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Is this the worst public humiliation ever?

Video Link

This video is available on Rumble, BitChute, and Odysee.

The big news from Canada is that Pope Francis is finishing up what he calls a “pilgrimage of repentance,” and what I call the white-man crawl, and I’m not talking about swimming. The Pope has put on one of the sorriest spectacles of voluntary public humiliation the world has ever seen.

It all has to do with the alleged horrors perpetrated against Canadian Indians by the Catholic church. As we see from this article from last Thursday called “Pope Francis Issues Apology,”

“More than 150,000 native children in Canada were forced to attend state-funded Christian schools from the 19th century until the 1970s . . . . The aim was to Christianize and assimilate them into mainstream society, which previous Canadian governments considered superior.”

Forced to attend schools? Well, so were white children. It’s called compulsory education. A lot of Indian Children went to boarding schools because there were no schools in the wilds.

And yes, they were taught Christianity and yes, the Canadian government thought Western Civilization was better than illiteracy and shamanism. The government was right.

However, as Scientific American kindly explains, “Canada’s Residential Schools Were a Horror. Founded to carry out the genocide of Indigenous people, they created conditions that killed thousands of children.

It’s hard to find images of what went on in those schools, but I found these: 10:43 – 12:02. Yep, looks like a serious Catholic education, but that’s what white Catholic children got, too.

If they taught girls how to sew, I guess it was out of pure spite.

But today, we are supposed to believe that after soccer practice and “Silent Night,” the nuns and priests were beating, buggering, raping, and even murdering these children.

What got the hysteria going was a report from over a year ago. The New York Times put it on the front page: “‘Horrible History’: Mass Grave of Indigenous Children Reported in Canada.”

Two hundred fifteen bodies were supposed to have been found in the Kamloops residential school in British Columbia.

The strong implications was that nuns and priests killed these children –through violence or neglect – and dumped them in a secret mass grave.

Canada covered itself in sackcloth and ashes. Government flags went to half-mast for seven months – longer than ever in Canadian history.

Canada declared a new holiday in honor of the 215 children: National Day for Truth and Reconciliation.

A mob tore down a statue of Queen Victoria in Winnipeg.

Another mob tore down the statue of the current queen, Elizabeth II.

Catholic haters burned dozens of churches and vandalized many more. [[0:08 – 0:13]] The one you just saw burning was more than a century old and looked like this on the inside.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said burning churches was “unacceptable and wrong,” but also that it was “understandable.”

As I noted in January in this video – and I don’t want to cover too much old ground – the whole thing was a fraud.

A bright young anti-racist college instructor named Sarah Beaulieu said she used ground-penetrating radar to find these children.

Except she didn’t. Not one body has been found. What her radar may have found were tree roots or other soil disturbances, but no one has exhumed a single bone. At first, there was talk about digging up the children for DNA identification so bodies could be returned to grieving relatives, but now the plan is to leave the alleged graves undisturbed – a much wiser move. And now there’s a new horror. Some of the buried children were as young as three! Three-year-olds didn’t go to boarding schools – but who cares about that?

Only a few newspapers – the New York Post for one – saw through the hoax. “’Biggest fake news story in Canada’: Kamloops mass grave debunked by academics.”

But most media swallow any story about bad, white people, and Indians know a good thing when they see one. With the dazzling example of Kamloops before them, Indians suddenly found 160 alleged graves on Penelakut Island, in British Columbia, 182 in Cranbrook,– also in BC – and a whopping 751 in Marieval, Saskatchewan.

All these findings are dubious, but Mr. Trudeau, pictured here, has been busy apologizing.

He must have got lonely, because he decided the Pope should apologize, too, which he did in Rome, to a delegation of Indian chiefs. But Mr. Trudeau decided that wasn’t enough and insisted the Pope come to Canada to apologize all over again.

Pope Francis is 85 years old. He had serious intestinal surgery last year, he has bad sciatica, torn knee ligaments, and is in a wheelchair, but you can do the white-man crawl from any position, so he has just hobbled through a week of what must have been pure hell.

With Justin Trudeau and countless Indian chiefs keeping an eye on him, he, in his words, “begged forgiveness for the evil committed by so many Christians against indigenous peoples.” He said it was awful that “many Christians supported the colonizing mentality of the powers that oppressed Indigenous peoples.” He was “deeply sorry” for the “deplorable evil” and “disastrous error” of “cultural destruction and forced assimilation.” He kissed the hands of Indian chiefs in an appeal for forgiveness.

Was it enough? Of course not! It’s never enough. As CNN reported, “The Pope went to Canada to apologize. For some indigenous school survivors, he triggered more pain.”

These schools don’t have graduates, you see. They have only survivors. There’s a 24-hours-a-day crisis line for “survivors” “experiencing pain or distress,” even though all but a handful of the schools closed 45 years ago!

CNN happily found an 80-year-old “survivor” “experiencing distress.” He said any apology is useless. He blames the Catholics for his alcoholism and terrible marriage. Some chiefs refused even to show up to have their hands kissed, saying there was no chance the pope would grovel enough.

The harshest cut was from Justin Trudeau. “The Pope’s apology to Indigenous people doesn’t go far enough, Canada says.”

It’s not enough to apologize for physical, verbal, psychological and spiritual abuse. The pope has to apologize explicitly for rape. Also, he didn’t talk about the evil of the church as an institution, only about the evil of individual Christians. Mr. Trudeau seems to have forgotten that Catholic orders operated only 66 of the 139 residential schools and that the church has already spent \$50 million on restitution and promises \$30 million more.

Needless to say, we have heard nothing from Indians who liked the schools. You have to dig, but you can find: “Rescued from the memory hole: Some First Nations people loved their residential schools.”

It quotes a Canadian Indian named Tomson Highway, a pianist and playwright that Macleans magazine calls “one of the 100 most important people in Canadian history.”

He was in a school from ages six to 15 and says, “All we hear is the negative stuff, nobody’s interested in the positive, the joy in that school. Nine of the happiest years of my life I spent it at that school.”

Cece Hodgson-McCauley was the first woman to become a chief in Canada’s Northwest Territories.

She called her years at the school the best of her life. “My family says the same thing, my sister swears by it. We were treated wonderfully.”

The chief, who died in 2018 at age 95, said people lie about how bad things were to get money. She said older Indians who graduated are afraid to talk about what the schools were really like.

Now, of course, everything an unhappy Indian says is the “lived experience” of a person of color and must never be doubted. Back to this article.

One “survivor” says when she got to school, she was issued clothes with a number on them, and everyone thereafter called her by number, not her name. Really? I have read a lot about these schools, and I never heard that. I think a lot of these stories are false, but no one dares challenge them.

And guess what: Americans might get their own papal roadshow.

I bet you didn’t realize we had boarding schools for Indians, too.

I’m sure it will be no trouble to find people who claim they were beaten and buggered.

Or even better – that their parents were beaten and buggered.

And we have already taken the first step. “US to Investigate Government-run Native American Boarding Schools.

That was inspired by Kamloops, of course. And here’s Secretary of the Interior, Deb Haaland, who will run the investigation, and who is an American Indian. She says, “We must uncover the truth about the loss of human life and the lasting consequences of these schools.”

Brace yourselves.

But what I find most grotesque is that the pope seems to have swallowed every tall tale, every insult against people long dead who can’t defend themselves.

I don’t doubt there was some tough discipline, even some cruelty, but I suspect the vast majority of teachers did their very best for those children.

And by apologizing for “spiritual abuse,” isn’t the pope repudiating the whole missionary effort? Doesn’t he believe Catholics saved the souls of many converts? No. As this article from 2018 notes, if you ask “Do Atheists Go to Heaven? Pope Francis Says Yes.”

So I guess all that Catholicism was spiritual abuse.

So far as I can tell, Pope Francis is not just a miserable white man; he’s a miserable Catholic, who doesn’t even believe in the church’s mission. It must be grievous for Catholics to have such a head of their church – the Vicar of Christ himself.

Like nations that don’t defend themselves, institutions that don’t defend themselves die. Pope Francis is old and frail. The church will be under new management soon.

If it’s not better management, the church will go over a cliff.

(Republished from American Renaissance by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Paganism > Christianity

    However, frankly, I’m not optimistic about a Pagan Revival…

  2. C’mon…. Catholicism comes in two flavors.

    1. Panic about puberty.

    2. Pedophile cult.

    Francis is (2)

  3. @Vergissmeinnicht

    LOL. What is Christianity without groveling?

    • LOL: InnerCynic
    • Troll: David Burberry
    • Replies: @Lee
    , @Change that Matters
  4. I see one advantage to groveling to the Indians, the reds.

    1. By highlighting their history as the most tragic in the Americas, one could argue for NO MORE IMMIGRATION since mass invasion/migration from the Old World led to the ‘genocide’ of the natives. If it was bad enough that reds lost their homelands to whites, isn’t it worse for them to lose their homelands to the entire world? Whites have a moral duty to defend what were originally Indian lands from the World. Whites came as invaders and took land from the Indians, but now they can act as defenders of the Americas. Their moral duty should be to restore and revive Indian folks and their cultures.

    2. Unlike Jews with the means(intellectual and economic) to take over society, blacks with the savage drive to destroy cities & entire communities, and homos with a predilection for social degeneracy, American Indians won’t gain much power or do much harm even if whites indulged them as a holy people. They aren’t particularly violent, intelligent, creative, or egotistical. (They tend to be dysfunctional with drink and bad habits but mostly limited within their community.) Indians will serve essentially as symbols.

    So, groveling to the Indians can be politically advantageous. It can be used to argue against mass immigration(which, after all, led to ‘genocide’ of the Indians) and Diversity, which is the product of Western Imperialism that mixed populations all over by conquest and slave trade.

    Indeed, whites would be much better off if their primary allies were Indians and Palestinians. Indians over blacks. Palestinians over Jews(who lead the anti-white crusade).
    But whites, and especially Americans, love winners and despise losers. Jews are winners in brains, blacks are winners in brawn, and homos are winners in brass. In contrast, Indians and Palestinians are just losers. Because whites cuck to winners who mean them harm, they will fade from history.

  5. Ghali says:

    It was a mass murder of innocent people with overwhelming evidence. Taylor is a bigoted racist who is trying to cover-up a mass murder with his despicable rubbish.

  6. Yes, Kamloops was a hoax. But I met an Ojibway woman once from New Brunswick who grew up in a Catholic orphanage and she told me stuff about how nuns and priests did abuse her and others at the orphanage, which was for native (First Nation) Canadians. (Her hubby was Meti-part native, part European). So I really don’t think the Catholic church never abused native children, orphans or not. Same in US; same in Australia, etc. But I am sure this “pope” “groveling” before native Canadians was just for show. Read Hoffman’s “Occult Renaissance Church of Rome” for more on these “shows” these “popes” perform.

    • Agree: HdC
    • Replies: @Rich
  7. Greg S. says:

    Like all institutions today, the Catholic Church is under attack by a new religion that seeks to replace it: the religion of woke, a branch of satanism if you really look hard at it. I don’t know what they have on the guy (he probably did bugger kids, if anyone did), but this pope is obviously playing a role to bring the place down from the inside. The Catholic Church seems like it’s always been corrupt to me, in that almost nothing they do would be what Jesus would actually do if he were around. Jesus would take one disgusted look at the Vatican with their gold thrones and vaults of treasure and tell them to give every last thing away, immediately.

    • Replies: @Joe Paluka
  8. Atle says:

    However eagerly the Pope may lick the fungus-infested toenails of the local aborigines, he can never fully atone for the horror his coreligionists visited on the hapless locals.

  9. American indians TORTURED TO DEATH countless thousands of white settlers. Their whole culture was built around torture. Geronimo loved to hang a man upside down and have a small fire burn thru his skull. Took days to die.

    The american indian is the evilest race in history.

    • Agree: TKK
  10. Lee says:
    @Priss Factor

    Back in April:

    VALLETTA, Malta ( – Organizers canceled the crucifix from the papal podium because Pope Francis did not want to offend illegal Muslim migrants during the climax of his Malta trip.

    Instead, recycled plastic bottles with red blobs were used to design the backdrop for the pope’s address to migrants at the John XXIII Peace Lab in Ħal-Far on Saturday, a voluntary organization run by leftist Franciscan friar Fr. Dionysius Mintoff.

    • Replies: @Ann Nonny Mouse
  11. I don’t support the pope. I don’t support Jew run AmRen.

    • Agree: HdC
  12. Emma S. says:

    The Pope reminds me of Don Cathy from Chick Fil A, who urged White Christians to shine the shoes of Black people to repent from racism. White people like this make me so sick, even more sick is that they do it in the name of Christianity. NO other race of Christians does racial insanity like this. Not Korean Christians, Black Christians, Hispanic Christians, just White ones. It must be the result of White guilt programming.

    • Agree: Robert Dolan
  13. As a churchgoing Catholic knowing my history, I am truly ashamed but not in the least astonished – there have been so many horrible popes that even to name them here would exceed any limit. So alas, the idiot and murderer [“Pope Francis (Jorge Mario Bergoglio) according to Steve Pieczenik (MD, PhD, former United States Department of State official, psychiatrist) assisted the Argentine Military Junta between 1976 – 1977 in its crackdown of Priests and Nuns who tried to counter their repressive regime. Pope Francis assisted the Junta in its drive to counter the Liberation Theology movement. Fancy that – the current Pope – assisted in the arrest, torture and subsequent murder of fellow Catholic Priests and Nuns. That’s appalling” ] Bergoglio by no means is exceptional. His believing of the Kamloop hoax is in line with his believing of the AGW hoax (he has invited Greta T.), nothing there to be astonished either.

    But as with the numerous bad popes we already have had, the Church will survive this one also.

  14. Anonymous[338] • Disclaimer says:

    His filthy institution has been a lobby for the third world for half a century now lol

    • Agree: YesYesCircle
  15. GenFranco says:

    The current Catholic Church is basically a pedo-klepto whorehouse at war with its own doctrines and theology (and history). But the simpletons who weigh in with snark (note the first three comments) always ignore four things:

    1. For the better part of 1500 years the Church was the enemy of most of what we now refer to as globalism, banksterism (usury), communism, or judeo-supremacy, with Catholic monarchs like Queen Isabel of Spain and popes like Pius IX doing the heavy lifting. The list of Catholic heroes in this regard is a long one

    2. As Catholicism has declined, jewish supremacy has increased. There was no secular (atheist) or pagan opposition; it didn’t exist, apart from twelve tumultuous years in Germany (German Catholicism’s participation in/opposition to that experiment is a longer subject).

    3. All of the movements aimed at destroying Christendom and Western civilization (diversity, globalist economics, judeo-supremacy, etc.) have viewed Catholicism — real Catholicism — as a primary enemy. There is no movement to crush paganism. Most atheists get their talking points from jewish groups.

    4. Conquering the Catholic Church was a major priority for the enemies of Civilization. They have largely succeeded. But pointing to the infiltrators and usurpers as if they could be mentioned in the same breath as John Chrysostom, Alfred the Great, Pius V, Queen Isabella, or Father Coughlin is ridiculous.

    There is no pagan revival coming. And atheism is practically another branch of judaism.

  16. The “church”, was the WEAPON, which made it possible for blue blooded beast to ENSLAVE humanity.
    Thanks to Xi, Vladimir, Modi and 80% of humanity, war of LIBERATION has begun!
    Glory to Stalin!

  17. Franz says:

    I’m not optimistic about a Pagan Revival

    Right, they botch everything they touch.

    Anyway Zeus would lift his leg to this pope. What’s the word for a guy who spends his life whining for other people? It might be a new disease.

    • Replies: @emerging majority
  18. JR Foley says:

    “It’s all about the money!” how appropriate the Old Chief is in this assessment. Neighbour went to residential school and stated he and his siblings had a great time…

    • Replies: @profnasty
  19. Ed Case says:

    He was in a school from ages six to 15 and says, “All we hear is the negative stuff, nobody’s interested in the positive, the joy in that school. Nine of the happiest years of my life I spent it at that school.”

    Poof from the Theatre puffs all male boarding school, quelle surprise.

    During my 7 years at Primary School, no one died.

    Jared Taylor isn’t saying no child died at Kamloops and the other shitholes, he’s just saying:
    Let’s not talk about it.

  20. The scam train just keeps a chugging along. Truth? Facts? Dems rayciss conseps! Iffins yooz doan see d troof den yooz b rayciss! Taint no benjamins 2 b mayd iffins u lookin for dat!

  21. JPS says:

    And here in the comments you see why they can hoax something like this and get these leftist retards to carry out arson against churches (like the historic mission in LA during the Floyd Riots) while they authorize the deadly vax for small children. The ignorance and stupidity of these people knows no bounds. The vulgar mentality of “The Innocents Abroad” and Jewish Hollywood trumps everything of value that the Catholic Church was involved in teaching, organizing and building. You ever notice the crucifix Sitting Bull is wearing in his photograph? You likely never saw it because these sorts of Americans aren’t too keen on ever telling or hearing the truth about anything. This is why we find ourselves in our current situation.

  22. @Priss Factor

    #2 should be Satan worshiping pedophile cult.

  23. Weak but that’s expected.

    Also look at those old black and white photos of the school kids – they are NOT really native, even in B & W, it’s obvious that they are mixed race. The perception in the media is that these were all innocent Eskimos hunting seals and then the wicked Catholics grabbed them and forced them into Church! And did much murdering on top of it! No, these were kids who had a most likely White dad and the native mom was loose, or much less likely, a loose white mamma.

