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Imperial Power Centers
Divisions, Indecisions and Civil War
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One of the most important outcomes of the Trump Presidency are the revelations describing the complex competing forces and relations engaged in retaining and expanding US global power (‘the empire’).

The commonplace reference to ‘the empire’ fails to specify the interface and conflict among institutions engaged in projecting different aspects of US political power. In this essay, we will outline the current divisions of power, interests and direction of the competing configurations of influence.

The Making of Empire: Countervailing Forces

‘The empire’ is a highly misleading concept insofar as it presumes to discuss a homogeneous, coherent and cohesive set of institutions pursuing similar interests. ‘The empire’ is a simplistic general phrase, which covers a vast field contested by institutions, personalities and centers of power, some allied, others in growing opposition.

While ‘the empire’ may describe the general notion that all pursue a common general goal of dominating and exploiting targeted countries, regions, markets, resources and labor, the dynamics (the timing and focus of action) are determined by countervailing forces.

In the present conjuncture, the countervailing forces have taken a radical turn: One configuration is attempting to usurp power and overthrow another. Up to this point, the usurping power configuration has resorted to judicial, media and procedural-legislative mechanism to modify policies. However, below the surface, the goal is to oust an incumbent enemy and impose a rival power.

Who Rules ‘the Empire’

In recent times, executive officials rule empires. They may be prime ministers, presidents, autocrats, dictators, generals or a combination of them. Imperial rulers largely ‘legislate’ and ‘execute’ strategic and tactical policies. In a crisis executive officials may be subject to review by competing legislators or judges, leading to impeachment (soft coup d’état). Normally, the executive centralizes and concentrates power, even as they may consult, evade or deceive key legislators and judicial official. At no point in time or place do the voters play any significant role.

The executive power is exercised via specialized departments or secretariats – Treasury, Foreign Affairs (Secretary of State), Interior, and the various security services. In most instances there is greater or lesser inter-agency competition over budgets, policy and access to the chief executive and leading decision makers.

In times of crises, when the ruling executive leadership is called into question, this vertical hierarchy crumbles. The question arises of who will rule and dictate imperial policy?

With the ascent of Donald Trump to the US Presidency, imperial rulership has become openly contested terrain, fought over amid unyielding aspirants seeking to overthrow the democratically elected regime.

While Presidents rule, today the entire state structure is riven by rival power centers. At the moment, all of the power seekers are at war to impose their rule over the empire.

In the first place, the strategically placed security apparatus is no longer under Presidential control: They operate in coordination with insurgent Congressional power centers, mass media and extra-governmental power configurations among the oligarchs (business, merchants, arms manufacturers, Zionists and special interest lobbies).

Sectors of the state apparatus and bureaucracy investigate the executive, freely leaking damaging reports to the media, distorting fabricating and/or magnifying incidents. They publicly pursue a course with the goal of regime change.

The FBI, Homeland Security, the CIA and other power configurations are acting as crucial allies to the coup-makers seeking to undermine Presidential control over the empire. No doubt, many factions within the regional offices nervously look on, waiting to see if the President will be defeated by these opposing power configurations or will survive and purge their current directors.

The Pentagon contains both elements that are pro as well as anti-Presidential power: Some active generals are aligned with the prime movers pushing for regime change, while others oppose this movement. Both contending forces influence and dictate imperial military policies.

The most visible and aggressive advocates of regime change are found in the militarist wing of the Democratic Party. They are embedded in the Congress and allied with police state militarists in and out of Washington

From their institutional vantage points, the coup-makers have initiated a series of ‘investigations’ to generate propaganda fodder for the mass media and prepare mass public opinion to favor or at least accept extraordinary ‘regime change’.

The Democratic Party congressional – mass media complex draws on the circulation of selective security agency revelations of dubious national security value, including smutty gossip, which is highly relevant for overthrowing the current regime.

Presidential imperial authority has split into fragments of influence, among the legislative, Pentagon and security apparatus.

Presidential power depends on the Cabinet and its apparatus in a ruthless fight over imperial power, polarizing the entire political system.

The President Counter-Attacks

The Trump regime has many strategic enemies and few powerful supporters. His advisers are under attack: Some have been ousted, others are under investigation and face subpoenas for hysterical McCarthyite hearings and still others may be loyal but are incompetent and outclassed. His Cabinet appointees have attempted to follow the President’s stated agenda, including the repeal of Obama’s disastrous ‘Affordable Care Act’ and the rollback of federal regulatory systems, with little success, despite the fact that this agenda has strong backing from the Wall Street bankers and ‘Big Pharma’.

The President’s Napoleonic pretensions have been systematically undermined by continuous disparagement from the mass media and the absence of plebian support after the election.

The President lacks a mass media base of support and has to resort to the Internet and personal messages to the public, which are immediately savaged by the mass media.


The principal allies supporting the President should be found among the Republican Party, which forms the majority in both the Congress and Senate. These legislators do not act as a uniform bloc – with ultra-militarists joining the Democrats in seeking his ouster. From a strategic perspective, all the signs point to the weakening of Presidential authority, even as his bulldog tenacity allows him to retain formal control over foreign policy. But his foreign policy pronouncements are filtered through a uniformly hostile media, which has succeeded in defining allies and adversaries, as well as the failures of some of his ongoing decisions.

The September Showdown

The big test of power will be focused on the raising of the public debt ceiling and the continued funding of the entire federal government. Without agreement there will be a massive governmental shutdown – a kind of ‘general strike’ paralyzing essential domestic and foreign programs – including the funding of Medicare, the payment of Social Security pensions and the salaries of millions of government and Armed Forces employees.

The pro-‘regime-change’ forces (coup makers) have decided to go for broke in order to secure the programatic capitulation of the Trump regime or its ouster.

The Presidential power elite may choose the option of ruling by decree – based on the ensuing economic crisis. They may capitalize on a hue and cry from a Wall Street collapse and claim an imminent threat to national security on our national borders and overseas bases to declare a military emergency. Without support from the intelligence services, their success is doubtful.

Both sides will blame each other for the mounting breakdown. Temporary Treasury expedients will not save the situation. The mass media will go into a hysterical mode, from political criticism to demanding open regime change. The Presidential regime may assume dictatorial powers in order ‘to save the country’.

Congressional moderates will demand a temporary solution: A week-to-week trickle of federal spending.

However, the coup-makers and the ‘Bonapartists’ will block any ‘rotten compromise’.

The military will be mobilized along with the entire security and judicial apparatus to dictate the outcome.

Civil society organization will appeal to the emerging power configurations to defend their special interests. Discharged public and private employees will march as pensioners and schoolteachers go without funding. Lobbyists, ranging from oil and gas interests to defenders of Israel, will each demand their priority treatment.

The power configuration will flex their muscles, while the foundations of Congressional, Judicial and Presidential institutions will shake and shutter.

On the positive side, internal chaos and institutional divisions will relieve the mounting threat of more overseas wars for the moment. The world will breathe a sigh of relief. Not so the world of stock markets: The dollar and the speculators will plunge.

The dispute and indecisions over who rules the empire will allow for regional powers to lay claims on contested regions. The EU, Japan, Saudi Arabia and Israel will face off with Russia, Iran and China. No one will wait for the US to decide which power center will rule.

