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Make Crime Illegal Again
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Our insane rulers can be reined in.

Video Link
This video is available on Rumble, BitChute, and Odysee.

Wawa, the convenience-store chain, plans to double the number of stores from 965 to 1,800 in the next eight years. But not in Philadelphia. It just announced that it is closing two downtown stores, after already shutting down one in June. This prompted the announcement: [[0:01 – 0:23]] Here are some of the 100 perps leaving the place. [[0:16 – 0:25]] Do you recognize any of these Philadelphians? Here is the scene they left behind. [[0:01 – 0:08]] But don’t worry! As the newscaster explained in the first video, there were no injuries and no arrests. Not one “at risk” youth got a blot on his record. But you’re out of luck if you need groceries at midnight.

This is what happens when liberals are in charge. Different cities have different kinds of problems, but they all come together in San Francisco.

The city became famous for brazen shop lifting, with thieves walking out right past security guards. It got so bad that Walgreens closed 22 San Francisco stores in the last two years. As the company explained, it spent 46 times its national average on security for San Francisco stores, but still had five times the loss rate. CVS closed six of its 17 stores in San Francisco just this year.

Target also made what this article called “drastic changes” because of theft.

It got to this point in California because of Proposition 47. That was a 2015 ballot initiative that changed the status of many crimes from felony to misdemeanor. It was the people of California who voted to set the felony theft limit at $950.

[[0:29 – 0:36 3:54 – 4:01 4:36 – 4:40 2:54 – 3:01]] Anything less than that, you can steal, accept as stolen goods, resell at an open-air market, write bad checks or steal through forgery, and it’s just a misdemeanor, meaning the police can’t arrest you. If they show up at all, you get a ticket for a court date. No one shows up for that, so stealing up to $949 is essentially legal. The more scrupulous thieves bring along calculators to make sure they stay under the limit. They just come in later for another bagful.

Why did people vote for this? Prop 47 was sold as enlightened cost-saving. Since these crimes weren’t going to be felonies anymore, perps wouldn’t go to jail. And people who were already in the big house for felony theft or forgery could get their crimes reduced to misdemeanors and get out. The prisons would empty, there would huge cost savings, and millions could be spent on dropout prevention and mental health counseling. So even fewer people would then go to prison. See these idealistic young people determined to build no new jails?

Voters fell for Prop 47 60 percent to 40 percent.

I note, however, that the campaign for the “yes” vote spent more than $10 million, over 19 times what the opponents spent. The ACLU and George Soros’s Open Society Policy Center alone kicked in five of that ten million.

And what about all the saved money that was going to pay for crime reduction programs – as if that baloney ever worked anyway? “A Year After Prop 47, Thousands of Felonies Reduced, Cost Savings Still to Come.”

And as parts of the state become increasingly unlivable, “California lawmakers want to reverse Prop 47; ‘make crime illegal again.’”

What an idea: Make crime illegal. As state rep Kevin Kiley says, “Voters were egregiously misled about what this would do.”

San Francisco had its own problem: prosecutor Chesa Boudin, who never seems to have met a criminal he didn’t like.

His parents were both in the revolutionary Weather Underground and were put away for many years for murder.

His adoptive parents were Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn, also in the Weather Underground.

The guy served as San Francisco DA from January 2020 until this year. I won’t go into all the crazy things he did, but the result was criminals not arrested, not charged, released early, coddled, petted, and adored. The results were so awful that this summer, we got this headline: “San Francisco votes overwhelmingly to recall progressive DA Chesa Boudin.”

Not even the mooncalf liberals of San Francisco like being mugged and raped, and stepping over derelicts on the sidewalk.

But believe it or not, only one the 11 members of the Board of Supervisors – shown here with their clerk – supported the recall.

They loved their commie prosecutor. You’ll be glad to know they’ve all had implicit bias training.

I guess that includes bias against junkies, because the supervisors let bums live in tents downtown and believe in “supervised drug sites” where addicts enjoy “safe consumption.”

Whole Foods is living in a dream world. It just *opened* a new 65,000-square-foot store in San Francisco, right across from an open-air drug market. Addicts shoot up in the restrooms and clear out the shelves on their way to the door.

