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Trump “the Fascist”: Backdoor Backing of a Political Psychopath Named Hillary Clinton
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Introduction: From left to right a raucous chorus has emerged to denounce Republican Presidential primary frontrunner Donald Trump as a ‘fascist’. They cite his campaign promises to build an Israeli-style wall along the US border; his threats to expel eleven million undocumented immigrants; and to restrict foreign Muslims from entering the US, as well as the way his pugnacious face and arm resemble those of Benito Mussolini (’he juts out his chin, he raises his arm’).

They decry his extreme nationalism as ‘resembling Hitler’s policy’, by which they mean his opposition to detrimental free trade agreements and his slogan to “Make America Great.. Again.”

In this article I will critically address the current cartoonish image of fascism with fascism’s historical reality, and then proceed to analyze the so-called “lesser evil” politics behind the re-invention of an American fascist in the guise of billionaire Donald Trump.

Fascism: Fact and Fiction

Historically, fascist politics involved organized mass movements, armed militia and paramilitary groups who assaulted political opponents and violently censored critical speech and suppressed the right to assemble. Fascists scapegoated minorities, especially gypsies and Jews, and burned trade unions and leftist headquarters, assassinating their leaders and beating their members. Programmatically, they attacked pacifists and defended overseas wars and empires in the name of ‘living space’. Evoking a past imperial glory, they were not ‘isolationists’.

Candidate Trump has not organized anything resembling a mass movement, let alone an armed militia. There are no ‘Trumpeting Brown Shirts’. At most, the police and a handful of his (often elderly) white supporters have punched a few KKK-dressed provocateurs who have physically disrupted and threatened Trump’s public meetings and his exercise of free speech. In fact, the ‘fascist’ disruption of democratic freedoms seems to be mostly organized and practiced by his political rivals.

Trump, far from scapegoating the powerful Jewish minority in this country, gave a shamelessly Israel-centric speech and received a standing ovation from nearly 18,000 mostly prominent Jews at the March 2016 meeting of the major pro-Israel lobby (AIPAC).

His rhetoric, concerning the expulsion of 11 million undocumented workers from Mexico and Central America and the building of a border wall, is a far cry from the practice of imprisoning and violently expelling over two million undocumented Latinos under the Clinton-Bush-Obama/Clinton regimes. At its worst, Trump promises to continue the existing federal policy on immigration and not create a ‘fascist’ rupture with past administrations. Is a ‘rhetorical cement wall’ worse than the real wall of armed border police, helicopters and armed carriers that have operated under the Presidencies of Clinton – Bush – Obama/Clinton with its hundreds of migrant deaths in the desert? Are declarations of a repressive immigration policy more ‘fascist’ coming from Trump’s loud mouth than the actual official practice of violently seizing undocumented workers from their homes and workplaces with long-term imprisonment and expulsion? Expelling youth, raised and educated in this country, or violently splitting up productive, well-integrated families and imprisoning their main breadwinners for lack of documents…that’s the official policy of the current and past three administrations.

There is far less of the truly fascist embrace of pre-emptive war and invasion in Trump’s speeches than in the actual policies pursued by the Clinton-Bush-Obama/Clinton regimes. In fact, among Trump’s numerous critics, especially his Republican rivals and the Hillary Clinton camp, we hear the loudest denunciations of his non-interventionist foreign policy (isolationism), which is “out of line” with the interventionist, overseas wars of current and past Republican and Democratic administrations. Trump’s critics and media pundits are ‘horror-struck’ at his apparent willingness to co-operate with Russian President Putin against common enemies, such as ISIS. Is his pragmatic regard of Russia more or less fascist than his rivals’ support for the Ukrainian putsch, orchestrated by the Obama regime in alliance with bona fide armed anti-Semitic Ukrainian fascists? His calls to dump NATO as an expensive drain on US treasure and manpower have the elite howling in outrage!

The propagandists, who paint Trump as a modern American fascist, cite his crude sexist remarks as ‘examples of a misogynist totalitarian’ while pointing favorably to Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton as potentially the ‘first feminist President’. In regard to his alleged misogyny, ‘the Donald’ pointed to Madame First Lady, Senator and Secretary Clinton’s promotion and critical role in US wars against Libya, Iraq and Syria where well over one million women have been rendered refugees, raped, injured or killed. Which is worse, one may ask: Crude locker room jokes or millions of orphaned boys and girls denied parents, homes, education and any future in the Middle East and North Africa? That is the world Midwife Hillary Clinton had helped to deliver.

Misogyny is the in the eye of the deceiver.

Are Trump’s verbal attacks on the practice of US multi-nationals relocating abroad to avoid US taxes and Wall Street financial houses hiding billions of the US elites’ obscene wealth in offshore tax shelters, more detrimental to ‘American values’ (as charged) than Hillary Clinton’s pandering to Wall Street while pocketing over $300,000 for each 45 minute sycophantic performance (marketed as her ‘policy lectures’), or her decades of actively promoting globalization – including the US job-destroying NAFTA?

Clearly Trump currently lacks program, organization and practice that define a fascist politician. At the very worst, he parrots the general line of attack against immigrants and Muslims. So far he would just bar them from the US but not bomb them ‘to the stone-age’. This should be contrasted with the actual policies carried out by the war-criminals Clinton/Bush/Obama-Clinton. It would be hard for Donald to ‘trump’ Hillary when she threatened to ‘obliterate Iran’ and its scores of millions of citizens because of Iran’s fictitious ‘nuclear program’.

On the other hand, Trump’s own meetings and rallies have been the victim of repeated disruption by organized groups acting like fascist thugs. Role reversal in real life: Trump, the target of rabid sustained mass media attacks, is pronounced the fascist …

Bashing Trump: Backdoor Backing of Hillary the Militarist Psychopath

If the objective case for labeling Trump ‘a fascist’ is weak or non-existent, why do so many prestigious academics and journalists play this stupid game of name-calling?

The commonsense explanation of their ruffled bluster is because they are setting up ‘Trump-the- Straw-Dragon’ in order to promote the poisonous Madame Secretary Hillary Clinton as the ‘lesser evil candidate’ for President of the United States.


No serious observer minimally aware of Clinton’s carnal embrace of multiple simultaneous disastrous and destructive wars in Ukraine, Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Syria and Libya, could possibly support her – unless if they are convinced that a greater danger looms on the horizon and “we have to defeat fascist Trump at all cost”? No serious democrat or wage and salaried employee can ignore Madame Clinton’s role as Wall Street’s most shameless pimp unless they ‘believe’ that a loud-mouth New York ‘fascist is worse than Wall Street’.

The phony scaremongering about Trump’s “fascism” just serves to cover up Clinton’s most servile promotion of traitorous wars for the benefit of Israel. One should envision the thousands of desperate Syrian refugees clinging to decrepit boats in the Mediterranean when reading excerpts of Clinton’s private e-mails: According to WikiLeaks, Hillary declared that “the best way to help Israel deal with Iran’s growing nuclear capability (sic) is to help (sic) the people of Syria overthrow the regime of Bashar Assad. … The fall of the House of Assad could well ignite a sectarian war between the Shiites and the majority Sunnis of the region drawing in Iran, which, in the view of Israeli commanders would not be a bad thing for Israel and its Western allies”. Not a bad thing for Israel – but a cruel and criminal policy against a sovereign nation and multi-ethnic society. Madame Clinton followed through with these demented pronouncements, which can only be viewed as genocidal! Clinton promoted the most violent proxy war, uprooting over half of the civilian population of Syria and killing hundreds of thousands, while shredding a sovereign nation. She thus pandered to her Israeli mentors and Pluto-Zionist funders.

To justify backing a serial war monger, a US Secretary of State who has served Israel’s interests, and a politician who has carnalized her ‘feminist principles’ with Wall Street billionaires, Hillary Clinton’s smarmy supporters have had to invent an opponent who is even worse: Creating and then denouncing “Trump the Fascist” serves as a backdoor justification for supporting a proven political psychopath!

(Republished from The James Petras Website by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Ideology • Tags: 2016 Election, Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton 
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  1. Gk0821 says:

    Excellent piece.

    If Trump ever comes within an hour or so of where I live, I plan on attending, mainly to interact with protestors just so I can ask them if they can name and identify the countries that the “cool, peacenik” president has bombed in the past month or so. By my count its 6, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Somalia, and Libya. And who can say for sure we’re not participating elsewhere covertly. I’d be shocked if any could, yet those protestors are motivated because Trump said something that disturbed their precious sensibilities. It’s just a reminder of our Brave New World where our country is becoming more totatilatarian by the day with bipartisan consensus, yet Trump, who bears no responsibility for any of these trends, is called the fascist.

    If you exclude the Chinese infanticide of the one child (now two) policy, Hillary Clinton has more blood on her hands than anyone else currently living. Yet somehow we’re so brainwashed that she’s the “sensible” and “moderate” candidate. I’m not sure whether it’s more important to understand how we got here as a country, or whether it’s worth spending the time to try and figure a way out, which seems all but impossible without a major conflagration. While in principle I’m against international courts or tribunals, I’d gladly make an exception for this witch who must be stopped.

  2. Ace says:

    “Undocumented immigrants” and “violently expelling”?

    Give me break.

    Seems like it’s been 11M illegals for the last 20 years. Probably 30M now.

