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Reasons Trump Breaks Nuclear-Sanction Agreement with Iran, Declares Trade War with China, and Meets with North Korea
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For some time, critics of President Trump’s policies have attributed them to a mental disorder; uncontrolled manic-depression, narcissus bullying and other pathologies.

The question of Trump’s mental health raises a deeper question: why do his pathologies take a specific political direction?

Moreover, Trump’s decisions have a political history and background, and follow from a logic and belief in the reason and logic of imperial power.

We will examine the reason why Trump has embraced three strategic decisions which have world-historic consequences, namely: Trump’s reneging the nuclear accord with Iran ;Trump’s declaration of a trade war with China; and Trump’s meeting with North Korea.

In brief we will explore the political reasons for his decisions; what he expects to gain; and what is his game plan if he fails to secure his expected outcome and his adversaries take reprisals.

Trump’s Strategic Framework

The underlying assumption of Trump’s strategic thinking is that ‘power works’: the more intransigent his posture, the greater his belief in a unipolar world based on US power. As a corollary, Trump interprets any ally, adversary, competitor who seeks negotiations, reciprocity or concessions is ‘weak’ and should be pressured or forced to concede greater concessions and further retreats and sacrifices, up to the ultimate goal of surrender and submission. In other words, Trump’s politics of force only recognizes counter-force: limitations in Trump’s policies will only result when tangible economic and military losses and costs in US lives would undermine US imperial rule.

Reasons Why Trump Broke the Peace Accord with Iran

Trump broke the accord with Iran because the original agreement was based on retaining US sanctions against Iran; the total dismantling of its nuclear program and calling into question Iran’s limited role on behalf of possible allies in the Middle East.

Iran’s one-sided concessions; trading military defense for market opportunities encouraged Trump to believe that he could intimidate Iran militarily by closing all its markets.

Trump views President Rohani as a rug seller not a military strategist. Trump believes that an economic squeeze will lead President Rohani to sacrifice his allies in Syria, Lebanon (Hezbollah), Yemen (Houthi), Palestine (Hamas) and Iraq (Shia)and to dismantle its ICBM defense strategy.

Trump pursues the strategic goal of weakening Iran and preparing a regime change, reverting Iran into a client state – as it was prior to the 1979 revolution under the Shah.

The second reason for Trump’s policy is to strengthen Israel’s military power in the Middle East. The Trump regime is deeply influenced by the Zionist power configuration (ZPC) in the US, dubbed ‘the Lobby’.

Trump recognizes and submits to Zionist-Israeli dictates because they have unprecedented power in the media, real estate, finance and insurance (FIRE). Trump recognizes the ZPC’s power to buy Congressional votes, control both political parties and secure appointments in the executive branch.

Trump is the typical authoritarian: at the throat of the weak, citizens, allies and adversaries and on his knees before the powerful ZPC, the military and Wall Street. Trump’s submission to Zionist power reinforces and even dictates his decision to break the peace accord with Iran and his willingness to pressure. France, Germany, the UK and Russia to sacrifice billion-dollar trade agreements with Iran and to pursue a policy of pressuring Teheran to accept part of Trump’s agenda of unilateral disarmament and isolation. Trump believes he can force the EU multi-nationals to disobey their governments and abide by sanctions.

Reasons for Trump’s Trade War with China

Prior to Trump’s presidency, especially under President Obama, the US launched a trade war and ‘military pivot’ to China. Obama proposed the Trans-Pacific Pact to exclude China and directed an air and naval armada to the South China Sea. Obama established a high-powered surveillance system in South Korea and supported war exercises on North Korea’s border. Trump’s policy deepened and radicalized Obama’s policies.

Trump extended Obama’s bellicose policy toward North Korea, demanding the de-nuclearization of its defense program. President Kim of North Korea and President Moon of South Korea reached an agreement to open negotiations toward a peace accord ending nearly 60 years of hostility.

However, President Trump joined the conversation on the presumption that North Korea’s peace overtures were due to his threats of war and intimidation. He insisted that any peace settlement and end of economic sanctions would only be achieved by unilateral nuclear disarmament, the maintenance of US forces on the peninsula and supervision by US approved inspectors.

Trump’s unilateral declaration of a trade war against China accompanied his belief that military threats led to North Korea’s “capitulation” – its promise to end its nuclear program.

Trump slapped a trade tariff on over \$100 billion dollars of Chinese exports in order to reduce its trade imbalance by \$200 billion over two years. He demanded China unilaterally end industrial ‘espionage’, technological ‘theft’ (all phony accusations) and China’s compliance monitored quarterly by the US.

Trump demanded that China not retaliate with tariffs or restrictions or face bigger sanctions.

