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NSF Funds Shamelessly Fraudulent Science
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Your money pays for incoherent, anti-white mush.

Video Link

This video is available on Rumble, BitChute, and Odysee.

As you have probably heard, the hard sciences are full of “white supremacy.” I have always wondered how math and physics could be racist, and thanks to a half-million dollar grant from the National Science Foundation, now we know. As the authors of a seminal paper report, they have “made whiteness visible.”

The paper is called “Observing whiteness in introductory physics: A case study,” and it’s in a peer-reviewed journal called Physical Review Physics Education Research.

Let’s start with what the authors call their “positionalities.” Amy D. Robertson says she is “a chronically ill and disabled, physics-Ph.D.-holding, thin wealthy white woman.”

Here she is, research professor of physics at Seattle Pacific University.

She adds that as part of the “hegemony of whiteness” in which she plays a reluctant part, her own whiteness was long invisible to her, but she is now “waking up to the world as it is, with gratitude for the support of Friends, Scholars, and Activists of Color.”

So, she’s a newbie in all this, but she’s got the zeal of a convert, and “sees this paper as one piece of her effort to join the collective struggle for liberation from white supremacy.”

Her co-author, Tali Hairston, works for the Seattle Presbytery as Director of Community Organizing, Advocacy, and Development.

The presbytery covers 48 churches in the area and admits, right on its home page, that “our houses of worship are located on the ancestral lands of the Duwamish and Salish peoples” and that it is committed to “dismantling structural racism.”

Mr. Hairston’s “positionality” is such that he “identifies with the larger historical narrative of pre-enslavement and precolonial African rootedness.”

Arabs started raiding black Africa for slaves in the 8th century, so the “historical narrative of pre-enslavement” is thin.

But even more important, “for this project Hairston brings forward equity in education that is not centered in white normativity.”

Unlike Prof. Robertson, he was born with a gift for unmasking whiteness.

The authors explain that they capitalize black, Hispanic, and person of color, but they don’t capitalize white because it “is a socially constructed category that was created for the purposes of dominance and exclusion.”

The very first sentence of the paper is this: “Critical Race Theory names that racism and white supremacy are endemic to all aspects of U.S. society, from employment to schooling to the law.”

This is not a hypothesis; it is an axiom.

So, how does this study unmask white supremacy right in a college classroom? First, the authors get off to a strange start: “We define whiteness in the following way: Within whiteness, organization of social life is in terms of a center and margins that are based on dominance [and] control.”

If you have a center that dominates the margins, you have white supremacy? The authors even admit: “Notably, this definition does not require actors be white in order to participate in whiteness.”

That, to me, says, “trouble ahead,” but it leads to a flow chart that explains, in their words, “how multiple forms of oppression are related, and how these lead to multiple forms of harm.”

Apparently, it all starts with colonialism, before which everyone was happy. Remember: all this is taken for granted before we see even a lick of data.

For the study, these scientists “video recorded four consecutive days of instruction” of a college physics course. Out of the four days, they chose just one six-and-a-half minute snippet to analyze, presumably the six and a half minutes of the most visible, pernicious whiteness.

The class in the video was taught by a mixed-race, half-white woman who gave an assignment to three students: a Middle-Eastern man, a white woman, and a Hispanic woman, who have to solve a physics problem. The paper has still images from the video of what happened, along with bits of dialogue – some of them inaudible – that caught white supremacy red handed.

After the students hear the assignment, the Middle-Eastern man picks up a marker and starts solving the problem on the white board. The two women ask a few questions and make a few comments, but the Middle-Easterner solves the problem to the satisfaction of all three students. They go back to their seats and the biracial teacher asks the group to explain the solution. The Middle-Easterner raises his hand, and the Hispanic woman then gestures to him as the best person to explain.

Where’s the white supremacy? In several places. The four and a half minutes were centered on the Middle-Easterner’s getting the right answer, and getting the right answer is white supremacy. Why is that? It ignores “ways of knowing that have not historically been recognized by physics (e.g., Eastern and Indigenous ways of knowing).”

And that is white supremacy because “enforcing a social organization with a (consistent) center and margins is epistemicide[45], or ‘the extermination of knowledge and ways of knowing’.”

Epistemicide, no less!

Using the whiteboard is white supremacy because “with white organizational culture, . . . ideas and experiences gain value (become more central) when written down.”

The fact that whiteboards are white is apparently not white supremacy.

But there’s more. The Middle-Easterner made a couple of little notations on the board after a comment or two from the women, but you wouldn’t know that from looking at the words. What he wrote is therefor ahistorical. And you know that means: “Ahistoricity supports revisionist versions of history that fuel white racial ideologies, by centering white perspectives on historical events [and] downplaying white violence, disconnecting current racial violence and trauma from its long history.”

All that wickedness was hiding right there on the whiteboard, but these two crack scientists laid it bare.

Now, if you think that all we see in these six and a half minutes is that the man who knew the solution took over and the women followed his lead, these scientists have refuted you in advance. They say you are “engaging in bad-faith argumentation.”

The scientists spent part of their half million dollars interviewing the people in this drama. They report that the Hispanic woman, whom they call Paris, wasn’t at all bothered by what happened. She said she likes it when people who know the answer speak up and explain how they got it: “In fact, Paris appreciates the centering of these students, which helps her to get the right answer, the thing that has been ascribed value by whiteness, over and above other things.”

She is an unwitting victim and accomplice of white supremacy.

The scientists also interviewed the Middle-Easterner who was viciously “centering” himself and they interviewed the white woman student who, despite basking in white privilege all her life, was the most marginalized person of all. But they don’t tell us a thing they said. Maybe they said the whole paper was hogwash.

Which, of course it was. I can imagine an identical little game of center-and-margin in a class full of Ethiopians. Or even 1,000 years ago, when a band of Kalahari bushmen – who had never even heard of white people – got lost in the desert, and the guy who had the best idea of where to go drew a map on the ground with a stick to explain why it was better to go left rather than right.

I guess that was white supremacy in blackface.

This whole, idiotic, \$500,000 paper boils down to one idea: Getting the right answer is white supremacy, and not considering Eastern or indigenous “ways of knowing” is “epistemicide.” I am quite sure that Easterners themselves – Chinese and Japanese – don’t give two hoots what Confucius ever said about thermodynamics.

But these fools? At the end of their paper, they write: “Scholars, Teachers, and Activists of Color – note the reverential upper case – have been dreaming and creating for ages, and have invited us to join the movement for collective liberation. We want to dream together, with you, toward physics teaching and learning as a ‘world where many worlds are possible.’ ”

No, no, and no. The Chinese want to get to the moon. Build a better virus. They must be goggle-eyed with amazement at this rubbish.

And remember: This was funded by a National Science Foundation grant for \$513,283.

That’s tax money. It was published in a peer-reviewed journal, which means the reviewers were all equally crazy. If this was all the white supremacy they could find with half a million dollars there isn’t any there, and they should shut up about it. And everyone involved in making this grant and spending the money should be fired. But, I’m sure, next time they will spend a full million hunting for white supremacy because, you see, they know it’s there.

According to Research Professor Amy Robertson’s CV, she has been principal investigator or co-principal investigator for six grants, totaling \$2,296,000, and all but \$2,000 of that was from the National Science Foundation.

Your money. I’m sure there’ll be more.

Just for fun, I sent email to the scientists who wrote this mush, politely asking if they spent the full half-million on this and if not, what they would spend the rest on. Amy didn’t reply, but Tali wrote back to say he wasn’t telling. I wrote to say that his LinkedIn page says, “Since 2018, we have co-led the strategy assessment and community engagement of King County’s Puget Sound Taxpayers Accountability Account.”

I said I was a taxpayer who wanted accountability. He wrote back: “I won’t entertain this obvious demonstration of privilege anymore.” I told you: He was born with the power to unmask whiteness.

