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Immigration: No Easy Answers
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Introduction: The cross border flood of millions of immigrants provokes profound political divisions, violence and the rise of mass movements challenging the unity of the European Union (EU) and the survival of the dominant political parties in the US and Europe.

Both the progressive pro-immigrant and rightwing anti-immigration parties and movements propose easy answers and attack their adversaries with political invective.

Both left and right engage in a losing war, based on historical omissions, abstract and muddle-headed assumptions and destructive proposals.

I will proceed by outlining a framework to understand the political, economic and security implications, which form the centerpiece for confronting immigration.

The Past and the Present

A serious discussion of immigration begins by focusing on the centrality of time and place, encouraging the flow and absorption of immigrants.

In the past, immigration flourished during periods when countries experienced: (1) rapid productive growth; (2)increasing labor demand; (3) trade unions and organizations capable of integrating new (immigrant) workers and protecting the on-going wage rates and conditions for all; (4) cross sectoral labor co-operation and solidarity lowering conflict between immigrant and native workers; (5) inclusive, equitable welfare programs; (6) local, not global wars and (7) violence confined outside of the US and the EU. During these periods, most immigration was confined within Europe and North America or between them.

These conditions could not eliminate competition and conflict but they limited its nature and time frame and allowed for successful integration.

If these conditions formed the basis for relatively peaceful immigration, their absence has intensified conflict amidst an increased flow of immigrants. This process has produced deep political problems. Progressives, who cite past ‘Ellis-Island’ type immigration experience and ignore the unfavorable current socio-economic conditions, are in denial. They dismiss the vast socio-economic and political changes, which have occurred and which make the absorption of new waves of immigrants extremely difficult.

Mass Immigration and Imperial Wars

The vast majority of refugees today are on the move because of Western wars. These wars are ‘total’ wars, designed to obliterate civilian, as well as military institutions and structures. In the last two decades, the US and EU have launched seven wars devastating the lives of once-cohesive and productive families, their homes and farms, jobs, institutions and security. Millions have been driven into exile.

The vast majority of new immigrants are refugees from countries targeted by the US-EU and their suffering has no visible end. During and after the Second World War, refugees suffered greatly, but were generally absorbed or repatriated and integrated into re-constructing their homes and societies. These favorable transitions were aided by an acute post-war labor shortage (over 40 million, mostly men, were killed in WWII) and the economic demands of post-war reconstruction. Western peace movements in the post-WWII past were effective and succeeded in limiting the scope and length of wars. Such peace movements no longer exist. Wars today are designed to be endless and total – in terms of the destruction of civilian infrastructure and national institutions.

Over the past 2 decades, the peace movements have disappeared. This is largely because the US and EU increasingly rely on the use of devastating bombing campaigns by their air and naval forces, which sharply limit Western casualties. Most anti-war movements were sustained by domestic anger at their own soldiers returning in ‘body bags’.

Current domestic economic conditions have sharply deteriorated. Capitalist regimes have imposed brutal economic policies increasing unemployment and low paying temporary job. Joblessness approaches 50% among young workers in Southern Europe – regions flooded with desperate refugees.

Moreover imperial policies have shifted steadily to increased military spending for wars while imposing austerity measures, slashing social programs at home.

In this context, new immigrants, especially refugees from imperial wars, compete for diminishing public resources and drastically reduced wages. Their competition effectively drives down the wages for all workers – sharply increasing the conditions for brutal exploitation.

The intense competition over jobs between native workers and immigrants is the result of capitalist wars and deliberate domestic economic policies to pay for these wars. This creates greater insecurity and hastens the downward mobility experienced by workers and the lower middle class.

In the past, such pressures and conditions led to workers protest, resistance and class conflict.

Today, trade unions cease to unify old and new workers into a strong organized force to confront the worst excesses of capital. Trade union membership has declined precipitously. The union bosses have exchanged militancy and independence for self-serving alliances with capitalist politicians. Trade unions do not protect the basic interests of workers and their families – they follow the lead of the ‘progressive’ pro-immigrant parties which are an arm of the militarist capitalist ruling class.

The workers are not racist when they resist further deterioration in their income and living standards: They are trying to protect their jobs, benefits and social programs for their families – in an environment of increasing insecurity and capitalist exploitation.

In the recent past, workers could rely on stable jobs and increasing wages because of the strong manufacturing domestic economy. These same workers, who are now labelled as ‘racist’, generally accepted immigrant workers at their plants and in their neighborhoods and schools. But this was in the decades before droves of refugees and destitute immigrants fleeing US-EU wars and destruction came to be viewed as threats to their livelihoods and children’s future.

Unlike the past, when international capital brought extracted raw materials back to the imperial country to be processed by local manufacturers, today US and EU multi-nationals have relocated their industries to overseas low wage countries, undermining jobs and living standards at home.

Commercial importers and retailers, like Wal-Mart, re-employ the displaced workers with offers of minimum pay, no benefits and contingent work.

‘Free Trade’ is not really ‘trade: Rather it is the easy outflow of investment and jobs and the retention of profits overseas in tax-havens.

US government-subsidized, high-tech corporate agro-exports have decimated ‘Third World’ farmers, forcing mass immigration of displaced peasants who then form a base to compete with domestic workers and lower the wages in the US and EU.

Progressives falsely argue, ‘ex post facto’, that migrant have merely taken the poorly-paid, unpleasant jobs that local workers rejected. The reality is more complex: In a previous era, most immigrants quickly moved into decently-paid jobs and were generally accepted by US workers.


Once, US meat packers were well-paid workers supported by militant unions. Over time, the unions lost key labor struggles and capitalists reduced wages, in some cases by fifty percent. What had once been well regulated and strictly protected workplaces deteriorated dramatically. This decline was accompanied by the influx and hiring of low wage immigrants from Mexico and Central America. Today, the meat packing industry is among the most dangerous work environment where even immigrant children are employed. The same pattern of deteriorating wages and conditions and replacement by immigrant labor has occurred in landscaping, construction, the garment industry, transport, retailing, plumbing etc.

What has most recently pushed millions of young workers to migrate from their homes are the series of destructive imperial wars. These devastated the domestic security situation, erasing any functional national military and police structures as well as the possibilities for jobs and a stable future for young people. Former military commanders and soldiers, whose families have been torn apart by imperial US-EU wars and stripped of all dignity, have little choice but to join resistance fighters, such as ISIS in Iraq, or join the waves of refugees.

