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President Trump: Nationalist Capitalism, An Alternative to Globalization
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During his inaugural speech, President Trump clearly and forcefully outlined the strategic political-economic policies he will pursue over the next four years. Anti-Trump journalist, editorialists, academics and experts, who appear in the Financial Times, New York Times, Washington Post and the Wall Street Journal have repeatedly distorted and lied about the President’s program as well as his critique of existing and past policies.

We will begin by seriously discussing President Trump’s critique of the contemporary political economy and proceed to elaborate on his alternatives and its weaknesses.

President Trump’s Critique of the Ruling Class

The centerpiece of Trump’s critique of the current ruling elite is the negative impact of its form of globalization on US production, trade and fiscal imbalances and on the labor market. Trump cites the fact that US industrial capitalism has drastically shifted the locus of its investments, innovations and profits overseas as an example of globalization’s negative effects. For two decades many politicians and pundits have bemoaned the loss of well-paid jobs and stable local industries as part of their campaign rhetoric or in public meetings, but none have taken any effective action against these most harmful aspects of globalization. Trump denounced them as “all talk and no action” while promising to end the empty speeches and implement major changes.

President Trump targeted importers who bring in cheap products from overseas manufacturers for the American market undermining US producers and workers. His economic strategy of prioritizing US industries is an implicit critique of the shift from productive capital to financial and speculative capital under the previous four administrations. His inaugural address attacking the elites who abandon the ‘rust belt’ for Wall Street is matched by his promise to the working class: “Hear these words! You will never be ignored again.” Trump’s own words portray the ruling class ‘as pigs at the trough’ (Financial Times, 1/23/2017, p. 11)

Trump’s Political-Economic Critique

President Trump emphasizes market negotiations with overseas partners and adversaries. He has repeatedly criticized the mass media and politicians’ mindless promotion of free markets and aggressive militarism as undermining the nation’s capacity to negotiate profitable deals.

President Trump’s immigration policy is closely related to his strategic ‘America First’ labor policy. Massive inflows of immigrant labor have been used to undermine US workers’ wages, labor rights and stable employment. This was first documented in the meat packing industry, followed by textile, poultry and construction industries. Trump’s proposal is to limit immigration to allow US workers to shift the balance of power between capital and labor and strengthen the power of organized labor to negotiate wages, conditions and benefits. Trump’s critique of mass immigration is based on the fact that skilled American workers have been available for employment in the same sectors if wages were raised and work conditions were improved to permit dignified, stable living standards for their families.

President Trump’s Political Critique

Trump points to trade agreements, which have led to huge deficits, and concludes that US negotiators have been failures. He argues that previous US presidents have signed multi-lateral agreements, to secure military alliances and bases, at the expense of negotiating job-creating economic pacts. His presidency promises to change the equation: He wants to tear up or renegotiate unfavorable economic treaties while reducing US overseas military commitments and demands NATO allies shoulder more of their own defense budgets. Immediately upon taking office Trump canceled the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and convoked a meeting with Canada and Mexico to renegotiate NAFTA.

Trump’s agenda has featured plans for hundred-billion dollar infrastructure projects, including building controversial oil and gas pipelines from Canada to the US Gulf. It is clear that these pipelines violate existing treaties with indigenous people and threaten ecological mayhem. However, by prioritizing the use of American-made construction material and insisting on hiring only US workers, his controversial policies will form the basis for developing well-paid American jobs.

The emphasis on investment and jobs in the US is a complete break with the previous Administration, where President Obama focused on waging multiple wars in the Middle East, increasing public debt and the trade deficit.

Trump’s inaugural address issued a stern promise: “The American carnage stops right now and stops right here!” This resonated with a huge sector of the working class and was spoken before an assemblage of the very architects of four decades of job-destroying globalization. ‘Carnage’ carried a double meaning: Widespread carnage resulted from Obama and other administrations’ destruction of domestic jobs resulting in decay and bankruptcy of rural, small town and urban communities. This domestic carnage was the other side of the coin of their policies of conducting endless overseas wars spreading carnage to three continents. The last fifteen years of political leadership spread domestic carnage by allowing the epidemic of drug addiction (mostly related to uncontrolled synthetic opiate prescriptions) to kill hundreds of thousands of mostly young American’s and destroy the lives of millions. Trump promised to finally address this ‘carnage’ of wasted lives. Unfortunately, he did not hold ‘Big Pharma’ and the medical community responsible for its role in spreading drug addiction into the deepest corners of the economically devastated rural America. Trump criticized previous elected officials for authorizing huge military subsidies to ‘allies’ while making it clear that his critique did not include US military procurement policies and would not contradict his promise to ‘reinforce old alliances’ (NATO).

Truth and Lies: Garbage Journalists and Arm Chair Militarists

Among the most outrageous example of the mass media’s hysteria about Trump’s New Economy is the systematic and vitriolic series of fabrications designed to obscure the grim national reality that Trump has promised to address. We will discuss and compare the accounts published by ‘garbage journalists (GJ’s)’ and present a more accurate version of the situation.


The respectable garbage journalists of the Financial Times claim that Trump wants to ‘destroy world trade’. In fact, Trumps has repeatedly stated his intention to increase international trade. What Trump proposes is to increase US world trade from the inside, rather than from overseas. He seeks to re-negotiate the terms of multilateral and bilateral trade agreements to secure greater reciprocity with trading partners. Under Obama, the US was more aggressive in imposing trade tariffs that any other country in the OECD.

