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More Murders!
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Experts blame Covid.

Video Link

This video is available on BitChute.

The year 2020 was famous for the biggest increase in murders ever recorded in the United States: a 30 percent jump in a single year, for a total of 21,570 murders. Here are the numbers going back to 1990.

You can see the increase in 2020, but the figure is still well below the all-time records from the early 1990s during the crack epidemic. In 2020, there were 611 mass shootings — that’s when four or more people stop bullets in a single incident.

In the year before, there had been 417.

In 2020, for murders in which the race of the victim was reported, 55.8 percent were black.

Blacks are 13 percent of the population, but accounted for fully two thirds of the increase in murder victims compared to 2019. If you make a best guess for the victims whose race was not known or reported, there were probably about 3,400 more murdered black people in 2020 than in the year before. 2020, of course, was the year of Black Lives Matter. And how many unarmed blacks were shot by the police in 2020? You know: That terrible racist problem we have. The Washington Post database reports that there were 18.

Was there another big increase in murders in 2021? We don’t have final figures, but the Gun Violence Archive says we had another 1,289 killings compared to 2020, for what would be a 6.6 percent jump.

At least 16 major cities set new, all-time records in 2021. That includes Indianapolis, Austin, Louisville, Baton Rouge, Columbus, and Philadelphia.

Here are the cities that had the highest murder rates in 2020.

That’s St. Louis at the top, with 87.21 homicides per 100,000 population. The national rate was 6.8 per 100,000.

Cities with lots of blacks tend to have a lot of murders, but the black death rate varies considerably. In Portland, blacks were killed at a rate of 100 per 100,000. In Chicago, 77 per 100,000, and 64 per 100,000 in Philadelphia. ­

The number of murders goes up and down, but the likelihood of your getting away with it keeps improving. This is a graph of the “clearance rate,” or the percentage of murders that are solved, usually with an arrest.

In 1965, 90 percent of murder cases were solved. Today, only 54 percent.

Murder is the crime the police try the hardest to solve. Here is the trend in clearance rates for car theft.

If your car is stolen, there is only about a one-in-ten chance there’ll be an arrest.

When a black or Hispanic is killed, the crime is less likely to be solved. Here are clearance rates by victim race.

These numbers are for the 10 years leading up to 2018. All rates are lower now and the black/white gap is greater. Someone who kills a black in the US has a better than 50:50 chance of getting away with it. In Baltimore in 2020, two out of three murderers got away with it.

Of course, this is our fault. Vox explains “How police racism in Baltimore made it harder for cops to catch murderers.”

Except that it’s hard to solve crimes when “snitches get stiches.” Even with their dying breaths, gang members often won’t tell police who shot them. Gangs want revenge, not justice.

And it’s a lot harder to solve a murder if the killer and victim don’t know each other. According to this tabulation of FBI data, EZASHR, 74 percent of blacks were killed by a stranger or someone whose relationship was unknown.

The figure for “whites” – which follows the usual FBI stupidity of including Hispanics with whites – was 20 points lower at 54 percent.

Killings with a firearm are harder to solve than other methods or murder. In 2020, using the same database, 86.2 percent of blacks were killed by firearm.

The figure for whites – again including Hispanics – was 65 percent, or 21 points lower.

Vox tells us the problem is racism.

But back to the increase in murder. What’s causing it? Let’s start with what the complete idiots say.

In 2020, at a time when New York city had seen a 63 percent increase in shooting victims, 27 percent more murders, and 61 percent more car thefts over the previous year, a Congresswoman from Brooklyn explained the reason. 2:11 – 2:36 – “The fact that” – “hungry that night.”

This is the same lady who says, “If we want to reduce the number of people in our jails, the answer is to stop building more of them.”

But the official, smart-money explanation for the rise in murder is — Covid. This guy at the University of Chicago, John Roman, says, “The overarching explanation for the increase in violence over the last two years is the pandemic.”

His research “focuses on evaluations of innovative crime control policies and justice programs.” Got that? Innovative.

Eddie Bocanegra of the Public Welfare Foundation runs an “evidence-based and trauma-informed program to reduce gun violence and promote safety and opportunity,” and he says, “I think Covid was the straw that broke the camel’s back.”

Georges Benjamin, executive director of the American Public Health Association says the problem is tension, political division, anger and hate.

“We’re literally seeing it in front of our eyes,” he says, “at school board meetings and public events.” You know: people pulling out their six-shooters at school board meetings.

These days, you have to go to foreign media to get common sense. The Daily Mail explains that “Crime soars in Minneapolis as cops fear being unfairly targeted in woke viral videos: Traffic stops drop by 74% and problem area patrols by 76% in wake of George Floyd death and de-fund police movement.”

More insight in a single British headline than from the goofs I just quoted. Officers don’t want to be the next guy to have his life ruined for doing his job. Maybe after all the rioters and looters they caught in 2020 were turned loose, they said to themselves, “Why bother?” Maybe they got tired of being told that “Good cops are dead cops” and “All cops are bastards.”

Maybe the rise in crime has something to do with Soros-backed prosecutors who got rid of bail, ordered an end to arrests for “crimes of poverty,” and preach “restorative justice,” whatever that is. “Nobody’s getting arrested anymore,” retired New York City Police Department Detective Robert Boyce complained. He went on to say, “People are getting picked up for gun possession and they’re just let out over and over again.”

Retired detectives can say these things. The Police Executive Research Forum has a report that covers 2019 to 2020.

There was an 18 percent increase in outright resignations and a 45 percent increase in retirements.

The report says it was much harder to find new recruits. Who wants to be an officer in a country like this?

In 2020, the number of arrests dropped 25 percent compared to the previous year, to the lowest number in 25 years. And that was the year of the BLM riots.

I’ll end with the latest horror story. As usual, the Daily Mail covers a story that’s too unimportant for the American prestige press. Brianna Kupfer was working alone in a furniture store in Los Angeles.

­­Shawn Smith, ambled into the store, stabbed her death, and calmly walked out.

He’s had dozens of arrests, including assault with a deadly weapon, possession of a stolen vehicle, and assaulting a police officer. Here are some of his booking photos.

In 2019, he was arrested for firing into a car with a child in it, but that crime got lost in the shuffle. Most recently, he was out on minimal bond for a possession of stolen-goods charge that is 15 months old. You see, Soros-backed Los Angeles DA George Gascon doesn’t like to prosecute misdemeanors.

Press reports say the killing was random. No way. Shawn Smith was desperate because of Covid. He was hoping to shoplift some bread so he could feed his wife and children and became understandably angry when Brianna Kupfer told him it was a furniture store.

So, yes, 2021 will have seen a nice jump in murders, and 2022 is off to a good start, too.

(Republished from American Renaissance by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Anonymous[480] • Disclaimer says:

    “In 1965, 90 percent of murder cases were solved. Today, only 54 percent.”

    It’s simple stats like this or the illegitimate birth rate that really illustrate the decline of a society best.

  2. The author has to understand, the citizens of Minnesota have been exposed to the cold far too long. It’s probably genetic by now. lol If I could only think up an excuse for the other reprobates who will not remove, without violence, every single politician who enables this crap.

    • Replies: @Realist
  3. I’ve been up in the Land of Mosquitoes and Ice Fishing three and a half years and I’ve yet been able to figure out what happened to these people. Even level headed folks who are pretty traditional will self censor when a conversation turns towards the rise of crime in certain communities.I can always count on a hairy eyeball if i entertain the idea that maybe different types of people can’t live in close proximity due to significant differences in values and ethics.

    • Replies: @TTSSYF
    , @johnnyuinta
  4. We need a 21st Century Directed Black Plague that sends a clear and direct message to hoodrats across America and the world.
    No Peace – No Cure

    • Replies: @Charon
  5. STRYKER’s Questions

    1. What caused the crack epidemic to end & why isn’t the meth epidemic as homicidal as the crack epidemic or cocaine wars in Miami in the 80’s? What is different about crystal meth? Meth is a destructive drug, after all. Yet it did not create the homicides crack did. Why not?

    2. What happened to old crack cocaine users? I am 48 & can remember when there was an entire urban economy based around crack cocaine (street whores, pawn shops, bail bondsman, flophouses…where did the crackheads go? What happened to them?

    3. If Covid was meant to cause “social distancing” why did groups converge like BLM & why did they ignore social distancing rules? Why didn’t Covid affect them?

    4. It is now clear to AOC & other DNC cogs that white GOP who control the means of production such as food & fuel & forestry have no interest in whether blacks loot major cities & do not care a whit about Democrats…what will this result in?

    • Thanks: schnelladine
    • Replies: @Jay Fink
  6. As a white man who is part of the leisure class and an investor, I feel safe sunbathing nude at Blacks Beach.

    But hear in San Diego, I don’t go to nasty city were their are blacks and spics !!!

    I ain’t getting my but shot for some Chorizo or some porky tacos.

    Floyd was a thug shaped like an ape, that handsome Chauvin fellow got screwed by the jews !!!

    • Disagree: Steven Wytyshyn
    • Troll: Realist
  7. What else are we to expect when Blacks in America are constantly told that their woes and hardships are due to Whitey’s insatiable desire to oppress them? Coupled with this is the unwillingness of big city D.A.’s to prosecute Blacks who rob and violently assault others under the guise of ‘social justice.’ There is no way any of this will work out for good.

    Some D.A.’s in California have expressly declared that the race of the perpetrator will be factored in any criminal conviction, and it will also play a role in any sentencing. This means that Blacks will be given preferential treatment over Whites based on their race and social status. All this manages to do is embolden Blacks to commit more crimes because they know the judicial consequences will be minimal. It also robs victims of the justice they should be afforded. Under the banner of ‘social justice,’ the victims of Black criminal pathology receive no justice for the crimes committed against them!

    Imagine the insanity of making it known to a race of people – who are marked by low-impulse control and who give little thought to the consequences for their actions – the idea that the judicial system will go easy on them simply because they’re Black?!