The US and EU invasion forces and puppet regimes have systematically destroyed any secular, democratic, nationalist or socialist parties and movements in the targeted countries, in their drive to divide once cohesive nations into tribal client states. In their place, violent Islamist and ethnic resistance movements have sprung up to fight the invaders and their puppets. This is the natural and predictable result of the imperial policy of destroying modern states on a massive scale.

Since multiple imperial wars in contiguous countries have destroyed all hope for refuge and new lives within the war-torn region, the new violent Islamist movements have adopted their own ‘international strategy’. Since the imperial wars were launched from distant imperial capitals in Washington, London and Paris, using bombs and missiles, the Islamists have little alternative but to base their military and terrorist strategies within civilian populations, leading to massive casualties.

The violent jihadi attacks against civilian targets in the West are not specifically religious or directed at capturing economic resources or power. The objective is to gain political influence among the growing and marginalized immigrant population in Europe and to undermine the capacity and willingness of the EU and US to continue these endless wars.

In the neglected immigrant neighborhood, there will be growing numbers of sympathizers for the ‘attackers’. This will increase demands by angry and frightened citizens in the West who have increasingly accepted the nationalist political solution of ‘draining the lake’ (immigrants) to catch the ‘fish’ (terrorists). Anti-immigrant politics and anti-terrorist police activities become inter-mingled with growing domestic economic insecurity and the sense of cultural and national displacement experienced by traditional homogeneous working class communities adjacent to large enclaves of immigrants. Increasingly severe ‘austerity’ policies, imposed by neo-liberal governments, greatly inflame the situation.

The so-called, liberal pro-immigration parties and movements ignore the fragile socio-cultural fabric of the local communities. They have done little to protect vulnerable communities from capitalist policies of literally dumping immigrants into areas and regions which cannot support or absorb them. The political leaders of pro-immigrant parties are generally far from these communities and immune to growing competition for scarce jobs and resources. For many politicians, bureaucrats and even NGO administrators, ‘their immigrants’ are domestic workers, cooks, baby sitters, gardeners, who directly serve the most comfortable strata of society. In contrast, the masses of uprooted refugees and immigrants live close to local workers, compete for jobs and share crowded clinics, social services and schools – under conditions of increasing scarcity.

The ruling class collaborates with highly domesticated trade union officials and certain ‘coopted’ second generation immigrant leaders to ‘pacify’ this domestic discontent through multi-cultural programs and mandatory diversity training sessions for workers and neighborhoods, without ever having to actually confront the class issues of deteriorating living standards and the loss of future job prospects for the children of local workers.

Working and lower middle class communities will naturally close ranks on ethnic, regional and religious bases, because they lack principled class leaders. They are susceptible to the appeals of nationalist-populist or anti-immigrant leaders and politicians, despite these parties long association with the hard right. With the notable exception of French leader, Marine Le Pen, who skillfully combines a deep understanding of French socio-economic trends with her restrictive immigration policies, the majority of Western populist and anti-immigrant politicians channel the widespread resentment over downward mobility among native workers to blaming ‘the immigrants’.

The virulent media attacks and charges of ‘racism’ made by liberal politicians and intellectuals against the downwardly mobile workers, who have been devastated by neo-liberal policies and the broad consequences of imperial wars, do nothing to combat imperialism and class exploitation. They certainly do not help the immigrants. Denunciations of the marginalized American workers and rural citizens, who voted for US President Donald Trump, by the middle class intellectuals, living in the more comfortable and urbanized coastal states, show a deep misunderstanding of the fundamental changes occurring in the country. In Europe and the US, employees and activists, connected to liberal NGOs, flock to immigrants like carrion birds, carving out their own little careers ‘educating’ immigrants and entreating the local residents of deteriorated neighborhoods to join in ’sharing’ the dominant ruling class-directed celebrations of ‘diversity’ ( or the ‘multi-culturalism of suffering’).


Immigration in the 21st century is significantly different from past waves of migrants. It is highly manipulative to compare the current displacement of millions of war refugees with ‘Ellis Island’ in the US or the post-WWII situation of massive reconstruction in Europe. Immigration today is a direct product of imperial wars, where murder, injury, terror and deliberate shredding of social institutions have forcibly displaced tens of millions of people – the immigrants.

Meanwhile, in the imperial countries, crass capitalist exploitation, the export of capital and jobs, and austerity have aroused the anger of workers and lower middle class employees, whose living standards have sustained significant losses. The forced merger of two enormous waves – the millions of dispossessed refugees and migrants and the marginalized and increasingly threatened workers and citizens in the West has become the key focus of the deepening conflicts of capitalists and workers in the US and the EU. Progressives and reactionaries alike obfuscate the fundamental class issues by diverting public attention to the issue of ‘racism’ and ‘immigrants’.


In the long run, the West must face this dangerous phenomenon by organizing broad and militant anti-imperial peace movements to prevent the wars that produce these waves of desperate migrants. Trade unions, co-operatives and local or national social movements must organize the under-employed, unemployed and underpaid workers to combat the loss of jobs, the pillage of national wealth, massive capitalist tax evasion and the de-industrialization of the national economy. Banks must be nationalized, and education and health care should be publically funded and replace the current massive public budgets for war. Immigrants, who decide to settle in their new countries, should seek to fully integrate, reject dual citizenship and dual loyalties and denounce organizations that act as “fifth columns” for overseas ethno-religious states of all persuasions.

Uprooted people must ultimately choose to remain and fight over flight. They must engage in resistance to imperial occupations in their homelands instead of choosing abject submission and indignities abroad. The role of citizens in the West is to support these struggles by opposing the militarists among their own political leaders.

There are no easy answers for mass migration but there are clear causes and proposals for the future.

(Republished from The James Petras Website by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Economics • Tags: Immigration, Poverty 
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  1. Wally says:

    Most of these “refugees” are of course bogus, as has been amply documented.

    The solution is quite simple, no more welfare rides for the essentially unemployable.
    Don’t have a verifiable in-short-supply skill? Then no admittance.
    No more anchor babies.

