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Dragging the Founders Through the Mud
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Who promotes “woke” history?

Video Link

This video is available on Rumble, BitChute, and Odysee.

If you’ve been to a museum or a historic site lately, you know that the central message is black people — how badly we treated them, and why the country would have gone nowhere without them. The New York Post recently ran a story called “Monticello is going woke – and trashing Thomas Jefferson’s legacy.”

It could have been about any historic home, but Monticello, which has been on the nickel since 1938, has gone all out.

In the visitors’ center – the first place you go – there is a painting of Jefferson’s slaves, gathered round a dirt mound, weeping.

The first Monticello room you enter, the parlor, has been brought up to date with this painting of a faceless black man, which was commissioned for Juneteenth. The label says that “hands and face of featureless tar” represent “the faceless lives of all who served in bondage, witnessing but never recognized.”

It was painted by a black man – of course – whom Time magazine commissioned to paint this impression of the Ferguson riots.

Everywhere you go in Monticello, labels jabber about “enslaved people” – not slaves. You see, “slave” might sound like something inherent, while “enslaved person” suggests a cruelly imposed status. So, I guess we must now talk about “imprisoned people” rather than “prisoners,” and “people engaged in crime” rather than “criminals.”

The Monticello website is obsessed with slavery. Take the page called “Music and the Monticello Household.”

The first thing you scroll down to is “Music and Monticello’s Enslaved Community,” which explains that slaves created “a distinctly American musical tradition.”

Monticello preaches leftist guff about Sally Hemings. On its webpage about Thomas Jefferson and his slave, the very first sentence is “Years after his wife’s death, Thomas Jefferson fathered at least six of Sally Heming’s children.”

This is straight-up calumny. For a host of reasons carefully explained in this book and in this one, there is only one Hemings child who we know carried Jefferson DNA, and the father was overwhelmingly not likely to have been Thomas but his younger brother Randolph. Jefferson-haters love to think Monticello was an illicit love nest because they can make out Jefferson – who opposed miscegenation – to be a horny old hypocrite.

The New York Post reports that there is an audio presentation on Jefferson and Sally in a basement room with a sign that warns: “Be prepared to enter a dark, windowless room.” The presentation “covers difficult subject matter and can inspire strong emotions . . . . We encourage you to respect the feelings of your fellow guests.” Are we supposed to think the president dragged Sally down there and raped her, so we should be sympathetic when people start sobbing? The room has nothing to do with Sally. It’s well known that she had her own cabin.

It seems that every year, “Monticello adds new events to Black History Month programming.

I’m sure Jefferson celebrated Black History Month. Here, the website brags about a government grant to “improve digital infrastructure for the archeological study of slavery.”

I didn’t know it needed digital infrastructure, but it apparently was short \$325,000. And wouldn’t you know it: “Monticello Launches New ‘Slavery at Monticello’ app.”

It says you can meet slaves and their descendants, who turn out not to be “featureless tar,” after all. They are the people you are supposed to care about, not Jefferson.

The tour guides spout this stuff like parrots, but some visitors aren’t buying it. Here are comments from Trip Advisor:

James Madison’s house, Montpellier has had the very same makeover.

You can still tour the house and see what it looked like in Madison’s day, but the story is now all about the slave cabins and who lived in them.

This marker points the way to “The mere distinctions of colour” exhibits.

There you get a spooky display on slave breeding, and here is a reminder that slaves made bricks that were used at Montpellier.

Tour guides can’t shut up about how awful Madison was, as these visitors noticed:

Just as in Monticello, the bookstore is full of titles, such as Ibram Kendi’s Anti-Racist Baby so you can instill contempt for the Founders in your own children.

What do Monticello and Montpelier have in common? They have taken millions of dollars from a finance billionaire named David Rubenstein. In 2015, before it went insomniac woke, Monticello announced a grant of “an additional \$10 million gift from David M. Rubenstein” – which brought his total to \$20 million – “to tell the stories of people — enslaved and free.”

The release goes on to say that “the gift will enable Monticello to finish the restoration of the landscape of slavery,” and that the visitor center would be renamed in Mr. Rubenstein’s honor.

And, what do you know? James Madison’s home Montpellier has a David M. Rubenstein Visitor Center, too, which it got for spitting on the memory of the former owner.