But what an embarrassment. If Republicans ever control Congress will they look into this craziness? The National Science Foundation, like every piece of government, is under orders to “eliminate barriers to equity in program delivery.”

Amy and Tali are certainly not studying superconductivity or gamma ray imaging, but NSF can brag that it splashed out half a million to a thin, chronically sick white female and a bona fide person of color. It got a compost heap in return, but “equity” is being achieved.

This will continue until we stop it or the whole system comes crashing down. It can’t happen soon enough.

(Republished from American Renaissance by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Race/Ethnicity, Science • Tags: Academia, Political Correctness 
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  1. Franz says:

    Amy D. Robertson is the Greta Thunberg of college gals. Sick and proud of it.

    What was a deferment is now an endorsement.

  2. Realist says:

    The abject stupidity in this country is destroying it.

    Robertson is a perfect example of the damage done when standards are lowered to accommodate social justice idiocy. After the initial lowering of standards, the mistake perpetuates itself.

    If merit was the only requirement for admittance to STEM programs Robertson would not be a problem, because she would not have a degree in anything.

    If Republicans ever control Congress will they look into this craziness?

    LOL there is not a goddamn chance in hell Republicans will look into this craziness or any other craziness. Looking into is not what is called for here…elimination is what is called for.

    Merit was very much alive when I earned my degree decades ago.

    • Agree: fish, InnerCynic
    • Replies: @Paintersforms
    , @Bubba
  3. Well, if you’re intellectually in way over your head, pile on the psychobabble.

    No wonder these belligerent Negroes resent East Asians, who climb over the insurmountable barrier of “white privilege” to outperform Whites in “white physics.”

    If (((media shysters))) weren’t relentlessly pushing the Great Replacement, (((they))) could put all this in perspective real quick.

    • Agree: Realist, mark green
    • Replies: @Polistra
    , @loveshumanity
  4. mike99588 says:

    …, it all starts with colonialism, before which everyone was happy.

    Can’t study physics on an empty stomach, so before Head Start here in America, and before European colonization and interference, natives often had their own self help nutrition programs…

    yester years’ Happy Meals
    “Scholars” will deny the veracity or execuse it, but there was cannabalism in parts of North America and more so, Africa, documented in the 16th-19th centuries.

    • Replies: @Triggerhorse
  5. saggy says: • Website

    sponsored by the Americal Physics Society, which is huge …

    About APS
    The American Physical Society (APS) is a nonprofit membership organization working to advance and diffuse the knowledge of physics through its outstanding research journals, scientific meetings, and education, outreach, advocacy, and international activities. APS represents more than 50,000 members, including physicists in academia, national laboratories, and industry in the United States and throughout the world.

  6. Alrenous says: • Website

    “Racism” is merely a bespoke term for heresy. The religion is Egalitarianism, which is Envy worship.

    Math reveals differences between people. The ones that are bad at math become envious.

    In NeoChristianity, feeling Envy isn’t the sin, violently expressing Envy certainly isn’t the sin, inspiring Envy is the sin. And you call it racism. So yeah, math is super racist.

    NSF “nationalized” science. In other words, it’s Communist science. (Speaking of envy…) Try not to be surprised when Communist science lives up to the high quality standards that Communism is known for.

    • Thanks: Sarah
    • Replies: @Passing By
    , @Joe Paluka
  7. Polistra says:
    @Pat Kittle

    Well, if you’re intellectually in way over your head, pile on the psychobabble.

    Realizing that they haven’t a hope in hell of ever being able to solve for ‘x’ they simply announce that solving for ‘x’ is white supremacist. Done!

    As these know-nothings (from a college no one’s ever heard of) demonstrate, the lunacy has penetrated every level of the so-called educational enterprise, from the ivy league all the way down. And today’s lunacy is tomorrow’s orthodoxy. We’re almost there.

  8. @Pat Kittle

    Most of math is pretty white. All the important theorems in math are called “X’s theorem” where X is usually a European name. Kepler, Newton, Liebniz, etc.

    As this is UR, I’ll point out that after emancipation, we get lots of Jewish names too.

    I do think that thinking axiomatically, or from first principles is a white thing. And it’s nice to see big brained Asians picking it up and doing well.

    • Replies: @loveshumanity
  9. @loveshumanity

    Morris Kline’s Loss of Certainly or ET Bell’s makes this point about math and science being white pretty clear.

    Hindus and Arabs did lots of important work. But they never actually learned to think from first principles.

    Ramanujan was able to come up with miraculous infinite series identities, but refused to learn enough math to prove them. He eventually returned to India (from England).

    Extremely annoying, but I get it.

    • Replies: @Old Brown Fool
  10. Honestly, this situation is like having a couple grams of LSD jammed down your gullet then inserted into a Salvador Dali universe.
    It’s so nuts it leaves you speechless.
    I like this one, tho –
    “I said I was a taxpayer who wanted accountability. He wrote back: “I won’t entertain this obvious demonstration of privilege anymore.”
    So to pay taxes is more privileged than not to pay taxes? Wow, I never knew that we the 99% were more privileged than the 1%….(no doubt why elites support all this “wokeness” shit.)

  11. One poster injected the term “psychobabble” into the discussion, and he’s not far wrong. Is there a Boomer alive who at some point in the mid-to-late 70’s or 80’s didn’t pick up a popular [though far from deserving of its popularity!] paperback “self-help” book, read its 180-or-so-pages of largely circular half-baked theories, and fancy one’s self an authority on all things behavioral? I’m thinking of titles such as “I’m OK, You’re OK” which was quickly parodied as “I’m OK But You’re Fuckin’ Crazy.” Another breezy read was “Your Erroneous Zone.” The authors of these less-than-weighty tomes coined a buzzword or two, then mercilessly pounded them into the ground, or at least into the mush that passed for grey matter of anyone dumb enough to fork over the then princely sum of\$2.95.

    • Replies: @martin_2
  12. “…Robertson is a thin wealthy white woman….”

    Likely Translation: “I’m living off a Trust Fund so I didn’t have to pursue a real academic discipline to acquire skills that could actually pay the bills. But, this NSF grift worked out even better!”

    • Replies: @Weave
  13. Robertson is a thin wealthy white woman

    Her face doesn’t look that thin to me. And she certainly doesn’t look “chronically-ill”.

    But obviously, anything which helps a talentless – but already “wealthy” – establishment Grant-sponger turn the next trick is a winner for an anti-White racist SJW libtard.

    The Black doesn’t look like he’d understand he’s being played by the CRT anti-White ((( men-behind-the-curtain ))) if you explained it to him via a Janet-and-John playbook.

    And what are the chances they’ve been playing “Doctors-and-Nurses” with each other on the quiet ?

    • Replies: @Petermx
    , @Peter Lund
    , @Z-man
  14. Leftists Pretend Critical Race Theory Is About Critical Thinking

  15. Anytime I see one of these ugly white/jewish feminist grifters admonishing us from on high, sheltered in Their white privilege deep in the bowels of academia I know the truth lies in flipping their research 180 degrees. Especially when they show me nonsensical graphs with lots of arrows. This logic stands the test of time over the decades.

  16. I hate these people so much I can barely breathe.

    • Agree: TKK
    • Replies: @TKK
  17. From author wiki:

    Taylor was born on September 15, 1951, to Christian missionary parents from Virginia in Kobe, Japan.[10][11] He lived in Japan until he was 16 years old and attended Japanese schools up to the age of 12, becoming fluent in Japanese.[10]

    He attended Yale University, where he earned a Bachelor of Arts in philosophy in 1973.[11] Taylor then spent three years in France and received a Master of Arts degree in international economics at Sciences Po in 1978.[12] During a period that interrupted his undergraduate and later graduate college years, he worked and traveled extensively in West Africa, improving his French in the Francophone regions of the continent.[10][11] Taylor is fluent in French, Japanese, and English.