    Islamic State Throws Iraqi Man Accused of Homosexuality from Rooftop
    America, is this what you want?
    1/29/17 Loud Arab Call To Prayer Inside Dallas Fort Worth Airport While Muslims Pray, Chant ‘Allah’
    exterminate offenders of Islam
    no sharia, no peace
    Churchill on Islam
    Not Republican, but Muslim
    dress code demanded by Muslim cave men
    doomed Muslim woman

  2. eah says:

    There are ‘no easy answers’ only if you’re a cuck.

  3. @eah

    The easy answer is provided in the included picture of the Israel-Egypt border fence.

    Compare: Israel faces off with African migrants on Egyptian border

  4. Anon • Disclaimer says:

    This article by Professor Petras is a must read for all to understand the realities of today’s headlines. Mr. Trump’s promises to place America first and make it great again cannot be successful unless and until the real enemies of Americans are identified and subdued. Pointing fingers at those most vulnerable and helpless is pointless, even if they are illegals.

    • Replies: @Diversity Heretic
    , @Wally
  5. This is a great post. It lays out the Class & Imperialist roots of much immigration, without denying that immigration is a serious issue, that working people should not be fobbed off with progressive nonsense like “diversity” & “racist !” .
    “Working and lower middle class communities will naturally close ranks on ethnic, regional and religious bases, because they lack principled class leaders. They are susceptible to the appeals of nationalist-populist or anti-immigrant leaders and politicians”
    The key is the complete lack of “principled class leadership”. The 95% in the US (& western world) have been betrayed by trade unions, “Democratic” parties & the MSM. Taking control of immigration should not be left to right-wing nationalists who will merely exploit the issue to make further extractions from working families.
    As the writer notes, it’s up to us, working people, to determine our social /economic destiny: any support for current political parties is to play the frog in the heating water….

  6. Nonwhite Legal Immigrants and their US nonwhite geneline in addition to bring scab labor are a high fertility highly racialized nonwhite Democratic Party Voting Bloc that is enthusiastically voting the Historic Native Born White American Majority into a violently persecuted racial minority in post-white Toilet “America”.

    The nonwhite Democratic Party Voting Bloc demands that the Historic Native Born White American Majority commit demographic suicide….We are under no obligation to do this.

    The US has already split into two Nations:one Nonwhite…one White…

    If there is will..there is a way….If the Historic Native Born White American Majority wants their Homeland back….they will take it back by any means necessary. Invasions and colonizations are to to be repelled.

    It is the nonwhite Democratic Party Voting Bloc that wants war with Christian Russia…Don’t forget that Petras….go back to Counterpunch and tell your left Comrades this.

    How would the Chinese in China react to a Hindu colonization of Chinese Living and Breeding Space?

    • Replies: @Anon
    , @gustafus
  7. Kirt says:

    Petras hits the nail on the head again and again and I find little to disagree with in his analysis. He’s right to emphasize the importance of permanent war as a driver of immigration. This is not true of current South Asian and East Asian immigration to the US. But it is true to some extent even of Latin American immigration, where the imperial wars, whether the on-going drug wars or the anti-Communist “dirty wars” of the ’70’s and ’80’s, were and are waged mostly by proxy. Like the wars in the Middle East, Africa and South Asia, they also involve the US deep state arming and sometimes even creating the enemy, whether the enemy be Islamists or drug cartels.

  8. There IS an easy answer.

    Funnel all potential immigrants into my wood chipper. It’ll be good for my garden.

  9. Easy questions:

    why immigration*

    To start…

  10. “No easy answers”. More silly nuance from our betters. How about no immigration other than whites who swear allegiance? That seems pretty easy, but not having the ability to detect the subtle subtleness of this most overwhelming enigma, I will bow to the author’s obvious genius. Can’t stay, gotta get back to smashing rocks with my knuckles…

  11. @Wally

    Good grief, sir! Islam and Muslims are not the problem for the US. They are used merely as scapegoats in that they give the Chicken Littles something to fear instead of focusing on our own home grown problems and deficiencies.

    Did you not read the article? Here’s the main problem…

    The vast majority of refugees today are on the move because of Western wars.

    And here’s one part of a decent solution…

    In the long run, the West must face this dangerous phenomenon by organizing broad and militant anti-imperial peace movements to prevent the wars that produce these waves of desperate migrants.

    The US has been making trouble the world over since at least the 1830s. It seems obvious to me that if we had instead cultivated peace and commerce with all men[1] as Jefferson suggested, that the vast majority of immigrants would probably much rather stay at home.

    Add to that the centuries-long and brutal meddling of the Brits, French and Spanish, and it should be obvious why so many countries are still so dysfunctional that people would prefer to leave if only to come to one even more dysfunctional in many ways.

    I don’t think you can cure the disease by treating the symptoms. The disease is the meddling by narcissistic, sadistic, greedy, bloodthirsty, psychopaths in positions of power, and building walls and cages is not the answer unless they’re intended for the real perps. The only real hope is to incarcerate the crackpots such as Bush, Netanyahu, Obama, Hillary, McCain and the rest of their ilk.

    I’m aware that it’ll never happen, but that would be a start. However, any other approach is all statist BS.

    [1.] To George Washington Paris, Dec. 4, 1788

  12. Anon • Disclaimer says:

    One answer is to not discriminate between potential immigrants of any class. That is to say, stop all immigration. The US has no need for additional population. We don’t need additional labor..the future is filled with machines that displace common labor. We don’t need more “smart people” as foreign clever persons band together…one need only look at the effect of Jewish people…clever, ethnocentric, and by no means have the fully assimilated. Other ethnies have banded together in the same way. This is not in the best interests of a white majority.

    As far as “smart people”, human genetics is coming along very quickly, and genetic interventions will within 20 years produce very fit and intelligent children. At that point, intelligence will not be a rare commodity, forcing a greater acceptance of tribal behavior.

    Let’s just stop right now, expel illegals, and tend our garden right here.


  13. @jacques sheete

    With all due respect, who cares why they’re on the move? The FACT that we should end our global quest to have an Applebee’s on every corner in every city in every country on earth, is a separate issue. IF we ever stopped”reaching out”, “they” would simply have another reason to come. In the meantime, they can’t come if we don’t allow it…

    • Replies: @gustafus
  14. Anon • Disclaimer says: • Website

    how about we just stop immigration? you never suggest that…why not?