Trump threatened to respond to any reciprocal tariff by Beijing, with greater tariffs, and restrictions on Chinese goods and services.

Trump’s goals seek to convert North Korea into a military satellite encroaching on China’s northern border;and a trade war that drives China into an economic crisis.

Trump believes that as China declines as a world economic power, the US will grow and dominate the Asian and world economy.

Trump believes a successful trade war will lead to a successful military war. Trump believes that a submissive China, based on its isolation from the ‘dynamic’ US market, will enhance Washington’s quest for uncontested world domination.

Trump’s Ten Erroneous Thesis

Trump’s political agenda is deeply flawed!

Breaking the nuclear agreement and imposing harsh sanctions has isolated Trump from his European and Asian allies.

His military intervention will inflame a regional war that would destroy the Saudi oil fields. He will force Iran to pursue a nuclear shield against US-Israeli aggression and lead to a prolonged, costly and ultimately losing war.

Trump’s policies will unify all Iranians, liberals and nationalist, and undermine US collaborators.

The entire Muslim world will unify forces and carry the conflict throughout Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

Tel Aviv’s bombing will lead to counter-attacks in Israel.

Oil prices will skyrocket, financial markets will collapse, industries will go bankrupt.

Trump’s sanctions and military aggression against Iran will lead to mutual economic destruction.

Trump’s trade war with China will lead to the disruption of the supply chain which sustains the US economy and especially the 500 US multi-nationals who depend on the Chinese economy for exports to the US.

China will increase domestic consumption, diversify its markets and trading partners and reinforce its military alliance with Russia.

China has greater resilience and capacity to overcome short-term disruption and regain its dominant role as a global economic power house.

Wall Street will suffer a catastrophic financial collapse and send the US into a world depression.

Trump’s negotiations with North Korea will go nowhere as long as he demands unilateral nuclear disarmament, US military control over the peninsula and political isolation from China.

Kim will insist on the end of sanctions, and a mutual defense treaty with China.

Kim will offer to end nuclear testing but not nuclear weapons. After Trump’s reneged on the Iran deal, Kim will recognize that agreements with the US are not trustworthy.



Trump’s loud, threatening gestures are a real danger to world peace and justice. But his assumptions about the consequences of his policy are deeply flawed. There is no basis to think his sanctions will topple the Iranian regime; that Israel will survive unscathed from a war with Iran: that an oil war will not undermine the US economy; that Europe will allow its companies to be frozen out of the Iran market.

Trump’s trade war with China is dead in the water. He cannot find alternative production sites for US multi-nationals.

He cannot freeze China out of the world market, since they have links with five continents.

Trump cannot dominate North Korea and force it to sacrifice its sovereignty on the basis of empty economic promises to lift sanctions.

Trump is heading for defeats on all counts. But he may take the American people into the nuclear abyss in the process.


Are Trump’s threats of war part of a strategy of bluff and bombast designed to intimidate, in order to secure political advantages? Is Trump playing the Nixon-Kissinger ‘madman’ tactic, in which the Secretary of State tells adversaries to accept his ‘reasonable’ demands or face the worst from the President? I don’t think so.

Nixon unlike Trump was not led by the nose by Israel. Nixon unlike Trump was not led by pro-nuclear war advisers. Nixon in contrast to Trump opened the US to trade with China and signed nuclear reduction agreements with Russia.

Nixon successfully promoted peaceful co-existence.

Trump is a master of defeats.

• Category: Foreign Policy • Tags: China, Donald Trump, Iran, North Korea 
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  1. Realist says:

    Reasons Trump Breaks Nuclear-Sanction Agreement with Iran, Declares Trade War with China, and Meets with North Korea

    The Deep State told him to.

  2. Gordo says:

    industrial ‘espionage’, technological ‘theft’ (all phony accusations)

    Of course they do this, they would be stupid if they didn’t.

    • Agree: CalDre
    • Replies: @TT
  3. Realist says:

    Trump’s political agenda is deeply flawed!

    Trump has no agenda of his own.

  4. “Trump’s sanctions and military aggression against Iran will lead to mutual economic destruction.”

    indeed they will, and sadly it well deserved after the last 20yrs off US terrorism.
    the US hubris will soon meet karma, and we all know karma is a bitch..

    • Replies: @jilles dykstra
  5. Biff says:

    Tel Aviv’s bombing will lead to counter-attacks in Israel.

    ?Who is going to do this bombing, and counter attacking?

    • Replies: @Gleongelpi
  6. Trump cannot dominate North Korea

    You didn’t have to be genius to see this coming. In fact, NK played Trump as expected. Anything else would have been gross negligence by their diplomatic negotiators.

