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Do You Have to be Insane to be Liberal?
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What the research shows.

Video Link

Thumbnail credit: Ted Eytan from Washington, DC, USA, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

This video is available on Rumble, BitChute, and Odysee.

I’m going to start with some passages from one of the most eye-opening mainstream articles I have read in a long time. It’s called “The Assault on Children’s Psyches,” and it’s in the June 20 issue of City Journal, which is published by the Manhattan Institute.

The article is by Leor Sapir, who has been following young people who think they suffer from Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria or ROGD. That’s a fancy name for thinking you were born the wrong sex and want to “transition.”

Mr. Sapir starts with what white children are taught in school: “how awful it is to be white, how white people enjoy unearned ‘privilege,’ how they benefit from ‘systems’ put in place by and for white people for the sole purpose of oppressing ‘people of color’.” “The students, especially the girls, absorb this messaging. . . . Being white is not something these teenagers can escape, but they can mitigate its social costs by declaring themselves part of an oppressed group.” As Rachel Dolezal, Jessica Krug, and Elizabeth Warren discovered, you can’t escape being a white oppressor by pretending to be black or American Indian.

Credit: Aaron Robert Kathman, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons
Credit: Aaron Robert Kathman, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Instead, young white girls are so desperate to rid themselves of the hateful identity they were born with that, as a woman Mr. Sapir met explained to him, “her daughter’s at-first-lesbian and then trans identity emerged in response to feelings of shame about being white.” Mr. Sapir adds, “I have since spoken to more than a dozen ROGD parents and parent-group leaders who tell a similar story.”

Mr. Sapir explains: “Instructed to view their humanity through the distortive lens of ‘white supremacy,’ California’s teen girls [and it’s not just California] are seeking refuge in puberty blockers, testosterone injections, and double mastectomies.” They have been so brainwashed they think being a “white-cis person” is so horrible, they are trying to turn themselves into something else. That way, they, too, can becomes victims, stop being oppressors, and finally become good people. This is surely one of the most hideous effects of anti-white propaganda.

Mr. Sapir goes on: Another option available to girls who wish to escape or at least mitigate their status as oppressors is to have a diagnosed mental-health problem — especially ADHD, multiple-personality disorder, gender dysphoria, depression, or anxiety. Patricia [a woman he interviewed] said that it is not uncommon for teenage girls in her daughter’s community to one-up one another constantly, based on who has more (or more severe) diagnoses.

What this means is that the horrible things our society says about white people have literally driven these people insane — or at least to the point they wish they were insane which is, to me, its own form of insanity. If you’re a diagnosed psychotic, I guess you can’t be blamed for blacks shooting each other and filling up the prisons.

Is it possible that trying to believe the things liberals are supposed to believe can drive you crazy?

Zach Goldberg is a researcher at Georgia State University, who calls himself a “wokeness studies scholar.”

He has analyzed data from Pew Surveys on who is most likely ever to have been diagnosed with a mental condition. Here are three groups — left to right — white liberals, white moderates, and white conservatives, broken out by sex — blue for women, red for men — and by age.

The left-most pair of columns are the percentage of people — male or female, age 18 to 29 — who say a medical practitioner told them they had a mental condition. The tall blue column is young, white liberal women. An astonishing 56.3 percent say they have been told they had a mental problem. For liberal men, the red column, the number is 33.6 percent. You can stop the video and take a good look.

For all groups, women are more likely than men to have had a diagnosis, and young people are more likely than old people. But for both sexes and all ages, the more liberal you are, the more likely you are to have been told you are mental. Could it be that liberals are no more likely than conservatives to be crazy, but seek help more often or are just more likely to admit it? I can’t prove that’s not true, but look at this graph.

It compares whites and non-whites (all ages are mixed together) according to political positions, from “very liberal” on the left, to “very conservative” on the right. As you can see for non-whites — the blue column — liberalism is only slightly associated with a higher likelihood to get a diagnosis. But look at whites — the red columns. At 38 percent, very liberal whites are more than three times more likely than conservatives, at 13 percent, to have had a diagnosis. Interestingly, for both whites and non-whites, being “very conservative” slightly increases the chances of being told you are mental.

Here are more interesting data.

Should white people feel guilty about racial inequality? Blue columns are “agree,” red columns “disagree,” and green means “don’t know.” As you can see on the left, more than 50 percent of white liberals think they should feel guilty — and probably a lot of them do. Over on the right, only 7 percent of white conservatives think they should feel guilty, and 90 percent say they shouldn’t. Feeling guilty — certainly for something that isn’t your fault and that you can’t change — could drive you crazy. Just like those white girls who want to be boys.

Here’s another finding. What would you do if you were monitoring social media and found a message that says the average IQ of whites and Asians is higher than that of African Americans and Hispanics?

Look at the choices for liberals on the left. Only 15 percent — the dark blue bar — would let it be. More than 30 percent — the light pink bar — would permanently remove the post and nearly 30 percent — the dark pink bar — would suspend the account. Look at conservatives over on the right. Sixty percent — the dark blue bar — would leave the post alone, and not even 5 percent would suspend the account.

