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US ‘Regime Changes’: the Historical Record
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As the US strives to overthrow the democratic and independent Venezuelan government, the historical record regarding the short, middle and long-term consequences are mixed.

We will proceed to examine the consequences and impact of US intervention in Venezuela over the past half century.

We will then turn to examine the success and failure of US ‘regime changes’ throughout Latin America and the Caribbean.

Venezuela: Results and Perspectives 1950-2019

During the post WWII decade, the US, working through the CIA and the Pentagon, brought to power authoritarian client regimes in Venezuela, Cuba, Peru, Chile, Guatemala, Brazil and several other countries.

In the case of Venezuela, the US backed a near decade long military dictatorship (Perez Jimenez ) roughly between 1951-58. The dictatorship was overthrown in 1958 and replaced by a left-center coalition during a brief interim period. Subsequently, the US reshuffled its policy, and embraced and promoted center-right regimes led by social and christian democrats which alternated rule for nearly forty years.

In the 1990’s US client regimes riddled with corruption and facing a deepening socio-economic crises were voted out of power and replaced by the independent, anti-imperialist government led by President Chavez.

The free and democratic election of President Chavez withstood and defeated several US led ‘regime changes’ over the following two decades.

Following the election of President Maduro, under US direction,Washington mounted the political machinery for a new regime change. Washington launched, in full throttle, a coup by the winter of 2019.

The record of US intervention in Venezuela is mixed: a middle term military coup lasted less than a decade; US directed electoral regimes were in power for forty years; its replacement by an elected anti-imperialist populist government has been in power for nearly 20 years. A virulent US directed coup is underfoot today.

The Venezuela experience with ‘regime change’ speaks to US capacity to consummate long-term control if it can reshuffle its power base from a military dictatorship into an electoral regime, financed through the pillage of oil, backed by a reliable military and ‘legitimated’ by alternating client political parties which accept submission to Washington.

US client regimes are ruled by oligarchic elites, with little entrepreneurial capacity, living off of state rents (oil revenues).

Tied closely to the US, the ruling elites are unable to secure popular loyalty. Client regimes depend on the military strength of the Pentagon —but that is also their weakness.

Regime Change in Regional-Historical Perspective

Puppet-building is an essential strategic goal of the US imperial state.

The results vary over time depending on the capacity of independent governments to succeed in nation-building.

US long-term puppet-building has been most successful in small nations with vulnerable economies.

The US directed coup in Guatemala has lasted over sixty-years – from 1954 -2019. Major popular indigenous insurgencies have been repressed via US military advisers and aid.

Similar successful US puppet-building has occurred in Panama, Grenada, Dominican Republic and Haiti. Being small and poor and having weak military forces, the US is willing to directly invade and occupy the countries quickly and at small cost in military lives and economic costs.

In the above countries Washington succeeded in imposing and maintaining puppet regimes for prolonged periods of time.

The US has directed military coups over the past half century with contradictory results.

In the case of Honduras, the Pentagon was able to overturn a progressive liberal democratic government of very short duration. The Honduran army was under US direction, and elected President Manual Zelaya depended on an unarmed electoral popular majority. Following the successful coup the Honduran puppet-regime remained under US rule for the next decade and likely beyond.

Chile has been under US tutelage for the better part of the 20th century with a brief respite during a Popular Front government between 1937-41 and a democratic socialist government between 1970-73. The US military directed coup in 1973 imposed the Pinochet dictatorship which lasted for seventeen years. It was followed by an electoral regime which continued the Pinochet-US neo-liberal agenda, including the reversal of all the popular national and social reforms. In a word, Chile remained within the US political orbit for the better part of a half-century.

Chile’s democratic-socialist regime (1970-73) never armed its people nor established overseas economic linkage to sustain an independent foreign policy.

It is not surprising that in recent times Chile followed US commands calling for the overthrow of Venezuela’s President Maduro.

Contradictory Puppet-Building

Several US coups were reversed, for the longer or shorter duration.

The classical case of a successful defeat of a client regime is Cuba which overthrew a ten-year old US client, the Batista dictatorship, and proceeded to successfully resist a CIA directed invasion and economic blockade for the better part of a half century (up to the present day).

Cuba’s defeat of puppet restorationist policy was a result of the Castro leadership’s decision to arm the people, expropriate and take control of hostile US and multinational corporations and establish strategic overseas allies – USSR , China and more recently Venezuela.

In contrast, a US military backed military coup in Brazil (1964) endured for over two decades, before electoral politics were partially restored under elite leadership.

Twenty years of failed neo-liberal economic policies led to the election of the social reformist Workers Party (WP) which proceeded to implement extensive anti-poverty programs within the context of neo-liberal policies.

After a decade and a half of social reforms and a relatively independent foreign policy, the WP succumbed to a downturn of the commodity dependent economy and a hostile state (namely judiciary and military) and was replaced by a pair of far-right US client regimes which functioned under Wall Street and Pentagon direction.

The US frequently intervened in Bolivia, backing military coups and client regimes against short-term national populist regimes (1954, 1970 and 2001).

In 2005 a popular uprising led to free elections and the election of Evo Morales, the leader of the coca farmers movements. Between 2005 – 2019 (the present period) President Morales led a moderate left-of-center anti imperialist government.