The New York Post calls Mr. Rubenstein “the woke billionaire who trashed the Founding Fathers.”

You see, as Wells Fargo Bank explains, Mr. Rubenstein’s “true passion is what he calls ‘patriotic philanthropy’.”

He has a website that lists other historical sites he has gingered up, including Mount Vernon, the Lincoln Memorial, and the Washington Monument.

Not to mention the \$12.35 million he gave to restore Arlington House.

That is where Robert E. Lee lived before the Civil War and his memorial is there. You can imagine what fun Mr. Rubenstein had with that.

And just this spring, he chipped in \$15 million for the US Holocaust Museum.

As museum chairman Stuart Eizenstat said at the time, “Education about our history is vital for our democracy’s future.”

Guess who the man’s buddies are? Last year, Joe Biden spent Thanksgiving at a private equity billionaire’s Nantucket home.

That was Mr. Rubenstein, whose island hideaway is worth \$20 million.

You can do interesting things when you’re worth \$3.4 billion. The “About David” page on his website says he has been chairman of the Kennedy Center, the National Gallery of Art, the Council on Foreign Relations, and the Smithsonian. He’s on the Harvard Corporation, and is a trustee of Johns Hopkins Medical School and of the World Economic Forum.

I’m sure he practices patriotic philanthropy wherever he goes.

He’s got a book called The American Story, which is no doubt full of love for America.

But it’s not all smooth sailing. Just this spring, the Harvard student newspaper wrote, “If Harvard Wants to Lead on Climate, It Must Drop David Rubenstein, from the Harvard Corporation.”

It said his company, The Carlyle Group, has environmentally dirty partnerships.

But what kind of country takes money from a billionaire to drag its greatest men though the mud? To belittle them, make false claims about them, fill their beloved homes with insults? What country has ever taught its people to despise its own beginnings – and call it “patriotic philanthropy”?

Americans used to love their country. David Rubenstein is certainly giving them reasons to hate what their country has become.

(Republished from American Renaissance by permission of author or representative)
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  1. northeast says:

    Bad times are coming…

    • Replies: @Emma S.
  2. Emma S. says:

    I wonder how long this is going to continue on it just gets more and more extreme. Hatred towards White people is so acceptable, you can glee about White extinction while others cheer on.
    This is a video from Twitter. The Black people in the comments are gleefully celebrating along with some self-hating White losers. This is what majority of Black people think about Whites. Just look at how many likes it got…

    • Replies: @tiger_road
    , @northeast
  3. What do Monticello and Montpelier have in common? They have taken millions of dollars from a finance billionaire named David Rubenstein.

    (((David Rubenstein.)))

    Even Jared Taylor can no longer stand it. These crypto-Israelis are undermining White America as they fortify the global Jewish community.

  4. dearieme says:

    If any of the Founders deserves a good trashing it’s Tom Jefferson. What a creep!

    Washington was a man of substance, Franklin a clever fellow. Jefferson’s deficiencies of character mean that nowadays he’d be an advertising man.

    • Replies: @Clark Kent
  5. @dearieme

    And you’re an a*shole.

    • Agree: Brad Anbro
  6. Visitors to these places should demand their money back, just as they would for any other kind of fraud.

    Next target…Mount Vernon?

    • Replies: @Pop Warner
  7. people engaged in crime “justice-involved person” is the approved term
    to supplant the clearly racist “criminal”.

  8. @Emma S.

    “… I wonder how long this is going to continue on it just gets more and more extreme… ”

    If things keep going this bad, we should expect forced miscegenation.

    • Replies: @Realist
  9. Comrade Jared

    You need to start taking on the Hindu and the Han…..

  10. Kuno says:

    Always the same “play dumb” game… Soft-hear- ted Mr. Taylor is virtually outraged that a certain billionaire named “Rubenstein” is donating mil- lions ‘n’ millions to desecrate America’s history.

    Although it would be much more revealing to learn what remarkable general conclusi- ons Mr. Taylor draws from the origins to the actions of this prototypical “philanthropist”.

    Unfortunately, we’ll never hear such considerati- ons from his mouth. Orwellian principle in a po- litically correct dictatorship: “The decisive thing is not what is said, but what remains unspoken.”

