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Our Rulers Can be as Barbaric as the Taliban
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Look what they do to heritage.

Video Link

This video is available on BitChute and Odysee.

Do you remember the giant Buddhas of Bamiyan? They were carved out of the stone of a cliffside in central Afghanistan more than 1,400 years ago. The Taliban blew them up in 2001. Here is the larger of the two, which was 156 feet tall. The person at its feet gives you an idea of its size.

This is a reconstruction of what it may have looked like when it was new. Here is the Buddha before and after the Taliban dynamited it. The Taliban called the statues heathen idols. Just about every country in the world condemned the destruction, calling it barbaric and criminal.

You may also remember when the Islamic State, also known as ISIS, wrecked Palmyra, a very important archeological site in Syria. This is the Temple of Bel or Baal, which the Romans built in 17 AD – that is, before ISIS got hold of it in 2015. Here you can see tubs of explosives attached to columns.

And, here is the temple going up with a bang, to happy shouts of Allahu Akbar.

This is all that was left of the more than 2,000-year-old temple.

Credit Image: © Sharifulin Valery/TASS via ZUMA Press
Credit Image: © Sharifulin Valery/TASS via ZUMA Press

Here are ISIS boys knocking over statues inside the Palmyra Museum.

Once again, just about the entire world was furious.

This sort of thing isn’t new. Here is the entrance to the temple of Isis in Philae, in Egypt.

On the right side of what is called the pylon gate, we see Pharaoh offering a sacrifice to Horace, the falcon-headed god, and to the goddess Hathor.

Not too badly preserved for relief carvings that are 2,400 years old. But look over to the left.

Someone has chiseled out the figures – either early Christians or Muslims; both would have thought Egyptian gods were idols. Someone even built a scaffold and hammered off the smaller figures at the top.

Inside the temple, Christians carved Coptic Crosses to mark their territory.

But back to the Bamiyan Buddhas. Every single Muslim country pleaded with the Taliban not to destroy the giant statues. Japan and India offered to remove them and rebuild them in a safe country. After the dynamiting, even Saudi Arabia said the destruction was “savage.” The head of UNESCO, Koichiro Matsuura said, “It is abominable to witness the cold and calculated destruction of cultural properties.”

In 2016, “the world’s highest criminal court – the International Criminal Court in The Hague – ruled that destroying cultural antiquities is a war crime.”

Here in the United States, aren’t we doing something similar? During the George Floyd riots and ever since, there has been a vicious attack on our heritage in public art. At least 39 statues or memorials to Christopher Columbus came down. Explorers such as Juan de Oñateeven Kit Carson took a diveas did several statues of a canonized saint, Junipero Serra. Other victims were George Washington, Abe Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson, Ulysses Grant, Teddy Roosevelt, Andrew Jackson, Francis Drake, Lewis and Clark, Francis Scott Key, Phillip Schuyler, John Mason – and scores of people you never hear of, such as Edward Carmack, and Clemente Spampinato. The total count is something over 230. Wikipedia keeps a list. Mobs tore down many monuments and the authorities carted off the rest before mobs got them.

About 60 percent of the destruction – 134 statues and memorials – were of Confederates. As you can see, some were quite beautiful. Needless to say, there are people who want to remove every trace of the Confederacy.

Credit Image: © Allison Bailey/NurPhoto via ZUMA Press
Credit Image: © Allison Bailey/NurPhoto via ZUMA Press

How is this any different from Muslims blowing up Buddhist statues? A different people comes along and obliterates the heritage of the people who were there before. And it is obliteration. The Lee statue from Charlottesville, Virginia will be melted down and a black group use the bronze to make what they call a social-justice sculpture.

Plenty of people wanted to save the statue. One man offered to pay \$50,000 for it and move it himself. Nope. The city council voted unanimously to destroy it.

The famous Lee statue in Richmond got the same treatment. In 1890, when it was unveiled, 150,000 people came to honor General Lee.

Here is the statue in pristine condition. It was 21 feet hight and stood on a marble base 60 feet high. It was cast by the famous French sculptor, Antonin Mercié. It was on the National Register of Historic Places and the Virginia Landmarks Registry.

It was too tall to pull down, but this is what the mob did to it.

Every Confederate on Richmond’s famed Monument Avenue came down. Many people would have been happy to buy the Lee statue and protect it, but the city cut it in pieces instead.

Credit Image: © Jay Mather/ZUMA Press Wire Service
Credit Image: © Jay Mather/ZUMA Press Wire Service

Lee was one of the most admired men in American history President Eisenhower, a Kansas boy and not a Southerner, had his portrait in the Oval Office. He called Lee “one of the supremely gifted men produced by our nation, noble as a leader and as a man.”

Even the men Lee and his armies were trying to kill respected the Confederates. Edward Ord was one of the Union generals who forced Lee to surrender at Appomattox.

One of his men wrote that he thought that after the surrender, the army would go wild with joy. It didn’t. That soldier wrote this:

I remember how we sat there and pitied and sympathized with these courageous Southern men who had fought for four long and dreary years all so stubbornly, so bravely and so well, and now, whipped, beaten, completely used up, were full at our mercy – it was pitiful, sad, hard, and seemed to us altogether too bad.

This was the spirit that led to reconciliation after a terrible war. Usually, animosities cool as time goes by, but people hate the Confederacy all the more as it recedes into the past.

The Washington Post reported that as the Lee statue in Richmond came down, a crowd gathered to jeer and taunt the general.

Credit Image: © Jay Mather/ZUMA Press Wire Service
Credit Image: © Jay Mather/ZUMA Press Wire Service

It was the spirit of Mullah Mohammed Omar of the Taliban when his men blew up the Bamiyan statues.

“Muslims should be proud of smashing idols,” he said. “It has given praise to Allah that we have destroyed them.”

Why do people hate Confederates? I suppose it’s because they think the war was a battle of good whites who wanted to free blacks against bad whites who wanted slaves. But the North didn’t invade the South to fight slavery, but to keep it in the Union. Lincoln, the “great emancipator,” in a letter written in the summer of 1862, with the war raging, wrote, “What I do about slavery, and the colored race, I do because I believe it helps to save the Union.” He said he would free all, none, or even just some of the slaves if he thought it would help win the war.

The people who hate Robert E. Lee probably don’t know that Lincoln wanted to send freed slaves out of the country, and appointed people to find a place to send them. Once they figure that out, I suppose they will want to dynamite the Lincoln Memorial.

There is no public support for obliterating the Confederacy. In elections this year, six Virginia counties had ballot initiatives on whether to keep their Confederate monuments. In all six, big majorities voted to keep them standing. This one in front of the Warren County Courthouse got the support of 76 percent of voters. And it’s not just rural counties. This is a map of this year’s Virginia election results. That deep blue county in the circle that went by a 20-point margin for the Democrats is Fairfax County, home of Virginia’s most crazed liberals.

Naturally, it has a “Confederate Names Task Force” that wants to rename streets that were named for Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson. The “task force” stupidly asked for opinions from residents. Only 40 percent wanted to change the names. What did the “task force” do? It decided to change the names anyway.

This is part of the current craze to put blacks and their supposed interests at the center of American history. That makes every man who fought for the Confederacy – no matter how noble – a demon. This adoration of blacks might as well be a crude religious cult, it is so irrational and bigoted. Whites who are conformist in every way, talk as if they would have been among the tiny handful of people who wanted complete racial equality in the 1860s.

The result is fury against the past that makes people destroy beautiful works of public art. They are just as primitive and barbaric as the leaders of the Taliban.

(Republished from American Renaissance by permission of author or representative)
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  1. R.C. says:

    It’s a heartbreak. What angers me the most is the absolute blindness of these idiots.

  2. Blacks and liberals have no power. They’re stooges. They could have easily been swatted down.

    There is another group who is doing the erasing of White European heritage. They want to divide and rule. This same group is busy putting up monuments to their supposed suffering around the world, in the most prominent locations. These people are also quite handy with the bulldozer and the bomb when it comes to personally destroying other people’s homes and spaces.

    Let’s not delude ourselves or lose focus on who’s calling the shots and getting the statues pulled. They use proxies to do it, but they are the ones responsible.

  3. Getaclue says:

    Always a plague of chubby/fat ass White girls at the forefront of this and Antifa etc….

  4. nophobe says:

    @ISIS is not the Taliban. Nor vice versa.

    • Replies: @Rich
    , @anon
  5. S says:

    We may well live to see the day when Orwell’ books are banned as ‘hatelit’ as they strike too close too home. The whole of the excerpted link below is well worth the time to read as it quite accurately describes the mentality of all too many a ‘woke progressive’ young man and women coming of age today.

    ‘Every record has been destroyed or falsified, every book has been rewritten, every picture has been repainted, every statue and street and building has been renamed, every date has been altered.’

    1984 – Part 2, Chapter 5

    ‘Times beyond number, at Party rallies and spontaneous demonstrations, she had shouted at the top of her voice for the execution of people whose names she had never heard and in whose supposed crimes she had not the faintest belief. When public trials were happening she had taken her place in the detachments from the Youth League who surrounded the courts from morning to night, chanting at intervals ‘Death to the traitors!’ During the Two Minutes Hate she always excelled all others in shouting insults’…’She had grown up since the Revolution and was too young to remember the ideological battles of the fifties and sixties. Such a thing as an independent political movement was outside her imagination..’

    ‘..Do you realize that the past, starting from yesterday, has been actually abolished? If it survives anywhere, it’s in a few solid objects with no words attached to them, like that lump of glass there. Already we know almost literally nothing about the Revolution and the years before the Revolution. Every record has been destroyed or falsified, every book has been rewritten, every picture has been repainted, every statue and street and building has been renamed, every date has been altered. And that process is continuing day by day and minute by minute. History has stopped. Nothing exists except an endless present in which the Party is always right.

    • Thanks: Fart Blossom
  6. V. Hickel says:

    JT not allowed to talk about that.

    • Replies: @Exalted Cyclops
  7. @Getaclue

    Lee’s boys wouldn’t have banged those slobs with LINCOLN’S dick.

  8. A capitulation of the sane to the insane. The most general statement on the state of the present day U.S. I could possibly think of. Dirty filthy beaches. But, we can always go to Cabo. Mexican drug growers using the pristine forests of the U.S.. But we (Americans) can always vacation elsewhere with the kids. Streets littered with needles and drugs. But we can always vote for Nancy Pelosi again, hoping she will chanage her attitude about the area she was sworn in to protect. Statues, symbols of historical America some works of art, removed. And on and on.

    • Replies: @anon
    , @Anon
  9. Connect the final dot, Jared Taylor.

    Our rulers do this, yes. But who controls our rulers? Or perhaps a better question, why are our rulers under their control?

  10. @V. Hickel

    There was a useful term for the non-existent lobby which cannot be named over at Kresey’s blog before he moved to Unz – TWMNBN (Those Who Must Not Be Named). The string of consonants is even consistent with Semetic languages, where the vowel sounds are understood or interpolated. The ancient Egyptian name for Egypt transliterates as KMT, for example. Perhaps we should just use TWMNBN whenever the ones referred to in the useful quote attributed to Voltaire need mentioning:

    If you wish to know who rules over you, find out who you may not criticize.

