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The Flight from White
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Hispanics are rushing for the doors.

Video Link

This video is available on Rumble, BitChute, and Odysee.

Charles Murray — who may be the most careful, undeceived social scientist in America — recently posted this graph based on data taken from the Census Bureau’s American Community Survey.

He thought it was remarkable that suddenly in 2020, millions of Hispanics stopped identifying as white. He noted that this could be due partly to changes in the wording of survey questions, but it still looked like a stampede away from whiteness.

He wasn’t the only one who noticed. The Los Angeles Times asked, “Why did so few Latinos identify themselves as white in the 2020 census?” adding that between 2010 and 2020, the number of Hispanics who said they were white fell from 53 percent to 20 percent.

This is a big change from just a few years ago. In 2014, the New York Times ran the opposite headline: “More Hispanics Declaring Themselves White,” pointing out that between the 2000 and 2010 censuses, 2.7 million Hispanics ditched some other identity and called themselves white instead.

The article went on to say that “if Hispanics ultimately identify as white Americans, then whites will remain the majority for the foreseeable future.”

This idea isn’t new. Twelve years ago, a publication called Latino Decisions explained that “Latino Racial Identification Stabilizes Declining U.S. White Population.”

It noted that between 2000 and 2010, the white American population grew by 6.5 percent, and that Hispanics- who- said- they- were- white accounted for 74 percent of that growth. The author added that thanks to white-identifying Hispanics, we can look forward to “a renewed growth of the U.S. white population.”

How nice. If enough Mexicans and Salvadorans say they’re white, America will stay white forever.

The theory behind this is that the boundaries of whiteness shift all the time. The New York Times article I mentioned cheerly suggests that “Hispanics may assimilate as white Americans, like the Italians or Irish, who were not universally considered to be white.”

You see, the way it works is that white people cynically change racial definitions to suit themselves, and when they give others the chance to be white, they jump at it.

This 2014 article called “Why are Hispanics identifying as white?” has it figured out.

Eric Liu explains that “we go on unthinkingly treating whiteness as the ideal and social baseline of American life,” and that “Americans still too often think that white makes right.”

Furthermore, “Americans have always been deviously flexible about deciding who gets to be white. At first the Irish weren’t, then they were. Same with the Italians and Jews.

Whatever Mr. Liu may think, there is no Caucasian High Command that tells Hispanics, “OK, now you can be white.” They decide to say they’re white — or not — without the slightest regard to what we think or say.

And where does that link about the deviousness of whites lead? Straight to that mendacious, white-hating classic, How the Irish Became White, by Harvard instructor Noel Ignatiev.

Ignatiev, who mercifully left us four years ago, was the editor of Race Traitor, whose stated goal was to “abolish the white race.”

Harvard Magazine quoted him in 2002:

“Make no mistake about it: we intend to keep bashing the dead white males, and the live ones, and the females too, until the social construct known as ‘the white race’ is destroyed—not ‘deconstructed’ but destroyed.”

Back to his book. It doesn’t explain how the Irish became white because no one ever thought they weren’t. Does this Irish family look anything but white?

In the 19th century and earlier, the English thought the Irish, the Scots, and the Welsh were all savages; race had nothing to do with it. American WASPS didn’t like Irish immigrants either. Ignatiev argued that the Paddies “became” white only because they learned how to hate blacks.

WASPs were so pleased with this accomplishment that they made the Irish honorary white men. This book is rubbish, complete with a cover endorsement from Mumia Abu Jamal, who has been ducking a death sentence ever since he killed an Irish-American policeman in 1981.

Richard Coit, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Naturally, it’s long been a favorite textbook in whiteness studies.

So, back to why Hispanics are suddenly refusing to be white. The authors of that LA Times article think the reason could be “a xenophobic political climate that has made many Latinos aware that whiteness may not be easily within their reach.”

I guess they’re still just dying to be white, but the Caucasian High Command gave them the stink eye.

It never occurs to the authors — not one word about it — that the Biden Era has seen the most fever-pitched “diversity” push ever, from kindergarten to university to federal government to media and everything in between. But no, that’s no reason to be brown rather than white.

Here’s an only slightly less lunatic idea from the article: When George Floyd died in 2020 and blacks started rioting, Hispanics suddenly realized they are “people of color,” and have joined hands with blacks. “In major urban areas in the United States, the two populations now living in the closest proximity are Black and Latino, often finding common cause challenging how they get left behind and kept behind.”

“Left behind and kept behind.” Thanks to George Floyd, the scales fell from their eyes. They finally realized how awful we are and don’t want to be white anymore.

Black-and-brown unity is fantasy, of course, but Hispanics have surely tumbled to the fact that being brown makes you a cherished diversity asset, and that the race that is supposed to be lathered with privilege has become the national whipping boy.

Trying to make whites feel miserable about privilege is 100 percent mainstream. What’s the tamest, most wholesome, apolitical magazine you can think of? Maybe Good Housekeeping?

It still has articles like “How to Do Laundry: A Step-by-Step Guide on the Right Way to Sort, Wash and Dry” or “My Dream Home Turned Into a Toxic Mold Nightmare,” but Good Housekeeping is all-in with the campaign against white privilege.

The magazine’s 51 million readers have gotten the word: There’s no joy in being white.

Here’s the magazine’s senior editor: “What White Privilege Really Means — and How to Work on It.”

It’s about all the terrible advantages white people have, but “once you realize and understand that you have white privilege, you can start to use that privilege to benefit people of color.”

And, of course, you have to work at it until you die. “This is a journey. And there’s no finish line, only progress.”

This is my favorite article: “I Thought I Understood White Privilege. Then I Married a Black Man.”

Every day is humiliation for this woman. They were out driving and “I casually mentioned that our license plates were about to expire. He got so angry with me that I worried he would crash the car. ‘Do you realize that if a cop pulls us over for expired tags, I could be killed?’ he said. I had not realized.”

That isn’t white privilege. That is lurid black paranoia.

“Then, just this weekend, while driving the same stretch of highway, he mentioned that we were in the same borough where Eric Garner was murdered. I mean, I really had not realized.”

Eric Garner wasn’t murdered. And she’s supposed to be thinking about him six years later?

This poor woman has set up an Instagram account to write confessions about how “my own bias and internalized racism [have] hurt our partnership.” “It is embarrassing and shameful, and every time I post, I fear that this latest confession could be the one that will expose me as irredeemable — too privileged to be deserving of the man I love, too far gone to be a suitable mother to my black daughter.”

A woman picks up a magazine looking for makeup tips — and gets this stuff?

Now, I’m not claiming that millions of Hispanics get their politics from Good Housekeeping.

In fact, there is a Spanish-language version that doesn’t make being white look so awful after all.

But if white-bashing has the Good-Housekeeping stamp of approval, you know it’s everywhere.

Who on earth would want to be white if he had any other choice, with every institution giving you a leg-up for not being white, and people at Harvard trying to abolish the white race?

Some people abolish the white race, beginning with themselves. You remember Senator Elizabeth Warren and Rachel Dolezal — who now has an OnlyFans page, by the way.

But what about Jennifer Benton who — believe it or not — changed her name to Satchuel Paigelyn in honor of the black ball player.

C.V. Vitolo-Haddad had just been offered a tenure-track teaching job when it turned out she wasn’t black but Italian, and the Haddad part of her name was fake, too.

Professor Jessica Krug of George Washington University got caught because she couldn’t decide if she was Algerian or Caribbean.

Just last week, a “queer indigenous artist” who made up an unpronounceable Injun name for herself, turned out to be white.

Was the “queer” part phony, too? All these people — and plenty more — knew they’d be better off being anything — anything — but white.

White privilege? Hispanics want none of it. A la mierda eso, as they might very sensibly say.

(Republished from American Renaissance by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Anon[640] • Disclaimer says:

    Surprised you didn’t get any comments here as you surprisingly sorta belatedly named the jew . That was the big knock on you tee Heehee.

  2. ‘Do you realize that if a cop pulls us over for expired tags, I could be killed?’ he said. I had not realized.”

    People have been fed false narratives for half a century. The lies get more and more brazen. One lie leads to another.

    People really believe these fairy tales.

    I cannot fathom spending years attending classes that teach these false stories. Surrounded by Blacks who are brainwashed to attack white students as if they were devils.

