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Trump Marches Onward and Downward
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Journalists, academics, pundits and experts have ignored the complexity of President Trump’s impact on the state of the US Empire.

To properly assess the geopolitical configuration of power, we will consider the military, economic, political and diplomatic advances and setbacks of the Trump regime in Latin America, the European Union and Asia (including the Middle East).

Secondly, we will examine the time frame – the shifting direction of the present configuration of forces.

We will conclude by discussing how the influence and results of foreign policy shape domestic political power.

Background to President Trump’s Empire Building

First and foremost, we must take account of the fact that much of Trump’s policies build on and reflect the policies of his predecessors, namely Presidents Bush and Obama.

The US wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria were started by Presidents Clinton, Bush and Obama, The US bombings of Libya and the destruction and uprooting of millions of Africans was inaugurated by Obama.

The expulsion of millions of Central American and Mexican immigrants from the US was common practice prior to Trump.

In brief President Trump continued, and in some cases exacerbated, the socio-economic and military policies, of his predecessors. In a few areas Trump reversed policies, as was the case with Obama’s Nuclear Agreement with Iran.

The successes and failures of Trump’s empire building policies cannot be attributed solely to his regime. Nevertheless, President Trump must be held responsible for the current state of the empire and its direction.

President Trump Marches Forward in Latin America

President Trump has built upon and extended US imperial victories throughout most of Latin America. Satellite regimes are in place in Brazil thanks largely to judicial-legislative coup which overthrew President elect Dilma Rousseff. The puppet regime of Michel Temer has privatized the economy, embraced Trump’s dominance and aligned with efforts to overthrow Venezuela’s government.

Similarly, Trump inherited from Obama the present client regimes in Argentina (President Mauricio Macri), Peru (President Martin Vizcarra) ,Honduras (President Hernandez) Paraguay (President Cartes), Chile (President Piñera), Ecuador (President Moreno), and most of the ruling elites in Central America and the Caribbean. Trump has added to the list current efforts to overthrow the Daniel Ortega regime in Nicaragua.

Under President Trump, Washington succeeded in reversing relations with Cuba and the so-called peace accord in Colombia between the guerrillas and the Juan Manuel Santos regime. In July 2018, Trump succeeded in backing the accession to power of Ivan Duque a protégé of the far-right party of Alvaro Uribe in Colombia. President Obama’s reversal of center-left regimes via coups have been consolidated and expanded by Trump with the important exception of Mexico.

Trump partially reversed Obama’s opening of relations with Cuba and threatens to militarily invade Venezuela.

Trump’s imperial empire in Latin America is, for the most part, inherited and largely sustained . . . for now.

But there are several crucial caveats.

Mexico’s new President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) is likely to pursue independent and progressive foreign and domestic policies, renegotiating NAFTA, oil contracts and border disputes.

Secondly, Brazil and Argentina’s neo-liberal economic policies are in deep crises and the incumbent puppet regimes are economically unstable, face mass social opposition and likely will suffer electoral defeats in 2018.

Thirdly, Venezuela and Cuba have successfully resisted economic and diplomatic sanctions.

Militarily, President Trump retains US military bases in Colombia and has incorporated Bogata into NATO and he has secured military operations in Argentina and Ecuador.

The biggest challenge to Trump’s empire building in Latin America is in the all-important economic realm.

Trump has failed to gain ground in trade, investment and raw materials in the face of competition with China.

Despite the political and military subordination of Latin American regimes to Washington, the bulk of their trade ties are with China. Moreover, Brazil and Argentina will increase their agro-exports to China in line with Beijing’s trade tariffs on US exports. In the so-called trade war not a single Latin American client state has sided with the US. On the contrary, all are taking advantage of Washington’s loss of the China market to enhance their exports.

Clearly the US does not exercise ‘hegemony’ over Latin America’s trading relations.

Worse still, Trump’s dumping of the Trans-Pacific Partnership and threats to withdraw from NAFTA have reduced Washington’s leverage over Latin America and Asia.

Trump’s boasts and claims of dominance over Latin America is largely a product of his predecessors’ imperial policies.

At most, Trump’s policies have hardened the far right, which however, is weakening politically and economically and has provoked the rise of the left to power in Mexico and increased opposition in Colombia, Brazil and Argentina.

In sum the Trump regime’s empire building retain decided influence in Latin America but faces major challenges – and reversals.

Trump in Asia: One Step Forward, Two Step Backward

Washington has gained prestige for its diplomatic overtures to North Korea but is losing the trade war with the world’s second greatest power, China.

China, faced with Trump’s economic war, has diversified its trading partners thus undermining key US agro-business enterprises.

China has implemented tariffs on: canola, soybeans, corn, cotton, pork and beef.

Moreover, China has replaced the US as the main trading partner throughout Asia.

While Japan, South Korea and Australia provide military bases for the US they are eager to replace Washington’s export to China.

Moreover, China’s multi-billion dollar, Belt and Road Initiative has secured sixty-eight nations as partners, with the prominent absence of the self-excluded USA.

US economic sanctions against Iran have failed to undermine the governments’ oil exports, while banking transactions and imports of manufacturing and service products are replaced by China, Russia , India and most of Asia. All of whom will increase their trade with Teheran.

In the Middle East and South Asia, the US can no longer count on clients or allies except for Israel and Saudi Arabia.

Moreover, the Saudi’s rejected Trump’s demand to increase oil production to lower oil prices for US consumers.

Israel is a ‘loyal ally’ to Washington when it suits their own economic advantages and hegemonic aspirations. For example, Israel has continued to expand ties with Russia even in violation of US sanctions.

Pakistan, Myanmar and Cambodia have moved closer to China as a result of increasing financial and infrastructure aid.


In balance, the US continues to exercise military dominance in Asia via its bases in South Korea, Japan and Australia. However, it is losing economic influence and presence in the rest of Asia. If history is any precedent, imperial empires without economic foundations, sooner or later crumble, especially when rising regional powers are capable of replacing them.

The European Union and Trump’s Empire: Partner, Client or Rival?

The European Union (EU) is the largest market in the world and yet remains a political and military dependency of Washington.

The EU has suffered from its lack of an independent foreign policy – its reliance on NATO, a US subsidiary is one of the main reasons.

President Trump has exploited the EU’s weakness to defy its policies on several strategic issues, ranging from the Paris Agreement on climate change, to the nuclear agreement with Iran, to Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as the Israeli capital. Trump’s tariff on EU exports is the latest and most provocative effort to defy and dominate the region.

Moreover, the EU is increasingly divided over immigration, the UK departure (Brexit), as well as the economic and political and economic split between Germany , Italy and Poland.

In effect the Trump regime can no longer count on a powerful unified alliance at its behest,in its quest for a global empire.

Rather, under Trump, the US seeks to secure economic supremacy and supreme political-military dominance.

President Trump demands that the EU countries double their military budgets in order to increase the Pentagon’s arms spending.

As a result of the divisions and hostilities between the US and EU, President’ Trump’s imperial policies have adopted a contradictory strategy of enhancing economic protectionism with overtures to ‘enemy’ Russia. By adopting the nationalist slogan, “Making America Strong” by ‘Making the EU Weak’ it appears Trump pursues nationalist slogans to promote imperial goals.

Domestic Growth and Imperial Decline

To date, mid 2018, Trump is riding a wave of domestic growth of the economy, trade and employment.

Critics claim that this is a short-lived conjuncture which faces powerful counter-currents. They argue that the trade war and decline of the overseas markets of China, the EU, Mexico, Canada and elsewhere will provoke a decline of the US.

Trump’s strategic gamble is that the US trade war will succeed in opening China’s market while reducing China’s exports. Trump hopes US MNC will relocate to the US and increase jobs and exports. So far this is a pipe dream.

Moreover, the corporate tax windfall has not been accompanied with a decrease in inequalities and increases in wages.

The result is that Trump faces the real prospects of a decline in exports and popular electoral support – especially from those adversely affected by declining markets and deep cuts in health, education and the environment.

Political Consequences of ‘America First’ in a Corporate Setting

Trump’s nationalist economic policies are highly unlikely to enhance empire building ; on the contrary, the trade war will force the major corporate tax beneficiaries to turn against Trump. Their overseas trade links with the EU, North America and China will cause them to turn against Trump.

Empire building trumps America First. Without an economic empire the US will lack the means to secure the markets necessary to stimulate local exports and production.


President Trump has benefited, and to some extent, succeeded in temporarily gaining dominance in Latin America, expanding the domestic economy and imposing demands on China, the EU and North America.

Nevertheless, his policies have undermined allies, antagonized competitors and provoked retaliation. All of which increases the economic cost of running an empire.

Trump has failed to provide viable substitutes for the EU and China markets. Nor has he secured the markets of his remaining clients in Latin America. The notion that Trump can build ‘national capitalism in one country’ is a chimera. At most it would require intensive exploitation of US labor and high rates of investment, sacrificing profits and salaries. The electoral oligarchy and the mass media will force him to retreat from the trade wars and surrender to the globalizing elites.

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  1. “To date, mid 2018, Trump is riding a wave of fake domestic growth of the economy, trade and faked employment numbers.”
    i fixed it for you.
    are you trying to tell me you actually believe the numbers coming out of washington dc?
    i dont believe you are so daft tbh.

