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President Trump’s Losing Strategy: Embracing Brazil and Confronting China
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The US embraces a regime doomed to failure and threatens the world’s most dynamic economy. President Trump has lauded Brazil’s newly elected President Jair Bolsonaro and promises to promote close economic, political, social and cultural ties. In contrast the Trump regime is committed to dismantling China’s growth model, imposing harsh and pervasive sanctions, and promoting the division and fragmentation of greater China.

Washington’s choice of allies and enemies is based on a narrow conception of short-term advantage and strategic losses.

In this paper we will discuss the reasons why the US-Brazilian relation fits in with Washington’s pursuit for global domination and why Washington fears the dynamic growth and challenge of an independent and competitive China.

Brazil in Search of a Patron

Brazil’s President, Jair Bolsonaro from day one, has announced a program to reverse nearly a century of state directed economic growth. He has announced the privatization of the entire public sector, including the strategic finance, banking, minerals, infrastructure, transport, energy and manufacturing activities. Moreover, the sellout has prioritized the centrality of foreign multi-national corporations. Previous authoritarian civilian and military regimes protected nationalized firms as part of tripartite alliances which included foreign, state and domestic private enterprises.

In contrast to previous elected civilian regimes which strived – not always successfully – to increase pensions, wages and living standards and recognized labor legislation, President Bolsonaro has promised to fire thousands of public sector employees, reduce pensions and increase retirement age while lowering salaries and wages in order to increase profits and lower costs to capitalists.

President Bolsonaro promises to reverse land reform, expel, arrest and assault peasant households in order to re-instate landlords and encourage foreign investors in their place. The deforestation of the Amazon and its handover to cattle barons and land speculators will include the seizure of millions of acres of indigenous land.

In foreign policy, the new Brazilian regime pledges to follow US policy on every strategic issue: Brazil supports Trump’s economic attacks on China, embraces Israel’s land grabs in the Middle East, (including moving its capital to Jerusalem), back US plots to boycott and policies to overthrow the governments of Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua. For the first time, Brazil has offered the Pentagon military bases, and military forces in any and all forthcoming invasions or wars.

The US celebration of President Bolsonaro’s gratuitous handovers of resources and wealth and surrender of sovereignty is celebrated in the pages of the Financial Times, the Washington Post and the New York Times who predict a period of growth, investment and recovery – if the regime has the ‘courage’ to impose its sellout.

As has occurred in numerous recent experiences with right wing neo-liberal regime changes in Argentina, Mexico, Colombia and Ecuador, financial page journalists and experts have allowed their ideological dogma to blind them to the eventual pitfalls and crises.

The Bolsonaro regime’s economic policies ignore the fact that they depend on agro-mineral exports to China and compete with US exports …Brazilian ago-business elites will resent the switch of trading partners.. They will oppose, defeat and undermine Bolsonaro’s anti-China campaign if he dares to persists.

Foreign investors will takeover public enterprises but are not likely to expand production given the sharp reduction of employment, salaries and wages, as the consumer market declines.

Banks may make loans but demand high interest rates for high ‘risks’ especially as the government will face increased social opposition from trade unions and social movements, and greater violence from the militarization of society.

Bolsonaro lacks a majority in Congress who depend on the electoral support of millions of public employees, wage and salaried workers ,pensioners,and gender and racial minorities. Congressional alliance will be difficult without corruption and compromises …Bolsonaro’s cabinet includes several key ministers who are under investigation for fraud and money laundering. His anti-corruption rhetoric will evaporate in the face of judicial investigations and exposés.

Brazil is unlikely to provide any meaningful military forces for regional or international US military adventures. The military agreements with the US will carry little weight in the face of deep domestic turmoil.

Bolsanaro’s neo-liberal policies will deepen inequalities especially among the fifty million who have recently risen out of poverty. The US embrace of Brazil will enrich Wall Street who will take the money and run, leaving the US facing the ire and rejection of their failed ally.

The US Confronts China

Unlike Brazil, China is not prepared to submit to economic plunder and to surrender its sovereignty. China is following its own long-term strategy which focuses on developing the most advanced sectors of the economy – including cutting edge electronics and communication technology.

Chinese researchers already produce more patents and referred scientific articles than the US. They graduate more engineers, advanced researchers and innovative scientists than the US based on high levels of state funding . China with an investment rate of over 44% in 2017, far surpasses the US. China has advanced, from low to high value added exports including electrical cars at competitive prices. For example, Chinese i-phones are outcompeting Apple in both price and quality.

China has opened its economy to US multi-national corporations in exchange for access to advanced technology, what Washington dubs as ‘forced’ seizures.

China has promoted multi-lateral trade and investment agreement ,including over sixty countries, in large-scale long-term infrastructure agreements throughout Asia and Africa.

Instead of following China’s economic example Washington whines of unfair trade, technological theft, market restrictions and state constraints on private investments.

China offers long-term opportunities for Washington to upgrade its economic and social performance – if Washington recognized that Chinese competition is a positive incentive. Instead of large-scale public investments in upgrading and promoting the export sector, Washington has turned to military threats, economic sanctions and tariffs which protect backward US industrial sectors. Instead of negotiating for markets with an independent China, Washington embraces vassal regimes like Brazil’s under newly elected President Jair Bolsonaro who relies on US economic control and takeovers.


The US has an easy path to dominating Brazil for short-term gains – profits, markets and resources, but the Brazilian model is not viable or sustainable. In contrast the US needs to negotiate, bargain and agree to reciprocal competitive agreements with China ..The end result of cooperating with China would allow the US to learn and grow in a sustainable fashion.


Why has the US chosen the road of embracing a backward-looking Brazil rather than a future leader- nation?

Basically, the US is structurally embedded in a high militarized political system which is driven by the quest for world domination – ‘imperialism’. The US does not want to compete with an innovative China, it seeks to coerce China to dismantle the institution, policies and priorities which make China great.

Washington demands that China surrender the relative autonomy of the state, increase US penetration of strategic sectors and rely on free market bankers and academics. US economic policy is shaped by bankers,corrupt speculators and lobbyists for special regional interests, including regimes like Israel. China’s economic policy is shaped by industrial interests, guided by the strategic goals of the central state authority capable and willing to arrest hundreds of top officials on the take.

The US cannot contain China’s upward trajectory with military encirclement – because Beijing’s economic strategy neutralizes US military bases and defeats tariff constraints through the diversification of major new trading deals. For example, China is negotiating with India to vastly increase imports of agricultural commodities, including rice, sugar, milk, soy beans meal and cotton.India currently has a major trade deficit with China especially machinery and industrial goods and is eager to replace US exporters China has major trade and investment agreements throughout Southeast Asia, South Korea, Japan, Pakistan, Russia and Australia as well as Africa, Latin America (Brazil and Argentina) and the Middle East (Iran, Iraq and Israel).

The US has little leverage for ‘squeezing’ China, even in high tech sectors as China is less dependent on the US know-how. Washington has secured agreements with China, increasing exports of cars and entertainment; China can easily agree to enforce curbing so-called ‘property theft’ especially since it is no longer an important factor since most of China innovations are domestically created. Moreover, big business and Wall Street demand the Trump regime reach an open markets agreement with China and ignore its autarkic enemies.

Given China’s continued buoyant economy (6.5% GDP in 2018), its increased emphasis in expanding social services, the consumer market and easing of credit , Trump’s coercive tariff policies are doomed and the military threats will only encourage China to expand and upgrade its military defense and superior space programs.

Whatever temporary and limited trade agreements emerge from US-China negotiations, the Trump regime will continue to pursue its unipolar imperial agenda of embracing vassal regimes, like Brazil, and confronting China.

The future belongs to independent, innovative and competitive China not to vassal, militarized and submissive regimes like Brazil.

• Category: Economics, Foreign Policy • Tags: Brazil, China, Donald Trump 
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  1. 22pp22 says:

    We have handed our economies to China on a platter. It is folly. We need to stop now. That is not a comment on the Chinese. That is a comment on the greed and short-sightedness of our own elites. The East Asians will always play us for suckers if we let them.

    China has traditionally treated all other regimes as vassals.

    I have spent much of my life in the Far East. I know nothing about Brazil

  2. 22pp22 says:

    A reciprocal trading agreement with an East Asian country is not worth the paper it is written on.

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  3. Tusk says:

    Chinese researchers already produce more patents and referred scientific articles than the US. They graduate more engineers, advanced researchers and innovative scientists than the US based on high levels of state funding

    When do the Chinese ever produce innovation? A large portion of China’s economic foundation is exploiting copyright protections and mass marketing their replica, cheaper products. Despite China’s size it is not outputting quality world changing technology consistently, only replacing more expensive Western brands with Chinese branded products, good for the economy but hardly proving their superiority.
    I would also hope they are graduating more engineers considering they have 4x the population of America, seemingly arbitrary considering India is graduating more children from school than America is by just comapring numbers, but excluding factors like quality of education and actual skill.

    • Replies: @Joe Wong
    , @Per/Norway
  4. China is the enemy of the entire world. If you think American imperialism has been bad then just wait until you see China’s.

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
    , @Joe Wong
  5. Instead of following China’s economic example Washington whines of unfair trade, technological theft, market restrictions and state constraints on private investments.

    And driving their workforce to suicide. Don’t forget that part.

    • Replies: @Joe Wong
  6. Realist says:

    China has traditionally treated all other regimes as vassals.

    A little projection. China can’t hold a candle to the US on hubris and imperialism.

    • Agree: Tusk
    • Replies: @22pp22
  7. 22pp22 says:

    Foreign ambassadors had to kowtow. That means bang their heads of the ground. Trade was only possible if imports were counted as tribute and exports as gifts. Relations with Japan were difficult, because, with the exception of Yoshimitsu, Japanese shoguns refused to be invested as kings (wang) emperor. This continued up until the nineteenth century when Western military technology made Chinese pretensions seem ridiculous.

    China spent the next century prostrate. They have not forgotten or forgiven the humiliation. Nothing would give them greater pleasure than to tread on us. I am not interested in Ancient Greek drama or the concepts of hubris and nemesis. I am interested in self-preservation.

  8. Having more “scientists” doesn’t make the world better. It usually just means that things cost more. And they invent new drugs that are just slight variations on old drugs, and new ailments you didn’t know you had, and better Agent Oranges. Oh, thank you so much genius “scientists.”

    • Replies: @Wally
  9. @22pp22

    You mention that you aren’t interested in ancient drama yet then you introduce it yourself in your response. LOL. Meanwhile, back to this century, while the US is still using gunboats in the form of CBGs to deliver it’s messages, China appears to be using economic investment and development and the construction of essential infrastructure instead. Given the outcomes of recent US military adventures, ask yourself, which appears to be the winning formula?

    Your, very worthwhile, interest in self-preservation is commendable but I think that would be better achieved by throwing off the monkeys on the backs of Americans, the parasites within, than blaming and seeking to undermine China.

    We would probably agree that we’d prefer that the American people not suffer too greatly in the future but I fear that the proverbial can has been kicked so far down the road that great suffering is inevitable and, as this article points out, tilting at China is only likely to exacerbate that outcome.

    • Replies: @22pp22
  10. Altai says:

    I have to agree with regards to Brazil. Bolsonaro is the actual man the media pretend Trump is. He is an unthinking, empathy-less proto-Fascist. He will support Israel and it’s wars to the end, wants unrestrained markets and oligarchy. Generally disdainful of the poor. His election hinges more on the particularly moribund nature of Brazilian democracy (A desire for a strongman in the face of seemingly invincible corruption) and high rates of violent crime.

    His sole populist credentials are a crackdown on violent crime and disdain for the excesses of the LGBT movement. (Though Bolsolarno takes thing to excess in the other direction) Hardly useful in a geopolitical movement to challenge the global economic and socio-cultural establishment and by embracing him Trump plays into the media about himself. He alienates the demographics who won him the presidency and who may not have voted for him in 2016 but may have been convinced to come out to vote for him in 2020 or not show up to vote for the challenger.

    It plays into the media narrative:
    Anti-establishment = Far-right

    • Replies: @Tyrion 2
  11. 22pp22 says:

    China is already laying claim to vast areas of ocean far from its own shores and building artificial island to back up its claims. They have not invaded Taiwan because they can’t. They did invade Vietnam and were thrashed. Tibet wasn’t so lucky. As China’s economy grows, it’s likely to become much more assertive.

    The Americans have been the world’s bully boys for forty years, because no one could stop them (except the Vietnamese!).

