school’s two 5th grade teachers that they were proto-social justice warriors (one of them was a former hippie). In my class that year there were two black children (a boy and girl, unrelated) who, perhaps only incidentally, were also its most disruptive students. My teacher coddled and cossetted them, to the detriment of her best students (myself among them). There was a classroom spelling bee, for example, wherein she declared them the winner, despite their inability to spell and the fact that I had actually won. She pulled me aside and explained that they “needed” the win more than me, and that I could never understand the “challenges” they faced. (Presumably, my being a white Hispanic places me rather low on the white liberal-defined totem pole of ethnic grievances.)

    My junior high and high schools were, in effect, juvenile prisons containing mostly disruptive students. Needless to say, few if any of these were ever disciplined, much less suspended or expelled. Then again, these institutions had more on their minds than the mere edification of the young minds they had been charged with. As my high school dean memorably put it during my 9th grade orientation: “We don’t care if you ditch. We don’t care if you slack off. We don’t care if you hate school and you’re zoned out in class. But what we do care is that you at least show up to homeroom each day. Because for each of you that’s counted on the attendance sheets there, the school gets \$27. After that, do whatever you want.”

    • Replies: @jeff stryker
  50. @James Thompson

    In Connecticut this year, there has been an attempt to pass legislation forcing suspensions and expulsions to comply with the concept of “disparate impact.”

    Too many blacks kicked out of School would be a no-no. It already is, for all practical purposes. School administrators do everything they can to find alternatives, and they hide black problems as best they can. This is a real problem for teachers — especially those who really teach and have some good students in their classrooms.

  51. @dearieme

    There is an old trade union saying about management: They hire what they see in the mirror.
    In public/state schools, the people at the top mirror those doing the hiring, and those at the top hire what they see in the mirror. This continues down to the teacher level, although what is seen in the mirror may become a slightly distorted.
    While the teacher may reflect the beliefs of those at the top, it is not the teachers who produce the dumbed down curriculum and idiotic policies. Social engineering enterprises to be sure, but it all starts with those whom you elect.
    The private system is not so much dedicated to education as it is dedicated to making money. The same hiring what is seen in the mirror applies, it’s just social engineering of a different kind. That applies to private schools that have a religious basis as well.

    • Agree: Cortes
    • Replies: @dearieme
  52. @Endgame Napoleon

    “It looks like the Chinese kids are little conformists”

    Better to conform to a good work ethnic than to conform to a culture of laziness.

    I hear you about the downsides of over-disciplining children. I’ve seen countless instances where kids have been pushed and pushed to achieve, to a degree where they resent the endless extra tutoring sessions, mandatory piano lessons, and all that.

    However, if you have to err as a parent, mind as well err in the direction that lets your kid compete for college placements and high prestige jobs.

  53. @X

    “Last time I checked it was Chinese lining up to get into our coutries. I don’t know any Westerners who wish they could live in China lol.”

    Wrong. I’d rather live in China than the USA these days, to be honest. No blacks, no Indians, no Pakis… the Chinese know how to deal with Muslims, and they aren’t shy about things like eugenics. I’m sure there are downsides, but if I have to choose between being a hated minority in a rapidly deteriorating ‘west’ and being a foreigner in China, I think I’ll choose China.

    I respect the Chinese. My father was born in Hong Kong (British overseas), most of my friends growing up were Chinese. I don’t respect most whites these days, as it is almost impossible to find one with any level of drive. White men can’t even outcompete Arab females or Indians in STEM programs these days, let alone the Chinese or Koreans.

    • Replies: @X
  54. Anonymous [AKA "Harry Krishna"] says:

    The data is useful but there’s a catch.

    I’m not knowledgeable about the english school system, but I see a general tendency in the west to let particular schools rot away completely. In the US, such a former bastion of learning will be known as a “bad school” (We all know what this means).

    And these often become some sort of statistical sink. If in such a fallen institution criminals are dealing drugs during recess, it might not even raise eyebrows as long as they remain somewhat civil. In other words, the actual amount of misbehavings and factual crime might be greatly distorted downwards, especially if there are incentives for the school to act accordingly.

    In France and Germany, a number of schools start to resemble small khanates. Pupil Exclusions might objectively be warrented but seldomly used, because the whole teaching experience is more akin to a safari anyways.

    The Traveller outliers probably have to do with the well known phenomenon of Whites judging other Whites significantly harsher than nonwhites.

    • Agree: Alden
    • Replies: @James N. Kennett
  55. @Nicolás Palacios Navarro


    When I was in high school fights between teachers and students that were consensual were actually overlooked.

    For example the geography teacher hit me and I hit him on the side of the head with a book and he was just like, well, enough is enough.

    My PE teacher was an ex-Marine and this one Irish idiot who was 17 and still in the 10th grade called the PE teacher a homosexual and the PE teacher threw him down and PUMMELED him until Jackie Meehan was WEEPING in front of the rest of us. The PE teacher was a Vietnam vet and when he was called a homosexual he just slammed the Mick on a mat and gave him body shots. These days parents would sue but in 1988 when I was fourteen they didn’t.

    Our principal was a woman-I went to Catholic school and mostly they were Irish or Italians-and some girl was caught smoking cigarettes and she called her “a little slut” and reduced her to tears.

    Looking back, I’m amazed how different school was back then.

    I should mention I went to a Catholic school. In those days there were no drugs or alcohol and sneaking a cigarette was a big deal.

    • Replies: @Factorize
  56. Alden says:

    These are state school, not private school statistics and there are a lot more private schools and private school students in the UK than in the USA.

  57. Alden says:

    Malcolm X dropped out of American high school. The rest were all educated in the USA. They didn’t go to Caribbean schools. I think 2 points should be made

    1. Caribbean schools in the 1930s and 40s when their parents were in school used the very same strict discipline and harsh physical punishment used in Britain and Africa and all British colonies and territories. Misbehaving students were beaten with canes, hard and often.

    2 Caribbean, British and other British territory children went to work at age 12 when the parents of the people you mentioned were school age. In the 1930s and 40s, most children in British territories had very limited schooling. It was only the best and the brightest with high achieving parents who attended school in the British colonies. ,

  58. X says:

    A british yellow fever fetishist who wants to abandon ship at the first sign of trouble.
    Imagine my shock.
    The British have morally deteriorated spectacularly over the last 70 years; easily the least honorable among any group of whites. And the English are the least honorable among brits.
    > protip: your chink “friendships” only go one way.
    Silly Brit, thinking chinks can be his friends hahahaha. I have never seen such a thing work irl.
    If you can’t make friends then guess who’s the problem?
    Ok brit, go learn some honor, then come back, in like 40 years hahahaha.

    • Replies: @Republic
  59. CanSpeccy says: • Website

    I interpret these figures as showing that there are enormous behavioural differences between ethnic groups. Gypsies are 31 times more disruptive than Chinese, Black Caribbeans 18 times more so. Overall, I think the genetic hypothesis is the stronger interpretation for the majority of the difference, but a smaller cultural factor can also be argued for.

    Way to think, anyhow, here at No evidence necessary.

  60. X says:

    > believes official statistics and predictions.
    Accordingly we should have run out of oil by now, the amazon should be gone, NYC should be underwater, we should be in an ice age, chernobyl a dead zone, and the world short of 6 million jews
    hahahaha, if only…
    > protip: never believe clownworld theology.
    And it’s called balkanization.
    Whites will be fine.
    But will your race? Lets see you build a functional bridge when Whites are all gone… to an ethnostate, where you’re not allowed to go… EPIC LULZ!!!!

    • Replies: @tamo
  61. Alden says:

    Personal knowledge; fraternal twins, 20 point difference. Exact same upbringing since birth. Exact same grades in school. The girl works hard and studies a lot. The boy slacks off till exam time then studies hard and gets like 98 on final brings his grades up to A-B+

    Just one set of fraternal twins. Means nothing.

  62. anon[250] • Disclaimer says:
    @Godfree Roberts

    good boy, two more yuan in your pay envelope

  63. notanon says:

    How reliable are these official statistics?

    the truth is much worse but in the same direction i.e. the worst groups in the official stats are much worse in reality and the teachers ignore most of it but the overall pattern is the same.