    Getting Trump to speculate about a prospective Nobel (for himself) for bringing nuclear peace to the Pacific was baiting the hook nicely.
    The US is now dealing from a position of weakness. Let’s see what NK can extract in terms of keeping their weapons and gaining economic assistance in return for getting the meetings back on track.

  7. This theory is the opposite of what I suppose is the right explanation, the explanation also given by prof Laslo Maracs, UVA Amsterdam, that Trump and his rich friends understand that the USA can to longer control the world, conquering the rest of the world totally out of the question.
    The end of the British empire began before 1914, when the twe fleet standard had to lowered to one fleet.
    Obama had to do something similar, the USA capability of fighting two wars at the time was lowered to one and half.
    What half a war accomplishes we see in Syria.
    In the thirties the British, some of them, knew quite well they could no longer defend their empire, at the time this meant controlling the Meditarranean and the Far East.
    Lawrence R. Pratt, ‘East of Malta, West of Suez’, London, 1975
    The British guarantees to Poland and countries bordering on the Med lighted the fuse to the powder keg that had been standing for a long time.
    Churchill won, the British thought, and some of them think it still, WWII.
    But shortly after WWII some British understood ‘we won the war, but lost the peace’.
    I still have the idea that Trump has no intention of losing the peace, but time will tell.

    • Replies: @myself
  8. @Per/Norway

    I suppose Trump just is buying time against Deep State and Netanyahu.
    The fool Netanyahu is happy with having got Jerusalem, he does not see the cost in increased hatred among Muslims, and Israel having won the Eurovision Song Festival.

    • Replies: @Mike P
  9. Trump’s loud, threatening gestures are a real danger to world peace and justice.

    Just as Wilson and FDR’s, and their successor’s regime change efforts were. At least they’re consistent! Damn them all.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  10. Trump’s “policy” is simply a reflection of his character as a narcissistic, arrogant bully.
    To “make America great again” means for him “make America the Global Bully” again.
    However, behind the facade of all his bravado hides a puppet of the Jewish Power Structure, which is even more dangerous than Trump himself. “Make Zion Great Again” would be a more apposite slogan.

    • Agree: jacques sheete
  11. Wall Street collapsing will not cause a world depression, but will reflect the very real depression that will arise from huge disruptions to the US supply chain and energy costs and the knock-on effect that will have on the global economy.

    A strike on Iran won’t by itself be enough to cripple the US economy, but the loss of a single aircraft carrier might be enough of a pull on a thread that unravels the magical mantle of military force that currently holds the empire together and keeps the vassal-states in line to cause things to go pear-shaped quickly.

    • Replies: @dkshaw
  12. Nobody can accuse Donald of not being obedient executioner of tasks given by his Masters.
    You don’t have to be dark skinned to reside in Masters quarters, orange haired and white is ok too..

  13. Kirt says:

    Overall a good analysis, but as far as his support of Israel is concerned, his family connections with the most ultra-Zionist factions should not be overlooked.

  14. Escher says:

    Trump believes that as China declines as a world economic power, the US will grow and dominate the Asian and world economy.

    On what basis does the author say that? Trump is smart enough to know that China is growing as an economic and military power, not declining.
    A fairly poorly (and likely hastily) written article.

    • Replies: @Gleongelpi
  15. Mike P says:
    @jilles dykstra

    Buying time to do what? How do you think that time will work in his favour?

    • Replies: @jilles dykstra
  16. Trump is under the control of Zionists just as is the U.S. gov with Zionist dual citizens in control of every facet and has been since 1913 when the Zionists created the FED and the IRS.

    Trump is like the Roman emperor Caligula and is a Trojan Horse for the Zionist agenda of a NWO and is continuing the tradition of the U.S. gov breaking its word about everything , just ask the native American Indians.

  17. You haven’t convinced me he isn’t a psychopath.

  18. The nuke agreement with Iran was a sham. Iran lied about what they were doing. The agreement had never been submitted to the Senate and so was never ratified. Our “allies” in Europe and Asia knew that and their reaction has not been nearly as negative as the author of this column has claimed.

