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Introduction: The major influential western print media are engaged in a prolonged, large-scale effort to demonize Russian President Putin, his politics and persona. There is an article (or several articles) every day in which he is personally stigmatized as a dictator, authoritarian, czar, ‘former KGB operative’ and Soviet-style ruler; anything but the repeatedly elected President of Russia.

He is accused of hijacking Russia from the ‘road to democracy’, as pursued by his grotesquely corrupt predecessor Boris Yeltsin; of directing the bloody repression of the ‘freedom loving Chechens’; of jailing innocent, independent and critical oligarchs and robber barons; of fomenting an uprising in the ‘democratic, newly pro-Western’ Ukraine and seizing control of Crimea; of backing a ‘bloody tyrant’ in Syria (elected President Bashar Assad) in a civil war against ISIS terrorists; of running the Russian economy into the ground; and of militarily threatening the Baltic and Eastern European NATO member countries.

In a word, the media have propagated an image of an ‘out-of-control autocrat’, who makes a mockery of ‘democratic’ norms and ‘Western values’, and who seeks to revive the ‘Soviet (aka Evil) Empire’.

The corollary is that ‘Western powers’, despite their peace-loving propensities and fraternal attempts to bring Russia into the democratic ‘fold’, have been ‘forced’ to now surround Russia with NATO military bases and missiles; to finance a violent coup in the Ukraine (on Russia’s frontier) and arm the Ukrainian putsch government and neo-fascist militias to ‘restore democracy’ and violently suppress ethnic Russian ‘separatists’ in Eastern Ukraine. We are told that US and EU sanctions against Russia were carefully crafted ‘diplomatic’ measures designed to punish the Moscow ‘aggressor’.

In reality, the Western media has relentlessly demonized Vladimir Putin in a campaign to further NATO military expansion and undermine the Russian economy and its national security. The goal is ultimately to force a ‘regime change’, restoring the neo-liberal elites who had pillaged Russia’s economy during the 1990’s and whose brutal economic policies led to the premature death of over 6 million Russians due to deprivation and the collapse of the healthcare system.

Putin: Demon or Realist, Autocrat or Democrat, Vassal or Independent Leader?

The Western media has backed every oligarch, gangster and fraudster who has gone on trial and been convicted during Putin’s term in office. The propagandists tell us the reason for this affinity between the Western media and the gangster-oligarchs is that these convicted felons, who claim to be ‘political dissidents’ and critics of Putin’s rule, have been dispossessed, and jailed for upholding ‘Western values’.

The Western media conveniently ignore the well-documented studies on the source of the gangster-oligarchs’ wealth: The violent and illegal seizure of multi-billion dollars-worth of natural resources (aluminum, oil and gas), banks, factories, pension funds and real estate. During the Yeltsin period the oligarchs controlled thousands of armed gangsters and engaged in internal warfare during which thousands were killed, including top government regulators, police officials and journalists who dared to oppose or expose their pillage and property grabs.

Putin’s prosecution of a mere fraction of the most notorious oligarch-gangsters has won the support of the vast majority of Russian citizens because it represents a return to law and order and the return of stolen public wealth.

Only the Western media has dared to refer to these convicted felons as ‘political victims and reformers’. They did so because the oligarchs had become the most loyal and submissive assets in the US and EU governments’ efforts to convert Russia into an irreversibly weak vassal state.

The Western media constantly refer to President Putin as the ‘authoritarian ruler’, despite the fact that he has been repeatedly elected by large majorities in competitive elections against Western backed and funded candidates. His popularity is attested to by opinion polls conducted by Western agencies.

In 2015, President Putin’s support soared to over 85%. The pro-Western Russian neo-liberal politicians scored in the low single digits according to the same independent polls.

Clearly the Russian public does not want to return to the poverty and chaos of the Western-backed gangster politics of the 1990’s.

Whatever reservations working and middle class Russians have over President Putin’s style of decision-making, they clearly value his crackdown on gangster-controlled elections, Chechen terrorism, and his restoration of Russian military defense of its frontiers, including the annexation of Crimea, following the US-engineered coup in Ukraine.

Every day, the Western media recycle reports of the ‘decline and demise’ of the Russian economy, blaming ‘statist’ mismanagement of the economy by Putin. They claim ‘declining living standards’, the ‘negative growth’ of the economy and the ‘growing isolation’ of an ‘expansionist’ Russia in the face of Western sanctions.

These media claims are laughable. Readily available data demonstrate that living standards of the vast majority of Russian citizens have significantly increased under President Putin’s administration, especially after the utter collapse under the free marketers of the1990’s. Russian workers receive their pay, pensioners their pensions, enterprises their loans – on time. During the ‘free market’ days of Boris Yeltsin, workers went up to a year without pay, pensioners were selling their heirlooms in the street to survive and enterprises paid extortionate interest rates to oligarch-gangster controlled banks! Comparative data, easily obtained, are deliberately ignored by the mass media because it doesn’t fit the demonological narrative.


The mass media present the neo-liberal ‘opposition’ and ‘liberal critics’ as Russian democrats defending ‘Western values’. They forget to mention that these ‘liberal critics’ have been directly funded by Western foundations (National Endowment for Democracy, Soros Foundation, etc.) and Russian non-governmental organizations (NGO’s) with longstanding ties to US and EU governments, intelligence agencies and exiled Russian billionaires. The so-called ‘Russian’ democratic opposition revealed their abject servility to Western interests when they openly supported the Ukrainian coup and Kiev’s bloody assault on ethnic Russian-Ukrainians in the eastern ‘Donbas’ regions of Donetsk, Luhansk and Odessa. Whatever shreds of respectability and credibility the ‘democratic opposition’ retained with the Russian public, up to that point, was lost. They were seen for what they are: propaganda arms of Western imperialism and mouth-pieces for neo-fascists.

