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Building Haiti Right Here in the United States
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When the worst becomes the norm.

Video Link

This video is available on BitChute.

Maybe you have heard of Pro Publica. It is a non-profit news organization. Kind of like American Renaissance – but different. It’s got a \$30 million budget, \$60 million in assets, and 100 journalists – which makes it as big as a major daily. The two top boys make about \$450,000 a year, and six of its editors make between \$250 and \$300 thousand a year.

You can make a tax-deductible contribution if you think they aren’t paid enough.

These high rollers are hard, hard lefties, with headlines like “What People Who Live in Mostly White Towns Need to Know About History.”

Pro Publica will tell them. And did you know that “Facebook’s Secret Censorship Rules Protect White Men From Hate Speech But Not Black Children”?

“Black Men Have the Shortest Lifespans of Any Americans. This theory Helps Explain Why.”

You can guess what that theory is. And here’s a story that explains how “Racist Capitol Police Officers” let “white nationalists” “storm the building.”

And “How Machines Learn to be Racist.”

You’ve got to keep an eye on those machines. You know those traffic cameras that catch you speeding or running a red light and send you a traffic ticket in the mail?

Looks like they have learned to be racist. Just last month Pro Publica told us that “Chicago’s ‘Race-Neutral’ Traffic Cameras Ticket Black and Latino Drivers the Most.”

Race-neutral is in quotes.

Pro Publica looked through millions of automatic traffic tickets and found that over a period of a couple of years, households in black neighborhoods got four citations, while households in white neighborhoods got fewer than two. Hispanics were in the middle with three. Pro Publica jumped and roared and wriggled but could not come up with any evidence that the cameras can tell black drivers from white drivers. The article never quite admitted that you get a ticket if you drive badly and that blacks and Hispanics are worse drivers. It did concede, though, that blacks die in traffic crashes at twice the rate of whites and that setting up cameras reduces traffic accidents.

But that is not to deny “the racial inequities baked into the camera program.”

Baked in! These cameras are saving black and Hispanic lives, but Pro Publica says they’ve got to go because they catch and fine BIPOCs more than they catch and fine whites. Pro Publica even dug up someone named Olatunji Oboi Reed, who explained that “the root cause of traffic violence in our society that is disproportionately impacting Black and brown people is structural racism.”

And those cameras are part of it.

The article has a dire warning. Racism could spread because “elected officials and others are pointing to cameras as a ‘race-neutral’ alternative to potentially biased — and, for many Black men, fatal — police traffic stops.”

Fortunately, there are alert Olatunjis everywhere who are stopping racism in its tracks. Pro Publica points out that Miami and Rochester, New York got rid of their cameras because they were racist. It says “racial justice advocates” have turned on Washington DC ever since a think tank found that “Predominantly black neighborhoods in D.C. bear the brunt of automated traffic enforcement.”

This is a classic pattern: Establish rules. Blacks and Hispanics then break the rules. That proves the rules are racist. Get rid of the rules.

This has been going on for years in public transport. People arrested for fare-beating or turnstile jumping are overwhelmingly black and Hispanic.

And so, transit systems from California to New York decriminalized fare-beating. Now, if the police bother to stop you at all, you get a ticket, not an arrest. And if you don’t pay, no one cares. And because it costs nothing to ride, bums have started living on subway trains.

San Francisco, Seattle, Los Angeles, and Portland also decriminalized what they called “crimes of poverty,” — because non-whites were arrested for them more often than whites. The result? Vagrancy, public defecation, aggressive panhandling, and prostitution all over downtown — and tent-city slums.

San Francisco has “safe sleeping spaces” for bums and addicts. The city feeds them and – believe it or not – gives them drugs. No wonder this “Homeless San Francisco Man Says He Came to City For Drugs.”

He says he even got a free cell phone. And, of course, San Francisco won’t enforce the law against even the most brazen shop lifters because that hurts black and brown people, too. [[0:03 – 0:19]]

Last month, the New York Post ran a story about yet another San Francisco Rite Aid that closed because shoplifters cleaned out the shelves.

Who should notice this eye-opening story but Nayib Bukele, the president of El Salvador. “Is there a deliberate plan to destroy the United States from within?” he wanted to know.

It makes you wonder when people from El Salvador think we’re becoming a Third-World country.

Last year, Philadelphia discovered that “racial disparity does exist in certain types of car & pedestrian stops,” so the city decided to rethink what it calls “quality of life” crimes.

They won’t be crimes at all in the heavily black 14th Police District unless a policeman comes along and politely asks the perp to stop. Here are the fun things you can now do.

Drink, litter, gamble, defecate, trespass, block traffic, make deafening noises, and turn tricks. You and your client can have at it on the sidewalk unless a cop tells you to stop. All this because of those pesky “racial disparities” in who breaks the law.

Here’s a headline for you: “Ingham County prosecutor to limit gun charge that disproportionately impacts Black people.”

In Michigan, you get two more years to your sentence if you carry a gun when you commit a crime but – horrors – 80 percent of the people serving additional time are black. So, this nice white lady, Carol Siemon, won’t enforce that law.

Why stop there? Murder, robbery, aggravated assault – black people are up to 15 times more likely than white people to do those things, so the laws are obviously racist. Empty the jails.

Here’s a different example from just this month: “VMI will change honor system that expels Black cadets at disproportionate rates.”

You see, you can be expelled from the Virginia Military Institute if you violate the honor code. Blacks are just 6 percent of the cadets, but are 43 percent of the those who break the code and are expelled. That means a black cadet is 11.8 times more likely than one who isn’t black to get the boot. Clearly, the problem is racism, not black behavior. We can’t expect blacks to live up to nasty, 183-year-old white standards, so VMI will make it harder to expel rule breakers. Jamica Love, VMI’s brand-new chief diversity officer will keep tabs on the new, defanged honor system to make sure it’s not racist.

And, of course, math is racist because white and yellow people are better at it than black and brown people. The state of Oregon adopted this manual on “dismantling racism in mathematics instruction.”

As this section points out, “white supremacy culture shows up in the classroom when the focus is on getting the “right” answer.

The whole manual is full of loony stuff.

Needless to say, “America’s gifted education programs have a race problem. Can it be fixed?”

Short answer: No. And now we’re on to “Dismantling White Supremacy in Public Libraries.”

We must stop fining people who don’t return books, because certain people are more likely to keep books out too long.

And I assume you know that standardized tests are white supremacist, which is why black and brown people get lower scores. And that is why “Dismantling White Supremacy Includes Ending Racist Tests like the SAT and ACT.”

Hundreds of colleges now don’t want to see test scores from applicants. They want “diverse” students, and they know they can’t get them unless they lower standards.

Once they get rid of standardized tests they can let in all the BIPOCs they want and pretend they were just as qualified.

Where do we stop? Cities are already making themselves unlivable. Why not the whole country?

The idea of the Civil Rights Movement was that once they had legal equality, blacks would rise to the level of whites. They can’t, so they didn’t. Our foolish rulers now claim that the problem was the standards we had always expected whites to live by: Don’t shoplift. Obey the honor code. Get the right answer. Buy a subway ticket. Return library books. Reward effort. Hire the best. That’s all racist now and has got to go.

What happens when black behavior becomes the standard? You can coast for a while on the rules white people set up for themselves, but who wants to be the last chump to pay for groceries when everybody else is shoplifting? That way lies Haiti. Even people in El Salvador can see it.

(Republished from American Renaissance by permission of author or representative)
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  1. There’s nothing wrong per se with Black behaviour – thing is: it is incompatible with White behaviour.

    • Agree: mocissepvis
  2. Malla says:

    Western Civilisation died when FDR was voted president. WW2 gave enormous power to the left.

    • Agree: h74betatester
  3. Malla says:

    Maybe you have heard of Pro Publica. It is a non-profit news organization. Kind of like American Renaissance – but different. It’s got a \$30 million budget, \$60 million in assets, and 100 journalists – which makes it as big as a major daily. The two top boys make about \$450,000 a year, and six of its editors make between \$250 and \$300 thousand a year.

    Well the Marxists, the so called “fighters for the poor and disenfranchised” LOL. ALWAYs have a lot of money. Always. Always funded by bankers.
    From Bolshevism from Moses to Lenin: A Dialogue Between Adolf Hitler and Me by Deitrich Eckart
    “The Communist Party in Germany still has fewer than a quarter of a million members; yet it owns over fifty newspapers. What that costs is simply incalculable. Millions. Who pays these enormous sums? We National Socialists have our hands full just keeping our one Beobachter [62] going.”
    Always. Same thing a century back as today,

    • Thanks: anarchyst
  4. Exile says:

    Let’s not nuance this to death.

    Black behavior is incompatible with having a post-paleolithic society. 99.9% of Earth’s people regardless of race want a post-paleolithic society. Most Blacks themselves want the benefits of a more advanced society but they are incapable of achieving it because of self-defeating behavior and time preference issues.

    They are objectively the worst race by the success standards of every other race. Other races have offered them all the instruction and resources they needed to level up but they won’t.

    This may not reach some abstract level of metaphysical “evil” or “wrong” (if your standard doesn’t require living above the primitive stone age village). They don’t deliberately set out to destroy and subjugate other races (see Jews). And unlike Jews, if they did, they couldn’t succeed.

    On the human social “tech tree” Blacks are forever stuck at the bottom.

    Without the effort and direction of other races, they are unable to rise to a level of agency where they have significant control their environment rather than being entirely at its mercy.

  5. @Malla

    According to David Irving the Nazis were funded by the Rothschilds.

    • Replies: @Malla
    , @Bookish1
  6. KenH says:

    Jared leaves out that it’s funding from overwhelmingly Jewish sources like George Soros that puts these far left wing prosecutors into office.

    The Jewish led left says they oppose mass incarceration and they do but only for blacks, browns and other Democrat constituencies. But they support mass incarceration and excessive use of police force against whites and their right of center political enemies.

    As we’ve seen with the Jan 6th protesters the Jewish led left wing establishment supports police brutality and the shooting of political protesters, mass incarceration, harsh sentences and no second chances for all white people they deem “white supremacist” and a “threat to democracy”.

    BLM and other radical left groups temporarily became back the bluetards on Jan 6th.

    • Agree: Johnny Smoggins
  7. Jewish gods made white goyim worship blacks.

    • Replies: @Realist
    , @SunBakedSuburb
  8. Phibbs says:

    I’ll bet Pro Publica’s origins are Jewish and its main editors are Jews. In fact, what newspaper, magazine or news network is not Jew-owned?

    • Agree: Atle, Biff K
    • Replies: @Pro Bono
    , @Arminius1933
  9. @Exile

    Without the effort and direction of other races, they are unable to rise to a level of agency where they have significant control their environment rather than being entirely at its mercy.

    I frankly do not know if a human being with an IQ of 85 (the average of Blacks in the US), let alone a human being with an IQ of 70 (the average of Blacks in Africa), can be said to have ‘agency’ at all – the Supreme Court once ruled that if one’s IQ is “too low”, one cannot be sentenced to the Death Penalty…
    But, perhaps, the standard definition of ‘agency’ is Eurocentric, truth be told…

    • Replies: @Fidelios Automata
  10. Malla says:
    @anyone with a brain

    Did Irving get compromised?

    • Replies: @Thomas Faber
  11. Realist says:

    This will continue to happen as long as Whites allow it. It is interesting to see how long stupid Whites allow it to continue.

    • Replies: @Rooster13
  12. Realist says:
    @Priss Factor

    Jewish gods made white goyim worship blacks.


    • Replies: @HallParvey
  13. Realist says:

    WW2 gave enormous power to the left.

    The right has done nothing to stop it.

    You seem ignorant of the history following WWII.

    • Agree: Angharad
    • Replies: @Malla
    , @Jim Bob Lassiter
  14. Malla says:

    There is not right, at least not mainstream, mainstream right is just a fake opposition to the elites/ left. Far right are the rebels against the Satanic system but many in the Far Right are infiltrated by agents of the elites.

