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Ireland: Emerald Isle, Tragic Isle
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Kick out the British only to let in everyone else?

Video Link

This video is available on Rumble, BitChute, and Odysee.

The history of Ireland is both tragic and heroic. For centuries, the English dominated and exploited the Island. Anyone who rebelled was killed or transported to the Caribbean to work as a slave, alongside blacks.

In more modern times, the potato famine of 1845 to 1852 killed roughly a million people. Barefoot mothers with clothes dropping from their bodies held dead infants in their arms as they begged for food. Dogs ate corpses.

More than two million Irish fled – many to the United States, and the population dropped by nearly a third – one of the greatest depopulations of an island in history.

Americans shared the English contempt for the Irish. This help-wanted ad for a cook and washerwoman from the New York Evening Post, September 8, 1828 says, “To save trouble no Irish need apply.”

A researcher found 15 “No Irish need apply” ads in the 1842 editions of just the New York Sun. When Frederick Law Olmstead toured the South before the Civil War, he asked a slaveholder why, for some jobs, he hired Irishmen. “It’s dangerous work,” he explained, “and a negro’s life is too valuable to be risked at it. If a negro dies, it’s a considerable loss, you know.”

Back home, it was only in 1949 that the Irish established a republic, completely independent of Great Britain. A proud, long-suffering people finally had a nation of its own.

And Ireland prospered. But as it prospered, it lost its way.

Now, immigrants come to Ireland.

In 1987, there was a trickle of 17,000. Last year, there was a flood of more than 120,000, and this year, even more are likely to come. These are big numbers for a country of only 5 million.

Many Third-Worlders claim asylum: “Numbers seeking international protection in Ireland in 2022 set to be highest in over 20 years.”

The largest group was Ukrainians, but as this article notes, 10,000 others showed up just in the first nine months of last year. That included 1,500 Somalis, and more than 1,000 from Algeria, followed by Zimbabwe, Nigeria and Afghanistan.

More than 5,000 came without passports, and not because they didn’t have them.

They used them to board a ship or plane, but lost them during the trip. This makes it harder to judge asylum claims. Seventy percent of these frauds were men. One of them explained that Ireland is an easy touch: “When Corona gone, the people start hearing about Ireland. That, in Ireland, they give people the asylum, the papers and they give them the work permit – everybody comes to Ireland.”

Ireland doesn’t have the will to deport criminals and asylum-fakers. An Irish site called The Burkean learned through a freedom of information request that not even 20 percent of the people ordered to leave actually go.

On the left are citizens of the top 10 countries for which Ireland issued deportation orders. On the right, are the top 10 destinations to which illegals were sent back.

As you can see, even deportation is usually an empty threat.

Non-whites who live in Ireland are the “New Irish,” and, as in all white countries, they make a fuss about themselves. Here’s a photo collage on “The New Irish:” “Young, Irish, and Muslim.”

The photographer is also young, Irish, and Muslim.

Shakira says. “At times I do feel I’m Irish and at times I don’t. . . . Even though I don’t know anywhere else because I was born in Ireland.

Amina says, and I quote, “I’m not like everyone else was like the Irish people were. I think that gives me the courage to embrace my religion.”

If she were where she belongs, she wouldn’t have to worry, would she?

Here is Amanullah De Sondy, Senior Lecturer in Contemporary Islam and Chair of Race Equality at University College in Cork. I bet you didn’t know they have chairs of race equality at Irish universities, but they do. He says, “The fact is there is more and more of me and that is Ireland’s future and Ireland’s future has to be represented through the media.”

More and more of me! We’re taking over! Thanks for clarifying that, Amanullah.

And here’s a young lad who gets the message.

Some Irish have had enough. Just this year, there has been enough grass-roots opposition to immigration that Wikipedia has a page devoted to demonstrations.

Locals are outraged when busloads of foreigners suddenly arrive.

This is from a demonstration in Dublin. [1:04 – 1:14] Here is another demonstration in the Dublin area of East Wall: [0:25 – 0:36]

This is a demonstration in front of the police station in Finglas, a suburb of Dublin. Concerned parents put up this leaflet that says “We will not tolerate any more people brought into our country. An end to your lies.”

There was an arson attack on this building in Dublin when it was rumored that foreigners would be housed here.

At Ballymun, another Dublin suburb, banners read “Ballymun says no.”

Another said “Close Borders. Ireland is full.”

Here is a protest in Mullingar, in County Westmeath. [0:00 – 0:15]

In Cootehill in the north of the Republic, demonstrators protested “illegal immigrants on an industrial scale.”

Jonathan Billinger, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons
Jonathan Billinger, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Memes like this are cropping up: “Rise up Mother Ireland. Ireland is full.”

Big Brother doesn’t like this. The president of Ireland “questions future of national borders to block migration.”

He says Ireland has to let everyone in as a “commitment to a common humanity.” Black people, in particular, have to “stay strong” against racism, he says.

In response to protests, lefties in Dublin held an “Ireland for all solidarity march.”

Credit Image: © Niall Carson/PA Wire via ZUMA Press
Credit Image: © Niall Carson/PA Wire via ZUMA Press

Ireland for all? As someone wanted to know, “Africa is 430 times the size of Ireland. So why do Africans have to live in Ireland?”

Asia is almost four times the size of Africa, but here’s an Asian at the rally, explaining he has to be in Ireland to “breathe in freedom.”

Credit Image: © Niall Carson/PA Wire via ZUMA Press
Credit Image: © Niall Carson/PA Wire via ZUMA Press

The lefty Irish Times boasted about the rally: “Thousands protest against ‘hatred and disinformation’ at anti-racism march.”

The speeches were the usual guff: “Are you on the side of humanity, decency, equal rights, or are you on the road to fascism?” Or: “We have come together to celebrate that fabulous rich variety and diversity that is Ireland today.” Leon Diop, founder of “Black & Irish,” said, “Whether you were born in Ireland or Cameroon, we need to replace this culture of fear and hatred with love and empathy.” How nice for him.

The Irish Times failed to note that anti-immigration demonstrations are spontaneous. The paper did not run this cute graphic of all the organizations that bragged how they work together to give the country away.

I count at least 60 of these creepy groups, doubtless funded by George Soros and probably the US State Department.

Ordinary people aren’t fooled. Before the rally, had this headline: “President Michael D Higgins condemns those ‘sowing hate and building fear’ around refugees as poll shows 56pc believe Ireland ‘took in too many’.”

Even in the teeth of pro-foreigner propaganda, 56 percent of the Irish said there were too many. Fourteen percent weren’t sure, and only 30 percent disagreed.

But Mr. Higgins, president of the republic, says those 56 percent are “sowing hate,” “building fear,” and are “unforgivable.”

Michael Higgins, here on the right at an event last year, is 81 years old.

Credit Image: © Markus Schreiber/PA Wire via ZUMA Press
Credit Image: © Markus Schreiber/PA Wire via ZUMA Press

His father was a lieutenant in the Irish Republican Army. Two of his uncles also fought, just as these men did, in the Irish War of Independence – two and a half years of bloodshed and sacrifice to throw out the English so Ireland could be Irish.

Were his father and uncles “sowing hate”? “Unforgivable”? What possessed this man to turn his back on the sacrifices of his flesh and blood and babble about “Ireland for all”?

Here he is – five feet three inches tall – with two of his ministers.

Credit Image: © Nick Bradshaw/PA Wire via ZUMA Press
Credit Image: © Nick Bradshaw/PA Wire via ZUMA Press

On the right is his prime minister. Leo Varadkar looks mostly white, but he has an Indian father. He is openly homosexual and has a “partner.” *** You can guess where he stands on “Ireland for all.”

If there were ever a white country that owes nothing to non-whites or to outsiders, it’s Ireland.

Ireland never had an empire. It was brutally colonized. It never practiced slavery. Instead, many Irish were slaves. The Irish are indigenous. It is their ancestors who build these beehive huts in County Kerry, modest shelters from 1,000 years ago in which a man can barely stand.

Their ancestors carved out this 45-foot dugout canoe 4,500 years ago.

They are the people who scratched out a living on this beautiful, rugged island.

It is their kings and prelates who built and dedicated Rock of Cashel.

And the Irish are placidly to give all this away to Muslims and Africans who claim to be their future?

The Irish Times thinks so. Here is the front page in the run up to Valentine’s Day. Please note the article, “Reignite your love life.”

This sort of thing is common. Television advertising is packed with “new Irish,” as if they had been there since the days of Brian Boru.

Ireland is a sickening example of a people that can go from healthy, even armed nationalism to capitulation in just one generation. Such is the power of the poisons the United States spreads everywhere. May the spirit of their ancestors guide those good people in Finglas, Ballymun, Mullingar and wherever the Irish are fighting for their heritage and way of life. Capitulation is death.

(Republished from American Renaissance by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Trinity says:

    Black Irish went from Jimmy Braddock and Gerry Cooney to “Irish” Leroy Haley & Lee Roy Murphy.

    • Agree: profnasty
    • Replies: @mephisto
    , @anonymous
  2. E_Perez says:

    May the spirit of their ancestors guide those good people in Finglas, Ballymun, Mullingar and wherever the Irish are fighting for their heritage and way of life. Capitulation is death.

    May the Holy Spirit guide you, Mr. Taylor, to recognize the ethnicity of the intruders who are pushing for immigration, in Ireland and elsewhere.

    And may he embolden you to name them, because refusing to name your enemy is capitulation.

  3. But Mr. Higgins, president of the republic, says those 56 percent are “sowing hate,” “building fear,” and are “unforgivable.”

    This is a sadly typical attitude. I used to think that France would become the first minority white country in Western Europe. In fact, Ireland will succumb first because it has a much smaller native population, and its “educated” classes are so thoroughly cucked.

    There are many local protests in Ireland, and they are often unreported in the MSM. You can find the videos on Twitter.

  4. All these immigrants were Created by the USA –Africa and Middle East. All countries infested–provide them one way ticket outward –to Washington DC. Just checking Most Wanted Criminals in all Canadian major cites—Pugsley says he and Lurch both Shout “Bingo” when a white face appears.

  5. Anon[410] • Disclaimer says:

    I was singing “give Ireland back to the Irish” by the end.

    When the overlords lose control, there will be an accounting.

    • Replies: @Lemmy Tellyuh
  6. Such is the power of the poisons the United States spreads everywhere

    I don’t know why you let the Irish off the hook. Most of ’em despise Americans, so this idea that they want to copy Americans is ridiculous. Of course many want to move to the U.S., and some do just that and start wars. Samantha Power for instance.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @Lurker
  7. Ireland’s problem is that it is dependent on American investment to a unique extent. This makes the country hugely vulnerable to American influences for LGBT and open borders. Ireland even had BLM protests, even though blacks in Ireland had little to complain about.

    Ireland is a sad case, corrupted by American money and influence.

  8. Ulithi says:

    “”Goodby to Catholic Ireland”” (1997) Mary Kenny. The chickens have co……………!

    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
  9. black dog says:

    The real Irish, being Celts, have long folk memories. Grudges are never forgotten. They outlasted and wore down the British. I hope they do the same with their current conquerors.

  10. @E_Perez

    of course it was a kike who, (along with Google/Facebook/et al.), destroyed Eire by “modernizing” her:

    Kalergi laughs
    and Brian Boru wishes
    that vikings
    arrived 800
    years later

    • Agree: Curmudgeon
  11. A well-researched and sympathetic article, Mr Taylor!

    • Agree: Realist
  12. anon[458] • Disclaimer says:

    We’ve bought fully into a cultural package we felt we were missing out on watching American TV from the 60’s to the 90’s. Not only rappers and ethnic restaurants and so on, but the titillating moral triangle of the rednecks oppressing the noble dignified racial outsider, and the journalists/lawyers/activists crusading for justice. Otherwise being a journalist in Ireland would be a boring job – noting down the price of cattle at the market or reporting on the dreary depressing problems that were endemic to Northern Ireland because of the dose of religious/ethnic diversity that had been imposed on it centuries ago.

    We already had rednecks of course, and we had journalists aspiring to be crusaders for racial justice, but we didn’t have the racial outsider. For a while the aspiring racial activists tried making Irish Travellers the racial outsider, they were our practice blacks. Irish people didn’t think of Travellers racially, except maybe in an older sense of race as a group of intermarrying families in a locality – Travellers were assumed to be Irish families (Connors, Cash, McDonagh) who like living on the road and whose habits were incompatible with the majority having nice safe high-trust places to live. There was no doubt that Travellers were Irish, so there was reason to doubt that they could catch up with 20th century social norms and re-integrate.

    Instead we got this weird inverted morality according to which Travellers were a different race, perhaps non-Irish, as they were non-Irish, the Irish had more of a moral debt to Travellers, and less right to demand that the Travellers adjust themselves to the norms of the Irish majority. That inverted morality is also something we also got from watching American TV. We already had it in the 80’s, it was the initial dose of poison, the idea that our moral legitimacy depended on non-discrimination and even on non-assimilation.

    • Thanks: RadicalCenter
  13. Anonymous[569] • Disclaimer says:

    Samantha Power is a phenotypically, not to mention genotypically, Irish to the extreme.

    • Replies: @Skeptikal
  14. MarkU says:

    the dreary depressing problems that were endemic to Northern Ireland because of the dose of religious/ethnic diversity that had been imposed on it centuries ago.

    Ah yes, the wonders and benefits of ‘diversity’, it worked out so well in the past that our glorious leaders decided that the Irish needed more of it. Good luck with that btw, you are going to need it, as is the whole Western world.

  15. SafeNow says:

    “Clancy Lowered the Boom”
    Alas, too late.

    • Replies: @Realist
  16. The Irish were “woke” at least two decades before leftists in America. Among the radical leftists the hatred for the British has become hatred for everything white and includes hatred for Irish who are successful. This self-destruction is ideologically driven as it is in other Western nations. Though the descendents of those who fought valiently for Irish independence are destroying their homeland, they are consistently following the trajectory of leftist dogma many of their parents and grandparents embraced.

