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Medicine Goes Dangerously Insane
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Don’t get sick!

Video Link

This video is available on BitChute, Rumble, and Odysee.

Is your doctor competent? For years, whites and Asians have had to be a lot better qualified than blacks or Hispanics to get into medical school. You have every reason to be suspicious of a “doctor of color.” But now the entire medical profession is going through a form of mass insanity that casts doubt on all doctors.

But let’s start with qualifications. Here are data for doctors who are just starting to practice now.

The figures are in three groups according to qualifications. The bars on the left were the chances of getting into medical school with a low MCAT score – that’s the Medical College Acceptance Text – of 24 to 26 and a GPA of only 3.2 to 3.39. Asians – the light blue bar – had only a 6 percent chance of being admitted, and whites, in gray, had an 8 percent chance. But Hispanics with low scores and grades – the dark blue bar – had a 31 percent chance and blacks had a 56 percent chance of getting in. Look at the results for the better qualified applicants. Being black or Hispanic is a huge advantage.

This has been the case for decades, but a thick new form of madness has spread over medicine: an anti-racism rampage that has several goals. Turn more blacks and Hispanics into doctors, no matter what. Make sure everyone in medicine is battling “structural racism” and “white supremacy” every moment of the day. Blame society – and especially white doctors – for the bad health of “people of color.” “Center” treatment of non-whites, which means treat them better. And, of course, persecute anyone who opposes this craziness.

It’s a matter of blind faith that “underrepresented minorities” – that’s blacks and Hispanics and sometimes American Indians – are just as smart and hard-working as whites and Asians – Asians are the over-represented minority. And that’s why people write articles like this with a straight face: “The Consequences of Structural Racism on MCAT Scores and Medical School Admissions.”

The article sorrows over low black and Hispanic scores, and even admits the test isn’t biased. It then asserts, as if by divine revelation, that the problem is “structural racism.” Ability has nothing to do with it. Medical schools should junk the MCAT or at least realize that low-scoring blacks and Hispanics will make wonderful doctors who will lead the fight against structural racism.

That’s why “Penn Medical School Expands Minority-Candidate Program That Does Not Require MCAT.”

Preferred minorities can skip the test and be admitted with a GPA of 3.2 instead of the usual 3.89.

Here’s another crazy article: “Association Between Resident Race and Ethnicity and Clinical Performance Assessment Scores.”

It bravely reports that Black and Hispanic doctors in residency training score worse than whites on every standard of evaluation. There’s not a single area in which they are even as good. The authors can think of only three possible reasons: “bias in faculty assessment, effects of a noninclusive learning environment, or structural inequities in assessment.”

Forget about how much standards were lowered just to get them into med school. Don’t even imagine there could be such a thing as race differences in average IQ. Their bad evaluations cannot be their fault.

The entire medical profession is too terrified to denounce this rubbish – with one exception, it seems. Dr. Stanley Goldfarb of Penn Medical School read the article about bad ratings for black and Hispanic residents.

He tweeted: “Could it be they were just less good at being residents?”

Horrors! Impossible! One twitter user said Dr. Goldfarb “might be the most garbage human I’ve seen with my own eyes.”

Within hours of his tweet, the dean of Dr. Goldfarb’s medical school emailed all students and faculty a classic of self-righteousness and bootlicking:

He deplored Dr. Goldfarb’s “racist statements,” and acknowledged the “deep pain and anger” they had caused. He claimed the medical school’s greatest strength was diversity and said structural racism makes non-whites sick. And he promised that the school’s “entire leadership team” was standing by to console the traumatized.

No. Those darling black and Hispanic residents could not have been lousy at their jobs! Needless to say, there is now a petition to remove Dr. Goldfarb from U Penn.

You see, he is guilty of other crimes.

He runs an organization called Do No Harm, which just-released a report called “Only DEI Advocates Need Apply.”

American medical schools make sure that applicants babble anti-racist claptrap. Duke University tells them: “Describe your understanding of race and its relationship to inequities in health and health care.”

Yale has a “Required Essay: Yale School of Medicine values diversity in all its forms. How will your background and experiences contribute to this important focus of our institution and inform your future role as a physician?”

University of Minnesota: “Our country is reckoning with its history, racism, racial injustice, and especially anti-black racism. Please share your reflections on, experiences with, and greatest lessons learned about systemic racism.”

Anyone who says “There’s no such thing as systemic racism” has no chance of getting in. Only zombies need apply.

Med school is now as much about brainwashing as medicine. The Association of American Medical Colleges accredits medical schools and tells them what to teach. It has just published new standards in medical education: “Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Competencies Across the Learning Continuum.”

Right on page two it insists on “improved integration of diversity, equity, inclusion, and anti-racism in medical education and training.”

This means “disrupt[ing] the perpetuation of racist ideologies and practices in all aspects of the curriculum, including teachers, learners, and content.”

Where’s the racism in neurology, anatomy, or pediatrics? Well, it turns out that every med school course is stuffed with white supremacy, colonization, institutional racism, interpersonal racism, structural racism, internalized racism, and countless other horrors. And, of course, doctors must learn that race is “a social construct that is a cause of health and health care inequities, not a risk factor for disease.”

Race is an excuse for white doctors to persecute blacks and Hispanics – but, somehow, not Asians. “Patients of color” are never sick because they are fat, miss appointments, forget to take medicine, can’t read, shoot each other, or because of genetic differences.

Med schools everywhere are turning their courses inside out. The medical program at University of Michigan has an “Anti-Racism Oversight Committee” which has issued an “Action Plan Report.”

It will “Identify practices that contribute to racism and discrimination” and will “Identify an approach that achieves an anti-racist culture and identify metrics to track the progress and outcomes.”

Metrics! How do you measure the success of an anti-racist culture? I shudder to think.

The American Medical Association has gone predictably nuts with an “Organizational Strategic Plan to Embed Racial Justice and Advance Health Equity.”

It’s not joking about “equity.” In 86 pages of twaddle, it uses the word 454 times. It also blasts “the myth of meritocracy. A narrative that attributes success or failure to individual abilities and merits.”

Last year, the National Institutes of Health – the biggest medical grant-maker in the US by far – announced that “NIH leaders detail commitment to end structural racism in biomedical science.”

A gigantic task! You can imagine the pork, baloney, and glassy-eyed piety in all this. But if you apply for a grant, you have to promise to spend the money fighting cis-hetero-white-normativity. Finding a cure for something will be an unexpected bonus.

Ultimately, fighting structural racism means deliberately treating preferred minorities better than whites. This first came to attention during Covid: “Food and Drug Administration Guidance Drives Racial Rationing of COVID Drugs.”

The FDA said that giving scarce drugs to blacks and Hispanics first compensates them for “systematic health and social inequities.”

Two Boston doctors have come up with “An Antiracist Agenda for Medicine,” in which they say that colorblind medical treatment isn’t good enough.

There must be “medical restitution, which must be pursued at the institutional level.”

This means “centering black and Latinx patients” — deliberately giving them better treatment.

And whitey better keep his mouth shut. Dr. Edward Livingston used to be one of the top editors at the once-prestigious Journal of the American Medical Association, but not anymore: “JAMA Editor Resigns Over Controversial Podcast.”

What did the poor boy say? “Structural racism is an unfortunate term. Personally, I think taking racism out of the conversation will help. Many of us are offended by the concept that we are racist.”

How dare a white man think he’s not racist? He was out quick as a wink, and JAMA officially pronounced his words “inaccurate, offensive, hurtful and inconsistent with the standards of JAMA.” JAMA’s standards? “Structural racism is real, pernicious and pervasive in health care.”

And so the top editor had to grovel and resign, too.

Guess who’s the new editor-in-chief? Kirsten Bibbins-Domingo, a black woman, a “DEI Champion” who specializes in “health inequity.”

She’ll whip those sorry white men into line.

This is what white people get for their unspeakable cowardice. They must never defend themselves. They must confess perpetual guilt. They must turn their institutions – and their jobs – over to people who built their careers on resentment. And white doctors will help build a system in which their own people will be at the back of the bus for treatment.

And some of it we saw so long ago. Patrick Chavis went to UC Davis Medical School in 1973 under a program to let in underqualified blacks.

He became a doctor but the New York Times was surprisingly frank about his sad career.

At first he was heralded as the great black hope. In 1996, Senator Ted Kennedy called him “the perfect example” of how affirmative action should work. In fact, he bungled so many operations he was sued 21 times for malpractice. The year after Kennedy praised him, California suspended his medical license, saying he had an “inability to perform some of the most basic duties required of a physician.” He kept doing surgery anyway, and one of his patients bled to death. Twenty years ago, someone shot and killed him. Robbery? Carjacking? Angry former patient? The crime was never solved.

Are white people utterly incapable of learning? I think I’ll send a contribution to Stanley Goldfarb’s organization.

(Republished from American Renaissance by permission of author or representative)
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  1. meamjojo says:

    Here in the SF Bay area, I haven’t encountered many black or Hispanic MD’s. Actually, I haven’t encountered any at all.

    But I can say with some authority that the vast majority of white/Indian/Asian MD’s are also incompetent. Most are just transactional MD’s, just looking to get patients in/out as fast as possible so they can bill a visit. They have little to no curiosity or real interest in the patient’s problems.

    And stay away from so-called “teaching” hospitals like Stanford where it can take months to schedule a visit with a “specialist” that turns out to be 25 minutes with a an assistant/nurse practitioner, who then leaves to relate to the senior MD their notes. Ten minutes later, the senior MD comes in, repeats what the assistant told him (OK, sometimes it is a woman MD) and then recommends some sort of scan (MRI/X-ray/CT/Ultrasound) or a drug prescription. Sheese.

  2. BuelahMan says:

    As a white man, I will NEVER allow a dark skinned person to “doctor” me. And now its not necessarily due to inabilities, but the fact that these people are blaming me for their own dark skinned relatives ailments.

    How can I trust that they will not intentionally harm me for “reparations”?

  3. Mac_ says:

    It’s been unsane a thousand years. The situation is one of the sentences in section w/yellowed lines, one of conveniently not ‘highlighted’
    – We as a Department place the highest emphasis on diversity, equity and inclusion and recommit ourselves every day to upholding those values. –

    The ’emphasis’ should be on real natural health facts and study and ability, not, ‘diversity’ ‘equity’ ‘inclusion’ of whatever ignorant predators want a ‘doctur degree’. Then also note the bogus posing, people fail to see the poser nonsense of capitalizing such ‘we as a Department -why ‘capital d’ on word ‘department’, poser.

    And is really about more though. This isn’t new bad bs it’s worse continuation of bs. There’s a reason the cons don’t label ‘medicine’ (med i sin) cons as healers, but instead ‘doctors’. Some surgeons do what could be called work, otherwise allopath ‘medicine’ is a poison factory and most so-called ‘doctors’ function to impose authoritarian and pharma bs on us. Note how most sat for covid bs. The cons are everywhere, in govmt and bogus professors and docturs, and swarmed mass immigrants now banging to ‘get in’ on the predatory ‘system’. It’s all a big con.

    No one or group claiming to be ‘govrmnt’ should have a lock on or dictate whether anyone wants to be a healer or what people want to be or use. The govmt cons putting their bogus dictates ‘over’ our us or natural or other things we want to use is to harm, not help. People need to stop being femy tards and grow up before they off us.

    The ’emphasis’ is on the word – con.

    • Agree: InnerCynic
    • Replies: @anonymous
    , @H. Ph. Vogel
  4. Two observations.

    First, UPenn is the place where “Lia” Thomas is a swimmer. It has a penis and is considered a woman. It would seem that getting rid of an MCAT requirement is a natural devolution.

    Second, I would expect in the not too distant future, there will be charges of “racism” for putting the darker hued among us at the front of the Holy Jab line. At least if there are any survivors of this DNA experiment left to sue.

  5. Realist says:

    This effort to destroy merit in medicine is another attempt to disrupt…tear down our society. To Build Back Better to effect control over our lives, by the Deep State.

    This crap will continue as long as stupid Whites allow it.

  6. One thing that I’ve also noticed in these stories – the term “social justice” is also very prevalent.

    Most people don’t realize this. The move to “social” justice comes with a cost. The move away from what we are used to, “legal” justice as served by written enforceable laws, to a “justice” of feelings, slights, mean words and no uniform punishments.

    • Replies: @Robert Dolan
  7. @American Citizen

    “Social justice” is simply one more bit of jewing……part of the ongoing war on white Christian people.

    Social justice means that non-whites can do whatever they want, while whites are not allowed to do anything.

    • Agree: AlexanderEngUK
  8. Notsofast says:

    the medical, pharmaceutical, darpa industrial complex does not want competent doctors, they want compliant drug dealers that do what they are told, the less they know the more compliant they are. look at tedros running the w.h.o., he’s not even a medical doctor and that is why he has the job. doctors don’t practice medicine, they practice pharmacology, the answer is always more drugs and drugs to treat the side effects of the other drugs. pharmaceuticals are drugs, not medicine. you want medicine try rso, that shit is amazing!

  9. Jim H says:
    @Mark in BC

    ‘I would expect in the not too distant future, there will be charges of “racism” for putting the darker hued among us at the front of the Holy Jab line.’ — Mark in BC

    Initially, when ‘vaccines’ were scarce, the ‘darker hued’ were shoved to the back of the line so white folks could gets theirs first.

    Then, after we found out the ‘vaccines’ contain poisonous spike protein that makes people die, the darker-hued were pushed to the front of the line, as cannon fodder to defer our own potentially fatal encounter with the death-dealing injection squads.

    That is, the order of precedence reversed in midstream. But the structural racism never varied. /sarc

    • Replies: @Wade Hampton
    , @Dr Spade
  10. Anon[360] • Disclaimer says:

    Mr. Taylor’s data shows that a higher percentage of “Whites” at each test score range are admitted to medical school compared to “Asians.” Could this be because Ashkenazi applicants are being grouped in with “Whites,” and they also get some affirmative action?

    To help me get the best professional of any area to serve me, I ask myself what demographic group faces the most hurdles and must be extra intelligent and genetically competent in order to be accepted to professional schools, and the answer is heterosexual European males, thus I always choose them as my physicians, dentists, optometrists, etc. And the older, the better, since older ones will, on average, be less dysgenically deteriorated.

    Prof. Macdonald’s work describes Ashkenazi history where each member was required to follow the Group Selected rules of the Rabbis, or at least of the majority. Individuals who refuse were neutralized, and this process would weed out the less Group Selected members. Well, Dr. Goldfarb just went against the Ashkenazi leadership and majority, so he is now being neutralized.

    Mr. Taylor’s data will help me personally make my life less painful (yet still very painful) by allowing me to pick less incompetent professionals to serve me, but I don’t speculate it will have any impact on reversing the fall of Europeans. And the fact that most Professional Europeans just go along with this system so that they personally can have a lucrative career adds weight to the body of evidence that they are now Individually Selected at the genetic level. A truly Group Selected European would simply find it too depressing, nihilistic, and pointless to take part in economic/social “high society” where there is no greater purpose, no monumental goal, no Spiritual/Religious goal, no goal of bringing “glory” or advancement to their race/culture/nation. They would not be happy about only living so they can afford to buy an expensive house, car, and wardrobe, with plenty of money left over for expensive dining, wining, and vacationing. In fact, especially consider Europeans who desire to become physicians. Consider the cost of medical school as well as the years of training it takes. And the job is not one where you are learning, discovering, and creating new things like the job of a scientist, but one where you just learn protocols and apply them over and over on your patients. I speculate that contemporary European physicians don’t actually enjoy this job. So, the only reason to put up with the years of schooling, the massive cost of schooling, and then the decades of “boring” labor is because of the desire for individual wealth and social status. This is why so many Asian-Indians want to come to the West and work as physicians. So, it seems to me that such individuals who would choose to become contemporary physicians are relatively high IQ Individually Selected sociopaths.