    • Replies: @Wally
  2. Rational says:


    Sir, I agree with you often, but before we worry about 3rd world countries, I worry about our own country that is being flooded with 3rd world immigration.

    Trump is bold, brave and outspoken and he spake the truth, thus:

    Mr Trump told The Sun: “I have great love for countries in Europe.
    “Don’t forget, essentially I’m a product of the European Union, between Scotland and Germany.
    “Right? My father Germany, my mother Scotland.”
    But he added: “I think what has happened to Europe is a shame.
    “Allowing the immigration to take place in Europe is a shame.”

    What a great President to boldly name the shame of the century—immigration! Even Reagan did not do that.

    I am proud of President Trump. Good job, Mr. Trump!!

  3. The successes and failures of Trump’s empire building policies cannot be attributed solely to his regime. Nevertheless, President Trump must be held responsible for the current state of the empire and its direction.

    There is a problem with your analysis sir. Trump is not an Imperialist. He is a Mercantilist.

    • Replies: @bluedog
  4. anon[118] • Disclaimer says:

    I actually disagree quite a bit with this article. I believe our losses in trade due to the sanctions is temporary, long term we will have much to gain. Economists have always contended that there are winners and losers to globalization, same goes for the trade war, there will be winners and losers, but it’s all temporary. Short term maybe the farmers will lose while the manufacturers will fare better. In the long run however the US will have much more to gain in all sectors.

    This is a game of chickens, ultimately it’s all about who needs who more. We are still at a position where the EU and China need us much more than we need them, thanks to decades of bad management from these governments that created an export dependency. The tide is turning however and I think it’s fortuitous that Trump sees this and seizes the moment before it’s too late for the US, before we become so weak and other countries become so strong that we can no longer change the terms of the trade. There is a method to Trump’s madness. I think we will win this tariff war in the not too distant future. China will buckle long before we will.

    The best thing Trump ever said to the EU was this: How about we all have ZERO tariffs? Our EU “allies” and China all gasped because they know it’s unthinkable, they all have their own constituents to protect through tariffs. Trump was absolutely right. Either we all have ZERO tariffs or we all have equal tariffs. It’s about Effing time a US president finally has the balls to stand up for America. Go President Trump!!

  5. Petras doesn’t get Trump at all.
    Trump is trying to DOWNSIZE the US Empire, recognizing that it is financially unsustainable. He has decided to put America First.

    • Replies: @Moi
  6. nagra says:

    USA can’t live on printing money forever and ever to bully anyone else with its military “power”.

    Instead of good hope Trump ended up as greedy arrogant cowboy who still thinks that USA’s word is the heaviest law to obey in Solar system, at least.

    USA will have civil war in the near future, they like it or not.
    Not that I wish them such catastrophe but what goes around comes around.

    Let’s hope that Trump after meeting with Putin will completely drop greed, arrogance and cowboy~ism.

    Otherwise USA is toasted.

    • Replies: @Sbaker
    , @Henry's Cat
  7. The USA is pretty much autarcic.
    The cost of the USA empire is tremendous, more than 800 military bases all over the world.
    Britain already before 1914 was financially unable to sustain its empire, two world wars completely disintegrated the empire, made the British poor and caused an influx of migrants.
    If Trump knows and understands all these things, I do not know, but what he does suggests it.
    As to the EU, an illusion.
    There is no political or cultural Europa, there are some 28 or more different nations and cultures.
    The ideological basis of the EU is that it brings peace, by subjugating the evil Germans, who caused two world wars and perpetrated the holocaust.
    In my opinion the Germans were, and, through continuing propaganda, are still the victims, the holocaust has been discussed here more than enough.
    The weird thing is that the EU is the opposite of what it was meant to be: encapsulating Germany.
    The real capital of the EU is Berlin, with kaiserin Merkel, trying to create better Germans through large scale immigration.
    Merkel now has manoevred herself also into an impossible position with two other projects, closing nuclear power stations all of a sudden, thus building coal electric plants, and pretending reducing CO2 emission, at the same time needing more Russian gas.
    Trump blackmails Germany with its exports to the USA, export always having been the Achilles heel of Germany.
    As with all megalomane projects, they fail.
    The EU is falling apart, migration not the cause, just the fuse in the powder keg that the EU always was.
    These are interesting times, someone deliberately dissolving an empire, and a fake empire dissolving.

    • Replies: @Authenticjazzman
  8. Wally says:

    They are the same metrics, sources used by Obama.

    ‘The Left needs to face reality: Trump is winning’

    • Replies: @anon
  9. sarz says:

    The points made by Petras, that he would attribute entirely to Trump’s huge incompetence, are also noted by James Jatras. Jatras at least concedes that Trump might be bringing down the empire deliberately — and in that case there could be no one he could share his plans with.

    Trump is on the face of it a poisonous shabbos goy, and we have a duty to keep calling him on it. Still, we have to keep some small part of our minds ready to acknowledge the opposite, something almost unimaginably heroic.

  10. Milton says:

    Trump is a Freemason, ceremonial President. Every President since JFK has been a fake, ceremonial President. The Presidents since JFK don’t actually hold real power or authority. They are cheerleaders for the Deep State. Trump even said as much during the campaign saying he would be a better cheerleader than Obama. Israel and the MIC/Deep State control America, not the President or Congress. Hopefully Putin is not fooled by the theatrics, but then again with Putin’s groveling before Natanyahoo, I’m not sure there’s much hope in the present crisis.

  11. Regime! Empire! Imperial! Supremacy! Dominance! REEEE!

    Calm down, James.

    We’re making a hard course correction away from one world governments and back towards autonomy. That involves the deliberate compartmentalization of nations with (ethno)nationalism as a bulwark against the spread of globalism. And Europe’s coming along for the ride because we both need each other as allies for what is to come. Needless to say, the divorce is going to get very ugly.

    Honestly though, you make it sound so bad, like we’ve been derailed from the road to utopia by Trump or something. All he’s really done is given us back the ability to voice our own self-interests after Cultural Marxism stripped us of it with the better part of a century’s worth of social engineering. And in doing so, ensured that if Western Civilization is going down anytime soon, it’s going to have to be with a bang and not the originally planned whimper.

    • Replies: @Milton
  12. Milton says:

    Meanwhile in the real world, Trump continues to give millions in foreign aid to Israel and Saudi Arabia while homeless vets rot on the rotting streets and millions of hard-working blue-collar Americans live paycheck to paycheck.

    Sadly, Trump has turned out to be a Neocon puppet. Whether he was their boy all along or has been compromised by them, same difference at this point.

  13. anon[317] • Disclaimer says:

    Impact of transferring govt from public domain into private ownership

    Oligarch/Pharaoh (TLD) massive wealth, personally owned
    Private Corps (PC) (doing govt jobs, or possessing a govt monopoly or power)
    Slave Drivers (SD) ( elected by the public to run the govt)
    Public (P) ( those forced to accept only recourse is to vote & pay)

    After Slave driver elected, discovers must answer to PC, not P, the voters.
    PC = derive large % of corporate income from one of the following classes
    A. private contractors doing govt jobs (banking, energy, private mercenary
    armies, whatever, domestic or foreign or military contractors & 1 Oligarch/ Pharaoh who live in different places in the world). Please note PC layer collective contributions (advertising $s) support the privately owned media; enables them to collectively promote:hide, accelerate:retard programs as needed to adjust the behaviors and attitudes of the public.
    Whole segments of the global economy belong to one or a few enterprises in each class of PCs. Substantial economic power and most political power hb transferred into private hands. Private corporations now have or control whole segments of the profit potential in the entire world, they can now operate transparent to (invisible or visible to) and independent of the politics of any nation. For example the exclusive right to produce electric power and to build the infrastructure to deliver that power to homes and businesses is domestic in nature, but if you look carefully you will see the same pharaohs or oligarchs own them. The patent that prevents all others from competing in the computer operating system market makes it possible for one corporation to control every computer in the world. Patents on search engine technology makes it possible for one privately owned, oligarch controlled corporation to determines whose website is find-able and whose website is not, to collect personal data on everyone worldwide, and to deny those who do not agree with the Oligarch.
    Note: Privatized govt d/n care who the people elect. because all decisions and political power belongs to the oligarchs. Elected who fail to support the Oligarchs do not get re elected? The decisions, laws and use of govt resources are no longer in the hands of the voting public or their elected representatives.
    Garbage collection example:
    City A: 1,000,000 collection stops/month, govt runs garbage; price/ stop = $9/mo.
    Total revenue = total cost ($9/stop X 12 mo X 1,000,000 = $108,000,000

    Privatise Garbage collection (City grants franchise to corporation A)
    Corporation A raises the price from $9/stop to $10/stop:
    Total revenue = $10/stop X 12 mo X 1,000,000 stops =$120,000,000
    less: Total cost = $ 9/stop X 12 mo X 1,000,000 stops=$108,000,000
    Profit the franchise gave to the Franchise owner = $ 12,000,000
    means each person in City A was forced to give
    one of the private oligarch owned corporations
    $12/yr from their pocket.