    Mr. Taylor doesn’t seem to be exactly “qualified” to make such rigid judgements about the fraud of Amy Robertson’s teaching methods. But like any other citizen, he is free to state his doubts about the apparent BS in the Robertson papers.

    Personally I suspect this is a case of “Publish or Perish”. University professors have to have a constant output of papers to maintain their jobs. I’ll agree with Mr. Taylor that the Observing whiteness in introductory physics: A case study paper looks mighty strange. One oddity I saw was the inclusion of “Critical Race Theory”, something missing in a previous Robertson paper published back in 2016 in The Physics Teacher.

    Unveiling Privilege to Broaden Participation

    Countering racism and sexism in physics, as in society, will require action at national, institutional, and interpersonal levels. We take the perspective that the path toward reconciliation and equity is to support instructors who identify as members of dominant groups – for this paper, White and/or male instructors 10 – in recognizing their own privilege, coping with the discomfort of unfair advantage, and coming to see themselves as agents of change who can contribute to the disruption of systems of unfair advantage. 11,12 This paper starts to synthesize some of the ideas that we (the authors, both White females) have found helpful in starting this journey for ourselves.

    Followed by:

    We intentionally do not propose specific solutions – in part because we do not feel ready to do so, in part because we want such work to emerge from a community dialogue, and in part because we believe that any “solutions” should elevate voices of those who identify as marginalized.

    My translation: Robertson has discovered a Racism/Sexism Problem in Physics, but doesn’t want to do any more than bitch and moan about it. I strongly suspect Critical Race Theory wasn’t included in the 2016 paper it wasn’t a popular buzzword then.

    So being a bit skeptical about the publishing niche Amy Robertson has carved for herself is likely justified.

    Personally, I suspect that if some Nobel-Prize level of discovery is made by a left-handed, red-headed, disabled lesbian who is also an illegal alien, that person is likely to get full credit and recognition. Unless of course they’re under the supervision or shadow of some racist white asshole. Naturally I’m thinking about a 1962 Nobel Prize which wasn’t shared by Rosalind Franklin. The blackballing of Carl Sagan by the National Academy of Sciences also comes to mind.

    Racism surely exists in Physics as it does everywhere else, but so do small-minded jerks and fools.

  18. Petermx says:

    Hopefully someday Professor Amy D. Robertson will be prosecuted, convicted and punished for her racism. She shouldn’t be convicted for her stupidity but it should be noted in the verdict. Two years behind bars might be a fair sentence. She can share the same cell as her friend W. Tali Hairston. We’ll see how that goes and if she likes it.

  19. Petermx says:
    @Dave Bowman

    In the Jewish culture which is so prominent in the world today, something doesn’t have to be true to make it so. Just saying it makes it a “fact”.

  20. Karl1906 says:

    No, this isn’t science. Most certainly not empirical in any meaning of the word. This is propaganda.

    Clearly written under a “medieval” or marxist mindset – at best. Though I very much doubt that any “mind” was involved in concocting this.

    And the problem are not the people writing this garbage it’s the establishment financing them. And to what end is also obvious.

  21. Praise to Jared for delving into this nonsense but I bailed early to avoid contamination.

  22. If whites can where others can’t, the term white supremacy is justified. Take pride in true merit. Being ashamed is the last thing you should be.

    • Replies: @MonGoalian
  23. SafeNow says:

    Despite my being a strong math student, I could not understand how .999… (nines on and on forever) equals 1. To me, 999… got darn close to 1, incredibly close!, but never quite got there. My teacher told me it was a good thing I was not a math major; if I don’t see that .999… = 1, I was not elite. I accepted that they were correct. Well, after this essay, I am so heartened! .999… = 1 is merely a white way of looking at the concept of infinity. “Darn close” is a perfectly valid conclusion; a different way of knowing; many worlds!

  24. @Dave Bowman

    And she certainly doesn’t look “chronically-ill”.

    She has juvenile arthritis (diagnosed at the age of two). That can be a bloody serious problem or a minor inconvenience — it varies from person to person and on what medication is available.

    A classmate in highschool had a really severe case and it completely screwed up his life. A girl I knew at uni had it and you wouldn’t know if she didn’t tell you. A family member has it and, again, you wouldn’t know from looking at her. New medication has helped a lot (TNF-alpha monoclonal antibodies). Joint pain is a large part of the symptoms but tiredness is probably a bigger issue for most.

    She has published no less than 3 (three) “papers” about it:

    It’s just more of the same idle privibabble.

    71 “papers” on Google Scholar and not a single one contains real physics research. A couple seem to contain genuine research on (basic) physics teaching — but that’s it. Perhaps white female privilege is real…

    • Replies: @Dave Bowman
  25. It’s funny isn’t it. On the building sites where I earn a living, we come up against problems that need solutions all the time. And the best solution, according to the facts, is the one that we always go with, unless you have some egotist involved who insists on their solution being the one that we go with, in spite of problems with it that are immediately apparent to those of us who are only interested in facts and not emotion. Buildings don’t get built because of emotion, they get built by properly by sticking to the facts and listening to the best solutions and answers. Where emotion and ego are introduced into the process, things go wrong, without fail. If people get hurt because nobody listened to their bad idea, you’d better buckle up because you are going to have the piss ripped out of you.

    “Studies” of this type are based solely on emotion and ego, primarily the emotion of jealousy which arises because soft brained people can’t handle not knowing best. As such, they mean absolutely nothing, but we all know that. The only thing they are worthy of is piss taking.

    • Replies: @Bill Jones
  26. “Epistemicide?”

    Hm… I kind of like it. Her paper is chock-full of cool, white supremacist words; I bet no brown language has a word like “epistemicide.”

    • Replies: @Mr. Anon
  27. Who prepared this article? It is so garbled that I gave up trying to read it. For example, before Amy Robertson’s Faculty Profile photograph is a sentence beginning: Her efforts to “make — and then I can’t find the rest of the sentence, or find the closing quote mark that matches the opening quote mark preceding the word “make”. What is the object of the transitive verb “make”? It seems to be part of the phrase “make [not ‘write’] this paper”. Is this an essay about papermaking?

    Another example follows the picture of coffled slaves. A sentence begins “In this paper, we choose not to capitalize white …” This is preceded by a raised numeral 1, as if this sentence is a footnote. Also, immediately preceding this sentence is the bottom half of an obscured preceding line of text, in which a descender is seen immediately above the second “p” of “paper”.

    The sloppy production of this article shows no care for the reader, and is thus not worth spending the time to read.

  28. Thomasina says:

    The Island of Misfit Toys.

    • Replies: @fish
  29. Z-man says:

    Where can I get a grant for half a million? I’m sure my posts on the blogosphere are more factual and true than anything coming out of this demented physics major. 😏
    Half a million? Let’s see, she and her black associate pocketed 200K each. Now hopefully they have to pay taxes on that. So that money won’t last long.
    If she’s ill, one hopes that she is taken from this world soon and end her (and our) suffering.

    • Agree: TKK
    • Replies: @Change that Matters
  30. @Alrenous

    I have gone through both the education system in a capitalist country, France, for nine grades, and a socialist country, ex-Yugoslavia, the final three grades. When I moved, it took me a whole semester to adapt and reach the level of other students in math, physics and chemistry. They were taught things in previous years that I wasn’t in France so I had to do quite a bit of catch-up. For a youngster who had been effortlessly not only best in class but best in school eight grades in a row, it was quite a novelty.
    The problem in Western education isn’t socialism. Education in socialism wasn’t bad because of what it taught, it was bad because of nepotism and corruption. Earning a university degree fair and square required much harder work in socialist countries than in the West. Theoretically, socialism requires that people be educated. How on Earth do you think the Russians managed to develop the weapons they developed?
    Socialism, communism, marxism are Don Quixote’s windmills. The problem in Western education is the same as in everything else: Jewish supremacism.