  11. This is so spot on but only scratches the surface.

    They’ve even whipped up a bunch of new “medical schools” which I’m sure are nothing more than storefront first responder training centers full of subsidized coloreds and others who just ain’t smart enough to get into even the lowest standard med school. I puke at the thought that those coming out of those places are going to go by the nomer “doctor” and the majority of you will unknowingly buy into it.

    Although I’ve known some sharp colored doctors, Brownies were always somewhat iffy choices for doctoring but today? 100% Stay away!

    Don’t forget (as he clearly outlines) white girls and gullible white boys who have by necessity become nothing more than self-modeled high yellows (I’d use “Jersey Whites” but that would insult that bunch) exhibiting the well-established hatred for white folks that high yellows are known for (especially the cinnamon subset [Mayor Coleman Young and Reverend Wright] which I presume, came about because ‘passing’ just didn’t work).

    I refuse to see any doctor for my medical needs who isn’t white male and at least 60 yrs old. And…yes…I am one, myself. I resigned from a medical school admissions committee that I volunteered my time on well over 20 years ago for just the stuff he’s described. And now that CME has become such indoctrinating trash full of BS woke-inspired mythology I’ve decided to just let my license expire. I am not going to put up with 54 hours of that sh!t every 3 years – no way.

    They’ve managed to trash the medical field. I’ve been watching them do this for decades.

    • Agree: Wade Hampton
    • Thanks: Thor Walhovd
    • Replies: @Seneca44
    , @Kim
  12. @meamjojo

    My experience of Stanford MC was the opposite. They were prompt, decisive, professional, supportive, and very caring from beginning to end of a scary process. Bill was modest, by private standards.

    • Replies: @meamjojo
    , @ThreeCranes
  13. God dammit… this is a gravy train that I ought to have got on when they first sounded “All y’all aboard!” (in the 1990s).

    As a part spear-chucker I could have made out like an absolute race-baiting bandit.

    Instead, I just studied and did as well as I could without turning into a grinder (turns out that non-grinding me beat all the grinders).

    Still, I feel like a bit of an idiot – I could have spent the entire 1990s in cruise mode, and just played the race card at exam time.

    I can’t even get back on the “AA Express” – because it’s trivial for the Karens-from-HR to find all the vitriolic shit that I’ve written over the last 30 years (a lot of it directed at them – with their C-grade cognition and strident belief in pop-psych charlatanry).

    Plus, I can’t take the task of ‘diversity text generation’ seriously: it’s like trying to sound like a fat retarded black American female.

    • Thanks: Ben the Layabout
  14. Alrenous says: • Website

    It was already the case that access to American hospitals reduces your life expectancy. Folk who suddenly lose their health insurance tend to live longer. In accordance with prophecy.
    Before: don’t go to the hospital if you want to live.
    Now: don’t go to the hospital if you want to live.

    • Replies: @Kratoklastes
    , @Alrenous
  15. SafeNow says:

    No mention of what psych docs call “mirroring.” Living in California, I see mirroring all the time, not just in medicine, but in all occupations. As the term suggests, W, observing the sub-proficiency and aggressive apathy of X, Y, and Z, eventually surrenders to it himself. It will become increasingly hard for white males to continue to fight the good fight, in a system not tuned that way, and, encountering the wrath of others.

  16. A clear example of an inversion… Color of skin over professional competence… Color of skin over content of character… Go figure…

  17. @Alrenous

    access to American hospitals reduces your life expectancy

    I’m no fan of the medical profession, but it’s pretty obvious that the population that accesses hospitals should be expected to be sicker than the GenPop. They’ll also tend to be older.

    Those two things taken together make it obvious that the “hospital” population should be expected to die earlier than the GenPop. (That’s aside from the well-established fact that physician-induced illness/death is a significant contributor to mortality stats: apparently the 3rd or 4th highest cause of death in the US).

    Anyhow… it’s still the ‘right thing’ to avoid hospitals unless there’s something drastically wrong (and I don’t mean “Little Tarquin has an ear infection – off we go to the ER“).

    But the ‘composition’ of the hospital population makes the lower life-expectancy almost a given. “Hospitals are full of sick people” – and a lot of them are very sick indeed.

    The same issue arises when people ‘discover’ that there is as much mortality risk from low BMI (BMI < 18) as there is from a BMI in the 30s (the definition of obesity).

    The reason for this – the thing that these "Gotcha!” people ignore – is that the set “People with a BMI of 18” includes a large number of people with advanced cancer and other significant illness. Exclude those folks and there is really significant benefit from rocking a frame that I would consider too-skeletal.

    The set “People with a BMI of 30” includes a large number of people with “diabesity” – metabolic syndrome etc. Excluding those folks, there is still a disbenefit from being a fattie.

    The difference is that deliberately dropping your BMI to 18 will not cause cancer; deliberately raising it to 30 will cause metabolic syndrome unless one is phenomenally lucky.

    Frankly, the work required to get a BMI of 18 seems excessive: mine’s 23 nowadays – after a period of very strict adherence to a low-carb/high-fat diet and a high volume of ‘Zone II’ exercise.

  18. …I don’t care what color, sex, ethnicity or race my doctor is, as long as they are competent, honest, trustworthy and not pushing Big Pharma’s products. Oh…wait…the Medical Industrial C0mplex has joined the Globalists and have been trying to kill us off for decades and suck our savings dry…while they lead the depopulation movement. I can’t imagine why we don’t trust them.

  19. @Notsofast

    …a couple years ago I went to a Urologist. They gave me a fluid in / fluid out tracking form that I used for three days before I went in to see the Doctor. I filled out all the health information forms and insured they knew of my epilepsy. I spent 3 minutes with the Doctor who looked over the chart that I had filled in, as he mumbled a bit of incoherent gibberish and started filling out a prescription for me. As he finished up his scripted mumbo-jumbo, he tells me I have to get my blood tested, as the medicine can induce seizures. I was shocked…and I quickly remined him of my epilepsy…and he said… “I’m a urologist, not a Neurologist”. I walked out.

    • Replies: @Notsofast
  20. @Mark in BC

    UPenn is also the home of Professor Amy Wax of the UPenn Law School … a woman horribly vilified for speaking the truth that in all her years of teaching, she doesn’t recall one black in the top 25% of the graduating class.

    She also stressed the need for ‘bourgeoisie values’ as a requirement for building our nation … and how those values are virtually gone today … repressed, destroyed — banned …

    She’s been fighting for the past 4 of so years for the right to teach at UPenn Law School … and, though the faculty and administration and most students are against her, she continues to educate students in the law … 

  21. meamjojo says:
    @Godfree Roberts

    Multiple experiences is what makes the world go round. Stanford certainly has no shortage of negative reviews on Yelp.

    I’ve also noticed that if I have a good visit there, I get a survey request about the experience. But if I leave unsatisfied, then I never receive a survey request. Hmmmmm.

    Might Stanford be stacking the deck so they can make their MD’s all look like they have high ratings? If you go to their MD pages, you notice that virtually every Stanford MD has a rating between 4.7-5.0 (the best number). I don’t think I have ever seen anyone on their pages with a rating less than 4.5. Who knew?

  22. Anonymous[144] • Disclaimer says:

    Question: how many jews were accepted?

    • Thanks: Al Liguori
  23. Seneca44 says:

    Maryland now requires “Implicit Bias Training” for all health practitioners:

    Not sure if that includes hairdressers and manicurists as well. I took the course and it was totally over the top. If one were on the fence about whether anti-white bias exists, this course would remove any doubt.

    • Thanks: YetAnotherAnon
    • Replies: @Jessica
  24. Perhaps, MD’s will now hang certified copies of their MCAT scores on their office walls to satisfy the de-creep of credentialism.

  25. The mcat is a culturally biased and racist test designed to keep black people out of medical school. Blacks are on average more hard working and competent than whites, when they can get into medical school. Jewish doctors are the only white group that I’ve observed to be comparable to blacks so far. Moreover, blacks have a compassion that one doesn’t encounter in whites, who only seem to care about how much money they can make by ordering superfluous tests. Some blacks enter via carribean schools and historically black medical colleges, whence they easily show up white residents. The white staff however relentlessly attack and discriminate against the blacks until most are winnowed away before they can finish residency. Whites want to keep the \$\$\$ in the family. That is there.
    Another thing I’ve observed is the whites always touching blacks’ hair. I mean, WHY? Do they realize how demeaning that is? Even if you like someone’s hair, you should respect their personal space.

  26. IronForge says:


    I’m out of here.


    • Agree: TKK
  27. anonymous[128] • Disclaimer says:

    Pal, read the other comments and try to notice how juvenile yours sounds in comparison.

  28. anonymous[128] • Disclaimer says:
    @Happy Tapir

    I know, right? I just finished a study of real estate sales in my area and you know what? It turns out that in almost 80% of house sales, the seller accepts an offer from a white buyer when a black buyer is offering as much as \$200,000 more. It’s gotten to the point where aspiring black homeowners are piling up so much cash that they can’t spend anywhere that every hardware store is flat sold out of wheelbarrows.

    • LOL: Bro43rd
  29. @Happy Tapir

    Well done. I actually thought you were serious until the part about the hair

  30. Icy Blast says:
    @Happy Tapir

    The new Tiny Duck is here.

    • Replies: @Bardon Kaldian
  31. ld says:

    I guess this author has just become aware the the replacements will … be replacing us. In all spheres.
    in fifty years all white people of davos will cease to exist

  32. Something can be said about black Witch Doctors and Voodoo medicine men recommending bush meat and albinos for cures of common ailments among tribal clans. These are ancient cures that have elevated black Africans as the greatest medical healers since time immortal.
    Then there are those amazing Wakandians, who use a proprietary magical elixir call Vibranium that has the power to transform the energy of the universe into the hands of black Africans and their fellow black offspring.
    That is why it’s so important to promote Magic Negroz in every Ad, commercial, movie and for global leadership positions, they are the saviors of humanity and the last great healers of humanity. /s

  33. Craken says:

    I suspect the only people who deliberately seek out black physicians are black people. Given the different standards applied to black physicians, black people face substandard medical care. This is racist. The cost-benefit calculus here probably entails more harm to black people from such care than benefit to black people from the wealth and status conferred by a medical career. After all there are 50 million black people and, if they are fully represented in the medical profession, there will be 100,000 black physicians. That’s a 500:1 ratio. The American ruling class has decided to side with the 1 against the 500.

    • Replies: @Critical Thinking
  34. Kim says:

    You may not enjoy this movie, No Way Out (1950), one of Sidney Poitier’s first starring roles. Racist Whitey don’t like being treated by darkie.

    A yid production.

    • Thanks: BuelahMan
  35. anonymous[128] • Disclaimer says:

    I had a great internist, and cheap, in El Cerrito. But she basically kicked me out. The only reason I can think of is that she only wanted Asian patients.

    • Replies: @goeshittheragman
  36. Al Liguori says: • Website

    A deadly medical system of bioweapons and incompetence is just another tool of the (((depopulationists))). They want you dead.

    They believe their “moshiach” (the Anti-Christ) will not come with his global Jewish Kingdom until all the “sparks” (Gentiles) are extinguished and any survivors enslaved.

  37. @Jim H

    This is fantasy. Do you have any evidence?

    Initially, when ‘vaccines’ were scarce, the ‘darker hued’ were shoved to the back of the line so white folks could gets theirs first.

    This is not true. From the beginning, the so-called “vaccines” and therapeutics like monoclonal antibodies were allocated based on DIE (diversity-inclusion-equity) criteria, i.e. blacks first. This blacks-first approach predates the Covid hysteria.

    Then, after we found out the ‘vaccines’ contain poisonous spike protein that makes people die, the darker-hued were pushed to the front of the line, as cannon fodder to defer our own potentially fatal encounter with the death-dealing injection squads.

    Again, this is not true. Blacks were always prioritized in line with the DIE theology; there was no change. And despite massive and accumulating evidence of the danger associated with the experimental mRNA drugs, the medical establishment continues to push this poison.

    • Replies: @Marcos E
  38. anon[351] • Disclaimer says:

    I am curious to know if the Ashkenazim will go so far as to claim that Europeans’ epistemological methods – empiricism, mathematical quantification of evidence, and the scientific method – are “racist” and that contemporary medicine should use other races’ historical methods of epistemology, such as African Voodoo. The FDA would then require the exclusive study of Voodoo in medical schools and mandate that all physicians granted a medical license exclusively use the Voodoo protocols. The question is, how far will the Ashkenazim go before they feel going any further will actually harm them to an unacceptable level?


    • Replies: @Francis Miville
  39. Bert says:

    The evolutionary biologist Jerry Coyne summarizes the arguments in The New York Review of Books in non-technical terms as follows:

    Group selection isn’t widely accepted by evolutionists for several reasons
    . First, it’s not an efficient way to select for traits, like altruistic behavior, that are supposed to be detrimental to the individual but good for the group. Groups divide to form other groups much less often than organisms reproduce to form other organisms, so group selection for altruism would be unlikely to override the tendency of each group to quickly lose its altruists through natural selection favoring cheaters. Further, little evidence exists that selection on groups has promoted the evolution of any trait. Finally, other, more plausible evolutionary forces, like direct selection on individuals for reciprocal support, could have made humans prosocial. These reasons explain why only a few biologists, like [David Sloan] Wilson and E. O. Wilson (no relation), advocate group selection as the evolutionary source of cooperation.

    A key to understanding group selection is that, under this proposed mechanism for evolutionary change, groups must “bud off” other groups and must do so at differential rates that depend upon traits characterizing different groups.

    There is no such process in MacDonald’s “group evolutionary strategy,” so it is an even looser concept than the group selection which itself seems implausible to most evolutionary biologists.

    Whenever the differences between European psychological traits and those of all other groups, including the Ashkenazim, are explained scientifically, the explanation will be in terms of selection on individuals, not on groups. MacDonald provided a historical narrative documenting ethnocentric Ashkenazim behavior but no plausible mechanism to explain it.

    • Replies: @anon
  40. Anonymous[259] • Disclaimer says:

    Yes, this certainly describes insanity. And, because it is so insane, it will just keep getting worse. All the incompetents they let loose in the hospitals and clinics will simply further reduce the quality of the medical care that we all receive. And, guess what? Blacks will have increasingly worse outcomes than before the madness, so the establishment will double down on the bet till what? Only blacks need apply to medical school?

    One cannot help but notice the prevalence of foreign non-white doctors in hospitals today, especially in emergency room services. But, you know what? If the choice is between an American black and one of those foreigners, the foreigner is usually much better qualified. There are lots of very competent Indian, Oriental, Middle Eastern and Hispanic physicians and surgeons, trained in other countries, who still maintain the work ethic and standards they brought to what became their profession.