  64. notanon says:
    @James Thompson

    my school (90% black) the teachers ignored white kids getting gang-stomped (which happened 2-3 times a day) and only excluded in the worst cases e.g. one time when a gang tried to rape one of the female teachers in the hallway and it took a mob of male teachers to steam in and pull her out.

  65. notanon says:
    @Endgame Napoleon

    It looks like the Chinese kids are little conformists.

    if they were conformists they’d be acting like gangstas.

    what happens with Chinese/Indian etc kids is their parents get them private tuition on the side which is how they blow away the competition in the exams (cos no one learns anything at school itself cos of the disruption).

  66. notanon says:

    gypsies tell their kids to get excluded cos they don’t want them in school.

  67. MarkinPNW says:

    Well, the former (late), he has now passed on if I recall correctly, New York City and New York State Teacher of the Year generally agreed with you (his name was John Taylor Gatto, look him up).

  68. MarkinPNW says:

    Well, onebornfree, you beat my comment in #68 or so in referring to the all too honest Mr. Gatto!

  69. Republic says:

    The British have morally deteriorated spectacularly over the last 70 years; easily the least honorable among any group of whites. And the English are the least honorable among brits.

    Theodore Dalrymple, a British Psychiatrist wrote a great book on exactly this subject. It is entitled,
    Life at the Bottom: The Worldview That Makes The Underclass

    He says that the mental,cultural,emotional and spiritual impoverishment of this underclass(from the UK) is the greatest of any large group of people that he has ever encountered anywhere in the world

  70. tamo says:

    You just keep daydreaming with your pinhead buried in the sand, little white boy, LOL !!!!!

    • Replies: @X
    , @anon
  71. @Godfree Roberts

    What did Confucianism bring NE Asia ? Isolation, stagnancy and eventually the Anglo fleets showed up.

    That’s the wage of being a voluntary slave.

    Thankfully we are trying to break this mental chain..

  72. dearieme says:

    The private system is not so much dedicated to education as it is dedicated to making money

    Like any institution it was dedicated to surviving, but it was a charity not a business.

  73. Anon[246] • Disclaimer says: • Website

    Racial Integration is Biological War. It’s Biological Terrorism.

    Racial Justice for whites means safety and security from more muscled and aggressive blacks.

    The main question is not Integration vs Segregation but Integration is Disintegration.

    Elites exist to protect and represent their own peoples. The British Cuck Elites endangered the lives of White Britons by importing more muscled and aggressive blacks.

    What’s happening in the US is happening in the UK. So, who cares about grades and tests? It’s about security and survival. If blacks ruin their own societies, why wouldn’t they destroy white societies?
    It’s like if chimps act like chimps in the jungle, why would they act different in your home?

    • Agree: anarchyst
  74. @dearieme

    Probably mostly blacks who consider themselves British, or simply black, rather than african or Carribbean.

    In the first racial census of 1991, there was no ‘mixed’ category, and most black+other race seemed to put themselves in the ‘black, other’ category, as it fell quite markedly in the 2001 census, when there was an explicit black+white or black+other category.

    Back on topic, I notice that a lot of the Black-Africans are quite god fearing, and, unlike the black-carribeans, tend…at least the higher caste Nigerian ones, to have a father present, unlike the carribbeans, who default more to the african american norm.

    Ironic really, given Carribbeans in the US tend to outperform ‘native’ african americans.

    That said, within a generation, all the african blacks also tend to default to urban american black thug culture, and tend to do most the stabbings, gang fights etc.

  75. @jeff stryker

    You don’t know what yo’re talking about. Blacks still commit more crime than us

  76. @Anonymous

    Pre-1970s, lax immigration policy attracted Pakistani and Bangladeshi migrants from mostly deprived areas e.g. Mirpur in Pakistan and Sylhet in Bangladesh.

    Correct. The completely ‘open borders’ commonwealth policy that began in 1948 was largely removed in 1961, and completely in 1971. I don’t have figures for the Indian Subcontinent in front of me, but for Jamaica, the figures tell a very clear story;

    Net Migration of Jamaicans to the UK
    1960: Men: 18672, Women, 11258, Children, 2430
    1964: Men: 1011, Women, 2983, Children, 5980
    1972: Men: 64, Women, 178, Children 1378.

    Prior to 1961, it was largely single men coming over, ostensibly for work, often not finding it. After the ‘voucher system’ was introduced, requiring immigrants to have a solid offer of work, it shifted to being mostly women/children, ie, reunification/chain migration.

    My understanding is that the overwhelming majority of commonwealth immigration right from 1961 up until 1998 was not economic, but marriage/family reunification, with occasional instances of asylum claimee’s, ie Uganda, Vietnam, HK. A policy I incidentally think should be returned to. Something that see’s immigrants less as identical units of economic capital, and more as individuals, who ideally will form personal bonds with other individual Britons . In fact, the only form of permanent immigration I would permit would be for marriage, with the exception of when British people want to emigrate to some other country…they can send an equal amount our way in return, which, imo is tolerable as British people tend to only migrate to places with similar culture/values to our own.

  77. @Colin Wright

    More likely one will knock his daughter up and then move on.

  78. Edward says:

    Pre-1970s, lax immigration policy attracted Pakistani and Bangladeshi migrants from mostly deprived areas

    Perhaps this is the case, but it is curious that the relatively ‘open’ policy didn’t attract Indians from mostly deprived areas – British Indians seem to be formed of a core of middle-caste Punjabi Khatris and Gujaratis, with some lower-caste and some higher-caste (particularly Bengali Brahmins) groups.

    I agree with the other points that you made.

    • Replies: @BengaliCanadianDude
  79. X says:

    Maybe you should start day dreaming about having a functioning toilet.

    • Replies: @tamo
  80. Do the sums again using
    • number of parents in the household, or
    • welfare dependency.

    I am confident that you will find that the White Trash fraction of suspendees will align with the other downtrodden. My schooling was solidly middle class (it the 70s and 80s) and being suspended (or even expelled) was a mind-bogglingly rare event.

    That said, back then only 30% of kiddies stayed on after year 10: the bottom 70% understood that they would be better served by going into the workforce at the age of 15/16 – they did, and they did well.

    Nowadays, nopboy gets out of the child-prison until they’re 17 or 18.

    The bottom 70% of kiddies (those who will definitely not benefit from education past the age of 15) don’t appreciate being force to attend the State’s child-warehouses.

    They also tend to have below-median impulse control… so once they feel that they can no longer be physically intimidated by Sir or Miss, they get disruptive.

    For them it’s perfectly rational to kick against the traces: they know that the putative benefits of education will not accrue to the likes of them, because pace the Dunning-Kruger Effect, they do have some insight into their own cognitive capacities.

    The rare Bright White Trash will reveal itself relatively early; the system will identify them; and both the kiddie and the system will understand that remaining in the warehouse is worth their time.

    It makes no sense to treat whites as interchangeable. I have less in common with the average White Australian, than I had with fellow grad students who hailed from Viet Nam, Nigeria, and Tonga – or the people I tutored, who hailed from China, Singapore, Malaysia, India, Pakistan and elsewhere.

    My values are different to the average White; my expectations are different; my endowments (cognitive and physical capacities) are different; my preferences are different; my weltanschauung is different. It makes as much sense to compare my ilk to the average White, as it does to compare an Polack to a Chinee.

    Then again, I’m part spear-chucker…

    I reckon the right taxonomy for Whites (for people, really) is by cognitive decile; there will be some fuzziness at the boundaries, but edge cases will exist unless there’s a cognitive equivalent of a One-Drop Rule (“One bad decision and you’re out of Alpha” is no good since it expects perfect expectations, which are only realised if you’re dead. “One wrong opinion and you’re out” isn’t good either – unless I get to decide what constitutes “wrong”).

    If it was done by quintile, Whites would have at least the same number of castes as whose subcontinental wallahs, and our achhoots/Dalits/Harijan have about the same chance of success as theirs.

    And yet we subsidise the reproduction of our Dalits – almost linearly in the number of offspring they squirt out.