    ACTOR TRUMP has done one thing: Trump has tried to changed which corporations are to be the recipients of the privatization deals. Putin and Trump both realize they need to counter the up and coming Indian, Iranian, and Chinese intrusion into the corporate markets their constituencies have traditionally enjoyed monopoly powers in. The deal with Putin is about the getting the CIA backed LNG business off Putin’s back, but it is a problem for Trump, because wall street and London have invested heavily in the LNG. LNG explains why Bush, jr entered the White house, why 9/11 was produced, and why Iraq was invaded, the gas lines to Europe at the Ukraine were taken over politically, Why Turkey was a big player early on in the Syrian invasion, why Libya was obliterated, why the Morsey teams in Egypt were destroyed, and why the CIA invented ISIS invasion into Syria, why the Saudis have agreed to wipe Yemen of the map and raise production by 1,000,000 bbls/day when the world has already a gut of oil and why Oligarchs in Iran and Russia have been sanctioned.
    But the unmentioned player in all of this, is those who, pledge their allegiance to Israel?
    So what does the article say?

    • Replies: @peterAUS
  14. @Milton

    No dictator ever held absolute power, even dictators must take into account political pressures and interests.
    Trump is not a dictator, he’s democratically elected president in a functioning democracy, whatever one may think of the USA democracy.
    So even a Trump cannot do anything he maybe wants to do.
    He has as example Kennedy, who did not consider enough the forces that were against him.
    So a puppet, not in my opinion.

  15. Trump is a symptom of America’s moral and cultural degeneracy not the cause of it.

  16. @Rational

    As has been said, Trump is the bull in the china shop. He is destroying the old established order and we can only hope something good will come from it. The man is all over the place in his thinking. He does many right things for the wrong reason and wrong things for the right reason. Trump is simply hastening the decent of the US empire and its fiat economy and will drag all the other fiat currencies along with it.

    • Replies: @Moi
  17. Miro23 says:

    If history is any precedent, imperial empires without economic foundations, sooner or later crumble, especially when rising regional powers are capable of replacing them.

    This is worth repeating. Empire and wars are expensive. For example the British world trade network was doing fine until the “Imperial” idea came along with wars and economic failure. The US is doing even worse in trying to fight its Imperial wars on credit.

    The result is that Trump faces the real prospects of a decline in exports and popular electoral support – especially from those adversely affected by declining markets and deep cuts in health, education and the environment.

    He may well be blindsided by a candidate who actually implements Trump’s own election platform 1) no more wars 2) domestic infrastructure spending 3) stopping mass immigration 4) draining the swamp. Trumps electoral weakness is that didn’t follow through on his promises.

    The electoral oligarchy and the mass media will force him to retreat from the trade wars and surrender to the globalizing elites.

    No doubt that the globalized elite want Friedman’s “World is Flat” concept – profit maximizing world markets, world production, stateless corporations, free movement of labour and capital (without troublesome national identities) represented by an exclusive and vastly wealthy rootless elite ruling over a global worker hive. The “Empire” is only the military/enforcement side of this, with sanctions/wars against dissidents.

    Trump is in the strange situation of having been elected to fight the Empire while needing elite Imperial support to stay in his job.

  18. @ jilles dykstra

    Amazing. “Milton” says that 2+2=4 but you disagree.

    Those who know that 2+2=4 , also know that Trump is a Neocon puppet.

    In fact , they know that all American presidents are puppet of that small country that Trump has just decided to give millions in foreign aid.

  19. NAFTA and the Trans Pacific Partnership are both NWO deals and NAFTA has already caused the loss of jobs in the U.S. so where in the hell does Petras come up with these deals being good for America.

    The NWO cabal is trying to set up a North American Union combining the U.S. and Mexico and Canada and with a new currency called the AMERO and in order to bring this about the cabal needs to crash the U.S. economy and the cabal is doing this right now, by the way the unemployment figures are total bullshit, the real unemployment is around 25%.

    Trump and Clinton are the same except for their plumbing and both are under Rothchild aka zionist control as is the U.S. gov , so the zionist drive for a ONE WORLD GOV continues and the wars in the mideast continue and the U.S. is driven deeper down the rabbit hole to an Orwellian future.


  20. Sbaker says:

    This comment ranks right down there with some of the most idiotic since 1980.

    • Replies: @nagra
  21. anon[392] • Disclaimer says:

    This is one of the reasons Americans of all colors and stripes will not receive the the benefits of the powers of economic equality ,transparency , literal meanings of the health of the economy and economic freedom Because they will remain blinded by partisan worship of the presidents . We agree with Obama’s criticism of big bank s or of Bush’s conducts of the war . WE agree with Trump’s criticism of the wars raging in the ME . We agree with his take on illegal immigrants . Instead of holding their feet to the fire , we condone,ignore,and then come out in support of them when they fail miserably and intentionally on other vital areas or when they go against the election promises.

    We believe he shits about economy coming out of FOX CNN MSNBC NYT NY POST because we worship the candidates they support or don’t support , or because the support or dont support our views on other areas .

    1 American economy has been growing without the accompanying growth of the worker’s compensation for 45 years . Nothing new . 2 presidents have no role for the existing condition of the economy . 3 Presidents may claim some success down the line years after presidency is over .
    4 Our economic knowledge is doled out by the same psychopaths who dole us out the knowledge and the faith about wars and about other countries from the unclean perches of the media . Yes its a handout Its a dole because we have all along built up our world view and our view of US as told by these guys dictated to us and shoved down us . 5 The folks whose income have suffered and hours have increased don’t have the time or the brains to explore and verify . They are just happy to know that they heard this “Trust but verify ” and heard this ” make America Great Again ” . 6 They are happy to go to war because a lesbian was killed in Uganda or in Syria or a girl was raped in Libya or gas was smelt in Dara and Hara , Sara Bara and Laora – just throw some names any name, and these folks will lend their names and sign up .

    This is the underlying mindset and the intellectual foundation which explain our deepest attachment to liar like Obama and to Trump. Combined with helplessness ,this experience of reality can be disorienting and can lead to Stockholm Syndrome .

    If this president wants no immigration to EU,he should stop supporting France’s exploitation and military adventures in Africa, stop adding to war efforts in ME and will pay the restitution for ravaging those countries . He should focus on US and stop talking about EU’s immigration.

    • Replies: @jilles dykstra
    , @peterAUS
  22. @James Brown

    In fact , they know that all American presidents are puppet of that small country that Trump has just decided to give millions in foreign aid.

    In fact , they know that all American presidents are puppet of that small country that Trump Obama has just decided to give millions billions in foreign aid.

    U.S., Israel sign $38 billion military aid package
    Matt Spetalnick SEPTEMBER 14, 2016 / 1:35 PM / 2 YEARS AGO

    “WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The United States will give Israel $38 billion in military assistance over the next decade, the largest such aid package in U.S. history, under a landmark agreement signed on Wednesday.”

  23. KA says:

    Foreign aid to Saudi Arabia? Was there anytime in history , ever ? No . Saudi corrupts this country with Saudi money . Saudi kills Yemenis with Saudi money . Saudi props American economy by buying the tools they don’t know how to look at even . Saudi is the most decorated donkey in the desert .

  24. @nagra

    Petras is akin to a poor man’s Noam Chomsky, but compared to you, he’s a freaking genius.

    • Replies: @nagra
    , @ohmy
  25. nagra says:

    would you mind to explain why, please?

  26. nagra says:
    @Henry's Cat

    Who is Noam Chomsky?

    • Replies: @Wally
  27. Forensic evidence has already proven that the data on the DNC server was downloaded on a USB thump drive. The bombshells in Robert Mueller’s indictment of 12 Russian intelligence officers, hackers of DNC server, put a damper on Trump’s one on one visit with Putin.

    Putin is the world’s strongest man as he installed Trump as President of USA. Everybody is visiting Putin, even the new frail King Salman visited Putin personally. But the King sent his Prince MBS to visit Trump. Two days ago, Netanyahu visited Putin, his third visit in the last six months, in this year alone.

    Netanyahu gave guarantee to Putin, that he will allow Assad to stay, provided Iran has to leave Syria. In return Netanyahu will allow Trump to recognize Crimea and remove economic sanctions on Russia.

    Now Netanyahu is scratching his head whether Trump can deliver, as it appears the bargain of the century is off the table. Where as, Prince Bandar is back in graces, the puzzle is finally fitting into desired pattern…..

    God bless President Trump and USA. And, God bless President Putin and Russia. Finally, the Gods are smiling on the mankind… As Art will say, think Peace!