    • Replies: @Realist
    , @Thomasina
  15. @Malla

    If I remember correctly, Antony Sutton has shown in his “Wall Street and the rise of Hitler” that Hitler was financed by Warburg (international Jewish bankster ally of Rothschild), among others.

    You may also want to look into funding by high-level freemason Henry Ford, as well as the doings of Hjalmar Schacht, Hitlers finance minister from 1933-1939 (who is also alleged to have been a high-level freemason), and his connections to the Bank of International Settlements, “the central bank of central banks”.

    As far as I can tell, the global financial world was completely intertwined with Hitlers regime from start to finish.

    While many of the ideas of National Socialism are good, I believe that Hitler was put up by the very people he officially opposed, to lead nationalism to defeat, and to smear its name. This would be in perfect accord with the Protocols of Zion (12.11):

    “11. In the third rank we shall set up our own, to all appearance, opposition, which, in at least one of its organs, will present what looks like the very antipodes to us. Our real opponents at heart will accept this simulated opposition as their own and will show us their cards.”

    This would also give the added “benefit” (for them) of increasing anti-semitism (“to control our lesser brethren”), and to populate Israel with german Zionists (Haavara-agreement), as well as exterminating good european jews opposed to their rule. And the reparations, etc.

    You are dealing with evil, and very cunning people.

    Some links you may want to check out:

  16. Traffic cameras are a naked money-grab by police, and I question the self-serving stats about saving lives. Still, arguing that they can be racist is profoundly retarded.

  17. @Vergissmeinnicht

    Australian Aborigines fare rather poorly as well. The “stolen children” the Left demonizes the Aussie government for were mostly taken from abusive parents who had become addicted to alcohol — or even petrol-sniffing.

    • Agree: Atle
    • Replies: @Vergissmeinnicht
    , @Exile
  18. Realist says:

    Not only did the right not stop it…they were the hegemonic power for the sixty years after WWII.

    • Replies: @Malla
  19. @Thomas Faber

    In the first David Irving video in the article Irving recounts the history of that finding. He too mentions that French arms manufacturers were funding the Nazis.

    The gambit didn’t work for the French weapon manufacturers but did for the Rothschilds, they received Israel, destruction of the British empire and rise of the philosemitic American empire and a means to shut down criticism of jewish power and the ability to discredit nationalism and any hostile authoritarianism.

    • Replies: @Chris Moore
    , @Malla
    , @bert555
  20. @Fidelios Automata

    Michael Shermer said this (I’m paraphrasing) in a ‘Rubin Report’ episode: “Colonialism is not necessarily evil – the British outlawed widow-burning (‘sati’) in India, and that was good!”
    Frankly, though I’m a cultural particularist, I don’t know the answer to this.

    • Replies: @Patrick Gibbs
  21. Malla says:

    If you call “that”, the right, then your country is screwed.

  22. Malla says:
    @Thomas Faber

    I am not so sure, but hey, maybe. Who knows.

  23. Thomasina says:

    You are correct, there is no “right” or “left”. There is only a Ruling Class. These people play their parts, like actors, and pretend they are on the “right” or “left”, but in reality they collude together to ensure they maintain power and control.

    The curtain is being pulled back more and more every day, exposing the actors on the stage. That’s why they’re tightening up their control. The more they do that, the more they expose themselves. So many ordinary citizens are beginning to wake up.

    • Agree: Malla, Miro23, mocissepvis
    • Replies: @matzahballsgonewrong
  24. Chris Moore says: • Website
    @anyone with a brain

    The gambit didn’t work for the French weapon manufacturers but did for the Rothschilds, they received Israel, destruction of the British empire and rise of the philosemitic American empire and a means to shut down criticism of jewish power and the ability to discredit nationalism and any hostile authoritarianism.

    Yes. The British/Anglosphere Empire was and is Zionist. The Victorian era ((Cousinhood)) introduced top Brits and Anglos to Zionism (and buggering, as a cult control method, inspired by Talmudist rabbinical ritual molestation of infants, childhood brainwashing, etc).

    “Though sodomy remained a capital crime until 1861, the last British naval execution for the offense was in 1829, the last in the U.K. itself in 1835. After that, until legalization in 1967, the act was punishable by 10 years to life.”

    So anyone who wants to do something about the problems raised in this article (which go hand in glove with the War agenda, LGBTQ agenda, medical experimentation on humans, etc.) needs to start with the problem of Zionists, who roost both on the “left” and “right.”

  25. hillaire says:

    What is the situation with this Jared Taylor fella?…. is he just an old fashioned racist, does he just hate brown people?… like many of his ilk always whining about negro dysfunction without realising it’s his own fucking fault..

    Because it seems he never gets round to an honest investigation of the real problem in western ‘demockracy’ and that would be ‘jewish’ finance capital, media ownership and blackmail and bribery operations targeted at the institutions of law and governance…

    I suspect he has lots of ‘jewish’ friends… and believes the covid op ‘wasn’t’ a central banking ruse to to save the skin of finance capital..

    • Agree: Bro43rd
    • Replies: @anarchyst
  26. Legba says:

    It’s funny ’cause it’s true

  27. Reanimator says: • Website

    Because they are criminals themselves, Corrupt-o-crats of whatever party or group, always ally themselves with criminals, use criminals, and encourage criminals. This destroys the nation. In order to fix the situation, the law needs to be enforced, and the erosions of the duly constituted, just laws need to be repaired and patched. This is the only way forward. The alternative is too horrible to imagine: continuation and worsening in the same direction, total destruction and rampant crime, unchecked, lax enforcement or nonenforcement of the most vicious crimes, at all levels. Total Hell. Let’s not go there.

  28. Exile says:
    @Fidelios Automata

    Aussie Abos are part of the .01% I was referring to who don’t seem to want a post-Stone Age society. Bushmen and Papuan/Amazonian naked headhunters round that out.

    American Abos strongly lag other races but seem capable of leveling up to medieval serfdom judging by the Mestizo and Feather Indian populations.

    If we had the luxury of limitless land mass and less scarcity you could carve out space for these “museum” populations. It would be a helluva lot more humane and useful than giving them casinos, cigarette monopolies and letting them drink shampoo.

    But that’s not our world and the inevitable reality is that Stone or Copper Age nomad races can’t survive prolonged contact with more advanced races.

    • Replies: @Roger sanders
  29. Malla says:
    @anyone with a brain

    Now that you and Faber says may be true. but there is always room for scepticism. That is because there has been a huge anti-Hitler propaganda machine created in the West. Hitler’s ancestors was a Jew, he had only on ball etc. etc.. loads of gassfarts and bullshits written away to discredit the guy. My uncle was saying that during the cold war, Western media including Hollywood were obsessed with the evul Nazis while the USA was supposedly in a cold war with Commies, indeed watching Western media, he got a good opinion of Communism except later when he came to know the truth about that movement. I am open to the idea that Hitler was supported, maybe later in his life, but this could also be attempts to discredit the National Socialist movement. It could also be a jibe at the goy by the Jews, “hey stoopid goy, even your hero Hitler had jewish ancestry” or “even your hero Hitler was on Jew money.” A lot of that bullshit has been debunked, They have cried wolf so many times, so much overload of anti-Hitler propaganda (all bullshit) that it is hard to trust any more.
    So though I am open to the possibility of Hitler being funded by Rothies and all that, there is still scepticism.
    Because there is proof of the opposite that Hitler was resistance, the most effective resistance in a long time to the Satanic Orwellian banking Cabal. By James Perloff who is himself of Jewish ancestry.

    Video Link

    • Replies: @CelestiaQuesta
    , @Mike Tre
  30. @Fidelios Automata

    Traffic cameras are a naked money-grab by police

    Lol, and that’s news to anyone? LE can sell damn near anything as a saving lives stunt but in the end it’s almost always about the doe-ray-me.

    How ironic would it be if the liberals and POC whining about these clearly racist machines ends up getting them removed, truly giving them a victory in the “defund the police agenda?”

    • Replies: @anarchyst
    , @john speke
  31. @Realist

    Joe McCarthy didn’t try? Robert Welch?

    • Replies: @Realist
  32. Realist says:
    @Jim Bob Lassiter

    Joe McCarthy didn’t try? Robert Welch?

    Whether they tried is immaterial…they were not successful. Eisenhower supported the CIA’s action of interceding in foreign elections. He signed off on Allen Dulles’ efforts to topple foreign governments throughout the ’50s.

  33. Franz says:

    Pro Publica’s just a slightly more honest version of the United States Government.

    And it’s really sweet that people in El Salvador are worried about all this. Nobody in Washington is.

  34. anarchyst says:

    I have been banned from commenting on American Renaissance for bringing up the “jewish question”.
    This ban is over a decade old…I don’t care…it’s their loss.
    However, it is interesting to note that, in recent years, many others have brought up the “jewish question” on American Renaissance and have not been banned.
    When it come to the “jewish question” it appears that I was a “trailblazer” on that site…

  35. anarchyst says:

    Actually, the “red-light camera” supporters and purveyors are local politicians who contract out the actual operation to private companies who give the politicians and municipalities a “cut” of the proceeds from this clearly unconstitutional system.
    These private companies are so “dirty”, that they purposely “shorten” the time of the yellow light (below accepted traffic safety minimums) to increase revenue from those who safely travel through a yellow light.
    These systems actually increase traffic accidents as people attempt to stop when they could safely travel through an intersection.
    In many jurisdictions, the “red light camera” operators do the actual “enforcement”, sending out notices to those who commit the “sin” of traveling through a shortened yellow light. In many jurisdictions, these “notices” can be ignored, as there is no enforcement authority legally granted to private companies. Of course, (((they))) will not make that fact known.
    An infraction requires a witness–something red-light cameras are incapable of…
    A real solution (but not a money-maker) is to lengthen the time of the yellow light.
    A good “hack” to disable red-light cameras is a childrens’ toy–“silly-string”. this can be aimed and sprayed at cameras and can obscure the cameras lens, making it non-functional.

    • Replies: @rienzi
  36. @Vergissmeinnicht

    Colonialism was a good thing, full stop. Remember, we must judge history and circumstances by the choices actually available. Can anyone seriously argue that *any* post-colonial country is better off now that their European masters are gone? America’s and the USSR’s history of supporting “self-determination” in the third world–perhaps, though not always, for cynical reasons–has proven to be the destruction of these selfsame places. The twin pincers of the new order–liberal capitalism and bolshevism–have snuffed out the very possibility of civilization, which is and always was the sole province of European man. Our legacy is the Rainbow Nation and the rotting grandeur of South America–the abdication of high culture and the surrender to the favela.

  37. Exile says:
    @Patrick Gibbs

    Colonialism was not a good thing for the colonizing powers (aka White nations).

    The UK got Windrushed. Slavery saddled America with a huge surplus of disgruntled farm equipment. Many other similar stories.

    We had civilization and high culture in our own countries. Trying to bring it to Africa and South America helped ruin it here.

    • Agree: Druid55, mark green
    • Replies: @Roger sanders
  38. @Patrick Gibbs

    Reading this made me think of the academic who got his paper arguing we should re-colonise Africa published (!), because that would increase Africa’s GDP or whatever. (Sure, then his paper got eventually retracted.)

    Too Eurocentric.

    People ill-informed of Evolution don’t realise it’s Evolutionary Fitness that matters – not GDP, Mozart’s cantatas, or Terraforming Mars.

    It’s a trade-off, consider this:
    Bullies have higher number of sexual partners;
    Gang members are 5.7 times more likely to be sexually active and 3.4 times more likely to have multiple concurrent partners;
    ‘Criminal’ sub-populations have higher fertility;


    In short, from the Darwinian standpoint, the ‘Rainbow Nation’ or the ‘favela’ are not ‘good’ or ‘bad’.