    Cap reproduction subsidies (cutting them off after the second child), and watch this problem breed itself into irrelevance in less time than it took for the Deltas to dominate the Anglo-Saxon reproductive pool. I for one would be happier in a world with fewer flabby tattooed pramface slatterns and their ineducable sprogs… and the gap-toothed, low-eared criminal shitbirds who impregnate them.

  81. tamo says:

    Yep, my little white boy, your job will be cleaning my toilet. Have fun,LOL !!!

    • Replies: @BengaliCanadianDude
  82. Anonymous[122] • Disclaimer says:

    I for one would be happier in a world with fewer flabby tattooed pramface slatterns and their ineducable sprogs… and the gap-toothed, low-eared criminal shitbirds who impregnate them.

    My friend, you are the Linh Dinh of Britain.

  83. @tamo and @X can you guys actually stop? It’s absurd.

  84. @Anonymous

    Holy damn. Another Bengali on this forum? Holy God. What’s your background?

    my Bengali side is from West Bengal. Only half. Other half is Gujju

    I concur with your points by the way, and I have stated similarly in other comments.

    Yes! There are dozens of us!

    Damn this is eye openning. Be more active, my bengali brother.

    And your right about the upward mobility, I have a couple of the reports myself

  85. @tamo

    You have the positions reversed, my negroid “friend”.

    • Replies: @tamo
  86. @Edward

    The Punjabis came from Khalistan to Surrey, the lower maindland, and the peel region.

  87. @Anonymous

    Also, 70 percent of the Pakistani population are Mirpuris, the most uneducated of all ethnic groups in Pakistan. They have a consanginous marriage rate about that number (65%) and I know Pakistani Sindhis or Baluchis or Punjabis are not like that

  88. @Anonymous

    The Traveller outliers probably have to do with the well known phenomenon of Whites judging other Whites significantly harsher than nonwhites.

    There are other factors too. Traveller children’s education is disrupted by frequent moves, which make it hard for them to make friends or follow a consistent syllabus. I was surprised when a usually PC teacher told me that theft by traveller children is often a problem.

    The fly-on-the-wall TV series “My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding” tried hard to show the positives of traveller life, but could not hide the negatives. The girls are prepared for marriage in their teens, and may be taken out of school even before marriage to help care for their younger siblings (the authorities are not eager to track down the missing children, and in any case the nomadic lifestyle makes this difficult). The men seldom want to be filmed, perhaps because it would harm their prospects of finding casual work, although it is not hard to think of other reasons why they might wish to avoid identification. None of this is very “pro-education”.

    • Replies: @jeff stryker
  89. @Factorize

    Interesting to find someone (not amongst the ignorant ravers) on UR who is apparently unaware of the vast reservoir of twin studies going back decades!

  90. RI says:

    Gypsies are actually Indians, their origin is from India.
    Who are the Irish travelers? Another variety of Gypsy?

    • Replies: @jeff stryker
  91. tamo says:

    No, my man, I got it right. I really don’t much care for the blacks whom I wouldn’t even hire as butt- wipes.

    • Replies: @jeff stryker
  92. @Kratoklastes

    Indeed it is interesting how UR threads make one consider what tribe one might belong to. (And I agree with what you say implicitly and explicitly about dysgenic breeding by one’white [distant!] cousins. About 140 years for Protestants, much less for Catholics – how else a SCOTUS with 6 Catholics – including Scalia – and no Protestants. Australia not too different). All my extended family have so far gone to at least good universities – even a First and PhD at Latrobe scrapes by – and the old test of “but would you be happy if your son/daughter married one” is answered by the reality, and thank G with none of the residual difficulties of 50 years ago, and, I confess, and say sorry to the young good thinkers, no African input for the forsseable future. So my/our tribe are not WNs. I’m still curious to know about what makes the most surprising smart potential members of that tribe of educated moderns I have described adhere to the Jewish tribe and what it really means. I mean high IQ rich scientifically educated atheists….???? My retired rabbi friend whose annual visit to Israel includes Passover and regards the whole Palestinian issue as hopeless?? Maybe in another life I would give 1000 hours of tactful conversational questioning to work it out. But, I suppose, what’s the better alternative? You say upgrade from Methodist atheist to Anglican atheist and join the oldest clubs (very nice reciprocal rights in London and elsewhere) but it certainly wouldn’t give the excitement of having to root for Israel – a bit like being forced to support the church of Henry Vlll and his sacking of the monasteries – and maybe there is a place for examining the reciprocities involved in anti-semitism. A puzzle, though most of them I suppose are potentially members of my tribe, until you hear one say firmly that a son who married a non-Jew would gradually be eased out of the Friday night dinner family culture…

    • Replies: @jeff stryker
  93. @James N. Kennett


    Irish Travelers seem to have no problems integrating in the US. They are not a big criminal problem; if anything, they are better-behaved than your average Irish-American bar brawler in North Chicago.

    Gypsies seem to “go straight” as well. They are really just Indians when it comes down to it and they live in cities like St. Louis where there is little surplus economy to mooch off.

    It is just not worth it for an Irish Traveler in South Carolina (Where most of them live) to get his ass shot off by a farmer trying to steal a tractor.

    And for gypsies in US cities there is nothing to steal from blacks.

    Also, the bottom line is that the US prison is a fairly inhuman place of forced labor, rape and violence.

    So Travelers and Gypsies go straight pretty quickly.

    • Replies: @James N. Kennett
  94. @RI


    No, not at all. They were displaced by Cromwell in Southern Ireland and hit the road. They’re as pure Celtic as could be.

    • Replies: @James N. Kennett
  95. @tamo


    You live in a white country and learned English because whites, or at least the scum that rises to the top, control the planet earth.

    Its too late to dislodge us because the paradigms of civilization were set up by us and all you can do is adapt.

    Also, whites have the greatest degree of well-rounded capacity. We’re as smart as Asians, as athletic and muscular as blacks, as shrewd and cunning as Arabs and Jews.

    • Replies: @tamo
    , @EastKekistani
  96. @Wizard of Oz

    I didn’t realize Australia had a significant Jewish population. I thought the institutions and banking and media were still run by English upper-class whose forefathers were minor gentility who voluntarily emigrated to Australia in administrative capacities like warden etc.

    And with all the wealthy Chinese pouring into Oz and creating self-sufficient Chinese colonies in every city, do they know anything of this tribal membership or care a whit?

    Or the Vietnamese who seemed to avenge Australian participation in the war by colonizing Perth and opening up the heroin pipelines to King’s Cross and sweatshops.

    Would this Asian market-dominant elite care a whit about the tribe.

    What about Sudanese or Lebanese who have taken over the streets and biker gangs (Much to the chagrin of racist US Bandidos who don’t accept non-whites)?

    • Replies: @EastKekistani
    , @sb
  97. Factorize says:
    @James Thompson

    Thank you very much for the TEDS link! The article that stood out for me was X Inactivation as a Source of Behavioural Differences in Monozygotic Female Twins They can pick up on the tiny differences that result from X-inactivations in female twins? Impressive! Building up the general confidence level in the scientific integrity of psychometric research step by step will eventually erode any lingering doubts. Below article is also impressive in this respect. They were able to provide simulations that were highly consistent with real world observations.

    I am now working through a sociology course and I am faced with my biggest challenge yet against established psychometric foundational truth. On one page, the textbook highlights the words genocide, scientific racism, scientific classism (This is a new one to me.), intelligences (which is described favorably), and general intelligence (which “perpetuates the myth” from IQ tests that a single number can represent cognitive ability). I am going to need some very compelling pictures to turn around this oil tanker.

    A split-half reliability graph of monozygotic twins (probably best to include males, somewhat mature, and possibly selected for similarity) with twin 1’s IQ on the y-axis and twins’s 2 IQ on the x-axis might be the argument stopper that I need. I could overlay this with colored dots representing other relationships as a comparison. For example, I might have 30 blue dots with person’s 1 IQ on the x-axis and a randomly selected person’s IQ on the y-axis. This would be a very powerful depiction of how different the relationship of MZ twins is from every other relationship except measuring the same person’s IQ twice. If anyone were to know where such information might be obtained online, I would be grateful if you might post it to the thread. The closest that I have found so far is a figure from the May 1981 Science article. Too bad that there are not more open access datasets out there.