Unsuccessful efforts by the US to overthrow the Morales government were a result of several factors: Morales organized and mobilized a coalition of peasants and workers (especially miners and coca farmers). He secured the loyalty of the military, expelled US Trojan Horse “aid agencies’ and extended control over oil and gas and promoted ties with agro business.

The combination of an independent foreign policy, a mixed economy , high growth and moderate reforms neutralized US puppet-building.

Not so the case in Argentina. Following a bloody coup (1976) in which the US backed military murdered 30,000 citizens, the military was defeated by the British army in the Malvinas war and withdrew after seven years in power.

The post military puppet regime ruled and plundered for a decade before collapsing in 2001. They were overthrown by a popular insurrection. However, the radical left lacking cohesion was replaced by center-left (Kirchner-Fernandez) regimes which ruled for the better part of a decade (2003 – 15).

The progressive social welfare – neo-liberal regimes entered in crises and were ousted by a US backed puppet regime (Macri) in 2015 which proceeded to reverse reforms, privatize the economy and subordinate the state to US bankers and speculators.

After two years in power, the puppet regime faltered, the economy spiraled downward and another cycle of repression and mass protest emerged. The US puppet regime’s rule is tenuous, the populace fills the streets, while the Pentagon sharpens its knives and prepares puppets to replace their current client regime.


The US has not succeeded in consolidating regime changes among the large countries with mass organizations and military supporters.

Washington has succeeded in overthrowing popular – national regimes in Brazil, and Argentina . However, over time puppet regimes have been reversed.

While the US resorts to largely a single ‘track’ (military coups and invasions)in overwhelming smaller and more vulnerable popular governments, it relies on ‘multiple tracks’ strategy with regard to large and more formidable countries.

In the former cases, usually a call to the military or the dispatch of the marines is enough to snuff an electoral democracy.

In the latter case, the US relies on a multi-proxy strategy which includes a mass media blitz, labeling democrats as dictatorships, extremists, corrupt, security threats, etc.

As the tension mounts, regional client and European states are organized to back the local puppets.

Phony “Presidents” are crowned by the US President whose index finger counters the vote of millions of voters. Street demonstrations and violence paid and organized by the CIA destabilize the economy; business elites boycott and paralyze production and distribution… Millions are spent in bribing judges and military officials.

If the regime change can be accomplished by local military satraps, the US refrains from direct military intervention.

Regime changes among larger and wealthier countries have between one or two decades duration. However, the switch to an electoral puppet regime may consolidate imperial power over a longer period – as was the case of Chile.

Where there is powerful popular support for a democratic regime, the US will provide the ideological and military support for a large-scale massacre, as was the case in Argentina.

The coming showdown in Venezuela will be a case of a bloody regime change as the US will have to murder hundreds of thousands to destroy the millions who have life-long and deep commitments to their social gains , their loyalty to the nation and their dignity.

In contrast the bourgeoisie, and their followers among political traitors, will seek revenge and resort to the vilest forms of violence in order to strip the poor of their social advances and their memories of freedom and dignity.

It is no wonder that the Venezuela masses are girding for a prolonged and decisive struggle: everything can be won or lost in this final confrontation with the Empire and its puppets.

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  1. Agent76 says:

    Did you know this information? January 18, 2019 The US Has Military Forces in Over 160 Countries, but the Pentagon Is Hiding the Exact Numbers

    The US has 95% of the world’s foreign military bases, with personnel in more than 160 countries. But the Pentagon is leaving hundreds of outposts out of its official reports.

  2. Anonymous [AKA "The money doctor"] says:

    Remember that when you speak of “Washington” we must read the Federal Reserve Cabal, and when the press speak about “markets” it is speaking about the bankers, mostly “primary dealers”… i.e. those who buys the national debt through blue sky deposit creation. Here the scam is correctly exposed in a World Bank paper: The “accounting view” of money: money as equity (Part I)
    The “accounting view” of money: money as equity (Part II)
    The “accounting view” of money: money as equity (Part III)

  3. Parbes says:

    Great article by Mr. Petras, telling it exactly like it is… Liars of the MSM should be red-faced (if they had any shame left in them!)

  4. Great read Mr. Petra, appreciate your work.

    This is why we can’t have anything nice in US. A small number of greedy capitalist elite have to have it all for themselves, but make none of the sacrifices. You, the poor and middle class, get to fight the war, pay for the war, pay to rebuild the place, and receive the refugees into your country, lowering your standard of living. The capitalist elite reap all of the benefits, and have no worries about the consequences. Tired yet goyims?

    In order for capitalism to generate greater profits than the home market can yield, the merging of banks and industrial cartels produces finance capitalism—the exportation and investment of capital to countries with underdeveloped economies. In turn, such financial behavior leads to the division of the world among monopolist business companies and the great powers. Moreover, in the course of colonizing undeveloped countries, business and government eventually will engage in geopolitical conflict over the economic exploitation of large portions of the geographic world and its populaces. Therefore, imperialism is the highest (advanced) stage of capitalism, requiring monopolies (of labour and natural-resource exploitation) and the exportation of finance capital (rather than goods) to sustain colonialism, which is an integral function of said economic model. Furthermore, in the capitalist homeland, the super-profits yielded by the colonial exploitation of a people and their economy permit businessmen to bribe native politicians, labour leaders and the labour aristocracy (upper stratum of the working class) to politically thwart worker revolt (labour strike). Hello Patriot Act!,_the_Highest_Stage_of_Capitalism


    Trump-Appointed Venezuela Coup Leader Plans Neoliberal Capitalist Shock Therapy

    US Coup in Venezuela Motivated by Oil and Corporate Interests – Militarist John Bolton Spills the Beans

    Regime Change and Capitalism

    Leaked Wikileaks Doc Reveals US Military Use of IMF, World Bank as “Unconventional” Weapons

    John Pilger The War On Democracy

    The Shock Doctrine [2009] Documentary by Naomi Klein

    The Revolution Will Not Be Televised – Chavez: Inside the Coup

    Nicaragua and the Contras – John Pilger

    • Replies: @onebornfree
  5. James Petras is a socialist. You libertarians should be ashamed of yourselves.