    You also avoid addressing the issue of how the corporations are exploiting white guilt in order to keep the ponzi economy afloat via immigration-based growth.

    You avoid addressing the issue of white guilt propaganda pushed in school…and how that white guilt is being exploited in order to facilitate and enable more mass immigration.

    You avoid the issue of how heterogeneity (in race, language, nationality and culture) weakens the cultural and ideological unity of the populace and how such disunity weakens the ability of the populace to control its own politicians….diversity is strength–for the corporations and plutocrats, but weakness for the white majority….

    • Replies: @Sweep the leg
  15. @Anon

    Why not? Because any who propose the obvious answer of full stop, have been tarred and feathered and branded full-on rayciss right wing skinhead, redneck, rayciss intolerant…you get the point. And the author will have NO part of that! Liberals hit us with baseball bats, and we try to get them to swing from a different angle, so that it may take a few more blows to put us out of their misery…

  16. With all due respect, who cares why they’re on the move? The FACT that we should end our global quest to have an Applebee’s on every corner in every city in every country on earth, is a separate issue.

    I very much doubt that. However, if you have any evidence to support your claim that it’s a separate issue, I’d be most interested in hearing about it.

    IF we ever stopped”reaching out”, “they” would simply have another reason to come.

    Again, I doubt it. I contend that most would, ceteris paribus, be happy to stay at home. Again, I would like to be exposed to not only your claim, but your reasoning.

    If some do decide to come anyway, it’s probably because they’ve been fed and seduced by the the line that the US is something special. I don’t see it. It’s got lots of trinkets and gadgets, but it’s a political, spiritual,intellectual and moral cesspool. For evidence, just turn on the boob tube for 5 seconds or more.

    • Replies: @Negrolphin Pool
  17. Apparently the courts will overturn any attempt by the administration to curb immigration. The congress will have to override the judges. It will never happen.

    • Replies: @Diversity Heretic
  18. TG says:

    There are many interesting thoughts here, but I must disagree that most refugees are due to Western imperialist wars.

    Most refugees are fleeing the obvious consequences of too-rapid population growth. These Western wars are indeed stupid and immoral, but they are also largely irrelevant.

    Consider Syria. The government banned the sale and possession of contraceptives, and propagandized that it was a woman’s patriotic duty to have six kids a pop. They got the population to double every 18 years. Now Syria is a mostly arid plateau, the size of the state or Oregon but with much less natural resources. And Syria literally ran out of water, things collapsed, the government had to be especially brutal to keep order, etc.

    One notes that fresh water cannot be made, at least not economically enough for mass agriculture, and certainly not with a poorly-capitalized nation like Syria. This is physics, and is as true of a capitalist as for a socialist economy. And no it wasn’t global warming: the aquifers had been draining for years prior to the collapse, independent of net rainfall. And we see similar dynamics in Yemen…

    What you say, the Syrians should have just copied the example of Hong Kong? Yeah, all those subsistence farmers should instantly become world-class computer programmers and outcompeted established industries across the world… yeah that’s going to happen. And even if by some miracle it does, not every country can play this game at the same time…

    The Western forces intervening in these places are simply making the rubble bounce – they are trying to create order under conditions where it is impossible to create order. No that doesn’t forgive how stupidly they have behaved, but we should not forget the real causes.

    The real causes are governments that encourage people to have more children than they can support (kind of a tautology, really), and those western economists who refuse to even discuss the matter.

    • Agree: Negrolphin Pool
  19. It is highly manipulative to compare the current displacement of millions of war refugees with ‘Ellis Island’ in the US or the post-WWII situation of massive reconstruction in Europe. Immigration today is a direct product of imperial wars, where murder, injury, terror and deliberate shredding of social institutions have forcibly displaced tens of millions of people – the immigrants.

    I doubt the Marxists, sub-Marxists and post-Marxists post WW2 had such a romantic view of the causes of the war. I can’t agree with those saying that Petras’s article is interesting or insightful; it reads as if it was produced by an auto-bot.

  20. Keith Vaz says:

    There IS an easy answer – no Third World darkies in White countries. We owe them nothing. They hate us – every primitive society that had the choice voted to become independent of their White masters. Repatriate them back to bongo bongo land!

    • Agree: anarchyst
  21. Realist says:

    “Immigration: No Easy Answers”

    Sure there are : The requirements to immigrate to the US should be..
    1. No ill will toward our people, our culture or our government.
    2. Have an IQ of 130 or greater and be interested in STEM endeavors.

  22. Wally says:
    @jacques sheete

    ‘Islam not a problem’? Is that a sick joke?

    Shall I start naming their mass murder sprees?

    How about their breeding rates?

    How about their treatment of women & gays?

    How about their low IQs in an increasingly technical environment?

    Women are legally stoned in Muslim countries, women can’t drive cars in some Muslim countries, and gays & lesbians are legally executed for being gay / lesbian in Muslim countries.
    Something is deeply wrong when people show solidarity with Muslims who believe that women should be forced have their clitorises cut off.

    In the following countries sodomy is a capital offense: Afghanistan, Brunei, Iran, Iraq, Mauritania, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, United Arab Emirates and Yemen.
    In Algeria, Bahrain, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Oman, Qatar, Somalia, Tunisia, Syria and Bahrain, ‘debauchery’ is often met with prison terms up to 10 years.
    In Indonesia, women interested in joining the military need to undergo the 2 finger test, to ensure virginity.
    In Sudan, women are punished with 40 lashes for wearing trousers — as that sort of garb is deemed unsuitable for a female. In Pakistan, men are permitted to ‘lightly beat’ their wives as a form of discipline.

    And they bring their Neanderthal ways with them when they come. Witness Europe.

  23. @Anon

    To get to the puppetmaster you must first defeat the puppets. And “vulnerable and helpless” are exactly the weapons the invaders use against us: The Camp of the Saints by Jean Raspail. If they are “vulnerable and helpless” here, how much more humane to send them back to their natural habitat.

  24. Wally says:

    They can be “vulnerable and helpless” in their countries.

    Illegal Aliens and Violent Crime: Some Amazing Facts
    A 2017 report by the Texas Department of Public Safety reveals that over the period from June 1, 2011 to February 28, 2017, the 215,000 criminal aliens who were booked into Texas jails were collectively charged with 566,000 offenses, including 1,167 homicides and 6,098 sexual assaults, with a total of 257,000 convictions.