    • Thanks: mark green
  39. As a designated white supremacist and domestic terrorist, it’s comforting knowing that I and millions of others live in the minds of PIG’s (people in government). They know their demise is at end and everything they do is a poorly calculated paranoid reaction to try and defend what’s inevitable, pushback coming for them.

    So far they have shown us no mercy or compassion by stripping us of rights and declaring us enemy states in our birthplace. This illegitimate regime has proven itself to be everything the framers warned us about.

    The time has come for all good men and women to rise up and take back the country our ancestors fought and died for.

    • Replies: @Goddard
  40. Anon[144] • Disclaimer says:

    Collapse is a certainty, only a question of when. Get out while you can. Our forefathers fled oppression in their homeland. We can too.

    Better a few years too early, than 1 day too late.

  41. Druid55 says:

    Before that. WW1, the fed

    • Replies: @Malla
  42. Anon[144] • Disclaimer says:
    @Thomas Faber

    …. Hitler was financed by Warburg….

    Guess whose birth Father was a key figure in Warburg ?


  43. @Malla

    They use the same old playbook when it comes to protecting their pets and accusing their enemy’s, always countering, we are closeted (add a race, perversion or action here).
    It’s gotten way past being just a small case of negro fatigue, it’s now turned into a violent death cult that wants to kill you because you’re white.

    • Agree: Malla
  44. @Vergissmeinnicht

    Of course not, just like there isn’t anything wrong with orangutan behavior, which consists of making the rounds in the rainforest looking for ripe fruit and then shitting from up a tree. The issue is simply that if one values the presence of intelligent life on the planet, then blacks should not be allowed to proliferate throughout the planet.

    • Agree: CelestiaQuesta
  45. SafeNow says:

    Near the end if the video, Jared briefly addresses the issue of “mirroring,” but his example is off the mark. Jared says “ Who wants to be the last chump in the grocery store who pays for his groceries when everyone else is shoplifting.” But outright stealing is not a likely mirroring scenario. Rather, it is substituting a workplace ethos of “good enough; get it basically okay” in place of “proficient /conscientious/fastidious.” This kind of “mirroring” has been going on for years; more and more people have surrendered, without consequences. Examples abound; I posted many good ones before. I will not do so again. Good enough for me. When I see a perfunctory essay by Ron Unz, I will know all is lost.

  46. @Exile

    Whites are mostly weak and dependent on modern technology, this renders you insufficient, not advanced. Btw, this “civilization” is what is destroying your people, you are a prime case of a mumbling midwit who has no understanding of life on earth.

    • Replies: @Malla
    , @Johnny Smoggins
  47. @Exile

    Your civilization and high culture were/are run by jewish merchants and freemasons, you should not be proud of this, but embarrassed. Actually, you probably belong to one of those two groups, so nevermind.

    • Replies: @Exile
  48. If “reality” has taught anybody anything, it’s that both sides (left, right) are supported by the same body. Controlling both sides guarantees outcome. Occasionally, you have a “supported” leader that snaps out of his trance and decides to do the right thing for his country/culture. When this happens, you get leaders like Hitler, Stalin, Mao etc..labelled as the devil reincarnate…..when in reality…these leaders woke up and decided to cut themselves free from the parasitic body. Unfortunately an arm does not have the means to survive like the body. So the body lives on and tells whatever lie necessary to again guarantee the outcome. History is written by the winners and the winners are not always the good guys.

  49. gotmituns says:

    The hell with Taylor. He’s sole out to the jews.

    • Agree: Druid55
  50. Anonymous[250] • Disclaimer says:

    Black behavior is incompatible with having a post-paleolithic society. 99.9% of Earth’s people regardless of race want a post-paleolithic society.

    Let’s not exaggerate. “post-paleolithic” should be “post-Neolithic” or “post-early Iron age” for most of the Bantu expansion. There were large Black African empires, but they appear to have supported themselves by trading slaves with Islamic countries.

    As to 99.9% of Earth’s people wanting a post-Neolithic or post-early Iron Age society, that may be. However, remember that average world IQ is about 82 (, so about half the world is below the 85 IQ cutoff and are unable to work productively in an industrial (or post-industrial, if that’s what we have now) society.** Half the world!!! This half wants industrial society to be ended, and is taking determined steps to bring that about. One of these steps is making it difficult or impossible for Whites in Europe and the US to successfully raise children who can work productively in an industrial society, CRT being just one approach.

    The problem, then, is much bigger than the problem of Blacks in formerly White countries. The question is simple: do the Whites (actually only European descended Whites as those on the South shore of the Mediterranean have almost no interest in industrialization) give up industrial society because half the world wants that?

    The equity people say “Yes, give it up.”. So do the “Greens”. Even the Marxists, whose original (“vulgar”) Communism promised to improve industrial society, now want to end it.

    What to do. . .

    ** IQ can’t predict who will work in an industrial society, but it can most certainly predict who will not because they cannot. See Clarke’s Farwell to Alms

    • Replies: @Miro23
    , @Exile
  51. Pro Bono says:

    You’d lose, all Germans.

    ProPublica was the brainchild of Herbert and Marion Sandler, the former chief executives of the Golden West Financial Corporation

    Key people
    Paul Steiger (Executive Chairman)
    Herbert Sandler (Founding Chairman)
    Stephen Engelberg (Editor-in-Chief)
    Richard Tofel (President)
    Robin Fields (Managing Editor)
    Charles Ornstein (Managing Editor, Local)

    Herbert Sandler (November 16, 1931 – June 5, 2019)[1] was a co-CEO (with his wife, Marion Sandler) of Golden West Financial Corporation and World Savings Bank. He died on June 4, 2019, at the age of 87.[2]


    SAN FRANCISCO — Herbert Sandler, the founder of the Center for Responsible Lending, is standing in his bayfront office watching a DVD that trains brokers to pitch mortgages by extolling the glories of the real estate boom.

    The video reeks of hucksterism, and it infuriates Mr. Sandler.

    “I would not have approved that!” he declares. “I don’t think we should be selling our loans based on home prices continuing to go up.”

    But the DVD was produced in 2005 by a mortgage lender that Mr. Sandler and his wife, Marion, ran at the time: World Savings Bank. And the video was a small part of a broad and aggressive effort by their company to market risky loans at the height of the housing bubble.
    Once invited by Congress to testify about good lending practices, the Sandlers were recently parodied on “Saturday Night Live” as greedy bankers who handily sold their bank [to Wachovia*] — and pocketed \$2.3 billion in shares and cash — in 2006 before many of their loans began to sour.

    *Wachovia was a diversified financial services company based in Charlotte, North Carolina (Defunct 2008)

    TLDR: The good hearted Sandlers founded this anti-white online rag to Heal the World, and clean a bit their reputation I guess, after building a giant financial ticking turd/bomb (aggressively marketing loans to anyone at the height of the housing bubble) and exiting just before the proverbial sh*t hit the fan with a cool 2.3 billion USD. You could not make this stuff up.

    Good old tikkun olam by some astute, illustrious members of our “German community”.

    Remember kids: the above is just anecdotal trivia. Criticism of Jews is nevertheless completely irrational every single time. Not the clever Sandlers fault that you suckers are all as dumb as a box of rocks. And every ethnic group has its share of swindlers, etc. Therefore, patterns should be noticed *only* in blacks and browns.

    Nothing to see here.

  52. @Vergissmeinnicht

    This made me think of:
    Another paper (which sadly I can’t locate) about quantifying ‘trust in Gov’t’ as if it’s a necessarily ‘good’ thing – but, as the authors of the paper explain, ‘trust in Gov’t’ is notnecessarily good’, for instance, Gov’t sceptics are more politically active.

    Anyway, my central point is:
    Even the so-called ‘obviously good’ products of Colonialism like banning Hindus from practising widow-burning I’m very sceptical of – sure (!), widow-burning could be maladaptive, but we don’t know as of yet, needs more research; I myself can easily think of how possibly widow-burning can be beneficial, in terms of Group Selection.

    • Replies: @Malla
  53. Malla says:
    @Roger sanders

    Whites are mostly weak and dependent on modern technology,

    What? Whites are a lot more into going camping and fishing and doing all kinds of adventure sports.

    midwit who has no understanding of life on earth.

    LOL. And who has this understanding? LOL. I want to hear. Let me warn you, I am a brown dude who lives in the Third world, so all that lefty bullshit about darkies having some special connection with mother Earth with ancient wisdom and whatever nonsense, will only make me burst with laughter.

  54. martin_2 says:
    @Patrick Gibbs

    Conceivably Singapore is the (solitary) example of a country that, in some respects, has improved since the departure of the British. But of course the legal and financial institutions that have made economic prosperity possible in Singapore were put in place by the British in the first place.

    • Agree: Achmed E. Newman
    • Replies: @Malla
  55. Malla says:

    Reading this made me think of the academic who got his paper arguing we should re-colonise Africa published (!), because that would increase Africa’s GDP or whatever. (Sure, then his paper got eventually retracted.)

    Professor Bruce Giley, you mean.
    His youtube channel

    Bruce Gilley – “The Case for Colonialism”

    I think he is doing a great job by bringing out historical truths and destroying Marxist as well as Third world nationalist anti-colonial propaganda and lies. But his recommendation to recolonise the Third World to improve their standard of living is exactly what is not to be done. Not worth he effort. Done once, burnt fingers. Dr Gilley still has that White Man’s Burden mentality of lifting darkies to a higher standard of living. No, what the White race needs is to isolate themselves as much as practically possible from the hostile non White World.

    Bullies have higher number of sexual partners;
    Gang members are 5.7 times more likely to be sexually active and 3.4 times more likely to have multiple concurrent partners;

    Darwinian Nature desires this, spreading of thug DNA but it is a disaster for civilization. Civilization eventually becomes impossible. That is why traditionally, more civilized you were, more was the sexual control laid down on female reproduction. Muslims are not idiots in their Sharia laws w.r.t genders, there is wisdom behind it. And Eugenics is definitely beneficial to a society. Jews used it to become smart. But want to deny it to Goys, especially White goys. Don’t want competition. Eugenics does not need gas chambers as the media scares you, just encouraging high quality individuals to marry each other and have loads of kids, supported by the Government. That is it.

    • Agree: Jimmy le Blanc
    • Replies: @Vergissmeinnicht
  56. “What happens when black behavior becomes the standard?”

    We move to Israel… LOL

    • Replies: @Malla
  57. Goddard says:

    I’m with you. What’s the first step?

  58. Mike Tre says:

    Compare the number of US movies made within the last 80 years between Nazi’s and Bolsheviks. 100’s about Hitler and Nazi Germany, 1 serious movie about Stalin and by my count ZERO about Lenin, Trotsky, the deposing of Czar Nicholas, or the events and consequences of the Bolshevik Revolution.

    That tells us all we need to know.

  59. @Roger sanders

    Whites are mostly weak and dependent on modern technology, this renders you insufficient, not advanced.

    I would give an average White American 50:1 odds over an average black (or Hispanic or Asian) American for surviving in the woods for a few days.

    In a situation of total societal collapse, Whites would come out waaaayy ahead of all the other races. This includes the North American aboriginals, who have become as weak and soft as the average urban dweller and are hopelessly dependent on the government for everything.

    • Agree: Mike Tre
    • Replies: @SafeNow
  60. Athena says:

    \$62 000 a month for a nice appart. in New York City.

    America, exceptional?

    America, an example of democracy?

  61. Miro23 says:

    … so about half the world is below the 85 IQ cutoff and are unable to work productively in an industrial (or post-industrial, if that’s what we have now) society.

    Even when US industry was going great (1900 – 1920) Henry Ford was working out how to handle 1000’s of (white) industrial workers in his factories – and he was encountering similar problems.

    Not all IQ, but his conclusion (“My Life and Work” – 1920) was that most workers don’t at all like physical work, and they like mental work even less.

    His (successful) solution was to divide up tasks so that each worker could do an undemanding job requiring no more than a few days training – and pay them above the going rate. He found that he received a stable and more or less contented workforce.

