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Amy Wax Needs Your Help
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I believe Professor Amy Wax of University of Pennsylvania Law School is the bravest, most outspoken dissident academic in America today. She has said countless sensible things about race, immigration, the sexes, and Western Civilization, but what seems most to outrage the Left is that she never backs down.

Every time an academic is made to grovel for saying something obviously true, it’s a defeat for all of us. Penn Law has clearly decided to make an example of a woman it cannot silence. It has initiated a rarely used procedure to revoke tenure and fire her. She is fighting for her career and her reputation, but she is fighting for much more: the right for all of us to speak the truth as we see it.

Amy Wax needs your help. Defending against this attack is now a full-time job, and Prof. Wax must spend hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees. Penn Law, of course, is full of lawyers eager to take the scalp of a “racist,” and will not stop until it is decisively defeated. Please see below how you can contribute.

The law school has been complaining about Prof. Wax for years, but now Penn Law School Dean Theodore Ruger is making a formal attempt to fire her. In a June 23 letter, he asked the chair of the Faculty Senate to convene a hearing board with the power to dismiss her. The 12-page letter is worth reading carefully. It is a classic expression of the bigotry that rules virtually every American institution and will be a document future generations read with horror. In just the second sentence, it explains that Prof. Wax’s crimes are “intentional and incessant racist, sexist, xenophobic, and homophobic actions and statements.”

Dean Ruger goes on about “pervasive and derogatory racism and sexism” (the derogatory kind, not the nice kind), “stereotypical, demeaning, and false statements,” and concludes that “Wax’s statements are a persistent and tangible reminder that racism, sexism, and xenophobia are not theoretical abstractions, but rather real and insidious beliefs in this country and on our campus.” She is such a danger, she must go.

Last year, Penn Law hired Daniel Rodriguez, former dean of Northwestern University Law School, to draw up a catalog of Prof. Wax’s sins, and this year, it hired the law firm Quinn Emanuel to find victims of her awful behavior. Here’s a tiny sample of what it found: She reportedly said to a black student, “If blacks really and sincerely wanted to be equal, they would make a lot of changes in their own conduct and communities.” She reportedly told a Hispanic student that “Hispanic people don’t seem to mind living somewhere where people are loud,” and is said to have noted that “women, on average, are less knowledgeable than men” and “less intellectual than men.”

What appears to be the professor’s blackest crime was to invite me to lunch and to give a talk to one of her classes:

Finally, Wax’s decision in 2021 to invite a renowned white supremacist, Jared Taylor, to be the featured guest speaker in a regular meeting of her Law School course, and to have Taylor as her guest at a lunch with her students who were expected to attend, crosses the line of what is acceptable in a University environment where principles of non-discrimination apply. Although faculty members have broad discretion in their teaching and academic pursuits, Taylor’s explicit racism, hate-speech, and white supremacy contravenes the University’s express policies and mission, and his white supremacist ideology has been associated closely with those perpetrating violence towards minorities in this country and others. In both promoting this ideology herself, bestowing an honorific guest lecturer role on Taylor, and importing his views into our curriculum, Wax has caused profound harm to our students and faculty, and her escalating pattern of behavior raises risks of increased harm and escalating damage going forward.

That’s from page 1. I reappear on page 6, where someone named Apratim Vidyarthi, who wasn’t even in the class, spoke for all non-whites when he explained that “Taylor’s invitation on-campus felt ‘not just demeaning’ but ‘threatening’ to any student of color.”

The course was called “Conservative Political and legal Thought,” and the class to which I spoke was “The U.S. Radical Right.” The dean should be pleased Prof. Wax persuaded someone highlighted in Oxford University Press’s Key Thinkers of the Radical Right to speak to her class, but no. She is no longer “fit to perform the minimal requirements of the [her] job.”

Dean Ruger appears to have forgotten that in 2015 — 14 years into a distinguished career at the law school — Prof. Wax won the prestigious Lindback Award for Distinguished Teaching, based on her record in class and the opinions of admiring students. Not even hostile deans and outside lawyers could find a single example of classroom incompetence or unfair grading.

The purpose of this procedure against her is obviously to stamp out dissent. Penn Law wants to muzzle Prof. Wax, end her career, and ruin her financially. This is not just one woman’s fight. If the bigots can crush a widely published, highly regarded, tenured professor at one of the nation’s top law schools they can silence anyone.