    I am a New Zealander. China is a real threat to us. I don’t like their plans for a base in Vanuatu one little bit. Any OZNZ politicians they lure over need to be thrown in jail for life.

  12. DB Cooper says:

    “Tibet wasn’t so lucky”

    I agree. Tibetans in occupied South Tibet has been living under India’s brutal occupation since 1951. Rape of Tibetan girls and women by jawans are not even recognized as crime because of a law called AFSPA (Armed Force Special Power Act) as we speak.

    • Replies: @Reuben Kaspate
  13. @22pp22

    Why shouldn’t China have forward protective bases in the waters adjacent to their own territory?

    I would say that the greater threat to NZ and Australia is the ZOG. China is content to do business and it is our own politicians and their backers who constitute the greater danger. The port of Darwin is now under Chinese control and no invasion was necessary, just a little greasing of grubby hands.

    • Replies: @22pp22
    , @neutral
    , @Anon
  14. 22pp22 says:

    Vanuatu is nowhere near China

    • Replies: @NoseytheDuke
  15. Sean says:

    In foreign policy, the new Brazilian regime pledges to follow US policy on every strategic issue:

    “Brazilianization”, Lind writes, is characterized by the “increasing withdrawal of the White American overclass into its… world of private neighborhoods, private schools, private police, private health care, and even private roads, walled off from the spreading squalor beyond. Like a Latin American oligarchy, the rich and well-connected members of the overclass can flourish in a decadent America with Third World levels of inequality and crime.”[2]

  16. @22pp22

    You are correct, Vanuatu is nowhere near China. Vanuatu has stated that there is no agreement for any military base there, neither Chinese nor any other. China has made investments in Vanuatu as has Australia, NZ and the USA. Time for a chill pill.

  17. Wally says:

    How about all those genius African scientists? LOL

  18. Wally says:

    Comrade Petras said:

    “Brazil’s President, Jair Bolsonaro from day one, has announced a program to reverse nearly a century of state directed economic growth. ”

    The truth is a century of essentially Communist government led poverty, violence, high birth rates from low IQ people, filth, & disease.

    I know Brazil quite well, it’s barely a step above Africa.

    Leave it to a Communist to reject a free, open election.

  19. Biff says:

    I know nothing

    You said it.

    • Replies: @22pp22
  20. I used to love Professor Petras, but lately I am finding more and more items in his articles I disagree with, Trumps policies are absolutely correct in every aspect, Trade deficits with China are the biggest threat to US and something has to be done about it. It does not mean that US and China have to be enemies. US did spend enormous time, money, and effort on military conquest of the world with zero benefit, while neglecting the economy.
    Trump came in the last moment to save US.

    • Replies: @jacques sheete
  21. renfro says:

    Bolsonaro isn’t Trump, he’s Trump on 800 mg of daily steroids with a even worse mouth.
    So Brazil will be one of the next hot spots when his ‘conservative democracy veil” drops and the guy who earlier championed a military regime as government comes out into the open even more.

    ”Throughout his political career, Bolsonaro has made a number of admiring comments about the U.S.-supported[106] Brazilian military dictatorship which ruled the country from 1964 to 1985. He said in 1993, eight years after the return of democracy, that the military regime had “led to a more sustainable and prosperous Brazil”.[11] Bolsonaro has publicly referred to the military dictatorship as a “glorious” period in Brazil’s history,[107] and that under the military dictatorship, Brazil enjoyed “20 years of order and progress”.[107] In December 2008, Bolsonaro said that “the error of the dictatorship was that it tortured, but did not kill”.[108]

    Brazil has the world’s largest tropical rainforest in the Amazon basin. According to The Washington Post, “Bolsonaro is a powerful supporter of agribusiness… and is likely to favor profits over preservation. … Bolsonaro has chafed at foreign pressure to safeguard [the Amazon rainforest], and he served notice to international nonprofit groups such as the World Wildlife Fund that he will not tolerate their agendas in Brazil. He has also come out strongly against lands reserved for indigenous tribes. Bolsonaro advisers additionally say that he plans to expand nuclear and hydroelectric power into the Amazon.”[81]

    In a public speech in April 2017, Bolsonaro said that he had five children, that the first four were male and that for the fifth he produced a daughter out of “a moment of weakness”.[134]
    Bolsonaro is married to his third wife and has five children. His first wife was Rogéria Nantes Braga (with whom he has three sons: Flávio, Carlos and Eduardo). His second marriage was with Ana Cristina Valle (with whom he has one son, Renan). In 2007, he married his third and current wife Michelle de Paula Firmo Reinaldo (with whom he has a daughter, Laura).[157][158] While working in Congress, Bolsonaro hired Michelle as a secretary and over the next two years she received unusual promotions and her salary more than tripled. He was forced to fire her after the Supreme Federal Court ruled that nepotism is illegal in the public administration.[159][160] As of 2018, Bolsonaro and his wife lived in Barra da Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro.[161] ”

  22. Tyrion 2 says:

    Bolsonaro is to the right of the so-called Workers’ Party on economics. That is all. He is hardly for “unrestrained markets”.

    His words on homosexuality have been blown out of all proportion and, even then, make him far more liberal on this subject than most third world leaders. Do people really expect the President of Brazil to be celebrating homosexuality? Have they ever visited?

    And if you think he is empathy-less you have fallen for the media portrayal to the greatest degree.

    Joice Hasselmann, a former TV and radio presenter who ran for Congress in 2018 under Bolsonaro’s umbrella, used to think he went too far – until they met four years ago and there was “immediate empathy”.

    “He’s very different from what you think from what you see on the news,” she says. “He is a big man with a boy’s heart. He’s very sweet and humorous.

    “Jair is not a good communicator. Sometimes he gets trampled by his words.”

    And yes, he is pro-Israel, in a similar way that Rangers fans, Ulstermen, Singaporeans, Orban, the Poles and any more conservative group that stands against the progressive international order, without being Muslim, are pro-Israel.

    Indeed, the general rule throughout the globe is that if you hate/are resentful of white people, you are anti-Israel; meanwhile if you quite like white people, including if you quite like everyone, then you are pro-Israel. This rule can easily be tested and easily found true.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  23. neutral says:

    I would say that the greater threat to NZ and Australia is the ZOG

    He strikes me as the type that is very happy with the status quo, that is to accept his ZOG masters and their mainstream propaganda that pump out their narratives how “the West” is about freedom and China will take that all away. The fact that New Zealand is being overrun by the third world (which is a key ZOG strategy) is less important.

  24. Washington’s choice of allies and enemies is based on a narrow conception of short-term advantage and strategic losses.

    ‘In the long run w’re all dead’, even John Maynard Keynes knew this.


    Why has the US chosen the road of embracing a backward-looking Brazil rather than a future leader- nation?

    I read the article, in my opinion a lot of unsubstantiated assertions.
    There is no conclusion possible from unsubstantiated assertions.
    Just Von Münchausen could pull himself out of the morass by pulling at his own hair.

  25. The comments to me seem to be based on projecting present and past European, USA, colonial behaviour on China

  26. @22pp22

    Please explain thos by spelling out the detail. Itvseems an extraordinarily brpad statement and doesn’t even allow for cases where there is reciprocal benefit and largely self enforcing mechanisms. Are you saying that East Asian governments don’t mind earning a reputation for total untrustworthiness so will sign up to anything cynically for short term advantage? Examples?

    • Replies: @Alden
  27. @Normie-American

    Did the US miss great opportunities 20 and more years ago when it should have seen, as many did, that China was going to be the great power of the 21st Century and should be invited to sort out problems like Taliban ruled Afghanistan on an equal footing with the US?

    • Replies: @Reuben Kaspate
    , @Alden
  28. Anon[404] • Disclaimer says:

    Whose hands do you think we’re greased and why do you think so?

    • Replies: @NoseytheDuke
  29. Anon[108] • Disclaimer says:

    James Petras shows absolute ignorance or dishonesty when describing my country, Brazil. It’s to be expected from a certified marxist.

    Bolsonaro may or may not succeed in his plans but, for the most part, he is absolutely right in the direction our country should take: less government intervention in the economy and more free enterprise.

    I am not even a libertarian but I can see the situation has reached a point that even our federal government is about to go bankrupt, in addition to many states that are already broke, including important ones like Rio de Janeiro and Rio Grande do Sul.

    He is correct though that public servants and “social movements”, that are simply activist arms for socialist politicians, will do everything they can to sabotage this goverment and the country. What they can’t rule they shall destroy deliberately (as opposed to unwittingly when they are in power).

    Unlike socialists, normal people (AKA “right-wingers”, “fascists”, “reactionaries”, etc, etc…) actually want our country to succeed under any and all goverments and these are the people who elected Bolsonaro and will hold his feet to the fire to make sure he doesn’t disappoint in his mission.

    • Replies: @EugeneGur
  30. Jason Liu says:

    In an ideal world all nationalistic governments would work together to crush liberals, but here we are


  31. @Anon

    Any major regional port should be considered to be essential infrastructure, being the major conduit for both imports and exports. A very limited number of people were in a position to effect the transfer of the leasing of those facilities. Look it up on the search engine of your choice.

    “Essential infrastructure is vital to the wellbeing and security of the nation and is thus too important to be left to the whims of profit.” Friedrich List.

    I am confident that List would have been mortified at the very idea of the leasing of such a facility to a foreign power. I hope that helps you to understand my previous comment.

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  32. onebornfree says: • Website

    Slave/author says: “Why has the US chosen the road of embracing a backward-looking Brazil rather than a future leader- nation?”

    This just in: 1] The US government is a 100% corrupt criminal org. [2] the Chinese government is a 100% corrupt criminal org. [3] the Brazilian government is a 100% corrupt criminal org… fantasizing about which crime gang our crime gang “should” or “should not” be fraternizing with is a total waste of time, Sir.

    “Dreams, that Donald Trump is not a fraud,
    Dreams, that Obama was not a fraud,
    Dreams, that Reagan was not a fraud,
    Dreams, that all the rest were not frauds,……”

    Regards, onebornfree

  33. @onebornfree

    Sorry! But Nihilistic attitude does not help at all.

  34. Zionists opened up China via David Rockefeller and his servant Kissinger to U.S. companies to get access to Chinas slave labor and deindustrialize America by moving U.S. companies to China and this is exactly what they did and China did the natural thing and copied all the tech and stole what they could and are now a power in the world and the U.S. via the Zionist NWO playbook has been weakened, and this is part of the Zionist NWO playbook!

    If this so called trade war was legit, U.S. companies would be coming back to America and bringing their jobs with them, but they are not coming back as this trade war is bullshit, to distract the American people to the Zionist NWO plans taking place all around them, the police state that America has become under Zionist control.

    The U.S. has been deindustrialized and this the way the Zionists like it, with the jobs overseas and the American people dependent on Big Brother aka the Zionist controlled U.S. gov and with America turned into Orwells Oceania!

  35. @NoseytheDuke

    My contrarian streak was struck by the Q & A attached to consideration of Darwin’s port being leased to a Chinese company and whether it required one to hold one’s nose. I wondered whether it could be regarded as a major port as it certainly didn’t seem to be when I was on the last of my several visits to Darwin, admittedly a few years back. So I Googled “Is Darwin a major port” and the rather enthusiastic first answer suggested that it is. But I wonder whether the reality is that shrewd politicians, as Andrew Robb was and some still are might have remembered how much money has been lost by governments building things in Northern Australia (Humpty Doo – government was involved I think, The Ord River scheme… can you think of a good one?) that they took the view that the Chinese were welcome to sink their capital into it and they thought an Asian company’s involvement was probably *the best hope of Darwin actually becoming a major port measured by tonnage and connections to Asian ports*. It might even have been argued that it could help Australia not lose out if the Belt and Road scheme took off. I don’t see it as so indefensible that one has to assume skulduggery. (It might piss off the Americans but I don’t hear any suggestion that they are going to stop rotating marines through their nearby facility).

  36. Z-man says:

    China should be dealt with in the most competitive sense. Fair trade just like Trump states. Brazil is still a western, nominally Christian country that should be dealt with fraternally by the USA and Trump knows that. It also has a large economy.

  37. “The end-game objective, is, of course, is the creation of a one world system of government and a one world currency. It is, of course, the implementation of a New World Order as spoken by many leaders, both foreign and domestic, including the most memorable speech by George Herbert Walker Bush on September 11, 1990. It is the consolidation of power and wealth by a select group of people we know as globalists, which has been their objective for generations. Membership into this select group of families is by blood or marriage, incestuous as necessary, but always arranged. It is about world domination and subjugation of the masses by any and all means necessary.”