    I’m not even a Catholic or care for that faith but that doesn’t mean I have to go along with a obviously false narrative. The Pope does but he’s a piece of shit who is 100% for everything that the ((globalists)0 are for, big surprise!

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  24. padre says:

    Mr. Taylor, your article is so disgusting, I have no words!

  25. The government was right.

    Yeah, we all saw what a paragon of virtue the nazi regime of Canadastan is.

    • Replies: @Mike Tre
    , @JR Foley
  26. Do I understand Catholicism correctly If I believe that Radzinger was a better pope since he mainly just did his spiritual job, and ignored things outside his church? Saving souls vs. social justice? John Paul II was the prototype feel-good pope, I suppose, but the new pope is a social media creature. I’m not part of any official religion, I just tend to sympathize with traditional Christianity as opposed to whatever is going on with the world and people nowadays.

    • Agree: Robert Bruce
  27. I absolutely despise the cannibal mass murdering Siberian Migrants from Siberia…a history of mass murder and cannibalism……So did Mark Twain…

  28. The chief, who died in 2018 at age 95, said people lie about how bad things were to get money.

    Chief McCauley say truth in nutshell. That is the crux of all of this, mo’ money, and mo power. You say that out loud, and they may literally scalp you.

    BTW, in the old days of the real Indians, having a woman chief would not make a lick of sense. Women were the beasts of burden of the Indian world.

    Is is OK to say “ruffled feathers” when talking about the feather-Indians , errr, Native Canadians , eh, errr, Indigenous Peoples, errr, 1st Nations or Spirits Communities? Good. I’m gonna use that one.

    As for this so-called-Pope Francis, I really don’t know what else the Vatican should have expected out of Latin America. The guy is a Liberation Theologist type, aka, a Commie. Crank up the white smoke, Bishops. This guy ain’t workin’ out.

    Finally, I really enjoy your mixed text/image posts like this, Mr. Taylor. You do a great job with these!

  29. Christianity is pretty much run its course. People just aren’t accepting all the hocus pocus of it anymore. Everything man invents, only has a certain lifespan and this religion has reached its end.

    • Agree: Wizard of Oz
    • Thanks: Angharad
  30. I have said this many times and i will say it till I die….the reason western culture is in decline is due to Christianity. Everyone here comes at me since I’m an Indian and they bring the Hindu angle into it. I am an agnostic who believes all religion need to be outlawed if not outright banned. But no land and people has suffered more due to its faith than the west and the white man thanks to this cult. The spirit of the white man, the bravado and self awareness is opposite to what Chistianity and it’s worship of forgiveness and some higher power stands for. The jew simply took advantage. I dont blame him. Morality is a manmade construct. It is anti nature. Anti evolution. If morality has to work in a system that system has to be rested on a hard fisted rule of absolutes. No forgiveness no heaven hell crap. No divinity.

    Bye now.

    • Replies: @Kal Zakath
  31. G. Poulin says:

    The pope is a first class idiot. May he die soon.

    • Agree: Robert Dolan
  32. @Vergissmeinnicht

    Christian warriors quite easily killed your pagan gods.

    But hey feel free to worship that gay-tranny-furry Odin.

    • Replies: @Ulf Thorsen
  33. Z-man says:

    This poor excuse for a man is an anti Pope if not the anti Christ.
    Long live good Bishops like Williamson and the SSPX!

  34. Canadian Kennedy Hall eloquently explains why most Catholics were indifferent to Francis’s visit.

    Francis is the Joe Biden of Popes.

  35. But what I find most grotesque is that the pope seems to have swallowed every tall tale

    Not that amazing considering he thinks the bible isn’t a poorly worded novel.

    If it’s not better management, the church will go over a cliff.

    One can only hope that it disintegrates so the money it connives from the low IQ around the world stop going to the priests that do no work but live like kings. Fraud should be discouraged.

    • Replies: @Realist
  36. The world knows that the genocide and the slave trade had the blessing of the Vatican. Pope Alexander VI said “kill, enslave and rob non-whites”. It is historical that these crimes were committed with the sword and the cross. The worst has been racism as a result of that.

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
    , @Anne Lid
  37. @Vergissmeinnicht

    Transhumanism>Paganism>Abrahamic cults

    Science and technology will take us beyond. Watch 2001 A Space Odyssey- the greatest film ever made.
    It is technology that has caused halcyon leaps in social evolution. Not religion. Not philosophy. Technology……the fire, the wheel,the printing press, steam engine, radio, television and the internet. We have evolved thanks to tech and tech alone.

    • Replies: @Dumbo
  38. Dumbo says:
    @RJ Macready

    LOL. Sure, let’s all trust a dumb dot-Indian pretending to be an Anglo promoting Trans-humanism.

    • Replies: @Kolya Krassotkin
  39. @Priss Factor

    Well, the very existence of the Indians pretty much instantly destroys every retarded American lecture to other countries about “human rights violations”. And the Indian genocide didn’t even happen that long ago in the grand scheme of history.

    Also fat British VDare boomers whining about Genghis Khan or whatever.

  40. Dumbo says:

    Bears still shit in the woods, but this Pope is NOT Catholic, and he’s not even a real Pope.

    He was installed after an internal coup. The “resignation” of Pope Benedict was strange, and some say illegal.

    • Agree: Emslander
    • Replies: @Athena
  41. Anonymous[370] • Disclaimer says:

    Aboriginal Canadians are nothing but a tool in the box of tricks (a cudgel, if you will) of the Jew (NYT) to beat over the head of the White people but the entire article doesn’t even mention the main and only enemy of the West. It is sad that the author doesn’t have what it takes to call them out; perhaps, his admirer, the Jewess Amy Wax, can help him man up.

    • Replies: @Sidney
  42. @René Fries

    I’d say that there are some interesting parallels to your History lesson with that of the life of George Soros. Thanks.

  43. MaxD says:

    Funny, why I can’t find not even one article here on UNZ reflecting the social crisis, that’s turning the USA into some third world “thing”!!!
    Just one family – in a million – facing extreme hardship, nationwide:

    This is America.
    This is INSANE !!
    Knowing how absurd & obcene that wasting of huge amounts of money actually is.
    From the Pentagon’s black holes of trillions of dollars to all sorts of corruption(It’s estimated that about 85!!%!! of those billions dedicated to Iraq & Afghanistan ‘re-building’ simply vanished!). And whatever else meanwhile.

    Now spendind almost 70 billion fighting a proxy war in Ukraine, whitewashing fascist & nazis, killing tens of thousand of soldiers!!

    And yet no money left to comprehensively fight proverty(in some places even extreme forms), renting madness, food insecurities, healthcare’s deep swamps and ending fiancially supporting programs like feeding underprivileged students at school and children in medical treatments! (According about estimations about 1,5 to 3,2 million)

    In over 30 cities feeding the homeless is a felony now, soon in at least 10 states ‘camping'(concerning homeless people) on state owned proverty, like under bridges, will be a felony also.
    Being homeless, the real numbers are much bigger than just 600,000, feels more and more like being a criminal.
    (Go YT, channel *Invisible People*!)

    Disgusting !

  44. Athena says:

    How Canada repressed protests in Ecuador four weeks ago asking for ending mining concessions in Indigenous territories:

    “Predictably, the Canadian government has been hostile to the protesters, as Owen Schalk detailed in “Trudeau silent on police crackdown in Ecuador”. Echoing Lasso’s position, the Canadian Embassy in Quito labelled the ongoing protests “violent riots”. But it’s the security forces that immediately arrested CONAIE’s leader and have killed a handful of protesters.

    The Trudeau government supports Lasso as one of a diminishing number of staunchly pro-corporate and pro-Washington governments in the region. Ottawa has also worked to advance Canadian mining companies’ interests in the country, which are directly challenged by the protests. At the Prospectors & Developers Association of Canada (PDAC) conference in Toronto two weeks ago, Canada’s ambassador to Ecuador suggested she considered herself part of the mining industry.”

  45. @Ed Case

    I wouldn’t have expected that our of you, Ed. Your comments are usually right on the money.

    The whole thing was a hoax, but the burning of over 100 Canadian Christian Churches in retaliation for a non-existent event was NO HOAX. See The Canadian Residential School Hoax, The U.S. Black Church Burning Hoax, And REAL Church Burnings on VDare. (It links to Mr. Taylor’s article on the same subject, Kamloops: Greatest Hate Hoax Ever? on American Renaissance.)

    • Agree: lavoisier
  46. @Priss Factor

    What a fucking moron you are….Either Native White Americans take their own side or they will be race-replaced across America….you imbecile….

    The lowly American Injuns are in a political coalition with other nonwhites including the Hindus from India….

    Stop trying to be clever…..

  47. @René Fries

    Maybe the Church/Mosque will survive this one, but Western Europe won’t.

    I don’t put it all on this so-called Pope, but he’s a part of it all…

    • Agree: RadicalCenter
  48. @Hang All Text Drivers

    The Aztecs might have been in Mexico but, I will wager, they were of stock similar to Geronimo’s, and few take second place to them in cruelty and barbarity.

    With all the human sacrifice going on, Tenochtitlan must have stunk.

    • Agree: TKK
  49. @Priss Factor

    It comes in two flavours indeed : vanilla (panic about masturbation as the chief mortal sin) and tutti frutti (submission to pedophilia as the lone salvation-bringing sacrament). Francis is now atoning for the false pedophiliac act committed by the sellers of vanilla icy cream so as to peddle the true thing at last, his own tutti frutti (or tutti fratelli) semen.

  50. @Ghali

    I’ve only heard of it as a beat up and hoax. Where is all that evidence?

  51. Athena says:

    Québec provides Canada with the Rothschild (Latin, i.e. Franco and Spanish connections) it requires to complete the colonization of Latin America (and Africa) by the European (UK, French and Spanish) bankers.

    Russia erased Argentine’s debt created by the IMF. This destabilized the Mercosur.

    This, in turn, may have compromised (among others prospects) the EU-Mercosur and Canada-Mercosur deals.

    Uruguay-China FTA negotiations raise tensions over Mercosur’s future


    Disputes in Mercosur


    “In his speech at the summit, Fernández questioned Uruguay’s moves to negotiate bilaterally with China and asked Lacalle Pou to include the entire bloc in the talks. “If we don’t realise that we have to be more united than ever, we are going to make the worst mistake,” Fernández said.

    The Argentine president said that initiatives such as Uruguay’s are focused on the “short term”, and that while he would not refuse to “analyse everything that needs to be analysed” on the issue of flexibility that Lacalle Pou is calling for, he asked that the countries “go through this discussion together”.

    In response, Lacalle Pou said that negotiations with China will begin “shortly” and that once this stage has been reached, he will talk to Mercosur member countries “to go all together” to add “more negotiating power”. However, if Mercosur does not want to be part of the agreement, Uruguay will still proceed, the president added.

    “President Fernández’s speech echoed a concept that he has repeated a couple of times, which is the concept of protecting ourselves. The best way to protect my nation is to open up to the world, and that is why Uruguay is taking the steps it is taking,” Lacalle Pou reiterated.

    For his part, Paraguay’s president Mario Abdo said at the summit that “it is more convenient” to negotiate a joint agreement with China, and that the issue is of concern to his government – which does not have official diplomatic ties with China. “They [China] have very competitive costs and this could threaten Paraguay’s industries, as well as those of Argentina and Brazil,” Abdo said.

    Brazil’s president Jair Bolsonaro did not travel to Paraguay for the summit, and limited himself to a pre-recorded video address in which he did not mention the issue of agreements with China – something that Uruguay interpreted as an implicit endorsement. In fact, Brazil’s foreign trade secretary, Lucas Ferraz, argued that there is a “need for greater flexibility” in the bloc.

    “The announcement made by Uruguay will certainly bring an even greater impetus to the debate [on flexibilisation] within the bloc. Whether or not we will permit Uruguay’s move is a technical question,” Ferraz said. That “will happen at the time of the adoption of the agreement, not now,” he added.”


    Canada supports another Latin American coup

    Step aside USA, Canada is the new bully in our South American ‘backyard’

    “Describing Latin America as “our backyard” is the language favoured by so-called Ugly American politicians seeking to assert the Monroe Doctrine. Latin Americans should beware of the emergence of Ugly Canadians promoting the Trudeau Doctrine.”

    Ottawa lines up with Washington against rest of hemisphere

    “On June 22 of last year the left-leaning president of Paraguay, Fernando Lugo, was ousted in what some called an “institutional coup”. Upset with Lugo for disrupting 61-years of one party rule, Paraguay’s traditional ruling elite claimed he was responsible for a murky incident that left 17 peasants and police dead and the senate voted to impeach the president. The vast majority of countries in the hemisphere refused to recognize the new government. The Union of South American Nations (UNASUR) suspended Paraguay’s membership after Lugo’s ouster, as did the MERCOSUR trading bloc. But Canada was one of only a handful of countries in the world that immediately recognized …”

  52. @Ed Case

    Did you read the article? No bodies turned up at Kamloops. Ground penetrating radar probably detected tree roots and other underground artifacts.

    • Replies: @Ed Case
  53. @Liborio Guaso

    Be so good as to check the authenticity of that purported papal quote. It wreaks of fake quote to my sensitive nose for that kind of thing.

  54. Emslander says:

    I don’t doubt there was some tough discipline, even some cruelty, but I suspect the vast majority of teachers did their very best for those children.

    It’s just like the nine years I suffered in Catholic school.

    As Jared Taylor explains, this means that all of the missionary and educational work of the Catholic Church since the year 33 AD was cruel racism. Pope Francis was picked and his election was secured by the self-hating American Catholics who have practiced contraception, abortion, perversion and theft by government for seventy years.

    Benedict is the real Pope anyway.

    Francis is a very stupid man and will one day be pointed to as the latest bad Pope who proved that Christ’s Church will survive any human abomination because it is always inspired by the Holy Spirit. A lot of souls will be lost because of his example, but I guess that’s what happens, too, when Satan works through his people in high places.

    • Agree: HdC
  55. @Dumbo

    Nothing says “This is a superior culture!” quite like suttee.

    (Would “Dr.” Jill throw herself onto Brandon’s funeral pyre?)

  56. JackOH says:

    Well, I’m gobsmacked. I’d heard the story. Couldn’t understand the implication that the alleged mass graves were a consequence of mass murder by RC nuns, lay officials, et. al. Was that what was being said? Was it mass negligence, such as denial of food and medical attention? I tired quickly of it.

    Maybe there ought to be a moratorium on atrocity stories of all sorts, just so we can sort out truth from fiction from propaganda.

    Well, maybe there is a moratorium of sorts on atrocity stories for Black on White violence, and intra-Black violence. Working the former, we’ve got Taylor, Paul Kersey, Nicholas Stix, that Gividen fellow, the late Colin Flaherty, maybe others.

  57. Realist says:

    The Pope has put on one of the sorriest spectacles of voluntary public humiliation the world has ever seen.

    That can’t hold a candle to kissing black feet three years ago.

    • Agree: Ghan-buri-Ghan
    • Replies: @Franklin Ryckaert
  58. Its a proper gesture, relative to murder and acts genocide, it is not groveling!

  59. Realist says:

    One can only hope that it disintegrates so the money it connives from the low IQ around the world stop going to the priests that do no work but live like kings. Fraud should be discouraged.

    Of course, that is the case with all religions, as we both have stated before. Government and religion have always been used to control populations…sometimes in contention…sometimes in conjunction…but always with the same purpose…control.

    • Agree: RoatanBill
  60. Realist says:

    And by apologizing for “spiritual abuse,” isn’t the pope repudiating the whole missionary effort? Doesn’t he believe Catholics saved the souls of many converts? No. As this article from 2018 notes, if you ask “Do Atheists Go to Heaven? Pope Francis Says Yes.”

    What Catholics, as well as all religions, do is indoctrinate the weak-minded into compliance with dogma. A perfect example is Do Atheists Go to Heaven? Pope Francis Says Yes. The suggestion that an Atheist who lived a moral life of integrity would not go to Heaven is the very essence of dogma…as is the concept of Heaven.

  61. @Priss Factor

    I understand you but I don’t think it will work. As it stands, “white guilt” in conquering land in America (and Australia) is not used as an argument in favor of “indigenous rights” but as an argument against white rights. By conquering land at the cost of the natives, Whites have lost the moral right to exclusive possession of their land. Thus to attone for their sin they must allow for masss immigration of non-whites. Both the non-white natives and the non-white immigrants are together in this epic struggle against the evil white man. Should the white man invoke “indigenous rights” as an argument against non-white immigration, then that would be seen as blatant hypocrisy, never mind mass non-white immigration would further endanger the natives. As in all debates with Leftoids, it is never really about morality, but about power. The power of Whites must be broken, so anything goes, even Big Lies.

    • Replies: @Goonty
    , @René Fries
  62. @Realist


    And here he is kissing the feet of South Sudan leaders:

    I think such images are symbolic for the “lost case” of Christianity to be of any use for the white man in an increasing non-white (and anti-white) world.

    • Thanks: Realist
  63. Thim says:

    The Man Of Sin grovels? Look at that antichrist in his wheel chair. Papistry is all used up.

  64. TKK says:


    You are a simpleton who has bought the propanganda of Howard Zinn and his ilk.

    As a fun educational tool, watch Bone Tomahawk today.

    What do you believe? The native Americans had pine bark tea with each other, braided each others hair and had bonding sessions with the deer and bison?