    I’m a PhD in the one of the biomedical sciences but I’ve taught medical and nursing students in medical schools. This degree of the race identity madness had not surfaced yet when I retired nearly 20 years ago. Back in the days of the Bakke court case (70’s) there was a small quota of blacks admitted based on race in U of California system but they were not the majority! How is the collapse of the system going to make it better? I just don’t see it as a possibility, not with the public attitudes now demanded by the American establishment. Those in charge will just knee jerk double down as all Americans have been conditioned to do on everything. There are enough “heroic” and “brilliant” black doctors on television dramas and comedy shows. We don’t need any more. Just watch an old VHS tape of Bill Cosby as Dr. Hoaxtabull if you need a fix of black privilege.

  41. Anon[391] • Disclaimer says:

    Suspect if one analyzed the white cohort – white Christians would be yugely underrepresented, pushed out by another white cohort that’s massively over represented ( with lower qualifications)

    Ethnic nepotism is very much a factor

  42. Bookish1 says:

    If you want a prime example of what the article is expressing go to: // I know the victim of that surgery and I know the incompetent performance of that surgical team. The ent surgeon had to be an affirmative action pick.

    • Thanks: Sarah
    • Replies: @Bookish1
    , @CelestiaQuesta
  43. EdwardM says:

    It used to be that one could rationalize racial preferences in medical school admissions by figuring, well, surely they’ll get weeded out in applying for residencies, or passing them, or getting and keeping jobs, or passing the boards, …

    But of course now racial preferences are built in at every step. Remember the myth that preferences would “level the playing field”? If only blacks got helping hand to get that first step (undergraduate admisssions) then their true potential would manifest and they’d compete like everyone else? Ha ha

    The final career step is obviously still subject to institutional racism:

  44. @Mac_

    Couldn’t agree more. The great majority of physicians in modern society are no more than quacks. Moreover, they have long become officially sanctioned drug pushers for Big Pharma’s concoctions. Actually Physicians are worse than street dealers of crack, pills and other goodies, because they enjoy the trust of a large part of the public. And they believe themselves they are actually beneficial to society.

    • Agree: Old and Grumpy
  45. @Anon

    I always maintained that Western medicine as it has been existing since it is mostly dependent on industrial drugs and corporate protocols for its actions, should be taught in business schools and grouped together with faculties of economics, not of sciences. Medicine is namely the distribution of products, both hardware and software. It should call for the same kind of formation as the distribution of Apple or Microsoft products. I am not against affirmative action up to a certain point : people should be served preferably by people from their own culture and in the particular case of medicine by people of rather alike genetic complexions liable to the same frequency and likelihood of aliments, though it is not a question of skin colour. American Blacks have specific physiological problems they are better placed to detect among their own.

  46. @Icy Blast


    Deirdre Wilson and Dan Sperber
    In D. Wilson & D. Sperber 2012. Meaning and Relevance (CUP: 123-145)

  47. Anonymous[661] • Disclaimer says:

    The medical biz is a complete shitshow where I live. It’s virtually impossible to find a white doctor who speaks fluent, native English. My mother has a team of Indian cardiologists, they ramble on with their accents and you literally can’t understand a single word they say.

    Then a solid 98% of the staff at our medical facilities (the largest chain in northeast PA) are morbidly obese. Whenever I have to take my mother in for an appointment and they ask at the desk, “What are you here for?” I always reply, “We came for the Fernando Botero exhibition.”

    • Replies: @A B Coreopsis
  48. @Craken

    Black people seek out Black doctors???

    Fred Sanford ……”White dentist please”

  49. @anon

    You forget East Indian methods based upon Vedic sciences like Ayurveda. Voodoo is interesting, but I as a person knowledgeable in it may take the precaution of tempering down your enthusiasm : voodoo entities such as Damballah Wedo, when it comes to medicine, most generally act through the means of the established common medical practice known by the client, they act at an other level by providing out of the box thinking and information. Voodoo is very earth-oriented and will therefore recommend very concrete physical actions rather than act on subtle energies like more oriental systems do. Voodoo, as a religion proper, is more compatible with traditional pre-Vatican II catholicism than with Oriental spiritualities, most grassroots level practitioners of it won’t see a clear boundary between both religious universes to the point of considering the sacraments of both as exchangeable from one to another, in spite of the fact that most of the Catholic priestly structure would shriek as we may imagine. But missionaries working on the terrain know that the presence of voodoo in a Black country makes their task of preaching easier as they don’t come with really foreign notions. Amerindian religions generally cause much more problems of compatibility.

  50. Excellent article!

    The American medical INDUSTRY has been sick at least as far back as 1899, when George Simmons went to work for the American Medical Association and subsequent to that, Morris Fishbein came
    to that same organization.

    Ralph W. Moss, Ph.D. wrote an excellent book that is basically an exposé of the American Medical Association AND the American Cancer Society. The title of Mr. Moss’ book is “Doctored Results: The Suppression of Laetrile at Sloan-Kettering Institute for Cancer Research” and in Mr. Moss’ book, he states that George Simmons was not even a medical doctor; he obtained his “credentials” THROUGH THE MAIL. Also, if Morris Fishbein was a medical doctor, he apparently never practiced medicine one day in his life.

    The AMA and ACS, in conjunction with Big Pharma, are all about selling drugs and making money; NOT effecting any cures for diseases. They team up with another criminal outfit, the Food and Drug Administration, to make sure that no free or nearly free life-saving cures ever reach the market.

    A number of years ago, an Italian, by the name of Massimo Mazucco, produced a documentary called “Cancer: The Forbidden Cures” and in this documentary, he DOCUMENTED a number of cancer cures that were either shut down or run out of the United States. The documentary is available on YouTube and I would strongly recommend that it be watched.

    Over the years, billions of dollars have been spent on breast cancer research; all of it squandered. Neither the cause of breast cancer is yet known, nor are there any cures available. No one knows where all the money has gone – it’s just “gone!”

    I was visiting with my cousin awhile back (she is the same age as me – 71) and she just retired from being a registered nurse. She likes to talk about controversial subjects and the last time that we were visiting, I told her that I wanted to make a statement, and with her going by her experience in the medical “industry,” I wanted her to tell me if the statement was true or false. She said that she would give me her honest answer. My statement to her was that they are now spending more money here in the USA on medical care and people are getting sicker, not healthier. She told me that my statement was CORRECT.

    I went to a walk-in clinic some time ago, to have a skin condition examined, which, incidentally, they were NOT able to help me with. While in the waiting room, I picked up one of the major financial magazines to read, while I was waiting to be called. There was an article in it that told of the Hospital Corporation of America and how two doctors started buying up hospitals and eventually formed the United States’ largest for-profit hospital chain.

    The article stated that for the previous year, that corporation paid its CEO \$110 MILLION DOLLARS. I got home and did some figuring. From simple arithmetic, I determined that the Hospital Corporation of America was paying its CEO over \$12,500 PER HOUR – every hour of every week through the year.

    I had worked practically my entire adult life in or around Rockford, Illinois (90 miles west of Chicago). Rockford used to have three non-profit hospitals, all of which gave excellent medical care, regardless of the patient’s income. All three were bought out and are now for-profit hospitals. Needless to say, the medical care now offered in all three hospitals has DECLINED.

    With the exception of my “COPD” (emphysema), I am a relatively healthy 71-year-old and I do my best to stay away from all doctors, all hospitals and I avoid taking prescriptions as much as possible.

    Thank you.

    • Thanks: Kim
  51. Weave says:

    I wonder if the black folks who see the commercials of all the in-tact black families cavorting about in their beautifully kept homes, celebrating Junior’s birthday, feel any resentment that it ain’t actually that way. My absolute favorite are the black men constantly cleaning the house. You would think all black men are plagued with OCD to keep the place sparkling!

  52. @Notsofast

    “Doctors don’t practice medicine, they practice pharmacology, the answer is always more drugs and drugs to treat the side effects of the other drugs” – Well said, and absolutely the truth!

    The modern-day physician is largely a pill pusher, an agent more or less of the pharmaceutical industry. After all, the various wings of our major medical schools are often named after and funded by pharmaceutical corporations.

  53. anon[351] • Disclaimer says:

    Here is my understanding: selection of genes can occur singularly, in multiples, at the level of single organisms, or at larger populations of organisms. Consider selection occurring at the level of multiple numbers of organisms: Israel versus Palestine. Israel is greatly reducing the resources of Palestine, such as their amount of land and absolute population count. On the other hand, the Israeli land and population count are increasing. Thus, the specific genes among the Israelis, as well as the specific distribution/frequencies of these genes, are being selected for collectively. These genes of the Israelis account for traits such as high intelligence, high in-group altruism, high ethnocentrism, high industriousness, and high religiosity/spirituality, and it’s the exact balance of these traits with each other that synergistically gives them a large reproductive/evolutionary advantage over the Palestinians.

    Also consider the evolutionary battle between Pygmies and Bantu. They are at war, and the Bantu are replacing the Pygmies – group selection. Or consider the past war between Europeans and American-Indians, where the Indians were nearly all wiped out. History is filled with examples of one population group replacing or nearly replacing another population group in evolutionary competition. And it also occurs at the level of species. Consider how many species humans brought to extinction, or near extinction. This is group selection occurring at the species level. It is my understanding that there are even examples of groups of species working synergistically being selected for, or selected against, other single species or groups of species working synergistically.

    But yes, group selection at the level of multiple organisms does seem to occur slower than selection at the individual organism level. Much of the changes of gene frequencies within races, for example, occur via gene-culture co-evolution where societies create laws that can regulate the reproduction of members. For example, between 1400 and 1700 AD, the Christian Church mandated that all blue-collar criminals, no matter how small the crime, be executed. This resulted in something like 1% of the population being executed every year. The result was a massive reduction in genetic blue-collar sociopaths. By 1800, Europeans become so pro-social/altruistic that it helped bring forth the Industrial Revolution.

    Another method of selection at the individual organism level occurs via sexual selection, where at least historically, the family of the female in Europe had to approve of marriages, and they would guide their daughters towards males with genes for sufficient intelligence, religiosity, and pro-social behaviors. This results in much changes of gene frequencies in the population over time. Keep in mind though in the above two examples of single organism selection, the personality traits being selected for or against are the result of thousands of genes, so it’s thousands of genes at a time within a single organism that is either being selected for or against. However, sometimes it can be as little as a single gene that affects the immune system or other physiological functioning that can result in differential fertility due to the single gene being either a benefit or detrimental.

    Finally, my understanding is that it’s not a valid argument to make the claim that because most biologists may believe something is true, that means it must be true. This is called the fallacy of Argumentum Ad Populum. For example, most biologists publicly state that races don’t differ on average in gene frequencies that affect intelligence and behavior.

    In conclusion, much of my knowledge on group selection comes from Dr. Michael Anthony Woodley of Menie, and if you are interested, here is a list of his research papers:


    • Thanks: Swaytonious
    • Replies: @Bert
  54. Whenever I hear it said that before trying any new diet or vitamin, one should consult their medical doctor, I laugh. The notion that physicians are informed when it comes to nutrition and vitamin supplements is simply not true (yes, some supplements are better and more effective than others). And yet at the same time all the vitamin supplements in the world can’t ultimately correct a bad diet.

    I once asked a cardiologist who was espousing a vegan diet on her patients how much training in nutrition she was given in medical school. She laughed and told me it was about one class, maybe two. She admitted to me that nutrition is not really stressed in medical school which I already knew. I’m sure her patients took an even greater decline in their health after following her vegan nutritional advice – at least in the long run when an array of complications set in because the health benefits of meat consumption has been jettisoned.

    In truth, the average physician is more or less an agent of the pharmaceutical industry. After all, many if not all medical schools in the U.S. have been funded by pharmaceutical corporations. The conflict of interest should be obvious, but there’s too much money to be made that it’s quietly swept under the proverbial rug. Doctors are also given an array of gifts and incentives by pharmaceutical salesmen, and they’re expected to pass out pills to their patients as a result. How naive to imagine that the average physician isn’t going to be influenced and motivated by all of that.

    The average general practitioner thinks in terms of symptoms and is not as concerned with the root cause of one’s illness. Sure, there are exceptions to this, but in general physicians look for symptoms and then provide pharmaceutical pills as remedies. One’s diet plays a minimal role in the thinking of medical doctors, and yet the standard American diet is the main culprit for so many diseases and health issues among Americans.

    Realize also that the average physician is overworked and is trying to also run a medical business. Most of them have little time to be reading up on the latest medical research nor re-thinking their views of nutrition and other matters they’ve been told since medical school. Many physicians are fearful of breaking the mold and saying controversial things because of the possibility of lawsuits. They are largely compliant types and not original thinkers (yes, there are exceptions).

    The lessons learned from this are fivefold: (1) Don’t naively trust your doctor just because he has a medical degree. (2) Learn to be your own advocate when it comes to your health. (3) Recognize that most doctors know little to nothing about nutrition. (4) Before getting on some pharmaceutical pill that may prove to be worse than the disease itself, consider the diet you’re on and how it might be the root of your health concerns. (5) Before taking advice from your doctor, try to get a second opinion and do our own research on the matter. Many doctors, for example, will recommend a statin drug if your cholesterol is too high. But even a causal search of the Internet will disclose just how dangerous statins are and some of the complications that result when taking them. (6) Finally, doctors are there for specific illnesses, especially if surgery is needed. We need them, and we should be grateful for their expertise. Yet those who run to a doctor for every little discomfort and pain they may experience reveal just how weak and dependent on others they’ve become. Americans must learn to un-doctor themselves in terms of being so enslaved to Big Pharma’s magic pills and to the medical establishment that has proven in recent years to be simply another arm of the federal government.

    • Agree: Mark G.
    • Replies: @Sam Hildebrand
  55. Anonymous[326] • Disclaimer says:

    Patrick Chavis wasn’t unadulterated negro, i.e. he was a mulatto evidenced by his light skin, and yet, notwithstanding his white genes, he was a fuck-up.

    Now imagine how badly the pure negros of affirmative varieties would perform. No wonder the black patient shot up the black ‘doctor’ for botching back operation!

  56. Blodgie says:

    None of you spergy, milquetoast, Tradcon normies will ever understand this, but women are at the heart of this movement.

    You rail and rail against the joos, but they are vastly outnumbered by envious women who want to take down the more competent men.

    Their emotional understanding of the world is what drives this.

    • Thanks: Thor Walhovd
  57. Marcos E says:

    All of this was brought in by a group of white women: Either ugly, single mom, or divorced, they have this chip in the shoulder against white man.

  58. Marcos E says:
    @Wade Hampton

    He was being sarcastic, man. Nobody here would actually believe such nonsense.

  59. Oh no! Whites are being systematically kicked out as care givers of Rockefeller-Gates quackcare. After all the shenanigans of doctors overprescribing oxycontin and incredibly bad Covid 19 response, we white should run from the allopathy with our arms extended in thanks to Almighty. The Rockefellers never set up the AMA and Big Pharma with pure intents. It was always devised with the idea of being so expensive that they could enslave you. Here’s your freedom take it. Then there is Billy Gates , who just wants to kill you with his benevolence. I say Jews first and minorities second. Notice neither Gates or Rockellars are Jews. We whites have a pathology of sorts running in our midst. We don’t need any more of the white psycho corruption to our best and brightest.

    Seriously white people waste too much time on trying to get back into failing institutions. Use those IQ points you all brag about to build something new and better, while figuring out how to avoid the diversity police. Also try to stay away from the usury system for a revolutionary change of pace. Mission impossible I know, but so was creating agriculture from scratch and building pyramids.

  60. @Weave

    I’ve wonder how blacks like themselves being portrayed like rich white people. Does it feed their kangs delusions, or does it annoy them. Personally I am getting a kick out of the dumb black dad commercials.