    For what it’s worth, his high skilled workers were few and mostly concerned with systems and design.

  62. Malla says:

    I myself can easily think of how possibly widow-burning can be beneficial, in terms of Group Selection.

    Arthur Schopenhauer solved the puzzle of this Indian custom. Old men marrying young women, women poisoning husband to marry young lover man and share wealth of old husband, made by the hard work of old husband with young new lover husband and his genes. So if you gotta burn with your old man, you will not poison him.
    If you watched the movie Barry Lyndon, if not, highly recommended.
    I have got the exact scene

    Sir Charles Lyndon is telling his friends how young Barry wants to seduce his wife, as his health is deteriorating, so that young Barry can inherit his estates and titles without doing the hard work, he did to accumulate all that wealth and titles, via his wife.

    This practice in India was to make sure that the Barry’s of the world do not end up seducing Countesses of Lyndon of the world and enjoy the wealth on the hard work of Sir Charles Lyndons of the World. To protect the Sir Lyndon’s of the World from the Barry’s of the World. The old Indian sages considered it such a horrible sin against civilization, that burning of a live women was worth it, a far smaller sin in the long term.
    Those widows who did not burn, had to live a life of simplicity and were barred from wearing make up, coloured cloths or jewellery so that they do not seduce other men, men of other women. Women who did not have children were kept away from children lest via their jealousy they do not give the evil eye to the kids of others. Hinduism and Islam look at women as sexual monsters to be controlled.
    The problem was extremely old men were marrying 13 year old girls and since death was close, the women were condemned to either a short life via Sati or a life of hardship. Also Brahmins would get all the jewellery of the burnt up woman, it was in their interest that more women burn up, so they make more money. That is why the British took immediate action to ban it.

    • Thanks: Achmed E. Newman
    • Replies: @Alden
  63. Malla says:
    @Mike Tre

    Agree, Hollywood made a movie called Mission to Moscow, showing how awesome the USSR was, how cool, Stalin was. This was personally requested from Hollywood by President Roosevelt, who wanted Americans to love the USSR and Stalin, while millions were in gulags.

    But the Russians have made some anti-Commie movies after the fall of the USSR.

    Admiral Kolchak

    The Chekist

    • Agree: Alden
  64. bert555 says:
    @anyone with a brain

    If you fight them, they win.

    • Replies: @Che Guava
  65. @Vergissmeinnicht

    If your philosophical frame allows the proposition that the propagation of the most and the lowest form of human “life” is neither good nor bad, then your epistemic lens discredits itself. The unchecked spread of the slum and its wretched teeming masses is an existential threat to the human animal as anything more than a poorly turned out subsistence creature. The wave of human refuse from the global South will smother civilisation and salt the earth on which higher life can flourish. Disengaging with this problem will not make it go away. European man must either work with these populations to keep them where they belong or they must rise to a level of barbarity not seen in some time to keep their ancestral homelands free from this contagion. The American experiment in multi culti has failed, as anyone can clearly see. Our suicidal ideology must be destroyed or rejected if the world is not to become a sprawling ghetto.

  66. In a way, this whole situation is hilarious. In a more civilized time, this sort of dysfunction was mana from Heaven for comedians. We need a Sam Kinison; his riffs on the turd world and his baiting of homosexuals was legendary.

    Sane Whites are now moving away from the progressive hellholes that cater to darkies. Freed by technology of the need to be proximate to work, they’re fleeing in droves. We’re seeing a backlash against niggerfied standards and homosexual grooming in schools. Hopefully, the collapse of these turdpile cities will speed up. The greatest silver lining in all of this is the useless junkies are overdosing in greater numbers than before, and the nogs are slaughtering each other by the bushel. Always look at the bright side of life!

    Sane Whites just need to get out of the way and quit supporting the collapsing system with their labor and money.

    • Replies: @Bookish1
  67. Rooster13 says:

    It’ll last as long as the propaganda lasts, which is backed by the State, whom has a monopoly on legal violence and allows modern society to enforce monetary penalties. Once the the threat of “think like we want you to or else…” subsides, then reality sets in and people become more aware of their surroundings.

    Overall, things are still far too comfortable in the U.S. for any real uprising among Whites. The more intelligent among us can see the monumental problems just over the horizon, as we try to warn those around us to no avail. However, as the racial realities of our world increasingly seep into the lives of those previously untouched, they too will begin to awaken.

  68. Che Guava says:

    Only if you let them make the rules.

    I have said here before, the best way to understand Haiti is to view a high aerial photo or space photo of Haiti’s border with the Dominican Republic.

    The contrast is stark. On the Haitian side is just a sea of mud. The Dominican Republic side is very green, as should be natural for an island there.

    The Dominican Republic, unlike the U.S.A., is very strict about keeping Haitians out.

    That seems wise.

    • Replies: @Druid55
  69. @KenH

    Jared makes a big deal that the two top dogs at Pro Publica each take home nearly half a million, but if you blow up his chart to 200% you discover it’s Stephen Engelberg and Richard Tofel running this Commie carousel.

    Once again, Jared’s blind spot precludes any mention of the termites gnawing away at America’s foundation. It’s always the termites, Every. Single. Time.

    • Agree: Jimmy le Blanc
  70. Malla says:

    In short, from the Darwinian standpoint, the ‘Rainbow Nation’ or the ‘favela’ are not ‘good’ or ‘bad’.

    This reminds me of Anthony Ludovici’s excellent work, Religion for Infidels. he talks about life forces and the power of prayer. A must read, if you ask me. A very rational Darwinistic look at religion and spiritual phenomenon.
    From his book Religion for Infidels by Anthony M. Ludovici, Holborn Publishing Company, London

    ” And from this examination which we have kept as brief as was consistent with clarity and cogency, we have inferred that the life forces most probably are:
    (a) Impersonal and undiscriminating. They give fair field and no favour to all alike and care not who wins or how.
    (b) Indifferent concerning what we humans of a late civilization call “quality”. In other words, they have no “taste” in our sense.
    (c) As a consequence of (a) and (b), they favour no upward trend in the evolutionary process. Thus inferior (i.e., degenerate) outnumber superior (i.e., progressed, advanced, more highly-organized) creatures, and where the latter arise there is nothing to prevent their prompt or ultimate degradation. The only factor in the life forces that appears to promote superiority in this sense, is the factor (a).
    (d) Animated, not by a mere will to live, but by a will to power. This manifests itself as a trend in all living matter; conflicts with the adverse influences of (a), (b), and (c), and is the only factor in life that accounts for the achievement of any continuous progressive line of beings. Nor is it insignificant that in all periods of decline among the highest product of evolution — Man — will to power should be reviled in its highest manifestations and tolerated only where surreptitiously, and in a manner unobserved by ordinary men and women, it does most harm; i.e., in women, children, the sick, the crippled, demented and the degenerate in general.
    (e) Destitute of any equivalent of what human societies call “morality”. It is therefore otiose to seek the roots of any moral value in Nature. The life forces are indifferent to what man understands as Good and Evil-ideas which have no meaning outside human groups. The very concept of this dichotomy, together with the innumerable conflicting codes derived from it, is as peculiar to man as are honey to the life of the honey-bee (Apis-Mellifica) and silk to that of the mulberry-feeding moth (Bombyx mori).”

    • Replies: @Hacienda
  71. rienzi says:

    A town I lived in took their red light cameras down, as the cameras were being used as target practice by pissed off citizens, and the cost of continually replacing them exceeded the fine revenue.

  72. Malla says:
    @American Bulwark

    We move to Israel… LOL

    Israeli chief rabbi compares black people to monkeys

    Tel Aviv: Israelis – “Ni&&ers go home!”

    • Replies: @American Bulwark
  73. Trinity says:

    Jared “won’t name the Khazar/Jew” Taylor.

    Hey, (((Jared))), 1989 just called, they need you, Ron Paul, and Pat Buchanan back. Rotflmwao.

    I vaguely remember this (((shill))) making the rounds on those (((1990s daytime talk shows.))) Someone asked Taylor about Jews and Taylor replied that Jews look white to him.

    Jared Taylor is like those trained seals you see doing tricks for their handlers, only instead of raw fish, Taylor performs for shekels and an occasional talk show gig.

    Benedict Arnold would be .proud, Jared.

    • Replies: @mocissepvis
  74. Bookish1 says:
    @anyone with a brain

    I need to see some documentation on that.

  75. @Malla

    Professor Bruce Giley, you mean.

    Thanks. Yeah, I don’t agree with his paper but it’s sad it got retracted.

    Eugenics does not need gas chambers as the media scares you,

    I’m for eugenics in an all-White society – so long it only decreases the ‘undesirable’ traits, elevating so-called ‘desirable’ traits like IQ seems too much like ‘playing God’ to me, could easily backfire.

    Arthur Schopenhauer solved the puzzle of this Indian custom.

    I’m a cultural particularist, not a relativist.
    If, say, (I’ll use the extremest example here) African Tribe A is slaughtering to genocide African Tribe B, I guess, in theory, we should intervene – but, in practice, I know it’s way more complicated than that, so, in short, I wouldn’t be sure what to do.

    • Replies: @Malla
  76. Bookish1 says:
    @Jimmy le Blanc

    the problem with your theory is as the cities collapse the darkness are moving out into white country towns that never used to have blacks. We are witnessing that happening right now and it will only increase as the collapse gets greater. They bring their inner city problems with them. Crime rates going way up in country towns.

    • Agree: europeasant, Alden
  77. @Patrick Gibbs

    I’m for the races being separated, basically.

    The White Race should do what it does: exploring other Planets, the ‘Final Frontier’.

    Pygmies should be FREE and do whatever they typically do – and so on.
    If Zulus want to be themselves, that’s great, if they want instead to ‘become White’ (or, ‘try to’, at least), including the bad things about the ‘White World’ (e.g. eating McDonald’s), well, that’s up to them – but, we shouldn’t force ‘Whiteness’ on them, ever.

    • Replies: @Patrick Gibbs
  78. Exile says:
    @Roger sanders

    The culture Whites had during the Age of Imperialism was White culture. Most of the philosophers and political theorists who inspired Mussolini and Hitler came out of the post-Enlightenment.

    Jews subverted that culture with lots of assistance from shabbos goys. No one who has read any of my posts would miss that point.

    You seem very concerned with making me out to be a bad actor. I’m not the one saying “Whites are weak.” Readers can judge us both by our contributions to UR. I’m not worried about the comparison.

  79. Exile says:

    IQ is real and valid but when you’re zooming out to “world IQ” and making 3-point distinctions between the ability to achieve X level of civilization or not, you’re abusing the metric and losing the forest in the trees.

    Wokies, Marxists and Greens are closer to 1% of the world than “half the world.”

    At least 90% of non-Whites in White countries are here to make money and keep their co-ethnics from stealing it. The rest are Jews and vanguard Coloreds of Person who’ve been weaponized and antagonized by Jews.

  80. Memejon says:

    Mexico isn’t part of NATO…

  81. Hacienda says:

    (e) Destitute of any equivalent of what human societies call “morality”. It is therefore otiose to seek the roots of any moral value in Nature. The life forces are indifferent to what man understands as Good and Evil-ideas which have no meaning outside human groups. The very concept of this dichotomy, together with the innumerable conflicting codes derived from it, is as peculiar to man as are honey to the life of the honey-bee (Apis-Mellifica) and silk to that of the mulberry-feeding moth (Bombyx mori).”

    The examples of the bee and moth are not supportive of the second sentence. The honey is food for bee. The silk is a protective layer for the silkworm. Both are used by humans in exactly the same way the animals use these products.

    • Replies: @Malla
  82. @Malla

    “WW2 gave enormous power to the left.”

    The War also enshrined the globalist agenda in American policy through the offices of Allen Dulles and his brother, John Foster. Both staunch rightists.

    • Replies: @SS-The Independent
  83. @Realist

    True. Newspapers, Magazines and Television are, in effect, Gods. Worshippers gather routinely toward the evening hour to be enthralled by the presentations that flood into their sponges. This is especially effective since the receivers are fatigued from the days activities.