Cities outside California have some of the same problems. Soros-funded prosecutors, no bail, immediate release after arrest, and police who have been smeared so often by city hall they take no risks.

This summer we learned: “Starbucks to close 16 US stores because of crime, rampant drug use.”

Six are in California – no surprise – but Philadelphia, Portland Oregon, and Washington DC have also become intolerable. Starbucks brought the problem on itself. In 2018, a store manager called the police on two black men who were sitting at a table, used the rest room, and refused to buy anything.

They said they were waiting for someone.

That was, ahem, in Philadelphia. Starbucks fired the manager, lathered the blacks with money, and, for good measure, “Starbucks Closes 8,000 Stores For Racial Bias Training — Is It Enough?”

Of course, it’s never enough, but all the baristas got their brains washed, and Starbucks grandly announced it would let people use restrooms, not pay for anything, and hang out as long as they liked.

I predicted Starbucks would become clubhouses for bums and druggies.

Sure enough, last year, the interim CEO announced the company was rethinking its “open bathroom” policy.

And now, we have brazenness unknown before in America. [[0:20 – 0:31]] [[0:01 – 0:06, 0:45 – 0:53]] [[0:07 – 0:22]] [[0:15 – 0:28]] [[1:10 – 1:15]] Unlike San Francisco shoplifters, these guys do care if they’re caught, but nothing is stopping them. Imagine how frightening it is when people suddenly start smashing display cases with sledgehammers. And imagine how furious you would be to see crooks get away with these outrages. No healthy society tolerates this. If I were walking by, I’d want to kill these people.

Some states extend the castle doctrine to businesses, and you could sure discourage these guys with a couple of shots, center body mass. In most states, though, if you protect “mere” property with deadly force, you are the bad guy.

And let us note a certain pattern. Do you see any white perps? Or Asians or Hispanics? I guess surveillance cameras are racist and work only when black people do a smash-and-grab. But race is the one thing you better not notice. And the more people get away with this mayhem, the more you will get.

Remember Wawa? No injuries, no arrests, and the perps got to watch themselves on TV.

Maybe Prop 47 would have worked in an all-white state. Get all those non-violent offenders out of prison so they can get jobs. But anyone with the brains of a scrambled egg could have told them it was going to wreck California. Now, “40 Percent of San Francisco Residents Plan to Move Due to Homeless and Crime.”

Some obvious lessons. Lock up criminals. Encourage law-abiding people to carry and use firearms. Recognize that some public-order offenses are so outrageous, such an insult to civilization, they should be stopped with deadly force. Never vote for anyone backed by George Soros. And let the police do their job, for heaven’s sake.

And finally: What works for other people might not work for blacks. They’re special. In 2019, a black former judge was sentenced to six months in jail for corruption. The courtroom was full of black supporters. [[ 38:00 – 38:22]]

We’ll end where we started, Philadelphia, where blacks had such fun at Wawa, and where a white Starbucks manager was fired to calling the police. This was May 2020. [[2:19 – 2:33]]

Any group of blacks is a potential threat. The people in Wawa were truly worse than animals. [[0:00 – 0:12]]

(Republished from American Renaissance by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Ideology • Tags: Blacks, San Francisco, Starbucks 
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  1. Our civilization is eroding fast. Part of “civilization” is its language and literature. To try to prevent further cultural deterioration, I have anointed myself Official Grammarian. This certainly sounds arrogant! It isn’t. Eighth grade Nebraska school boys in 1880 had a surer grasp of grammar and spelling than lawyers and professors have now. Log cabins often had a King James Bible. It was a different age.

    “Our insane rulers can be reigned in.” WRONG.
    “King John reigned in 1215 A.D.” RIGHT.
    “Roy Rogers held the reins of his mighty steed.” RIGHT.
    “Roy Rogers reined in his steed and he then slowed down from a gallop to a canter.” RIGHT.

    Mr. Taylor: I feel sure that you will not now need to retire to a university-approved safe space, unlike today’s woke “students”.

    • Replies: @MarkU
    , @Legba
    , @René Fries
  2. Please change “…can be reigned in” to “…can be reined in”.

    One “reins in” a horse (using reins); thus, by extension, one can “rein in ” a person. “Reign” is what His Majesty King Charles does.