    • Replies: @John Jeremiah Smith
  3. fnn says:

    If you look around the net, you’ll see some agitation to thwart Trump and make this guy POTUS:

    After being promoted to lieutenant general, Mattis took command of Marine Corps Combat Development Command. On February 1, 2005, speaking ad libitum at a forum in San Diego, he said “You go into Afghanistan, you got guys who slap women around for five years because they didn’t wear a veil. You know, guys like that ain’t got no manhood left anyway. So it’s a hell of a lot of fun to shoot them. Actually, it’s a lot of fun to fight. You know, it’s a hell of a hoot. It’s fun to shoot some people. I’ll be right upfront with you, I like brawling.”

    • Replies: @RobinG
  4. Marcus says:

    You’re confusing fascism with Nazism. Fascism is basically populist economic nationalism. Fascists (including Mussolini himself) were often former socialists or even communists.

    • Replies: @guest
    , @tin man
  5. MB says: • Website

    Among other things, Trump is an honest fascist. The others not so much. Which is why they hate him.

    That is, if socialism is govt. control of the economy, fascism is indirect control while communism is direct. (So Tom Rose, retired econ prof at Grove City College).

    Think the New Deal. According to the Old Right’s J. Flynn in his As We Go Marching, it was the American version of the Italian economy under Mussolini, if not Hitler’s.

    IOW to paraphrase Pogo, ‘socialism is US’ in aces and spades.
    Trump, opportunistic showman/heel that he is, knows how to capitalize on the situation.
    The media, other candidates and a large part of the electorate, don’t realize what a clown show it all is and have consequently been blindsided by the media savvy buffoon hisself.

    But more to the point, forget about the “great” jazz, the Donald need to realize it’s all about making America free again.

    Of course we saw how that worked out for Ron “The Real Reagan” Paul in ’08 and ’12.


    • Replies: @guest
    , @dahoit
  6. Aside from the immigration data which are phony (as one commenter already observed), this article is dead-on. A world where Hillary Clinton is presidential material is a sad one indeed.

  7. From my blog, please forward to the Trump campaign:

    I was browsing the net and came upon the FBI’s wanted list for murder, which includes descriptions of 73 people.

    I noticed that most have Spanish surnames and counted 49 Latinos! I took the time to read each entry to produce these stats:

    1. Latinos are 16.3% of the American population, but it’s actually much higher when illegal immigrants are included. Of the 73 on the FBI wanted for murder list, 49 have Spanish surnames – 67%!

    2. The FBI wanted list for murder in the USA includes 22 Mexican citizens, more than wanted White and Black Americans combined!

    3. More than half the people on the wanted list are not American citizens – 52%! Almost all of these are from Mexico and Central America.

    When Donald Trump complained that illegal immigrants from Mexico are their unwanted citizens and include murderers and rapists, he was attacked as a misinformed person confused by his racism. Do these stats prove that Donald Trump is right? Or do they prove the FBI is full of racists who purposely leave whites off their wanted list?

    I wish Mr. Trump would learn of these stats and mention them in speeches. This would outrage his critics who would instantly conclude the FBI is wrong. Their methodology must be flawed and racism must be the cause. The Obama administration would quickly take action to eliminate this racism as dozens of people of wanted for murder with Spanish surnames are dropped from the list. They’ll probably drop the “Nationality” category too, since it upsets Americans to see so many foreigners have killed Americans in the USA.

    And browse the LAPD most wanted list:
    80% Latino.

    I suppose this post is “xenophobic”. Que Sera Sera!

  8. joe webb says:

    “Historically, fascist politics involved organized mass movements, armed militia and paramilitary groups who assaulted political opponents and violently censored critical speech and suppressed the right to assemble. Fascists scapegoated minorities, especially gypsies and Jews, and burned trade unions and leftist headquarters, assassinating their leaders and beating their members. Programmatically, they attacked pacifists and defended overseas wars and empires in the name of ‘living space’. ”

    This is a standard commie type view of fascism. The historical reality is this. Communism assaulted Europe, and fascism was the response.

    They started it and the fascist movements naturally resisted the insanities of communism

    Petras is another commie type who does not accept the new science of race, DNA, biological inequality and the tribalist nature of humans, who are like other social animals and defend territory and prefer their own tribes, etc.

    Funny, like the Sacker who cannot even own up to his own name, and Shamir, Petras is an old fart leftie and represents the universal meaning of death…clear the stage and let some new folks take charge. Evolution….the long slow process of adaptation to reality. Revolutionaries refuse this natural world. They hate it. They are haters.

    The new is the Old and it is counter-revolution, the overthrow of the modernists, the levelers, the One Worlders, the Liberals (pimping little sisters of communism), and the champions of the untermenschen third world savages who, ratlike, scurry toward Europa, our Fair Country, our White Home, to destroy it.

    Fascism almost saved Europe from Communism and Liberalism, its capitalist alternative to communism, a bit more palatable to the money men.

    So, as usual , the Petrases of the world lie about what fascism was all about, focusing on the same old lame stuff. Remember….fascism never would have arisen without communism on the march.

    Joe Webb

  9. I agree. Factual fascism “trumps” false accusations. Trump’s foreign policy is more rational than that of the unconvicted war criminal (based on her spearheading of the destruction of the Libyan state). It is suspicious how the lamestream media always reads from the same playbook. Those with a knowledge of Nazi history know that, even under the third Reich, nominally independent papers like the Frankfurter Zeitung or Der Tag continued to publish, but always followed the regime’s line with slightly independent nuance. Clinton’s record as a corporate pimp and a war promoter should have ruled her out of serious consideration except that the lunatics have definitely seized control of this asylum for the last 20 years or so.

  10. RobinG says:

    A little OT, but did anybody catch yesterday’s press briefing by Col. Steve Warren (Spokesman for Operation Inherent Resolve) ? WHAT. A. JERK. Sad if there are people who believe his propaganda. Kind of hard to make fun of him, since he already sounds like a Sat. Nite Live parody of himself.

  11. edNels [AKA "geoshmoe"] says:

    carnalized her ‘feminist principles’ with Wall Street billionaires, Hillary Clinton’s smarmy supporters have had to invent an opponent who is even worse: Creating and then denouncing “Trump the Fascist” serves as a backdoor justification for supporting a proven political psychopath!

    Home Run! Mr. Petras!

    That’s right, Trump, is the backup Sheepdog shortstop, and Bernie is the 80 year old main interference.

    The two Cubans are paving way for future demographic purposes, both ”life style” and Latin varieties. And if you had time to see 60 Minutes couple a weeks back, they were doing Fluff for some Canadian up-and-comer Trudow, f’k the bastd… They did that with the then nobody OB.

    So, logically, if a Canadian Cuban can run for Potus, and Trudow is being floated via the national ”idea seeding divice, WTF!? Getting ready to change that Constitutional thing about where to be born encumbrance, and really who cares, they had Henry and Zbig running things for decades.

    Bring Back Rasputin! ”Look into my eyes…”

    Too early to predict, but if Hitlery don’t get it, the Stupremes will make it happen… singing merely: PRECEDENT for … President…haha

    • Replies: @edNels
  12. guest says:

    Does anybody really care about the “fascist” ploy? Doesn’t seem to be sticking. Except, perhaps, among frightened college students and others predisposed to dislike him. Maybe it’s laid the groundwork for some future event, wherein Trump fans pummel a helpless granny, or something.

  13. guest says:

    I wouldn’t say former.

  14. guest says:

    According to Flynn’s assessment we’re all fascists now. Or anyone who matters is, which would include all major presidential candidates. I don’t think Sanders goes far enough to the left to escape it, and he certainly sounded like an economic nationalist at the last debate.

    Another name for Mussolini’s version, by the way is Corporatism. That’s a good word for our system. I like Belloc’s “Servile State” as well.

    • Replies: @Stonehands
  15. @Gk0821

    If you exclude the Chinese infanticide of the one child (now two) policy, Hillary Clinton has more blood on her hands than anyone else currently living.

    In 1933 Stalin had the blood of millions on his hands, while NSDAP “curbed violence against Jews” and took the first steps toward reversing German unemployment and “making Germany great again.”

    Franklin Delano Roosevelt allied with Stalin.

    • Replies: @dahoit
    , @Thirdeye
  16. bondo says:

    accurate article james petras

    support trump

  17. Dr. X says:

    Candidate Trump has not organized anything resembling a mass movement, let alone an armed militia. There are no ‘Trumpeting Brown Shirts’.

    …If only!!!

    I’d love to see the reaction of the left-wing hippies and BLM hooligans were they ever to encounter some REAL pushback in the streets…

    • Replies: @dahoit
  18. War for Blair Mountain [AKA "Groovy Battle for Blair Mountain"] says:

    Don’t forget the three thousand Conservative Orthodox Christian Russian Civilians in the Eastern Ukraine murdered by the Democratic Party.

    How many Iranian Civilians did Bill and Hillary exterminate in Iran during the 1990s?

    Noam Chomsky:”I’m voting for Hillary Clinton because I am a hyper-ethnic Jew who wants to exterminate F…..G Conservative White Christians in the US”

    Remember the USS Liberty!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Replies: @Thirdeye
  19. War for Blair Mountain [AKA "Groovy Battle for Blair Mountain"] says:

    Noam Chomsky…multi$$$$$$$$$$$$$ home Wellsfleet Cape Code…is the spiritual and moral advisor to the white anti-fascists who want to murder Native Born White American Male Trump supporters. Never never forget this!!!!!!!!!