    • Agree: Hangnail Hans
    • Replies: @Negrolphin Pool
  8. Kat Grey says:

    Yet we keep paying for these savages to reproduce in white countries. And the West keeps sending aid to Africa allowing their population to soar into the stratosphere. And their surplus will like onto the dinghies for Europe.

    • Agree: europeasant
    • Replies: @Bookish1
  9. According to this tabulation of FBI data, EZASHR, 74 percent of blacks were killed by a stranger or someone whose relationship was unknown.

    Yowza, I had no idea it was that high.

    As for Brianna Kupfer, anyone know if she was a libtard? (Sadly, the smart money would have to be on: “of course”) I’m not suggesting that that would excuse the crime, since she was targeted for being white, not for being a libtard, but sometimes the knowledge that the victim was a libtard is the only solace you can take from these vile crimes.

  10. anonymous[288] • Disclaimer says:

    Once USA is destroyed, how will the Jews fare. Given that they destroy USA. Given that there is instinctive distrust and hatred of Jews world wide. Fairly or unfairly it is what it is. Wonder if Jews can really withdraw to Israel and survive.

    • Replies: @europeasant
  11. newsmedia says:

    I bet deaths by medical malpractice are now at record lows. In 2016 John Hopkins pronounced medical malpractice the 3rd leading cause of death in the U.S. behind heart disease and respiratory illness. After 8 years of study they found medical errors and malpractice accounted for an average of 250,000 to 400,000 death’s per year! Nobody, cares, not BLM, not CNN, not Fox news nobody.

  12. Anon[140] • Disclaimer says:

    I respectfully take issue with the accuracy of this author’s presentation of the data and his interpretation of it.

    Although he lists the total murder count and notes that this value peaks in the early 1990s, he declines to mention that the US population was 249 million in 1990, which is nearly 100 million fewer people than we have today. So the murder rate was substantially higher in 1990. And here’s the thing, that wasn’t the peak murder rate. The murder rate was actually higher in the late 1970s, and according to FBI data, the early 1970s, as well:

    What kind of crack cocaine epidemic was that?

    The murder rate in the 1930s also came very near to the 1990s level. So it’s pretty clear that the per capita murder rate in America right now is actually pretty low by historical norms.

    How is that, when the USA is less white than it ever has been? Is it perhaps white people, not blacks and Hispanics, who have been responsible for the majority of murders in the USA?

    Before we explore that possibility, one comment on the clearance rate. The clearance rate is usually defined as the arrest –but not conviction– of a prime suspect.

    Policing Terrorism, Crime Control, and Police-Community Relations
    Tal Jonathan-Zamir, Badi Hasisi, David Weisburd
    Springer International Publishing, 2014

    There are often significant differences between jurisdictions in how clearance rates are defined, thus making it difficult to make comparative statements about police performance across jurisdictions. For example, a crime may be defined as cleared if a suspect is charged, if a suspect is arrested even if there is no charge, or if a likely suspect is identified but no charge or arrest is made. In this context clearance rates provide a problematic measure of police performance across police agencies.

    Not surprisingly, a number of scholars have pointed to manipulation of clearance rates in police agencies in a way that flatters performance (see Cordner, 1989; Gill, 1987; Loveday, 1999: Maguire, 1997; Reiner, 1992, 1998; Walker, 1992).

    Skolnick (1966) noted almost half a century ago that police could easily manipulate clearance rates by offering reductions in present charged offenses in exchangefor help in clearing other cases.

    It is likely that the declining homicide clearance rate is related to the waning use of criminal witness immunity as a police tactic — and also the failure of police to convict suspects in the era of DNA, who would have been wrongfully onvicted in the 20th century based on weaker evidence. Furthermore, our author also fails to note that the exoneration rate is increasing, and that the black incarceration rate is declining.

    This data points to US police departments becoming less “crooked” over time. They are no longer able to get away with the seedy investigation tactics of the 20th century, and the black criminal conviction rate is declining, while the white rate is increasing. Contrasted against a murder rate that is substantially lower than it was in the 20th century, this evidence persuasively points to the possibility that white people were in fact responsible for the palpably higher violent crime rates of the 20th century.

    The demographic decline of white people has coincided with a decline in the murder rate, and black men are going to jail less and less every year. It’s pretty obvious that it was whites who were doing all of the killing in America, and blacks were sent to prison for it. The white nationalist movement in the USA is ironically exposing this forgotten bit of American history, which we were nevertheless repeatedly warned about. It now becomes easier to understand black rage and the BLM movement. White people are the actual killers.

  13. I don’t know. The thing is, in places like, New York, say, in the 1990s there were something like 2000 murders a year, and now there are more or less 400. This is a tempest in a teapot, typical dumbass race-baiting. Niggers comin to git ya. Yeah. Check. I’m sorry, but facts are facts.

    • Replies: @Realist
  14. @Anonymous

    You mean 90 percent of the patsy suspects were railroaded.

    • Replies: @BuelahMan
    , @TTSSYF
  15. @Anon

    The evidence that blacks are the most criminal race in America is indisputable.

    Choke on it.

    • Replies: @Anon
  16. If we want to reduce the number of people in our jails, the answer is to stop building more of them.

    She’s right. Stop building more prisons to house, feed, clothe and provide medical care for the shit in the society. The rational policy is one strike and your out – dead – no need for a prison cell.

    The average person needs to be armed and when a confrontation occurs, the decent people in the immediate area need to kill the SOB that instigated the problem, reloading if necessary.

    • Replies: @Carroll price
  17. You can see the increase in 2020, but the figure is still well below the all-time records from the early 1990s during the crack epidemic.

    I wouldn’t call 10-15% well below, just 10-15% below. Given improvements in medical treatment over the last 30 years, which means that more victims with life-threatening injuries survive, it’s arguable that 2020 was the most violent in America’s history.

    • Replies: @Sick 'n Tired
  18. Unit472 says:

    I actually approve of high negro homicide rates. More often than not they are ”misdemeanor homicides” , ie, one hoodrat killing another. The problem lies in the clearance rates and the inability of many prosecutors to win a conviction without plea bargaining. Thus a hoodrat, known to have murdered another hoodrat, might only be convicted of manslaughter ( urban juries are not gung ho on 1st degree murder where the sentence is life without parole) and thus a teenage or twentysomething killer will only do 10 years and be back on the street and quite capable of scoring his second murder conviction if he is caught. With a 50% clearance rate that means he has only a 25% of being caught and maybe less since he is now an ex-con with a prior murder rap which gives him a lot of street cred and ability to intimidate those police question.

  19. Anon[167] • Disclaimer says:

    Hi, I’m [140], and nobody disputes that. What I dispute are the criminal convictions themselves. They don’t add up. If blacks are so violent, why is murder declining when the black population is holding steady, and a supposedly less violent majority race is demographically aging and contracting?

    Criminality hinges on a conviction, after all. What I’m saying is that whites aren’t getting convicted of the murders they are responsible for — Blacks are getting framed for them. Whites are less criminal than blacks, but more homicidal.

  20. Anonymous[833] • Disclaimer says:

    Gee, I never would have guessed the pandemic to be responsible for all that gun violence. Just the relative masses of guns and virions would seem to make that unlikely. Or have they discovered a new gain-of-function by the microbe: perhaps an ability to take control and direct the central nervous system of the patient? Somebody should study the “Dawn of the Dead” films for all possible clues.

    I would have guessed the proximal cause to be the months-long race war allowed to ravage the country by the federal law authorities. That and the local police departments defunded or strapped with “Wokeism” by individual municipalities. That’s where I would have looked for a correlation, but what do I know? I’ve never been crafty enough to get elected to any public office. Better to let the distinguished race theorists run the show.

  21. Anonymous[833] • Disclaimer says:

    ROTFL! Good one! You should try the comedy clubs. Any more?

  22. @Anon

    What I’m saying is that whites aren’t getting convicted of the murders they are responsible for — Blacks are getting framed for them.

    Yes, you’re a loony tune, I know. You’ve proven that many times.

    I am an ardent segregationist. But don’t worry, I don’t want to force segregation on those who don’t want it; just make it available to those who do. So if I were ever in charge, I’d make absolutely certain to allocate ample living space to people like you, where you can integrate with your beloved blacks to your heart’s content.

    What’s not to like to about that? You’d know exactly where all those nasty “racists” like me are, so no black would ever inadvertently stumble across and be traumatized by a “hater.” Freed from all that oppressive “hate,” the blacks in your community would be an absolute delight to live around. Us haters, left to stew in our own juices, would miss out on the fun, but that’s our loss, not something you need concern yourself with.

    • Agree: TTSSYF, Carroll price
  23. BuelahMan says:

    No, this was before whites were duped into letting all you criminal blacks in.

    • Agree: Bernie
  24. Ron Unz says:

    Hi, I’m [140], and nobody disputes that. What I dispute are the criminal convictions themselves. They don’t add up. If blacks are so violent, why is murder declining when the black population is holding steady, and a supposedly less violent majority race is demographically aging and contracting?

    Well, as of a few years ago, roughly a quarter of all urban black males were either dead or imprisoned, which probably had something to do with the decline of crime rates.

    Criminality hinges on a conviction, after all. What I’m saying is that whites aren’t getting convicted of the murders they are responsible for — Blacks are getting framed for them. Whites are less criminal than blacks, but more homicidal.

    You might want to take a look at my detailed quantitative analysis from several years ago, which avoids that arrest/conviction difficulty by focusing upon correlation rates:

    • Agree: Bernie, TKK, Rich
  25. usNthem says:

    The fbi doesn’t stupidly include beaner crime stats with Whites – it’s done on purpose. Anything to make negro criminality look better, or shall we say, less worse, by an order of magnitude than it actually is.

  26. gotmituns says:

    People like Jared Taylor or not relevant now. All these stupid statistics are meaningless now.

    The only thing that matters to White men and the White women who will stand by us is how well they fire their weapon – one round – one hit.

    • Agree: bruce county
    • Replies: @HT
  27. Jon Chance says: • Website

    Thank you for the 1900-2010 Murder Rate graph.

    Most of the statistics presented by “social scientists” and other propagandists indicate more about the authors than about the subjects.