The Western mass media charge Putin’s government with the same crimes that their own governments commit. After the US State Department’s Victoria Nuland admitted to channeling $5 billion to fund the 2014 coup in Ukraine and after the Polish regime boasted of training far right street fighters, whose mob violence served as a pretext for the coup, and after neo-fascist coalition partners in Odessa of burned alive four dozen ethnic Russian-Ukrainian citizens opposed to the coup, the Western mass media accused Putin of ‘intervening’ in Ukraine. This was because Russia had convoked a referendum in Crimea, in which over 80% of the electorate voted to secede from the illegitimate Ukrainian coup regime and rejoin Russia.

In truth, the Putin government is a victim of the Western power grab in the Ukraine, with Russia having to absorbed hundreds of thousands of ethnic Russian refugees driven out of the Donbas, yet the Western media portray Putin as the executioner. Meanwhile the Western coup-makers and their far-right allies are depicted as victims… forced to bomb and decimate the Donbas region.

The charade continued. The Western media portray the subsequent punitive, economic sanctions imposed by the expansionist US and EU on Russia as a result of Putin’s ‘aggression’, referring to Russia’s defense of Crimea’s self-determination and the rights of the millions of bilingual ethnic Russian citizens of Ukraine.

The absurdity and convoluted nature of Western demonological propaganda has reached new even more bizarre heights with their hysteria against Russia’s military support of the secular Syrian government against ISIS and other jihadi terrorists.

The Western mass media have launched a global campaign charging that the Russian air force bombs ‘non-ISIS military bases’, presumably the bases of Western-backed ‘friendly’ jihadi terrorists. This ridiculous ‘reportage’ and its accompanying ‘photos’ were published before the Russian air strikes even took place!!

Apparently timing doesn’t matter in Washington’s ‘alternative universe of lies’!

NATO passed its political line to the media that Russian support for the legitimate regime of President Assad must be discredited; that the Russian presence is ‘provocative’ and responsible for ‘creating tensions’ in the region – after years of Western-sponsored jihadi terrorism against Syria!

Obedient to its masters, the Western media breathlessly ‘reported’ that the Russians were ‘really’ engaged in Syria in order destroy the pro-Western ‘fighters’ leaving ISIS alone.

No credible evidence for this propaganda was ever presented. They trotted out aerial photos of wreckage, which had likely been lifted from previous US bombings.

The media’s clumsy execution of the Pentagon’s line managed to embarrass even the US Secretary of Defense, Ashton Carter, who backed off of such claims and called for an explanation from Russia. Even Secretary Kerry, who now seeks to secure Putin’s military support for the US against ISIS while withdrawing Russia’s political backing of President Assad, has cautioned the media to modify its line, now that the US favors ‘greater coordination’ with Russia – but under US leadership. The media has recently conformed to this line, although it has not managed to explain how Washington could now work with the demonic President Putin.


Western media is engaged in an intense long-term propaganda campaign to demonize President Putin. Its role is to convince world public opinion and world leaders to blindly follow the US and EU, as well as their ‘allies’ and vassal states, in a campaign to degrade and undermine Russia, and consolidate a unipolar empire under US tutelage.

The Western mass media is important; but it must be remembered that the media is an instrument of imperial state power. Its lies and fabrications, its demonization of leaders, like President Putin, are one part of a global military offensive to establish dominance and to destroy adversaries.

The more intense the imperial campaign, the riskier the power grab, the greater the need to demonize the victims.

This explains how the escalation of the rabid anti-Putin propaganda campaign coincides with the single biggest Western power grab – the Ukraine coup (‘regime change’) – since West Germany annexed East Germany, and NATO and the EU incorporated the Baltic States, Eastern Europe and the Balkans into the West’s strategic alliance. The West’s bloody break-up of the Yugoslav federation was part of this strategic program.

The problem with the Western demonization of adversaries, whether it is Russia, Iran and China today, or earlier Cuba, Libya and Yemen in the past, is that Washington and the EU face severe economic crises at home and military defeats abroad by armed Islamic and nationalist resistance movements.

The US had invested hundreds of billions of dollars to prop up a shaky puppet regime in US-occupied Iraq, yet the US-trained and supplied Iraqi Army fled as the Baathist-Islamist ‘ISIS’ quickly over-ran half the country.

US troops have occupied Afghanistan for fourteen years, losing tens of thousands of lives and limbs and yet the nationalist-Islamist Taliban can easily take over Afghanistan’s third largest city, Kunduz (population 300,000), and occupies three quarters of the rest of the countryside.

Libya and Somalia are a disaster. And still Washington allocates a half billion dollars to train pro-Western mercenaries to overthrow Syria’s President Assad – mercenaries who give up their arms or join ISIS the moment they cross the border from Jordan or Turkey. The US trained mercenaries have handed over untold millions of dollars worth of heavy and light weapons and armored carriers to ISIS and Al Qaeda. The EU and the US face the dismal reality that Libya, Somalia and Syria are over-run by anti-Western Islamic fighters.

In Asia, China is demonized in the Western media, portrayed as being on the verge of collapse, facing a hard landing, even as China grows at 7%. The Western media wring their collective hands over the crisis in China while Beijing finances two new international development banks for $100 billion, raises its contribution to the IMF and brings 50 countries, including most of the EU but minus the US and Japan, into a new infrastructure lending institution.

Two big questions face the US and EU:


Why do the Western media launch a campaign of demonization that doesn’t correspond to reality? What is the goal of such demonization, which objectively undermines the possibility of forming tactical alliances to end the US’ military losses, political defeats and diplomatic isolation? The US needs Russia to defeat ISIS.