    The lampshade story always struck me as quite perverse as TWMNBN are so thin-skinned that they’d make the absolute worst lampshades imaginable. ISIS, by the way, are merely another gang of thugs in service of the usual suspects, who of course are exempt from all niceties like laws and treaties. Three guesses who was cheering the loudest when Notre Dame went up in flames (first three don’t count). I read the Rothschild-Macron regime in the French Okrug of the EUSSR and the Anti-Pope Bergoglio’s folks there want to get rid of what remains inside the shell and replace it with a Disney-like Church of Woke decor.

    • Replies: @profnasty
  11. So many golden calves, so little time.

  12. Baxter says:

    I look into the faces of those clueless white youths in the photos. They will be getting a reality check and they won’t know what to do.

  13. The destruction at Palmyra and elsewhere tells you that ISIS (Israeli Secret Intelligence Service ie MOSSAD)is behind the group. Destroying the archeological remains of non-Judaic cultures (ie c.95%)is a great project of the Zionazis, but they can’t do it themselves, save when ‘accidentally’ bombing something or other.

  14. Percival says:

    The comparison to Muslim fanaticism is poignant indeed to show the double standard in the responses to this savage and destructive behaviour, but the real parallel is to the Cultural Revolution, where a surprisingly similar phenomenon played out: zealous mobs (of suggestible youths) went on a rampage destroying countless cultural treasures, to say nothing of the chaos and massacres that followed.

  15. @American Citizen

    Jared Taylor obviously knows (((who)))’s behind the curtain.

    Kevin MacDonald endorses Jared Taylor so maybe there’s a Good Cop Bad Cop strategy behind this.

    If Kevin gives him a pass so will I. We commenters can still connect the (((dots))) in Taylor’s columns, thanks ironically to a true champion of the 1st Amendment, (((Ron Unz))).

  16. @S

    I have no problem believing that Orwell has divined the future for us. The Elites are just getting into stride for their cultural apocalypse. We shall be reduced to human stick figures, no identity beyond biology & short term memory.
    Don’t think they can’t do, just think how well they’ve done so far.
    I don’t know about “evil” — but if it exists our Elites are great examples of it.

    • Replies: @S
    , @lydia
  17. @American Citizen

    Our rulers are “under their control” ? Sure.
    Distinctions are important. But those who are represented by the possessive “their” are our “rulers”…. (which I have no doubt you well know)

    • Replies: @American Citizen
  18. @Baxter

    “They will be getting a reality check and they won’t know what to do.” I doubt they’ll even be capable of integrating that reality — like me trying to read Japanese.

  19. KenH says:

    How is this any different from Muslims blowing up Buddhist statues?

    Because according to the Jewish led left the Taliban are “victims” so can do as they please. Also, the Taliban and Muslims generally can do as they please since they are not white or Christian. Only white people are held to the loftiest of standards by the Jewish left.

    Also notice that congoids and lefties retort that “it’s just a statue” when people on the right complain about iconoclasm of Confederate and founding fathers but we’ll see if they shrug their shoulders when statues of the communist, rapist and plagiarist MLK and other black radicals start getting defaced and toppled.

    • Agree: SBaker, profnasty
    • Replies: @anonymous
    , @Justrambling
  20. How is this any different from Muslims blowing up Buddhist statues?

    Very different. It’s much worse, is how it’s different. The Muslims were removing foreign idols from what is now (and has been for a long time) their country. In their place, I wouldn’t have done it — I’m a Christian, and I take the Christian view that an idol is nothing. These Muzzies took more like the Jewish view, as you can read in OT books like Kings and Chronicles, where virtuous kings tear down the groves, high places, Asherah poles, etc. Mr. Taylor says “the whole world was furious.” Well, not quite the whole world … I, for one, don’t get bent out of shape about giant Buddha likenesses on the other side of the world. As I say, I wouldn’t have dynamited them; I’d have left them as historical curiosities. An idol is nothing. I certainly don’t get all butthurt if someone else, in whose country they’re located, does dynamite them.

    What does enrage me is the orc-like destruction of the likenesses of major figures from my own history, in my own country, carried out by savages who, we must admit with shame, are mostly White (at least, on the outside).

    • Replies: @Tony massey
  21. Wyatt says:

    Ahhhhhh Christ that moustaaache

    Jared looks like Dr. Phil as a cancer patient with that thing. For the sake of the hu-white race, shave that thing please.

    • Replies: @HammerJack
    , @anon
  22. @animalogic

    Of course our rulers that we “vote” for and whom we see and hear everyday are not the real power. There are a lot of people who may not understand that, do not want to understand that, or are incapable of making that conclusion.

    I think that the puppets we are told are the “rulers” are puppets because the true powers can manipulate those people very easily.

  23. Realist says:
    @American Citizen

    Or perhaps a better question, why are our rulers under their control?

    That’s easy, our rulers are under their control because our rulers are stupid, avaricious, and power-hungry.

  24. Realist says:

    Excellent points Mr. Taylor.

  25. Unit472 says:

    The funny thing about the vandalism in Richmond is that now all that Monument Ave has to show as a monument is a puny bronze statue of a quadroon holding aloft a tennis racquet. It demonstrates the absolute failure of the negro race to achieve anything great and the puny likeness of Arthur Ashe tacked on the end of Monument Ave was mocked by the grand Confederate statues further down the boulevard.

    The sad thing is destroying those monuments is going to cost the city of Richmond dearly. Lost tourist dollars, lost property tax dollars as the old mansions that lined Monument Ave lost half their value when the statues went down. Negroes will themselves acquire those mansions just as they did similar mansions on the North side of Richmond and they will decay just like those did. Negroes dead from gunshot wounds will occupy the ground where the Confederate plinths once stood.

    To make sure Generation Z understands what their vandalism has done we should insist they repay every penny of their student loans and live in a shared housing for the rest of their poverty stricken lives.

  26. John1955 says:

    The Paralytics in the Government are struggling feebly, indecisively, as if unwillingly, with the Epileptics of the Revolution.
    —Ivan Shcheglovitov, Russian Minister of Justice, in 1915″
    (from Richard Pipes – “The Russian Revolution”)

    Fast forward to 2020:

    Paralytics vs Epileptics

    And the score is a resounding


  27. @Getaclue

    Looking at the photo of the smug, ignorant white “American” cows cheering, I’m again reminded how I came to marry a lady from another country. Mer her in the USA, but she’s not from here and it shows. In a good way.

    Amazingly, she weighs less than I do, doesn’t have any tattoos, doesn’t curse like a sailor, doesn’t hate white people, appreciates traditional America, can think rationally and calmly, demands liberty for herself and everyone, and is willing to do the very hard work of raising a large-ish number of children.

    • Thanks: mocissepvis
    • Replies: @SBaker
    , @Truth
  28. Anon[159] • Disclaimer says:

    Of course Jared will never say who is really the power behind all this.

    No respect for you, Jared. Not until you tell the Truth about Jew Know Who.

    You never will.

    • Replies:
  29. Wokechoke says:

    If you’ve got a nice big house in Richmond…move out now.

  30. @Baxter

    When, how, and by whom? Because I’d really like to see it, but it seems to me that they and their cohorts represent the goals of the Ruling Tribe quite well. Else they wouldn’t be permitted to wreak their destruction with total impunity.

  31. @Wyatt

    The stache is sadness itself. Whatever possessed him? Was he watching old porn movies from the 70s?

    • LOL: TKK
  32. S says:

    Orwell was uncanny, no question.

  33. Our Rulers Can be as Barbaric as the Taliban

    Yes, you Anglos aided the Zionists in the barbaric erasure of Palestine.

    And how do Jews repay their debt of gratitude? They treat YOUR KIND as the New Palestines and erase your race.

    And all you do is bash Muslims in the hope that Jews won’t kick you too hard.

    • Replies: @SBaker
  34. @Reactionary Utopian

    They showed some real entrepreneurial zeal any capitalist worth his yoy profit increases would envy when they sold off the rubble as keepsakes to sentimentalists wherever the world wide web could reach and i say for only a few bucks those passionate consumers of all things bhudda could now own a piece of what was once history.
    A pretty good deal all the way round if’n you ask me(i realize you didn’t but it’s a comments board so…) And frankly i doubt you could even find a finger bone of some minor Saint these days since I’m sure it should be as plain as THE NOSE on ol Saint Nick that most all of Western Christendom relics were hocked(anyone seen a Pope ring?)or bombed into history as well but not just any ol bhudda worshipper(Americans) could’ve gone on line and bought a piece of say some fucking Pope chair that got busted up so…kudos Taliban on another successful venture.
    Success breeds success ya know.

  35. @Pat Kittle

    It really is just foolish to abandon all common sense when you have things like a life and stuff that goes with said life.
    At some point you have to help yourself without any regard to what others may think. It’s your busted ass so….

  36. I remember how we sat there and pitied and sympathized with these courageous Southern men who had fought for four long and dreary years all so stubbornly, so bravely and so well, and now, whipped, beaten, completely used up, were full at our mercy – it was pitiful, sad, hard, and seemed to us.

    –Edward Ord, Union general

    The Confederates couldn’t even take solace in knowing they were right, and have been proven right.

  37. @Unit472

    The sad thing is destroying those monuments is going to cost the city of Richmond dearly.

    The increasing presence of orcs will do that all on its own.

    • Agree: TKK
    • Replies: @Bel Darrow
  38. anonymous[204] • Disclaimer says:

    How is this any different from Muslims blowing up Buddhist statues?

    I do not condone such cultural barbarism. As long as muslims weren’t worshipping this pagan abomination, I don’t believe there was any need to tear it down. It is not like muslims can go around razing statues wherever they find it.

    But, with respect to the question above, the difference is that pure monotheist muslims truly and viscerally despise Idolatry. This is quite similar to the blessed prophet Abraham (pbuh) tearing down idols during his time.

    The spirituality of the west rests on pagan mangods-worship, and Idolatry. There is no religious reason for this godless lot to tear down its statues.

    In other words, this is a false equivalence. The muslims did it for a religious purpose, while the godless here did it to avenge racial prejudice. The former was unnecessary, while the latter is required for some closure.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @Peter Rabbit
    , @Anon
  39. Anonymous[239] • Disclaimer says:

    As long as muslims weren’t worshipping this pagan abomination, I don’t believe there was any need to tear it down.
    In all honesty, that’s how much of the Muslim world probably felt for a long time. They seemed to have just ignored these things. If they hadn’t, these things wouldn’t have been around for groups like the Taliban or ISIS to mess around and record the destruction of in the first place.

  40. anonymous[204] • Disclaimer says:

    Muslims generally can do as they please since they are not white or Christian

    All glory is due only to the Almighty One for that mercy!!

    Which faeces-for-brains moron wants to be condemned to a life of pagan polytheist mangods-worship, which will lead these godless souls to an eternity in Hell, yeah? Certainly not those of us who can see the truth of pure unbending Monotheism.