Professor Amy Wax
Professor Amy Wax

Prof. Wax started with a GoFundMe account, but — true to its contemptible record — it froze her account. It is now unfrozen, but if you’d rather take no chances and want to avoid GoFundMe’s fees, the Palm Beach Freedom Institute has set up a defense fund. Please send a generous check made out to the institute, specifying that it is for the Amy Wax Defense Fund. Here is the address:

Palm Beach Freedom Institute
249 Royal Palm Way, Suite 301
Palm Beach, FL 33480
Attn.: Robert N. Allen, Jr.

This is a fight we must not lose!

(Republished from American Renaissance by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Shouldn’t the ‘Foundation for Individual Rights and Expression’ (FIRE) be helping Prof Wax?

  2. You have a history of denegrating white guys for going to bat for individual “ethnics” they have histories with and know to be honorable. You seem to enjoy punching Saxons in the face with their own conscience; almost religiously.

    So you and Wax will have to answer this question.

    Is she white?

    • Thanks: Angharad
    • Replies: @Realist
    , @Trinity
  3. Trinity says:

    (((Amy Wax))) need\$ your “hep” goy. \$end some cashola.

    Maybe Mike Cucklebee can help out Amy.

    Cue: Amie by Pure Prairie League

  4. Britannica Dictionary definition of RENOWNED. [more renowned; most renowned] : known and admired by many people for some special quality or achievement.

  5. The reaction of all kosher “white patriots” when a member of the Chosen Tribe says something right or expresses what one thinks oneself is always the same: they want to explode with excitement! Finally the “ultimate proof” has been found (again) that all the evil anti-Semites are wrong since ever and only adhere to a paranoid delusion.

    If Mrs. Wax were not a Jewish woman but a white man, she would have been “pushed off the window to the beautiful view” long ago, means: out of the game. Thus, these few “blind chickens that sometimes find a grain of corn” serve all kosher patriots as cardinal witnesses, as a fig leaf behind which they hide all their own cowardice, and as a pinhole through which they hope to squeeze all their alleged noble goals.

    A completely hopeless endeavor, because if this were otherwise, our world would already have looked completely different – namely in our favor – for a long time. One should rather believe in astrology than in the success of this enterprise, because the “conservative bourgeois values of self-discipline and hard work” rather correspond to the Capricorn profile of the horoscope owner Mrs. Wax than to the Jewish “liberal and universal” world view.

    The eternal doubters are now getting a boost after going through a phase of cognitive dissonance. Nowadays, cognitive dissonance is the “normal state” in a world of inconcreteness, imponderables, uncertainties, inaccuracies, of wishy-washy and “the facts are yet to be established”.

    Everything can also mean its opposite at the same time. Comparable to a seriously ill person who is in a violent environment in schizophrenia, for example, not knowing whether he locks his apartment door, because this could also mean that the ambulance is blocked access to the patient in an emergency.

    If the Jews are so powerful that they basically control all of our societies, then they are also powerful enough to let a “blind chicken find a grain” now and then, so that the impression is created that it is not even Jewish forces that are at work here. The best candidate for this is an “established scientist close to retirement age” (who has nothing to lose in principle).

    If there are naïve people who are suitable for sand to be thrown in their eyes, then Taylor is one of those who will slip on the banana peel first and fall flat on their face.

    • Agree: Haxo Angmark
    • Replies: @Exile
  6. [1] Amy Tan has a rare 3-3 name: a three-letter forename with a three-letter surname. She shares this distinction with the proprietor of this website, Ron Unz, and with

    [2] Jared Taylor, you are “a renowned white supremacist”. Have those who gave you this distinction ever stopped to explain what white supremacism is? In a genus-differentia definition, what is the genus of “white supremacism”? Is it a belief about the world (“whites are superior to non-whites”), or is it a policy preference (“whites ought to be superior to non-whites”)? In the former case, we could in principle resolve the claim scientifically; in the latter case,
    (which also applied to the hankering for a world without white supremacism).

  7. Exile says:
    @Sightseeing in Absurdistan

    Jared will always be one of us rayciss Nazi hate-filled supreemises to (((these people))), their collaborators, paid shills and dupes. The media they own will never present him as anything else, so muh normies will believe this too.

    No matter how many appeals he makes to based Our Guy Jews, Blacks who “get it” or “naturally conservative Hispanics,” he is still considered one of us – by everyone but himself and us.

