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Olivia Manchester victim

After the slaughter of innocents, the ritual of abnegation. While parents pleaded for news about the pieces of their children, the citizens of Manchester met in a public show of solidarity, in an all faith meeting to show that “the bombers would not win”. We have plenty of experience of organizing those. Commendable, very Christian, but hardly proportionate. The plan, such as it is, appears to be to keep on taking casualties in the hope that a policy of massive unselective racial and cultural immigration can be made to work. Sometime. Like actors in a tragedy foretold, the politicians have issued statements bemoaning the events, though one of the contenders to become Prime Minister remains a prominent supporter of the IRA and will not condemn their bombing campaign even years after the event (he condemns all violence, he says), so his statement must have involved some selective reinterpretation of his own deepest beliefs.

The Police are on alert, or heightened alert, or something like that, and have made an arrest, which will usually be followed four days later by the arrested person being discharged for lack of evidence. The emergency staff have been applauded. Parents and friends have remembered their dead, ordinary and lovely lives rendered into a pulp. After a delay, the perpetrator is named, to no great surprise. This one was a 22-year-old Libyan, Salman Ramadan Abedi, born in Manchester, a college dropout who liked cannabis and football, and attended the Didsbury mosque, which is described as moderate, modern and liberal.

Feelings are not a proof of accuracy in judgment, but they are a guide to examining new actions. The Islamic terrorists are making a clear statement: We can kill you whenever we like; we can kill your children; we can kill you in your most important public places; we can make your leaders hide behind bodyguards; we can make you partly undress every time you go through an airport; we can make fools of you by using your laws against you; we can make you scared of making fun of our religion even while you make fun of what remains of your own; we can have more children than you do and get you to pay for them; we can breed resentful losers in such large numbers that any one of them can become a murderer, and it is unpredictable which Mohammed will take the predictable step of murdering you; and you will accept our excuses that we had no idea that that particular Mohammed would take the logical step of biting the hand that fed it, in the sure and certain knowledge that you will feed us once more.

Meanwhile, at a desk somewhere, a young intelligence officer is doing a simple calculation: we have over 3000 Mohammedans with an urge to kill us, embedded in almost 3 million Mohammedans with no particular urge to kill anyone, but with some reluctance to denounce a fellow religionist on the basis of no particular feeling other than that they are taking their religion too seriously, if that is possible. Any of those 3000 hard line militants can murder, “don’t know where, don’t know when, but we’ll meet again some day” and that is too many to keep under constant surveillance, so one or two or three of them can go pop at any moment. The fact that a bomb was used in this mass murder makes it likely that other people were involved, since although making a bomb is not difficult, it usually requires more logistics, and therefore more chance of finding co-conspirators.

The general outline on the link between Muslims and terrorism was given by Noah Carl

This paper examines the relationship between percentage of Muslims in the population (logged) and two separate measures of Islamist terrorism for a large cross-section of countries (n= 168). The first measure of Islamist terrorism is the number of Islamist terror attacks 2001–2016 (logged); the second is the number of casualties from Islamist terrorism 2001–2016 (logged). Percentage Muslim was strongly associated with both measures of Islamist terrorism (β = .49–50). These associations were not disproportionately driven by co-variation within one or two global regions: positive associations were found within Sub-Saharan Africa (β = .35–38), South & East Asia (β = .49–50), Eurasia (β = .31–37), and the West (β = .32–50).
The raw associations within Latin America & Caribbean (β = .06–13) were very weak, and those within Middle East & North Africa were negative (β = –.18–21). Yet the results for Middle East & North Africa were attributable to Israel being a major outlier; when Israel was omitted, strong positive associations emerged (β = .65–69). In a multiple regression analysis, both associations were robust to controlling for region fixed-effects, land area (logged), absolute latitude, average elevation, terrain roughness, legal origin, GDP per capita (logged), democracy, and ethnic fractionalisation (β = .32–33). Consistent with a previous study, both percentage Muslim (β = .21–56) and indicators of military intervention in the Middle East (β = .17–80) were associated with Islamist terrorism across Western countries.