    Black Trump Supporter Blasts Sanctuary Cities: “All the Jobs Are Going to Illegals!”
    “When my people do a crime, they get three strikes, your people do a crime, they get amnesty, they get benefits and they’re not paying taxes”
    “Thank God for Trump, thank God for Sessions and you should be ashamed of yourselves, how dare you?”.
    “Sanctuary cities are racist – black communities have been destroyed by illegal immigration”

    80 Percent Oppose Sanctuary Cities

    8 Iraqi Migrants Jailed After New Year’s Eve Gang Rape

  25. @WorkingClass

    President Trump could also defy the courts and instruct executive branch officials to disregard court orders enjoining enforcement of his executive orders. (Even Congress can’t override judges on a matter of constitutional interpretation, although it could impeach and remove from office judges issuing such orders, and/or remove federal court jurisdiction on immigration and visa matters.) Evidently President Trump is not going to do that–a mistake in my judgment. I admit that defying the courts would provoke a constitutional crisis, but I prefer that to the demographic catastrophe for which the U.S. is presently headed.

    Who run Bartertown?

  26. Realist says:

    “Immigration today is a direct product of imperial wars, where murder, injury, terror and deliberate shredding of social institutions have forcibly displaced tens of millions of people – the immigrants.”

    That’s not entirely true particularly with Mexican and central American immigrants, but the US should get out of all it’s hegemonic involvements. The US should stop trying to influence the leadership of foreign countries (as they claim Russia is doing).

  27. CanSpeccy says: • Website

    “No easy answers,” i.e., to the problem of suppressed European reproduction and mass replacement immigration.

    Or to that put another way: let us assume the desired end, namely European genocide, therby demonstrating the impossibility of any alternative.

  28. Steve Sailer made the point far more concisely and at least a decade or so before you, Mr. Petras. The USA has a triad of insanely destructive policy packages that can be summarized in one easy to remember phrase, “invade the world, invite the world, in debt to the world”. In toto, these policies benefit the USA’s establishment elites, the USA’s military industrial complex, the USA’s “deep state” intelligence agencies, and Israel which promotes them via a fifth column of neocon and Zionist agents operating openly in the USA to subvert our country’s political processes and sacrifice US interests to those of Israel.

    These policies are eroding the well=being of native-born, working class and middle class Americans, reducing them to pauperized and demoralized government dependents. Abroad these policies have wrought havoc, destruction, and genocidal levels of death wherever they have been implemented in the Balkans, across much of North Africa and Central Africa, in the Middle East, in Southwest Asia, and recently in Ukraine. In the interests of common decency, world order, its own survival as a nation, and the well-being of its citizens the USA needs to repudiate and reverse these policies and emasculate the domestic groups promoting them. So do the European countries who have adopted one or more variants of this policy triad.

    Welcome to reality, Mr. Petras. But please remember that others achieved your insights decades ago and without need for the Marxist drivel with which you garnish them. Donald Trump’s entire election campaign was fought and won because he was the only presidential candidate willing to address these issues seriously and in ways that comported with the interests of most of his fellow citizens.

  29. @Hippopotamusdrome

    I like Netanyahu’s use of the term “infiltrator” in place of immigrant. It has the sharp ring of immediacy.

  30. Anon • Disclaimer says:

    You must have had one too many beers, perhaps a few too many. Enjoy!

  31. Art says:

    Over the past 2 decades, the peace movements have disappeared.

    The reason for this is Jew funding – real actual peace movements get NO funding from Jews. To get money, the left must fall in line and fight “terror” (i.e., Israel’s enemies).

    Jew money corrupts everything good in America – end of story.

    Peace — Art

    p.s. The only true peace advocates are left and right leaning libertarians.

  32. @jacques sheete

    I very much doubt that. However, if you have any evidence to support your claim that it’s a separate issue, I’d be most interested in hearing about it.

    Somalia has a per capita GDP of $400. What imperial invasion caused that to happen? I don’t have a breakdown of all the current immigrants by nation, but my gut instinct is that they come from places where they still would have had plenty of incentive to go on European gibs-seeking safaris absent neocon petro-wars.

    • Replies: @Kirt
  33. Art says:

    Here is the truth. The US government is in economic trouble. It has more financial obligations than income.

    There is only one thing that can save it – growth (i.e., more taxable money changing hands). There are two ways to spur the transfer of more dollars – get more money in the form of wages in the hands of the current folks, or have more people exchanging things.

    The first way is what Trump is trying to do – the second is the left’s way, ever more immigration.

    In all probability, it will take both ways for America NOT to have a major breakdown.

    Four hundred million people is in the cards for America.

    Peace — Art

  34. Sean says:

    Feature not a bug. The liberal or as the author would have it, imperialist, wants immigration, they set up the international convention so they can intervene and then tell the Western population that immigrants cannot be stopped , because they are fleeing war famine plague and death.

    As Paul Collier shows in his Exodus the cause of immigration independent of war and intervention is underdevelopment and the lower living standards in the Third World and the new increasing ease of moving to the West. He also points out that at first only the rich in poor countries can afford to move but the diaspora progressively decreases the cost. Acceleration is inherent and were peace to arrive tomorrow those people (progressively poorer sectors of the third world) would still want to leave for the West. Most of the immigrant- community in France and Britain are hardly there because of wars, are they Aren’t the capitalist powers supposed to fight each other? Imperial war would be for things like the gold in South Africa. The interventions are in shitholes that the countries being attacked by “Imperial” warmongers have nothing worth taking, with the corollary that the natives do not need a war to want to leave–it just gives them anyway They do need a West that uses human rights to rule the world (in much the same way that 19 century Britain used antislavery activity to intervene all around the world. The Liberals use human rights the same way, and refugees status is part of it . Economic liberals want global utility (so do Marxists) .

    But the Liberals also want democracy, which is now incompatible with an ( in principle) open door to endless immigrants , whether they be refugees from ISIS or not being able to afford a nice t shirt like people in the West.

    Uprooted people must ultimately choose to remain and fight over flight. They must engage in resistance to imperial occupations in their homelands instead of choosing abject submission and indignities abroad. The role of citizens in the West is to support these struggles by opposing the militarists among their own political leaders.

    There are no easy answers for mass migration but there are clear causes and proposals for the future.