Garbage journalists label Trump as a ‘protectionist’, confusing his policies to re-industrialize the economy with autarky. Trump will promote exports and imports, retain an open economy, while increasing the role of the US as a producer and exporter.. The US will become more selective in its imports. Trump will favor the growth of manufacturing exporters and increase imports of primary commodities and advanced technology while reducing the import of automobiles, steel and household consumer products.

Trump’s opposition to ‘globalization’ has been conflated by the garbage journalists of the Washington Post as a dire threat to the ‘the post-Second World War economic order’. In fact, vast changes have already rendered the old order obsolete and attempts to retain it have led to crises, wars and more decay. Trump has recognized the obsolete nature of the old economic order and stated that change is necessary.

The Obsolete Old Order and the Dubious New Economy

At the end of the Second World War, most of Western Europe and Japan resorted to highly restrictive ‘protectionist’ industrial and monetary policies to rebuild their economies. Only after a period of prolonged recovery did Germany and Japan carefully and selectively liberalize their economic policies.

In recent decades, Russia was drastically transformed from a powerful collectivist economy to a capitalist vassal-gangster oligarchy and more recently to a reconstituted mixed economy and strong central state. China has been transformed from a collectivist economy, isolated from world trade, into the world’s second most powerful economy, displacing the US as Asia and Latin America’s largest trading partner.

Once controlling 50% of world trade, the US share is now less than 20%. This decline is partly due to the dismantling of its industrial economy when its manufacturers moved their factories abroad.

Despite the transformation of the world order, recent US presidents have failed to recognize the need to re-organize the American political economy. Instead of recognizing, adapting and accepting shifts in power and market relations, they sought to intensify previous patterns of dominance through war, military intervention and bloody destructive ‘regime changes’ – thus devastating, rather than creating markets for US goods. Instead of recognizing China’s immense economic power and seek to re-negotiate trade and co-operative agreements, they have stupidly excluded China from regional and international trade pacts, to the extent of crudely bullying their junior Asian trade partners, and launching a policy of military encirclement and provocation in the South China Seas. While Trump recognized these changes and the need to renegotiate economic ties, his cabinet appointees seek to extend Obama’s militarist policies of confrontation.

Under the previous administrations, Washington ignored Russia’s resurrection, recovery and growth as a regional and world power. When reality finally took root, previous US administrations increased their meddling among the Soviet Union’s former allies and set up military bases and war exercises on Russia’s borders. Instead of deepening trade and investment with Russia, Washington spent billions on sanctions and military spending – especially fomenting the violent putchist regime in Ukraine. Obama’s policies promoting the violent seizure of power in Ukraine, Syria and Libya were motivated by his desire to overthrow governments friendly to Russia – devastating those countries and ultimately strengthening Russia’s will to consolidate and defend its borders and to form new strategic alliances.

Early in his campaign, Trump recognized the new world realities and proposed to change the substance, symbols, rhetoric and relations with adversaries and allies – adding up to a New Economy.

First and foremost, Trump looked at the disastrous wars in the Middle East and recognized the limits of US military power: The US could not engage in multiple, open-ended wars of conquest and occupation in the Middle East, North Africa and Asia without paying major domestic costs.

Secondly, Trump recognized that Russia was not a strategic military threat to the United States. Furthermore, the Russian government under Vladimir Putin was willing to cooperate with the US to defeat a mutual enemy – ISIS and its terrorist networks. Russia was also keen to re-open its markets to the US investors, who were also anxious to return after years of the Obama-Clinton-Kerry imposed sanctions. Trump, the realist, proposes to end sanctions and restore favorable market relations.

Thirdly, it is clear to Trump that the US wars in the Middle East imposed enormous costs with minimal benefits for the US economy. He wants to increase market relations with the regional economic and military powers, like Turkey, Israel and the Gulf monarchies. Trump is not interested in Palestine, Yemen, Syria or the Kurds – which do not offer much investment and trade opportunities. He ignores the enormous regional economic and military power of Iran, Nevertheless Trump has proposed to re-negotiate the recent six-nation agreement with Iran in order to improve the US side of the bargain. His hostile campaign rhetoric against Tehran may have been designed to placate Israel and its powerful domestic ‘Israel-Firsters’ fifth column. This certainly came into conflict with his ‘America First’ pronouncements. It remains to be seen whether Donald Trump will retain a ‘show’ of submission to the Zionist project of an expansionist Israel while proceeding to include Iran as a part of his regional market agenda.

The Garbage Journalists claim that Trump has adopted a new bellicose stance toward China and threatens to launch a ‘protectionist agenda’, which will ultimately push the trans-Pacific countries closer to Beijing. On the contrary, Trump appears intent on renegotiating and increasing trade via bilateral agreements.


Trump will most probably maintain, but not expand, Obama’s military encirclement of China’s maritime boundaries which threaten its vital shipping routes. Nevertheless, unlike Obama, Trump will re-negotiate economic and trade relations with Beijing – viewing China as a major economic power and not a developing nation intent on protecting its ‘infant industries’. Trump’s realism reflect the new economic order: China is a mature, highly competitive, world economic power, which has been out-competing the US, in part by retaining its own state subsidies and incentives from its earlier economic phase. This has led to significant imbalances. Trump, the realist, recognizes that China offers great opportunities for trade and investment if the US can secure reciprocal agreements, which lead to a more favorable balance of trade.