    The question now is, do you believe Trump is really who he says he is, or was he put there to be the fall guy when it all comes crashing down? Old age has taught me that words mean diddly squat and actions are the only way to judge a leader. Anyone who is still capable of critical thought must admit Trump is anything but a statesman, and is furthering the great political and racial divide which was put into overdrive by Obama.

    Personally I think Miles Mathis has it right when it comes to elections and politicians. This is his take on the Cambridge Analytica scandal: We are told that the secret there is “finding the right
    emotional triggers for each voter”. So, while appearing to warn about the undermining of voting, she is actually confirming its sanctity. She wants you to think they are after your vote, which makes you
    think it is important to them. This will make you feel empowered through your vote. It will make you
    talk about voting, lobby for voting rights, argue about voting, and in general waste a lot of time and
    energy on voting. But the truth is, they don’t give a damn about your vote. The only thing they care
    about is making you think your vote counts, and that is what Cadwalladr is selling here. She wants you to continue thinking your vote counts, that elections are real, and that elected officials are real. But none of them are. Votes are no longer even counted, if they ever were. The scenes of officials counting votes are just theater. All elections are predetermined. And elected officials are just actors reading from teleprompters. They make no decisions. They are like a line of pawns, set up to draw your fire. Trump is just an actor in a suit, reading from a screen. All the ridiculous things he says are scripted. They are fine with you hating him, since that hate keeps your eyes on him. You read about his daily scandals instead of researching the real world.

    • Agree: Desert Fox
    • Replies: @Z-man
    , @jacques sheete
    , @renfro
  38. Anon[421] • Disclaimer says:

    The phrase “State Owned” tells us what the writer is all about: Avowed Communism.
    (Remember the YSA at Cal Berkeley and their friggin pamphlets printed on cheap paper?)
    Quote from Wikipedia:

    “Petras was prominently involved in the Young Socialist Alliance circa 1960, and is listed as the Bay Area correspondent for The Young Socialist in several issues. Through the decades Petras has worked directly with indigenous workers as an organizer, in particular with the Brazilian Landless Workers’ Movement and the unemployed workers’ movement in Argentina.”

    The great thing about Bolsonaro is his promise to root out Marxists from the school system.

    • Replies: @Authenticjazzman
    , @Alden
  39. @onebornfree

    I already used my one “Agree” allowance, so let me just say I AGREE.

    • Replies: @Z-man
  40. TG says:

    ‘Brazil is the country of the future and always will be.’

    But on another note: the idea that China will increase agricultural imports from India should strike a note of terror in anyone with any decency. India suffers from chronic malnutrition, they just don’t produce enough food, and with their population continuing to grow rapidly, the pressure will only increase. Thus exporting food from India to China to boost corporate profits and the balance of payments looks to be something that will not make the life of the average Indian any easier… Is anyone paying attention to what this really means?

    • Replies: @DB Cooper
  41. Joe Wong says:

    Xi delivered a speech at the Moscow State Institute of International Relations that outlined his foreign policy vision: We are now living in a rapidly changing world…Peace, development, cooperation and mutual benefit have become the trend of our times. To keep up with the times, we cannot have ourselves physically living in the 21st century, but with a mindset belonging to the past, stalled in the old days of colonialism, and constrained by zero-sum Cold War mentality.

    The United States’ attitude towards China as reminiscent of a “Cold War mentality”. Clearly, America’s unilateralist ambitions is an obstacle and a destructer to the Chinese vision of a rapidly changing modern world.

    Please ask your government and your country fellows to let go the past, and join hands with rest of world to build a brighter future for humanity.

    • Replies: @jacques sheete
  42. @Desert Fox

    I do have to ask you a favor! Please talk to renfro and explain it to him. I did try to explain it to him but he did shut me out. You are infinitely more skillful than me so you can do it.

    • Replies: @Desert Fox
    , @renfro
  43. @Wally

    “Essentially Communist” government for a century? Huh? The country was under two rather extensive right wing dictatorships: the first from 1930 to 1946 and the second from 1964 to 1985. So out of 100 years before Bolsonaro, at least 37 years were under right-authoritarian regimes, the second of which overthrow an actual left-wing regime.

    Do you just make this stuff up as you go along? Tell us all about Peru while you’re at it.

    • Replies: @Wally
  44. Anonymous[258] • Disclaimer says:
    @Tyrion 2

    His words on homosexuality have been blown out of all proportion and, even then, make him far more liberal on this subject than most third world leaders. Do people really expect the President of Brazil to be celebrating homosexuality? Have they ever visited?

    You have a mistaken opinion about this issue. The former government from the Workers’ Party is very liberal about homosexuality. The gay marriage was approved in Brazil with judges from the Supreme Court, vastly appointed by the former presidents from the Workers’ Party. At that time, there were government TV ads about AIDS prevention directly to gay people, with gay couples. The former president Lula write letters praising gay activists, who support him strongly.

    BTW, Brazil always was much more tolerant than USA. Homosexuality never was a crime there, since its independence in 1822. There are nuanced reactinon about this issue, with the discrimination almost exclusively against passive homossexuals. But even effeminate homosexuals historically had their spaces, for example in Afro-Brazillian religions where they accept homosexuality and there are a lot of effeminate gay priests. There are TV shows watched by tens of million people, where there are open gay couples and even gay kisses and the world biggest gay parades.

    • Replies: @Tyrion 2
  45. @Ilyana_Rozumova

    I can only speak for my self, and what I have learned in my years of reading and seeing what has happened to the America that I grew up in , and what I see is America is being destroyed by the Zionists!

    These books explain the zionist plans, The Controversy of Zion by Douglas Reed and The Committee of 300 by Dr. John Coleman and there is the book that first opened my eyes, None Dare Call It Conspiracy by the late Gary Allen, and sadly every thing he warned about has come to pass.

    I love the America I grew up in , but I have no use for the zionist controlled government that runs the U.S. now, and has had us in perpetual wars for the zionist NWO.

    • Replies: @Ilyana_Rozumova
  46. Z-man says:
    @Johnny Walker Read

    Membership into this select group of families is by blood or marriage, incestuous as necessary, but always arranged.

    LOL, like most of the Jews…

  47. Z-man says:
    @Johnny Walker Read

    Yeah, the buttons get disabled as soon as you use it once in one thread then it takes a while to get cleared, oh well, grin.

  48. Wally says:
    @Andrew E. Mathis

    Oh my, it’s the fake & fraudulent Villanova “faculty member” … actually a one time substitute teacher for laughable “Holocaust” Religion indoctrination, he’s now unemployed living off his parents.

    Been to Brazil many times, not Peru. BTW, the subject here is Brazil & china, not Peru.

    How’s your beloved “shitty little country” holding up?

    More on Villanova fraud Andrew Mathis being busted, also taken down at Ron Unz’s site:
    and another must here as his fraudulence is again called out:

    • Replies: @Andrew E. Mathis
  49. Yes, embracing Brazil and confronting China is stupid.
    But I suggest two corrections.
    First, as far as foreign policy goes, Trump is the sanest person in DC. Most Congress members and the media are way more insane; by rights, they all belong in a lunatic asylum.
    Second, this Brazil-China thing is only a small part of the insanity of the US foreign policy. Simultaneous aggressive alienation of China and Russia hurts the American interests both in short and long term. Yet the insane show keeps going on, and the only voice of reason in DC appears to be Trump (sometimes).

    • Replies: @Alden
  50. The MSM threw BernieSanders under the bus, while putting Hillary and Trump in the spotlight.
    I would say they gave Trump better coverage than Hillary. Remember the rallies?
    Yet you think Trump is an outsider.
    Sanders is a Jew, why wouldn’t the Jews want him in?
    Funny that most here reject ZOG-Jews, yet embrace ZOG puppets like Trump and Bolsonaro and the system both embrace and protect.
    Just a thought.
    Think about it.

    • Replies: @Ilyana_Rozumova
    , @Z-man
  51. EugeneGur says:

    these are the people who elected Bolsonaro and will hold his feet to the fire to make sure he doesn’t disappoint in his mission.

    Well, we’ll see, won’t we? The experience so far has shown that it’s your feet that are much more likely to end up in the fire than his. You aren’t the first to go that road, and the outcome’s very easy to predict. It won’t be pretty. It you don’t like the situation now, wait until this program for “free enterprise” is fully implemented.

  52. Joe Wong says:

    I told you about what a copycat the whole European civilization was before the Industrial Revolution. The Greek civilization was nothing but an offshoot of the Egyptian civilization. You don’t see the Greek civilization as one of the ORIGINAL civilizations, do you?The ancient Greeks copied astronomy, math, wholesale from Egyptians, Babylonians. As a matter of fact, the Greeks were the biggest copycats in the ancient world. They even copied their alphabet from Phoenicians.

    Unlike the copycat ancient Greece, China was one of the ORIGINAL civilizations in the world. Also such ground- breaking European events as the SPREAD of Renaissance, gunpowder- weapon based military revolution, the voyages of great discovery, Enlighten, Industrial Revolution would have been impossible without Chinese inventions and ideas as paper, compass, printing( including the movable type that China invented 400 years before Gutenberg). mechanical clock, lee and center boards, multi-masted ships, stern-mounted rudder, watertight compartments, the ideas of mandate of heaven and lasses faire, civil service examination, blast furnace, coking coal, Bessemer Steel Process, Siemen’s Steel Process, superior weaving machines that Europeans copied later, NOT ONLY gunpowder, BUT ALSO gun, cannon, bomb, both land and sea mines, hand grenade, rocket including the multi-stage one.

    Can you imagine the modern military without the Chinese inventions? Even the modern science was born in the 11th century, in the Islamic civilization with the birth of experimental scientific method, which Europeans copied later. As you can see Europe was basically copying and adaptive culture before the Industrial Revolution.

    The American’s biggest contribution to human invention history is “patent right” which is the most deadly toxin to human innovation and civilization progress. Nowadays patent rights are:
    1. Patents are no longer benefiting the creators anymore, because patents are held by investors, lawyers, accountants, and corporations instead of the creators or inventors themselves.
    2. Shareholders and CEOs benefit the most from patents, by virtual they are the thefts of the IP rights.
    3. Patents are commodity, traded just like all commodity that makes a small portion of population super rich, while rest of the humanity to suffer.
    4. Patents are used to deter and kill newer and better inventions, patents is the retardants of civilization progress.

    • Agree: Biff
    • Replies: @Mefobills
    , @Alden
    , @Nick Diaz
  53. @Wizard of Oz

    China should have been invited on what basis? The trip by Henry “Mr. Know-it-all” Kissinger in 1972 to China was a well thought out strategy by the then 1% to enrich China at the expense of White-Christian America and just as it had been planned, America has been increasingly impoverished in the process. Now comes another lackey to defend China and its illegal rise to power at the expense of the West. Go fly a kite!

    • Replies: @Alden
  54. @redmudhooch

    So far at least Trump does not seem to be a warmonger. So lets keep our fingers crossed.

  55. @22pp22

    Are there many aging men in power, who can’t find a white wife save one from a Chinese mail order bride catalogue listing subservient women, in New Zealand? If you do, then the Kiwis are doomed… you just as well surrender to the Red Army now!

    • Replies: @Jim Bob Lassiter
  56. Joe Wong says:
    @Reg Cæsar

    Foxcom is the company where workers committed suicide. Foxcom is Apple’s out source factory and all iphone, ipad and Mac are manufactured in Foxcom plants. Apple put tremendous tight profit margin and production schedule pressure on Foxcom that finally drove some workers committed suicide due to overwork and exhaustion.

    Foxcom is a Taiwanese company. In the final analysis of those tragedies, Apple or the American iphone users are the causation of those workers to suicide, and Foxcom and the Taiwanese are the conspirators.

  57. @Desert Fox

    My point was that US investment class is basically responsible for Chinese development and build up to economic powerhouse. The outward appearance it was as win-win-win situation.
    US purchasing public did get low cost items, The US investment class got fat profits. And China grow and got to be serious industrial player. Only problem is that eventually US population will be getting the bill.
    (And when the bill will be coming in I do not think that the payment will include a tip.)

    • Agree: Desert Fox
  58. @22pp22

    The Americans have been the world’s bully boys for forty years…

    Try nearly 200 years. Ever hear of Perry’s black ships, and of his threat to burn Edo (now Tokyo) to the ground?

  59. @Wally

    The truth is a century of essentially Communist government led poverty, violence, high birth rates from low IQ people, filth, & disease.

