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How Whites Get Ahead in South Africa
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They take advantage of absent or incompetent government.

Jared Taylor interviews 13th-generation South African Dan Roodt on the surprising ways whites survive and even get ahead in a country where the deck is stacked against them.

Video Link

This video is available on Rumble, BitChute, and Odysee.

(Republished from American Renaissance by permission of author or representative)
• Category: History, Race/Ethnicity • Tags: South Africa 
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  1. Give us a transcript.

    • Agree: houston 1992
  2. This was an interesting conversation, Mr. Taylor, maybe also because South Africa is a curious place – although I think a transcript would be a good idea, too.

    I like the central theme of your talk: adaptation. Indeed, it seems very natural – it is what life has always done, and probably, will keep doing.

  3. Fascinating stuff–may be foreshadowing the future Western world–Potemkin governments spewing insane pronouncements while a minority of skilled white people quietly keep the economic engine running while getting creative in evading taxation.

  4. TG says:

    Yes: a transcript!

    On the other hand, there is the example of Haiti. The Haitians exterminated all whites about two centuries ago. Adaptation is great, unless you’re dead.

    • Replies: @lloyd
  5. We have a dud government, no question. I was jut old enough to vote back in 1994 for the first time, and I hear the ANC make exactly the same promises every election for 30 years now. The magic word is corruption, as in this time we’re really going to sort it out, really. Electricity has been a problem for decades, it’s the same, promises are made to fix the problem daily. Back in the 90’s the black government inherited an overproduction of electricity, because cheap electricity was used by the apartheid government to attract investment during the economic sanctions era.

    The new government simply expanded the grid and connected a lot of black consumers who refuse to pay and who get violent if they are disconnected. They were warned about coming trouble, but chose to build sports stadiums instead of new power plants to host the Soccer World Cup during 2009. ESCOM, the government power company was also the flagship for the affirmative action program, white experts were pushed out in favor of incompetent blacks.

    Yes, it’s rough, but Roodt has a point. The black government is too incompetent to stop whites from doing their own thing. Do not fear the black man, it gives him power over you.

    • Thanks: 36 ulster
  6. E_Perez says:

    Interesting, but the main point they wanted to drive home, was not convincing:
    Government incompetence has never stopped making life a nightmare, quite the contrary.

    1) The white genocide in Zimbabwe and the dispossession of white farmers in SA has been briefly touched upon, but was brushed away with the argument that the blacks needed the whites, otherwise the food production would collapse.
    True, but this has not prevented the Zimbabwe nor Haitian dystopias.

    2) Interesting secession variants, like western Cape province and Orania have not been fully explained (a map would have been nice):
    To what extent can a local government override the central government? E.g., I suppose the affirmative action stuff has to be complied with in whole SA.
    How can Orania refuse blacks?

    3) Even the final part – “what would astonish Western whites” – was not convincing: super-big shopping malls? Good highways?

    And as others have commented, a video is good, a transcript is better.

  7. lloyd says: • Website

    Well they didn’t actually, they kept the German emigrants alive. Haiti was given its independence and freedom from slavery by French decree. The German emigrants married their black house keepers, good genes there, and formed an economic and cultural speaking elite. Haiti ran rather like South Africa not too badly until the Negro movement under Papa Doc replaced the coloureds with the blacks. Then the coloureds emigrated mostly to America, and did rather well there.

    • Replies: @gT
    , @Pixo
  8. lloyd says: • Website

    Jared Taylor is full of joy after this interview as a guide to the future. Perhaps in a hundred years. The Afrikaners are themselves tribal. After all in their language, they call themselves Africans. The white community he talked about lives very discreetly on private reserve land. The last I read about it. There are some blacks or coloureds living there. Their tiny proportion of population is exactly equal to ANC votes in elections. So I guess they are spies. By giving them all this attention and idolisation, they are setting them up to elimination.

  9. gT says:

    Your info about Haiti reminds me of Botswana, a country to the immediate north of South Africa. Their first president was a Black man who was married to a White women. He ruled until he died in 1980, but he and his wife set the tone for Botswana. The next 2 Black presidents followed in their footsteps, Botswana was well run, definitely not a typical African country. Then the son of the first Black president of Botswana took over, so his is Coloured, so Botswana’s continued running in a most un-African like manner was reinforced. Now a new Black president has took over like 2 years ago, and he doesn’t like the first president of Botswana or his White wife and Coloured children, and Botswana is becoming more typically African with each passing day.