    Of course, much of the time is spent advertising the latest, most desirable, medicine, lawyer, or automobile. There is much to be sold.

  84. redneck1 says:

    Lots of racism here.
    That said, the traffic cameras aren’t lying, no differently than official crime statistics. The simple fact is that blacks do engage in crime more than whites. There is no “systemic” agenda against them. It does seem they don’t wish to be held to the same standard as everyone else, and Government seems to not only be fine with that…but celebrate it.

    That said, I know a number of very decent black people who are every bit as good as me. Sometimes its easy to label an entire group when the entire group isn’t exactly the same.

    • Replies: @Exile
  85. @Priss Factor

    The Gnostics gave a name to Yahweh — the Demiurge. A sadistic deity that holds the key to the soul cage.

  86. Malla says:

    Conceivably Singapore is the (solitary) example of a country that, in some respects, has improved since the departure of the British.

    Malaysia is not too bad. Many Gulf States who are prosperous now were tributary states of the British Empire often handled from British India, which was a mini Empire within an Empire. Indeed British Indian Rupees was legal tender in many Arab Gulf Kingdoms for a long time. Botswana has done alight too.

  87. @Thomasina

    You are correct, there is no “right” or “left”.

    Keeping in mind the “horseshoe theory” might help to understand the left-right controversy. In political science and popular discourse, the horseshoe theory asserts that the far-left and the far-right, rather than being at opposite and opposing ends of a linear political continuum, closely resemble one another, analogous to the way that the opposite ends of a horseshoe are close together. Looks like the most well-kept “secret” of the American politics.

  88. Malla says:

    I’m a cultural particularist, not a relativist.

    Me too. Nothing wrong with that.

    If, say, (I’ll use the extremest example here) African Tribe A is slaughtering to genocide African Tribe B, I guess, in theory, we should intervene – but, in practice, I know it’s way more complicated than that, so, in short, I wouldn’t be sure what to do.

    This problem can be solved by becoming truly racists. Becoming true racists will destroy White Man’s burden ideology. Their practices are all right for their race. Each to his own. Better to leave non White human affairs alone and keep distance except maybe with the Japanese. Rather interfere where animals are involved, such as issues like habitat destruction, environment etc… via sanctions, unlike them animals with pure hearts, non White humans are thankless, ungrateful scumbags. Any humanist ideology encompassing all mankind has the risk of Whites wasting time and energy by intervening in other thankless populations. Any ideology like Christianity, Free Trade, Spreading Democracy, Marxism, Liberalism, Capitalism, Human Rights etc…. not worth it.
    Check this out
    How liberals made the British Empire: The certainties of today’s activists echo those of former colonialists by Aris Roussinos
    Those colonialist folk were the libtards of their days. When todays leftards screech and scream about “evul” colonialism they are attacking their own ideological ancestors, the ideology eats its own.

    • Replies: @Vergissmeinnicht
  89. @Ray Caruso

    I can imagine when the last United Federation Of Planets Starship lands on the planet Trappist 1 for human repopulation filled with Magic Negroz. After 500 years breeding fatherless hoodrats, they turn the planet into another Detroit ghetto shit hole and gangsta rap becomes the common language by which they communicate and mining of purple drank is the spice that sustains them.
    After expending 10 quad trillions of digital government currency on black reparations, the United Federation of Planets decides to cut off suppprt from black Trappist-1, and soon within a few years, Trappist 1 goes silent into the night. The last Magik Negroz done gone dark forever.

    Meanwhile after releasing the virus that only attacked blacks, causing blacks to flee into deep space for refuge and repopulation, whites take back control of earth.

    And whites, Asians and Hispanics lived happily ever after, free from the dangers of hoodrats burn loot murder and raping for now and evermore.

    Then I woke up from my dream. Oh shit, niggaz still doing wut niggaz do, burn loot murder and rape 24/7/365.

    • LOL: TheMoon
  90. awry says:
    @Pro Bono

    If they were parodied on SNL as “greedy bankers” then they were Gentiles.

  91. @Malla

    Conservatives (if you’ll pardon the use of this ‘meme’ expression) are the ‘real White supremacists’: They believe in making the non-White man White. Worse than that, actually: They believe in forcing the non-White man becoming White.

    Liberals… er, I don’t even know where to start. It must be really sad to live in a monochromatic World where all races (also: and both sexes, as well!) have the EXACT same IQs, personalities, temperaments, behaviours. Truly, they are anti-diversity!

    When both talk about ‘moral universalism’ and ‘equality’ and ‘Democracy’ (etc.), the IRONIC thing is they don’t even realise they are being EUROCENTRIC in that!

    • Replies: @Malla
  92. @Vergissmeinnicht

    Well on that we can agree: keep Africans in Africa, etc.

  93. Well, it’s all part of the great puzzle, I mean ‘ reset ‘. Ya know…” you will own nothing and be happy ” ( in other words, ‘ we ‘ will own everything, including you…on our plantation/prison ). How someone expect that the people will accept to keep working hard and ‘ own nothing ‘ ( and borrow/lease from the parasitic class auto-named ‘ elite ‘ )…To be marked like sheep/cattle with electronic chips, injected with poisonous jabs, and have as food artificial meat and insects ?! In the name of equity, will all gonna be like the ‘ great nation of Haiti ‘…Ya know, to save the Planet 😉

  94. SafeNow says:
    @Johnny Smoggins

    In a situation of total societal collapse, Whites would come out waaaayy ahead of all the other races.

    I agree. But as long as you mentioned total societal collapse…we might know for sure in a few days or weeks, if the nukes fly. I am not trying to be sarcastic or funny.

  95. @SunBakedSuburb

    And behind alllll of them ( the power behind the throne ) was/is the Masonry/Zionists ! I noticed that many readers/people are keep screaming ‘ jews, jews, jews ‘…( the irony is that this site is owned by Mr. Unz, a Jew himself ), instead of Zionists, and/or Masons…Again, not all the Jews are Zionists, and not all the Zionists are Jews ( ‘ I am a Zionist ‘ – the actual senile not-elected President of the USSA/Zionistan ). Another Jew with a high integrity is Mr. Stephen Lendman ( ). There are many others…so please think about…

  96. The future is black whether we like it or not. The number of Africans being breed don’t lie. Millions will be headed to Europe and America. Wasn’t there a report that the EU is planning on importing 100M by 2030 to cope with their aging(sterile) population?

    Africans breed, whites are sterile. And Africans love to breed white women too, when the number of mulattos being born in the US to white women come out, white men might finally accept that it’s over. No one will save you, the Chinese will rule over a black and mulatto world, that’s the end of history.

  97. Druid55 says:
    @Che Guava

    They’re building a wall as well now

  98. Malla says:

    Excellent post, very true. To understand mainstream “conservatives” you gotta understand British political history. American political history is a bit weird, I mean a century back and before, the Democrats were like the Republicans and Republicans were like the Democrats. They made a sudden switch.
    In Britain, what is called Conservative today which is a useless term too as there is not much difference in between the parties, but say what was Conservative before WW2, were the descendants of Liberals or Whigs before them. The earlier Conservatives disappeared. So basically the overton window had already shifted left and the old Conservatives were the liberals of an earlier era. Christianity has its benefits but it is universal and the West is based on Christian morality which is universal, for all mankind. The Right is not right enough. To give you an example, the average Indian on the street is as right winged and tribal as the average White Nationalist, who have been pushed towards the fringe via efforts by ZOG media, academia etc.. in the West. and this is true in most non-western countries. India’s leftists are more racially nationalist than mainstream Western conservatives!
    One can look at Southern Africa to see three different racio-political systems being in action in history. All what the left is screaming about today has been tried out in Africa, it did not work. Three White groups to be studied and contrasted are Afrikaners, Anglos and the Portuguese. Sure there were Anglos in South Africa, but lets stick to the average Afrikaner.
    South Africa had apartheid and there were various types of Apartheid planned, one not using any black labour and the other using black labour. The later was chosen due to economic reasons. Sure the Apartheid Government had its ZOG elements too and Jews playing their part in destroying the nation using blacks as proxies. In South Africa, races were kept apart (hence Apartheid) and allowed to have their own development according to the civilizational development levels the races originally had. The Black would always remain a black and he was allowed to behave black to a good extent. he had his traditions and there were no plans to make him a White man. One more thing, one reason for banning interracial relations was that the mixed-Coloured-Mullatoes were not only facing discrimination from Whites but blacks too. Blacks in Africa care a lot about tribe, there is a lot of inter tribal hatreds and bigotry. The Coloureds did not have a tribe as such which made their situation w.r.t blacks, worse.
    Anyways, most early Third World Independence leaders would complain most about White cultural hegemony, that they felt White Culture was imposed and their traditional systems being supposedly supressed. They started talking about supposed economic exploitation much later. But for these people, Apartheid South Africa should have been most agreeable, it was not White man’s burden so much (there was burden, Whites were taxed for upkeep of blacks like the USA), but separation. Separate development of the races. Because the Afrikaners were there longer, they had become more realistic about race.
    In Rhodesia, there was no Apartheid as such and some educated blacks even got the right to vote. Here the Anglos had the typical colonial White man’s burden approach. It was more cultural supremacism. The belief was that, at the moment blacks are very different but with time, education and influence of Western culture, the Blacks would in the future become just like Whites, they would pick up White culture completely and then the difference would just be skin colour and other physical features. A nation of civilized people irrespective of race, in the future. It was cultural supremacism, just like China where the original Han absorbed various Mongoloid populations in the Han culture. But of course there all the groups were of the same race more or less.
    The Portuguese in Angola did not wait, they started mixing with blacks immediately. Hundreds of thousands of Portuguese were settled in Africa during the empire. But the Portuguese mixed the fastest and the most.
    Now guess, who did blacks brutality illtreat the most, of all the three White groups?
    The Portuguese, who had mixed the most with blacks with more comparable immediate equality. A lot of the atrocities by the black terrorists (funded by Wall Street and armed by Communist regimes) were not reported in mainstream leftist international press. Of White women and even blacks who worked for Whites, being sawed lengthwise in sawmills. Of pregnant White women having their wombs cut open and all that. So all that mixing did not work at the end. All that the leftards in the West are proposing have been tried, it did not work and will not work. The more the whites mixed and were friendly, worse was the outcome in the long term.

  99. anarchyst says:
    @Mike Tre

    It was Germany against the rest of the (jew-influenced) world.
    One can marvel at how long Germany lasted despite having the rest of the world against it. If anything, we should have assisted Germany in rolling eastward in its effort to destroy jewish communist bolshevism. The world would be a better place today…
    It is interesting to note that the demonization of Germany exists to this day, led by jewish interests who still promote their phony self-serving, money-making “holocaust™” which has been proven to be a fraud on many different levels.
    An American cable channel, the “American History Channel” should be renamed the “American Hitler Channel” for the amount of anti-German jewish propaganda programs that it broadcasts. If one watches the anti-German propaganda that this channel espouses, one would have to wonder how Germany could have lost WW2.
    On this channel, Hitler is portrayed as leading research into German technology from atomic power and synthetic fuels to jet powered aircraft and other high technologies (anti-gravity technology) while at the same time, falsely promoting the impossibilities of exterminating “six-million jews”, using “bug spray” as an execution agent (ha ha) in “gas chambers” with no ventilation systems or gas-tight doors, and other “holocaust™” absurdities.
    This channel also portrays Hitler as a drug-user, and a mentally unstable individual with many faults. Hitler is never seen speaking softly, only his bombastic, high energy speeches at his rallies are ever shown.
    I would hope that more and more people would see through the BS that has been foisted upon the world for the last 75 years.
    The jews and the rest of the world should be apologizing for the demonization of Germany.
    It is interesting to note that Asian countries do not have the same biased attitudes towards Germany and Hitler as does the western world today.