    Noam Chomsky’s idea of Scottish Nationalism:young Paki Muslim yoots gang-raping Scottish Teenage Girls….

  20. War for Blair Mountain [AKA "Groovy Battle for Blair Mountain"] says:
    @joe webb

    Joe Webb

    You are a fool. The Nazis and the Franco Facists were the mortal enemy of the European Working Class. You and others…Radix Journal Commenters are the reason why I hate the Alt Right. Alt Right=Death Squads for West Virginia Coal Miners.

    My suspicion is that the Alt Right commenters are are a bunch of homosexual girly boys.

    I am a Native Born White American Race Patriot!!!!!!!

    I hate 9/11 Truthers and I hate Generalisso Franco-farting Austrain Retard worshippers.

  21. TG says:

    Well said. Kudos.

  22. @Ace

    Seems like it’s been 11M illegals for the last 20 years. Probably 30M now.

    Figure there were at least 15M in 1986. None of those were expelled. Figure 1-2 million over the border, every year since then. Add-in the Chinese flying in, or crossing the Canadian border. Add-in the “legals” from every so-called “refugee theater” on earth.

    Note the birthrate for illegals typically runs 3-4 or more births.

    The total is 75 million or more. That’s American jobs paid for by YOU. American education paid for by YOU. American health coverage as welfare, paid for by YOU. The systemic welfare system paid for by YOU. A sickening, horrific media campaign to tell lies about the ethereal beauty and moral perfection of a “multicultural” society.

    One of my ancestors died on Missionary Ridge. He didn’t volunteer his service so that a pack of illegal Mexicans could wave Mexican flags and chant La Raza slogans.

    I say we hang their employers, and loan the noble “migrants” as many boxcars as they need to get the hell out.

    • Replies: @Ace
  23. Agent76 says:

    Mar 23, 2016 How Neocons Seized on 9/11 to Create New World Order

    Robbie Martin, the filmmaker behind the new documentary series “A Very Heavy Agenda,” joins Mnar Muhawesh, editor in chief of MintPress News and host of Behind The Headline to explain how the neoconservative agenda took control of American politics in the aftermath of September 11. He also delves into the ways neocons maintain power today in both the parties through bipartisan support for war and the military-industrial complex — all in the name of “fighting terrorism” as well as dissect the current war in the Middle East and how it’s not about countering jihadi terror groups but Russia.

  24. Trump’s not Hitler. He’s P. T. Barnum.

  25. There are no Trumpeting Brown Shirts.

    I would like to set the record straight concerning the color of shirts. Brownshirts ( SA or Sturmabteilung ) were the paramilitary wing of the Nazi Party in Germany. Blackshirts were the paramilitary wing of the National Fascist Party in Italy.

  26. AG says:

    Hilary Clinton is indeed a psychopath who uses all means to gain power and wealth with very little emotional component.

    First time I noticed such trait was stand by your man moment during saga of Playboy Husband Clinton. She does not have normal female emotional pain like non-psychopath women.

    For her own personal gain, she would not give a shit to the emotional sufferings of any one including her own emotion which she does not have one in the first place like typical psychopath. Lack of empathy is so obvious in her behavior. Her emotionless face is another telling clue for psychopath.

    Psychopath: a handicap with emotional disability due to malfunctioning amygdala.

    • Replies: @Lost american
  27. edNels says:

    Too early to predict, but if Hitlery don’t get it, the Stupremes will make it happen… singing merely: PRECEDENT for … President…haha

    That should be… La la la… Oh precident for president, down Flor-i-da way… merrily, merrily along…errh.

  28. joe webb says:
    @War for Blair Mountain

    “The Nazis and the Franco Facists were the mortal enemy of the European Working Class.”

    How about an argument. Mussolini and his dad were socialists. In Germany, the trend for working class voting was away from commies, etc. and toward fascism

    Also, the working class has no more virtue in it than any other sector of society, or class, etd.

    I was a leftie fro many years, card- carrying member of Michael Harrington’s Democratic Socialist Party…probably same party that Sanders is with.

    It was an unpleasant discovery to find out that workers in some ways are dumber than other folks. The very fact that they could follow communist parties is telling. Today, the “workers” has degenerated into Blackness, and SEIU, and millions of mexicans yearning for free white money.

    Also, because of the high pressure assorting now for intelligence and job skills, the working class has been raided by capital for what is left of its smarter members.

    I was a fool, but like Mussolini, I changed. Of course I still have time to be proved a fool, but your worship of workers is moronic.

    Btw, Israel is a fascist country, and despite its stolen status, it is a contemporary model for what a reasonable fascist state can be. It is far from a virtuous fascist state, but it sets up a model nonetheless. Free speech and liberty can be preserved in such….etc. Why don’t you identify what your politics are.? Are you a communist or what, a Chavez and Castro fan, an amber-indian lover, or what?

    Joe Webb

  29. CanSpeccy says: • Website

    Fascist, racist, white supremacist, misogynist, homophobe: such terms are the basic coin of liberal debate. The liberal-leftists are today’s stupids for most of whom hate speech is the chief means of political expression. Naturally, therefore, they seek to attach the fascist label on Trump, despite the absurdity of so describing an avowed champion of constitutional democracy.

    None of which is to say that Trump is the constitutional democrat he claims to be. That is the problem of power in a democracy: once the election is over, there is nothing the voter can do if, or as is usually the case when, their elected representative reneges on every promise. That is why voters have a preference for recognized names. Bush’s and Clinton’s, etc. are obviously bad, but someone without a track record might prove even worse.

  30. iffen says:

    Also, the working class has no more virtue in it than any other sector of society, or class,

    Why don’t you identify what your politics are.?

    How about you define your group so we can judge its virtue or lack thereof.

  31. woodNfish says:

    Anyone with any sense at all knows that Trump is not a fascist and that it is all lies, smoke, and mirrors perpetrated by the criminal DNC cabal and the lying LSM. Anyone who doesn’t know that is too stupid to read this article so it is really nothing more than fodder for the echo chamber.

  32. For those who think Sanders is better than the Zionist pimp Killary Rotten Killinton, I must say, according to the record, it is not true. The fact that Sanders, a Zionist, do not talk about foreign policy and has only played the ‘wall street’ card, where he has benefited from, against Killary Rotten Killinton, the servant, is that he CLEVERLY hiding his pro Israel views from the gullible and desperate people in order to survive in this circus. If you don’t believe me please watch the following videos.

    Sanders not only defends military contracts that benefit his constituents in Vermont, he also joined the 100 to 0 vote in the Senate to give unalloyed moral and political support to the state of Israel during its most recent bombing campaign against Gaza.

    Yesterday in New York, again he emphasized for the fools that:

    {SANDERS: And, let me say something else. As somebody who is 100% pro-Israel, ..
    Do you still have doubts? He goes here and there, to ignore the MAIN ISSUE, question of, the stolen land of Palestine and the occupation, like the mass murderer, Killary.

    {SANDERS: So what is not to say — to say that right now in Gaza, right now in Gaza unemployment is s somewhere around 40%. You got a log of that area continues, it hasn’t been built, decimated, houses decimated health care decimated, schools decimated. I believe the United States and the rest of the world have got to work together to help the Palestinian people.
    That does not make me anti-Israel. That paves the way, I think…}

    Destroy the Zionist criminals and their financial supporters, Saban and Soros for example, by NOT CASTING YOUR VOTES for these pro apartheid impostors.

  33. War for Blair Mountain [AKA "Groovy Battle for Blair Mountain"] says:
    @joe webb

    Well then,on a fundamental level you are same team as the Mega-White Male CEO Oligarch Team:The HATE The Historic Native Born White American Working Class Team.

    Socialist Michael Harrington was on that team also. I call it the JFK worship Team. Harrington was very much an enthusiast for destroying Vietnam and using the Native Born White American Working Class Male Teenager Population Class to do it.

    In 2016, Vietnam is a wrecked-destroyed Nation-post-war Vietnam War homo-normed by the MEGA Corporations that were the force behind the Vietnam War.

    I have no doubt that the Socialist Michael Harrington would be very happy about the homo-norming of Vietnam considering that his inner circle was infested with homos.

    Your an example of why the Alt Right is irrelevant.

    • Replies: @dcite
  34. “Hillary” is spelled with two L’s. “Hilary” with one L doesn’t look good at the top of a website run by a “Harvard-educated” super genius.

    The article is spot-on, though.

  35. Ace says:
    @John Jeremiah Smith

    A solid methodology and no doubt the number is through the roof as you demonstrate. I have to laugh every time I hear the 11M figure. It is important to maintain the smokescreen.

    My great grandfather was at Missionary Ridge and fortunately survived.

    It’s astonishing to me that we’ve become a nation that worships foreigners and minorities. The white majority acquiesces in being sidelined while the commercials with foreigners, gays visiting mom with their adopted children, and mixed race couples flood the MSM. It’s almost enough to make me think it’s a coordinated campaign.