    And when has the history of the mammal human ever been anything but “red in tooth and claw”?

    Even chimpanzees fight wars. The new woke religion- demonic and dumb- is presenting a fairy tale as reality. To the victor go the spoils is an iron law of life as much as water is wet.

    • Agree: Kolya Krassotkin
    • Replies: @Bardon Kaldian
  65. @Ghali

    The ugly siberians had no right to be here.

    The pope is an old monkeypox floozy.

  66. Mike Tre says:
    @Fiendly Neighbourhood Terrorist

    Moose limbs loved and continue to love not sees.

  67. TGD says:

    Pope Francis has never come clean about what he knew and his failure to act during the Argentine coup from 1976 to 1983 when he was “Superior” or head of the Argentine Jesuits. Upwards of 30,000 Argentine leftists were tortured and murdered during this time.

    But not to worry too much. Their surviving children were placed in “good” Catholic homes by the Junta.

  68. geokat62 says:

    His Holiness Grovels

    More accurate title…

    His Holiness Performs The Goy Grovel In Service To Jewish Supremacy

    • Thanks: Chuck Orloski
  69. Goonty says:
    @Priss Factor

    That’s decent lateral thinking. Indians can’t really do anything to whites, save for the Jewy hysterical ones in the federal government like Haaland. Here in Oklahoma non-reservation Indians hate blacks and Mexicans and marry whites, so they could someday be allies. (As most people remark, they’re not an actual threat and are more self-destructive than anything. When they avoid the death spiral of drinking, domestic abuse, and diabetes they’re not particularly offensive.)

    Jews also hate prominent mention of the supposed genocide of Indians because numerically it makes the holohoax look like small potatoes. That could also be useful in the information/propaganda war against heebs.

    • Replies: @Robert Dolan
    , @loren
  70. @Abdul Alhazred

    Its a proper gesture, relative to murder and acts genocide, it is not groveling!
    I don’t give a rat’s butt what a guy walking around in a gown does?

  71. Ole_ed says:

    Pope grovels before ‘Injuns’, just as Mr. Taylor grovels before (((them))).

  72. Rich says:

    I come from a long line of Europeans who attended Catholic schools, and anyone who stepped out of line was “mistreated”. White, red or yellow. But guess what? It was the same in every school. Students in government or Protestant schools would get a beating for stepping out of line, too. It was part of education up to WW2 for students to take a paddle on the behind or a ruler across the knuckles. That’s the way the world was. For everyone. These people with their hands out are a disgrace to their ancestors.

    • Agree: HdC
    • Replies: @Emslander
  73. Goonty says:
    @Franklin Ryckaert

    Excellent points, though I think the bizarre leftist slogan “no one is illegal on stolen land” would be deflated by acknowledging Indian claims to the continent. It could buy a little time, maybe.

    Race traitor leftist: “This land is stolen!”
    Indian: “Then give it back.”
    Race traitor leftist: “No, we’re going to invite people from all over the world to live on your land.”

    The hypocrisy of the anti-whites is more blatant in that instance. Though with media control in the hands of the Jews there is no real benefit to pointing out hypocrisy, I suppose.

  74. @JPS

    I have seen that same photo, I think, countless times but, until now, always with the crucifix cropped out of it. Thanks for posting it.

  75. Agent76 says:

    Mar 19, 2013 Pope Francis and the Dirty War

    Last week over a billion Catholics around the world watched as the Vatican conclave elected Jorge Mario Bergoglio as the next Pope. But now, as researchers like Professor Michel Chossudovsky of the Centre for Research on Globalization are pointing out, Bergoglio’s past points to his likely involvement in crimes against humanity.

    Matthew 7:15 Bible teaching

    15 Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves. The false prophet always wait you to think that they are more than they really are.

  76. Emslander says:

    How is taking a paddle on the butt or having one’s knuckles rapped with a ruler being “beaten”?

    A slight injection of pain into a lesson is an effective assist to memory. Besides that, what I heard from my public-school friends in the fifties in the way of corporal punishment went way beyond what the 5’2″ Sister Eleanor in fifth grade could meet out to boys who towered over her. As a matter of fact, her moral authority had us quite intimidated already. A stern word was enough to end any form of rebellion.

    I do remember a story about a kid who pulled a knife on a sister once. He was out the door before he could grovel his apologies.

    • Agree: Rich
  77. As I said….

    This pope is a disaster. The Pole and the German were great, but what happened with “transition” from Benedict to Francis was evidently some kind of internal coup.

    I don’t care for conspiracy theories, but that was a coup. Benedict is still alive & healthy, so all “explanations” for Francis’ ascendancy are bogus. Catholic Church needs reforms, but not that type, or worse.

    • Agree: Emslander
    • Replies: @Z-man
  78. @Franz

    When the emperor Constantine created “Crosstianity” as we know it, the primary converts to the new imperial state religion were “sophisticated” urbanites who saw where the bread was now buttered. They went along to get along. The term they used for the folk who maintained their cosmic nature religion was “Pagani”. It simply at that time meant rural people, those who stuck to their natural traditions which included shamanism and white-magick.

    Urbanites and sub-urbanites are almost fully deracinated and lack any direct connexion with the natural world. Those who have “seen the light” have fled to literal greener pastures. They well understand that the herd is a culturally devolved mass mess.

    The Vatican, along with Neo-Calvinism and “Christian” Zionism and Dominationalism are all evil entities, insistent on retaining their power of mind-control over those parts of humanity which they control. They are joined in this evil by the Judaic Talmudists and Sunni Muslim Salifists, Takfiris and Wahabis. So all three of the “Abrahamic” religions are joined at the hip as satanic entities which have long controlled the minds of millions upon millions of deluded followers.

    At present, insightful seekers are in search of fully grounded forms of Neo-Paganism. Even in that metric there are many who have been so taken in by all the devolutionary developments inculcated by the JudieChristie MagickMindfuck, as well as by grasping at the Big Brass Ring of materialistic values, that they all too often remain spiritually disconnected.

    We are at the terminus of the Age of Pisces and possibly also that of Kali Yuga, the Age of Domination and Destruction. Virtually all of today’s institutions are deeply corrupted, as evidenced by the fact that in general the scum, rather than the cream rises to the top. A new age logically is immanent, but there are many false pathways.

    Look within, as the great rebel Jewish prophet Jesus reminded us. Creator is within our hearts. Our minds have been deluded by the buzzers and bells. We are, indeed, spirits living a material lifetime. Great testing is upon us.

    • Agree: Franz
  79. @Goonty

    “Jews also hate prominent mention of the supposed genocide of Indians because numerically it makes the holohoax look like small potatoes. That could also be useful in the information/propaganda war against heebs.”

    No….Zinn and Hollywood producers and other jew liars LOVE to push the false narrative of the evil whites doing a genocide against the innocent redskins.

    jews object to mentioning the genocides they perpetuated, like the Armenian Genocide and the Holodomor.

    • Troll: Corvinus
    • Replies: @Goonty
    , @Fidelios Automata
  80. Anon[142] • Disclaimer says:

    I imagine with all the buggering and fellatio going on in the Vatican and its worldwide branches, kneeling, toe touching and squats are common positions and exercises.

    Why is the Pope kneeling before a bunch of Indians a hot news item ? I dont imagine he rose to the top of a deeply corrupt organisation by being a stand up guy. WINK WINK.

    As for the 215 Indians buried in a mass grave I saw somewhere the whole thing was a fake. It turned out to be tree roots or something like that.

    These Indians get Free everything, all the beer and dope and chilling every day just like the Darkies.
    Indians + Reservation = Niggers + Projects.

    Both groups should be eternally grateful that Whites heave out of bed at 5 am and put in 16 hour days to support their black asses. Instead they are ungrateful.

    What DO we have to do to make these cretins happy ?

    • Troll: Corvinus
    • Replies: @Bardon Kaldian
  81. @Priss Factor

    It’s hardly surprising that your comments about religion are even shallower than your comments about movies, Andrea. On the other hand, at least the former serve the purpose of drawing your fellow shallow Christophobes into the light, whereas few things are less edifying than seeing shallow people blather shallowly about crummy movies.

    Jorge Bergoglio is precisely the sort of pope that the revolutionary Judeo-Satanic leaders of the prelates of Vatican II were aiming for. That Pope Francis will be succeeded by someone even worse is what the smart money is already betting. The recovery of the Catholic Church from its internal Jew-led and Jew-dictated corruption is certainly a century off, perhaps a good deal longer. But the recovery of white Western civilization is even farther off, because true Christianity—building on the core of greatness of pagan Greece and Rome and offloading the enormous amount of rubbish that they produced, which people conveniently forget—was the West’s foundation. So there won’t be a second West until a true, recovered Christianity, cleansed to the bone by fire, can undergo several centuries of new martyrdoms at the hands of the descendants of today’s Judaized neopagans, whose idea of a great place to live is today’s Judaized world minus its Jews.

    We live, not in the end-time, but in an end-time. Those of you who have children and grandchildren would do well to prepare them, with lessons drawn from the past, for what future generations of white men and women will have to endure: life lived in hiding. For now is the hour of the Jew.

  82. PJ London says:

    Listen if the Jews can scam hundreds of billions off the “Holocaust” scam without a single item of forensic or confirming evidence why shouldn’t some Indians, or Irish do the same.
    The only reason that you are complaining is because you are Anti-semitic.

  83. @JPS

    The crucifix is one of the most evil pieces of symbology imaginable. It would seem like Opus Dei has stuck its gooey fingers into this debate and has designated some of its minions to provide every possible apology for the Vatican and its nefarious mind-control programs. Knights of Malta may even pay some acolytes to join in on the fun.

  84. ricpic says:

    What do I notice about those Indian school kids? They all look glum. They share the sullenness of almost all non-whites. What a waste to try to “raise them up.”

  85. @padre

    Taylor is obviously a fanatical Romanite. Those who cut padre as a “Troll” are themselves into agendas. Ganging up is an old tactic and frequently used by Opus Dei and other fanatics.

  86. Z-man says:
    @Bardon Kaldian

    They need a traditionalist firebrand, a la the SSPX, to clean out all the rot and deviancy from the Church.

  87. Goonty says:
    @Robert Dolan

    It’s interesting, there’s a video of an Indian giving a Jew shit on the street about being sick of hearing about the holocaust. I think the idea can be played with. Making Indians the main vaunted precious victim class would turn Jews against Indians and could yield results. It would just have to be contextualized properly as victim contest, rather than body count of white people.

    • Replies: @Franz
  88. @Franklin Ryckaert

    It is becoming for a cleric to wash the feet of various people, and also, most seldom, to kiss the feet of an hermit or of an ascetic. Not to kiss the feet of representatives of political parties.

  89. The late great Texe Marrs on Catholicism.

    • Thanks: CelestiaQuesta
  90. For once I wonder if that is enough humiliation for the Catholic Church. For what the adherents to that faith do to others, is that enough? If the head of Peter’s church is going to humiliate himself for his people, he has a long way to go for any reconciliation and is simple humiliation enough? I’m wondering if complete ruin wouldn’t be more appropriate but only after being drug around through the mud for many many long years.

    “If you’re a taxpayer — in New York or anywhere in the US – you’re getting scammed by groups like United Way, Catholic Charities and the Central American Refugee Center (CARECEN). You may think these are charities. Truth is, these groups are hauling in millions in taxpayer dollars — your money — under government contracts to facilitate illegal immigration.”

    What they do today is small potatoes compared to the people who died in some form of Jesus’ name in the past.

  91. Anne Lid says:
    @Liborio Guaso

    Care to provide a source for your quote? Even the Wizard of Oz has noticed how fabricated it looks.

    • Replies: @René Fries
  92. Charles says:

    Obviously, the counterfeit church leader, whatever he calls himself, should have greeted the Indians the way Homer Simpson did at the Indian casino: “HI-how-are-ya HI-how-are-ya…”

  93. @Hang All Text Drivers

    There were least 100 different cultures in North America, with some being remarkably cruel to everyone outside the tribe, including other Native Americans. Apaches (Geroninmo’s tribe) and Commanches (the bad guys in several John Wayne films) were among the worst. Of course we Whites had to subdue them and our PC commissars are wrong to suppress this historical truth. The friendly tribes didn’t fare that much better, though, being exploited and starved by Whites and killed by the fiercer tribes. The most shameful thing was our treatment of the Civilized Tribes (Cherokee, Choctaw, etc.) who were expelled from the Southeast because their land contained mineral wealth.

    • Agree: Bardon Kaldian
  94. @Robert Dolan

    Agreed. There was no physical “genocide” of the Natives, our germs did it for us. Cultural genocide, yes, but our Khazaraian rulers are doing that to us Whites as this very moment.

    • Troll: Corvinus
    • Replies: @Brian Damage
  95. Corvinus says:

    This piece is sheer ignorance by the author.

    “The big news from Canada is that Pope Francis is finishing up what he calls a “pilgrimage of repentance,” and what I call the white-man crawl”

    You mean what you falsely characterize. The pope’s actions are requisite of forgiveness. You know better than to virtue signal one of the most important canons of Christianity.

    “And by apologizing for “spiritual abuse,” isn’t the pope repudiating the whole missionary effort? Doesn’t he believe Catholics saved the souls of many converts? No.”

    Rather, the pope is repudiating forced conversion. Here is a history lesson for Mr. Taylor. Bartolomé de las Casas (November 1484 – July 1566) was a 16th-century Spanish historian, social reformer and Dominican friar. He became the first resident Bishop of Chiapas, and the first officially appointed “Protector of the Indians”. His extensive writings, the most famous being “A Short Account of the Destruction of the Indies and Historia de Las Indias”, chronicle the first decades of colonization of the West Indies and focus particularly on the atrocities committed by the colonizers against the indigenous peoples.

    –And never have the Indians in all the Indies committed any act against the Spanish Christians, until those Christians have first and many times committed countless cruel aggressions against them or against neighboring nations.

    More than thirty other islands in the vicinity of San Juan are for the most part and for the same reason depopulated, and the land laid waste.

    We can estimate very surely and truthfully that in the forty years that have passed, with the infernal actions of the Christians, there have been unjustly slain more than twelve million men, women, and children. In truth, I believe without trying to deceive myself that the number of the slain is more like fifty million.

    After the wars and the killings had ended, when usually there survived only some boys, some women, and children, these survivors were distributed among the Christians to be slaves.

    And of all the infinite universe of humanity, these people are the most guileless, the most devoid of wickedness and duplicity, the most obedient and faithful to their native masters and to the Spanish Christians whom they serve.

    These people are the most devoid of rancors, hatreds, or desire for vengeance of any people in the world.

    Their reason for killing and destroying such an infinite number of souls is that the Christians have an ultimate aim, which is to acquire gold, and to swell themselves with riches in a very brief time and thus rise to a high estate disproportionate to their merits.

    It should be kept in mind that their insatiable greed and ambition, the greatest ever seen in the world, is the cause of their villainies.–

    “I don’t doubt there was some tough discipline, even some cruelty, but I suspect the vast majority of teachers did their very best for those children.”

    It is HOW those children arrived at those boarding schools that is of wanton cruelty. Missionaries sought to “save” Indian children from “barbarity”. Basically, the decision was made against a person’s interest. I thought Mr. Taylor championed self-determination. Here is another history lesson for him. Francis Leupp, The Indian And His Problem, 1910 [former Indian commissioner]:

    We hear a great deal about the way the “educated” Indian degenerates after he returns to the reservation. There are, unhappily, too many illustrations of this to justify denial or permit evasion. But what can you expect? Take a boy away from the free open-air life of an Indian camp, house him for years in a steamheated boarding school in a different climate, change all his habits as to food, clothing, occupation, and rest, and you risk–what? Either undermining his physique so that he sickens at the school, or softening it so that when he returns to the rougher life he cannot keep up the pace.

    Morally, too, he has a hard struggle to sustain himself, for he has no social background at home against which to project his new acquirements. The old people laugh at his unIndian ways; most of the young people, even those who have had some teaching near home, feel estranged to him; his diploma finds him nothing to do; and he despises the old life while in no condition to get away from it. Can a less happy fate be conceived than such suspension between heaven and earth? Is it wonderful if a lad not over-strong lets go his hold, and slips back to a last state which seems vastly worse than the first? With a girl, the chances of evil are yet greater, for reasons which must be obvious.

    • Replies: @Anon
  96. Jimmy1969 says:

    An excellent commentary. Brief and to the point. The Indian story up there is just one spoke in the wheel of the trash the White Christian man which is the zeitgeist of our age. One fact that the Pope did not address is the hundreds of billions Canada and the US have spent on Native subsidies….with questionable returns. There was another recent more mainstream Conservative site that too decried all of this groveling: it pointed out the hardships that the original missionaries endured to attempt to help bring the Natives out of jungle. The original missionaries were often butchered, raped, died young and were paid nothing and often starved to death. The Pope and Trudeau could have acknowledged them, but that does not fit the narrative. But jump to the present last 25 or 50 years. A separate article can be written on how Canadian Social Child Services are constantly forced to seize Native Children from their drunken glue sniffing neglectful Parents….the numbers are astounding. That was not mentioned by the Pope or Trudeau on any news shows. Also the Prostitution of Native women…they get plastered and get in a car with anyone and thousands of them out near remote truck stops are never seen again. 95% of street walkers and beggars near Liquor stores up in Canada are Natives…years ago they were blacks but not now. The SAT scores are another factor….down at the bottom of the pack. The Natives contribute really nothing to North America.

