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Dis-Invitation Attacks
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School of Education Headshots

Disinviting is an awkward word for a disagreeable act: inviting someone, and then once they have accepted, withdrawing the invitation. Naturally, this is more hurtful than not being invited at all. I have not been invited to many things, and ignorance is bliss. To have been invited, and gone through the process of preparing for the event, gathering material and adapting it to the requirements of the occasion, and then being told you are not wanted is a sharp rejection. Hopes have been raised only to be dashed later: the contrast is a cruel, high amplitude rebuff.

I had not previously heard of the International Association of Educational and Vocational Guidance, but I have written to them, asking them for their explanation about their actions. To assist those who don’t know Prof Gottfredson, including possibly some members of the International Association of Educational and Vocational Guidance, I add a link to: her letter to them, a letter of support from Russell Warne, an interview with her in 2007, from which, quite coincidentally, I had been quoting approvingly a few days ago, and another link to her CV. Have a quick glance at it and then see if you can thing of a better person to invite to address a vocational conference.

IAEVG Dis-Invites Keynote by Prof. Gottfredson

The Board of the International Association of Educational and Vocational Guidance (IAEVG) Rescinded Its Invitation to Professor Linda Gottfredson to give a keynote address at its 2018 conference in Gothenburg, Sweden, October 2-4.

Letters to the IAEVG Board protesting its decision
• Prof. Linda Gottfredson, October 1, 2018 (includes 4 letters to IAEVG defaming Dr. Gottfredson and requesting the Board disinvite her)

• Prof. Russell Warne, October 1, 2018

Judge Dr Gottfredson for yourself

• Profiles in Research
• Curriculum Vitae

• Category: Science 
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  1. I offer no other explanation then the Swedes have lost their collective minds. Somehow a fundamentalist militant feminist group took control of the government and since that everything have gone wrong. Try to research what they are teaching those poor innocent children in daycare and preschools. This is but a observation from next door so i suggest you use your brilliant intellect and dig a little. You might be surprised.
    Per Sigurd.

    • Replies: @James Thompson
  2. @Per/Norway

    Er, could be that all sorts of problems are besetting Sweden, but in this case my headline was wrong, and I put a correction into the comments: the Swedish organizer behaved impeccably, it was the leading body of the organization which behaved so badly.

    • Replies: @dearieme
  3. dearieme says:
    @James Thompson

    It’s an International Association. Who dominates the “leading body”? It’s not jam-packed with hysterical American women, is it? Or perhaps the sort of spineless males who run scared of hysterical American women?

  4. Gordo says:


    You can have an organisation of fine, honest and trusting people and the hard left deviants will creep into the leadership and like a brain virus alter its behaviour.

    Also they will loot, usually in the form of paying their friends for ‘consultancy’, ‘advice’ or such other fakery.

  5. MarkinLA says:

    I assume they discuss financial arrangements when they invite you. Do you include penalties for a disinvite? Do you still get compensation? Make them agree to a penalty of 5 times the cost of going if they decide to disinvite you.

  6. Dr. Gottfriedson is one of the most down to earth intelligence researchers alive. For most, IQ is an abstract concept. she puts it in down to earth terms. A person with an IQ of 70 can do almost nothing of financial value. Probably not even a reliable janitor. 85 – stevedore, adult care, warehouseman. 100 – the average – clerk, policeman, taxidriver, masseuse – most every day jobs. An IQ of 115 – teacher, paralegal, physical therapist, nurse and so on. IQ of 130 – doctor or lawyer. And above that – the sky’s the limit. Unfortunately, only 2.5% of the population fall above one hundred and thirty.

    Intelligence research is in disrepute. The equality mob hates it because not all groups are equal in average IQ. In fact, the differences among group averages are almost as pronounced as the differences among the professions named above.

    There is no research to contradict her findings. But the politically correct hate them. Which is why she is disinvited.

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