The UK terror threat level has been raised to “critical” which apparently has only happened twice before. Prior to that it was “severe”. I think that the other levels are “irritating” “a nuisance” and “very tedious”. At some stage the powers that be will have a little meeting, and discuss whether they might consider telling the 3000 most dangerous Mohammedans that their presence in the United Kingdom “is no longer conducive to the public good”. The Home Office used to do that decades ago. However, I doubt that such a proposal would ever be accepted, on the grounds that it would antagonize the Muslim “community”. Antagonizing them might provoke them into bombing us even more.

Keep alert, but do not panic, and whatever you do, do not question the wisdom of unselective mass immigration. There are some values we hold dear, and after many sacrifices we will prevail a bit.

• Category: Science • Tags: Muslims, Terrorism 
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  1. Anonymous [AKA "George Stanford"] says:

    Unselective immigration? If you think that anyone can come Britain just because they feel like it, you obviously never had to negotiate a visa for one of your students. When you stray into the area of social policy you show that you have not paid it enough attention. In this case, the perpetrator was born in Britain, so the measures being taken by the authorities are more relevant than the ones you propose.

  2. dearieme says:

    It seems to me, doc, that you are advocating selective compulsory emigration. Whither shall we expel them? There’s always South Georgia. Are penguins halal?

  3. The West has been murdering Muslims in the thousands for decades. Maybe this should stop?

    • Agree: TomSchmidt, Mark Green
    • Replies: @anon
    , @dc.sunsets
  4. @Anonymous

    A little charity here would be a good idea. James is referring to the mass immigration of relatively unselected immigrants. Unselected in terms of traits that are relevant, such that intelligence, willingness to integrate, love of Western culture, outgroup antipathy etc. That this guy, if he was the one, was a second generation effect of this immigration policy changes none of that.

  5. NickG says:

    Welcome to Cuckistan.

  6. jim jones says:

    The Police in the UK only show any interest when brown people are attacked. Someone threw a brick through the window of a Sikh Temple near to me and the area was swamped with Police Officers.

  7. Lester says:

    > Unselective immigration?

    It doesn’t get much less selective than importing Libyans.

    I’m doubtful about “slaughter of innocents” however, having seen pictures of the entertainer at the concert. “Sluts and sluts-in-training” would be nearer the mark.

    The jihadists no doubt believe that god has made their enemies sick and deranged. Who could prove them wrong?

  8. hyperbola says:

    Perhaps Manchester has more to do both with Theresa May´s election lead fading and the need to avoid the possibility of this?

    Labour Party Promises to End UK Funding of US-Backed, Saudi-Led War Crimes in Yemen….

    The Saud´s have to be propped up (since ever) to make them viable puppets and Brits have been more than happly to kill millions to keep their puppets going.

    The UK’s century-long war against Yemen | Middle East Eye….
    …. So the current British-Saudi war against Yemen is in fact the third in a century. But why is Britain so seemingly determined to see the country dismembered and its development sabotaged? Strange as it may seem, the answer is that Britain is scared of Yemen, the sole country on the Arab peninsula with the potential power to challenge the colonial stitch-up reached between London and the Gulf monarchies it placed in power in the 19th century, and who continue to rule to this day…..

    Of course, not only Yemenis, but also Libyans also have substantial reasons to resent Brit killers.

    Celebrating The Great Achievments Of Muammar Gaddafi

    Libya: Ten Things About Gaddafi They Don’t Want You to Know

    But then the “psychologists” try to provide us with “statistics” that prove that it is the “mohammedans” that are loco. I am reminded of how the sect that invented “psychology” used it in the USSR to enforce “correct” thinking.

    Sigmund Freud, Psychoanalysis, and the War on the West

    Stalin’s Jews
    We mustn’t forget that some of greatest murderers of modern times were Jewish,7340,L-3342999,00.html

    Seems Britain is now a fully certifiable nutcase country. Hopefully they will be able to escape from the totalitarian/psychological perversions.