    • Replies: @CanSpeccy
  36. Dr. X says:
    @War for Blair Mountain

    The Nazis and the Franco Facists were the mortal enemy of the European Working Class.

    Absolutely untrue. Obviously, you are entirely ignorant of 20th Century European history.

    Fascism was a working-class movement in every single country where it was tried. “Nazi” is an acronym for Nationalsozialistische Deutsch Arbeiter Partei, or National Socialist German WORKERS’ Party. The support for fascist movements in Spain, Italy, Germany, and South America was almost entirely middle-class, working-class, and enlisted military. Hitler was a non-college educated veteran who despised and distrusted the Junker military and political aristocracy because he believed that they had botched World War I and left Germany defenseless against communist agitation. He hated Jews because he believed that communism was the creation of the Jew Karl Marx, and that the Jews Leon Trotsky, Ruth Fischer, Bela Kun, Rosa Luxembourg, Kurt Eisner, and Eugen Levine were trying to foment communist revolution in Germany — which was in fact true.

    One need not admire or worship Hitler in order to acknowledge the historical facts that his movement was indeed anti-communist and working-class.

    • Replies: @dahoit
    , @joe webb
  37. The Trump movement isn’t fascist, the program of the movement being what counts for political significance. I would add to what Petras said that fascism is fundamentally a movement of the petty bourgeoisie, whereas Trump’s popular base is with workers. Whether Trump is personally a fascist isn’t that important, nor can it be readily settled. But, for what it’s worth, I think he personally would be quite satisfied with fascism (as correctly described by James Petras).

  38. @guest

    There has never been such a capitalist country as the US, where the corporations own the government lock, stock and barrel.

    • Replies: @guest
  39. They (Libs) always use “negative” labels for conservatives (Fascist, Hitler, KKK…..)
    then behave in a manner resembling them.

  40. War for Blair Mountain [AKA "Groovy Battle for Blair Mountain"] says:

    Dr. X

    The Italian Working Class hung Mussolini and his wife from street lights with meet hooks.

    Retroactively speaking, I would have opposed a Nazi pre-emptive strike on Russia.

    The Nazis were enablers of the Bosnian Muslims and the Jap Bastards(I don’t like writing Jap Bastard for I like the Japanese People).

    The Nazis were and still are the Enemy of Working Class European People…Western Ukraine Nazis.

    Its laughable that the Alt Right crowd use a farting Retard Austrian as their Dear Leader. Surely we can find a better quality of European Men as a leader…you know like Bill Blizzard and his Coal Miner Army.

    The idea that the Nazis,Franco..and Mussolini runs the spectrum of being stupid to bold-faced lying.

    In America, we have a historical experiment to learn a lot from:The History of US Labor Revolts…specifically: The Knights of Labor and Samuel Gompers and Dennis Kearney who we can thank for the passage of The Chinese Exclusion Act.

    The Alt Right Movement better figure out real fast how to connect with and emboldened The Native Born White American Working Class. The obsession with IQ test score psychometrics is 100 percent irrelevant to igniting a Native Born White American Working Class gut-level-racial-tribal-ecnomically populist-race revolt against economic and racial dispossession.

    Question:why does everybody in China look Chinese?…Why does everybody in Korea look Korean? Ask greedy-cheating multimillionaire Noam Chomsky…who looks so relaxed-smiling on his Wellsfleet Estate Cape Cod(google the photo)…this question.

  41. War for Blair Mountain [AKA "Groovy Battle for Blair Mountain"] says:
    @War for Blair Mountain

    The above should read:The idea that Hitler-Franco-Mussolini-Pinochet exhausts all the possiblilites for The European and Native Born White American Working Class runs the spectrum from stupid to bold-faced lying.

  42. CanSpeccy says: • Website

    It’s almost enough to make me think it’s a coordinated campaign.


    You “think”?

    Are you kidding?

    Sure it’s a coordinated campaign, run chiefly by the schools, the universities, the media and Hollywood, although the corporations and the government bureaucracies play their part, using administrative authority to punish those who are not self-hating (if EuroAmerican), transgender loving, homophiles for partial birth abortion and the ubiquitous availability of pornography.

    The objective?

    Destruction of the sovereign nation state to make way for global governance by, for, and of the Money Power.

  43. Priss Factor [AKA "Dominique Francon Society"] says: • Website

    Trump got in trouble over abortion.

    Maybe it should be called fetus-cide or fetuscide or fetucide.

  44. dahoit says:

    The only people in charge of the American economy are Zionists.
    Socialism for the rich,not for the people.
    Is their something wrong with putting dough in peoples pockets(SS)and then they spend it?
    Trump is our chance to defeat the Zionist control of America.
    It’s obvious they hate him.

  45. dahoit says:
    @joe webb

    Friday,Gannon did all the work.

  46. dahoit says:

    Stalin was a Soviet leader.Unless one is of Russian or a member some other Soviet victimhood society,who the f*ck cares?
    Yankee come home,America first.
    Uncle Joe kicked da fuhrers crazy ass.Crazy because he opened a second front,what a maroon.

  47. dahoit says:
    @Dr. X

    Ah,as an old left wing hippy who preens his right wing too,one contests your claim.
    The people who hate Trump are yuppie Zionist scum,not old hippies.

  48. Is it just me or does Hillary seem physically ill? Her recent public appearances she looks like had a partial stroke in the past. Her hands seems to shake more these days, too.

  49. dahoit says:
    @Dr. X

    Things are so f*cked today I sometimes wish Hitler had won the war.Then I say 60 hail Mary’s.(I’m not even Catholic.)
    What a world.

    • Replies: @joe webb
  50. War for Blair Mountain [AKA "Groovy Battle for Blair Mountain"] says:


    Why does Trump want to bomb Shia Muslim Iran under the right conditions(recieving the updated Russian s-300 missile system)?

    Why do the White Guy Trump Bros want to bomb Iran under any condition?

    Why Does Trump want to keep importing..possibly increase…size of the Chinese legal immigrant population in the US?..So the Chinese in American can colonize Oregon…Idaho…Utah?

    I think that Trump is a narcissistic fraud who will betray the Native Born White American Working Class and bomb Iran.

    Too much damage has been done to the US by the passage of the 1965 Immigration Reform Act. Trump is not going to be the next POTUS on Nov 8.

    I hope Hillary wins for no other reason than I want the…complete mass racialization of the Native Born White American Male Population.

    If Trump gets elected he will very likely bomb Iran..and White Males will be blamed for this.

    The idea that Trump is going to create millions of high paying jobs for millions of nonwhites and millions of Native Born White Americans is laughable.

    POTUS Trump at best=rearranging the deck chairs on the rapidly sinking Titanic.

    So Trump is gonna loose on Nov doubt about it…so what’s game plan B?

  51. guest says:

    They don’t, though they may own the elected officials. They haven’t found a way yet to buy and keep control of the universities, foundations and NGOs in general, nor the media, though they do a better job at that, all of which you’d need to own the government. We had a plutocracy once, and it resembled the system we have now in many ways, but was not the same.

    I wouldn’t call the system we have now “capitalist,” even were it monopolized by corporations. A better term for our system is Corporatism, or the Corporate State, or the Servile State, or even Fascism, had not that term been muddled beyond recognition.

    • Replies: @Jacques Sheete
  52. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Thanks James. I share your feelings towards Killary, as Paul Craig calls her. Somehow I had intuitively felt it was inappropriate to label Trump a fascist and confused at the same time why even so many progressives were failing to understand.

    You have cleared my thoughts. I am glad for it.

    I used to read you in EPW for many years until it took a right turn during the last year’s of Krisna Raj. I was happy to discover you on UNZ. I have been reading you regularly since on UNZ.

    Thanks again

  53. Thirdeye says:
    @War for Blair Mountain

    Iraqi civilians, not Iranian. Estimated 500,000 Iraqi children dead under Clinton, and the result was worth every last civilian life according to his Secretary of State, Madeline Albright.

  54. Boris says:

    The phony scaremongering about Trump’s “fascism”

    The guy who wants to kill the family members of terrorists isn’t fascist? Okay, but whatever you want to call it: it’s terrible.

  55. why do some of the commentators like to label other commentators? and it reads awfully like an insult too.

    back on topic. hillary is fucking evil, if Bernie doesn’t win the dem nomination I am voting for trump. if both of them lose I would not vote again.

    ps: hilary’s slimy smile has been made into a meme. and it actually fits her to a t when it is suppose to be an exaggeration. losing to obama really changed her.

  56. tin man says:

    Fascism is the marriage of corporations and the State (Government), which of course Trump is not. On the other hand Hillary is both a fascist and a nazi but since that is the direction our country has been headed in for decades, Hillary will probably win.

    • Replies: @joe webb
  57. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Let’s get these definitions correct.

    Fascism – Command pricing and private ownership, as opposed to:

    Capitalism – Market pricing and private ownership, or

    Socialism – Market pricing and public ownership, or

    Communism – Command pricing and public ownership.

    • Replies: @edNels
    , @Bill Jones
  58. joe webb says:
    @Dr. X

    right thanks. then there was Codescru or whatever his name was from Romania and the Iron Guard…Christian in spades and worker/peasant based.. He was murdered by liberals.

    Franco was not a fascist for example, but used them to stop communism/Spanish civil war, etc.
    So many unlettered folks get into this macabre hitler, hitler, hitler…thing….