    Paul Collier has actually lived in countries he talks about, and he says the people start off idealistic but become disillusioned and bail out of their people to live the dream. As a doctor or nurse in their African homeland they will see that they are fighting a losing battle. Actual wars are not the primary reason for mass migration into the West, and it is not seen as undesirable by anyone except the hitherto voiceless masses

    For the good of people in the Third World and for the good of the West the qualified migrants must be refused access to the West, and the refugees too. The liberals/ imperialists want immigration , they set up the international convention so they can intervene FOR HUMAN RIGHTS and then tell the Western population that refugee immigration cannot be stopped . Well say they all are genuine refugees. So what? Trump advocated killing the families of terrorists, AND HE WAS CHOSEN AS LEADER.

  35. Anon • Disclaimer says:
    @War for Blair Mountain

    I dare say that Professor Petras is knowledgeable, honorable and patriotic, and a wonderfully insightful contributor to this site. Perhaps YOU should do some reading in history. The historic Native born in America is non-white.

  36. The comments are about what i expected for such an explosive topic.

    Silly people who have been raised on Hollywood’s notion of ‘semper fi’ …have a real problem separating the symptoms of a disease from the cause of the disease. Only fools look at the Imperial wars of the US , and decide “we were merely ‘Nation Building’” …so hows that going so far?

    The Imperial US has 800 plus MILITARY bases across the world. They are actively killing people in HOW MANY foreign nations?

    Imperial US has set it’s greedy hands on every weak nation…trampling poor people to make their greedy sickness feel good.

    I don’t listen to the idiots who have blinded themselves to the REALITY. You will reap the whirlwind, as you have done to so many others.

    Does it not have meaning for you that little crazy North Korea tells the US to Fuck Off ….and gets away with it because they have the BOMB? That is the secret of how to handle a Bully.

    The US is falling apart because of its SICKNESS……no other reason needed …let’s see how you like the tables being turned on you.

  37. joe webb says:

    any article which includes commentary on the ME, Migrants, and Islam that does not use the word Israel, is worthless.

    “The violent jihadi attacks against civilian targets in the West are not specifically religious or directed at capturing economic resources or power. The objective is to gain political influence among the growing and marginalized immigrant population in Europe and to undermine the capacity and willingness of the EU and US to continue these endless wars.”

    Not religious? screwball leftie writing. Let us see, the terrorists yell “Neo-libs out of ME!”

    The fact that this all started with Israel. The fact that there is nothing worth bothering with in terms of plunder in the ME, is the singular reality of the whole Jew/Zio thing.

    The only silver lining in the whole deal is Migrants attacking liberal race equality ideology.
    Thinking Peter Pan-like is under severe erosion in liberal brain in Europe. Ditto the US.

    Thank you Israel. You are next, after the mexers and muzzies.
    Petrified leftie…Petras.

    Joe Webb

    • Replies: @tjm
  38. Kirt says:
    @Negrolphin Pool

    Somalia you say??? I never met or even heard of a single Somali refugee prior to when the US invaded Somalia under humanitarian pretext under Bush, Sr., slaughtered Somalis by the thousands under Clinton when some of them had the audacity to resist the “nation building” which involved the targeted kidnapping and assassination of their tribal leaders, and has continued long after the withdrawal of most regular American troops by the use of drone bombing and various African proxy client mercenaries such as Ethiopians and Kenyans. The process continues to this very day and no doubt Trump will double down on it as he seems to be doing on all of the wars bequeathed to him by Obama. Somalia is a great example of just what Petras is talking about. The establishment of Africa command ( Africon) in the late regime of the second Bush predictably led to American instigation and/or involvement in a whole series of wars in Africa under the African descended (in part) Obama. Most Americans have not the least idea these wars are going on, let alone where.

  39. @Kirt

    It seems like fairly skeletal involvement though. Wasn’t Blackhawk down about how U.S. forces in the region were so weak they were repelled from the country? It certainly doesn’t rise to the grand-scale imperial invasions of Iraq, where Petras’ (and Jacques Sheete’s) points seem strongest. That is, in Iraq, it seems a strong case can be made that the country was substantially ruined and immeserated directly by U.S. folly, or grand strategy, depending on viewpoint.

    Can it be convincingly shown that Somalia is indeed materially worse off as a result of U.S. involvement? Your point is well taken though about the Somali refugee racket closely following the invade the world/invite the world model, independent of whether the U.S. was instrumental in that country’s ruination. Were there substantial Somali populations in the U.S. prior to the mid-90s?

  40. Those that argued that there are no easy answers and all immigration to Europe and America is due to American military involvement are mental masturbationists. Just because there are no “easy” answers doesn’t mean there aren’t answers. Sometimes the only choice isn’t an easy one. The choice Europe and the US must make is to stop immigration completely. If it hurts some individual’s feelings, hey, life’s a bitch, then you die. How does that ridiculous song go? You have to be cruel to be kind? A government’s only responsibility is to its citizens. Any other consideration must be viewed for the traitorous action that it is. When the courts, the media, the bureaucracy, the educational system, and the self-righteous religious try to argue for non-citizens, they should be entirely responsible for the cost. That is, if the posterity will not do what needs to be done, i.e., remove all illegals, visiting aliens or residents, anyone that is not a native born citizen. If the West does not have the courage to do this, which has been done in the past by other countries, the social structure needs to be destroyed.

    To argue that it is the West’s military that is responsible for all current immigration issues is not only specious, it is a lie. Very few Muslims come here compared to Mexican, Central and South American invaders. Trying to rationalize cowardice with such a comment ignores a pertinent question: When in the history of mankind have immigrants from a war torn country ever migrated by the millions for hundreds and thousands of miles to other countries that may have had a small contingent (or not) of soldiers in their country? And then stay as long as THEY liked? Why have people from, say Syria, which was much more destroyed by intra-Muslim conflict, been able to migrate across Turkey and the Balkans and then 100’s of more miles to Germany or France? Do you people that argued for this ignore the fact that this is a directed diaspora? Not by the immigrants themselves but by others whose guiding light is the destruction of the West. War is inevitable. Grow a pair.

  41. @Kirt

    In other words, I think what Jacques Sheete and Petras were both essentially arguing is that the conditions in the migrants’ countries of origin would not have otherwise been such that they would have fled en masse if the U.S. had not intervened there. In the case of Iraq, that assertion seems plausible. Elsewhere, it’s a high bar to clear.