    BBC goes full Big Brother in recent announcement

  9. iffen says:

    From the left side of the curve it looks like the plan is to try and not run out of innocents before the other side runs out of terrorists.

  10. What a sad tragedy, hardly any words to excuse such an act. My deepest condolences to all those who lost their family and loved ones. But also my deepest condolences to all the thousands of Libyans who lost their family and loved ones. Their country and their homes. None of these crimes were ever necessary, in fact, there was no gain for the average person in England or Libya. But we know who benefitted and gained material wealth as well as temporary political and popular edge in these senseless pogroms. Long may they not last. But we all need to wake up… stop this idiocy.

    • Replies: @anon
    , @dc.sunsets
  11. anon • Disclaimer says:

    He was born in Britain. So what? He certainly is NOT British. His presence in Britain is a direct consequence of the very mass immigration/ migration that the writer correctly denounces.

    • Replies: @Santoculto
  12. anon • Disclaimer says:

    If I accept your view, all the more reason NOT to let them into the west.

  13. anon • Disclaimer says:

    Brainwashing works best on the young.

    • Replies: @Santoculto
  14. anon • Disclaimer says:

    There was no gain for the average English person in England by having Muslims move there.

    • Replies: @truthtellerAryan
  15. @Santoculto

    These kids are 12 or 13 I suppose. Pity it wasn’t a young White girl of 12 in the bathroom waiting for her swarthy and dark Nigerian-Blue/Black Nigerian rugby junior of 6′ and 200. There are lots of those on high school football fields of the U.S. That wouldn’t shake them up, either.

    THAT commercial they’re saving for the U.S. A real Reggie White player..

  16. @anon

    Interesting i’m young and i was not brainwashed. But yes, when you nurture a child into a certain culture depending their levels of curiosity and logic thinking she will start to follow your millieux with little criticism.

  17. @anon

    No worry, it’s just a way a high functioning psychotic people/mattoid tend to work. Clever silly or better, clever sick.

  18. ”Religion” of piece… of blood

  19. @anon

    There was also no gain for Libyans when their relatively peaceful and prosperous country was being bombed to smithereens, just because the cabal didn’t want a prosperous country in the area. We bombed Libya because someone told us to do it. We know who gave the orders…
    It’s really a small tragedy, they hardly count, it also goes for folks in Manchester.
    But we know who is celebrating, everything goes as God planned. How can ” God’s chosen” go wrong……

  20. It’s a real mess.

    Jihadis: Anti-West, Islamic fanaticism, anti-decadence, anti-Zionist, anti-secular, anti-modern.

    Iran: Islamic Persian Nationalism.

    Iraq before the fall: Secular Modern Arab nation.

    Libya before the fall: Stable Modern Arab nation.

    Syria before the war: Secular Modern Arab nation.

    Turkey: Secular-Islamic Modern nation.

    Israel: Modern secular Jewish nationalist state.

    Saudi Arabia: Islamic monarchy.

    Now, all the nations above would do well to mind their own business. And if not for globalism, they might be working in the mode of national sovereignty. They may not like each other, but they can learn to get along for the most part, like during most of Cold War.

    Also, with stable nations, there is little chance of Jihadis getting out of control.
    Iran mostly kept its religious nuts under lid and inside Iran. And Turkey is not trying to export its brand of neo-Islam.
    Saudis have funded Wahabism, but Wahabis mostly behaved too. The deal was they had to behave if they were to be funded by the Royal family. Also, most Sunni nations were ruled by secular regimes that were ruthless against religious radicals.

    And things might have remained that way but for… Afghanistan. During the Cold War, Soviets backed the secular Marxist regime in Kabul, and the US and its allies decided to fund the Jihadis. Some of these were genuine Afghan patriots resisting Soviet Occupation. But many were just using Afghanistan to spread their form of fanaticism… like with Osama Bin Laden.
    Anyway, the Afghan War lent legitimacy to these fanatics. CIA recognized Osama.
    Also, the Jihadis won the war in Afghanistan and felt so high and mighty.
    They fell in love with Jihad. They wanted the war to continue.