For Moscow, the fight against ISIS is crucial to Russian national security: Thousands of Chechen terrorists (some trained by the US) are fighting with ISIS and threaten to return to the Caucuses and terrorize Russia. Unlike the US public’s opposition to Washington’s role in forcing ‘regime change’ in Syria, the Russian public supports Moscow’s military support for the Syrian government because the Chechens’ campaign of terror within Russia, especially the 2004 massacre of hundreds of school children, teachers and parents in Beslan, is seared into their memory – a fact conveniently ignored by Western media when it ‘sympathizes’ with Chechen ‘freedom fighters’.

In reality, Washington should have a common interest to ally with Russia in the fight against ISIS in Syria and Iraq. However Obama is committed to ousting Assad (Russia’s ally) to expand US dominance in the Middle East in partnership with Israel and Saudi Arabia. Clearly there are insurmountable contradictions between short-term military objectives (fighting ISIS) and strategic imperial political imperatives (consolidating US-Israeli hegemony over the Middle East and Iran).

Washington has moved to end its isolation in Latin America by re-establishing diplomatic relations with Cuba. Meanwhile, Washington retains the economic blockade of Cuba and its huge US military base in Guantanamo. Cuba is seen as a tactical political ally in ‘moderating’ the leftist government of Venezuela and pressuring the Colombian FARC to disarm, even as Washington deepens its military presence in the continent.

Obama signed off on a nuclear agreement with Iran (but the crippling sanctions and blockade remain in place) in order to secure Tehran’s support for the war against ISIS in Iraq and the Taliban in Afghanistan. Temporarily, the Western mass media has ‘toned-down’ its demonological reporting on Iran and Cuba, for tactical purposes.

The Obama regime has adopted a ‘good cop/bad cop’ (or schizophrenic) posture with Russia on Syria – Secretary of State John Kerry speaks of joint co-operation with Moscow while Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter proposes to militarily confront ‘Russian aggression’. The media hasn’t made the switch because they don’t know which orders to obey or which line to ‘parrot’.

In the meantime, the domestic economic crisis deepens, ISIS advances, the Taliban approaches Kabul, the Russians are arming and defending President Assad and millions of refugees, fleeing the war zones, have over- run Europe. European border wars are raging. And Obama wrings his hands in impotence. Demonology offers no allies, no solutions and no positive path to peace and co-existence.

(Republished from The James Petras Website by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Foreign Policy • Tags: American Media, Russia, Syria, Vladimir Putin 
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  1. Americans have no idea that crazed American Generals and NATO profiteers have committed the USA to the defense of three useless Baltic nations. Now our Army is building a base in Lithuania.

    How many Americans want their teenage son sent to defend Lithuania? Who wants to spend tens of millions of dollars a year for this new base? And the USA cannot defend the Baltic with a few thousand hapless GIs anyway. Lucky for us the Russians have no interest in reoccupying those nations. Yet billions of dollars will be wasted on this fraud over the next decade. If this issue arose during the presidential debates, the reaction would be of interest. But neocon rags like the NY Times or Wash Post will not cover this issue, so it doesn’t exist.

    • Replies: @Johann
    , @Quartermaster
    , @KA
  2. Junior [AKA "Jr."] says:

    The Obama regime has adopted a ‘good cop/bad cop’ (or schizophrenic) posture with Russia on Syria – Secretary of State John Kerry speaks of joint co-operation with Moscow while Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter proposes to militarily confront ‘Russian aggression’. The media hasn’t made the switch because they don’t know which orders to obey or which line to ‘parrot’.

    What an absolutely GREAT article! Schizophrenic is the PERFECT way to describe it. The level of insanity that our Government and its propaganda branch, the “Media”, have taken it to lately are shocking. And the line about the media not switching because “they don’t know which orders to obey or which line to parrot” literally made me laugh out loud. Well said, Sir! Well said!

    In Asia, China is demonized in the Western media, portrayed as being on the verge of collapse, facing a hard landing, even as China grows at 7%. The Western media wring their collective hands over the crisis in China while Beijing finances two new international development banks for $100 billion, raises its contribution to the IMF and brings 50 countries, including most of the EU but minus the US and Japan, into a new infrastructure lending institution.

    I think that this is THE most important part of this article and THE reason for all the insanity that we’re being subjected to. The house of cards that we’ve economically built is about to come crashing down and be replaced by BRICS and China’s new international banking institutions. Our impossibly soaring 20 trillion debt, which shows NO sign of stopping, has not gone unnoticed by the rest of the world and they are jumping ship. They know that it is unsustainable and that we are headed for some serious trouble. The Dollar’s dominance in the world’s financial system is coming to an end. The jig is up on the FED ponzi scheme and everyone except the American public at large realizes it.

    The Elite’s plan to completely crash the American and therefore the world’s economy in a quest for Global Governance is almost at its tipping point. But BRICS has come along and is trying to ruin their plans and so they have sent everything into hyper-drive(20 trillion dollar debt and rising) while they still have the chance to do it. They want to bankrupt us and turn us into nothing more than the hired military muscle for this Global Government.

    They have done this through bankrupting trade deals like NAFTA, which sent all of our industry and jobs overseas, and the proposed TPP, which if passed is the final nail in the coffin for American jobs and COMPLETELY hands our sovereignty over to International Courts. They have also done this through bankrupting Neo-Con wars and by using the media to convince the American public that our sole purpose is to have never-ending Neo-Con wars.

    The Elite’s aim is to crash all the worlds economies at once in the hopes for International Permanent Revolution so that their demented quest for a One-World-Government with them leading it can come to fruition. It is THE only way that they can get the world to agree to being ruled by a Global Governance. The Hegelian Dialectic. Create a problem – Worldwide bankruptcy. Cause a reaction – Worldwide revolution. Offer a solution to the problem which THEY created and was planned LONG before the crisis- One World Government.