    Jared, you can’t beat us, you can’t retreat from us. At some point in your sunsetting life, just embrace us and admit you’ve been chasing kosher rainbows for quite a few years now.

    But this won’t happen. He will cope and compromise and beg for kosher crumbs like all paleo-cons. Thank the gods that real revolutionaries have long moved on from AmRen tier dissent.

    For a guy who just wrote a piece about antipope heretic Francis goy-groveling, this is an inaptly timed goy grovel.

  8. I graduated from Penn more than half a century ago. I used to be proud of that. It used to mean something in the real world. But the real world ain’t what it used to be.

    Now I read about a Penn shemale setting records on the women’s swim team.

    I read about the financial shenanigans behind the Penn Biden Center for Diplomacy and Global Engagement and then note that the university’s former President, Amy Gutman, landed a sweet gig as ambassador to Germany after Biden took office.

    Then there was the scandal of handing out a scholarship to an affluent white girl who lied on her application to portray herself as a low-income foster child. (Colleges are so proud of these “success” stories they have coined an acronym: FGLI; First Generation, Low Income.) She was also awarded a Rhodes Scholarship (she later renounced it, perhaps to avoid any more negative publicity). She earned a master’s degree at Penn but the awarding of the degree was suspended. Though she was an obvious fraud, the university relented and granted her the degree anyway after a campus outcry. No one denied she was a fraud, but the hand-wringing hordes were concerned that the stigma might rub off on other FGLI students. Maybe they, as well as future applicants, would be subject to closer scrutiny!

    I don’t see much about any of this in the alumni magazine. In fact, most of what I read in “The Pennsylvania Gazette” (a publication deriving from Benjamin Franklin, the university’s founder) concerns woke professors or students behaving in predictable patterns. So I’m not surprised by Amy Wax’s predicament. The only surprise is that she has lasted as long as she has. I have no doubt she will be unceremoniously dumped. Sacrifices must be made if the university is to maintain its reputation as a top-tier global institution.

  9. @Exile

    Very apt addition, thanks. He will temporarily go down in the
    history of unsuccessful ignoramuses as Jared “Jews are not the
    Problem” Taylor. For soon his legacy will be overtaken by reality.

  10. Realist says:

    The all Jews are bad, Jew haters on this blog are so stupidly blind they cut off their nose (pun intended) to spite their face.

    • Replies: @Exile
    , @OverCommentor
  11. Trinity says:

    She is “white” enuff for good ole JT. The way Taylor cucks to Jews, Ms. Wax is his massa.

  12. Any document that contains the words “xenophobic” and/or “homophobic” is defamatory, unless it is written by a physician who has examined the person referenced, and come to that diagnosis. The law firm Quinn Emanuel is guilty of practising medicine without a license, and should be prosecuted.

    • Replies: @OverCommentor
  13. while the Jewess ((Amy Wax)) has not yet achieved

    Honorary Aryan status, Haxo hereby awards her

    one less (((vibration))).

  14. Exile says:

    Of course you’re on here shilling for the self-defeating “hide behind your based non-White ally” strategy and “the good Jews.”

    The point is not whether Amy Wax is good or bad – the point is that conservatives are conditioned to hide under the skirts of the nearest Black or Jew whenever they want to engage in politics. Look at Tucker’s constant parade of Jews, Blacks, Hispanics, etc…

    Jared Taylor is supposed to be a level up from that and heading rightward. Instead, like all paleocons in their later years, he is selling himself and his cause for cheaper prices every day.

    As for “good Jews,” they are vanishingly rare, despised, ostracized and devoid of influence in the Jewish community. They bring nothing to the table that a White man would not.

    The fact that this tiny handful of Jews gets 100x the attention that tens of millions of Whites do not proves every point we anti-Semites have ever made about Jewish power. They co-opt both mainstream and oppositional politics for their own ends.

    And shills like you demand that Whites goy-grovel to them and lay on the spikes for their benefit.

    Whites will never free themselves from Jewish mind-jail until they learn to morally sanction their own opposition to oppression and exploitation without a Jewish crutch on one arm and a Black one on the other.

    • Thanks: Trinity
  15. @Exile

    Thank you. An eloquent response.

    • Replies: @Realist
  16. Trinity says:

    “The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves.”
    (((Every single time.)))

    A leopard never changes its spots.

    • Replies: @Liberty Mike
  17. @Trinity

    Some leopards have been known to hide their spots, like Roderigo Lopez.