(Republished from The James Petras Website by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Ideology • Tags: American Media, Deep State, Donald Trump 
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  1. likbez says:

    Essentially what the author describes is a color revolution against Trump run by the deep state.

  2. Neddal says:

    Clearly, Petras’s reading of the splattered entrails augers for an almost certain overseas war. Always unifying, cathartic, and expedient, aggression towards a commonly perceived enemy is a sure bet that is almost impossible to resist for high-stakes rollers whose survival instincts have proven their efficacy time and again over a life time in the game. There is nothing like a few dozens tomahawks lobbed around here and there to bring tears of joy and awe to the most jaded of adversaries and have them line-up behind your cause. Of course, no shortage exists of candidate beneficiaries for such largess on the part of the imperium, given the very laudable nature of their sacrifices, honorably expended on behalf of humanity to save their too-big-to fail benefactor and the leader of the free world. The list of likely early volunteers is sure to include, among others of course, Iran, North Korea, Venezuela, Philippines, and a few nameless and/or insignificant places, abundant and equally eager to serve, in Africa and the Middle East.

    • Replies: @Tom Welsh
    , @jacques sheete
  3. Sowhat says:

    At no point in time or place do the voters play any significant role.

    This is “mostly true” on the proverbial truthometer but history has examples of protests in mass over periods of time that have swayed governmental decisions. None of the past compares to what is happening, now. And, unlike women’s suffrage or black civil rights, this is much more serious. I wonder what would happen if the Trump advocates protested in mass. Would there be mass violence? Would the soft-coup’ers back off? I don’t think so. What we have here is a “failure to communicate.” Well, not really. This should be interesting. The 4th Estate is working over-time to bring him down. He needs a new infusion of allies and a Trump pep-rally on the Mall (complete with the Militaristic Riot Police that will be looking for those with Trump signs so they can taste blood.

    I’ll be there to take one for the Gipper or is that Tripper? I think he’s genuine but I also believe that the status quo wants to make an example out of him to send a message to any other billionaires who want to fund their own campaign.

    • Replies: @jacques sheete
  4. Kirt says:

    Interesting analysis and disconcerting prophecy with a specific near term time window. In two months, we’ll know.

  5. The coup plotters against Trump are grabbing a tiger by the tail. The plotters are undermining the democratic institutions of the State. Should they succeed US democracy will be significantly weakened & delegitimised in the minds of the public. In the absence of a massive, sustained & coordinated public outcry, a precedent will be set: should the deep state & its elite supporters dislike a president or ANY elected official they can & will remove that individual via whatever nefarious means work best. And the public ? Well, they can “like it or lump it”….

  6. On the diagnosis (analysis) side of Petras’ essay, I see one great omission: no where does Petras mention the neocons or their pay master, the PRC, or more precisely, the Standing Committee of the CCP. Surely, that should have appeared somewhere, especially in the parenthetical listing of “oligarchs” in the sixth paragraph of the section headed “Who Rules the Empire”.

    In recent reports from Down Under, we see that Australians have no problem identifying the Standing Committee of the CCP as central to the undermining of Australia’s sovereignty in recent years, but we here in America – even here at Unz Review -tread softly around the apparently sleeping giant tiger of the PRC and its ruling class. I’m just saying, that’s all … and wondering if my remarks will spark any kind of dim light in the darkness of the American mindset?

    But as to the prognosis – the “forecasting of the probable course and outcome of the disease.” Well, another “debt ceiling” fiasco. Except that this time nobody will back down: there will be no compromise, says Petras.

    “Congressional moderates will demand a temporary solution: A week-to-week trickle of federal spending.

    “However, the coup-makers and the ‘Bonapartists’ will block any ‘rotten compromise’.

    “The military will be mobilized along with the entire security and judicial apparatus to dictate the outcome.”

    Maybe. Maybe not. But keep your powder dry!

    • Replies: @Erebus
  7. Interesting synthesis by Petras. Yes, the Empire is genuine, but wildly disunited. As a nation, we are fracturing along lines that didn’t exist just a generation ago. And the cracks are really showing. Trouble ahead.

    The coup-plotters dwell and circulate within various power configurations that are virtually untouchable. And these power-hungry insurgents will not compromise. They want Trump’s head. There will be blood.

  8. I wonder if the present USA can be compared to the Brtish empire in the thirties.
    Without USA military help Britain would have had to capitulate in november 1917, yet even now in november, november 1918 was the German capitulation, Britis celebrate their victory with poppies.

    French have the same aberration, every year they celebrate the German capitulation of 1945.
    Their defeat in three weeks in 1940 is conveniently forgotten.

    The analysis of UVA Amsterdam professor Laslo Maracs of Trump’s policy is that Trump understands that the days of USA world empire (aspirations) are over, Deep State is the part of USA unable and unwilling to see this.

    British military planners in the thirties warned the politicians over and over again that GB would be unable to defend the empire in case of war, an empire from GB trough the Mediterranean to Singapore and New Zealand.
    Yet politicians thought they would be ready for war in september 1939.
    Chamberlain’s 1938 Munich was just for buying time.
    They succeeded, through Polish provocations, to get their war just in time.

    It was the beginning of the end of the empire, as Churchill found out in Casablanca, he was at the mercy of FDR, who wanted his own empire.

    • Replies: @jacques sheete
  9. All sounds very plausible. In such a crisis which way will the military fall. If towards Trump then maybe they will deal with CIA/FBI/Homeland Security who are enemies of the people?

    • Replies: @Miro23
  10. Erebus says:
    @Grandpa Charlie

    … no where does Petras mention the neocons or their pay master, the PRC, or more precisely, the Standing Committee of the CCP.

    Well, I ain’t never heard that before. The Neocons and the Standing Committee make rather strange bedfellows, so maybe Mr. Petras hasn’t either. Does the information have a provenance one could look at? Or is this an extrapolation from the Australian experience?

    • Replies: @Grandpa Charlie
  11. Tom Welsh says:

    Unfortunately for us all, the traditional remedy of a “splendid little war” is rapidly ceasing to be available. On the continent of Asia – where American aggression and murder has been focused – there exist great powers that can match the USA’s military strength. As that strength extends to a thermonuclear (and chemical and biological) arsenal that could destroy all human life on the planet many times over, if it is deployed against an adversary of equal power the outcome is obvious. Everyone dies.

    Unfortunately again, the “Western” system of “democracy” (i.e. disguised plutocracy) promotes to executive decision-making positions people who are not intelligent or moral enough to handle this situation.

    They are entirely capable of ramming their heads into a jar too narrow to escape from.

  12. Zionists rule America lock stock and gun barrel ever since the Zionist got their IRS and their FEDERAL RESERVE passed in 1913 , so for over 100 years Americans have been slaves on the Zionist plantation otherwise known as America.

  13. @Neddal

    Excellent bordering on eloquent. Please consider commenting here more often.

  14. @Sowhat

    This is “mostly true” on the proverbial truthometer but history has examples of protests in mass over periods of time that have swayed governmental decisions.

    Not to be a nit picking wowser, but such examples seem pretty rare and in any case they’ve probably been overblown. However in the rare case that they’re true, they pretty consistently seem to have a lifespan measured in microseconds and I think that’s an important concept that too many forget too often.