    • Replies: @Alrenous
  31. Anonymous[259] • Disclaimer says:

    Just reading the abstract to that piece of dreck any fool could tell that the entire adventure outlined is totally bogus. It is the product of deliberately fallacious and totally delusional thinking. These are grifters, con artists, who can’t even use the English language properly. You don’t get to invent an entirely novel and absurd vocabulary to sustain your mad ravings.

    I’d like to know just who were the peer reviewers of this hoax, because they must surely be in on the hoax themselves. I’m retired after a long career as a professor directing research in biochemistry, molecular biology and molecular genetics at a major state flagship university, who has served on NIH and NSF study sections as well as being a peer reviewer for numerous professional journals in these sciences, and can tell you that this sort of fraud never used to go on at the NIH or the NSF. Any grant proposal submitted was reviewed by a study section of at least two dozen, not just credentialed but distinguished researchers in the same field of study. Well over half the applications would be summarily rejected upon first reading by all individuals in the group (which was detailed, not perfunctory, demanding a point-by-point discussion of both major goals and specific approaches proposed to meet such goals) and sent back, ineligible for further consideration in that years batch. Upon further review, MOST of the rest were rejected, often for the most niggling of mistatements, flaws or doubts as to feasibility, practicality or relevance to the main thrust of research in the general field of study. The percentage of applicants to actually receive federal funding was usually in the single digit percentages.

    The kind of bullshit proffered here would be dispatched to the round file upon reading the title alone. Reading the first couple of sentences in the abstract would solidify its place in fantasy fiction. These clowns might as well have proposed to sequence the genome of unicorns and establish their place in the taxonomy of Eurasian equines. No, lady, the brown colored herds do NOT shit chocolate soft serve iced cream. No, Herr, Doktor, Professor Black Man, vanilla is not the product of excess homozogosity for recessive alleles directing melanin synthesis. And both you people should be stripped of your degrees and faculty positions as you apparently learned nothing of actual science during your own schooling and are now dispensing pure bunk, and really extreme bunk, to impressionable young minds whom you want to convert into fellow racist haters of white people.

    You will destroy, not just science, but all of civilisation should you wild-eyed maniacs succeed in your mission, and anybody who peer reviewed your bolus of abject nonsense, declared it not just coherent but actual “science” and worthy of millions in funding will be equally guilty co-conspirators in this outrageous charade. If Americans were still rational, as they were twenty years ago, I would say this bullshit needs to be investigated by Congress and exposed for the blatant fraud that it is, but Congress today knows only how to suck up to the purveyors of such garbage, as long as it is dispensed by “minorities” and “people of color.” Enjoy the fruits of your deceptions that loot the federal treasury while you can, just as the “defense” contractors do by exploiting all the wars trumped up specifically for the purpose. I can assure both of you groups of jackals that the total economic collapse of America is nigh and you won’t have a white middle class to fleece any longer.

  32. Here are two facts that are all you need to know about these people:

    1. There is still slavery in North Africa.
    2. These people don’t care at all about this issue.

    That is all you need to know, because obviously the continued existence of the institution of slavery is worse than anything happening in America right now. In fact, there is so little social injustice in America right now that any genuine “social justice warrior” wouldn’t even bother thinking about America, but would head straight to other parts of the world. One could put it even more strongly: anyone trying to promote “social justice” in America these days is probably doing the exact opposite. That is, they are promoting social injustice. They are promoting social injustice because they are attacking innocent people, in this case white physicists and mathematicians. (That seems to be their whole purpose, actually, to go after innocent people whose ancestors were not perfect human beings.) That math and physics exclude “other ways of knowing” is not a defect because there is no good reason to think of them as other ways of knowing. And that should be the end of the matter. Of course, it won’t be.

    Incidentally, one person who was bad at math, Barbara Oakley, became good at math. A lot of people who think they are bad at math have simply had bad math teachers or didn’t approach the subject in the right way.

  33. Alrenous says: • Website
    @Passing By

    The schools in neither country teach anything worth teaching.

    Moreover, you successfully caught up. This is also true if you skip every day of school for 12 years and then try to catch up – you will quickly reach your natural level of scholastic achievement.

    Socialism is literally insane. Literally omnicidal. Satanism. Dishonourable and irresponsible.

    • Replies: @Passing By
  34. Anonymous[661] • Disclaimer says:

    The relentless assertion that white people want to dominate and control colored people is a profound fallacy and just a narcissistic indulgence that rationalizes colored victimism and supports the ever-burgeoning anti-white industry.

    The only thing whites have ever really wanted is to just get the fuck away from them. Why would they strive to dominate and control something they have absolutely no use for?

    • Agree: martin_2
  35. @Peter Lund

    Perhaps white female privilege is real

    Not White. Not ever. Just Female – but Blacks are always preferred.

  36. @Zachary Smith

    Racism surely exists in Physics as it does everywhere else, but so do small-minded jerks and fools.

    It is not only in Physics and in the United States. I have read some reports of highly intelligent ethnic minority students in European universities like Sweden who are confronted with unfriendly environment during their study.

    If universities are seen as White institutions racism against the perceived intruders is almost inevitable.

    • Troll: Che Guava
  37. @SafeNow

    My teacher told me it was a good thing I was not a math major; if I don’t see that .999… = 1, I was not elite.

    Think long and hard about limits and you’ll get it.

  38. @Anonymous

    For all intents and purposes, destruction of white European civilisation is their mission.

  39. I have now looked closer at the example interaction they provide in the “paper” and I’m even more shocked.

    It’s about energy input and heating a liquid — it’s really, really basic stuff that has no place whatsoever in a university. My high school classes in Denmark went over this (quickly, as it was trivial) early in our first year (when most of us were 15). The object wasn’t so much to teach us about heat capacity but to give us a really easy topic for our first student experiments — high school physics in Denmark back than was 1) absolutely calculus-based past the first year and 2) based on performing lots of famous experiments ourselves.

    How can these people be in college and have trouble with something this easy?

    The interaction is described (with dialog and photos) in the middle of the paper. Here’s the link:

    • Replies: @Almost Missouri
  40. @Alrenous

    I don’t dispute that socialism is an idiotic ideology. I have opposed it my whole life. What I am saying is that socialist ideology doesn’t mandate the kind of insanity going on in Western education systems. That kind of insanity never went in any country of the former socialist bloc. But you are right, what is going on is satanic evil and should be called such instead of socialist of whatever other euphemism. The devil should be called by his real name, not by pseudonyms that understate his evil.

    • Agree: Almost Missouri, Rich
    • Replies: @Alrenous
  41. TKK says:

    Never forget: These new Bolsheviks are the most vicious, ruthless, scheming, cringe people I have ever met. They would throw their own mothers in a sausage maker if it futhered their career, status, power and bank accounts.

    Meth addicts in biker gangs have more moral codes and manners, and this is not hyperbole.

    You should see them at meetings, all earnest and intense, ordering around grown men and telling us we need to incorporate diversity, inclusion and equity into the annual Christmas toy drive. READ: NO WHITE KIDS GET PRESENTS. I hate them with a red hot lava hatred that would fuel 10,000 Arctic towns.

    That is part of the this global fraud. There is no kindness here for anyone, except themselves.

    Where do you go when you own country makes you want to throw up?

    • Replies: @loner feral cat
    , @Alrenous
    , @S
  42. DanFromCT says:

    Dr. Robertson’s book Responsive Teaching in Science and Mathematics gets things rolling by arguing that students—meaning only those of color, of course—arrive the first day in class with brilliant ideas that are relevant to college-level physics and equal to the “supposed” stuff like the physics of colonial repression or basic understanding of high school math.

    Intentionally ambiguous drawings that can be interpreted one way or the other become the rationale for equating modes of learning. Forget Newton, as the students in the class take notes as some Nigerian explains the juju controlling the orbits of the planets. Everyone will then be tested on this according to whatever mode of knowing they choose, such as the inherent racism of the lunch menu or male oppression of feminist logic.