    • Replies: @Rich
    , @ATBOTL
  17. Realist says:

    Irish history is full of tragedy, but sadly they are following the rest of Western Civilization down the shithole of ruination.
    The new Irish immigration policy gives new meaning to the phrase Irish Jig.

    • LOL: Pastit, Lancelot_Link
  18. Realist says:

    Excellent video. And your assertion that the United States spreads poisons everywhere is spot on. Western Civilization has sown the seeds of its destruction.

    • Agree: Z-man
    • Thanks: Pastit
    • Replies: @Durruti
  19. Realist says:

    Thanks, I remember that song from when I was a wee child.

  20. @anon

    that were endemic to Northern Ireland because of the dose of religious/ethnic diversity that had been imposed on it centuries ago.

    Many of those were returning Scots who had invaded Pictland after the Romans left. Religious diversity? Well, given the papal plots to re-take England, one could expect some animosity.

  21. Durruti says:

    Such is the power of the poisons the United States spreads everywhere. May the spirit of their ancestors guide those good people in Finglas, Ballymun, Mullingar and wherever the Irish are fighting for their heritage and way of life. Capitulation is death.

    Above is a very weak conclusion by Taylor. After a very weakly constructed article of (mostly pictures).

    To mention the political actions “poisons the United States spreads” without clarifying the control of the US by the Elephant in the Room, the financial & military & agency (MOSSAD) control exercised by the Zionist Money Changers, is, in itself, a “Capitulation” by gutless – misdirectionist – Taylor.

    Indeed, there is not even a mention, a reminder, of the Assassination of our last Constitutional President, John F, Kennedy, himself of Irish descent. Indeed, Kennedy met some of his Irish family, while on a much publicized trip to Ireland, shortly before he was Murdered.

    The Coup D’état of 11/22/1963, followed by the assassination of JFK, and later, his brother, RFK, was deemed by Taylor as not worth a mention.

    This article lacks any clear connection, or explanation of the Imperialist/Colonialist rape and destruction of much of the world, as creating a trigger, and economic impetus, for mass emigration to more prosperous nations. It lacks a serious explanation of the forces that are maneuvering the great movement of humans – from one place to another, and the reasons they are orchestrating such.

    This forced clash of nationalities is destroying Nations, especially, European Nations. The destruction of the Northstream pipelines, as well as the triggering of the war in East Europe between RUSSIAN PEOPLES, is part of this ruinous anti European policy. The populations of Africa, Asia, Latin America, and the Middle East, are losing, suffering as much loss of their own heritage, as are Europeans.

    Who benefits from this destruction of Nations? In the long run, The Zionists may conquer all, (Samson Plan?). But as a philosopher said, They conquer, and they create a desert.

    They rob, kill and plunder and deceivingly call it “Roman rule”, and where they make a desert, they call it “peace”.


    Some appropriate thought by Poet W. B. Yeats

    “O words are lightly spoken,”
    Said Pearse to Connolly.
    “Maybe a breath of politic words
    Has withered our Rose Tree;
    Or maybe but a wind that blows
    Across the bitter sea.”

    *My comments have fleshed out this incomplete article. I will accept 50% of Taylor’s fee.

    Dr. Peter J. Antonsen – nom de guerre, Durruti

    • Replies: @Realist
    , @bike-anarkist
  22. “It never practiced slavery.”

    Not strictly true. though the native Irish never AFAIK owned slaves. But remember the Vikings colonised chunks of Ireland and they were big on slavery or ‘thralldom’.

    In the 11th century there was a good trade in Bristol selling Saxon (i.e. English) slaves to Dublin, then a Viking possession.

    Around the time of the Norman Conquest, we are told that slave-trading was a long-established custom of Bristolians, come down from their forefathers. It was the last Saxon bishop of Worcester who stopped it. Wulfstan became Bishop of Worcester just a few years before the upheaval of the Norman conquest. He remained in office until his death in 1095. This saintly man was appalled by sights he saw in Bristol.

    They used to buy men from all over England and carry them to Ireland in the hope of gain; nay they even set forth for sale women whom they had themselves gotten with child. You might well groan to see the long rows of young men and maidens whose beauty and youth might move the pity of a savage, bound together with cords, and brought to market to be sold.

    Why Ireland? The Vikings had founded ports there, such as Dublin. And the Vikings were the greatest slave traders of northern Europe at this time. So Dublin was a slave entrepôt. English slaves shipped from Bristol could be bought for labour in Iceland, Scandinavia or even Arabic Spain.

    • Replies: @Kratoklastes
  23. Pastit says:

    Excellent video. Jared correctly calls out the evil Jew Soros and the US State Department, also infested with Zionists who are actively and aggressively pushing mass immigration into Ireland from islamic countries and sub-Sahara Africa. It is sad to Ireland die like this., being overrun with people who have no history or love of the Irish people. The slow death of Europe is no where more depicted than in Ireland. A sad, depressing story.

  24. @anon

    Jews held the ceremonial positions of Lord Mayor of both Cork, and Dublin at one point in the last 70’s or early 80’s. And the Irish rated that a mark of sophistication.

    But the Irish Catholic state and society was in essence tolerant –look at the flag -green white for peace and orange–for the Orangemen of NI. First president of Ireland/ 26 county Free State was a Protestant, Dr Douglas Hyde.

    1970’s TV series such as Roots, and Holocaust -themed series had enormous impact in Ireland. I can recall priests coming into classroom in 1978 and telling us that 4.5millions had died at Auschwitz, lampshade from skin, etc etc

  25. So they kicked out the English so that they could retain their land and their traditions, but are letting themselves get inundated by Africans and muslims and other cultural aliens, while congratulating themselves for their progressiveness. Weak losers, as are all white liberals.

  26. Realist says:

    To mention the political actions “poisons the United States spreads” without clarifying the control of the US by the Elephant in the Room, the financial & military & agency (MOSSAD) control exercised by the Zionist Money Changers, is, in itself, a “Capitulation” by gutless – misdirectionist – Taylor.

    Speaking of gutless perhaps you could find a pair of balls and take back the US from the TWO PERCENT control of the NINETY-EIGHT PERCENT.

    • Troll: Renard
    • Replies: @Durruti
  27. @Jon Halpenny

    Visit r/ireland on reddit, they despise the poor white irish natives, sociual housing poor peoples.

    No mention or anticipation of 1916 before and during the 100th anniversary, literally no thread was created. Irish born natives would have commented and celebrated. ergo very few on r/ireland.

    SinnFein is detested on r/ireland by the majority. political parties and movements can lose the plot and become irrelevant…. but still.

    my guess is r/ireland is nearly 100% corporate NGO and govt office wallah types, and European continentals and non Europeans, not many Irish born.

    Various sports people both amateur and pro have dropped from Dr Foulcheeses jibby jabbs, no mention on r/ireland of Gaelic footballers or hurlers dropping dead on the field. No love for native sports there.

    • Replies: @anon
    , @Kratoklastes
  28. @Anon

    When the overlords lose control, there will be an accounting.

    An “accounting”…when the cows come home?

    When pigs fly?

    When wishes become fishes?

    Who will stop the overlords: leprechauns?

    How will Ireland be returned to the Irish: by osmosis?

    The Irish are like US Republicans: all talk, no action.

    The interwebs are filled with weenies screeching, “They must be held accountable!”

    All sound and fury, signifying…cowardice, impotence, and cuckitude.

    • Replies: @bike-anarkist
  29. Durruti says:

    Speaking of gutless perhaps you could find a pair of balls and take back the US from the TWO PERCENT control of the NINETY-EIGHT PERCENT.

    I cannot do it all by myself. I have clearly advocated “take back the US from the TWO PERCENT” on numerous occasions. Check some of my numerous comments under Statesman Ron Paul‘s section of this website.

    Are you willing to help? Can you supply the Pikes, perhaps a few warriors who are willing to attempt a Restoration of our Republic, that which was destroyed in the Coup D’état of 11/22/1963, along with our Last Constitutional President, John F. Kennedy? Where do we meet? When? Do you know any Minutemen of appropriate age & training, who will join us?

    This is a Nation of 340 Million. We will need more that 30 Patriotic Minutemen to accomplish the job. Even by The Rising of the Moon, we will need more than 30. I’ll tell you what. If you get 20 I can supply 2o more. We’ll meet in front of the McSorleys in Greenwich Village. Full uniform. First we liberate City Hall. Say when!

    Oh! Are you just being snarky? Are you attempting to discredit this Anarchist? As for the location of my balls? Hmm! You wish me to accomplish the Restoration – all by my lonesome? ————–I think you are just being snarky. You are a ‘Realist,’ so snarky it is. Yes, snarky.

    • Replies: @Realist
  30. Realist says:

    I cannot do it all by myself. I have clearly advocated “take back the US from the TWO PERCENT” on numerous occasions. Check some of my numerous comments under Statesman Ron Paul‘s section of this website.

    Why did the ninety-eight percent allow the two percent to usurp the United States in the first place?

    • Replies: @Durruti
  31. Durruti says:

    Western Civilization has sown the seeds of its destruction.

    Oh that’s just fine & dandy! You write-referring to Taylor, “And your assertion that the United States spreads poisons everywhere is spot on.” How convenient. Now you do not have to do anything; you do not have to struggle. All you have to do is WAIT, and “Western Civilization” will sort itself out, (with no effort needed on your part). You have a gutless/balless/lazy approach.

    Wait! My favorite TV show is on.

  32. anon[270] • Disclaimer says:
    @Beyond the pale and fedup

    The Irish Times asked three schoolchildren what their ancestors did during the 1916 Rising.

    In accordance with some concept of being representative or inclusive, one child’s ancestor fought in the Rising, another child’s ancestor was one of the huge number of Irishmen fighting in the Great War, and another child’s ancestors were still in Africa and had nothing to do with either of these events.

    Why the third child? When I was in school, the point of exercises like “what did your great-grandfather do during…” was to help schoolchildren understand that their school teaches them their national history not to torment them with dates to memorize but to connect them with their heritage and their identity as a people.

    The third child isn’t saying he has no ancestral connection to those events, but as part of his eagerness to assimilate he’s glad to learn about it in history class and hear the family stories of his classmates. No, his story about his ancestors in mud huts is presented as an equal part of the tapestry.

    And indeed what’s the point of teaching Irish history to people like him. The fact that he has no ancestral connection with the host country, that the host country’s history is just a bunch of books and statues with no appeal to him, is presented not as proof that he’s an outsider who shouldn’t be where he is, but as a failure by the host country to include him in its history. He’s told he’s not the past but the future of the host country.

  33. Durruti says:

    Why did the ninety-eight percent allow the two percent to usurp the United States in the first place?

    Statesman Ron Paul takes your question back to the establishment of the FED (1300 AD or so). He has written hundreds of pages on the financial and political cooptation of our American Citizens.

    My date for the takeover lies more recent. Our Republic, was destroyed in the Coup D’état of 11/22/1963, along with our Last Constitutional President, John F. Kennedy. JFK, and later, his brother, were assassinated (violently, by bullets). The actual murderers were never identified by the Mainstream Media. Nor were the reasons for the murders & in tandem take-overs of the remnants of our Sovereign Nation ever discussed by the Mainstream Media (and rarely touched in the so-called ‘Alternate Media’). Our most important existential issue is rarely discussed (anywhere).

    You might peruse Mark Lane, Prouty, (even our host Ron Unz), and many others, who have written books & long studies of just how our Nation was suborned. As for your “allow” question, Jesse Ventura once pondered if it was the Flouride in our water supplies that made Americans so passive (into a nation of SHEEP).

    Your “Why” might be asked of most of the peoples of the Western Nations. Europeans are also asleep (and unwilling to fight unless ordered to). The days of our Committees of Correspondence, Sons of Liberty, & Minutemen, are long gone. My Belgian Dad, who was no firebrand, wondered why American Workers were so Passive, and so afraid to fight for their interests.

    Why? – is a good question.

    A better question is what may be done to rebuild a Patriotic American Surge, to Restore our Republic? Those bullets must be returned. You may notice that neither Unz, or any of the approved writers for this forum, (with the exception of Ron Paul), will even approach the POLITICAL topic of Restoration of our Sovereignty, and with it our LIBERTY!

    You sound intelligent. Perhaps you may be one of the first to Fashion the Cure.

  34. “You may notice that neither Unz, or any of the approved writers for this forum, (with the exception of Ron Paul), will even approach the POLITICAL topic of Restoration of our Sovereignty, and with it our LIBERTY!”

    You aren’t one of those Proud Boys, are you?

    Taking back sovereignty isn’t possible without enough people. So far it looks like some of the Western states will eventually make the attempt. Wyoming of the broke back cowboys made a surprising move to outlaw the morning after pill. Is this a prelude to separation from the federal government to be followed by expulsion of the gay cowboys? Wait and see.

    I have long considered alternatives to separatist movements that may not succeed or that upon secession, may end in the same morass. An underlying problem is that whites lack a sense of ethnic loyalty. They compete with each other and show little concern for the consequences the actions of some may have on their co-ethnics. Another problem is passivity in the face of the actions of minorities or the government that harm the white population. The lack of group solidarity may result from a lack of leadership and leads to the horrible result that whites seem content to allow themselves and their country to be destroyed without protest. It’s this lack of awareness/concern that worries me most. With determination, people will fight for themselves when necessary. Without it, US whites will continue losing ground until they are a mistreated minority within their own homeland.

    Too many people have a fatalistic attitude which causes them to accept becoming a minority population as inevitable. Most don’t recognize the danger inherent in being replaced as the majority. Instilling a sense of concern for each others wellbeing seems the greatest challenge and the change in attitude that would lead to appropriate reactions. But, how do you induce a sense of group responsibility in a people who no longer have it?