    China and Russia have thrown up a roadblock to their plans with their BRICS alliance. That’s why we’re insanely lashing out all over the place like a man in his death throes.

  3. Leftist conservative [AKA "radical_centrist"] says: • Website

    the corporate media is funded by advertising purchased by huge corporations, and so of course the media represents those corporations. The russian people are now less exploitable under putin, and putin’s russia also represents an alternative to the reigning neoliberal coalition.

  4. Junior [AKA "Jr."] says:

    Another MAJOR part to their plan, which I forgot to mention in my post above, is the Trade Deal’s effect of further destroying our Middle Class and further widening our already HUGE divide in Income Inequality.

    They can’t have an International Permanent Revolution without stoking class warfare.

  5. I beg people to watch even 10 minutes of any of these youtube videos about Putin versus the oligarchs. You will become educated about what Putin struggled against.

  6. unit472 says:

    Politicians, like meats, have a ‘sell by ___ date’ and Putin is past his. Its why the US formalized the two term limit on presidents after Roosevelt or the Tories dumped Thatcher after a dozen years. Charles De Gaulle noted the cemeteries are full of ‘indispensable men’ and a cursory look at history would show that leaders are best replaced every 10 years or so to avoid any confusion between the man and the state.

    In the case of Putin he has filled most state agencies with his own people to the point that there is no real political opposition and none is likely to arise as long as Putin can continue to hold office. At some point he will be overthrown but it will be as a result of a palace coup, assassination or a Maiden Square type putsch. It won’t be by a democratic election.

    • Replies: @Wally
    , @Hawkeye451
  7. War for Blair Mountain [AKA "Great Battle for Blair Mountain"] says:

    1)Conservative Orthodox Christian European Russia….

    2)Anti-Christian Gay normed Democratic Party America ruled by a narcissistic homosexual Kenyan Foriegner and a fat-ankled-hairy-violent psychopathic bulldyke….

    Is the Sky freaking Blue?….Go with Conservative Orthodox Christian European Russia!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Alternative conclusion:

    “There is quite an incredible spread of relationships. You don’t need to manipulate Time magazine, for example, because there are [Central Intelligence] Agency people at the management level.” -William B. Bader, former CIA intelligence officer, briefing members of the Senate Intelligence Committee From ‘CIA and the Media’, by Carl Bernstein

    “The Agency’s relationship with [The New York] Times was by far its most valuable among newspapers, according to CIA officials. [It was] general Times policy … to provide assistance to the CIA whenever possible.” –CIA and the Media by Carl Bernstein

    “You could get a journalist cheaper than a good call girl, for a couple hundred dollars a month.” -CIA operative cited in “Katherine The Great” by Deborah Davis

    “The Central Intelligence Agency owns everyone of any significance in the major media.” -William Colby, former CIA Director, cited by Dave McGowan in “Derailing Democracy“

    “PAO [Public Affairs Office] now has relationships with reporters from every major wire service, newspaper, news weekly and television network in the nation. In many instances, we have persuaded reporters to postpone, change, hold, or even scrap stories that could have adversely affected national security interests or jeopardized sources and methods.” -Robert Gates, CIA internal memo

  9. Tom Welsh says:

    A really excellent and well-written article, which summarizes the problems and their causes clearly and logically. One aspect that it merely touches on – but that seems to me fundamental – is that the sane and rational parts of the world are mostly just marking time, waiting for the petrodollar hegemony to come to an end. At that point the USA’s immense debts will become real and pressing, the US government will no longer be able to print off unlimited amounts of fiat money, and the world will have a good chance of regaining its sanity.

  10. ”In Asia, China is demonized in the Western media, portrayed as being on the verge of collapse, facing a hard landing, even as China grows at 7%”

    Stern media is a piece of bullshit, but criticize China is not a bad thing at all. ”They” grow 7% per year… and***

    Workers work at least 10 hours by day. Unnecessary effort if they were more creative and wise about what they claim to be.

    Is possible maximize ”efficiency” without sacrifice worker**

  11. The propagandists tell us the reason for this affinity between the Western media and the gangster-oligarchs is that these convicted felons, who claim to be ‘political dissidents’ and critics of Putin’s rule, have been dispossessed, and jailed for upholding ‘Western values’.

    These days, gangster-oligarchism is a Wesern value!

    • Agree: geokat62
    • Replies: @tbraton
    , @dfordoom
  12. Sherman says:

    “Elected president Bashar Assad”?

    Didn’t he win elections (before Syrian implosion) with something like 97% of the vote?

    Is there anyone on the planet – no matter where they stand on the Syrian conflict – who honestly believes this was a fair election?

    To defend Assad as “elected” is beyond stupid – even from a whack job like James Petra’s.

    • Replies: @geokat62
    , @annamaria
  13. Priss Factor [AKA "The Priss Factory"] says: • Website

    Globalists loved Pussy Riot desecrating a church in Russia. I’m sure they love this too. The Penis Riot.

    Anything to attack Russia and the Church.

  14. Johann says:
    @Carlton Meyer

    Unfortunately too many Americans are addicted to the perpetual war mentality of the American Federal Government. They are always ready for another war against an imaginary enemy somewhere in the world and it does not take much to get a bunch of drunken American cretins to run through the streets slobbering out “USA USA USA ; just like their at one of their animalistic sporting events where the cry out for the blood of one of their multi millionaire paid athletes who are supposed to represent the poor slob struggling in the collapsed economy of Obama/Biden. For too long Americans have jumped up and marched off to war at the slightest twitch of the ruling elites baton. They even merrily slaughtered almost a million of their fellow Americans when the corrupt Lincoln called for total war and invasion of the American South. Americans love war and they usually get it but as Mencken said about American Democracy; it means “Americans getting what they want and getting it good and hard.’