    If your kid’s a moron like Dr. Robertson, skip the headaches and send their to this school in Seattle where their can major in physics by dressing in dashikis, twerking for the class to simulate important principles in dynamics, not to mention telling tribal creation stories it’s about time Western kids grew up believing in.

  43. @Anonymous

    A brilliant word-perfect condemnation of worthless, deeply-destructive brain-rotted academic parasites and cretins. Bravo – and thank you.

    Like you, as soon as I read this article I wondered deeply about the “Peer-Review” stage (ie. was there one ?) Despite your perfectly-understandable reticence, personally if I were you, I would certainly send this article link (or just a full copy of the article), along with your full Comment including recommendation for the stripping of academic status, to the Director of Research / Funding at the NSF. Who knows ? It might actually somehow end up on the right person’s desk, and cause a financial shitstorm, both for the retards involved here and for whomever was actually finally responsible for approving this disgusting, ludicrous and deeply racist (therefore ILLEGAL) “Project”.

  44. The incredibly beautiful and incomparably voluptuous blonde vixens starring in: “Long Dong me to Ding Dong Heaven, Leroy and Snakey-T” on sites like Blacked dot com are doing and have done and will no doubt continue to do much more for the cause of I’m On Bended Knee For Chimperica than any PhD from Stanford. Only demonstrating her complete stupidity. “Contract this Metric-Tensor, Doctor Physics Sickst.” Nice curvature invariant you got. Like to Mate Ricks?

  45. @Franz

    I wonder if she’s related to the great physicist of General Relativity named Robertson who died an untimely death many years ago while driving his car in California. I always wondered about that. The Russians lost Lev Landau (to disability, not death) at about the same time in a car crash. If so – intelligence like his is hereditary – keep her safe and healthy. Hardy the great number theorist was an eccentric, as were Ramanujan and Galois. Keep these gods and goddesses away from the mortals – Olympus is in the heights for good reason.

  46. Weave says:

    I find it EXTREMELY telling that she felt the need to describe herself as “thin.” Seems a little aggressive against all the lardasses that populate academia… Anyway, her face is fat and judging from that I would have guessed her whole body to be the same.

  47. What a fine case of the “emperor’s new clothes” all this crap about whiteness is. So much for fighting racism with racism – guess they are not called libtards for nothing. Exploit the envy of those who couldn’t make the grade on their own merits, piss off those whose hard-won achievements are recast as fraudulent impositions. And who do we hear in the background, laughing at how well divide-and-conquer works? Follow the [grant] money…

  48. fish says:

    Yes….the entire country.

  49. America is rich. It can endure even CRT blather.

  50. Che Guava says:

    Your teacher shouldn’t have been a teacher, what a moron.

    Then again, so are you.

    .999… = 1 is merely a white way of looking at the concept of infinity.

    So, who developed calculus?

    • Replies: @loveshumanity
  51. The moment i saw that hag’s pic , I knew she was no physics professor. Deep State Rats love feminism bc they know how gullible & airheaded most white collar, moderate iq spinster frumps R.

    As for a black ‘professor’😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅

  52. The Democratic Party wants to fucking exterminate Native Born White Working Class Americans…..They really do want us dead….dead….dead…..

    Tucker Carlson can bring on Harmeet Dhillion the Sikh on his show as many times as he wants and it won’t change the endgame at all for Native White Americans…..

    The endgame for Native White Working class Males is chattel slavery on Staci Amin Abrams Plantation-and it’s arriving sooner than anyone realizes…..It’s a coming and you have been warned-you have been warned….

    • Replies: @Francis Miville
  53. bert33 says:

    science is the search for the truth and ethnic wokism equity stuff will eventually succumb from overexposure to truth kind of like a candle too close to a hot fireplace. the frauds will be found out and exposed and probably prosecuted. fire hot, water wet, gravity sucks, we will test and demonstrate presence or absence of ‘woke’ gravity and thermal gradient variance next week lol

  54. martin_2 says:

    I must admit I thought “Your Erroneous Zones” was a good and helpful book for a young man immiserated by a lot of ignorance and self delusion. There was no Internet in those days.

    The bit about the cat hunting a bird was good advice. What does the cat do, when it fails to catch the bird? Does he tell himself he’s useless and no good at hunting? Does he weep and feel sorry for himself? No. None of that even occurs to him. He just tries to catch another bird.

    • Agree: Yngvar
  55. @Anonymous

    I’d like to know just who were the peer reviewers of this hoax, because they must surely be in on the hoax themselves.

    I think a lot of people in the last few years have felt pressured to support things they ordinarily wouldn’t have supported because they worry they will be fired or be hassled, and the people pressuring them do not necessarily support these things either. But the elites are worried that a Twitter storm will descend upon their institution (whether it’s a college or a corporation), and then their institution will get negative publicity. And so they feel they have to say and do certain things just so they won’t have to engage in damage control later on.

    You will destroy, not just science, but all of civilisation should you wild-eyed maniacs succeed in your mission.

    Yes, I’ve tried to get through to people on this, but it’s hopeless. They genuinely think that what is happening now is something progressive that is making our civilization better.

    My belief is that Muslims will be in control of America by the end of this century, so all of the progressive activism by these idiots will have been for naught. They will not even be remembered, except as having been part of the era of jahilliyyah (ignorance), and no one will be interested in anything they did. History will all be taught from an Islamic perspective with everything else ignored.

  56. @War for Blair Mountain

    Yes it is coming but those who have to be forewarned are first and foremost the Blacks : once the Whites are back into serfs’ condition as 98% of them were not so long ago in history, once another race is in charge, even the White Jews, or more probably some South or East Asian group having out-Jewed the Jews, Blacks will never have it so good as when they could accuse the Whites in charge of their woes. The present-day promotion of Blacks serves one aim : dethroning surplus Whites from roles coveted by other contenders who are far from loving Blacks. Once that aim is achieved, well, the situation will resemble that of the Ottoman Empire : Whites were enslaved for sure but White slaves fetched the highest price and were bought by the Arab elites to whiten their bloodlines. There was not the shadow of a doubt that the Blacker you were the nearer the beast you were. The official story will be that at the apex of medieval civilizations things were great because nearly all clear-skinned races were composed of slaves and serfs having been conquered or bought by particular Jewish tribes of a strange Jewish heresy, Christianity, that came to be interpreted as an equalitarian doctrine by the White serfs who built a counter-civilization by purloining knowledge and inventions from Oriental peoples and from non-Christian Jews. High knowledge was confined in the Orient. When things are back to normal Jews and/or Orientals will take back credit for all discoveries formerly ascribed to Whites. The Pythagorean theorem will be known as the Gougu theorem. Care will be taken to feed the White populace with myths and legends only. But Blacks being a nuisance rather than a slave race will be castrated for the most part. One of the main reproach made to Whites will be having once considered them as equals, which proved to be theiir ultimate demise.

  57. @Peter Lund


    How can these people be in college and have trouble with something this easy?

    The answer may be found here:

  58. The fact that whiteboards are white is apparently not white supremacy.

    They may not be geniuses, but they are clever enough to see that if they said whiteboards are white supremacy, then they would have to explain why a couple of centuries of blackboards didn’t lead to black supremacy.

  59. @TKK

    Not to mention, they carry water for the cold-blooded reptilian species (i.e., “Satan”).

  60. beau says:

    tranlated: she wants to keep her job, so she sells her soul. how nice. another ‘compromised’ amerikan with a big mouth and small education.

  61. Anonymous[213] • Disclaimer says:

    I note that the jig half of this clown show is a “community organizer”. Harumph.

  62. Korban says:

    Here is proof that shows 0.999… = 1. Write 0.9999…. as:

    x = sum{1,inf} 9/10^n

    (So sum 9/10^n from n=1, inf)

    Now multiply by 10:

    10 x = sum{1,inf} 9/10^{n-1}

    Rearrange this as:

    10 x = 9 + sum{1,inf} 9/10^n

    (sorry, skipping a step as it is very inconvenient to type math here! If you are confused, replace n-1 by m and then you will get the above easily)

    Which means that:

    10 x = 9 + x.