    Total intolerance for lies, radical demand for honesty would a radical way out of this conundrum, check
    and, of course,
    sincerity dot net

    • Replies: @Backward
  3. I more than once wrote that in sharp contrast to the garbage currently taught everywhere, history “as it really happened” (Treitschke) is a long and enduring praise of European Whites. Another example from a corner one wouldn’t have surmised: a book presentation that

    undermine(s) popular narratives in America about pre-colonial Africa and the African colonial experience. For starters, the peoples inhabiting what would become Germany’s African colonies were far from innocent peoples living in harmony with each other and nature. Human sacrifice was common among at least one of the tribes of Cameroon. Slavery was common across both Namibia (southwest Africa) and what would become the colony of German East Africa (present-day Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, and part of Mozambique). — The Nama and Herero peoples, both of whom had migrated to Namibia only a generation before the Germans (and displaced other indigenous African tribes such as the Damara people in the process), were engaged in bloody, genocidal warfare. In 1850, the Nama massacred a fifth of the Herero population in a single day. The Herero raided native Damara and Saan villages, killing all but the young and strong, whom they exploited as slaves. Many escaped to the Germans. Writes Gilley: “Even if left to their own devices, the Herero and Nama would not have lived in idyllic bliss tending healthy herds of cattle and hosting multiethnic community barbecues.” (…) — Our anti-Western conceptions of colonial Africa are equally misinformed. In 1904, a policy in German East Africa decreed that all children born to slaves beginning in 1906 were free. Moreover, between 1891 and 1912, more than 50,000 slaves in the colony were freed by legal, social, and financial means. By 1920, slavery had virtually been eradicated from the region. — German East Africa was also environmentally conscious, codifying laws prohibiting unlicensed elephant hunting and creating the first game reserves. It promoted education by natives: By 1910, there were more than 4,000 students in state schools. “The Germans have accomplished marvels,” noted a 1924 British report on local education initiatives. The education system in German colonies provided instruction in local histories, cultures, and geographies, as well as technical subjects common in German curricula. Because of this, local language media prospered. “German transformed Swahili from a coastal language of Muslim elites to the lingua franca for the future country of Tanzania,” writes Gilley. — The Germans provided free and accessible medical care for many Africans. They engaged in extensive agricultural and infrastructure projects in Namibia, including roads, railways, water holes, and port facilities. A German scientist developed a vaccine that saved native cattle from a catastrophic illness. The Germans built a 1,250-kilometer railway linking Lake Tanganyika to Dar es Salaam, which to this day “remains the lifeblood of Tanzania’s economy and of Zambia’s trans-shipment traffic.” Economies previously based on slavery transitioned to coffee. , bold writing mine.

    • Replies: @Backward
  4. Mr. Grey says:

    Regarding the “Irish hating blacks”, funny how any group of working class people who have to live near blacks just end up hating them for no reason whatsover, just cuz they racist. Luckily there are more enlightened educated Progressives who never seem to live anywhere near black neighborhoods who nevertheless manage to love all black people.

  5. Pheasant says:

    Eric Liu has a Jewfro and a Jewish nose.

  6. Truth says:

    I didn’t catch it, he must have written it in invisible pixels.

    • Replies: @Anon
  7. Mac_ says:

    The article point on hispanics is indicative of several things, first, lazy non-identity, both hispanic and whites, and others who let schemers slap on identity onto them, in schemers claiming to be govt state claiming to let hispanics claim white to begin with to disguise the mass numbers swarming in, and ignorance of whites allowing both, schemers let claim white, and hispanics doing so. Should be clear I don’t care about race per se, but about separating those who make effort against destruction of earth in gratitude of life, from those who don’t bother. Identity is part of being solid, whether as race, or as cavemen, point is to have own identity, stop cowing to schemers. The choice of people to dumb themselves to only false limit choices of what schemers put in front of us as labels is weak.

    A second attached point is feminized perpaganda, picket fence sub-urb distraction focus, to some degree in initial example of ‘good housekeeping’ magazine, and also sub schemes apparent. Steered focus on ‘keeping’ a tidy house, instead of training spawn to be warriors, has been scheme of the cons, beside false ‘skools’, bogus media including magazines, poison distraction tv, electronics, fones etc. The ideal of joy including in children, is something that should be an aim, however not the first in life, which should be focus on training as fighters, with possible joy here and there as reward, not as first or main focus. Its the juvenile failure to recognize this, the abject refusal to see and do this, is what led to situations now. On sub schemes, look again at the magazine. Just noting because of recognizing scheme of filth and against children can pick things out quickly. Child at end of sled, and drawing of head of other child in front. Is obvious where they want focus. Also using color red etc. They use combination of distraction, and incremental sub schemes.

    The choice of the selfish to ignore everything a thousand years has consequence. Other examples, filth as ‘speech’, and bogus ‘moral majority’ nonsense as schemers pretended to ‘rate’ movies’ or the web -so cons could put filth everywhere, went by without any actual fight, because the ignorant sit back including falsely labeled right’ let state schemers do what they want as long as use phony smiles or wear bogus robes or bizness suits or dresses. Saying the obvious, people who want any future must ditch the mental frauds, and make effort, ourselves. Appreciate the significant work on the article Jared, as with your others.

    • Agree: Dream
    • Replies: @anon
  8. anon[157] • Disclaimer says:

    The facts of how people react to messaging, or in choosing to subject themselves to messaging, are an interesting catch. The year noted also.

    On one hand the negative messaging against whites had been going on some years, though the covid situation where many chose to be under or follow orders, restricting what they were doing, probably increased consuming the messaging. To see effect of people changing, sort of resembles lab rats. Would guess that’s probably how the zionists pushing anti-social agendas see people.

    Last, the word xenophobic, who made that word. It didn’t exist twenty or so years ago. Hmm.

    • Replies: @Che Guava
  9. Anon[347] • Disclaimer says:

    Its subtle, you didn’t expect him to say kanye will be president in ’24 like the rest of the jq writers here hahaha hha hahahaha

    • LOL: Truth
  10. anon[168] • Disclaimer says:

    Maybe the Hispanics don’t want to self-identify as white because they are tired of subsidizing people like Jared Taylor’s self-righteousness and entitled whining?

    • Replies: @Wokechoke
    , @Rahan
    , @Servenet
  11. Malla says:

    This is what you get when you naively allow racial enemies who hate you inside your lands without any checks and expect them to become good Americans or British or what have you. This is what you get for stupid tolerance and diversity. This is what you get for ignoring race. All this is a result of White childishness and stupidity. Of putting morality over survival. This Universe is not Christian, never was, never will be. Christian morality is useful (can be very useful) only when applied among law abiding populations of the same type.

  12. The Los Angeles Times asked, “Why did so few Latinos identify themselves as white in the 2020 census?” adding that between 2010 and 2020, the number of Hispanics who said they were white fell from 53 percent to 20 percent.

    Yep, that sweet, sweet white privilege seems to have lost its allure. Go figure! It’s almost as though being white in the ex-USA is pretty sucky overall. “Revealed preference” just keeps contradicting what we’re taught, everywhere you look.

    Not to worry: by hook or by crook we’ll soon have the white population of America down to the single digits. Enslaved and/or exterminated! Then (to paraphrase the great philosopher Sasha Baron Cohen) we all have big party!

    Good essay from Mr Taylor.

    • Agree: Old and Grumpy
    • Replies: @boynkin
  13. Wokechoke says:

    No. extra college places and benefits if you identify as non white on the application forms.

    It’s at least one of the reasons I have some hope about the demographics in the US. Many of the non white Spanish speakers might as well be white by many metrics like genetics and working culture. Nominal white population appears to be cratering but little has changed with the Spanish just switching away from calling themselves “Weelo”.

  14. Like I’ve been sayin’…

    Race-ism is awesome. All good things are race-ist.

  15. Dream says:

    There was a video where very brown Hispanic immigrants in USA were asked about their race, and they replied that they were white because they were not black. To the average Latin American white means “light skinned”.

    In USA, the average Hispanic is slightly shorter than the average Asian(169.5 cm vs 169.7 cm).

    • Replies: @Americano
  16. Backward says:
    @René Fries

    The problem with the European colonisation of Africa is that it created the conditions for the local population to explode by providing medicine, education, safety, etc. The idiocy of colonisation thus consists in the opposite of what progressives think: that is, in having helped masses of otherwise in-fighting and harmless savages become a danger for Europeans. We truly reap what our naivety sow.