  18. @Realist

    Mr. Unz already dared a long time ago to speak truths
    that Mrs. Wax would “not touch with a ten-foot pole”.

  19. @Sightseeing in Absurdistan

    It may be beautiful and honorable from Mrs. Wax what she does. But in the world of her tribesmen it has neither effect nor relevance! It’s not at all about Mrs. Wax, it is about the mind-bending MISLEADING, which Mr. Taylor operates!

    Of course – from our perspective, one could see a great opportunity in Jews realizing, “Aha, this is how we must act in order to be respected by the peoples of the world!”

    But this will not occur, because this doesn’t cor- respond to their millennia-old “action standard”.

  20. @Sightseeing in Absurdistan

    Since I am not superstitious, I do not believe in demons either. But I do believe that “demons” exist: in the minds of the people who believe in them. That Hitler believed in demons I consider highly speculative. The very fact that it was allegedly only “discovered” in 2003 that Hitler allegedly possessed this book suggests that there are quite different demons at work here. Hitler was still quite young at that time. If he was under the “spell” of a demon, then that demon’s name was Erik Jan Hanussen and he was Jewish. The only one who really had power over him (and thus world history) was his Jewish personal physician Theo Morell.

  21. “Wax’s statements are a persistent and tangible reminder that racism, sexism, and xenophobia are not theoretical abstractions…”

    Ah, but they are. And as abstract symbols, their content is broader and deeper than can be expressed by merely denoting things which are racist, sexist et al. They can signify many things to many minds.

    Are her “beliefs” “insidious” because they present a “rather real” threat to their ostensible targets or because they present a challenge to Dean Ruger’s version of what those abstractions connote?

    • Replies: @OverCommentor
  22. Realist says:

    Of course you’re on here shilling for the self-defeating “hide behind your based non-White ally” strategy and “the good Jews.”

    I am shilling for no one…just writing realism.

    Look at Tucker’s constant parade of Jews, Blacks, Hispanics, etc…

    I agree with you about Carlson, but you would know that if you read my comments. I have often written about Carlson being controlled opposition.

    As for “good Jews,” they are vanishingly rare, despised, ostracized and devoid of influence in the Jewish community.

    So you Jew haters think you are not despised, ostracized, and devoid of influence in the Jewish community?

    They bring nothing to the table that a White man would not.

    All gentiles bring to the table is pissing and moaning…they do nothing of substance.

    They co-opt both mainstream and oppositional politics for their own ends.

    So what are you going to do about it?

    And shills like you demand that Whites goy-grovel to them and lay on the spikes for their benefit.

    Where did I say that???

    Whites will never free themselves from Jewish mind-jail until they learn to morally sanction their own opposition to oppression and exploitation without a Jewish crutch on one arm and a Black one on the other.

    When are you going to stop pissing and moaning…and do something about it?

  23. Realist says:
    @Change that Matters

    Thank you. An eloquent response.

    LOL…he is full of shit.

    • Replies: @Trinity
    , @Exile
  24. Trinity says:

    Speak again ole (((toothless wonder.)))

  25. When has this jew ever lifted a single finger to help a White person? I don’t care that she sometimes acknowledges jewish power and says that it’s not good, that is just the fluff so she can get her foot in the door, so when White people like Jupiter Paulson are being slaughtered in the streets, you donate to a privileged Ivy League professor jew.

    • Agree: Angharad
    • Thanks: Trinity
  26. @Realist

    The tiny number of jews that aren’t a problem isn’t worth tolerating the vast majority who flaunt social norms, and the long history of powerful jews who actively subvert their host nations.

    • Replies: @Realist
  27. @Curmudgeon

    These same physicians who mutilate little girls and castrate little boys, all the while lying by saying it is possible to change genders, and that these radical alterations will make them happy? That is the institution you trust to label people racist and/or xenophobic?

  28. @ThreeCranes

    This is just incoherent gibberish.

    • Replies: @ThreeCranes
  29. Realist says:

    The tiny number of jews that aren’t a problem isn’t worth tolerating the vast majority who flaunt social norms, and the long history of powerful jews who actively subvert their host nations.

    So you want to throw Unz out of the country?

    • Replies: @OverCommentor
  30. She invited Jared Taylor to speak to her class? God, I wish I had been a fly on the wall of that lecture. It would have been hard for me to ritually pretend to be scandalized by his statements.