    (For not realizing that socialists know more than you.)

  6. Regime change is intended for those countries that dare have their own visions for their societies and that are not servile to US interests. Especially if such countries are awash in oil and mineral resources. Venezuela, just like Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, Iran is a perfect candidate.

    Few if any countries are riper for elections than the nomadic absolute monarchies – our servile allies – of the Gulf and the biggest of them all, Saudi Arabia. Fact is, representative democracy is undesirable in those puppet countries, lest they chart out their independent paths and close down their masters military bases.

    Africa is another tragic case where 52 of 54 countries have entered into military “agreements” with the US via AFRICOM. Naturally, the US is in control of the military command of these fake military pacts. As usual the fictitious “War on Terror “is the pretext, not Africa’s resources and the Chinese inroads into that continent. Quite extraordinary that a sh**hole continent should command such attention from its new racist master. America’ global evil designs are becoming more shameless, more blatant. Meanwhile, many American citizens remain stupefied by their Main Sh!t Media continuing to believe their country remains ”a force for good”. That remains the most successfully peddled bullshit in the annals of modern propaganda.

    • Agree: bluedog
    • Replies: @Wally
  7. Wally says:

    The author’s avoidance of the “regime changes” by the USSR / Communists is revealing.

    and now we have:

    Green New Deal Is a Revamped Communist Manifesto:

    • Replies: @Skeptikal
    , @Harold Smith
    , @L.K
  8. Wally says:

    Are you saying that Africans are not making money from selling their resources?

  9. Tyrion 2 says:

    An article on regime change is hardly balanced without a mention of the regime changers’ two favourite examples: that of post-war Western Germany and Japan. The years following those actions saw incredible success in both countries. Indeed, it had a positive effect that lasted decades.

    One cannot make a good argument while ignoring the best arguments of your opponents.

    • Replies: @bluedog
  10. Guy, I’m opposed to trying to “save” yet another irredeemable country. Venezuela thought that it could do without the smart locals because it could run the government with dumb locals and import smart foreigners to run the mineral extraction that the foreigners thought so much of.
    Nope. Utter failure: they now live in the Zimbabwe of the Americas. There is a reason that smart locals run Latin America. Now Venezuela has tossed out the only people capable of running even a foreign supported welfare state, and isn’t likely to get them back [1]. Sending US troops to Venezuela won’t fix that, the more so since the US Federal Government _will_ do very stupid things [2] this time around.

    But your article denies all agency to the Venezuelans. The US apparently has the only agency on the entire planet Earth!! The post Chavez government has apparently done nothing wrong, and its problems are all due to outside interference. Nor has any other country had agency, it would seem.

    This is Marxist sermonizing, and very few are listening. You could save yourself considerable time if you realized that ideologies are not capable of organizing large territories anymore. The mid 1960s (Solzhenitsyn’s gulag publications, Russian invasion of Hungary), followed by the debacles in Vietnam (the Boat People, ethnic Chinese ejected for dominating the Vietnamese economy) and Laos (killing fields), and now the starvation in Venezuela, have discredited ideology just as thoroughly as Christianity has been discredited (actually, a bit more. The Russian Federation is Orthodox Christian).

    In a way I can’t blame you Marxists. The postmodernism / ethnic gambit Marxists introduced in the AD 1960s is now a threat to you. Not a one of the non-white ethnic groups in the Democratic coalition believe in Marxism as you would understand it. They believe in Combat, Glory, and Loot of Empire (CG&L0E) — as the Green New Deal (GND) shows. As in Venezuela, those running the GND would become rich, and everybody else would become very very poor — or dead. The situation you’re set up could turn into a repeat of Stalin’s purge of the Old Bolsheviks. Of course Marxists would pretend this isn’t happening. Pretending won’t work, though. I’d suggest you try something else.


    1] Venezuela now knows that it doesn’t have to put up with smart locals, and is apt to apply its knowledge in future. Whoever runs Venezuela for the next century or so had better not be smart. Dictatorial, yes. Keep some dominant part of the population fed, yes. Be smart, no. Brute force and massive ignorance will rule the day, no more “Mr. Nice Guy” TV shows of Chavez handing out goodies to random poor people.

    2] Past example: take over Iraq, say the “tribes have no future”, try to tell the women how to dress, and fire the whole blood _Iraqi Army_, which has trained for guerilla war should Iraq be invaded. See Amy Chua, _Political Tribes_, section on Iraq, section in Iran is also good. Rest of book is a bit disquieting, Chua seems to regard the Democratic party as an occupation force trying to subdue the US base population.