    The massacre of 200 million Christians in the last 100 years is finally coming to end…

    Recently, Philip Giraldi posted, “Bad Moon Rising”

    I see the bad moon a-rising
    I see trouble on the way
    I see earthquakes and lightning
    I see bad times today

    Don’t go around tonight
    Well, it’s bound to take your life
    There’s a bad moon on the rise

    I hear hurricanes a-blowing
    I know the end is coming soon
    I fear rivers overflowing
    I hear the voice of rage and ruin

    • Replies: @AnonFromTN
    , @Wally
  28. @Rational

    Reagan, an actor playing president

    • Replies: @MikeatMikedotMike
  29. @anon

    ” If this president wants no immigration to EU,he should stop supporting France’s exploitation and military adventures in Africa, stop adding to war efforts in ME and will pay the restitution for ravaging those countries . He should focus on US and stop talking about EU’s immigration. ”

    THE great cause of migrants coming to Europe is the USA, the wars in and destruction of Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria
    Mali, as far as I know hardly anyone comes from Mali to us.
    Sudan was split by the USA, oil, the USA is building a drone base in Nigeria, oil again.
    Bush jr promised AIPAC the war on Iraq if he would get the jewish vote.
    Possibly Brussels now understands that an attack on Iran will cause a new flood of migrants, Netanyahu has been warned.
    A new flood is the deadsure end of the EU.

    • Replies: @Wally
  30. @Buba Zanetti

    Funny, I thought the same thing about Obama.

  31. @James Brown

    Now, and in my now long life, I disagree and disagreed on a lot of things.
    In the long run I most of the time was proven right.

  32. @jilles dykstra

    1980 called collect, they want their Carter Campaign quip back.

  33. “President Trump has built upon and extended US imperial victories throughout most of Latin America.”

    Yeah, 600,000 Mexicans in the Chicago area; if that’s victory I wonder what defeat is? Even the Chicago Public School system Benito Juarez Academy used to (and may still do) fly the Mexican flag.

    We need to build an 2,000V electric fence like The Kaiser did in 1915 to keep the defeated Latin Americans from entering the victorious US imperialist state.

  34. @Jared Eliot

    Well, you start by blurting out a secret about DNC hack: there was no hack, there was a leak, but the leaker Seth Rich was conveniently killed during “botched robbery”. Guess who ordered this murder? Obviously, it couldn’t have been someone low in the food chain, as the “investigation” of Seth Rich murder is going exactly nowhere in two years. The Dems via Mueller just keep whipping the dead horse of “Russiagate” out of desperation.

    But next you undermine your credibility claiming that Putin installed Trump. Unfortunately for Putin, he does not have the resources to do that. Ludicrous sums allegedly spent by mysterious Russians bandied about by Mueller’s “investigation” show that Putin did not have the money to affect the billion-dollar show that the US presidential elections have become. Of course, corrupt mad witch, who outspent Trump 2:1 and still lost, would like to blame someone other than herself, but her story is dead in the water. The Dems betrayed their own electorate, white working-class people, and lost it forever. The fringe groups they gained cannot offset that loss.

    Trump won the elections not because he was so good, but because his opponent was utterly repulsive. However, in contrast to Obama and the witch, Trump shows some street smarts: he prefers to make deals with strong competitors, rather than fight them and sustain huge losses.

    BTW, you forgot that Trump’s inclination to make deals includes China, which is certainly not Christian. Basically, his is a common-sense approach that even an average Joe can understand. Hence the hysterics of establishment-owned Dems and Republicans. So, I’d say God bless common sense and the people possessing it.

  35. Art says:

    Journalists, academics, pundits and experts have ignored the complexity of President Trump’s impact on the state of the US Empire.

    We must be real – it is not complicated – we are the US Jewish Empire – Not the US Empire. The US Empire is financed and controlled by Jew money. When that is acknowledged – everything gets uncomplicated.

    The world gets it – it is so obvious (and the world does not respect us for it). The US that won WWII, no longer exists. Look at the UN – Nikki Haley is a moral joke – she has turned off the world with her slavish support of Israel. We appear gutless and subservient. Trump has made it clear – he is a Jew handmaiden. It is personal with him (Javanka). He will use America’s financial and military might to destroy any nation for Israel.

    All that our Empire exports these days is food, maybe oil, fiat Jew debt instruments, and our war making military. Food and oil can be found all over the world.

    Our nation’s consumption still dominates the world, but we are paying for it with fiat money. Our actual wealth is being overtaken by our debt. We will owe more money then the value of our assets. Then the Jews will foreclose, and it will all be over. Every day more American wealth falls to the Jews – end of story.

    The national US Empire is not ours – it is in the hands of the Jews. Social culture, government, money, and military.

    Think Peace — Do No Harm — Art

    • Agree: Them Guys
  36. @AnonFromTN

    “But next you undermine your credibility claiming that Putin installed Trump. “

    Sarcasm, no!

    • Replies: @AnonFromTN
  37. peterAUS says:

    You lost me here:

    …. The patent that prevents all others from competing in the computer operating system market makes it possible for one corporation to control every computer in the world.

    Anyone can make an operating system for (major) processor/hardware.

    Countless educational/hobbyst operating systems around.
    All free.
    Take the source, customize a bit and you’ll have your own operating system.
    If you are average with C and assembly you can do it in a month.

    Now….can it compete with Windows, Red Hat, FreeBSD etc, of course not, but that’s totally different conversation.

  38. @Jared Eliot

    Sorry, I missed that. Mea culpa.

  39. peterAUS says:

    The folks whose income have suffered and hours have increased don’t have the time or the brains to explore and verify .


    This is the underlying mindset and the intellectual foundation which explain our deepest attachment to liar

    Agree, up to a point.

    I am inclined to believe they just don’t care, though.
    And, maybe, they don’t care because they are comfortable enough, plus, there is no vision/idea to mobilize them.

    Now, why is that is, maybe, an interesting question.

  40. nagra says:

    and before you answer
    @Sbaker & @Henry’s Cat
    repeat after me:
    than have some good healthy proper laugh

    if you are able to have a such at all
    I mean if your brain allows

  41. Editor says:

    This article ignores the elephant in the room.
    For example: ” US does not exercise ‘hegemony’ over Latin America’s trading relations.”
    LOL! That’s nothing! “US” doesn’t exercise hegemony over anything!
    The owners of the private central bank and currency in the US, exercise hegemony over everything the US government does, both within the US home turf, and beyond.
    And “beyond” is a world full of other countries that have private central banks and currencies too, and the owners are the same guys as in the US.

    They have been orchestrating the world for some time. And they are nearing the completion of a long-term plan. The central-bank owners actually scheduled USA for demolition on Dec 23 1913. The plan was to make USA a great power, ON BORROWED MONEY, to serve as Foreign Legion of the Empire of the Great Parasite. Then to destroy the patsy nation along with it’s massive debt, about a 100 years later. Then the Great Parasite would jump to a new host: China as it turned out.

    They plan to destroy us, by provoking us into nuclear WW3 and us LOSING. That’s why all our bridges are falling down. The whole infrastructure is scheduled for demolition. They don’t want to waste any money on it.

    And Trump is not doing anything to rock their boat. And nor is the writer of this article, James Petras.

    • Replies: @anon
    , @jilles dykstra
  42. China has implemented tariffs on: canola, soybeans, corn, cotton, pork and beef.

    This list is what you would expect to find regarding the main produce of a third world country. And so we are and it’s a bit humiliating. Canola and cotton, the main exports of 1818, but 21st century?  We have not been an Empire since 1986 when we became a debtor nation.  We are barreling along on a wave of inertia and nostalgia not unlike a rogue cruise ship with the captain and crew asleep and dreaming of the good old days..

    • Replies: @anonymous
  43. Moi says:
    @Tony Lawless

    Downsizing while attacking Iran? LOL!

  44. Moi says:

    You’re being too hard on him. He suffers from ALS (american lout syndrome).

  45. Wally says:
    @jilles dykstra

    I’m not buying it.

    The greatest excuse used by these fake refugees is “military intervention”.

  46. ohmy says:
    @Henry's Cat

    WTF! Noam Chomsky? Where does he belong in this picture. The man is irrelevant, and an Israeli stooge. Put forward as some great thinker yet he hasn’t an original thought about 911. Ever wonder why? Him and his sweet heart Amy Goodman. Two screw balls who need to be hit with a hardball. Then again, one doesn’t get too far, or survive 50 years, in Academia talking truth about the (his)tribes. Ask Norm Finklestein. That said, I like your characterization … “A poor man’s Noam Chomsky”. It has character.

  47. renfro says:

    Regardless of any findings re Russia- Trump—-I would think a presidential campaign cc-ing all of its emails to a foreign country, not Russia , needs its own investigation. As Putin said not long ago…’maybe it was the Jews.



    ”Hillary Clinton’s emails, “every single one except for four, over 30,000 of them, were going to an address that was not on the distribution list,” Texas Congressman Louis Gohmert said on Friday. And they went to “an unauthorized source that was a foreign entity unrelated to Russia.” The information came from Intelligence Community Inspector General Chuck McCullough, who sent his investigator Frank Rucker, along with an ICIG attorney Janette McMillan, to brief Strzok

    And what “foreign entity” got Hillary’s classified emails? Trump haters in British Intelligence and those in Israel who want to manipulate the US presidency – whatever party prevails – come to mind. Listen closely and you may hear rumors around Washington that it was Israel, not Russia, that was the foreign power involved in approaching Trump advisers. Time to follow that thread

    The Gohmert/Strzok exchange:

    Gohmert: You said earlier in this hearing you were concerned about a hostile foreign power affecting the election. Do you recall the former Intelligence Community Inspector General Chuck McCullough having an investigation into an anomaly found on Hillary Clinton’s emails?

    Strzok: I do not.