The question asked here is what you would do about a post that is objectively, factually true. Even Wikipedia reports that “in the US, individuals identifying themselves as Asian generally tend to score higher on IQ tests than Caucasians, who tend to score higher than Hispanics, who tend to score higher than African Americans.” You get the same group differences on the SAT and GRE.

But presumably only 15 percent of liberals would let you say that. The rest either refuse to accept reality or want to hide it from you. Either way, is an unhealthy state of mind.

I think you do have to be unhinged truly to believe the things liberals claim to believe. How else do you believe that black people are as smart and law-abiding as Asians, that white silence is violence, that there will be less crime if there are fewer police, that women are just as aggressive as men and should be in the special forces, that men can become women and vice versa, that men who want to have sex with men are just has healthy and normal — maybe more so — than men who want to have sex with women?

Back to this table.

Why are young people, in almost all categories, more likely to have been told they are mental? Old people have been around longer. They have had more time, more reasons to jump the tracks. You might say it’s a question of stigma, and people my age are too proud to see a shrink. But couldn’t it be the increasingly insane things people are now taught in school? Young women grow up bombarded with ideas their mothers would have thought were outlandish.

And there is more mental illness, particularly among young people. This article from the Journal of Abnormal Psychology found startling increases, just between 2005 and 2017. Rates of major depression up 52 percent in adolescents and 63 percent in young adults.

Mood disorders up 68 percent in young adults.

Suicide-related outcomes up 47 percent in young adults.

These graphs don’t show race and sex differences, but white women are the most vulnerable group. How much of this is due to liberal craziness?

And in what country, in what period of history, have young women — of the majority group no less — ever been made to feel so terrible about themselves that they want someone to carve off their breasts and change their sex?

What better example could there be of a vicious ideology that poisons the minds of people who are just beginning to make their way in the world?

I know that many in our camp believe our rulers want to hurt us. I disagree. They are deluded, self-absorbed, sanctimonious, hypocritical zealots, but they don’t deliberately hurt us. And that makes them all the more dangerous. They cloak the wreckage in the language of human rights and believe their own propaganda.

So did Robespierre, Stalin, Pol Pot, and Mao Tse-tung. They left behind mountains of skulls.

Our rulers leave behind broken bodies and tortured souls.

(Republished from American Renaissance by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Ideology • Tags: Political Correctness 
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  1. Emil Kirkegaard’s peer-reviewed paper “Mental Illness and the Left”:

    • Replies: @Priss Factor
  2. So did Robespierre, Stalin, Pol Pot, and Mao Tse-tung. They left behind mountains of skulls.

    Well, so did Anglo-Americans who wiped out the Indians, Japanese militarists who killed bushels of Chinese, Nazis who piled up bodies super-high, and etc.

    Mass murder was not limited to the Left.


    By the way, why call them ‘liberal’ when they don’t act liberal? They are illiberal, intolerant, and insane. Just like people who conserve nothing should not be called ‘conservative’, people who don’t act liberal shouldn’t be called ‘liberals’.

    It’s really between Regeneratives and Degeneratives.

    Regeneratives are for health, natural norms, and regeneration of life and morals.

    Degeneratives are for things that degrade, harm, and pollute life. Tattoos and piercings are degenerative. Gluttony and sluttony are degenerative. Michael Moore and Rush Limbaugh were both degenerative in their eating habits.

    This globo-homo stuff is totally degenerative. It goes far beyond acknowledging some people are born homo and as such should be acknowledged. It promotes homo stuff and tranny stuff as something to celebrate. Wuh?

    Christianity can also be degenerative. In its purity spiral, it once denigrated as dirty, filthy, and obscene the very processes of desire that make life.
    But the current pornified culture is also degenerative because it reduces life to search for wanton orgasmic pleasure and little else.

    Regeneratives stand for a balance of nature and morals, for vital life forces and their channeling for constructive ends.

    • Agree: Carroll price
    • Thanks:
  3. I know that many in our camp believe our rulers want to hurt us. I disagree. They are deluded, self-absorbed, sanctimonious, hypocritical zealots, but they don’t deliberately hurt us.

    I don’t agree that our “rulers” are ambivalent to hurting us. I believe they want to hurt us.

    Consider just a few examples of demoralization propaganda in popular films from the last 35 years or so, stuff which has shaped the worldview of many in my generation, even if they don’t realize they’ve been brainwashed.

    1988: Mississippi Burning: G Man Gene Hackman crushes the testicles of a tobacco chewing redneck in response to the Southerners unkind view of blacks.

    1989: Lethal Weapon II: Mel Gibson repeatedly slams a car door on the head of a villainous white South African.

    1993: A Few Good Men: The sneering, psychopathic Colonel played by Jack Nicholson (and his Bible thumping lackey) is humiliated and ultimately destroyed in a courtroom by a strong woman, a Jew, and the son of a famous Civil Rights crusading lawyer from the 60s (Tom Cruise).

    2009: Inglourious Basterds: An unarmed German soldier who had surrendered and was not implicated in any wrongdoing or war crimes, has his brains bashed in by a Jewish commando. The audience no doubt lapped this up, as was intended by the Jewish producer of the film.