  61. Bookish1 says:

    I also met Tanisha Hutchinson and wouldn’t trust her as a nurses assistant much less a surgeon. Levine and Hutchinson are a classic black/jew minority team that should be held up as an example of what us whites are infor in coming generations. That bungled surgery should be read and known as a warning to all whites.

  62. @Notsofast

    This it – the whole “inclusivity” scam in a nutshell: incompetent yes-men in positions they know they don’t merit in return for their compliance.

    • Agree: TKK, Notsofast
  63. “Garbage In, Garbage Out”

  64. Alrenous says: • Website

    There’s an exception for medicine of the wartime field-medic kind. If you have a broken bone or are bleeding out, then sure hail an ambulance.
    If you know in advance you have a bacterial infection and you know they won’t give you the wrong antibiotic, that is also fine.
    There might be another niche here or there, but assume the doctors are trying to kill you unless you have specific proof to the contrary. Remember: they jailed the guy who told them to wash their hands. They’re still the same people. Quacks. They also still don’t wash their hands, by the way. They care about respect and being paid. They don’t give the tiniest shit about your health.

  65. Anonymous[396] • Disclaimer says:

    I’m no expert, but before you allow an Indian doctor to see you, you’d better find out his or her type of medical degree and school. Reuters had a series about the outrageous corruption in India, but tried to pass it off as the unintended consequences of good intentions. Parents with money can buy a seat in an Indian medical school, and grades at many are based on price. In the 5-1/2-year MBBS program as much has half the time is spent perfecting English and practicing how to pass the licensing exam which they’re allowed to take in all 50 states. What may be worse is the underlying contempt Indian and Chinese doctors have for non-Asians of any stripe. Just my take, of course.

    My guess is that the Jews who control American med schools haven’t been able to find enough women, blacks, and Hispanics to displace white males. This might require more medical schools not under Jewish control being built in the US and needing to enroll more competent white males to meet demand. So, the Jews have introduced these programs granting unmerited preferment in admissions to more blacks, women, and Hispanics on top of their Indian and Chinese proxies, ensuring that as few white males as possible become doctors and serious competition for the Jews. Quality of care? Sure, that’s what it’s all about.

    Naturally some doctors from India are competent, but what percentage? Have you ever met one woman doctor who doesn’t have a chip on her shoulder?, probably from some vague recognition that for every woman admitted to med school in the US as many as twenty more qualified white males, or so I’ve read, get turned down. Imagine the numbers of white males who don’t even waste their time applying these days. More than five decades ago ago a non-Jewish doctor on the board of one of the country’s top medical schools had the nerve to ask the rest if they’d admit even one non-Jew that year. Not even one white male, and that was over fifty years ago.

    OK, so that’s just my two cents. On a lighter note, how’s this for a laugh? My neighbor’s daughter used to work at a filthy walk-in clinic owned by an Indian. He’d go through an elaborate pretense of choosing from fee schedules when in every case there was one was for Indians and another for everyone else. Probably just like the level of care.

    • Thanks: 3g4me
    • Replies: @camus10
  66. Jared forgot about killing for peace.

  67. TKK says:

    How many people travel to Sub Saharan Africa for the outstanding, cutting edge medical care?

    How many travel to Switzerland?

    I hope the American demons that waller and force our noses in this black obsession choke on it.

  68. Flubber says:

    To put it bluntly, blacks are the anvil upon which the Jews will try to smash civilisation

    • Agree: TKK, USGrant
  69. @Realist

    “This crap will continue as long as stupid Whites allow it.”

    I’m a stupid white. What would you have me do? Vote my way outta this? Run for governor of Arizona? Pick up arms and nurture the Tree of liberty with the blood yada-yada?

    A million web comments every day insulting white people, but never an informative suggestion for either resolution or revolution. I’m starting to take it personally.

    • Replies: @TKK
    , @Realist
  70. @Anon

    Agreed. All is not race when it comes to what ails the medical profession. As is the case with most white collar occupations these days, the capacity and competency to perform their function and apply their skills in their respective professions on the part of a great many white personnel is severely compromised by the adoption of degenerate lifestyles of hedonism, partying and substance abuse/ alcoholism. I for one would not want to be examined, let alone operated on , by some coke nosed, drug abusing degenerate in a lab coat and scrubs, who spends every weekend and more than a few weekday evenings at the local watering hole/drug den / nightclub/ brothel getting loaded on a variety of illegal, intoxicating substances and contracting assorted STDs from his fellow debauched and drugged up colleagues.

    Regarding the pernicious effect on the quality of biomedical education and ergo the delivery of Healthcare sevices to the general public, the deliberate admission to medical schools and other healthcare educational institutions of low IQ, affirmative action black and “Hispanics “is nothing short of criminal. The inevitable on-the-job fuck ups by these incompetent subhumans WILL lead to many ,unnecessary and utterly preventable deaths.

    That said, I would like to ask Jared Taylor just who it is that he thinks is responsible for opening the floodgates((( Herbert Lehman, Emmanuel Cellar, Jacob Javitts, ADL, American Jewish Congress, American Jewish Committee, Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society ,Schumer, Lautenberg etc. al.)to an unending current of non-whites sewage from the third world into the developed nations in the wake of the Immigration Act of 1965, resulting in the dramatic and ineluctable presence of so many more nonwhites in our society? On the topic of endangering the public health of white Americans, who does Taylor think is responsible for the massive promotion of miscegenation and interracial sex in the (((controlled mass media))), brainwashing literally millions of young whites into thinking that sleeping with nonwhites is not only acceptable but fashionable, resulting in millions of whites contracting deadly sexually transmitted diseases or being subjected to all too often fatal domestic violence at the hands of nonwhites?,as%20compared%20to%20white%20females.

    Who does Taylor think is responsible for addicting millions of white Americans to opioid prescription analgesics , often gratuitously oveprescribed by greedy Jewish physicians, resulting in millions of whites becoming heroin junkies when they can no longer afford the opioid prescription, killing hundreds of thousands of them in the process and rendering hundreds of thousands more of them homeless and destitute, like the infamous Jewish Sackler family?
    Who does Taylor think is responsible for the coerced, mass “vaccination ” campaign that is literally killing otherwise healthy and productive white Americans with these deadly mRNA death jabs, resulting in a multibillion dollar financial windfall for the (((Big Pharma) )) corporations, and their bought and paid for shills and medical -whores like Fauci and the medical journals ( JAMA, NEJM etc)?

    Who does Taylor think is responsible for the slaughter of millions of healthy, unborn children of all races through the legal provision of convenience abortion, with a disproportionatelyate number of abortionists being of a certain ((( ethnic background)))?

    Having a conservation with Jared Taylor about the pernicious effect of multiculturalism on Western civilization is akin to having a conversation with an epidemiologist about the AIDS epidemic without ever mentioning the virus that causes the syndrome, HIV (in other words, totally innane and pointless).

    • Agree: USGrant, A B Coreopsis
  71. SBaker says:

    Several years ago I walked into a medical facility with a respiratory ailment I couldn’t get rid of. My regular physician, a white guy I knew was at the top of his class, because my cousin was a classmate, was out on vacation. They stuck me with some rotund african female. She wrote a prescription for cough medicine and amoxicillin. Being a practicing veterinarian for some years, I questioned the use of amoxicillin for what she diagnosed as a viral respiratory pathogen problem–virus unnamed and unknown, and if there was a bacterial component it was mostly likely resistant to Amoxicillin. I asked what her differential diagnosis was and she got very offended and rattled off issues unrelated to what I had. Obviously, she was an affirmative action classic–I knew it and so did she. That ended our relationship and from that time forward I made sure of who was the appointed treating MD by requesting one of 2 that I knew well.

    • Replies: @Hacienda
  72. USGrant says:

    American medicine like everything else in the USA is run by Jews. No nation spends more on medicine and has worse results than the USA. This trend will only worsen as long as Jews are in control.

    • Replies: @ThreeCranes
  73. Dr Spade says:
    @Jim H

    This comment has no basis in fact. It is simply a racist reply by a racist person of the darker hue. This never happened.

  74. All “doctors” are Mengele now. ☠️

    They will gladly experiment on you.

    Gladly fill you full of state approved drugs. 💊

  75. Future doctors

    • Replies: @CelestiaQuesta
  76. @BuelahMan

    Congrats, you reached the point in your intellectual development where black people who said white doctors invented AIDS were. There’s ample evidence a vast majority of black doctors aren’t competent and the reason you’d not see one isn’t it, it’s some apriori invented racial hatred. lol

  77. TKK says:
    @Nancy Pelosi's Latina Maid

    Insightful points, with merit.

    As I have written here, to fight this white pogrom , you would need hundreds of millions of dollars, non Western banking iron clad contacts and nerves of steel to weather the inevitable legal and prison woes that would come your way from both demonic entities like the ACLU and SPLC, as well as local prosecutors who would want their pound of flesh.

    Any…..*any* pushback on this narrative of the magic brilliant black is brutally punished by the Republicans and the Democratic power structures, corporate, media, academy, film. There is no hole to hide in right now.

    Policy wonks who have higher IQs and some real world life experience know the misery they are foisting on the white working classes. They know that urban areas with high black populations are the most dangerous places on earth.

    However, they are delusional conformists. They believe that they can change the sociopathic, feral nature of blacks by showering them with unearned goodies and rewards. The whites who were seen kissing the feet of blacks and other nauseating spectacles are worthless and serve no purpose in civilizations.

    One solution would be to cut off all economic and social aid to blacks globally. Let the laws of nature sift out who should survive. Blacks are kept alive by an artificial line of funds and global busy body do gooders , from Atlanta to the DROC. Yank it all away. If blacks are the misunderstood geniuses, wouldn’t they float the top? We know the answer.

    There was never a more catastrophic development in the West : to let those who make decisions never have to live with the consequences of their decisions.

    • Thanks: Automatic Slim
    • Replies: @Realist
  78. @Realist

    The data provided are ample:
    Taylor’s figgers have give you a sample
    Of unqualified Blacks
    Who’ll just DIE to be quacks,
    “Donald” Chavis “the perfect example”.

    • LOL: Arminius1933
  79. Treg says:

    When they demand DIE: Diversity, Inclusion, Equity

    We demand STPP:
    Skill, Talent & Proven Proformance.

  80. TGD says:

    The smarter a doctor is the sooner she’ll become bored with the mundane practice of medicine. Meeting a lot of very stupid people every day of the week or doing repetitive surgical procedures on very old people is not for the committed idealistic doctor.

    Why did Dr. Oz give up cardiac surgery to go into politics as have so many other bored doctors?

  81. KenH says:

    Preferred minorities can skip the test and be admitted with a GPA of 3.2 instead of the usual 3.89.

    But even this is suspect since universities are likely artificially inflating minority GPAs in other ways. If the Republican were a serious political party instead of a fund raising operation and fake opposition they would push legislation that bans all race norming schemes and minority set asides at medical schools and in university admission. Punishment for violations should be steep fines and loss of accreditation for any medical schools and universities who engage in these practices.

    I have a female cousin who graduated with nearly a 4.0 GPA and she was told she was unlikely to get accepted to medical school because of her race and preferences for foreign students. So much for white privilege.

    • Replies: @pendeja
  82. Hacienda says:

    Double-check all answers from blacks. Visited Sequoia Nat’l Forest. At the location of Sherman Tree (the largest tree by volume on earth), I asked a black shuttle driver if this was where the largest tree was. He said no. He said I needed to go to another location (where the Grant tree is). He was confused (do blacks get confused?), in fact, the Grant tree is the second largest by volume. So I double-checked with a blonde park ranger who told me that I was at the right location (as I was). So, the shuttle driver himself did not know where the stop for the Empire State, Burj Khalifa, city hall is.

    I asked a black clerk at Home Depot for a grinder disk that fit my device. I couldn’t recall if it was a raised or flat type disk. I told him it was a Ryobi (which uses the raised disc). He directed me to the flat disc. I asked again, will this fit my Ryobi. With a smile on his face, he said he was sure this was the one. As Ryobi is very common at the Home Depot, I took it home. It did not fit. The smile, the assurance of the black clerk had fooled me. LOL.

    Know what you know, know what you don’t know. Know who is giving you the answer.

  83. Realist says:
    @Nancy Pelosi's Latina Maid

    I’m a stupid white. What would you have me do?

    Nothing…do nothing just sit on your ass and do nothing. Since you claim you’re stupid, what could you do?

    Vote my way outta this? Run for governor of Arizona?

    There is no voting out of this.

    Pick up arms and nurture the Tree of liberty with the blood yada-yada?

    The whole idea of a revolution is to cause the assholes to die.

    If you would have read my comments in the past you would know my preference.

  84. @Weave

    When I was around 7 my black friend let me come with him and enter his house, it was spotless, even the furniture was covered with a clear plastic vinyl so as not to wear or stain the sofa or chair. This was at a time when many black kids had fathers living at home who worked hard to make a better life for them.

    I’m sure there are still black fathers like that around, not all of them have gone woke with BLM Magic negroism. There’s a black man in my neighborhood who drives a fancy Mercedes Benz and lives in a big expensive house and who happens to be married to a white woman. I see him going on walks all the time, nice guy, but you sense he’s nothing more than a house Nigga for his rich white wife who craves big black shalongs.

    We haven’t reached peak “Magic Negroism” yet, there’s still much to do about all those aspiring rapping and raping hoodrats that needs reconciliation. Such as fifty acres and a mansion tax free, a guaranteed minimum basic income of \$10 k per month (with cost of living increases), plus free medical and prescriptions on top of and exempt from taxes any monies earned while rapping, dealing, pimping and burn loot Murdering and raping.

    My nightmare continues.

    • Agree: TKK
  85. From the article: “The article sorrows over low black and Hispanic scores”.

    “Sorrow” is not a verb, it’s a noun. Please stop misusing our language, AMERICAN idiot…

    • Replies: @Francis Miville
  86. Realist says:

    As I have written here, to fight this white pogrom , you would need hundreds of millions of dollars, non Western banking iron clad contacts and nerves of steel to weather the inevitable legal and prison woes that would come your way from both demonic entities like the ACLU and SPLC, as well as local prosecutors who would want their pound of flesh.

    How long ago did you notice your balls were missing?

    Any…..*any* pushback on this narrative of the magic brilliant black is brutally punished by the Republicans and the Democratic power structures, corporate, media, academy, film. There is no hole to hide in right now.

    There is no such thing as the Democrats and Republicans…only the Deep State. There is no hole to hide in right now. WTF, it is obvious you will never contribute to the destruction of the Deep State.

    One solution would be to cut off all economic and social aid to blacks globally.

    LOL…how would you do that???

    Blacks are one of the many tools the Deep State is using to disrupt and destroy the fabric of our society.

    • Replies: @CelestiaQuesta
    , @TKK
  87. “Ronald McDonald House Kicks Out Unvaxxed Families!”

    • Replies: @JDaveF
  88. pendeja says:

    Fred is right. Mexico has some affirmative action but not to the us level. More and more Americans trust Mexican medicine.

  89. @Priss Factor

    Between Chimp-outs brawl’z, drive bye’z, carjackingz, armed robbery’z, knockdownz, burn loot murder and rapingz, wut would we be without niggaz from tha hood?

    America would be the most boring place on earth.

  90. ricpic says:
    @Happy Tapir

    But black hair is REPULSIVE.