    • Replies: @Herald
    , @Vidi
    , @jacques sheete
  19. Joe Hide says:

    I continue to admire President Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin, and Xi of China. WHY?….because RESULTS matter more than opinions on internet websites, T.V., or in printed publications.
    N. Korea has stopped performing ICBM or nuke tests, a less extremist regime change “coup” took place in Saudi Arabia, financing/ weapons flows / intelligence to Syrian terrorists has dried up with resulting collapse of ISIS, Iran is threatening to release the names of European & American politicians who previously made millions / billions off the Iran nuke deal if it is dropped, Harvey Weinstein, Allison Mack, and “Weiner” were untouchable before Trump, the list just goes on and continues to get bigger.
    A major reason for admiration of Putin is that the Mainstream Media (MSM) can’t stop demonizing him. So of course I’m logically led to believe that he is mostly a good guy since the MSM has proven itself repeatedly to distort the Truth. Putin also largely ended the oligarchs power, doubled Russian citizens income, used an tiny Russian military in Syria to gradually reverse ISIS expansion there, improved Russia’s internal manufacturing, agricultural, mining, and technological research/ development, intellectually crushed international debate opponents repeated using only logic and facts (You should watch the videos!), built / rebuilt over 10 thousand churches, has patriotic Muslims (Crimea) fighting for Russia in Syria, etc. etc. Xi of China has pretty impressive creditials but this post is overly long anyway.

  20. Anonymous[317] • Disclaimer says:
    @jacques sheete

    Yes, but there is much more to your observation.. The first banker backed congress where the move to take the oil from the Arabs by immigration invasion into the Arab inhabited lands and by establishing control over Arab behaviors, land and mind by method of establishing rule of law first became serious in 1897 Switzerland at the first Zionist Congress.. (History: 1392 and 1401; slave monsters and traders were expelled by Spain and Portugal ; Salonika became the new center for that trade, Salonkia was one of the few places that would allow them to immigrate their trade in human misery and that also had suitable geography (top of the Med) to continue that kind of trade. (
    Along about 1865 to 1880, the fact that Whale oil was replacing Petroleum was getting known and it was discovered that the Ottoman controlled, Arab land was full of oil. Germany in 1867(I think) made a deal with the Ottoman(we build a road from Berlin to Baghdad-produce your oil and pay you a royalty). That deal set in motion western banker intentions to get Germany out of the picture (WWI and WWII) and to keep the Russians at bay. They bankers tried to undermine the Ottomans(much like in Turkey today); when in 1904 the Ottoman discovered the Zionist bankers were using the Jewish slave trader located at Salonkia to infiltrate and stir unrest in military with purpose to overthrow the Ottomans, the Ottomans discovered, burned the Jewish Traders out at Salonkia (half went to NYC ; half to St. Petersburg, Russia)
    The NYC group was used by the Zionist bankers (1913 to talk Wilson into WWI.) and the St. Petersburg group (led by Lenin incited for the October Revolution 1918?)
    both WWI and WWII were Mobster banker efforts to get the oil from the Arabs.
    Could it be human right and lawlessness is traceable to banker control over, or banker intention to control, most of the oil worldwide? Could it be the bankers are corrupt? Could it be the bankers have replaced our well meaning elected persons with banker controlled puppets? Certainly it is beyond imagination that well meaning elected persons would pass laws and create government agencies to deny their citizens access to media, the right to free speech, the right to present a website or to engage in internet discourse. They have criminalized most free speech..
    We must understand I think this change from open internet to closed society; from open government kept reasonable by reports produced from award winning journalist, to lies, distorted propaganda and put the journalist and whistle blowers (Julian Assange is missing) did not happen by well meaning people. Its time to quit thinking nation state leaders elected in elections as being in control. Pharaohs control not the voters. (the war in Syria, Yemen, Libya, the decimation of the Palestinians caught in the Gaza trap, the on going and coming war with the nations that still have honest to the people they govern leaders: pits mobster bankers and their corporations against all of humanity; if these nations lose everyone will be a mobster banker or a slave).

    • Agree: jacques sheete
  21. TT says:

    Of course they do this, they would be stupid if they didn’t.

    • Agree: CalDre

    I like your frankness. Every countries is into this at different degree, with ZUS the apex. But been leading in most tech area currently & lazy to produce any useful things, ZUS is very unhappy that their esponage net result is negative, hence the continuous whining.

    When tide reverse with China leading in most tech, ZUS will complaint about complex patent system as been flawed in exploitating & suppressing of weaker country innovation, juz as it did for WTO & Globalization now.

    Of course any moronic comments about only China is esponaging US IPR & rise purely due to US FDI & Tech transfer will resonate CalDre into high chime.

  22. padre says:

    Well ,he is not meeting with North Korea either,,since Kim didn’t chicken out, and is not that stupid as to offer his head on the plate!Bolton made sure of that.

  23. TT says:

    Hastily written article cobbled by bits of public info here & there without deep analysis.

    1. Today NK declared they have indefinitely terminate all high level exchange with SK. If Trumps insisted on another Libya & Iraq defank & ending model advocate by Bolton, meeting with Trumps will be cancelled. Trumps needs the Korea peace credit to get his Nobel Prize, so as to booster his coming Nov election win. Kim has baited Trumps to put him in tight corner now, hence WH still insisting to go ahead prepare for the meeting.