  11. HiHo says:

    The US sounds like Israel on acid… Utterly despicable and completely out of control. This is what love of money leading to greed does for a people. The US is evil personified. Clearly the Devil incarnate walks through Washington every day.

  12. An amusing example of the communist jargon of the 1950s. Mr Prtras argues that “Puppet-building is an essential strategic goal of the US imperial state”. Is there anything specific to the US in that? The Soviet Union established puppet regimes all over Eastern Europe and even in Mongolia. The Russian Federation under Yeltsin estbalished puppet regimes in Transnistria, South Ossetia, Nagorno-Karabakh and Abkhazia. Putin is trying to establish such a regime in the Donbas, to say nothing of his annexation of Crimea. It would thus seem that the establishment of puppet regimes is a characteristic of imperial states in general and is in no way specific to the US. It seems to me that Mr Petras is propounding the primary school playground mentality currently fashionable among American extremists: when it’s done by my pals, it’s good; when it’s done to my pals, it’s bad.

  13. “Cuba’s defeat of puppet restorationist policy was a result of the Castro leadership’s decision to arm the people….”

    What alternative universe do you live in? Castro was a self-worshiping thug who took a country at the top of the economic indexes in 1959 in Latin America and turned it into a third-world slum, plus almost managing to set off WWIII before Khrushchev had the good sense to pull back. Lots of people died trying to get out; no one died trying to get in.

  14. onebornfree says: • Website

    And yet despite all of that [a lot of which I agree with], you are capitalist [ in denial], just like all of the other so-called socialists .

    Funny, that 🙂

    Regards, onebornfree

  15. The CIA should be abolished along with the other 16 so called intelligence agencies as there is no external threat to the U.S. , however there is an internal threat and its name is Zionism and it rules the U.S. government lock stock and barrel.

    Proof of the Zionist control of the U.S. government is Zionist Israels and the deep state attack on the WTC on 911 and the unending wars of destruction brought on by Israels attack on the WTC and every thinking American knows Israel did 911.

    Regime change has been going on under our Zionist masters for over 100 years and has gone world wide under the Zionist NWO plan for humanity that will make Orwells 1984 look like a walk in the park.

    The Secret Team by Col. L. Fletcher Prouty and Clinton, Bush and the CIA by Terry Reed and The Committee of 300 by ex MI6 officer Dr. John Coleman and the Politics of Heroin in Southeast Asia are important books on this subject, can be had on Amazon or just read the customer comments.

    The U.S. is a Zionist controlled police state!

    • Replies: @TKK
  16. Moi says:

    Israel is the only country more nuts than the US.

    • Agree: Desert Fox, L.K
    • Replies: @Whitewolf
  17. With the history of what the Corrupt Capitalism of America has done in Latin America, is it any wonder why people are fleeing those countries and sneaking into America?

    Y’all prolly be sneaking into Canada if it did to America what America has done to Latin America.

    • Replies: @Wally
  18. bluedog says:

    Your reply of course is always the standard reply “he’s a socialist” when the truth is he’s a populist something the 1% fears above all.!!!

  19. bluedog says:
    @Tyrion 2

    And both of those countries are still under U.S. control which makes it much cheaper for the cabal in Washington, for that cost them nothing while we have reaped trillions (buying U.S. paper and products put out by the MIC) and for that they are little more than outposts of the empire, but then again 2 countries (used as an example) is a poor percentage for the endless regime changes and the death and destruction that always goes with them,South America with its U.S. backed death squads is a very good example of the endless regime changes that we have been behind, and those of course have touched every corner of the world…

    • Replies: @Tyrion 2
    , @Wizard of Oz
  20. Wally says:


    Communism, the most failed form of governance the world has ever seen.

    • Replies: @Krollchem
  21. Wally says:
    @Mick Jagger gathers no Mosque

    Yep, ‘whites’ are so “racist” that countries where they are the majority are the countries where dumb blacks & brown want into.

    • Replies: @L.K
    , @Escher
  22. onebornfree says: • Website

    obwandiyag says:“James Petras is a socialist.”

    No, he is, like you and countless others here, a capitalist in denial- just another in a long line of delusional fantasists 🙂

    Regards, oneornfree

  23. Skeptikal says:

    “Revealing” of zero except that the article is about Latin America.
    “Revealing” is one of those weasely innuendo words.
    Its use by the commenter is “revealing.”

    • Replies: @Wally
  24. anon[146] • Disclaimer says:

    Read this a few times and then read it again :

    “WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The United States is holding direct communications with members of Venezuela’s military urging them to abandon President Nicolas Maduro and is also preparing new sanctions aimed at increasing pressure on him, a senior White House official said.— “

  25. To avoid another Falklands’ war, the Latinos will have to band together to form a single political unit, heavy with a pair of cajones, which will allow it to be as aggressive as the Anglo-American empire is toward them or simply go on remaining slaves.