    If that means, we aren’t “blessed” to be born as the “master” race lol!, then so be it. We will gladly be of the “lowly” lol! non-whites, when the Almighty One promises us blissful salvation. On the other hand, until now and into the foreseeable future, much of the “master” race (and wannabe “master” races like the Japanese and the Chinese) is destined for the Fire. And, your specific accursed rabid kind will be condemned to the worst of it.

    Also, Muslims cannot do as they please. God has prescribed very strict commandments which we try our best to diligently follow. Anything goes, because the batshit “son-god already died-for-our-sins,” does not work for us.

    We are of the God-aware, not the pseudo-theists of your kind.

  41. Unit472 says:

    When I was 8 or 9 years old, elementary schools in America distributed a little newspaper called The Weekly Reader to us. One of the stories was about the Aswan high dam Egypt was building across the Nile. The resulting Lake Nasser was going to inundate the 3000 plus year old temple at Abu Simbel and the magnificent stone figures carved into cliff faces of Ramesses II and his wife Nefertari.

    It was a much better world then primarily because people like you were back in your third world hovels and too poor to have much interest in or knowledge of the outside world. An 8 year old American school boy knew more about that than your kind. Anyway, there was international effort undertaken to save Abu Simbel as it was a precious piece of the common heritage of mankind. No one worshipped ancient Egypt’s gods but the ancient stone carvings were, like the Great Pyramids, too important to be lost so to save them school kids in America were asked to donate to the effort to save them. We did too.

    Abu Simbel was carefully dismantled and moved to higher ground. Egypt got its dam and the world saved an important artifact of a civilization that had existed longer than Islam.

    • Agree: Achmed E. Newman
  42. anon[332] • Disclaimer says:
    @Dr. Charles Fhandrich

    “Streets littered with needles and drugs.”

    To be fair, San Francisco’s streets have charm far beyond just that. There are also all the black criminals and feces. But I repeat myself….

    • LOL: R.C.
    • Replies: @Dr. Charles Fhandrich
  43. anon[332] • Disclaimer says:

    With or without a moustache, Jared is light years ahead of that cretin named Dr. Phil, made famous by that other cretin (and closet lesbian) named Oprah.

  44. @S

    Orwell’s 1984 is banned in many parts of India (though you may buy at a high price a critical edition of it to prove the vile anglo-supremacism of its author) on the grounds that George Orwell was rabidly prejudiced against Indians (true : he said he met no honest East Indian in his life and that only brute force of the kind used by the British Empire at its heyday could prevent India from engulfing the very idea of Western progress like a black hole), against Hinduism (true : he was already witnessing the emerge of New Age through the Theosophical Society as an attempt to reduce the workers of the world to slavery, and he wanted to ban that religion altogether from the British Empire as a doctrine worse than Nazism) and against Gandhi. The main charge against 1984 is that Ingsoc and Doublethink, as they are described in 1984 and other sequel documents that prolonged and extended the fiction in the course of magazine serials although they are not part of the published bound book proper, are a not even caricature-deformed mirror image of the tenets of the Hindu philosophy of Advaita vedanta, which does prescribe in all circumstances the simultaneous belief in one assertion and its logical contradiction as the one best fastest intellectual path towards absolute Enlightenment and contact with the divine, right against Aristotelician logic. Advaita vedanta is in practice always used to defeat humanism and justify caste oppression as well as the moral necessity to consider corporations and powers that be as deities. The philosophy of George Orwell is also condemned as going against the principles of yoga, which state that free thought (even accurate thoughts) is the ultimate evil force preventing salvation, the whole of yoga is purported to curb down by any means available. Among those Indians who would like to have Orwell banned from the social networks is Twitter’s new CEO Agrawal : Agrawal just stated that the First Amendment’s being abolished at last is his life mission as according to him it is the most ungodly law ever devised by mankind.

    • Thanks: S
    • Replies: @Malla
    , @Mulga Mumblebrain
  45. @anon

    As a many time visitor to that city, I have not yet had the pleasure of this new phenomenon, since the last time I was there was in 1999. I was showing relatives around. Today, I’d be too embarrassed to do something so stupid. Seeing the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz doesn’t make up for the rest of the crap. It might however, be a good way of teaching friends and relatives of what happens to the only cultural city in the west, or anywhere else for that matter, when the democrat party politicians are allowed to have their say.

  46. The image of those young white women at the Lee Statue removal reminded me of the young women who got sucked into Charles Manson’s cult.

    It’s what happens to young women when led astray by malign forces such as those which control our mass media and education establishment.

    • Agree: Achmed E. Newman
    • Replies: @Gugwee
  47. Ghali says:

    What a racist bigot? Who said the Taliban were “Barbaric”? Because they shot at stones depicting Buddha? What these stones for the Taliban? The deliberate destruction of Iraq is humanity’s most barbaric act of terrorism and cultural destruction. Every Westerner has become an obedient and unconditional servant of Jews.
    The statue of Robert Lee should be melted down and turned into few hundreds black penises (BBC) to commemorate black power.

  48. The Taliban are far more civilized and courageous than America. And they actually protect their people.

  49. frankie p says:

    Jared Taylor’s refusal to name the Jew detracts more than half of the good work that he’s doing. He is not alone in this fear of enraging the Jews. Those who tiptoe around the issue do NOTHING to improve the overall situation, as grim as it is. Look at the pitiful, weak subject that he starts his sentences with: “They”, “Our rulers”, or the passive constructions, as if these deliberate strategies and tactics are some kind of force majeure, an act of nature beyond the control of man: “There has been a vicious attack on our heritage in modern art.” Those who refuse to name the drivers of this madness, the chosenite tribe, are like lumberjacks hacking at the branches of trees and complaining about the poor results in timber production.

    Name them.

    • Agree: Joe Levantine
    • Replies: @matzahballsgonewrong
  50. TKK says:

    This is a perceptive observation.

    This is so typecast, it will sound created, but it happened.

    At the “A Christmas Carol” play I took my mother to that was ruined by blacks, when we were parking, there was a newer Prius with a huge BLACK LIVES MATTER sticker on its bumper.

    Out got a 300 pound white female with a mullet, where the long part of it (the party in the back) was dyed purple. She waddled along wearing the strange small back packs they all wear.

    But, she was going to a play- alone. I watched in the lobby and then saw her seated – alone- watching a play.

    What a miserable life these Western females have created for themselves.

    • Agree: Escher
    • Replies: @mocissepvis
    , @Truth
    , @SBaker
  51. Anon[249] • Disclaimer says:

    Your country banned and cancelled even Solzhenitsyn an anti communist humanists who finds financial jewry to be forefront of all the greatest crime and tragedy to humanity.

  52. raga10 says:

    I really wish you’d stop trying to draw equivalence between the destruction of statues in Bamyian and in Charlottesville. For one thing, 1,400 years is far more impressive than one hundred. For another, General Lee was not Buddha.

  53. @R.C.

    Looking at all those foolish young white girls I can only shake my head sadly in disbelief.

    • Agree: R.C.
    • Replies: @Cool Daddy Jimbo
  54. @beavertales

    Its like the scene in the Godfather movies when Michael says “our true enemy has not yet revealed himself to us”.

    • Replies: @TheMoon
  55. Arius says:

    When the asinine rampaging wokers were bringing down statues they seemed animated by the same moronic fear, hate, and ignorance as the early Christians in the Roman world that destroyed nearly 98% of the heritage of the ancient world. I am glad that the author showed the Christians as bad as Muslims and even the Taliban. America’s elites are marching the country straight into hell.

  56. @Unit472

    I visited Richmond a few years ago. Great place. The bus tour of the city had as its highlight the drive along Monument avenue. the statues and homes were magnificent. Very sad to see all this will be lost.

  57. Anon[118] • Disclaimer says:
    @Dr. Charles Fhandrich

    …. But we (Americans) can always vacation elsewhere with the kids…..

    Why just vacation ? Leave and go where you and your family are treated best. Your forefathers did, you can too

    • Replies: @Dr. Charles Fhandrich
  58. Name the enemy, Jared. If you can’t name the enemy, you are wasting time.

  59. Mr. Taylor, why do you call them “rulers”? They have been elected to serve us, not to rule over us, and if we allowed this inversion, stop blaming “them”, you personally and I personally are responsible for this mess.

  60. Jared Taylor: “But the North didn’t invade the South to fight slavery, but to keep it in the Union. ”

    Given the result of the war, and Lincoln’s own support after it for negro citizenship and giving them the vote, you have to be both stupid and ignorant to believe this. Lincoln was a lifelong opponent of slavery, made many statements against it, and was known throughout the South before the war even started as a closet abolitionist.

    “My friends, I have detained you about as long as I desired to do, and I have only to say, let us discard all this quibbling about this man and the other man – this race and that race and the other race being inferior, and therefore they must be placed in an inferior position – discarding our standard that we have left us. Let us discard all these things, and united as one people throughout this land, until we shall once more stand up declaring that all men are created equal.”
    – Lincoln “the racist”, Speech at Chicago, July 10, 1858

    Jared Taylor: “[Lincoln] said he would free all, none, or even just some of the slaves if he thought it would help win the war.”

    Yes, and it couldn’t have been that Lincoln wasn’t just lying about this, because American politicians have never lied to the people about anything! LOL.

    This sort of reverence for “Honest Abe” Lincoln is particularly embarrassing coming from Taylor, who has more or less devoted his life to bemoaning the destructive tidal wave of crime and cultural decay that freeing the negroes has caused. Instead of condemning the one man most responsible for this atrocity, he takes every opportunity to try to polish up his image! What a great monument to human stupidity.

    • Agree: Thim
  61. @Mulga Mumblebrain

    BLM is racist. “susan sontag” is racist. The “israel” crime is racist. Once people figure that out, I suppose they will want to dynamite those ugly sontag and fentanylGeorge “artworks”. And “tel aviv”, of course.

  62. Biff says:

    The Bamiyan Buddha statue comparison popped up in June 2020 when statues began being torn down in significant numbers, and it is well worth the time and effort to keep this discussion alive. Thank you Jared.

  63. @Baxter

    All of those women harbor a secret fantasy of pulling a train for a string of filthy, grunting men of color who leave her lying in the dirt. Though she can’t articulate it, she intuits that only in her utter abasement can she achieve purity. Contrary to the teachings of Feminism, the Madonna/Whore complex is not something we men impose upon women; it is how we find them.

    The moral strictures imposed upon women by men of this society in a previous age were grounded in this deep understanding of their bi-fold nature. A woman’s nature folds back in on itself and she confronts who she is as someone outside herself coming towards her. Half of her cycle is preparing the nest for the arrival of the Christ child and the other half is disposing of that useless garbage as she literally flushes part of herself out of her system. She is both creator and wrecker of worlds. Whereas men abide, women oscillate between two extremes. She fails if she attaches herself exclusively to one or the other.

    These women are failures. They have given up on the prospect of being Mothers in a real family. They have resigned themselves (rationalized it to themselves via irrelevant concern for the unfortunate other i.e. surrogate Mothering) to barren wombs.

    • Replies: @mark green
  64. @anonymous

    In this country, we don’t give a rat’s ass what you believe. You are free to subscribe to whatever fantasy about an all-seeing eye in the sky you can conjure up. Just leave the rest of us alone. Keep your delusions to yourself. Don’t use them as justification for destroying your neighbor’s right to his life or to ruining the civic order that prevails in the public square.