  17. Greater Los Angeles Area. California. USA.
    Criminal Behavior as a Function of Ethnicity.

  18. @Mr. Grey

    Luckily there are more enlightened educated Progressives who never seem to live anywhere near black neighborhoods who nevertheless manage to love all black people

    In Germany there are not so many Blacks, but an “Anfrage” in the NRW Landtag (as to the misdemeanors committed within eleven months at Cologne Central Station alone between January 1 and November 30, 2021) yielded a reply whose perusal begins to look very interesting from page 13 onward, where the First names (and NOT the nationality mentioned on the passport) are shown. Here page 1:


    Aaron 1
    Abbas Jasim Mohammed 1
    Abbou 1
    Abd Lmalak 1
    Abdakedh 1
    Abdalhalim 1
    Abdel Elrahim 1
    Abdel Illah 1
    Abdel-Rahman 1
    Abdelali 1
    Abdelhakim 1
    Abdelilah 1
    Abdelkader 2
    Abdelkarim 1
    Abdellah 3
    Abdellatif 1
    Abdelmadjid 1
    Abdenour 1
    Abdirisak 1
    Abdisaban 1
    Abdisalim 1
    Abdkadre 1
    Abdolali 1
    Abdoulaye 3
    Abdoulaye Ka 1
    Abdouramane 1
    Abdrahim 1
    Abdul 1
    Abdul Hamid 1
    Abdul Karim 1
    Abdul Parwez 1
    Abdul Quadir 1
    Abdul Rahman 2
    Abdulahi 1
    Abdulai 1
    Abdulghani 1
    Abdulhamed 1
    Abdulkader 1
    Abdulkafi 1
    Abdullah 9
    Abdullah Adnan 1
    Abdulqader 1
    Abdulrahman 1
    Abdulsatar 1
    Abisen 1
    Abraham Alexander 1
    Abukar 1
    Achmed 1

    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
  19. Backward says:

    Unfortunately honesty has never worked, which is why people, particularly people in high places, have always lied. The only choice is to lie for good purposes or bad ones. Truth is often too subtle and too harsh for the impressionable masses, who lack both the brains and the courage to see it and to face it. Which is why any effort to wake the masses up has always resulted in the masses being manipulated by someone. In other words, the assumption that the masses can understand the truth is a lie.

  20. @Malla

    You got close to the reason for all the grief. All the problems are the result of the Fed Gov’s policies to try to force compliance to a homogenization program that they dreamt up. The US is a melting pot that can’t be homogenized and thus the various problems keep popping up as every new rule manufactured out of nothing causes a new issue.

    The civil rights abomination kicked off a program that has benefitted no one but the controllers since it created problems that didn’t exist before and offers them the opportunity to fine tune the mistake with further mistakes over decades.

    Look at almost any Fed Gov policy and it either shouldn’t exist or does more harm than good. Name any Fed Gov initiative supposedly beneficial and I’ll supply the on the ground actual harm it creates. It’s the existence of the all powerful Fed Gov that is the people’s problem.

    • Replies: @Realist
  21. Goddard says:

    Christian morality is useful (can be very useful) only when applied among law abiding populations of the same type.

    Christian morality served (or was not antithetical to) the cause of the white race when whites lived in homogeneous polities at home and were colonizers and conquerers abroad. At home, “We are one in Christ” and “There is no Jew or Greek” mirrored the racial reality. Abroad, universalism occurred under white supremacy; “no Jew or Greek” meant that whites would regard the peoples they controlled as human beings, indeed not just as human beings but human beings with a certain degree of equality with whites. But whites ultimately were on top, culturally, aesthetically, legally, and numerically.

    In a world in which whites are far outnumbered by Browns and Blacks, Christian universalism is antithetical to the cause of the white race. The current environment calls not for universalism but for tribalism, not for individualism but for solidarity, not for an open hand but for a closed fist.

  22. Wafer says:

    The US census has two white categories. A broader ‘white’ classification, and a narrower ‘non Hispanic white one’

    Every legacy media report on the issue fails to discriminate between the two, just saying the fall in the white population is a stastical abstraction. Nothing to worry about. I don’t care for the former, broader category, or whether Hispanics (for the most part, some form of Mestizo) identify as white. For sure, far fewer do. 204 million ‘whites’ in 2020 Vs 224 million in 2010. 15 million give or take of those due to personal identification.

    ‘white’ Hispanics weren’t identifying as NH white in 2020 nor were they in 2010. That category fell 5 Million from 196 to 191 million. That’s the real disaster here. Actual NH whites are dying off at rapid pace. Same in Canada. 75000 lost between 2011 and 2016, 230000 between 2016 to 2021.

    In UK 700,000 white Brits lost between 2011 to 2021, compared to 350,000 2001 to 2011. White population in England only growing due to EU8 migration, now cut off.

  23. The great brother


    Video Link

    • Replies: @Reverend Goody
  24. Che Guava says:

    It’s certainly older than you say, a good eight- or sixteen-bit Japanese video game had the title Xenophobe long before twenty years ago.

    The idea was to shoot the ‘xenos’.

  25. Cking says:

    I remember the day, when Whites who were over 80% of the population, everyone and their mother, those who obviously were concerned about their place and your place, in our society, could trace their family lineage to some forgotten member of British Royalty, no matter the strata. It wasn’t long ago that someone, some magazine published, the ‘fact’ that General Colin Powell was related to the Queen however distantly. So in our upside down world, so engineered by our ‘superiors’, and not the people of color, after we get over the shock, we shouldn’t be surprised by the characters in this endeavor and their claims. This too shall pass. America always comes to its senses.

    The movie, the Big Short, demands review, our economy, I fear, is about to go through another big correction and the ‘race war’ and everything Woke, is being managed like a PsyOp, a giant distraction, covering up the criminal operations of our Fed supported ‘investment’ segment, essentially it’s still a casino, never reformed even after the 2008 Financial Meltdown, the bailouts never stopped. We’re not a Woke country but we are being screwed, the Rape of America has not been recognized or reported.

  26. Rooster16 says:
    @Mr. Grey

    Just like the Austrian Painter who one day, woke up, and for no reason at all started hating the yoos.

  27. Franz says:

    Solution? Total war between USA vs Mexico NOW.

    Nine tenths of the Mexicans up here in El Norte will be alien-belligerent for sure. We’ll know who’s who and what’s what. Clear the air once and for all.

    Mexico uses the US as a spare country and a benefits mine. A war would close off both. And as an added bonus, all white open borders twits can be hanged as traitors.

    As Ronald Reagan said, there are simple solutions. They just aren’t EASY solutions.

  28. Trinity says:

    (((Noel Ignatiev))) needs a cold cup of water right about now, I’d offer my piss but the (((freak))) is probably into golden showers. The Irish are about as White as it gets for the most part. Take an Irishman to the beach and he is immediately identified as a UFO aka Unidentified Frying Object. Northern Italians are sometimes blonde, blue eyed as well. That mobbed up overrated white traitor trash Frank Sinatra was nicknamed “ole blue eyes.” Of course once I worked with a pretty dark skinned nigra named, Chester, ( no shit, the nigra was named Chester.) Dude’s nigra wife hit the Florida Lotto long ago for a couple or “tree”, maybe more millions. Haha. Those nigras probably blew it in two to tree years, yo.

    Jared “I Don’t See Jews” Taylor, Hispanics are mixed, IF they were White, they would be Spaniards.

    NEWS FLASH for Whitey
    Mixed races of all stripes are not your friends, and that includes opportunistic Hispanics. Of course Hispanics will still be considered “white” when arrested for a crime.

    Oriental are not your friends. Turks are not your friends. East Indians are not your friends. Arabs and Persians are not your friends.

    And last but not least, the FAKE CONservative nigra is not your friend and THE JEW is the biggest ENEMY that Whitey has, far more dangerous than even the mutts and darkies.

    • Replies: @Trinity
    , @Anon
  29. Trinity says:

    Oops, meant to type that the nigra, Chester, despite being pretty dark had blue eyes.

  30. “Do you not realize by now that I am a Black male with zero impulse control and that if a cop pulls us over for driving with expired license tags that I will assault the cop and get kilt?”

  31. A while back I tried to date a liberal California woman….half Romanian and half Brazilian.
    Gorgeous woman……however…..she was anti-white to the core of her being. I kept telling her that her DNA was white, and she kept objecting hysterically, “I AM NOT WHITE!!!!”
    She certainly looked white. Pale white skin. Dark brown hair. She looked Italian or French.
    But there was no way that she wanted to identify with the white race after a lifetime of jew propaganda.