    That’s the case whether your comment was in earnest or in jest.

  91. @CelestiaQuesta

    I know the use of Muti is very popular in South Africa. The blacks tend to avoid modern medical science because they don’t believe in it. So if one is depressed, he has to eat some eagle or hawk wings in order to soar like a bird; if one has a wound or serious skin eruption like monkey pox, he has to eat the hide of a thick skinned animal like a rhino or an elephant. Raping an infant somehow cures AIDS but I don’t know the ‘logic’ of it.
    Farther North in Tanzania, albinos are routinely abducted, murdered and dismembered. Their parts are used as talismans against the evil eye or to stop a run of bad luck.

    • Replies: @CelestiaQuesta
    , @Rahan
  92. Blacks are extremely inferior mentally and the evidence is overwhelming.

    1. Black-americans come in last in all standardized tests. Asian-americans do fine on all the tests so it’s not due to cultural bias in the tests.

    2. Africa is by far the poorest and most backward continent on the planet. All of black africa is now controlled by blacks and has been for decades so it’s not due to racism.

    3. No black has ever won a Science Nobel Prize unless you count one in 1979 for the semi-science of economics. They have won many nobels in non-brain fields like Peace and also in Literature so it is not due to racism.

    4. Out of 1725 chess grandmasters in the world, only THREE are black.

    5. 50 years of affirmative action special treatment and blacks have fallen even further behind. What does that tell you?

  93. ricpic says:

    The Taylor article makes it clear that our culture is so ruined that a change at the top, even if an actual conservative administration were to take the executive branch, would mean nothing. Nothing.

    Medicine is obviously a life and death business. And yet The Agenda is so paramount, and so embedded in the heads of our elites (yes, they are our elites, God help us) that the unnecessary deaths of who knows how many thousands, tens of thousands of patients at the hands of inferior doctors of colah is an acceptable price to pay for “justice.”

    How can you not be a fatalist?

    • Agree: TKK
  94. @Realist

    What is this “DEEP STATE” we hear so much about? I’m beginning to wonder if it’s not some form of extraterrestrial mind control to prevent humans, especially Niggaz from a black hole, from populating the universe.
    What intelligent being(s) would want barbaric tribes using panspermia to populate the universe.

    I can just imagine a galaxy ruled by gangsta rappers, speaking a Rhythmic Ebonics where their only source of income is highjacking space cargo ships, surprise planetary snatch’n grab, loot’n shoot and stealing Vibranium from global energy stations spread throughout the universe used to power Dyson Spheres and reselling it to white settlers on distant outposts.

    Will that movie ever be made, or book written?

    • Replies: @Realist
    , @chadthenadsays
  95. TKK says:

    If you don’t work- if you receive a check no matter your habits and behaviors (for now, I am sure entitlements will become race and ideology based) –

    your suggestions are idiotic, meaningless and dangerous.

    Blacks cannot even be criticized in the workplace now. If you correct them on any point, no matter how gentle or matter of fact, they immediately email that they are the victims of racism. The white party will lose.

    To advise someone to go off half crazy at work or in speech about the black Plague is to advise them to court and borrow trouble.

    You are a typical keyboard tough guy, who probably avoids eye contact with blacks in ” real life.”

    Your personal attacks are silly. The poor saps who raised their fists just a smidgen on January 6th had their lives ruined.

    Besides being a d*ck on Unz, what have you done?

    • Replies: @Realist
  96. @TheAntidoteToToxins

    CQ wears a crucifix around my neck to remind me of what they did to Jesus, and what they’ll do to me and those like me. Not that I proclaim to be any Godhead, just being made in the image of Jesus is now enough to have a target on your head by those guarding Synagogue’s of Satan global financial interests.

    When real savages are elevated, worshipped and given endless handouts and the only return on investment is more violence, hate, looting and rape of white culture, it should be clear, it’s not working, and a regrouping and battle plan is necessary for the survival of the white human race.

  97. pendeja says:

    tell her to go to med school in mexico
    room board and tuition about \$16,000 a year. probably a better education.

  98. @Bookish1

    The most famous Magic Negro AA doctor tragedy was Michael Jackson’s black doctor who gave him a overdose that killed him.
    Had that been a white doctor, he may be still alive today doing massive tours around the world.

  99. Notsofast says:
    @RJ O'Guillory

    thank you for documenting your, unfortunately all too common experience with the medical industry. i was a caregiver for my mother for her last 7 years. by the time pharmaceutical/medical industry was through with her, she was in a drug induced haze, bedridden with pneumonia (caused by her swallowing reflex being destroyed as a result of an adverse reaction to a drug given for another adverse reaction). her attending physician recommend a feeding tube and a nursing home, which is basically a death sentence. i told him i was taking her home with me and the bastard had the nerve to say if it was his mother, that’s what he would do. so i said but my mother gets a feeding tube and a nursing home? he then explained that if she choked on food under his care, he would be liable. i told him that’s practicing law not medicine. i took her home and against all of her 5 doctors medical advice, flushed all of her 10 prescriptions down the toilet, her mind then cleared and she recovered completely with the exception of her balance which she never recovered, that had been permanently damaged by the pharmaceutical overdoses prescribed by her “doctors”. every single doctor my mother went to, knew exactly what other prescriptions her other doctors had written, yet they never hesitated to write another, at least 3 of the drugs they prescribed her now have class action lawsuits against them and are no longer prescribed. after what i witnessed during covid what little belief i had left in western medicine is completely gone and i will never let myself fall into their hands again. if i need a bone set, stitches, or appendectomy, i will seek their services, anything else death is preferable.

  100. Realist says:

    To advise someone to go off half crazy at work or in speech about the black Plague is to advise them to court and borrow trouble.

    As usual, you claim things I did not say. You are a troll and one of the problems…not the solution.

  101. Realist says:

    What is this “DEEP STATE” we hear so much about?

    WTF after all this time you don’t know what the Deep State is? You have heard so much about it but know nothing about it? People like you are the problem.

  102. Jessica says:

    Wtf? I cant believe this is a thing. Did you have to pay for it or does the state just tell you to take this? I had a mandatory opioid class years ago, but it was paid by the state, I assume. I cannot even imagine taking a CE about how racist you are as a healthcare provider! This is sickening. I already know disgust when its a fact that students are incompetent at basic skills, yet are able to successfully graduate. I was informed that during covid, college students were not allowed to use certain tools or skill requirements that were always a taught subject and considered a basic and daily function of dental hygiene job duties. Yet the institutions and governing boards allowed to dumb down the next graduates, in the name of nothing, to just let these people practice in the real world on real humans without clinical proficiencies! The world has gone mad. I always enjoyed new residence and fresh doctors, because they are typically full of spunk and have been educated on the new standards, but that’s no longer truth. There is no more reality or science, at all.

    • Replies: @Seneca44
  103. We are to eat bugs and to be operated on by machete.

  104. After seeing the Scamdemic with open eyes, and watching my doctor get fired by Kaiser Permanente for refusing the jab, and watching the Oregon Medical Association fine and remove doctor’s from employment for refusing to administer dangerous experimental Gene therapy drugs with no long-term safety data and a horrifying record of deaths and injuries that are being ignored, etc. etc. the diversity hire thing is icing on the cake.

    I will never trust any mainstream medical doctor or public health official ever again in this lifetime. They are intentionally killing people and being smug about it, as the government watches their back and acts like the muscle for a criminal gang of drugpushers.

    But then again, we’ve been doing this stuff to foreign countries for decades now, so bringing the Carnage back home to the imperial center makes some sense. What we do abroad in the name of Empire we eventually do to ourselves.

    • Agree: Notsofast
  105. @CelestiaQuesta

    If what you speculate is true, thank God for that negro doctor

  106. It turns out that Stromectol has excellent anti-viral properties that vastly reduces the viral load in the treatment against coronaviruses. It has been in the Physicians Desk Reference (PDR) for at least 25 years for human use. It is also known as Ivermectin and will keep you out of the hospital in COVID world.

  107. Best solution would be to make all globalists, degenerates, and wokesters use black doctors.

    Let the ‘racists’ use white doctors.

    • Agree: spacewonderer
  108. Bert says:

    Selection, be it individual or group, is an iterated process, i.e., multiple occurrences of a trait being correlated with a higher probability of reproduction. One population decimating another is not selection; it is a single historical episode. Your concept of group selection far too broad to be of any use.

    Regarding biologists’ opinion of group selection, that is based on reasoned arguments, modeling and data. You can’t compare that opinion with the politically correct attempt to deny the reality of racial differences.

    Another method of selection at the individual organism level occurs via sexual selection, where at least historically, the family of the female in Europe had to approve of marriages, and they would guide their daughters towards males with genes for sufficient intelligence, religiosity, and pro-social behaviors. This results in much changes of gene frequencies in the population over time.

    In the above, you are on the right track. I have argued several times on this site that the Ashkenazi population evolved psychologically-and-genetically-based antipathy to its host population, the Slavs especially the Slavish peasantry, through a process of Fisherian Runaway Selection driven by parental choice of the mates for their daughters. Ashkenazi parents chose son-in-laws who were ruthless exploiters of the host population, which generated greater monetary income, which generated larger families, which increased the frequency of genes associated with antipathy. This process is called Runaway selection because it happens fast, due to both bride and groom being genetically antipathetic, a double dose going into the grandchildren. It amounts to a kind of assortative mating that, iterated over many marriages, selects for antipathy to the hosts.

    • Thanks: eah
  109. SafeNow says:

    I keep thinking about the commenter who added >60 as a parameter for choosing a doc. “Mature age” would be over-inclusive and under-inclusive, to be sure. But everything else being equal, an older doc, electrician, or an older whatever, will probably give you greater conscientiousness, dedication, fastidiousness, communication skills, and of course, experience.

    As a Californian (stuck here), I am disgusted with what I call “aggressive apathy.” But I can report having a new pool mechanic who is a breath of fresh air. Age late 50’s, previously a Navy mechanic on an aircraft carrier. It was as if I was a fighter pilot and he was working on my catapult.

  110. JDaveF says:
    @loner feral cat

    Admitted known dumb people to med school is a really, really bad idea, with persistent effects, since after finishing training you can expect a doctor to be in practice from 30 – 50 years.

  111. Goddard says:

    Do yourself a favor. Stop watching television.

    • Replies: @goeshittheragman
  112. @Notsofast

    A bittersweet story, thanks for sharing.

    On the other side, we’ll plan a proper comeback.

    Karma is a dish best served cold.

    • Thanks: Notsofast
  113. MCAT will be in the waste can soon along with ACT, SAT, LSAT, and the others. Yeah, we can be saved from the test prep companies.

  114. Cris M. says:

    Some thought on one of Priss’s posts, hundred eleven (hi Priss). The link with some university types or johns hopkins etc pointing out some negative on boosters, on one hand could be seen as some proof of false agenda and bad effects, though on another, note they yet hang onto vaxing by only pointing at ‘boosters’ as problem, which as I look at root of things see as agenda to attempt to keep their grip on people’s minds and position of dictating, in their claim to want to ‘restore’ public trust’ – so pharma schemers continue pushing vaxing and other false agendas, which universities exist to do to begin with. They are part of authority and obedience schemes. None of them teach responsible anarchism or self-determination, they push false ‘psychiatry’ and drugs, and don’t teach natural medicine and thereby work to destroy that, and all are part of goverment schemes and dictates.

    They were all in on shoving everyone in a box to begin with, and part of mass destruction, against our freedom, and right to work, and body autonomy, so to me, they or others now partly negating such as only ‘boosters’, should mostly be seen as admitting their own wrongdoing, and no one should ‘restore trust’ in any labeled system types. At base it’s a ploy to, now they lost the narrative, turn around and attempt to keep themselves ‘in’ with ‘us’, when they are not us, and never will be. Though there are always a few who disagree among the many in the system, the bottom line is in respect to ourselves who pushed back against dictator schemes, I think important that people continue throwing out the whole and not ‘restore trust’ in any supposed school or govmt or supposed med labels.

    The problem has been people lazily trusted the schemers systems and media, instead of us listen to each other, learn info from each other, without labels. The facts on things are what matters. – What they’re doing is same as media trick, after pushing wrong direction schemes or dictates, turn around and point out some wrong they were part of, to steal our effort, keep people listening to them – only so they can do more dictates, later. In short I think the link should be seen as some proof of false direction, and a reason to –not, ‘restore’ trust in any labels or govrmnt connected systems / cyst ems. So the link is useful that way, as I separate it anyway so appreciate that.

  115. Dutch Boy says:

    Medical care has been one of the chief causes of death in this country for years. Adding more incompetent physicians to the present situation will only make it worse. The basic problem is that it is a Big Pharma run system and BP is interested in profits, not health. Their tentacles enwrap everything from medical education to government regulation. The Covid vaccine mess has made this clearer than ever.

  116. Well,

    I get it its election season. look you are a tad misleading here. There are several issues

    One issue is the matter of standards, and one wants physicians pract6icing who meet the bare minimum at least, in the hopes that the bare minimum is one of excellent practice. And those standards should not be lowered merely to address some political agenda. If not enough qualified applicants of color are not meeting said standards and said physicians are required to balance some scale of bias. Then best do some recruiting and training to turn out more qualified physicians of color. by the way that was the original agenda of AA . . . . before it got turned into a whites me too club.

    That aside

    Second, has the medical profession engaged in bias care, underserving blacks. The evidence has been in for more than thirty years. And they have. And the data suggests they have done so regardless of income and insurance.

    The assumption is that having more black physicians and care workers would address that problem. I don’t quite buy that, but even if that were the case, it is hardly wise to address substandard care by providing substandard physicians.

    But as is usually the case on matters of color . . . liberals identify a problem and then proceed to provide the least effective solutions, which gets embraced by most because it is convenient or expedient. Which of course feeds, the unsurprising responses such as the article here does.


    Given that the vast majority of physicians in the US are white, , its quite obvious that the blaming blacks for lowered standards or medical mistakes is pretty trite . . .,physicians%20have%20lost%20faith%20in%20their…%20More%20

    statistically unlikely that the majority of these are black fault lines. The best that can be made and that is a educated guess

    is that decreasing standards makes a current problem worse, regardless of the color play.

    The final issue, has our medical education and training been biased against blacks regardless of their skill, and intelligence levels . . . given our history and current practice — probably, but the answer still would not be to lower staid standards, unless said standard specifically targets blacks from entry or rating their entry m ore disparate than whites, well then of course — remove the offensive standard.

  117. This is surreal. It sounds like everyone is infected with some kind of incurable disease.

    Jared, do you have any explanation that can account for university administrations having these attitudes? These people aren’t stupid. They have spent their careers (up to now) protecting the high standards for medical studies, presumably on the grounds that high competence and intelligence were necessary.

    They surely cannot be blind to the inevitable result, so WHY are they doing it?

  118. @Realist

    Go ahead and shame me for asking a legitimate question, I can handle it. If you were considerate, you would of offered up your interpretation of “deep state” and moved on.

    Using extraterrestrial entities as a humorous metaphor for deep state, is as logical an explanation as any other. And blacks traveling through black holes faster than the speed of light if also possible. Blink blink……

    What’s your idea of “deep state”?

    • Replies: @Realist
  119. @CelestiaQuesta

    His name was doctor Conrad Murray. Then we have the sad case of Professor Dondra West who was Kanye’s mum. She died from multiple cosmetic surgeries and liposuction performed by a black physician. On the other hand, Dr Ben Carson was the finest pediatric neurosurgeon of all time.