    The problem with people like you is that if we give you an inch, you’ll screw us over and ruin everything else in the process. You are an invasive species, like Asian Carp in the Wabash River. Everywhere you gain a foothold, you destroy diversity and eventually dominate with your monomania. You and your too-long-baked-in-the-arid-sun religion are both useless and tediously boring. We are people of the temperate latitudes. You are desert fanatics. Now go sharpen your blade and cut off the hand of one of your co-ethnics. There. Feel better now?

    • Agree: TKK
  65. Smith says:

    Anyone who think the american elites are as barbaric than the Taliban are idiots.
    They are MORE barbaric.

    You see their eyes, they look like dead fish, they will kill you and laugh about it.

    • Replies: @Goddard
  66. @raga10

    Most real Americans have a whole lot more respect for Robert E. Lee than they do for Buddha.

    • Replies: @Montefrío
    , @raga10
  67. Anonymous[661] • Disclaimer says:

    Because they are going to great lengths to make the practice of Christianity a hate crime, it is not entirely improbable that we will soon see an enraged mob of opportunistic Negroes, Koran-inspired Muslims, Marxist Jews, assorted sex perverts and fat white women maliciously cheering while a bulldozer grinds Michelangelo’s Pieta into a pile of gravel.

    Unless, of course, we stop them.

    Good article, Mr. Taylor.

  68. Jayzerbee says:

    “Our rulers”? Oh please, give me a break. We are not yet an authoritarian dictatorship!

    • LOL: Vinnyvette
    • Replies: @Mulga Mumblebrain
  69. gotmituns says:

    I guarantee the rigging outfits that take these statues down are all White owned, White run businesses. There has never in the history of this planet been blacks who could do such work.

    • Agree: TKK
    • Replies: @GMC
  70. geokat62 says:

    Our Rulers Can be as Barbaric as the Taliban

    As the Taliban? Don’t you mean as barbaric as their Bolshevik revolutionary grandparents?

  71. When the giant Buddha statues were blown by the one eyed monster, his patrons in Saudi Arabia were giving lip service to the Taliban, all the while rejoicing inwardly; similarly, the Jew inspired destruction of the American heritage is being given lip service by some of their toadies all the while being rejoiced by the organizers.

    I could believe that India and Japan were helpless with Pakistan supporting the Muslim fanatics (and China watching its back) but what I can’t understand is that with almost a half billion guns in private (White Christians) hands, how was the destruction permitted by the interlopers.

    Perhaps, Jared Taylor can explain it to the naive folks!

  72. @anonymouseperson

    If it makes you feel any better, every one of them will eventually marry a stockbroker and move to an all-white suburb for the “good schools.” But deep down inside they’ll know. They’ll know that they moved there to get away from black people. They’ll involuntarily tense up every time they see a black person in their community. It’s actually funny once you see it and recognize it.

    • Agree: Vinnyvette
    • Replies: @TKK
  73. And then they knocked down those towers in NY. 🔥

    What will the Democrats do next?!?

  74. @beavertales

    Virginia governor Ralph Northam is one of those Jewish proxies. God only knows what they have on him…or what they’re paying him. What a wretch of a human.

  75. There’s kind of a difference between taking down a monument in the U.S. to a man who killed more U.S. servicemen than Hitler, and a crowd of religious fanatics destroying a monument of a rival faith tradition – the way Christians desecrated pagan holy places when they took over the demoralized remnant of the formerly great Roman Empire. In any case, if you can’t picture the Buddha laughing while he would have helped take down those silly statues of himself, you know no more about his teachings than the Taliban or you do about your own country’s history.

    It’s an interesting study to observe how Confederate memory changes over the decades. You’d be hard pressed to find a southerner in 1865 still in possession of his sanity who thought secession had been a wise idea. The unreconstructed who could never adapt became marginalized even in their own culture as “hard shells” and “bitter-enders.” The earliest monuments –both northern and southern, in fact – celebrated the rank-and-file volunteers, personifying them as the embodiments of the mid-Victorian ideal of manliness, which was defined as principled endurance in the face of privation and adversity, indeed, of death itself. Aggressive assertion of force, as in battle, was not yet seen as primarily praiseworthy. The late Victorian concept of millennial/social Darwinism would transform the “lost cause” into a national epic centered on religion and family, rather than the attempt of a special interest lobby to sabotage democracy. The final generation of Confederate war monuments, such as the Lee statue, rose in the aggressively jingoist national climate of and following the Great War. Woodrow Wilson’s regime had conducted a saturation-level war propaganda campaign, dishonestly claiming a moral imperative demanded US participation in a European “war for civilization”. It was inevitable that this new perspective would color remembrance of past wars. At the south, the monumental emphasis shifted from the valor of the individual soldier to the moral correctness of the cause, and therein, in that revisionist falsification, lies the rub for moderns.

    • Replies: @Wokechoke
    , @GeneralRipper
  76. @Getaclue

    Because of another incident that happened to me recently, it’s finally dawned on me that it’s the same type that has given me crap over any covid defiance I’ve made a habit of displaying over the past couple of years. I even remarked to someone that that it’s almost never the guys that hassle me but rather the chubby ugly white chicks.

    Forget covid; a real plague is that bunch and their handlers.

    And speaking of destroying cultural icons, how many realize that the French and Brit militaries supported their opium trafficking masters and destroyed, among many other things, the (~ 800 acre) Summer Palace in Beijing? (Beijing’s a place in China for the average American reading this.)

    And how many realize that the Taliban were infantile pikers compared to the “Christian” armies that destroyed significant parts of Germany and Japan on behalf of the bankers with globalist pretensions? Dresden, anyone? How about St Mary’s Cathedral in Nagasaki aka “Ground Zero?”

    Even at that, were the Taliban not supported at one time by elements within the US government?

  77. @anonymous

    In other words, you condone cultural barbarism.

  78. pB says:

    my neighborhood was rather rapidly taken over by spics in the past 20 years and now the spic state assembly man has been trying to rename our neighborhood and a bunch of streets after towns in the Dominican republic

  79. Wokechoke says:

    No it’s just statues of white people being torn down by blacks encouraged by Jews.

  80. Why did the Taliban blow up the Bamiyan Buddhas? The story, the real story, has been told over and over and over, so Jared Taylor has no reason not to know it. In 1996 when the Taliban took Bamiyan, Mullah Omar vetoed destroying them, saying that there was no Buddhism in Afghanistan anymore and so they were not idols. (As a matter of fact the local Hazara didn’t even know they were supposed to be Buddhas; they had evolved a Romeo and Juliet tale about them.) Nor did the Taliban destroy Hindu and Sikh religious places in Afghanistan in 1996-2001. However, in 2000-2001 Afghanistan was in severe drought, on the edge of famine. The economy, what there was of one, had collapsed evacuate further owing to the Taliban ban on poppy cultivation, Afghanistan was in dire need of famine relief, and yet the UN had no money to send for that. It however had plenty of money to send for repair and maintenance of the statues, and the Taliban* explicitly said that this was why they were blowing them up.

    *James Fergusson in “Taliban” says that nobody knows who actually issued the order. The notoriously reclusive Mullah Omar used to leave his commands as messages in a drop box, but obviously any of his lieutenants with access to the box could just give orders in his name.

    • Thanks: Sarah
    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @Anonymous
  81. Iconoclasm and Abrahamic religion have gone together from the beginning. Any respect to our own ancestors is disrespect to the Jew god.

  82. @Fart Blossom

    Taliban leaders in 1996 were flown to Amerikastan, taken to Mount Rushmore and Las Vegas, given royal treatment, and in return they were supposed to give UNOCAL pipeline rights through Afghanistan. Significantly Amerikastan was the one country to refuse to condemn the Taliban murder of ex president Najibullah and his brother.

  83. These ignoramus’ don’t realize that the slave trade originated in Africa and was brought to the colonies by Spain and Portugal.

    • Replies: @Old and Grumpy
  84. Bookish1 says:

    Hitler once stated that if the jews had the control in the west that they had in the Soviet union they would have banned Schopenhauer and Nietzsche.

  85. @R.C.

    It embarrasses me as a woman that they are all women. Always knew feminism was the heartbeat of modern progressive’s Bolshevism. However I missed that it would cause some sort of a zombie like condition on top of a mental disorder.

    • Replies: @TheMoon
  86. Thim says:

    The Taliban arent idol worshippers. No reason they should have Buddhist idols in their living space.

    The Confederate idols, I am glad some heathen writers are now recognizing them as idols. They do nothing for us. Lee was a loser anyway. If you want to be an idol worshipper at least built idols of winners.

    • Troll: Vinnyvette
  87. @Suncoastcraig

    They don’t realize most of us in the course of our history descend from slaves, serfs, or indentured servants. I am now officially waiting on reparations from the Romans and Phoenicians.

  88. GMC says:

    No way G – Red Fox and his son on Sanford and Son – they could have got those statues in the back of their pick up – No Problem — lol lol I needed some humour , after all this depressing Jew criminality. !

  89. TKK says:
    @Cool Daddy Jimbo


    Men of wealth and power still like women who are thin, thin, thin.

    Those sweat hogs will end up with blacks or men who don’t want to work- man babies.

    • Replies: @Goddard
  90. Truth says:

    Hey Jed, someone has to keep the thieves and hooligans in check in our fine country…

    • Thanks:
  91. Anon[310] • Disclaimer says:

    Taliban tore down the statues after a European NGO went there telling the Taliban that they were going to clean the ancient statues. The Taliban said they could if they gave them one million dollars as their people were hungry after that Russian war. The European NGO said; we’re here to clean those ancient statues, not to feed Afghans [paraphrasing of course] THAT’S when the Taliban blew up the statues! Betcha that[racist] NGO wished they had paid them after all! And after that Osama went there paying them to be allowed to train their self- professed freedom fighting militia [Alqauda] there.

    • Agree: Arthur MacBride
    • Thanks: Sarah
  92. MA says:

    The day the author of this article understands that the force behind mischiefs in destruction of monuments in East was same whose able mind/hands are guiding the destruction of historical sites/ statues in West, that day will start bringing us common people together.
    Had not the narrative that we got about Taliban and ISIS come from same FAKE NEWS/ manufacturers educating us about DOMESTIC TERRORISM now?

  93. @Achmed E. Newman

    Robert E. Lee deserves respect, but most Americans (“real” or not) probably have no idea who Gautama (aka Buddha) was or know anything about Buddhism.

  94. Blame it all on Titus (39-81 A.D.). It’s a revenge thing.

  95. Those who control the past control the future – George Orwell. What America is under going is a communist take over, communists are destroyers of nations and humanity.

    • Agree: Achmed E. Newman
  96. @frankie p

    The whole article sounds like a baby’s cry for help from under the boot that is stomping on Mr. Taylor’s face.

  97. @Sick of Orcs

    Exactly… the erasure of history. I look at pictures of the base of that statue and it is sad. Complete reflection of our society now.