  15. Sean says:

    Putin in Ukraine and Syria is doing what Reagan did in central America, though Putin has not killed half as many people. Leaders of states have no choice but to do such things. Read Mearsheimer.

  16. geokat62 says:

    Hi, Sherm. Just curious: did you write this post from a beach in Tel Aviv watching girls in bikinis?

    • Replies: @Sherman
  17. @Carlton Meyer

    Putin would like to take the Baltics back as it was part of Stalin’s empire (he’d like to have Ukraine for the same reason). As a practical matter, however, we could not do a thing about it if Putin actually did move on them.

    • Replies: @Wally
    , @annamaria
    , @Avery
  18. tbraton says:
    @Seamus Padraig

    “These days, gangster-oligarchism is a Western value!”

    It just seems that way, but “times are a-changing,” it seems. Why the other night I heard Hillary Clinton declare that some of the malfeasors in our country who were responsible for the housing bubble should be sitting in prison for their misdeeds. And she implied that all we needed to do was elect a Democrat like her to see such action result after seven years of inaction by the present administration. I believe I also heard her castigate Donald Trump for all the nasty things he had said about woman. I guess Anderson Cooper completely forgot to ask her about all the nasty things she had to say about Gennifer Flowers, Monica Lewinsky and all the other “bimbos” who were sexually harassing her husband over the years. Real “hope and change” are on the way. Oh, btw, “Black Lives Matter.”

    • Replies: @Wally
  19. annamaria says:

    If you want to persists along this line, then what are the elections in the USA if not the plutocracy play? And if you are so over-sensitive to “wrong” results of “wrong “elections,” does this mean that the Saudi despotism is the model to become the US’ and Israel’ best friend?

  20. Sherman says:

    The girls in bikinis are watching me!

  21. Wally says: • Website

    Let’s remember the identity of the disproportionate share of the Yeltsin ‘oligarchs’, violent & racist Zionist Jews.
    That fact helps explains the media attacks on Putin.

    • Replies: @Art
  22. Wally says: • Website

    So, what did the Democrats do under Obama?

    Double the billions in TARP* bailouts to those “who were responsible for the housing bubble”.

    * aka: taxpayers money

    • Replies: @tbraton
  23. Wally says: • Website

    Right, just what Putin wants, a Ukraine economic basket case and the Russian hating Baltic states.

    Not exactly tempting, low maintenance, low cost targets.

  24. Wally says: • Website

    “In the case of Putin he has filled most state agencies with his own people to the point that there is no real political opposition and none is likely to arise as long as Putin can continue to hold office. At some point he will be overthrown but it will be as a result of a palace coup, assassination or a Maiden Square type putsch. It won’t be by a democratic election.”

    Proof? No, I didn’t think so

    However, you do perfectly describe the leftist ‘Democrats’ activities in this country.
    Google “democrat appointments to government”

  25. tbraton says:

    I can’t believe you read my message and missed the very obvious sarcasm. I guess next time I should post a >>>>SARCASM ALERT! SARCASM ALERT! SARCASM ALERT!<<<< in flashing red letters to make sure everyone gets the sarcasm. But I suppose even then somebody will miss the obvious sarcasm. After all, some drivers run right through red lights and, for some mysterious reason, get involved in collisions with other cars.

    BTW what exactly did you think I meant when I wrote "And she implied that all we needed to do was elect a Democrat like her to see such action result after seven years of inaction by the present administration"? Did you somehow think I was too stupid to think that Obama wasn't a Democrat?

  26. Mithera says:

    A sad aspect of our current Mass media is the fact that so many thousands world wide have whored themselves out for a “job” in the media. Some of them are inherently stupid and probably think they are doing an important job. Many must realise that they are just part of the propaganda…yet they continue to support it. I’m not sure who I despise more.

  27. dfordoom says: • Website
    @Seamus Padraig

    These days, gangster-oligarchism is a Wesern value!

    Sad but true.

  28. annamaria says:

    You have interesting conjectures with which, however, difficult to agree, particularly because these conjectures were informed by the official sources of “information” (Faux News and such). Meanwhile, the US have been shipping the most advanced nuclear weapon to the Baltics, next to Russian Federation:
    Looks like the Cuban crisis, with the US playing a role of aggressive scoundrel this time.

  29. Art says:

    “Let’s remember the identity of the disproportionate share of the Yeltsin ‘oligarchs’, violent & racist Zionist Jews.”


    You are the only commenter that acknowledges the Jew angle of this demonization of Putin.

    It is intellectually dishonest to discuss this topic without using the “J” word, or “I” word, or “Z” word.

    The Jew oligarchs in the Russia and Ukraine, the fight to take over Syria, and the support of Iran – all scream Jew agenda, yet NO discussion.

    Clearly this author and 99% of all the Western intellectuals lack the courage to say “Jew.”

    There is NO hope for peace until they do.


    • Replies: @Junior
  30. @unit472

    Extending the consumer advice analogy, what if the replacement is “unfit for human consumption”? It’s difficult to believe that another sixteen years of the Clinton kiddie could have been any worse than sixteen years of the George and Bazza show.

  31. Avery says:

    More Neocon nonsensical disinformation and propaganda.

    If Russia wanted to take any one or all of the 3 Baltic republics, there is nothing the West could do to stop her, NATO or no-NATO.
    Russia has no need for the dis-functional Nazi collaborators: NATO can have them.

    And conflating Ukraine with the Baltics is the standard Neocon anti-Russian trope.
    Baltics have no historical significance to Russia.
    On the other hand, Ukraine, Kievan Rus, is the cradle of Russia.
    The fact that the neo-Nazi, Neocon filth have fouled the the nest is irrelevant: Russia will cleanse her birthplace of the Neocon cancer if it takes radiation therapy.