  98. tamo says:
    @jeff stryker

    You don’t know where I live or where I was educated. The West is declining. Just look at America and Europe. If you don’t see that, then you are a blind. You say whites are smart, then why are they committing their own racial suicide? By 2043, whites will be a MINORITY in America. Low iq blacks and hispanics will he a majority or a near majority. Do you really think this demographic change will be good for America? By then America will be a Brazil of north. I don’ think that’s a sign of a smart people. The West overtook China in technology and size of economy only with the coming of the Industrial Revolution. By the middle of this century, there is a very good chance China will be the most dominant country and set the standards and rules in many areas for the rest of the world to follow. The way things are going now, it AIN’T going to be America or the EU.

    • Replies: @jeff stryker
  99. @tamo

    As far as China taking over the US, if you ever visited Philippines you’d be grateful that Jews and East Coast Irish Catholics still control the banks, media and essentially the government of the United States.

    Because of China could take over these pillars of US society, we’d all be like Filipinos living in a squat. Meth labs would bubble over on every street corner. Cops and politicians would be glorified bag men. White women would be reduced to trading their bodies for cash.

    Every Australian who welcomes Chinese as an over-class or whites who resent Jews should visit countries like Philippines and Indonesia where Chinese control the economy and everything else follows.

    As for the Hispanicization of the US, which is not a good thing at all, even the Spanish-blooded Mestizos of the Philippine land-owning class are being phased out.

    It is the very fact that Jews/Irish Catholics in US and Brahmin in India are shot callers that prevents us all from being like a Malay.

  100. @Anonymous

    ‘British Bengali’

    No such thing exists

  101. @Kent Nationalist


    But Britain has been repossessed by every group who ever showed up. First the Romans took it from the Celts and the Saxons came from Jutland and took it from the Romans and the Normans took it from the Saxons.

  102. tamo says:
    @jeff stryker

    For your information, I’m not anti-white. I just can not stand some stupid WN buttholes. As a matter of fact, I used to have a lot of respect for white people. But I lost all my respect for them because they can not get their shit together to prevent their own racial suicide.

    • Replies: @jeff stryker
  103. @jeff stryker

    So Travelers and Gypsies go straight pretty quickly.

    This may be true in the USA. For whatever reason, it is not always true in Britain. The criminal antics of travellers cover acres of British newsprint, although there would be many more crime reports if the majority of travellers were not straight.

    • Replies: @jeff stryker
  104. @jeff stryker

    Well, white Anglos are too smart to be reduced to the status of Malays by us. Malays suck. Even without us they would have been pwned by someone else. Arabs could have pwned them. Indians could have pwned them..

    • Replies: @jeff stryker
  105. @jeff stryker

    I don’t want to dislodge you guys. I do want to see NE Asian folks settler colonize SE Asia and non-white Oceania though. Our high-IQ girls deserve safe beaches outside Hainan and Singapore for some fun. Moreover we can make sure that these areas will almost never have random crimes against white tourists any more. We will get rid of the drugs too. There won’t be any aid dependency either.

    I think SEAs can still be saved. However we need to be able to guide them.

    On the other hand negros and Australoids are beyond help. There is only the segregation-supervision route available.

  106. @jeff stryker

    Would this Asian market-dominant elite care a whit about the tribe.

    Vietnamese are quarter-groids in my book (I consider Filipinos half-groids).

    Speaking of the Jews we NE Asian folks are quietly monitoring them. In fact there are what looks like Jewish conspiracy theories in NE Asia but often with a twist, the Jews are portrayed as smart and awesome because they are wealthy and dominating markets, not that they are evil because of that.

    • Replies: @jeff stryker
  107. @jeff stryker

    [Irish travellers] were displaced by Cromwell in Southern Ireland and hit the road.

    DNA studies suggest that they split from the settled Irish 12 generations ago (95% CI: 8–14).

    The research rebuts two popular theories: (a) that Irish travellers are a mixture of Irish and Roma; and (b) that their origin was in the 19th-Century Famine. Assuming 30-year generations, the split between travellers and settled Irish is dated to 1660 CE (95% CI: 1600 to 1780). No one knows why the split occurred. The “best-fit” date is a close match to Cromwell’s dispossession of the Irish gentry; but the closeness of the match is a coincidence, because the 95% confidence interval covers 180 years that also include the Plantation of Ulster, the Nine Years War, the Williamite War, and the famine of 1740-41.

    • Replies: @jeff stryker
  108. @jeff stryker

    The Chinese dont control Indonesia

    • Replies: @jeff stryker
  109. @tamo


    You hate white nationalists who seek to preserve their race/culture yet condemn whites for committing racial suicide?

    This self-contradictory statement is typical of the lack of logic of non-whites (Even some intelligent ones) that is hard for Europeans with their linear logical thinking to understand.

    • Replies: @EastKekistani
  110. @James N. Kennett



    …Irish-American criminals have never been Irish Travelers. This is largely because Irish Travelers settled in the South. One reason that Irish-Americans have had their associations with crime and corruption is because they immigrated to the East Coast urbanized cities.

    Being pimped by blacks and Mexicans in a US prison for candy bars is not worth stealing antiques or stealing tractors.

    In South Carolina, where Irish Travelers in America are concentrated, farmers will shoot them down and get away with it. Everyone is packing weapons and prepared to shoot people. It is not worth stealing a tractor.

    Welfare is so miserable in the US it is better to hold a job. Any job.

  111. @EastKekistani


    Certain races will always be pwned by someone. You wrote elsewhere about the ecological niche of market-dominant minorities.

    Spanish pwned the Filipinos. Indians do pwn the Malaysians to a degree. Japanese pwned all Southeast Asians.

    Filipinos themselves seem to like Chinese pwning them over Americans or Spanish, so you’ve done something right.

  112. @BengaliCanadianDude

    Economically they do. Or did. There was a massacre in 1997 when Suharto died.

    • Replies: @EastKekistani
  113. @James N. Kennett

    There is no Indian in Irish Travelers. They are obviously pure Irish.

  114. @EastKekistani

    KAIFENG has Jews. Probably of Iraqi or Iranian descent who arrived in the era of the Silk Route.

    • Replies: @EastKekistani
  115. tamo says:

    @ jeff stryker: I have nothing against WNs. I understand their frustration. If I were white, I would feel the same. I wish them all the luck in the world for the sake of the white race.
    But I have problem with SOME moronic WNs who put down East Asians needlessly and use racial slurs against them. It has nothing to do with linear or circular thinking.

  116. @tamo

    But I have problem with SOME moronic WNs who put down East Asians needlessly and use racial slurs against them.

    I don’t even mind that because we are a strong race. Our greatness objectively exists and is increasing regardless of whether people accept that. They eventually will anyway.

    • Replies: @jeff stryker
  117. @jeff stryker

    We still do lmao.

    These Austronesians need to pay for their chimpouts.

  118. @jeff stryker

    Certain races will always be pwned by someone. You wrote elsewhere about the ecological niche of market-dominant minorities.

    Spanish pwned the Filipinos. Indians do pwn the Malaysians to a degree. Japanese pwned all Southeast Asians.

    Filipinos themselves seem to like Chinese pwning them over Americans or Spanish, so you’ve done something right.

    Yep. Compared to Malays and Indonesians at least Filipinos generally don’t massacre NE Asian people. I think they will have better lives if they allow PH to be 50%+ NE Asian (of course not only Fujianese). We can gradually teach them our ways.

    • Replies: @jeff stryker
  119. @jeff stryker

    This self-contradictory statement is typical of the lack of logic of non-whites (Even some intelligent ones) that is hard for Europeans with their linear logical thinking to understand.

    There is need for logic classes in NE Asia. I’m serious.

    I don’t mind when people criticize my race. Some are nonsense. Some are actually features, not bugs. Some are actually bugs so they are basically free bug reports. When we see bugs we perform debugging.

    • Replies: @jeff stryker
  120. @EastKekistani


    Is TAMO Chinese? He said that he was not. I assumed he was another race, neither NE Asian or white.