    Sounds a lot like the US then. Now, go read Marx’s 10 planks and let me know if any one of them does not apply to the US.

    You claim some expertise on Brazil, and feel competent to compare it to Africa. Tell us how you know so much about Africa.

  60. @Ilyana_Rozumova

    Yeah, and cows only lick things because they like the salt.

    Thanks for the giggles.

    • Replies: @Ilyana_Rozumova
  61. @22pp22

    Not folly at all. It was a convenient and effective way to ensure that the Anglo Saxon establishment would never recover from its loss c.a. AD 1970.

    Now, the original idea of breaking the Anglo Saxon establishment — that was folly.


  62. @DB Cooper

    The article states that Chinese are negotiating food supplies from the Indians… why would China do business with it, notwithstanding your phony claims and weekly tirade at Unz? Are you one of those losers from the “South Tibet?” You bettet watch out for the American bombers because they are coming to a theater near you, SOON!

  63. @Wally

    Typical. Proved wrong on another one of your stupid allegations, you lash out like an infant.

    I never claimed to be permanent faculty at Villanova. I was adjunct faculty for nine years. That’s not a substitute position.

    I don’t live off my parents and haven’t for decades. I work a full time job and still teach as an adjunct, just not at Villanova. I use my real name. Anyone can figure out what I do, where I live, etc.

    Israel isn’t my country. I’m American, like you.

    • Replies: @Wally
  64. @22pp22

    I am not interested in Ancient Greek drama or the concepts of hubris and nemesis. I am interested in self-preservation.

    About time somebody was.


  65. @onebornfree

    All true except this.:

    This just in…

    It’s not only old news, but ancient history.

  66. I thought they tracked down Dr. Mengele in Brazil, but there he is again – elected Presidente do Brasil – and the CIA wants to kill peasants. Getting old I guess, these stories seem to repeat.

  67. @Ilyana_Rozumova

    Sorry! But Nihilistic attitude does not help at all.

    Sorry! But faith in the absurd does not help at all, either.

    In fact, I doubt if either you, or I, or anyone else has “the” answer.

  68. Anon[424] • Disclaimer says:

    The US finances all the evangelical sects across Iberoamerica ( and elsewhere ) to divide and conquer . Looks like they are having a lot of succes in Brasil . The US evangelical sects love and serve Yisrael

  69. @Joe Wong

    Please ask your government and your country fellows to let go the past, and join hands with rest of world to build a brighter future for humanity.

    That approach is doomed to failure. It might have a snowball’s chance in Hades if we had a true republic (a thing of the people), but we don’t, never have, and never will.

    Now, having said that, I don’t pretend to have an answer. All I know is what won’t work.

    • Replies: @Joe Wong
  70. renfro says:
    @Johnny Walker Read

    We are told that the secret there is “finding the right emotional triggers for each voter”.

    True and illustrated in comments people make.

    Emotional thinking leads people to accept or reject everything without logic or analysis of what they accept or reject leads to in the long run.
    Some will freak out over communism, or blacks or fascism or liberalism or gays or Muslims or Jews or religion or climate threats or whatever their emotional hot button is and support who or whatever sounds like it will eradicate whatever they are against and enforce whatever they are for.
    If they feel rich people have everything and they don’t they might be for communism which would put everyone in the same economic boat without regard for the real outcome.
    If they feel the government hampers their freedom, whatever freedom that may be, they will be for a powerless government without regard for the real outcome.

    All this feeling politically leads to electing and supporting either radical liberals or radical strong men. Which then leads to the seesaw of throwing out or over throwing a leadership when enough people have had enough of the radical strongman or the radical liberal.

    There actually is a political middle, common sense road but people wont support that because most want to ‘win’ on their emotional hot buttons because it gives them, as basically powerless people , the sense that they have ‘triumphed ‘ .

    Its really, really , stupid and why there are practically no decent governments…..this flaw in human nature is a real piss ripper .

  71. Z-man says:

    Sanders is a Jew, why wouldn’t the Jews want him in?

    Because some of his views were contrary to the Zionist/globalist/elitist narrative.

    Funny that most here reject ZOG-Jews, yet embrace ZOG puppets like Trump and Bolsonaro and the system both embrace and protect.

    I still don’t know how much of a puppet Trump is. He is hated by the vast majority of the owned MSM and 2%, aka the Jooz. Bolsonaro’s paling around with Zionists is inconsequential as his immediate concern is saving his nation, which is Trump’s concern also & almost as immediate.

  72. renfro says:

    Please talk to renfro and explain it to him.

    I have no idea what you are talking about.

  73. Mefobills says:
    @Joe Wong


    You logic is a mismatch of some truth and non-truth, which confuses lay people.

    Unlike the copycat ancient Greece, China was one of the ORIGINAL civilizations in the world.

    It is an objective fact that the Greek Civilization created an enormous amount of Genius, and from a small population base. They did this through various mechanisms, including the Trivium style of education and debate, which encouraged “free thinking.”

    Most things in life are both good and bad simultaneously. In the case of ancient Greeks, they used slavery, so elites had leisure time to “free think.” I believe you can also say the same about China’s ruling elites.

    The fact that Greek Civilization borrowed extant knowledge and derived new knowledge from this base, only confirms they were highly intelligent. If Chinese “steal” American know how through various mechanisms, that is a form of intelligence, although it is predatory.

    China went through several civilization purges of peoples who did not conform. This evolutionary process creates a hive mind of conformal thinkers, which discourages innovation. By contrast, the Western thought process derived from the ancient Greeks, allows dissension within the ranks. Typically any innovation that occurs is done by a very small fraction of innovative genius types, usually less than .5% of the population.

    For example, Russia’s Avangard system was created by about 15 young Russian’s. Integrated Circuits were invented by two Americans (Noyce and Kilby).

    So, stop being butt-hurt about China’s relative lack of innovation, China will do fine as a very tiny fraction of her population (from a higher population base) will innovate, and what China cannot get, she will bribe or steal from others.

    The main factor is Economics. China’s economic system is mixed economy, with State Banks. This is basically the American System of Peshine Smith and Henry Clay revised.

    America has amnesia and has been parastizied by the Tribe and Finance Capitalism . America is a continental country with enormous resources, but is carrying a dead weight of parasitic false ideology which encourages formation of Oligarchy, and additionally is fast becoming dysgenic with the dead weight of low IQ immigrants from the Global South.

    The Author touches on uncomfortable truths, China has the better economic system – which was the old American system. China, despite having a hive mind of low innovation, still is able to produce “enough” innovation – although derivative, to keep its economy humming.

    China is also pursuing a “grab others land” policy, where the mineral of say, Africa, can be grabbed to then be fashioned into goods.

    If one objectively looks at China’s lands, it does not have an abundance of minerals and natural wealth, China will have to trade with Russia and Africa (and others) via the new silk roads.

    China is also weak on her maritime borders i.e. the eastern seaboard, so all incoming and outgoing shipping may be interdicted, hence China’s build up of rail and land bridges.

    China is doing fine, but any jingoistic comments about Chinese superiority should be laughed at.

    I agree with the author, mixing it up with Brazil using neo-liberal economics and methods is just more Jewish anti-logos behavior, doomed to failure. Brazil also has an enormous dead- weight of low IQ and low productivity low trust peoples. Economists in the 60’s were predicting Brazil’s rise to greatness…..still waiting.

  74. @Tusk

    You need to stop drinking the kool-aid and stop reading only western sites. Yandex browser have the best translator imho, it makes reading asian, Russian, Polish etc quite easy.. Read the news from every country that matters in your research/reading at the time so you have a broader picture, sifting out the propaganda is just as easy/hard in foreign media as it is in the washington regime and its vassals media.

  75. @22pp22

    ” Because no one could stop them ( except the Vietnamese)

    Yeah the Vietnamese really “stopped” them with 2.5 million casualties ( the US suffered 55000) and Viet Nam is now capitalistic with Mc Donalds and Burger King everywhere.

    Your bullshit leftist propaganda about how the US was “stopped” by the Viet Cong is wearing thin and people see through it in increasing numbers.

    Authenticjazzman “Mensa” qualified since 1973, airborne trained us army vet, and pro Jazz artist.

    • Replies: @AnonFromTN
    , @Mike Tre
  76. Tyrion 2 says:

    Fair point, convincingly expressed! I’d only reply that plenty of people said things about gays when I was there in Brazil that would see them ostracised if said in London.

    Interesting also the parallels between the strange (condescending?) collective beatification of homosexuals in the West and their role in pagan African religion.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  77. I read the article again, and read the comments;

    In this paper we will discuss the reasons why the US-Brazilian relation fits in with Washington’s pursuit for global domination and why Washington fears the dynamic growth and challenge of an independent and competitive China.

    I just have a few questions, know little about Brazil, somewhat more about China.
    – Washington’s pursuit for global domination, my idea is it stopped with the election of Trump
    – dynamic growth and challenge. Is there a non dynamic growth, what is the challenge ?
    – independent and competitive China. Since Mao drove out the USA puppet Chiang it was independent. Challenge of a competitive China, ever seen a non competitive challenge ?

  78. @Reuben Kaspate

    Kiwi women are uncouth and worn out slags by age 25.

  79. @jacques sheete

    You have some serious issues including mental. And I do not even talk about narcolepsy.
    Concerning cows I would advise you to consult any dairy farmer. And yes! our family used to have cows.

    • Replies: @jacques sheete
  80. Joe Wong says:

    You must have not read the comment made by RobinG in the article “Benefiting Israel Tops Congressional Agenda, America Can Easily Be Moved” by Philip Giraldi on January 15, 2019.

    The documentary he posted is real eye opener about how bad the Americans are, the Americans are “god-fearing” morally defunct “puritans,” they are the plague of the world peace and prosperity. The Americans have been wrecking havoc around the world the same way they have wrecked havoc to the native Americans ever since. Insane, mad, crazy, psychopathic, double think, morally defunct, blood thirsty, savage… are not bad enough to describe the true nature of the Americans.

    • Replies: @Alden
    , @Rogue
  81. @Anon

    ” The great thing about Bolsonaro is his promise to root out Marxists from the school system”

    And his plans to allow the citizenry to arm itself justified by his statement that the bad guys are already armed.

    Socialists such as the author of this cringeworthy article just simply hate the idea of a non-governmental John Doe owning a gun if he so desires. They believe that all weaponry belongs in the hands of the PTB, this evident in the German axiom : Gewalt Monopolen gehören in den Händen der Regierenden” : Germany the source and root of all madness on this crazy planet .


  82. @renfro

    All you have to do is to reread Desert fox comment. This time slowly and carefully..

  83. Joe Wong says:

    Westerners like Tusk is your lecturing audience, not the Chinese. Since you guys are not doing the job, I just take up the unthankful job reluctantly.

    • Replies: @Mefobills
  84. Many of the comments about China not being innovative and stealing technology are the usual exaggerations of the ‘indispensable and exceptional’ racist supremacists in the West.

    “Instead of large-scale public investments in upgrading and promoting the export sector, Washington has turned to military threats, economic sanctions and tariffs which protect backward US industrial sectors.”

    With that one sentence Petras hits a bulls eye. In the US there is the constant chatter about ‘free markets’ but when they can’t compete then they pull out the gun, fear mongering, demonization, racism, and threats. The Chinese know what they are facing in the US like in the recent statement by the Chinese ambassador to Canada that called out the obvious racism. Most in the West can’t see it as it is their unconscious knee-jerk second nature that is supremacist and racist.

    That the US strategy is to subdue or defeat Russia and China is a symptom of its insanity. The latter have already checkmated the US and its Anglosphere and EU vassals. The best (from its demented point of view) that the crazy zero-sum mentality of the US can accomplish is to engineer another Cold War (in progress) or defeat its ‘enemies’ by a self-destructive nuclear Armageddon.

    • Replies: @Alden
  85. Nick Diaz says:

    Now I know that you’re lying. Brazil is many, many steps above Africa. Many, many steps. Show me one African country that builds airplanes, nuclear reactors and super-computers. Even South Africa, which is usually pointed out by racists as the “best” country in Africa, does not have the technological and industrial capabilities of Brazil.

    FYI: Depending on how you measure GDP, Brazil is between being the 5th-8th largest economy on Earth. Brazil might actually have an economy larger than that of all African countries combined.

    • Replies: @Jim Bob Lassiter
    , @L.K
  86. Alden says:

    YoungSocialistLeague, why am I not surprised? The entire article is just template fill in the blanks same old same old. At least he didn’t blame the US for every problem in Brazil.