    • Replies: @Joe Levantine
  15. @jilles dykstra

    jd, as usual, you make some excellent and very valid points. Even though I myself often use the terms, “Brit empire” and “US empire” I totally agree with the author’s contention that, ‘The empire’is a simplistic general phrase…”

    With regard to your comments about WW2, while generally true, the author’s (correct) contention that there are competing forces within the empire have the effect of edging us even closer to the truth. I’ve found it increasingly useful to analyze history in terms of the individuals involved rather than the groups.

    In that spirit, I’m betting that both you and the author, if you have not read anything similar, would find this classic by Murray Rothbard quite useful.

    American entry into World War I in April 1917 prevented negotiated peace between the warring powers, and drove the Allies forward into a peace of unconditional surrender and dismemberment, a peace which, as we have seen, set the stage for World War II.

    American entry thus cost countless lives on both sides, chaos and disruption throughout central and eastern Europe at war’s end, and the consequent rise of Bolshevism, fascism, and Nazism to power in Europe. In this way, Woodrow Wilson’s decision to enter the war may have been the single most fateful action of the 20th century, causing untold and unending misery and destruction. But Morgan profits were expanded and assured. (Emphases mine.)

    Wall Street, Banks, and American Foreign Policy
    By Murray N. Rothbard

    This first appeared in World Market Perspective (1984) and later as a monograph published by the Center for libertarian Studies (1995).

    Speaking of Wilson’s decision, it continues to have effects that we’re forced to live with even today…

    • Replies: @jilles dykstra
  16. @jacques sheete

    Charles Callan Tansill, ‘Amerika geht in den Krieg’, Stuttgart 1939 (America goes to War, 1938) is an excellent book on how and why the USA supported Britain in WWI, and indeed shaped the post WWI world until now.

    But it was not just profit, or USA economic recovery, that determined USA policy.
    Anti German feeling played a large role, see:
    Henry Morgenthau, ‘Ambassador Morgenthau’s Story’, New York, 1918
    Heath W. Lowry, ‘The story behind Ambassador Morgenthau’s Story’, Istanbul 1990
    This hatred of Germany by jews emigrated to the USA found its origin in German antisemitism, that began after the German unification of 1870.

    Why this antsemitism emerged can be understood from the following books:
    Fritz Stern, ‘Gold and Iron, Bismarck, Bleichröder, and the Building of the German Empire’, New York, 1977.
    Ismar Schorsch, ‘Jewish Reactions to German Anti-Semitism, 1870 – 1914’, New York 1972
    About which party was to be blamed morally a long debate is possible.

    ‘From prejudice to destruction’, Jacob Katz, 1980, Cambridge MA
    blames jews, very remarkable for a jewish Israeli historian.

    My idea also is that German jews acted unwise, maybe as unwise as jews in Israel since 1880.

    • Replies: @jacques sheete
  17. Joe Hide says:

    To James Petras,
    This was a great article. Well explained, using sound logic and well reasoned examples to support that logic.
    I do not support the probable conclusion, that things will get worse. This is because of a factor not given much emphasize.
    This factor is the change in mass consciousness. Logic would imply that the mass perception of future outcomes influences future outcomes. In physics, if the sum of forces is in one direction, it’s effect is much greater than if it dispersed in many directions. The fact that the deep state and it’s controlled media is investing so many resources to direct our perceptions in one direction (primarily regarding President Trump) implies they believe mass perceptions are very important. Since Trump (and Putin) are still in power, the deep state efforts have obviously partly failed. So while your article is well thought out, I tend to see a future outcome as mostly positive.

    • Replies: @jacques sheete
    , @yeah
  18. America revolves around the axis of Jewish Neurosis. Because of Jewish-Globalist control of media and academia, much of what is called ‘American’ is Judeo-centric. If not for Jewish Power, most Americans would not be obsessed about Iranian nukes, Putin-is-Hitler, Russia-is-threat, White-pride-is-evil, Diversity-is-great, Homos-are-angelic, and Trump-is-Siberian-candidate.

    Because Jews control media and academia, their interests-agenda-biases-hatreds-ambitions-greed take center stage and enter the minds of countless Americans.
    Imagine if Hindus or Chinese had the kind of media-academia power that Jews have in America. Their uniquely biased idea and vision of ‘America’ would come to occupy the minds of Americans hooked to mass media.

    So, what is ‘American’? Much of it is constructed by the Power that has near-monopoly of image, sounds, and words.

    And there is control of finance, which means most US politicians are whores of Zion. Why else the new sanctions against Russian and Iran while trying to criminalize BDS against Israeli apartheid in West Bank?

    • Agree: Miro23
  19. eD says:

    This essay starts out quite well and then sort of peters out, though its still worth reading. I’m going to address one point, alluded to at the end, the prospect of a government shutdown later this year.

    If this is what Petras is referring to, I don’t think its that significant. At least since the 1980s, if not earlier, the federal government and quite often state governments have had difficulty drawing up and passing a government for the next year. Often, the legal authorization to spend money runs out, government employees are sent home with their pay suspended, and then either a budget is passed late or measures are passed to authorize spending on a month to month basis. With the federal government, a variation of this is difficulty in authorizing the federal government to issue new debt to fund its operations.

    This is all pretty routine. At one level, the fact that this is all pretty routine is evidence that the system is in fact breaking down. The root of the matter is probably governments trying to do too many things, combined with both the states and the federal government still operating under systems (separation of powers) designed for the eighteenth century, and which didn’t work so well even then.

    The trend is now to just keep passing a series of temporary measures,which means you are guaranteed to get a new “crisis” every few months. We just had one in May. Now at some point, there will be one crisis too many, just like in international affairs there eventually was one crisis too many in July 1914. But there is no basis to predict that this will happen the next time.

    A good analogy is a building that has not had badly needed maintenance and which will probably collapse during the next big storm or earthquake. But it should still stand unless there is a big storm or earthquake, so it could well wind up standing for decades.

    • Replies: @Ace
  20. @jilles dykstra

    But it was not just profit, or USA economic recovery, that determined USA policy.

    Sir, while I respectfully agree with what you’re saying, please consider that a main point of this excellent article is that there is no such thing as USA policy. There are, however, many USA policies, each of which is determined by a different specific actor, at some specific time, and they are all in conflict with one another to various shifting degrees, and even then they are subject to change both quickly and repeatedly.

    In other words, despite appearances to the contrary, the various actors in high places are in no more control of the situation than we proles and peasants are, and therefore (I conclude), it’s futile for us untermenschen to entertain illusions of improving anything permanently or even long term by supporting those who range from the utterly clueless to the utterly sadistic.

    Realizing that can be depressing but it actually can be both liberating and refreshing.

    • Agree: The Scalpel
  21. Miro23 says:

    All sounds very plausible. In such a crisis which way will the military fall. If towards Trump then maybe they will deal with CIA/FBI/Homeland Security who are enemies of the people?

    That’s an interesting question. One thing for sure is that the military will get offered everything they wish for and more to side with the Deep State against Trump. That’s how the Bolshevik Jews subverted the loyalty of the Russian military in Petrograd 1917 to ensure the success of their coup. Though having said that, they were in a neglected and poor state after their recent defeats and exit from WW1.

  22. @Joe Hide

    I tend to see a future outcome as mostly positive.

    I see it as both, with positive outcomes and negative ones dancing around and switching places as they’ve always done.

    It’s the theater of the absurd, a comical, tragical farce.Deja vu all over again.