    So obviously, 9x = 9 or x = 1. Hence, 0.9999…. = 1, QED.

    • Replies: @loveshumanity
  63. @Korban

    I know I’m being trolled, and you don’t care anyway, but I’m going to take the bait.

    Here you go:

    Once you’ve developed the definitions and basic theorems for limits, you can apply the above

  64. @Gerhard57NL

    One need only to spend time on the Dark Continent to realize that white supremacy is the way nature is ordered. Then, if one is fortunate enough to travel/work in Asia, one can see yellow supremacy trumping white supremacy.
    The Progs try to reorder nature and the natural law in matters of sex/gender, intellect and race but word salads cannot rearrange the natural order.

  65. usNthem says:

    “If republicans ever control congress, will look into this craziness?”

    A question with a very easy answer: No, Hell No, No Freaking Way.

    • Agree: fish
  66. @loner feral cat

    Never would have guessed a guy that looks like this would be on our side, with regard to CRT.
    Sharp dude, but sort of looks like a lefty straight out of Seattle or Portland.

  67. Jimmy1969 says:

    I am glad my kids just missed most of this trash. It is my grand kids who are and will suffer going forward.

  68. @Automatic Slim

    No doubt, dude.

    Like they say, “you can’t judge a book the cover.”

  69. @Che Guava

    Fully rigorous proof of this was only understood by the end of the 19th century. Maybe a bit earlier. Not hard stuff but it took a long time to develop it.

    • Replies: @Che Guava
    , @Che Guava
  70. Korban says:

    Here is a view from inside (I work as a physicist in a leading institution). The DIE ideology has become institutionalized, even in hard-sciences, even in highly abstract fields like theoretical physics and mathematics. It is nearly impossible to go a single day without some DIE activities or reminders about DIE being sent out. Every picture on department websites, news-articles and the sort must have mandatory POCs and women. However, the unfortunate reality for DIE ideologues is that most of the actual work is done by men, so once in a while there are some incongruous pictures of a man (even white!) in a news release. It is possible that soon some administrator will determine that actual physics or mathematics is not the purpose of a physics or math department, and so all stories of real breakthroughs will be suppressed. We are heading towards many institutions, specially the second- or third-tier colleges, becoming job programs for DIE fanatics.

    Here is a paradoxical thing: if I, as a straight, hetro guy, go up for evaluation and promotion, the criteria are insanely rigorous. Committees will look at my papers, my citation counts, my impact in the field, the impact of my students on the field etc. However, now consider a woman (blacks are essentially not present at all in many top physics departments) is up for promotion. The management will go out of the way to ensure she is not evaluated with the same rigor. In fact, her failures will be covered up and even minor accomplishments paraded around as amazing breakthroughs. An extreme example of this is the woman who was hailed as a scientific genius when the photo of a black-hole was published last year. She had made like 2 github commits, those too just setting some color schemes, yet was paraded around in the media as some sort of genius. The guy who wrote vast majority of the code did not even get a single mention or even 1/100 of the attention. This is common-place in my institution.

    What is insidious about the paper Jared Taylor analyzed here is that it attacks the concept of physics itself. It’s essential message is that concepts like energy, solving a problem correctly, mathematically proving things in a step-by-step manner, writing things down in a systematic manner, etc are racist, abelist, misogynist, homophobic etc. Hence, the verbiage in the paper about how physics is ahistrorical, how centering the written word itself is racist etc. I mean, consider the opening of John, “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” Clearly, the concept that words matter and are essentially transcendental in the Western canon, is something that is not acceptable to these uncouth barbarians.

    Incidentally, this “paper” generated a lot of controversy within the American Physical Society (the society that published the journal in which this garbage appeared). So much so, that the APS had to devote a whole page of their newspaper defending this crap.

    There is really not much one can do at this point. I have despaired of my own institution, and it is one of the better ones. Sadly, the infection is too wide-spread to save the patient.

    • Replies: @JackOH
  71. Mr. Anon says:
    @Felix Krull


    Hm… I kind of like it. Her paper is chock-full of cool, white supremacist words; I bet no brown language has a word like “epistemicide.”

    Ironically, epistemicide is exactly what the authors of that paper are engaged in.

  72. Mr. Anon says:

    “Physics Education Research” as a discipline has been around for at least forty years and it has always been a grift. Physics education research is a way for people who aren’t that good at physics to get sinecures in physics departments and bask in the glow of an esteemed profession. They get to call themselves “scientists”. Lots of people want to be known as “scientists” who really aren’t. I don’t imagine that people learn physics any better today than they did in 1980. The fact is, physics is hard and most people aren’t ever going to understand it very well.

    The fact that this rubbish was published with the imprimatur of the American Physical Society, a once respected scientific society is telling. The APS is becoming just another commissariat of wokeness. It’s monthly publication, Physics Today, is now full of whiteness-this, LGBT-that, and trans-the-other.

    Science is dying.

  73. @Automatic Slim

    [correction]: “You can’t judge a book by the cover.”

    There’s a neighbor down the street, thought he was a junkie.

    It just so happened he’d fallen off a second-story roof while on a construction job.

    A wheelbarrow loaded with bricks dampened the fall, as he landed on cement stairs, dislocating a shoulder, breaking a femur, and fracturing vertebrae.

    No insurance or coverage of any type. So now he self medicates with cannabis.

    But that’s how we worked in construction, years ago.

    You’d walk onto a job site and, with a handshake, you were hired. Nothing was ever in writing.

    I saw a similar accident while rough framing in Southern California. The general, pirates back in those days, just turned his back and walked away.

    So it was a wake-up call, mistaking my neighbor for a junkie, when in fact, he was badly disabled.

    Try to catch myself now, “never assume anything.”

    It’s kind of true about “Styxhexenhammer.” Every time he’s talking, there seems to be a disconnect between the sharp words and the shabby appearance.

    Gotta love the dude though, he’s a real peaceful warrior!

    • Thanks: loveshumanity
  74. @mike99588

    Some MS-13 initiates are now required to eat their qualifying victim. There have been beheadings and other gruesome crimes by illegals. This is AOK with Dems, as long as the (((MSM))) does not report it.

  75. @SafeNow

    The actual heart of the issue usually isn’t properly addressed. Some people don’t accept that 0.999… = 1 because they think that they are being asked to believe that 1 followed by infinitely many zero’s is the same as 0 followed by infinitely many 9’s. If numbers were defined purely as digit sequences (using whatever formalism is preferred) then certainly 0.999…. is not 1.

    Of course the real numbers these digit sequences represent (usually defined as Dedekind cuts) are indeed the same. 0.999…. represents SUM (n in 1..inf) 9^(-n) and this is object is the same Dedekind cut that “1” represents.

    I only say this because when I was in high school it appeared that my highschool teacher didn’t understand the issue, and it was presented as a sort of philosophical matter rather than a logical matter. I think that the class debated it for maybe 15 minutes or so but arguably, with the definitions that had been given to us, the wrong people were right.

  76. Mike Tre says:

    2 to 1 the shine gets wrapped up in a sexual assault/rape beef with the next 5 years.

  77. @loner feral cat

    The Black doesn’t look like he’d understand he’s being played by the CRT anti-White ((( men-behind-the-curtain ))) if you explained it to him via a Janet-and-John playbook.

    I used to fall for the notion that blacks were being ‘deceived’ into ‘falling for’ all this nonsense. I had myself believing that for quite some time. I finally realized that anything that plays into their desire for power and rule over the white man is just fine by them. It simply plays into the deep seated resentment and hatred that most of them have for white people and their culture even those things that in truth, benefit the black man. By now this should be obvious to all. So no, they’re not being ‘played’ by anything. They love every bit of it.