    There’s no such thing as “Whites” or “Blacks” or “Hispanics”, so that’s always the starting point of endless futile confusion in most modern discussions.

    How much of the rise in the murder rate between 1900-2010 is attributable to immigration of Judeo-Khazarians and other uncivilized people invading America from Eastern Europe, Southern Europe, and elsewhere?

  28. TTSSYF says:

    And what about the other 10% of the patsy suspects?

  29. The figure for “whites” – which follows the usual FBI stupidity of including Hispanics with whites – was 20 points lower at 54 percent.

    If people plainly saw how little crime was committed by just Whites (and Asians) they might become angry at the just-as-equal melanin-enhanced folks.

    Bear in mind that criminal orcs and their Latin cousins provide massive employment for lawyers, judges, police, prison guards, parole officers, etc. They’re not returning to law and order if it means higher unemployment.

  30. TTSSYF says:
    @Enemy of Earth

    I think mass formation psychosis, a term recently popularized by Dr. Robert Malone to describe the roughly 30% of the population that is impervious to new information or facts about COVID, applies just as well as other social phenomena, such as the refusal to admit certain uncomfortable truths about crime.

    • Agree: James N. Kennett
  31. @Anon

    (i). Your own figures clearly support the essentials of the author’s case and undermine your own because they show that black criminality and Hispanic criminality are both at significantly higher rates than white, despite white people forming a majority or plurality in the U.S. population.

    (ii). Notwithstanding this, the FBI’s crime data are estimated and not considered accurate. They are at best an indicator, and can only be that, because the US law enforcement and penal system is a vast complex of many systems and sub-systems. Furthermore, the FBI is a US federal agency and susceptible to political influence in how it compiles information and data for policy-makers and researchers.

    (iii). You don’t derive your figures from the FBI anyway, but from a secondary source – Rick Nevin. I’ve looked at Mr Nevin’s site and in one of his articles he claims that black incarceration rates are falling at a higher rate than white. He interprets this to mean that prisons in the United States are becoming ‘whiter’, which seems to me to be an innumerate conclusion. The problem, on all sides, is people looking at statistics through an agenda.

    (iv). I see a contradiction in your comment on homicide clearance rates. If clearance rates are decreasing, then this cannot be related to factors that impede conviction. You also refer to an increase in exoneration rates and a decline in incarceration rates, but clearance, incarceration and exoneration rates do not necessarily correlate to rates of criminality. There could be more exonerations due to more crime: i.e. the more crime committed, the more people ‘in the system’, the more legal disposals occur. Clearance and incarceration rates may decrease even if crime is increasing, as there are widely varying factors involved in clearance and incarceration.

    (v). I don’t share your belief or conclusion that better investigative techniques make criminal investigators less crooked. Improved techniques could lead to more malignancy and corruption, not less. For instance, DNA evidence can be manipulated, whether intentionally or through inadvertent contamination. DNA evidence can even be planted on suspects or personal effects or property belonging to a suspect. Recorded interviews can be used to make a suspect appear guilty through skilled questioning.

    (vi). You leap to the conclusion that white people are responsible for high murder rates. This is tendentious but also axiomatically true: white people have always been the majority in the United States, so must have committed a greater number of crimes, including murders. There is nothing surprising or controversial in this assertion. Indeed, until perhaps the late 1970s, there was a significant white criminal underclass in both the United States and my own country, Britain. But you go further and express racism towards whites by suggesting that this means white people are more criminal than blacks. I don’t mind your racism. You can be as racist as you like, as far as I’m concerned. But the problem with your argument is that you are ignoring your own figures, which contradict you.

    (vii). For the sake of argument, let’s say you are right and white people are more criminal than other races. So what? This does not defeat the white nationalist argument, which is for white sovereignty and separation from other races. If white people are more criminal and this bothers you, then you should be on the side of white nationalists! Furthermore, a white nationalist could argue that heightened white criminality augurs well for the prospects of a white ethno-state, which won’t be achieved through cap doffing and timidity, but may be achieved by people who are inclined to rebel against authority – i.e. criminals.

  32. HT says:

    Yet no one will publicly say what the real problem and what the common denominator is for all this insane crime and violence. To those who think we live in a free country, you are fools.

  33. HT says:

    You have it wrong. Most black on black crime is never charged as a crime because the police are unable to figure out who did it. That is why only about 15% of homicides in the black Chicago ghetto ever result in a murder charge. That is not unusual in the rest of the country.

  34. Truth says:

    Well that’s all well and good Hymie…er…um… I mean Jared… but there are seven or eight (conservatively) other writers here addtessing the same issue on a daily basis. Now granted as a Nig on a WN board I am an outsider, but it seems the call is getting pretty loud for you to addtess the “J” problem, if in fact there truly is such a thing (the 85 IQ does have its limitations, admittedly!)

    So let me give you some friendly advice from the less fortunate; invite the rabbi’s who have been paying you (again, the opinion of much smarter people here thsn I) over for a bowl of the the wonderful Mrs. Rich’s (ne-Richstein) matzo-ball soup (which I hear is to die for) and ask them to give you permission.

    When the natives get restless, Old Sport, the “settlers” tend to start receiving terrible haircuts..

  35. HT says:

    And then you get thrown into the Jew controlled criminal justice system where social justice rules over the law and people defending themselves are more likely to get prosecuted than the violent attackers.

    • Agree: Robert Dolan
    • Replies: @gotmituns
  36. Realist says:
    @Dr. Charles Fhandrich

    If I could only think up an excuse for the other reprobates who will not remove, without violence, every single politician who enables this crap.

    If I could only think up an excuse for the other reprobates who will not remove every single politician who enables this crap.


  37. Charon says:

    The hood rats and their crime epidemic are the Black Plague. You may be thinking of the “Great Plague” AKA the Black Death.

  38. Charon says:
    @Tom Rogers

    It’s also true that many [if not most] of us have long since given up reporting crime to the authorities. I quit many years ago. Learned the hard way.

    They’re not on our side.

  39. @Tom Rogers

    Negroes age 15 to 28 do HALF of all violent crime….and they are roughly only 3% of the population.

    Blacks rape 25,000 white women every year. There are nearly zero white on black rapes.

    Blacks commit close to 600,000 crimes against whites every year…..which amounts to 90% of all cross-race crime.

    Blacks have high testosterone, low IQ, low impulse control.

    Blacks also have an illegitimacy rate of about 76%, and single black mothers are unable to control the violent young buckwheats.

    What a mess.

    • Agree: Realist, Bernie, schnelladine
    • Replies: @anyone with a brain
  40. Charon says:

    Please let me get this straight. You’re saying that white people are dressing up in blackface and travelling into the various ‘hoods of America to kill the black people there? Because that’s where the killings are, and that’s who’s dying. Fascinating!

  41. anonymous[139] • Disclaimer says:

    Comparing the homicide rate of 2020 to that of 1990 is totally misleading. Emergency medical procedures have been improved and streamlined since then and have drastically lowered the death rate for gunshot victims. One should also look at total shootings to get a better idea of the overall picture. There were 4542 total shootings in Chicago in 2021, wounded and dead. Since almost all of it emanates from just a portion of the population of Chicago one can see how it has an outsized effect on everything else. When one narrows it down further by gender and age it gets even more glaring, black males between 16-45 being the main drivers of all this. People who view black males with caution aren’t off the mark, all denial aside.

  42. Realist says:

    The crime rate in large cities is only a problem for those…stupid enough to live there.

  43. gotmituns says:

    Sir, What I’m talking about is when the shit hits the fan in this country there’ll only be those Whites who fight to the death and those foolish Whites who allow themselves to be taken “prisoner” by the blacks and jews. I assure you sir that I am of the former group and not the latter,

    • Replies: @HT
  44. Bookish1 says:
    @Kat Grey

    Whites have no common sense. It would take a big wakeup call to wake them.

  45. G. Poulin says:
    @Tom Rogers

    Libtards have a hard time processing such mysterious concepts as “per capita” and “on average”. It hurts their tender little psyches to have to think too hard about their irrational religious beliefs.

  46. PolarBear says:

    Jared Taylor is more relevent than ever. Blacks have ruined my states biggest city and many Whites have fled. Jareds biggest flaw is censoring for Jews, which blows up in his face on free-speech forums. Ron, on the other hand, doesn’t censor for Jews and even names them. Free-speech forums have the most complete view and all seem to have acquired a general distaste for Jews, be they right or left. Too much truth has that effect on people.

  47. Adieu France

  48. Rooster12 says:

    Our justice system was constructed for 1st world problems, it’s now collapsing under the weight of 3rd world problems. It’s getting so bad, and the system is so clogged, that they’re doing away with certain high-volume crimes like petty theft; with “petty” being a relative term. Demographics are destiny, and if you think things are bad now while Whites are still the majority, just wait… the next century is going to be one for the history books!

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  49. HT says:

    I assume you mean what you say, but by that time after the complete brainwashing of the military which is now in process, you will be fighting Blackhawks and other weapons that will quickly kill you. Our own government will make Stalin and Mao look like the Red Cross. Even they did not hate their own people the way the jewocracy and their pets hate us. That is what whites are setting themselves up for by ignoring reality. Very few whites today have a clue who is destroying them and what is coming some day.

    • Replies: @gotmituns
  50. Why isn’t George Soros charged for terrorism?

    Oh yeah, he is a Jewish Globalist and can treat whites like Palestinians. A Jewish entitlement.

    Jews can support ISIS is Syria and Antifa/BLM in the West.

    • Agree: Robert Dolan
    • Replies: @HT
  51. The key to the rise in murders is the zionist control over the government and the state governments and the releasing of prisoners back onto the streets of America and the zionist created Black Lives Matters and Antifa who have created violence and civil disruptions across America and the control over the justice systems both federal and civil who are under zionist aka communist control and allowing this to happen, in line with the zionist planned destruction of America.

    America is being destroyed by the zionist/communists, zionists are destroyers of nations and humanity, it is what they do.