    I even told her the hilarious story of Eva Longoria, the white hating bitch that had her DNA test exposed live, where she discovered that her DNA was 70% white, after years of spewing venom on innocent white people.

    The jew media is still insanely powerful, despite the fact that they do nothing but lie 24/7.

    If they can convince people that it’s normal for young athletes to just drop dead, they can easily convince people that whites are evil. Control of the media means direct control of the thought process of millions of people.

    Whites live in a state of moral confusion caused by jewish propaganda. Organized jewry teaches whites that the highest morality is to hate themselves.

    So, as long as jews own and run the media we will continue to lose this fight.

    • Agree: Irish Savant
    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
  32. Xenophobe was an arcade game by Bally-Midway, ported to your japanese game system.

  33. Anon[104] • Disclaimer says:

    Is white right ? To answer that question we should head to any major US airport and observe . You will find a preponderance of Asians, Dindoos and other assorted darkies. If their own societies are superior that what in God’s name are they doing here ? Walk down any street in Manhattan and listen to the tune of hundreds of different languages.

    Next, we jump on a flight headed to China, India or Africa. Casually, we note that there are few whites on board ! When we arrive at our destination we note that at the airport and on the streets there are also few whites. How many languages will we hear in any of those places ? If they are the superior culture how come few people want to go there.

    The Bantus fleeing Africa, the half breed Latinos swimming the Rio Grande are not headed to India or China. These two countries have nothing offer them, dont need them, dont want them. Their own citizens who can get out are leaving by the droves. Blacks, for all their big mouths do not want to live in Africa, Afro Americans for all their hot air and bombast are not sailing east on inner tubes to Wakanda. Even in the US, the black man who can accumulate a few dollars flee the Ghetto. Just ask the BLM leadership where they live.

    They all hang white because White is where the economic prosperity lies. That said, as these shit eaters become more and more numerous, they recreate the environments they fled. That is, they are only happy when they live in filth and disorder.

    Locusts only flock to fertile fields, however once they establish themselves, those productive areas are laid waste. The plague of insects then move on. That is what we have in the West.

    • Replies: @littlereddot
  34. @René Fries

    And how many Mohammeds/Muhammeds/ whatever spelling variations committed crimes in that period? Must be a big spike.

    • Replies: @René Fries
  35. Stan says:

    Jews have created incentives for ethnicities and races that used to identify with whites or sympathize with whites to identify as non white or anti-white. Jews have been waging wars against whites in the for over a century. Jared’s act is to whine and complain, the response of the pathetic weakling.

  36. I hesitate to mention it, but both of the women writing for Good Housekeeping have Jewish names: Schumer and Roth…

    Fellow whites and all that… it really would be good if more jews had a better understanding of how this looks to other people.

    • Agree: Pop Warner
  37. @Robert Dolan

    The problem was that she was from California. The same mix from Brazil, or even Romania, may not have responded that way. But if you translated her from Brazil or Romania to US, after a few years …

    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
  38. boynkin says:

    This one’s easy, at least here in southern Cal. All laws and hiring practices, gibs and whatnot, are written as to discriminate against whites while favoring latinos. One thing should be noted, if a latino is from somewhere other than Mexico, they’ll be sure to tell you. They don’t care for Mexicans either.

  39. Anon[550] • Disclaimer says:

    Noel has been dead for years now , as mentioned in the article that you are commenting on but apparently didn’t read ………

    • Replies: @Trinity
  40. boynkin says:

    The stories I could tell you from southern Cal. Being denied medical programs because my rep was mexican. Being denied housing/mortgage programs because my rep. was the same. Applying for gov’t contracts only to find gov’t are specifically (it’s in writing and easy to check) women and minorities (here, that means mexican). Being denied service (literally dozens and dozens of times) at businesses owned and run by mexicans. Another tip, avoid eating at all restaurants with mexican cooks. The rest of the U.S. has no idea what they’re in for.

  41. Realist says:

    Out of buttons, but I strongly agree. Thanks.

  42. Trinity says:

    You can claim you are any race or ethnicity in ((( progressive JewSA. ))) IF you are white traitor trash like Ward Churchill or Lizzie Warren, just claim to be Injun. Rachel Dolezal? Claimed to be a nigra. You can be a freckled ginger haired champion boxer and embrace your Mexican heritage. hehe.

    Hell, probably 85% of the pale skins claiming to be Jews are Khazars or mutts. These glorified gypsies look about as Middle Eastern as the European Jesus.

  43. Pablo says:

    Henry Ford said it: “Wherever you find the Forces promoting conflict within a Society. Wherever you find the Forces that destroys a Society. Wherever you find the forces that promote Hatred between the Races. There you will find the Jew, hard at work.” You won’t find this quote in the Jewish owned Mainstream Media.

  44. @Malla

    Of putting morality over survival.

    Anglo morality is survival until the blowback. They have to sleep in beds they made. It was the illusion of being morally superior that the Anglos were able to justify colonialism, bombing countries and killing hundreds of thousands in the name of “freedom” and dictating how others should behave.

    Whatever moral goodwill chips that were earned during the industrial revolution were cashed long time ago and now they are printing more moral chips out of thin air, in today’s world, are worth nothing.

    • Replies: @Robert Dolan
    , @Malla
  45. @Backward

    And with that came modern structures of government and administration, which most Africans have proven themselves wholly incapable of maintaining. It would have been better had Africans remained primitive to develop on their own time, rather than be thrust into modernity and set up to fail running systems they don’t understand.

    It’s also worth pointing out that the rationalization for European colonization came from the bleeding hearts of the 19th century. It was sold as helping the poor souls who live in mud huts and don’t know the name of Jesus Christ. Even back then, there was a pathological altruism where Europeans thought they could uplift Africans to their standards, and stepping in to end slavery or cannibalism was seen as a moral virtue just like the myriad of charities today who are helping Africans maintain their unsustainable population growth. And if we did leave Africans to their own devices after decolonization, those same bleeding hearts would cry and moan about how regressed African living standards are Whiteys fault (despite it being their natural state) and we must jump in to help them work water pumps and plant crops.

    • Agree: AceDeuce
  46. @Anon

    Walk down any street in Manhattan and listen to the tune of hundreds of different languages…….. How many languages will we hear in any of those places ? If they are the superior culture how come few people want to go there.

    Using your own criteria, Dubai, Bangkok, Bali, Singapore, Luanda, Capetown, Kuala Lumpur, Hongkong, Maldives, etc …… are all a very superior places.

    Myriad different languages spoken, and infested with whites trying to get a piece of the good life there.

    From what you have written, clearly you do not travel very much.

    • Replies: @Anon
  47. Rahan says:

    Maybe the Hispanics don’t want to self-identify as white because they are tired of subsidizing people like Jared Taylor’s self-righteousness and entitled whining?

    Subsidize Jared Taylor how? And how does the subsidizing stop if you start identifying in a different manner in a census?

    Ah, where would we be without the good old double-digit IQ pumped up by hysteria trying to use words in a manner vaguely imitative of what has been glimpsed in the media.

    • Agree: RadicalCenter
  48. rgl says:

    If you consider demographics on a planetary scale, whites make for a fairly small percentage of the whole. That there are far and away more people of colour on this rock than whites, you’d think that the trajectory of all this would be self-evident. An excellent example of this is Israel. Were Israel to act like a normal country it would soon disappear under the weight of the Palestinian – whose land was stolen from them in the first place. Likewise, the US demographic is drastically changing from being a white construct in the main to a more pluralistic demographic. I’ll leave the stolen land in the US for another rant.

    The US will be forced to make a choice in the not-to-distant future; that is to accept that times are ‘a changing’ and adapt to those changes, or to follow the Israeli model and move the US to an apartheid system. Good luck with that.

    It should be noted that a lot of america’s problems are self inflicted. Massive forced ‘invitation’ of Blacks into the fold; allowing the absolute stupidization of the electorate resulting in presidents who ordinarily wouldn’t be trusted to walk a dog; to allowing the primacy of the business class. America’s problems are legion, and they simply aren’t equipped to deal with them.

    • Agree: RadicalCenter, werpor
  49. @Malla

    This is what you get when you naively allow racial enemies who hate you inside your lands without any checks and expect them to become good Americans or British or what have you.