    In terms of “bugging” the problem with the white race is their “pig in a rut” sort of logic. White people are very linear in their thinking. Asians can handles paradoxes easier than whites. Which is why our systems of law are good but also why Jews, Hindus, Italians and Arabs can con us.

    • Replies: @anonymous
  121. @EastKekistani

    Malays prefer Fujian to Spanish or Americans. Possibly because Spanish or Americans try to ram their standards down Malays throats while Chinese just say…let em lie in a hammock eating bananas.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  122. @EastKekistani


    Whites are actually duller than NE on average.

    Our advantage is simply our cultural emphasis on logic which means our systems of law are better.

    Europeans are more practical than other races, not necessarily smarter. Chinese invented guns, whites found a practical use for them which was killing people. And so on.

  123. @tamo

    omg, racial slurs, the horror! Why would an Asian person living in Asia care what white people think about them?

    • Replies: @tamo
  124. @BengaliCanadianDude

    Thank you for the link. Much appreciated.

    • Replies: @BengaliCanadianDude
  125. @Kratoklastes

    They also tend to have below-median impulse control… so once they feel that they can no longer be physically intimidated by Sir or Miss, they get disruptive.

    Do people still refer to their teachers as ‘Sir and Miss?’ This made me think of the 1967 movie To Sir with love.

    I haven’t seen the movie in decades and remember liking it when I first saw it. But now that I am Jew-wise, I am shocked by its blatant promotion of the “magic negro,” by its blatant promotion, really, of dysgenic miscegenation.

    To wit: the movie is a clarion call for the English to “breed itself into irrelevance with gap-toothed, low-eared criminal shitbirds.” 

    • Replies: @Maowasayali
  126. Factorize says:

    The reliability of intelligence tests has been established to my satisfaction. When male, adult, genetically identical (not all monozygotic twins are genetically identical) and otherwise similar monozygotic twins who shared a similar intrauterine environment are tested their measured IQs are typically within a point or two of each other (I can’t place the article where I read this.). When looking at all twins without such rigorous selection the IQ differences are reported as between 5-8 points. Jensen’s statement that IQ can be measured with accuracies approaching that of a tape measure for height appears to be valid. Yet, the validity of IQ tests might be still open for discussion (that is, do intelligence tests measure intelligence?). Might anyone from the IQ naysayers contingent address this question?

  127. tamo says:
    @Kent Nationalist

    Hey, don’t let your imagination run wild. You don’t know where I live. I bet you have NEVER used racial slurs against anybody, not even once. What a saint !!! LOL !!! By the way, you talk like a little girl or a little sissy gay boy. OMG, did I say that ? the horror !!!! LMAO !!!!

    • Replies: @Kent Nationalist
  128. @Maowasayali


    1967 was a very good and busy year for Sidney Poitier. He also starred in Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner? to propagandize young American boomers who would grow up worshiping and breeding with Jewish magical negroes.

    We’ve been gaslighted by the Jews to think it is wrong to discriminate and segregate.

    In any event, the value of public school education is overrated and never should have been funded by property taxes or any other involuntary tax whatsoever that is based on fiat money printed out of thin air by you know bloody who.

  129. @tamo

    Well then you should go home instead of whinging

    • Replies: @tamo
  130. @jeff stryker

    Tamils? Owning Malaysia? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    Are you joking right now, Jeff?

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  131. tamo says:
    @Kent Nationalist

    Go home? hey little man, for your information, I’m a proud former paratrooper of the 82nd Airborne Division of the U.S. Army who served in wartime. HOWEVER that doesn’t necessarily mean I live in the U.S. Have you ever served in the U.S. military? I bet you are one of those sissy WN buttholes who always whine and cry about their mothers and girlfriends, sisters going crazy for BBCs. LOL !!!!!

  132. anonymous[252] • Disclaimer says:
    @jeff stryker

    I think Tamo is Indian.

  133. genetic class/generational bottleneck issue here as well, since we now know that gypsies are indian too.

    so you have selective indian immigrants at one end, indian outcasts at the other end.

  134. Anonymous[198] • Disclaimer says:
    @jeff stryker

    Malays prefer Fujian to Spanish or Americans. Possibly because Spanish or Americans try to ram their standards down Malays throats while Chinese just say…let em lie in a hammock eating bananas.

    Is this coming from someone who admits he’s never been to Malaysia, confuses ‘Malay’ with ‘Malaysian’ and now thinks Spain and America had any historic influence on Malay regions?

    Perhaps you should consider giving people fair warning by prefixing your comments with :

    Warning: I am pulling this out of my ass.


    • LOL: Maowasayali
    • Replies: @EastKekistani
  135. Anonymous[198] • Disclaimer says:

    He didn’t even say Malays, he said Malaysians.

    That’s a classic noob giveaway.

  136. @Anonymous

    Of course “Malay” and “Malaysian” aren’t the same. In his context the word “Malay” should be interpreted as in “Austronesian”.

  137. @Nicolás Palacios Navarro

    No worries. Also, keep up with your blog and good luck. I’ll visit and keep in touch with it



  138. sb says:
    @jeff stryker

    The Wiz has never struck me as being particularly Australian .Too boastful of academic pedigree, too pro Jewish and pro “the other” generally and unAustralian usage of the verb “to root ”

    At best an Australian passport holder which , in my book at least ,isn’t quite the same thing

  139. anon[385] • Disclaimer says:

    I worked in a ‘Good Catholic School’ in England recently. I can confirm many things:

    1) Do NOT trust official government stats – they are manipulated to make darker skinned look good & White pupils (esp boys) look bad. Teachers are under massive pressure to get blax good results & to ‘even out’ racial disparity in expulsions.

    2) The primary purpose of education is SOCIAL ENGINEERING SOCIAL ENGINEERING SOCIAL ENGINEERING. Books are chosen not because of quality but for the message, including lots of barely literate feminist negro writers on the syllabus.

    3) It is an extremely hostile environment for NWMs (normal white men). The mainstream state schools are waaaaay worse than Catholic schools & I wouldn’t have had any chance of working there with all the diverse purple-haired SJWs there. (I spoke to colleagues who worked in ghetto schools & they told me how bad it was; the racial subtext was obvious).

    4) Competence is secondary. There was one black woman imposed on the school who had one of those abrasive, pious, hysterical characters that every pupil recoiled from. I sat in on a couple of her ‘lessons’ & timed them to make sure she couldn’t have been on her period. She was on a perma-period! I also worked out a reason curricula are so dumbed down – the teachers don’t even understand them! Some of the cringey stuff she taught the kids was reminiscent of that AmRen article: mamma was chocolate dadda was vanilla. Poems w/o value, idiots pushing an agenda.

    5) White people are dumb. Ethnic staff would look out for each other or make veiled racially protective comments in meetings. This is when I really began to hate leftist white women – as a group they tended to agitate AGAINST their interests. They have delusions that they are Michelle Pfeiffer showing their ethnic pets the light unlike all the other ‘racists’ in society plotting against them.

    6) I know a black woman given the lucrative job of educational psychologist because ‘so many black boys have problems’, ie. rewarding bad behavior as usual.

    7) We can’t do anything with our own institutions. A school created by IWhite people is forced by deep state rats to employ diverse third worlderd as staff & pupils. Almost as if the same scumbags who did forced budding in the USA as are sticking their big noses to mess over White people here too.

    • Replies: @TelfoedJohn
    , @Edward
  140. @anon

    What’s the least degenerate type of school in the U.K.? I know the Catholic ones are a little bit better than standard. Some of the Muslim-majority schools are refusing to allow the homosexual agenda, but I don’t think other schools could get away with that.

  141. [AKA "brutus101"] says:

    The New York City NYC serial offenders for multiple suspension from school data is from NYC Open Data Portal: 2015-16_Multiple_Removals.Race.