Trump does not want to launch a ‘trade war’ with China, but he needs to restore the US as a major ‘exporter’ nation in order to implement his domestic economic agenda. The negotiations with the Chinese will be very difficult because the US importer-elite are against the Trump agenda and side with the Beijing’s formidable export-oriented ruling class.

Moreover, because Wall Street’s banking elite is pleading with Beijing to enter China’s financial markets, the financial sector is an unwilling and unstable ally to Trump’s pro-industrial policies.


Trump is not a ‘protectionist’, nor is he opposed to ‘free-trade’. These charges by the garbage journalists are baseless. Trump does not oppose US economic imperialist policies abroad. However, Trump is a market realist who recognizes that military conquest is costly and, in the contemporary world context, a losing economic proposition for the US. He recognizes that the US must turn from a predominant finance and import economy to a manufacturing and export economy.

Trump views Russia as a potential economic partner and military ally in ending the wars in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and Ukraine, and especially in defeating the terrorist threat of ISIS. He sees China as a powerful economic competitor, which has been taking advantage of outmoded trade privileges and wants to re-negotiate trade pacts in line with the current balance of economic power.

Trump is a capitalist-nationalist, a market-imperialist and political realist, who is willing to trample on women’s rights, climate change legislation, indigenous treaties and immigrant rights. His cabinet appointments and his Republican colleagues in Congress are motivated by a militarist ideology closer to the Obama-Clinton doctrine than to Trumps new ‘America First’ agenda. He has surrounded his Cabinet with military imperialists, territorial expansionists and delusional fanatics.

Who will win out in the short or long term remains to be seen. What is clear is that the liberals, Democratic Party hacks and advocates of Little Mussolini black shirted street thugs will be on the side of the imperialists and will find plenty of allies among and around the Trump regime.

(Republished from The James Petras Website by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Economics • Tags: American Media, Donald Trump, Free Trade 
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  1. Despite the transformation of the world order, recent US presidents have failed to recognize the need to re-organize the American political economy.

    I don’t think they failed, it’s just that they didn’t serve the US (the nation, the population), but rather they served multinational (global) capital. It’s true that a large portion of the global capital resides in the US, but it has no incentive, no interest in advancing the national interests. Should something go wrong in the US, all those ‘hedge funds’ can move to London or Hong Kong without losing a bit.

    • Agree: Realist, animalogic
  2. Bobzilla says:

    President Trump: Nationalist Capitalism, An Alternative to Globalization

    Or, as I prefer to categorize them… Predatory Capitalism and Nationalistic Capitalism. But it is good to know that I am not the only one who recognizes the distinction and I’m not out in left field, lol.

  3. It is clear that these pipelines violate existing treaties with indigenous people and threaten ecological mayhem.

    Nonsense. The planned Dakota Access pipeline route does not pass through an Indian reservation, but north of one. The Indians have no legal basis for complaint. They would probably be happier if it passed through their reservation, because it might then yield them some revenue.

    As for “ecological mayhem,” environmental extremists oppose pipelines because they want to stifle all energy development. However, the matter of fact is that petroleum is being extracted whether they like it or not, and will be moved from the oil fields to refineries one way or the other. Currently it is being transported by rail. Pipelines have a demonstrably better safety record than rail, so replacing rail transport with pipelines will reduce the likelihood of “ecological mayhem” through spills.

    Further to this point, it is worth mentioning that it costs somewhere between $6 and $10 per barrel to move oil through a pipeline, whereas the comparable cost to transport it by rail is $12 to $25. Environmentalists may like the higher costs of rail transport, reasoning that they depress demand and discourage consumption. But do you know who else likes those higher costs?

    The answer is Warren Buffett, who owns the BNSF Railroad. Is it any wonder he was such a generous supporter of Barack Obama, who quite obligingly put a halt to the construction of the Keystone XL and Dakota Access pipelines? It is a source of continuing amusement to me that the ulterior motives of rich liberals like Buffett are never examined, while those of (say) the Koch brothers are routinely called into question.

    • Replies: @Wally
  4. Bobzilla says:

    Nonsense. The planned Dakota Access pipeline route does not pass through an Indian reservation, but north of one. The Indians have no legal basis for complaint. They would probably be happier if it passed through their reservation, because it might then yield them some revenue.

    Their has been a long history (in the modern era), of radicalism and violence by the Indians of the Dakotas going back to Wounded Knee in 1973. Trump really needs to move on these people and shut them down with whatever it takes. They need to know who’s in charge and we aren’t going to have anymore of this tail wagging the dog crap.

  5. Jason Liu says:

    I’m not so sure Trump’s critics care all that much about the economy. It’s like when they say “If you don’t let a bunch of immigrants in, your economy will suffer because there won’t be enough workers.”

    Do you think those people take that position because of economic concerns? Or do they just have some ideological fetish for pluralism, “love”, “tolerance”, and other kiddy bullshit?

    All this kvetching about “closing the country” is really a Trojan horse for egalitarians to push for a borderless world. Because of the left’s ulterior motives, serious economic policy, the kind done in a nation’s self interest, can only truly be discussed with nationalists.