    • Replies: @annamaria
  32. annamaria says:

    The most striking feature of the US/RF conflict in Ukraine is the neocons’ willingness to cooperate openly with the neo-Nazis. The hatred for everything Russian and the thirst for hegemony is so overwhelming, that the Zionist tricksters (mostly a progeny of provincial East European Jews) have been eagerly fraternizing with the neo-Nazi villains, the memory of Holocaust victims of Eastern Europe be damned. If AIPAC and ADL ever wanted to have an exposure of a moral fraud they had become, the role of influential Zionists and Israel-firsters in fanning the flames of war in Ukraine (while siding with neo-Nazis) did the trick.

  33. anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    The ridiculous tsunami of propaganda regarding Putin, characterizing him as a new and aggressive dictator, have been over the top for a good while now. In actual fact he’s something of a liberal in that as a law school graduate he emphasizes negotiation and the signing of agreements and treaties that need to be abided by. Military power, such as in Syria, has been doled out only in the amounts necessary to do the job and overkill has been avoided. Were his opponents in the west to succeed in undermining him then it’s very possible that those who succeed him will be more hardline and confrontational than Putin has been. And he will leave office at some point.
    Another point is that the term ‘The West’ is something of a misnomer. It’s really just the US along with a couple of opportunistic allies, such as Britain, and dragging others along with them. This group is not in a position to moralize since it’s been steadily engaged in wars of aggression that have killed hundreds of thousands of people and have turned millions into refugees. The scale of death and misery caused by this so-called ‘West’ hasn’t been seen since the ’40’s (unless one wants to include the Korean and Vietnam wars which were also American involved). This massive demolishing of countries and people’s lives is plainly a war crime. Yet they try to lecture others.

    • Agree: Seamus Padraig
  34. Junior [AKA "Jr."] says:

    No they all scream Zionist agenda NOT Jew agenda as you state. The religious aspect of Zionism is just a way for them to get on their side the uneducated masses that think it’s about religion. It is all about money and power NOT religion. Much in the same way that the Saudi royal family uses the Wahhabi religion to maintain control over their population but meanwhile in reality care not one single iota about the religion as is evidenced by their non-religious actions.

    The Elite don’t care about religion. Religion is just a tool that they use that they use to try and achieve their goals. Power.

    • Agree: Seamus Padraig, Realist
    • Replies: @Art
  35. KA says:
    @Carlton Meyer

    “Major news media have taken the same line in covering the Russian offensive. In an Associated Press story on 13 October, for example, Ken Delanian described the CIA as supplying “so-called moderate rebels to oppose Assad” for more than two years, along with its “Arab allies” and that American officials “have watched in recent days as the Russian bombs and missiles have targeted those groups”.
    Delanian even quoted Jeffrey White of the Washington Institute for Near East Policy (WINEP), the think tank supporting Israeli interests, who complained that the United States had abandoned its moderate allies. “We’ve aligned ourselves to these guys, we trained them and paid them and sent them off to battle, and when the going gets tough, we’re not there,” said White

    But this framing of the issue fundamentally misrepresents the situation in Syria by conjuring up a nonexistent powerful US-backed “moderate” force while diverting attention from the real threat posed by al-Qaeda’s Syrian franchise. The Russians are not hitting some imaginary set of “moderate” Syrian armed groups opposing the Assad regime; they are overwhelmingly focused on targeting the military command in which al-Nusra Front is the central strategic force.

    Elites have taught American to hate anybody who is labeled as terrorist . This earlier teachings by the Church Elders are creating and compounding all sorts of existing and new problems .This has forced the administration to coin a new term like “moderate rebel” .This automatically sends American to a different level of consciousness: these rebels are friendly to west,to freedom,to women,to LGBT,to Israel,to Settlers,to even the Israeli violence and who knows they may be ready to discard Islam and accept Graham ,Jr as the new spiritual leader – rendering any denial of support to US intervention as an organic visceral anathema .

  36. Capper says:

    As always, I wonder if this site receives at least partial funding from some Russian government agency. Article after article, 100% in support of everything Putin says or does.

    Condemn the western press for vilifying Putin, at the same time overlook what the press in Russia writes about the American government (those of you who can read Russian know all too well what I mean).

    Us war in the Middle East: bad
    Russian war in the Middle East: good

    The list just goes on and on… without even a hint of critical analysis. It wouldn’t be so utterly ridiculous if you occasionally critiqued the man in between your supplicating prose, but I have yet to read such balance.

    Truth be told, if not for the other interesting topics covered on this site non-related to polishing the Russian dictator’s rod, I’d probably be convinced that this is an English language neo-soviet support site.

  37. @Capper

    Now would you give us a critique of FOX News’s coverage and opinions?

  38. Avery says:

    Ron Unz is a self-made millionaire from California.
    A software entrepreneur.
    He doesn’t need funding from anyone, least of all Russia.

    Maybe we should wonder if you are getting funding from some anti-American Neocon NGO to spread the usual MSM disinformation and warmongering propaganda at sites like

    Neocon infested MSM does not like the sunshine that is being spread via sites like it exposes them as the putrid anti-American muck they have become.

    There is nothing pro-American people or pro-American taxpayer in the endless warmongering proselytizing being conducted by neocon infested disinformation channels.

    Leo Straussian Neocon filth are as foreign to America as the Ebola virus.
    Whether President Putin is a dictator or not (he is not) is none of our business.
    None of the wars instigated by the foreign influenced Neocon trash have benefited the American people in the least.
    They sit in their safe mahogany offices, while the young sons of middle America are killed or maimed so the corporate criminals can get rich, or some other country’s interests are defended with American blood.