    • Agree: Gerrymander'd
  52. HT says:
    @Priss Factor

    The same reason Larry Fink isn’t charged with extortion by threatening corporate America to become woke or be destroyed by the power of Blackrock. The money changers now rule and most whites are so conditioned they cannot conceive what is happening even while it is right in front of them. As with Negroes and the fake racism card that scares whites into silence, a white also has no greater fear than being called antisemite.

    • Replies: @Priss Factor
  53. AceDeuce says:

    When that tiger mauled one of the two fanooks-Roy of Siegfried and Roy–in Vegas some years ago, colored boy comic Chris Rock worked it into his routine (because it’s funny when White people get hurt) Anyway, Rock said he kept hearing in the news how the tiger went “crazy”. He then said “That tiger didn’t go crazy–that tiger went tiger!” In other words, it reverted to its nature.

    Same with groids. Like the GEICO commercial-It’s what they do.

  54. Phoenix says:

    Outstanding journalism on the disastrous and deliberate effects of Democratic Party policies.

  55. @Robert Dolan

    The solution is
    1) sterilize violent criminals
    2) make birth control obligatory for receiving welfare, if you get pregnant on welfare it has to be aborted
    3) being tough on violent crime
    4) pro-black segregation, black schools for black kids with black children of talent getting sent to better schools. All children of talent should be getting sent to special schools if they so wish. I personally support homeschooling, but only parents invested into their children do that.
    5) do away with affirmative action and the whole “disparate impact” legal theory. here is agood article about it

    • Replies: @Truth
    , @Tom Rogers
  56. tyrone says:

    Blacks are getting framed for them. Whites are less criminal than blacks, but more homicidal.

    ….now you’re just lying and most probably a POS.

  57. @Enemy of Earth

    “Due to significant differences in values and ethics”……..

    and self-control and IQ.

    • Thanks: Enemy of Earth
  58. “In 1965, 90 percent of murder cases were solved. Today, only 54 percent”

    If the police solved more murder cases then more African Americans would be in jail. That would mean that the ugly “Disparate Impact” would rear itz ugly head.

    “Cities with lots of blacks tend to have a lot of murders, but the black death rate varies considerably”

    It could mean that certain cities have better emergency rooms and can save a lot more people. The number of shootings would also be an important stat to list. For instance Chicago had 794 shot and killed and total shootings were 4542 for the year 2021.

  59. @anonymous

    “Once USA is destroyed, how will the Jews fare”

    They are already getting set to leave America for China. Perhaps if India becomes rich enough then they can also move there.

    • Replies: @roberto1
  60. gotmituns says:

    The Taliban just won against us so why do you thing determined White people can’t win?

    • Replies: @HT
  61. Truth says:
    @anyone with a brain

    I can see all of these recommendations being rubber-stamped by Congress and the Supreme Court in a matter of a few days!

    • Replies: @anyone with a brain
  62. Bernie says:

    This is why there was segregation. I don’t mean this as a joke or a quip. Whites simply wanted to be protected from black crime and violence. Not only segregation but white retaliation through groups like the KKK was the only thing that kept whites safe from black violence.

    Now every single day brings a new black “homeless man” stabbing a white woman in a furniture store, pushing an Asian woman in front of a subway or shooting a Puerto Rican woman working at Burger King for “reparations.”

    Crime/murder/racism is simply a result of blacks. There is no other cause or reason.

    • Agree: usNthem
  63. @anyone with a brain

    This may be to labour the obvious, but I would assume that when you refer to ‘violent crime’ you mean what Americans call (and we English used to call) felonies. I would hope that you are not referring to misdemeanour violence (in England, minor offences such as common assault and minor affrays). Quite apart from any consideration of the merits of your proposal, this is an important distinction because if you effectively exclude violent men per se from the gene pool, the effect will be dysgenic for the Race. You will end up with weaker men and a bossy, schoolmistress society – to put it bluntly and simply, and we’re then back to where we started.

    I think there is a case for careful eugenics that is sensitive to human dignity and autonomy and involves a specific attribute or condition that, on the balance of probabilities, is considered inheritable. For instance, if somebody suffers from a severe mental illness and the condition cannot be cured or ameliorated using reasonable methods, then they should be encouraged not to reproduce. But they should not be forced or coerced into it. Based on current thinking, people with Down syndrome should not reproduce, but again, it must be the individual’s decision. Human autonomy must be respected. Conventional medical thinking may also change. A cure may be developed for certain inheritable conditions and illness. We just don’t know of course.

    I disagree with your idea of bringing the criminal justice system into it. It’s a socio-medical matter. The individual’s decision has implications and ramifications for all of us, but it is still a decision for that individual, and that’s just the way it is. We just have to accept this, or we risk becoming the monsters we are trying to vanquish.

    Remember that power of this kind can easily be abused. Coerced or mandatory euthanasia is scientifically-illiterate and dangerous because it politicises decisions – about genetic pedigree – that should be for individuals in society to make for themselves.

  64. HT says:

    We weren’t trying to defeat the Taliban at least not in the most deadly terms. Believe me, when the time comes to slaughter the whites, our military will not fool around. Think about it. Our military was taught to be kind and generous to Muslims as the religion of peace. That is how so many of our young men died fighting with one armed tied behind their back. We also routinely lost men when Muslims who had been placed in our own facilities decided to go on killing sprees using weapons we gave them. The same military is being taught whites are evil racists. They will gladly go all out to kill us and see themselves as morally right to do so.

  65. @Truth

    That’s the spirit!

    The biggest challenge is the lack of willingness to bring these up when talking to “normies.” break the taboo. Sterilizing violent criminals is something rarely opposed when I bring it up in normal situations. Same goes for making birth control a part of welfare.

    Be the change you want to see!

    • Replies: @Gerrymander'd
  66. @anyone with a brain

    I guess I’ve failed at this technique. I cannot bring up the problems of Section 8 housing with the normies around me. They move their eyes to the left, to the ground, shuffle their feet nervously – they have no interest in “fighting the power”.

    • Replies: @anyone with a brain
  67. @RockaBoatus

    The entirety of criminology effectively boils down to a few simple axioms:

    • Those who pursue a criminal lifestyle, which is the vast majority of serious offenders, do so because they have antisocial personalities, and personality is largely immutable.

    • Therefore, incapacitation is a critical means by which the criminal justice system protects society.

    • The other chief function of the police, courts and jails is deterrence of crime, which is a direct function of perceived cost to the criminal. Of greatest importance is immediacy of punishment and of lesser but still significant importance is its severity.

    The blue zoo CJ “philosophy” is the ass-end opposite of these well known truths. The consequences are predictable and, from faraway sidelines, cathartically hilarious.

  68. @HT

    The Taliban were also getting material assistance from China. China will be helping us take down all these evil MAGAts like gotmituns.

    Hope the trade war was worth it for Trumpkins. That was a far worse defeat than the one in the Pashtunland.

    • Replies: @JR Foley
  69. Anonymous[833] • Disclaimer says:

    I should think that the US will eventually look a lot like Brazil with lots of Blacks, still at the bottom of the socioeconomic ladder, but Latins being the largest plurality and a small coterie of Whites still governing the place.

    There will still be a large scientific/biomedical/technical sector but the practitioners will be mostly women (officially called “front-holers” in Woke Transspeak) as presently seen in most of Latin America. Except for some pockets in Eastern Europe and Russia (known collectively as Hungarian Devil-people or Orban-spawn for short), I don’t think there will be any White majority countries, certainly not Canada or Australia for interested Anglophones.

    Most everyone will own nothing and like it, they will be largely racial mulattos and feel entitled and accruing maximum “victim points” because of that. Placating them with bread and circuses like the bi-monthly week-long Carnival will become even more important than now. This will not be your kind of place if you expected classical Vienna, Paris or ancient Athens.

    High culture will be learning to blow the vuvuzela with panache at football (soccer) games, whilst fans in the stands are invited to participate in the ritual head-chopping (known as “weed whacking”) of convicted felons as per the adopted Israeli-Saudi tradition. Nothing clears the mind quite like a good decapitation, as they will say in the future.

    Not many time-travelling WASP tourists will visit Woke America. If you are so unfortunate as to be a working White ethnic, your yearly reparations levy will be collected in Renminbi from your guaranteed minimum income (GMI) via direct bank transfer. The only way to opt out of your debt to social justice will be to marry a Black and sire mulatto babies with legacy black privilege. Other than that things will largely resemble life in the movie “Idiocracy” which means most current Americans should fit right in. You will call each other “sheeple” and think it’s vaguely amusing but you won’t quite know why. Aldous Huxley was wrong, they won’t call it “soma” but rather “horse dewormer,” aka “Rogan Cola” by the always cranky Zoomer old timers. As they said back in the day, “must see to appreciate.”

    • Replies: @Reality Reporter
  70. roberto1 says:

    It’s Ukraine they want as a backup bolt hole. Everything going on there now is being driven by jews.

  71. @HT

    Strafe one small town, and every Joe Paycheck cog in the 10:1 logistics tail gets dealt in, with bets counted in claim checks on their daughters’ tortured scalps.

  72. @Anonymous

    BBCs are slaying white women in bed and the white man in the streets. It is what it is.

    • Replies: @GeneralRipper
  73. @Anonymous

    Brazil is nowhere near as black as America actually. America is about 20% black if you count mullattos, in the east coast most cities 20-50% black while in Brazil the pure blooded blacks make up less than 10% of the population, and they’ve thinned their blood much more than America ever did.

    In Brazil they whitenize the blacks, white Americans on the other get blacked. Latins knew how to put dindus in their place much better than WASPS.

    • Replies: @Rich
    , @silviosilver
  74. Someone who kills a black in the US has a better than 50:50 chance of getting away with it.

    Not when a white person kills a Negro. In which case, heaven and earth is moved to find and hang the killer.

    • Replies: @Bubba
  75. @RoatanBill

    We could turn the empty prisons into homeless shelters with meals catered-in from subsidized black restaurants run by ex-cons.

    • Troll: RoatanBill
  76. @HT

    The same reason Larry Fink isn’t charged with extortion

    Someone should do an experiment.