    Thus, it only takes individual representa- tives of this “group of people” with un- heard-of wealth to ruin entire societies.

    Now one only has to imagine that there’re not only a few dozens or hundreds, but thousands of these undermining voles – and all of them in key positions in society to understand the ex- tent of the damage caused by this “species”.

  11. @mark green

    Jared has always done his best to avoid mention of the (((little hat people))).

    It’s just too damn obvious these days to ignore anymore. Their role in destroying America will be told, albiet by Chinese or Russian historians next century.

  12. Realist says:

    Correct me if I’m wrong…but I’m guessing Rubenstein is a Jew.

    • Replies: @Katrinka
  13. Realist says:

    As long as whites acquiesce…some even espousing…it will continue.

  14. Anonymous[268] • Disclaimer says:

    Why would you get your panties in a bunch over this? Do you care if they criticize Big Foot Man of the Puebloan cannibal culture? Because Big Foot Man influenced your polity about as much. This much. I am making a circle with my thumb and index finger.

    You don’t live in a cave in the desert full of human soup bones, and you don’t live in the country that the founders founded. That’s shit’s gone. The Central Intelligence Agency Act shitcanned your constitution. It’s gone, you’re not getting it back. You live in a totalitarian state with arbitrary power.

    So don’t take this the wrong way, but you should stop living in a dream world where ancient bullshit matters.

    • Replies: @Katrinka
  15. @Judson Hammond

    I went to Hermitage, Andrew Jackson’s plantation just outside out Nashville, about six years ago. There were only brief mentions of slavery, with a patch of cotton for visitors to show how unpleasant picking cotton was. Otherwise, it was all about Jackson. I am afraid to see if it has been similarly profaned.

    • Replies: @Old Virginia
  16. Katrinka says:

    Good news is that these beautiful, historical properties aren’t being used to house illegal aliens.

    • Replies: @Chensley
  17. Jewish supremacism relies on white submission and obeisance. Jews figure that guilt about blacks is most potent in paralyzing white pride because whites are so in awe of blacks as athletes, singers, and studs. And so, Jews emphasize ‘white guilt’ about oppressing ‘badass cool’ blacks. And as a strain of Americanism is all about puritanism and redemption, plenty of whites take the bait and put on holier-than-thou airs with Negrolatry.

    Taylor says a lot of good things but is ultimately useless because he won’t address the true nature of the problem, which is sadistic Jews use nasty blacks against masochistic whites.

  18. I toured Monticello last month. My National Park pass did no good as it is run by a private foundation that charges \$45 admission. Stayed less than an hour. Jared’s absolutely right, the entire estate is a monument to Sally Hemming, who fathered one child with Thomas Jefferson’s fiddle playing layabout alcoholic brother Randall. Of course all six of her children claimed that Thomas Jefferson was their father, a claim that is now promulgated as fact by the new proprietors of the estate. Jefferson himself would have burned the place to the ground if he know what had been done to it. That’s exactly what should be done now.

    • Replies: @Old Virginia
    , @Reg Cæsar
  19. Phibbs says:

    Letting in Africans slaves was America’s first mistake. Letting in the always destructive Jews was America’s second mistake.

  20. anonymous[363] • Disclaimer says:

    If the founding myth is gone then national divorce will follow. Red states need to form a solidly conservative new country like the image below (without Houston).

    Use this if you have your own ideas:

  21. Long Tom has always been a lightning rod for American hatred. When he was inaugurated many Federalists thought it was the end of the republic, to have an atheistic Francophile in the White House (Jefferson was its first tenant, too). In fact his revolution proved to be the death of the arrogant, elitist Federalist Party, and good riddance.

    People tend to be unaware of how little even antislavery advocates thought of blacks. The general opinion was men who tolerated the yoke of slavery, and the hideous indignities inflicted on their wives and daughters, were no men at all. Live free or die was not just a motto on license plates, once upon a time.