    • Agree: Etruscan Film Star
    • Replies: @Jannerblades
  35. I am American, from New York , with a hiberno-norman name but I believe I cluster genetically with the British/Dutch. A true Irishman is not going to break over 20% Germanic or whatnot :

    Target: Jannerblades_scaled
    Distance: 1.5625% / 0.01562464 | ADC: 0.5x RC
    41.0 *Germanic*(AD*100–630)
    33.6 Insular*Celt*(AD*100–1000)
    13.0 *Germanic*(AD*700–1000)
    12.4 Insular*Celt*(600*BC–AD*100)

    Target: Jannerblades_Scaled
    Distance: 1.5625% / 0.01562464 | ADC: 0.5x RC
    30.8 *Germanic*(AD*100–630):Frisii:NLD_LIA:I17750
    23.6 Insular*Celt*(AD*100–1000):Roman*Britain:England_Roman:S14491__AD_226__Coverage_73.29%
    13.0 *Germanic*(AD*700–1000):Scandinavian*Viking*(Oxford):VK2020_England_Oxford_VA:VK165___AD_940___Coverage_65.08%
    12.4 Insular*Celt*(600*BC–AD*100):Insular*Celt*(Cantiaci)
    10.2 *Germanic*(AD*100–630):Alemanni:DEU_MA_Alemannic:NIEcap12c
    10.0 Insular*Celt*(AD*100–1000):Roman*Britain:England_LIA:I12932__AD_125__Coverage_71.89%

    Target: Irish
    Distance: 0.4604% / 0.00460439 | ADC: 0.25x RC
    40.8 Insular*Celt*(600*BC–AD*100)
    28.2 Insular*Celt*(AD*100–1000)
    14.4 Roman*Britain*(AD*100–400)
    8.8 *Germanic*(AD*700–1000)
    5.8 *Germanic*(AD*100–630)
    2.0 *Pict*(AD*300–500)

    American ideas about race and ethnicity seem retarded : would Catherine Zeta Jones, Sean Connery or a SouthWestern English person w/ dark brown hair and brown eyes be ‘black Irish’ if they had ‘Irish names’ ? Why is it all Americans with Irish sounding names identify with the Irish ? Seems stupid to me.

  36. @Unintended Consequence

    In England there is the UKIP or BNP, the AFD in Germany and the National Front in France etc.. but you can’t have that sort of thing in America since ‘white’ identity is daft at best and absolutely bonkers at worst : America is not a real country it is just a business. I wish I was born in Southern England since New York is ultra corrupt and the culture is rubbish in comparison. However, I will spare you my ranting and raving here.

  37. Pastit says:

    Sad state of affairs in Ireland, having embraced the woke agenda

    • Replies: @Bubba
  38. AndrewR says:

    He knows, but he won’t ever name them. His role is as a puppet of the Chosen, compensating for his kosher complicity with over-the-top LARPing about his loyalty to whhhites.

    Also Jared, Asia is only about 70% bigger than Africa.

  39. “It’s dangerous work,” he explained, “and a negro’s life is too valuable to be risked at it. If a negro dies, it’s a considerable loss, you know.”

    This happened on the same planet we’re on now? Incredible– literally.

  40. Anon[154] • Disclaimer says:

    While Ireland and the Irish appear to be doomed, there’s a ray of hope from the people who are fed up with it and are rising up spontaneously, to protect their homeland, their culture, to give their children a future worth having. May they inspire such hope and action elsewhere.

    • Agree: JR Foley
  41. @YetAnotherAnon

    the Vikings colonised chunks of Ireland and they were big on slavery or ‘thralldom’

    Þrælahald is/was a bit like the Athenian and Roman versions of slavery; it applied to pretty much all peasants/serfs, as well as to those captured in war. It was also a punishment – usually when people defaulted on their debts.

    There were much ‘worse’ punishments –
     ▪️ full outlawry (skóggangur); permanent loss of all legal protections (and a requirement to leave the territory) and
     ▪️ ’lesser outlawry’ (fjörbaugsgarður) – which was only for three years

    IIRC any outlaw could have their outlawry commuted if they killed 3 full outlaws.

    This concept of being outlaw has parallels in other legal systems:
     ▪️ Roman (being declared homo sacer and classified as interdicere aquae et ignis),
     ▪️ German (vogelfrei – literally ‘free as a bird’);
     ▪️ English (caput lupinum – ‘wolf’s head’ – and later utroque iure caruerunt – ‘deprived of both [civil and ecclesiastic] laws’)

    Being declared outlaw meant that no weregild was payable by those who caused the death of an outlaw; outlaws could be killed by anyone without consequence – killing an outlaw was not ‘murder’ in any of the systems enumerated above. Also, all property and possessions were forfeit (but debts were not expunged).

    It seems clear that fjörbaugsgarður was probably worse than Þrælahald; when the term expired, the ‘lesser outlaw’ didn’t get their stuff back. At least the former outlaw returned to the entitlements of their previous rank (so could own land and livestock, for example), but their families were generally destitute. And they could all end up being ‘enÞræled’ (kek) because of unpaid debts [NB; there’s no such word as enÞræled; I only wrote that because it’s phonetically similar to ‘enthralled’].

    A þræll‘s descendants could only become a frjálsi after four generations. A freed þræll was a ‘friálsgiafi‘ (newly made freedman); after four generations, descendants of ‘frialsgiafi’ were considered ‘kin’ of frjálsi (fully-freedmen).

    It took a further four generations for the descendants of frjálsi to become a ‘karl‘ – a free tenant, who was allowed to own property.

    There’s even more detail in Stefan Brink’s 2001 book “Thraldom: A History of Slavery in the Viking Age“.

  42. I suppose that ‘subcontinentals aren’t really ‘tan’ – otherwise it would set up a nice gag…

    “The Irish: always Troubles with the Black&Tan”

    Neat segue to a terrific song – obviously doesn’t apply here, since the pro-Darkie Irish aren’t Seonín by any stretch –

    • Replies: @Dumbo
    , @Anon
  43. @Beyond the pale and fedup

    Visit r/ireland on reddit

    reddit’s a waste of everyone’s time.

    As for the rest of your comment: it says more about reddit types than it says about the Irish – by which I mean people who would be proud to say “Dadó was a Provo and Mamó banged a bin lid“.

    The invaders have actively advised their frizzy-haired jannisaries to flood in, through “NGO” advisors in refugee camps and transit camps: even at Calais there are ‘aid workers’ who are Anglophones… who tell anyone who’ll listen that Ireland’ll take them in.

    The (attempted) refugee-led immivasion is being orchestrated because the Poms fucking hate the fact that Éire’s going to be one country again – for the first time in 800 years – because the Poms can’t afford to play Empire anymore: their Army is no longer capable of ‘force projection’, and the Ulstermen have got no funding anymore.

    The same thing has happened in New Zealand – which, I reiterate, is only a meme; it’s not a real place so don’t try to go there. The WEF got one of their stooges into power – Horsey McHorseface (ret.) – and she opened the floodgates to Chinks and pajeets. (Very few Africans though: small mercies).

    This is AngloZionism’s “last hurrah” – a.k.a. ‘Samson Option’ – i.e., trying to burn the house down when they can no longer control the place.

    As an aside: it would be interesting to know a bit more about ÓhUigínn.

    I already know some bits and bobs:
     ▪️ that his first political membership was in Fianna Fáil while his father – a real IRA man (d.1963) – was still alive;
     ▪️ in 1966 was branch chairman;
     ▪️ betrayed his roots in 1969, joining the Labour party.

    In those days (the mid-to-late 60s) Fianna Fáil was still socio-culturally conservative and pro-republic; its founder – de Valera – was still President (de Valera was a Yank, a grifter, and – quite possibly – a marrano).

    Rumours that President Mickey was once in a TV campaign for Lucky Charms have been DEBOOOONKED; likewise he doesn’t own a green suit, or have a pot of gold.

    Ti-tee ti-tee begorrah.

  44. anon[379] • Disclaimer says:

    Jews’ “destroy the West” plan is going well because the white race is the most trusting i.e. stupidest race on earth. Eastern Europe was the last frontier, but they’ve gotten stupid too in an effort to align themselves with the West in the Ukraine war.

    Ultimately the best way to conquer a country is to make it rich. People who live in the rich world are either too lazy, stupid, comfortable, decadent and/or guilt-ridden to fight for anything. The last thing comfortable people want is to upset the status quo.

    • Replies: @Old and Grumpy
  45. Of interest is this war movie based on historical facts. When the USA declared war on Mexico, lots of poor Irish immigrants were in its Army’s ranks. They disliked this aggressive war against fellow Catholics, so many deserted and joined the Mexicans.

    • Replies: @Arthur MacBride
  46. Anon[803] • Disclaimer says:

    Don’t worry too much Mr. Taylor,

    The invaders are color-coded/coated so it’s not like they won’t be easy to spot and deal with when the appropriate time comes. Irish Sambo in the video doesn’t understand (or care to understand) that the demand for people like him is unnatural and is enforced and funded by big Jew.

  47. mephisto says:

    Where is the Jew?
    Never mention Jews, and you hope to succeed? The whole thing is directed from the City of London. We all know that. Taylor epitomizes the problem. If Taylor is the voice of resistance, than the Irish is doomed.

  48. anonymous[423] • Disclaimer says:

    The big paradox of immigrants/tion:..Many immigrants HATE their new countries of residency. They view their (white) local domestic population as racists/colonizers that oppressed/exploited/genocide their home lands and their people. New immigrants and their prole transition form persecuted immigrants to rabid ultra/nationalists activists that would demand affirmative action, privileges in education/labor/health/housing REPARATIONS at th expense of the original WHITE (racists/supremacists) inhabitants. When/How a 2/3th geration Somali in the USA/France/UK/Australia became an ardent muslim/African/ nationalists ?? The corollary to that paradox is their ghettolization/tribalism of their race/ethic groups that HATE other immigrants from different racial religious backgrounds….. within the boundaries of their host country. For example major metropolitan cities are divided along ethnic lines, Mexiacns in East LA, Asians in the San Gabriel Valley, South LA for Blacks, Glendale/Burbank for mostly Armenians, San Fernando Valley for Muslims Middle Easterners..etc. Los Angeles is not the multidiversity paradise, it registers tribal ethnic GANG violence, racial strife, etc. This balkanization will be exacerbated as political/economic competetion becomes harsher for fewer resources specially during times of economic downturns.

    • Replies: @William Gruff
  49. Ghali says:

    As always, Jared Taylor is being unfair to Muslims and migrants in general. The policy is Jewish policy. It is formulated an implemented by Jews for the EU and the U.S. to serve Jewish-Zionist interests. In a nutshell, Taylor is scared to say anything about Jews because he doesn’t want to be accused of being “anti-semitism”.

    • Replies: @camus10
  50. Dumbo says:

    I’ve first read the title as “Come Out Ye Blacks and Trans”, which would make more sense in current Ireland. And, to think of it, the whole Western World.

    • LOL: Lancelot_Link
  51. Dumbo says:

    How can you fight against a problem, when most don’t even realize it is a problem, in fact they are told and believe that it is an “enrichment”, that — against all previous evidence – it will solve their pension problems and result in an equalitarian utopia without racism or hate?

    Anyway, it seems to me that to end massive immigration we first need to get rid of democracy. Democracy is not a system conducive to help natives, or really anyone except the elites and their whore politicians. I don’t like dictatorships but I don’t really see how we will get out of this by voting.

    • Replies: @Katrinka
  52. If you go to Dublin you will see far far more Ukrainian flags than Irish ones; in fact there’s a Ukrainian flag on almost every lamppost. So the Irish are now Ukrainian nationalists.

  53. Northern EUrope and Continental EU are nothing more than US empire vassals. It’s no wonder why this feces is happening. Propagandized lackeys to the us war mongers and woke joke clowns

  54. The negro-saxon never cease their hatred for the Irish.

    • Replies: @Jannerblades
  55. Anonymous[232] • Disclaimer says:
    @Jon Halpenny

    It’s like Sweden. A country that continues to be flooded by some 120.000-130.000 Muslim immigrants a year. There are 8.5 million ethnic swedes that number has stayed the same since the 80’s, but there are more than 2 million, close to 3 million mostly uneducated and in too many cases illiterate immigrants.

    They don’t have to work at all. Why would they? They get all the benefits, housing and everything for free. Many of them proudly declare themselves swedish and Muslim. Previous generations of swedes has made this possible but this is not what it was meant for. The criminality is skyrocketing, it’s really shocking. At some point there will be no more funds for these freeloaders or anybody else. What then? I tell you what, they’ll burn everything down in riots and go elsewhere, in fact that’s already happening..

  56. Bubba says:

    The Irish tragedy has turned into a woke farce.

  57. François says:

    Dual-Israeli Irish citizen Ronit Lentin has called for the death of the Irish people numerous times. Who could forget the Minister of “Justice” Alan Shatter(believe he’s got Israeli citizenship too)? Why no mention of these cretins? There are no nationalists speaking out against these enemies of the Emerald Isle. You cannot solve an immigration crisis by calling out globalists. It is a Jewish agenda, not a globalist one.

    Back in time, the Cromwellian government was handled by these oppressors hence why the Irish were being murdered and treated like inferiors. Ireland had no Jews running it, so they were punished.

    • Replies: @Arthur MacBride
  58. Anonymous[271] • Disclaimer says:

    Hey, guys. Turnip pout is fair play.

    Irish came to the US, swamped the locals and rejected their system, became the urban political class, sponsored WW II via FDR, and then lost out to the Jewish lobby in the post-war struggle for domination of the Democrats but kept supporting Democrats. You’ve apparently kept Boston, but that’s all.

    Now you’re getting swamped yourself because the US you partially created says you have to.

    Sic semper, bud. Crimea river.

    On the bright side, the US empire is declining and might lose Europe, and you might be free — quite possibly to starve again as international trade dries up. Maybe you can do something then. Maybe. And that’s the bright side.

  59. The eternal problem, the whites can kill and steal in the south and should be welcome, those from the south cannot flee to the north from the misery and death resulting from the white invaders to their lands.

    • Replies: @Dumbo
    , @Malla
  60. Lurker says:

    As usual – you can’t see the wood for the trees.

    • Replies: @Anon
  61. Mactoul says:

    The English recruited Irish to fight their colonial wars. Without the Irish troops, there might have been never a British India. And the Irish were certainly regarded as white by the natives and by British themselves.