    • Replies: @gustafus
  6. Numinous says:

    Nonsense! Globalization works well. Globalization does what it was meant to do: bring the world together, bind people in relations of trade, drastically minimize possibilities of war between nations. Globalization has been the biggest (and only effective one thus far) poverty-alleviating program the world has seen. No alternatives to globalization are needed.

  7. Art says:

    Trump is bringing us more of the same – Big Bank Big Corporation Jew capitalism. All his administration’s economic positions are filled by Big Jews. There will be no “audit the Fed!” They will not tell us who owns the Fed.

    The Rothschild banking cabal is strangling the West – sucking middle class wealth into their dirty greedy hands. They must be challenged.

    Peace — Art

    • Replies: @Sherman
  8. Unfortunately, he did not hold ‘Big Pharma’ and the medical community responsible for its role in spreading drug addiction into the deepest corners of the economically devastated rural America.

    Big Pharma is squarely to blame for the devastation caused by the War on Drugs, which has been waged to prevent anyone cutting in on their action.

    … trample on womens’ rights…

    Really, what rights are those? About the only woman’s right left unfulfilled is the right to live in a world without men,and they’re not so far away from achieving that one.

  9. Tulip says:

    I sure a speed round of intersectional navel gazing will turn the American electorate against Trump.

  10. @Numinous

    Globalization does what it was meant to do: bring the world together

    Yes, to the lowest common denominator. Suppressing everyone’s wages by chasing the lowest labor costs around the world, destroying popular sovereignty for the benefit of multinational corporations, and ruining the societies that dare to resist.

    • Replies: @animalogic
  11. Agent76 says:

    Jan 14, 2017 Keiser Report: Trumptopia

    In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max and Stacy discuss whether or not the Democratic party could ever become again the party of freedom. In the second half, Max interviews James Howard Kunstler of Kunstler com about the wheels coming off Trumptopia.

  12. Sherman says:

    Kinda funny how Trump is surrounding himself with the 1% of the 1% and all these losers like you bought into the myth that he’s looking out for the working (or in your case unemployed) class.

    Go enjoy your PORK and beans.


    • Replies: @Art
  13. @Numinous

    “No alternatives to globalization are needed.”

    Speak for yourself! Globalization is about the concentration of wealth and power into the hands of a few. Not to mention the fact that it runs counter to human nature – the people of the world have decided to divide themselves amongst 200+ countries for a reason, and tend not to appreciate when elitists tell them they are bigots/racists/xenophobes/deplorables for doing so.

  14. Anon • Disclaimer says:

    We live in some whackjob world.

    America no longer defines itself by the people it has but by the people it doesn’t have(or should have).

    It’s a ship-o-holic nation. A shop-o-holic woman loses interest in the things she has bought. She is fixated only NEW things to get. It’s the BUYING that she’s obsessed with while neglecting all the things she already has. Or imagine a cat lady who neglects cats she already has and just has to get more.
    America is into shipping more and more new people while neglecting the needs and problems of people already here. Ship more people and skip on the Americans. (This need for more immigration is sort of a belief that Current America is a moral and social failure. The narrative assumes that people who’ve settled in America have lost that Magic Feeling. They’ve grown lazy, spoiled, and finicky. So, in order for America to grow and be appreciated, it has to bring in new people. But if America turns settlers into such worthless rot, won’t these new comers become spoiled rotten Americans themselves? In which case… more and more will have to be let in to keep the ‘dream’ alive. America takes in ‘innocent dreamers’ and corrupts them into materialist amnesiac hedonist scum. So, we need more innocent newcomers. If this Narrative is true, then it is American Culture and Values that must be changed since they turn Americans into spoiled rotten idiots who lose the Dream that can only be kept alive by new comers. On the one hand, America is proud of its Kim Kardashianism, but on the other hand, it is ashamed of it. America says, “Look, America is a free country where you can anything, even act like a total whore into self-piggery. Come to America and enjoy all this freedom.” But it also hints, “Americans are such lousy, lazy, narcissistic pigs over-gorged on self-aggrandizement and piggery. They’ve lost the value of family, hard work, diligence, and sacrifice. So, we need YOU immigrants to bring those virtues to America.” But then, the promise of America is turn the daughters of immigrants into Kim Kardashians.)

    And this template has infected EU and other parts too.

    In a way, this is what happens when a people are cut off from their roots and identity.
    For a long time, Americans looked BACK to the beginning and to the origins in Europe. They felt a deep connection with Western Civilization and to the founding of America and the legends and tales of founders and settlers. So, there was no need for NEW people for America to have a meaning and identity.
    And even when more immigrants came, their whiteness made them easily assimilate-able to the settled people. And they too were inculcated in the Foundation and Creation Narrative.

    But at some point, this narrative was reviled, demeaned, and discredited, especially by the near-total emphasis on Slavery and Genocide. Also, the rise of youth culture and pop culture made Americans lose interest in the past and deeper sense of culture.
    So, America came to be defined not by what-was but what-will-be. Americans lost a sense of connection to the past and were connected to the future. As this future was associated with immigration, it was no longer defined in terms of what-is-good-for-Americans but what-is-good-for-future-Americans.

    Terminology is powerful. When a nation is defined as ‘nation of immigrants’, even sane normal people become so fixated on that conception that limits on immigration seem ‘un-American’ when, for most of history, it seemed like the Most American thing to do as no nation can long survive as a racial or cultural entity with endless invasion.