    The rest of the article reads like something by a paid lobbyist for the Chinese government.

  87. 22pp22 says:

    What I said was know nothing about Brazil. What a silly and childish comment, unworthy of the Unz Review.

  88. Alden says:

    What industrial sector is the US protecting? Movies and TV? Stolen German cars? Rap music?

    I think Herndon and Baker still have s few high end furniture factories in the US that employ American designers and craftsman. Other than those I can’t think of any American industry we need to protect.

  89. Alden says:
    @Joe Wong

    What happened, your HI B visa was revoked and you had to go back to China? Or did the state labor board health and zoning inspectors finally close your parents slave labor illegal chicken slaughterhouse in the garage?

    Maybe your son wasn’t accepted at Stanford? The city won’t let you cut down all the trees on your block? Your neighbor has a white dog who brings bad luck for the next 200 years?

    • Replies: @Joe Wong
  90. Alden says:
    @Wizard of Oz

    Why would China need to worry about the Taliban and Afghanistan?

  91. Alden says:
    @Reuben Kaspate

    Another ignorant comment from the weirdo wizard. Most of us make informed comments. Weirdo wizard insists on jumping in with his ignorant comments about every subject.

    Last thing Afghanistan needs is another great power meddling around. China sells lots of cheap crap to Afghanistan. Chins makes a lot of money exporting to Afghanistan. America and Britain lose millions a day pretending to occupy Afghanistan.

  92. Alden says:
    @Wizard of Oz

    The wizard is attacking another commenter trying to start a fight as usual.

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  93. @Alden

    Blah, blah, blah… your long and boring posts aren’t indicators of any wit. Just copy and paste from the propaganda unit before your handler has a small private chat with you for deviating from the official line!

    P. S. By including the “most” you are taking shelter without their consent… just concentrate on your own moronic thoughts.

  94. @Alden

    Why don’t you ask if the Afghanis want the pork eaters in their midst? They like it as much as the East Turkmenistan Muslims… just ask Talha!

  95. @Alden

    The sissified Chinese will find out as soon as we’re out of Afghanistan… are you a chinaman, Anon[257]?

    • Replies: @Alden
    , @Alden
  96. @Authenticjazzman

    Funny thing is, the same people that bemoan current indoctrination about immigration and LGBT appear to have swallowed line, hook, and sinker equally BS indoctrination about socialism and spit out totally nonsensical statements about “life under commies”.

    Your comment is a clear example of that.

  97. renfro says:

    Oh yea…..Bolsonaro is gonna fight corruption alright…..just not his own.

    Brazil prosecutors suspend probe into funds handled by ex-driver of Bolsonaro’s son
    Ricardo Brito
    3 Min Read

    BRASILIA (Reuters) – Rio de Janeiro state prosecutors said on Thursday they were temporarily suspending an investigation into suspicious payments handled by the former driver of Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro’s son, Flavio, due to a Supreme Court ruling.

    The Supreme Court ruling injunction was sealed, the prosecutors said in a written statement, and no details were immediately available about who had lodged it, or why.
    Questions over the origin of funds in the bank account of Fabricio Queiroz, who for years was a driver on the payroll of former Rio state lawmaker and Senator-elect Flavio Bolsonaro, have threatened to tarnish the reputation of the Bolsonaro family, whose members surged to power on a promise to end years of political corruption.

    The scandal arose after Brazil’s Council for Financial Activities Control (COAF) identified 1.2 million reais ($305,000) that in 2016-17 flowed through the bank account of Queiroz. Some payments were made to the president’s wife, Michelle Bolsonaro.
    Flavio Bolsonaro, his father and Queiroz have all said they are innocent of any crime.
    Rio de Janeiro state prosecutors had asked Flavio Bolsonaro to meet with them to explain the irregular cash flows on Thursday, after Queiroz failed to show up for previous appointments, citing health reasons.

    Jair Bolsonaro, who took power on Jan. 1, has said the payment to his wife was Queiroz repaying a personal loan.
    Flavio Bolsonaro has said that Queiroz gave him a “plausible” explanation, and that the accusations were intended to destabilize the Bolsonaro family.

    In a TV interview late last month, Queiroz said the money in his account was from a side-business of buying and selling cars.
    “I’m a businessman,” he said. “I make money.”
    According to COAF, some of the payments to Queiroz’ bank account were made by other employees on Flavio Bolsonaro’s payroll when he served as a state lawmaker, including by Queiroz’s own daughter. Many of the deposits were made on or around the same day the employees were paid, COAF found.
    Reporting by Ricardo Brito; Editing by Brad Brooks and Bernadette Baum

  98. DB Cooper says:

    Don’t worry. Indians have Bill Gates to care for them.

    Indians couldn’t care less the welfare of its people. It spent large sum of money buying weapons from other countries instead of using it to improve the lives of its people. India is the world’s largest weapon importer for many years in a row.

    Bill Gates just have to work harder to care for Indians.

    • Replies: @Reuben Kaspate
  99. @Nick Diaz

    Probably true about Brazil, but if you tear off the three southernmost states of Brazil, you’re talking about something more like Africa for the remainder of the national territory.

    • Replies: @Nick Diaz
    , @L.K
  100. renfro says:

    Locust of the world are uniting!! We should change globalist and deep state to simply ‘The Locust’

    Brazilian locust Bolsonaro’s first act was to allow international Agri conglomerates to deforest the rain forest for timbering and harvesting.

    You know what locust do don’t you?

    In one year, 12 trillion locusts devastated the Great Plains
    The insects descended by the trillions on the Great Plains, spreading over a vast portion of land from Montana across to Minnesota and down to Texas. Ravaging farmland, the locusts devoured not only crops but gnawed on nearly any organic material, including sawdust, leather, and the very clothes on people’s backs. Swarming in numbers perhaps unseen in history, they brought staggering economic ruin to rural communities, and in extreme cases, even death.
    Beginning in late June, 1874, wide blue skies all over the American prairie suddenly went dark. Some likened it to a snowstorm, others to the coming of night. The pinkie finger-sized insects ate a panoply of crops, including wheat, corn, melons, tobacco, barley, strawberries, potatoes, beans, and fruit trees. The weight of all the bugs in the swarm was estimated to be in excess of 27 million tons.
    There was the occasional item that did not appeal to the locusts’ encompassing tastes — peas, as a rare example, failed to interest them — but in most cases a visit from a swarm meant utter loss. “One farmer south of this city,” wrote a contemporary historian in St. Louis, Missouri, “had fifteen acres of corn eaten by them yesterday in three hours. They mowed it down close to the ground just as if a mowing machine had cut it.

    • Replies: @Alden
  101. Mefobills says:
    @Joe Wong

    Westerners like Tusk is your lecturing audience, not the Chinese. Since you guys are not doing the job, I just take up the unthankful job reluctantly.

    Joe, Yes…. most Westerner’s are brain dead, or are caught up in narrative that has little bearing on reality.

    I can also point out examples of this in Chinese society. The hive mind is a real problem, which also means that Chinese people can be led off of a cliff should bad leaders arise.

    China’s moves on the chessboard are simple. Shore up the Eastern flank to allow raw materials in by ship and export finished high value goods. This is the British Rim maritime strategy, which stupid Westerners exported to China, and China has since used to lever her growth.

    And yes, China extorted technology and know how. This was done with the connivance of wall street. OK? China did steal and has stolen and continues to steal America’s patrimony. Wall Street Oligarch’s continue to defend this mechanism because they want wage arbitrage, and the mechanism is through the Eastern coastline using Ships (Thanks Jews and Brits for rim theory and atlantacism).

    Internally to China, by consolidating Eurasian landmass – means that maritime shipping is bypassed with rail and airports. This also opens up new hinterland for raw materials which can be fashioned into goods. Some of the hinterlands will become consumers of the finished goods, where said goods get value add in China.

    The U.S. originally used this approach to open up her lands…. e.g. the “American System of Economy – which is what China now uses.”

    Like I said, American’s have amnesia. They’ve been kikked with bad narrative, and the new American “man” project was thwarted with 1965 immigration act. This idea that America has to war with the world, and invite the world is against the founder’s wishes. As well, this “democracy” crap is contrary what is to be a constitutional republic. Democracy is mob rule, and mobs by definition are insane.

    China has already won, it is making the right moves. But, mostly we don’t need a non westerner lecturing what many of us already know. If you motives are pure, then fine.

  102. Alden says:
    @Reuben Kaspate

    No. I just wondered why China would be interested in a war with Afghanistan.
    If the new Silk Road is planned to go through Afghanistan the Chinese can just do what they did 2,000 years ago, bribe the Afgani warlords to keep each other off the new silk road. It worked in the old days and it will work now

  103. @DB Cooper

    And exactly why has China gone on a arms buildup? What about 600 million Chinese who don’t have the stake in the system?

  104. Alden says:

    Bolosaro became president 2 weeks ago. Must be a miracle worker if he’s destroyed the precious rain forest in just 2 weeks.

    Apparently every middle and upperclass adult and teen has been issued with a Uzi and formed into patrols to slaughter the poor downtrodden oppressed criminals in the last 2 weeks as well.

    Even Mao and Lenin needed more time to transform their countries.

    Petras reminds me of the media and liberals hysteria the morning after he was elected. An entire country destroyed in just 2 weeks! Words fail

    • Replies: @renfro
  105. Anon[436] • Disclaimer says:

    So? Who said anything about Afghanistan “needing another great power meddling around”. Are you too dumb to recognise a Gedankenexperiment – in this case wondering what might have been for the US if it had shown respect to China as a rising power and got the use of its vast resources of much cheaper military manpower in dealing with a problem which you rightly say costs Western countries millions a day. Might there not have been interesting effects on Pakistan too if it wasn’t obsessed by the idea of India obtaining influence in Afghanistan? How does that fit into your worldview from the burbs in California?

    • Replies: @Alden
  106. Alden says:
    @Reuben Kaspate

    Please explain why China would get involved in Afghanistan?

  107. @Alden

    Short answer: Uighurs. Slightly longer answer, remembering incidentally that we are talking about a time before China could expect to match US military or economic power: China would have seen it as an opportunity to project some power and control over turbulent areas bordering it. Remember it invaded India a few decades ago over border issues and it took forceful steps to secure Tibet. Now look at what it is doing in the South China Sea.

    • Replies: @Alden
  108. @Alden

    No, just trying not to display contempt to a first offender in the large field of sloppy thinkers and writers who, at least for a time, waste one’s time on UR threads. It would be much more to my taste if he were to respond with “Sorry, that was a bit of pub talk. What I should have said was…..”.

  109. Alden says:
    @Joe Wong

    You’ve been reading Professor Bernal’s Blsck Athens I see. Any comments about Bernal’s claim that not only European but Chinese civilization was the result of black African immigrants who became the first emperors scholars inventers and engineers 4,000 years ago?

    America didn’t invent patents. The Europeans began patenting around 1500. By the 1600s most European governments had patent law.

    The reason for patent law was to make inventions profitable; that the inventor would make money from his product, just as farmers craftsmen and other producers made a living from the products of their labor.

    The idea was that if every other craftsman could copy inventions, no one would bother creating anything new or improving existing processes.
    European and American progress has usually been a bottom up rather than an upper down process

    Another idea was recognizing that a successful society and progress depends more on ordinary workmen and small businessmen constantly improving their products instead of mandarins pontificating in their palaces.

    Your Asian position on patents is that any Asian should be able to steal someone else’s invention as well as stealing food someone else has raised or stealing some product someone else has manufactured.

    • Replies: @Joe Wong
  110. Alden says:

    Petras’ article about embracing Bolosaro is just overwrought.

    • Replies: @Rogue
  111. Perhaps Wall Street has forgotten Lenin’s remark that “the capitalists will sell us the rope we use to hang them.” China’s Marxist-Leninist-Maoist leadership has *never* forgotten this – and is acting accordingly. All Chinese companies are controlled by the state, and if you’re not a member of the Chinese Communist Party, your road for advancement is *very* stringently limited, even more so with “social credit”, which punishes deviation from Party ideology. Deviate far enough, and you’ll end up in a labor camp (like about a million Uighurs) – or worse. And the Chinese company that does development of foreign ports is controlled by the People’s Liberation Army.

    Trump’s policy is absolutely correct, and Petras is out to lunch on this one, not surprisingly, given his politics.

  112. Wally says:
    @Andrew E. Mathis

    What allegation was I proved wrong on?