    Before poaching was not so big in Botswana, because the army enjoyed hunting down poachers, now the army seems increasingly in cahoots with the poachers. That and a lot of other funny goings on in Botswana just suggest that the country now is becoming a truly African country, a Black country. So while its still early days, Botswana does seem to be following the Haitian route quite literally, the Coloured ex president was rumoured to have fled to South Africa recently after his 2 brothers were arrested on trumped up charges.

  10. do says:

    Fascinating discussion I concur. It’d have been more deeper had there been the views of a knowledgeable previously disadvantaged South African participant. The danger of having one participant where issues are as complex and historically painful like in South Africa (or Africa as a whole) is bound to be more about the topsoil.
    I personally believe, as most of us do, that the outcome of the negotiations for the new dispensation erred on the side of caution by focusing mainly on political solutions, assuming that hurtful apartheid induced disparities and land dispossession by colonial masters would fade out by fiat. In fact some believe the apartheid rulers conspired to have hardcore matters like one-sided wealth be swept under the carpet knowing well that as long as blacks were kept poor, they wouldn’t pose a serious threat to their domination for a long time to come.
    Upon realizing that after all was said and done, they were still economically at the bottom the descendants and proteges of black liberation fighters devised means like the proverbial ‘pie in the sky’ BEE tricks which was a ‘cloak and dagger’ scheme to loot the state as the state was all they had.
    Apart from being absolutely corruptible, for some mysterious reason, the black elites lack the compassion and the intellect to address in earnest the plight of their own communities for whom at first they were willing to die or serve lengthy prison sentences or suffer persecution.
    Just as it is true that the so-called black economic empowerment inadvertently hurts the whites, it is also a corrupt self-enriching scam by the black elites who connive with the same white oligarchs who the colonial oppression had empowered.
    One is inclined to suspect that whites in general in SA are kind of crybabies. They hardly acknowledge that regardless of the political hullabaloo since 1994, blacks in general are still in the grip of abject poverty and fall victim to violent crime at the drop of a hat. As one African immigrant in SA who happened to live with an American expatriates family in Sandton (which is just across the freeway from Alex where I live), once confided in me that for whites in the suburb to know about events in Alexandra, they rely on the BBC or CNN. This is the reality that many previously disadvantaged individuals are still living under. The whites can still afford to create their own supposedly safe communities like Orania but the blacks can’t, because they have to struggle to put food on the table despite of the fact that they govern themselves.
    One very sad aspect of the general view by whites is how they perceive Julius Malema’s conduct. They see him as the sole representative of black aspirations, not realizing that many blacks in general, are centrist in their approach. All ethnic groups in the country have made peace with the fact that whites are an essential part of our demographics and they can never be wished away. The fact that a concept like Orania (even Western Cape province) could exist and even thrive is one good example. Many blacks may not understand but they are taking it in their stride. This in itself is a sign of strength on the side of blacks than it is a weakness.
    To cap it all, please pick up a copy of a publication called ‘AFRICAN FARMING’ to see for yourself that despite the odds, not all the blacks who are given a piece of land don’t know what must be done.

    • Replies: @Rogue
  11. Pixo says:

    That’s not correct. The Haitian Revolution was a near complete genocide of whites, and also killed large numbers of mixed race too, who were correctly believed to be mostly loyal to the French.

    German immigrants did come there in small numbers in the 1840-1900 period and came to dominate parts of the economy, the same time they flooded the USA. They largely left when the USA kicked them out in WW1. This wasn’t a population that was spared from genocide, they had not arrived yet.

    • Replies: @lloyd
  12. lloyd says: • Website

    I checked Quora. The “far right” contribute there too but they are careful with their facts. This was a slave rebellion directed at slave owners who were French. Whites survived it as you yourself acknowledge. The claim it was a genocide directed at white people is not true. They weren’t killing whitey. They were killing their slave owners. Racial genocides belong to a later era. In its ferocity not so different from the French revolution a decade before, albeit with Voodism thrown in. Many whites supported them as part of the revolutionary movements of that era. Naturally this aroused terror in America from slavers.

  13. Rogue says:

    not all the blacks who are given a piece of land don’t know what must be done

    This is true. However, overall, the land redistribution policy has been an obvious failure. Just as most Blacks will not succeed at commercial farming, neither will most Whites either.

    Commercial farming is a tough business (very unlike subsistence farming) and handing out large amounts of land to random people and expecting them to be able to successfully farm, is to roll the dice and almost always ending up with negative results.

    The Black ANC minister of land redistribution of roughly 12 years ago (forget his name), said that of commercial farmland handed over to Blacks in SA, the failure rate was at 90%.

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