    • Replies: @Skeptikal
  26. anon[266] • Disclaimer says:

    @9 Tyrion 2 says:
    February 9, 2019 at 8:21 am GMT • 100 Words• ……….. Replies: @bluedog”

    The success in German and japan show that US has the capacity like nay other empire of the past to enact certain progressive honest challenging policies . It also has the capacity of dereliction of duties , mismanagement, audacity,arrogance,and has pure destructive impulses embodied by not so moral people populating NED USAID thinks tanks , State Department, Media, and the money men who anoint them in those positions as expert as seasoned “Avatar of Jefferson -Lincoln, Roosevelt ,Kennedy and Reagan”

    You praise where praise is due but you don’t ignore or condone because of past achievements by figures ( and unrelated to current load of boatful of shit )

    Having said that one wonders why Japan was bombarded , why Japan was occupied and why Japan was not allowed to develop its own foreign policy . Same is true of German’s foreign policy . Instead of listening to the mature German ‘s arguments against Iraq war , the leader was called whore and communist and was termed “old Europe” . German was made into a political colony and same is true for japan. Not only that German was made to give money years after years to “holocaust victims” . It leaders Hitler was not given a proper political social intellectual burial . It was put on the dark pedestal of permanent shame hood . German’s economic interests in Iraq and Iran were destroyed and not allowed to develop because the money -men wanted so.

  27. Tyrion 2 says:

    They’re not though.

    • Replies: @bluedog
  28. anon[266] • Disclaimer says:

    Capitalism is always in denial They change . Feudalism to crony capitalism is the arc that completes the circle .

  29. Skeptikal says:
    @Reuben Kaspate

    This isn’t a bid idea.
    But couldn’t they form a military alliance instead, a la NATO?

    Call it SATO?

    • Replies: @Reuben Kaspate
  30. @Wally

    “The author’s avoidance of the “regime changes” by the USSR / Communists is revealing.”

    Agreed; note also how the author studiously avoids the issue of the price of tea in China, for example. These conspicuous omissions clearly reveal the author’s bias against irrelevant things.

    • Replies: @Wally
  31. @obwandiyag

    But here’s the fly in the ointment: 2 + 2 =4 no matter who says it.

  32. L.K says:

    Hey, ASSHOLE, the USSR ceased to exist in 1991.

    The ZUSA Empire is still alive, still overthrowing governments, meddling everywhere in other countries’ internal affairs, starting wars of aggression and so on.

    Get a clue for Christ’s sake!

    On second thoughts, you are a lost case. You are just like several other scumbags here who only ever oppose ZUS interventionism if it is done for Israel and the Zios.

    • Replies: @Wally
  33. L.K says:

    Say, do you remember the time, not so long ago, when, to use your expression, ‘dumb’ Europeans left Europe in huge numbers to try to begin a new life in different parts of the “New World”?

    Why do you suppose they left Europe in such numbers during so many centuries, up to the middle of the 20th, jackass?

    • Replies: @Wally
  34. America needs a wall as much as it needs more wars and more cops to protect the cowards. It looks like Trump and his pals Rubio and Pence intend to start a war against Venezuela, a country that never has harmed the US in any way. Wag the Dog, like Clinton with Yugoslavia, or as they say now, “the former Yugoslavia.” Kill a bunch of innocent people and your ratings go up. Ask Slick Willy.

    The problem lies in the absolute cowardice of the Patriots, who never saw a war they didn’t like to protect their “freedoms” and want a wall to keep the “scary” Mexicans out while closing their eyes to Wall Street and the Banks who steal from them daily.

    • Agree: bluedog, L.K
    • Troll: Mike Tre
    • Replies: @someone
  35. TKK says:
    @Desert Fox

    These political beat off circles mean nothing to the masses in Venezuela who are eating family pets.

    A hungry stomach only cares to be fed. Maduro siphons billions for himself and sadistic generals while inflation has hit 25,000,000%

    What putrid hypocrites you keyboard warriors are- you would allow mass starvation to prove a paranoid delusional world view that demonizes every world crisis into an indictment of Israel.

    Maduro is a harmless, fat, benevolent weakling? Victim of the world save Russia, China and Iran?

    Roll on down and see how it works out for you with your bloated hysterical scribbles. Better yet- try it in Russia or China. You believe we are censored here? What a boatload of clowns. You’d cry for your mommies after one night in a local Russian detention center. But perhaps that is what is needed.

    Note: I watched Beat Bobby Flay in an airport lounge last night. An Israeli female chef LOST!
    (gnashing of teeth)

    System Error
    The Matrix is Unraveling.
    Jews Control All Negative Outcomes

  36. Nation buildin’ is one uv mah best strangths.
    Ah am proud that mah buddy Donald has seen the light.

    The best part is – before we kin nashun-build, we git ta go in and wreck tha place!
    If we don’t fight them over there, we have to fight them somewheres.

    If ya don’t break it, ya can’t fix it.

  37. someone says:

    Agree 100%.

    Petras speaks the truth. And the truth is pretty damn depressing.

  38. bluedog says:
    @Tyrion 2

    I think post #27 says it well enough….

  39. Priss Factor [AKA "Asagirian"] says:

    Venezuela needs a wall against the US.

    Btw, it now seems Trump is more for Wall Street than for the Wall.

  40. @bluedog

    You don’t help your case by blurting out the first rubbish that comes into your head like Germany and Japan being under US control or that buying products of the MIC is significant. Remember Japan was demilitarized for decades and that recently Pres Trump has been complaining about how little NATO countries spend on defence.