    If venue does changed to Beijing from Trumps’ choice of Spore (Kim’s cargo plane can’t fly his limousine so far, also a risk of him as Spore is US vassal), we will see Kim has K.O. Trumps in another round. Kim will get to keep its nuke weapon until USM remove its Korea present, clear all sanctions, with UNSC guaranteed its safety. If Trumps has the meeting cancelled, then China can roll out its own play book as unchallenged leader in solving Korea crisis. Either way, Trumps will lost influence to China.

    2. Trade war with China has exposed ZUS deep weakness in its brinkmanship when china retaliated with no compromise. Four most senior trade & treasury secs scrambled 10,000 miles to Beijing to seek detente, but return empty handed in 2days with their ridiculous demands in hubris. Still China got Trumps to waiver ZTE ruling, with Huawei declared no longer a threat to US security.

    Btw, this author has wrongly written about the \$100B trade tariff, its only \$50B so far. Another additional \$100B is only a empty threat ZUS dare not release to avoid China retaliation.

    3. JCPOA cancelling is godsend move.
    First, EU with Germany & France having huge investments in Iran is crying loud that they have to be free from been ZUS vassal.

    If they caved in to ZUS sanction threat, then EU bosses – Macron & Merkel will face revolt from Europe business sector. China & Russia will be happy to pick up whatever investments in fire sales.

    If EU decided to rebel & chart its own destiny with a little spine, then ZUS has lost its tight clutch over EU. EU has juz announced to trade Iran oil in Euro, hasten de-dollarization. The geopolitical game is changing tide. In either way of EU decision, China & Russia win.

    Now Iran will continue to enjoy free trades with everyone except ZUS that it dislike most, & win moral high ground in international standing by keeping to JCPOA.

    ZUS has juz ordered Trumps to shoot its own foot. It pay the high price of losing every credibility in international agreement, forced EU into seeking independency, have EU trade in Euro, with Iran, China & Russia all smiling.

  24. @Anonymous

    Yes, but there is much more to your observation..

    Of course, but I just wanted to make a point not write a book or even a PhD thesis. thanks for the supplementary material though.

    Your comments about oil are spot on as you know. The wars were about smashing some real competition.

  25. Herald says:

    Please try and be serious, that sort of nonsense just won’t do.

  26. Vidi says:

    Somebody has to shovel the BS occasionally, to keep the smell down here. I guess it’s my turn today, sigh.

    The nuke agreement with Iran was a sham. Iran lied about what they were doing.

    Then the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and many of the major European countries must also be lying when they say that Iran is fully complying with the JCPOA.

    The agreement had never been submitted to the Senate and so was never ratified.

    The United Nations Security Council endorsed the JCPOA; see UNSC resolution 2231. According to the UN treaty, UNSC resolutions are automatically the law of the land, even in the USA — no Senate ratification needed.

    • Agree: mark green
  27. @Quartermaster

    … Iran lied about what they were doing.

    Citation, please.

    Have you ever made a comment that was other than your mere and clearly biased opinion? Try it sometime; it would be interesting to see what evidence you provide to support such transparently erroneous ideas.

    • Replies: @Anon
  28. dkshaw says:
    @The Alarmist

    Anyone who destroys a carrier is sure to face a nuclear attack, and nuclear war will ensue.

    • Replies: @Da Wei
    , @The Alarmist
  29. Trump’s only strategy is to do what Israel orders him to do. The Neocon Jews and their friends including the Jew In Chief of the White House Jared Kushner are running the show. You can easily see this in the Khazar Whoress Niki Haley’s presentation before the UN including walking out before the Palestinian Rep had a chance to speak.

    Trump is up to his arms in shady deals with Jewish financiers of his properties and they will get what they want from him politically. It’s Israel against the world and the US is nothing more than their war whore. More people will die for this strategy that comes from formerly Tel Aviv and now from the Magic Jewish Capital called Jerusalem.

  30. renfro says:

    Stars — They’re Just Like Us: Celebs outraged over Gaza are speaking out
    US Politics Mondoweiss Editors on May 16, 2018

    Some other examples:

    New York City’s Hip Hop station Hot 97’s morning show, “Ebro in the Morning,” dedicated an entire segment to yesterday’s demonstration in Gaza where the two blasted Israel and President Donald Trump

    — Gigi Hadid (@GiGiHadid) May 15, 2018
    Hadid posted screen shots of Al Jazeera’s coverage alongside an image of the Nakba with text written by a relative,
    “Almost One Million Palestinians were violently forced out of their country and never allowed back to Palestine. The Hadid family was amongst them and they fled in fear to Syria where they became refugees.”