    • Agree: Sick of Orcs
  98. @KenH

    If I was as ignorant as you, I would not have the balls to post such bullish!t.

    • Troll: Automatic Slim
  99. Yee says:

    Don’t worry about it, Buddha doesn’t care about the statue… All his teachings were telling you not to care about the physical world.

    As for barbaric, of course the “we came, we saw, he died, ha ha ha” US rulers are more babaric than the Taliban.

  100. anon[335] • Disclaimer says:

    I have an inkling of whats coming: white nationalist hit squads to take out the creepy anti white parasites.

  101. Anonymous[417] • Disclaimer says:
    @Fiendly Neighbourhood Terrorist

    Yes, Kevin Barrett mentioned this a little while back when the riots and statue destruction began over a year ago.

    A couple of commenters mentioned that one of them actually saw a visiting Taliban official arguing with their leadership over the decision (which had to do with anger over aid money like you said) and another mentioned this was covered by Democracy Now at the time and the Taliban did it over – again – being upset about aid money. So all of this comparison seems off base.

  102. @Getaclue

    Yep… Those are the mud sharks the “brotha’s” like to pork!

  103. Yee says:

    In any case, this is not a good analogy. Taking down Confederate statues in US should compare with taking down Communist statues in East Europe.

  104. Goddard says:

    They are MORE barbaric.

    At least the Taliban do away with man-boy love.

  105. Goddard says:

    A lot of them will end up marrying Squatemalans.

  106. Anonymous[417] • Disclaimer says:
    @Fiendly Neighbourhood Terrorist

    There is something to be said about Mullah Omar honestly. I mean, I wouldn’t want the man even running my local township, but you have to admit, the man had some admirable traits. According to Taliban sources and foreign researchers, he was born in a pretty rough part of the world and his father died when he was a toddler. He went on to fight a foreign invasion and lose his eye in a battle. Then he ends up cleaning up the out of control civil war and warlords in Afghanistan and even when he takes it over, there’s not much fanfare about him. He doesn’t have his pictures plastered all over the place – which is why there are a handful of pictures of him in existence (most of them
    official type photos) – lives a pretty Spartan life, like the rest of his country, to the end of his days when he dies of tuberculosis. He seemed to be a “suffer in the trench with your people” kind of person.

    Among the political whores that run our country, you’ll find few that have these kinds of attributes you can appreciate.

    • Agree: Tony massey
  107. Let the cities burn, let Antif run riot, but this…

  108. Smarby says:

    Could anybody recommend me some decent sources on the history and lead-up to the Civil War? I’m interested in the more nuanced reasons for the South’s secession than just “slavery”.

    • Replies: @gotmituns
    , @S
  109. @ThreeCranes

    [T]he Madonna/Whore complex is not something we men impose upon women; it is how we find them…. These women are failures. They have given up on the prospect of being Mothers in a real family. [Woman] is both creator and wrecker of worlds.

    Interesting analysis. Speaking of emotionally-disfigured, childless females:

    The DC gulag that is still holding (and virtually torturing) the mostly peaceful Trump ‘insurrectionists’ from 1/6; has a vindictive, unmarried, (and Jewish) warden. She’s a nasty piece of work:

    • Replies: @ThreeCranes
  110. gotmituns says:

    You don’t need any “nuances.” You should make yourself the best marksman you can be – one round, one hit. That’s all that matter now, not nuances.

  111. Agent76 says:

    Apr 5, 2021 MLK Opposed “Poverty, Racism & Militarism” in Speech One Year Before His Assassination 53 Years Ago

    Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated 53 years ago, on April 4, 1968, at the Lorraine Motel in Memphis, Tennessee, at the age of 39.

    Martin Luther King Speaks! Beyond Vietnam

    Martin Luther King Speaks! Beyond Vietnam. April, 1967. Riverside Church, New York City.

  112. Malla says:
    @Francis Miville

    he said he met no honest East Indian in his life

    Not surprising.

    only brute force of the kind used by the British Empire a

    British Empire used brute force in India????? LOL LMFAO. Whata joke. Post 1947 Republic of India (as well as Dominion of India) has used far more brutality in Kashmir and the North East or Punjab as well as the Islamic Republic of Pakistan (and Dominion of Pakistan) as committed far far more brutality in East Pakistan (Bangladesh) or Balochistan than the British Raj Government of India ever did.

    the whole of yoga is purported to curb down by any means available.

    Five minute facts about the Indian appropriation of yoga
    Yoga as we know it today is not Indian but of European origin. It was a hotch potch created by Indian Middle classes (as well as royal family of Mysore State) in British India to hype up Indian civilization. it is more Danish and Sewdish. LOL.

    • Replies: @Truth
  113. raga10 says:
    @Achmed E. Newman

    Most real Americans have a whole lot more respect for Robert E. Lee than they do for Buddha.

    Undoubtedly true but not exactly something to be proud of.

    • Disagree: Achmed E. Newman
    • Replies: @OilcanFloyd
  114. Ko says:

    Just wait to see the surprise of those racists / communists who get a taste of what they crave when Americans are fed up with them.

  115. @beavertales

    “ There is another group who is doing the erasing of White European heritage. ”

    Not only European heritage but Levantine heritage too. Just remember the looting of the Baghdad museum after the American invasion in 2003 while the ministry of petroleum was surrounded by American soldiers to prevent any act of sabotage. When we consider that Mesopotamia, known today as Iraq, is the cradle of civilisation, we can see the magnitude of the crime. Most of the loot was sold overtly on the international market.

    The destruction and vandalising of Palmyra in Syria was done for the same purpose: the erasure of any tangible evidence that could be used to prevent the usurpers of Palestine from rewriting history in a way to justify and legalise their loot and to achieve their plan for greater Israel based on new lies.

    Jared Taylor tries to defend American history and heritage by allying himself to the same people who are keen on destroying all nationalities and races so the world will reckon only the chosen one. He cannot differentiate between the symptoms of liberalism, BLM and Antifa from the root cause which is Zionist supremacy. Self defeating at best.

    • Agree: Arthur MacBride
  116. anonymous[589] • Disclaimer says:

    DEFACING a BLMANTIFA street sign is a HateCrime !!!…Burning the USA Flag is Freedom of Speech…In a conversation with college friend he told me that Cancel culture is OK…I told him (jokingly) that Christopher Columbus had African ancestry…then It would be Ok for the statues to remain up..!!!..Its unbelievable that Statues to Mass Murderes will be untouched but great men like Robert E. Lee will be demolished…dumbfounded..!!!

    • Thanks: R.C.
  117. @raga10

    Undoubtedly true but not exactly something to be proud of.

    What did Robert E. Lee do that was so shameful in your eyes? He was offered command of Union forces, and turned down the offer to fight on the side of his home state, not to defend slavery. If it’s war crimes you are after, Sherman and Grant offer much less to be proud of.

    I don’t know if you are from the South, or not, but a mistake that many non-Southerners make is believing that all Whites in the South love the old elites, whose paternalism often extended to their lower White cousins only when they wanted cannon fodder, protection, or later, votes, none of which excuses the aggression, exploitation and destruction of the North. Like R.E. Lee, most Southerners still mostly care about their families, homes and land, and caste.

    • Agree: mocissepvis
    • Replies: @raga10
    , @The_MasterWang
  118. @Francis Miville

    Agrawal is late to the party. The Zionazis in their anti-BDS frenzy have euthanised the First Amendment already, but no-one dare say so.

  119. @Badger Down

    NOT Tel Aviv. It is a great city with a rich architectural heritage. The Israelis just must be convinced, or ‘persuaded’ to act like human beings, not self-appointed ‘Gods Upon the Earth’. I think that China can do it. Otherwise we are all cactus.

  120. @raga10

    So that’s what, 2500 years of physical permanence to honor someone who urged us to renounce worldly things. Nice irony. Seems like tearing the statue down was just keeping him honest.

    On the other hand, it’s kinda hard to get that significance of history if you’re not allowed to persist. I can easily imagine someone in the 4th Century BC saying “what’s the big deal about tearing down the Buddha statue? It’s not like it’s the Anu Ziggurat or anything.”

    • Replies: @raga10
  121. TheMoon says:
    @Old and Grumpy

    As a based Millennial gal, I blame the mothers. Both parents, really (if both were around), but mainly the mothers. My mom taught me early how to survive as a woman in a degrading society, and taught me things at an age that would shock previous generations, but it was necessary. She taught me how feminism was a dead end, and feminity, wielded correctly, would attract the right man- things like that. And it worked. I’m happily married, two children, and we’re trying to make the third happen right now.

    My dad was brutally honest as well about the things guys would do just to get under my dress. I give him a lot of credit as well. Told him that at my wedding, and made him mist up. 🙂

  122. @Anon

    I suppose in an absolute sense you have a point. Just give up, huh? Abandon all they accomplished..

  123. GeneralRipper [AKA "Nemo me impune lacessit"] says:

    You are a scoundrel, a hypocrite and a liar, as well as an all-around piece of Leftist Yankee shit.

  124. TheMoon says:

    I’ve had that feeling since the election debacle, that if we know the name of someone in power, they are nowhere near the top of the pyramid. It’s people we know nothing about giving the orders, the prime movers, so to speak.

  125. Demolishing historic artefacts is “barbaric”, no question.

    Taliban vs US govt in competition for “Most Barbarous” ?
    Taliban would lose by a very long stretch.
    Unless you think that murdering millions around the world, wrecking their infrastructure, stealing their resources over more than a century isn’t “barbaric”.
    Still doing it today.

    “Jews Made Us Do It” doesn’t excuse a consistent pattern of violent aggression, piracy, deceit, destruction of weak/helpless nations, people who were not your enemies and posed no threat to USA or its citizens.

    Americans are right to grieve over destruction of statues, mandated by other Americans, cheered on by other Americans, and carried out by American companies.
    You will lose your entire country unless you dislodge your so-called “government”.

    • Replies: @mocissepvis
  126. raga10 says:

    What did Robert E. Lee do that was so shameful in your eyes?

    You misunderstand me – I don’t think Lee did anything wrong, but saying that you have more respect for Lee than for Buddha is like saying you have more respect for Lee than for Jesus. Lee was just another general; Buddha was much more than that.

  127. raga10 says:

    On the other hand, it’s kinda hard to get that significance of history if you’re not allowed to persist. I can easily imagine someone in the 4th Century BC saying “what’s the big deal about tearing down the Buddha statue? It’s not like it’s the Anu Ziggurat or anything.”

    Heh, I’ll give you that.

  128. @American Citizen

    Connect the final dot, Jared Taylor.

    You know fulfa king well that neither Jared nor any other professional scribbler who posts here regularly is ever going to do any such thing.

    I don’t why people even bring this up anymore. You might as well demand that the Congresscreature that “represents” you admit that it couldn’t care less if you dropped dead and that your interests are not even remotely a priority for it. You and it both know the truth of this, but Congresscreature isn’t going to bite the hands that feed it by admitting that truth, ever.

  129. GeneralRipper [AKA "Nemo me impune lacessit"] says:

    Jesus Christ is the Son of God.

    Buddha was a pacifist “sage”.