    • Replies: @Anonymous White Male
  42. @Anon

    Petras is a Counterpunch Lefty eager to provide the White Liberal Greedy Cheating Mega CEO Class with an unlimited amount of nonwhite legal immigrant scab labor….Behind every great fortune is a very Great Crime!!

    The Historic Native Born=Native Born White American…The Amerindians were Siberian cannibal immigrants who slaughtered each and ate each other for centuries…YUM YUM INJUN MANCORN IN MY INJUN TUMMY!!….YUMMY YUMMY YUMMY I GOT INJUN MAN CORN IN MY INJUN TUMMY!!!

    The sob story about the American Injun will get quickly flushed down the toilet wherever nonwhites are a majority in the US…The nonwhite Democratic Party Voting Bloc is encouraged to enjoy the full benefits of the European Conquest of North America….and this includes the predatory TATA Institute Grads from India living and breeding in California…This according Counterpunch Leftist Theological Teachings.

  43. tjm says:

    it is astounding to read such racist comments about the “evils of Muslims” while it is the west, at the behest of the demonic Jews that we destroy the Muslim nations.

    All your references are for zionist filth, that wish to push Christians to fight Muslims, all for the zionist jew.

  44. tjm says:
    @joe webb


    both in Europe and in America we see the hand of the Zionist Jew working on one hand to create war with Muslim nations, push open borders from all third world nations, and pushing racism against Muslims…when they are not pushing hate of Russians.

    Behind it all is the Zionist Jews, always working to pit us against each other, all for their benefit.

  45. @Negrolphin Pool

    Maybe you should ask why the Kurds didn’t migrate to Europe after the first time Saddam Hussein got Iraq’s butt kicked. Of course, the Western world wasn’t not quite as degenerate as it is today.

  46. Agent76 says:

    Nov 16, 2015 What Happened Just Before the Paris Attacks

    If there would have been a meeting to devise a strategy for a false flag terror attack in Paris as part of a grand plan to keep the Western countries in line fighting a proxy war against Russia in Syria, it would’ve looked something like…

  47. answer is easy, does the country need more immigrants? if not, stop it. if yes, what number? find out and allow that number.

    there is no need for all the retarded drama over it. racists can go fuck themselves. people who advocate for opening the flood gates can also go fuck themselves.

  48. @Wally

    Islamic State Throws Iraqi Man Accused of Homosexuality from Rooftop

    I’m pretty sure this is fake news, just like the fake beheading videos and the rest of it.

    It’s all products of the Islamophobia Industry.

    Wally, I advise you to set yourself the task of proving to yourself that this is real, and see if you can.

  49. Kirt says:

    In most post-Vietnam intervention scenarios (Iraq and Afghanistan being the major exceptions) US rulers have tried to avoid having many of the casualty prone “boots on the ground” in favor of just bombing the locals and hiring mercenaries to take the ground combat risks. This is the case in Somalia, in other African countries such as Nigeria, in Yemen, so far in Syria, and in Latin America. The drug wars in Colombia and Mexico and the war in El Salvador against Communist insurgents drove many from those countries to seek refuge in the US. While these wars certainly involved ruthless local factions (as all wars do), the US poured arms and money into all of them, as well as advisors and agents. In Mexico, the US armed and trained both the government and cartel soldiers. In Colombia and El Salvador both the government and extra legal death squads were armed, trained and financed by the US. Without American sponsorship of these wars, which continue at least in the case of Mexico, immigration from Mexico would have been much less and from Colombia and El Salvador probably would have been negligible.

  50. @Astuteobservor II

    The answers are always easy when the questions are stupid.

  51. Agent76 says:

    FYI- December 08, 2016 Bipartisan Bill Would Forbid US Funding ISIS, al-Qaeda Affiliates

    Gabbert-Rohrabacher Bill Would Effectively End CIA Program Arming Syrian Rebels. The Stop Arming Terrorists Act (SATA) has been introduced today in the House of Representatives by Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D – HI). The bill is a bipartisan effort, co-sponsored by Reps. Peter Welch (D – VT), Barbara Lee (D – CA), Dana Rohrabacher (R – CA), and Thomas Massie (R – KY) which would forbid the US government from using taxpayer dollars to arm, fund, or train terrorist organizations.

  52. It is too bad that Petras cannot even hint at the reality of the immigration problem, and that is that is a win-win situation for the Zionists. The first win is the unending wars in the ME to support Israeli plans for total domination of the region (ref. the Zinon plan). The second win is the destruction of European societies though 3rd world immigration (Ref. The Culture of Critique, McDonald). The fact that perceptive writers like Petras can’t hint at the truth shows just how bad the problem is.

    • Replies: @gustafus
  53. @Astuteobservor II

    “there is no need for all the retarded drama over it. racists can go fuck themselves”
    Perhaps you could define what you mean by “racist”? Someone that recognizes that there are inherent differences in the races? That is just common sense. Someone that recognizes that homogenous environments are best for Whites and Orientals? That is the truth. Is the truth ever wrong? Someone that wishes to repatriate all alien races from Western countries? It would solve a great many problems. What you probably mean is a White (and only White) that hates all blacks just because they are black and wants to kill them all. Is that what you meant? How many people do you personally know that fit that definition? Or, do you believe in “Institutional racism (TM)”?

    • Replies: @Astuteobservor II
  54. MBlanc46 says:

    In the US, at least, the answer is easy: legislation declaring a (say) ten year moratorium on immigration. Step up, congressional Repubs.

  55. Tulip says:

    There is an easy answer on immigration:

    The political Left completely missed the boat, sold out native workers, and embraced racialist identity politics (as if this wouldn’t create a counter-movement), and it was fun, because they could get down on their knees before the financial capitalists and then pick up the campaign donations on the floor when they finished.

    So now they have alienated the native working classes, and are beginning to reap the racialist identity politics they have sown for decades. But George Soros has their backs!

  56. @Anonymous White Male

    in this case, it means people who wants white immigrants only. it isn’t about yes or no on immigration.

    homogeneous environments for whites? you miss the boat by about 300 years. even without immigration, there are still blacks who descents from former slaves and hispanics living in western usa from the annexation of mexican land.

    how do you repatriate people who are born in the usa? some of those blacks and hispanics can trace their roots all the way back to the founding of this country or earlier.

    how does “Institutional racism (TM)” relate to any of this? are you just throwing stuff out there just to see if some will stick?

    fyi, you fit the definition pretty well.