    Hear! Hear! Listen to the wisdom of Rishi Sunak’s successor and co-ethnic!

    • Replies: @Malla
  50. Ethnogeography I have Learned From Reading Unz Review Comments

    Should Africans stay in Africa?: YES!
    Should Black Americans go back to Africa?: YES!
    Should Chinkies go back to China?: YES!
    Should Hindoos go back to India?: YES!
    Should Juice go back to Israel?: YES!

    Should White North Americans go back to Europe?: Huh?
    Should White Ozzies go back to Europe?: Huh?
    Should White South Africans go back to Europe?: Huh?
    Should White South Americans go back to Europe?: Huh?

    • Replies: @Malla
  51. Malla says:

    It is not Rishi Sunak one must admire but Suella Braverman. For having the courage and clarity of mind for being honest and speaking the truth.
    I’m proud of the British Empire, Suella Braverman proclaims
    It was the British Empire that brought infrastructure, the legal system, the civil service, the military to countries like Mauritius and Kenya.
    Braverman has described herself as a “child of the British Empire”. Her parents, who were from Mauritius and Kenya, came to the UK “with an admiration and gratitude for what Britain did for Mauritius and Kenya, and India”
    Braverman has described herself as a “child of the British Empire”. Her parents, who were from Mauritius and Kenya, came to the UK “with an admiration and gratitude for what Britain did for Mauritius and Kenya, and India”.
    She believes that on the whole, “the British Empire was a force for good”.
    When she was Attorney General, she said that while the Left is “ashamed” and “fearful” of Britain’s history when in fact it should celebrate “the ingenuity and the genius of the British people.”
    The British Empire was something that people should celebrate and her parents – who are from Mauritius and Kenya – had nothing but good to say about their “mother country”.
    In an interview for Chopper’s Politics podcast, Braverman: “I am proud of the British Empire. I am informed by the experience of my parents.”

    MALLA: I suspect she is of lower caste ancestry, I think she is Christian but has become a Buddhist now. Lower caste Hindus, have a lot tho thank the benevolent British Empire who liberated them from millennia of brutal and inhuman discrimination.

    Also she is anti-immigration, rightfully says migrants are abusing the generosity of the British people.

    She is against more legal immigration from India as well.

    • Thanks: Irish Savant
    • LOL: littlereddot
    • Replies: @RJ Macready
  52. @Anon

    It is so sad to see how our country is being differentiated into factions based on race and sex.
    This is the same plan used to destroy the US as it was to destroy Tzarist Russia. The plans depends on turning social friction into a ragging fire. It is non other than the same Tribe behind both.
    Did you know that the Blacks and the Irish built alliances until the Powers, turned the Irish into Policeman to beat on the Black’s.
    The goal of all this stupid racism is a civil war and a fragmentation of the US.
    When will we grow up as a nation?

    • Thanks: Gore 2004
    • Replies: @folkvangr
  53. @Commentator Mike

    “transplanted” not “translated”.

  54. @Brian Damage

    Anglos have done more good in the world than any other group, by FAR.

    Nearly every invention was made by an Anglo. Nearly every scientific discovery was made by an Anglo.
    Every medical advance was made by an Anglo. And Christianity served well every country that embraced it.

    As far as bombing other countries… can thank the jews for that. Left up to the Anglo voters, none of those jew wars would ever have happened. Ron Paul says that if not for the jew FED being able to print money at will, there would be no wars…..if people had to vote for higher taxes to pay for wars, wars would never happen.

    And once again I have to ask you the obvious question, “If whites are so bad then why does everybody want to come to America?” The answer is that non-whites are selfish grifters, out to grab any freebie they can get their grimy hands on.

    • LOL: RadicalCenter
    • Replies: @RJ Macready
    , @Brian Damage
  55. Malla says:

    Did Native Americans, Khoi San, Aboriginal Australians, Maoris militarily resist Europeans?
    Ans: Yes.
    But do White people have the right to physically resist against immigrants?
    littlereddot and other White hating types: Huh?

    • Thanks: RadicalCenter
  56. Malla says:
    @Brian Damage

    Exactly the opposite, Anglo morality is shooting oneself in foot for moral superiority. As far as trying to teach others to behave, that was a waste of time, it did not work which again proves racial difference being real. White Man’s burden worked on only some 0.001% of non Whites.
    White medicine has seen millions of non whites survive without which they would not have, Billions of non Whites are alive today only because of medical breakthroughs by Whites. it was White technology which has led to huge amount of food being grown. Again millions of non whites are only alive today because of the ingenuity of the White race.White technology has led to the improvement in standard s of living of billions of non Whites. All this only tip of iceberg.
    In return non whites have given only hatred and desire for genocide to Whitey. It is non Whites who have negative karma. Humans are predominantly ungrateful and roads to hell are often paved with good intentions.

    • Replies: @Brian Damage
  57. SafeNow says:

    As Hispanics integrate into society, they realize that identifying as white entails conscientiousness, proficiency, and politeness. They very often reject this, preferring to identify with, and practice, a Hispanic culture of good-enough and no-smiles-accepted. I live in Southern California (stuck here), and so have had numerous observations.

  58. Looking at Ignatiev reminds me that so many Jews have a demonic look about them.

    By the way this guy literally died from being full of shit, a bowel obstruction sending him off to meet his Luciferian Master. He was also parachuted into the top academic echelons of Harvard without having even a Primary Degree!

    • Agree: Trinity
  59. folkvangr says:
    @One Nobody

    When will we grow up as a nation?

    I could easily provide you with GPS coordinates as a starting point and specific time span where you might find the answer to your question, but I am not sure I’ll get much support on this site for that lol.

  60. Sarita says:

    “They say there are about 12 million illegal immigrants in this country. But if you ask a Native American, that number is more like 300 million.”
    — David Letterman —

    • Replies: @Goonter
  61. Trinity says:

    Ahem, Noel is in a place that is very hawt and he probably needs a fan to go with his ice water.

  62. Anonymous[371] • Disclaimer says:

    Hispanics are Hispanic supremacists. They don’t care about the racial identity classifications [ though they know which side the bread is buttered and if its buttered identifying as white they’ll do that but when the winds shift and its in their interests to identify as non- white they’ll do that too, but are keen on wanting to turn the US into a Latino country. Which is exactly what is happening with people like Taylor on the right and Biden /Dems on the left fawning all over them. Every cook book or magazine now favors Latino foods and everyone is learning Spanish. No more; this is America,we speak English here as other immigrants were told. Hispanics even get double billing on all forms; are you Hispanic or are you “non -Hispanic” white, as if Hispanic is the default human. Which is part of their la Raza supremacist racist agenda for the US. That African- Americans activists don’t see this is tragic for them.

    And the false narrative about Irish not being considered white is pure lying revisionist history. The paradigm was wasp supremacism; and wasps may have hated Irish and Italians and all immigrants but the issue was not that they were not white! But that they were inferior for not being Anglo Saxon protestant English. And the Irish had it easier than other immigrants for they spoke English, had English names, looked English and most immigrants can’t tell a wasp from an Irish even today!

  63. @Malla

    Whites of those days would have resisted too and did: the invasions of the Ottomans, the Arabs, the Huns, the Mongols. These are now not the same whites so what’s the point of asking such questions? The invaders are well beyond the gates of Vienna and are all the way up in Malmö, Stockholm, Gothenburg. Whites will probably soon be asking themselves how best to integrate into the changing society where the invaders take over, and even that won’t be easy for them.

    • Replies: @littlereddot
  64. Sarita says:

    -Queen of Cuba-

    “Ana Montes, described as “one of the most damaging spies” in US history, has been released from federal prison in Texas. The double agent for Cuba was freed on Friday after more than 20 years in custody, data on the Federal Bureau of Prisons website shows.”

    Commenting on the release of Montes, Republican hardliner Senator Marco Rubio (a real dick and a jerk, racist bastard, race traitor and ass kisser) said:

    “Montes betrayed our nation, but not for money. In fact, she never received payment for any of her actions – astonishingly, she was motivated purely by hatred for America,” Rubio said.

    (Astonishingly he says, of course, everything is money for ya)

  65. Whites are the most discriminated against group in the United States and White males are the most discriminated against subset within that group, why would someone who is on the edge (could be classified either way) want to identify with the group in which there are only disadvantages?