    And they do luv calling people unpleasant names.

    Fascism includes the workers, and is a corporatist model, if any of these aforesaid unlettered folks know what the word means…not the business form, etc.

    We need a national socialism which is not based on the princep principle of one man rule. I recommend that people think about the governance of the Catholic Church, which was based on Roman experience. That is a good start.

    Then, one has to think about the difference between emergency and normal politics. Emergencies need different governance that normal times.

    What we got in terms of electoral politics, without calling it “bourgeois” like the commies do, it sure is a mess and money corrupted. There has to be a better way.

    Joe Webb

  59. joe webb says:
    @tin man

    tin man. you do not understand the word “corporatist” in the political connection. It has nothing to do with corporations as in business and commerce.

    It means body. the body politic, the Marine Corps, etc. Corporatism in politics means that we are all part of One Body, the State. We are not to be divided by class and race and so on.

    Fascism is nothing if not corporatist, one whole society, culture, society. No pluralism, no Other races, and one religion…Christianity. Getting rid of the racial sources of conflict is very important.

    So, yes , fascism is racialist as the only way to social peace. This is so obvious…the liberal state of the West is falling apart mostly because of race and immigration. The real monsters here are the liberals …brutality in the flesh…mixing what cannot be mixed, and just as bad , hectoring the blacks, etc. to be as good as Whites, which is not humanly possible, given intelligence and temperament differences. Blacks hate us because we demand that they be White… and so on.

    So who’re the monsters out there?…liberals. Racialists simply say separate, and go in peace and be who you are, without Do-Gooders stirring the pot of racial resentment, anger, etc. k Liberals are killers and brutes…brutal with the science, the evidence, history, etc etc and quite insanely angry, especially wymyn, when confronting anybody who talks race realism.

    Joe Webb

    • Replies: @iffen
  60. joe webb says:

    more to tin man. Billary a fascist? you are so ignorant of historical fascism…breathtaking.

    You want to call her names? Call her bitch , tyrant, insanely ambitious, witch, etc. One thing she is not is a fascist. JW

  61. joe webb says:

    if Germany has won the war , communism would have been killed off. Moderation would have come to Hitler, he loved the Brits, maybe he would have taken Poland and maybe not. The US would have had to make a deal with Hitler and Germany and all the would have been a hell of a lot better than another 50 years of communism and race fanatacism like the Civil Rights movement here, and 50 years of liberal insanity, particularly racial insanity, and hatred of Whites by the wretcheds of the earth, plus lots of white wymyn especially who love to hate. Witches brew…liberalism.

    Israel would not have happened, relative peace with the Arabs would have ensued, and capitalism could have been controlled like national socialism controlled it. Jewish Power would have been trimmed down to size, and the jews would have had no sacred stories with which to hammer the white world.

    The white world would have continued to more or less supervise the third world, and it would have been much better off…given what has happened, just as the third world today will and has welcomed the whites back to set things aright, more or less as in capitalist relations, as lousy as they have been.

    There is no utopia. Race separation is the key to relative peace, that , and not adventures into conquest, and so on, like Israel stealing arab land, etc.

    This is the genuine anti-imperialism. Maybe the colored folks had to see it for themselves, but so far the Africans continue to pillage and run their rich continent into the swamp. So when S. Africa starts wholesale murdering of whites, we will go in and rescue them, cut loose the blacks and let them twist in the wind, or Yellowstone, if you recall that usage from a few decades back.

    Joe Webb

    • Replies: @Jacques Sheete
  62. This is what has worried me for some time. The outpouring of vitriol and ridicule against the easy target Trump has allowed Clinton’s terrifying record to go relatively unscrutinised. I am convinced we stand a real risk of war with Russia if she becomes POTUS.

  63. @joe webb

    Joe Webb, you’re absolutely right. Communism, indeed, assaulted Europe and fascism was the response. Italy is a good example of this. After WWI ended, Communist revolutions/riots broke out in many areas in Europe, including Italy. By 1922, the situation had grown so baRd that King Victor Emanuel put Benito Mussolini in charge of the govt, and his Black Shirts roundly beat the Reds and brought stability back.
    In Hungary, Communist Bela Kun seized control of the govt and orchestrated a slaughter of Christians in the country; however, in 1921, his Communist govt was overthrown. In Germany, the Reds under Rosa Luxemburg tried to seize control in 1919, but were suppressed by the Freikorps and their leaders executed, including Luxemburg.
    The only truly successful revolution was the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia in 1918, wherein the entire Romanov family of Tsar Nicholas II were killed. The new Bolshevik leaders then proceeded to massacre tens of millions of Russian Christians. Between Lenin, Trotsky, Stalin and Kaganovich, around 60+ million were exterminated. This number surpassed the numbers slaughtered by the Mongols in the 13th and 14th Centuries.

    • Replies: @edNels
  64. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:


    I listened to the CNN-carried debate between Hillary Rodham Clinton and Bernie Sanders, and it was quite disturbing on imperialist foreign policy and war vs. peace.

    What jumped out of the TV screen, was a remark by HRC in response to Bernie’s suggestion of less U.S. spending on NATO. She actually said that she would “look for new missions” that NATO can support. To translate the politicianese into plain English, HRC would be aggressively “looking for” trouble around the world, and stampeding NATO into wars, military interventions and imperialist occupations, “missions” of opportunity.

    If that is the campaign rhetoric, we can infer actions more horrendous, once in power! No one voting for HRC can deny that it is a vote for escalation to World War 3.

    How could anyone argue that we cannot vote power to any homicidal maniac who would perform such atrocities, be they in the guise of a Black man (Obomber), a white woman (HRC), or any other identity among the various shape-shifts of candidates.

    We have to soberly consider that for all his promises, Barrack Obomber lied us into more wars than Dubya, including but not limited to Libya, Syria, and the confrontation with Russia over Ukraine.

    In all of these, HRC, as Secretary of State and since, worked tirelessly as the hawk leader, lying the country, including the president, into regime change wars, whenever the administration as a whole was hesitating, vacillating or oscillating, and this is well documented in respected sources from the New York Times to Democracy Now. One can argue that as President, Obomber bears the ultimate responsibility. That, however, is not a defense of HRC and others who persuaded him, against contrary advice from among others the Secretary of Defense, who voiced that he did not think the U.S. had vital interests there, and Obomber and others who projected that the U.S. would lead from behind on this one.

    Do we excuse Condoleezza Rice, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld or Henry Kissinger for the crimes against humanity, war crimes and crimes against peace, during their respective regimes? At Nuremberg, weren’t cabinet members, alongside certain Nazi agitators who were not even part of the regime, tried and hanged, including HRC’s counterpart, Nazi Foreign Minister Joachim von Ribbentrip?

    The British and French had already begun bombing the defenseless country to smithereens, in support of mercenary contras and misogynistic religious-fanatic zealots that they and the CIA armed, equipped, organized and controlled, killing thousands of civilians, of a population who overwhelming supported their government under Muamar Qaddafi. HRC treasonously worked with the British and French boring from within to shame the U.S. administration into leading the attack and the mass murder through bombing and stormtooping. As Secretary of State, HRC was also instrumental in persuading Russia and China to abstain on, rather than veto, a UN resolution used to place the mass murder under the color of justification. Without that amber/green light, that is, under a red light, the bloody imperialist war crimes might have been impossible!

    At the brutal lynching of President Qaddafi by U.S. supported mercenaries, who could forget HRC’s laughter as she boasted “We came, we saw, he died” (paraphrasing Julius Caesar’s slightly less bloodthirsty, “We came, we saw, we conquered.” HRC was the most depraved pig in the Obomber administration.

    After Libya, it was on to Syria, and again, the creation of a “ruffian band” of mercenaries armed better than the Syrian Army, resulting again in man tens of thousands of civilian and military deaths, and the thorough destruction of the entire country and its economy. In opposition to even the Obomber regime’s currently official policy, during last night’s debate, still calls for a no-fly zone, entailing direct combat aimed at shooting down Russian planes who are there with permission of the Syrian government.

    So her role was key, just as was her vote in the Senate to approve the Bush-Cheney-Rumsfeld, illegal and dishonestly “sold” attack on Iraq. She was not just any old Senator, but the ex-First Lady and a standard bearer of the supposed “opposition party”. Her vote for the Iraq war, invasion and occupation consistently followed her role of helping push her husband President Bill Clinton’s hesitant regime into the bombing of Yugoslavia, including permanently salting their soil with radioactive depleted uranium, which will cause untold generations of birth defects.

    HRC stands clearly to the right of Bernie Sanders on every issue, not that the differences are more than the most moderate and modest. To his credit for enormous courage, he has criticized the Israeli state for disproportionate violence in its military slaughter of 1,500 defenseless Palestinian civilians and wounding many times more, and for its general oppression of the Palestinians. Still, instead of going to the heart of the matter, that is the fundamental nature of a state based on Jewish supremacy after ethnic cleansing of indigenous Palestinians by imperialist-sponsored white settlers, Sanders repeatedly claims he is “100%” pro-Israel.” But he has also stated reluctance at the prospect of regime-change wars, to which HRC seems addicted.