    • Replies: @Angharad
  31. Trinity says:

    An apology is in order from all the Jared Taylor apologists. “But, but, but, Jared does a lot of good, but, but, but Jared has to blah, blah, blah..

    And Tucker Carlson is (((totally controlled))) as well. But, but, but, Tucker has to keep his (((job))), but Tucker has to blah, blah, blah…..

    The cat is out of the bag now and even a Trumptard could hopefully figure this one out. Grifters gonna grift.

    • Replies: @Exile
  32. Exile says:

    (((Seething))) continues.

    • LOL: Realist
  33. Exile says:

    I’d call both of them “influenced opposition” rather than controlled, FWIW.

    The paleo-con’s natural civic nationalism and libertarianism makes it almost impossible for them to process NAXALTs.

    Better that a hundred usurious Bolshie pornographers and rape apes go free than one based Jew or cubicle buddy Black be excluded from polite society.

    • Replies: @Trinity
  34. Angharad says:

    Mr Taylor,

    Have you plead for funds to assists the Politically Persecuted and slandered Charlottesville WHITE men? How about a plea for Normie January 6th political prisoners? Why haven’t you stood with the men who protested the slaughter of Whites in Waukesha or Fargo or Akron?

    Yet you shill for shekels for a JEW? A wealthy JEW?

    Please explain WHY.

  35. Angharad says:
    @ADL Pyramid of Hate

    She brought him in as an EXAMPLE of a “White Supreeemasiss” not as a White Advocate. Apparently he never got a chance to make his case on behalf of Whites. And Wax never says “White”. She says “woke” not “White”. But she’s an “ally”.


  36. @OverCommentor

    How does the Dean go from “racism, sexism, xenophobia” to “real threat”? If he makes that accusation then he has to provide proof by pointing out the specific nature of the “real” and the “threat”. Of course, he does not do this. Instead we get a hodgepodge of associations which exist only in his mind.

    If I say “Ford”, then that denotes F150, 5.4 liter engine, 10.5 pinion gear, and so on.

    But “Ford” connotes something very different according to the listener. One person begins to cry because their parents died in a head-on collision with a Ford truck. Another feels elation because they were part of the Ford team of successful race cars in the 1960’s. The Dean’s reactions are connotations of the words, “racism, sexism, xenophobia”. They exist only in his mind and the minds of people like him. His response is bound to the stimulus symbol only by the Dean’s emotional reaction–which is based upon some event in his life, probably some experience he underwent in his freshman year of college.

    The purpose of college is to entrain the minds of the youth. To entrain is to cause synchronization of many elements to one beat. The Dean’s job is to entrain the youth. Every one opens their book to the same page and all read the daily sermon together. He is a Sunday school teacher and teaches his charges to sing in unison. Accustomed as he is to uniformity and conformity, when the Dean is challenged to define and give substance to his charges of “racism etc.” he can’t. So accustomed is he to reading the sermon that he cannot even entertain the thought that the charges cannot stand on their own. He doesn’t need to elucidate or flesh out or specify. He is the High Priest. If he says so, then it is so.

    But hey. He’s a lawyer. What do you expect? The Truth? Hah, hah. Their job is to win cases, not to explicate fairly.

    • Replies: @OverCommentor
  37. @Realist

    Sure, he can run a website from Tel Aviv.

  38. @ThreeCranes

    Well they don’t actually have to provide proof of anything, they just say those buzz words as a cover justification and do whatever they were going to do anyway. You are falling into the trap of taking what jews say at face value.

  39. Trinity says:

    \$ellouts are a without a soul. Truly a disgusting breed. No one loves a traitor. You don’t see ant statues of Benedict Arnold in England for example.

  40. @Realist

    If you don’t notice that Mr. Unz defines himself as white, why are you taking up his “safe space”? Now you answer!

    Mr. Unz has renounced the destructive core of Ju- daism, so any discussion is unnecessary. You are here on his territory – not the other way around.

  41. @Realist

    Btw.: With what decent deed do you “realist” actu-
    ally prove that YOU are not a “conventional” Jew?

    • Replies: @Realist
  42. @Realist

    The insanity, after all, is that every traitor to our kind
    who betrays his entire species is “honored” (actually
    mocked) in Israel as a “Righteous Among the Nations.”

    While true heroes like Ron Unz would be buried by us in the
    anonymous pauper’s grave with a digger, in the dog cemetery.
    THAT and that alone is the true shame of our so-called “race”.