    Gohmert: Let me refresh your memory. The Intelligence Community Inspector General Chuck McCullough sent his investigator Frank Rucker along with an IGIC attorney Janette McMillan to brief you and Dean Chapelle and two other FBI personnel who I won’t name at this time, about an anomaly they had found on Hillary Clinton’s emails that were going to and from the private unauthorized server that you were supposed to be investigating?

    Strzok: I remember meeting Mr. Rucker on either one or two occasions. I do not recall the specific content or discussions.

    Gohmert: Well then, I’ll help you with that too then. Mr. Rucker reported to those of you, the four of you there, in the presence of the ICIG attorney, that they had found this anomaly on Hillary Clinton’s emails going through her private server, and when they had done the forensic analysis, they found that her emails, every single one except for four, over 30,000 of them, were going to an address that was not on the distribution list. It was a compartmentalized bit of information that was sending it to an unauthorized source. Do you recall that?

    Strozk: Sir, I don’t.

    Gohmert: He went on the explain it. And you didn’t say anything. Strzok: No. Gohmert: you thanked him, you shook his hand. The problem is it was going to an unauthorized source that was a foreign entity unrelated to Russia and from what you’ve said here, you did nothing more than nod and shake the man’s hand when you didn’t seem to be all that concerned about our national integrity of our election when it was involving Hillary Clinton. So the forensic examination was done by the ICIG — and I can document that — but you were given that information and you did nothing with it.”

  48. There are a lot of problems with the analysis here – a lot.

    but central is the contention that presidet trump owns all the present positions of precedent’s past. that simply is an unreasonable standard. he cannot possibly be responsible for what he inherited from 16 years of policy. he is only responsible for he has done in office today, not the lingering festering wounds of 16 years. only how his policies impact during his tenure.

    as your article indicates, the problems he has inherited are huge and deeply processed. attempting to change course in nearly every arena of polity and practice has met with serious opposition from within and from without the party. there remains a large establishment agenda to manufacture a case to remove him from office. and even more discomfiting is that the huge bureaucracy the president has inherited has large elements intent of hindering his agenda, but evidence has emerged that at some level members of the federal law enforcement community and possibly intelligence services are active participants in attempting to make cause for impeachment.

    You engage in a discussion of trade without ever once noting the basel accords and wto policies which encourage risky international banking practices. china has been considering an end run around us currency for more than twenty years. president trump has barely been in office two full years.

    and while he and i have disagreements, I don’t for one minute buy that the mess of today are ultimately his yo own less than two years in office in an environment in which the republican leadership in conjunction withe conservative and republican opponents have spent enormous time and energy figuring out how to remove him from office.

  49. anon[317] • Disclaimer says:

    @ Editor very insightful longer is it just the central banks, the whole corruption of government by method of privatization has produced a centrality of monopoly powered (copyright patent, public monopoly privatization, with attendant and out right delivery of government duties and assets in the form of franchises and government contracts to) corporate privateers.

    Government has been systematically disassembled and transferred into highly differentiated well endowed cells (corporations), with a result that has allowed privateers to develop specialized expertise and assets far superior to that available to government, making government in fact highly dependent on the privateers( a homeland security look the other way issue). Worse, government has encouraged its privateers to block competition (this is done by copyright, patent, treaty and contract law). Privatizing government into privately owned cells has also allowed the privateers to hide behind the nation state name privately inflicted privateer abuse of power where ever they have a unsatisfied interest.

    Media describes the corporate wars as wars between nations, media describes the laws, lawmakers-make, as laws the lawmakers decided on, but in fact; laws since 1913 have been rules given to lawmakers by corporate interest to be made into law. Corporations dictate to the lawmakers; their demands are made through the mouths of lobbyist and employed plants[corporate operatives and corporate spies] within the administration and government.

    One of the earliest privatizations in America, occurred, when the Privately owned Fed reserve became the owner of the part of the public domain which the USA was suppose to protect; that protected public domain element is known as the monopoly power on money. That privatization reincarnated control by the same old bankers and investors in the City of London who previously controlled commerce and economics in Colonial America. That privatization handed to the City of London players the same control over America they enjoyed when America was a British Colony. After killing Lincoln, placing plants in USA courts and in elected and administrative offices of the USA, conditions were set up to make privatization happen. What triggered the transfer to the Federal Reserve was the Zionist urging to make Americans fight the German’s to save Britain in WWI, what congress did was to hand over to a group of private investors, the privilege and duty given exclusively to congress by the constitution; the privilege and duty to coin and distribute the money currency that regulated and controlled commerce in both domestic American and USA activities (secret or published) in foreign nations. In other words, no part of the economy would ever again be subject to the political will of American voters.

    The transfer of the money power from public domain to private enterprise subordinated the constitutional duty cited in Article I Section 8 {5} The Congress shall have power …to coin Money, regulate the Value thereof, and…. if that transfer had not been made, it is doubtful Americans would have been drafted to help the Kol Nidrei expressing Zionist in their quest to defeat the Germans and to destroy the Ottoman Empire, the precondition to controlling all of the oil in the world, for the benefit of British and French Banksters and their sprawling corporate empires.

    The government monopoly on the coinage, distribution and valuation of money was transferred from the USA (public domain) to the FEDERAL RESERVE (privately owned corporation) in a nation state crippling process known through out the modern world as Privatization. Rule of law provided the highway; profit incentive and the intentions of Kol Nidrei expressing Zionist to take the oil from the Arabs and at the same time to eliminate Germany as a possible competitor provided the transfer energy.

    • Replies: @Editor
  50. Wally says:

    “Who is Noam Chomsky?”

    He’s just another Zionist faking it as an ‘academic’, not nearly as smart as his fellow Zionists who market him say he is.

    • Replies: @nagra
  51. @ohmy

    Israeli stooge ?
    Noam Chomsky, Howard Zinn, William Blum,, ‘Superpower Principles, U.S. Terrorism against Cuba’, 2005, Monroe

  52. Wally says:
    @Jared Eliot

    New Research Shows ‘Guccifer’ 2.0 Files Were Copied Locally / DNC Not “Hacked By Russians”:

    Russia Hacking Narrative Is Dead:

    media & The Russian “Collusion” Investigation:

    • Replies: @Sowhat
  53. @Editor

    ” For example: ” US does not exercise ‘hegemony’ over Latin America’s trading relations.”
    LOL! That’s nothing! “US” doesn’t exercise hegemony over anything! ”

    Nowhere, I suppose, does one see USA power over South America better as when driving from Miami to the Keys.
    Just outside Miami, on the left, a bank for every S American country

    • Replies: @Editor
  54. @ohmy

    I don’t know if Noam Chomsky is an “Israeli stooge” or not. But that NC is not an honest guy, there is no doubt about that. He believes all the official story..9/11, AIPAC has no power, etc…

    His disciple and friend -Norman Finkelstein-, although his academic career was destroyed by the Lobby, seems also to believe in the official lies, except when they are about Palestine.

    Norman Finkelstein’s hero is Bernie Sanders.That tells you that NF can’t be that honest…Although he likes to market himself as the most honest scholar around.

    Gilad Atzmon isn’t afraid of discussing everyhing: 9/11, Holocaust, The Lobby….
    Noam Chomsky, Norman Finkelstein and Amy Goodman don’t like Gilad. That tells you all you need to know about those “truth tellers.”

  55. Editor says:

    Very interesting, Anon! I think you are saying about the same thing I did, just taking it to a lower level of detail.

  56. @Milton

    As a young man who moved to Dubai, I thought of the Gulf War veterans a few years older than I who’d I worked for in college with breathing problems.

    Most lived in squalor or struggled with bills. Here was former Corporal such-and-such, now a pothead in a ratty apartment with a shitty car, and meanwhile in the Arab Gulf young men his age were making money in business ventures or with college educations paid for by the government.

    In London, Kuwaitis lived well. I observed this on a trip there.

    I lived well in Dubai as a civilian. Nice apartment, free new car, decent job, good salary.

    Meanwhile the former troops were back in the blue-collar slag heap of the post-industrial middle America. One Gulf War veteran I knew was my boss at a telemarketing job, another ran a sign-making company. Generally the towns they came from looked more third world than Dubai.

    It is funny that people in the Rustbelt or in rundown Podunk cities refer to the Middle East as a toilet bowl.

    Dubai looked better to me than Michigan.

    • Replies: @anonymous
  57. anonymous[405] • Disclaimer says:
    @Jeff Stryker

    It is funny that people in the Rustbelt or in rundown Podunk cities refer to the Middle East as a toilet bowl.

    LOL! Exactly! Many of those here too.

    White hand-to-mouth trailer trash trying to find something to feel “superior” about. Do they even understand that there are plenty of people in the so-called third world who are better off than their sorry existence on earth.

    So, the question arises whether it is better to live “3rd world” lives in the “1st world,” or “1st world” lives in the “3rd world.”

    Praise be to God, that I have been fortunate enough to get the latter, as so many others (e.g. Dubai etc).

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  58. denk says:

    Air Force Brigadier General William Looney, Gulf war one…

    ‘They know we own their country. We own their airspace… We dictate the way they live and talk. And that’s what’s great about America right now. It’s a good thing, especially when there is a lot of oil out there we need.’