    I know there are a lot of people out there that still believe in “holding your nose” while voting for imperialist Democrats as the “lesser evil”, in certain ways. At least, then, in the current circumstances, if you register your opposition to HRC by sticking with Bernie until the very last minute, you will help create a statistic that demonstrates “holding your nose”.

    Bernie says we need a political revolution. But what that requires is a social revolution, a real uprising by millions of people, creating a new government based on the working class and allied layers, overturning capitalism, white supremacy, male supremacy, heterosexual supremacy, etc., and ushering in the material basis for a real democratic republic, rather than rule by a handful of billionaire corporatists and bankers.

    We need organization, both mass and specialized, structured for, focused on, and committed to, solidarity in accomplishing that vision.

  65. @joe webb

    “…if Germany has won the war…Israel would not have happened…”

    What about the Zionists who funded and supported the Nazis,the banker Olaf Aschberg being one of many?

    Here’s another:

    George Kareski was a banker and politician in Berlin who colluded with the Gestapo, was also a board member of the Jewish Community in Berlin and was one of the founders of the ” Jewish People’s Party “.

    He supported the Nuremberg Laws and in a 1935 press conference with Joseph Goebbels said, ” … The Nuremberg Laws also meet old Zionist demands “.

    Kareski demanded segregation between Jews and non-Jews , as well as the identification of the Jews by wearing a yellow star of David on their clothing and supported the emigration of Jews from Germany as a solution of the “Jewish question. ”

    I have no proof, but I highly suspect that Hitler became the designated enemy of Britain and France partly because he was developing relationships with Zionists in the oil rich Middle East.

    WW2 was not only unnecessary (as Churchill said), but was largely a war for resources particularly oil lands. That was as true for Germany as it was for Japan.

    The Zionist state was bound to happen one way or another, I think.

    • Replies: @joe webb
  66. War for Blair Mountain [AKA "Groovy Battle for Blair Mountain"] says:

    Nazis-Franco-Pinochet worshipping…American version=Death squads for Native Born White American Working Class.

    Nazism today=Western Ukraine Fascist=Three thousand dead Conservative Orthodox Christian Russians in the Eastern Ukraine.

    • Replies: @joe webb
    , @joe webb
  67. @guest

    “They haven’t found a way yet to buy and keep control of the universities, foundations and NGOs in general, nor the media…”

    Actually, Stonehands is correct as are your comments in your second paragraph. At least as far back as the 1920s Upton Sinclair wrote about their control of “education,” (not really education but schooling actually), and the media in his lucid and readable books, “The Goslings,” The Goosestep,” and “The Brass Check.”

    It should come as no surprise that there never has been a separation between corporation and state since corporations owe their “legal” existence to government and governments are typically established by rich interests for their interests under the guise of course of concern for the welfare of the masses. For proof, read the works of the antifederalists; they were 99% correct in their concerns.

  68. iffen says:
    @joe webb

    Racialists simply say separate, and go in peace and be who you are,

    Did I miss an important death and appointment?

  69. edNels [AKA "geoshmoe"] says:

    Please don’t ask me to read any of those big old boring wordy books, about Economics…
    but that’s a pretty concise and helpful comment.

    Getting down to the ”Brass tacks” of it, shedding light on WTHell the words MEAN, and less on Jingoistic founded reactions.

    Could you define public ownership a little bit, because, the face of Communism that is known is mostly represented by what is the common perceptions of the Governments that are described as ”communist”, and that turned out to be a bunch of BS, mostly: IE: any country that tries to exercise independence. Well that don’t fly!
    How is that communist?

    Communism – Command pricing and public ownership.

    If it’s Public Ownership, who is the Public then in that situation?

    • Replies: @James K.
  70. edNels [AKA "geoshmoe"] says:
    @Eileen Kuch

    entire Romanov family of Tsar Nicholas II were killed.

    Exactly how was that a good and useful thing to do? Some of the time, when terrible things happen, they are pinned on somebody real fast, sometimes, maybe the killers work really outside agents who wanted to off the R’s. The Bosheviks shouldn’a done that, it’s tacky!

    Bolshevik leaders then proceeded to massacre tens of millions of Russian Christians. Between Lenin, Trotsky, Stalin and Kaganovich, around 60+ million were exterminated.

    That’s JBS numbers, I’ve seen the same (60m ) before. Too many, just like another (6m) number in another context is! What’s this fascination with the number 6 anyway?

    So, if it was 60m, break it down, and don’t forget to include normal attrition rates…
    Were all those Christians… Saved, maybe not… too many unknowns

    • Replies: @joe webb
  71. joe webb says:
    @Jacques Sheete

    you are correct more or less. There was cooperation between nazis and jews to get jews to emigrate to Palestine.

    Lenny Brenner wrote a book and also a another book of documents backing up his first book on the transfer agreement(s). I can’t find it, but The Iron Wall is one of his books , on the Jabotinsky crowd.

    Brenner was a Trot and Jewish of course. His aim was to show how nasty these Jabotinsky to Shamir types were for cooperating with the “nazis.”

    As I recall, he says a medal was struck to commemorate the transfer agreement: swastika on one side, and mogen david on the other side.

    Israel was and is a fascist state. That is not bad nor is it good. It just is. Israel can afford to have elections, etc. because of national unity. Politics must follow human biology, and not dreams of peace and love between natural enemies.

    Germany was attacked by communists, socialists, jews/zionists, the international jewish press, etc. etc. Elections when in a civil war are unrealistic.

    We seem to be heading in that direction with the anti-trumpers trying to end Free Speech for Racists. Liberals and commies are pure totalitarians.

    Joe Webb

  72. joe webb says:

    the entire Romanov family was murdered by a jewish red terror outfit….I have seen the names associated . if anyone has evidence that contradicts that , i would like to know.


  73. joe webb says:
    @War for Blair Mountain

    jack shit. You don’t have it anywhere near correct. With regard to Germany:

    Book on German Industry during the nazi period: Turner, German Big Business and the Rise of Hitler.

    With regard to general conditions of corporations now, all business forms are defined by the “state” for obvious reasons. It is a matter of law.

    One may not like it that the corporate form is defined as a “person”, but if you don’t like the law, get it changed.

    I wonder if you guys understand what I have written, assuming you bother to inform yourselves, about what ‘corporatism’ means with regard to politics , not business.


    • Replies: @iffen
    , @Jacques Sheete
  74. joe webb says:
    @War for Blair Mountain

    Groovy, I wonder if your vaunted working class consciousness is aware that the 60s “groovy” is sexual in nature. The groove of the labia.

    You have probably missed that as well as lots of other stuff, beginning with “rock and roll” another sexual metaphor. Unfortunately, dumber people of any race, get activated by sex far more than they get activated by reality in general, especially racial threats to their own existence.

  75. War for Blair Mountain [AKA "Groovy Battle for Blair Mountain"] says:
    @joe webb

    The clock was ticking on the Romanov Family…either they bowed out gracefully or they were gonna be exterminated. The only thing to argue about was the Romanov’s date of execution. The Romanov Family is responsible for their own murder.

    The Alt Right is a cesspool of Monarch-Nazi worshippers-and homosexuals. I blame them for the mass murder of three thousand Conservative Orthodox Christian Russians in the Eastern Ukraine.

  76. War for Blair Mountain [AKA "Groovy Battle for Blair Mountain"] says:
    @joe webb

    The clock was ticking on the Romanov Family…either they bowed out gracefully or they were gonna be exterminated. The only thing to argue about was the Romanov’s date of execution. The Romanov Family is responsible for their own murder.

    The Alt Right is a cesspool of Monarch-Nazi worshippers-and homosexuals. I blame them for the mass murder of three thousand Conservative Orthodox Christian Russians in the Eastern Ukraine.

  77. dcite says:
    @War for Blair Mountain

    wtf are you talking about? JFK wanted to “destroy Vietnam using young, white Americans?” Are you insane? His brother was killed in WWII and he himself nearly was. In Nov. 63, only advisors were in Vietnam and he had plans for withdrawal As soon as Johnson got in, then the full-blown war started. Kennedy did not want to send any more soldiers there. I knew someone personally who was serving in southeast Asia in 1961, and was supposed to be sent to Laos in what would have been a deadly mission. Kennedy vetoed the whole action and none of them went. He was talking with Kruschev secretly so the U.S. and the Soviet Union could work together, something Kruschev’s son described in detail a couple years ago.

  78. War for Blair Mountain [AKA "Groovy Battle for Blair Mountain"] says:

    Kennedy said this…Kennedy said that…Kennedy said this…it’s all so much bullshit. Here are the facts:

    1)Kennedy was a Cold Warrior

    2)Kennedy started the Cuban Missile Crisis when he ordered terrorist attacks on the Cuban Civilian Population

    3) Kennedy ordered a terrorist attack on the Cuban Civilian Population two weeks after the resolution of the Cuban Missile Crisis…200 dead Cuban Civilians.

    4)Kennedy created the well known Death Squad known as the Green Berets. The Green Beret Terrorist School was named after JFK

    5)The Alliance for Progress=Latin and Central American Death Squads…now living and breeding in the bucolic Shenandoah Valley was Kennedy’s creation.

    6)Kennedy was agitating for radically changing the racial demographics of the US as early as 1953.

    Your pinup boy was a War Criminal and a Traitor.