    • Replies: @bluedog
  41. This is a good argument and reason why every nation which desires to go it’s own way must acquire nuclear weapons. It’s the only thing that the banker’s seem to fear. After which it must design a monetary system which excludes predatory banking. A resource rich nation such a Venezuela must look inward and reduce wherever it can reliance on imports. Farming and food production, extract and refine the oil Providence gave it, reform it’s education system. Anyway you get the picture. It’s a hard road when you’re born on the world’s largest known oil and gas deposits, and you’re surrounded by vultures who refuse to pay for a sandwich.

  42. @TKK

    Well I hope they bomb Venezuela with food parcels then.

    Libyans and Iraqis weren’t in any crisis and they still got bombed. So they need a reason to go bombing people and now they’ve got one in Venezuela – people are starving (if indeed so I don’t know).

    I’m a firm believer that charity starts at home and if Americans are really such humanitarians let’s see how they look after their own underprivileged, homeless, unemployed citizens and never mind the rest of the world.

    • Replies: @Mike Tre
  43. @TKK

    The Zionist privately owned FED creates money out of thin air and creates debt for every dollar created and this has what has enslaved America into a Zionist created debtors prison with 22 trillion and another 250 trillion in unfunded liabilities all owed to the Zionist banking kabal and all of this debt created by the unconstitutional FED and the zionist instigated wars for the profit of the zionist bankers and Israel.

    Zionist control every facet of the U.S. government and they dont give a damn about the children or the men and women of Venezuela, what they care about is Venezuela OIL , and for that they are willing to go to another war for oil using the civilians of Venezuela as an excuse. If the U.S. had any concerns about civilians they would not have invaded and killed millions of children and women and men in Iraq and Libya and Syria and Yemen and Afghanistan and God only knows where else, the zionist controlled U.S. governmen will kill anyone any where that it suits their purpose as in the zionist Israeli attack on the WTC!

    Israel is killing children in Palestine day in and day out and not a word is heard about it in the zionist controlled MSM! For your information AL CIADA aka ISIS is a total creation the the CIA and the MOSSAD and MI6 and so this is the unholytrinity that has given us a world full of terrorists and so who are the real terrorists.

    The problems in Venzuela are tragic but so are starving people in the mideast that the U.S. and ISRAELS and BRITAIN illegal invasions and bombing has caused and the deaths are in the millions from these illegal wars of regime change, driven by the zionist NWO!

  44. Krollchem says:

    You forgot about corporate socialism. Eventually it will destroy Western Civilization, or what is left of it.

    There is an old saying about Marx: “Everything he said about Communism was wrong, but everything he said about (corporate) socialism was right.”

    My comment is for other readers as another saying goes “you cannot fix stupid”

    • Replies: @Wally
  45. bluedog says:
    @Wizard of Oz

    Of course they are under U.S, control after all the sanctions scam cost Germany billions in lost revenue, and thousands upon thousand of well paying German jobs, and Japan is little better as we urge them to change their constitution and build up their military (with U.S. weapon of course) Trump would whine if he was hung with a golden rope because the only reason he’s whining is because what ever threat that wandering around behind that orange hair leads in one direction only the MIC and of course what they produce, the F-35 comes to mind and that’s only one of the dogs they offer for sale …

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  46. @TKK

    “What putrid hypocrites you keyboard warriors are-”

    LOL! Well look who’s talkin’. You’re supposed to be looking at your monitor, not your mirror, as you type your infantile jew drivel. Why not get off your cowardly, hypocritical ass, grab your rifle, get down there and start overthrowin’?

  47. Mike Tre [AKA "MikeatMikedotMike"] says:
    @Commentator Mike

    “I’m a firm believer that charity starts at home and if Americans are really such humanitarians let’s see how they look after their own underprivileged, homeless, unemployed citizens and never mind the rest of the world.”

    You’re fairly ignorant.

  48. Wally says:

    For the dimwitted, let me clarify.

    It ‘reveals’ that the author, Petras, is a Communist.

  49. Wally says:
    @Harold Smith

    Hardly irrelevant when the discussion is about “regime changes”.

    • Replies: @Harold Smith
  50. Wally says:

    Your “corporate socialism” is Communism.

    Socialism of any label, regardless of desperate attempts to camouflage it, is Communism

    Was that your best shot?

  51. Wally says:

    My my, your little pink panties got all twisted up.

    Are you denying that the USSR / Communists engaged in regime changes?

    LOL. I do not support US “interventions”, no false strawman arguments, please.
    There is a rather large difference between “interventions” and doing business with the ready, willing, & able.

    Regardless of the status of the current Russia, it’s all to obvious that Communism and it’s usual intervention plans are alive & well. To wit, and which you ignored:
    Green New Deal Is a Revamped Communist Manifesto:


  52. joe webb says:

    News! Big Powers throw their weight around. Shameful! They should do what I say!.

    LIttle Powers get the Bomb and hold Big powers hostage..if they can…try the SLC…shitty little country you know where.

    Joe Webb

  53. Wally says:

    Except that the Europeans you speak of had / have much higher IQs, immensely better skills, and work ethic in which to support themselves … vs. the dim lot who you want to arrive and then vote for your preferred, lazy-man Communist policies.

    Yawn. Those Europeans you speak of left Europe for an opportunity to better themselves. So what? And they did just that.

    You should be asking why the racist, stone age, so called ‘American Indians’ were so xenophobic towards those ready, willing, & able to work.