    The author of the article, Petras, himself described Brazil before Bolsonaro as “nearly a century of state directed economic growth.”
    aka: Communism

    “Adjunct Professors are non-tenure track contingent labor, usually part-time and non-salaried.”
    Oh my!

    So where is your “full time” job? Where & what you substitute teaching now?
    This should be good.

    • Replies: @Andrew E. Mathis
    , @L.K
  113. @22pp22

    If you are referring to Americans with your word WE, I suggest WE Americans did not willingly hand our economies to China. Americans were very much against handing their businesses to China, Indonesia, the Middle East, India, South America or Africa or anywhere else. The elite in the western world (mostly the WWII corporate partners) used their influence over the governments that governed the people and businesses of those nations to destroy the advantage the masses in those nations had, in advanced science, engineering know how, in a well educated labor force, and in highly refined methods of manufacturer and production. I was among 3 million in the oil and gas business in America when EPA came to shut us down in order to move the oil business to Saudi Arabia and terminate any and all competition from American oil to thei plan to rape our economy. Shortly before that I was in the Chemical industry and EPA came, with its rules, to shut it down; the process was given to Korea because they did not have the money to pay for it.
    Everywhere competition existed to one of the oil and gas companies or to one of the monopoly (patent and copyright, government contracts and privatization) powered corporations, the laws of the nations were used to shut down our businesses and to transfer our technology and production know how out of America. (Competition was shut out by rule of law and monopolies were created by rule of law and handed out to wall street for distribution to its war monger capitalist). Everything was shipped or transferred overseas. The monopoly powered corporations began producing the same products it used to produce in the western nation but now they also enjoyed a virtual price and production monopoly so they could use cheap labor to produce what the little guys used to make and charge big bucks for it back in their own home towns.
    Gas at the retail pump went from $.50 (Fifty Cents a Gallon) to over $4.00, $4,000 homes now cost $400,000 (inflation would pay off the nation debt we were told), goods available on the retail shelves were so poorly constructed consumers had to buy two of three of each thing to get one that worked or to find a package of food fit to eat.
    This was not a WE THING, it was a shutdown of capitalism and a transform of capitalism into monopoly ism forced on us by Zionism. as a outgrowth of “take the oil from the Arabs” which started in earnest in 1896, in Switzerland. Everything flows from there. The Zionist wanted to make Israel the center of the world. In 1946 both Truman and Churchill declared their nations owned all of the oil and gas under the sea and everywhere twenty miles inland and they meant it.
    Shortly thereafter the British military base in British Mandate Palestine was given nation state powers and named Israel to fit the Zionist “take the oil from the Arabs” propaganda (1948), 1954 continental Shelf act(1954) , then EPA [972-4] all designed to deny any non wall street competition and to acquire the all rights of manufacturer, design, or production and to move and concentrate everything in the middle east and other cheap places where labor was so cheap it afforded competition free capitalism.

    The Zionist in Charge of the Government that governed America stole our America, the same happened in France and England and they used war to steal the from the Germans their economy. We are just now beginning to understand how they did it.

    • Replies: @jacques sheete
  114. Anonymous[313] • Disclaimer says:
    @Tyrion 2

    Well, as I said, the discrimination is against effeminate and passive homosexuals. Virile homosexuals aren’t even considered gays. The broad discrimination against all types of homosexuals is a distinctive trait of northern European culture.

  115. renfro says:

    Words fail

    Yea…your’s do.

    Must be a miracle worker if he’s destroyed the precious rain forest in just 2 weeks.

    Its stupid to exaggerate with silliness . I guess you are a locust supporter.

    • Replies: @Alden
  116. @Wally

    State directed economic growth isn’t communism, unless you’d like to claim the Nazis were communists. Would you?

    Part-time and non-salaried isn’t the same thing as “substitute.” Adjuncts are hired to teach entire courses from beginning to end — not to fill in when a permanent faculty member is sick or otherwise absent.

    I’m still an adjunct. Any enterprising person could easily find out where, as well as where my 9-5 job is and what I do. I don’t even try to hide it.

    As for what I teach, I teach a course called “Power, Democracy, and Oppression.” Met for the second time today. Talked about Machiavelli and the limits of using force.

    Anything else?

    • Replies: @Wally
  117. Nick Diaz says:
    @Jim Bob Lassiter

    Not true at all…the rest of Brazil has a GDP per capita comparable to the rest of Latin America or about 3 X that of Africa. In fact, the richest states of Brazil are São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, which are not southern states but southeastern states. The demographic of those states is significantly less Caucasian than that of the three southernmost states.

    • Replies: @Wally
  118. Brazil and China are both loser countries.

    First, Brazil. Brazil is now 55% black. The average IQ is 83. It has collapsed. Most whites live in the south of Brazil so there is a de facto separatist country. I like Bolsonaro, but he won’t accomplish much. He is changing the laws concerning gun ownership. This will help the whites defend themselves against the blacks. He may reform the economy, but the wealth will stay in southern Brazil. If the whites can separate themselves from the blacks, a new Brazil in the south would be an economic power.

    Now China. China is collapsing. Their population control policy has now made them the fastest, aging country in the world. Trump is working on better trade deals for the USA and this is already impacting China. China will not challenge the USA. Also, we have Japan. If the Japanese wants nuclear weapons, they could produce them quickly. The Chinese are afraid of the Japanese. Compare China and Japan. Which country is better?

    • Troll: L.K
    • Replies: @L.K
  119. Nick Diaz says:
    @Joe Wong

    From your surname, I assume that you are Chinese, and that your comments reflect hostility towards Westerners. I am sorry, but even though I dislike the white racists that post on, your assertion that Hellenic civilization is an off-shoot of Egyptian civilization is ridiculous. In fact, Hellenic civilization was a *rejection* of Egyptian civilization. The Greeks did get some elements of mathematics and technology from Egypt, but 99% of all they accomplished was done by themselves. Furthermore, in terms of ideas, they *created* all the fundamental ideas that Western Civilization are based on, completely independent from what the Egyptians did.

    Geometry is Greek…that is why we have the *Pythagorean* Theorem and *Euclidean* geometry

    Trigonometry is also Greek, as exemplified by Euclides and Archimedes.

    Hydraulics is also an original Greek invention, by Eupalinos. The first hydraulic automata was built by Ctsebius in 270 B.C. The Greeks were much, much, much more technologically advanced than your Han Chinese ancestors by the IVth century B.C. The last time China was more advanced than Greece was around the end of the Bronze Age around 1,200 B.C, during the Greek Middle Ages, when a series of wars and famine made Greece return to barbarism.

    Then, putting aside math and technology, in the realm of ideas, Greece triumphed while China failed. All of modern civilization is based on Greek ideals. Democracy, citizenship, individual rights, etc, all Greek ideas. Ancient Hellas was the greatest civilization ever no doubt. No other civilization contributed as many *fundamentals* to science, to mathematics, to the art of government, of law and philosophy. Even logic itself, the basis of all scientific rationalism, is a Greek invention. It was Aristotle that formalized logic.

    Denying the cultural and scientific greatness of ancient Hellas is completely absurd. It is an intellectually unwinnable proposition. I guess you say this out of spite.

    Also, the cradle of civilization was not China, but Babylon in today’s Iran. The oldest organized cities appeared there at the end of the Copper Age some 8,000 years ago. The wheel, and the first works in metal also appeared there thousands of years before they appeared in China.

    I agree that the U.S.A is overrated in scientific and cultural greatness compared to what Europe was up to WWII. But it is not fair to compare a country to a whole continent, especially a country that is only 200 years old to a continent that has been civilized and urbanized for some 4,000 years.

  120. Mike Tre [AKA "MikeatMikedotMike"] says:

    The US suffered ~58,000 killed, part of over 200,000 casualties in Vietnam.

  121. Alden says:
    @Wizard of Oz

    The Chinese appear to have their Urghurs well in hand. They did it without any advice from Petras or any unz commenters.

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  122. Alden says:

    It appears you think the US should have tried to draw the Chinese military into the sink hole of Afghanistan?? Maybe but I doubt China does anything that doesn’t benefit China and its plans.

    Remind me, why are we still in Afghanistan? Never could understand why.

    • Replies: @Anon
  123. Alden says:

    That 1870s N American locust plague happened before pesticides and aircraft.

    For a long time now governments cooperate in keeping locusts down. Spotters find the eggs and the eggs are drowned in pesticide. Spotters spot the swarms as they are hatched and helicopters and planes blast the swarms with pesticides As a result the locusts are still
    around but under control. Some say the pesticide used is the banned DDT.

    If the Brazilian government and big agriculture is so stupid as to let the locusts breed it’s certainly not the fault of America
    Somehow I doubt that S American big agriculture and governments will stop their locust control programs.

    The N American locust has been eradicated. Hire more spotters buy more pesticide and drown the suckers. It’s possible. After that destructive swarm hit Algeria in the 1970s the French developed an entire system of spotters in sub sahara Africa who notified the French who sent helicopters that blasted the swarms with pesticide.

    Self interest no farmer big or small wants the crops destroyed. Governments want their people fed. So the locusts are under control.

    What’s with all this missionary type meddling in other countries? China and Brazil are big enough to take care of themselves and set both domestic and foreign policy. It’s humikiatibg to think America needs the help of China to assist with whatever we’re doing in Afghanistan.

  124. @smellyoilmanafteryourwealth


    The comments here at UR keep getting better, and yours is one of the best. You not only understand what’s going on but know how to relate it. It is all about shutting down all competition that threatens Wall Street and consolidating more and more power in the hands of fewer and fewer, and it really got going with the gift to Wall Street, the Federal Reserve.

    You wrote, superbly,

    Everywhere competition existed to one of the oil and gas companies or to one of the monopoly (patent and copyright, government contracts and privatization) powered corporations, the laws of the nations were used to shut down our businesses and to transfer our technology and production know how out of America.

    and you are spot on.

    This new Federal reserve act makes it practical for the [big]banks to tax the people hundreds of millions of dollars annually more than they have done heretofore. Is it any wonder that Secretary Bryan would say…that it was the greatest gift ever presented to [them]? In fact, it is the greatest gift that ever was made to greed. The act established and legalized the most gigantic trust on earth.

    – Charles A. Lindbergh Sr., Real Needs, p.68, (1915)

    Member of the U.S. House of Representatives, 1907 –1917

    … the same happened in France and England and they used war to steal from the Germans their economy. We are just now beginning to understand how they did it.

    You are exactly correct there too!

  125. L.K says:


    The author of the article, Petras, himself described Brazil before Bolsonaro as “nearly a century of state directed economic growth.”
    aka: Communism

    Hey, imbecile, the German economy under the National Socialists WAS STATE DIRECTED.

    Were Hitler and the National Socialists Communists then?

    You obviously don’t even know what Communism is.

    At any rate, Petras’ description of nearly a century of state directed economic growth in Brazil is not accurate at all, since in reality this process lasted only some 30 odd years, and did result indeed in very rapid growth. After the military regime ended, that is, since the mid 1980s, the country has mostly followed disastrous neoliberal policies, and this even to a great extent during the supposedly center-left governments of the worker’s party.
    Such policies have caused one of the most rapid deindustrialization rates in the world, as well as tremendous financialization of the economy.

    You obviously know as much about Brazil as you do about Argentina, i.e, NOTHING.

    • Replies: @Wally
  126. @Alden

    Yep, and they would have done a much better job on the Taliban in Afghanistan (and maybe Pakistan) than than the US, NATO or the old British Raj.

  127. denk says:

    When China was the sole super power, it didnt need to ask for obeisance, envoys from all over the world went to the middle kingdom to pay tribute, that was how long ago, 2000 years ?

    Today, USA the sole super power, demand genuflection from ‘friends’ and ‘foes’ alike.

    Do you know who’s the author of NZ’s ‘anti terrorists act’ ,NOT China, its the UsualSuspect. [1]

    Its Washington that PRESSURE Oz parliament to ram thru the ‘ ANTI INTERFERENCE act’.

    Do you see the irony there ?

    But I guess it’s alright with the 5lies.

    5liars do not mind being vassals per se, What they object to is a Chinese overlord.
    Perfectly understandable from their ‘my tribe right or wrong ‘ mindset.

    but you can relax, contrary to all that Murdoch press fear porn, I see no sign whatsoever of China planning to take over from Pax murikka….

    So it would appear that the USA and its allies may be in control of New Zealand.

    It would appear that the USA and its allies can order New Zealand to introduce a Terrorism Suppression Act.