    Nationalists must argue that

    1. Refugees were caused by US neo-imperialism controlled by the Globalism. The GLOB would have us believe nationalism is nasty for lack of compassion. But it is globalism that is vicious for having violated the national sovereignty of Middle East nations, fomenting wars, and creating his horrible refugee crisis. Globalism is the most murderous force in the world.

    2. The New-Americanism is an insult to all nations of the world. (Emma)Lazarasan Supremacism says the US is the only good and free nation while all other nations are prisons, hell-holes, and pisspots. This view says anyone living outside the US is stuck in a worthless place.

    3. If America is an idea, it should be exported through AmeriKits than have people come to America physically. After all, what good is a ‘universal idea’ if it can only work in a particular land? If America has magic dirt that makes success possible, then export some American Dirt to, say, Somalia. Maybe Somalia will become America in Africa then.

  15. Anon • Disclaimer says:

    Is America a Nation of Inheritors or a Nation of Immigrants?

    If America were to ban all future immigration, it is still what it is. It is America with the people already here. Indeed, even if America had banned all immigrants since 1965, it would still be America.

    But suppose we say America is essentially a Nation of Immigrants. Suppose we get rid of all Inheritors and only allow new Immigrants. That would not be America.

    America has remained America DESPITE the mass invasion since 1965 because of the Inheritor Population that still made up the majority. But as they majority vanishes, America will just become the Third World.

    We need to change the core definition. America is a Nation of Inheritors.

  16. Miro23 says:

    It’s a good article but I disagree with the pipeline statement:

    Trump’s agenda has featured plans for hundred-billion dollar infrastructure projects, including building controversial oil and gas pipelines from Canada to the US Gulf. It is clear that these pipelines violate existing treaties with indigenous people and threaten ecological mayhem.

    Indigenous people are a separate question, but the pipelines don’t threaten “ecological mayhem”.

    Paul Colinvaux (ex Professor of Zoology at Ohio State University) wrote about it in his famous book “Why Big Fierce Animals are Rare – An Ecologists Perspective”:

    The claim that more complex communities are more stable than simple communities , therefore is invalid. It is an echo of the wishful thinking of naturalists, amplified by mathematics that they do not understand. It has done mischief by distracting people from the real problems. It has for instance, been invoked in the controversy over the Alaska pipeline, in the claim that the arctic ecosystem is “fragile” (it is simple don’t you see). But this is nonsense. The animals and plants of the arctic spend their whole lives and evolutionary experience struggling against adversities far mightier than any pipeline or road. Fluctuating numbers are normal conditions of many of their lives, all of them will outlast oil-hungry people. I happen to think that the Alaskan pipeline is a disaster to the American heritage, both for the aesthetic damage it does to the last wilderness and for the encouragement it gives to the continued misuse of fuel reserves. I wish very deeply that it could have been stopped. But the argument that it is damaging a fragile ecosystem is false.

    And BTW the extinction of the world’s megafauna was closely matched by arrival of aboriginal (later called indigenous) people in each continent – Australia about 43.000 years ago and North America about 13.000 years ago. Peter Andrews in his book “Beyond the Brink”, shows how Australia turned from a fertile, self sustaining continent into a dry sun baked desert as green cover based around trees was removed by humans over tens of thousands of years – mostly by aborigines and later (quickly) by European settlers.

  17. anon • Disclaimer says:

    (enlightened*) nationalist capitalism is the way to go imo so fingers crossed this article is correct

    (*enlightened in the sense you want as many people with money to spend as possible – including other countries)

    as capitalism without restraint will always eat itself because of its own internal logic

    – each individual firm has an interest in reducing their labor costs


    – if they all do it no-one has any money to spend

  18. Art says:

    Kinda funny how Trump is surrounding himself with the 1% of the 1% and all these losers like you bought into the myth that he’s looking out for the working (or in your case unemployed) class.

    Hey Sherm – you know what is funny – it is Chucky Israel crying big big tears over Trump stopping immigration for a few months from countries that he – Chucky Israel – helped blow up – like Syria and Iraq.

    Imagine – a supporter of Israel damming America for stopping immigration. Here we have dark Jew who hates Arabs, getting in our face and guilt tripping and conning America into doing what is injurious to itself. Too much!

    Peace — Art

    • Replies: @Sherman
  19. Great article (as were the two ones before this).

    It seems Mr. Petras is coming around to understanding Trump.

    He hasn’t as yet come around to debunking feminists and ‘environmentalists’, but several of my predecessors in this comments area have already covered this ground.

  20. MarkinLA says:

    drastically minimize possibilities of war between nations.

    Like everything that comes out of the mouths of economists, this is just pure unprovable BS. The reason why Japan went to war with the US was because we used trade with them as a weapon. Without them trading with us and becoming dependent they would likely have never have attacked us. The British tried to keep Dutch ships bottled up in port and locked out of world trade. The British didn’t think China had a right to stop their opium trade and fought a war to force the Chinese to keep buying British opium.

    Trade seems to cause just as many wars as it is supposed to minimize. Trade creates just another reason to hate another country.

  21. Anon • Disclaimer says:

    The Paradox of People Power.