    Pacifism is a morally bankrupt belief.

  130. @raga10

    You misunderstand me – I don’t think Lee did anything wrong, but saying that you have more respect for Lee than for Buddha is like saying you have more respect for Lee than for Jesus. Lee was just another general; Buddha was much more than that.

    I see your point now. Few southerners would think much about the Buddha, but almost none would put Lee on the same level as Christ, and that goes especially for those who revere Lee.

  131. @Unit472

    Negroes will themselves acquire those mansions just as they did similar mansions on the North side of Richmo

    “Dem white foak made mah granmammy cleanz dis place, and now I dun OWNZ IT! Ain’t no white muthafuckah gonna make me cleanz NUTTIN! Fact I gonna burn dis ‘ere white peepoe’s house DOWN!”

  132. profnasty says:
    @Exalted Cyclops

    Can’t beat em, join em.
    Let’s melt down the Copper Pot C_nt in NY Harbor. Mold her into a giant Pig and place it astride the Wall Street Bull, ala sex.
    I’d pay a dollar to see that.

  133. SBaker says:

    Does she have a sister? Actually, I may have married her sister.

  134. SBaker says:
    @Priss Factor

    There is but a trace of difference between muslims and zionists–two sides of the same coin.

  135. @TKK


    Out got a 300 pound white female with a mullet, where the long part of it (the party in the back) was dyed purple. She waddled along wearing the strange small back packs they all wear.

    And you know that some Tyrone is putting the dark meat to that disgusting creature on a regular basis. Tyrone not only eats catfish, he is a catfish, consuming the bottom layer dregs of white estrogen that no self-respecting white male would go anywhere near.

    Think about how repulsive Keisha must be if Tyrone prefers Becky The Ballast Tank.

  136. S says:

    Check out my post archives.

    Here and there I’ve posted entries on the Civil War with an emphasis on ‘Bleeding’ Kansas, a place where in the latter half of the 1850’s guerilla armies privately financed by Northern industrialists and Southern planters fought for control of the territory, as a micro-cosm of the coming war. The entries are linked to original source materials.

    As an example of ‘nuance’, how many people know that the same Lawrence family of Massachusetts textile factory magnates which had financed Lawrence ‘Immigrant City’, Mass, had also mid 19th century financed the construction of it’s infamous sister city, the ‘abolition center’ of Lawrence, Kansas?

    The North, as exemplified by the Lawrence family, wished to force a recalcitrant South, where chattel slavery had become entrenched, to adopt wage slavery, ie specifically the so called ‘cheap labor’/’mass immigration’ system. The South wasn’t budging on the issue, and wasn’t going to be allowed by the United States to simply walk away either.

    Hence the war.

  137. Truth says:

    Amazingly, she weighs less than I do, doesn’t have any tattoos, doesn’t curse like a sailor, doesn’t hate white people, appreciates traditional America, can think rationally and calmly, demands liberty for herself and everyone, and is willing to do the very hard work of raising a large-ish number of children


    Well, hell; she ain’t a white person. All that is to be expected.

    • Replies: @GeneralRipper
  138. GeneralRipper [AKA "Nemo me impune lacessit"] says:

    Well, hell; she ain’t a white person. All that is to be expected.

    Says the down low Buckwheat who lives in a majority white city.


    • Replies: @Truth

    This gives the lie to the claim that the Democratic Party is run by Leftists. If the Democratic Party is far-left and if leftism is about equality & universality, how come super-blue Illinois targets businesses calling for equal justice for Palestinians? How come Illinois targets businesses that deal with Iran and businesses that won’t deal with Israel? The logic behind both is Jewish Supremacism, or “Is it good for Jewish Power?”
    Thus, in enabling Jewish Tribal Supremacism, the Democratic Party is really an ultra-right Zionist Party. And the GOP covets and competes for those ultra-right Jews because they are so rich and powerful.

    But Jews prefer to stay with the Democrats because they can launder their ultra-rightism as a kind of ‘progressivism’. Thus, Jewish supremacist gets bundled with the ‘progressive’ and ‘leftist’ platform of the Democratic Party.
    But then, what passes for ‘leftism’ these days? Mostly insisting that trannies are ‘women’ and celebrating privileged homos that work for the Deep State.

  140. @OilcanFloyd

    Shame on him for trusting that moron Pickett.

    • Replies: @Bombercommand
  141. Rich says:

    They are allies in the same cause. Same club, different beard.

  142. @Arthur MacBride

    You will lose your entire country unless you dislodge your so-called “government”.

    That’s true not just of the U S., but the entire western world right now. Unless ALL of the West dislodges the (((satanic Globalist usurpers))) that are holding it hostage, it’s all over for civilization. It’s probably already too late for the mongrelized You Ess, but Western Europe (or at least a fragment of it) stands a chance if it wakes up. Time is running out, though.

    • Agree: Arthur MacBride
  143. @anonymous

    No one who has carnal relations with little boys is going to any kind of Heaven when they die,towelie.

    “The former was unnecessary, while the latter is required for some closure.”

    Oh,they’re going to get some closure.

  144. @matzahballsgonewrong

    Well,you definitely are if you’re a jew. I don’t know so much about “I”.

  145. @The_MasterWang

    Pickett had no agency at Gettysburg. Pickett was a Division Commander, and a competent one, who reported to General Longstreet. Longstreet was Corps Commander who reported to General Lee. Longstreet refused to transmit Lee’s order to Pickett, but Pickett knew his orders having been at the war council. Pickett had no choice apart from resigning his commission on the spot. Had Lee listened to Longstreet there would have been no disaster at Gettysburg. Lee was out-generaled by Meade, plain and simple. Lee had no coherent operations plan aside pillaging the rich farms of Southern Pennsylvania, nothing wrong with that plan if Lee had had the sense to stick to it. Lee attacked at Gettysburg despite assuring President Davis in writing he would avoid contact with the enemy. The Confederacy had a superb position after inflicting devastating defeats on The United States at Fredericksburg and Chancellorsville and Lee turn that into garbage. Lee never explained his absurd failure at Gettysburg.

  146. Who runs ISIS? ISIS is ISrael. We know this for a fact because Bibi went to a hospital to love his fighters. ISIS is destroying rival religions to Judaism. You shall have no other gods but the Jewish god (which is really the Jews themselves).

    • Replies: @Mulga Mumblebrain
  147. Truth says:

    Oh, so Mexican-Americans are white now? Because they make up 54% of Albuquerque.

  148. @mark green

    A woman is born with her full complement of eggs. She will manufacture none during the course of her life. A man generates sperm continuously.

    A woman is what natural selection has built to encapsulate her clutch of eggs and the soft womb in which the egg finds a haven in which it is nourished and grows. Just as a man instinctively guards his balls, a woman guards her ovaries and womb.

    In an event that is utterly alien to men’s experience, a portion of a woman’s body is rendered unfit and sloughed off each month. She literally parts with a part of herself. A man experiences nothing to compare with this. It is beyond his ken.

    A woman is the creature who embodies these two processes. She is bifold, possessed of two natures. She builds up; she sloughs off. Her entire life is the struggle to deal with these two natures. They separate her and she, keeping them separate, maintains a dual life of two people who know each other but imperfectly.

    Not realizing that she is two people and not one, the typical single-minded male believes that a woman is downright duplicitous. He mistakenly thinks that she is careless of the Truth. whereas she is actually instinctively averse to any one single narrative–what she calls, “mansplaining”. A woman thinks nothing of denying what happened yesterday because what she may have done in her alter state is something for which she is not currently to be held responsible.

  149. Why does this piece compare Taliban barbarity with America’s? The Taliban barbarity doesn’t even come close. How many Americans have they killed outside Afghanistan? Or on the American mainland? How many countries have they invaded killing millions and totally destroying countries? Numbers please.

  150. anonymous[197] • Disclaimer says:
    @Fart Blossom

    The British bankers have never forgiven the South for losing the British banking war against the United States of America in 1865.. British bankers shot Lincoln, because he had discovered how to issue money without the private bankers; they shot McKinley too.. It took the British bankers until 1909 to regain control in Congress, by 1913, they had amended the Article I, Section 9, paragraph 4 of the constitution to read exactly the opposite of its original constitutional intention.


    Originally the constitution denied Federal government the power to directly taxes the USA governed people in America. The bankers had to change that in order to use the incomes of the American people as collateral for the war time loans that would be made to fight in Europe to defeat the rising and well off German People.

    The reason for the amendment was to make sure American tax payer income production would find its way to pay off the loans the fed would make to the governments in Europe cause these European nations were broke and not likely to repay anybody anything, plus they needed money to rebuild Europe after it was destroyed. . American income taxes were used as Collateral to finance the bank loans that financially broke European nations used as a source of funds to conduct the massive war designed to take Germany from the Germans, to take the Oil from the Ottoman Arabs and to take ownership and possession of all of the oil beneath the earth and sea.

    Bankers would make loans to defunct national leaders in Europe, as long as the leaders would force those they governed to suffer a war against Germany and as long as the leaders would agree to help the oil companies get possession of the oil beneath the Ottoman empire. Those years from 1850 to 1950 were corporate capitalist take over and own everything years. The corporations controlled nearly every European and every American continent nation state in the western world. The capitalist were no longer able to maintain their profits by slavery, but they were not about to give up their profits on industry and technology to the Germans, the Russians, or the Ottoman; the oil beneath the middle east could produce much greater profits than slavery working in colonies; now oil is being challenged everywhere, by nation states that have large oil beneath their surface, and by hydroelectric power, by solar power, and by wind power. so moving on..

    After WWI the bankers and their corporations owned the oil under the Ottoman empire, owned Germany and by 1917 they owned Russia too.

    its important now to wipe the evidence that can convict crimes against humanity by these companies, bankers, politicians, and wealthy capitalist that brought these take overs about. They are using proxies who will someday be wasted too, but for now the proxies are the glorious few.

    the bankers and corporations have moved from whaling for oil, to slave staffed colonies to produce and sell cotton and tobacco, to ownership and control of the worlds supplies of petroleum oil and now have moved to use governments to market their Big Pharma products. No one trusted them when the British controlled America, no one trusted them with they wrote the constitution, no one trusted them when they killed Lincoln, no one trusted them when they did 9/11, and no one trusted them when they did Covid.. no wonder they want the icons that can evidence their deeds removed from plain sight..

    Private unregulated capitalism always leads to powerful organized criminal organizations. The state that does not regulate the markets and keep monopoly powers out of the market place, is no match for the massive large, power organizations that develop over time.