  39. KA says:

    Fox News got scammed: Turns out their CIA “terrorism expert” was never in the CIA

    Still a lot of these kind of experts still operate openly on Fox
    No one can arrest these self styled Iran. Iraq Syrian expert.These war mongers incite violence and hate attack on innocents Iranian Syrians and Iraqis. They have been doing it for decades .
    FOX is a little worse than the war mongering Pravda of 1980

  40. Avery says:

    [Meet Ron Unz, the tycoon who waged a campaign to all but outlaw bilingual education in California]

    Now, poster Crapper: please, pretty please, tell us about who finances your anti-American proselytizing.

    Thank you. Thank you very much.

  41. @Capper

    Condemn the western press for vilifying Putin, at the same time overlook what the press in Russia writes about the American government …

    I doubt they’d be any rougher on Washington than I am.

    Us war in the Middle East: bad
    Russian war in the Middle East: good

    Russia: war on terror
    US: war of terror

    All clear now?

    The list just goes on and on… without even a hint of critical analysis.

    We are equal time. If you can’t deal with that, scamper on back to CNN, or Fox, or whatever.

  42. Avery says:

    [Donald Trump Is Much Derided – But He Is Right About the Middle East]

    Cockburn has an interesting article. It’s about Trump, not Putin, but the following excerpts should disabuse MSM aficionados of their blind faith in their favourite “news” outlet or nighttime anchor.

    […..when watching him in recent weeks being repeatedly interviewed as presidential candidate about the Middle East. The interviewers for television and newspapers were generally hostile, or at least patronising and incredulous, when Trump spoke positively about Russian intervention in Syria, the need to combat Isis and the disastrous state of Iraq and Libya. Most of what he was saying was common sense, but it is a measure of the degree to which propaganda slogans have replaced realistic discussion of these problems that his remarks were immediately dismissed or derided by politicians and the media.]

    Yep, MSM has morphed into the Propaganda and Truth Ministry for the warmongering Neocon chickenhawks.

    One more:

    [What is striking about these interviews is the self-confidence with which the American and British interviewers regurgitated gobbets of government propaganda and expressed surprise when Trump disagreed with them. The journalists questioning Trump appear to have accepted, without much thought and against all the evidence, the rebranding of al-Nusra and Ahrar al-Sham, which is extremist Islamist and close to the Muslim Brotherhood, as anti-Assad “moderates” from the moment they were attacked by Russian aircraft and missiles.]

    “….regurgitated gobbets of government propaganda….”

  43. Art says:

    “No they all scream Zionist agenda NOT Jew agenda as you state.”

    The Jews have sucked us into their verbal games of who is Jew, who is a Zionist, who is religious, who is tribal, who is European, who is Semitic. It is a shell game that hides the Jews from criticism – do not fall for it – we get to call them what we want too.

    Eighty plus percent of US Jews are Zionists, thus disloyal to America – end of story. Most of the rest are more fearful of the Zionists then we should be.

    • Replies: @Junior
    , @WorkingClass
  44. Junior [AKA "Jr."] says:

    Eighty plus percent of US Jews are Zionists

    Okay so if 80 percent of US Jews are Zionists, but 100 percent of Zionists are Zionists then wouldn’t you agree that it would be better to be correct 100 percent of the time by focusing your blame instead of being correct only 80 percent of the time?

  45. I marvel at the Imperial propaganda machine. And even more marvelous is the gigantic surveillance machine. They must truly fear us after all. And they should.

  46. RobinG says:

    The majority may not be Zionists, but very few assert themselves against the Zionist mantra.

    Phil Weiss endorsed the analysis of James Petras.
    “The crazy rightwingers are actually speaking in the name of progressive Jews. These rightwingers aren’t fringies. They are supported. ….. Which is to say that neoconservatism has been licensed by the larger Jewish community, because secretly or unconsciously that community feels that these guys are standing up for Israel.”

    Petras’ article, “American Jews on War and Peace: What Do the Polls Tell Us and Not Tell Us?”, finds complicity at self-identification with Israel:

    “This probably explains the unwillingness of progressive Jews to criticize the principal reactionary Jewish leaders and their mass organizations, even worse to attack and slander any critics of the pro-Israel power configuration. Progressive Jews have subordinated their progressive opinions to their loyalty and identity with Israel.”

  47. geokat62 says:

    Excellent reference. I wonder what Sam S thinks about the results of this poll, as they are not quite consistent with what he has led us to believe is the community’s views on these topics.

    • Replies: @RobinG
  48. Junior [AKA "Jr."] says:

    The majority may not be Zionists, but very few assert themselves against the Zionist mantra.

    And the majority of Americans may not be Zionists, but very few assert themselves against the Zionist mantra.

    See how that works when you conflate “not asserting” with “support”?

    • Replies: @RobinG
  49. RobinG says:

    Yes, I do see how that works. Silence is consent.

    You can debate that. That’s how you get the debates about Germans and the Holocaust. But I equate Americans with the Germans, whereas the Jews are a different story, in 2 ways. First, they have been extremely brainwashed, much more than typical Americans or Germans. Second, the ones who have seen through the brainwashing are afraid: afraid of losing their friends, being accused as a self-hating Jew, etc. So they knowingly keep their heads down.

    For brainwashing demonstration, check out Gideon Levy in NY this week–

    • Replies: @Junior
    , @Junior
  50. RobinG says:


    That poll was from ca. 2007. I don’t know how much, or if, a poll today would be different. There is more awareness now, even in the past 8 years, of the false mythology of Israel’s founding. (Funny how Palestinians have said this all along, but when Jewish/Israeli historians concur it becomes news.) But the confirmed Zionists have dug their heels in all the more.

    At the Israel Lobby conference this spring, former AIPAC employee MJ Rosenberg cited survey results that a small percentage of US Jews felt Israel was a primary issue. But was MJ really bending the results to fit his narrative? A lot depends on exactly how the question was phrased, how the poll was set up. And if they were given a blank slate and asked to list political issues, did they just take Israel for granted and list things like medicare, climate change, etc.
    (This is text. There’s also a youtube video, but it’s not working for me.)