    Why are these important? Because they have millions of followers on social media ….because their audience and followers are the coming voter and leadership force….for better or worse…..and for Israel its the ‘worse’.
    Gigi Hadid for instance has 9 million followers on twitter.

  31. renfro says:

    Giuliani: Mueller’s team told Trump’s lawyers they can’t indict a president

    This true.

    BUT…..’if’ any criminal wrong doing by Trump before he was president is revealed in the course of the Russia investigation he can be indicted for that after he is out of office.

    IN ADDITION…..’if’ any criminal wrong doing is revealed in Trump’s businesses then any persons involved in it within his businesses including his sons or daughter can be indicted….and now, as they have no presidential protection.

    imo….this is what Trump is most afraid of…..some criminal business like money laundering being exposed. …not that Mueller will find Russian election collusion.

    • Replies: @Anon
  32. renfro says:

    Rex Tillerson just majorly trolled Donald Trump

    ”Speaking to soon-to-be graduates of the Virginia Military Institute on Wednesday, Tillerson dropped this truth bomb:
    “If our leaders seek to conceal the truth, or we as people become accepting of alternative realities that are no longer grounded in facts, then we as American citizens are on a pathway to relinquishing our freedom.”

    Why is this important? Because the graduating class of VMI selects its speakers……so that tells you where the minds of the elite military schools are on Trumpism.

    • Replies: @Anon
    , @Mike P
  33. Anon[107] • Disclaimer says:
    @jacques sheete

    Citation, please.

    Citation: Quartmaster comments history.
    Credential: consistent distorted views of anglozionist propaganda since day1.

  34. Anon[107] • Disclaimer says:

    Then RT (Rex Tillerson) proceed to lie & threaten all other countries with perpetual war (Syria, Iran), propaganda war in (Latin America, Africa, China) & instigating coup threat (Venezula) to keep his position. But Trumps fired him for not despicable enough.

    RT is juz another cheapo green horn in politics with no integrity, clinging to power he can never dream of.

    VMI elites when crawled up to General or WH high posts, also collaborate with MICs & politicians for their rosy retirement directorship with shameless lies for more budget & war.

    Capitalism & consumerism have fed all murkhans with greed & lies since birth to bcom a natural shameless liar of predatory nature. Very few will take redpill to exit that comfort matrix.

  35. Anon[107] • Disclaimer says:

    Then as Prez, Trumps can pardon anyone he like, including all war criminals & himself, also the Obama hypocrite Turkeys for thanksgiving while slaughtering hundreds of thousands innocents.

  36. Da Wei says:

    Not exactly. “Anyone who destroys a carrier” will likely be the ones who attacked the USS Liberty and the lying UZA will have predetermined the scapegoat.

    • Agree: Miro23
    • Replies: @Mike P
  37. @Biff

    Since the lightweights of hamas and Hezbollah already do it, you could assume that iiran would answer in kind to the best of their ability. And who knows what other party will also engage.

  38. @Escher

    I wouldn’t be too sure about that. As we all know, the West is full of narrow minded economists who either still claim that the USA has the largest economy I the world or that China’s economy is a bubble about to collapse and fully dependent in Americans buying their crap. So I would not be surprised if Trump actually believes that nonsense. This piece is also an op-ed, so the writer can be excused for no citing sources.

  39. @dkshaw

    That was my point … If America goes nuclear, the world goes pear-shaped, if America doesn’t go nuclear, America goes pear-shaped and takes the world along for the ride.

    Only winning move is not to play, but Bibi won’t allow that.

  40. Mike P says:

    “If our leaders seek to conceal the truth, or we as people become accepting of alternative realities that are no longer grounded in facts, then we as American citizens are on a pathway to relinquishing our freedom.”

    How does that refer specifically to Trump? There are lots of “leaders” everywhere – “leader” and “leadership” are among the most overused cliche words in North America. Heck, even school kids applying for lawn-mowing gigs list “leadership” credentials on their CVs.

  41. Mike P says:
    @Da Wei

    Now there is a scary scenario. That might just be where it’s headed.

  42. @Mike P

    If you have the choice of going under today or postponing it in my opinion the choice is easy.


    ” Kurz gesagt: Sollten die USA es nicht schaffen, den wachsenden Handel zwischen Europa, Asien und dem Iran zu unterbinden – womit sie scheitern werden, wie ich glaube – dann wird dieser Moment von Historikern zukünftig als entscheidender Schritt im Abstieg der USA von ihrer Position als Weltmacht gewertet werden. ”

    Short translation:
    ” if the USA fails in stopping the increasing trade between Europa, Asia and Iran – I think this will fail – then future historians will see this as definitive measure in the USA stepping down as world power. ”

    But maybe this is what Trump wants, Obama already had to lower the two war standard to one and a half.