    • Disagree: William Gruff
  62. Dumbo says:
    @Liborio Guaso

    Come on fellow, that’s a really bad excuse. When did the Irish invade anyone, much less a bunch of Africans and Muslims? Most don’t even come to Europe because of war, they come for economic reasons — i.e. the white wymen and the free stuff.

    While (mostly Brit and now American) wars and colonization took place in Africa and the Middle East, there’s lots of land in Africa, more space than in Europe. Stay there.

  63. eah says:

    >showed up

    They don’t just ‘show up’, they arrive as part of the migrant distribution (quota) scheme of the EU — similarly, ‘over 5000 asylum seekers’ cannot just ‘arrive in Ireland without valid travel documents’ unless they are transported there under the auspices of the EU.

    Hungary, which nominally sits along the ‘Balkan Route’, refuses to allow itself to be overrun by asylum seekers (a euphemism for mostly young, male economic migrants), and also refuses to participate in EU migrant distribution schemes — for these offenses, Hungary has been successfully sued several times by the EU, but the nationalist Orban government just ignores these court decisions — the same is true of Poland and the Czech Republic (link).

    Obviously, the Irish government, currently led by a homosexual ethnic Indian, is more compliant — but unlike Hungary (and Poland), Ireland is now a small net contributor to the EU budget (link), and so would be less susceptible to EU financial blackmail — that’s what makes the demographic disaster now unfolding in Ireland especially tragic.

  64. Plus, don’t forget, Ireland had a plebiscite as to whether it wanted to bring sodomy into marriage. The people voted, ‘yes’.

    • Replies: @eah
    , @emerging majority
  65. Trinity says:

    Ireland must be commended for its neutral stance in WWII along with Spain, Sweden and Switzerland. Of course it would have been better had these nations joined up to fight the (((Globalist Allied Forces))) with the Axis.

    Thanks to (((the greatest generation ever))) Ireland and the rest of Europe can be glad they are not speaking German. Smdh. World War Jew brought to you by the anti White Jew.We can clearly see that the so called “good war” was about White genocide.

    • Agree: Katrinka
  66. Rich says:
    @Unintended Consequence

    I don’t know, the Irish immigrants I knew in NYC were a tough breed who claimed to be the only real Whites on every job site. They’d fight anyone and told the rest of us we were barely White. They were a lot of fun. One old Irish guy I used to work with says he’ll never go back, first the homosexual Hindu PM and now blacks everywhere. NYC was 90% White in 1955 with a population of 7 million. 40 years later it was 50% White. Ireland is well on its way. Unless someone over there finds a way to stand up and fight the Irish as a unique, genetic people will be gone. “Diversity”.

    • Replies: @Annony Mouse
  67. Katrinka says:

    Most, if not all, democracies are governments that for all intents and purposes are dissolved. The will of the people is never taken into consideration. Nothing illustrates this as clearly as mass non White immigration. Most Americans and Europeans are against it, and yet the agenda of the Jews and their bought and paid for whore politicians continues year after year. Governments no longer enforce the law against the invaders. But, if you try to stop what is going on you will be arrested and put in prison, your life ruined. All foreigners need to be returned to their place of origin. This can be determined by a DNA test. Western civilization is finished if this practice isn’t stopped. God help us.

    • Replies: @Anon
  68. Whites are cucks to blacks(and Jews and homos)

    • Replies: @Johnny LeBlanc
  69. Something’s wrong

  70. camus10 says:

    further Taylor and numerous others fail to see the underlying issue

    the west is being emasculated by weak men and indignant feminists

    the legacy of the west will not be maintained unless those marginal factions who fail to preserve the stately legacy are marginalized. the stately institutions must be restored from malfeasance

    you cannot have a solution, you cannot even have a dialog Mr Taylor unless the Church bears on this issue of migrant inroad strategy underwritten by the masonic+talmudist bankers who run the neoliberal economy

    why harp on desperate individuals who will go wherever they find solace even if they stand no chance of assimilation or econ success. the immigrants are willing tools of the globalist devils

    • Agree: camus10
    • Replies: @Hulkamania
  71. HT says:

    St. Patrick drove the snakes out of Ireland and now they are letting them back in.

  72. Ireland decided to turn their country into a tax shelter for American corporations. That’s how they became “wealthy.” With American capitalism comes diseases of American capitalism, such as mass immigration, liberalism, and so on.

    • Troll: Trinity
  73. @camus10

    The real underlying issue of the west is capitalism. Mass immigration, feminism, lgbtp+ and other liberal ideologies are all the natural result of the internal logic of capitalism.

    • Agree: camus10
    • Replies: @HT
    , @Stripes Duncan
  74. Treg says:

    “To save trouble, no Irish need apply”.

    I wonder what it was about the Irish 100s of years ago that made them so difficult to be around.

    I did some reading. I gathered from other sources that it was a very quick temper, followed up with a willingness to physically fight over the slightest perceived insult.

    It also may have been an IQ that was 10 points lower than other whites around them and maybe a disposition that was never open to reason and instead saved-up only grudges and resentments rather than plans and money.

    If this was true back then, is it still true today? And if not, what happened collectively to this disposition?

  75. Anon[140] • Disclaimer says:

    I passed through Panama and spent a night in the city on the way to Curacao. I was very surprised at the modern technology at the airport. I did not see one black person at the airport. Also the place is so clean. We walked to the Restaurant and there were no Police in sight compared to the US where there is always a continuous Police presence.

    I only saw a few Panamanian blacks in the City and they were the complete opposite of the typical Afro American. Also no East Indians, Moslems or other questionable characters. No blacks worked at the Hotel and the upscale restaurant we went to had all white staff. Almost everyone spoke English.

    How come all the people infesting and wrecking the US, Canada and Europe are not headed to Panama ? I have to tell you, we were stunned by the place !

    • Replies: @Katrinka
  76. Mass delusions and willful ignorance about the past (and, hence, the resulting present) such as

    Back home, it was only in 1949 that the Irish established a republic, completely independent of Great Britain. A proud, long-suffering people finally had a nation of its own.

    are what keep the terrorist USEUNATO conglomerate advancing and free to do business even out of “war” with their global partners-rivals. Not even the US/UK/France axis have ever been “a nation of its own”. Vote harder, “educated” taxcattle, you may eventually get an “elected representative” of the skin color and ideology that you like most, the conglomerate’s got ’em all.

  77. Like New Zealand, Ireland only has a population of 5 million. Ireland GDP is very heavily export dependent. Unlike New Zealand which has an economy mostly reliant on its agricultural products and resources, Ireland has none of that. Its economy is mostly financial services, pharmaceuticals and some manufacturing.

    Both countries need immigrants to sustain their economies. If Ireland wants to remain “White” , its economy will crash and I can bet most Irish people will vote to join UK under the leadership of Rishi Sunak. 🙂

    With the exception of bigger Western European countries like UK, Germany, France, Spain, Italy most Western European countries has 10 million or less in population. Almost all are export dependent.

  78. eah says:
    @Nick Kollerstrom

    Yes, that’s true — but turnout was only 60%, with 62% in favor — which means barely 35% of the Irish electorate actively approved of gay marriage — 65% either voted no, or didn’t vote at all.

    As many know, George Soros has succeeded in installing some ‘progressive’ prosecutors — he does this by targeting extremely low turnout off year elections, and then using activists to ‘get out the vote’ — I recently saw a story that illustrates why this works so well:

    Wisconsin Supreme Court primary turnout tops 20%

    So 20% turnout was considered headline-worthy, meaning it’s usually lower — I imagine it’s generally under 30% — it would be easy for committed, well-funded, and organized activists to control the outcome of such an election.

    I imagine that’s what happened in Ireland — lots of people who don’t approve, who want to be left alone and didn’t bother to vote, meant those pushing gay marriage were able to win.

  79. Cking says:

    Yes, Why is the little island of Ireland subject to this new Immigration policy? ‘Ireland is too ‘White’. The De-Christianization of the ‘West’ has been an elitist imperative, offensive, for over 50 years, followed by the necessity to broadcast and implement ‘correct’ political policy that demands the dilution and ultimate dissolution of the several peoples of white European stock. Both India and China are very concerned about their Muslim populations, inflicting control, regulation, and restrictive burdens on this population; believing, ‘Once they come in, they will take over.’

    Soros’ funded immigration of Muslims throughout the West, is furthering the goals and objectives of the WWII era Red Army’s invasion of Europe; the plan to destroy Catholic founded Western Civilization. This invasion force is not given the same recognition or focus as an invading army, but that is exactly what it is; warfare carried out by other means. The host population is cowered into submission and compliance by the neoliberal, Globalist, MSM. We should study China and India’s concerns and objections to Muslim expansion. And George Soros’ Global, Soviet style, forced relocation of the populations movement must be stopped now. That will not take any study, only the political will to action.

    • Agree: irish Savant
  80. geokat62 says:

    I count at least 60 of these creepy groups, doubtless funded by George Soros…

    Wow! This is the closest Jared has coming to making the Jew.

    What possessed this man to turn his back on the sacrifices of his flesh and blood and babble about “Ireland for all”…

    Ireland is a sickening example of a people that can go from healthy, even armed nationalism to capitulation in just one generation. Such is the power of the poisons the United States spreads everywhere.

    The United States is to blame? Come on Jared… you know better than that.

    Allow me to introduce you to a man named Alan Shatter.

    Introductory paragraph to The Misplaced Minister: Ireland and Israel’s Alan Shatter:

    For the past two years Ireland’s immigration policy has been in the hands of Alan Shatter, a Jew and an outspoken partisan of Israel. Alan Shatter, born and bred in Dublin of Jewish immigrants from Eastern Europe, has made it Irish policy to increase Third World immigration to the Emerald Isle.

    Every. Single. Time.

    It’s no longer a mystery as to who is behind Operation Tikkun Olam 2.0.

    • Agree: Arthur MacBride
  81. The gov’t brought all these unassimilable foreigners in to ruin Irish culture and experience while using up the working man’s tax money for welfare and bullshit like Chair of race hustle.
    The gov’t prevents the native white Irish from stopping the influx of these low IQ aliens and their barbaric religion.
    The people of Ireland vote for the gov’t that repeatedly continues their policies in direct confrontation with what the native Irish want.

    Now tell me who is the stupid part of this fiasco.

  82. Sham Rock was a one hit wonder in 1998 with this song that topped the charts for 13 weeks. Are we to expect Rap music advocating things I am to polite to repeat here? Probably.

    Sham Rock – Tell Me Ma

  83. @E_Perez

    Mr. Taylor is controlled opposition. Keep Whitey satisfied by airing White grievances, but deflecting from the group really responsible. A method of relieving pressure, so to speak.

  84. @Treg

    Look at the current President of the USA for evidence that they remain the “fighting Irish,” unfortunately. That said they had their fair share of geniuses. Sir William Rowan Hamilton had an IQ that would have put Einstein’s to shame.

    • Replies: @Jannerblades
    , @Trinity
  85. @true.enough

    Thank you. I was unaware. One look at his photo and I want to vomit. Reminds me of the Kagan monsters.

    • Thanks: true.enough
    • Replies: @true.enough
  86. HT says:

    The real underlying issue of the west is capitalism. Mass immigration, feminism, lgbtp+ and other liberal ideologies are all the natural result of the internal logic of capitalism.

    Capitalism has nothing directly to do with immigration or the other issues you mentoned. Countries are destroyed because they change their immigration laws, as America did. America had capitalism from its inception but the problem came when America embraced non-white immigration in 1965 after changing existing laws effectively banning it.

    • Replies: @Hulkamania
  87. @Treg

    An anecdote, for what it’s worth.

    A decade ago I was working in the Canadian oilfield. There was (and probably continues to be) a shortage of skilled labor in the trades in that country. A neighbor who was an electrician said the Canadian government fast-tracked visas for tradespeople from Europe to fill the gap. Many were Irish (real Irish, white-skinned and light-haird, not imports from the turd world), and my neighbor said they were incredibly lazy. He was aware of the stereotype, and couldn’t believe it was manifesting itself before his very eyes in the Irish labor imports he employed. He found them difficult to manage and motivate, but didn’t have a choice because the Canadian born just weren’t interested in the trades.

    • Agree: William Gruff
  88. PUTINFAN says:

    The VIC-RUS will recolonize Erin soon LED by none other than Vlad Vlad P.

  89. @Priss Factor

    They hate us and want us dead. Stay away from them. Any Whites like these fools in the video are just asking for it, and it is only a matter of time before they’re attacked, injured, and/or killed. You’re dealing with feral hominids. They can’t be reasoned or bargained with. Just stay the hell away from them.

  90. @houston 1992

    Jews held the ceremonial positions of Lord Mayor of both Cork, and Dublin at one point in the last 70’s or early 80’s. And the Irish rated that a mark of sophistication

    So true. I used to cringe at the gormlessness when I visited as a kid.

    Certain types of Irish women will kill their own family if some msm rat tells them it’s ‘soooo cool’.

  91. Jiminy says:

    Hard to believe that these people having their culture and society taken over by outsiders, were the same ones who were kneecapping and blowing people up for lesser slights. How did it all go wrong?

    • Replies: @CCG
  92. Anon[572] • Disclaimer says:


    The Great Potato Army of 1916 was caused by Oliver Cromwell and his Black & Tans.

  93. Kick out the British only to let in everyone else?

    And Britain?

    Get kicked out of all their colonies only to be colonized by them.

    Well, at least Ireland and UK are now on the same page.
    Both are mentally colonized by Jews and totally committed to Diversity, Negrolatry, and Globo-Homo.

    One tiny difference is the Irish are a tad more critical of Israel, but even the Irish who sympathize with Palestinians worship the gods pushed by Jews: Diversity, Negrolatry, and Globo-Homo.

    Without race-ism, whites have no agency.

  94. @Nick Kollerstrom

    Nick: Gay marriage is dumb. Using a term from the Hebrew “Holy” book is even dumber.

  95. @Brian Damage

    There would be little problem for Ireland inviting in Ukies. At least they are fellow Europeans. Most of the rest of the migrants are culturally indigestible and should be given free tickets home and a stipend to get em back on their feet.