    Every synagogue around here (DC and suburbs) has a huge banner declaring their support for Israel.

    • Replies: @geokat62
  51. Junior [AKA "Jr."] says:

    Yes I agree with you as to silence being consent if a person knows about it and does nothing, but my point is don’t single out all Jewish people as being to blame if the majority of Americans are silent on the issue as well.

  52. Junior [AKA "Jr."] says:

    Thanks, RobinG, for posting that link from Mondoweiss. Very interesting stuff. That Gideon Levy guy is GREAT and he should be commended.

    My only issue with it though is that he is perpetuating the Zionist myth of making Jewish people believe that Israel and the religion are the same thing. He talks of Jewish people as if they’re all Zionists and I think that may be because he’s from Israel. In my opinion, his goal of a one-state solution would be far better served by making that distinction.

    • Replies: @Junior
  53. Junior [AKA "Jr."] says:

    Just like the Catholic Church perpetuates the myth that you have to support the Vatican to be a Christian. Zionism does the same by trying to convince Jewish people that they have to support Israel to be Jewish. The Saudi royalty do the same with Muslims. As with most religions, the people at the top use people’s faith for power grabs.

  54. geokat62 says:

    Every synagogue around here (DC and suburbs) has a huge banner declaring their support for Israel.

    Robin, you read my mind about the vintage of that poll. While it was 8 years ago, I suspect that based on all those signs you’re seeing, support for the Zionist project is still very strong, regardless of what any poll suggests…. which is very understandable given how long it took for their dream of a judenstaat to come true.

  55. @RobinG

    What matters is the distinction between Zionists and Jews. There are Jews who are not Zionists and Zionists who are not Jews. Judaism is a religion. Zionism is an ideology. Currently a very popular ideology. But when it is no longer in vogue the Jewish religion will remain. Zionists cause a lot of mischief in the world. They resemble the Wahhabi. When the Wahhabi are gone Islam will remain.

    There are those who believe that evil limits itself to the Jews. For them this is a distinction without a difference. People who have an interest in Geo-politics however will be lost at sea without a rudimentary familiarity with the tenants of Zionism. It’s an Anglo/Zionist Empire not an Anglo/Jewish Empire.

    • Agree: Junior
  56. RobinG says:

    You know, I’m actually going to quote Art here: ” It is a shell game that hides the Jews from criticism…”

    You’ve made some (indisputable) statements that have no bearing on this particular tangent of the discussion, i.e. that American Jews, due to their silent consent, are largely complicit in Zionist policy (and Israeli-influenced American policy) vis-à-vis Israel.

    How we migrated here from Putin and the oligarchs is another thing. Whether the (not necessarily Zionist) Jews support the Neocon policies in Ukraine yet another. (Some anti-Zionist Jews are decidedly anti-Putin, maybe even anti-Russian.)

    What Christian Zionists do, I could care less. Those CUFI jerks give more importance to some whacko prophecy than to the 10 Commandments, i.e. Thou shalt not Kill, Steal, etc. Their support for John Hagee is their ticket straight to Hell.

    Now, how about some entertainment:

    Hitler Finds Out That Bibi Thinks the Grand Mufti Convinced Hitler to Kill Jews

    • Replies: @Junior
  57. Junior [AKA "Jr."] says:

    ” It is a shell game that hides the Jews from criticism…”

    It’s a shell game that hides the Zionists from criticism and you’re playing their game by hiding the truth behind a religion.

    By the way, that video you posted is hilarious 🙂

    • Replies: @RobinG
  58. RobinG says:

    We’ll just have to agree to disagree (except about the video – glad you enjoyed).

    Here’s a quote:
    “in fact jewishness is racism,, zionism is just a symptom…” Gilad Atzmon

  59. eric says:

    A very informative article . It is most obvious why the voters maybe would like to switch to a leader like Trump that says what he thinks . How can we possibly win fighting on the wrong side more often than not . The NWO orders are very confusing for both our leaders and our allies which might as well be our enemies . The only good thing about the NWO is it has gotten our enemies as confused as us . The bad thing about the NWO is has about bankrupt us and for absolutely no benefit to anyone accept our enemies .Trump new policy of offering friendship to everyone . and try to not cause trouble for anyone ,that will help totally destroy ISIS and all Muslim terrorists . sounds like a good simple plan that is almost sure to work .Almost the whole world against ISIS and Muslim terrorists . Who could fight against the E.U.,USA ,Russia and China all against you .

  60. Anonymous [AKA "Frommer Bischkva"] says:

    The re-kindling of anti-Russian sentiment in the U.S. among American cogniscenti is one of the most interesting phenomena of the last decade.

    Western media covered up for Stalin’s forced starvations of millions of Ukrainians. Three families living in one two-room apartment was a consequence of the Soviet system’s growing pains. Rationing of basic necessities and foods was A-OK because the Communists could do no wrong in the eyes of the NY Times.

    Never was heard the discouraging word about the USSR when it owned Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Armenia, Belarus, Ukraine, and the three central Asian ‘stans. Soviet occupation of Poland, Romania, Czechoslovakia, and eastern Germany was just business as usual.

    Now when President Putin farts 500 miles from Minsk the left wet their pants.

    The reason the corrupt, leftist western media hate Putin is because he was able to accomplish in less than 20 years what their beloved Bolsheviks could not do in 70 years.

  61. Look, you goons they are just using Sunday School logic on you. The demonize with false analogies so Trump is either Haman, Pharaoh or Pontius Pilate, who was really a good guy.

    Once you see that you are being ‘Gaslighted’ you are free.

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