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Walls or Roads
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History is told by Walls and Roads which have marked significant turning points in the relation between peoples and states.

We will discuss the story behind two walls and one road and the circumstances which surround them and their consequences.

The Berlin Wall

In the aftermath of World War II, Europe was divided between East and West. On one side the Soviet Union (SU) and its Communist allies and on the other the United States and its Capitalist partners.

The Soviets faced a formidable task in rebuilding their sector having lost tens of millions of soldiers and civilians and facing great scarcities of resources without aid from the wealthy West. North America sought to roll-back the post war agreements and proceeded to subvert the East by promising higher living standards, greater cultural and personal freedom. The East resorted to greater control and sacrifice in order to reconstruct their economies. The unequal contest between East and West in terms of personal consumption was contested by the more radical social investments in national public health, educational and social programs.

The West succeeded in attracting professionals, skilled workers and important cultural figures by offering attractive economic and individual incentive which the East could not or would not match.

In order to contain the ‘brain drain’ the East adopted repressive measures including building what was later referred to as the Berlin Wall. Despite physical obstacles Easterners fled across and under the Wall.

When the East succumbed to pressure and internal opposition, the economy was taken over by the capitalist West which incorporated most of their factories and workers under control by private foreign capitalists. Hundreds of thousands of workers in the East suffered unemployment and loss of social welfare and millions moved to western countries.

The former Eastern countries were annexed into the Western military alliance(NATO) and were incorporated into US wars in the Balkans, the Middle East and Southern Asia.

The end of the Wall strengthened the US military and increased the wealth of the European Union. The Soviet Union disintegrated, and Russia was impoverished, and its economy pillaged for over a decade. Eventually Russia recovered and regained its sovereignty , independence and its status as a world power.

The US Wall: Mexico and Central America

The mass migration of Central Americans and Mexicans was directly linked to two essential factors:

NAFTA and the US intervention in the civil wars in Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras and Nicaragua.

The US coup in Guatemala in 1954, Washington’s massive million dollar a day intervention in the El Salvador revolution and the 3 decades of Pentagon support for the Somoza dictatorship in Nicaragua and the military coups in Honduras resulted in the killing of over 400,000 Central Americans while over 2 million Central Americans were uprooted, tortured, jailed and forced to flee across the Mexican – US border.

The flood of refuges, products of US imperial wars’, crossed into the US seeking safety and employment. The US refused humanitarian assistance, hundreds of thousands were denied entry or were expelled.

In Central America,Washington backed the military and oligarchies which controlled the land , evicted farmers and denied land to the returning peasants.

The US responded by expanding the border police and immigration security forces, seizing and expelling tens of thousands of hard working refugees. Walls were built along the Mexican frontier, to prevent refugees from crossing the border, condemning them to violence and misery.

Millions of Mexican peasants were displaced by the NAFTA agreement which promoted US agro-exports which undercut Mexican staples. NAFTA undermined US industrial workers as multi-nationals sought low wages .

Bankrupted farmers in Mexico sought to cross the border.


They were joined by tens of thousands of Mexicans who fled from the drug cartels which were protected by US allies among the corrupt Mexican politicians, police and army. The drug cartels reaped tens of billions of dollars by laundering their drug profits in the leading New York, Miami and Los Angeles banks. The Wall kept Mexican workers out while the US government allowed drug money in– to flow to US bankers which profit from the drug laundering.

The conflict in the US between the two parties is an argument over the methods of denying the refugees entry– “walls” versus “barriers”– but not over US bank laundering and NAFTA. The US Wall protects profiteering and punishes its victim by keeping them out.

China’s Belt and Road: Opening Borders

Contrary to the US mania for Wall building on the Mexican border blocking refugees, President Xi Jinping has allocated $900 billion dollars for roads and infrastructures to open China extend links with South and Central Asia, the Middle East, East Africa and Europe. China is building sea ports, roads, airports,– opening trade,and increasing the flow of labor to markets and investments.

China does not face refugees fleeing from US invasions as is the case of the Central Americans. Nor are Chinese agricultural exports displacing farmers, as is the case of Mexicans bankrupted by NAFTA.

China’s One belt, One Road (OBOR) promotes regional and international integration – in contrast to US imposed disintegration of Central American linkages. China promotes free trade agreements with its Asian partners in opposition to US protectionist tariffs and walls.

China’s OBOR policy is based on promoting the upgrading of underdeveloped countries in order to complement China’s advanced technological exports.


Walls are built by the US to constrain the fallout from its Central American wars and unequal trade agreements with Mexico. The Soviet Wall was constructed to protect is backward, uncompetitive economy.

China needs infrastructure, breaking walls, to facilitate the flow of goods and services across borders and incorporating labor, not arresting and expelling it.

The Walls reflect backward and regressive policies; global roads and belts link countries to peaceful and productive global integration.

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  1. We can have both walls and roads if we stop squandering our money on “invade the world, invite the world.”

  2. The Berlin Wall was built to keep the deluge of American saboteurs out. You of course will not hear of this in the media you access.

    • Replies: @Paul
  3. Paul says:

    So why fire bullets at and murder people who wanted to flee East Germany?

  4. Paul says:

    “China needs infrastructure, breaking walls, to facilitate the flow of goods and services across borders and incorporating labor, not arresting and expelling it.”

    So why lock Uighur minority people in concentration camps? And let us not forget the abused Tibetans.