    • Agree: shadowy_figure
  78. Mike Tre says:
    @Automatic Slim

    As well as he sees the NQ, he is willfully blind on the JQ.

    Stix is a Jew chauvinist who ironically believes that the idea of Jewish supremacism and nepotism is a crazy conspiracy theory cooked up by rabid Hitler worshiping anti-Semite’s.

    His internet name , Styx 666, is a tired and lazy wannabe Satan affirming 80’s rockstar trope that is a standard FU to Christianity. Ooooh… do you like, worship satan bro??? Savage, bro, savage. How old is he? 50? Maybe time to use a grown up name? I guess Finklestein or Goldawitz isn’t quite as edgy.

    Naa, just like every other self identified jew in the comments at Unz, every single noticeable negative pattern that can be observed about any other race of people he is an expert at identifying. But. When it comes to noticing negative patterns amount Jews, it’s “anti-semitism!!!1”

  79. No one cares how the real numbers are constructed. Will not engage any further on this.

  80. @Ulf Thorsen

    Sort of like how Black people are being “stigmatized” (hence cheated) by affirmative action. But we all know that that’s really just a respectable conservative cope. Blacks love racial preferences intended for them, and they definitely won’t accept any contentions from others that it might be unfair in some way, but I find it hard to fault them much for that. The wrongness of it all isn’t really their concern. I feel much more disdain for the respectable conservatives who serve as lickspittles for the elite, sometimes in exchange for 30 shekels, but many of them have received nothing.

    But speaking of Black people, they’re completely happy with kind of ad-hoc morality that justifies whatever them getting whatever they want. Jews provide them with that, and they eat it up.

  81. Liberals don’t realize that tolerance for this type of stupidity only can exist in a laissez-faire system which we have had up to now, but is quickly disappearing. If and when the People’s Liberation Army moves in to take over the land mass that is now the United States, the loony left will be out greeting them with Carnations, but will be rounded up en-mass and executed by firing squad because the Chinese don’t put up with that crap.

  82. @Alrenous

    I have a friend that is a retired math teacher and it amazes me his fluidity with numbers, being around him doesn’t produce envy in me but a profound desire to learn (or attempt to learn) higher mathematics.

    • Replies: @Alrenous
  83. Totally OT but I got blocked elsewhere. Thinking about this has wasted a lot of time so this will probably be the last thought.


    1) move the world in a direction so that blacks feel comfortable moving back to Africa

    2) White people should only be interested in protecting themselves and not care too much about helping blacks. Repeal all anti-discrimination laws (what’s the long term vision?).

    3) repeal anti-discrimination laws and try give black people a white culture (impossible due to some HBD argument but maybe worth pushing as far as possible)

    4) repeal anti-discrimimation laws and be as mean to blacks as possible

    • Replies: @Alrenous
  84. @Anonymous

    “I’d like to know just who were the peer reviewers of this hoax”

    Hilary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi and Jill Biden.

  85. @loveshumanity

    Hindus and Arabs did lots of important work. But they never actually learned to think from first principles.

    Hindus did not try to think in terms of first principles and building blocks, because their methods were always empirical. Their astronomy works will simply tell you: “Count the asterism of the Sun, multiply it by 283, add 35, divide by 78, ignore the remainder; the dividend will give you the day of the month counted from the last day (or some such thing)”. They won’t explain why or how. As long as the formula gives the correct answer, they are happy. When the formulas start going wrong, they wait for their next genius to be born, to update the empirical formula.

    They have done some incredible things in empirical formulas – like measuring the circumference of an elliptical eclipse without going into Elliptical Integrals, but using only arithmetics! But you cannot derive the formula from any first or last principle.

  86. @Z-man

    This comment is stupid. She’s not “pocketing” 200k. It goes into buying out her teaching, paying for research assistants, computer time, travel, whatever.

    The woman is a grifter, evil and working hard to destroy us. But she’s not siphoning an extra 200k on top of a salary into her personal bank account.

    This is the sort of thing that makes the right look retarded. So how about you shut up and leave this to the boys in long pants?

    • Replies: @Z-man
  87. Regarding HBD models for immigration:

    1) inputs about physical reality actually need to be true and properly accepted by the scientific community.

    2) unsure about which characteristics we want to optomize for, and I’m not sure who is choosing these things. In fact I worry that optimization is not the right approach and could result in disaster. Maybe a more naive approach would be better

  88. Anon[484] • Disclaimer says:

    Getting grants, and getting peers to review the paper who in turn hope to get grants, has always been a bit of a racket. What the authors are doing is the academic equivalent of that group of Somalis who took a lot of Minnesota money supposedly for feeding programs.

    Look at the paper. Video equipment rental? Not more than a couple hundred bucks. Cost of time spent weaseling and writing? None. I’m sure the two writers of the paper pocketed at least 250K each and added it to their private bank accounts.

    That Robertson bitch is especially nauseating. She doesn’t even teach physics, but the sociology of physics.

  89. Alrenous says: • Website
    @Joe Paluka

    That’s not very Democratic of you.

  90. Alrenous says: • Website

    5) Mind your own business.

    More specifically, secure your shit, then mind your own business. If you can’t secure it, it isn’t yours, and you should stop thinking about it.

  91. JackOH says:

    Korban, at my local Podunk Tech there are vague hints from ordinary conversations that the preferential hiring of Blacks and women is regarded as some sort of “proof” that White male candidates had never been all that talented and had merely relied on “White privilege” to get “over-represented” in certain fields.

    Completely ignored, of course, is that preferential hiring is preferential for ideological and juridical reasons, and that a lot of institutions can indeed get by with a “good enough” candidate with the right skin tone and genital package.

    It’s distressing, and I agree, there’s not much one can do.

  92. @Realist

    I’ve become so cynical I think most people will go along with anything to get ahead and that it’s probably always been that way. Just a bunch of tools and empty vessels.

    We have the misfortune of living at the end of an impressive winning streak by the bad guys, is all. The tools will change their tunes when the wind shifts. I’d like to think they’ll be mocked and shunned when they do, but, unfortunately, you need tools to fix things.

  93. Alrenous says: • Website
    @Passing By

    By the way, Stalin got good weapon development because Russia has a German minority, and he assigned all his German scientists to weapon development. Whether they were educated or not is irrelevant. Which is good, because schools don’t teach anything.

    What I am saying is that socialist ideology doesn’t mandate the kind of insanity going on in Western education systems.

    It does, in fact. Socialism is egalitarianism. Truly radical egalitarianism denies that there are differences between men and women. Given they’re identical, you ought to be able to choose whatever you want, right? It’s barely a cosmetic thing.

    Likewise, egalitarianism says everyone should be getting the same marks. First, this causes grade inflation. Obviously the E student is exactly as smart as the A student, and thus the difference between E performance and A performance must be immaterial.

    Second it causes curriculum decay. Make it so easy that everyone can be an A student with minimal effort, because showing there’s differences between E students and A students is heresy. Speaking of intelligence, there also can’t possibly be any difference between the hardworking and the lazy, except maybe the “home environment.” Having standards reveals differences, and then you have to stone the apostate who upheld a standard. Judge not, lest ye be judged.

    That kind of insanity never went in any country of the former socialist bloc.

    The USSR was bad at being socialist because Stalin stoppered it. The USSR was a Fascist country, but Stalin was anti-Fascist. Stalin was a cynical operator; he understood the point of Fascism was to put psychopaths in power. He was Fascist until he got his, but since he understood the point of Fascism, he immediately (and violently) put a stop to it before anyone else could get theirs over his dead body.

    Kinda similar to the way modern China praises Mao at every opportunity while doing the opposite of what he preached whenever they can get away with it. China really leans into being anti-Fascist, though. Stalin couldn’t go all the way since his own power was based on some level of Fascism.

    P.S. before Prussia, schools still didn’t teach anything you wouldn’t have learned anyway. They were for lazy parents who couldn’t be bothered to do it themselves, which is why they were such a niche product.