    And what gave them a second chance was the events following the Gulf War. The US took out one of the most powerful Arab nations in the region: Hussein’s Iraq. Hussein remained in power, but Iraq was crippled.
    Anyway, how did this pave the way for second life of Jihadis? The US stationed troops in Saudi Arabia, and this angered lots of Jihadis. During the Afghan War, these people worked with with the US against Soviets. But Soviets were gone, and now it seemed like infidel Americans were the Occupiers. So, this led to much rage.. and eventually led to 9/11.

    Jihadis who defeated the USSR felt they could do the same to the US.
    But there were many in the US and Israel who saw this as a blessing, a green light to go all out in the Middle East. 9/11 led to Iraq War and War on Terror.

    But as things turned out, the invasion only made Terror much worse. Initially, the US tried to fight the terror in Iraq. But as the Iraqi regime got close to Iran, the US decided to go easier on the Sunni terrorists. As the US is ruled by Zionists, they saw a way to use terrorists against Enemies of Israel. So, the West used terrorists in Libya and Syria. War on Terror became a War with Terror.
    Indeed, it is surreal that there is silence in the media about how Obama/Hillary worked with Alqaeda elements in Syria in partnership with Saudis.

    Against national sovereignty in the Middle East, there is globalism(Jewish-Homo controlled) and Jihadism. Now, globalism(decadent and materialistic) and Jihadism(fanatical and theocratic) have nothing in common in terms of values or ideology. But they are allied against modern nationalism. We see this in the rise of ISIS and Al-Nusra. We see how Hillary used Jihadis to take out Gaddafi. We see how Saudis and Obama let ‘moderate rebel’ Alqaeda run riot in Syria.

    And this mess led to mass invasion of Europe by Muslims. Africans also took advantage as Libya no longer had Gaddafi to stem the black tide. So, the wars waged by Jihadis messed up national sovereignty in much of the Middle East. If Bush invaded Iraq, Obama and Trump use air power to make things difficult for national regimes. If not for support of Western air power, the Jihadis in Libya couldn’t have won. And the US and its allies made it difficult for Syrian air force to fight. It was only the Russian intervention that began to change the tide.

    Jihadis find Western Pop Culture to be vile and disgusting. They find PC to be worthless.
    It’s no wonder they often target globalist celebrations of hedonism, jungle fever, harlotry, homomania, and etc. like in Manchester.
    But they have no chance of winning in the Middle East without the backing, direct or indirect, of the West and its allies like Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Turkey. And from Israel too.

    Jihadis are against globalism but they were made possible by globalist intervention in the Middle East. Globalism wants Muslims to come to the West and become rappers and whores. And many Muslims adopt such junk culture and become ‘Americanized’. But not all do. Some do battle with globalism, like at Manchester. In this, they have something in common with European nationalists.
    But the difference is Jihadi anti-globalists can only exist with globalism. Without globalism’s destabilizing impact on the Middle East, Jihadis would not be running amok. Muslim Brotherhood and Wahabis would be checked by either rich regimes with control of purse strings in Saudi Arabia or by ruthless secular regimes that clamp down on religious fanatics, like in Algeria, Egypt, Hussein’s Iraq, Libya, and etc.

    It was the weakening of central state power that led to this explosion of Jihadi violence. It’s like the loss of control over blacks in the US led to explosion of violence in the 60s and recently with BLM. Still, blacks are minority and can be contained. Things may get much uglier in South Africa once state power is weakened and blacks run riot and carry out ultra-violence.