    The direct bad influences and the colleteral damage disruptive behaviours and wasting teachers efforts on those chronic serial absentism measured in units of absent day per week for some populations are pretty obvious from the optimistic predictive equation for the percentage of offer to the NYC Elite8 special high schools. This time PctElite8G=NOffer/NGrade8, the percentage of multiple offender PctSuspM=NSuspM/NEnroll, PctPoverty is the proxy for socio-economic status SES. The model is optimistic because NYC intentionally made the data for bad schools fuzzy that they had to be dropped and cannot be used directly. As can be seen from the table later, PctSuspM is highly correlated to PctBlack and PctHispanic so the relative effect sizes (coeffs) for PctBlack and PctHispanic are relatively reduced and that has the side effect of raising the effect size for PctWhite and PctAsian. The PctPoverty is also highly correlated to PctBlack, PctHispanic and PctAsian and thus the effect size of PctAsian is again relatively increased with respect to the other effect sizes. The net effect is that though PctPoverty siphoned off some of the effects from other correlated variables the effect size of PctPoverty is still minute.

    PctElite8G = -0.509*PctSuspM -0.303*PctPoverty -2.07*PctWhite -2.08*PctBlack -2.17*PctHispanic -1.79*PctAsian +230.8

    [n=118, Rsq=0.426, p=1.312e-11 *** (Very Very Significant)]

    If PctSuspM and PctPoverty are zero, on average for merely 1 percentage point increases in the Black student demographics, not that all will not receive Elite8 offers, but up to 0.29 percentage point of other ethnic group students will miss the offers for the Elite8 due to the colleteral damage, relative colleteral damage percentage of up to 29%.

    Thing become very interesting when looking at the PctElite8T the percentage of Elite8 offers with respect to the number of SHSAT testers. Not all Grade8 students take the test. Those that take the SHSAT are serious students.

    PctElite8T = +0.0192*PctSuspM -0.345*PctPoverty -1.66*PctWhite -1.75*PctBlack -1.82*PctHispanic -1.382*PctAsian +206.9

    [n=118, Rsq=0.445, p=2.163e-12 *** (Very Very Significant)]

    The effect size (coeff) for PctSuspM suddently turns positive !!! ,i.e. the higher the PctSuspM the higher the PctElite8T, the higher the NOffers, i.e. the positive results of less colleteral damage from the serial offenders with them out of the classes more often that there are more often better classroom environments for learning. Now the NYC mayor want to end all that by the stroke of the pen by reducing the number of suspensions by fiat.

    That shows the folly of the American practices of “busing” students around to other host schools to improve the diversity. Often the host schools will suffer the collecteral damages. 460 out of the 463 Black majority schools did not have more than 5 Elite8 offers. For comparison, the single best performing school the Chirsta McAuliffe School in 2016 had 296 offers out of 341 SHSAT testers out of 341 NGrade8, success rate %Elite8G of 80.2%. The NYTimes constantly moaning about the poor SES of Blacks and Hispanics but refused to look at Christa McAullife where the PctPoverty is 61.8% and 69.3% Asian Americans. The NYC mayor’s proposal is to limit the Elite8 slot offers only to top 7% of each school means that the PctElite8G for Christa McAuliffe wil crater from 80.2% to 7% !!! Though not yet directly implemented, the mere threat had plunge NYC best public junior high school JHS to existential crisis. Mayor de Blasio got elected in 2014 at which time the parents decision whether to send their children to Christa McAuliffe had been made, the effects of that become clear in 2017 when NGrade8 in 2017 had dropped to 278 from 341 in 2015. Previously 100% of the NGrade8 took the objective SHSAT common assessment. In 2017/18 only 251/278 took the test, for year 2018/19 239/264. The elite students are fleeing, some even had fled NY state in such proportion that the average SAT scores for NY for some ethnicities had dropped. Amazon might have mis-calculated when they planned to set up a HQ in New York. With such environment it is doubtful if they could recruit good calibre middle level management with school age children and who are not rich enough to send them to private schools.

    Even when those students being bused around are among the top 7% of their schools, beside those that might be able to receive the Elite8 offers by their own merits, the NYC Independent Budget Office had shown that none of the rest had Math proficiency greater than level 2 which might have the potential to be college ready.

    Table for some of the top performing schools. PctSusWhite is the percentage of White suspension wrt the number of White students, etc. PctWhite is the White ethnic demographic percentage, etc. Booker T. Washington School could have performed better if without those colleteral damages. The Shuang Wen School is admission by lottery, i.e. random among those from any ethnicities to apply. The Asian demographic is 71.0%, PctPoverty=70.6% comparable to many Black majority schools, and PctElite8G=37.25%. The I.S. 237 School is 72.8% Asian and PctHispBlack=24.8% (none have serial suspension!!!) and with PctPoverty=86.5% which is more than many Black majority schools, and still manage PctElite8G=16.82% out of NGrade8=422 and PctElite8T=40.34% out of NTester=176, most of the students are unlikely to have attended prep classes.

    Table for the top schools with serial suspensions. If PctOffer is blank that means that fuzzy data supplied cannot be used directly. Zero serial suspensions for White and Asian students amoung the top 25 bad schools.

    • Replies: @res
  142. Thank you for your very informative comment. For a wider audience, could you show the tables with only a few key columns, but still with the School names?

  143. res says:

    Lots of interesting material there. Thanks! Some thoughts.

    In your PctElite8G regrssion, could you give an idea of the more exact magnitude of the correlations? When you say “PctSuspM is highly correlated to PctBlack and PctHispanic” are you talking 0.3, 0.5, 0.7, 0.9? Did you run any collinearity diagnostics?

    What struck me as odd about that equation is that ALL of the %Race coefficients are negative and of similar (large) magnitude. Given that they should sum to about 100% I would have expected them to have differing signs with the rest of those effects showing up in the constant term. Any idea why that would not be?

    Did you try running a model with only the race variables? What kind of R^2 does that get? How about a model with only PctSuspM and PctPoverty? (perhaps an ANOVA would be the way to get at what I am asking?)

    How confident do you feel about your conclusion “i.e. the positive results of less colleteral damage from the serial offenders with them out “? The positive coefficient for PctSuspM is small (was it significant?).

    Did you try looking at NTester / Ngrade8 as a variable (either dependent or independent)?

    The top performing schools table is obviously sorted by %Elite8G. What variable(s) were used to select those schools? (the best performing bad school does better than the worst good school on that).

    Any thoughts on the Tag Young Scholars school? They managed to get %EliteG of 52% with a Black and Hispanic representation of 44%. It seems to me that school has the best mix of diversity and success. It would be interesting to see the racial distribution of offers there.

    The bad schools list is sorted by %Suspm. I assume that is also the variable used to select those schools?

    The Albert Shanker School for Visual and Performing Arts seems like an obvious positive outlier in that group. Any thoughts on what is going on there? It and JHS 127 are the highest %Asian in that group, but there are two other schools that are over 14% Asian and don’t seem to have a similar positive outcome.

    P.S. Not sure if it is obvious to everyone that the tables are much easier to read if opened in their own windows. The only variables that seem reasonable to remove are the %SuspRace variables, but I found those informative. I would actually like to see one variable added – NOffers. That would give a better idea by how much schools exceeded the 5 offer threshold for display (I suppose you can compute from %Elite8G * NGrade8, but that is a nuisance). For example, is the only reason Albert Shanker and JHS127 look good in the bad school list because they are larger than most of the “bad” schools so just exceeded that threshold?

    • Replies:
  144. anon[833] • Disclaimer says:

    haha, you told him!

  145. Anon[346] • Disclaimer says:

    I’ve read that in addition to off-the-books discipline, another trick used by schools to make their data more politically correct is to reclassify the discipline taxonomy used in school paperwork by reducing the number of categories and making each category cover a wide range of seriousness. Most teachers who get punched in the head are punched by black boys, so the adminstrators look for something minor that mostly white kids do and figure out how to combine the two infractions into one category.

    The D.C. high school graduation scandal is another example of faking things due to top-down pressure:

    The graduation rates were simply manufactured. An investigation by NPR found that teachers faced pressure from administrators to give absent students a score of 50 rather than zero, on the logic that “if the student tried to make up the missed work or failed, it would most likely be impossible to pass with a zero on the books.”