    • Replies: @John Johnson
  94. Alrenous says: • Website

    P.S. Note how venal and petty they are. Their ambition goes no further than a big bank account. Genuinely can’t conceive of any goal grander than living in the most expensive neighbourhood. I somewhat suspect they regularly forget that stuff like art even exists. Think beauty is some kind of fraud, like morality.

  95. Alrenous says: • Website

    It happened because you, and everyone like you, didn’t mind their own business.

    I’m retired after a long career as a professor directing research in biochemistry, molecular biology and molecular genetics at a major state flagship university, who has served on NIH and NSF study sections as well as being a peer reviewer for numerous professional journals in these sciences

    Shouldn’t have. What you should have done is immediately recognize that “peer review” is a fraud, declare the institutions using it (all NSF-funded scientists) to be non-scientists, and left to found or join a fully separate institution.

    As a scientist, you should know that nothing is true until it replicates. Who replicated the effectiveness of the NSF structure? Who validated the peer review system?

    Q: Why are we running phase I trials on humans?
    A: The humans are so incompetent they deserve it.

    P.S. I shouldn’t have to say but probably do: Federal money isn’t just money, it’s poison. Literally an addictive drug. They control you by threatening to send you into withdrawal. Nearly bit-for-bit identical with feeding a child on pure sugar. “Mommy, I have a tummyache.” “Oh sweety, you must not have had enough sugar yet!”

  96. Bubba says:

    You probably remember that Senator William Proxmire (D-WI) used to have a monthly “Golden Fleece Award” for nonsense like this back when he in office in the 70’s and 80’s.

    Obviously nothing was done back then and it has gotten much, much worse.

  97. Weak whites or Wheaks worship this race, especially to win approval from their Jewish Masters.

    Video Link

  98. @Alrenous

    The USSR was bad at being socialist because Stalin stoppered it.

    What do you mean they were bad at being socialist? You mean they didn’t care about the people?

    Well that was part of the Marxist plan. No individual rights and take power through violence. Kill anyone that gets in the way. Personal welfare was never a concern. An individual means nothing so individual suffering means nothing as well.

    Stalin dropped Marxist economics because they failed. They switched to state monopoly capitalism out of necessity.

    Karl Marx may have written lengthy books but his economic plans were extremely simplistic. Basically take the state by force and POOF a worker’s utopia will appear once everyone is freed from the chains of capitalism. For proof just ask any Marxist as to how Marx planned on replacing supply and demand. Like what exactly is the replacement.

    They won’t have an answer. Marxists just assume that Marx figured it all out in one of his books. It’s a very cult like mentality that assumes leader genius knows what he is doing. Anyone who asks questions is clearly just a reactionary anti-Communist traitor of the working class. See? Instead of answering questions you just get rid of the people asking them.

  99. Hymn 43 says:

    I don’t give a tinker’s damn about a physics teacher’s opinion on equity. That’s akin to asking a plumber to paint my living room. It’s bad enough she’s completely out of her specialty but based on her babbling I wouldnot be a bit suprised if she is practicing the pretzel logic of the tribe of small hats. Please stop this anti-white B.S. I’m proud of who I am and what the white race has achieved. If these people don’t like it go back to where you came from. But wait,first kiss my arse.

  100. Neither of the 2 authors of this study could pass a 10th grade physics exam that Russian and Chinese students ace. They found a way to milk the real welfare system. So, capital letters are important to them. Here’s 5. you both are FUBAR.

  101. @Ulf Thorsen

    To Destroy Critical Clueless Race Theory, Part 1.

    • Replies: @Alrenous
  102. It’s a dick move to publish the person’s email and phone number.

  103. As you have probably heard, the hard sciences are full of “white supremacy.” I have always wondered how math and physics could be racist

    Logic and objectivity are white supremacist concepts, which impose on BIPOCs the patriarchal notion that there is a single “correct” answer to questions. BIPOCs are gifted at non-linear thinking, but whites belittle that more creative way of thinking. whites [always lower-case] commit genocide by insisting that 2 + 2 is four because they lack the inner vision and the creativity to see 2 + 2 may be four, or three, or one million depending on the feelings and experiences of a BIPOC, whose freedom of thought is constantly threatened by the white gaze.

  104. Voltara says:

    This is great news! If you assume, as many of us do, that humans are not actually conscious, something as ludicrous as this being published (assuming it wasn’t written just to irritate) is a sign we are near the end of the leftward swing of the pendulum. It can’t get any more ridiculous so things must start getting better soon……

  105. Che Guava says:

    No, earlier, both Liebnitz and Newton explored and wrote the basics of the mathematics of asymptotic and increasingly infinitisemal changes in the 18th century.

    I recall when I was about ten, the maths teacher asked ‘What is the result of dividing by zero?’

    After a little thought, I put my hand up and said ‘infinity’. The teacher, being a good teacher and literate in mathematics, said, ‘That is a good answer, but not correct.’

    It depends on the sign of the zero. Since there is no such thing, teacher was correct.

    Always asymptotic.

  106. @Bob The Hod

    I’m agree like this because for some reason I’m not allowed to agree with you using the agree button.

  107. Che Guava says:

    On many early pocket calculators, one could put them into an endless loop by entering a division by zero. That was fun.

    For the LED ones, you could hold them near an AM radio, and enjoy the looping noise.

    All calcator makers eliminated that, but you could still get similar effects from programming a TI LED calculator.

  108. S says:

    Never forget: These new Bolsheviks are the most vicious, ruthless, scheming, cringe people I have ever met…You should see them..telling us we need to incorporate diversity, inclusion and equity into the annual Christmas toy drive. READ: NO WHITE KIDS GET PRESENTS.

    That is part of the this global fraud.

    Thanks for your thoughtful post TKK. I appreciate them.

    About fifty years ago there was a series of five thinly veiled allegorical movies, a franchise really, that were made which laid out what was intended for humanity, in particular what’s been planned for Euros (ie ‘Whites’).

    [See comment link below (below ‘More’ at the link will tell you the name of the movie franchise if you want to skip ahead).]

    The scriptwriter of the first 1968 movie (of the five ultimately produced) was Michael Wilson, linked below, a literal Communist whose very next screenplay would be Che! (for Che Guevara of course).

    Everyone else involved in the creative aspects of the project, ie the original 1963 book writer the franchise was based upon, it’s English translator, and the scriptwriter of the latter four of the five movies, all had British intel backgrounds.

    The second scriptwriter after Wilson, to be specific, had been a Political Warfare specialist with British intel, ie the wartime British SOE (Special Operations Executive).

    You’ll almost certainly know the franchise I’m writing of, though if you’re like me, the background behind it might surprise you.

  109. Z-man says:
    @Change that Matters

    Go [email protected]\$k y%&(#!*f. You \$%&(#!%5\$&*%!*[email protected]# s%^&*bag. I feel much better after getting that off my chest. 😆

  110. gnbRC says:

    I’m really impressed at how easy it is to distort human thinking in general – especially given that Western forms of medicine, mental healthcare, and sociology are ad-hoc at best.

    But I’m especially impressed at how easy it is to get women to buy into a narrative, and then proceed to have them destroy the world around them – something about not ever having to take responsibility for their actions, I suppose.

    I’m doubly impressed at how easy it is to get [some] African American [selected and promoted] leaders to think they are acting rationally, whereas they are actually DSM-style ‘crazies’. And also, to plant a thought pattern in African American urban youth to blame ‘whitey’ for uncontrolled psychological thought patterns of looting and destruction, even though in the great majority of cases the run of the mill ‘whitey’ doesn’t have the power to affect their grievances or lives.

    Weird, I think …

  111. Alrenous says: • Website
    @loner feral cat

    Science is based on replication.

    It doesn’t need to be destroyed. It has zero credibility to begin with. Hasn’t replicated. Refuting it is a major error; you are suggesting it has earned any right to be taken seriously.

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