  96. Che Guava says:
    @houston 1992

    1970’s TV series such as Roots, and Holocaust -themed series had enormous impact in Ireland. I can recall priests coming into classroom in 1978 and telling us that 4.5millions had died at Auschwitz, lampshade from skin, etc etc

    Fictional tales, you state as if they had some veracity, all are lies, and liar priests like those, I’d guess, are as much a reason to abandon the faith as any other.

    The below, repeated from the article is obscene, the bloated blob to the right, and the words, in particular.

    Except that it has no mountains, Eire’s a beautiful island, that they spent years fighting for (and over) independence, then to have themselves invaded, apparently by their own will. It’s really like a bad Irish joke on the BBC of long ago.

  97. Wild Man says:

    The indigenous Irish people have always been people that are both fierce as well as gentle. Both. Because it’s the heart-felt thing. The Irish have it in spades. Real genuine bleeding hearts (as opposed to ‘bleeding heart liberals’). Because they feel (and think too of course, but with the Irish, … there is never ever denying the feeling of it).

    Some of the Irish I think, are worried there will be a loss of the heartfelt thing, in the Irish way, across the land. I hope the Irish way can prevail (because it is a beautiful thing), … perhaps flavored by some outside influence now, but with the basic method of it, … to remain: Honor the heart, Always. I guess we’ll see.

    • Replies: @MacOisdealbhtoo
  98. instead of Green leprechauns and Pixie fairy’s, Irish have black Gangsta Rappers and black Drag Queens, the Irish now celebrate Dindoo culture as most Irish towns soon become “no go zones”, filled with dilapidated housing and business districts, where pimps sell Irish lasses at QuickTrick Drive Thru’s, and Murphy’s and Guinness beer are replaced with Purple Drank and Mountain Dew.


    O’ the Luck of the Irish

    Love of the Emerald Isle

    Once a beauty was she

    Then came the Dindoo
And all of their Kindoo
Now black as night as can be

    O’ the luck of the Irish
Love of the Emerald Isle

    Once land of the fairy’s of old

White lasses and whiskey
Sons of queens and kings
    O’ the luck of the Irish we sing

Once good at man-slaying
Melodious in ale-house
Masterly at making songs

    O’ luck of the Irish

    Love of the Emerald Isle

    Once head and fair chieftain
 of yore

    They marched amid blue spears

    Now ravaged in war
Scattered as foe on emerald shores

    With heads now impaled

    High upon polls
    O’ the luck of the Irish

    O’ the luck of the Irish
    Love of the Emerald Isle

    They are gone those hero’s of earth

Oh, never again will princes appear

    And never again shall I dream again
Of a land I once held so dear…

    CQ – 2023

  99. Pablo says:

    “We need to Live in Freedom” claims one of the signs included in this article. This begs the question, “Why can’t they fight for Freedom in THEIR Countries?” Why is it, that EVERY non-Western Country think it is up to the White Western World countries to save them? Protect them. Provide social welfare benefits for them. This is especially true since White Western countries can not provide for their own, Native residents. Notice who is coming to US Borders. Many of them are military age Males. They are the Tip of the Spear of this invasion of the White western Nations. This immigrant invasion is motivated by a malicious intent to destroy the White Western Nations. This venomous hatred of White Western Nations has to be actively opposed. Fought against.

  100. @HeebHunter

    The English, especially, the southern English , are cut from the same genetic clothe as the Dutch :

    Otto Von Bismarck had this comment on the Irish question: Put all the Dutch people in Ireland, he said, and Ireland would be the garden of Europe. Put all the Irish people in the Netherlands, he continued, and it would sink.

    Modern Ireland is economically successful because it is a tax haven for American tech companies etc… but the Irish are still genetically inferior.

    • Agree: William Gruff
    • Replies: @Hulkamania
    , @Dumbo
  101. @Brian Damage

    “ If Ireland wants to remain “White” , its economy will crash ”

    Take your GDP aka Government Dependent Parasites and shove it.

    The reason Ireland is unique is its culture and people, take that away and it becomes like every other country that is now turning into a DIE (((Diversity-Inclusion-Equity))) shithole.

    Long Live the Irish,
    leprechauns and pixies,
    Guinness and Jamison’s too

    So fuck off you Wanker
    Sail back to you shores
    Die among your Babylon whores

    • Replies: @maczmo
    , @Brian Damage
  102. @Anonymously Unkown

    Hamilton sounds Scottish and Biden is a plastic paddy too. Scotland and England eclipse Ireland in the sheer amount of geniuses produced per capita (there are more sheep than people in the Highlands). Edmund Burke was Anglo-Irish or English too etc..

  103. @Jon Halpenny

    US, “uk”, and other western investment in Ireland is EASILY replaced by capital and expertise from China (and to a much lesser extent Russia). Countries all over the world, in Asia, Latin America, and Africa, are vastly improving and expanding their infrastructure (seaports, airports, bridges, roads, rails, and energy generation and transmission) with largely Chinese capital and know-how. Ireland could shift to China for a large of its investment, construction, and management needs anytime it wants.

    There’s no excuse for remaining vassals to the US/uk because “we need their money.”

  104. Alfred says:

    I am glad my Irish mother did not live to see this disgrace.

  105. @Ulithi

    Perhaps it was always going to matter, eventually, that many of the distinguishing doctrines of the religion are drivel and the institution promulgating them was sexually deviant, financially corrupt, and simply fucking heavy handed and obnoxious.

  106. @black dog

    I share your sentiment, but the Irish who successfully resisted the English and won independence … ACTUALLY HAD CHILDREN. They had the young bodies out on the streets or in the militia when needed, and they had confidence and hope for the future of their families and nation (growing, energetic families and nation).

    The Irish are an old and aging people —they’re nearly destined, already, to disappear genetically and culturally. The number of actual Irish people is declining, and their high median age continues to get even older.

    How will this dwindling, aged group of Irish people drive out a rapidly growing number of assertive Africans, Arabs, and Indo-Pakistanis who are FAR younger?

  107. @black dog

    No one pushes harder at betrayal of his own Irish clan than that despicable U2 ONE Whore Bono.

  108. maczmo says:

    Immigration is equivalent to invasion. The results are the same. You will be replaced. Because Ireland is a small country, you have a better chance of kicking out the invaders then, say, the USA. If you start it others will follow you.

  109. Katrinka says:

    Welcome to Panama! I love it there. I feel safe. Panama has VERY strict immigration laws. They spot check people and their passports and cedulas. Most people are basically OK, just a couple of neighborhoods to steer clear of. Notice how people dress? Much nicer than Americans. I had to go through a few hoops by hiring a lawyer and paying some fees, but now I have legal residency. The light rail line now goes to Tocumen Airport connecting travelers with downtown and Albrook Bus Terminal. I hope you come back sometime and spend more time there.

  110. @CelestiaQuesta

    I am just stating the facts. As usual you kneejerk-ed into some kind of reactionary diatribes about diversity, inclusion and all that woke mumbo jumbo.

    You should blame the Brits and other big Western European powers for going around the world, subjugating, plundering, enslaving people and resources for centuries. Karma is a bitch. Unfortunately, those smaller nations in Europe had to pay the price.

    It is sad to see a nation like Ireland had to pay the Karma price for the British. Such a wonderful country with its very own beautiful culture and traditions. At least, Ireland got a little rich these few decades unlike Eastern European countries. Eastern Europe never benefitted from the wholesale colonial plunder but now is forced to also pay the Karma price with compounding interest that is way over due. What did the Eastern Europeans got in return? Nothing. They just get to pretend like they are Anglos, a superior race.. Eat at McDonalds, coffee from Starbucks, listen to cool American music, lord over non-Whites. Most people are laughing behind their backs for being such fools. At least the Russians woke up.

  111. @Hulkamania

    Capitalism is just a slur now, uttered by emotional people who do not understand what it is, and think capitalists should be Santa Claus. The act of building and preserving capital (capitalism) is conservative in nature. It is not frivolous, nor is it short-sighted. It is future time orientation. It is order, planning, and foresight. All of these things are anathema to liberalism. Capitalists who act upon feeling, emotion, and scratch every itch they feel are soon relieved of their capital in a truly capitalist system. We don’t live under anything approaching that. Of course, you’ve heard this before. But you don’t care. Because you want capitalism to be Santa Claus.

    • Replies: @Hulkamania
  112. ricpic says:

    Well, the traitorous Irish politicians who are doing this to their own people aren’t hanging from lampposts. So I guess it will continue. Same here, by the way.

  113. Ross23 says:

    Irish youth is very political as a result of its violent history.

    They energized that into woke as a result this is what we see.

    Stupid morons the lot of them.

  114. Trinity says:
    @Anonymously Unkown

    Biden is more English than Irish if I am not mistaken. Regardless, the POS is a disgrace to the White race. A career welfare recipient aka (((Washington politician))) who never worked a day in his life.

  115. Just wait for Humza Yousaf to lead the Scottish nationalists to independence and then flood them some more with immigrants. It never stops.

  116. @HT

    Capitalism has nothing directly to do with immigration or the other issues you mentoned.


    Countries are destroyed because they change their immigration laws,

    Yes, because capitalists change the immigration laws. Within the capitalist system, capitalists inevitably gain power over the legislative process and the functions of government, which they then use to enact policies that they desire such as mass immigration, feminism, and lgbtp.

    • Replies: @Brian Damage
    , @HT
  117. @Stripes Duncan

    The act of building and preserving capital (capitalism)

    That is not what “capitalism” is. Socialist economies also build and preserve capital, and often do it better than capitalist economies do. You start from a bad understanding of what “capitalism” is, so you end up with false conclusions (everything else in your post).

  118. @E_Perez

    Why don’t you name them yourself then?

  119. @anonymous

    Many immigrants HATE their new countries of residency.

    Think of the immigrants as maggots and the countries the immigrants go to as the corpses they feed on.

    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
  120. @Jannerblades

    The English, especially, the southern English , are cut from the same genetic clothe as the Dutch

    True. Both are natural-born genetic slaves who have been willingly (and fanatically) subservient to Jews for centuries.

  121. Looks like the camp of the saints and the great replacement have come for the Irish too. With a little help from Jews too, of course.

    • Replies: @Trinity
  122. This offers a fantastic list of crimes happening in ‘blue’ L.A. and other Democratic California cities.

    Callies voted for BLM and DEI to virtue-signal and are paying the price. They getting a taste of their own medicine.

    The problem with people like Heather MacDonald is they despair than rejoice over the violence in ‘blue’ areas. These globalist scum regard people like MacDonald as ‘racist’ and would feel ZERO sympathy about conservatives being attacked by blacks and thugs.

    But conzos express sympathy and concern for people who don’t give a damn about them.

    It’s like Jews laugh and celebrate black-on-white violence, but whites denounce blacks of ‘antisemitism’. NEVER EVER feel any sympathy for those who don’t sympathize with you, indeed those who laugh at your victimhood. Jews and globalists giggle with hideous glee when blacks and ANTIFA thugs attack conzos.
    So, when these same blacks and other deviants mess up ‘blue’ areas, REJOICE!

  123. @Hulkamania

    Yes, because capitalists change the immigration laws. Within the capitalist system, capitalists inevitably gain power over the legislative process and the functions of government, which they then use to enact policies that they desire such as mass immigration, feminism, and lgbtp.

    Capitalism works until the “Capital” in capitalism is financed by printing more money while incurring large amount of debt.

  124. What is happening in Ireland, is the same as the rest of Western Civiliztion; genocide inflicted on us by TPTB – – they include Alan Shatter, Ronit Lentin & Mervyn Taylor.# & Jews all.

    Attacking Holy Mother Church, bringing it into disrepute took some years but it succeeded.

  125. @Carlton Meyer

    Thank you, Carlton Meyer.

    Haven’t seen that movie, but know the story of the Brigada San Patricio.
    The consistent feature of the Irish is leaving Ireland.
    I have 100% Irish blood but was born in England because my father and my mother’s forebears all left Ireland.
    Because it is such a dismal and hope-less country.

    There are good intentioned people there trying to save it.
    Irish are indifferent or stab them in the back.
    See movie “The Commitments” by Irish writer Roddy Doyle or consider the ill-favoured treacherous hag Samantha Powers as examples of how far you can rely on the Irish. It’s a hard word, and sorry to say it.
    But it’s generally true.

  126. Trinity says:

    Time to show the Jew the door. Unless Whites kick the Jew out of the West things will only become worse. Didn’t Solzhenitsyn write about how IF the Russian people would have only acted sooner that things would have not gotten so bad. IF Whites would have stopped this bullshit even in the 1970’s or 1980s, no way would White nations have slipped this far.

    Who will become #110? Once it starts……

  127. Dumbo says:

    The Dutch are as much or even more recipients of massive immigration than the Irish. I’ve never been to Dublin, but Amsterdam was full of Arabs, Indonesians and Blacks.

    It never ceases to amaze me how White people have all those brotherly fights, and keep accusing each other of being “genetically inferior”. English vs Irish, English vs French, Germans vs Poles, Serbs vs Croats, Northern Italians vs Southern Italians, Ukrainians vs Russians, etc, each one thinking he’s superior to the other one.

    Meanwhile, some Jew somewhere laughs, and all White countries are having their population replaced by Muslims and Africans.


    • Agree: Lurker
    • Replies: @Jannerblades
  128. @François

    True what you say abt Lentin & Shatter, François.

    The problem is, the Irish go along with their program.

    • Replies: @François
  129. …All the continent

    Suffered thus, as his coils would not relent

    But rather tightened as its populations

    Fought for breath against the depredations

    Of the Enemy’s protected columns.

    By the millions his bestial golems

    Came, with his unholy blessing and the funds

    Wrung from their native hosts, whose nations’ guns

    Were trained on their own folk should they protest.

  130. Irish Nationalism, correctly understood and presented, is a key to world peace and a cleaner natural environment. will be up soon, for a Truly United Nations organisation to be headquartered in Ireland, for the sake of all nations in the world. Our vision is to end all war’s of aggression between nations and for each nation to be good stewards of the natural habitat of their nation………. forever. Now is the time for all good, wise and virtuous men and women to come to the aid of all nations 🕊️❤️🙏☘️

  131. TKK says:

    Can a viable legal case be made that a country without borders and unchecked immigration renders taxation of lawful citizens unconstitutional?