    Thank you

    • Replies: @René Fries
  3. Derek Chauvin did nothing wrong.

    • Agree: René Fries
  4. Realist says:

    Jared, thanks for the information. One good thing that may come of the store closures is that it may drive the scum into the upscale shitlib areas…poetic justice.

  5. MarkU says:
    @Eustace Tilley (not)

    You are completely right but the process is too far advanced at this stage to do much about it. Even supposedly respectable news organisations appear to be oblivious to very obvious errors, nobody seems to proof-read anything before publication.

    It is now quite common to read that people are ‘pouring’ over old documents.
    There, they’re and their are confused very frequently.

    Mobile phones and texting have certainly accelerated the process.

    If you haven’t seen this already you may find it amusing…

  6. Legba says:
    @Eustace Tilley (not)

    I don’t think your comment will phase him

    • Replies: @MarkU
  7. Anon[679] • Disclaimer says:

    What’s wrong with Americans? How can they be woken up? Is this second question unanswerable?

    Alas, I believe it is. The transfusions of Irish, Italians, Slavs, Latinos and other elements of humanoid detritus into the negroid circulatory system that constituted the original America has mongrelised the project birthed by the Ashkenazis and Jesuits in 1772.

    The Ashkenazis and Jesuits let the protestant Anglo Saxons believe they were the begetters of the newly birthed US. And even though the Ashkenazis and Jesuits had the Anglo Saxons bend over and take it up their butts on a regular basis, the latter never cottoned on to the fact they were rearing and feeding Satan’s bastard.

    America’s history is one long line of disgusting cowardly cretinous blindness. From 1772 onwards, on the back of the most disgusting empire and amalgamation of subhumans ever seen in world history, Moloch and Baal thrived like never before.

    The best slaves and servants that any master ever had are those that don’t know they are slaves and servants. Those too dumb to figure out where they are and what they do. Moloch and Baal have (and had since the birth of their bastard) all this in Americans.


    They go out of their way to rub it in the dumb faces of Americans, but yet Americans have never seen. Nor will they ever see. Not even if it was possible to show them the dust of their rotted country swirling in eddies around their bleached bones across the barren continent of North America.

    The Ashkenazis and Jesuits did try, though. God gave Lucifer, Moloch and Baal free reign and free will, but in regards to His creation (humanity) he imposed lines they could not cross. One line that is forbidden is that they can not defraud a mortal human into discipleship, slavery or subservience.

    The puppets of the Prince of the Power of the Air always and ever have to let Americans know where they are being led. And Americans follow willingly every single time.

    Americans had the information that it was both illegal and immoral to enter WW1, but got involved anyway. Lucifer’s puppets got American’s permission to bring them into this illegal war. And as a spit in the eye for American witlessness, Moloch’s lieutenant, Rockefeller, injected American troops with poisonous cocktails of bacteria before shipping them aboard.

    Rockefeller then said their deaths were a result of the Spanish Flu. And while American halfwits died from lead and bacteria in Europe and in their Satan owned homeland, Rockefeller made billions of dollars shipping his bacteria cocktails abroad in the guise of vaccines.

    What a move by Rockefeller. He dosed idiot Americans with bacteria, then immediately shipped them to Europe where they died in agony in front of Europeans, which scared the Europeans into taking Rockefeller’s bacteria cocktails thinking they were vaccines.

    Using his bacteria cocktails under the guise of vaccines for his fictional Spanish Flu, Rockefeller took out anything from 50million to 100million humans on behalf of Moloch and Baal. And all with the compliance and agreement of stupid Americans.

    When Rockefeller meets donkeys he rides them. And he couldn’t have met any more compliant and agreeable donkeys than Americans.

    Rockefeller then rolled out the DDT poisoning. And couldn’t have been more in American faces with what he was doing if he got Lucifer himself to advertise it. From the 1940s to the 1970s, millions of Americans were poisoned by DDT, and billions of dollars was made by Rockefeller by selling laughably fake polio vaccines on the back of it.

    Rockefeller didn’t tire of riding the American donkey. He then invented measles and a pantheon of other diseases which he claimed were caused by viruses. And of course, Rockefeller had “vaccines” on hand to protect against this universe of viruses which Moloch sent to him in a dream.