  23. Donald Trump may be the only individual to ever appear on the modern world scene who could possibly survive and prosper with the acres of merde poured upon him daily. His persona, his background, his amazing family and his lack of a political gene may, just may, be enough to ward off what would paralyze anyone else in the same situation. Picture Bush, Clinton or Reagan and especially Obama keeping all those hot potatoes in the air without benefit of clergy or psychiatry! All that animus may or may not break the Donald but his very presence may be breaking up the dreadful world scourge we have become as a nation.

    • Replies: @RobinG
  24. yeah says:
    @Joe Hide

    Re your point about the importance (and strength?) of mass consciousness.

    I wish you to be right but I fear you could be wrong. One sorry fact that emerges from human history is that public opinion or mass consciousness doesn’t count for much unless a certain view becomes close to universal belief. It is only when changes in consciousness seep into military and police personnel that mass consciousness can affect outcomes. And that would require close to 99.9% of the public coming around to similar views – not impossible, but highly improbable. Even the Russian revolution was not the inevitable result of mass consciousness; that revolution succeeded because a vanguard managed to seize the armed forces of the state, which fact was significantly helped by Russia’s defeat in the war and the collapse of its army and the police forces of the state.

    The US state is not facing problems even remotely as big as those faced by Russian and Chinese states. These have been the only states in recent history where mass consciousness was a strong – but certainly not a decisive – factor in bringing about massive social and political change. The sorry conclusion then is that the US state – deep or shallow, overt or covert – will manage to ride it out. Mass consciousness will be cajoled, seduced, fooled, tricked, brainwashed, browbeaten, and, if push comes to shove, thrashed and beaten up to go along in the direction that ensures the survival of the state. The raw power play on display today by various state actors – public not invited – is what will shape the final outcome.

    • Agree: jacques sheete
    • Replies: @Astuteobservor II
  25. RobinG says:
    @Robert Magill

    Did you see his speech to the Boy Scouts? Superb. Far from broken, he may actually thrive in this atmosphere where any other mortal would be burnt alive!

  26. @yeah

    public opinion or mass consciousness doesn’t count for much

    because it is so easily manipulated. any and all information is controlled and dispersed for desired results. people in control can do whatever they want. with the advent of bots and AI, it has become trivial to manipulate the masses.

  27. Anonymous [AKA "Scott Gibbons"] says:

    Good analysis. it is at the palace intrigue level. I am also interested in the public base for both camps. although Jim thinks that there is no public involvement, I would suggest that it is the core support at least and therefore relevant to the struggle. I did not expect matters to come to a head so soon, but I had also not expected Donald Trump to win. there are 2 camps in the country of roughly 50 million each, deplorables and irreconcilables. one camp must lose and lose big. that will be the revolution whatever palace intrigue takes place. would it be possible for one faction to win only at the palace level and not at the mass level? ultimately no, so the question is whether both results will take place at the same time or separately over a longer period of time. one conclusion from this is that there can be no continuation of the present political economy unless one of the large population camps is disempowered – possibly something like that which was imposed on the South during Reconstruction. Except this time it would be imposed on a much larger population more evenly distributed throughout the country, and no longer sharing a common culture (as opposed to political orientation) with the victorious group. Moreover, this would be an existential rather than territorial war. Not a pretty picture. The Rip van Winkel Effect – Donald Trump, Social Media and the Re-awakening of Middle America

  28. The Deep State selected Trump for the stage show. probably for the sake of controversy itself. One reason for this is that American politicians are furiously hated and a more “regular guy” like the one you saw on tv was needed. The kinda guy some part of the population will side with no matter what, but who is actually just another hapless rich gangster appointed via a rigged referendum who will fuck your future just as much as any other would.

    Empire conducts entertaining distractions while rot and desperation multiply in former middle class suburbs. An impeachment is top rated entertainment. You get handed some bread but mostly circuses. Trump has that je ne sais quoi – that magic touch of a real estate bully and actor. On with the show then, the more dramatic the better.

    Trump himself would admit impeachment would make ratings soar. Millions of Americans would take things seriously, just as they do now when they read the script in the Post or the Times or their favorite off-the-beaten-path web propaganda. When it gets real hard for a majority of people to eat three square meals and pay the rent then you’ll see Trump, politics, your ideas and the big show never really mattered at all. Then the curtain will be lifted and you may have to run.

    • Agree: jacques sheete
  29. annamaria says:

    “… prepare mass public opinion to favor or at least accept extraordinary ‘regime change’.”

    The irony is, the US is currently “experiencing” its own medicine of regime change, which was tried before on so many unfortunate “countries of interest.” The main movers (coup makers) believe that they will become more powerful and overall better off after the coup d’etat. What else could be expected from people with a cartoonish understanding of history and with opportunistic profiteering as their man craft? — Pygmies. The coup d’etat-minded “sectors of the state apparatus and bureaucracy ” consist of moral and intellectual pygmies. The low burlesque of the ongoing American regime-change would be ridiculous if it was not extremely dangerous — actually, deadly.
    What is truly amazing is the at-hand crowds of the relatively young and well-to-do “activists” supporting the coup d’etat out of a livid hatred of Trump (and his whole family). Some of these “activists” believe that Trump “is destroying” something “very important” that has been “built” under Obama. How these delusions re Obama legacy have reached the heads of the “activists” is hard to explain.

  30. and Israel will face off with Russia,

    Doubt it very much. In related news, Knesset made May 9 an official Victory Day Holiday in Israel. Israel was in a “taking out some eggs from the same basket” mode for quite some time. They are not stupid there–they can forecast, when needed.

  31. @Erebus


    An”extrapolation from the Australian experience”? Provenance? Try this: google on “Chinese bribes President Clinton”

    “Neocons and the Standing Committee make rather strange bedfellows”? It has been said that it is politics that makes strange bedfellows. And I do believe that every member of the Standing Committee and every Neocon apparatchik in the government of the USA … I do believe that they are ALL in the business of politics. Or would you claim that while Clinton, yes, is a well-known money-grubbing scum, Kissinger and Nuland are statespersons, above reproach and above suspicion?

    Anyway, you heard it here first, at Unz Review. So what?

    Meanwhile, remember this: “None dare call it treason.”

    • Replies: @Erebus
  32. They are not stupid there–they can forecast, when needed.

    Are you able to forecast when they’ll dump the US and cozy up to China and Russia? I’m sure they can see that a Europe integrated with the Middle East and China are the wave of the future.

    • Replies: @Erebus
  33. The dispute and indecisions over who rules the empire will allow for regional powers to lay claims on contested regions. The EU, Japan, Saudi Arabia and Israel will face off with Russia, Iran and China. No one will wait for the US to decide which power center will rule


    All of the above, EU, Japan etc. happily do business with China. Any face off exists in the feverish psyche of Western editorialists. The shrieking and wailing business about Russia is a sideshow; the main event, under the big top is China. All the rest is carnival time and we stand in the midway in awe of the carnival barker in the big hat who announces the freak show inside.

    China has a hundred friends. We have two; Saudi Arabia and Israel.

    • Agree: jacques sheete
    • Replies: @Ace
  34. Wally says:

    After only 7 months, is it really that bad for Trump’s agenda?
    I think not.