  100. Malla says:

    This has to do with Kalergi plan and getting raw material for Bio Leninism. From bloody shovel blog
    The point about Leninism is that after absolute power is achieved, the leftist ratchet stops. The country stops moving left. No new ideas. No new catering to low-status people and using them to topple the government. No, none of that. The ever advancing leftist movement was just a means to an end. The end was power. Once power is achieved, leftism dissolves. It doesn’t disappear; it leaves some residue, in that states always try to have ideological consistency with what they said during their founding. Chinese dynasties framed that as filial piety of emperors following the ideas of grandpa the founder; but it’s mostly just inertia.

    This is not how things turned out in Western Europe and North America. No Marxist party as such ever achieved absolute power in the West. It just didn’t happen. And not for lack of trying. But it didn’t pan out. Countries which developed capitalism slowly tended to produce less resentful losers than agrarian empires who were thrown suddenly into modernity. At any rate the success of Leninism in Russia and China has plenty of chance in it. Lenin could very easily not have taken power, he could have lost the civil war, he could have not had that precious Wall Street Jewish money to keep him afloat. No Soviet Russia, no Communist China either. But anyway, it did happen, and socialism was very strong in those places with or without actual takeover.

    So what happened in the West, anyway? There’s one guy who thought about it very deeply. For a long, long time. Mostly because he was in jail so he had plenty of time to study the problem. I’m talking about Antonio Gramsci. He was a communist agitator in Italy who got caught by Mussolini, and was sentenced to rot in prison. ”

    “His idea, which was hugely influential, and for good reason, was that the power structure wanted to keep being the power structure and you couldn’t just throw it away and replace it with your boys. You can try your chance in electoral politics, but there’s only so many resentful fucks who are willing to vote for the abolition of the very foundation of social life (property), at least in moderately prosperous Western countries. In these kind of places, if you want to take absolute power, you have to colonize the power structure very slowly. You have to influence their minds. You have to change the culture. Basically Gramsci argues that you gotta grab the press and the education system, and slowly but steadily do in every institution with some power what you do in a political party. Political parties work by hiring loyal people by preying on their low-status. Well, find a way into HR of every school, every newspaper, every government department, every judicial board. And to the very same thing. Run a distributed covert Leninist party. Until you run everything.
    “Because there’s always biology. Some people are tall, some people are short. Some look good, some are pretty ugly. Some are thin and some are fat. Some are pleasant some are annoying. Some are cool and some are awkward. Some are smart and some are dumb. Some make good choices some make bad choices. Some are law-abiding and some are criminally inclined. The latter of each pair is going to be low status anywhere on earth. Some people just suck. That’s the way genes work.

    And so thankfully for Leftism, even after achieving affluence, even after the working class disappeared as a thing, there was still plenty of material to work with to advance the cause of complete control. And so Leftist groups started agitating status for people of African descent. For Jews. For single women. For drug junkies. For sluts. For fat people. For homos. For lesbians. For aggressive Muslims. For the disabled. For the retarded. For the mentally insane. For the trannies. All people who are were low status in Western society. And who would be low status in any society. Because they suck. They just aren’t very productive. For no fault of their own. Some people are born tall, some short. Some smart, some dumb. Some empathic, some psychopathic. Some content with their lot, some greedy with powerlust. That’s how it is.

    And so the Long March through the Institutions that Gramsci first envisioned as a way of having the Italian Communist Party do what Lenin had done, ended up producing a different kind of Leninist system, one distributed and informal, instead of Lenin’s unified and formal, and one which morphed into promotion of the dregs of society qua dregs of society, instead of promotion of Marx’s idea of the wrongly oppressed proletariat. Leftism doesn’t need to make sense. It just needs to get the job done.

    • Agree: Miro23
    • Replies: @Malla
  101. Malla says:

    What did Lenin do? Exterminate the natural aristocracy of Russia, and build a ruling class with a bunch of low-status people. Workers, peasants, Jews, Latvians, Ukrainians. Lenin went out of his way to recruit everyone who had a grudge against Imperial Russian society. And it worked, brilliantly. The Bolsheviks, a small party with little popular support, won the civil war, and became the awesome Soviet Union. The early Soviet Union promoted minorities, women, sexual deviants, atheists, cultists and every kind of weirdo. Everybody but intelligent, conservative Russians of good families. The same happened in China, where e.g. the 5 provinces which formed the southern Mongolian steppe were joined up into “Inner Mongolia autonomous region”, what Sailer calls “consolidate and surrender”.

    In Communist countries pedigree was very important. You couldn’t get far in the party if you had any little kulak, noble or landowner ancestry. Only peasants and workers were trusted. Why? Because only peasants and workers could be trusted to be loyal. Rich people, or people with the inborn traits which lead to being rich, will always have status in any natural society. They will always do alright. That’s why they can’t be trusted; the stakes are never high for them. If anything they’d rather have more freedom to realize their talents. People of peasant stock though, they came from the dregs of society. They know very well that all they have was given to them by the party. And so they will be loyal to the death, because they know it, if the Communist regime falls, their status will fall as fast as a hammer in a well. And the same goes for everyone else, especially those ethnic minorities.”

    “So you could run a Leninist party just on class resentments. “Never forget class-struggle”, Mao liked to say. “Never forget you used to be a serf and you’re not one now thanks to me”, he meant.”

    “To get to the point: in 1960 we had a white men patriarchy. That was perfectly natural. Every society with a substantial proportion of white men will end up being ruled by a cabal of white men. Much of its biology; part of it is also social capital, good cultural practices accumulated since the 15th century. White men just run stuff better. They are natural high-status. But again, nature makes for messy politics. There is no social value on acknowledging truth: everybody can see that. The signaling value is in lies. In the unnatural. As Moldbug put it:

    in many ways nonsense is a more effective organizing tool than the truth. Anyone can believe in the truth. To believe in nonsense is an unforgeable demonstration of loyalty. It serves as a political uniform. And if you have a uniform, you have an army.

    Or as the Chinese put it, point deer, make horse.

    The point again is, that you can’t run a tight, cohesive ruling class with white men. They don’t need to be loyal. They’ll do ok anyway. A much easier way to run an obedient, loyal party is to recruit everyone else. Women. Blacks. Gays. Muslims. Transexuals. Pedophiles. Those people may be very high performers individually, but in a natural society ruled by its core of high performers, i.e. a white patriarchy, they wouldn’t have very high status. So if you promise them high status for being loyal to you; you bet they’re gonna join your team. They have much to gain, little to lose. The Coalition of the Fringes, Sailer calls it. It’s worse than that really. It’s the coalition of everyone who would lose status the better society were run. It’s the coalition of the bad. Literal Kakistocracy.”

    • Replies: @Exile
  102. If America’s niggroes are turning the country into Haiti/Congo/Rwanda, they are largely doing so within “Blue” states whose liberal white populations apparently love the exotic vibrancy of Third World Shitholestans and are perfectly content to live in one. That’s their prerogative, but most other regions of the country that are inhabited in the main by humans will abide none of the feral primate behavior that creates such conditions. There are no Port-au-Princes or Kinshashas in Utah, Wyoming, Arizona, Idaho, or Montana, nor are there ever likely to be any as long as White humans remain in the majority in these places.

  103. Exile says:

    One man’s racist is another man’s noticer that behavior correlates strongly with race.

    Outliers do not disprove accurate general observations. Policy is a heuristic exercise based on broadly accurate predictions applied to groups. This is a 2015-vintage admonition but apparently it bears repeating.

    We’re all well aware that heuristics aren’t 100% applicable to every individual in a given group. But every comment made by every race-noticer should not be burdened with a lengthy list of qualifications and justifications accounting for every NAXALT.

    It’s self-evident, tedious and irrelevant to the broader question – whether we should have a net-negative chaotic crime-ridden society that errs on the side of not discriminating against a tiny minority of well-behaved Coloreds of Person or whether we should reinstitute the more orderly policies of Jim Crow and apartheid to benefit the White majority at the risk of curtailing the liberties of well-behaved “Talented Tenth” Blacks (who amount to about 1% of the overall population at best).

  104. @mocissepvis

    The liberal white populations do not live anyone near the Third World Shitholestns.

  105. Exile says:

    As with most things Mischling Moldbug says, this concept is superficially “truthy” but it falls apart with a little scrutiny.

    Women, Blacks and homosexuals are not noted for obedience, discipline or sacrifice. Jews used them because they were the weapons at hand, not because they make better revolutionaries.

    There have been plenty of revolutions started by a cadre of disaffected White men in centuries past – see America and France.

  106. @Ray Caruso

    The issue is simply that if one values the presence of intelligent life on the planet, then blacks should not be allowed to proliferate throughout the planet.

    Historically, they’ve had an entire continent (Africa) to themselves in which to engage in their innate primate behavior, away from human civilization. It was our shortsighted ancestors, who for some reason believed that farming their own land was beneath them, who came up with the foolhardy and reckless idea of turning primates into plows and contaminating human civilization with their presence (“disgruntled farm equipment,” indeed).

    Much as I despise Dishonest Abe Lincoln and everything he did and stood for, he had the right idea about sending obsolete and potentially troublesome farm equipment out of the country, either back to its ancestral continent or to South America. I strongly suspect that the same shadowy cabal that “wet-worked” Lincoln’s successor 98 years later also did the same to him. His plan to export no longer useful “plows with pulses” that were a potential national liability once “free” threatened said cabal’s plans to weaponize them against the country’s human population as a means to accomplishing their evil agenda.

    • Replies: @Malla
    , @Malla
  107. @Mike Tre

    Compare the number of US movies made within the last 80 years between Nazi’s and Bolsheviks. 100’s about Hitler and Nazi Germany, 1 serious movie about Stalin and by my count ZERO about Lenin, Trotsky, the deposing of Czar Nicholas, or the events and consequences of the Bolshevik Revolution.

    That tells us all we need to know.

    (((The tribe))) isn’t about to tolerate disrespect of its civic religion, and the truth about its civic religion is the rankest form of disrespect.

    When you reference the one movie about Stalin, I assume you’re referring to the biopic starring Robert Duval made in 1992. A real softball movie, but with enough truth in it that I still can’t believe that (((they))) permitted it to be made. As for biopics of Marx or Lenin, it’s just as well that they haven’t been made. They’d be pure hagiography if they were.

  108. @Trinity

    Jared, like most of the regular contributors here at UR, earns his bread and butter by writing. Unless he wants to starve (or ***SHUDDR*** ***DRY HEAVE*** labor in obscurity for a living), he doesn’t ever dare talk about the 800-pound nose in the tent or the menace it poses. If you want to act, write, teach, work in finance, practice law, or serve in elected office, you leave the nose alone and never dare speak a word about it.

    • Replies: @Trinity
  109. Malla says:

    It was our shortsighted ancestors, who for some reason believed that farming their own land was beneath them, who came up with the foolhardy and reckless idea of turning primates into plows

    Whitey doin slavery is one thing, Whitey doin anti-slavery is even more short sighted.
    How liberals made the British Empire

    By 1791, the Sierra Leone Company, run by liberal humanitarians including Wilberforce, had taken over governance of the nascent colony, initiating a process described by the historian Bronwen Everill as one where abolitionists had adopted a worldview “defined by this loose coalition of ideas: the ‘civilization’ of Africa via an end to the slave trade, adoption of standards of western life, material culture, and institutions; Africa’s conversion to Christianity; and the introduction of ‘legitimate’ commerce to simultaneously replace the slave trade, enrich the colonies and the metropoles, and inspire ‘civilized’ consumption.”

    As with the humanitarian interventions of our own era, ideals of free trade, globalised capitalism, military intervention and the conversion of downtrodden natives to liberal Western ways were intertwined from the start. For Sierra Leone’s governor, Charles MacCarthy, the division of the colony’s unexplored forests into parishes run by the Church Missionary Society was the beginning of a process that would make “Sierra Leone the base from whence future exertions may be extended, step by step to the very interior of Africa”. As Everill notes, “colonisation was a developing anti-slavery ideology,” which “disrupted local economies, power structures, ideologies, and religions in much the same way that settlers in Australia or North America overcame the aboriginal peoples.”