    Go to Larry Fink and say, “Mr. Fink, dear sir, we’ve gone totally ‘woke’. We are totally into diversity, inclusion, and equity. We are for more diversity in US media where Palestinian voices get far more representation as pundits and columnists. We are for inclusion in denouncing anti-BDS laws that suppress voices calling for justice for Palestinians. We are for equity in calling out how Jews, who are merely 2% of US population, own and/or control so many institutions and industries. We also denounce the Jewish supremacist Zionist ‘racist’ ideology of Zionism and the Zionist-led foreign policy that commits mass murder against Arabs.”

    Gee, I wonder how he and the Tribe will react.

  77. Rich says:
    @Reality Reporter

    Mulattos are already counted as black, they aren’t 20%, though you’d think, if you watch television or movies, they’re 80%. As more and more Hispanics enter the US, the black percentage keeps dropping, and blacks don’t have as many kids as they used to. I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re under 10% by the 2030 census.

  78. @Reality Reporter

    In Brazil they whitenize the blacks, white Americans on the other get blacked. Latins knew how to put dindus in their place much better than WASPS.

    Your wordplay changes nothing. The fact is about 40% of Brazil’s population would pass as black in the U.S. In the old one-drop south, the proportion would be even higher.

    Latins didn’t place dindus in their place, they placed them in their beds, starting early. Nobody outdid WASPs at putting the nigshit in its place, both in America and South Africa.

    The one racial policy I might admire Brazil for is its early 20th century programming of “whitening” – explicitly injecting whites from Europe into their gene pool in an attempt to make the population as a whole whiter. This was viable at a time when Europe did not appear to be running out of whites and the feeling was that there was nothing to be done with the enormous numbers of blacks and indios in the country except to breed them up into something better over time (ie via intermixture).

  79. I have been to Brazil, more than 50% of the country would pass as white or mediterrenean because of the whitening policy actually.

    And WASPs went from segregation to handing their daughters to BBCs so they can jerk off to the porn they make. Now they’re getting blacked while Brazil and the rest of Latin America continue their whitenization policies.

    • LOL: Truth
    • Replies: @silviosilver
  80. @Rich

    Lmfao keep dreaming. They’re gonna be 15%+ of the population by 2030 and then WASPs liberals will most likely also start importing them straight from Africa, by 2050 they’re gonna be 20% of the country more or less.

    • Replies: @europeasant
  81. @Gerrymander'd

    At least you bring up the problem and solutions and that shifts the overton window. You might not convince anyone or engage them, but now they now there are people who have ideas like yours and when they have a hot take in the future they are more likely to say something instead of self-censor.

    The point is to end self-censorship, and you can do that by setting the example.

    Of course you can’t be stupid about it. Just point out correlations and implications of correlations and maybe personal experiences.

    • Replies: @silviosilver
  82. JR Foley says:

    Freedom Human Rights Democracy—-yeah right as in Correct? ( Donald Trump-followed by Amtrak Biden) –next will be Abdullah the Butcher from East St Louis–??

  83. @Anon

    You are so dumb your head must hurt. Your sources are suspect and your pro-black bias is nauseating. Your last paragraph is priceless! Thanks for the laugh, jewboy.

  84. @Reality Reporter

    It doesn’t matter that you’ve “been to Brazil.” You didn’t visit the entire country. Just going to one city doesn’t teach you anything. I can learn much more about the place simply using their census (I’ve forgotten the link, but you could get racial data from sub-city prefectures) and matching it up with pics related to the racial descriptions people use. It’s vastly blacker than America, that’s just obvious.

    And stop changing the subject. If you want to argue that today WASPs are the most embarrassing cucked out fags walking the planet, you’ll get no disagreement from me. They are an absolute disgrace. If they refuse to change their ways, then I have no choice but to anxiously look forward to the day they breed themselves out of existence for good. Better that than infecting the rest of the world with mindcuck virus.

    But when they were bad, WASPs were bad. No one can deny that. Such a shame they wasted their one shot at a good hard genocide on the hapless indians (and a half-assed one at that), instead of reserving it for a far more deserving target. Oh well, no point crying over spilled milk.

    Re latinos, there is more racial good sense in that part of the world than anywhere in North America or Europe. They know quality when they see it. Look at the way Dominican Republic shuts the door in Haitians’ face. DR’s already pretty negrofuxated, but they treasure that mixed blood and will not have it infected with Haitians’ African blood poisoning. You have to admire them for it.

    • Replies: @Reality Reporter
  85. Think about how low white crime rates would be if our masters hadn’t decided to lump people from the mideast, Indian subcontinent, and most “latinos” as whites in the crime stats.

  86. @anyone with a brain

    Of course it’s worth it. You’re planting seeds. They’re not going to bear fruit right in that moment. But if you never sow, you cannot expect to reap.

    • Replies: @jeff stryker
  87. JR Foley says:
    @Supply and Demand

    Tariffs are punishing China exclaims Donnie and Economic guru Navarro —but the USA mainstreet consumer is facing 7% inflation on stagnant wages and the Rental Evictions can now begin—sit back and watch the drama.

  88. “Nobody shot me.” — Frank Gusenberg, after being shot by members of Al Capone’s gang during the St. Valentine’s Day massacre.

  89. HT says:

    So? Even if true they now have more influence on our culture than whites. Understand the goal by Jews is not to make blacks powerful but to destroy whites and that is exactly what they are doing.

  90. @silviosilver

    I see I don’t disagree much with you after all. Let’s hope the American pro black propaganda machine doesn’t affect the rest of the world too much like say. But I don’t think America has any future. I’m a young guy and it is very common for me to see dindus with white women and not just any white women but the hottest white women. Specially during high school and middle school since black men have earlier puberties and are naturally low inhibition, they bully the white kids and fuck the best white girls. Black men who are raised in white areas(and they move to white areas in pursue of white women) have no issue finding a white girl to date.

    Brazil might be blacker but when you put on the TV there’s no nigger saving the world in their soap operas. In America on the other hand there’s only niggers when you turn on the TV. This country is getting blacked, the statistics are hard to find but they can’t hide them forever, eventually white cucks will have to accept the future of the country is black

  91. anon[147] • Disclaimer says:
    @Reality Reporter

    your average white american normie goyim is obsessed with foreign Asiatic boogeymen while niggers and jews are destroying his bloodline forever right in front of his face, one could say they deserve it for refusing to open their eyes about who their true enemies are, even when its so damn obvious in 2022. it also explains why a kike puppet/conman like Trump had their hopes up for a while.

    • Replies: @Reality Reporter
  92. @Reality Reporter

    Negroes get white women, but not the hot white women.

    When I see a white woman with a black, the white woman is almost always fat……in fact I’d say it’s so common that it’s a meme at this point. The blacks get the fatties that no white guys want.

    Now in the Jmedia, movies, tv, commercials…..yes, the negroes have the hot white women…’s not a reflection of real life.

    The black man/white woman pairing is the absolute favorite of our jewish overlords and they obviously rejoice in wrecking the white gene pool.

    • Replies: @Reality Reporter
    , @Rocko
    , @anon
  93. @Reality Reporter

    Says the guy with 5 comments. Shows up out of nowhere after “showmethereal” and “littlereddott”, your buddies in the next troll cubicle, have been thrashed. You just got interested in The Unz Review today and decided to comment on this article??? You are full of it Shlomo. We White Men know that the black male is getting ZERO White Girls but doing plenty of jerking to interracial porn. Keep talking crap Shlomo, you have been SEEN, and the bill for “The Reckoning” is already too high for you to pay.

    • Agree: Robert Dolan
    • Replies: @Reality Reporter
  94. @Rich

    Black immigrants from predominantly black countries are approaching 20% of total US Black population.

    • Agree: Hangnail Hans
  95. gabon 45 says:

    you toss around the word “obvious” like you know the difference between a lie and a blind fool.

    The decline in incarceration / murder convictions is due to the legal system and cops sitting on the side line – black crime is way up

  96. @Robert Dolan

    Even if it was true that negros get ugly white women, it would be bad because they produce mullattos who are more attractive and then go on to black more white women than their daddy ever could.

    But things change, black men do get hot white women now, specially during their teens. As I mentioned black men have early puberties, they are able to bully white boys and fuck the best white girls early in life. When they get older black men travel long distances to find night clubs with white girls, like say bars near college towns, etc. So to clear of what I’m saying, black men get the best white girls during their teens and when they get older they get the handful of coalburners that exist, still enough to reproduce mullatto allies.

  97. @Bombercommand

    Go outside buddy, I wish you were right and black men weren’t slaying white girls but the propaganda machine has gotten the white girls to open their legs. You or your sons might have no choice but to take a coal burner as a partner one day. But why don’t you do something, pick a negro and make a dating account for him then record the number of white girls wanting to sleep with him, report back to us. I’ve done it, it’s about 50% for a normally attractive black man. Just pick a random black NFL player and you’ll see the reality with your own eyes.

  98. Thomm says:

    Jared Taylor said :

    “The figure for “whites” – which follows the usual FBI stupidity of including Hispanics with whites – ”

    Jared has to be careful. One of the things columnists are absolutely NOT allowed to do here is contradict Ron Unz’s narrative that Hispanics have not already converged to white norms in crime rates, IQ, and more. Under this premise, categorizing Hispanics as ‘white’ is to be expected.

    Ron Unz wrote the entire ‘Hispanic Crime Series’ to support this narrative, and he is not about to allow anyone to contradict it over here.

    • Replies: @Truth
    , @mark green
  99. Anon[370] • Disclaimer says:
    @Reality Reporter


    Black men’s celibacy rate is actually increasing, they’re less likely to get laid than 20 years ago.

    Women of most races prefer white men, reject black and nonwhite men:

    • Replies: @Reality Reporter
    , @Truth
  100. Anon[370] • Disclaimer says:
    @Reality Reporter

    This guy is an Asian incel troll, ignore him. Everything he says can be demonstrably proven to be the opposite of reality.

  101. @Anon

    Hi, I’m [140], and nobody disputes that.

    Would that be like kilos, pounds, years old, or IQ? I hope it’s not your name.