    Trump Bans ‘Transgenders’ in Military

    President Trump Eliminates 860 Obama-Era Federal Regulations

    President Trump Has Now Signed 40 Pieces Of Legislation As He Moves To Enact His Agenda

  35. RobinG says:

    Who said there should be a pro-Trump rally on the National Mall? OK, but better yet
    GO ON the OFFENSIVE in the Information War.

    That’s what Lee Stranahan is doing, and he’s making waves. Terrific interview: Soros-Clinton, Ukraine/Syria/DNC meddling and media coverup, etc.
    Democrats Colluded With Known Terrorist To Subvert The 2016 Election

  36. Erebus says:
    @Grandpa Charlie

    In other words, “No”.
    It would be a hell of a WMD in the hands of the anti-neocon camp, so I was surprised that they didn’t seem to know about it.

    • Replies: @Grandpa Charlie
  37. @Wally

    Wally, yer one of the good guys, and your faith in Trump has aspects of charm, but the neocons have numerous ways to make him cave.

    He could only be a dictator in the style you’re suggesting if he had the backing of the military and or the big money crowd and I just don’t see it. His ability to “do good” for the American masses is as severely limited as that of all his predecessors, unfortunately.

    The system was designed to protect the interests of the most powerful money bag crowd while convincing the masses that whatever is good for GM is good for the USA, so to speak.

    • Replies: @Erebus
    , @Wally
  38. Erebus says:
    @jacques sheete

    Are you able to forecast when they’ll dump the US and cozy up to China and Russia?

    I’m not Andrei, but the answer’s pretty simple.
    They’ll cross the aisle the minute the Chinese hand back the max-ed out credit card they borrowed from the US. After all, they were instrumental in getting the US to lend it to the Chinese in the first place.
    Perhaps they even had a plan.

  39. Erebus says:
    @jacques sheete

    During the campaign, I assumed Trump had a lot more behind him than he appears to have after the inauguration. He needed to have a few key power centres four-square behind him, and to bring a dozen bloody-minded executive operators with well-considered plans to “hoist the black flag and start cutting throats” at key Departments and Agencies.

    So far, it appears that instead of Seven Samurai, he brought the Seven Dwarfs. Our remaining hope is that it’s all part of a “clever plan”, but that hope is just a hope…

    His greatest accomplishment may well be that he has caused Washington’s Swamp Dwellers to rise from the ooze and expose themselves for all the world to see. That’s weakened them immeasurably, perhaps fatally. To be sure, that’s no small thing, and the next Trump to come along is now on full alert as to who & what to bring with him.

    • Replies: @Seamus Padraig
  40. @Erebus

    Hmmm … you say that I have failed to provide the “provenance” that you somehow have the right to demand of me … “provenance” … like from whom do I get my ideas … that really matters … more than the ideas themselves … right?

    Okay. Try this again: google on “china bribes president clinton”. What are the Clintons, if not neocons?

    But of course, you object, Clinton is a well know scum, whereas Henry Kissinger, Victoria Nuland, et al., these neocons, they are statespersons … above reproach, above suspicion. (???)

    The neocons have been advancing the interests of the rulers of the PRC since Kissinger’s 1971 trip to Beijing and right on through until the present day with China’s expansionism evident from India around and through Viet Nam and the SCS “islands” and up to the Korean Peninsula. That is what the neocons have been doing for about a half-century now – protecting the interests of the PRC. Why is it so far-fetched to suppose that they are today taking their cues from the Standing Committee, that I must provide some “provenance” for the idea that they are actually enriching themselves in off-shore accounts? Seems to me that it is you who should provide “provenance” for the idea that these neocons are NOT on the take, that they are so naive that it never occurs to them to expect payola for what they do that benefits the PRC/Standing Committee. But of course, for you no “provenance” is necessary since support for your view that the neocons are just really stupid (?) and/or hate the USA (?) free of charge, as a courtesy from one group of “diplomats” to another, such supporting evidence is everywhere, we breathe it every day, do we not? I believe that it is called “common knowledge” – like the common knowledge that Russia is our enemy that must be defeated.

    I say that if my surmisal as to the neocons being on the take for their protection of the interests of the PRC over those of the USA, if not already “common knowledge,” is anyway speculation based on knowledge that is understood by many or most of the thinking public of these United States.

    “Yet none dare call it treason … ”

    And BTW: How do you explain the feckless China policy of the USA since Truman ordered General Taylor to withdraw to the 38th parallel, with the Yalu within easy reach … and then Kissinger’s visit to Beijing in 1971 with G.H.W. Bush soon following as our virtual ambassador to the PRC? Would I need some “provenance” to suggest that if ever there was an example of the clueless and losing bargaining or deal-making that Trump says he wants to get the USA to cease and desist, then that was it, and continues to be it. So you say that paying off the neocons to grease the skids, that’s unthinkable as part of any explanation of how our diplomats have given away our nation and our sovereignty. Well, then, what is thinkable? Tell us. Please.

    • Replies: @denk
  41. @Erebus

    His greatest accomplishment may well be that he has caused Washington’s Swamp Dwellers to rise from the ooze and expose themselves for all the world to see. That’s weakened them immeasurably, perhaps fatally. To be sure, that’s no small thing, and the next Trump to come along is now on full alert as to who & what to bring with him.

    You nailed it. Even if they do eventually succeed in foiling Trump, things will never be the same again. The whole world is watching the circus in Washington, and so Washington’s brand (‘democracy’) is now shot. 2016 was indeed an annus mirabilis!

    • Replies: @annamaria
  42. @Wally

    Save the tranny warfighters? The Progressive Inc side of the false divide usually promulgates a hollow concern for human rights. (Pure fakery, it’s all about mindless emotional responses sans facts) The faux-tolerance advocates typically question militarism while the other guys are doing their more overt schtick. These are the folks that both create and kill anti-war, (controlled opposition) movements.

    However, the transgender edict has revealed the bloodlust of the thinktank. It’s not about peace, or bombing people for real estate, it’s sexual identity and the “terrible thing Trump did this time.” Amy Goodman should receive a Nobel Peace prize for hypocrisy, a golden microphone and a plastic model of a tomahawk.

    • Replies: @Wally
  43. SIMPLEX says:

    The Trump administration lost the initiative when Trump failed to strike at the security state’s Achilles heel: international repudiation of CIA impunity. He could still do a few things to turn the flank of CIA’s attacks:

    * Pardon Sirhan Sirhan
    * Order immediate release of NARA records in accordance with law
    * Submit a good-faith ratification package for the Rome Statute
    * Give tacit approval to international exposure of nuclear and biological weapons proliferation by CIA

    This will provoke a crisis where the soft coup is constrained by concerted pressure from civil society and the international community. The Rome Statute is first and foremost a commitment to prosecute or extradite officials suspected of serious crimes. Systematic and widespread CIA torture is the open-and-shut case, but the US command structure is also provably guilty of the crime of aggression. US victims including Afghanistan, Libya, and Yemen have ratified the Convention on the non-applicability of statutory limitations to war crimes and crimes against humanity, so the US cannot run the clock out, as it has tried to do by failing to criminalize torture and decriminalizing its favorite war crimes, outrages against human dignity and denial of the rights of trial. CIA proliferation is a boiling issue in the treaty bodies but it’s completely suppressed from US public awareness.

    If Trump can’t take the bull by the horns, CIA* is going to destroy him.