    MAGA !

  59. anonymous[405] • Disclaimer says:
    @Robert Magill

    China has implemented tariffs on: canola, soybeans, corn, cotton, swine (puke) and beef

    This list is what you would expect to find regarding the main produce of a third world country. And so we are and it’s a bit humiliating.

    Exporting food items, a matter of humiliation! Exporting weapons of mass destruction, a matter of great glory!

    The western civilisation… a moral cesspool, full of self-important degenerates.

  60. nagra says:

    well if you consider Noam Chomsky Zionist you must be, sorry to say, Muslim than

  61. Art says:

    Off topic:

    The frigging Israeli Jews are bombing Gaza kite makers with US war planes and US bombs.

    Two children dead — the Jews are mendacious bastards unworthy of human discourse!

    Think Peace — Do No Harm — Maintain Hope, Life, Love, Truth, & Idealism — Art

    p.s. Jew control of the US media allows this to go on and on.

  62. Art says:

    More Off Topic:

    Just how many people of this world do these jerkhead Jews think they can piss off?

    The English royal family is loved all over the world.

    Israel anger as UK Prince set to visit ‘occupied’ East Jerusalem

    Israeli Minister of Jerusalem Affairs Zeev Elkin was enraged as UK Prince William referred to East Jerusalem as occupied land, claiming that “united” Jerusalem has been the Jewish capital for 3,000 years, Israeli news website Ynet News reported yesterday.

    According to the news site, Prince William, who is to arrive in the region on 25 June, will visit the occupied Old City of Jerusalem as part of his tour of the Palestinian territories.

    The Israeli news website said that Elkin was especially enraged by Kensington Palace’s official statement which said: “The programme in the Occupied Palestinian Territories will begin with a short briefing on the history and geography of Jerusalem’s Old City from a viewing point at the Mount of Olives.”

    On his Facebook page, Elkin wrote: “It’s regrettable that Britain chose to politicise the Royal visit. Unified Jerusalem has been the capital of Israel for over 3,000 years and no twisted wording of the official press release will change the reality. I’m expecting the prince’s staff to fix this distortion.”

    “Unified Jerusalem has been the capital of Israel for over 3,000 years”

    Of course that is a total lie – the Jews have had control of that land for only a few hundred years of those 3,000 years. What a putz! He can take his rage and shove it!

    Think peace — Do No Harm — Art

    • Replies: @Editor
  63. @anonymous

    3rd World

    My boss as a 20 year old in a telemarketing company job I held at college had himself been a Marine who’d been stationed in the Philippines.

    He’d joined the Marines because he’d been busted for selling pot in his small town at 17 and did a 6 year hitch-he’d spent most of it in the Philippines off-case in a nice bungalow with a car and Filipino girlfriend as a jungle survival instructor. He’d also served in Kuwait and was friends with some important Arab businessmen.

    Now he was back in his Podunk city at 25 or 26 being followed around by the city cops who wanted to bust him for weed. He never could make any money and his car often broke down and moved from shitty rental unit to shitty rental unit until finally he ended up living in his parents backyard in their old camper.

    One day, he gave me a ride to work in his car and the cops followed him. He said they wanted to bust him for weed-he’d been dealing a few bags on the side for extra money.

    After a glamorous life of Filipino military and Arab businessmen calling him “sir” he was back in America in a Podunk town being followed by local cops.

    When I went to Dubai, I understood a bit better. It was bright and glamorous. Lots of money and a glorious skyline. Nobody was poor, there was no welfare single mothers on the roads or skeletal meth heads trudging around outside trailer parks. No ominous weather-beaten houses on streets with potholes that looked like Leatherface might burst out with a chainsaw.

    In the middle of the United States, a great many cities and regions looked far more third world than Dubai and upscale parts of the Philippines. If you are from Greater Detroit, even a suburb, you can reflect that nowhere in the Gulf Arab countries and East Asia has the look of hollowed-out poverty that the average Podunk city in the US has-the rusting metal cars and bad roads and two-story downtowns with no businesses but a movie theater and a tattoo parlor and a taxidermy shop in hunting season.

    One thing about the film FIRST BLOOD was how close small towns in the US were to the edge of Third World penury-some smug jerkoff with a badge ruling the roost like a dictator in the Banana Republic, the woods just one block away from the edge of town, the barren downtowns full of bedraggled white proles like Rambo.

    But of course the American proles who vote for a George Bush and write off the surplus economy to pointless wars can be made to believe the “middle east is a shithole” than needs to be saved when in point of fact the average Dubai businessman is much better off than anyone in their Podunk town where the richest guy is the dentist who makes $80,000 a year.

  64. Art says:

    The following is a long article that shows that the German natives are restless. It is written from the perspective of the German elite.

    Criticism of Israel or Blatant Anti-Semitism?
    BDS Movement Sets Sights on German Cultural Festivals

    The Middle East conflict has arrived in Germany in the form of boycotts against German cultural festivals. The development raises the question of where the line is crossed between criticizing Israel as a state and anti-Semitism.

    Things are a changing.

    Think Peace — Art

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  65. Editor says:

    Re: ” UK Prince William referred to East Jerusalem as occupied land”

    Editor: The land was the British Mandate for Palestine, then the Brits transferred it: some land to the Palestinians and some land the Jews. The UN merely brokered the deal. If Brits had done this, the Jews wouldn’t have a claim to any land at all.
    The point is: the Brits do have dog is this fight.

    • Replies: @Editor
  66. Editor says:

    Re: “UK Prince William referred to East Jerusalem as occupied land”

    Editor: All the land was the British Mandate for Palestine, then the Brits transferred it: some land to the Palestinians and some land the Jews. The UN merely brokered the deal. If Brits had NOT done this, the Jews wouldn’t have a claim to any land at all.
    The point is: the Brits do have dog is this fight.

  67. @Art

    German-American says:

    Jews never raped girls in German parks or eleven year old boys in swimming pools. Much has been made of Jews in the sex industry exploiting young white prole females who choose to peel on stages or perform sex acts on camera but this the choice of young females who see a job cleaning grills at Burger King as more degrading.

    Muslims on the other hand are simply committing crime as a form of civil disruption in the hopes of destabilizing society-Jews, a merchant race, never had the desire to destroy a civilization which would then deplete them of customers who bought their cheap shit. This is akin to Indonesia where the Chinese merchant class were killed when Suharto died-political turmoil is not the desire of the merchant races who seek a consumer base.

    Nor were Jews in Europe the physical threat that Muslims represent. Jews do blow themselves up or take hostages. They sit in their shops and count money. The liberal elite of them (Which are small in number) might publish annoyingly Leftist scribes through their media organs but this is not the same as a Muslim entering your bedroom with his pants down to sodomize you.

    Jews did not torch cars in Paris. They are semi-integrated like the Chinese in Southeast Asia.

    Most of what posters go on about with Jews is abstract and hard to prove. Jews dominate the porn industry simply to degrade the moral standards of white males? What about Japanese? As if they do not manufacture porn. Jews control the financial markets? Then why is China such a threat? Oh, the Jews flew over to Beijing and secretly colluded with Chinese millionaire outlaws to further impoverish the white prole of Europe or Texas?

    But the Muslim threat in Europe is on the streets. Its not abstract when a truck runs over you or swords slash you.

    When Jews crowded the cities of the East Coast prior to the black migrations from the South there no complaints that Jewish kids were ruining the school system. The real hardcore white prole Blame-it-all-on-them here are going to cite a few Jewish gangsters from the Boardwalk Empire but this is a joke.

    • Replies: @Art
    , @Sam J.
  68. Art says:
    @Jeff Stryker

    But the Muslim threat in Europe is on the streets.

    The Jew threat all around the world is Jew banks. Nation after nation has suffered at the hands of the Jew banker. War after War has been financed by Jews.

    The Muslims in Europe, come there because of Jew wars in the ME. Their countries have been destabilized by Israel.

    Everyone in the world, but the American people know this to be true.

    Think Peace — Do No Harm — Art

    p.s. Playing one wrong off on a another is never right.

    p.s. Two wrongs never make a right – never have never will.

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  69. bluedog says:

    Trump is a neo-con his tariffs a joke for I see no tariffs placed upon the goods /products of the American companies and corporations who manufacture in China or other shit-hole countries, as he labels them…

  70. @Art


    I’m not a Jew or a “shill” but Bush was going to invade Iraq no matter what and at the time it was the Jewish left who objected to his invasion and the white middle-class who voted for him, not the Jews.

    P.S. You cannot decry Jews for being Leftists and pinkos while at the same time laying the blame of warmongering chicken-hawk GOP on them. The two are in congress.

    Few Palestinians have come to Europe, surprisingly. Or Lebanese. Its mostly Turks, Syrians and North Africans whose failed states are their own fault.

    WASP elite owned banks before the Jews immigrated to the United States in the late 19th and early 20th century-they are new to the U.S. relatively speaking.

    Jews do not create the street violence and civil disruptions of the Muslims or blacks or Mestizos. They are too intelligent for that. Jews do not burn cars or shoot policeman. For that matter, they are not the white proles who become policeman or volunteer for wars in the Middle East in the first place.