  120. @Larry Romanoff

    Because they know the incompetent Negro “MDs” will be ghetto’d into the komunnitahy (no Hispanic/white/Asian will go to a black MD unless forced to by a welfare agency)

  121. @RockaBoatus

    Great comment. The book The Clot Thickens makes the same point that you do about statins. The book is well sourced and I highly recommend it. Most of the UNZ readers, including myself have stints and open heart surgery in our near future if we keep taking the faulty advice from the medical establishment on heart disease.

  122. @BuelahMan

    How do you say,” No darkies,please?”

  123. bert33 says:

    so, the world of medicine has gone corrupt, 900 billion a year in medicare spending alone, then there’s the insurance industry and all the people that would like to make 100k plus benefits annually as a medical specialist. Dont lie, its all about the money. meanwhile patients die because all the people with test and forget medical degrees are too busy reading on webMD and get told what they can and cant do by insurance companies through a computer…

  124. The US is going to hell in a hand basket. The article above shows just how insane the so-called leaders are.

  125. @CelestiaQuesta

    Wise Spock Quotes on Logic

    33. “I see no logic in wanting to worship a deity who demands you live in perpetual fear.”

  126. @Notsofast

    every single doctor my mother went to, knew exactly what other prescriptions her other doctors had written, yet they never hesitated to write another,

    Todays doctors seem oblivious to the significant increase in potential harmful drug interactions every time they add another pill.

    For example, with 5 perscriptions, the medical establishment normally only looks at the possible interactions of the 10 combinations of two. There are 16 more unique combinations, when all five drugs are taken together, that have possible interactions.

    I questioned my dad’s doctor about harmful drug interactions when he was dying from heart failure. He was taking a handfull of pills three times a day. The doctor only knew about the interactions of combinations of two. Who knows how 10 different perscriptions interact when taken together.

    • Agree: Notsofast
  127. Josh Acid says:

    Take the oath to be a doctor. – “Vaccines are safe and effective. Vaccines are safe and effective. Vaccines are safe and effective.”

  128. The fact that they have this data on MCAT scores by race tells me that they must insist you state your race when you take the test. And since people know affirmative action scoring is used on the test, that means many whites claim they are black and that inflates the black average score. The actual average score by blacks is much worse than we are told.

    • Replies: @Happy Tapir
  129. The most important skill for any Doctor is Analytical Ability and knowing how to THINK. GPA and MCAT score have little to do with that. I went to Penn from ’74-’78 after I was discharged from the Army Security Agency. My training was Field of Battle Analysis. Before the Army I was trying to become a CPA, another type of Analyst, so I had a lot going for me besides being an African American. My GPA was above 3.79 but I was a Vietnam Veteran and that was a huge qualification, but Analytical Ability is far more important than GPA because that is what you do all day long. I retired the end of June 2016 and there are a lot of Doctors who had higher GPAs and MCATs than me who are Fauchi syncophants pushing the Poison Death Shots.
    I figured out the COVIDIANITY lies in April 2020 so I am unvaccinated and haven’t had COVID so far.

  130. WCH says:

    If one takes a long hard look at the history of the medical industry it appears as mostly doing more harm than good. The dietary guide lines are/were a result of corruption by the food industry. Big pharma has always pushed poisons. As with most aspects of life it is up to the individual to educate his or her self. Most people are too lazy to step up….

  131. @Hang All Text Drivers

    Hmmm, a friend of mine swears that he took the ACT twice and received scores in the low twenties. Later for the third attempt he had to take the test at a black venue and on that try he scored 29! He thinks it had something to do with blacks getting a handicap.

  132. Sisifo says:
    @Happy Tapir

    The mcat is a culturally biased and racist test designed to keep black people out of medical school

    That’s very true.

    Same for theoretical physics, mathematics, engineering and IT, Blacks are discriminated because Whites know that they are much better at everything.

    We Whites would be much better of if we’d leave all the scientific, engineering and technical jobs to the Blacks. Fact.

  133. JimP says:

    This is awesome. It makes choosing a doctor so easy. Make sure he is a straight Asian male, and you will receive the best health care in the world.

  134. @William H Warrick III MD

    Thanks for your story, Doctor Warrick, but the MCAT is the best they’ve got to try to measure analytical ability. They can’t just take candidates’ words for it. I could see improving the test but not dropping it and not biasing it.

  135. @Realist

    Dude, you really need to shut the fuck up. In a brief time in this thread you have insulted TKK and CQ, two of the most useful and interesting commenters here. Just admit you have no solutions yourself, without bashing guys who realize there may be no realistic solution to our woes. They are in no way “the problem.”

    We can still vent and opine whether you like it or not.

    • Agree: Achmed E. Newman
    • Replies: @Realist
  136. @JimP

    Ah, yes. Would that be the same Asians that do not have an honest or empathetic bone in their bodies? Sure, that’s who I want giving me medical care.

  137. @Steve Jones

    I have to stop you here : sorrow can be used as a verb, too. “I sorrowed for too long over low BIPOC scores to undertake a teacher’s career in the public school system”.

  138. @JimP

    Mmm, no, I would still prefer white male. Asians are way better than blacks of course, but with Asians there seems sometimes to be a disconnect between their academic ability and practical application. I’ve seen a number of cases of this and some absolute horror stories. Your best bet will be a white male with gray hair. Experience+ ability. Actually I don’t think women are so bad in the primary care type arena.
    Mcat is definitely the hardest standardized test out there in that you have to bring challenging analytical knowledge into the test and then use it in problem solving.

    • Agree: Seneca44
    • Replies: @Q-ship
  139. Anonymous[180] • Disclaimer says:

    Serious question. Someone help me out. How did EVERY INSTITUTION, seemingly every published, formal announcement, piece of information, policy, level of management and managerial announced decision, etc., etc., etc. – the whole movement of the earth, sun, and stars GO FULLY WOKE, ANTI-WHITE, TOTALLY CONSUMED WITH MADNESS? Again, seriously, how does such an enormous and yet mentally deranged world-view come to not dominate BUT ABSOLUTELY DOMINATE AND CONTROL. How?

    • Replies: @Alexandros
    , @Truth
    , @Blodgie
  140. Seneca44 says:

    It was free, unless you count the 2 hours of my time as something of value…

    I sent e-mails to all of my state Representatives and Senators. I heard back from exactly one of them, Dan Cox, who is now running for Governor. Mr. Cox outprimaried his Republican opponent with several million Democrat dollars because they wanted who they perceive as a weaker candidate to run against their socialist choice.

  141. @Anonymous

    The same way Rome became Christian.

    -Start with an idea that appeals to the lower classes.

    -Promote it fanatically, which is easy to do when members have nothing to lose.

    -Attack the establishment just as fanatically. Assassinations, bribes, terrorism.

    -Hide behind “not all Christians” to circumvent any effective actions against you. Rome should have killed Christians until there was nobody left. They knew how to do this in terms of military opponents, Carthage, Corinth, Gallic Tribes, but when it came to religion they were hopelessly “cucked”. When Hadrian received a letter from one of his governors, asking what to do with the Christians, he was effectively told “Look the other way, killing them is not in the spirit of our age”. They would come to regret this.

    -After a few centuries the masses will be fully behind you and the elite will give up ever more privileges until it becomes impossible to oppose it.

    If this sounds familiar it is because the exact same thing has happened for the last 239 years. We are now in the reign of Honorius.

    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
  142. Anonymous[363] • Disclaimer says:
    @Larry Romanoff

    Larry, I suppose this is a rhetorical question. But fwiw, here’s my take.

    1. ADL exists to protect the core interest of certain elites. There are many areas it monitors to safeguard the fallout. Granted, occasionally we do see the spillage from the general populace over certain truth. ADL sometimes overreacts the topics/area/fields that they’re not familiar with. Ron can attest to this as he’s got pulled up by ADL in its nascent stage. But overtime, they found that having is more harmless than harmful, because the founder being their own ethnic brethren and letting the opposition voice actually coming from such makes it much harder to finger point to the abusers. If need be, unz can be instantly relegated to the dustbin of the alt-right, far-right, pseudo-intellectual, conspiracist breeding ground dark web pages. For now, unz is in gray zone of “controlled opposition”.

    2. What’s that to do with the topic here? you might ask. It’s the same thing as the heads of any organizations preempt any malicious activities by disseminating the necessary actions every morning, just to preserve the core interest. “I’d like to see production goes up by 5% within 2 months“. “We’re gonna lock down the business for 3 months” etc . Any activities as trivial as it may seem, either one sympathetic boss giving his employees good work-life balance or several janitors laid off because of lockdown, it doesn’t matter. What matters is the daily sermons from the head. All the rest are feeling and emotions.

    3. Every corners of academic institutions in the US are stuffed with you-know-who. Some are truly outstanding but some are being of the same ethnicity. A truly outstanding Jews won’t speak out the racism in academia or favors the DEI because doing so will not advance his career. His career has already been set to go forward as long as he performs well within the expectations. For others, yes, including WHITES, it’s a new paradigm shift that they need to cater to the upper echelon needs.

    4. Do you really expect Ivy Presidents earning millions a year, with their progeny set for life with legacy admissions, will speak out while their immediate salary is tied to you-know-who.

    5. During the last 2 years, there are many news on anti-Asian attacks. Of course, are those news reports responsible for this vicious cycle? Only in occasional moments, there was an attack on Jews in Brooklyn and the news was immediately silenced whereas anti-Asian attacks were reported like porn catharsis for dormant frustration on certain ethnic groups of people that have no clue on where the Covid actually originated.

    6. Trace the resources that will provide you the subsistence.

    7. The fact that you-know-who are now dominating the US policy and wrecking balls here and there doesn’t mean that Whites are also off the hook and suddenly appear innocent and saviors of the new world. Let’s be honest, when the Qing dynasty requested Britain back in 18th century just to simply reflect on the fact that importing disastrous harmful products (opium) to the country will not serve diplomatic relationship well and it will also make much less sense if China did the same to Britain from the perspective of humanity. Needless to say it fell into deaf ears and the rest was history. Churchill himself believed Chinese to be subjugated and the rest of SEA tribes to be similar to monkeys.

    8. I often hear WHITES complaining of JEWS here. Their arguments were usually WHITES being more benevolent, more humanistic, more philanthropic, more humane etc. Let’s look at the case of “Vincent Chin”. The judge said famously

    These aren’t the kind of men you send to jail,
    You don’t make the punishment fit the crime; you make the punishment fit the criminal.”

    Awesome, humane indeed for the fellow brethren. So JEWS looking out for JEWS and WHITES are pissed that they became fodder for ? let’s give some slack. I don’t think “me love you long time” famous line was invented and amplified by any other races than WHITES.

    Welcome to the world. Let the winner dictate the path forward while we mere losers complain of the “making sense”, “integrity”, “humanity” etc.

    After all, no matter what you claim nowadays so-called Jews are whatever, in the end, there’s no benevolent Empire.

    British Empire was a cash cow for majority of Whites and Jews.
    American Empire was a cash cow for, well, Jews.

  143. beau says:

    first, do no harm has morphed into first, you will do harm to those who do not agree with your social lunacy. it goes downhill from there.

  144. Realist says:

    Go ahead and shame me for asking a legitimate question, I can handle it. If you were considerate, you would of offered up your interpretation of “deep state” and moved on.

    LOL, what bullshit. I have numerous times on this blog given my definition of Deep State.

    You are a goddamn troll.

    • LOL: CelestiaQuesta
    • Replies: @CelestiaQuesta
  145. Realist says:

    Dude, you really need to shut the fuck up.

    Not going to happen.

    In a brief time in this thread you have insulted TKK and CQ, two of the most useful and interesting commenters here.

    LOL, both are trolls and you must be too.

    We can still vent and opine whether you like it or not.

    And so can I.

  146. Racism is not an existential issue to be worried so much about in the rest of the world; it is so only in the West, and especially so in the United States. Not because racism does not exist in the rest of the world, but because there are other and more pressing existential issues – like getting the next lunch, for example; or because it is something that everybody knows everyone has it – like opinions and bodily functions; or because nobody is aware of their own prejudices…

    All those people who are worried about the systemic racism that is permeating the United States, may start by petitioning their government to stop importing more and more Africans into the US, to save them from experiencing the systemic racism. And then hand over their job to a Black person (and if you are already a Black person, to a more deserving one).

  147. Rife says:

    The doctors are “indoctornated” tools of the medical system. You need to avoid the system alltogether. US doctors mainly write prescriptions.

    • Replies: @Priss Factor
  148. EH says:
    @William H Warrick III MD

    All that education and you never figured out capitalization — no, wait, you’re almost certainly BSing. MCAT score correlates highly with analytical ability, nearly as well as IQ does.

    You’re right, though, ability isn’t sufficient — one must use that ability for reasoning rather than rationalizing. Many smart(-ish) MDs lack integrity. (MDs aren’t all that smart, though, in an absolute sense, +1.5 s.d. avg., less than 10% are above +2.5 s.d., nearly 10% are below +0.5 s.d.)

    • Replies: @lavoisier
  149. @Larry Romanoff

    These people aren’t stupid.

    They are stupid. They aren’t dumb but they’re stupid. Plenty of intelligent people are stupid due to cult worship of false gods, cravenness, shallowness, and/or lack of integrity or core values.

    Ultimately, society is about sacred cows. And Jews made Negroes into sacred cows. If you reject this, you aren’t merely wrong but a blasphemer, a modern-day devil worshiper. Just like a heretic couldn’t rise up the Catholic ranks, a ‘racist’ blasphemer cannot succeed in the modern world where the main spirituality is the Tridolatry of Jews, homos, and blacks.

    So, in a world where Jews made blackness next to or even higher than godliness, it is only ‘correct’ and ‘virtuous'(and ‘holy’) to roll out the red carpet for blacks on the delusional supposition that blacks have been held back only because of ‘white supremacy’.

    To most careerist minded professionals, blackness is angelic whereas the most demonic force is ‘white supremacy’. Too much TV.

    Intelligence lacks emotions. One can be very intelligent with logic and reason, but emotions override reason, and humanness is essentially emotional. Otherwise, computers would be human.
    A lot of intelligent people, white and yellow, are either emotionally shallow or emotionally owned by Jewish Supremacy that controls media and academia. A lot of conzos are also owned by Jews. Amy Barrett the supreme court judge wept over George Floyd but never shed a teardrop for all those dead Palestinians and Syrians. Mentally colonized by Jews.

    Also, logic and reason operate within known or accepted ‘facts’. The real factual truth is blacks have lower IQ and less impulse control, which makes them perform badly at school.
    But a lot of elite whites and yellows don’t know this fact because they were taught in schools that ‘race is just a social construct’ and ‘blacks lag only because of racism’. To them, such notions are ‘factual’ because the authorities told them so. Also, as they tend to be privileged, they are cocooned from black reality and know blackness only through media, entertainment, academia, all manipulated by Jews who can make even the bogus Russian Collusion Hoax seem like reality.
    In reality, blacks attack whites, but in the media, noble blacks save white women from evil white men. Unless there is White Liberation from Jewish Supremacy, nothing will change.

  150. @Rife

    So, when the interns see all the blacks shot by other blacks, what are they to think?

    The KKK done it?

    Btw, why don’t these medical schools emphasize the deterioration of health among Arabs due to Zionist imperialism and its proxies? Look at the state of affairs in Gaza, Syria, and Yemen. But of course, Jews control the Narrative and their notion of racial justice is whites sucking up to blacks.