  102. TKK says:

    There are 2 topics that even the “brave” Joe Rogan and his trusty side kick ‘Robin” Tim Dillon will not touch nor broach in any aspect:

    *Black’s innate criminality
    *Jewish negative influence of heterosexual normative white culture.

    Joe Rogan can write his own ticket at this point. I believe his deal with Spotify was worth more than \$100 million.

    I have been listening to lots of his content on some long road trips. He meanders seemingly without censorship on many topics: trans, gays, politics from a bird’s eye view, hunting, nutrition, aliens, efficacy of vaccines, God and Covid.

    But when BLM or any Small Hat tendrils rises up from the hours of conversations , he tows the party line: Slavery has a legacy of disparate impact on blacks that still needs to be addressed, blacks need a hand up- he never mentions the billions (trillions?) spent to pull them up to no avail.

    His acid tongue sidekick, Tim Dillion, who is brutal and frankly, hilarious, will go a little farther. He rants about BLM being a Marxist organization with the bizarre backing of rapacious corporate interests, but never dives into race realities.

    Aside from fringe sites that peg us as white terrorits, no one is allowed to state what we all know about blacks, criminality, destruction of culture and property values, and who enables them.

    If Rogan did broach race realities even in a benign manner of citing statistics, I believe his \$100 million would be yanked, and he would not be allowed attend UFC fights on the mike at a high school gym (where he got his start).

  103. Jewish Lies Matter = ‘Black Lives Matter’ = White Obedience Matters

  104. @Anon

    This is outdated from before BLM and George Floyd buddy. Again, go outside.

  105. Rocko says:
    @Robert Dolan

    You’re just jelly Trump gave his daughter to a Jew

  106. anon[265] • Disclaimer says:
    @Robert Dolan

    that’s why the mixed race people are usually so crazy and useless, because their white mothers are in fact borderline retarded.

    • Disagree: Gerrymander'd
    • Replies: @Gerrymander'd
  107. @silviosilver

    On the subject of Brazil I don’t know why you would brag about your “Repardo” society run at the top by a bunch of Portuguese Sephardic.

    The WASPS did not have sex with Amazonian rain forest Indians to create a race of favela vagabonds like Ramos the delinquent or Sueli the stripper in PIXOTE to be used by corrupt police.

    Most immigrants are low breeds of cattle, but the Portuguese swept off the streets off Lisbon to Brazil were drunks, prostitutes, hobos, petty criminals etc.

    The difference between the Portuguese & Spanish of Latin America & the British who became WASPS is that in Spanish & Portuguese colonies you encouraged Indians to sleep with your sisters & daughters to create a Mestizo class of orphans while Britain exported families.

    If Mexico were not a land bridge for Indian & black & Mulatto refugees ignored by the elite whites in Haciendas & stirred up by spoiled socialist Leftists like Castro or Guevara who are themselves white elite…the revolutions would never end down in Latin America.

    Latin Americans complain of USA interference but their whites need assistance in keeping the Zabizo & Pardos in Favelas under control because children run around like stray dogs in Sao Paulo & Rio fathered by black drunks & Mestizo coke whore mothers.

    • Agree: Automatic Slim
    • Replies: @silviosilver
  108. Let’s be realistic here for a moment, as White men and Women of Non-Jewish origin. The simple fact is that there IS massive miscegenation going on through out the colonized lands of North America that were formerly White majority or barely so today along with Europe itself willingly throwing itself at the dark races , especially the hyper-masculine Bantu man who is renowned for the BBC. It is why there are so many White women through out Europe and the Americas, beautiful fair skinned blue eyed red and blonde haired fit women at that with curves a bubble butt and perfect C cup breasts, whose baby carriage has a black baby in it.

    This is NOT a troll comment. It is simple reality.

    The poster @Reality Reporter is NOT wrong he is right.

    The problem with the decline of the West are White girls who are whores and love the rap music and eventually are addicted even more than crack cocaine could do, to the BBC, and the resulting Black Children from that union would instantly be labeled as 100% black in the historic US south, no doubt about it, most children from Black men and White women look African as it is the dominant genes.

    Yes I am a new poster here and only recently came across this website. It is VERY interesting and this just my view on the issue and nothing more or less than that.

  109. @Derail Gerkin.


    1) The most intelligent & attractive white women won’t marry penniless black thugs leading a borderline-criminal lifestyle. That is for the poor white underclass & working poor.

    2) Their kids are considered “black”. Because their fathers are poor & often abandon them they grow up poor & black & in the ghetto so they either intermarry or marry blacks & by default become black.

    3) The white male whiggers like Eminem don’t even reproduce. They act black but without the BBC or masculinity or live-in-the-moment Alpha charmless charm SOME blacks have. Nobody wants them. Eminem only gets laid because he is wealthy.

    4) So the gene pool streamlines & gets rid of the deadwood, so to speak. We’ve seen this before in Latin American countries.

    5) The Ashkenazi work on the same/opposite principle. They marry the upper-class Gentile nobility, whether Roman noblewoman or Trump’s daughters, which then hybridizes their gene pool with good-looking intelligent women.

    So again, it is like Brazil, run by Portuguese Jews while the mulattos & pardos & Indians scuff in the favelas penniless.

  110. @Reality Reporter

    Itz amazing how many Negroes from Africa are arriving in America. That incident on the Texas border with 12 to 15 thousand Negroes massing at the border.

    Did you read about that fire in New York? The people involved were Negro straight out of Africa. There are about 1.2 billion Sub-Saharan Africans waiting to move into White lands. America and Europe would be swamped with Africans yearning for White stuff. Close the borders immediately.

  111. @jeff stryker

    On the subject of Brazil I don’t know why you would brag about your “Repardo” society run at the top by a bunch of Portuguese Sephardic.

    It’s not my society and I wasn’t “bragging” about it, tard.

  112. Truth says:

    Lol. That graphic with the circles is like 15 years old now. People used to post it on Sailer’s old site.

    You guys really need to get outside more and leave the comfort of your childhood bedrooms,and your Rick Springfield and Heather Locklear posters..

    • Replies: @Anon
  113. @Reality Reporter

    I’ve been over this with “showmethereal”, what you describe doesn’t exist. I demolished “showmethereal” and he fell back to weakly bleating his talking points and finally resorted to pilpul. A day after he’s gone you show up. But this time the troll farm chose a Shlomo with a harder rhetorical line, that is don’t try to rationally argue, just repeatedly bellow the same lies with an air of certainty. You’ve gone from 5 to 10 comments since last night all the same bullshit. You’re totally obvious Shlomo.

  114. @Derail Gerkin.

    You’re a Shlomo working at the same troll farm as “Reality Reporter”. Reality Reporter’s hard line rhetoric is breaking down so they brought you in. Whereas “Reality Reporter” blockheadedly repeats the same obviously inane talking point in a tone of witless certainty, your “shtick” is to appear “softer” while slipping in the most vile insinuations, straight out of a script for the interracial porn you Shlomos peddle to the halfwit Negro. You have been SEEN Shlomo, go back to The Abyss that has been prepared for you.

  115. Jiminy says:

    Looking at the first graph, I think the mighty USA needs another war. It seems that while the yanks were out shooting up other countries, the numbers of killings back home went down for some reason. Might be a coincidence, but it would be interesting to see if the figures drop during the next offshore excursion. The recent fire in NY involving Africans reminds me of how the blacks here are known to tear up wooden floor boards to have an indoor cook up.

  116. Truth says:

    If I remember correctly, Mr. Unz’s deft and intensive research has actually led him to believe that Hispanics are less criminal-minded than whites.

  117. Nat X says:
    @Derail Gerkin.

    The truth that dares not speak its name!!! The yt female has ALWAYS been attracted to the BBC and the masculine dindoo. Dats why y’all incels have so much hate for the dindoo. Btw I have 3 bastard octoroon kids that I let the grands take care of.

  118. @anon

    Most white mothers with mixed race children do not want to raise their kids “ghetto”. I was disappointed in the mother of the “unarmed black” shithead near Minneapolis who was killed by female cop (reached for taser, pulled gun). Mother was white. She turned out to be useless but she was well-spoken. For some reason she gave the kid a long leash.

  119. @Thomm

    Ron Unz wrote the entire ‘Hispanic Crime Series’ to support this narrative, and he is not about to allow anyone to contradict it over here.

    Yet here you are, publishing superficial refutations and half-truths on that very subject. And Ron is allowing it.

    Graciously, Mr. Unz permits trolls such as yourself to write insulting, libelous drivel–even when he’s the target. If the roles were reversed, I doubt that you would do the same.

    The fact that Ron allows you to eat up space denouncing him demonstrates his commendable commitment to Free Speech (and your lack of manners.) Perhaps you should spew your venom elsewhere.

    • Replies: @Thomm
  120. Thomm says:
    @mark green

    er….. you clearly don’t understand the true purpose of this website. I am actually one of the most valuable commenters here. Ron usually has to pay people to do what I voluntarily do here for free. Especially the high-quality comedy that I inject into the commentariat.

    Oh, and since you took exception to my claim that Hispanic crime is not quite as low as white crime rates, are you in fact saying that after adjusting for age and gender balance, Hispanic crime rates are in fact as low as white crime rates?

    I know your IQ is low (around 70), but think hard about what you are disagreeing with.

  121. Bubba says:
    @Carroll price

    Agree and would like to point out that whitey (Derek Chauvin) does not even have to kill a black thug (George Floyd) to get lynched by the woke mob (who will let you live to spend the rest of your life in prison).

  122. GeneralRipper [AKA "GoldenValley"] says:
    @Reality Reporter

    Sounds to me like you Gentlemen should hold a symposium dedicated to Muh Dik.

    The Negro Race is hilarious in so many ways. Especially the male of the species.

    If only they were as fixated on being good fathers to their children, as they are on their genitalia, they would probably have a great civilization by now…lol


  123. Factorize says:

    Anon, I am not sure whether you have noticed my previous posts based on the url in the first figure that you posted, though the thesis from this site about the strong relationship between lead and a wide range of social pathology that emerged especially during the 1960, 70s, 80s and 90s is convincing to me. Those interested can click on my blog name to read these posts.