    You might argue that they rip off people’s pensions and create recessions, but this is an abstraction veering into conspiratorial territory.

    In terms of pure civic disruption and potential safety threats, Jews just are not doing this.

    • Replies: @Art
  71. Art says:
    @Jeff Stryker

    I’m not a Jew or a “shill”

    Oh my’ — another not-Jew defending every aspect of mendacious Jew activity by saying others are worse. (Pure Hasbara 101.)

    Think Peace — Do No Harm — Art

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  72. @Art


    Did it ever occur to you that not one Jew in Brooklyn or Wall Street chasing a buck gives a single shit about the average Anglo-Saxon in Middle America or the exurbs or Podunk regions of the US interior?

    Or that not one NYC Jew surrounded by Irish-Americans ever cared a white about Northern Ireland.

    Yet white proles learn weird archaic Jewish terms and obsess over the conflict in Palestine.

    How does it feel to give so much thought to a group of people that just don’t give a toss about square-dancing, Garth Brooks, jet-skis or anything else that forms some aspect of Anglo-American culture?

    • Replies: @redmudhooch
    , @Art
  73. Editor says:
    @jilles dykstra

    Jilles: “Nowhere, I suppose, does one see USA power over South America better as when driving from Miami to the Keys. Just outside Miami, on the left, a BANK for every S American country”

    Editor: That’s BANKER power. Take a dollar bill out of your pocket and read the inscription on the top: “FEDERAL RESERVE NOTE”! The 12 “FEDERAL RESERVE” banks are the BANKS for a N American country: the US of A. The private central bankers power includes the USA too. The only difference is we get the privilege of being their Foreign Legion, and fighting their wars of financial colonialism, and picking up the tab ourselves!

    Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the Presidents of the 52 Major Jewish American Organizations are leading President Trump, like a puppy on a leash, into a major war with Iran. The hysterical ’52 Presidents’ and ‘Bibi’ Netanyahu are busy manufacturing Holocaust-level predictions that a non-nuclear Iran is preparing to ‘vaporize’ Israel, the most powerful, nuclear-armed state in the Middle East.
    We will cite ten recent examples of Israeli-authored policies, implemented by Trump in his march to war (there are scores of others).
    1. After many years, Israel and ‘the 52 Presidents’ finally made the US withdraw from the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) because of its detailed documentation of Israeli crimes against Palestinian people. Trump complied with their demands.
    2. Tel Aviv demanded a Zionist fanatic and backer of the illegal Jewish settler occupation of Palestinian lands, the bankruptcy lawyer David Friedman, be appointed US Ambassador to Israel. Trump complied, despite the ambassador’s overt conflict of interest.
    3. Israel launched waves of savage bombings against Syrian government troops and facilities engaged in a war against ISIS-mercenary terrorists. Israel, which had backed the terrorists in its ambition to break-up of the secular Syrian state, demanded US support. Trump complied, and sent more US arms to the anti-government terrorists.
    4. Israel denounced the 2015 Iran Nuclear Deal Framework and signed by 6 major states and UN Security Council Members, (US, France, UK, Germany, China and Russia). A furious Netanyahu demanded that President Trump follow Tel Aviv and abrogate the multiparty agreement signed by his predecessor, Barack Obama. Trump complied and the US is at risk of openly violating its international agreement. Trump parrots Netanyahu’s falsehoods to the letter: He raves that Iran, while technically in compliance, has violated ‘the spirit of the agreement’ without citing a single instance of actual violation. The 5 other signers of the ‘Framework’, the US military and the UN’s International Atomic Energy Agency have repeatedly certified Iran’s strict compliance with the accord. Trump rejects the evidence of countless experts among US allies and ‘his own generals’ while embracing the hysterical lies from Israel and the ‘52’. Who would have thought the ‘hard-nosed’ businessman Trump would be so ‘spiritual’ when it came to honoring and breaking treaties and agreements!
    5. Israel and the ‘52’ have demanded that Washington imprison and fine US citizens who have exercised their constitutional First Amendment Right of free speech by supporting the international boycott, divest and sanctions (BDS) campaign, which is designed to end the illegal Israeli occupation of Palestinian land and crimes against Palestinians. Trump complied. Americans may soon face over a decade in prison and complete economic ruin for supporting a peaceful economic boycott of Israeli settler products. This will represent an unprecedented violation of the US Constitution. At present, US public employees, like teachers in certain US states, are facing job loss for refusing to sign a ‘loyalty oath’ not to boycott products from Israel’s illegal settlements. Desperate American victims of the floods and natural disasters in Texas are being denied access to public US taxpayer relief funds unless they sign similar loyalty oaths in support of Israel.
    6. Israel demanded that the US appoint Zionist fanatic real estate attorney, Jason Greenblatt and real estate speculator, Jared Kushner as Middle East peace negotiators. Trump appointed South Carolina businesswoman Nikki Haley as US Ambassador to the United Nations. Israel pushed for Ms. Haley, the first US governor to criminalize support for the peaceful BDS movement.
    7. Trump went against the advice of ‘his Generals’ in his own cabinet regarding Iran’s compliance with the nuclear agreement, and chose to comply with Netanyahu’s demands.
    8. Trump supports the long-standing Israeli project to maneuver a Kurdish takeover of Northern Iraq, grabbing the oil-rich Kirkuk province and permanently divide the once secular, nationalist Iraqi nation. Trump has sent arms and military advisers to the Kurds in war-torn Syria as they attempt to grab territory for a separate ‘Kurdistan’. This is part of an Israeli plan to subdivide the Middle East into impotent tribal ‘statelets’.
    9. Trump rejected the Turkish government’s demand to extradite CIA-Israeli-backed Fethullah Gulen, self-exiled in the US since 1999, for his leadership role in the failed 2016 military coup d’etat.
    10. Like all his predecessors, Trump is completely submissive to Israeli-directed ‘lobbies’ (like AIPAC), which operate on behalf of a foreign power, in violation of the 1938 Foreign Agents Registration Act. Trump chose his Orthodox Zionist son-in-law, Jared Kushner, a callow real estate investor and prominent supporter for war against Iran, as his chief foreign policy adviser.
    -President Trump’s irresponsible pandering to Israel and its American-Jewish agents has caused deep unease among the Generals in his cabinet, as well as among active duty and retired US military officers, who are skeptical about Tel Aviv’s push for open-ended US wars in the Middle East.

    • Agree: Miro23
  75. @Jeff Stryker

    Yet white proles learn weird archaic Jewish terms and obsess over the conflict in Palestine.

    Israel should reject the next American taxpayer welfare check that our “government” sends them every year. They should also reject any military aid or free weapons paid for by Americans.
    They should also return the trillions that they have recieved over the years.
    They should also apologize for murdering Americans, USS Liberty, Lavon Affair, and 9/11.

    I think most of us would stop “obsessing” over their BS after this is done.

    Also, kindly GFY

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  76. Sowhat says:

    I have admittedly vascillated in my judgements of DJT but have never vascillated in my opinions of the Crooked American MSM or U.S. Intelligence. Both are against The General Wellfare of The Nation and The People. The farther to the Left they lean, the more they subvert this Wellfare.
    TRUMP is a beacon of hope. He and his closest advisors are handling The Presidency admirably considering the resistance on all sides. He shows guts and brilliance in publicly departing from groupthink of both The Establishment and Federal Intel.
    One should ask, “Am I pleased with the general Path of The Nation over the last five decades?” If they ARE, they need a mental evaluation. TRUMP has to walk a fine line while employing a Rope-a-Dope strategy so that he is not assassinated.
    I’ve never witnessed a President buck the whole system of governance and I am elated and hopeful that people awaken to realize just how they have been controlled- how they have not been free to think outside the box. I’ve at times thought that he was just another neo-Con but, IMO, he appears more like a true Birches which suites me. He’s not an isolationist but, rather, a non-interventionalst…a true breath of fresh air. Damned the Press, The Democrats, and The Deep State. The People want to again feel as if The Federal Government works for them and not special interests.

  77. MarkinPNW says:
    @Buba Zanetti

    Hmm, I think Buba and Mike are both right, in their own ways.

  78. Sam J. says:
    @Jeff Stryker

    “…Jews never raped girls in German parks or eleven year old boys in swimming pools…”

    No during the Weimar Republic they mostly kept them on the streets for show then had them raped in apartments. Now they rape them in their offices and in their homes.

    “…Muslims on the other hand are simply committing crime as a form of civil disruption in the hopes of destabilizing society…”

    Jews brought them here. Just like they brought the Blacks. I say they brought faulty products. We want our money back.

    I won’t go on about your typical sidetracking of issues to pretend the Jews are just cuddley folk that want to get along with everyone. I want to draw attention to the fact that we’ve heard enough of this already and that the only solution to the Jews is to get rid of them. They must go. Peacefully if we can get it ,but they must go no matter what or what we have to do to get rid of them. They’ve been thrown out of every single country they’ve ever been to in any numbers. No one can stand but so much of their combined psychopathic mindset and their attacks on whatever country they are in. They only solution is to get rid of them. This is tried and true solution. Guaranteed to work and has been proven to work for hundreds of years. Get rid of them and let them have no say in any of your affairs. This time though with the rise of modern communications we can remember why we got rid of them in the first place and never let them back.