  151. Malla says:
    Not as Old as You Think
    nor very Hindu either. There is telling evidence to debunk this nationalistic myth. (Yoga)


    “Moreover, what HAF calls the “rape of yoga”, referring to the separation of asanas from their spiritual underpinning, did not start in the supposedly decadent West; it began, in fact, in the akharas and gymnasiums of 19th and 20th century India run by Indian nationalists seeking to counter Western images of effete Indians. It is in this nationalistic phase that hatha yoga took on many elements of Western gymnastics and body-building, which show up in the world-renowned Iyengar and Ashtanga Vinyasa schools of yoga. Far from honestly acknowledging the Western contributions to modern yoga, we Indians simply brand all yoga as ‘Vedic,’ a smug claim that has no intellectual integrity.”
    Fact check: Yoga as we know it was invented less than 100 years ago Scroll India

    “While Hatha Yoga languished in obscurity, the culture of western physical education gained popularity in India in the early decades of the twentieth century. Maharaja Krisharaja Wodiyar IV was an enthusiast of gymnastics and body building, but also had regard for traditional Indian forms of exercise. He hired Tirumalai Krishnamacharya to set up a yogashala within the Jaganmohan palace in Mysore, and it was here that modern yoga developed, as a synthesis of established yogic asanas, physical exercises traditionally performed in akharas and vyayamshalas, and European calisthenics and gymnastics.

    “The reality is that postural yoga, as we know it in the 21st century, is neither eternal nor synonymous with the Vedas or Yoga Sutras. On the contrary, modern yoga was born in the late 19th/early 20th centuries. It is a child of the Hindu Renaissance and Indian nationalism, in which Western ideas about science, evolution, eugenics, health and physical fitness played as crucial a role as the ‘mother tradition’. In the massive, multi-level hybridisation that took place during this period, the spiritual aspects of yoga and tantra were rationalised, largely along the theosophical ideas of ‘spiritual science,’ introduced to India by the US-origin, India-based Theosophical Society, and internalised by Swami Vivekananda, who led the yoga renaissance.

    In turn, the physical aspects of yoga were hybridised with drills, gymnastics and body-building techniques borrowed from Sweden, Denmark, England, the United States and other Western countries.

  152. Malla says:

    Truthie, yoga was a mix, so you are correct too. From a Christian perspective, it may be heathen (false gods). Beware!!

    • Replies: @Truth
  153. Sanjay says:

    As I understand it, if Europeans no longer possess the innate instincts for ethnic preservation, then intellectual arguments for it, which Jared Taylor specializes in, is not going to change their minds or get them to fight to the death “for the greater glory” of the race. Europeans have lost their innate Ethnocentrism, Religiosity, high In-Group Altruism, and Fearlessness/Positivity/Emotional Stability – all the result of 250 years of dysgenics and mutational load. Basically, it should not be so hard to convince European individuals to fight fearlessly and vigilantly for self-preservation – evolution would not select for brains that were so resistant to it. Thus, this means that modern Europeans’ very genes for Group Selectedness has changed to Individual Selectedness, rendering any intellectual arguments by Jared Taylor as futile. Mr. Taylor can put together all the statistics he wants, but most Europeans won’t even want to take a short break from their recreation activities to even read it, let alone fight to death for their race’s survival and “glory.” When things get bad enough, most Europeans will simply choose suicide via gunshot, drug overdose, jumping off a building, etc. The only thing that can help Europeans is the reimposition of harsh Darwinian Selection. We just have to wait for Western civilization to collapse and let nature re-mold a genetically healthy European population. This is my understanding, based on the research of Dr. Woodley of Menie.

    • Replies: @Robert Dolan
    , @Anonymous
  154. @Sanjay

    Some people WILL listen….but you have to be persistent and not take it personally when they give you a hard time.

    You have to understand that they have jewbrain.

    They have YEARS of brainwashing to overcome before they can SEE.

    I have friends that have come around but it was difficult. In fact, I’ve been told to STFU with the politics…..but then eventually….if the person has any intellectual curiosity……they will see that you are speaking the truth.

    Also (and this is my personal experience) my Protestant friends have been redpilled….but the Catholics are a lost cause. I can’t explain it. The Catholics seem to have some sort of inborn shitlib gene.

    You never know. It’s weird……I just looked up my ex wife and discovered that she’s a Republican now….and the bitch was literally a crazy dyed haired liberal when I divorced her.

    People naturally lean more to the right as they age and gain wisdom.

    And I have a theory as to why whites don’t fight back…..I think the jew wars might have wiped out a majority of our alpha males. WWI and II, Vietnam, Korea, Iraq…..many of our fighting men were slaughtered in defending the interests of the small hats.

    Add demoralization, opioid abuse, alcohol, porn, the demonization of whites….and now covid communism……our people have been systematically destroyed.

    • Replies: @Truth
  155. anon[193] • Disclaimer says:
    @American Citizen

    Why do people constantly spam these “name the Jew” posts under every JT post? Yes, he knows, everyone knows, yes of course. Doing this on every one of his posts thus far hasn’t made him come out and start screaming kike yet; maybe when you spam his next article with this whiny twaddle you’ll finally break him!

    Can’t you offer even a token comment on the topic at hand? “Name the jew! Name the Jew!” – is that all you’ve got? Can’t even tie it in with something relavent to thread?

    Fine, one day he does it, he gets behind the paywall and takes over hosting The Young Hwytes (sorry nike, but only enough room for one hwyte in the new order). Then what, you entitled retard? What worthless contributions will you then make? Just friggin’ silence?

    Why not start now and save room in the comments for people smart enough to proffer thoughtful dialogue.

  156. A woman thinks nothing of denying what happened yesterday because what she may have done in her alter state is something for which she is not currently to be held responsible.

    Then should they really be allowed to vote or serve on juries?

  157. Anonymous[313] • Disclaimer says:

    Best to start where the Church (with the help of kings) deliberately destroyed kinship groups and tribes of Europe as a systematic attempt to undermine rival power centers.

    The power of the clans was being destroyed one marriage at a time. What followed was one of the greatest social transformations in European history: Western Europeans stopped thinking of themselves as kinsmen and started thinking of themselves as neighbors.

    The medieval church instituted marriage laws and practices that undermined large kinship groups. From as early as the fourth century, it discouraged practices that enlarged the family, such as adoption, polygamy, concubinage, divorce, and remarriage. It severely prohibited marriages among individuals of the same blood (consanguineous marriages), which had constituted a means to create and maintain kinship groups throughout history.

    It may be as you say, it could potentially be impossible to undo centuries of deliberate social engineering this late in the stage.

  158. Hello Mehool Bhai here,

    There is a lot of anti-Hindu racism in entire world, we know it. No mention of the barbaric destruction of Indian civilization and our temples by Muslim barbaric foreign invader monkey evils. Not one mention in this article. Only Buddhas, what about us Hindus and destruction of our ancient heritage by the Muslim invader evils???


    Top 10 Hindu Temples Destroyed by Muslim Invaders and Built Mosques

    Muslim evils still doing same even today.

    Muslim Subhuman Monkey Demon Mob Destroys Sacred Hindu Temple in Pakistan in 2021!!

    The truth is British-thief supported Muslim-evils and Marxist-evils against us innocent kind Hindus. When we Hindus boycott British-thief goods during Independence struggle, why Muslim-evil shopkeepers openly sell British-thief goods? Goods made in England that us Hindu Independence Struggle people boycott. There was obviously a secret alliance in between British-thief and Muslim-evils, behind scenes. Our Independence struggling Hindu youth burn down their shops, bash the Muslim subhumans and make those Muslim evils who sold British-thief products, destitute. It was good thing we did in the 1920s-30s. We enjoy very much. Muslims are natural traitors.
    British evils never took our warning about Muslim-evils and Marxist-evils, they support these against us Hindus. Now these two evils attack White man, now White man cry. Jaise karni, waise bharni—saying in our India. Reap what you sow. White man, you bred demons (Muslim-demons and marxist-demons), now demons turn against you. Hahahaha You Western Whitey via NGOs etc… wanted to harm India by supporting Muslim terrorists and Marxist anti-national traitors, now you are burn, India becomes more Nationalist and strong. Hahahaha
    ———Mehool Bhai from India.

    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
  159. Truth says:
    @Robert Dolan

    Bobby, I… I didn’t know you was Married.

    You seem like one of them white Kats who been livin’ in the basement of the house his Pops left him when he died, throwing shit at the TV, for 30 years.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  160. Anonymous[578] • Disclaimer says:

    That seems a little below the belt, wouldn’t you say?

    • Replies: @Truth
  161. Truth says:

    I meant Bob Dole no offense, that is just how he presents himself through his posts; a guy who has not had a good day since he was awarded Second Cello Chair by Dr. Whipplebottomin the 10th grade orchestra in 1978.

  162. Anonymous[355] • Disclaimer says:

    Hmmm, well I guess I just expected a little better from you (since it seemed unprovoked). I don’t necessarily expect better from many others around here.

    • Replies: @Truth
  163. Anonymous[355] • Disclaimer says:

    Hilarious! The Hindu nationalist comes out here whining about racism against “innocent” and “kind” Hindus and then follows it up with – hahahaha, burn whitey, burn!

    Why don’t you explain why you innocent, kind guys are using forced low-caste laborers (from your own religion) to build massive temples across the country?
    A prominent Hindu sect that operates a New Jersey temple raided by federal authorities earlier this year is facing new accusations that it forced hundreds of low-caste workers to labor at worship sites across the United States under dangerous conditions for little pay.

    At the Robbinsville temple and elsewhere, the defendants intentionally caused the workers to reasonably believe that if they tried to leave their work and the temple compounds, they would suffer physical restraint and serious harm.

    If that’s what you guys do to your own kind, what are you planning to do with lower class whites if you ever get the upper hand?

    • Agree: Justrambling
    • Replies: @Mehool Mehta
  164. Truth says:

    Well thank you, Sir. I will try to increase the standard of my output.

  165. Gugwee says:
    @Patrick in SC

    I am a woman, but I have little confidence anymore in the ability of most women to behave as responsible adults. I’ve just seen to many sluts and mindless followers over the last thirty years. I have my complaints about men too, but women are always the first ones to fall for foolish and destructive movements, political or otherwise. Not to mention falling for destructive men leading to the ruin of their lives and their children’s lives. The Manson girls happily plunged their knives into people who, just a few years earlier, could have been their neighbors. I’m afraid some of the current crop of young females will be doing the same before long. I hate to say this, but to have a strong society, you need to keep most women on a short leash. Most women really shouldn’t be doing anything but caring for their husband and children in the home. A truly intelligent, responsible woman will be able to succeed regardless of the restrictions of traditional society. A few years ago Google devoted their daily Google Doodles to female scientists, mathematicians, and other notables. One thing I noticed was that almost all of these women had their accomplishments well before the women’s rights movement of the 20th century. The cream usually rises to the top. The sludge needs to be kept at the bottom and not stirred up.

    • Agree: Vinnyvette
  166. @R.C.

    Impressive inventory of destroyed monuments by ignorant zealots, of whatever persuasion, religious or ideological. But a glaring omission is details of American military personnel’s theft of Iraqi priceless artifacts of immense historical import and belonging to all humanity. Yet it was Iraqis, both Christian and Muslim that had preserved that heritage through the ages. This is not to exclude the likelihood that some Iraqis had a hand in the theft. But all said and done, the occupying power did nothing to prevent that. The ignorance of America’s military personnel can surely be not too different from the Taliban version, one occasioned by destructive religious fanaticism, the other by pure unadulterated greed.

  167. @Truth

    I admired Dole for his pithy quip, regarding Reagan-‘ Ronny doesn’t die his hair-he bleaches his face’.