    Jihadis are a schizo phenom. They resent Western Secular Modern domination over the Middle East. And yet, without Western intervention(that weakened or destroyed the regimes of Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, and Syria), Jihadis have no chance against the state power and military of modern nations. Jihadis need the West to attack and weaken the Enemies of Israel in order to run riot in them. So, Jihadis find themselves allied with Israel, US, and EU in a perverse partnership.
    Also, even as they hate foreign intervention or invasion of the Middle East, they want the West to be open to Muslim demographic invasion. One reason is simply materialistic. But there is also the dream of Greater Jihad of taking all of Europe since whites have become so cucked and wussy. West has the riches but not the balls.
    And the post-nationalist and anti-nationalist European masses hold up ‘welcome refugees’ signs.
    Most Muslims who migrate to the West are not Jihadis. They are going for handouts, money, and white women. But they remain outsiders. They realize they won’t amount to much in this society where most natives ignore them even as they hold up ‘welcome refugees’ signs to feel smugly virtuous. Also, these Muslims discover that white women prefer African Negroes to Arabs and Muslims. And what they see as culture is just Homomania and Jungle Jive. It’s so confusing that some become alienated and seek meaning in fanaticism.

    The concert at Manchester was celebrating open borders, Afro-colonization of white wombs, degeneracy, decadence, harlotry, homomania, and skankery. It was globalist culture. The Jihadi attacked this culture… yet he was also the product of globalism because it was globalism’s destruction of the Middle East that gave rise to Jihadi power and migrations all over.

  21. Wally says:

    And are whites born in Africa, of which there are millions, considered African?

    Would they be called African-Americans if they moved to the US?

  22. Svigor says:

    Unselective immigration? If you think that anyone can come Britain just because they feel like it, you obviously never had to negotiate a visa for one of your students. When you stray into the area of social policy you show that you have not paid it enough attention. In this case, the perpetrator was born in Britain, so the measures being taken by the authorities are more relevant than the ones you propose.

    Hi moron,

    I propose kicking all persons who immigrated to Britain from predominately-Muslim countries, as well as their descendants, out of all western countries.

    That is more “relevant” than anything you, or the “social policy experts,” are proposing.


    A non-moron.

    I’m doubtful about “slaughter of innocents” however, having seen pictures of the entertainer at the concert. “Sluts and sluts-in-training” would be nearer the mark.

    Hi shitbird,

    I propose you be fed feet-first into a wood-chipper.


    A non-shitbird.

    There was also no gain for Libyans when their relatively peaceful and prosperous country was being bombed to smithereens, just because the cabal didn’t want a prosperous country in the area. We bombed Libya because someone told us to do it. We know who gave the orders…
    It’s really a small tragedy, they hardly count, it also goes for folks in Manchester.
    But we know who is celebrating, everything goes as God planned. How can ” God’s chosen” go wrong……

    Why should I care about towelheads, when they are the foot soldiers in the army being used to slow-genocide Europeans out of existence? The idea that this army will go home if we’re nice to towelheads is risible.


    A Nord.

    • Replies: @rw95
  23. rw95 says:

    You’ve been reading (((Roissy))) I see…

  24. Svigor says:

    Rw: nope. I read a bit his stuff years ago, though.

  25. @WorkingClass

    Is it your thesis that ending all interventions in the Middle East would end disaffected 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th generation people from those areas harming their neighbors?


    Enjoy these last months or years of tolerance. When the mood changes trend, public willingness to “pull together” will evaporate.

    I fully expect that “murdering Muslims” who have immigrated to Western countries to become quite THE fashion. I don’t celebrate that, I just point out that waves of immigration of people whose entire culture is inimical to the West have produced nothing but a target-rich environment.

    When social mood hits nadir in coming years or decades, one guy’s bomb vest going off will get his entire remaining family lynched all the way down the their goldfish.

    Social mood dictates social actions. We’re near a peak now. We won’t be forever.

  26. @truthtellerAryan

    So your point is…..?

    The people who gained when the US/UK/Europe bombed/invaded/screwed with the Mideast are not the same people getting blown up in terrorist attacks.

    There is no “We.”

    “We” is a word intended to obfuscate. Terror (of any sort) actually has a poor track record for changing political paths.

    In coming times the level of reprisal against people expressing similar attributes or sentiments will be astonishing. The West hit Peak Pathological Openness to invite large numbers of culturally inimical people into their midst. This is cyclical, however, and Peak Pathological Openness will eventually revert to its polar opposite.

    Those who insist on being strangers in strange lands will have brief life expectancies.

    The smart will go home, back to their ancestral lands, even if they don’t speak the language.

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