    * This is CIA in Fletcher Prouty’s sense, including deep-cover CIA agents inserted throughout the three branches of government. The DCI has the get-out-of-jail card, so this is all CIA’s show. All the other agency ‘factions’ work for CIA.

  44. Wally says:
    @jacques sheete

    Thank you.

    I certainly understand the limits of presidential influence, power.
    But all told, given the massive impediments erected by the previous admin. and the attempts to destroy him after only 7 months, Trump has been simply amazing in the face of it all.

    7 little months out of at least 4 years.

  45. Wally says:
    @Blocked Chain

    FWIW, Trump has overwhelming public support for his Trans ban.

    • Replies: @Anon
  46. Ace says:

    A great many of America’s problems got started when St. Woodrow decided that the essence of the nation should find its expression in the presidency, which later came to be held by him. Give me separation of powers any day, esp. in light of the lunatic parliamentary systems elsewhere in the West and the kingly European Commission. No better system has been found to vault traitors and morons to tge pinnacle of power.

    I don’t see that separation of powers has been discredited. On the issue of our unconstitutional, aggressive war against Syria, for example, the problem is not that separation of powers has frustrated what an untrammeled executive would wisely choose without the obstruction of midgets and piss ants. It is that separation of powers has been abandoned. Theoretically independent branches of government are just subsidiaries of the Uniparty, the outward expression of the complete subversion of our political system by the massively rich.

    Things ran smoothly until St. Abraham really established federal supremacy. The gradual, then accelerating obliteration of the Constitution’s restrictions on the federal government is the source of all our difficulties.

  47. annamaria says:
    @Seamus Padraig

    “…things will never be the same again. The whole world is watching the circus in Washington..”

    It looks and sounds like dementia – as if a sick person behaving inappropriately, showing unprovoked aggression (like some Alzheimer patients), using silly or senseless phrasing, and having the unreasonable demands and uncontrolled fits of rage like a spoiled child. The marasmic McCain, marasmic Pelosi, and hysterical Max Boot, the openly lying Clapper and the hate-filled profiteer Brennan. What a panopticon.
    Here is an outline of the current state of “western values” by Patrick Armstrong:

    • Replies: @Seamus Padraig
  48. Anon • Disclaimer says:

    From his base, sure. From people in general, not so sure.

  49. As I have written here and elsewhere, President Swamp Drainer needs to get control of the DoJ. He got rid of Comey, which was good, but got Rosenstein and Mueller in response. Meanwhile Jeff Sessions is twiddling his thumbs re the Russia witch hunt. Perhaps his recusal was appropriate, but he’s not doing anything whatsoever regarding Swamp Draining. So it feels like he’s a disingenuous old guard GOPer, who wants to obstruct any real progress, while dragging his feet with do-nothingness obscured behind a facade of law enforcement community boosterism. By this tactic the GOP attempts to stall until 2020, when it can then point at Trump’s failures (failures they have enabled by their stalling, wink wink) and then campaign to take “their” party back. In short, Sessions may just be an anti-Trump “mole” planted in the single most important position with regard to swamp draining, in order to ***prevent*** any swamp draining.

    Let me be clear: in the last 24 years the DC political class has gone almost entirely criminal, with the last 13 years dedicated to serial war crimes. In this sort of situation the DoJ, AG, and FBI head, becomes corrupted, and turns away from the rule of law to become a shield for the DC criminal despotism.

    So watch closely what happens next. Just today rumors have come out — though I’ve been speaking of this for several weeks now — that there is talk in the White House about ***recess appointments***. We have reached the crucial moment, and I for one am surprised that, as important as this is, it has not been prominent in public discussion until now. The “August” was scheduled to begin at the end of business tomorrow, July 28th. Because of the health care business, McConnell has postponed it for two weeks,… so let’s call it for close of business Friday, August 11th. That’s fifteen days from now.

    When Congress goes home fifteen days from now, this country and the world may very well change forever. Go to Wikipedia and look up “recess appointment”. Here’s what you will find:

    “…a recess appointment is an appointment by the President of a federal official… while the U.S. Senate is in recess. …

    Recess appointments are authorized by Article II, Section 2 of the U.S. Constitution, which states:

    The President shall have Power to fill up all Vacancies that may happen during the Recess of the Senate, by granting Commissions which shall expire at the End of their next Session.

    If Trump is the fighter I think he is, then this is what he has been waiting for, ever so patiently these last six months. Notice that the Congress cannot countermand recess appointments. Recess appointments end by expiration, and then only at the end of the following Congressional session. Other than impeachment, Congress cannot stop Trump from doing this.

    So Trump dumps Sessions, purges the anti-Trump prosecutors from previous administrations, and appoints a new FBI head and dozens of fire-breathing swamp-draining prosecutors who immediately start doling out orange jumpsuits. He could — not saying that he would execute this “nuclear option” — but he could lock up virtually the entire Congress on war crimes charges; Neocons for conspiracy to commit war crimes; Cheney, Addington, Yoo, and Bybee to the Hague for torture; Hillary and Obama for Libya.

    Control of the DoJ is the key.

    The next two weeks will show whether Trump is the real deal, or just another schlub.

  50. @jacques sheete

    We have been falsely taught in history lessons that ” the people have rebelled”. A thorough look at history proves that in any popular uprising the people where the tool rather than the initiators of change. One such big illusion is the much ballyhooed French Revolution, where we are told that the people toppled the monarchy and sent the Royal Couple to the guillotine. The secret societies were the main drivers of the bloody change that happened in this tormented period of French history. The Illuminati whose cover was blown in Bavaria infiltrated the Masonic lodges of France to plan and execute their nefarious plan against the monarchy, the nobility and the church. What followed was the most bloody and terrifying rule of the Jacobins which sent thousands of people to the guillotine.
    The people energy without direction from the power elite never leads to real change; popular violence is mostly self defeating as it is impossible for the tail to lead the head.

  51. @Anon

    to be honest, just let the soldiers vote on it. make it anonymous vote. fuck politics from both the right or the left. let the soldiers decide what they want to do.

    • Replies: @Anon
  52. @Anon

    Trump needs to ban poor people from military service. His negative popularity would soar to new heights.

  53. @annamaria

    Thanks for the link, annamaria. By sheer coincidence, I had just read that very article right before I saw your reply!

  54. Anon • Disclaimer says:
    @Astuteobservor II

    Not a 100% bad idea but we don’t set Rights issues to votes in the U.S.

    • Replies: @Astuteobservor II
  55. Wally says:

    He won the election with his ‘base’.

    But then you did say he would be gone by Christmas.

    • Replies: @Anon
  56. @Anon

    well, the soldiers are the ones who have to fight along side with other soldiers, they should decide. not the retarded politicians from both sides.

  57. Anon • Disclaimer says:

    Indeed, I did. Got 5 months to go.

  58. FKA Max says:

    I believe this is the goal:

    The Republican Plan To Remove Trump

    The Republican establishment is already there. Mike Pence is everything they could hope for. Supply-side tax cuts, anti-gay, anti-abortion, anti-Obamacare, military muscle-up, it’s the full package. They’re in the “when and how” stage already.

    Pence meets with Koch brother in Colorado

    While President Trump had an almost non-existent relationship with the libertarian billionaire Koch brothers, Pence has a much longer history with both Charles and David Koch.