  66. Americano says:


    There is a video where very White Hispanic immigrants (sofia vergara, jorge ramos, guillermo del toro, etc.) in USA were asked about their race and they replied that they were brown. To the average Latin American “White” means “light blue eyes, light blond hair, and very, very, very pale skin.”

    In fact, your definition of “white” corresponds more closely to the practice in the USA. Everyone from Sam Bankman-Fried to Billy Joel to Martin Scorsese are considered or classified as “white” in the USA. By contrast, Nick Fuentes and Guillermo Del Toro are classified as non-white by the us gov’t.

    NS: Sam Bankman-Fried, Billy Joel and Martin Scorsese would not be considered white anywhere in Spanish America (or any barrio in the USA).

  67. anon[239] • Disclaimer says:

    I wish Jared Taylor could be more scientific and genius-like in his discoveries, similar to Dr. Michael Anthony Woodley of Menie.

    Mestizos, Mulattoes, and American Indians today are all Individually Selected Genetic Sociopaths, so they don’t sincerely identify as being part of any collective ethnic group, but simply use their relatively low IQs to see which ethnic identity receives the most social benefits, and then pretend to belong to that race. Today, identifying as European is highly detrimental, which is why Mestizos, Mulattoes, and American Indians would rather identify as their actual race which has minority-protection status.

    Today, even the Ashkenazim no longer identify as European, but makes a point to let the world know that they are actually a separate Semitic race. Many politically savvy Europeans may do the same thing – Europeans with darker eyes, hair, and skin may choose to change their names to Spanish ones and identify as Mestizo. Or darker Europeans in Europe may choose to pretend to convert to Islam and change their names to Arabic ones.

    Each man or Nuclear Family Unit for himself/itself. All Gentiles (except the Amish) are now Individually Selected Genetic Sociopaths, the result of years of dysgenics and mutational load. No Gentile (except the Amish) sincerely identify as being part of a larger ethnic family that care for each other, but rather just choose to insincerely identify with the group that receives the most social benefits.


  68. I wouldn’t be too worried about this.

    The best way to get rid of psychos, morons & cowards.

  69. P.T. says:

    How come the black women on the covers of so many fashion magazines have culturally-appropriated straight hair?

    • LOL: Trinity
    • Replies: @Anon
  70. @anon

    Skin color won’t have anything to do with it in Europe. Much of the visibly white native majority will convert or pretend to convert.

  71. Goonter says:

    Interesting to quite Letterman (Ledermann), a crypto Jew.

    • Replies: @Sarita
  72. Anon[150] • Disclaimer says:

    I dont know how you jumped from Manhattan to Dubai etc. It must be that some of the distorted genes from your Grand Parents drug addiction got passed down to you. Read my comment again you dunderhead !! The gist is that ALL other nations wish to come to the West, legally or not, because Whites are a superior race. On the other side of the coin, Whites do not flood to other countries to the same degree. However since you made the dubious “criteria leap lets look at some of the places you mentioned.

    >Dubai has 300 different languages. The majority are non-white, slaves working for rich Arabs. Few whites there
    >Bankok has 70 Ethnic groups of which 24 are linguistically related. Few Whites
    >Bali, Singapore, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur more or less the same. Also few whites. Kuala Lumpur for example consists of 45.9% Chinese: 43.2% Indians: 10.3% Other: 1.6%. The 4 main groups in Singapore are Chinese, Malay and Indian. Few whites !
    >By the way, I lived in South Africa commuting from Paarl to CapeTown everyday in chauffeur driven BMW. Mostly Niggers ! Xhosa with a sprinkling of Zulus and Venda tribesmen. Some Malay and Indians. Few whites. Most have left. The few whites who remain run things ! Without them South Africa would be a bigger mess. As they die out and the white youth leave, the country will be the Southern Congo.

    Now to the USA. 60% of the population is white including Hispanics who ARE white as compared to the Meztizos and Black Hispanics. Over 400 DIFFERENT languages are spoken here ! In the US alone, the Chinese population is 3.8 M, East Indians 4.8M. About 48,000 Indians live in China. Around 100,000 Americans live in China.

    Sadly, you dont seem to know what you are talking about. I dont know what my travelling has to do about this. Since you bring it up I was a senior executive in an international German auto firm with major interests in the Chinese and Indian car market. I spent 3 months in Hong Kong staying at the Peninsula Hong Kong and 6 months in Guangzhou at the Jumeirah. In Paarl South Africa I owned my own house on Lemoenkloof, one of the best areas in the entire Cape Wine District.

    Those are some of my international digs. What about you Bro ? What is your ethnic background and what did you do for a living ? Dishwasher ? Food delivery Boy Friday ? Worked in Dubai as a slave for a Sand Nigra ?

    Conclusion : Whites are a superior race. Dont take my word for it. You people vote for a better life with your feet as do all the other parasites and cockroaches scuttling to Cracker Country. Even Mumbo Jumbo Brain fled China to live in Australia, Chinese population 1.5 M. Australians living in China ? 55,000 LMAO.

    Your apples and oranges distorted comparison demonstrates a sad lack of education. Read my comment again. Get someone to translate into whatever miserable dialect you speak !

    You are confused, misinformed and a self deluded idiot. You dont belong on UR !

    • LOL: Zane, Brian Damage
  73. Servenet says:

    First, your grammar is third grade tier. Self-righteousness is not a person. Second, how dumb does someone have to be to suggest that Hispanics would identify as White if it weren´t for Jared Taylor and his ¨whining¨? Fact based articles which browns interpret as whining really gets to those scores of millions, does it? Really dumb all around guy. Do yourself a favor and don´t comment at all on sites like this. Go to brown-world…for that.

  74. Sarita says:

    I don’t think that someone who leaves his last name as is (Letterman) is a crypto.
    If he was a crypto he would change it from Letterman to say, Smith. Then he would be crypto because people would think he is anglo. That’s what crypto means: hiding or disguised.
    That said, I looked it up and you’re wrong:
    “Letterman is a Presbyterian, a religious tradition he was originally brought up in by his mother. though he once said he was motivated by “Lutheran, Midwestern guilt”.

    I think his last name is German.

    But it doesn’t really matter if he was actually a Jew.
    What does that have to do with his quote?.
    His quote is very true.
    He’s very talented and i laughed a lot watching his show.
    What do you do aside from riding horses in the middle of the night and burning crosses in front of negro churches ?

    • Replies: @anonymous
  75. @anon

    Ashkenazi Jews genetically are both white European (roughly 40%, typically, mostly Italian) and Semitic aka “middle eastern” like Arabs and Sephardic Jews (50-60%).

    Jon Entine had a useful column on the website genetic literacy project about this in about 2015, but there are others to the same general effect.

  76. I am an European guy living in Central America and married to a local woman. Here being white or fair skinned is still prized.

    However, after many years of trying to fight anti-White racism in Europe, I am glad my kids will identify as European in Latin America and as Latino in Europe and US. The best of both worlds.

    Having said that, I would have preferred my people stood their ground, but they are more interested in virtue ssignaling than in the future of their kids. Don’t blame other people. We are the ones to blame. We are the only people in earth who sells their own brothers only to be popular. Jews, Latinos, Muslims, Asians, Africans don’t do that.

  77. Zane says:

    All this racial BS is being created by Jews. Watch the organ grinder, not the dancing monkey.

    • Agree: werpor
  78. Truth says:

    White people invited the immigrants, the Khoi San, Aboriginals, and Maoris did not.

    • Replies: @Malla
  79. @Robert Dolan

    You are a brainwashed moron of the highest order. Christian morality is the reason you clowns are in the soup you’re in. Christianity is the worst thing to have happened to the white man. And all of that scientific and technological advancements were made inspite of Christian religious mumbo jumbo, not because of it. Morality is a man made concept. It is anti nature. Nature is supreme and nature is AMORAL. You Christian sheeps are the bottom of the survival of the fittest chain, and slowly but surely you’ll see it yourself. I just pray(lol) you’re alive to see the demise and collapse of your beloved lands. You won’t need to die to witness an imaginary place you call Hell…’ll see it right here. Woohoo!!

    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
  80. anonymous[297] • Disclaimer says:

    I don’t know about him but my hobby is much more transgressive than merely burning crosses in front of negro churches. I break into black apartments and steal dey bassetballs.

    • Replies: @Sarita
    , @Truth
  81. @Malla

    Malla mere bhai!! Long time lmao.
    Malla you know my name right…..It’s Rishi. A lot of westerners now refer to Sunak when they adress me…hey, you’re the English Prime ministers namesake. 😂🤣😂. I don’t know if I should feel good or bad.