    • Agree: Rich
  97. @Pierre de Craon

    Let’s not be a dammy.

    What does it say about the Catholic Church that it elevated a man like Francy to top slot?

    And Catholicism did what for the likes of Pelosi and Biden?

    It’s a garbage religion. Nice art work but drawn from pagan roots.

    Why not go full pagan instead?

    • Replies: @John Johnson
    , @HeebHunter
  98. @David Burberry

    “Christian warriors quite easily killed your pagan gods.

    But hey feel free to worship that gay-tranny-furry Odin.”

    Using the same logic, I suppose it could be said tranny warriors are killing off your god. LOL!

    • LOL: Notsofast
  99. @Fidelios Automata

    There was no physical “genocide” of the Natives, our germs did it for us

    On the US side there was wholesale genocide. The British in Canada mostly put them in reservations. No doubt, Canadian Natives were abused and treated unfairly but very little outright killing them.

    The US with a population of 330 million has only 2.6 million Natives. 0.7%. Canada with a population of 38 million has 1.7 million Natives. 4.5%.

    Having said that, the Natives in Canada are perpetual victims. Constantly playing victims for crumbs when they can prosper beyond imagination with their privileges, rights and land. If they get their sh4t together and stop blaming personal bad decisions on historical grievances. And, “Natives” who are actually Whites got the best of both world. They get to run the “Native” victim show, profit from Native owned resources and at the same time get to play the race card. Win-Win. Nothing can get better than that.

    • Agree: JR Foley
  100. @Priss Factor

    Why not go full pagan instead?

    A full pagan is just a blue haired White woman with dog mom and “hands of my body” stickers on a beat up prius.

    There is no such thing as paganism unless you count LARPing. Whites are incapable of being secular. Intelligence has nothing to do with it.

    If anything intelligent Whites are even more vulnerable to liberalism. They leave Christianity and become convinced they are sooper smart for going liberal and part of the Good White Alliance that will save the oppressed Bantu. Then they go home and play video games or watch Netflix and tell themselves that not having kids is the right thing for the earth.

    Catholics at least have kids. Secularism turns Whites into childless wrecks. That’s not merely speculation. Secular Whites consistently vote left and are far more likely to be childless.

    The main requirement of a religion should be fertility. By that standard the Catholic faith is at the top while secularism/liberalism/LARPing is at the bottom.

    • Replies: @Priss Factor
  101. The fat queer turd Francis is certainly an embarrassment, but then again so is EVERY single Western “leader” these days.

    That’s what happens when you betray your own kind and cede your Civilization for Jew money.

  102. It’s like Pelosi flying to Taiwan to deflect from insider stock trading crimes. Pope Francis is just deflecting from Catholic Church’s atrocities of priesthood pedophiles.
    As for Pelosi, I hope the Chinese blast that despicable bwitch back to hell, and Pope Francis catches MonkeyPox and is covered with rashes and repents his sins on humanity.

    • Replies: @Brian Damage
    , @JR Foley
  103. Having defended the previous executive, treading deep into some murky waters, one should avoid. I have to acknowledge that it is entirely possible to oppose immigration with getting into some he tawdry characterizations that are made.

    Furthermore, if one is going to espouse the virtues of whiteness to the common good, then one had better be prepared to deal the same when the conduct, intent and policies were less than good. A spouse being mistreated doesn’t have to sit quiet because the other is the primary bread winner or does the job of fixing things around the house.

    At some point in time, one is going to have to take the hits along with demanded adulation. The problem with whites and native americans has less to do goodness than the simple same to same.

    Canadian children were not taken from their parents, isolated from their communities by force. Children went to school and then back to their communities.

    So the foundation of your claim regarding compulsory education is misleading. at best and excuse making for the worst kind of forced cult indoctrination methods. Now granted the goal was generally benign — assimilate said children into the greater play of the Canadian community.

    But Quebec’s children were not forced into a boarding system to ensure they would be Canadians and not French. No those children, went to school and went home, to their French speaking, wayward, alcoholic unemployed, criminal inclined . . . poor, or wealthy, moral or amoral communities and their parents. That is the key difference.

    “Founded by Colonel Richard Henry Pratt, this is where the term “Kill the Indian to save the man” was coined, which represented the belief system behind these schools. The intent was the erasure of Native culture through assimilation.”

    White parents have conniption fits if their parents get a dose of trans education, and rightly so, they hand riming about schools “grooming” their children. Imagine if the system declared said parents unfit in some manner gathered up their children by force and then carted them off to camp barring or limiting visitation.

    And apparently some of the conduct and treatment against the students was a hair’s breath away from a solitary confinement Gulag. Canadian parents would be aghast and demand not just an apology, but someone’s head.

    That the Catholic authorities have been found wanting and are acknowledging that is no less than whites would expect. And that the education was conducted under the auspices of white benevolence and wasn’t — skin color is simply a category by which the dominant population used and is being held to account by the same.

    Hopefully, in the not too distant future, a pope will tour the country seeking forgiveness for dropping the ball on same relational conduct and completely obliterating the truth regarding Christ, the good Samaritan and immigration.

  104. @John Johnson

    A full pagan is just a blue haired White woman with dog mom and “hands of my body” stickers on a beat up prius.

    No, virile pagans will kick their ass. Full paganism is about nature and health.

    What passes for urban neo-paganism is sickly and degenerate, product of too much comfort and convenience. Also, current ‘wokeness’ is a combination of worst aspects of pagan degeneracy and worst aspects of Christian sanctimony.

    At least homo pagans in the past never pretended their stuff was about morality or spirituality. Today’s globo-homo pagans have appropriated christian sanctimony and act like they’re angels.

    We need virile paganism that is one with the way of nature.

  105. @Anon


    They can get out of misery only if they intermarry and become whites in a 2-3 generations.

    Indians, not blacks.

  106. Jorge Bergoglio, a.k.a. Francis, is an antipope. Benedict XVI remains the true Pope.

  107. @GenFranco


    During a frustrating argument with a Roman Catholic cardinal, Napoleon Bonaparte supposedly burst out: “Your eminence, are you not aware that I have the power to destroy the Catholic Church?” The cardinal, the anecdote goes, responded ruefully: “Your majesty, we, the Catholic clergy, have done our best to destroy the church for the last 1,800 years. We have not succeeded, and neither will you.”

  108. @CelestiaQuesta

    Pelosi got her fame 31 years ago, by sneaking away during official business in Beijing to unfurl a flag “To those who died for democracy in China,”

    2019 Hong Kong protesters were maiming people, burning schools, public properties and Pelosi said “It’s a beautiful sight.” I was there in 2019 and saw the protestors with my own eyes.

    I have many friends in Taiwan and none wanted Pelosi to visit. They just want the status quo and benefit from trade with China that constantly produced more than 100 billion dollars in surplus a year. That’s a lot of surplus for such a small country.

  109. Face it….Catholics are a disaster.

    The pope is a faggot.

    The president is a shabbos goy POS.

    The speaker of the house is a disgusting crazy lush.

    Teddy Kennedy fucked a young girl and then drove her into a lake and got out and walked away….then he helped the nose pass the Immigration Act of 1965. The “lion of the Senate.”

    I could do this all day.

    Oh, and fuck the Indians…..we dindu nuffin to them.

    • Replies: @Carroll price
  110. @Ghali

    Indeed. If you are an impotent humanistwith non functional Sexual organs.

    It was killing of enemies in reality.

    Enemy women Enemy children and Enemy men.

    The natives have no goddamn inherent right to live.

    The British had NO CALL OF DUTY WHATSOEVER to the damn natives.

  111. @RJ Macready

    Well said.
    That and this nonsense about natural rights which led to this human rights disease 😒 😤

  112. Emslander says:
    @Pierre de Craon

    That Pope Francis will be succeeded by someone even worse is what the smart money is already betting.

    I don’t share your pessimism, about the Church or about the West. It’s a truth among those who’ve suffered spiritually through these years of the new paganism that revelation grows as the cross gets heavier. I mean that it’s hard to see how anything can get much worse than what our dominant culture has become.

    One of the reasons God allows evil to prosper is that it causes good people to seek perfection. It’s that supernatural work that’s being done now all over the world and especially within the old boundaries of Christendom. I see a new dawn not far off, probably preceded by the collapse of this hollowed-out hulk we call post-modern civilization.

    • Replies: @Pierre de Craon
  113. Ed Case says:
    @Kolya Krassotkin

    The article was 1500 words too long.
    Besides teachers, nuns, priests there were kitchen staff, cleaners, gardeners, maintenance people employed at Kamloops.
    What type of people would these be?
    From my limited knowledge, very unsavoury types that should never be allowed near vulnerable children.

    • Replies: @Bardon Kaldian
  114. Jimmy1969 says:

    Ignorant Americans know little about Canada

    • Replies: @Robert Dolan
  115. @Ed Case

    Nothing happened in Kamloops.

    Get a life.

    • Agree: USGrant
    • Replies: @Ed Case
  116. @Jimmy1969

    I’ve known a number of canadians and all of them were dumbass shitlibs.

    Beautiful women…..but empty headed virtue signaling nincompoops.

    The truckers were okay. I’ll give you that.

    Jim Carrey is canadian, I believe…..he famously said that, “White people fuck everything up.”

    No Jim…just you buddy.

  117. @Priss Factor

    No, virile pagans will kick their ass. Full paganism is about nature and health.

    Total fantasy.

    Or do tell when is the next Healthy White Pagan family BBQ and meetup? There is no “real” pagan or virile movement or even an ideology. It’s just a disparate collection of thoughts in your mind.

    What passes for urban neo-paganism is sickly and degenerate, product of too much comfort and convenience.

    There is no such thing as urban neo-paganism. There are bumper stickers and t-shirts.

    We need virile paganism that is one with the way of nature.

    You get that BBQ going and let me know how it goes.

    Here in reality Catholics have children while secular Whites watch television and become dog moms and video game experts.

    I lost my faith in secularism by being around secular Whites. It’s too late at this point to try and start some new way. Liberalism and secularism are inseparable. The liberal virus has taken it over and the adherents have no clue. Secular Whites want to eliminate Whites. They are dedicated to the will of the deceitful egalitarian and fully believe that getting rid of Whites is “the science” and must be done. If that isn’t bad enough there are also secular Whites that know the truth and still support the lie because in their minds there is no other way.

    • Agree: Emslander, JR Foley
    • Replies: @Priss Factor
  118. WHAT says:

    Institutional catholics are all pedos and fascist scum, so I have zero problem with satanic catholicism being destroyed such.

  119. @Priss Factor

    Virile paganism is a myth. It’s likable, but- just a myth.

    • Replies: @Priss Factor
  120. Ghali says:

    To those who replied to my comment: You are fucking dirty racist morons.

    • Agree: Supply and Demand
    • Replies: @Robert Dolan
  121. @Bardon Kaldian

    Not a myth but sometimes a horrifying fact.

    When paganism is too virile, well, you have the Vikings and Mongols. Or the National Socialists.

    We need some of that virile barbarian energy but under lid.

  122. Dream says:

    No good people go unpunished.

    This explains the plight of the White Man.

    • Agree: martin_2
  123. They need to send the Canadian grave finders to “death camps” in Poland and Germany to locate mass graves that no one else has been able to find.

  124. @John Johnson

    Or do tell when is the next Healthy White Pagan family BBQ and meetup? There is no “real” pagan or virile movement or even an ideology. It’s just a disparate collection of thoughts in your mind.

    Such is possible. National Socialism without the racial supremacism and imperialism.

    You get that BBQ going and let me know how it goes.

    It goes like this:

    Here in reality Catholics have children while secular Whites watch television and become dog moms and video game experts.

    A lot of Catholics are totally ‘woke’. Their pope is Francy the pansy. Catholics welcome White Nakba and the Great Replacement. Catholic church is filled with homos. The church was always corrupt as hell, run by people like Fauci. If Catholicism is so great, why are once-Catholic Italy, Spain, and Ireland all dying?

    Also, so-called ‘secular’ people are just mutants of Protestantism, with their puritanical devotion to new gods such as BLM. Different gods but same kind of sickly holier-than-thou mentality drawn from Christianity.

    I lost my faith in secularism by being around secular Whites.

    That’s because they’re not neo-fascist whites. The choice shouldn’t be between religious vs secular. The real choice is mythic. Like Joe Campbell said, it’s the myths that guide us. In this day and age, we can’t regain our innocence and actually believe in the supernatural. And yet, our psyche remain mythic, we seek the grail in all its metaphors. Some now call for ‘Christian Nationalism’, but it’s better to be mythic than religious. Better to go with Prissian Nationalism.

    Even a Mooslim can learn to appreciate the barbarian.

    • Replies: @John Johnson
  125. Anonymous[209] • Disclaimer says:
    @archer fire

    Perfect example of a racist,sexist and colonial mindset. The native and white women are “loose”, but not the men. The male “White dad” is capitalizes, but not the female “white mamma”. The kids in Catholic schools weren’t Native Americans, they were bastard half breeds.

    • Agree: JR Foley
  126. JimB says:

    Francis is a pretender as far as I’m concerned. Pope Benedict, the true leader of the church, was removed by a coup of woke archbishops. The real news isn’t the pretender pope groveling in front of indigenous minorities but his waging war on the Tridentine mass. It is a vital ritual for re-evangelizing the West and, as such, threatens the pretender’s plan to wokefy the church and turn it into a franchise of Comet Pong Pizza.

    • Agree: USGrant
  127. @Ghali

    Note to the low IQ commenter….the R word doesn’t work anymore.

    In fact, it hasn’t worked for a long time.

  128. profnasty says:

    Six million Native American Indian
    children murdered with mosquito spray in Canada.
    For shame, White Canadians.
    For shame.
    You’d better buy the Indians some submarines, but fast.

  129. @Robert Dolan

    You need to give Teddy some credit. In swimming across Chappaquiddick Sound in the middle of the night during a vicious rip tide he broke nine-time Olympic champion Mark Spitz’s swimming record.

    While becoming so exhausted in the process that 10 hours was required to regain enough breath to tell police that his knocked-up girl-friend was trapped inside a car resting on the bottom of Chappaquiddick creek.

  130. Harry E says:

    Ann Barnhardt had a post today about Sitting Bull and Pope Francis. She wrote that Sitting Bull was baptized as a Roman Catholic.

  131. The Pope seems to love the taste of foot.

  132. profnasty says:
    @JR Foley

    Just like their Black cousins, the Indians are angling for free shit.
    In the words of our future President:

  133. Jared, you should have put “Holiness” in quotes.

    • Replies: @Corvinus
    , @JimB
  134. JoeyI says:
    @Hang All Text Drivers

    Central and South American Indians sacrificed a lot of people, many of them children. Cutting hearts out, throwing them down wells, etc. They probably cut their victims heads off and used them as soccer balls.

    • Troll: Corvinus
  135. Aqualung says:

    Christianity is Roman fiction. It’s a shake and bake of Judaism (messianism), paganism and Josephus’ stories of Titus Flavius’ sacking of Jerusalem. Titus Flavius is Jesus.

  136. JR Foley says:

    God chose Donald Trump to lead America –Fact. Jesus appointed Nancy Pelosi to fly to Taiwan –Fact. The Holy Spirit had Boris Johnson and Justin “Jackboot” Trudeau in Rwanda scouting where to send immigrants —–Fact. Zylenskyy is God —–Fact !!!!

  137. @Lee

    The crucifix is idolatry. The Pope of Rome is the Antichrist. Their indoctrination of little children is Jewish.

    • Replies: @Ann Nonny Mouse
  138. Mac_ says:

    Few notes and would argue spelling correction in title should be hole i ness not holiness. Holiness would be moon phases and nature, our original religion, not monotheism junk or cons associated with it. The pushing immigration and ‘sanctuary cities’ now whole ‘states’, destructive religion con. Also the cons in the fake indian gear aren’t representative of the true naturals and their original religions of earth and sky and rain worship, not fake ‘man in the sky’. There is no ‘repenting’ the assault of children and destruction caused by that overbreeding earth destroying selfish greed ‘religion’ the same time sitting ignoring the mass filth on ‘web’ and going on in false ‘courts’ supposed ‘family law’ and otherwise.

    The con in the jw yamulke hat and also over two thousand ‘catholic’ hospitals’ some using bogus claim ‘non profit’ and ram vaccine and ‘nurses’ jabbing people are a problem. He’s not humiliating self he’s doing an act for more ignorant destruction folowers.

    The fake indian should take a note from the Cree saying ‘when the last fish dies you will realize you cannot eat money’.

  139. @Ann Nonny Mouse

    To continue, the claim of the western part of the Great Schism to be Catholic is diabolic. It’s pretending the members of the eastern part are not in Christ’s Church. Satan loves it!

    • Replies: @Ann Nonny Mouse
  140. Anon[142] • Disclaimer says:

    Your comment is as long as the article and to boot a colossal load of shit. I bet you used to be an altar boy serving the Priest and his visitors in the back room. Getting some Holy Communion on the sly ??

    You should head to the Vatican. They need faggots and you would be an ideal candidate. Hell, you could rise from Priest to Cardinal in a few months, maybe even make Pope.

    Pope Curve Anus the First !

    Kneel for the Holy Communion and if you dont want to then bend over.