    The truth is the Globalist Elites fear the Masses. The rich class fear the masses of workers and middle class. Even if a society is homogeneous, the ruling class is a minority class since most people are not rich. There is always a 1% vs 99% dichotomy.
    This may explain why even the rich native elites of homogeneous nations sometimes call for more immigration and diversity. It reduces the unity of the national masses as the demography becomes more mixed. Consider how the British elites, who used to be on the moral defensive against the demanding white working class, managed to gain the moral advantage over the white working class by posing as the defenders of immigrants against the ‘racist’ white rabble.

    Anyway, the elite fear of the people is even more pronounced when the elites are of a different race or ethnic group from the majority. In the US, Jews are the ruling elite whose identity is distinct from white gentiles. So, Jews fear People Power in a gentile majority nation.

    People Power is most potent in a homogeneous population since homogeneity leads to unity and commonality of purpose. So, paradoxically, in order for Jewish Globalist elites to destroy People Power, they invite MORE PEOPLE to come to the West. It leads to MORE PEOPLE but since the new-comers are non-white(or even anti-white), the huge increase in population leads to fragmentation of People Politics along identitarian lines.
    Diversity leads to divisions that can be exploited by the Jewish elites on a divide-and-rule basis. So, MORE PEOPLE in America means LESS People Power. Now, if all new immigrants were white gentiles, it might boost People Power as newcomers may join with native white Americans. But since most newcomers are non-white, it leads to fracturing of People Power, and that means less People Power because Jewish Globalist elites can cynically play divide-and-rule among the goyim, as they are currently doing with the ‘refugee crisis’.
    Jewish Globalist Elites are into xenopathology because of their nopiophobia. Greek word for ‘native’ is ντόπιος or ‘nopios’. Since Jewish Globalist elites fear the native or established gentile majority population and its potential for People Power, they go into Nopiophobe mode and try to weaken the potentiality of People Power by increasing mass immigration of peoples who are racially, culturally, or ethnically different from the native population.
    Jewish Globalist elites thus gain the opportunity to play divide-and-rule among the various gentile populations. Also, as the Jewish elites morally and emotionally ally with the New Comers as the ‘dreamers’ and ‘noble victims of xenophobes’, the new template for ideal elite power goes from representing-and-defending-the-rights-and-interest-of-native-majority-against-enemies TO championing-the-newcomers-as-the-people-of-hope-while-denigrating-the-native-majority-as-deplorables.

    Jewish Globalists fear an America that is settled and established because such a state solidifies a sense of what America is, which can serve as basis for People Power against the globalist elites.
    Jews prefer the notion of America-in-constant-flux due to massive immigration of diverse peoples because such a state renders difficult the meaning of what is and isn’t ‘American’. Such uncertainly weakens national People Power since we are told ‘America is always in the process of re-inventing itself’. In other words, the elites are always re-inventing America so that the masses of Americans will never be certain what they are and what they stand for. Vagueness doesn’t lead to Power. It’s like a cloud of dust doesn’t have the gravitational pull of a solidified mass. Jews prefer that gentiles be lost in a state of anxiety and uncertainty.
    Paradoxically, the only permissible CERTAINTY is that ‘America is a Nation of Immigrants’. But that is an Uncertain vision of America. If America is always coming-into-being with the mass arrivals of newcomers, what is it really? Such confused narrative puts America in a state of neurosis, even schizophrenia, because its Official Certainty is really an Uncertainty. The official narrative says America is MOST CERTAINLY an UNCERTAIN nation.
    Given our psychology, human nature abhors a vagueness. Yet, the meaning of America is now so vague, therefore so confusing and un-fulfilling to Americans. But then, the genius stroke of the globalists was to turn this vagueness into a kind of faux-clarity and faux-certainty. Since people crave some kind of certainty, they’ve been presented with the principle of certainty of uncertainty. So, America is most certainly an uncertain nation that is always changing and coming into being only to change again. Flux is its only constancy… though the purpose of such narrative is to make permanent the power of the ruling Jewish elites.

    Perhaps, what we can hope for is something like Diversity of the Elites. The US used to be wasp-ruled, and now it’s Jewish-ruled. Maybe greater diversity among elites will put Jewish elites under pressure from contrary visions, narratives, interests, and agendas. Playing divide-and-rule among the elites is more difficult than playing divide-and-rule among the masses. But it’s not impossible. Already, there are signs that some non-whites rising to elite status are not with the Zionist program. Keith Ellison who is rising to elite ranks in the Democratic Party isn’t partial to Jewish Power. In Kurosawa’s YOJIMBO, the hero exploits the ‘diversity of elites’ as he pits one elite against another.

    If elites gain power by playing on divisions among the People, the People may gain power by exploiting the divisions among the elites.

    • Replies: @animalogic
    , @Miro23
    , @gustafus
  22. Sherman says:

    I don’t think Schumer hates Arabs.

    Actually, he has a lot in common with them as neither eats PORK and beans.


    • Replies: @Art
  23. Wally says:

    US oil companies make ca. five cents off a gallon of gas, on the other hand government taxes on a gallon of gas are around seventy-one cents with some variation by state.

    So who is plundering the public? Big Government.

  24. @Mao Cheng Ji

    Absolutely correct. President Trump should be applauded for killing off the TTP. I hope he quickly kills off the rest of the multilateral so-called “free trade” agreements.