    Meanwhile, students in danger of failing were placed in credit-recovery classes against school policy. “If teachers pushed back against these practices,” NPR reports, the “administration retaliated against them by giving them poor teacher evaluations.” So the reforms pushed by Rhee and the Obama administration played a role in encouraging administrators to juke the stats.

    Similar attendance scandals have been uncovered in Los Angeles, Chicago, and Prince George’s County in Maryland. “DCPS was caught with a smoking gun, but the response that led them to graduation-rate fraud was driven by the same pressures felt by school districts across the nation,” Malkus tells National Review.

    It is exceedingly unlikely that D.C. is the only place where Obama-era reforms incentivized public-school administrators to engage in fraud.

    The anonymous statistics blogger La Griffe du Lion covered the school testing situation in Texas during Governor Bush’s term where top-down pressure resulted in the tests being modified so they were easier and clipped off the high scores: There were more perfect scores. This resulted in the “gap” being reduced. La Griffe was able to tease all of this out just using math.

    The Volkswagen diesel scandal was essentially the same thing. Engineers pressured by top management who needed lower emissions.

  146. [AKA "brutus101"] says:

    > In your PctElite8G regrssion, could you give an idea of the more exact magnitude of the correlations?

    May be I should elaborate further. There are lots of zero in the suspension data, so I dropped schools where Nsuspm=0. There are still lots of zeros for Whites and Asians which will dilute the effects. So I used stepwise regression to automatically drop those not significant variables. Only PctBlack and PctHispanic remained and are very significant.

    lm(formula = PctSuspm ~ PctPoverty + PctWhite + PctBlack + PctHispanic + PctAsian)
    > summary(step);

    Estimate Std. Error t value Pr(>|t|)
    (Intercept) 0.70474 0.39769 1.772 0.08213 .
    PctBlack 0.01763 0.01037 1.701 0.09482 .
    PctHispanic 0.02532 0.00925 2.737 0.00841 **

    Signif. codes: 0 ‘***’ 0.001 ‘**’ 0.01 ‘*’ 0.05 ‘.’ 0.1 ‘ ’ 1

    Residual standard error: 1.283 on 53 degrees of freedom
    Multiple R-squared: 0.1467, Adjusted R-squared: 0.1145
    F-statistic: 4.556 on 2 and 53 DF, p-value: 0.01493

    Correlation Matrix:
    PctSuspm 1.0000
    PctWhite -0.2327 1.0000
    PctBlack 0.2517 -0.4021 1.0000
    PctHispani 0.0490 -0.3296 -0.5537 1.0000
    PctAsian -0.2793 0.2737 -0.4264 -0.3417 1.0000
    Variable PctSuspm PctWhite PctBlack PctHispani PctAsian

    > Given that they should sum to about 100%

    There is still PctRest which is linearly depended on the other four and cannot be included. No idea why they all come out negative.

    > Did you try running a model with only the race variables?

    As in the above stepwise regression, in one step PctPoverty, PctWhite and PctAsian are automatically dropped. PctPoverty is strongly correlated to PctBlack and PctHispanic and only weakly correlated with PctAsian.

    Got to go to do something urgent.

    • Replies: @res
  147. res says:

    Thanks for elaborating! I should probably download the data and try playing around with it myself–I am asking too many questions. Can you give an idea of how many files you merged and how much data massaging you had to do?

    Those PctSuspm correlations were smaller than I expected.

    I was assuming PctRest would be small relative to the others. Not sure if that is valid.

  148. Edward says:

    Those are some nice made-up stories you’ve treated us to, Mr Anonymous. Now, please explain why Black Caribbean pupils are excluded at a much greater rate than White British students if the “official statistics” are incorrect and biased in favour of blacks. Please also explain why Black Caribbean students do much worse than White British students at school.

    Anyone who knows anything about the Black African community would know how strict the parents are with their children. It’s not at all a surprise that Black African students are marginally less disruptive than White British students, from personal experience.

  149. [AKA "brutus101"] says:

    The urgency is the hard disk making funny noise. Too much number crunching. Need to do backup.

    The more streamlined tables by using more cryptic variable names. The Grade8 class size gives an idea of the problem. Too much whinging about not getting enough Elite8 slots when many simply did not sit for the SHSAT. In fact the total number of Black SHSAT testers dropped from 5847 in 2016/17, to 5730 in 2017/18 to 5488 in 2018/19. The idea of being pushed into the Elite8 by fiat with the corresponding hard work and red hot competitions might have frightened some away from the test. As the RAND report showed that after spending USD\$773 Million on the 50 ‘renewal’ schools for the “million dollar poor students” with remedial teachers and special test prep classes, the school drop out rate actually increased. The official number of SHSAT testers were not breakdown by populations. Most bad schools had combined Whites+Asians of less than 20%. But it is suspected that for the bad schools the number of SHSAT testers most probably were Whites and Asians. One possible reason why most of the bad schools are small is that to avoid the critical mass for riots.

    There is the question of where those elite students just below the new more severe SHSAT cutoff (as 20% of slots will be allocated by de Blasio at pleasure) will go. Some might go to private high schools, some might go interstate and never return. What better school to go than those newly furnished and well equipped but “abandon Renewal schools” funded by the USD\$ 773 Million project. Who knows those officially allocated Elite8 students by merit might even join them to set up the Alternate Unofficial Real Elite Schools, considering the possible behavioural records of their potential new fellow “elite” students joining them. NYC has to understand that the current Elite8 school locations do not have magic dirts and there are no vaults or springs of “intellegence”. Previously King Louis ?? of France thought that he could have his gold mine when he forcefully took over the Templar monastries without knowing that the Templar midas touch was the people, their knowledge and their networks for generating money. The remaining Templars simply just re-congregating in places like City of London. King Louis ?? must be the role model of de Merito.

    The previous analysis was clobbered in a few hours while the hard disk was making funny noise. As the intend is to determine if the effects of student suspensions only data with Nsusm>0 are considered. I did not realized that with those additional constraints the data size had been cut down by more than 50% to 56, as the rule of thumb for 6 independent variables the degrees of freedom required at least 72 dof, i.e. at least 79 datapoint. So the PctWhite and PctAsian with similar trends were combined into PctWhiAsi and the same for PctHispanic and PctBlack into PctHisBla to have 4 independent variables. The overall equation is statistically significant at pval=3.053e-05 but the specific coeff for Pctsusm is positive but the magnitude is greater than that for PctPov but less than that for PctWhiAsi and PctHisBla. Bigger dataset is needed. Though there are 4 years of SHSAT datasets there is only one year of student suspension dataset.


    lm(formula = PctOfrG ~ Pctsusm + PctPov + PctWhiAsi + PctHisBla)

    Estimate Std. Error t value Pr(>|t|)
    (Intercept) 123.32350 52.26636 2.360 0.0222 *
    Pctsusm 0.24985 0.75999 0.329 0.7437
    PctPov -0.10822 0.05737 -1.886 0.0649 .
    PctWhiAsi -1.01824 0.54632 -1.864 0.0681 .
    PctHisBla -1.17351 0.55163 -2.127 0.0382 *

    Signif. codes: 0 ‘***’ 0.001 ‘**’ 0.01 ‘*’ 0.05 ‘.’ 0.1 ‘ ’ 1

    Residual standard error: 7.068 on 51 degrees of freedom
    Multiple R-squared: 0.3947, Adjusted R-squared: 0.3472
    F-statistic: 8.313 on 4 and 51 DF, p-value: 3.053e-05
    lm(formula = Pctsusm ~ PctHisBla)

    Estimate Std. Error t value Pr(>|t|)
    (Intercept) 0.754022 0.386952 1.949 0.05654 .
    PctHisBla 0.021996 0.007393 2.975 0.00437 **

    Signif. codes: 0 ‘***̉ 0.001 ‘**̉ 0.01 ‘*̉ 0.05 ‘.̉ 0.1 ‘ ̉ 1

    Residual standard error: 1.275 on 54 degrees of freedom
    Multiple R-squared: 0.1408, Adjusted R-squared: 0.1249
    F-statistic: 8.851 on 1 and 54 DF, p-value: 0.004373


  150. [AKA "brutus101"] says:

  151. Factorize says:

    Below are the results from Spearman’s breakthrough 1904 paper measuring student rank class rank in their subjects. {However, the first column is a measure auditory discrimination. The next columns are Classics, French English and mathematics. Each subject has three columns reporting
    Christmas, Easter and July exam ranks. Final column is the class ranked by musical ability as judged by the music teacher. Ranks have not been adjusted for age.}

    (Experimental Series IV at the end of chapter 5).