    • Replies: @TT
  43. renfro says:

    The world is getting tired of US of Jew’merica. The Jews have worked for years to separate the US from its traditional allies and make it cleave only to Israel….well with both dem and repub help they have succeeded….now let the Jews and the US reap the whirlwind.

    Top EU officials agree joint stance on Iran deal, U.S. trade
    All European Union member states still back the Iran nuclear deal, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said on Thursday, adding that they…..

    EU to reactivate
    ‘blocking statute’
    against US
    sanctions on Iran


    A top European Union official branded President Donald Trump selfish and capricious Wednesday as EU leaders met to count the likely economic damage U.S. policies might inflict on the bloc and to try to rescue the Iran nuclear deal.
    In a striking rhetorical assault on the leader of Europe’s biggest ally, EU Council President Donald Tusk said, given Trump’s recent decisions, “someone could even think ‘with friends like that, who needs enemies?’”
    Trump has bewildered the Europeans by threatening to slap tariffs on EU steel and aluminum exports and reneging on an agreement to stop Iran from developing nuclear weapons, which the EU believes is vital to world security. Trump has also broken with a key international principle of Middle East peace efforts by moving the U.S. embassy in Israel to Jerusalem from Tel Aviv.
    Tusk’s remarks, made before he chaired a meeting in Bulgaria of the 28 leaders whose countries make up the world’s biggest trading bloc, underscored the widening gulf in EU-U.S. relations.
    Listing Europe’s traditional challenges, ranging from the expanding power of China to the belligerence of Russia, Tusk said: “We are witnessing today a new phenomenon, the capricious assertiveness of the American administration.”
    “Frankly speaking, Europe should be grateful to President Trump because thanks to him we have got rid of all illusions. He has made us realize that if you need a helping hand, you will find one at the end of your arm,” Tusk said.
    At dinner talks in the Bulgarian capital of Sofia, EU leaders were briefed on possible incentives to keep Tehran in the nuclear agreement despite a key player like the U.S. pulling out. Trump’s decision means that U.S. sanctions, held in check by a presidential veto until now, could soon hit Iran and European companies doing business there.
    The options being considered include new credit lines for Iran, increased energy cooperation and the use of EU laws to block European companies from caving in to U.S. sanctions.
    The leaders also planned to discuss Trump’s steel and aluminum tariffs, which could be imposed on the EU after June 1. Trump says the tariffs are needed for national security reasons. Europe’s leaders, most of whom govern nations that are NATO allies with the U.S., say security concerns simply are an excuse to break with the rules-based order of the World Trade Organization.
    “It is absurd to even think that the EU could be a threat to the U.S. We need to bring back reality in this discussion,” Tusk said.
    Trump’s decision to relocate the U.S. embassy to the contested city of Jerusalem will also be raised. Some EU leaders have made a direct link between the move and the killing of almost 60 Palestinians during protests on the Gaza border.
    Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel is calling for an international investigation.
    “It’s a moment that sends a shiver down your spine. Because there is a striking contrast between, on the one hand, an inauguration in great splendor, with smiles, and on the other hand, the drama, and families today that are in mourning with innocent children who are the victims of this situation,” Michel told state broadcaster RTBF

  44. TT says:
    @jilles dykstra

    Juz like the voting for US Jerusalem’s embassy, when the whole world refused to comply to US unilateral violation of JCPOA, continue their trade with Iran as usual, what can US do? Sanction the whole world so that it will not trade with everyone?

    For sure China, Russia, & Iran allies won’t bother. EU has too much interest in Iran investment that Iran wisely hedge on, hence they will not take sanction lying down. So will other countries follow suit, knowing they will not be singled out.

    US has declined under its own tyranny.

    Can US really fight 1.5war? Only if it really engage a worthy opponent like Iran or NK that are determined to fight till end with retaliatry weapons, we will know. Should it engaged China or Russia, even figting one war may prove overwhelming for its overstretch creaking military.

    • Replies: @Wally
  45. @Anonymous

    317: I like your post and agree with it.