    • Replies: @gustafus
  25. @Anon

    Interesting ideas.
    I wonder whether there are any significant divisions of interest between financial & productive elites ? (ie between the largely parasitical FIRE sector & manufacturers). I suspect that there a few large differences of Elite interest such that they could be exploited by the “99%” ….
    GE is a kind of template: its financial manipulations are as vital to it as its productive activities are….

  26. Art says:

    I don’t think Schumer hates Arabs.


    Then why does Chucky Israel vote for Israel against the Palestinians and Arabs every time?

    Only a man who hates or who personally gains something, can always vote against the poor Palestinians.

    Surely no man of goodness and peace can do that.

    Peace — Art

  27. nsa says:

    Today on the radio some fruity sounding flak for OSU was whining as to the plight of the 3300 foreign students at his state institution of higher learning. The delicate little orchids were suffering from lack of sleep and anxiety caused by Trumpster’s vetting of muzzies. So here is the question: why are these 3300 foreigners taking places away from Americans at a tax funded institution? What the hell is going on here? Parents pay big taxes so their kid’s university seat can be given to a foreigner? The football morons with their 750 SAT scores are bad enough.

  28. Miro23 says:

    Anyway, the elite fear of the people is even more pronounced when the elites are of a different race or ethnic group from the majority. In the US, Jews are the ruling elite whose identity is distinct from white gentiles. So, Jews fear People Power in a gentile majority nation.

    That’s right. The deal in a Democracy is that the elite (there always will be one) holds its status “in trust” for the people, and manages the state for the best interests of public. If they don’t they are voted out.

    The problem comes from the permanent elites in finance and business who can’t be voted out. The only option is to legally restrict their political influence (no lobbying, no donations, no sponsored politicians, no “revolving door”) since they’re always going to represent their own interests rather than the public’s. Every Democracy has to handle this problem, some more successfully than others.

    For example, at one end of the scale you have a powerful local Democracy like Switzerland where 90% of taxation and spending takes place locally at the commune or Cantonal level with the legal obligation of citizens to participate in discussing local and national issues and deciding them in specific secret ballots. The Swiss are active participative citizens of their local community first, and power is kept away from the centre.

    At the other end of the scale you have the Philippines, where one populist government after another (leftist, nationalist, military or whatever) attracts shifting coalitions, with eternal false promises, while the real deal is the political cut from the ethnic minority Chinese billionaire “Godfathers” who run the whole (protected) monopoly economy.

    The consequences are plain to see. The 2006 World Development Report said, “15% of Filipinos are living in absolute poverty, and 47% subsisted on an income between US$1 and US$2 a day. Half of the 12 million population of Manila lives in shanty towns that line the expressways, rail tracks and waterways of the metropolis. After 25 years of repeated economic crises, the Philippines economy is now critically dependent on the overseas earnings of an estimated 10 million, mostly female workers – out of a population of 80 million – employed as child carers, nurses and more in richer states around the world.” Source: Joe Studwell, “Asian Godfathers”.

    America’s Founders in fact foresaw the problem, and planned a Swiss style democracy (10th Amendment: “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”) but public disconnectedness and laziness have opened the door to Special Interests putting the US on the route to the Philippines.

  29. gustafus says:

    willing to trample on women’s rights ???

    This woman doesn’t get that one…. I’m not sure what to make of this author…

    But then, at 70.. I have offered to give up my right to vote many times, to save the republic from other woman…. I am an alpha female… straight, grandmother… and I’ve always been bitterly disappointed with the feeble minded parasites that pass as “desirable” to silly testosterone laden men.

    Education doesn’t seem to help. Beta females are attractive to alpha males.. like a venus fly trap

  30. gustafus says:

    I agree about taming ruling Jews with diversity …. they tried and tried to minimize the power of White Anglo America…

    Blacks and Hispanics were their house pets.

    Now with Muslims in the mix… you see Nasty Jews like Dershowitz… clinging to Trump

    Jews have to choose.. They are hopelessly outnumbered by their sworn Islamic enemies.. yet they still try to destroy Wasp America… thinking they can “handle” … the low IQ hordes.

    We see how that turned out.

    • Replies: @MarkinLA
  31. gustafus says:

    I only recently found out TPP was the last hope for copyright protection for hollywood and the music industry. Absent the copyright provisions… Hollywood is DEAD.

    Alibaba’s Ma [or is it Wa?] … is negotiating for several studios… My hope is that Trump issues a DO NOT EMPLOY list….

    that’s right… I WANT Trump to use the full force and power of the WH to destroy those people.

    It’s about time, someone leveled the playing field for Norman Rockwell Americana… by whatever means necessary.

  32. gustafus says:
    @Jason Liu

    You are giving the snowflakes too much credit. First and foremost… they hate US. They HATE TRUMP…

    So anything he is for… they are against. I think this is a losing strategy… Middle America has an instinct for what’s going on.

    The left is in a murder suicide pact with Muslim rights… Trans gender rights… and Hollywood.

    Middle America is luke warm on all three. Let them disrupt, blow up, and stamp their feet. They will lose important seats in 2018. AND create more felons who cannot vote.

  33. I am all for markets, trade, justice, rights, etc. Any time somebody adds a modifying word to the front of these concepts—free trade, free markets, social justice, human rights, etc—I get suspicious somebody is trying to pull one on me.