    • Replies: @Anon
  151. Bruno says:

    And what about Amy Wax’s husband Roger Cohen, also at Penn ? Weird he wouldn’t join Goldfarb.

  152. Anon[141] • Disclaimer says:
    @Priss Factor

    Look at the state of affairs in Gaza, Syria, and Yemen

    Their own rulers are to blame?

    • Replies: @Priss Factor
  153. @Anon

    Their own rulers are to blame?

    Right, the rulers of Yemen told the US to back the Saudi war on Yemen.

    Right, Assad is the one who’s asking for Israel to keep bombing Syria and support ISIS there.

    Right, Palestinians just can’t get enough of Israeli bombings in Gaza and Israeli settlement conquest of West Bank.

  154. Truth says:

    Because you (yes, you) still choose to have a television in your living room.

  155. I know I’d be preaching to the choir here if I were to point out that racial differences are real and (relevant to training to be a medical professional) there’s those darn IQ distributions. I’d like to note some perhaps less obvious views on the topic:

    1. Structural racism DOES exist but not for the reasons the Egalitarians wish. Consider the following argument: if it is true that there are distinct differences between the races on important measures (such as IQ) on average, then it necessarily follows that the term “racist,” disparaging thought it may be, is actually true. My definition at least of that hate word is simply “the belief that one race is better (or worse) than another, based upon one or more objective measures.” (It is worth noting that my 1990s dictionary defines that word with the modifier “…without proof…”; yes folks, the social justice warriors were on top of it even decades ago!) I’d argue my definition would simply take out the “without proof” condition: My definition of racism stands, whether or not it’s actually true (a belief is a belief, no requirement it be true or false.)

    Anyway, if racism really exists, then it’s likely that “structures” (legal, social, etc.) have evolved, by intent or accident, to reflect diverging racial norms.

    2. Racial inequity is a real problem in medical care, but again for reasons beyond what the Woke would blame. Inequalities exist in the provision of care due to lack of resources; the races vary quite a bit in their health problems due to environment (read “poor lifestyle choices”) but also genetics (many diseases have a genetic basis.) Turns out that smoking menthols, excessive drinking and alcohol and drug abuse, lack of exercise and poor diet can’t always be blamed on Whitey.

    3. The abandonment of old standards (not just test scores) is a pervasive problem in medicine and many other parts of our world, going far beyond pretending that race doesn’t exist. Reality takes a back set to politics. The handling of the Covid-19 pandemic from the outset would be “Exhibit A.”

    I’ve lost most trust in medicine for (3)

  156. Rahan says:

    Raping an infant somehow cures AIDS but I don’t know the ‘logic’ of it.

    The juju logic is that having sex with a virgin cures AIDS. And the easiest way for some to formally achieve this is what you describe.

  157. @Alexandros

    Comparing Christianity to Wokeness is ridiculous. How about comparing it to Communism instead? The way that it comes on quick and uses lies upon lies to recruit the useful idiots is much more analogous to the rise of Communism in Russia over a hundred years back. China 90-odd years back, and, interestingly, America RIGHT FREAKING NOW! That’s what these people are.

    No, they don’t read little red books, and they can’t read Das Kapital, because it’s more than 144 characters. They are the SAME PEOPLE though – they may as well have been reincarnated from street protesters in 1930’s Berlin, just wearing crappier clothing and more tattoos.

  158. lavoisier says:


    MDs aren’t all that smart, though, in an absolute sense, +1.5 s.d. avg., less than 10% are above +2.5 s.d., nearly 10% are below +0.5 s.d.)

    No way. The average IQ of a non-AA candidate admitted to medical school is at least 130IQ. And that is the average. Look at the average GPA of those admitted and they had to take legitimately high G required coursework like physics, chemistry and calculus to even be eligible to apply. Plus they had to get almost all excellent marks in their coursework to be competitive.

    The average IQ of a college graduate is 115. Those accepted to medical school are well above that number.

    While there is much to resent today about Doctors, pretending that they are not all that smart is really stupid.

    You don’t get a 3.8 GPA in tough coursework by having an IQ of 120.

    • Replies: @eah
    , @EH
  159. Kim says:
    @Larry Romanoff

    Well, obviously “intelligence” has nothing to do with it.

    So what are the principled bases of their compliance with these insane policies? I speculate:

    1. It doesn’t hurt me so why should I care?

    2. The order has come down from on high so I had better go along with it

    3. There are so many coons and pajeets strolling the halls and in faculty meetings. How uncomfortable it would be to speak against it! And suicidal career-wise!

    4. All of the arguments against it are undeniably racist. I am not a racist.

    5. Well, it is true that Whites have had it too good for a long time. A little balance can’t hurt.

    6. You worry too much. It will all work out fine in the wash.

    7. I’m hungry. I wonder where we should eat tonight?

    8. Gee, that company stock plan is doing well.

    9. If I promote this, I might get a promotion.

    10. If I promote this, certain people will think well of me.

    11. I will get my photo with some coons in the departmental magazine.

    12. And so on.

    • Agree: Mehen
  160. Science has determined that Blacks are superbly qualified to be doctors, and if an otherwise-qualified non-literate Black wants to become a doctor, a common sense solution is to appoint a literate assistant for him, her or them. If a white can read, it’s only because of white privilege. The only way to achieve equity is to require reading whites to use their ill-gotten skills for the benefit of Blacks. Refusing to work for free for Blacks is literally bringing back slavery.

  161. eah says:

    Formally, most medical schools do not require an undergraduate degree for admission (although as a practical matter, today almost all applicants have one) — even a science degree isn’t necessary, just certain course prerequisites, often only lower division (chemistry, biology, etc).

    In my experience, most students intending to apply to medical school major in biology or some related subject — more than anything, these classes require a lot of memorization, and much less of the quantitative, analytical reasoning necessary in mathematics, physics, and engineering.

    So while those who apply and are admitted to medical school are generally intelligent, as a group they are definitely not the most intelligent students — obviously, per the data presented here (available for some years now, meaning affirmative action in medical school admissions has been going on for a long time), this is especially true for non-Asian minorities.

  162. @William H Warrick III MD

    “Doctor” Syncophant: We saw you make
    A blunder that proves you a fake:
    One sees “Fauci” so oft on him
    Only eggheads boiled soft
    Would commit such a clumsy mistake.

  163. Blodgie says:

    Women, the biggest beneficiaries of AA bar none were put in positions of power where they could implement their emotional understanding of how the world works.

  164. @USGrant

    We know you had your problems with them when you were laying siege to Memphis (was it?, one of those Mississippi cities). When they were buying up all the foodstuffs in the valley, hoarding essential goods and then charging exorbitant prices for their resale to citizens whose farms and lifestyles had been upended by the Armies moving through. Even then they “never let a crisis go to waste”, eh? It would be interesting to find out whose arm they twisted at the War Department or in Congress to make Lincoln call upon you to rescind your order that prohibited them from operating within 200 (?) miles of the front.

  165. @Godfree Roberts

    Bill has much to be modest about.

    (with a wink and a nod to Winnie)

  166. @Realist

    Nigga Pleez, I’ve been to Norway and I sure don’t look like a Troll, act like a Troll, or pretend to be a Troll.
    Your sense of humor is up their with laughing hyena’s.

  167. redneck1 says:

    Dr. Goldfarb is correct, that they simply weren’t as good. No different than when some woke person demands to know why the police are killing more blacks than whites…and the answer, quite simply, is that blacks are committing more crimes than whites…or more specifically, doing the kinds of things that get you shot by the police while fewer whites are doing those things. Nobody seems to be able to accept this, despite how obvious it is. There always needs to be some reason that isn’t the fault of the black person. That’s not to say there are not highly qualified, excellent black people – there are. It just means the race as a whole tends to lag behind other races.

  168. Anon7 says:

    This has been going on for a long time. I have a academic physician friend who was required to take his turn reviewing and ranking applications to his university’s medical school in the early 2000’s.

    It used a basic point system. He was instructed to add one point if the applicant was female, one point if the applicant was a PoC and one point if the applicant was disabled.

    He asked “Wouldn’t it be simpler if I just subtracted a point if the applicant is a white male?”

    His sense of humor was not appreciated, but twenty years ago, he didn’t get fired.

    • LOL: Happy Tapir
  169. EH says:

    Source: Modern IQ ranges for various occupations, which cites:

    This graph was adapted from Figure 12 of Hauser, Robert M. 2002. “Meritocracy, cognitive ability, and the sources of occupational success.” CDE Working Paper 98-07 (rev). Center for Demography and Ecology, The University of Wisconsin-Madison, Madison, Wisconsin. The figure is labelled “Wisconsin Men’s Henmon-Nelson IQ Distributions for 1992-94 Occupation Groups with 30 Cases or More” and is found at [corrected link: › ~hauser › merit_01_081502_complete.pdf ]

    It appears from looking at the graph that for MDs the levels are: 10% / 106 IQ, 50% 120 IQ, 90% 133 IQ. I went to the original 2002 PDF graph (p.89) and measured using tools in a paint program ( and confirmed the visual impression – 50% 120.1, 90% 132.66. Using a spreadsheet, that gives a right-tail s.d. for male MDs of just 9.8 (left tail s.d. 11).

    From Table 1 on p.74 of that PDF, the average IQ for men in that study was 102, s.d. 15.5. Above about 151 IQ, there are fewer MDs with higher IQs than that than there are in the general population, that is, those with IQs above 151 are excluded from the medical profession, and the exclusion is more severe the higher the IQ.

    On the original point, male MDs are only about 1.17 s.d. above men in general in IQ, they average top 1 in 8.2 men. (10% – 90% range: 1 in 2.5 to 1 in 41.7; +0.26 s.d. to +1.98 s.d). (The numbers would be a bit higher among the overall population.)

  170. lavoisier says:

    Thanks for providing me this data.

  171. lavoisier says:

    I don’t know any medical schools that do not require coursework In chemistry, biology and physics as a prerequisite to study medicine.

  172. lavoisier says: • Website

    I have no dog in this fight, but the graph you cite has Medical Doctors at the top of the pyramid in terms of IQ, higher than engineers and higher than college professors.

    If I had to pick the occupation that was likely inhabited by the smartest people it would probably be theoretical physicists followed by mathematicians.

    Michael Crichton, who went to medical school but switched careers to become a writer, remarked that he was too smart to be a doctor. His IQ was measured at 170.

    • Replies: @EH
  173. EH says: • Website

    The site munged that PDF link, it should be: “Meritocracy, cognitive ability, and the sources of occupational success.”.

    The original data is apparently from the same author’s 1992-3 Wisconsin Longitudinal Study; the paper he self-cites has no statistics in it, though it does claim that the data is mostly available on request. The ~10k participants were 53-54 years old at that point (b. c. 1939). The test was administered around 1955-57 and the IQ scores were based on a conversion from percentile rankings for the test among Wisconsin high school juniors for that year (exact methodology not given). The author was a nearly-retired professor of sociology at the U. of Wisconsin’s notoriously left-leaning Madison campus, the quality of methodology in his work is typical of sociology rather than psychology, but the sample size seems to be decent and the author seems to be not so much politically motivated as disorganized.

  174. “Intelligence lacks emotions.”

    I guess that is the standard belief. But its really without merit. In fact, one could argue the more intelligent one is the more emotional one’s choices or even vice versa. The link between cognitive processes is simply not very well understood. Whether one expresses emotions, and how said emotions are expressed may very well be a matter of choice – in my view it is. Which means emotional expression is a learned activity, not merely impulsive response.

    Consider the global picture, if the emotional response is considered as acts of violence, then on par whites exceed, all except perhaps the yellows in engaging in violent appeals. Recently in a discussion regarding Emmit Till, an author actually defended violence in response to the supposed childish actions of a child. Their actions were calculating, and planned out ahead of time. Yet their actions were entirely emotional. And that emotion was predicated on the perception of a perceived violation of some code relevant to their community.

    The use of the atomic weapons on Japan were made by whites, the bombing of Dresden, WWII and the Precursor WWI unleashed more violence over a five year period the likes of which
    the world as a whole had not known — all unleashed by whites and yellows.

    With respect to leadership, a simple look at the first nonwhite commander in chief reveals just how violent prone whites can be. In seeking transform relations in the regional hotspots, the nonwhite was rebuffed in toning down emotional saber rattling and conduct in the Mideast. When the same nonwhite sought to untangle the US from further mayhem in Ukraine, the current white executive at the time undermined his efforts, even to go as far as to threaten withholding aid, military aid that the then nonwhite executive sought to slow or end to avoid exacerbating more conflict in the region.

    You want to take a look at what people’s exported the most emotional violence across the country from a historical perspective that begins long before 1968.

    I think in the present you will have to look at todays debate about Ukraine . . . whites on whites over some irrational rationalized notion of nonexistent countries because of some emotional attachment to land and country to which parties don’t belong.

    If in fact, intelligence is matter of management . . . then clearly, the whites whining about the current state of management — still exclusively controlled by whites reflects a intelligence deficit or probably something more sustainable, that intelligence alone may be overrated as a tool for sound judgement, fair dealing, or accurate understanding.

    You are certainly invited to make your case.

    But how you choose to make that measure will matter . . . I would really curious to hear your case.

    • Replies: @Anon
  175. Q-ship says:
    @Happy Tapir

    Mcat is definitely the hardest standardized test out there in that you have to bring challenging analytical knowledge into the test and then use it in problem solving.

    It is the most difficult and demanding test I have ever taken. It also places you under extreme time pressure. On the first practice test that I took, I could not finish any of the sections in the allotted time. It is the only test I have ever taken where I felt it necessary to take multiple practice tests. As a point of reference, my IQ is 152 (extrapolated from the pre 1994 SAT), and my MCAT score was 37.

    • Replies: @Happy Tapir
    , @Happy Tapir
  176. @Q-ship

    You are about the same as me. What do you do now?

  177. Polistra says:

    Whatever you do, do NOT criticize the POC doctors! They’ll get revenge

    He obviously needed more vacation time to recover from the emotional labor of killing gringos.

    • Replies: @Arminius1933
  178. @Q-ship

    I also play chess too! What’s your rating?

  179. @Polistra

    “The popular trend among the Jersey white girls is defiling themselves by sleeping with greasy spics. What’s crazy is that they all end up getting beaten senseless by their “Saturday Night Julio”. The really sick part is that they keep going back to pop out a few mongrels. By the time they ar 25, these once -beautiful girls are overweight, bruised, drug addicted, diseased and homeless, turning tricks out 8n Passaic County in order to feed the mouths of their little convicts-in-training.”
    – Anonymous.

    “The detectives in LAPD’s heavily Hispanic Rampart district spend inordinate amounts of time on domestic violence cases. Or perhaps it will be that these two contrasting practices will remain on parallel tracks,, creating a new kind of underclass: a culture that tolerates free-floating men who impregnate women and leave, like the vast majority of black men , yet who continue to labor in the noncriminal economy.”
    – Heather Macdonald, Esq.,as%20compared%20to%20white%20females.

  180. Anon[599] • Disclaimer says:

    If people in Rwanda (/Africa) had more advanced technology than machetes, would things be different?

  181. EH says: • Website

    MDs are at the top for IQ among the occupations in that graph, though the graph for women didn’t include MDs (fewer than 30 women doctors in the sample, I presume). Among women, the top score was for the top 10% in science and engineering, at 138 or 139 IQ, though the highest average was for professors, 118 IQ, about a point above S&E. None of the men’s professions has top 10% scores over 132.