  132. Fun Idea – Ireland lets tens of millions of Africans in, then without notice, everyone leaves for Southern Africa. They establish a colony in Mozambique and enjoy the warm climate, leaving the New Irish to shiver in the cold eating potatoes.

    • Replies: @Trinity
  133. John1955 says:

    Articles, schmarticles…

    There is a scientific book which explores this topic in minutest details:

    The first chapter starts with piercing cri-de-coeur “WHAT ARE THE INVADERS AND WHY SHOULD WE CARE ABOUT THEM ???”

    I might add “Why not apply the methods of scientific research to the modern human society ?”

    No. It is too much to ask. Because in Nature things just happen. And in Human Society they are planned by Somebody. And this Somebody holds our Ivy League by the balls and squeezes at the first sign of not toeing the Leftist Line.

    Therefore our useless Academia will keep churning out such meaningless BS like “We Dare to Bare: Incredible Travails and Harrowing Tribulations of LGBTQFJB+ Community in XVII Century Provence”, each chapter written by 10 authors. Because it is good for the Quotation Index and Academic career.

    And the book “Planned Human Invasion Ecology” with the photo of prune-faced Jewy Rat Soros gracing it’s cover will remain unwritten. Old joke comes to mind about books never written:
    1. Polish Who is Who
    2. Italian War Heroes
    3. “FDR: The Mistakes I’ve made” 😁

  134. @William Gruff

    But they’re so full of themselves and proud for having made it over, and feel superior to both the locals and their compatriots they left behind.

    • Agree: William Gruff
  135. @Hulkamania

    Who serves whom , subgenius ? :

    “In 1835 Daniel O’Connell, the Irish Roman Catholic leader, attacked Benjamin Disraeli in the House of Commons. In the course of his unrestrained invective, he referred to Disraeli’s Jewish ancestry. Disraeli replied, ‘Yes, I am a Jew, and while the ancestors of the right honorable gentleman were brutal savages in an unknown island, mine were priests in the temple of Solomon.’”

    • Replies: @Hulkamania
  136. Ireland is politically dominated by the middle class who are clustered in the south suburbs of Dublin.

    This class of people depend for their prosperity on the money coming from the big American multi-nationals who invest in Ireland. So they are fanatically pro-American, and will seize on any fad coming out of America. This year’s St Patrick’s Day parade in Dublin featured heavy participation by LGBT persons.

    • Replies: @eah
  137. @anon

    It’s not trust that is the European’s, its ambition. An ambition that has needs the usury. Plus our aristocratic types for generations tend to be an inbred with kinky desires.

  138. Skeptikal says:

    To me she looks kind of like an Irish Traveller.

  139. @Lemmy Tellyuh

    Ireland will join BRICS.
    Multipolarity >> Diversity, Equality, Inclusiveness.

    • Replies: @Giant Brained Genius
  140. Its central banking that killed Ireland. Its killing all of us. Usury is always an enslavement, and its practitioner hates every tribe of European gentiles. For some reason we don’t talk about the usury tribe’s pretty well documented hatred along with their history of fomenting genocide.

  141. @Durruti

    I can’t disagree with anything written here.

    A very thorough discussion of what’s NOT being discussed, vis a vis the continuum of seemingly hard but actually deflective statements.
    All the issues of our time are ALL connected, even long historically and long ignored for it’s inconvenient truths.

    It’s why when I finally get a person that wishes to discuss the various elephants in the room I must concentrate hard not to go “too far” as the person I talk to usually have very little to background them in their discussion, other than the negation of what they were deceived with.

  142. @Dumbo

    Idiot ? You are obviously a maths genius as ‘white countries’ don’t exist :

    Mathematically the demographics of London, Paris and Amsterdam etc.. represent the overall populations of those countries mathematically from microcosm to macrocosm ? The real people of those nations are not in the countryside etc.. ?

  143. François says:
    @Arthur MacBride

    You are absolutely right and this is why Leo Varadkar was selected as Taoiseach. Nobody says anything. All of the current Irish patriotic parties would rather blame the “globalists” rather than the culprits, the architects, of this wiping out of the Irish people.

    • Agree: Arthur MacBride
  144. Anonymous[597] • Disclaimer says:

    Why do most people in Western Europe want Diversity, Multiculturism, LGBTQ Ideology, and most people in Eastern Europe DO NOT?

    • Replies: @Trinity
    , @Hulkamania
  145. Trinity says:
    @Reverend Goody

    I thought the same thing with White Americans vs. The Beaners and Caribbean trash. Whitey lets the Beaners and Blacks have America, we take Mexico, Haiti, Puerto Rico, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Honduras, Jamaica, etc., make those places paradise and forbid all non whites or Jews immigrating there.

    Look what Whitey did in Iceland. Look what Blackie did in Haiti. Imagine the Jew or Black on his or her own? Haha. Imagine the Jew or Black surviving in Iceland without Whitey? You know damn well Whites would not only do fine without non whites or Jews, hell, we would be so much, much, more better off. It would be a WIN-WIN.

  146. eah says:
    @Jon Halpenny

    Ireland is politically dominated by the middle class who are clustered in the south suburbs of Dublin.

    As in the US, there is probably something of a blue urban/suburban vs red/rural divide (which is quite pronounced in many US states, e.g. Oregon; see the ‘Greater Idaho Movement’) — but it appears the situation in Ireland is not as simple as that, as the 2020 election results show:

    2020 Irish general election

    A major complicating factor seems to be that the other two largest parties refuse to form a coalition government with Sinn Fein, the largest party — it appears this is why Leo Varadkar, the homosexual Indian, was able to emerge as head of government despite his party losing support and finishing in third place.

  147. Trinity says:

    I do not think MOST Whites TRULY want to live among non whites. EVERY time a White experiences living around A LOT of darkies for any length of time they are cured of the horseshit about “diversity is our greatest strength. The White Southerners have long been hip to TNB, now the whole nation and Europe as well are finding out that Bubba and Skeeter were right all along.

  148. Anon[713] • Disclaimer says:

    Can’t speak about the Irish in Ireland but in the US the Irish-Americans are the keenest to go drop bombs on men, women and children to promote US domination. They hate whoever it’s acceptable to hate. They are the most jingoistic of ethnic Americans and have the power to promote their hateful jingoistic propaganda and war mongering.

    • Replies: @ATBOTL
  149. anon[378] • Disclaimer says:

    RE: Anonymous[597]
    …answer: Christianity (or what’s left of it) – many, if not most people in eastern Europe still have some faith (even after betrayal by Rome in 60s with V2), so they’re not as corrupt – whereas in the ‘west,’ liberalism IS their ‘religion,’ period.

  150. The Irish have a terrible inferiority complex, probably as a result of 800 years of English oppression and they won’t fight against the invaders because they don’t think they are worthy. Sad, but true.

  151. @bike-anarkist

    Genocidal anti White South Africa also in BRICS. Indians flooding the west are in BRICS.

    BRICS is a sloppily conceived fantasy economic coalition that will solve none of the problems you imagine it will.

  152. @Anonymously Unkown

    Yes, another one of the (((special tribe))) who attacked traditional morality, heterosexual behaviour(s), and pushed for adoption by Irish parents of foreign children. He also accused critics of israel within the Irish gov’t of being (gasp!) anti-semitic! (good trick – works every time.) Last, but certainly not least, he worked to deepen (theoretically neutral) Ireland’s connection to NATO! oh goy.

    When scandals caught up with him and caused him to step back from overt politics, he claimed victim status and stated that he had been “politically assassinated”.

    Under EVERY rock we find (((them))), behind EVERY scheme to debase and degrade.

    • Agree: irish Savant
  153. HT says:

    Yes, because capitalists change the immigration laws. Within the capitalist system, capitalists inevitably gain power over the legislative process and the functions of government, which they then use to enact policies that they desire such as mass immigration, feminism, and lgbtp.

    The immigration law in 1965 was changed mostly by liberals including Ted Kennedy. Yes globalists and plutocrats supported open borders and cheap labor but it wasn’t capitalism that changed our immigration. The greatest capitalists, the Founding Fathers, wanted only White immigration for America. See the 1790 immigration act. It was corporatism, not capitalism that destroyed America.

  154. ATBOTL says:
    @Unintended Consequence

    The Irish were “woke” at least two decades before leftists in America. Among the radical leftists the hatred for the British has become hatred for everything white and includes hatred for Irish who are successful.

    This comment is complete made up nonsense. The last part, the idea that Irish people hate “Irish who are successful,” is some kind of bizarre projection of the behavior of American blacks onto Irish people. It seems like an autistic type comment. A real person with autism may understand “minority” as “like blacks.” And, since Irish people are “a minority,” they must then share traits with blacks. That’s the only way I could imagine someone could arrive at that patently false statement. It seems many comments here involve autistic people mindlessly making false comparisons like this.

  155. gkruz says:

    I take it we all know by now that the poisons spread by the “United States” means the poisons spread by jews using the United States as its golem.

    • Thanks: irish Savant
  156. Tarr says:

    Both my late parents emigrated from Ireland to the US in 1948 and 49. They were from an Irish speaking Gaeltacht region in the west. My father had no respect for Ireland in the least, even after serving in the Irish Army for 6 years during the 40s. He felt there was no future there whatsoever. However, he kept up his native language, sean nos singing and folklore. My mother was much more attached and we visited yearly in the 60s and 70s. I adopted my father’s attitudes towards Ireland. The Irish people are profoundly conformist and hostile to anything not put over by their state and corporate media. Mr. Taylor is correct in general about the American Empire, but Ireland decided to wallow in the mire on their own. They despised America starting in the 60s and loathed any notion of cultural or spiritual preservation and conservatism. The native Irish ridicule Irish Americans, as vulgarians, not on their level of Euro sophistication. But Irish Americans are also almost completely conformist and submissive to the Left. They have been one of the most important forces of political nihilism in the US. They have also contributed to the terrible state of the Catholic Church in the USA. Their dominant role in Church leadership has been devastating overall.

    I vowed never to return to Ireland after visits in the early 2000s. I’m skeptical about the extent of a backlash brewing in Ireland. It’s a sad fate to witness a country celebrate their own demise.

  157. ATBOTL says:

    Can’t speak about the Irish in Ireland but in the US the Irish-Americans are the keenest to go drop bombs on men, women and children to promote US domination. They hate whoever it’s acceptable to hate. They are the most jingoistic of ethnic Americans and have the power to promote their hateful jingoistic propaganda and war mongering.

    This is another bizarre and false comment. The places that are most heavily Irish in America, like New England, are places with the lowest support for neocon wars. “Ethnic whites” in general support neocon wars less than British Protestant Americans do. That’s been true for over one hundred years. This comment appears to be from a troll.

  158. Wilhelm says:

    “Every normal man must be tempted, at times, to spit on his hands, hoist the black flag, and begin slitting throats.”

    – H.L. Mencken

  159. I disagree with you, strongly on other matters, but this is a good video. Well done Mr. T

    If anything, foolish Westerners fighting a neocon war in Ukraine need to re-direct their energy and instead mercenary themselves for the protection of Ireland. The only reward should be a just fight won.

    Call it The Fellowship of Eire.

  160. @Anonymous

    Western Europe was under American domination since 1945. They were subjected to multiple generations of American propaganda. Eastern Europe was not.

  161. @jannerblades

    Who serves whom

    You should learn to read. I already stated that Anglos and Dutch serve Jews. They have for hundreds of years. The Dutch have actually been slaves to Jews for even longer than Anglos have been.

    Anglos and Dutch are slave races, who only feel fulfilled when they are serving foreign masters.

    • Replies: @Gerhard57NL
    , @Jannerblades
  162. Extraordinary. 81 years old, his father fought for the independance of Ireland, his mother and grandmother (Alice and Sarah Canty) have no jewish lineage but a proper Gaelic one instead. The guy is also a writer and a poet and should be regarded as having a deep love and pride for his native soil. He should know better and has all the wherewithal to fathom what Anglo-Saxon domination and zioglobo capital have done to the world. Yet he is beholden to Brussels and NATO and all three-letter-entities beginning with W, and betrays his own people like all other EU-puppets. Interesting, i wonder what went wrong between his ears, and when and for what reason.

  163. @Hulkamania

    That would be valid for Dutch stock exchange types, Dutch traders, Dutch bankers, Dutch insurers and most Dutch career types and entrepreneurs wanting to go ahead and up in jew dominated businesses and fields. But the blue collar Dutch in industry, agriculture and all sorts of manual labor, from cleaners to craftsmen, avoid jews and are indifferent to them at best. I am one of them. Craft guilds kept jews out of their trade and jews lived in designated areas in our big cities. When the Dutch police was forced to cooperate with the German SS and SD, pinpointing and moving of jewish families and individuals could be executed more efficiently than in other western European countries, because our population registries recorded details like ethnicity, religion, political conviction, place of birth and origin of previous generations. From a humanitarian standpoint and at hindsight not something to be proud of, but there you are. A population-wide groveling attitude towards jews in the Netherlands is not a certainty i would bet a mortgage on.

    • Replies: @anonymous
  164. @Hulkamania

    Learn to read to read what ? Tautologies or pseudo-tautologies ?

    Since Cromwell let the Jews back into England the Rothchilds etc… control banking :

    Gemmas, marmor, ebur, Tyrrhena sigilla, tabellas,
    Argentum, vestes, Gaetulo murice tinctas
    Sunt qui non habeant, est qui non curat habere;


    Also, when Socrates saw various articles of luxury spread out for sale in the ancient marketplace , he exclaimed: How much there is in the world I do not want.

  165. @Hulkamania

    And now the Anglos are cast aside, their historic statues torn down and their ancestors demonized as racists.

    How many WASPs are in Biden’s cabinet? I tried looking and could find not one!