    • Replies: @L.K
  54. Only a footnote:
    Word Socialism and so the system of it as you can see above is a different thing to different people.
    To explain; Socialism has different levels.
    Soviet Socialism was a total extreme. Even barbershops were nationalized. In my opinion that was insanity.
    In my opinion Socialism is inevitable in US, but it has to be done gradually.
    First the US corporations have to be nationalized. There is no another way.
    Followed by nationalizations of large companies.
    But private enterprise and free market inside the country must coexist with state companies as it is in China.
    Each country must find for themselves the best functioning level of Socialism.

  55. @Wally

    Liar; it’s not about “regime changes”; it’s about “US regime changes.”

    • Replies: @Wally
  56. Wally says:
    @Harold Smith

    Indeed, another Communist who wants to whitewash the USSR /Communism’s rule in regime changes.

    • Replies: @Harold Smith
  57. @Mike Tre

    And not just New Yorkers:

    “The CITGO-Venezuela Heating Oil Program has helped more than 1.7 million Americans in 25 states and the District of Columbia keep warm since it was launched back in 2005”

    They sure are nasty those Venezuelan socialists. And you’re so pleasant and nice plotting against them behind their back and against your own poor.

    • Replies: @Mike Tre
  58. Mike Tre [AKA "MikeatMikedotMike"] says:
    @Commentator Mike

    LOL had to? Seriously, you’re another lost (presumably) white man. It’s too bad, really.

  59. Mike Tre [AKA "MikeatMikedotMike"] says:
    @Commentator Mike

    ““The CITGO-Venezuela Heating Oil Program has helped more than 1.7 million Americans in 25 states and the District of Columbia keep warm since it was launched back in 2005””

    Listen, you moron, if you’re suggesting these people would have froze to death without this “charity” then you’re quite literally insane. This “program” was nothing more than a PR stunt coordinated by blue coast Democrats. Wake up. Or actually don’t, I don’t really care.

    The US is the most charitable country in the world, even before you factor in 100’s of billions in foreign aid to scores of dysfunctional countries.

    The so-called “homeless” epidemic in the US has become a career industry resulting from the enabling of local governments combined with the exploitation of the middle class’s guilt. Your communist fetishes have nothing to do with it and are in no way a solution.

    And just for the record, in case any other mindless commies drunkenly wander by, I prefer to US stay out of Venezuela, as well as every other country our globalist elite meddle in. The foreign policy of the US couldn’t be further from what a majority of its citizens want.

    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
  60. @Wally

    “Indeed, another Communist who wants to whitewash the USSR /Communism’s rule in regime changes.”

    ROTFLMAO! You’re supposed to be looking at your monitor, not your mirror, as you type your hapless jew drivel.

    If the USSR did regime change anywhere, it was because of jews; if the U.S. “government” does regime change anywhere, it is because of jews.

    “The triumph of fascism will be the triumph of the communist soul. But the communist soul is the soul of Judaism. Hence it follows that, just as in the Russian revolution the triumph of communism was the triumph of Judaism, so also in the triumph of fascism will triumph Judaism” (Rabbi Harry Waton, A Program For Jews And Humanity, p143, Astoria Press, 1939).

    • Replies: @Wally
  61. @Mike Tre

    Ha ha ha! You guys sure know how to debate. So far, in the short time I’ve been commenting, I’ve been called an outright fascist, now a communists, someone insinuated I may be a Jew but wasn’t quite clear about it. This sure is fun. When all else fails fire an insult, or what you may consider to be an insult.

    Look I know what you’re trying to say, but don’t think that US aid comes with no strings attached.

    And anyway it’s all a matter of interpretation. So when Venezuela hands out charity to US citizens it’s a PR stunt but when the US does it it’s … whatever you want it to be.

  62. Escher says:

    Many of the browns and blacks are being forced to leave their countries thanks to western “humanitarian” interventions and regime changes.

    • Replies: @Wally
  63. Wally says:
    @Harold Smith

    Again, you’re making no sense. Reset & star over.

  64. Wally says:

    No they’re not, and you have no proof otherwise.

    But hey, go ahead, tell us how many, country by country.

    We await.

  65. @Wally

    To me it made sense. He said the Jews were in charge of the USSR then and are in charge of USA now. If you follow sites like this surely you’ve seen plenty of evidence of both.

    But anyway here’s a quote from U.S. National Archives. (1919). Record Group 120: Records of the American Expeditionary Forces, June 9:

    “A table made up in 1918, by Robert Wilton, correspondent of the London Times in Russia, shows at that time there were 384 commissars including 2 Negroes, 13 Russians, 15 Chinamen, 22 Armenians and more than 300 Jews. Of the latter number 264 had come from the United States”

    So what don’t you get? Jews here and Jews there running things. And American Jews at that, even in the Soviet Union. Now don’t get upset and counter that they were actually Russian Jews who had previously gone to America as you could be right. And they came again to America before and after the fall of communism in Russia.

    • Replies: @Wally
  66. @bluedog

    Well I’ll give credit where it is due though I don’t think it justifies “control”. I Googled “do US sanctions cost German jobs?” and you score a prima facie win there. But, inter alia, remember what Germany getshas got from spending very little on its own defence.

  67. @Skeptikal

    They can choose any road to the promised land but first they must be mindful of their Anglo-American problem…

  68. @Wally

    Maybe you can find a sympathetic adult in your neighborhood who can read my comment and explain it to you in even simpler child-like terms, commensurate with your profoundly limited faculties.