    • Replies: @Malla
  82. You see, the way it works is that white people cynically change racial definitions to suit themselves, and when they give others the chance to be white, they jump at it.

    Judging by many of the comments under this article, this facetious statement by Jared Taylor is actually true. Many whites, especially white conservatives, do want mixed race latinos to identify as white. And it is also true that they will shift the boundaries of whiteness to accommodate these new recruits. There are at least a dozen examples right here in the comments section of conservatives complaining that mixed race latinos won’t identify as white to help them oppose the blacks.

  83. gatobart says:

    Whatever Mr. Liu may think, there is no Caucasian High Command that tells Hispanics, “OK, now you can be white.” They decide to say they’re white — or not — without the slightest regard to what we think or say.

    Not true. Latinos in the U.S. and also in Canada, have always been, racially, what the White majority tells them what they are and that White majority doesn’t give a hoot about what Latinos themselves think they are. Juan Guzman, a Mexican gardener, won’t be considered White by the people who employ him just because he presents himself to them as a White person. If he does so the most likely think is that they will laugh in his face and shoot back: Come on, Juan! You are not White, where did you get such a thing…? And that is even true to this day, and not only for Latinos but even also for Spaniards. Reading about Wednesday Addams one of these days (talk about a fad) in some website I noticed that she is defined as of “mixed race”, i.e. non 100% White, because her father Gomez Addams is a Spaniard, as for many in the U.S. neither Spaniards belong to the White race. Not even someone like Raquel Welch, or Raquel Cordero escapes the classification. There was an article I read where they were talking about the time of the tabu of mixed race couples in movies, specifically Black and White, not so much about Latino and White (as that tabu had perished early in the game) and it was mentioned in this article that one of the first mainstream flicks that broke the tabu was one of hers, 100 Rifles I think, and that this wasn’t actually breaking the tabu, in a love relationship she had there with a character played by Jim Brown, as she herself wasn’t 100% White. So to this very day, Jan. 08, 2023, you are White in the U.S. only if Whitey says you are.

    Because of all that this graph doesn’t really represent reality, as what it is shown there is NOT which race Latinos really identified themselves with (as for most of them there was never any doubt they were NOT White anyway, as even in the case they forgot it for a moment, they would be immediately brought back to reality by the nearest White person) but only the extreme to which they would go to adapt to a world where Whites were the top dogs. A defence mechanism. Very similar to what many Hollywood actors, mostly of Jewish and Italian origin, did by Anglicising their names, fearful maybe that working by their real ones would greatly diminish their chances of success. So we can include in the same trend Latinos defining themselves as non-White and Hollywood actors of other ethnic origin other than Anglo Saxon presenting themselves with their real names. Both things indicate these groups have won enough in self confidence to be able to shed the pretences, to show themselves for what they really are.

    • Replies: @RJ Macready
    , @Brian Damage
  84. @RJ Macready

    Where do AI, transhumanism, virtual reality, chip implants fit into “nature”? How far do we have to go before declaring that something is “unnatural” or anti-nature”? So everything man creates is “natural”, then religion must be so too. And morality.

    • Replies: @RJ Macready
  85. @gatobart

    True. I never thought of Latinos as white. They have a darker skin tone. Same in Europe…..there is a distinct difference in the anglo nations like the Scandinavian, German, English, French and the the Mediterranean ones like Italy, Spain and Portugal.

    In Formula 1, the previous owner once remarked that Ferrari, despite being a top team with the most money lagged behind because they lacked the Anglo ethic and team culture(he meant German and English as these two nations dominate the sport). Then the German Michael Schumacher joined Ferrari, bought along his own team principles and engineers and bang…..Ferrari not only became back to back world champions for 6 years, such was their dominance the sport started suffering, and the F1 owner said ….see, I told ya. German/English is different in looks, color and temperament to Italian/Spaniard.

    Latinos were always their own ethnicity so it’s weird to read this article for me.

  86. Sarita says:

    What you wanna steal dey bassetballs for when you know
    White men can’t jump?

  87. @Malla

    But do White people have the right to physically resist against immigrants?

    Of course they do. It is enshrined in their constitutions. But if they refuse to put into power leaders that do their will, then the fault lies with them.

    littlereddot and other White hating type

    There is a difference between criticising and hating.
    It appears that wokeist confusion has made you conflate the two.

    • Replies: @Malla
  88. @Robert Dolan

    “If whites are so bad then why does everybody want to come to America?

    Only the poor countries. Other types of immigration are no different from people moving to London, Hong Kong, Singapore, etc.. Like @littlereddot said, “travel”to open your eyes.

  89. @Malla

    Yes, those advances brought unprecedented changes to the world but you are still stuck in the 1970s. Things changed since the 2000s. Advances have since went past your Anglo White masters’ heads. They are now from a collection of talents from many cultures especially East Asians.

    • Replies: @Malla
  90. @Commentator Mike

    IMHO, Whites created a glorious and inspiring civilisation in their time. Unfortunately they have suffered the same disease of the mind that the Chinese did after the late 1600s…..

    stagnation induced by
    hubris induced by
    too much success.

  91. @gatobart

    Latinos in the U.S. and also in Canada, have always been, racially, what the White majority tells them what they are and that White majority doesn’t give a hoot about what Latinos themselves think they are.

    True but some of them acted like they are Whites when interacting with other non-Whites. Low IQ can’t be “Whitewashed” away by acting acting White.

  92. RoatanBill: “Name any Fed Gov initiative supposedly beneficial and I’ll supply the on the ground actual harm it creates.”

    The internet?
    The interstate highway system?
    Anti-pollution laws?
    Car safety laws?
    Weapons development?
    Space program?

    Not a complete list, but that ought to be enough to get you started.

  93. @Commentator Mike

    Interesting comment Mike. But AI, transhumanism and all that are man made physical inventions….technology. People underestimate technology…..we focus on sociology, religion, faith, when it is technology that has evolved us. The invention of fire, the wheel, the printing press, steam engine, radio, television, internet and the future…..these evolve us. In 2001 ASO Kubrick shows that the higher beings leave the monolith which gives the apes and the humans technological prowess(indeed I believe 2001 is about technological progress which leads to evolution of the higher man).

    I am for transhumanism and even eugenics. AI, VR on the other hand aren’t as important but depends on how we progress. Morality and faith on the other hand are like smoke to me. They have brainwashed the masses. Even uttering the word eugenics is a sin.

    I did not say morality is wrong, infact a higher evolved society will need morality, nor do I say faith is wrong, it is an interesting concept and can be implemented. But……these can only work in a society with form roots. With a strict hand ruling over the masses.

    • Thanks: Commentator Mike
  94. RJ Macready: “… it is technology that has evolved us. … I am for transhumanism and even eugenics.”

    By most accounts I’m familiar with, transhumanism will lead inevitably to the replacement of biological humans by machines, or in other words, the extinction of humanity. In what way does a world in which there are no more humans, only machines, constitute an “advance”? Why should we welcome it rather than fear it and try to avoid it?

    Then too, you’re assuming evolution is directional, always moving “upward”. This assumption isn’t warranted. The evolution of technology could at least as easily (and some would argue more likely) lead to another outcome: the extinction of man and perhaps all life on Earth. This could well happen due to a global thermonuclear war or other technologically-induced catastrophe. But even if the cockroaches or bacteria survive, can we really call it an “advance”?

    It’s a strange situation when people are more devoted to technological “progress” than they are to their own continued existence.

    • Thanks: Commentator Mike
    • Replies: @NEETzschean
  95. Truth says:

    Hey, at least it’s getting you out of the Entomology lab.

    You should use one of them to practice a little bit…

  96. Malla says:

    White people invited the immigrants, the Khoi San, Aboriginals, and Maoris did not.

    The elites invited the immigrants.

    • Replies: @Truth
  97. Malla says:

    There is a difference between criticising and hating.

    ya, rite, I know what I am talking about.

  98. Malla says:
    @Brian Damage

    Yes, those advances brought unprecedented changes to the world but you are still stuck in the 1970s.

    The change in the World from say 1700s to 1970s is the most revolutionary in human history.

    Anglo White masters’ heads

    You make no sense.

    Your comment does not negate what I wrote. Quite a pointless comment.

  99. Truth says:

    In case you haven’t noticed, they are the only white people who count.