    • Replies: @Corvinus
  141. What does an Argentinian Catholic have to do with any whiteness vs. wokeness dichotomy, Jared? Is this another instance of you playing defense for the Jews, like a good goy? This is not Pope Francis’ first gaff by any means, however this doesn’t give you the right to steal his identity in order to propagate racial divisions for the real enemy.
    If it weren’t for the Catholic Church, those injuns up north would still be scalping each other over territory and worshipping as many deities as there are stars in the sky. It was Catholic missionaries like Saints Isaac Jogues and Jean de Brebeuf who learned and codified their languages, translated them and introduced them to civility. They paid the ultimate price to bring those natives Divine Revelation, and your attempt to turn them into “whites” dismisses the contributions of their lives and martyrdom.
    Let us not forget that Trudeau is a WEF-appointed oligarch, and Jewish puppet, the World Economic Forum being a Jewish organization itself. Jared’s race-baiting only serves to distract us from the real war currently and forever being waged by Jews on the Body of Christ, which is the Catholic Church.

  142. @Priss Factor

    I pity thor, odin, freya, whatever the hell these demonic spirits were if they ever actually existed. With followers like you, I’m sure these “gods” can radiate their glory to the eager masses of Vikings, ever so ready to take back mother Evropa, just like the Azov Battalion was!

    Protip: To be religious is to believe that God is all around you. When your “priests” say the gods are “allegorical, ” it is already dead in the water. This is understandable, “Paganism” is LARPing.

    • Replies: @Priss Factor
  143. Richard B says:
    @Priss Factor

    “More than 150,000 native children in Canada were forced to attend state-funded Christian schools from the 19th century until the 1970s . . . . The aim was to Christianize and assimilate them into mainstream society, which previous Canadian governments considered superior.”


    “More than 500,000,000 white children throughout the Western world were forced to attend state-funded Woke schools from the the 20th century until. . . . The aim was to lobotomize and assimilate them into mainstream society, which Woke governments considered superior.”

    Guess we won’t live long enough to get our apology.


    Yeah, I know it wasn’t called Woke in the 20th century. But the point still stands.

  144. Anon[230] • Disclaimer says:

    Bergoglio is an anti-white, Latin American Marxist.

    • Agree: Richard B
    • Replies: @Richard B
  145. JR Foley says:
    @Fiendly Neighbourhood Terrorist

    Do not denigrate Canada —Freeland will become its new name and Stepan Bandera will supplant MacDonald and be realized as Canada’s First Reformed Prime Minister and Justin “Jackboot” Trudeau will bail Freeland out of Debt while the glockenspiels ding dong their way through Southern Ontario and banners fly with Chrystia Rules !! It’s only simple logic–Ukrainians killing Ukrainians but blaming Russia—works every time.

  146. @Priss Factor

    Such is possible. National Socialism without the racial supremacism and imperialism.

    Well the National Socialists were wise enough to not trash Christianity or promote secularism. They wanted to remove the Old Testament and make Jesus an Aryan. But Hitler soured that idea with his greed and warmongering.

    You develop the ideology and report back to us. Anything that hints of White collectivism will be attacked by US right and left. Half of Whites have been convinced that the “Free market” is everything while the other half believes the poor Bantu would be building spaceships if not for Bad Whites. Even if you repackaged National Socialism they wouldn’t get it. You are too many steps from them. Conservatives flip out over the idea of merely subsidizing health care for the middle class. National Socialism allowed for public ownership of any industry if it serves the interest of the state/people. Conservatives would go after you first to show they are “not racist” while attacking the idea that we should not submit to global capitalism.

    It makes more sense to encourage Whites to be Catholic. That is the rational position given the situation. Secularism turns Whites into good little liberals and the protestant light denominations aren’t much better. That is the rational position if the goal is to not be outbred and outvoted.

    In the future the great lie will fade due to advancements in technology. It won’t be possible for the left to tell their racial fantasy tales and that is why they want to make Whites a minority. The left wants a permanent third world majority in case Whites give up the fairy tale.
    If Catholicism is so great, why are once-Catholic Italy, Spain, and Ireland all dying?

    How are those countries dying? Ireland and Spain are in much better shape than Britain and France.

    I never said that Catholicism is great. It does however meet a key qualification which is fertility. If religion doesn’t get fertility right then what is the point? It will just be taken over by a competing religion or ideology.

    Russian Orthodox is probably the ideal but that isn’t realistic. Makes more sense to encourage Whites to go Catholic.

    I lost my faith in secularism by being around secular Whites.

    That’s because they’re not neo-fascist whites. The choice shouldn’t be between religious vs secular.

    Yes 99.9% of secular Whites are not neo-fascist. That is correct. Most secular Whites can’t even handle *undisputed* racial differences and you want to sell them on some type of pagan fascist ideology that exists in your mind? How you even been around secular Whites? I don’t think you realize how hopeless they are. Go to a secular meet-up and merely discuss how suspects are caught through DNA racial analysis. It will freak them out because it implies that race can be identified at the DNA level….which is correct. They will not ask you to return.

    The real choice is mythic.

    Look I really enjoyed the Northman but you watch too many Viking movies. That is in the past. Maybe in some post-apocalyptic future they will return but that is not the reality of today.

    • Replies: @Priss Factor
  147. I have lived in Catholic boarding schools in Québec during the 50’s and the 60’s, both primary and high-school. The only thing I missed was emotional support. The discipline was strict. However I was always treated fairly. I can’t tell anything about how the first Nations people were treated though. I moved in in September and returned home for Christmas and at the end of June for the summer. And for a few years I was sent to a Summer camp for a month and a half. My father suffered some very painful condition.

  148. @HeebHunter

    To be religious is to believe that God is all around you.

    So are dust particles. So, should I worship that?

    • Replies: @HeebHunter
    , @RJ Macready
  149. Ed Case says:
    @Bardon Kaldian

    Sounds like Limited Hangout.
    Hey, look, nothing happened at Kamloops, therefore all the Canada child gulags are in the clear.
    Some taciturn Indian kid missing his family jacks up in the workhouse, the nun gets the studded leather belt out, goes too far, kid gets buried down the back that night.
    How many times do you reckon that happened?
    Australia had a Royal Commission into it a few years ago.
    The evidence was heartbreaking, but the same shills always emerge from the S-Bend croaking:
    They’re only innit fer the money.

    • Replies: @Athena
    , @René Fries
  150. Truly Evil race hatred, from a coloniser to the devastated remnants of the colonised. Austfailia, too, is full of such human garbage, as we will see, yet again, as the racists attack the proposed referendum to acknowledge the Indigenous people’s role in the country.

  151. Athena says:

    The Dangerous Alliance of Rothschild and the Vatican of Francis


    ”First off it is useful to see who are the “inclusive” capitalists joining forces with the Pope and Vatican. The founder is a lady who carries the name Lady Lynn Forester de Rothschild. She is the wife of the 90-year old retired mega-billionaire head of London’s NM Rothschilds Bank, Sir Evelyn de Rothschild.”

    ”Lady Lynn is interesting as well beyond her famous husband. According to the list of names of those who flew on the private jet of convicted child sex trafficker and reported Mossad operative Jeffrey Epstein, one name that appears is “de Rothschild, Lynn Forester.”

    ”The Rothschild venture with the Vatican at this point, in addition to co-founder Lady Lynn Forester de Rothschild, includes hand-picked money moguls and their select foundations who pompously call themselves the “Guardians.”


    – Rajiv Shah (CEO of the Rockefeller Foundation)
    – Darren Walker (CEO of the Ford Foundation)
    – Head of DuPont
    – Merck and Johnson & Johnson
    – CEOs of Visa, Mastercard, Bank of America, Allianz insurance, BP
    – Mark Carney, former head of Bank of England
    – Head of Bank of America (launders money for the Mexican and Russian mafia.)

    ”Ironically, or maybe not, Pope Francis, the partner chosen to give Rothschild’s group of mega-capitalists “moral” credibility, is himself embroiled in what could be the largest financial scandals, fraud and misuse of church funds in the modern history of the Vatican. That, despite the fact Pope Francis declared as new Pope in 2013, one of his main tasks would be to clean up the scandal-ridden Vatican finances. That has hardly taken place even after more than six years. Some Vatican observers even claim the financial corruption has worsened.”


    The Sinister Convergence of Klaus Schwab’s Great Reset with the Vatican and Liberation Theology

    • Replies: @emerging majority
  152. @mulga mumblebrain

    It’s not working.

    The R word doesn’t work anymore you stupid bitch.

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  153. loren says:

    Jews also hate prominent mention of the supposed genocide of Indians because numerically it makes the holohoax look like small potatoes. That could also be useful in the information/propaganda war against heebs.

    Indeed, countless times iv passed the holo ‘museum’ but never entered.
    I am told of the many rooms and horrific pix, no mention of the 7 nations.

  154. JimB says:

    Jared, you should have put “Holiness” in quotes.

    His “Oiliness.” A suitable title for an unctuous pope.

    • Replies: @emerging majority
  155. Corvinus says:

    When you only have insults to lob, rather than address the facts I presented, you lost the argument.

    • Replies: @Thomas Hotchins
    , @Anon
  156. @Athena

    Co-incidentally: Being caught up in wokeified P.C. manias, the owners of the Cleveland Indians changed the name of their team to the Guardians. Though the mostly black city is mired in ghetto poverty, places like Shaker Heights are laden with Shekels.

    John D. Rockefeller made the big time in control of the oil industry due to a cousinly loan from a Rottenchild owned bank in Cleveland. That city also hosts one of the “Federal” Reserve banks. Anyone know which private banks in that metro are the primary owners of their “Fed”?

  157. Athena says:

    The hidden genocide of the Natives is true. It’s not a hoax.

    However, as i see, the deep state is currently using this for its agenda:

    – Reverend Kevin Annett revealed detailed information on multiple mass graves discovered in all provinces of Canada about 15 years ago. He was supported in doing so by the Elders of British Colombia.

    This was approximately when the remains of Hussein’s reactor were brought back to Canada (Cameco, in Saskatchewan).

    – Rev. Kevin Annett went to Rome and Pope Benedict apologized. However, Kevin Annett then went to London, where he was imprisoned.

    – At the time, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (state-owned CBC) did not cover anything regarding all the detailed revelations of Kevin Annett. Total black out.

    – Mr Annett then went to Ottawa, for a protest, but there were only a few people who decided to go with him and help him have all details on the numerous mass graves publicly revealed. Canadians weren’t interested.

    – Then, oddly enough, the CBC broadcast recently broadcast a breaking news about Natives graves ”newly discovered” (!), they pretended. Very bizarre. Since then, the CBC, media of the deep state and Nato mouthpiece, has been aggressively covered the topic. WHY didn’t they do it a decade before? Why now?


    Kevin Annett:

    Canada’s murderous “Indian residential schools”

    ”Murder by Decree is an uncensored record of the planned extermination of indigenous children in Canada’s murderous “Indian residential schools”. It is issued as a corrective Counter Report to the miscarriage of justice by Church and State known as the “Truth and Reconciliation Commission” (TRC). Based on eyewitness testimonies and archival documentation deliberately suppressed or ignored by the TRC, Murder by Decree proves that the genocide of indigenous people began as a religion-led campaign and continues to be a deliberate governmental policy in Canada. This Counter Report reveals these startling facts: – Over half of Indian residential school children began dying the very first year these church-run facilities were opened – This huge mortality rate continued unabated for over a half century because of deliberate practices of germ warfare according to a prescribed monthly “death quota” – Evidence of these crimes and their intentional nature has been continually destroyed by the RCMP and the Catholic, Anglican and United Church since at least 1960 – The same genocide continues today, is aimed at indigenous women and children, and is driven by foreign corporate interests hungry for native lands and resources Murder by Decree is issued by The International Tribunal for the Disappeared of Canada (ITDC), an international coalition of jurists and human rights groups. The ITDC was formed in December, 2015 to investigate the disappearance of people in Canada, prosecute those responsible and prevent a further whitewash by Canada of its Crimes against Humanity.”

    • Thanks: emerging majority
  158. @JimB

    An Extreme description of all popes and most of their underlings. Oliness fits right in with Oilygarchs. They’re all cut out of the same cloth comprised of two materials: Greed and a lust for power.

    • Replies: @JimB
  159. Athena says:
    @Ed Case

    TRUE. It’s not a hoax.

    Multiple mass graves of indian residential schools children revealed by Reverend Kevin Annett in April 2008:

    Excerpt from:

    Today, we are releasing to this Tribunal and to the people of the world the enclosed information on the location of mass graves connected to Indian residential schools and hospitals in order to prevent the destruction of this crucial evidence by the Canadian government, the RCMP and the Anglican, Catholic and United Church of Canada.


    A. British Columbia

    1. Port Alberni: Presbyterian-United Church school (1895-1973) resbyterian-United Church school (1895-1973), now occupied by the Nuu-Chah-Nulth Tribal Council (NTC) office, Kitskuksis Road . Grave site is a series of sinkhole rows in hills 100 metres due west of the NTC building, in thick foliage, past an unused water pipeline. Children also interred at Tseshaht reserve cemetery, and in wooded gully east of Catholic cemetery on River Road .

    2. Alert Bay : St. Michael’s Anglican school (1878-1975), situated on Cormorant Island offshore from Port McNeill. Presently building is used by Namgis First Nation. Site is an overgrown field adjacent to the building, and also under the foundations of the present new building, constructed during the 1960’s. Skeletons seen “between the walls”.

    3. Kuper Island: Catholic school (1890-1975), offshore from Chemainus. Land occupied by Penelakut Band. Former building is destroyed except for a staircase. Two grave sites: one immediately south of the former building, in a field containing a conventional cemetery; another at the west shoreline in a lagoon near the main dock.

    4. Nanaimo Indian Hospital

    5. Mission: St. Mary’s Catholic school (1861-1984)

    6. North Vancouver: Squamish (1898-1959) and Sechelt (1912-1975) Catholic schools

    7. Sardis: Coqualeetza Methodist-United Church school (1889-1940)

    8. Cranbrook: St. Eugene Catholic school (1898-1970), recently converted into a tourist “resort” with federal funding, resulting in the covering-over of a mass burial site by a golf course in front of the building. Numerous grave sites are around and under this golf course.

    9. Williams Lake : Catholic school (1890-1981)

    10. Meares Island (Tofino): Kakawis-Christie Catholic school (1898-1974)

    11. Kamloops : Catholic school (1890-1978).

    12. Lytton: St. George’s Anglican school (1901-1979).

    13. Fraser Lake : Lejac Catholic school (1910-1976)


    1. Edmonton : United Church school (1919-1960), presently site of the Poundmaker Lodge in St. Albert . Graves of children reported south of former school site, under thick hedge that runs north-south, adjacent to memorial marker.

    2. Edmonton : Charles Camsell Hospital (1945-1967), building intact, experimental hospital run by Indian Affairs and United Church . Mass graves of children from hospital reported south of building, near staff garden.

    3. Saddle Lake : Bluequills Catholic school (1898-1970), building intact, skeletons and skulls observed in basement furnace. Mass grave reported adjacent to school.

    4. Hobbema: Ermineskin Catholic school (1916-1973)


    1. Brandon : Methodist-United Church school (1895-1972). Building intact. Burials reported west of school building.

    2. Portage La Prairie: Presbyterian-United Church school (1895-1950). Children buried at nearby Hillside Cemetery .

    3. Norway House: Methodist-United Church school (1900-1974). “Very old” grave site next to former school building, demolished by United Church in 2004.


    1. Thunder Bay : Lakehead Psychiatric Hospital , still in operation. Experimental centre. Women and children reported buried adjacent to hospital grounds.

    2. Sioux Lookout: Pelican Lake Catholic school (1911-1973). Burials of children in mound near to school.

    3. Kenora: Cecilia Jeffrey school, Presbyterian-United Church (1900-1966). Large burial mound east of former school.

    4. Fort Albany : St. Anne’s Catholic school (1936-1964). Children killed in electric chair buried next to school.

    5. Spanish: Catholic school (1883-1965). Numerous graves.

    6. Brantford : Mohawk Institute, Anglican church (1850-1969)

    7. Sault Ste. Marie: Shingwauk Anglican school (1873-1969)


    1. Montreal : Allan Memorial Institute, McGill University , still in operation since opening in 1940. MKULTRA experimental centre. Mass grave of children killed there north of building, on southern slopes of Mount Royal behind stone wall.


    – Eyewitness accounts from survivors of these institutions, catalogued in Hidden from History: The Canadian Holocaust (2nd ed., 2005) by Kevin Annett. Other accounts are from local residents. See .

    – Documents and other material from the Department of Indian Affairs RG 10 microfilm series on Indian Residential Schools in Koerner Library, University of B.C.

    – Survey data and physical evidence obtained from grave sites in Port Alberni , Mission , and other locations.

    This is a partial list and does not include all of the grave sites connected to Indian residential Schools and hospitals across Canada. In many cases, children who were dying of diseases were sent home to die by school and church officials, and the remains of other children who died at the school were incinerated in the residential school furnaces.

    This information is submitted by The Friends and Relatives of the Disappeared (FRD) to the world media, the United Nations, and to the International Human Rights Tribunal into Genocide in Canada (IHRTGC). The IHRTGC will commence its investigations on April 15, 2008 on Squamish Nation territory.

    For more information on the independent inquiry into genocide in Canada being conducted by the IHRTGC, write to: [email protected]

    10 April, 2008
    Squamish Nation Territory (“ Vancouver , Canada ”)

    • Thanks: Ed Case
  160. @Ann Nonny Mouse

    And what’s this “Holiness” stuff? Read Foxe’s Book of Martyrs. The Roman Popes and their gang killed more martyrs than all the Roman emperors put together.