  57. gustafus says:
    @War for Blair Mountain

    I was going to call bull shit on the author as well. He gave us word salad without the main course of red meat and potatoes.

    1. The economic music is slowing and there are not 7 billion chairs. If the truth be known, most in the West value Lions, Tigers and Giraffes more than Kikuyu, Masai, Nepalese or Bangladeshis.

    2. Hamilton’s Rule is fully operational even after a hundred years of forced multi culturalism. We care about and will defend… those who look and ACT like us. END OF DISCUSSION. In times of plenty, we can be generous and thoughtful. In a world of 7 billion worthless breeders… we are not so generous. Especially when said breeders don’t play nice with each other or us.

    3. r strategy 3rd world breeders have been saved by K strategy breeders using Western science and medicine. The 3rd world still breeds like rabbits and roaches… while we devote diminishing resources into fewer high IQ offspring.

    It’s kill or be killed time… yet we wring our hands when they kill their own…. hey, if carpet bombing in Syria changes the demographics of the planet… I”m for it.

    We either grow one and get it up…. or perish at the hands of those who will not embrace 21st Century Western Civilization.

    • Replies: @K
  58. gustafus says:
    @Simple Simon

    Your thesis feeds into my own… that Germany has entered into a murder suicide pact with the enemies of its REAL ENEMY…. the Jew.

    Taking a page from the Culture of Critique… Germany is occupying the moral high ground to save and civilize it’s pet goy… Muslims.

    Muslims were to serve the same purpose in Germany as blacks and hispanics in America.. ie to thwart and contain the political muscle and economic efforts of White and Asians who challenge Jews.

    So far, the results are mixed…. but the goal is nothing less than the redemption of the German self image and character. They will tame Islam…. and put it to work for them against their true enemies… the Jews who have been beating them over the head with WWII stories of lamp shades and soap for 70+ long long painful years.

    Schadenfreude… it doesn’t translate into any other language

    • Agree: anarchyst
  59. gustafus says:
    @Sweep the leg

    They must come because they cannot achieve what we have unless they take it from us. There are not 7 billion chairs when the music stops. Oceans… dead and dying. Ditto for rivers, lakes, streams, and every bird and butterfly.

    Carbon footprints be damned…. 300 million K strategy breeders will produce VALUE in their offspring and environment. 7 billion r strategy breeders survive ONLY when we provide the vaccines, penicillin and technology to show them not to shit where they eat and drink.

    Why does no one mention that Notre Dame was built at a time when Africans and South American tribes hadn’t noticed that round rocks roll down hill.

    This is WAR… race war… and I want Africa for Giraffes and Lions. I root for Ebola and Plague.

    There, It’s been said. OUT LOUD instead of whispered…… We either kill or we will be killed.

    We grow one.. and get it up… or die at the hands of barbarians.

  60. @jacques sheete

    Did you not read the article? Here’s the main problem…

    The vast majority of refugees today are on the move because of Western wars.

    I read the article, up past this quote … which is so *obviously stupid* by being so *obviously false* one has to willfully excise most of your gray matter to believe it. Ok, to be fair, some people so badly want to *believe* their particular religion they are just willing to ignore obvious reality and have “faith”. I prefer reality.

    The US is far and away the largest immigrant destination country. Here are the top ten sending countries to the US, in 2013\2014. (It’s what’s on Wikipedia, no great search required. It matches what’s in every article and what’s obvious on the ground.)

    Mexico 135,028 134,052
    India 68,458 77,908
    China 71,798 76,089
    Philippines 54,446 49,996
    Cuba 32,219 46,679
    Dominican Republic 41,311 44,577
    Vietnam 27,101 30,283
    South Korea 23,166 20,423
    El Salvador 18,260 19,273
    Iraq 9,552 19,153

    Total 990,553 1,016,518

    #10 Iraq one could at least plausibly say “war”. Even there i’d argue “war” isn’t actually the deep cause, but there’s no doubt Iraq would not be on the top 10 list but for Bush’s invasion taking Saddam’s boot off the joint and letting loose all the various islamonutters.

    But uh … Mexico? India? China? the Philippines?

    No the cause of immigration is simple: Life is better here–or simply the *money* is better here–than there. (For Europe: the welfare is better, the girls are easier, etc. etc.)

    Specifically white people create nice nations–more productive, prosperous and free–than most all other peoples. But now under the “diversity!” cult the ability of white nations to simply do the core national basic of enforcing your border against invasion … is crumbling. National elites–pickled in the globalist ideology and mau-mau’d for years by leftist propaganda–refuse to do their duty to protect their citizens. So with no one stopping them … the immigrants come.

  61. There are easy answers:

    Stop it.

    Societies succeed because they’ve built up, usually over centuries, a widely accepted and practiced set of behaviors; social capital built up of predictable actions and attitudes and beliefs: The core of the culture.

    Immigrants; who do not have that ingrained culture are likely to be destructive of social capital and destructive to the host society.

    Between 1880 and 1920 two million Eastern European Jews were imported into America.
    The result,: the Kleins, Wolfowitz’s Libby’s, Kristols, Libby’s, Cohen’s Nulald’s and similar filth.

    • Replies: @K
  62. @Hippopotamusdrome

    There’s a cheap and easy answer. Two barbed wire fences fifty feet apart and the willingness to shoot anything that moves between them.

  63. Why should the American people bear one more cost of the actions of the American political filth?

    The have no control over them.

  64. K says:

    Dont you have a conscience? Or is it just not knowing what carper bombing can do? ‘ Carpet bombing’ kills innocent civilians too. Third world (atleast most of it) is doing pop control measures. Did you forget china’s one-child policy? India is also trying to put a lid on their pop growth. Maybe some islamic countries encouraged population growth, but that doesnt mean all third world countries or even all islamic countries did the same.

  65. K says:
    @Bill Jones

    Dont assume immigrants cant build societies, they can too. Upto the 14th century the ‘immigrant societies then were just as advanced as the western societies of those times. It was the black-death and their later discovery of the new world and its resources that helped propelled the west forward.

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