    Currently, in Canada (sub-divisions: 10 provinces and 3 territories), a recent election in the pacific province of British Columbia, brought to power a leftist NDP (New Democratic Party) government which campaigned on the promise to stop oil pipeline expansion (bringing dirty tar-sands oil from oil-rich province of Alberta) , to protect the coastal environment, and respect first peoples (indigen) rights to veto oil pipeline externalities from their territory.
    The current federal government, under the titular leadership of Justin, the son of a famous and far-seeing Prime Minster of the 60s, 70s, and 80s, also made his policy one of standing up for the first peoples, and environmental protection.
    … now that the government of British Columbia (BC) is enacting their democratic promise to the people, the government of Alberta, oddly another NDP government in this traditionally a right-right Conservative province is freaking out.
    Yesterday, the federal Finance Minister, famous of his father’s founded largest “human resources” outsourcing company in Canada (read – skimming the little people, so the big banks can skirt provincial and federal employment laws), Bill Morneau, has pledged to financially compensate the huge multinational oil pipeline company, with federal (taxpayer) money, for any inconveniences that they might have with this sudden upstart democratic mechanics in action, and is making big hay about what a bad guy this so-and-so (leader of the BC government) is doing?!?

    Totally agree on Torah-Pharisees-Talmud global ideological collective machinations and embedded involvement in manipulating world activities with the secret activities of their adherents, who just so happen to occupy the preponderance of key decision and policy-making authority positions in banking/insurance, media, law, and academia (what a coincidence considering they are only <2% of the population in most western industrialized not democracies!).

    Author has incredible insight into Trump’s thoughts, I wonder where he was crawling around inside to get that?!

    Thanks for all the chuckles.

  46. Wally says:

    And what has happen as a result of the Jerusalem thing is that more & more attention is being paid by more & more people to “that shitty little country” and it’s mass murdering, land stealing, apartheid policies, immoral behavior, and it’s parasitical nature in general.

    I’m not sure if that was Trump’s intention, but it sure is the result.


    • Replies: @TT
  47. TT says:

    Whether its Trumps intention or not, he is godsend from heaven to accelerate collapse of United Snakes empire with his every moves. Jerusalem embassy & Iran jcpoa are so destructive to US & Israel forcing their allies too shame to cohort.

    How long can US might bear the blunt of going against whole world alone? Once US collapse, tyranny Isreal is doomed.

    Palestinians lack wise leader. If they stop their petty stone throwing & adopted Gandhi style of peaceful mass march towards border, their blood sacrifice will stir greater world response, forcing majority Israelis to crumple under guilt & pressure.

    Hopefully Isreal can live in peace with all to continue concentrate zionist in ME like a tumour. Otherwise they will spread to the world like toxic cancer.

    Wally, did you finish your school work before surfing net? 😉

  48. myself says:
    @jilles dykstra

    Trump and his rich friends understand that the USA can to longer control the world, conquering the rest of the world totally out of the question.
    The end of the British empire began before 1914, when the twe fleet standard had to lowered to one fleet.
    Obama had to do something similar, the USA capability of fighting two wars at the time was lowered to one and half.
    What half a war accomplishes we see in Syria.
    In the thirties the British, some of them, knew quite well they could no longer defend their empire, at the time this meant controlling the Meditarranean and the Far East.

    This is quite an important insight. What you say has got me thinking in a new way about the U.S. “Pivot to the Pacific” strategy.

    Previously, the United States had planned to be able to fight TWO major wars with formidable adversaries (Soviet Russia as well as China) plus a regional-scale war with a lesser opponent (say a war in the Middle East against Arab states or Iran).

    The stated U.S. goal was informally termed “the capacity to wage “two-and-a-half wars” simultaneously.”

    The whole “Pivot to the Pacific”, the prioritizing of one particular region at the expense of others (Europe, the Middle East) now seems to be an admission that from a standard of 2 and 1/2 wars, the U.S. now has a capacity to only fight only 1 real war at a time.

    To state the obvious: If we practice deterrence in Europe (say in the Ukraine), we neglect the Middle East and Asia. Or if we deter in Asia, we don’t do it anywhere else.

    The whole “Pivot to the Pacific” is a way of bluffing rivals and reassuring allies that we still have limitless resources, and that we merely CHOOSE to have Asia as priority. (“But we can still fight in both Europe and the Middle East if we wanted to”.) Uh huh.

    In fact, we are now FORCED to prioritize – due to a gross imbalance between our current empire and our ability to hold on to it.

    Given another decade, we may be forced to abandon even the Monroe Doctrine, and be focused only on the defense of the continental U.S. itself.

    Such is the decline of empire.

  49. eric says:

    Have we been paying China a intellectual fee for every Ringneck pheasants produced in the United States . After all China developed our domestic hogs too . The United States thinks they own some valuable intellectual property rights and they wish to collect on these rights for ever . Did not China invent the wheel . We better start paying them for that too . These valuable intellectual property rights values are something the United States is trying to take too far . intellectual property can be patents on ideas . they used to be good for 7 yrs . Lately companies have been getting them extended and copyrighted allowing some people to collect free money for ever . . This is something we can argue and fight about forever . All we want is to be fair ,are you sure it is not rich and fair while the other guy remains fairly poor .

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