    But this says nothing at all about Mr. Unz, but sole-
    ly about the so-called (self-appointed) “representa-
    tives” of our (alleged) race. THAT is the real shame!

    If there is something “German”, then this means
    ANSTAND (decency). And who enters the house of
    another and insults him, has lost any right to stay.

    You owe your “subterranean burrowing” right of abode to Mr.
    Unz’s exceedingly grand interpretation of “freedom of speech.”

  43. In my (admittedly limited) experience, there are virtually
    no unemployed or alcoholic Jews. That means these peo-
    ple are extremely success-oriented. The problem is that
    they work off their success at the expense of our race. The
    fault is not theirs, but ours for allowing this grotesque cir-
    cus. Because we are not strong-willed, but weak-willed.

    • Replies: @Trinity
  44. So is this based bird woman going to use her years of legal expertise to sue on behalf of Patriot Front or any of the BDS campus movements? Is she using her position of influence to start a legitimate legal case for Palestinians who have been continuously removed from their homes for the last 30 years? No, she does none of those things, she makes the most paltry of passing statements about the obvious zionist control of all US affairs, and these conservatives just eat it up. She doesn’t have to do anything serious because you accept a critical sentence or two, it’s the same grift Mr. Unz is running.

    Also I would like to add I see the clever trick of labeling Israel an “apartheid” state. This is trying to conflate South Africa to the current crimes of the jewish government, whose official policy is that there is no difference between zionism and judeism. Blacks in South Africa were second class citizens that is true, but they weren’t continuously blockaded, bombed, they weren’t denied medical care, and they definitely were not forcibly resettled. Would have been a whole lot cooler if they were. Blacks benefited by being integrated as second class citizens in a White society because it’s better than they can produce on their own, where the Palestinians have no rights, they get no benefits, and the entire US system works to undermine them while publicly claiming neutrality.

    • Thanks: Angharad
  45. Trinity says:
    @Sightseeing in Absurdistan

    It depends what you mean by employed or successful. John Gotti was not a sucess, he was a parasite, but the Italian mob is not even in the same league with the genocidal, anti White racist rat face parasites who make up the international Kosher Nostra. Organ thievery and selling, child trafficking, the Ukrainian Genocide, the theft of Palestine and eradication of Palestinians, instigating 2 European Civil Wars that slaughtered tens of millions of European Whites, dominating sleazy operations like pornography, grooming underage girls and boys, etc., etc. “Success?” Well that kind of “sucess” buys you a one way ticket to Hell if you believe in the afterlife.

    When was the last time a Jew actually created anything useful. Any Jew invent the automobile, flight, paint or sculpt like Michelangelo or DaVinci.

    Einstein, you say? A total fraud, a total sexual deviant, a plagiarizer. Lolol. ” Jewish success and intelligence ” = organized crime, fraud, lies, nepotism and just plain old horseshit. These people are nothing more than glorified gypsies and even their claims to being Jews is questionable.

  46. Emma S. says:

    The truth is extremely poisonous to people who despise the truth. There is ironically nothing to argue against, so they scream “racist”, “fascist” or any other “ism” out there.

  47. @Realist

    In the face of “proven assholes”, of course, NOBODY
    has the “duty” to be “noble”! But Mr. Unz has not gi-
    ven the slightest hint of ever being guilty of anything!

    • Replies: @Realist
  48. @Trinity

    I absolutely support your statements, and Ron Unz will
    not deny this either. An extremely legitimate question:
    what does “successful” mean in the Jewish sense? Just
    the opposite of what success means for us. My point was
    not to distinguish between destructive/constructive suc-
    cess – but to possess the unconditional will in the first
    place to want to achieve success (“triumph of the will”).
    It’s about driving force, motivation, willingness to act.

  49. I even think it is possible that Ron Unz does more for
    the Jews than any Jew has ever done. He is certainly an
    “observation object” of the Jews, but this means nothing
    more that these people do not draw any conclusions to fi-
    nally live in peace with the world, as Mr. Unz wants (and
    which is his real concern), but only to secure their crimes
    and to dip the thermometer into the “mood of the goys”.

  50. Realist says:
    @Sightseeing in Absurdistan

    Btw.: With what decent deed do you “realist” actu-
    ally prove that YOU are not a “conventional” Jew?

    How do I know you are not a Jew?

  51. Realist says:
    @Sightseeing in Absurdistan

    You still haven’t answered my question…but you have proven you are a troll.

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