    Why do we have the ‘Terrorism Suppression Act 2002’ in the first place? Simply put – because the Americans told us we had to.”

  128. Anon[404] • Disclaimer says:

    My expert opinion was in favour of the US saying to Mullah Omar, after 9/11, that Afghanistan would, where controlled by the Taliban, be bombed back into the Stone Age until and unless ObL was given up, or at least kicked out.

  129. Rogue says:
    @Joe Wong

    So let me get this straight … you’re saying you don’t like Americans?

    Come on man, just spit it out, enough of this fence-sitting stuff!

    • Replies: @Joe Wong
    , @denk
  130. Rogue says:

    Yes, does read that way.

    Whether his article will be vindicated in the future or not, remains to be seen.

    But “new Hitler” articles should always be treated with extreme caution.

  131. @Mefobills

    You might consider this:

    China may do as well as you say. In theory, at least, this is all to the good. More civilization can mean more knowledge and more capability. One might even see semi-revival of the old rival European state system, with each side supporting increase in knowledge and capability as a simple matter of national prestige.

    One might also see a Chinese super-state, an Islamic super state, and nothing else — a West thrown into the confusion of a re-organization.. Both civilizations value internal social stability above just about anything else, although neither has achieved it, and both are quite capable of adding territory when circumstances are favorable. In such a case, I suspect that society would reach stasis in Islamic and Chinese areas.

    Or, third alternative, and one that Joe Wong (JW) highlights, is that China might actually try to use its new economic capabilities to enforce a breakout. The temptation is there — Africa looks weak, China has extremely vulnerable sea lanes, Japan could be considered in terminal decline, South Korea is small compared to China and North Korea has come very close to destroying itself and its neighbors [1]. A military reinforced breakout is a real temptation. JW represents, let’s say, Chinese enthusiasm for its new day. Enthusiasm is mostly to the good, but . . .
    JW might take a look at _The Guns of August_[2] to see what took out European civilization. JW might well look at that and say “This is just more non-Chinese trying to tell Chinese what to do.”, and that’s the danger here. As in AD 1914, the world is awash with new and powerful weapons systems. _Nobody_ knows the effect of these weapon systems if used in a central war beyond the obvious: all would be tried, some would prove useful to at least one side, some would be far _too_ destructive, rather like a device that could make the Sun into a nova.
    China’s biggest threat, just now, is that its government could find itself in a central war without quite knowing how it got there. JW shows why this is a serious threat — he sounds just like pre-WW I Europeans.
    Note that the British Empire came to grief when it tried to play Continental Power and fet British armies and resources into an attrition war. Bad idea. China might consider just how bad an idea it was.


    1] Yasemin Saplakoglu.
    “Why Is North Korea Shutting Down Its Nuclear Test Site?”.
    _LiveScience_, 2018/04/27.

    2] Barbara W. Tuchman.
    _The Guns of August_.

    • Replies: @Joe Wong
  132. I gather that your opponent is a 3 and a 7. That’s pretty brutal, don’t you think?


    (Reference is to Lafferty’s Cameroi stories. they had ten classic insults, which were referred to by number during debates.)

  133. Joe Wong says:

    You are blaming the messenger, without the perpetrators committing the crimes, those denouncements just won’t stick. You should know not everybody is like the Americans who believe bombing and killing on the fabricated WMD allegation as humanitarian intervention, and stealing other people’s land with genocide and Kangaroo courts then glossing over the crimes by claiming it was god’s gift to them.

  134. Joe Wong says:
    @jacques sheete

    Peace, live long and prosper.

  135. Joe Wong says:

    USA is 10,000 miles away on the other side of the Pacific. USA is not an Asian nation, and American is an alien and aggressor in Asia.

    Before WWII, the American is just one of the Western imperialists ravaged and wreaked havoc of Asia with barbaric wars, illicit drugs like Opium, slavery, stealing, robbing, looting, plundering, murdering, torturing, exploiting, polluting, culture genocide, ‘pious’ fanaticism, unmatchable greed and extreme brutality. In fact it is hard to tell the difference between the American and the unrepentant war criminal Japanese who is more lethal and barbaric to Asians until the Pearl Harbour incident.

    For over seventy years the US has dominated Asia, ravaging the continent with two major wars in Korea and Indo-China with millions of casualties, and multiple counter-insurgency interventions in Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, the Philippines, Timor, Myanmar, Pakistan and Afghanistan. The strategic goal has been to expand its military and political power, exploit the economies and resources and encircle China.

    American is a toxin and a plague to Asian, They have done enough damage to Asian already, they are not wanted, not invited and not loved in Asia, go home Yankee.

    • Replies: @Counterinsurgency
  136. Joe Wong says:

    Don’t take us wrong, Chinese bloggers have no intention to upset anybody here, Chinese bloggers are here to expose the lies told about China, clear the smear painted on China and correct the distorted facts with truth about China.

  137. Joe Wong says:

    You are using straw man fallacy to gloss over the greedy financial parasites. Your argument is an hypothesis in an ideal situation that does not exist in the world, just like the Americans claiming they are democracy, for human rights and freedom, but they are not, they are morally defunct liars, warmongers and thieves, and they have been stealing, plundering, bombing and killing around world non stop since the Columbus time. Extracting money based on the false, exaggerate or unreal premise is flaw and scam, hence the Western patent right idea and laws are flaw and scam.

    The mother of all inventions is necessity, not monetary reward. Human beings have been inventing for hundreds of thousands of years before the Westerners started to do their fair share of invention in the last couple of hundreds of years, instead of just being a parasite of consuming other people’s inventions and hard work. Other people let the Westerners use their inventions free, but the stingy and mean Westerners want to charge exorbitant fees for the improvements they made on other people’s invention they got it for free. The Westerners are wrong, selfish, greedy and not an responsible stake holder of this global community.

    Besides Western patent right is used to deter and kill newer and better inventions, patents is the retardants of civilization progress. On behalf of the humanity I condemn the Westerners unrepentant attitude of profiting individual pockets at the expenses of the well-being of humanity as a whole.

    Your mud slinging of Asian is unwarranted and bigotry. Mind you Chinese pay billions a year to use Western patents. Chinese produced more patents than the American or any Westerners, and China is the world largest producer and trader, their goods are way superior and have more value than the Westerners’. Being a sour grape is not going to make a loser catch up.

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  138. Wally says:


    Another Marxist trying to argue the difference between communism & socialism.

    The difference with NS Germany was that their ‘socialism’ was not international, hence “National Socialism”. Pay attention.

    BTW, Bolsanaro won. That’s how happy the people of Brazil were with what Bolsanaro openly & accurately described as “Communism”.

    That was easy.


    • Replies: @L.K
  139. denk says:

    /that Vanuatu naval base for China must be one of the top B.S. of 2018.

    NO, wait a min, how about that Aussie Hamilton who claims that ‘Very soon China would attack Oz, it already has an army of Chinese fifth columns lying low, ready to rise up when the Chinese embassy give the command’

    5lies B.S. are getting more and more brazen and ludicrous by the day. These days they simply concoct a scenario outta their own experience, aint ukus ’embassies’ known as
    CIA safe house worldwide ?

    iN any sane society, people like Hamilton ought to be laughed off the stage, instead he’s revered in the main stream like a messiah, given standing ovation in the murikkan CON-gress.

    Now whats that old joke about JOhnny the prospective CON-gressman telling his mother, ‘In CON-gress, they dont lie, they testify’


    The best part is, they’r still getting away with it.

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  140. Wally says:
    @Andrew E. Mathis

    NS Germany’s”socialism” was not international in scope. A big difference.
    That’s why it was correctly labeled “National Socialism”.
    Simple stuff, really.

    Do you cover Israeli oppression in your course called ““Power, Democracy, and Oppression.”
    Is your beloved “holocaust” propaganda covered as well?

    BTW, among many others, I saw this:

    Industry’s Andrew Mathis & Roberto Muehlenkamp claim patch of dirt holds remains of 100,000 at Ponar, Lithuania:


    • Replies: @Andrew E. Mathis
  141. Wally says:
    @Nick Diaz

    “the rest of Brazil has a GDP per capita comparable to the rest of Latin America or about 3 X that of Africa”

    – “the rest of Latin America”? Wow, no wonder Bolsanaro won. Hilarious.

    “3 X that of Africa”? More hilarity. That’s like saying in ‘3X that of the moon’.

  142. denk says:

    More on vassals/

    I get that 5lies are fine with their murikkan overlords, after all, blood is thicker than water innit ?

    But have they bother to ask whether the rest of world want this Pax murikka tyranny ?

    Exhibit a

    When US antiwar veterans called up SK embassy to protest the ejection of Jeju islanders to make way for a new naval base, SK officials told them,
    Dont call us, call your own state dept,
    they’r the one who pressure us to do this’

    Exhibit b,

    But the Trump administration stands in the way of South Korean aid to the North.

    In response to Seoul’s interest in lifting trade and investment sanctions, Trump said:

    “They won’t do it without our approval. They do nothing without our approval.” [1]

    Some ally eh ?

    Tip of an iceberg.

    How about a multi polar world with Russia/China as counter balance to the UKUS led global tyranny, where no one would dictate to the rest of world and nobody needs to be a vassal ???

    All signs points to the 5lies wanting to preserve their full spectrum dominance over the rest of world at all cost, by hook or by crook.


  143. denk says:

    Lets put it this way….

    Except for some honorable exceptions.
    I find it increasingly difficult to differentiate bet joe six packs and the neocons,……

    Im talking about the 5lies in general ,not just the murikkans btw.

  144. @Wally

    You’re dodging.

    You said that a directed economy is communist. Now, challenged on this point, you scramble like a cockroach with the light turned on.

    I don’t cover the Holocaust in my current course except very briefly in passing. I talk about Israel when talking about nationalism, and of course, talking about oppression is part of that discussion, just as it is relevant to discuss oppression of minorities in any example of ethnic nationalism. The person who makes exceptions is you, not me.

    • Replies: @Wally
  145. L.K says:

    Yeah, bye, Troll.

    The only things you ever get right is 9/11 & the holohoax, and even those, probably for the WRONG reasons…

    You are as intellectually dishonest as the worst of the holohoaxters I’ve come across.

    • Replies: @Wally
  146. @22pp22

    China spent the next century prostrate. They have not forgotten or forgiven the humiliation. Nothing would give them greater pleasure than to tread on us.”

    Good for them, nor should they refrain. I spent decades in your shitty empire. As the above commenter said, you reset the golden standard in terms of hubris. Humility would be a first step to “self-preservation”. Not holding my breath.

  147. Wally says:

    That’s it? That’s your response? Hilarious.

    We see that you cannot demonstrate your laughable & desperately alleged claim of “dishonesty” in my positions.
    The fact is that you are merely engaging in childish projection.

    IOW, you’re in way over your head. Do better next time.


    • Replies: @L.K
  148. Wally says:
    @Andrew E. Mathis

    I explained the difference you inquired about. Please pay attention

    I said “state run” economy, yes that is communism. You lose again.

    I see no oppression of “minorities”, yet I am one.

    And we see you’re now on the parasitical Jew / Zionist led gravy train yet again.

    I also suggest to everyone, with more to come:

    The strange disconnect between truth and proof from Holocaust Believers / Andrew Mathis:

    Andrew Mathis & Utterly Impossible Cremations Claims Demolished … again:

    • Replies: @Andrew E. Mathis
  149. @Joe Wong

    Yep. Jingoism, pure form. This is a the major danger, mostly to China, that I was talking about. The PRC government can use this to stabilize itself, but the danger (as with Europe in AD 1914) is that the appeal to jingoism can acquire its own momentum, and the government (to keep itself in power) can inadvertently start a war that it can’t win — occasionally, a big war in which everybody loses.

    I think that other readers can see this from reading Joe Wong’s posts.

    I’ve no fix for this, it’s just another hazard to watch and try to avoid, sort of like this:

    Alice was very anxious to be of use, and, as the poor little Lily was nearly screaming herself into a fit, she hastily picked up the Queen and set her on the table by the side of her noisy little daughter.

    The Queen gasped, and sat down: the rapid journey through the air had quite taken away her breath and for a minute or two she could do nothing but hug the little Lily in silence. As soon as she had recovered her breath a little, she called out to the White King, who was sitting sulkily among the ashes, ‘Mind the volcano!’

    ‘What volcano?’ said the King, looking up anxiously into the fire, as if he thought that was the most likely place to find one.

    ‘Blew — me — up,’ panted the Queen, who was still a little out of breath. ‘Mind you come up — the regular way — don’t get blown up!’