    That Wisconsin Longitudinal study has some methodological problems I noted in a previous comment, and the data is pretty old, though the sample size was good. I have some better references below.

    Surprisingly, math and physics professors aren’t much smarter than other professors. The difficulty of comprehending their papers is due to them taking pains to make them incomprehensible. Professors are virtually all “midwits”.

    Faculty of the University of Cambridge. (Nature, 1967, 213, 442) Full Scale WAIS IQs of 148 faculty members:
    Field, Mean IQ, (s.d)
    Agricultural sciences 121.6 (6.4) n=17, range: 110-135
    Biochemistry 130 (6.4) n=10, range: 122-141
    Biological sciences 126.1 (5.2) n=20, range: 113-135
    Chemistry 129.6 (5.5) n=12, range: 121-138
    Engineering sciences 125 (7.6) n=16, range: 111-138
    Mathematics 130.4 (4.0) n=16, range: 124-136
    Medical sciences 127 (6.8) n=10, range: 116-134
    Physics 127.7 (6.2) n=20, range: 112-136
    Social sciences 121.8 (6.4) n=10, range: 112-132

    While Michael Crichton was no doubt quite a bit above the midwit level, I strongly suspect his 170 score was for a test with an s.d greater than 15, e.g. the Army General Classification Test, which has a standard deviation of 20. Still, that would be +3.5 s.d. I don’t know of any well-normed IQ test that goes over +4 s.d. / 160 IQ, and they all have ceiling effects depressing scores above 145 or so, with the difference between 3 and 4 s.d. typically being just one or two questions.

    Regarding the Army test, a paper (Science, 1961, Vol 133, Jan-Jun, 679-688) looked at the IQ scores of men with doctorates in various fields. In 1958, 3567 out of 2.4M men who took the test had doctorates, 530 of 2.4M men scored 170+ (152.5 IQ on a 15 pt. s.d. scale), of whom 46 had doctorates. Of those 46, 20 had doctorates in the physical sciences, 15 in the social sciences (incl. economics), 7 in arts & humanities, 3 in education and 1 in biological sciences. So yes, the geniuses are mostly in the physical sciences, but there were a lot more doctorates in that area than any of the others, so here is the data:

    Field, Mean IQ (s.d.), n
    All doctorates 123.1 (?) 3567
    Phys. Sci. 126.0 (12.45) 1233
    Bio. Sci 119.6 (12.3) 645
    Social Sci. 124.2 (12.7) 827
    Arts & Hum. 124.1 (12.3) 437
    Education 117.5 (12.15) 425
    (means and s.d.s converted to 15 pt. s.d. IQ scale)

    The modern scores will likely be somewhat lower, quite a bit lower for education PhDs.

  182. “If people in Rwanda (/Africa) had more advanced technology than machetes, would things be different?”

    Maybe. The3 Romans out teched their rivals and still managed to give up the park.

    The scientists at Alamogordo were far brighter than their political and military contemporaries, but at the end of the day, high IQ wasn’t enough. The politicians and the military have the orders. I have a very low Iq even before i had brain damage, yet it seemed obvious that invading Iraq and Afghanistan were fairly tragic decisions.

    Seems rather obvious to me that careless immigration policy will ruin the US, but millions people more and more with much higher IQ’s and no brain damage disagree, despite the obvious consequences.

    two lessons:

    high IQ or better tech is no guarantee if victory — look at the Greeks, the Egyptians . . . Asa

    less tech or advantage of mind is not a sign of low IQ — the low level warfare between the US and Mexico as well as the rest of LA as they vantage our own systems against us — is clearly a sign of intelligent strategic sense and the US has failed on repeatedly to retard the matter . . . despite the average IQ supposedly being higher than that or Mexico. Brain damaged and low IQ people such as myself have been calling for and moratorium on immigration for five years, since 9/11 and of course a wall, while not full proof along with whatever high tech measures we put in place are more than warranted — the best response 2 mile deep of hedge rows of natural thorny material of hedge rows or something similar in front of the wall and 1 mile afterwards — a sort of no man’s land.

    but that’s just me and my low IQ low tech administration. I am not disparaging IQ, I am saying that it weight to all things in all times is more than likely overrated. Most foot soldiers are not Beethoven . . . . or President Adams . . . but on a bet fo9ot soldiers have given more to the sustenance of hyear4th and home than either. And deeply honor both men.

    • Replies: @EH
  183. EH says: • Website

    IQ is a measure of the difficulty of problems one can solve. Higher IQ, has a higher chance of being right on hard problems and less chance of being wrong on easy problems — but it requires quite a bit more intelligence to swing the odds dramatically for a problem of a given difficulty — 2 standard deviations (=difference between an adult and a 10 year old) to go from 25% chance to 75% chance of being right.
    (see Woodcock-Johnson IV Technical Manual (2014) p.47, p. 279-280)

    Then there is problem of choosing which problems to solve; unlike a test, in real life the problems aren’t neatly pre-packaged — intelligence applied to solving the wrong problem can be worse than useless.

    On top of that, there is the problem of what the goals and motivations are of the person applying intelligence — friend or enemy, us or not-us?

    Finally, intelligence is of no use if it isn’t used.

  184. “IQ is a measure of the difficulty of problems one can solve. Higher IQ, has a higher chance of being right on hard problems and less chance of being wrong on easy problems — but it requires quite a bit more intelligence to swing the odds dramatically for a problem of a given difficulty — 2 standard deviations (=difference between an adult and a 10 year old) to go from 25% chance to 75% chance of being right.
    (see Woodcock-Johnson IV Technical Manual (2014) p.47, p. 279-280)

    Then there is problem of choosing which problems to solve; unlike a test, in real life the problems aren’t neatly pre-packaged — intelligence applied to solving the wrong problem can be worse than useless.

    On top of that, there is the problem of what the goals and motivations are of the person applying intelligence — friend or enemy, us or not-us?

    Finally, intelligence is of no use if it isn’t used”

    Well, this is all interesting but it has little impact to the discussion. The dynamics I put down remain. I have no beefs with people with intelligence than I have. But the constant haranguing about intelligence one would think that our societies, especially run by white intelligence would not have the rather peculiar dysfunctions it has.

    There are millions of hard problems depending how one defines or quantifies hard. More importantly, whether or not said hard problems are necessary to be solved. I would that I had a high IQ, I don’t. I have to make do. But if I did here’s what I know, the number of people who impacted my life. Those that trained me, coached me, educated me, ensured that for some 21 years of life I had the essentials, including moral guidance were less intelligent than I and that all the intelligence in the world could not add so much as a dime compared to the value brought by parents the lives of children regardless of how ill informed said parents are regarding new fangled tech. I am dealing with a very tough issue — the odds are not in my favor, but the most reliable manner of addressing it has been — the mail system in which a hard copy is delivered in hand. And it has been interesting to see how the tech has been used against people for the sake of efficiency. For the sake of expedience we would sacrifice integrity.

    Again, I am as jealous as anyone of our geniuses . . . guys who build hubble telescopes and design drugs, and nothing has been more amazing than the economics geniuses of our day . . . those derivative markets are . . .

    And yet Dr. Einstein so it is said, would routinely get lost. Not sure how accurate that is.

    But your own reference : (see Woodcock-Johnson IV Technical Manual (2014) p.47, p. 279-280) suggests something about how we utilize intelligence — technical and more subjective areas are more than likely not going have the same formulaic solutions, the crime stats for example

    as I understand it a person has an 8 times higher chance of being assaulted by an African American (black) citizen than by someone who is not. The mathematical formula for that may very well be correct . . . but applying the matter to real life categorically false. Hard to imagine that being the case in Wyoming.

    again, I m not disparaging IQ . What works for widgets is not immediately applicable to the human condition.

    “Because the ideas I had about supernatural beings came to me the same way that my mathematical ideas did. So I took them seriously.”
    ― Dr. John Nash

    • Replies: @EH
  185. EH says: • Website

    I was agreeing with you and providing reasons why IQ isn’t everything. There are a lot of “intelligent-yet-idiot” people out there. Even in the top 1-in-1000-IQ Triple Nine Society, most parrot propaganda from TV and social media, making them effectively less intelligent than you are.

    (The reference I gave is the manual for one of the top individually-administered IQ tests. It is written for psychologists who want to know what the scores mean. The Woodcock-Johnson test, like the Stanford-Binet published by the same company, has a special scoring system that uses a single scale for measuring both the difficulty of questions and the scores of test-takers. When ability equals difficulty, the test-taker has a 50% chance of getting the question right. Without getting into it too much, there are a lot more different scales of ability than the “general intelligence” one for IQ, but they all correlate.

    These “Rasch measures” allow comparing the intelligence of people of any age, unlike IQ. Because they have a real zero-point, like measuring temperature in Kelvin instead of Celsius, which allows meaningfully dividing one score by another, they also reveal that the bottom 1 in 30,000 (4 s.d.) in intelligence is only about 15% less smart than the top 1 in 30,000. Geniuses aren’t that much smarter than idiots.)

    • Agree: Happy Tapir
    • Replies: @Alexandros
  186. “I was agreeing with you and providing reasons why IQ isn’t everything. There are a lot of “intelligent-yet-idiot” people out there. Even in the top 1-in-1000-IQ Triple Nine Society, most parrot propaganda from TV and social media, making them effectively less intelligent than you are.”


    Excuse my failure to acknowledge the same. Not intentional at all . . .

    • Thanks: EH
  187. @Mark in BC

    Look on the bright side. If people are stupid enough to sheepishly follow their “community” brethren straight to hell why get in their way?

  188. TRM says:

    “Is your doctor competent?”
    and just as important …
    “Is your doctor a medical professional or a paid whore for the pharma cartel?”

    A simple question for your doctor will determine if they are a “Pro or Ho”:

    “Should healthy children under the age of 12 get the shots?”.

    If the answer isn’t “NO” then you have a “Ho”. There is no “yes” or “it depends”. The IFR for healthy kids is so far to the right of the decimal that they have a statistically ZERO chance of dying from covid. It is of zero benefit for them to get the shots. It also is of zero benefit to anyone else because they will still get it and transmit it, injected or not.


    • Agree: EH
  189. @EH

    I was agreeing with you and providing reasons why IQ isn’t everything. There are a lot of “intelligent-yet-idiot” people out there. Even in the top 1-in-1000-IQ Triple Nine Society, most parrot propaganda from TV and social media, making them effectively less intelligent than you are.

    Submitting to authority has a relationship with intelligence, but not the one you think. Take an IQ test in prison and you will see what I mean.

  190. camus10 says:

    excellent post. the usa-eur need to refocus on domestic talent. restoring the majority population to its rightful status as absolutely essential

    relying on poached imported doctors with weak foundations and cultural differences is a tragedy, especially for local patients. Medical professionalism requires a hi level of clinical intimacy

    also agree with who is to blame for this virtue signaling about ‘diversity’. utter nonsense, the Tribe is controlling for economic predation. the dean at UPenn Goldfarb is a pimp

  191. camus10 says:

    Jared Taylor failed acknowledgement of the mafia that is formally running this racket.

    Federation of State Medical Boards, industry mafia
    state licensing boards

    American Hospital Association AHA, the master pimp that is the proxy operator behind hospital billing, compliant servile doctors

    Federal health and human services HHS with stars like Rochelle Walensky, the prostitute from harvard, ‘Admiral’ Rachel levine, a pediatrician who has transitioned from Arthur Levine -now with female parts-and he wants the plandemic to be followed by rampant approval for gender re-assignment treatment available to all teens. Fauci Birx Gates WEP freaks were just starters for permanent
    medical martial law

    NPDB, the mafia disinformation network run by the the same HHS that will silence and demonetize any principled doctor patriotically serving the indigent

  192. Its going to get to the point where legitimate, pleasant business transactions will be an afterhours black market type of service because all the square, approved commerce will be so fucked up. Medicine included.

    A decent doctor might serve himself well to keep a discreet unofficial patients outside the bureaucracy just to make some extra money and do business that doesn’t suck. Imagine being forced to do alloted appointments for surly blacks and migrants that don’t speak english all day per new equity health rules or something. You go through the motions and do what you have to do, but damn…

    If you establish enough trust with a restaurant owner in the future, for instance, you might be able to talk your way into a speakeasy style dinners. There’s a lot of businesses that would be stoked to do this, as opposed to having to deal with colored riff-raff day in day out during official business hours.

  193. camus10 says:

    whole discussion about IQ is a distraction

    who needs lo IQ docs or hi IQ evil geniuses competing for the attention of satanic overlords

    does anyone know a single state where doctors are allowed to commit to their patients without retaliation from the industry mafia and their satanic protection rackets complete with state lawyer judges spying local cops, deranged DEA, state certified social workers allied with human trafficking networks. the racket survives on servile-womyn, minorities, nurse practitioners and other midlevels called PAs nurse anesthetist, midwifes. welcome to Calligula nation, where the patriots hide

  194. camus10 says:

    patriots begged to cancel harvard, hopkins (both directly responsible for the plandemic), mayo, cleveland clinic. establish a Peoples grand jury.

    Fire the pimps, no one can stop you

  195. Another massive and metastasizing problem with the healthcare system in the United States, is the staggering impact of organized criminal fraud on the cost of administering and providing medical services to consumers and taxpayers. Insurance fraud is an increasingly parasitic criminal drain on the scare economic resources that are all9cated by governments to healthcare sector facilities and providers, and the share of the organized crime that leeches off the backs of the Americans who finance that healthcare system is committed by Jews from yhe former republics that comprised the Soviet Union.
    The costs associated with medical insurance fraud are astronomical, totalling several tens of billions of dollars every year from productive white working people, but you will never hear a word about this parasitic Jewish criminal activity from the staunch “white advocate ” Jared Taylor.
    Fortunately, the late Dr. William Pierce discussed this problem in detail often with those who are lucky enough to be familiar with his work. Thetw are two especially valuable speeches that he gave on this topic , more than two decades ago: “Paying the Organizatsiya” and “The Jewish Mob in America “, The latter giving a synopsis of a succinct book on the same subject titled Red Mafiya: How the Russian Mob Invaded America, by Robert Friedman (2001).

    “A New York police detective lamented to Friedman:

    Why are we being victimized by non-citizens who can run to Israel or Russia and can’t be extradited? The Russian gangsters have told me that they’ve come here to suck our country dry. . . .How did the Russian mob become so entrenched? They are into Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid fraud. Why is it that every ambulance service in Brooklyn is run by the Russian mob? Why are so many of their doctors practicing without a license? They have invaded Wall Street from boiler-room operations to brokerage houses. Nothing is too small for them to steal. Even the guys with the multimillion-dollar Medicare scam still have to have their food stamps.”

    Video Link

    • Replies: @camus10
  196. Raches says: • Website

    The American medical profession has gone bananas!

    This article is like the punchline to a sick joke:

    Q:  What is worse than having only Jewish doctors?

    From the article:

    Are white people utterly incapable of learning?  I think I’ll send a contribution to Stanley Goldfarb’s organization.

    Dr. Goldfarb.  Why, that sounds German to me.  Mr. Taylor is a Nazi! ®

  197. camus10 says:

    hello amfreeparty, kevinmcd and others. excellent links, but v-logging and then action are an escalating level of authenticity.

    please make some bold pronouncement in public. set-out for credible followers, show some courage to standout as a real dissent movement

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