    And there are countless more examples.

    This is just pop culture stuff; almost trivial compared to more direct and substantively evil stuff they’ve done to us. But it’s important, and it shows the mindset of these people. Why put this stuff out? Answer: It’s because “they” really do hate us, and the harvest of that hate is now manifested in the horrible problems – the drug use and mental illness – afflicting so many young white people these days.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @Art Deco
  4. Well yeah. You gotta be sick to teach little children to hate themselves. Or maybe a better word is evil.

  5. @Vergissmeinnicht

    A lot of it has less to do with mental illness than cultural shallowness and spiritual vacuity among white goyim. They’re so hollowed out of soul and heritage that they grasp onto any snake oil trend that pretends to lend them meaning.

    There is also the allure of conceit. The urban educated classes like to think of themselves as ahead of the curve, or ‘more evolved’ and keeping up with the latest trends. So, if the authoritative powers-that-be promote some fad as the latest thing, the would-be-sophisticates go along out of conceit.

    So much of current ‘liberalism’ is just a form of conceitism. A bunch of conceitists.

  6. Franz says:

    Our leaders are evil.

    They want to kill us.

    They want to replace us.

    And they say so all the time.

    I mean, this is the ground floor of now.

  7. Check out the Unibomber’s manifesto section on leftism and how destructive it is to society. It’s astonishing how what he wrote 30+ years ago is actually what we have today.

  8. At least as early as 1974, the US gov has been sponsoring(with tax payer \$) anti-white propaganda in media.

  9. Stealth says:

    I think you’re wrong about one thing – that our liberal countrymen don’t want to hurt us. Clearly they do. For instance, do you really think psychos like Tim Wise have your best interests at heart? How about liberal congresspersons like Adam Schiff and Nancy Pelosi? You’d be crazy to think they’re not motivated primarily by animosity toward non-liberal white Americans.

    Also, there’s plenty of evidence that wealthier white liberals don’t really buy into a lot of the stuff they preach to us mere mortals. You don’t see their daughters dating black men, for instance, nearly as often as suburban white girls do. That, in my opinion, suggests dishonesty and foul play. I also believe that visual displays of support for LGBT and anti-white causes, such as rainbow flags and black lives matter signs, are put out for the purpose of driving non-liberal whites out of communities that well-to-do Democrats have decided to gentrify. Note that you don’t see nearly as much of that in Manhattan as you do in Burlington, VT.

    • Agree: Ulf Thorsen
  10. @Priss Factor

    There were and are no such persons as …

    … Nazis who piled up bodies super-high …

    The photos were real but the captions were faked.

  11. Art Deco says:

    No, they want to hurt us.

    • Agree: David In TN
  12. Anonymous[200] • Disclaimer says:
    @Patrick in SC

    Nobody believes the Parasite Elite is simply uncaring or inept. We all know they are malicious. They’ve been open about this for literally decades.

    Folks like Taylor stick with the “inept” line because when the purge comes it *may* give them some cover from being top of the Kill List.

  13. Hitmarck says:

    So rarely did I see men saying those crazy women are my wife, daughter, sister.
    So rarely did I see male responsibility, I begin deconstructing the idea of a man.

  14. Bo Bo says:

    “Do You Have to be Insane to be Liberal?” What???

    You have to be insane to be Black- and remain in America. Why? Your ancestors were enslaved here in America for several hundred years by White people and lived in hell. Eventually, your ancestors were freed but still lived like crap which has continued for lots of their descendants all the way up to today. Blacks come from Africa. If American Blacks returned to Africa they would be rid of Whites and live among people just like themselves who would respect them. Just a thought.

  15. @Priss Factor

    What was the estimated population of Native Americans in 1619 in what is now the US and Canada?

  16. TG says:

    There is no such thing as ‘liberalism’.

    There are people who mindlessly accept the party line – which calls itself ‘liberal’ but is in reality a far-right extreme anti-worker pro-billionaire agenda with a sprinkling of transgender nonsense for distraction. They are not insane – they may be saner than the rest of us – they are just going along to get along, taking comfort in being part of the herd, not sticking their necks out when they might get chopped off.

    Then there are people who don’t mindlessly accept the party line – who call themselves ‘conservative’ but in large part they are a lot closer to FDR than to Grover Cleveland – and you can have a discussion with these people, they are rational, but fragmented, not able to coalescence into a single coherent philosophy, each of them seeing bits of the truth but without leadership or a mass means of communication, unable to build a real movement.

    There are 600 billionaires stomping down on the rest of us with overwhelming power, we differ only in how we react to that.

  17. Art Deco says:
    @Patrick in SC

    1993: A Few Good Men: The sneering, psychopathic Colonel played by Jack Nicholson (and his Bible thumping lackey) is humiliated and ultimately destroyed in a courtroom by a strong woman, a Jew, and the son of a famous Civil Rights crusading lawyer from the 60s (Tom Cruise).

    Except that Col. Jessup makes his case quite well.

  18. I’ll just leave this here: Leftist Teachers Going After Your Children!

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