  34. MarkinLA says:

    I am reminded of that —- Phyllis Chesler. This slimeball was hanging around with the Black Panthers and everybody else who hated America. Then one day she found out how much the oppressed really hated her tribe when they no longer needed her. She really thought as a victim class member herself that she being educated was going to stay a leader in the perennial victim movement.

    Once she realized she was out she resorted by going back to being a whiny Jew crying about antisemitism all the time.

  35. Agent76 says:

    Jan 30, 2017 The Real Truth On Donald Trump That Everyone Needs To Realize NOW!!!

    In this video, we go over some very uncomfortable facts about the latest foreign policy decisions that will have disastrous effects on not only the U.S but the world. No, we are not talking about the travel ban, but the core root of this issue that needs to be stopped immediatly and has been carried out for the last 16 years.

    • Replies: @jacques sheete
  36. joe webb says:

    “Trump does not oppose US economic imperialist policies abroad.” Abroad? And what about bullying California into a more nationalist position, like threatening to withdraw federal financial support, as in the Sanctuary Cities flap, but wider…like the various liberal subversions of White America, drivers’ licenses for the invaders, and various welfare payoffs to the illegals?

    What does this mean? What is economic imperialism?

    I know that it is hard for a leftie to abandon such terms, but it is unsubstantiated in both examples and abstract definition in this article.

    We live in a generally competitive international economic world. Imperialism means political force…making offers that cannot be refused, economic or otherwise.

    Please explain. Otherwise, a pretty good article that stinks close to the facts.

    Coming from an economist, it would be nice to hear about how national capitalism would flesh out in general. A ‘national capitalist’ ….I assume would be the same as a nationalist economics.

    Getting back to “economic imperialism” I suppose that for example, pushing around Mexico over trade and The Wall paid by Mexico might be considered economic imperialism. The qualifier is that we don’t have to invade Mexico…they have the freedom to do what we say, or sleep under bridges. Is this economic imperialism?


  37. annamaria says:
    “… the CIA, which was till now an arm the President could use to lead covert operations, finally becomes an Intelligence Agency in the proper sense of the term. This means, that its mandate is to study international actors, to anticipate their actions and to advise the president. The annual report on its activities indicates that in 2015, the Council ordered political assassinations in 135 countries.
    During the transitional period, President Trump had solemnly declared that the United States would no longer organize any more regime changes as it had done or tried to do since 1989 by using Gene Sharp techniques.”

  38. “Nationalist Capitalism” : Fascism ( According to my old dictionary, ” a militaristic form of government characterized by the merger of business and bureaucracy” ), AKA Corporatism

    • Replies: @Mao Cheng Ji
  39. @nobodyouwantoknow

    What does your dictionary say about globalist capitalism? Is it mellow, warm, and fluffy?

  40. woodNfish says:

    Trump is a capitalist-nationalist, a market-imperialist and political realist, who is willing to trample on women’s rights, climate change legislation, indigenous treaties and immigrant rights. His cabinet appointments and his Republican colleagues in Congress are motivated by a militarist ideology closer to the Obama-Clinton doctrine than to Trumps new ‘America First’ agenda. He has surrounded his Cabinet with military imperialists, territorial expansionists and delusional fanatics.

    So much wrong here:

    Trump is a market-imperialist

    Nope. In his inaugural speech Trump said sovereign nations have a right and a responsibility to put their own nations first. Nothing he is dong changes that.

    Trump is willing to trample on women’s rights

    This is just a lie stated with no proof.

    Trump is willing to trample on climate change legislation

    We won. Elections have consequences and the climate change agenda is nothing more than scientific fraud and a money grab.

    Trump is willing to trample on indigenous treaties

    Again a lie stated without proof.

    Trump is willing to trample on immigrant rights

    This is red herring argument. A sovereign country has the absolute right over who it lets in and who it does not let in. There is no right to immigrate to any country of your choice anywhere if that country does not want you.

    (Trump’s) cabinet appointments and his Republican colleagues in Congress are motivated by a militarist ideology closer to the Obama-Clinton doctrine than to Trumps new ‘America First’ agenda. He has surrounded his Cabinet with military imperialists, territorial expansionists and delusional fanatics.

    Ignoring the ignorant hysterics in this statement, Trump has shown with his firing of his acting AG that he will run a tight ship, and his crew will follow his orders or be fired. Trump had extensive interviews with every cabinet pick. If Petras thinks he didn’t ask them directly if they would carry out Trump’s agenda, then Petras is an idiot. This also applies to his concluding paragraph.

    Take a deep breath and have a drink Petras, you’re freaking out over your own delusions.

  41. @Agent76

    I knew Trump would suck as bad as the rest. Damn.

  42. […] as an impediment to his planned transformation of America’s economy: As James Petras has pointed […]

  43. […] President Trump seems to view (even a U.S.-led) global defense “cosmos” as an impediment to his planned transformation of America’s economy: As James Petras has pointed out: […]

  44. “It is clear that these pipelines violate existing treaties with indigenous people and threaten ecological mayhem.” No, it is NOT clear at all. This is a drive-by comment with nothing but noise. It is a dangling skeleton with no live tissue.

    “Trump will most probably maintain, but not expand, Obama’s military encirclement of China’s maritime boundaries which threaten its vital shipping routes.” This is dubious, unsupported and contrary to the deal making mentality of Trump. Trump is the Number One Negotiator in the World. Period. What he says previous to a sit down is talk and nothing more. It’s a negotiation tactic

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