    And there were monarchic bishops in Asia Minor before there was one in Rome.

    And the passage in Matthew, nice, precise, rigged Canonical passage, even if we ignore the “Get thou behind me, Satan” shouted at Peter by Jesus in the next chapter, what about Paul shouting at him, “I am the apostle to the Gentiles, you, Peter are the apostle to the Jews.”? (I forget which one of Paul’s epistles that’s in.)

    And the Epistle to the Hebrews as quoted in the Paris Placards rips apart the magical repeating of the sacrifice of Jesus in the so-called Mass.

    A basic Protestant belief is in the “priesthood of all believers”, meaning no intercessors. No praying to canonical saints for them to pass it on to God. No confessions to priests needed. No altar boys.

    Papism is a total fraud in every direction.

  161. Anon[203] • Disclaimer says:


  162. Franz says:

    It’s interesting, there’s a video of an Indian giving a Jew shit on the street about being sick of hearing about the holocaust.

    There’s another possible reason for this.

    Like the Nation of Islam before them, some bright Navajos and Shawnee are hearing the word about the Jewish Conquistadors and the (big) chance that it was not so much a European Invasion as a Jewish one, just using Europeans as cannon fodder.

    It could get interesting if it catches on. Unfortunately the NOI has been talking their gripe for over 50 years and most blacks still blame whitey. So it’s got a slow traction rate.

  163. @Corvinus

    I had a similar back and forth with him and he never directly answers anything. He just throws around what he perceives to be insults such as “alt-right” and other non sense, and never gives a genuine response, just trollish comments. His only purpose on UNZ it seems, is to attempt to derail discussions with left wing views but never has anything to back it up.

  164. @Pierre de Craon

    You are full right. On a site I sometimes look at because my library is deficient in “modern” books, one can read that

    ” ‘All significant concepts of the modern theory of the state are secularized theological concepts. . . .’ Schmitt means this in a dual sense—more obviously, that the historical development of the theory of the state flows directly from theological concepts, such as God as the ‘omnipotent lawgiver’ (something explicit in Hobbes), and less obviously, that the ‘systematic structure’ of modern theories is theological in nature. So, most notably, ‘The exception in jurisprudence is analogous to the miracle in theology’ “


    “One of the many intellectual inheritances we lost over the course of the twentieth century was a proper appreciation of the intersection of religious thinking and politics. The assumption today is either that the two are irrelevant to each other, or that religion poisons politics. Tedious and false histories of religious wars are offered to show we must be ruled by so-called liberal democracy, which is anti-religious in its nature, and therefore nobody explores what religion, both historically and intellectually, means for politics. Except for Schmitt—who in this as in everything else, isn’t even on the same planet with modern political philosophers, mostly mentally-defective nobodies such as John Rawls”, , emphasis (bold) mine.

    • Thanks: Pierre de Craon
    • Replies: @Pierre de Craon
  165. @Franklin Ryckaert

    I think someone told the Pope he should try eating nigger toes (Brazil nuts) and he took it literally.

  166. Anon[125] • Disclaimer says:

    When you only have insults to lob, rather than address the facts I presented, you lost the argument.

    Lost what argument ? What facts ? 99% of your long comments are sheer bunk, ruminations, like the gurgling one hears in the intestines before a huge liquid dump.

    There are few people here on UR who believe anything intelligent comes from your keyboard. You are long winded, dumb, redundant and your comments are stupid.

    The Pope is a bootlicker and suck ass, grovelling to a bunch of dirty Indians looking for a handout for a “holocaust” that did not happen. The whole Catholic Church is a rotten edifice of homos, child molesters, hypocrites, money laundering and corruption. Your assertions about his visit (which is really to gobble those indigenous balls in an act of contrition for a non-existent occurrence) is utter claptrap.

    And who is this Tom Hooch Chins ? Another handle you have created to support your “facts”. Whatever! Both of you blow hard cocksuckers deserve to be insulted !

    Get real Curve Anus. The world is a far different place than the one you see through your mirrored sunshades and the Pope aint kissing Indian arse out of the goodness of his heart. Somewhere, somehow, regardless of YOUR silly assertions about his trip and motives, rest assured the good Pope has an angle somewhere as do those Indians.

    Grow up, wake up, and see the world and the Catholic edifice for what it is you shit for brains !!

    • Replies: @Corvinus
    , @Bardon Kaldian
  167. Corvinus says:

    All you have done here is double down on ad hominem. It’s quite laughable. Until you are able to muster up a cogent rebuttal, you are simply here to detail conversation.

  168. @Priss Factor

    You obviously believe men are Gods or at least capable of being God. Spiritualism is beyond you.
    Look, I appreciate you defending the true West in your own way, but for your sake just stay away from religion.

    Blasphemy onto death is the only unforgiveable sin.

    • Replies: @Priss Factor
  169. @Athena

    Nobody says anyone was killed. Simply, children died & were buried. The problem is they were not easily identified so they could be given a proper burial.

    There was not any kind of “genocide”, the very word is idiotic. Those churches tried, within their limited world-views, to save & to help those children grow into functioning individuals in the modern world, which would be impossible if they had stayed with their tribal communities-which are still, as I write, highly dysfunctional parasitic societies. Native societies are simply a horrible disaster of alcoholism, sadism, crime, hopelessness…

    Various fake Indian supporters make all this worse by using ridiculous words like genocide, while they could learn something from 20th C history o Soviet Union, China, Vietnam or Cambodia…

    Fake news as I’ve long since seen through the career of Vine Deloria.

    Vine Deloria was a big time faker. For instance, he promoted as “Native American Bible” famous work authored by John Neihardt, “Black Elk Speaks”, about Ogalala medicine man Black Elk.

    I’ve read it, and it’s a powerful quasi-autobiography. Carl Jung and Joseph Campbell have been full of praise.

    But it is also tendentious & ultimately wrong. It depicts Black Elk as a tragic loser whose spiritual practices, including Ghost Dance religion, have been quashed by white man. Just -nothing could further from reality. Black Elk converted to Catholicism & spent more than 40 years as Catholic cathehist (he died in his 86). He wasn’t defeated by life, nor did he consider his former life as a medicine man as something authentic, but futile; it is evident his position was that his shamanism- to call it that- was just a first step in his spiritual journey, and that Ogalala Sioux, in Black Elk’s view, were not a defeated people, but an ethnos going through transition to a more fulfilled life.

    I think that the Church is working on Black Elk’s sainthood, so that Neihardt, Deloria & others are, basically, fakers.

    • Thanks: Achmed E. Newman
  170. @Anon

    The whole Catholic Church is a rotten edifice of homos, child molesters, hypocrites, money laundering and corruption.

    Get a shrink.

  171. @Emslander

    Perhaps your assessment is correct, and I am being pessimistic, but frankly—and with the greatest respect for your words and your position—what strikes you as my pessimism seems to me to be simply a matter of looking with care at the cards on the table.

    Think about the matter thus: Who chooses the next pope when the current one either dies or goes into permanent retirement in the Seychelles or the Caymans? The College of Cardinals, of course. And who has filled the college with the most repellent collection of degenerates, heretics, and apostates? The present pope, of course. What, then, are the odds that this collection of worthless placeholders will choose, on the one hand, a genuine reformer who has somehow managed to find his way into their midst or, on the other hand, someone who has been acting like one of the Boys in Red whilst keeping his orthodoxy and stable-cleaning intentions a careful secret?*

    I can’t help thinking of the Gospel reading for the last Sunday after Pentecost (MT 24), where we are warned of “great tribulation, such as has never been seen.” Of course, the same Gospel also says that those days will be shortened “for the sake of the elect,” but nowhere does the good Lord spell out precisely what he means by “short,” does He? My fear is that God’s “short” might end up being the sort of duration that paleontologists call short.

    Presumably like you, Emslander, I am praying for a quick turnaround, but I’m betting that I shan’t live to see it.
    *For more than fifty years, I have been saying that arguably the most wicked “reform” perpetrated in the conciliar era was Paul VI’s barring cardinals who are eighty or over from voting in conclave. It is no secret that the older they get, the more likely it is that cardinals—like the rest of the human race—will have second thoughts about the thoughts, words, and deeds that got them to the glamorous position they hold. Put otherwise, the older a cardinal gets, the likelier it is that the proximity of his earthly end will incline him to reembrace the orthodoxy that he had been so eager to push away as a younger man.

    • Agree: René Fries
  172. @René Fries

    Thank you for the excerpt and the link. I meant to read Paul Gottfried’s book on Carl Schmitt many years ago but sadly didn’t get round to it. Now my near-field eyesight will no longer allow me to read anything in a book-size font—at least the font in a book meant for someone over the age of five.

    • Replies: @René Fries
  173. @Bardon Kaldian

    Joe Jackson’ s more recent book on Black Elk amplified the wonderful breakthrough made by Neihardt. He points out that Black Elk’s daughter remained stuck on Catholicism, while he himself had the sense to back away from the terror in his later years.

    I’m sick and tired of all apologists for the Vatican and its myriad of evils and of those who still keep pushing this garbage. The video you present is yet another of the many apologias emanating from the Vatican and its many agents, most particularly the near totally evil Opus Dei (“work of god” indeed). Like Loyola and his Jezzies, the founder of O.D. and his cilices and suchlike apparatus for self-destruction is typical of the bloodymindedness emanating out of Spanish Catholicism.

    When the R.C.’s invaded the half-starved, deracinating reservations with their tall tales combined with colorful rituals, many astute natives such as Black Elk came to the realization that his culture was in a state of deliberate destruction from forces hostile to the Red Road, the spirit path. Jesus held that the answer is WITHIN. As the Catholic theologian and actual truth-seeker Teilhard de Chardin pointed out we are spirits living a material lifetime.

    So for a number of years, Black Elk became a Catecist and went along to get along. As the Federal government in the 30’s eased up on their near total control over native peoples, Black Elk was able to gradually return to the Spirit Path. His need to lay low while the enemy was in charge of the lives of his people was no longer overwhelming.

    All organized religions, with Constantine’s Vatican front and center, are evolved from the desert peoples of the Middle East and were early on totally taken over by the pushers of Priestcraft . A latter-day spiritual seeker John Trudell, of the Lakota people, informed us that it was this false religion which destroyed the European tribal peoples when it pushed them into the Missionary Position.

    All missionaries should be dispatched to cannibal cultures where maybe they can do some good by warming bellies.

    Yes, I am bitter. My people, the Norse, were forcibly converted to the evils of Catholicism by the king they called “Hellig Olaf”–Olaf Trygvasson–who murdered those who refused baptism and conversion. That’s how the Vatican has always worked, by imposing fear as the basis for faith in a fake ancient Hebrew god.

    It is high time that this charade is terminated. Religious fanatics are quite as toxic as materialistic, atheistical academic believers in scientism. The spirit path is the only way.

  174. Athena says:
    @Bardon Kaldian

    There WAS a genocide. The disaster you describe is the RESULT of colonization.

    The same disaster occurs when the US, UK, and French use the 800 NATO military bases to occupy countries, and intimidate, bomb, kill, steal, and poison peoples.

    • Replies: @Bardon Kaldian
  175. Sidney says:

    If Justin Trudeau was a real leader instead of a WEF go-for, he would ask why firstnations people(I hate that term), don’t have Canadian Indians apologize for “Bloody Falls”, 1771, where Indians attacked and slaughtered an Eskimo camp for no other purpose than bloodlust, as recorded by English explorer Samuel Hearne. Or apologize for the near eradication of the Huron people by the Iroquois. This Residential School history has been completely twisted so that now it’s pure theatre. So far nothing has been found except roots and rocks in some of these supposed burial sites. If there are real bodies in any of these locations, the vast majority would have died of disease such as TB, or Spanish flu strains that also killed a lot of non-natives as well. But this is another opportunity to vilify white people and won’t be wasted by the CBC.

    • Agree: René Fries
    • Thanks: JackOH
    • Replies: @René Fries
  176. Athena says:
    @Bardon Kaldian

    Slavery, Genocide, Historical Fiction and other Canadian Values: ”The Slave / Fur Trade, Exporting Slaves to the War Galleys of France, Christianity and Slavery, The Laws of Ownership: Catholicism and Enslavement.”


    Canada as a Fiction in the Imperial Genre

    Despite \$500-million spent on self-glorifying celebrations of this country’s 150th anniversary, the story of Canada contains much to be ashamed of. Plagued by centuries of genocide, slavery, land theft and other imperial felonies, the European occupation of this plot of land has amounted to a vast, ongoing criminal enterprise. While Canada has a long painful history of colonial conquest, it has hidden much of this tragedy behind triumphal cover stories that disguise this country’s true provenance as a stolen land plundered from Indigenous peoples.

    1- True Crime Stories and the Politics of Literary Escapism: Canada as a Fiction in the Imperial Genre

    2- John Cabot & Britain’s Fictitious Claim on Canada: Finding our National Origins in a Royal Licence to Conquer

    > Why “The Dominion of Canada”?

    3- Canada’s Extraordinary Redactions: Held Captive by Nation-Building Myths about Jacques Cartier

    4- Textbook Cases of Canadian Racism: Canadian History Books as Captivating Works of Fiction

    5- From Popes and Pirates to Politicians and Pioneers: Papal Bulls, Political Bull, Legal Fictions & other Con Games

    The Canadian Legal Fiction of Original Crown Occupancy
    A Legal Fiction is…
    The Indian Act as Hoax and Legal Fiction
    First Peoples, First Slaves, First Cover Up

    6- Breaking the Bonds of Ignorance and Denial: Slavery, Genocide, Historical Fiction and other Canadian Values

    Oh say can you see? Blindsport for Peaceable Racism
    Who were the Slave Owners of New France?
    Tied by Faith, Bound by Law, and Reliant on ‘The Word’
    Native Captivity and Slave Labour in Canadian Prisons Today

    7- Native Captivity and Slave Labour in Canadian Prisons Today

    8- Child Slavery in Canada’s Residential-School Prisons

    Jean L’Heureux:
    Con Man, Sex Predator, Agent of Church and State
    Kidnapping Indigenous Children during the “Fall Round Up”

    • Replies: @Bardon Kaldian
  177. @Priss Factor

    Atleast I can see dust particles. Lmao. Much better than this God thingy which is right next to the Loch Ness and Yeti in one of those mysteries of life on this earth that will probably never be found out. But I do believe in Yetis and the Loch Ness also. God=🤔😏

  178. @emerging majority

    “Loyola and his Jezzies”, nice expression. I’ve never before seen “Jezzies” for Jesuits. Thanks!

    • Replies: @René Fries
  179. @mulga mumblebrain

    Mulga, it’s worth remembering that Governor Gipps had a bunch of whites hanged for a massacre of aborigines. It was always illegal, always murder, in Australia. And Tyers galloped for a couple of days to reach a group planning another massacre, to warn them that it was that.
    The aboriginal population was massively reduced, true. And they were dispossessed. Terra nullius.

    • Replies: @Ed Case
  180. @Pierre de Craon

    I myself have undergone an operation at my eyes, very successfully. Besides, you surely are aware that on a computer screen, one can aggrandize the letters almost ad libitum.

    Personally I never read anything from Schmitt, this being due to the fact that in post-war Germany (in the cultural realm of which I was brought up, so for instance, I had read Goethe complete at 12) he was shunned whilst Hannah Arendt, of whom I have the 8 or 9 most important books, was highly praised – both for reasons I need not to elaborate on.

    As to religion(s), Rudolf Otto writes that “les éléments non-rationnels qui restent vivaces et vivants dans une religion la préservent de dégénérer en rationalisme. Les éléments rationnels dont elle est abondamment saturée la préservent de tomber dans le fanatisme ou le mysticisme ou d’y demeurer et l’élèvent au rang de religion qualitativement supérieure, cultivée, de religion de l’humanité. La présence de ces deux éléments et leur saine et parfaite harmonie forment un critère pour mesurer la supériorité d’une religion, et c’est là un critère proprement religieux. D’après ce critère aussi, le christianisme a une supériorité absolue sur toutes les religions du monde // the non-rational elements that remain vivid and alive in a religion, preserve it from degenerate into rationalism. The rational elements of which it is abundantly pervaded, guard it from falling into fanaticism or mysticism or to remain there, and elevate it onto the rank of (a) qualitatively superior (and) cultivated religion, (of) religion of the humanity. The presence of these two elements and their sound and perfect harmony form a criterion for measuring the superiority of a religion, and this is a properly religious criterion. Also according to that criterion, Christianism has an absolute superiority over all the religions of the world”, Le Sacré, Payot, Paris 1969, p. 194 – the said superiority having been the prerequisite for the peerless brilliance of European culture; here Schmitt comes in.

    Oddly, I have R.O in French, as also much of Leibniz, Hegel, Jaspers and Nietzsche.

    • Replies: @Pierre de Craon
  181. @Robert Dolan

    Yes, I understand, Bobby, that racism does not exist for you. For your type hating anyone different from yourself, is just the way God made you. Or somebody else.

  182. JimB says:
    @emerging majority

    An Extreme description of all popes and most of their underlings. Oliness fits right in with Oilygarchs. They’re all cut out of the same cloth comprised of two materials: Greed and a lust for power.

    Not to mention the prodigious quantity of lube needed to screw the unwilling masses.

  183. @Ann Nonny Mouse

    The world would be better off if it was ruled by Jesuits. Does the name “Paraguay reductions” mean anything to you?