    • Replies: @Authenticjazzman
  79. Sam J. says:

    This essay is silly. he blames Trump for trade but it’s hardly his fault that the people at the top, mostly Jews, have destroyed our manufacturing. Maybe it will cause a massive trade war and things will go to shit but all the countries that are practicing Mercantilism van change their ways or we can at least stop losing manufacturing. There really is no other choice. That this affects the economy can’t be helped. What’s done is done. The old saying if you’ve dug yourself into a deep hole the first thing to do is to stop digging comes to mind.

    Eventually maybe it will force us to cut back on “The World Conquest”. I doubt that will hurt the feelings of many of us who comment here. Might even bring joy to our little black hearts.

    As for South and Central America. No doubt the banks have fucked them good but I don’t think the average US citizen has seen much of whatever dollars they wrenched out of them. I personally don’t agree with what has been done but we have to get back control of our country first before we could even begin to think of doing anything about that.

    We all hear how we should quake in our boots that the dollar stop being used as a world currency. No doubt when this happens there will be a few years of bad things happening but after that we can go back to trade with a dollar more in line with it’s value giving a great advantage compared to our present state.

  80. Art says:
    @Jeff Stryker

    Yet white proles learn weird archaic Jewish terms and obsess over the conflict in Palestine.

    Only fools are not obsessed with the Israeli elimination of Palestine.

    Because of our unjust support of Israel 9/11 happened.

    9/11 and its aftermath has cost America thousands of lives, trillions of dollars, and our good standing in the world.

    In any way giving succor to the Jew is a bad thing.

    Think peace — Do No Harm — Art

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  81. @AnonFromTN

    ” Trump won the elections not because he was so good” , Actually he was great, and he touched people in an emotional way that the phoney, cold-blooded, ruthless HC could not imagine.

    This guy Jared Eliot is nothing but a abject fool, don’t waste your time or energy on him.

    Authenticjazzman “Mensa” qualified since 1973, airborne trained US army vet, and pro jazz artist.

    • Replies: @AnonFromTN
  82. @Sam J.

    ” Their combined psychopathic mindset”

    So I guess you also mean the great jewish songwriters, the Gershwins, and Berlins, the Arlens (Over the rainbow), the Hammersteins and Kerns, and hundreds more, without whose wonderful musical creations American would be a much poorer place, culturally.

    Look there is no denying that there are and have been horrible scoundrels amongst the Hebrews, but they are not alone in the world of larcenous, murderous cretins populating planet mirth.

    Authenticjazzman “Mensa” qualified since 1973, airborne trained US army vet, and pro jazz artist.

  83. @jilles dykstra

    ” The Germans were and are still the victims”
    Absolute focking nonsense. The Germans, their new terminology for themselves being “Gutmenschen”: “The good humans”, the German “victims” now view themselves as the global highpriests of morality: “Am deutschen Wesen soll die Welt genesen” having been and now again their primary axiom regarding the “social” edumacation of mankind.
    Their media relentlessly screaming about the US gun laws and demanding that the US constitution be altered so as to forbid the private ownership of weapons.
    And then there is the constant medial demand that the US eliminate the electoral college which was responsible for the loss of the their Liebling HC, several of their politicos having gone so far as to label DT as a “Hassprediger” : Hatepreacher.
    They apparently think somehow that they are entitled to determine US internal policy, and that because of their “superiority” that the stupid american “Rednecks” , a term which shows up redundently in the german reporting, must accept thier viewpoint as a guiding factor in US internal policy decisions.
    They are incessantly screaming about the loss of “O-Care” and that the evil Republicans are depriving the poverty-stricken masses of medical care, regardless of fact.
    could go on and on regarding the pityful german “victims”, but let it be said : WC, with his “boots or throat” formula was perfectly on the money.
    Obviously you yourself have no clue as to the true nature of the german “victims”.

    Authenticjazzman “Mensa” qualified since 1973, airborne trained US Army vet, and pro jazz artist.

    • Replies: @peterAUS
  84. @Authenticjazzman

    Let’s put it this way: Trump was among the most appealing candidates, whereas Hillary was among the most disgusting. The choice between the two was a no-brainer.
    However, I’d like to see someone who has healthy instincts of Trump, but can actually stay the course: drain the swamp in DC and chart a reasonable international policy that benefits the US, rather than greedy MIC profiteers.

  85. peterAUS says:

    ….now view themselves as the global highpriests of morality: “Am deutschen Wesen soll die Welt genesen” having been and now again their primary axiom regarding the “social” edumacation of mankind.


    That attitude, is it coming from their own “progs” or, say, people in general?

    If “progs” only, well…..don’t we endure the same coming from Americans?

    • Replies: @Authenticjazzman
  86. @redmudhooch

    When Garth Brooks and other Irish-Americans were singing about the woes in Northern Ireland not a single Jew from NYC went over to Belfast to chain himself to a British garrison like white protesters have done on behalf of Palestine.

    I actually see your point about the fiscal side of things.

    On the other hand, when I was a young man in Southeast Michigan and things really went south in Detroit and Flint and some of the idle young Jews on the street I knew moved to Israel this seemed like a relief for the US-they could serve over there in the military or hold a job and were not on welfare. Up to that point, they were sitting forlornly around in the local park, drinking Jack Daniels (A popular beverage for street Jews in the North) and smoking pot. Let Israel take them, I thought. Although it says something about the state of America’s internal third worlds (And this was in the Clinton era) that a good many Jewish Americans have more opportunities in another country.

    And by the way, I’m not Jewish. Not at all. But a Yankee white is surrounded by Jews. Its like whites and blacks in the South.

  87. @Art


    So why weren’t Jews in NYC at the height of the Troubles in Northern Ireland when Garth Brooks and other Irish-Americans were singing about them or publicizing them like Mickey Rourke rushing over to chain themselves to British garrisons in Belfast.

    The Jews did not care a whit about this Irish-American conundrum. Not a single bit.

    Of course the “Troubles” did not spill over onto US soil as you pointed out.

  88. @peterAUS

    ” Is it coming from their own progs or people in general”

    This may seem at first to be a non-sequitur viewpoint but fact is Germans view themselves as better educated than the rest of the unwashed peasants world-wide, when fact is they have fallen for the myth of “Dichter und Denker”, a land of poets and thinkers.
    They somehow have misunderstood the historical elements of the Fürstentümer in which the royality had mentored writers, composers, poets etc, and they are equating these past constellations with themselves presentely, when if fact aside from the court mentored litterati, the totality of the Germanic peoples had comprised of illiterate farmers, mine-workers, a few skilled workers such as smithys etc. A land of Dichter und Denker is a lie and a complete distortion of historical fact.

    Anyway what this all boils down to is that Germans think that they are right about everything and anything, and yes this “Besserwisserische” attitude is prevalent amongst the average folks and not only the so-called progs, plus the total political spectrum in Germany has moved radically to the left , and the former conservative CDU is nothing but an extention of the Greens and Linken which consider themselves to be as stated the moral high priests of world civilization.

    Add to this the fact that the Germans are afflicted with TDS worse than any in any other nation on earth and than you are confronted with a psychotic atmosphere such as nowhere else to be found.


    • Replies: @peterAUS
  89. peterAUS says:

    Informative post.


    …what this all boils down to is that Germans think that they are right about everything and anything, and yes this “Besserwisserische” attitude is prevalent amongst the average folks and not only the so-called progs…


    ….the Greens and Linken which consider themselves to be as stated the moral high priests of world civilization.

    Have to say that my, personal, observation from dealing with Germans aligns with the above.

    I feel it’s good that you brought up that here.

    The prevalent thinking about Germans on alt-right is rather complimentary, for obvious reasons (re “Dem Joos”). They don’t register that…..arrogance.. I guess.

    • Replies: @Authenticjazzman
  90. Mr. Petras, while you may have academic credentials and dry, abstract information, I question the quality and sourcing. I know Brazil very well, as my family is there and all are professionals. Your characterization of Temer as a lapdog of Trump’s or America is not valid or useful. He is in fact the result of a completely internal disgust of the Brazilian people with runaway corruption and the explosion of The State in growth and expansion. This breezy throwaway and others are unworthy and meaningless. If anything, if indicates your very likely sympathy with the Socialiste Internationale.

    “Trump’s imperial empire in Latin America…..”. Do you write for Salon or the Puffington Host? Drivel.

    “In effect the Trump regime can no longer count on a powerful unified alliance at its behest,in its quest for a global empire.” More drivel. No support given, no qualifiers.

    I glanced through the rest of your article. Freshman level generalities and bumper sticker level patina.

  91. @peterAUS

    Appreciate your agreement, and I just can’t find the words to express just how much the Germans piss me me off with their demanding that the US alter it’s constitution so as to restrict the private ownership of guns such as in Germany.
    And then there is the insistance in the German media that the US eliminate it’s electoral college which the dumb-ass Germans view as responsible for the election loss of their Liebling HC.
    The german “Dichter und Denker” seem to be unable to understand that the election procedure applies to all sides, and the electoral college was not established two hundred years ago so as to ensure that DT would win in 2016.

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