    • Replies: @Lin
  5. Lin says:

    “So why lock Uighur minority people in concentration camps? And let us not forget the abused Tibetans.”
    Just tell me how abused are the Tibetans, eh ?
    While even the old gen Tibetans are not literate, they aren’t dumb; and you tell me they aren’t glad that they were uplifted from lama-controlled serfdom ? And they aren’t aware Tibet is being heavily subsidized by the Beijing govt ?
    Fact is the Tibetans are being readily ‘sinicised’ into Chinese mainstream(I would say the job is 90% done with the younger tibetans) and say good bye to lama-theocracy which traditionally drew at least 1/3 of males into monasteries where homo-pedo child abuse was the norm.
    With such homo-pedo theocracy,ever wonder why Tibet traditionally had such small population(900,000 during late 1950s or early 1960s) besides the obvious poverty?
    BTW, dalai lama’s shit is said to be scared
    “The Dalai Lama can stave off trauma: “Rosinus Lentilius, in the Ephemeridum Physico-Medicorum, Leipsig, 1694, speaks of he Grand Lama of Thibet as held in such high veneration by the devotees of his faith that his excrements, carefully collected, dried, powdered, and sold at high prices by the priests, were used as a sternutatory powder, to induce sneezing, and as a condiment for their food, and as a remedy for all the graver forms of disease.”

  6. Paul says:

    Rather than giving the Chinese dictatorship’s line, read the reports on human rights in Tibet from Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, and others.

  7. Lin says:

    “Rather than giving the Chinese dictatorship’s line, read the reports on human rights in Tibet from Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch,”

    –Please ask his holiness the dalai lama to give you an oral dose of his holyshit elixir to restore your mental balance
    Just looking at 2018, nearly a third of Amnesty Jersey’s Facebook posts so far this year have been about Russia. If you add China and Iran, you have 60% of posts so far this year”

    ”As for the US, UK and Australia? Not one. Yemen? Not a peep. UAE? No chance. Israel and Saudi Arabia get attacks on civilians (including hospitals and weddings), the biggest Palestinian death toll in one day since the 2014 Gaza war, and the “nation-state bill”, a piece of racist legislation dubbed the “apartheid bill” by Arab-Israeli members of the Knesset that enshrines in law segregation between Jews and Arabs and downgrades Arabic from an official language of Israel to merely having a “special status”. How many of these events did Amnesty Jersey think to include in their coverage? Not one. A bit suspect, don’t you think? Let’s take a deeper look.”
    ”Saudi Arabia — a head-chopping dictatorship which tortures and executes dissidents and enforces Shari’a law through a notoriously oppressive religious police, and a Western ally — received only 13 mentions, all but one of which related to the imprisonment of a single blogger, Raif Badawi, by the Saudi state. Israel received only 6 mentions, in the whole two-and-a-half year period I covered, despite the massive escalations of apartheid policies in recent years, while the genocide of the Rohingya people in Myanmar got only 4 mentions (AJ mentioned Ukrainian prisoners held by the Russian state more times than it mentioned the literal genocide of hundreds of thousands of people in Myanmar).”

  8. I am interested to know.. are we comparing apples to roses; and sheep to snakes?

    The human rights in Tibet from Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch,” vs human right violations not reported which are inflicted by corporate but falsely attributed to nation states. The nation state (name ) is like the big bank name that launders dirty money, the nation state name launders the destruction of human life and quality of life infra structures that corporation inflict in order to deny competition or in order to gain a new stomping ground.
    Whose bombs were dropped. they were the nation state bombs at all, but the private company
    whose ships did not delivery the dood.. and so on.

    Almost never is the reason a nation state engages explained.. revealed or even made available.

    • Replies: @Lin
  9. Lin says:

    “are we comparing apples to roses; and sheep to snakes?”
    Pls don’t compare plastic apples to real roses.
    Dalai Lama wants you to believe serfdom is spiritual and serfs with limbs hacked off by their masters will go to paradise

  10. Alden says:

    I guess the China non expert doesn’t know that Chins built s Great Wall that very successfully kept the marauding mongols out. That wall changed world history as the mongols left China alone and attacked the central Asians eventually driving the Turks to the Middle East and the Germans goths Alans and s multitude of other tribes to Western Europe. The Russians and Europeans built China’s railroads in the 19th century and the Chinese are finallly building railroads 190 years after the west started building ours.

    Petras is not only a Chinese lobbyist. He appears to work for Cargill Tysons and the rest of the meat plants that need more and more cheap labor from the primitive non Spanish speaking jungles of Central America.

    Like most Americans who don’t own meat packing plants farms and restaurants I object to supporting their employees with my taxes.

    Let the meat packers pay s living wage so my taxes don’t have to feed shelter and support their workers.

  11. Let the meat packers pay s living wage so my taxes don’t have to feed shelter and support their workers.

    At one time, meat packers could pay an American wage, a family wage, and still be able to sponsor a professional football team in a privately-built arena.

    You don’t hear much about a family wage anymore, when a man could support his wife and seven or eight kids at home.

  12. “The Soviets faced a formidable task in rebuilding their sector having lost tens of millions of soldiers and civilians and facing great scarcities of resources without aid from the wealthy West.”

    “. . . without aid from the wealthy west.”

    I stopped reading right there.

    • Replies: @atlantis_dweller
  13. @Jim Bob Lassiter

    There’s always some left-leaning truth-unfriendly snippet like that, but overall a lot of all too seldom heard political truths. Therefore I keep reading past the snippets.

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