    Americans for Prosperity touted Pence’s record as governor of Indiana. His former pollster Kellyanne Conway, now a senior adviser in the Trump White House, worked for a Koch network group. And Short, the White House’s top lobbyist and former Pence chief of staff, once ran the Freedom Partners Chamber of Commerce, a key wing of the Koch brothers network.

    In my opinion, even more important than to attack the hostile, mostly liberal media is for Trump to distance himself not just form the Neocon wing of the Republican party, but also to keep a healthy distance from and even attack Ayn Rand fanboys like Paul Ryan and other lackeys of the Koch Brothers

    Remember that the Tea Party was a genuine grass roots movement that largely grew as a continuation of the Ron Paul campaign. FreedomWorks was created by the Koch Brothers and funded by their fellow oligarchs to rein in this movement. They made very generous grants to local Tea Party groups as long as they agreed not to criticize neocon war-mongering, mass immigration, or the Federal Reserve. Within a year they were successful. Glenn Beck and the Zionist-bankrolled Pastor Hagee started national networks and put on large spectacles to divert energy of Tea Party sympathizers toward the neocon agenda. The 2010 midterm election was the last time Tea Party has had an impact on government. If we are not aware of this risk, our brief moment in the sun will be followed by a decade in the darkness.

    It seems to me that the Mercer/Prince/DeVos, etc. families are the Koch Brothers of the Alt Right movement, and Steve Bannon is their agent:

    Their data firm, Cambridge Analytica, was hired by the Cruz campaign. They switched to support Trump shortly after he clinched the nomination, and he eventually hired Cambridge Analytica, as well.
    Their top political guru is Steve Bannon, the former Breitbart News chairman and White House chief strategist. They’re close, too, with Trump’s campaign manager Kellyanne Conway, who also has a senior role in the White House.

    I hope President Trump stays healthy and alive during his term, because his running mate Mike Pence is not exactly a Protestant

  59. Ace says:
    @Robert Magill

    With friends like that . . . .

  60. denk says:
    @Grandpa Charlie

    The neocons have been advancing the interests of the rulers of the PRC since Kissinger’s 1971 trip to Beijing and right on through until the present day with China’s expansionism evident from India around and through Viet Nam and the SCS “islands” and up to the Korean Peninsula.

    Please elaborate on that great insight.
    You can tell us how the neocons ‘advanced China’s expansionism vs India’
    for a start.

    • Replies: @Grandpa Charlie
  61. annamaria says:

    ” Should AIPAC Register as a Foreign Agent? Pro-Israel organization should not get a pass,” By Philip Giraldi

    “Once upon a time AIPAC’s Steven Rosen boasted to an interviewer, “You see this napkin? In twenty-four hours, we could have the signatures of seventy senators on this napkin.” He meant that congressmen would sign on to anything if they thought it would please Israel. Recently the U.S. Congress has been working on bills that would criminalize individuals or groups that support a boycott of Israel…. AIPAC’s website declares that it is “America’s Pro-Israel Lobby,” so by its own admission it functions pretty clearly as Israel’s proxy. It spent $102 million in 2015, had 396 employees in 2013, and claims to have 100,000 members, many of whom are organized into state and city chapters. It also benefits from being a tax exempt 501(c)4 organization classified as promoting “international understanding.” It blankets Capitol Hill with its lobbyists and is a prolific source of position papers explaining Israel’s perception of what is taking place in the Middle East. … it [AIPAC] reportedly frequently drafts bills that Congress then goes on to propose. The American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) was last confronted by FARA by John F. Kennedy’s Justice Department in 1962 and 1963. Kennedy’s death stopped that effort…
    While the Congress is busy searching for Russian agents under FARA it just might spend some time also examining the pernicious influence of the unregistered and unrestrained Israel Lobby.”

  62. @denk

    By keeping the flames toasting the toes of Russia, neocons take any possibility of heat on the PRC from developing. The USA public is too simplistic to think of a world of villains: they are fed one great villain at a time. The function of the neocons is to keep the heat off the PRC and the CCP.

    I cite the Indian border dispute as one of many instances of Chinese expansionism, but let’s look at the case of Vietnam and SCS “islands,” etc. The PLA navy ran down a Vietnamese fishing boat a few years back – part of China’s plan to claim ALL the rights having to do with the SCS, which would be better named the “Vietnamese Sea” based on the geography. (Don’t know if you remember that.) Vietnam really likes the USA and the Vietnamese people would love to have US Navy harboring in Hanoi. But they have all but given up on that. Do you remember the promise of Obama’s “pivot to Asia”? The Vietnamese were really hoping that would signal some awakening of USA policy makers or, at any rate, of USA’s people. I could go on and on, but the point is obvious. The USA is never going to get any backbone to stand up to the PRC (although we can hope for some change in this Trump administration, although that seems unlikely since Trump surrendered to the neocons and fired General Flynn just two months after appointing him National Security Advisor).

    Most telling of all, in 2016 shortly after a PLA gunboat ran down and sank a Vietnamese fishing vessel (for daring to fish where they had been fishing for a long time), the Chinese (PRC) Navy for the first time was invited to participate and did participate in US-led RIMPAC exercises. Check this out:

    ‘China Continues Attacks on Vietnamese Fishing Boats’ (May 2016)

    I don’t know about you, but I am totally convinced that MSM does what the government tells it to. They did not downplay that story (going back to 2014) because it wasn’t sexy enough or whatever. They downplayed that story because government insiders told them to downplay it. Insiders = Neocons. Money talks.

    What are Asian peoples to think? In May 2016, PLA gunboat runs down and sinks a Vietnamese fishing vessel (which they had already done once in 2014). In June 2016, the US Navy announces that it has invited the PRC to join RIMPAC exercises (which was a complete reversal of USA Pacific strategy). So, I believe we can infer that neocons within the Department of State squelched this news story on behalf of the PRC.

    Thank you for the compliment as to the insight. The best way to see that it is true is to keep it in mind as you follow Asia news, e.g., Korea. I wish my insight were false and useless, but I think it’s only too true.

    My belief: The neocons are everywhere in the government, they are on the payroll of the Standing Committee of the CCP, and, they have the ability to control MSM. Somewhere in some translation or another of Sun Tzu’s Art of War, I believe you will find the legendary general saying that “supreme victory is when the enemy is defeated and does not even know he has been defeated.” USA has been conquered and we don’t even know it.

    “Yet none dare call it treason.”

    • Replies: @Grandpa Charlie
    , @denk
  63. @Grandpa Charlie

    Alex Jones video posted above (by RobinG) shows Lee Stranahan explaining that “if you demonize Russia, you can bury true stories about Syria and Ukraine.” And, I would add, “you can bury true stories about the People’s Republic of China.” That’s exactly why the neocons have one main theme over the last couple of years: “Russia supported Trump in 2016.”

    What is the difference between a neocon and a globalist? Not much, except that neocons mostly do their evil work within the executive. Globalists mostly do their evil work within the legislative branch. Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum.

    The reason that people like Alex Jones are mostly clueless about Asia is the Eurocentrism that infects not only MSM but also the alternative media. China loves it.

    Also see, current report (here at Unz Review) on PRC activity in Australia in Peter Lee’s “China Matters” blog.

  64. @Grandpa Charlie

    Also see, InfoWars Report (July 2017) by Jamie White: “25,000 Chinese Spies Embedded in U.S.”