  184. @emerging majority

    Olaf Trygvasson

    music – sometimes fantastic – by Edvard Grieg.

    (…) the bloodymindedness emanating out of Spanish Catholicism.

    I have asked another commenter whether he knew anything of the Paraguay reductions. On the other hand, Sir David Kelly, once British ambassador to Russia under Staline, writes in Die hungernde Herde (The Hungry Sheep), R. Piper & Co Verlag, München 1959, pp. 314-316, that “the colonial ordinances by the minister Ovando dd. 13.07.1573 (Ordenanzas sobre nuevos descubrimientos y poblaciones) were in the same time a legal code and an entire philosophy of colonisation. The endeavors of the Spanish crown with view on protecting and instructing the Indians are without example, and one can find nothing in the history of the North-American colonisation that can be compared. (…) In every state where Indians were present when the Spaniards arrived, the Indian element not only has survived but continues to form the majority.”

  185. @Priss Factor

    Nice carl sagan philosophy there, good goy! You are a tiny speck of dust, while the chosen people share the same Earth with you! Good little goy!

    Nothing, literally NOTHING matters! Eat, sleep, fuck and drug your days away, like those Aryan Skinheads, my sweet goyim!

    Hail Nietzsche, the retarded shit thrower, the self-proclaimed Polack!

    Please continue embarrassing yourself.

  186. @Franklin Ryckaert

    By conquering land at the cost of the natives, Whites have lost the moral right to exclusive possession of their land

    By conquering land at the cost of the natives, Blacks have lost the moral right to exclusive possession of their land –

    By conquering land at the cost of the natives, Browns have lost the moral right to exclusive possession of their land –

    By conquering land at the cost of the natives, Yellows have lost the moral right to exclusive possession of their land –

    By conquering land at the cost of the natives, Reds have lost the moral right to exclusive possession of their land.

    And all these conquerors are descending from the homo sapiens coming out of the great rift, East Africa.

    In other words, the Africans – supposedly black, at first – are responsible for each and every war and massacre that ever occurred.

  187. @Ed Case

    Australia had a Royal Commission into it a few years ago.
    The evidence was heartbreaking

    “Indeed, notwithstanding the popular image of random, spontaneous kidnappings, most individual cases, including the cameos on the Healing Foundation’s website, reveal that removals from two-parent families were rare, except in circumstances of alleged neglect.”

    • Replies: @Ed Case
  188. @René Fries

    … you surely are aware that on a computer screen, one can aggrandize the letters almost ad libitum.

    Gottfried’s Carl Schmitt: Politics and Theory is, alas, available only in Gutenbergian technology.

    • Replies: @René Fries
  189. I grew up in BC Canada in the early 70s somewhere in BC. We didn’t have racial problems period. We just kinda got along to get along. We were friends, though there was definitely racism in some sectors.
    However, if you have the patience to search around on this ‘New Internet’ you will discover old evidence of just how badly the Native Indians were treated and destroyed in both America and Canada.
    Also, looking back to the war of 1812 when America invaded Canada, one of the main reasons Canada won (although it was not Canada at the time, it was English and French territory, though it was under English control due to the French losing a battle on the plains of Abraham 1760 to where Quebec city happens to be now.) Got lost there for a moment, but one of the main reasons Canada/Britain won that war was because the Native tribes fought on their side. Why?
    Maybe it is time to give Indians half a chance before they all turn into Jewish Lawyers.

    • Replies: @I Am Not Juan
  190. @I Am Not Juan

    I dunno, but there was a time in my life early 80s when I was desperatly searching for a job and could’t find any. Welfare cheque came in and I went to a bar (mostly Indian) and sat there and had a few beers. Lookin’ things over and realized I can’t stay ‘cuz somebody is going to pick a fight with me.


    Saw this Indian couple, just sittin’ having a couple of beers, talking and smiling/laughing between themselves and realized that this is my chance.
    Walked over and practically begged them to let me sit down with them, they don’t even have to talk to me, and I am buying everything. They smiled and agreed, and sort of coasted me through the night. The important part is yet to come.
    Night ends; one or two in the morning – we all gotta go home.
    Indian chick says where are you going and how are going to get there?
    I said, “I live up in Burnaby, I guess I’ll take the bus.”
    The Indian chick said, “The busses are no longer running.”
    And I said, “Well, I guess I’ll walk then. Only a few miles anyway.”
    The Indian chick said, “Hate to tell you this, but this neighbourhood is a very dangerous place to walk by yourself at this time of night. Why don’t you walk with us to our house? We have a couch and blankets and we could put you up.”
    So I looked them over very carefully and realized they were right. We are talking about Downtown East Side Vancouver late at night and it is a very dangerous place to be, especially if you are by yourself. So I thanked them and agreed.
    We all went to their home and we were all pretty tired and they said, “That’s the couch you can sleep on and here is a blanket and pillow.”
    Middle of summer, the blanket and pillow were more than enough. So I lay there in complete comfort and worried about them for about 60 seconds before I realized that I was safe in their house and went fast asleep until morning. Here is where it gets interesting.
    I woke up about 9:30 in the morning and they were still asleep. So I lay there until 10 when they got up. They made coffee which we shared and the Indian chick looked at and said, “You look hungry. We have some salmon which was slow cooked all last night. Maybe you try some?”
    I’m not really keen on salmon, so she said, “Maybe you could just open the oven and try some? Just take one of those plates there, carve off an inch or two and just try it.”
    So I did, best fish I have ever tasted. She kept offering and I kept accepting until I realized that I have eaten up one third of their fish and had to stop before I make a pig out of myself.
    So I apologized and left, but I will never forget their hospitality. That is 30 years ago.

    • Thanks: René Fries
    • Replies: @emerging majority
  191. @I Am Not Juan

    Did me a lot of hitchhiking back in the day. U.S. #2 highway headed west. In Montana they call it the High Line. Got a ride with a cowboy in his pickup as far as the town of Cutbank. As I was retrieving my kit he told me that the next town on the road was Browning. “It’s a Blackfeet town and they get pretty rowdy on weekend nights.”

    Immediately knew where the next ride was coming from. Waited only ten minutes or so and this pickup pulls up with 4 adults up front. Clamber into the box along with a bunch of groceries. As we got closer and closer to the Rockies, the breeze got a bit stiff, so that feathered, flowered Stetson on the head needed a hand to keep it from blowing off.

    By and by we pulled into Browning, a town nestled right at the base of the Rockies. Pretty nice suburban rancher style house on the south end of town, We pull in and the second couple gets out and retrieves their bags. See ya’s. Getting their stuff, the husband, a man name of Donnie Wagner invites me in. They barely get their groceries into the kitchen when he pulls out a long feather and hands it to me, saying they would drive me up the Highway to the Sun to West Glacier. My response was to pull a customary pocket-pebble outta the left jeans pocket. Handed Donnie that Apache Tear. We were good.

    The drive up and up and up the Highway to the Sun climaxed as we reached the top of the trail. They briefly stopped as traffic was pretty light and about 3,000 feet below was Two Medicine Lake, with maybe more than a couple thousand Blackfeet folk gathered around their sacred lake on land the tribe had loaned to Glacier National Park. Awesome view.

    Heading downmountain, we briefly pulled over to a little stopping place as there was a vehicle parked there with folks the Wagners knew. Concern lifted as they discovered there was no need for assistance and we continued down to West Glacier.

    As I retrieved the full-frame backpack with tent and sleeping bag harnessed at the bottom and also my walking-stick Embla, a couple young guys stepped up and invited me to camp next to their spot nearby. Thanks and farewells to the Wagners and off with the couple of students from Maine and set-up next to their tent and V.W. Microbus.

    It was a good road back there in ’78. Another highlight of the sojourn was a week staying at the early 1900’s Europe Hotel in Vancouver’s Gastown district. As it stood at the intersection of a couple of converging streets, it was wedge-shaped. A north Italian classic, low cost yet boasting some nice terrazzo work and brass railings on the stairs. One morning I awakened to the engaging rhythms of “Yellow Bird” ringing out from a steel-drum, where a man from Trinidad was saluting the morning and bringing joy to those up and about.

    Vancouver in ’78 was quite as magical as Greenwich Village in ’65. One blessing I took back to the homestead in the Northwoods of Minnesota was that feather from Donnie Wagner of the Blackfeet nation. It hangs next to a dream-catcher given me by a young woman of the Ojibwa nation from the Village of Red Lake. Many good memories of native people who respond beautifully to those not of their people who show them honorable respect.

    • Thanks: René Fries
  192. USGrant says:

    Kamloops mass graves is the latest jew orchestrated hate hoax in a long list of hoax hate crimes. From Tawana Brawley to Jussie Smollett the jew run NYT has promoted these hoaxes for decades.

  193. @Pierre de Craon

    …maybe one can copy/paste it onto a doc format and there, aggrandize?

    – besides, Schmitt by no means was unknown to me. The Dutch monthly Filosofie Magazine, to which I’m subscriber from n°. 2 onward (n° 1 I bought in our local bookstore, back in the seventies) repeatedly has written about him.

  194. @Anne Lid

    I briefly checked some of your more recent comments on, and am very favorably impressed. I think Luxembourg and Hungary have more than one point in common, both having been much larger than today, both having had a Habsburg past, both having been made up by more than one ethnic group (the County of L. extended far into today’s French speaking Belgium and France, and at one time, the Luxembourg dynasty also ruled over Brabant, Lusace, Silesia, Bohemia, Moravia and briefly even Brandebourg, as per chart on p. 192 in Atlas historique, Librairie Stock, Paris/Milan 1970).

    L. Guaso’s quote cannot be corroborated by any source in my possession; I have F.X. Seppelt’s Papstgeschichte, Kösel-Verlag, München, Fünfte Auflage 1949; J. Marx’s Kirchengeschichte, Druck und Verlag der Paulinus-Druckerei, Trier 1929; and above all, F. Gregorovius’s Geschichte der Stadt Rom im Mittelalter, dtv-Bibliothek 9/1978. The number of horrible popes is quite impressive, Gregorovius as a Protestant working on original sources and without Seppelt’s and Marx’s gloves – but no, Guaso’s claim I cannot corroborate.

    Funny: as I wrote elsewhere, the acquaintance of my family with the Marx family goes back several centuries, both being from Trier.

    • Thanks: Anne Lid
  195. Ed Case says:
    @Ann Nonny Mouse

    The aboriginal population was massively reduced, true. And they were dispossessed.

    To free the land up for Merino Sheep grazing, to the benefit of the English Woolen Mills and later
    to free the North up for Beef Cattle grazing, to the benefit of the big Meat Companies in England.

    Who owned these Companies?
    The same people who are behind the Push to change Australia’s Constitution.

  196. Ed Case says:
    @René Fries

    ” … except in circumstances of alleged neglect.”

    In other words, not rare at all, since allegations of neglect were all that was required to remove children permanently, and you can bet the house that every child of a single mother was removed at birth or shortly after.

    White Australia doesn’t have a black history, as some have claimed, but most of it’s Governments continue to be totally evil.
    Quadrant was funded by a CIA Front [… In the 1960s, it became publicly known that the Congress for Cultural Freedom received funds from the CIA and that some members were CIA operatives.] for about 40 years, later the Editor was a former Trotskyite turned Neocon.

    • Replies: @René Fries
  197. @Sidney

    (…) vilify white people

    only in the eyes of the ignoramuses. I already wrote about Ovando, Now, may I quote some other historical facts:

    — that +/- 46 billions of € annually are transferred by the governing African “elites” onto foreign bank accounts (source: France 5 télévision/World Bank)

    — that there have been a great many extra-European imperialisms/colonialisms such as the Turkish (genocides on Greeks and Armenians), the Inka, the Japanese (the Nanking massacre being only the best known among many) the Zulu, the Persians, the Chinese (their Uyghur politics do not deserve the term “genocide” but are very discutable at least), the Sonrhay, the Khmer, the Azteks (> 85.000 victims at the inauguration of the great Temple around 1485), the Peulh, the Arabs (275 million jihad + slave trade victims) or the Mongols (the historian Joachim Fernau: “In Kiew lebte keine Maus mehr / Not a single mouse survived in Kiev”, Deutschland über alles, Goldmann Taschenbuch 6. Aufl. Sept. 1982). So one can fully appreciate Hannah Arendt when she draws our attention on the “Bumerangeffekt (…), auf den Fluch der bösen Tat, also darauf, dass die Taten auf ihre Urheber zurückschlagen; diesen Effekt fürchteten ganz besonders die imperialistischen Politiker früherer Generationen. Die Tatsache, dass sie ihn voraussahen, hatte tatsächlich zur Folge, dass sie sich bei allem, was sie fremden und andersartigen Völkern antaten, entscheidend zügelten / boomerang effect, the curse of the wicked deed, thus on the fact that these deeds blow back on their initiators; this effect was particularly feared by the politicians of latter generations. The fact that they foresaw it, effectively bhad the consequence that in all they did to foreign and different people, they decisively reined in themselves”, In der Gegenwart, Übungen im politischen Denken II, Piper Verlag GmbH, München, 2. Auflage April 2017 p. 365 (no parallels indeed, to the aforementioned Aztec, Arab or Mongol “exploits”).

    — The arrival of Europeans on the other continents by and large was rather beneficial: “In 1875, the Southern Arrente in Central Australia were almost entirely wiped out by the Matuntara people. Between 50 and 80 assailants ambushed a group of women and children. The death toll, estimated at between 80 and 100, included women and children, many of whom were left to die after their limbs were broken. Murdering women and children was a standard tactic to nullify the chances of the tribe rebuilding and seeking revenge. Genocide, in other words. – Without the goodwill of the protectors of Aboriginal people and early convict escapees, the massacres of tribal groups by other tribal groups would not have been documented. A state of violent conflict worse than the European theatre of war speaks to the complexity of Australia’s history and the danger of appending to colonisation a basket of unique violence specific to one cultural group”, – and the reports of the independent Congo commission (Italy, Switzerland, Belgium) are quite explicite as to the previous state of facts in the territory, see for instance BULLETIN OFFICIEL DE L’ÉTAT INDÉPENDANT DU CONGO N° 9 & 10 RAPPORT AU ROI-SOUVERAIN, (,-l-EIC-et-le-genocide.pdf)

    — Be it sai here that at a later stage, European colonialism was rather laughed at by the intellectual elites: “Poiché la consegna era quella di negare agli etiopici ogni virtù, anche la più evidente, per accreditare la tesi che essi costituivano il popolo più barbaro ed incapace, si sostenne fin dall’inizio del conflitto che se erano in grado di opporre una certa resistenza, tutto il merito era dei ‘mercenari bianchi’ che militavano nelle loro file. Questi misteriosi bianchi, che in réaltà non furono mai più di cento fra esperti militari, piloti e medici, diventarono migliaia per la propaganda del regime, che doveva in qualche modo giustificare la lentezza con la quale procedevano le operazioni… / because the consign was that one must denegate to the Blacks any virtù, even the most evident, in order to accredit the thesis that they constituted the most barbarous and incapable people, it was ‘official truth’ from the beginning that, if they were in state to put up a certain resistance, all the merit lay with the ‘white mercenaries’ who fought in their ranks. Those mysterious whites, who in teality never exceeded a hundred men between military experts, pilots and doctors, became thousands by the propaganda of the regime, this with view on explaining the slowness with which the conquest advanced ” (Angelo del Boca, La guerra d’Abessinia 1935-1941, Feltrinelli Editore, Milano 1965, S. 79

    • Replies: @René Fries
  198. @Abdul Alhazred

    The boarding schools were thoroughly dealt with in the report to the Truth and reconciliation commission. Pre- antibiotics, the death rate from illnesses that spread quickly in crowded communal living settings, like Diphteria and Tuberculosis, was considerable and higher than in boarding schools for Anglo children, partly due to the then chronic and negligent underfunding of the Indian schools, with food of low quality, lack of sufficient heating, and insufficient facilities to isolate or treat the sick. The teachers had a hard and precarious life, too. Post circa 1950s, with the advent of antibiotics and the new affluence of the post war boom and industrialized agriculture, the death rate of children generally sank to very low levels and was no longer higher in the “Indian” boarding schools than at other boarding schools. There was cruelty and harsh treatment especially pre-1970 of the kind typical for boarding schools or similar institutions in those days, and I mean institutions in Europe, for European children, where there is also talk about reperations for boarding school “survivors”. (The catholic schools to my knowledge weren’t worse than similar non-religious institutions, but get worse rap because catholic bashing is a popular pastime in historically protestant Europe.)

    Deliberate murder wasn’t part of the system.

  199. Richard B says:

    Bergoglio is an anti-white, Latin American Marxist.

    Yep! They mention people like him in the book
    Guide to The Perfect Latin American Idiot.

    Great book by four ex-Lefties. Highly recommended. Doesn’t exactly hit the bullseye.
    But close enough. People like Bergoglio are mentioned in one part of the book that talks about Liberation Theology. Bergoglio is a pseudo-intellectual goofball utopianist.
    In short, a Perfect Latin American Idiot.

    • Agree: René Fries
  200. @emerging majority

    That’s how irrational & dogmatic people act & react.

    Nobody cares about your personal feeling & ideas. The point is:

    a) Black Elk remained a triumphant Catholic until the end of his life.

    b) Neidhardt has, in his readable book, created false image & basically a lying, although interesting New Agey, seductive myth about Black Elk’s later stages of life. Black Elk never went back to his early & basically infantile “spiritual path”. He found his spiritual maturity in the Catholic Church, which is, spiritually, Versailles compared to native spirituality’s trailer park.