    Yet the failure of the Niger expedition radically altered the process by which the British conquest of West Africa took place. Instead of leading through example, the British Foreign Office and Admiralty found themselves drawn into an ever-widening series of military interventions to eradicate slavery at its source, which would lead inexorably, though unintentionally, to direct colonial rule. Firstly, the anti-slavery campaign of the Royal Navy’s West Africa Squadron turned out to be almost wholly ineffective: the trade in enslaved Africans boomed over the course of its deployment as American and Spanish merchantmen, backed by their governments, refused the Royal Navy’s authority to board their slaving vessels.

    Instead, the Royal Navy settled on a policy of eradicating the slave trade on the ground, sailing into coastal towns and villages to pressure their kings and chieftains to sign agreements banning the sale of slaves, and bombarding them and replacing their rulers when they did not. Bit by bit, driven by the unintentional logic of humanitarian intervention, Britain found itself the master of much of the West African coastline.

    Many Africans were bewildered by the shift in British policy, and the destruction of their traditional ways of life. As late as 1897, the Nigerian historian Philip A. Igbafe observed, the deposed Oba or ruler of the Benin kingdom pleaded from his jail cell for permission “to catch some Urhobo slaves for sacrifice as the rains were falling too incessantly for the good of the people and their crops,” a request the new British rulers denied.

  110. Malla says:

    Yet the unwillingness of African rulers to go along with the newfound abolitionist crusade of the British middle classes had set the stage for a reinterpretation of Britain’s mission from one of education and negotiation to one of military conquest and direct enforcement of liberal mores. As Huzzey notes, “blunt bigotry and frustration at African slave-dealing led the Spectator, in 1853, to moan that ‘British lives are lavished on the African coasts to negotiate and treat with the Black babies who can’t keep from selling each other and cheating us.’ The paper concluded that it was impossible to educate West Africans as ‘moral observers of the Anti-Slavery faith.’” Instead, the perceived intransigence of African rulers “moved Britain to kindle freedom with force”, setting the stage for the expansionist, racialised imperialism of the later 19th century.

    Yet by this point, whatever appeal direct humanitarian intervention on the African continent had held for Britain’s governing classes had long since evaporated. As the Colonial Secretary, the Duke of Newcastle, observed in 1861, “the ‘suppression of the Slave Trade’ is leading us into serious Territorial complications, on the whole W. Coast of Africa.” Prefiguring anti-interventionist voices today, the Times in 1863 demanded with exasperation,

    Who ever heard of a war in Gambia? What do we know of the King of Bedaboo, and why should we rejoice at having taught him a “severe lesson!” What harm has he done us and why should we be anxious to pay an additional income tax for the pleasure of killing . . . his sable subjects? As it stands it looks as much like a piratical inroad as any exploit we ever read about. . . . who ordered it? And who will pay for it? . . . Can it be possible after all the lessons we have received of the inflammatory character of little wars we can find ourselves in the thick of a ‘war upon Gambia’ without notice, and so far as we know, without reason?”

    By 1865, the parliamentary select committee chaired by Charles Adderley was strongly advising against any further extension of direct control and urged British withdrawal from Africa, though only once the slave trade had been finally extinguished, an exit strategy whose conclusion seemed to stretch further and further out of reach. The financial benefits accruing to Britain were, contrary to modern perceptions, negligible: throughout the early and mid-19th century, trade with the entire African continent made up less than 2.6% of Britain’s trade balance.

    As even James Stephen, described by the historian Seymour Drescher as “the Colonial office’s most influential abolitionist undersecretary” warned, “[If] we could acquire the dominion of the whole of that continent, it would be but a worthless possession.” As the Times complained in 1873, “why do we retain or even extend what we call a Protectorate over this pestiferous coast?” And yet, as Huzzey notes, “Anti-slavery policies locked an unwilling state into obligations toward African colonies.” And then as now, it was the moral crusading of journalists that drove Britain into its next wave of imperial expansion.
    After all this thankless job, a gang of ghastly marxists, African nationalists, Black Nationalists keep screaming about evul YT Colonialism. How thankless can one get?

  111. @Malla

    Before Jewish influence, Whites were already imposing their customs on non-Whites – since the Age of Discovery (or earlier, even): “Christianise these heathens,” screams the Jesuit!
    And, why wouldn’t you do that if you believe in Christianity? If you Christianise a non-Christian you’re doing him a favour: saving his soul!

    I’m an atheist, but I hope for a Pagan Revival (!) in Europe and European-derived nations. (But, frankly, I’m NOT optimistic about that…)

    Now guess, who did blacks brutality illtreat the most, of all the three White groups? The Portuguese,

    This worked in Brazil; apparently, what saves Brazil from ethnic conflict is that Blacks there have (many) White family members, so Afro-Brazilians won’t ever ‘hate’ Whites – unlike the Blacks in the USA.

  112. I don’t wee recognition on this thread of the fact that the First World (now including China) is shedding IQ points quite rapidly thanks to low fertility and the dimmer bring the bigger and earlier breeders for the most part.

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  113. anonymous[130] • Disclaimer says:

    Irrational..HOW can anyone blame WHITES for black on black violence? Crimes in Black majority cities? run by blacks..for many decades? When Whites want to preserve their race/culture they are RACISTS…so Japanese/Chinese/Muslims that want to preseve their cultures are they Racists?? Japanese Supremacists???They say that black in the Dominican republic hate haitians blacks …black supremacists? racists? LEFTism argues that DIVERSITY is positive, inclusion is the key word from gays/lgbt/transexuals/blacks/brown/asians/muslims/hindus/Mexicans all BUT somehow WHITEness is not diversity…the rainbow does NOT include white/color. Whites make up les than 30% of the worlds population…and yet they are responsible for ALL ills in the planet??? PD..Historically Many whites were slaves also…Rome/Greece/muslim countries..White slavery???

    • Agree: mark green
  114. @Pro Bono

    ‘…You’d lose, all Germans.

    ProPublica was the brainchild of Herbert and Marion Sandler, the former chief executives of the Golden West Financial Corporation

    Key people
    Paul Steiger (Executive Chairman)
    Herbert Sandler (Founding Chairman)
    Stephen Engelberg (Editor-in-Chief)
    Richard Tofel (President)
    Robin Fields (Managing Editor)
    Charles Ornstein (Managing Editor, Local)…’

    Herbert Sandler and Stephen Engelberg are definitely Jewish. Charles Ornstein appears to be.

    Two or three out of six isn’t bad for a group making up two percent of the population.

    • Thanks: mark green
  115. @Philmuhcrevis

    They wont be removed from white neighborhoods. Only inner cities and diverse towns etc..

  116. Malla says:

    Smart observation Hacienda. He did not mean utility but production. Humans cannot produce silk or honey in their bodies.

    • Replies: @Hacienda
  117. @Malla

    It’s hilarious to think that a race with jewfros hate the black race. All they have to do is scour the family photo albums to see halfbreeds with a hair type that doesn’t have its origin in the Indo-European race.

    • Replies: @anon
  118. anon[118] • Disclaimer says:
    @American Bulwark

    for the record, there are 2 types of nigger races. The Negroid African is rather hairless, but the Australoids (ancient Asian niggers) are rather hairy. im guessing the Jewfro is from the latter.

  119. Trinity says:

    So in other words money is Jared Taylor’s god and he is a coward.

    • Replies: @occasional lurker
  120. Anonymous[316] • Disclaimer says:

    Not all IQ, but his conclusion (“My Life and Work” – 1920) was that most workers don’t at all like physical work, and they like mental work even less.

    His (successful) solution was to divide up tasks so that each worker could do an undemanding job requiring no more than a few days training – and pay them above the going rate. He found that he received a stable and more or less contented workforce.

    For what it’s worth, his high skilled workers were few and mostly concerned with systems and design.

    I generally agree with your account. Ford did find that his workforce could only handle very simple tasks. Frederic Taylor reached the same conclusion about the workforce in general. These conclusions motivated development of a new organizational form that increased productivity. I’ve seen sources that say productivity a bit more than doubled between 1919-1929 times, but can’t find the sources just now. In any event, the productivity increase was enough to ensure that Taylor’s methods (or something almost identical) spread throughout US industry, and continue in use today. Here’s an advertisement for present day Taylor type consulting: and here is the Wikipedia entry on Taylorism: .

    The “-ism” suffix in “Taylorism” is important. It denotes that Taylor’s work is blue-collar an ideology. The Marxist meaning of ideology is “self-words”, a closed system that refers only to its own terms and not to the physical world (rather like plane geometry, but applied to politics). Ideology is (of course) just another means of oppression from which Marxism (note the “-ism” suffix) can set the oppressed free (see . , see Section “Marxist Definition”). Ideology is a “duckspeak” word, praise when applied to people on your side, devastating criticism when applied to anybody else. We get to how Taylor’s methods were described as an ideology next.

    The factory workers did not much like Taylorism.

    Laws against both Taylorism and time-and-motion studies were almost passed in several States. We still have the saying “If you carry a stop watch, be sure to wear a hard hat, as anything that drops will drop on you”.

    This greatly facilitated the formation of labor unions. I happen to have worked for a convicted labor union racketeer back in the 1960s. Jewish guy, great believer in the USSR, didn’t want to be “pushed around”. As you might imagine, he was a Democrat, and overall productivity of the organization and welfare of workers was not his top priority.

    Labor unions were a key part of the New Deal coalition that overthrew Anglo-Saxon power in the United States, and (finally) that’s where the Marxist use of “-ism” comes in, Marxists like to call every other political belief an “-ism”, although most of the so designated political beliefs are not ideologies. Poor Anglo-Saxon SOB’s had no idea what they were up against; they were blindsided and they flailed around a bit but never quite understood their opposition, going so far as to adopt the “-ism” substitute themselves. I knew some of the upper middle class American Anglo-Saxons from the WW I and 1920s era, and they were damned near illiterate. You can say much the same thing about today’s elite, of course- near illiterate and don’t understand their opposition.

    Ford’s and Taylor’s solution to this the problem of productivity left out people who could not learn even the undemanding jobs eventually caused Marxist Wokeness and demands for the abolition of Whiteness. One problem is that there is a substantial number of voters with IQs under 85, and these people have relatives. Another is that almost all non-Westerners favor reducing blue-collar workers to abject poverty, in which they become so poor that they cannot reproduce. Both groups have formed voting groups within the Democratic Party, which has used these groups to dominate government until recently. These groups favor cruel exploitation of functional blue-collar workers and asset stripping of US corporations, with the money from both exploitation and asset stripping going to the two aforementioned groups. Look at the domestic economies of China and India, and the demands of BLM for “equity” to see what the two groups consider as the natural order of things.
    Again, the best demonstration that under-85 IQ can’t handle industrial jobs comes from the ‘Project 100,000” (,000) of the Vietnam War era.

    or the same information in chart form: .
    Note that Blacks with sub-85 IQs are generally not language or physically impaired, in the same way that an African lion with an IQ of perhaps 15 is not physically impaired. This can fool people of other races. Note that the above referenced chart implies that an IQ between 80 and 89 would be able to execute Ford’s repetitious jobs. In fact, DOD found that 85-80 could not.
    People with IQ of under 85 are about 14% of the White European descended population, but abut 50% of the Black population. In other words, Black people have about 50% of their relatives unable to participate in industrial society. Industrial society is thus intolerable for Blacks – they cannot participate in it. The old US South left a sizable niche for Blacks. The industrial North leaves nothing for Blacks but a life in decaying cities with a minimal standard of living intended to subjugate them, and unrelenting propaganda about this resulting from White hostility. The resulting voting block has been potent since the 1917 WW I St. Louis riots ( This article is the least biased I could find. Note “The July riot erupted after two local white police detectives were accidentally shot and killed by blacks defending their neighborhood against a white gang which had driven through the streets that night, firing into black homes”.). Despite claims that the whole episode was due solely to White malice, La Griffe du Lion’s articles (, .suggest something different. Assuming that the Black population back then had the same mean IQ as the present Black population, about half of that population would have been unable to work productively in St. Louis wartime (WW I) industry. The E. St. Louis riots appear to have ensured employment for Blacks who could do the job, but this still left about half of the Black population out of the industrial economy.
    And that was the situation until the 1968 riots, after which urban areas became dependent on LBJ’s “nationalized welfare” and blue-collar wages (for all races) stopped rising. Courts required that Black participation be equal to Black fraction of the local population, and IQ or proficiency tests in practice stopped being used. This eventually led to the present “equity” requirement, in which there is a serious mismatch between Black IQ and job requirements, with the average Black job holder being perhaps 10 IQ points (3/4 s.d.) below his White or Asian counterparts (using education as a proxy for employment, see:, ) and only Blacks with criminal records being ineligible for a job. This has not satisfied Blacks, and it’s no surprise. It is just another way of excluding them from industrial society, and the resentment comes from the exclusion, not the income.