    • LOL: Truth
  168. @Yukon Jack

    ISIS= Israeli Secret Intelligence Service (MI6 is the SIS) ie MOSSAD. Who ever heard of ‘al-Sham’ before this dirty farce?

  169. Malla says:

    Yup. That is correct. If some Christian bro or sister would want benefits of yoga without false gods and all that, they could look at the original Ling exercises. Yoga as we know it today is just Hinduised Ling exercises of Pehr Henrik Ling.

    • Thanks: Truth
  170. Exile says:
    @Pat Kittle

    Jared Taylor doesn’t run interference for Jews or go out of his way to criticize anti-Semites (unlike second-tier guys like RamZPaul). I won’t leave my lane to criticize him. He’s done good work on Black-White stuff for many years.

    As for Ron Unz, he walks the talk on freedom of expression/best arguments win the debate. That’s all we need.

    • Agree: mark green
    • Thanks:
  171. @Mehool Mehta

    Save it for someone who gives a rat’s ass. I sure don’t.

  172. @Anonymous

    Mehool Bhai here
    In our Hinduism caste is not determined by birth but by actions. This caste by birth is because of Muslim-evil rule and British-thief rule. They introduce this dirty behaviour in our society.
    Your Western governments via NGOs like Ford Foundation have been helping anti-India Marxist-vermins and their evil forces against our nation. During British-thief rule, Brutish help the Muslim pig demons against us Hindus and then they both divide our country and create bastard country of Porkistan. So West have helped Marxist-vermin and Muslim-demon. Now these Marxist-demon and Muslim-vermin pets bite their Western masters. That is why we rejoice.
    When the Muslims take over your Europe, you guys can enjoy Dhimmi status as second class citizens as Kaffir subhuman lowlifes, we Hindus have suffered this fate for 800 years. Our ancestors were spit in the mouth, raped, looted, our civilization destroyed. You guys can enjoy this now as you love your Muslim-demon pets.
    You guys cannot imagine the pain of us 1 billion Hindus, pain in our hearts because of thses Muslim demon monkeys.
    ——Mehool Bhai.

    • Troll: Mulga Mumblebrain
    • Replies: @Anonymous
  173. @Getaclue

    So true.I was in school in the late 70ies,when Feminism started.The girls that were considered pretty,couldnt care less about it,while the unbeautiful saw their chance to get attention.This has led to many millions of horrible relationships between clueless,bossy women and men that behave like dogs.

  174. Truth says:

    At the “A Christmas Carol” play I took my mother to that was ruined by blacks, when we were parking, there was a newer Prius with a huge BLACK LIVES MATTER sticker on its bumper.

    Out got a 300 pound white female with a mullet…

    LMAO! Damn Hymie, does your boss in Tel Aviv make you shoehorn a mention of blacks into every post, no matter how inconguous?

  175. Anonymous[182] • Disclaimer says:
    @Mehool Mehta

    This is complete nonsense. You think anyone believes you when you try to blame the caste system on Muslims and Brits? I know you Hindu nationalists are butthurt but this is beyond stupid. And if you are rejoicing at the misfortune of others don’t come here looking for understanding or sympathy. Go ahead and rejoice and the West will rejoice whenever China kicks out your teeth (if you don’t first kick out the teeth of your lower castes first and have them turn on you).

    The stupidity of your claim that you learned caste behavior from others is incredible. Anyone who looks for how you treat lower castes in India easily sees how Dalits actually convert to other religions in protest.

    And then people like you bring it into our lands and break our labor laws which whites spent blood and effort to gain. And you couldn’t keep that crap at home, now we have to potentially deal with that nonsense in our own labor laws.

    The report on the survey’s results said that two-thirds of members of the lowest caste, called Dalits, said they have faced workplace discrimination due to their caste. Forty-one percent have experienced discrimination in education because of it. And a quarter of Dalits say they’ve faced physical assault — all in the United States.

    In 2016, the nonprofit conducted a survey of 1,500 South Asians in the United States and found that 1 in 3 Dalit students surveyed reported being discriminated against during their education in the U.S. and 2 out of 3 Dalits said they had been treated unfairly at their workplace in the U.S.

    Using pigs, demons, monkeys in every other sentence may be how you argue your case in India, but it just makes you sound even more foolish here. Let’s see if it helps win any legal cases in the US.

    Keep your nonsense and your white-hating self in India. If you want to burn down the Taj Mahal or British-era buildings to assuage your butthurt over being ruled by Muslims and whites, go for it – you’re just like the leftists who want to tear down statues of “conquering whites”. You just think your unique butthurt entitles you to sympathy from the same people you publicly despise – grow up.

  176. Sanjay says:

    Again, Dr. Woodley of Menie has theorized that because Europeans have genetically deteriorated, instead of fighting to death for the ethnic glory of future generations, they will choose suicide when things get bad enough. To give you an idea of how genetically depressed/neurotic Europeans have become, here is the world’s leading internet forum for Europeans to profess their extreme neuroticism and desire and method of suicide: xxx
    This suicide forum is the future of Europeans. Perhaps Mr. Taylor should change his strategy.

  177. Anonymous[182] • Disclaimer says:

    Does Woodley talk about the weird loss of sperm count in recent years and how this my all be related?

  178. @Sanjay

    ‘Ethnic glory’ is stomach-churning.

  179. @Anon

    Let us suppose, your Jewish conspiracy theories are right (which I am not sure of)
    4racism DOT org/jewish-conspiracy.html

    Jared Taylor chose to fight for race realism (which is 100 percent correct and right)
    and leave the safer spaces of Ann Coulter, Ben Shapiro, etc

    But does not want to become Pariah like David Duke (which I respect but who is totally unacceptable to the “normal” people)

    not to mention becoming the level of the Daily Stormer

    That is Jared Taylor’s sensible decision, and we should respect that. An analysis is here

  180. @Getaclue

    A lot of rabid Leftist girls and Antifa girls are attractively slim or outright anorexic. I don’t see many ugly fat Leftist girls.
    After all, almost all girls in elite colleges are Leftist indoctrinated.

  181. anon[390] • Disclaimer says:

    Gliding across the Northern Atlantic before descending into Fagradalsfjall [is something that wouldn’t cross any of their minds] :

    • Replies: @Sanjay
  182. lydia says:

    Orwell worked for the OSS so he knew the game plan. The reason why it continued to be published and required reading in schools possibly was a kind of predictive programming.

    I think Orwell was honest, he wrote a non-fiction article furious at his fellow socialists for calling on him to cover up, not mention Stalin’s crimes because of the truly oppressed miners and others, but Orwell did not buy that excuse tho he remained a socialist and wrote Animal Farm.

    LifeSitesNews is helping Jason and Vulnerable People Project – He seems to be honest and I trust Jason more than Glenn Beck.

    URGENT: Christians fleeing Taliban in Afghanistan still need help
    3,574 views Dec 6, 2021

    The John-Henry Westen Channel
    86.1K subscribers

    Christians in Afghanistan are facing a winter of extreme hardship as the constant threat of Taliban attacks is compounded by freezing temperatures and food shortages.

    Jason Jones’ Vulnerable People Project have now arranged to provide Afghan families with safe-houses, food, coal and wood if the charity can raise urgently needed funds.
    The Taliban mayor of Kabul currently was in Guantanamo Bay for 12 years and tortured and mind-controlled into being a puppet for ?????

  183. SBaker says:

    What white man would be attracted to a 300 sow, or the average african woman for that matter. You might remember the old joke: What is the difference between black p….y and a bowling ball? you could eat a bowling ball if U had to. A disgusting thought indeed.

  184. SBaker says:

    Although my ancestors fought for the union, Robert E Lee was an honorable man that graduated 2nd in his class at The Point. Buddha was a bit of a hustler often looking for handouts to sustain himself while wandering about the countryside.

  185. Sanjay says:

    Thank you for making me aware of this link. Leave it to a European to take something as negative as suicide and turn it into a Spiritual and adventurous event of going out via diving into an awesome erupting volcano, staring God right in the eyes on the way to the next life. Well done!

    The best I personally thought of was sky-diving without a parachute.

  186. anon[424] • Disclaimer says:

    Craig Whiteside of the U.S. Naval War College dubbed, “the Great Prison Release of 2009.” 5,700 detainees were released from Bucca that year and Whiteside writes that, “An unknown number of these men were destined to return to ISI [Islamic State of Iraq], to execute operations as part of cells assembled during their time in Bucca.” Whiteside, himself a former US army infantry officer and Iraq war veteran, was puzzled by the release plan.

    Whiteside notes further that, “The United States is often unjustly blamed for many things that are wrong in this world, but the revitalization of ISIL [ISIS] and its incubation in our own Camp Bucca is something that Americans truly own…The Iraqi government has many enemies, and the United States helped put many of them out on the street in 2009. Why?”
    The danger of such a policy was immediately apparent to Iraqi officials and was quickly reported by then Washington Post

    local police chief about the nature of the released detainees, who replied, “These men weren’t planting flowers in a garden. They weren’t strolling down the street,” when they were detained. The police chief admitted to being overwhelmed by the return of hundreds of former Bucca inmates to the area while estimating that 90% would return to the fight. The deputy police chief in Garma noted that the one-time driver of al-Zarqawi was among those who had been released and had already carried out a car bomb attack that had killed 15. An Iraqi ministry of interior official further told Shadid that “Al-Qaeda is preparing itself for the departure of the Americans. And they want to stage a revolution.”

    America itself has destroyed and looted artifacts. Fishing in the troubled waters ,Zionist made fortunes form Iraqi artifacts . USA allowed ISIS to be born in Camp Bucca and and then sent them to Syria and parts of Iraq .

    Taliban was pissed off when it made many suggestions at UN and to western countries including opium cultivation, terrorism , and protection of historic sites in exchange for aid ,recognition and diplomacy but ignored . I think it was Japan who insisted on proving money as aid but only for the protection of the statue. that provoked Taliban to demolish the statue .

  187. barr says:

    ISIS is us

    7 – “I’ve been saying this for a long time,” al-Ahmed told me. “People that think that these organizations; al-Qaeda, ISIS, are organic, non-state-backed organizations are either lying or are completely stupid. The fact that ISIS had all these American weapons, they didn’t come from thin air. This was part of a plan. The same thing with al-Qaeda; the fact that this organization which has been attacked all over the world continues to survive 20 years on, and spread, it’s not by accident. It’s done by security and intelligence organizations in Washington, D.C. and in Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the UAE, and by Ali Abdullah Saleh.”

    8-TUESDAY, MAR 23, 2021 – 06:50 PM
Authored by Alexander Rubinstein via,
Explosive new recordings released by the Houthi government of Yemen pile more earth atop mountains of existing evidence of the US government’s support for the very same terrorists it has claimed to be waging war against for nearly two decades.
The Moral Guidance Department, a branch of the Yemeni Armed Forces of the revolutionary Houthi government of Yemen published last week a number of secret documents and phone calls from the former regime of longtime president Ali Abdullah Saleh



    4 West and NATO in particular had been primary drivers of results in Libya — and that the West had helped animate and move affairs in Egypt.  Udall provocatively added Syria to that list as well.–




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