    Briefly, there has been a very strong correlation between lead blood levels in preschool children and later juvenile property crime rates, unwed teenage fertility rates, … . In fact, juvenile property crime rates have fallen by over 90% over the last few decades with nearly uninterrupted declines for a quarter century from the time that lead was removed from gasoline. This trend has been seen across many many other nations and the timing for the reduction in crime is typically about 17-20 years after reducing lead in gas.

    For whatever reason the mental asylum that was modern society did not generally recognize the pervasive social collapse that began in the early 1960s and continued into the mid-1990s that was caused by the neurotoxicity of high lead exposure. Even more surprisingly the profound improvements in social functioning shown in the figure above over the last few decades have also largely went unnoticed. Are people truly that uninterested in questioning why the rate of juvenile property crime has fallen so dramatically? It becomes extremely difficult to rebut this evidence once it is realized that a wide range of other indicators of social dysfunction have mirrored the crime rate decline. For example, the rate of teenage aged unwed mothers (ages 15-17) has also fallen by ~90% over this timeframe. The social transformation that is currently underway is miraculous. Such a massive and abrupt shift in behavior possibly has never occurred before in all of human history.

    For whatever reason, the conversation about crime has largely not acknowledged this profound transformation. Only looking at the broad crime trends in a narrow time window obscures the astonishing crime reductions that have occurred in younger cohorts (i.e., those who were not exposed to high lead levels during critical periods of their brain development). The faulty assumption being made is that crime (social pathologies), underlying social determinants (e.g., race), etc. are inherent and eternal truths. This can clearly be seen to be untrue in the above figure and articles from the url noted in the figure above.

    The currently emerging alpha generation (those born from 2010-2025) will develop in an entirely different social context than has ever existed before. Some nations (e.g., Norway) intend to completely replace internal combustion automobiles with electric over the near-medium term. Such a changeover will give us even better understanding of maximal social performance without neurotoxins introduced into the ambient air supply. Understanding the basis for the transformative changes underway would seem a prerequisite for engaging in relevant discussion about social policy. Additional factors that could also be considered are the emerging life from home (LFH) trend that has arisen during COVID, polygenic scores from full genome sequencing, polygenic assortative mating and embryo selection, and the arrival of effective amyloid dementia treatments.

    The Singularity has arrived: Life in the 21st century is about to become overwhelmingly better.

    • Replies: @Factorize
  124. Anon[118] • Disclaimer says:

    How about this graphic? It’s from 2018:


    Quote from a study on Tinder, published in 2021:

    White men, who tend to accept all but Black women as romantic options when dating online, while White women exclude all non-White men

    Lol @ thinking realiy has an expiration date.

    Go outside and take a look around, indeed. White men taking women of color just increases with every passing year!

    • Replies: @Truth
    , @Truth
  125. Truth says:

    Your second article had a cookie wall, I never click on them unless I can dismiss them.

    And the first article is about Asians, what does that have to do with anything, except that your graph destroys the “instant gratification” thing, so thanks.

    Here’s another article that talks about rising rates of interracial relationships:

    Here is one that disputes that Asian females are particularly sought after (1/10/22), in direct dispute with the 15 year old article posted multiple times.

    So knock yourself out.

    • Replies: @Anon
  126. Truth says:

    Go outside and take a look around, indeed. White men taking women of color just increases with every passing year!

    I know it does, where I live I see them ALL>OF>>>THE>>>TIME. The white man always looks happy as a clam. I guess there is a good reason for it.

  127. According to the progressive narrative, the MSM is overly obsessed with attractive white female crime victims. However, there are some pretty important caveats here. Attractive white women must be victims of white male aggression (eg, angry white male partners or white male police corruption in foreign countries). If they are the victims of non-white aggression or police corruption in non-white countries then the progressive media doesn’t show a lot of interest.

  128. So, cops in Minneapolis are afraid of some ‘woke’ video caught on iphone. Of course, to blacks and wucks(woke cucks), ANY video of police using force to arrest an unruly negro is ‘racism’!!!

    Police bodycams have destroyed the myth that white cops are always arresting, harassing, or killing innocent blacks. But it also means a lot of disgruntlement among blacks and wucks for the evidence of ‘racism’. They crave that stuff, but bodycams proved otherwise time and time again.

    But Negrolatry is like a religion among so many in the land of MLK and Oprah worship.

    So, when the floyd video seemed half-way like a killing of an innocent negro, it was like a manna from heaven moment, the rain after a long long drought. The Great Black Saint…. except further investigation suggests he died of overdose… and he was a lowlife thug punk all his life.

    Of course, Jews used it in 2020 as an attack on Trump’s America(even though it happened in Democratic city) and to energize black votes for Demmies. It was a riot with blessing and protection from the very top. While DC was burning and raging, the Democrats were kneeling for floyd and letting mobs burn and loot. If anything, the Jewish Power gave go-ahead to paint BLM signs all over the streets and even in NY in front of Trump tower.

    Blacks are crazy, wucks are pathetic, and Jewish Power is venal.

    • Agree: AceDeuce
    • Replies: @Happy Tapir
  129. MrE3001 says:

    Good Lord, what a retarded attempt to use statistics to fool people. Hey, jackass. What are the per capita murder rates in places where it’s black only? You think 6-10 per 100,000 is bad? They get as high as 100 per 100,000. And the whole “criminal justice reform” thing pretty much explains why the crime rates appear to be dropping.

    The scale of crime that goes unrecorded is larger than the crime that gets recorded. You think every time some nigger assaults a White person there is a police report? The cops don’t give two shits, and the DA’s are not hiding the fact that they are letting black criminals go just because they are black.

    Jackson, MI. 130-150 murders per year. Black city of ~150,000. Puts us right in that 100 per 100,000 range.

    Boise, ID. Between 1 and 10 murders per year for a White city of ~250,000.

    Go fail somewhere else.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  130. Anon[129] • Disclaimer says:

    That graph I posted was not 15 years old. It’s from 2013 and it’s based on the Facebook app Are You Interested.

    There was nothing in your link (Chappetta and Barth, 2022) that said Asian women were not the most desirable potential mates. It merely said Asians, as a group, were the least desirable among raters of all races. Asian male undesirability considerably drags down Asian female desirability.

    Meanwhile from 2018:

    In keeping with previous work, there is also a clear and consistent dependence on ethnicity (15, 20), with Asian women and white men being the most desirable potential mates by our measures across all four cities.

    • Replies: @Truth
  131. Jay Fink says:
    @jeff stryker

    As for your question 1. I didn’t think it was so much crack users killing each other in the early 90s as it was crack dealers fighting for territory. Maybe the rise of drug cartels has decreased drug dealing related murder, at least within the U.S?

    • Replies: @jeff stryker
  132. Anonymous[717] • Disclaimer says:

    You can’t under-report dead bodies, jackass. The number of corpses leaving morgues with “HOMICIDE” tags on their toes is declining. Did you read that correctly? Next time you decide you want to leave a comment, make sure you lay off the moonshine for a couple of hours, so you can see what you’re reading. And you god damn rednecks wonder why everybody hates you and wants you dead.

    • Replies: @MrE3001
  133. @Jay Fink


    There’s a couple other factors.

    1) The Italians & Russians are now gone. At 48, I can remember back 30 years ago when Italians still killed 10 people a month in major East Coast or Upper Midwest cities like the Paul Castellano hit & there were Russians & Yakuza in Hawaii & biker gangs who killed people too…Today, organized crime are just in white collar crime or RICO just obliterated them. Blacks & Hispanic gangs are the only ones still killing people.

    2) Blacks & Hispanics are too stupid to dispose of bodies so the bodies are always found. Thirty years ago before DNA the Italians or bikers would just leave bodies in the road but now with DNA & forensics they make the victim disappear. They have to.

    3) The mafia does not touch drugs any longer. Gone is the “PIZZA CONNECTION”. Mexicans have vertically integrated it from the lab to the street corner.

    4) White proles don’t smoke crack any more-they all switched to Ice in the mid-2000’s. You won’t meet a single white druggie today under 45 who smokes crack. Meth lasts longer. And dealers lace everything with Fenatyl so once they get a taste of that any desire for any other drug goes out the window. Meth just replaced cocaine altogether except in the ghetto where a few crack heads remain.

    5) “Three Strikes Laws” were actually a result of the Polly Klaas case which did not involve a black person & was also signed into effect because of the Brinks Truck robberies by that Irish group in Boston but more criminals got lucked up longer.

    6) Serial killers get caught quicker today. And the Three Strikes Law keeps budding serial killers locked up. John Wayne Gacy was sentenced to 10 years for a sex crime, got out in 18 months & killed 32 people.

    7) Whites just abandoned certain cities entirely. I’ve mentioned Polish-American girls in Detroit raped to hell. They’re gone now. Whites just fled some cities entirely.

  134. In the waning years of the Obama administration, murders had declined by almost 50% from 1990. That is scarcely a sign of crime spiraling out of control. The human misery produced by Covid policy seems like one of the likely causes of rises in crime. I read that a third of black small businesses went bankrupt in these two years. Many others permanently lost their jobs. Blacks and other relatively poor groups have been particularly hard hit in these years. Isn’t that true? Weakening policing is surely another cause. Many factors.

  135. @Priss Factor

    The Jews themselves are not venal.

  136. Truth says:

    Again my friend, you are looking at foolishness regarding what women “say” they want, (which, unless you got married at 16, you realize means little) I am looking at raw numbers. And the raw numbers suggest that there are almost as many black-white babies in America at this point, than there are white-Asian babies, which is astonishing when you understand that white males, if the Unzistas are any indication, would kick 12 blondes out of the way to dilute their Mayflower heritage with a chink.

    Pew’s data shows that 42 percent of multiracial and multiethnic babies are born from one white parent and one hispanic parent, the most common mix. Babies from one Asian and one white parent make up 14 percent, with infants born from one black and one white parent making up 10 percent.