    The passage of The 1965 Immigration Reform Act was reprobate Teddy’s permanent monument of demographic extermination to JFK.

    The Galbraith Family are apologists for Liberal Democratic Mass Murder…updated for the Old Farting Lesbian Hillary Clinton.

    If JFK were alive today he would be on the campaign trail endorsing the Old Farting Lesbian.

    There is something very sick and rancid about the infatuation some White Males have for JFK and Jackie O-and the Camelot Myth….is it Jackie O’s glittering gowns?

    • Replies: @tbraton
  79. iffen says:
    @joe webb

    I would like an explanation of why you dropped the democratic socialism and went with the national socialism. Did you decide democracy is beyond our reach? What is your plan for the people that still adhere to democratic principles? What is your moral basis for saying that we should separate and one group of Americans is entitled to dis-enfranchise other groups? Can you precisely define your group in racial terms?

    • Replies: @joe webb
    , @joe webb
  80. KA says:


    A JFK was patriot American but he was not imperialist He was not pro war Cuban crisis happened behind his back . B 2 flying over USSR happened behind his back. Over his corpse , Fed consolidated the fiat money -debt based GDP growth .
    His death was not accident. Let CIA declassify the information. His death was investigated by a council that had Dulles at the top .It is like Bin Ledeen being on the 911 commission

  81. @joe webb

    Joey, you don’t know JS. It appears you need to calm down and try to understand what others have written.

    I was not referring to whatever yer calling corporatism. I wrote about corporations that control the US government. I’m talking about the symbiotic relationship between large business entities legally called corporations and the government which they essentially own.

    Please note that only some business corporations influence government and they typically use government to destroy their competition amongst other (mostly nefarious) things.

    As far as understanding what you’ve written, I really haven’t paid much attention to it and don’t plan to. In fact, don’t be surprised if I ignore those who engage in sappy, juvenile personal attacks and name calling.

  82. James K. says:

    Fascism = marriage of state and corporate power. Corporations prop up crony governments that enact pro- corporate policies.

    Socialism = Wealth is taken from corporations and wealthy and redistributed. The power of corporations is reduced but they may still exist.

    Communism = full state control and power, any corporations are state owned, markets are controlled and not free.

    Capitalism = complete free market where no advantage is granted by the state in any way.

    I would contend that no country on earth is fully capitalist, but that America was once the most capitalist place on earth. America now has Fascism, as the article implies.

    • Replies: @joe webb
  83. joe webb says:

    here goes, you do not know jack, Jack

    Iffen shows up here, incorrectly. my mistake. JW

  84. joe webb says:
    @James K.

    James K. “Fascism = marriage of state and corporate power. Corporations prop up crony governments that enact pro- corporate policies”

    wrong, Nazi Germany did not own any corporations. It directed them heavily. Wartime and all that.

    second, your “corporations prop crony gov’t” is just uninformed with regard to historical Germany and France. Or even Israel today, and one could go on about heavy state direction is Europe and far East, where indeed there is some gov’t equity in some firms.


  85. joe webb says:

    Iffen, all fair questions. I am still a bit of a democratic socialist for my people. Only.

    That is where the National Socialism comes in. I am not a national socialist a la AH and Germany. (for the record, as I have stated before.)

    The general problem with any kind of historical socialism is that it is class-based. Social class is divisive, to coin a phrase, and of no real use. Classes are Real, in the natural sense of unequal distribution of intelligence, talent, and energy/ambition. They will always exist. It used to be called the Social Question. A kind of fascism solves the Social Question thru harmonious hierarchy. People are willing to take their natural place…given that a large measure of sharing the wealth obtains. This is the Socialism.

    Any attempt to alter the natural classes leads to totalitarianism.

    Democracy means lots of things. Dumb and uninformed and greedy and merely self-interested people get to vote these days. Something has to correct for this. Big topic. I have suggested that the Catholic Church model of governance makes a lot of sense. There could be, in effect a Senate composed of proven and accomplished folks, etc. Secondly there could be a more pleb type based popular assembly elected by everybody. The Senate would be given more power. Think Rome.

    The problem with fascist history has been tendencies to One Man Rule.
    Since we have no experience of peacetime fascism, it is reasonable to expect that peacetime would allow for political parties and leadership to emerge. How different from what we have now?

    Good question. With the economy brought under control to some large extent to follow the national interest….and with extremes of wealth also to be controlled, the natural political developments , of course, with Europe also shifting to a nationalist position and cooperating with White countries…us of course included, a whole new paradigm (?) would emerge. If it does not emerge, it is back to Billary and the racial spoils system and more civil war.

    Discussion of this could go on and on, and implementation likewise, as politics progressed. The political party system would remain, but without a strong general commitment to doing a Country, Race, and Tradition type Order, nothing would work. Let the liberals take over, or the Jews, or the wanna-be HItlers…the thing would fail.

    Democracy as we know it, has degenerated terribly. Some form of aristocratic privilege must be restored. The old Plato thing…problems, but something new is going to happen no matter what we do or do not go. If we don’t do something, the coloreds are going to take over, outvote us, etc. That is racial suicide. If you want to sacrifice the White race on Democratic Principles, go ahead and your children will be dead.

    The governance of the New would emerge over time. This is vague for sure.. got a better idea, give it back to Billary and Neocons?

    As for separating the races, or dis-enfranchising them, the moral basis is simple: mixed races don’t work. The ultimately fair and most peaceful solution is separation. They go their way, and we go ours. The ‘morality’ is pragmatic. More peace, less war, no more civil war, nor more leaching off white civilization by darkies who never invented liberty, cannot sustain it, and don’t care for it in the first place. This refers to Asians, Blacks, …everybody not white. Jews…remains to be seen if they want to join with us, or keep harming us. If the latter, they go too….OUT!

    We invented just about everything technically, and virtually everything of a humane character in everyday life. All the darkies and Asians want is money, preferably free money. They are all oriental despots, never having developed liberty, free speech, etc. in their entire histories.What reason is there to expect their genes are going to flip overnight into nice democratic white genes?

    For our time the issue is not Democratic Survival, it is racial survival. If the country was only white now, we would have some problems of course, but it would be Norman Rockwell America for the most part. Imagine a country with no blacks, no mexers, no asians, etc. only whites. That would be a restoration of the 1950s, etc. and earlier.

    Those of you who do not remember another Time, just don’t believe it is possible. Finally, maybe we don’t need a fascist remodel, just getting the country white again might do the trick.

    Joe Webb

  86. iffen says:

    my people. Only.

    I understand that you are referring to “white” people. I know that you know that white has to be defined and you have not done that.

    I am not a national socialist a la AH and Germany. (for the record, as I have stated before.)

    Yes, I have taken note of this and take you at your word.

    The general problem with any kind of historical socialism is that it is class-based. Social class is divisive, to coin a phrase, and of no real use. Classes are Real, in the natural sense of unequal distribution of intelligence, talent, and energy/ambition. They will always exist. It used to be called the Social Question. A kind of fascism solves the Social Question thru harmonious hierarchy. People are willing to take their natural place…given that a large measure of sharing the wealth obtains. This is the Socialism.

    We have many features that were advocated by the early socialists. We can view Bernie’s campaign as an attempt to expand these features. There are problems that are not being addressed in this attempt to maintain and expand our “socialist” features, for example, real economic and race problems and many other problems that grow out of the unequal distribution of traits that you reference.

    Classes are real, but not in the Platonic ideal type, fixed natural order sense. They exist and grow out of the specific historical and social milieu. The upper classes always view the hierarchy as harmonious as long as the lower classes are doing what they are told. You skip over the fact that much of “our” history is a record of the violent expression of dis-satisfaction with the way the hierarchy is working (or not working) in everyone’s best interest. You seem to just wave a wand and assume that everyone will obligingly “take their place.” Who gets to tell me my place? What if I want a better place?

    Any attempt to alter the natural classes leads to totalitarianism.

    This is not valid. As I note above, challenging the “natural order” has led to liberty and democracy (or what passes for it these days).

    • Replies: @joe webb
  87. joe webb says:

    Your “classes are real, but not in the Platonic ideal type, fixed natural order sense. They exist and grow out of the specific historical and social milieu” is a leftist view which denies biological reality.

    To be sure, in the past, as in for example the Ancient Regime of France (see de Tocqueville) there was huge unfairness due to artificial class barriers. etc.

    Today in the West, those barriers do not exist. However propaganda of the anti-white variety, and jewish manipulation, per Unz’s article a couple years ago on jewish takeover of the Ivy Leagues, are effectively racializing things. White males are singled out as History’s to be removed type.

    Plato was , from a biological point of view, correct. We know this now from all the investigation of race, IQ, temperament, as well as the plain facts of history.

    Whites have invented liberty and no other race has done so. etc, etc. This is a tempermental factor, more than a matter of IQ, although high intelligence helps.

    I remarked on the testacle weight reported in Rushton’s Race, Evolution, and Behavior. East Asian
    ‘s testacles are less than half of the weight of White testacles. I further remarked that, per the Rice agriculture of Asia vs. the Wheat agriculture of the West, that 5000 years of rice agriculture may have reduced testacle size in Asians…due to natural selection out of Big Balls kinds of guys in favor of mice type personalities. This bio-cultural evolution is amazing.