  65. denk says:
    @Grandpa Charlie

    The neocons have been advancing the interests of the rulers of the PRC since Kissinger’s 1971 trip to Beijing and right on through until the present day with China’s expansionism evident from India around and through Viet Nam and the SCS “islands” and up to the Korean Peninsula.

    You didnt elaborate on that as requested,
    Here I fix it for ya……

    ‘ If conflict with China is inevitable, it makes sense to have U.S. bases in Afghanistan, Kyrgyzstan, Iraq and maybe Iran and Syria. If China is dependent on Middle East oil, it makes sense for the U.S. to be able to control how and where it flows from the Caspian Sea and Persian Gulf oil fields. It makes sense to cultivate an alliance with India, risking the accusation of nuclear hypocrisy in doing so. It makes sense to ratchet up tensions on the Korean Peninsula, by linking North Korea to Iran and Iraq, calling it “evil,” dismissing South Korea’s “sunshine diplomacy” efforts and encouraging Japan to take a hard line towards Pyongyang. It makes sense to get Tokyo to declare, for the first time, that the security of the Taiwan Straights is of common concern to it and Washington. It makes sense to regain a strategic toehold in the Philippines, in the name of the War on Terror, and to vilify the growing Filipino Maoist movement. It makes sense for a man like Cheney, who decided on Bush’s staff in late 2000, to seed the cabinet with strategically-placed neocons who have a vision of a new Middle East. Because (1) that vision fits in perfectly with the broader New World Order and U.S. plans to contain China,’

  66. denk says:
    @Grandpa Charlie

    Old man,

    Peter Lee is mocking the Aussies China gate B.S.

    Alex Jones ?
    Pleeeeeeeze gimme a break.

  67. denk,

    I did actually respond to your request, and you have not fixed anything.

    I disagree entirely with your quote from Counterpunch (which I call ‘Suckerpunch’). I am not all that exercised about China’s expansionism, except that I think it should be countered, of course. I see China’s expansionism as more-or-less normal, and to be expected. I AM exercised about how China’s penetration of the USA’s government has been greatly facilitated by the neocons. I always get excited when I smell treason in high places. The neocons have not (with Cheney) responded intelligently and are not now in any way responding intelligently to a possible war with the PRC. Especially the neocons have not been doing anything except continuing their weakening of the USA by continuing the Afghanistan fiasco.

    The neocons managed the invitation of the PRC into the RIMCON exercises in such a way as to utterly discourage any tendency of Vietnam to forge an alliance with the USA. To wit: PLA gunboat sinks Vietnamese fishing vessel, etc., and US Navy does absolute zilch to restrain China in that regard but rather invites China’s navy into RIMCON within a matter of days of the sinking! That is much better explained by the neocons actually being on the payroll of the Standing Committee.

    If it were so, that the USA is seeking to control the flow of oil from the Persian Gulf, then it certainly makes NO sense to withdraw from the SCS and let China assume hegemony there. As for DPRK problems, the USA has done nothing effectively to restrain DPRK from developing nuclear-armed ICBMs. This is all the doing of the neocons, whether in the G. W. Bush administration or in the Clinton or in the Obama administration. As for Cheney, he is a neocon, and that is why it “made sense” for him to place neocons throughout the government while he had some power there. If the neocons had any intention of containing China’s expansion, the neocons would never be making an enemy of Russia – they would be backing off of all the European or NATO initiatives (including Syria) in order to free up limited resources or assets for use against Chinese expansion. If Cheney or the neocons were serious about containing China’s expansion, we certainly would have attacked DPRK, and the ROK would now be occupying the entire peninsula, USA would have been able to withdraw from there permanently, having eliminated the nuclear threat there and greatly increased the prestige and effective power of the USA. Nothing that Cheney did in his time made sense in terms of the best interests of the USA, only in terms of the financial interests of Cheney – including everything that he was doing on 9/11/2001.

    Now, as for Peter Lee, he is one of those guys who is always mocking everybody. That’s his style. I refer you to the ‘China Matters’ story because it is here at Unz Review, but the source of the story is the Sydney Morning Herald and the ASIO itself. Australia is seriously concerned about how the PRC has managed to bribe its way into a position of influence in the Australian government.

    • Replies: @JL
  68. denk says:

    Comment is free, facts are sacred !

    Gary Leupp wasnt expressing his pov, he’s documenting facts , all verifiable. [1]
    In short, the murkkans have been stalking , sabotaging , destroying Chinese
    investments all over the world , via NGO’s, terrorism, regime change.


    Sri Lanka,

    tip of an iceberg !

    You dont agree with facts ?
    Thats tough !

    This is a place for learning.
    We come here to educate dumbed down murkkans….for free !
    They have been kept in the dark and fed bushit all day long for all of 300 years
    forchrissake !
    If you choose to be in denial then why’r you here in the first place ?

    Exhibit Libya

    • Replies: @RobinG
  69. JL says:
    @Grandpa Charlie

    I find your theory of the China-Neocon connection very intriguing, and actually quite plausible, even if it is a bit difficult to swallow. I’d note here that the Ukraine imbroglio began at the behest of the Neocons, led by Victoria Nuland, and came after Obama announced his pivot to Asia. Lo-and-behold, the Russian threat was resurrected and placed front and center, reinvigorating NATO and redirecting American efforts to the European theater, essentially abandoning the pivot. The only beneficiary of the Ukraine crisis was, indeed, China, and certainly not the US, Russia, Ukraine or Europe. So your theory may or may not be correct, but it does rather fit the facts.

    • Replies: @denk
  70. @Grandpa Charlie

    you, you actually watch alex jones? take him seriously and actually uses him as a source? damn, like wtfbbq damn.

  71. RobinG says:

    Thanks Denk, great article.

    In late 2007, Dr. J. Peter Pham, a Washington insider who advises the US State and Defense Departments, stated openly that among the aims of the new AFRICOM, is the objective of “protecting access to hydrocarbons and other strategic resources which Africa has in abundance … a task which includes ensuring against the vulnerability of those natural riches and ensuring that no other interested third parties, such as China, India, Japan, or Russia, obtain monopolies or preferential treatment.”

    It was obvious that the war on Iraq wasn’t for “our” oil. As much as certain Unz readers promote the “War for Israel” meme, one can’t discount the “strategic denial” aspect of the hegemony chess game.

    • Replies: @denk
  72. denk says:

    I find your theory of the China-Neocon connection very intriguing, and actually quite plausible

    What probability would you assign to that plausibility ?

    As an example,
    probability [JL and grandpa are shills] > 0.7

    • Replies: @JL
  73. denk says:

    Great insight Robin G,

    ensuring that no other interested third parties, such as China, India, Japan, or Russia, obtain monopolies or preferential treatment.”

    I often tell those Indians who gloat on China’s encirclement by the West,

    ‘Be careful what you wish for, if China is down , guess who’s the next target for the MICC. ?’

    uncle sham needs an enemy much like Dracula needs blood,
    nothing personal chaps its just business !

  74. JL says:

    I would put the probability as very low. I apologize if you found my comment disagreeable. But, if I may ask, for whom am I supposedly shilling?

  75. I disagree with the idea that this conflict is about who will rule the empire.

    It is very much the deep forces of the US global empire against a president suggesting that he wanted less of that empire.

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