    • Replies: @Anon
  137. Anon[841] • Disclaimer says:

    And the raw numbers suggest that there are almost as many black-white babies in America at this point, than there are white-Asian babies, which is astonishing when you understand that white males, if the Unzistas are any indication, would kick 12 blondes out of the way to dilute their Mayflower heritage with a chink.

    Blacks make up 14% of the US population, Asians are 5%*.

    So, if black-white births are struggling to equal white-Asian births, that means white-Asian pairings are vastly more likely than black-Asian pairings.

    However this doesn’t even take in to account the birth rates of blacks, whites and Asians. Taking in to account the higher reproductive rates of black males and white females, and the lower reproductive rates of white males and Asian females, your figures look even more pathetic. There are even more WMAF pairings than births.


    * includes South Asians who are not the subject of our discussion

    • Replies: @Anon
    , @Truth
  138. Anon[841] • Disclaimer says:

    Typo corrected below. I obviously meant white-Asian pairings, not black-Asian pairings.

    So, if black-white births are struggling to equal white-Asian births, that means white-Asian pairings are vastly more likely than black-*white pairings.

    Also made an errant asterisk placement, but like the above, it doesn’t change the essence of my point.

  139. @Henry's Cat

    Better medical treatments and cellphones to instantly call 911, instead of having to waste time to find a payphone or landline to call from.

    • Replies: @Henry's Cat
  140. MrE3001 says:

    That’s cute you don’t know how to read. Crime is not synonymous with homicide. Homicide is a specific type of crime. You can underreport assault, rape, theft, vandalism, etc. etc. And if we look to black populations, their homicide rates aren’t going down in any appreciable manner. You seem to think you’re dealing with people who don’t know the difference between a derivative and an integral. “Black homicide is decreasing!” Yeah, going from 100 per 100,000 to 95 per 100,000 is nothing to boast about.

    Glad I could piss you off with some real numbers. Your side can never, ever just debate something on it’s merit. You have to play word games, deliberately misinterpret things, and flat out lie. It’s people like you that create White “racists”. And you idiots can’t seem to figure that out, so you double down on stupid.

    I know your mind is not capable of projecting trends or ideas into the future. So I’ll give you a little spoiler. Over the next 2 generations, people like you are going to continue to “radicalize” Whites until you have a real problem on your hands. And White’s are still ~1 billion strong. Africa, China, and India are all inflating their population numbers. Your “side” isn’t nearly as strong as you seem to think. So you might find yourselves with 750 million pissed off Whites in 50 years who don’t have any memory other than that of being a hated minority in their own countries and all the concomitant suffering that came with it. Whites don’t even have to fight you (although Whites are the most formidable warriors on the planet, bar none). Whites just have to stop feeding you retards and giving you free shit. Then you starve. Underfed negroes and mestizos are easy pickings. You think the impulse control is low now, wait until your kids are starving from something besides your neglect.

    • Replies: @Anon
  141. Anon[428] • Disclaimer says:

    And if we look to black populations, their homicide rates aren’t going down in any appreciable manner. You seem to think you’re dealing with people who don’t know the difference between a derivative and an integral. “Black homicide is decreasing!” Yeah, going from 100 per 100,000 to 95 per 100,000 is nothing to boast about.

    This is the part where you where you lower yourself in to the toilet bowl head first, and flush yourself in to the abyss.

    • Replies: @MrE3001
    , @MrE3001
  142. MrE3001 says:

    Lol. You keep proving my point. ~80 percent of murders in Chicago aren’t solved. So there is no race attached. And that alone gets that dip in per capita to climb out of that ~45 per 100,000 region back up to the ~100 per 100,000 that I keep telling you about. And even if those numbers you presented reflected reality, you are bragging about a 45 per 100,000 homicide rate as though that’s some kind of accomplishment.

    Blacks literally commit 10-100 times the homicide of Whites. Because remember, that “White” category includes jews, middle eastern, and mestizos. All groups with higher rates of murder than actual Whites.

    Why do you keep coming back to fail?

    • Replies: @Anon
  143. MrE3001 says:

    Also, your graph showed black homicide on the increase in 2015. Wonder where it’s at now? Convenient place to run out of data. Lol. The negro IQ always pays dividends.

    • Replies: @Anon
  144. Anon[841] • Disclaimer says:

    Lol. You keep proving my point. ~80 percent of murders in Chicago aren’t solved. So there is no race attached. And that alone gets that dip in per capita to climb out of that ~45 per 100,000 region back up to the ~100 per 100,000 that I keep telling you about.

    The chart I gave you lists the U.S. national homicide rates, not Chicago’s.

    I assure you all of those unsolved Chicago homicides are in this chart’s data.

    Make sure to wipe yourself before you flush yourself.

    Blacks literally commit 10-100 times the homicide of Whites. Because remember, that “White” category includes jews, middle eastern, and mestizos. All groups with higher rates of murder than actual Whites.

    Highly improbable, given the stellar decline in US homicide rates coinciding with the aging and shrinking of white America, relative to those groups.

  145. Anon[327] • Disclaimer says:

    Yeah that’s because the chart is from 2016, numbnuts.

    It’s pretty clear that this “increase” you refer to is well within the bounds of the trend that has persisted for 20 years: the black male homicide rate has hovered around 30-35 per 100,000. Just like the bump in the road of the last 2 years, it’s not reversing the unstoppable historical trend of declining black male homicide.

    So get ready for another decade of falling on deadlf ears as the public forgets about black crime entirely and you find yourself jilted about having wasted this much time and energy screaming about black crime. You obsessive, leering, perverted, deformed, psychotic, inhuman, paranoid geezer.

    • Replies: @MrE3001
    , @MrE3001
  146. MrE3001 says:

    Something like ~50% of homicides go unsolved nationally. Chicago is an extreme case. And no, you can’t assign a race to an unsolved murder. FFS, you really are that dumb, aren’t you?

    You can call me whatever you want. I have less than zero concern for what some nigger thinks of me. I know you all hate Whites with a burning passion and you’d try to turn the US into Haiti in a second if you thought you could get away with it.

    Black homicides are ~100 per 100,000. Especially if you consider blacks as their own group. You are so retarded when it comes to statistics that it’s laughable. I am rolling on the floor over here at your IQ paying more dividends. “Black murder isn’t that bad. It’s only 35 per 100,000!”… After a massaging the absolute fuck out of the numbers. Har de har har. Simian reasoning. Go back and look at Jackson, MI again real close, moron. The black homicide rate is not declining. It’s increasing.

    You can’t do math and you’re just lying about black crime because it hurts your feelings. The black homicide rate is 100X the White rate, and you’re just pissed because I’ve got you nailed to the wall on this. Math ain’t your strong suit, negro. Blacks aren’t getting better. You can’t. 400 years of evidence has that case nailed shut.

  147. Truth says:

    So, if black-white births are struggling to equal white-Asian births, that means white-Asian pairings are vastly more likely than black-Asian pairings.

    Yes, I agree, there are many more white than Black men in America, and the vast majority of white men in America (again, if the Unzistas are a fair representation of white men in America( would sell out the heritage of their paternal line, to be with a chink. And I’m not a gossipy teenage cheerleader, so good for them!

    Most black men would prefer to be with black women, although a sizeable minority would not, and those have no real problem finding one who would like to be with them.

    • Replies: @Anon
  148. MrE3001 says:

    “You obsessive, leering, perverted, deformed, psychotic, inhuman, paranoid geezer”

    Lol. U mad bro?

  149. Anon[572] • Disclaimer says:

    Something like ~50% of homicides go unsolved nationally. Chicago is an extreme case. And no, you can’t assign a race to an unsolved murder. FFS, you really are that dumb, aren’t you?

    The unsolved murder rate on that chart is based on the race of the victim. How much leaded gasoline do you have to drink in order to not be capable of realizing that?

    Like I said buddy, you need to lay off whatever substance it is that has got your mind so fucked up and useless, for at least two hours, before posting.

    • Replies: @Anon
  150. Anon[572] • Disclaimer says:

    This reply was intended for Mr.E3001 (post #48). The chart in question is based on homicide victimization rate and not offender rate.

    • Replies: @MrE3001
  151. MrE3001 says:

    Except if that’s the case then we have to put a lot of those murders of White people, Asians, and hispanics into the black murder category. So we’re back up north of 45-50 per 100,000. And that’s if you pool everyone together so blacks look not as bad because Whites and Asians get lumped in with you. I wish you could understand what per capita really means.

    If you’re honest, you’ll look at black people and stop obsessing on White people who you are trying to paint as the real niggers. Spoiler, you’re the niggers. Always have been, always will be. There is no future where people aren’t concerned with black crime. It’s the single defining characteristic of your race.

    You’re a complete psychopath who actually thinks black crime isn’t a problem. Or at least you want everyone else to not think it’s a problem. And you justify that bullshit that because that number dipped for a few years, so therefore it’s gonna dip forever? I knew you were on crack, didn’t know you were strung out on hopium. You bottomed out and now you’re getting back to your normal rates of murder. Which is one of the huge reasons no other race wants to be anywhere near you simian murderers. That and the smell.

    The facts remain: Blacks taken as a group commit a homicide rate ~100 per 100,000. Fun fact on top of that, black women have a higher per-capita murder rate than White men.

    There was never a time when blacks were getting locked up for the murders Whites were committing. You silly monkey. “White people do it to” is one of the biggest lies you tell yourselves. It’s pathetic, just like your reasoning.

    And lets not even get into the robbery, assaults, and rapes. Black on White rape is a daily occurrence. Whites never, ever rape blacks. We’re talking a ratio of 50,000/1 some years.

    You’re not equal to Whites. You never will be. And you will always be a huge burden on the White population as long as you insist on living with Whites. And I understand the anger. I’d be upset if I was a worthless parasite, too.

  152. Factorize says:

    I am surprised that those on thread are not more aware of the profound social transformation that has occurred over the last 25 years. As can be seen below, African American juvenile homicide rates are now approaching those of White American juveniles from 1994. We are entering a very very different era. Without all the neurotoxic lead in the environment a much better society can emerge. With current genetic technology it is difficult to imagine how utopian our future might be.

    Feel the love everyone! We have the technology to create our own genetically designed paradise.

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