  100. @Commentator Mike

    The last reliable figure I have is from 2017 concerning 2016: “602,613 refugees (having committed offences) were deliberately not included in the BKA study Crime in the context of immigration“, Meanwhile, the faction of the “good guys” is working on the narrative of “general suspicion” against the totality of all migrants in Germany in order to prepare the next lucrative campaigns against racism. We know this game all too well: whether it’s a riot, a terrorist attack or an “honor killing,” it’s a way to deflect attention from the statistical facts. These data speak of unusual accumulations of crimes from a certain milieu that need to be looked at more closely. But – in the process, unpleasant facts could be proven; so the idea is to quickly initiate a diversionary maneuver in which, in the end, society is to blame for everything…

    …just as in USA.

    PS: I’m going to my clinic right now, not knowing for how long (“syndrome hémo-phagocytaire”)

  101. Judah says:

    You are the descendants of Esau, and not Jacob. There is no white, black, hispanic, or asian in Scripture. Remember, 70 AD, 1492, and 1619 ? The time of the heathen has come to an end. Bend over and grab your ankles, because it is going to hurt…LMAO

    • Replies: @Malla
    , @Truth
  102. Malla says:
    @RJ Macready

    Yo, bhai. Rishi bhai. Sorry for my delays in communication, am too busy, sorry bro. I write on Unz in between my work, type fast, hence my shitty spellings. Or late at night.
    As far as Sunak, it is too early to say whether you should feel good or bad. Lets hope he does good.

  103. Malla says:

    Jacob is the guy who fooled his own father using cunning to get the blessings which should have gone to Esau. Wow, what a scumbag!! And Judas…oops.. Judah was the scumbag came up with the plan to sell Joseph into slavery. What a scumbag. The descendants of Judah are prime grade third rate scumbags too.

    • Replies: @Judah
    , @Judah
  104. Judah says:

    And, you are someone’s bedwinch. Or, will be in due time…LMAO…Probably Judah’s…

    • Thanks: Deep Thought
    • Replies: @Deep Thought
    , @Malla
  105. “In the 19th century and earlier, the English thought the Irish, the Scots, and the Welsh were all savages; race had nothing to do with it.”

    Actually, I’m not sure even that is true. Francis Galton, the great Victorian eugenicist, statistician and all-round polymath, was a 19th century Englishman. However, in his celebrated/infamous work, ‘Hereditary Genius’, he rated the Lowland Scots, who had, despite their smaller population size, produced such outstanding intellects as Adam Smith and David Hume, rather higher in intellect than the English themselves, writing:

    “The average standard of the Lowland Scotch and the English North-country men is decidedly a fraction of a grade superior to that of the ordinary English, because the number of the former who attain to eminence is far greater than the proportionate number of their race would have led us to expect”

    Moving beyong England itself, the Frenchman Voltaire famously wrote:

    “We look to Scotland for all our ideas of civilisation.”

    (Voltaire, it seems, had never been Glasgow city centre on a Friday night—though if he had, it might explain why the French revolution turned out as bloody and violent as it did.)

    Perhaps the English regarded the Highland Scots as primitive, as indeed they were until quite recently. However, this attitude didn’t extent to the Lowland Scots, at least not among educated English in the 19th century.

    Even in respect of Ireland, I suspect this attitude extended only to the indigenous Irish Catholic population, not the Protestant planters, nor, of course, the Anglo-Irish aristocracy.

  106. Truth says:

    I am from the Tribe of Jacob, and from all I’ve read, most Israelites and Judeans are going to take the pipe pretty hard in the end times as well.

    I haven’t read anything about getting to the promised land being a team sport, but I could be wrong.

    • Replies: @Judah
  107. “What’s the tamest, most wholesome, apolitical magazine you can think of? Maybe Good Housekeeping?”

    My Taylor is deluded. He needs to check his privilege. Good Housekeeping has long been a notorious bastion of white supremacy.

    Take the very article he cites in his next sentence – ‘How to Do Laundry: A Step-by-Step Guide on the Right Way to Sort, Wash and Dry’. In this article, the authors—both cisgendered white women—lecture readers, including readers of color, on the need to keep “darks, lights and colors” separate, clearly a coded admonition against miscegenation and in favor of segregation, and a malign microaggression against ‘laundry of color’.

  108. @Judah

    I have learnt a new word today. Thanks.

    “Bed winch” is a more appropriate description than the term I used! 😀

    • LOL: littlereddot
  109. @Dr. Robert Morgan

    Are you that concerned about the survival of the white race? If one is a nihilistic individualist it’s easy to see why it probably wouldn’t matter.

    Not that I have a problem with it but I suspect that the urge to destroy is behind a lot of apocalyptic political visions. Of course it’s a lot more palatable if you can convince people that you’re a well-intentioned extremist who cares first and foremost about the environment, “freedom”, “the people” etc.

  110. NEETzschean: “Are you that concerned about the survival of the white race?”

    Is anyone concerned? Apparently not. My reasoning in #98 above is flawless, and yet as far as I can see the many and various people who claim to be concerned about the white race’s survival aren’t interested in exploring the questions I raised, let alone the possible solution I’ve proposed, i.e., intentionally bringing on the collapse of the technological system.

    This very lack of concern has led me to conclude that the group mind I’ve hypothesized exists has decided that the survival of the system is more important than racial survival. Of course, anyone who is seriously opposed to this decision has his work cut out for him, because it means that the white race could perhaps still be saved, but only against its will.

  111. Malla says:

    And, you are someone’s bedwinch.

    Nah, more like Judah and Deep tough ware each other’s bedwinches. But can Deep Thought trust Judah? Once a whore, always a whore? Is dis true? Very likely.

  112. Judah says:

    Jacob, was chosen by Yah to be a special people, and distinct from everyone else. Not sure what your ethnicity is, but you are full of ignorance, and stupidity. Try researching and not leaning on your own misunderstanding. A Rightous woman knows when to speak, and when to keep her mouth shut. Obviously, you are not a rightous one. No worries, Yah has a place for you too…LMAO Your only choice is being a bed winch, or destroyed…Either way, Judah and the 11 wins..”Ya hurd meh”””

    • Replies: @Malla
  113. Judah says:

    You heard wrong, truth. We have already being punished for sins committed by our ancestors. Read Genesis, and Deuteronomy as a start. If you are Judah, then you should know how we lost everything,and to this day are still suffering. But, Yahusha is on his way to redeem us AGAIN, and destroy the other Psalm 83 Nations. By the way, he is a Negro that left us as a lamb, but will return as a full grown Lion, that is hungry for recompense. His fro is white, his eyes are red and he will arrive with bubble gum and kick ass..PS..He is all out of bubble gum…LMAO

    • Replies: @Truth
  114. Truth says:

    Yes, you and the “Hebrewite” movement are correct about some many things, but generally incorrect about what is important.

    Was the line of men from Adam to Yahusha black? Yes, it is impossible to read the bible any other way. But will the good church ladies who have spent their lives in Birmingham end up in the same place as the pimps, hookers, and drug dealers that have destroyed our community for 400 years? I would seriously doubt it. Otherwise, what would be the point of having lived a good life?

    I see these goofy Pharisees wearing purple and gold and yelling at people on streetcorners, and they have learned absolutely nothing. What did Yahusha say were the two most important things to remember from God’s word.

    1. Love the Lord with all of your heart, soul and mind.

    2. Love your neighbor as you love yourself.

    The Edomites are your neighbor so it is as simple as that.

    And BTW, I am an “African-American” born and raised, but from either Simeon or Menasseh not Judah, so I was never under a curse.

  115. KrisP says:

    I think the answer is obvious. “White-passing” minorities, such as many light-skinned Jews and Hispanics, understand that it’s no longer an advantage to be viewed as White, so they join the ranks of the BIPOCs instead.

    Simple, perceptive self-interest and I don’t even need to read the whole article to figure that out. 🙂

  116. Malla says:

    No Jacob or Jah or Pah or Essau or Pessau or any of that bullshit ever existed. Made up fairy tales. Grow up.

    • Replies: @Truth
  117. Palmm says:

    What’s so radioactive about “European-American?” Why nobody uses it. “Black” applies because most American Blacks cannot trace their tribal history. This does not apply to American Whites, they can trace their history more reliably.

  118. Truth says:

    What about Kali or Lord Shiva?

  119. @René Fries

    Hopes and prayers for your recovery.

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