    • Replies: @anonymous
  166. Cking says:

    Poor, poor Ireland! Not. It’s the success of the Irish in America and lately in the Irish Republic that is the object of aggression carried out by political, social, and racist, offensives. The Anglo-WASP’s of America were more afraid of the Irish Catholic hoards than the Muslims today. All-of-a-sudden the wealthiest families in America were Irish, the second in status jobs, and most managerial positions throughout the government and corporate strata were filled by Irishmen. Political power was completely dominated by Irish who controlled the Democratic Party. You wanted a job, go see the Irishman.

    Irishmen were university vice presidents, corporate vice presidents, governors, lieut. governors, mayors, police chiefs, FBI agents, representatives, senators, party leaders, and pundits. The election of President John F. Kennedy was just too much. Irish America, Irish anti-liberal sensibilities, popularity, and success became a target of envy and hostility; their minds and bodies became a target for acquisition into the liberal fold. The inevitability of Immigration ‘reform’, Abortion, and Drug Legalization slowly seeped into America’s middle class outlook. In the wake of the JFK assassination, RFK’s assassination, and the psyop at Chappaquiddick Pond, plenty of Irish, not completely numb, sold out. Ted Kennedy led the way.

    Israel didn’t think Jack showed enough respect for her needs and desires. The MIC was chomping at the bit to start a war in Vietnam. Senator Jacob Javits was grinding Kennedy about the immigration ‘problem’ saying ‘we have to get this done’; on the premise that America had to share her opportunities and wealth with the people South of the Equator and/or people of color. ‘Racism’ was implied. As if that were a national security imperative. We can see now, that liberal Utopia was never the real agenda. The African Americans of that 1960’s era, on the whole, did not dream for the violent overthrow of the US government. Yet Javits and company wanted to sow strife, destabilization, and the ‘necessary’ abandonment of our own national interests through the reformation of racist immigration quotas. And American liberalism, let’s face it, loves slave labor and drug money laundering.

    Today, WOKE politicians can openly question the White man’s right to exist and no one murmurs a peep. The woke, modern liberal, education system is useless to one’s survival and the nation’s future. ‘Equity’ is being unscrupulously, menacingly, imposed on us as if it could replace the principles of our US Constitution. You are in for a surprise; as a judge will instruct, ‘Equity is merciless’.

    So it is ‘success’ that attracts these MSM driven, irrational, politically borne, warfare offensives, covered up in liberal platitudes, that ruin lives and nations. According to Biden, we’re in Ukraine now to protect persons of the LGBTQI community and the disabled, from Russia’s ‘aggression and intolerance’, as if. The Irish have ambition, a habit of stepping out and heading up, no matter the cost, eventually sticking out, only to wind up getting hammered back down on one pretext or another. Ireland is being hammered, from Whitehall, I presume, and all one can do is to go along, to get along; so the wise men say. But this can’t go on forever, Ireland and other nations will erupt. France is communicating to Macron right now.

    • Replies: @HeebHunter
    , @jannerblades
  167. @true.enough

    Alan Shatter had the largest property portfolio of any member of Ireland’s cabinet while a cabinet minister. The second reason he just loved all that never-ending flow of immigrants. The first reason you can see in his “early life”.

  168. @Cking

    Thank GOD ALMIGHTY for the Irish then. On Unz, there are (((jared taylor))) and Andrew Anglin. There is an Irishman and a craven, sub-human, worm-like, kike-loving anglo. Anglin doesn’t fit the latter description, no?

    The Irishman has a noble spirit similar to continental European people. Enchanted. The negro-saxon are genetically the same as the kikes.

  169. @Cking

    Poor, poor Ireland! Not. It’s the success of the Irish in America and lately in the Irish Republic that is the object of aggression carried out by political, social, and racist, offensives

    Americans hate their natural superiors, the English, so much that they identify as ‘Irish’ even when it is clear they are not genetically ‘Irish’. Americans are plastic paddies (pseudo-Irish) just like Joe Biden :

    “racist’ is a term a liberal uses to call a ‘white man’ a nigger. Americans won the war of independence by teaming up with the frogs and acting like uncivilized savages e.g. guerilla warfare which they seem to have learned from the Injuns (stone age savages).

    • Replies: @Cking
  170. @Rich

    Unless someone over there finds a way to stand up and fight the Irish as a unique, genetic people will be gone. “Diversity”.

    The chances of the happening are slim to none. Nowhere in the MSM is there the information that you get on sites such as this. i.e. the real truth. The problem with Whites – no matter where they hail from – is that they just have the attitude of “live and let live”. By the time they fully realize that they have been outbred by people who do not have this view of life it will be far too late. Sadly, it will be an ongoing trend and today’s young, indigenous Irish will see Black,s Asians etc with a broad Irish accent completely normal.

    • Agree: Rich
    • Replies: @Jannerblades
  171. anonymous[194] • Disclaimer says:

    The Dutch would never have had their empire without Jewish investments and ownership of stock shares in trade ventures. Isn’t it weird how after the Jews were expelled from Spain the Dutch all of sudden become a naval power? Without Jews the Dutch and Flemish would be another Spanish province like the canaries.

    • Replies: @Gerhard57NL
  172. anonymous[194] • Disclaimer says:
    @Jon Halpenny

    Anglo saxons aren’t native to England. Modern Englishmen are around 55-65% paternally descended from northern Germans that migrated into England around 400-600 ad. It would be a higher figure but because 1/4 Englishmen have Irish roots thanks to mass migration of Irishmen in the 19th and 20th century the number is somewhat reduced. That being said the criminal Anglo-Saxon has in his heart the urge to genocide and ethnically replace lands that were never theirs to being with. Now karma is giving the finger to anglos with mass paki, Indian, Chinese, Somali, black and middle eastern immigration. Anglo saxons wiped out the Romanobritish men and took the women. Now it looks like the new immigrants don’t have to actually kill you, just outbreed you.

    • Replies: @jannerblades
  173. Talk is cheap where are the statistics especially after Brexit ? Also, what about the Anglo diaspora in Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the USA etc.. ? The eternal Anglos, we will live on, you should probably be more concerned about AI since there is about 80% chance it will be tyrannical in about 10 years time : skynet !

    Some Englishmen have ‘celtic’ Y R1b DNA it is the autosomal that is the most telling, actually.

    I am R1b-z253 e.g. Cornish and my mtDNA is the same as Queen Victoria’s but my autosomal DNA is British/Dutch .

  174. Malla says:
    @Liborio Guaso

    Whites do not steal from the South. Even during colonialism, European Empires lost money on their non White empires.

  175. @anonymous

    Like I said talk is cheap where are the statistics ? Criminal genocidal Anglos ? You mean Israelis using shoot-to-maim and bone-breaking tactics while colonizing Palestinian territory ? Israel bans gentile-jewish marriages, like Nazi Germany, mixed couples get married in Cyprus.

    Autosomal DNA is where it is at even though most Englishmen have Germanic Y-DNA some have ‘Celtic’ Y-dna e.g R1b :

    I clearly fall within the English autosomal genetic range but my Y-DNA is Cornish e.g. R1b-Z253 — this is what it looks like when I go to buy a quart of milk , in Cornwall, at the local store, while America collapses and the Anglo world is reborn :

    • Replies: @Tuli
  176. @Annony Mouse

    Truth has no manners. It is no respecter of persons. It wounds kings as deeply as commoners. It cuts down the high, and confirms the lowness of the low. It may dress up for formal occasions, but it does so only in order that it may more shockingly expose itself in front of the assembled company. And just as it respects no one, likewise there are few who respect it. But those who do are granted many favors — power, understanding, dominion, and of course the honor of the unswerving hatred of the ignorant millions.

  177. Tuli says:

    Anglos came in, killed the men, raped the women. That’s why your autosomal is “English”, but it’s not. You’re a mestizo race. Anglo Saxon migration to Britain was mostly male oriented, of course illiterate and unemployable. Sound familiar? Anglos have as much as right to live in England as Gypsies do in Europe in general considering that they might have arrived in Europe around 400 ad, the age of great migrations.

    You Anglos are no different. Most Englishmen are in fact foreigners, count your stars lucky you don’t have German yDNA you moron because that makes you no different than the aggressive African and Arab hordes raping your pathetic women while you do nothing.

    Something to note, the root word for Saxon is saxe, the name for a sleeved dagger that Saxons frequently used when they would get hotheaded arguing with random Roman civilians. I’d imagine romans considered saxons just pure scum. That’s most Englishmen, descended from pure immigrant scum that did nothing until a bunch of financial Jews from holland migrated in 1688, setup a central bank in 1694 and financed your criminal empire of theft. It makes sense for Jews to earmark anglos as their orcs in their global conquest. Anglos genocided the britshromans, they did nothing to improve anybodies lot in life after the killings and ethnic replacement. Just evil people.

  178. @Brian Damage

    I agree! Jared Taylor didn’t factor in the economics. Ireland’s an island off an island off the west coast of Europe (a glorified version of the Azores or the Isle of Man). If the Irish get “uppity” and go against their globalist overlords then they’re screwed economically.

  179. @Wild Man

    Than you Wild Man, well said and my hope as well. I have a sister there now but she is contributing to the breakdown as a education humanist indoctrinating the next gen with her curriculum choices.

    My ancestors were invaders in 1169, within 200 years were the leading Gaels that were reported on as being Rebel leaders in Connacht.

    They fought against Cromwell, Were members of the Kilkenny Gov ernment, Young Irelanders, and never ever took the soup. ( became Protestant for a cup of soup during the famine)

    The culture has endured, English was not the native tongue but more Irish en have won noble literature prizes than English.

    More a Genius per capital than the Greeks. Irish Dance, music , arts are unmatched in the English Speaking world. 25% of the Oscars awards winners were Irish content , we , not those other guys, are the ultimate survivors.

    The native sports and those who play are still worshipped, All Ire land winners are still Gods in their village or towns.

    The Rugby team just stomped everyone in the 6 Nations. Stomped.

    40 years ago Catholics would not watch rugby, now it’s the biggest event on the sports calendar, after the All Ireland Football and Hurling finals.

    I will bet on my heritage surviving this invasion as it’s called, and once again coming to the fore as a New Ireland, our culture is really that powerful, and we shall overcome.

    When these new Irish realize the old Irish were Irish, not yanks, not canucks, not Brits or aussies, but freedom fighting loving people as Wild man beautifully explained, Watch our world shine again.

    We could end up being the trigger to win back all of our freedom, we defeated the greatest emoireof the day in 1916, we may do it again.

    Clare Daly and Mick Wallace are the only two MEP who have balls Mr Duruti, go watch you TV idiot box Show, stop lecturing Irish people , you sound like Rong😂😂😂😂

    And the Irish do not forget or forgive those that wish us ill, Ever.☘️

  180. @Tuli

    We wuz Romanz or Kangz and sh*t sums up your post. To be a modern day Italian is to live in a dilapidated old Norman castle while your wife does your laundry, by hand, in a stream or River.

    England was bound for empire even without the Jews due to the Norman influence e.g. the Angevins and Plantagenets and my last name comes from an ancient aristocratic Norman family line.

    Also, you mean working class girls being raped ? Yes, British people we have an elite genetic aryan caste system like the Hindus that that the genetic turnip peasant Nazis failed to emulate.

    I have the spaghetti nigger blues ! We actually keep pet BritishRomans in Wales in the current state affairs in the world !

    However, keep opening your mouth displaying your plebeian simian ignorance to the world !

    R1b-L21 is not foreign to England we are living in modern times not ancient Saxon times, you dunce. Americans proclaim their archaic ‘anglo-saxon’ heritage meanwhile English people — we are simply ‘English’.

    • Replies: @bobby pellit
  181. We Saw a Vision

    In the darkness of Despair, we saw a vision
    We lit the light of Hope, and it was not extinguished.

    In the desert of discouragement, we saw a vision,
    We planted the tree of valour, and it blossomed.

    In the winter of bondage we saw a vision,
    we melted the snow of lethargy
    And the river of resurrection flowed from it.

    We sent our vision a swim, like a swan on the river.
    The vision became a reality, winter became summer
    Bondage became freedom,
    and this we left to you as your inheritance.

    O Generations of the Freedom, remember us,

    The Generations of the Vision.

    Liam MacUistean
    Irish Republican Memorial
    Dublin Ireland.

    This was about the 1916 Revolution, 60 years after over 1 million people were genocided and starved in a land of plenty, and two million citizens left their ancestral land for ever.

    The Irish were the last indigenous race in Europe, the only Euro culture not contaminated by Rome at all.

    I will bet on my ancestors land and people , and for ever thank God that I am 100% Irish.

    Perhaps My best days are gone, but I would not want them back, not for the Fire in me now!
    Samuel Beckett

    We might be lying in the gutter, but at least we are looking at the Stars!
    Oscar Wilde

    Slainte, Erin Go Bragh

  182. @bobby pellit

    Americans are so retarded at history and geography they think the little backwater island of Ireland is super duper important donchaknow ?! LULZ

  183. @bobby pellit

    An additional factor is woke politicians. Ireland’s current minister for immigration is Roderick O’Gorman, a homosexual Green politician. He extended the right to welfare and accomodation to asylum seekers, thus making it more attractive to enter Ireland. This resulted in a big increase in asylum seekers.

  184. Cking says:

    In the end, because of their natural attributes, the good and the bad, the Irish made the ‘best’ Americans. Not known for being the smartest people, but capable, hard working, as earnest as the Germans. Except for St Paddy’s Day, most don’t wear or broadcast their Irish descent. Their name or face may tell you, but most people have better things to do now. The Irish came to America first as slaves, then came in the millions at the right time, as their brains and brawn were needed in the most rapidly modernizing 19th century era.

    Freedom of movement, thought, and creativity, the ways and means to serve one’s self-interests, meant that the Irish could serve the American Empire in a more powerful way then they were allowed in the service of the British Imperial system. Henry Ford’s genius, capitalist model is forgotten, but should be reviewed and assessed again. Ted Kennedy and the Irish didn’t cry, ‘there’s always tomorrow’. The Irish were too ‘successful’ and now face the specter of being disposable in this new and evil Open Society offensive era that has no need for the nation-state. ‘Success’ as defined by liberalism, has made the Irish soft in the head, the Irish had better find their brains; this is no time to go along.