    • Replies: @Wally
  69. The best example of regime change being hidden down the memory hole is that perpetrated against the Fraser government in Australia.

  70. This writer either doesn’t know much or is purposely lying repeatedly.

  71. L.K says:

    Yawn. Those Europeans you speak of left Europe for an opportunity to better themselves. So what? And they did just that.

    But why did so many 10s of millions have to leave Europe to “better themselves”, jackass?
    It’s because of all the poverty and the wars in Europe in the 19th and first half of the 20th century, that’s why.


    Except that the Europeans you speak of had / have much higher IQs, immensely better skills, and work ethic in which to support themselves … vs. the dim lot who you want to arrive and then vote for your preferred, lazy-man Communist policies.

    Not really, they did not have much higher IQs than today’s non-European immigrants and were largely unskilled or semi-skilled workers.
    Obviously being an unskilled or semi-skilled worker in the 19th century was much less of a problem than it is the case today, particularly in a highly developed country/economy.

    Wicherts et al. “Raven’s Test Performance of Sub-Saharan Africans: Average Performance, Psychometric Properties, and the Flynn Effect”. Learning and Individual Differences, 2010.

    In the western world, average IQs have shown remarkable gains over the course of the twentieth century (Flynn, 1984, 1987, 2007). These gains have been largest for non-verbal tests once considered relatively impervious to cultural influences, such as the Raven’s (Brouwers et al., 2009). For instance, in the Netherlands an unaltered version of the SPM [Raven’s Standard Progressive Matrices] was administered to male military draftees from 1952 to 1982. The 1982 cohort scored approximately 20 IQ points higher than the 1952 cohort (Flynn, 1987). …

    Given the well-documented Flynn Effect, we know that “national IQs” are subject to change. An average IQ around 80 among Africans may appear to be low, but from a historical perspective this average is not low at all. A representative sample of British adults, who took the SPM in 1948 would have an average IQ of 81 in terms of the British norms of 1992 (J. C. Raven, 1960; J. C. Raven et al., 1996). Using older British norms, the average IQ of Africans would be much closer to 100.

    As for me being a “Communist” and a proponent of open border policies, you are just LYING.
    But then we are familiar with your dirty, dishonest tricks of equating anything having anything to do with statism and/or socialism with Communism.
    Except, of course, when it comes to the National Socialists… then you obfuscate the hell out of it & make yourself scarce.

    • Replies: @Wally
  72. Wally says:

    I know you labored in your response, but who cares why so many Europeans left, it’s irrelevant to the facts that they were / are smarter than Stone Age Asians / ‘Indians’, and had superior skills and knowledge in general. It is no contest.
    Just look where everybody wants to get into … Euro-white majority countries.
    Hurts don’t it?
    You desperately reference old, utterly debunked material, done so right here at, as if it were fact. But then you are a Communist. You just don’t like the word ‘communist’, but you have earned it by your laughable positions.
    I also notice that you accept this: Revamped Communist Manifesto


    observable facts:
    In every instance where blacks & browns are in great numbers, and / or control the governments of cities, counties, regions, states, countries, & continents we see:
    massive murder rates
    massive crime in general
    degraded property
    massive disease, especially STDs
    massive drug & alcohol abuse
    general filth, squalor
    massive birthrates
    inability / unwillingness to support their own children
    massive youth pregnancies rates
    massive school dropout rates
    incredibly low IQs & test scores
    violence as a way of life
    fathers nowhere to be found

    Do tell us what you ‘feel’ the National Socialists did, with proof.
    Of course German National Socialism was a Germany only idea, necessary after the egregious Versailles Treaty, and not for export.
    LOL. That’s tops that desperate little canard.

  73. Wally says:
    @Harold Smith

    You mean your comments that someone else had to clarify for us?


    • Replies: @Harold Smith
  74. Wally says:
    @Commentator Mike

    Yes, I realize who runs the show in the US, for now.

    I also note that you needed to add additional information to the comment under discussion.

    I’m glad we all realize that it was the Communists / Zionists who were the big dog ‘regime changers’.
    Nothing new about that fact.


  75. @Wally

    Well I’m glad some sympathetic person was able to help you and your boyfriend understand.

    • Replies: @Wally
  76. Whitewolf says:

    Israel more nuts than the US? No that is not even close to the truth. Say what you want about Israel but they have no desire to genocide their own people with mass third world immigration and forced assimilation. Maybe they don’t always get along with their neighbors but is that crazier than the US with it’s open borders and Mexicans flooding across and retaking lost territories? Do Israeli politicians shut down the government to protect illegal aliens?

  77. Wally says:
    @Harold Smith

    IOW, your point was muddled and needed help.

    As I said.


  78. This actual guy is coplimenting the Venezuelan government and calling it independent and democratic. What the actual…….

  79. Anonymous [AKA "Bezukhov"] says:

    Honestly I i was with you for much of it until

    “The coming showdown in Venezuela will be a case of a bloody regime change as the US will have to murder hundreds of thousands to destroy the millions who have life-long and deep commitments to their social gains , their loyalty to the nation and their dignity.”

    Dude what are you talking about? Latin Americans simply don’t ever fight wars like that, particularly Venezuelans. They had a popcorn fart of a civil war 150 years ago what evidence do we have to think theyd fight a guerilla war rather than roll over the gringos like always?

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