    The problem today is that the working classes in the West have had their talented ones recruited by Capital, whose result is an impoverishment of the working class. This has also been remarked with regard to blacks, that the talented tenth, has been removed from the ghetto to the effect of more impoverishment. etc.

    So the point is that class is real, and it is natural these days as careers open to talent has taken over the whole deal. Meritocracy in spades. This of course has generated many problems . The only thing that can deal with it is…ahem, more love and respect for ordinary people, and race solidarity.

    What are whites? They are the European peoples. They have the same , generally speaking IQ of about 100, temperaments that are very similar. Phenotypes of clear appearance.

    We ae the only race to have invented liberty, etc, etc. The rest of the world is despotism, Oriental or otherwise. It is Western Civ, or chaos. That means White civilization.

    A questionaire was just circulated at Stanford University. Western Civ classes restored to the curriculum? hell no . It was about 4 to 1 against Western Civ…the methodology I don’t know.

    That is our fix. White and Western Civ, or White liberties, physical beauty, intelligence and sensibility…gone with the gales of third world hatreds.

    Joe Webb

    • Replies: @Santoculto
  88. tbraton says:
    @War for Blair Mountain

    “If JFK were alive today he would be on the campaign trail endorsing the Old Farting Lesbian.”

    If JFK were alive today, he would be about a month and half shy of his 99th birthday. I doubt very much he would be on the campaign trail for Ms. Hillary. Otherwise, I agree with you in disbelieving all that BS that came out after JFK died and the Vietnam War turned sour how he had plans to end the War. After all, all his advisers were kept on by LBJ and they were all urging him to expand the War.

  89. @Anonymous

    Not bad, as they say, close enough for government work.

  90. @War for Blair Mountain

    “I hate 9/11 Truthers”

    You prefer the 9/11 liars?

    • Agree: Seamus Padraig
  91. Is anybody really surprised that both parties are singing from the same hymn book when it comes to keeping Donald Trump out of office? First he’s ridiculed by the smug and smarmy pundit talking heads…he’ll never win the nomination, they say. When he pulls an Assad and doesn’t “go”, instead increasing his popularity, the tune changes slightly to oh this is just a temporary phenomenon…he’ll never win. Another prediction fail as Trump steams on under full power followed by more (but less confident) predictions of his imminent demise. When it becomes impossible to spin away Trump’s popularity and the real chance he has of winning the presidency, if nominated, panic mode is initiated. OMG Trump might win OMG we can’t let that happen OMG we’ve got to stop him! And thus was born the 2016 version of “the lesser evil” argument.

    How anyone with a functioning brain and the ability to think independently can seriously believe Hillary Clinton is less “evil” than Trump blows my mind. Either those advocating HRC are partisan to the core (in favor of the status quo) and wilfully deluding themselves, or they are very stupid people. You don’t even have to like Trump very much to recognize Clinton (and Cruz for that matter) are a damn sight worse for America and the world. The bellicose foreign policy she proposes and the threats to bomb Iran should be enough to seriously want to keep Clinton out of the White House. But this insane woman goes much further and proudly declares the Libyan fiasco as her crowning achievement. Overthrowing a stable government and throwing the country into a hellish Mad Max world of religious nutbars racing around the desert blowing away each other and people they don’t like, not to mention members of the civilian population who never asked for this, is a GOOD thing? The mind boggles. Hell, even Chris Stevens’ death at the hands of these fanatics has been forgotten…one minor casualty on the road to good I suppose. And that’s only one aspect of Clinton’s business as usual politics.

    Trump hasn’t laid down many in-depth policy proposals so we don’t really know what he might or might not do. With Clinton, OTOH, it’s pretty clear what we’re in store for should she reign as POTUS in 2017. I’m not Trump’s biggest fan and I have doubts about how different from the mainstream status quo he’d actually be once elected. But he is still the only candidate who represents people fed up with the sham system that puts thieves and traitors and mass murderers into office again and again and again. The reaction by the media and lapdog punditry shows exactly how “free” American elections are: at the slightest whiff of a threat to the trough feeding swine in the Washington-Wall Street-Israel axis of evil the overwhelming majority of these “experts” lines up against the candidate threatening the corrupt Zionist kleptocracy…what the American people think or want doesn’t matter, the threat must be eliminated. You are free to vote for whomever you want so long as they are no threat to the establishment status quo…if they are perceived as a threat they will be blocked by any means necessary. America is on the road to armed struggle as the lies and corruption easily hidden in a pre-internet world are exposed and the rigged, fraudulent system tries desperately to hang on to power.

    • Replies: @joe webb
  92. joe webb says:

    good post. Trump is the beginning, the manifestation of White Awakening. It is the Counter-Revolution at the wheel’s first turn. There will be many turns, and Trump may be discarded or kept on depending on whether he can gets things done. Right now, the Dems and the other GOPers are just more of the same old bull shit.

    People say he does not have a well-worked out plan for this and that. So what? We can see what his motivations are and that is what counts. He is the White Man totally fed-up and mad-as-hell-and-won’t-take-it-anymore.

    All of this is Great. Asking for more Details and Plans is the crypto nay-sayer who has no Program himself except more of the Wars for the Jews, and Business as Usual for the international capitalist pigs, and pigs they are in reality, devouring their own piglets….the working classes,, us, etc.

    Joe Webb

  93. @AG

    Watch Hilary Clinton’s facial gestures when Ohio Congressman Jim Jordan was questioning her during hearings on the Benghazi debacle.
    Over 35 years ago my boss who had been an expert on psychopaths at Bellevue Hospital in New York City told me to always watch a person’s countenance when they are describing how people got hurt or how they hurt a person. The psychopaths always show signs of pleasure or a smile or a don’t give a damn attitude.
    Yes, she is a psychopath. I wonder what experts O’Hare and Stout would say. I do not know what politics Martha Stout plays. She wrote a book The Psychopath Next Door.

    • Replies: @Priss Factor
  94. Priss Factor [AKA "Dominique Francon Society"] says: • Website

    Hillary is a biatch but no psychopath.

    She wants power, and she understands what she must do to get it.

    But this is true of nearly all politicians with the exceptions of Trump and Sanders but only to an extent. They too must play the game in the end.

    I think Hillary is loathsome, but she’s just another politician doing what she gotta to win.

  95. Priss Factor [AKA "Dominique Francon Society"] says: • Website
    @Lost american

    Nothing unusual there.

    All these hearings are jokes with people speaking lies and getting away with it.

    My fav is Chuck Hagel being grilled by McCain and Graham about what he meant by Zionist control. McCain and Graham, two biggest whore-shills of Zion, were acting ‘innocent’ and ‘puzzled’ by Hagel’s earlier statements of truth.

  96. @joe webb

    Utopic thinking,

    ”whites invented freedom”

    Roman Empire, check

    Greek ”democracy”, check

    – Sparta ”freedom”, check (stilized and sedentary vikings)

    Invasion of the world via great ”discoveries”, check

    slavery etc e tal (((jews force us to do it)), ok, ok)

    Christianism and other ”santa claus best stories” to select schizoid-aspergie like (schizo= cultural conformism, aspie= laboral conformism), check

    Whites are more verbosen than east asians to manipulate people to think like that.

    In almost part of ”white history” REAL freedom (individuaLITY + responsability) was or short term or just for dreamers.

    Most part of whites are pussy and most part of non-pussy whites are not wise enough to produce a simple-correct wise conclusions.

    Most part of whites simply don’t know what freedom really is because you must need to know the basics of concrete reality to engage in a free thinking and actions.

    To be real ”free’ you need to be wise, understand yourself, other-selfies and external dymnamics.

    people who need a b(ub)blical narrative to understand part of reality are not predominantly free or even self-aware about it.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  97. Max Cady says:
    @War for Blair Mountain

    While Radix Journal occasionally hosts some good writing (Gregory Hood & Hannibal Bateman), the comments section is completely idiotic. Please do not judge the alt-right (or whatever you want to call it) based on the lowest common denominator.

    My Posting Career is a right wing forum that has a lot of discussion with none of the esoteric Hitlerism you’ll find on many other sites. However, with the type of rage-fueled diatribes I see you engage in so often, you’d probably be downvoted into oblivion and eventually banned.

  98. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    … if it says so in your Talmud then OK pal.

    • Replies: @Santoculto
  99. @Anonymous


    Whites, i mean, a few exceptional white individuals, had been masters in technology and arts. Not so in applied morality.

  100. Clinton is a Republican in a democratic camp, like Obama. The parties hardly differ on program and have the same financiers.

    After Clinton won NY, now is the time for Democratic hypocrisy showtime: Trump the fascist!!

    Killary Hitlery having murdered more Arabs and Muslims then anybody.

    Killery is AIPAC’s favorite for their holocausts in the 3-rd world.

  101. artichoke says:

    It’s wrong to say the China one- or two-child policies are worse than Clinton did. I challenge YOU to find a better solution to their overpopulation on land that’s not nearly as useful as ours. They don’t have a former wetland turned flat farmland like Iowa, nor a temperate desert with a sufficient water supply to make it bloom like California for that matter. When Deng Xiaoping made this same challenge to Nixon, offering to “give” him 100 million Chinese if Nixon knew where to put them, Nixon suddenly stopped criticizing the policy.

    Clinton, on the other hand, has no excuse.

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