    _Through the Looking Glass_, Lewis Carrol.


    • Replies: @Joe Wong
  150. @Wally

    You said “state directed,” not “state run.” Anyone can go up thread and see. State direction is not communism. Anyone with a dictionary can see that.

    Ethnic nationalism by definition has an issue with minorities. Some countries handle this issue better than others. Israel handles it rather poorly.

    I am on gravy train. I work for the money I make. If that bothers you, I can’t help you.

    • Replies: @Wally
  151. Wally says:
    @Andrew E. Mathis

    Yawn. A distinction without a difference.

    “State run”, “state directed” is Communism.

    “Ethnic nationalism by definition has an issue with minorities”.

    You mean black nationalism, brown nationalism, yellow nationalism, and the ultimate parasite, Jew nationalism, no doubt.

    If promoting Jew / Zionist propaganda is a legit job then you are true parasite.

    ‘Believer org. spokesman, Andrew Mathis, demolished in debate’

    ‘Prof. Mc Nally dissects HHP’s fake professor Andrew Mathis’ bogus article’

  152. @Joe Wong

    So how does your correct description of China registering many more patents each year than any other country fit with your view that the patent system is some greedy Western invention to make the (newly backward) Asian world pay unjustly? You don’t do your advocacy any good by building with inflammatory words on a basis of ignorance. At least a reasonably well informed polemicist might have adverted to the 19th century American habit of cashing in on European IP – just not recognising Copyright and other IP in America. The Europeans seem to have made a steady accumulation of technological innovations from the Dark Ages on and largely reinvented great advances like gunpowder, compasses and the printing press rather than copy them from China which was well ahead. But the first Patent laws (to the best of my recollection) were passed in early 17th century England for the rational purpose of making it worthwhile for inventors to give the world the benefit of their innovations.

    If you really knew what you were talking about you would object to the way Disney as major lobbyist has bought unconscionable long Copyright protection in the US and had US negotiators ram most of it down the throats of trading partners.

    • Replies: @Joe Wong
  153. @denk

    Hamilton? I draw a blank when I try to think who you could be referring to. Please enlighten.

  154. denk says:

    I’ve highlighted it many times, you havent been paying attention.

    The book suggests that the majority of Australia’s 1.2 million people of Chinese descent are not “loyal” to Australia; casts suspicion over many of the country’s 130,000 Chinese students, as well as many individually named academics, scientists and researchers “of Chinese descent,” and alleges that numbers of prominent business and political leaders are “fifth columnists.”

    The book even claims that China plans to stake a formal territorial claim over Australia,

    Hamilton warns that in the event of a war with China, local Chinese people, “citizens and non-citizens alike,” would “create ongoing and potentially severe civil strife” orchestrated by “the Chinese embassy in Canberra.”

  155. denk says:

    Hamilton’s theory is pure fantasy, unadulterated fear porn.

    Reality check…..

    China is surrounded from all fronts, everywhere it turns, it sees 5lies blocking the way.

    Missiles in Jeju can reach Beijing in ten min, ABM in SK put the entire China under the surveillance of its X band radar, the Patriots are installed to neutralise China’s 2nd strike nuclear deterrence.

    SCO ‘buddy’ India has been collaborating with 5lies to thwart Chinese investments in South Asia with regime change , even terrorism, its also tracking Chinese sub with US supplied sub hunting technology.

    Rival SCS claimant Vn is also feverishly upgrading its military.

    UK is pivoting back to Asia, with naval bases going up in either Brunei or Singapore, obviously to support UKUS joint ops in SCS.

    France might also be joining the ‘party’ .

    Jp has acquired two squadron of F35 vtol fighters, rendering its ‘helicopter destroyer ‘ a full fledged aircraft carrier, this creeping conversion was no doubt incorporated in the plan from the day Izumo was built [1]

    Its the eight nations alliance II babe, er, more like twenty eight nations this time around.

    China cant even stop the USN from picking fights in SCS, its own backyard, it must be craZy to send a naval task force to attack Oz, NZ, that’d be an invitation for UKUS to attack , PLAN might not even get past the 2nd island chain.

    since I see no sign whatsoever that Xi and co have gone bonkers, the crazy ones seem to be
    Hamilton and his ilks, those yellow peril fear porn ‘mongers.

    Here’s the scary part, majority of 5lies swallow it
    hook, line and sinker. !!

    For those morons who parrots the 5lies official line that China is threatening the entire ‘rule based international communities’, including oh so defenceless Jp, that ‘helicopter destroyer’ Izumo was named after the flag ship of Jp invading naval force which bombarded Shanghai during ww2.

    Message hidden in plain sight…
    We’r gonna get you again !

  156. @Ilyana_Rozumova

    Except he is right!!!!!!!! His so called nihilism is anything but! Every nation on this planet is run by a corrupt oligarchy, basically one huge interconnected global crime syndicate and The City of London and DC are it main headquarters. The first step to the path of righting the global ship is admitting the truth. Also, Petras is right, Brazil has nothing to offer, except being a vassal to possibly take out Venezuela and handing the nation to International finance. What is Brazil known for? Carnival and bikini wax. Not much to offer except maybe cheap labor for more offshoring for American corporations, but that isn’t Trump.

    • Replies: @Ilyana_Rozumova
  157. @Robert Bruce

    My comment did refer to his last four sentences.

  158. L.K says:
    @Nick Diaz

    Now I know that you’re lying. Brazil is many, many steps above Africa. Many, many steps. Show me one African country that builds airplanes, nuclear reactors and super-computers.

    This is indeed correct, despite the fact that Neoliberal policies since the late 80s are causing tremendous deindustrialization.

    The announced “joint-venture” between Boeing and Embraer, for example, will be great for Boeing and ruinous for Embraer and the Brazilian aerospace industry.
    A Brazilian expert, professor in Aeronautical engineering at ITA and former air force pilot, Wagner da Rocha, has stated on record that if the transaction goes on as it is, the technological loss will be so great that the Brazilian aerospace industry will go back to a 1950s level.
    As Embraer is also heavily involved in sensitive defense/military fields, the situation is even more problematic.

    This is what happens though, when a country is ruled by traitors, sellouts, and 5th columnists.

    First flight of the new military transport and aerial refueling jet, the KC-390, 2015.

  159. L.K says:

    Naw, you just pathetically shifted the goal posts, some pretty crude sophistry really.
    Therefore, acc to your idiotic notion – before attempted obfuscation – the Brazilian military regime, which had Anti-Communism as one of its main guidelines, was… Communist! Idiot!

    The regime adopted nationalism, economic development, and Anti-Communism as its guidelines.

    Brazil NEVER had anything even remotely like a Communist type system. What it did have for a period of some 40 years, was a mixed economy, with the state playing a much larger role than has been the case in the post military regime period, where Brazil largely adopted neoliberal/ free market policies, which have been rapidly deindustrializing/financializing its economy. Since then, the real rulers in Brazil have been the banksters and rentiers.

    Interestingly, it was during the period of greater statism, beginning with Getúlio Vargas until the end of the military regime, that Brazil turned from a completely agrarian country into an industrial, relatively modern country.
    Annual GDP growth during this period was from 4%(during the great depression in the 30s) to close to 10% in the early 70s.

    From 1985 on, largely under neoliberal policies, Brazil’s best performance was a measly 2% annual GDP growth under president Lula da Silva.
    It should be noted that Brazil never had even something similar to Social Democracy in the way many European countries have had. President João Goulart might have tried it, but he was overthrown.

    The above is not for the quack/liar, ‘Wally’, it is just for the record.

    • Replies: @Wally
  160. L.K says:

    Your posts are, as always, some of the dumbest/ most laughable that can be found under any thread.

    So China is collapsing eh? Sure, sure…

    Brazil is NOT 55% black. This can be easily seen through the results of several recent DNA studies which put the European contribution at around 70% when ALL races are included for the entirety of the country. Black African share is around 20% or lower, most of the rest being Amerindian.

    What identity politics proponents in Brazil have done is they artificially created a bi-racial country that NEVER existed. They added the large racially mixed category( all kinds of mixes representing over 43% of the pop) and added it to the 7-8% black minority, thus creating a completely false “black” majority.

    The purpose of the move seems to be to create better reasons and more pressure to enlarge the race based affirmative action programs for universities and public jobs.
    The IQ is not 83, it is around 90, though I don’t put much trust on this sort of thing anymore.

  161. L.K says:
    @Jim Bob Lassiter

    As Nick Diaz already stated, you are completely mistaken. The richest state in Brazil is São Paulo, located in the Southeastern region.
    Its GDP alone is much larger than that of the entire Southern region( all 3 states combined). São Paulo state is around 60% white while the Southern region is around 77% white.
    But even the Brazilian Mid-West, North and the most impoverished region, the Northeast, are not nearly as underdeveloped/poor as most of Africa. Perhaps some visuals could be helpful.
    First, a few southern/southeastern cities, with white majorities.

    Walking in Curitiba( Paraná state capital, South of Brazil)

    Campinas(over 1 million people), interior of São Paulo state, southernmost state of the Southeastern region.

    Now 2 state capitals from the country’s poorest region, the Northeast;
    João Pessoa, Paraíba state capital

    Recife, Pernambuco state capital

  162. Wally says:

    From the article under discussion:
    “Brazil’s President, Jair Bolsonaro from day one, has announced a program to reverse nearly a century of state directed economic growth.”

    I sorry, but Bolsanaro’s claim about Brazilian Communists matters, while your desperate attempts to defend them is laughable. Keep on making stuff up, another Communist just might believe you.

    I remind you that Brazilians elected Bolsanaro on an anti-Communist platform.

    So how’s life in Venezuela?


  163. Anonymous [AKA "Yahbulon"] says:

    America is not embracing Brazil, Brazil has willingly submitted its sovereignty to the US and China or Russia will never take that route.

  164. Joe Wong says:
    @Wizard of Oz

    In order to stop the Westerners, particular the American and their lackey Jap, from stealing more Chinese inventions then charge Chinese using their own inventions with fraudulent copy rights, Chinese was forced into patenting their inventions for protection.

    When China embarked on modernization in the late 1970s, Chinese were ignorant to copy rights, they showed the West their best to attract investment, but instead, the West, Jap and Korean patented Chinese inventions and turn around charge Chinese to use their own inventions, it also gave the West the proof that Chinese were violating their IP, because they have the patents of Chinese inventions while the Chinese did not, because they had no idea that they needed to patent their own inventions.

    CCP sacrificed their own people in order to attract FDI. Chinese learnt the Westerners’ copy right trickery dearly. Chinese registered more patents than the West proves it is a fallacy that only the West can invent and only the West can succeed. The American alleging Chinese stealing their technologies is just typical American way of life, claiming credit where credit is not due.

    The greedy West’s patent usury has spoiled and polluted the generality of humanity like pouring a bucket of shit into a pond of clear water, it can’t cleaned anymore, the West has tainted humanity forever like racism, etc.

  165. Joe Wong says:

    You should know pointing out the American ugly past they try to hide is not jingoism, it is called telling the truth. The victims have the right to exposed the American’s crimes, and the victims have to right to right to protect themselves from being harmed again by the unrepentant war criminal, the American.

    Blaming the victim exposing the American’s ugly past makes the Americans unrepentant war criminal worse than the Japanese. Japanese tries to deflect their crimes by twisting the facts, but the American blaming the victims for their crimes brings the American’s double think, remorselessness to a new level.

  166. @Joe Wong

    I don’t disbelieve even your larger claims of foreign business greed and exploitation though I find your tone and the faint implication that nice innocent Chinese people don’t and didn’t do such things so ludicrous that it means that all or most of what you write has tp be approached as propaganda. (You seem to forget how much President Xi has made of fighting corruption in China just for one obvious illustration). But if you want your debating point to carry any weight you would cite references and sources showing the “stealing” of Chinese inventions which were then patented elsewhere. And can you cite for me the dates of China’s first IP laws and the debates and newspaper reports about their introduction and the reasons for it? If not, it would be hard to believe that you haven’t just made up your “facts” and that your comments should be treated as propaganda with no more conscience or principle behind them that the foreign leeches on China whom you accuse.

  167. @Joe Wong

    Something is wrong with you.
    You speak the way like China has no patents office, Concerning patents there are different approaches by individuals and corporations. Copyrights infringements usually happen in entertainment industry.

  168. APilgrim says:

    The ChiCOMS are our number-1 adversary.

    They have been for years.

    And they have further corrupted our already compromised politicians & industrial leaders.

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