    Let’s not forget that Sally Hemings was Jefferson’s late wife’s half-sister, shall we. She was not the “coal-black Sally” of contemporary Federalist doggerel but 7/8 white. Her father, Jefferson’s father-in-law, John Wayles, openly cohabitated with Sally’s mother, and had six children with her, much to the horror of the Virginia gentry. His neighbor Thomas Randolph, whom Jefferson idolized as a young man, also kept a black mistress. Use your heart and consider, what was it like for a man in his forties to be cast in with a sixteen year old girl who looked like his long dead wife, a woman whose loss had nearly drowned him in grief? And in exotic Paris, no less, the very “city of love”? Would you forcibly rape her, because society said you could, or would you fall in love with her, and court her the way any man woos the object of his affections? And how would she react to the attentions of the master of the household, the master of her world who could fill her every material wish if she cooperated with him? Good thing women hadn’t yet figured out in those days how to use sex to get what they wanted from a man.

    • Replies: @nokangaroos
    , @Reg Cæsar
  22. Chris Moore says: • Website

    What’s so ironic is that Taylor’s ((Jewish)) buddies were neck deep in the slave trade…

    …and have taken it to the next level via the Globalist slave agenda, which includes the enslavement of Whites. But they’re smart enough to control the MSM and political class with their money, so organized ((Jewish)) evil and Israeli Judeofascism are never discussed — least of all by Taylor.

    Because the Anglosphere was dumb enough to be the bag man for ((Jews)), and let them profiteer through anti-Christ treachery, does it deserve what it gets?

    Do the little ((Jews)) deserve what they get for allowing the big ((Jews)) the same license? According to Zionist calculas, yes!

    One can easily see how the Zionists were complicit in the Holocaust.

    America too, the nest of vipers, is paying for its centuries of “tolerance” for Big Zion sins and mindless greed.

    There is nowhere left to hide. We must put an end to every ((Jew)) stooge of every race, color and creed, and bring Big Zion to justice.

    • Replies: @Brad Anbro
  23. @Observator

    It is common knowledge Sally was quite the sensation in Paree –
    but no one ever argued the sprog she brought back from there was Jefferson´s –
    and that would would have been the most “commonly understandable” ™ one.

  24. @mark green

    David Mark Rubenstein is a proud Jew and, typically, a proud Jew loves Jewish prophet Moses the Egyptian who very proudly practiced slavery and slave-trade of non-Jews.

    Islam — the sister-religion of Judaism — advocated slavery and slave-trade of all non-believers of Islam.

    Islam’s founder Muhammad the Arabian was a proud slaver-trader as well as a slave-holder and average Americans think Islam is a good religion of peace and harmony while American media carefully do not mention a thing about Islam’s contribution to trans-Atlantic slave-trade during colonial time or even after the colonial time of Thomas Jefferson and Sarah “Sally” Hemings.

    What is silly about average Americans today is: Average Americans are very selective in blaming people and are very selective of blaming history, which is probably because average Americans consider themselves exceptional people!

  25. @Chris Moore

    I give (The Honorable) Louis Farrakhan credit for one thing – he is one out of only two (that I know of) clergy persons who know what is going on in the USA and around the world, and is not afraid to talk about it! The other person is Chuck Baldwin, of Kalispel, MT.

    By the way, I am a Caucasian (white) person.

    • Thanks: mark green
  26. northeast says:
    @Emma S.

    I’m afraid that whites will continue to retreat…the USA is a big country. A lot of exurbs and rural areas to hide in.

  27. @Pop Warner

    The New York Post article cited above was featured here a few weeks ago. A comment after the article indicated Andy Jackson’s place has already been “similarly profaned”.

    I’d been to Monticello days before and it’s as ugly as described.

  28. @Slugsmagee

    I know these people – the Jeffersons.

    Tom fathered no children with Sally Hemings, or any other woman, black or white, other than his wife, Martha.

  29. Tour guides can’t shut up about how awful Madison was

    Well, he did defend the three-fifths rule, which allowed dishonest men to pump up their representation in Congress by including their livestock.

    Madison, Wisconsin’s streets still carry the names of numerous planters. Indeed, the state’s capitol building sits between streets named for three slaveowners, Daniel Carroll and two Charles Pinckneys.

  30. @Slugsmagee

    Sally Hemming, who fathered one child

    How did she manage that? Was she an Early American Lia Thomas?

  31. @Observator

    People tend to be unaware of how little even antislavery advocates thought of blacks.

    Or of how highly slavery addicts advocates thought of them. Just look at all the fantastical praise one sees on auction posters.

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