    • Replies: @Jannerblades
  185. @Cking

    Sorry, mate, but America’s hatred of smart people is your fundamental flaw and will ultimately be your undoing :

    War between nation-states in the twenty-first century looks much different than war in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Instead of bombs and bullets, it’s about ones and zeros and dollars and cents: economics, finance, data information, manufacturing, infrastructure, and communications. Control those fronts today, and you can win a war without firing a shot. It’s a simple, logical strategy. And it is one leaders in the West have been very slow to grasp.

    –Brigadier General Robert Spalding

    Do the names James Watt, Alan Turing, Andrew Wiles, Charles Babbage, Adam Smith, Ada Byron Lovelace, Tim Berners-Lee , and John Stuart Mill etc.. ring a bell ? H1B visa immigrants are not going to save you.

    • Replies: @Cking
  186. The Galactic Empire of Globohomo closes in on the last enclaves of independent White ethnic groups. I’m not sure if there’s any reasoning with those that advocate this crap. I think the best rhetorical tool is to point out that recognizing the right of non-Whites to have ethnic/national sovereignty while denying that same basic right to Whites is essentially ignoring the humanity of Whites. That’s sick.

    People on the dissident right often say: “open borders for Israel”. Next time it comes up with my Jewish or White progressive neighbors I plan to take another approach: ‘every people should have what Israel has’. How can you deny that? Humans are tribal and nationalism without conquest is really our only hope.

    Good luck Ireland. May the Force be with you.

  187. @Brian Damage

    Incredible how you managed to cram so many falsehoods into such a short post. To cite just one example, Ireland’s agribusiness exports are per capita among the highest in the world, behind only those of Holland and Denmark if memory serves me correctly.

  188. Cking says:

    ‘America’s hatred of smart people’? I don’t know what to make of that. I’m surprised you didn’t mention Newton among the esteemed men you mention. Fast forward now, America has a remote controlled vehicle on the planet Venus.

    Before there was White supremacy, there was British supremacy. All one had to say, ‘British Intelligence’, and people were struck with awe and fear. The Cambridge Five destroyed that image. Anglophilia was once a very powerful force in America, right up to the post WWII era. Face it, the British are known, most of all, for their skullduggery. Throughout America’s early history, British bankers operated all kinds of financial warfare and looting offensives throughout America’s banking and corporate system. Political offensives, including the infiltration of the Democratic Party, was an ongoing offensive. Do you remember the British attack, carried out by British tabloids and in particular Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, on the Clinton Administration? A British cabal within Palmerston’s Multicultural Zoo, operated in Canada, to facilitate the assassination of President Lincoln. Canadian lawyer and businessman Col. Louis Mortimer Bloomfield, a member of the FBI’s Division 5, allegedly played a role in JFK’s assassination.

    During the 18th, 19th and most of the 20th century America, one could not get anywhere in the upper echelons of America without voicing their loyalty to the ‘Mother country’. The US State Department was once referred to as the ‘Colonial Office.’ In the post WWII era Great Britain and her influence was on the wane and America was the undisputed Super Power. President Truman, to Queen Elizabeth’s everlasting gratitude, saved the British Empire. The 1960’s brought James Bond and the Beatles, the British Invasion, etc. I will say, Modern British Liberalism is a very destructive force, as it was on the British Isles. Are you Anglophile? You’re probably a good British subject educated in a good public school. As typical with the British, these men you mention did very little, are overrated, and yet we must be reminded of their accomplishments to further Anglophilia, legitimizing British supremacy. I don’t see the value in this day and age.

    • Replies: @Jannerblades
  189. @anonymous

    You’re partly correct. Northern Europeans (Dutch, Germans, Danes, Swedes) already were seafaring and traded witch each other (search for “hanzesteden”, or “hansa cities”, the Germans hark back a bit to these international connections in the name of their airways corp “Lufthansa”). The North/West Europeans also had fishing fleets and barges for river transport of merchandise. By the time the Vikings and the Friesians had their clashes and the North/West European self-acclaimed nobility tried their luck at their own little local empires, there were no jews from the Kazarian or Portuguese regions in sight yet.

    Travelers who had been to the East and told stories about fruits, plants, spices, woven fabrics and gem set jewelry unknown in the West, sparked a lust in Dutch merchants and adventurers to venture there and get those goods. The magic word was India and it was located in the East. Money was needed to build ships of new proportions and hire crews in order to travel that far away. A company was erected to gather and control the funds, and it was to be the Vereenigde Oost-indische Compagnie. The English had similar cravings, hence the East India Company. The English concentrated to India and colonized it, we went further east and also colonized, like in Indonesia. We rivaled the Brits all the way to China and Japan. But we didn’t addict the Chinese to opium, that’s why our standing was a bit better around the Chinese Sea.

    Yes, a lot of the money to fund the VOC travels was jewish, but could have been French if the French had control over money reserves in the Netherlands at the time. The stock exchange system was invented to draw money from private individuals and not necessarily from bankers or other professional money lenders alone. And the captains and crew were almost never jewish.

    Yes, you’re also right if you suspect the Dutch of being opportunistic, because we were and are and also will be. Example: we’ve had officials from the NYPD and LAPD over in Amsterdam to find out why we were so stupid as to supply free methadon to addicts every night, from a special bus that tours fixed spots in the city, like near the central station. The reasons are simple. A. The cost of the methadon is only a fraction of the cost of police involvement after all those home and car break-ins committed by addicts, necessary for them to generate money for their daily fix. And B because you have what the addicts need and want (for free, and of guaranteed unpoisonous quality) , you see them every night, so you can chart their psychic mood, wellbeing, health and whereabouts. That’s Dutch opportunistic logic for you. The PD officials went back home to the US and mulled over this approach. Wouldn’t be surprised if they copied it. Much of the “famous” Dutch tolerance for all things raising eyebrows sprouts from blatant opportunism. The hassle caused by fighting those things adds up to a multitude in effort and expense.

    I don’t know if the Spanish would have succeeded in permanently conquesting us if we hadn’t been seafaring. We were a competing pain in the butt to their Armada and we had armed ships which could rival theirs; that’s true. But the parties who ultimately kicked out the Spanish from our soil were the Geuzen (sailors but not for the VOC), protestant citizens, farmers and the military, under leadership of goy politicians, goy landlords and goy military commanders.

    You are right about the Golden Age though (1600’s, with a peak around 1630-1650). We started to appreciate jews for their specific knowledge, like gemstone processing, money handling, investment, politics and law. We allowed scolars like Spinoza and we allowed diamond trading and cutting. Amsterdam and Antwerp, both important North/West European ports for trading, were also the main capitals for the gemstone business because both cities allow jews this trade. Only later did we allow jews to enter other guilds and crafts.

  190. @Jannerblades

    “Also, you mean working class girls being raped ? Yes, British people we have an elite genetic aryan caste system like the Hindus that that the genetic turnip peasant Nazis failed to emulate”

    ‘Jannerblades’ has no absolutely no problem with British white working class girls (i.e. so called “chavs”) being raped or sexually exploited by sleazy foreigners. This is the general mentality in ‘Great’ Britain. This is why the United Kingdom is effed!

  191. @Cking

    The French are intellectual and English people are intelligent while Americans read at the 8th grade level e.g. James Patterson and are largely innumerate. America has special terminology to insult smart people. The high school star football player who drops out of highschool to knock up Betty Lou while working at a gas station is celebrated in America.

    Wars are won by maths and engineers e.g Venus landing engineers don’t understand maths since they are not mathematicians.

    The winners of wars are usually the guys who get 5% fewer of their planes shot down, or use 5% less fuel, or get 5% more nutrition into their infantry at 95% of the cost. That’s not the stuff war movies are made of, but it’s the stuff wars are made of. And there’s math every step of the way. However, now that applies in a whole new way :

    War between nation-states in the twenty-first century looks much different than war in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Instead of bombs and bullets, it’s about ones and zeros and dollars and cents: economics, finance, data information, manufacturing, infrastructure, and communications. Control those fronts today, and you can win a war without firing a shot. It’s a simple, logical strategy. And it is one leaders in the West have been very slow to grasp

    –Brigadier General Robert Spalding

    The smart money is on Chinese and British etc.. secret weapons and tactics that you don’t know exist.

    • Replies: @Cking
  192. camus10 says:

    Mr Taylor

    I am waiting to see where you have taken a position on the neocolonial occupations that are uprooting these migrant hordes. syria, af-pk, palestine, yemen genocide, iraq du birthdefects, libya packed to the brim with the migrant slave trade for the entire african landmass, Ukraine. and many here are rejecting xi+/CCP debt bondage of imf failed states

    lets see your cognitive depth, sir.

  193. @Tuli

    What kind of high class American drugs do you do ? Crack cocaine, perhaps ? England expelled its Jews in 1290 and remained Jew-free for 350 years during which time England experienced the golden age known as the Elizabethan era and saw England’s rise to a position of global dominance. Germany did the same even more dramatically in 6 years during the reign of the Nazis :

    “The Jews still cannot claim any true genius, any truly great man. All their talents and skills revolve around stratagems and low cunning…They are a nation of swindlers.” –Kant

    The Jews are by nature “sharp dealers” who are “bound together by superstition.” Their “immoral and vile” behavior in commerce shows that they “do not aspire to civic virtue,” for “the spirit of usury holds sway amongst them.” They are “a nation of swindlers” who benefit only “from deceiving their host’s culture.” –Kant

    One might well ask why are there any Jews in the world order? That would be exactly like asking why are there potato bugs? Nature is dominated by the law of struggle. … The principle of struggle dominates also in human life. –Goebbles

  194. Cking says:

    Please, you are truly speculating in nonsense; you won’t confront the reality of your own and British skullduggery in their relations with other countries. You’re an educated man; for a 1.000 years, Perfidious Albion defines the actions of the British Monarchy or government in any pursuit of her own interests.

    No sooner than the United States saved the British Empire in concluding WWI, Great Britain threatens the United States with war over their one-sided terms during the Washington Naval Treaty proceedings. WWII America fought two fascist powers in two hemispheres at once and you say the American is a dullard. The real scandal in our modern history, is that the British have been covering up the origins of WWI and WWII. WWI and WWII did not have to happen anymore than the present war on Russia today. No matter the narrative, WWI and WWII were fought to destroy the German nation-state and annihilate the German people because, as King Edward VII and later Churchill complained, she was a rival to the British Imperial system. The WWI system still exists. And it could not have been done without the Federal Reserve Bank system that can organize America’s wealth, money and credit to wage war.

    • Replies: @jannerblades
  195. @Cking

    Sorry,mate, we seem to be talking past each other here. You keep hammering on something ethically wrong, in some cosmic sense, with past British geopolitics. Which I say is beyond good and evil in the Nietzschean or Machiavellian sense. You seem to have the slave morality , of the woke, crowd, in the Nietszchean sense as well. Did not Ludwig Wittgenstein say ethics and metaphysics are nonsense in propositions, also ?

    The bottom line is that Mortimer J. Adler and Charles Von Doren, from the 1930s-1970s, told Americans that to compete on the world stage, in the future, you have to become truly competent readers with all that entails. Yet, in 2023 most Americans read at the 8th grade level and college educated Americans don’t reach the college level until graduate school. Also, most Americans are innumerate.

    The British PISA scores are not the 1 spot in the world but they are significantly higher than Americans in reading and numeracy etc… Americans can’t compete in the modern world but you don’t seem to notice it because you are all absolutely bonkers or daft !

  196. CCG says:

    (((Anglo-American))) malice infiltrating Irish media, academia and government via (((dual citizens))) and subverted leftist Irish diaspora. Also, organized propaganda efforts from immigrants and their NGO (((supporters))) to portray Ireland as a place where “all are welcome” to move in so that more immigrant settlers keep turning up and never leave. Similar attempts have been taking place in Goa this century, it’s basically the same strategy described in the book “Google’s Conquest of Ireland” by E. Michael Jones. One of the “rootless cosmopolitan trash” involved in recent years in trying to subvert Goan society was an Irish leftist named Eugen Hanley, but he has since moved on to Murcia in Spain with his Canadian mistress (also his co-author) Hilary Lapedis. Good luck to the Catholic Spaniards.

  197. Cking says:

    Americans can’t compete; what world do you live in? You possess the British irrational penchant for depreciating America and Americans. Disraeli still informs us; ‘there are lies, damned lies, and there are statistics.’ America has a more diverse population; the intelligence spectrum is wide, I’m sure, so the median US PISA scores may not provide the correct picture. I’m sure the US mensa population is larger than the UK’s. And why is it, given the choice, that the average British person would rather live here in the USA? Prince Harry, like most Americans, ran from the British empire.

  198. Almost, certainly England, lowland Scotland, France and to a somewhat lesser extant Germany have more geniuses per capita than America.

    Let’s start with the basics: Are you a genius [ question directed at Mensans ] ?

    RH: Ha! If you pass that test, all it proves is that you have a certain IQ. That is not the same as making you an intelligent person, never mind a genius. You can have a very high IQ and be a complete idiot.

    JW: I think being a Mensan means I’m good at logic, but that’s it. I don’t think I am worthy of the same term used to describe Einstein. Genius is moving something forward. Evolving.

    LB: No. I think that’s kind of arrogant. I consider myself smarter than the average bear. I don’t look at myself as a genius. I think that’s because I see things other people have done, things they have created, discovered, or invented, and I look at those people in awe, because that’s not a capability I have. I have a really good memory and really excellent organizational ability, but I don’t consider those things genius. I see genius as creativity.

    Diverse ? You got that right : America is not a real country it is just a business. Americans are unsophisticated business types. In America there seems to be this idea that a lot of really smart people can do what genius can : but you are all wrong !

    Meanwhile, my life in Cornwall, England, my Tuss up, shagging away ! :

    ^ Are you a sheeple ? Stare deep into the eyes !

    Bow down clowns when the English eccentric Aristocratic geniuses stride into your towns with our Tuss light sabers (the Schwarze’s up) ready to do battle !

    p.s. Prince Harry is a ginger (who are teased without remorse in England) and he married a man eating nigress. Try again, you seemed to have failed spectacularly , once again.

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