    But, back on track, the unexpected result of Taylorism etc. was the rise of the labor unions, which led to overthrow of the Anglo-Saxon social order by the New Deal. The New Deal was based on the labor unions, the Solid Democratic South, and the urban political machines.

    OK, so what does the fall of the Anglo Saxons have to do with the 2022 downfall of the New Deal descended elite?
    Well, the New Deal had a problem: it lived by introducing aggrieved groups to US politics as New Deal voting blocks. The aggrieved groups were pure gain at first — send in a few organizers and they got back a large block of votes, sometimes with massive income flow (as in the labor unions). However, not being born yesterday, the new block of voters eventually became like the old blocks — they wanted their share of the political income stream from taxes, patronage jobs, judgeships, etc. See Plunkett’s book, . Such demands raise the political party’s \$/Voter, and will eventually lead to loss of power or shaving expected electoral margins enough to let the opposition win. This actually happened to the dominant party at the end of the US Era of Good Feelings.

    To keep its \$/voter lower than the Republicans,, the New Deal brought in new people and starved them for money. Since the people already part of the New Deal were the blue collars, the new people had (by definition) to be non-blue collars. Hence the conversion of the Blacks from Republicans to Democrats, the maintenance of the inner cities as low cost Hells built especially for Black Democrats, and eventually the conversion of the Democratic Party and part of the Republican Party to Woke anti-Whiteness, The Woke Anti-Whiteness actually seems to be leading to a counter-reaction. Leftists who are now saying that “Freedom is an expression of Whiteness” ( , ) don’t seem to understand that the natural reply is “OK, if Freedom is an expression of Whiteness, then what exactly was so bad about slavery? In the US, at least, the slaves lived on the same level as White workers in New England, and at a much higher level than they had in Africa. They came over involuntarily, but you’ve said that Blacks don’t value Freedom, and in any case the 1840-1920 immigrants from Eastern Europe were, as a group, also forced, by starvation, to come to the US.”. You can see the sort of mess that illiteracy and inability to think outside of custom can get an elite into. You can also see that Marxist type ideological arguments are not really arguments – just working the crowd and bitching. In this case, the Black crowd responds favorably to anything that might end the industrial society that has treated it so badly, and the Liberal crowd responds favorably to anything that keeps the Black voting block Liberal.

    And half the world has the same complaint that the Blacks do – industrial society requires an IQ distribution that excludes half or more of their populations. They respond the same way the Blacks and Liberals do. Putting Blacks into jobs they can’t fulfil merely sets them up for failure and breeds strong resentment, same thing with keeping Blacks out of such jobs. How can industrial society survive this, or can it?
    And this neglects the problem of Asians, who also tend to dislike Western industrial society and thus vote Liberal/Left.
    This 4th Turning is going to be memorable for those who live through it. (, and previous parts

    • Thanks: mark green, Miro23
  121. @Trinity

    Less so than you, posting here under a pseudonym. (So am I, but I wouldn’t call Jared Taylor a coward.)

    • Replies: @Trinity
  122. @anon

    I recommend you read a book about human populations and their history/genetics. Australoids happen to have dark skin color adapted to Australian UV, but skin color is not a good diagnostic marker for ancestry. They are as far from West and Central African populations as it gets (I believe the greatest intergroup difference in all of humanity in the samples is between Mbuti and Australians) and they have no close genealogical relationship to West Eurasians, including Jews.

  123. Trinity says:
    @occasional lurker

    “but I wouldn’t call Jared Taylor a coward….. ”

    Would you call him (((controlled opposition))) or a (((race pimp?)))

    • Replies: @mark green
  124. @Trinity

    Would you call [Taylor] (((controlled opposition))) or a (((race pimp?)))

    Hi Trinity. I get your point but I think that Taylor should be supported and given complete respect. Just tackling race issues in an honest and pro-White fashion is very perilous, to put it mildly. Consider the rhetoric of Ron Paul, Trump, and Tucker Carlson. They aren’t going to critically examine the elephant in the room, either. Yet, we tend to support their efforts. Taylor deserves just as much respect, if not more.

    If Taylor also took on the J-Question, he would attract even more venom from our (((overclass))). This might make him less effective and even more radioactive (See: David Duke).

    As it is, Jared Taylor is often unable to rent an auditorium for one of his annul soirees. The hypocritical opposition not only holds the cultural and financial upper-ground, but is ruthless in imposing its huge advantage over men like him. Remember also that Taylor recently took on the ADL. Not bad!

    • Agree: europeasant
  125. Hacienda says:

    Humans do produce manmade honey.

    And manmade silk is trivial.

    Inside the body vs outside? Why does that matter. Besides, bees produce honey outside their bodies.
    And cocoons are manufactured, like people manufacture silk products.

    Now, its pretty awkward to compare honey/silk to Good and Evil. But that’s what your boy did. Not me.

  126. I don’t think that there is ‘racism in maths education’. The racism is in society, and drives lack of confidence in their abilities among the despised races and classes. You could also talk of ‘class hatred in maths education’. A ruling class projects its values onto society, and those who rule under Free Market capitalism hate and fear those who they exploit.

  127. @Wizard of Oz

    Were your parents in kindergarten, and you one of twenty-five siblings, then?

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  128. Dr. Doom says:

    Everything Whites do is racism.
    The blacks are victims.

    This post-WWII order is FALLING DOWN.

    No one with an IQ > 90 believes this crapola.
    That’s most of the black population under that though.


    The Zion Pigs don’t care about the schwartzes.
    They’re just the ones DUMB ENOUGH to be suckered.

    Still, Whites are LEARNING FROM THIS.
    That’s a Good Thing.

    Today’s word is: Ethnonationalism boys and girls.
    Russia, China, and others have embraced it.

    The Zion Pigs encourage it in their DUMMIES.
    Whites need to Wise Up and EMBRACE ETHNONATIONALISM.


    US and them. Nothing in between but SPACE.
    Whites need to LEARN THIS LESSON.

    Take it to heart. Kick the Zion Pigs and their cronies to the curb.
    Especially that phony Trump con man and his Zio-Pig relations.

    Expel the other. Stand only for your own kind.
    Charity should stop with YOU and YOURS.

    The Zion Pigs are really just retards.
    They were useful idiots in this LEARNING EXERCISE.

    Its The New World Order.

    The post-WWII order was just to TEACH YOU ALL A LESSON.

  129. Angiekens says:

    Anyone that is hungry should be fed.

  130. There is no conspiracy. Blacks fail because they are extremely inferior mentally.

    1. Black-americans come in last in all standardized tests. Asian-americans do fine on all the tests so it’s not due to cultural bias in the tests.

    2. Africa is by far the poorest and most backward continent on the planet. All of black africa is now controlled by blacks and has been for decades so it’s not due to racism.

    3. No black has ever won a Science Nobel Prize unless you count one in 1979 for the semi-science of economics. They have won many nobels in non-brain fields like Peace and also in Literature so it is not due to racism.

    4. Out of 1725 chess grandmasters in the world, only THREE are black.

  131. Anon[445] • Disclaimer says:

    … not if you’re a jogger.

  132. bert33 says:

    Big cities seem to have a high concentration of both criminals, and screeching leftists. Coincidence? I don’t THINK so…

    • Agree: Realist
    • Replies: @anarchyst
  133. anarchyst says:

    Do you mean “COHENcidence”?

  134. @Miro23

    …and although Ford is not solely to blame, one of his unintended legacies was “The Great Migration” of Negroes the rural Deep South to Northern Cities. All but the dullest obsolete farm equipment soon learnt he could make quite a bit more being one of those assembly line workers. Problem: when the jobs eventually evaporated (more likely: Moved to Mexico or China), the low-IQ labor remains.

  135. @Patrick Gibbs

    People often seem to overlook the fact (at least I think it is) that the teeming brown and black, sub-82 IQ masses, that are rightly or wrongly perceived as a threat to White civilizations, would scarcely exist, certainly not in the numbers they do, except for the massive economic, technological, medical etc. aid provided by the First World. I suspect that the situation will continue to deteriorate until a system breakdown (worldwide crash, war, global disaster, etc.) forces a retrenchment of the advanced societies. In such a scenario, the poorer world will rapidly re-discover the local carrying capacity of whatever level of existence they are capable of.

  136. Us Niggaz takin’ over y’all honkies!😆

  137. @Phibbs

    “The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. The men who control this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government, and is the true ruling power of our country”. – Edward Bernays , from his book titled “Propaganda “(1928).

    Bernays ,who interestingly enough was a nephew of Sigmund Freud and was the first person to attempt to turn psychoanalysis into an applied science by incorporating the psychoanalyst principles into the burgeoning industry of advertising and the public relations industry, gave that honest assessment of the centrality of the influence of the mass media not only to control the majority of votes in any election, but also the attitudes and the behavior of the vast majority the population. And just as was the case nearly a hundred years ago when Bernays wrote those words, the news and entertainment industry are overwhelmingly- Sumner Redstone (Viacom), Brian Roberts (Comcast), Bob Iger( Disney) , mark Zuckerberg (Facebook), Michael Bloomberg, Arthur Schulzberger, Samuel Newhouse (Advance Publications) controlled and/or owned outright by Jews. A fact the Mr. Taylor, whether from fear, hypocrisy, disingenuousness or guilt, refuses to acknowledge, and hence warn and organize his fellow white Europeans against. Which is utterly inexcusable.
    Join the American Freedom Party, https.//


    Join tby e B. MRTCAGGJ

  138. @Pro Bono

    Oh come now. On that basis Henry Kissinger, Larry Silverstein and Adam Schiff are ‘German’. You are either extremely naive or more likely being deliberately misleading.

  139. @mocissepvis

    “or Montana, nor are there ever likely to be any as long as White humans remain in the majority in these places”

    The exception is Helena Montana where a Negro is the current mayor even though stats say that Negros only comprise 0.5 % of that population. Looks like the city voted for Obama in 2008. Helena is of course the capital of Montana and therefore very liberal. The shit is spreading.

  140. Alden says:

    In other words, Hindus wanted to inherit everything when their fathers died instead of the custom of waiting till the mothers died too before inheriting everything. . As every ethnic racial religious group did.

  141. Alden says:

    Phoenix and Albuquerque have very high crime rates.

  142. @Malla

    The Portuguese colonials were BOTH the most passionate race-mixers and the cruellest slave-drivers : sexual attraction conducive to miscegenation is not love but most often predation. And the cruellest Marxists of the former Portuguese colonies were pale slightly race-mixed creoles of mostly Portuguese ascendency. Pure Blacks also enjoyed torturing but only under the orders of the former. That didn’t last long.

  143. Anonymous[979] • Disclaimer says:

    There is only one way to reduce crimes in America: it is by Replacing all those pieces of underwear covering people’s faces by loaded shot-guns. Criminals run away when they see an armed person.

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