    Do stupid Americans know that never in the history of mankind has a virus, any virus, been proven or shown to exist. There is no more evidence on planet earth to show that viruses exist, than there is to show that unicorns exist.

    Yet Americans are willing to inject themselves and their ill-begotten sprogs with up to 72 so-called virus protecting “vaccines” before reaching 18-years-of-age. This is a perfect example of Lucifer, Moloch and Baal poisoning humanity whilst not transgressing the line that God forbids them to cross.

    Like the vampires of folklore can’t enter a home without being first invited, Rockefeller can’t poison Americans without them agreeing to be poisoned.

    Oh, how very sad and moronic are Americans. How is the Governor of Florida? America’s newest gunslinging hero.

    This is the same cretin that recently gave Bill Gates permission to release in Florida millions of genetically modified mosquitoes. And this after Gates’ had publicly announced he had succeeded in programming mosquitoes to be capable of delivering man made pharmaceuticals through their bites.

    The Governor of Florida recently made a big show of pushing back against the mRNA gene slurries, particularly in regards to children in his state being injected with them.

    Well, this Satan puppet can pretend to care about children in his state when he knows the children there will get all the pharmaceuticals and mRNAs that Rockefeller wants them to have via mosquito bites.

    Florida is yet another fine example of Moloch’s and Baal’s puppets getting Americans to invite the ghouls into their own bodies and the bodies of their ill-begotten sprogs.

    Like I said, there’s is no saving Americans, they are just too stupid. So stupid in fact, that they are not even worth saving.

    By the way, check out Beavis and Butthead from the 1990s. In an episode named Blavatsky there is a very clear fornwarning which tells of the taking down of the 9/11 Twin Towers.

    Like I said, Lucifer, Moloch and Baal are somewhat constrained by God. They can’t trick and defraud humans into being their deciples and slaves. Humans have to invite it and agree to this. Even if the agreement results from stupidity, it is still a legitimate agreement.

    God gave humans free will. He gave the stupid and the bright equal free will. The will to do right or wrong. So, if humans do like Americans do and willingly invite underworld deities to control and enslave them, then God will let them exercise their free will.

    Americans are Lucifer’s willing disciples. Albeit, stupid and cowardly disciples, but disciples nontheless. And America the country is the biggest loser empire with the most human blood on its hands that ever sprung up in the history of mankind.

    Lucifer’s fingerprints are all over the United States from start to finish. The death of America and loser Americans will herald a new dawn for humankind. A new world where the Stars and Stripes will serve to warn its citizens about what happens to a race of humans and the damage they can cause when they can’t use their brains and bow and kneel to debauchery.

    • Replies: @René Fries
  8. Polistra says:

    What an idea: Make crime illegal.

    But we have! Only for white people, of course.

  9. MarkU says:

    In an ideal world we might assume your use of the word ‘phase’ was a jest but that particular misuse has become so common that I have doubts.

  10. Mr. Taylor, good of your name the blackness of the thugs, but why don’t you ever mention the Jewishness of those who pushed BLM as policy?

  11. Biff says:

    And let the police do their job,

    To kill, steal, and loot as per usual.

  12. @Eustace Tilley (not)

    Eighth grade Nebraska school boys in 1880 had a surer grasp of grammar and spelling than lawyers and professors have now

    … the same is to be said of French and German soldiers of all classes during WWI, I have read a great many of their letters bound together in a collection, back at the time when I was at the Athénée Royal de Virton; for what concerns WWII, I am quite sure it still was the same.

  13. @Eustace Tilley (not)

    “Reign” is what His Majesty King Charles does

    – does he?

  14. @Anon

    the Ashkenazis and Jesuits in 1772

    In July 1773, the Breve Dominus ac Redemptor by pope Clemens XIV was the culminating point ( = interdiction) of a series of vexatious measures initiated in 1759 by the Portuguese minister Sebastião José de Carvalho e Melo.

    An organization having ceased to exist but still so powerful. Must be one of the miracles of history one comes across now and then. No need to be perplexed, though.

  15. TG says:

    When crime is outlawed only outlaws will be criminals.

    • LOL: Polistra
  16. Sorry, the one girl asking if they’re still making sandwiches is my fucking hero. I laugh just thinking about her.

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