    Might someone pop this into R and see what they find?
    When I ran the numbers I found some extremely high correlations.

    Educators must have been aware of the general shape of these results for likely centuries.
    More specifically since the advent of mass public education over the 100-200 years.
    Even this small sample from Spearman dramatically illustrates the point that in a school environment, children’s ranks can be remarkably stable across time and subjects.
    With the likely replication of these results perhaps on a scale upwards of millions of time greater, one would wonder how anyone could plausibly argue the basic psychometric finding.



    • Replies: @James Thompson
  152. @Factorize

    I think the situation was well described by Steven Pinker: Psychometric findings replicate, it is simply that people hate the results.

    • Replies: @Factorize
  153. Factorize says:
    @jeff stryker

    Why would a student insult their PE teacher? Indeed, what is the driving force for a great deal of other similar behavior that manifests itself with an all too high frequency in our communities?

    The informed on forum will agree that currently the primary driver of abnormal psychology can be identified as the polygenic random recombination that occurs during natural reproduction. The insanely absurd (and at some time in the future possibly criminal) usage of such a methodology guarantees the ongoing renewal of ubiquitous psychopathology. Those cognizant of current genetic science will appreciate that leaving the creation of new humans to chance could theoretically lead to very extreme phenotypes of the offspring of ANY parents-to-be. Basically, buy lottery tickets and hope for the best.

    Of course, life is now different. Current technology using simple polygenic genotyping of embryos allows us to genetically select the future. If parents choose not to have children that will swear at their gym teacher, or somewhat more ominously if the community signals that they will continue to abuse those who act beyond community standards, then the randomly generated world that we have become familiar during the course of all of human history will rapidly disappear. And this could happen very rapidly. By 2025, all kindergarteners could be part of this new genetically designed generation.

    Nonetheless, I will still feel a certain amount of sorrow to watch human diversity vanish. Look around and marvel at the broad range of behaviors that are present! Observe a psychometric rainbow of cognitive ability and other psychological traits. We live in a rich world of diversity. Such diversity gives us a wide toolkit of available options whenever problems emerge. Evolution has provided us this diversity and it has made us stronger. One might certainly be concerned for a world that removed such diversity. Might it not be in some ways an impoverished world? It is not especially difficult to imagine that negative, unknown consequences might occur in a world that did not have people who might insult their gym teacher.

    • Replies: @jeff stryker
  154. @Factorize


    You’re not from planet Detroit, where even private school teachers were weary and tough and once in a while a Physical Ed Teacher lost his plot with a cocky unpleasant kid.

    2025 is five-and-a-half years from right now and I am unconvinced that at that time inner-city black and Mexican kids will be little angels. I suspect schools in the inner-city will be worse in half of a decade.

    I was born in 1989 and can remember when I was a teenager and it was assumed the future would have no poverty, no unemployment, affordable housing.

    Instead San Francisco is a city of the homeless and entire white American families live in cars…this would have been regarded as IMPOSSIBLE in 1989 when I was 15.

    If someone had told me in 1989 that it would be impossible to afford college for middle class whites in 2015 I would have not believed you.

    Sorry, I don’t buy that we will live in a world of genetically-engineered well-behaved people in 10 years.

    In 1989 I would not have believed that 2019 there would still be the racial tension of 2019 with Black Lives Matter.

    At 45, I’ve been hearing the world will improve for a long time. Before gene-splicing it was the CLOCKWORK ORANGE behavior serum. London is now worse that Clockwork Orange and Kubrick did not foresee guns.

    Don’t buy it, quite.

    • Replies: @Factorize
  155. Factorize says:
    @Emil O. W. Kirkegaard

    Emil, thank you for this suggestion.

    My online searches for factor analysis have been frustrating. With PCA, there is near saturation coverage with dozens and dozens of YouTube videos and a broad range of other resources. I have been highly impressed with my ability to rapidly learn about PCA. It is somewhat amusing to me that this provides a very good example of the effects of environment on human abilities: Two fairly similar statistical techniques (which in fact many people regularly are unable to distinguish) with probably about similar levels of technical complexity and yet the technique that has the most online resources is the one that I have a better understanding of, by far.

    Thank you also for posting the “Psychological Correlates of University Students Academic Performance” article to your site. In one of my sociology assignments, I am investigating one of these correlates. The article you posted provides a summary of the last 30 years of research into this question involving 7,000 studies, and, funnily enough, my correlate of interest is not mentioned.

    Here’s the background. I recently became aware that there is an evolving mental health crisis on campuses across North America, possibly globally. Yet again people have been so highly conditioned not to think in psychometric terms that even when a psychometrically inspired crisis is occurring apparently few are able to connect thoughts to words. This is yet another instance that I have encountered when shutting out psychometric intuition leads to tragedy; here among young college students.

    Specifically, what is now occurring on campus should be seen as an extremely predictable consequence of the evolving psychometric and social profiles of the current generation of college students. Even back in the 1990s, almost all high ability students of college age were in college. The ongoing growth in college populations is now occurring exclusively among those in lower and lower ability levels. A recent BioRxiv article suggested that due to the enormous social pressure to pursue higher education, educational attainment is predicted to increase for the next several centuries, while at the same time genetically determined ability levels are expected to decline.

    The crisis that is emerging now might reasonably be expected to escalate over this time scale. My assignment considers the question of college preparedness. Being well prepared for college would seem to be an extremely effective strategy to overcome college stress and possibly override cognitive disadvantages. Yet, the first generation college students now on campus likely are not well prepared, and, thus, the crisis.

    Helpful comments on this topic would be greatly appreciated.

  156. Factorize says:
    @James Thompson

    Galton’s invention of regression was such an inspired idea. Most who skim over his formula for linear regression never fully appreciate its profound implications. For whatever reason, no one else in human history had had the audacity to draw a straight line through a “fuzzy” dataset and see a linear relationship. It was a profoundly important development.

    It sparked a revolution in the way people could view the world. Specifically, instead of a deluge of uninterpretable noisy data, one could find the signal. In 1904, Spearman was able to refine this signal yet more in the dataset I provided above.

    For the many posters on the forum who are struggling to understand psychometrics, there is perhaps no better place to begin than to consider Galton’s height dataset. When you realize that even such a diffuse dataset can has an extractable meaning, then you too will exclaim: “Jetzt verstehe ich!”.

  157. Factorize says:
    @jeff stryker

    Jeff, I am ecstatic!

    School as a factory/prison is over!
    Transcendal humanity.

    I have witnessed this transformation firsthand and it is startling. My online university has granted me all reasonable (and even some unreasonable) accommodations. Cyberspace makes it sooo easy to exert consumer power and rights and to shop globally for the most competitive learning providers. My quality of life has vastly improved!

    The macroverse academe never accommodated me: They never considered it. It was their timetable, their physicality, their 19th Century conception of society and human rights, their school as epic social drama, their exclude me this or that.

    With online learning as the comparator, why would I accept any inconvenience, any attitude from the atomic museum? If my physical world schoolmates were not consistently achieving peak happiness as verifed by EEG, then virtual reality it is.

    When one prospective online learning provider would not accommodate me, then it went:
    Ok …, you don’t want my money …, I exclude you …, seeya. In the world of bricks and mortar world, it never played out that way.

    I would have (and have) grudgingly accepted whatever was offered; no matter how unsuitable. Amusingly, a while back I surfed back to that provider. Yeah, sure enough, their policies had been modified to allow my requested accommodation. They had no choice.

    Physical, monopolistic education, in a high fertility world with forced resource constriction has ended. Half our schools have closed, the other half are half empty. There’s a sense of desperation.
    Even a slight shift to online learning would essentially bankrupt the current model. It is not a slight shift that is occurring.

    This is a moment of exaltation!
    The triumph of human liberty and human potential!

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