  201. @Athena

    This deserves nothing more than:

    • Replies: @Athena
  202. @Athena

    Why waste one’s time on hysterical obscurantists who believe in fairy tales & basically know nothing about the world?

    Canadian Indian peoples were living savage lives of horror until white man came. There is no way frothing-at-mouth ignoramuses could change that.

    • Troll: Corvinus
    • Replies: @Athena
    , @mulga mumblebrain
  203. Corvinus says:
    @emerging majority

    “My people, the Norse, were forcibly converted to the evils of Catholicism”

    Some were. Others were willing of their accord. And, no, the Norse are not your people.

    • Replies: @emerging majority
  204. Athena says:
    @Bardon Kaldian

    The Natives’ lands have been stolen, the Natives’ lives destroyed. Explain that to Mr Corbyn, i’ll understand for sure.

    Kevin Annett:

    Canada’s murderous “Indian residential schools”

    ”Murder by Decree is an uncensored record of the planned extermination of indigenous children in Canada’s murderous “Indian residential schools”. It is issued as a corrective Counter Report to the miscarriage of justice by Church and State known as the “Truth and Reconciliation Commission” (TRC). Based on eyewitness testimonies and archival documentation deliberately suppressed or ignored by the TRC, Murder by Decree proves that the genocide of indigenous people began as a religion-led campaign and continues to be a deliberate governmental policy in Canada. This Counter Report reveals these startling facts: – Over half of Indian residential school children began dying the very first year these church-run facilities were opened – This huge mortality rate continued unabated for over a half century because of deliberate practices of germ warfare according to a prescribed monthly “death quota” – Evidence of these crimes and their intentional nature has been continually destroyed by the RCMP and the Catholic, Anglican and United Church since at least 1960 – The same genocide continues today, is aimed at indigenous women and children, and is driven by foreign corporate interests hungry for native lands and resources Murder by Decree is issued by The International Tribunal for the Disappeared of Canada (ITDC), an international coalition of jurists and human rights groups. The ITDC was formed in December, 2015 to investigate the disappearance of people in Canada, prosecute those responsible and prevent a further whitewash by Canada of its Crimes against Humanity.”

    • Replies: @HdC
    , @Anne Lid
  205. Athena says:
    @Bardon Kaldian

    Obviously, the Natives’s genocide is allowed to be exposed NOW by the Zionists, to suit their agenda. (It was exposed by Mr Annett and the BC-Manitoba clans’ elders 15 years ago, and Benedict apologized. There was zero coverage by the media, unlike today. WHY, do you think?)

    For example, the Zionist McDonald Laurier Institute just published the following propaganda against Iran, and to praise the Pope:

    • Replies: @Anne Lid
  206. @Ed Case

    a former Trotskyite turned Neocon

    a bit similar to the founder of American Thinker, seems to me. But then, as the French say, “il n’y a que les imbéciles qui ne changent jamais d’opinion / only morons never change their opinion”. I myself was always Catholic but around my 20th rather “on the left” and now rather “in the middle field” – for centuries, this roughly corresponded to the divide between Franciscans and Dominicans, so you see the advantage of having a great tradition.

  207. @René Fries

    the Arabs (275 million jihad + slave trade victims)

    error: “only” 120 millions (victims of African slave trade, cf David Livingstone, “Woman’s Presbyterian Board of Missions” 1888, p. 62) attributable to the Arabs. The remainder = 60 millions of Christians, out of which 50 millions were slain by the Turks, see Raphael Moore’s History of Asia Minor and 80 millions in India (Koenraad Elst, “Negationism in India”, Voice of India, New Delhi, 2002, p. 34) and 10 million Christians

  208. anonymous[281] • Disclaimer says:

    This is just another ploy to make money for lawyers and play on whitey’s guilt. The reality is that most whites are so used to hearing this nonsense it goes off them like water off a duck’s back. Canadians have been hearing about perceived injustices that their ancestors have perpetrated on the indians and eskimos for so long that they don’t listen any more. The latest thing in Canadian news is a bunch of negroes wanting compensation for slavery, of which Canada never had. In fact, slavery was abolished in the British empire in 1834 and Canada never had a plantation economy, so there was never any need for them. Canada was the end point of the Underground Railway and accepted runaway slaves from the US, but we can never let facts interfere with the telling of a good made up story, especially when there’s so much money to be made and Canada’s weak, bisexual prime minister will have his check book out in a flash.

    • Agree: HdC
  209. @Greg S.

    This pope was the first one that was picked without the pronouncement being announced by smoke issuing from the Vatican chimney. This breach from tradition alone says something about this present pope and as to why previous pope Ratzinger is being held prisoner, also says they have been completely taken over. If I were a practicing Catholic, I would change churches.

  210. @Bardon Kaldian

    Sorry, old sport, but there is a total dearth of spirituality within the core of the Vatican. It was founded on false premises and remains so. To paraphrase Twain, my mind was gradually freed from impositional superstition, beginning with cessation of church attendance. Your religion is false, anti-human and worshipping an alien god.

    • Replies: @René Fries
  211. @Corvinus

    My Norwegian slektning (relatives) are of more than one school. My mother’s side is partly still connective with a family tradition which includes a high Lutheran official in the “Domkirche” (cathedral) in Trondheim. Elements of that clan are still religious, while others have found their own way.

    The paternal side were/are “Bonder” from Toten, well to do, conservative farm-folk who did attend services on Christmas and Easter, but aside from that had little to do with religion.

    So my people, the Norse, are culturally split regarding religion. The majority of Norse, like virtually all European folk were coerced by their kings and aristocracy, mostly urban based, into acceptance of Churchianity. Very few Norse “were willing of their accord” to initially accept the evils of the Roman Church.

    Thus, once again, you are guilty of advancing false premises. Ab Initio, the Norwegians stoutly fought against imposition of a false religion with the concomitant destruction of their holy tribal ways.

    • Replies: @Corvinus
  212. HdC says:

    Kindly provide verifiable forensic evidence to support the allegations made in your missive.
    So far, ground penetrating radar has disclosed little or nothing.

  213. Corvinus says:
    @emerging majority

    No, some were coerced, while many others joined of their own free will. That is the historical record you are desperately trying to pervert.

  214. You have this habit of citing sources which already ascribe to the same agendas you prefer.

    • Replies: @Corvinus
  215. Anne Lid says:

    How can you believe a word from this charlatan Annett?

  216. Anne Lid says:

    I could link a number of websites, but anyone can do a search. Annett makes fantastical claims and there is sweet nothings to substantiate them, sweet words and more words.
    He makes a living conning truthseekers.

  217. Athena says:

    Alessandra Galloni appointed Reuters editor-in-chief as Steve Adler is going
    Posted on April 15, 2021

    ”Alessandra Galloni has been appointed editor-in-chief of Reuters to replace Steve Adler, who retires at the end of April, Reuters president Michael Friedenberg said in a statement.

    Galloni, previously global managing editor at Reuters, will oversee 2,500 journalists in 200 locations around the world.

    Before joining Reuters in 2013 as editor of the Southern Europe bureau, Galloni spent 13 years at the Wall Street Journal as a correspondent, economics and business writer and editor in New York, London, Paris and Rome.

    She is a co-author of an e-book on Pope Francis entitled “From the End of the Earth to Rome”.

    Galloni is a recipient of various journalism awards, including the 2020 Minard Editor Award from the Gerald Loeb Foundation, an Overseas Press Club Award in the United States, and a Business Journalist of the Year Award, a global accolade conferred in the United Kingdom.

    Galloni will be the first female editor-in-chief in the history of Reuters, which turns 170 this October.”

  218. Athena says:

    Argentina plotted potential US-backed military invasion of Venezuela in 2019

    Argentina’s Massa pitches ‘fiscal order’ to stop economic free-fall

    Sergio Massa presents in Argentina an adjustment plan in accordance with the demands of the IMF

    “That Sergio Massa has contacted the IMF is a positive thing,” says Goldman Sachs analyst.”

    Argentina economy minister vows to respect IMF deficit deal

    Argentina Joins China in Belt & Road Initiative

    Trapped in IMF debt, Argentina turns to Russia and joins China’s Belt & Road

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  219. Athena says:

    Mr Putin once said that a rapproachment between the Orthodox and Catholic churches would be advisable.

    • Agree: René Fries
  220. @emerging majority

    Bardon Kaldian spoke of the Catholic Church, which is, spiritually, Versailles.

    Needless to say this is true.

  221. @Joe Paluka

    If I were a practicing Catholic, I would change churches.

    I am one, but I know my history.

    • Replies: @Joe Paluka
  222. @Bardon Kaldian

    So the priests got to him in old age, probably through blackmail, and a racist goon like you celebrates. PS Don’t use Mark Twain, one hundreds time better than you, for your odious purposes.

  223. @Athena

    Next, a Colour Revolution in Argentina. The ‘Blue Revolution’, perhaps.

  224. @Bardon Kaldian

    Race hatred rarely comes this raw and vicious. What a great SS goon you would have made. It’s the existence of creatures like you that has sentenced humanity to an early exit.

  225. @René Fries

    Correct me if I’m wrong about the smoke. That was told to me by a Catholic. It’s no secret that Ratzinger is being held against his will.

  226. Athena says:

    Rothschild and friends:

    Morocco, only country in Africa having FTA with USA, State department report

    Gibraltar – The Real Reason For Brexit Finally Revealed

    ”With Europe increasingly united and belligerent in the face of Brexit, contrary to expectations, this creates a military division between the US and EU which has not existed since the EU was founded.

    So the US has to bypass the EU to retain military control of Gibraltar via an ally. Brexit achieves this, provided the UK can be brought on board.”

    ”When the US takes control of a country it builds military bases there. The British still have a sizeable military presence on Gibraltar, but have scaled its back in recent years because the Rock’s strategic significance is more commercial, as the gateway to a major maritime trading route, than military. But now it is intending to establish a new base there, bigger and better than anything seen before, even as its trade declines as a result of leaving the EU.”

    ”The UK desperately needs US patronage however, as leaving the EU will leave it with no trade deals at all, with anyone, for a period and few countries are interested in the UK on its own rather than a member of the EU. The only thing the UK does have is Gibraltar, and that is the one thing the US wants.”

  227. Athena says:

    ”But there was more than explosives in the portfolios of the CIA agents who surrounded Riconosciuto like moths around a candle. Both Robert Booth Nichols, the shady head of Meridian Arms Corporation (with both CIA and organized crime conections), and Dr. John Phillip Nichols, the manager of the Cabazon reservation, were involved in bio-warfare work—the first in trying to sell bio-warfare products to the army through Wackenhut, the second in giving tribal permission for research to take place at Cabazon. According to Riconosciuto, the Pentagon’s Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) was in charge of the classified contracts for biological warfare research. Riconosciuto would later testify under oath that Stormont Laboratories was involved in the DARPA-Wackenhut-Cabazon project. Jonathan Littman, a reporter for the San Francisco Chronicle would relate: “Cabazons and Wackenhut appeared to be acting as middlemen between the Pentagon’s DARPA and Stormont Laboratories, a small facility in Woodland near Sacramento.”

    ”Riconosciuto would make additional claims about Bio-Rad corporation, a medical supplier which had gradually taken over Hercules, California. They were also, Riconosciuto would say, covertly engaged in bio-warfare research—producing some of the deadliest toxins known to man. The focus of Bio-Rad’s research was said to be bio-active elements that could be tailored to attack those with certain types of DNA. Weapons could thus be produced that were specifically designed to wipe out specific races or genetic classes of human beings. (Alternatively, particular DNA types could be immunized against a deadly biological agent; the agent could then be released, and everyone else would die.)”

    A couple of years later, Meridian International Logistics, the parent company of Meridian Arms, was to farm similar research out to the Japanese. This included (according to minutes of a corporate meeting dated Aug. 26, 1988) methods for “induction and activation of cytotoxic T-lymphocytes”.

    ”This is not an academic argument. Sources say three dozen MANPADs have been imported into Quebec, Canada, from Colombia (where they arrived from Eastern Europe). The missile shipments followed the “northern” drug route—from Colombia into Canada. The missiles involved are Russian Strellas and Iglas. These will serve just fine to take down commercial airline flights. Just like TWA 800. Which group of terrorists has the missiles? Meanwhile, how many biological warfare agents are in the hands of organized crime? Maybe you should ask Riconosciuto about all this.”

    November 8, 2001

    When Osama Bin Ladin Was Tim Osman
    By J. Orlin Grabbe

  228. Catholicism is NOT Christianity! Christians have been the biggest victims of the pagan Roman Catholic cult’s inquisitions, wars and genocides over the past 1500+ years. Convert or die is the motto of the antichrist beast harlot that has made war with the saints. The Catholics have been very busy trying to change and cover up history, but, if anyone wants to learn the truth behind this luciferian cult it can be found. You have to get past the big tech Vatican gatekeepers who try to protect mystery Babylon, but find a search engine that is not Google or the other anti freedom of speech, sold out companies and you can find thousands of books, news pieces, statistics, factual research etc that proves the Roman Catholic Church and their military arm, the Jesuits are behind every war, conflict; false flag, terrorist attack, genocide, pedophile ring etc for the past 1500 years. R K k

    • Replies: @Athena
    , @Ann Nonny Mouse
  229. Athena says:


    “We have to stop with the idea of creating peace on earth and begin with creating peace with Mother Earth. We’ve tried the first alternative for thousands of years, but look where that has led us, now is the time of the Original Ways, the Native ways, after all … it is coming this way – that we all must make peace with Mother Earth – there is no more altering the native way.”

    Tiokasin Ghosthorse

    • Thanks: emerging majority
  230. Athena says:

    Mar del Plata y el espejismo de convertirse en Dubai
    (excerpts, translated electronically)

    ”The main fishing port in the country is Mar del Plata. It concentrates 60% of the total Argentine fishing. Consolidated as an overseas seaport, it is also active in the oil industry (operations are carried out with liquefied petroleum gas), grain and tourism. In addition, the Argentine Navy’s Mar del Plata Naval Base is located there. ”

    Foreign – the main capitals are Canadian, Spanish and Chinese – and precarious, the activity of the port seems to languish, so it would not be strange a reconversion. At sea, the obsolete ships are exposed to shipwrecks and sinking. On land, it operates with pseudo-cooperatives that are legal – the license plates are issued by the State – but in practice are managed by capangas who do not comply with the assemblies, the distribution of work and the sharing of surpluses. In general, workers do not have social security or pension contributions.

    Agustín Nieto, PhD in History and co-director of the Maritime Social Studies Group of the National University of Mar del Plata, argues that “the port was not always a fishing port; at the beginning it was dominated by the large grain companies. It always works from the logic of profit maximization, if the capital needs to reconvert it, it will do it because what interests them most is not the resource but the money.

    Currently the work on land is in agony. The raw material is often sent to other countries where labor is cheaper, such as Peru or some Central American countries, for example. The SOIP has only 2,300 members when in the 70’s it had more than 10,000. Every time a registered worker retires, the companies uncork champagne.

    The State is absent in the control of the fish processing work; the big companies get rid of the labor burdens and outsource the production to pseudo cooperatives, which are often caves with dirt floors and without the minimum sanitary conditions.

    And in 2007 was the last struggle for the regularization of the activity (the degree of informality is increasingly higher), and was also repressed by the State: first with the Infantry of the Buenos Aires Police, which evicted the headquarters of the Union of Workers of the Fish Industry (SOIP) occupied by the protesters, and then with the Albatros Group of the Argentine Naval Prefecture. In the repression of this struggle, there was an abundance of illegal arrests, the setting up of legal cases and the infiltration of the marches by police officers.

  231. @Joe Paluka

    Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò refers to the current “pope” as Bergoglio, instead of by the assumed name and title that the interloper claims. The Archbishop is Bergoglio’s strongest and most eloquent critic, IMO.

    Practicing Catholics would do better to change popes instead of changing churches.

  232. John Tout says:

    Poo poo and ridicule all you want. My parents went to residential school and while they never talked about their personal experiences they spoke Cree in a hushed manner as if expecting some punishment and never taught us the language. My Father was in WW2 and his medals attest that he saw much action, once he told me when he saw those men in black dresses his knees still got weak. Since i have met others who had attended and they told some horrific stories. Picture yourself as a six or seven year old torn from kith and kin and thrust into a boot camp environment run by Christians.

    • Thanks: emerging majority, Ed Case
    • Replies: @Anne Lid
  233. Corvinus says:
    @emerging majority

    No, I have a habit of citing sources that disprove your position.

  234. Anne Lid says:
    @John Tout

    It was the state’s idea to take the children away from families and put them in residential schools. It is an English thing, to gather children at an early age and stuff them in schools, away from parents. I would never put my own child in a residential school at such a tender age, except if I were long term debilitated. But the state of Canada did. There is no assurance that nonreligious staff would have done a better job.

    • Agree: HdC
  235. Athena says:
    @John Ashby

    Very good, i fully agree.

    To conclude on religion (a tool used to corrupt or influence education and politics):

  236. Vanya says:

    The Catholic Church has always been proponents of race mixing, their colored outreach programs are just a natural extension of their universalist philosophy.

  237. @John Ashby

    Yes. The very fact that they grabbed “Catholic” as a brand name, asserting that members of the Greek Orthodox Church were not Christians, not in Christ’s church, loudly trumpets every day that they are satanic and nothing else. Even, their members can’t pray to God! Can only pray to a priestly intercessor!

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