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Global Turmoil: Flatulence or Substance
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Every day and throughout the world we read and hear of turmoil, of threats, violence, divisions, wars for peace and peace for wars, freedom as oppression and oppression as freedom.

In a world where words have lost their meanings and meanings have no words, how do we go about understanding turmoil?

Surely, economies rise and decline, new empires become dominant and old powers attempt to regain their power.

Does global turmoil ‘up end’ the established order? Or does it add up to hot air, flatulence, loud, smelly, empty and of short duration?

Is turmoil more than gaseous air, an after-dinner deep throated salute to the cook? Or is it a result of transformations of substance, albeit piles of broken societies stacked as precisely located horse buns?

In plain English: we experience turmoil . . . but we struggle to understand its significance. We ask: who benefits? And the quacks answer: Everybody, nobody and somebody.

We will argue that most turmoil receives grave attention but is of little consequence.

Turmoil has many facets and is expressed by many voices, but it seldom leads to substantive outcomes.

A caveat: I am not a Burkean conservative fearful of turmoil, nor a modern version of Candide finding a silver earring in every cauliflower ear.

Turmoil does, on rare occasion, result in greater freedom and justice, but certainly not as a product of a unipolar world.

Turmoil, ‘Turmoil’ Everywhere You Turn

The United States faces ‘unprecedented turmoil’. The chattering classes debate with fervor and solemnity questions of momentous importance.

The two major parties arouse passions over whether one hundred million votes were tampered by a feisty bear, hacking a national committee of garrulous roosters, changing the voting result. A world historic event! Crowing arouses world attention.

The snoopy bear, or so we are told, was investigated by the former President’s staff, men and women. One million security officials studied, in great depth, untold number of rumors. They scrutinized the dinner tables with high-powered secret cameras to find if the bear chose to sit next to US officials eager for cash and access to honey pots.

Turmoil spread to the stock market and the Federal Budget, facing a shut-down, which will close government offices, stops pensions and salaries. Rumors have it that the Interior Department will lose control of federal lands and the crafty bear will exploit it.

As the clock ticks to doomsday – utter turmoil lurks in the hearts and minds of Congress. The White House gloats, the media points to the Bear in the White House.

Wall Street worries not, since it buys and owns both Parties: It will tell them when to end the Kabuki strife. The turmoil will conclude with an amicable agreement. The budget turmoil was only a scare: flatulence without ‘substance’.

Global Turmoil

Turmoil reigns across the globe because adversaries near and far resist the overtures of an endearing missile up their orifices.

We mean war! This is no idle congressional chatter and boisterous bursts of military clap trap. The US sends bombs and missiles to defeat our adversaries by killing civilians. We empty the cities to capture the terrorists.

Wars become ‘ Historical ’ because they are of long duration leading to relentless defeats! Turbulence goes on because of oil, Israel and terrorists (proximity is an unintended coincidence!).

When turmoil ends, we may inherit a land without people and a people with depleted uranium – to paraphrase the modern philosopher queen, Golda Meir.

Turmoil Strikes the Heartland of Our Unipolar World

Let us be absolutely clear: We are not always pointing our middle finger at the US as the root of turmoil. If we go beyond roots and examine branches and falling, dying leaves, millions are involved in the turmoil. It is the joint responsibility of our living and their dead.

Syria is a case in point. We have only killed less than a million, and then ten million abandoned their land and chose our liberty over our terrorists. By the way, how can our terrorists be call terrorists if, with our guns in hand, they stave off the greedy bear — the very same bear who stole our election.

Syria is in turmoil because as Henry Kissinger wisely noted: “If a people is foolish enough to vote for a government that has failed to understand our unipolar world, they deserve their fate”.

Turmoil: Turkey

Turkey is rife with turmoil because it refused to surrender to a false coup by a false leader named Gulan. He happens to live and plot in the US. He was hoping to repay our hospitality with expanded Turkish air bases and open highways for our mercenaries, arms and funds to liberate civilians and recover headless cadavers in Syria.

When the Turkish Sultan dared to imitate our leaders by extending imprisonment to all who opposed him, we denounced him for not consulting us on whom to jail or not jail.

Ankara now threatens our Kurds, who use our arms and Special Forces to liberate the Syrian borders along southeastern Turkey (Kurdistan).

The Turks claim to see a conspiracy to unify the secessionist Turkish Kurds with our freedom-loving annexationist Syrian Kurds. United Kurdistan may be a true ally for now, but who’s to say that in our game of unipolar chess we could turn the Kurds back into pawns if they become unruly under independence and fall prey to the appeals of the roaming Bear.

Turmoil in Korea

In Korea, turmoil is rife! But is it a tempest in a teapot, or a nuclear pressure cooker ready to explode? We are there. We allowed the North to exist. We only bombed four million of their citizens and limited our defenses to stationing our navy, air force, army and missiles along the North Korean border.


They had the effrontery to seek negotiations for a peace treaty, disarmament and a neutralized Korea. Some quasi-traitors from our side, who deviated from our unipolar mission, had almost reached an agreement. Our President Obama slapped them back and pursued missiles, sanctions and visions of mushroom clouds to bring them under our heel.

President Kim Jong-Un played deaf and blind to our requests for surrender. So when we engaged in a full dress rehearsal for war off their coast – avoiding any incident – the roly-poly Kim Jong-Un shot four fearful missiles into the Sea of Japan, a mere five thousand miles from Silicon Valley and Hollywood , an existential threat.

Our experts detected turmoil: a wider and deeper threat to our respected and long-standing supremacy in Asia.

Turmoil in China

China is fomenting turmoil by supplying our importers with consumer goods; buying our debts, spending only \$3 trillion of our T notes; grabbing our markets with their exports while we pursue peaceful wars.

China has stirred our pot, over there and even here. They teamed up with Vlad the Snooping Bear, the same one who fooled 50 million voters to elect Trump, the protectionist. Sly Chinese now entice our Asian trading partners. They close huge trade deals while we openly proclaim that the Pacific Ocean is an American lake —-though it’s not on any map. Chinese rock piles in the South China Sea are global threats, pirate lairs, missile and mussel hangouts.

We reject the One-Party State in China. In America, we have two parties. Bi-Partisan leaders propose that China end the turmoil by closing their labs, research centers, factories and universities and open wide their door with a sign on the entrance of the Forbidden Kingdom: “OxyContin for Sale: Discounted Prices from our Billionaire Pain-killer Partners.”

Yemen in Turmoil

Turmoil in Yemen exists only because the people want to be free of our ‘dear friends, the handchopping and head-chopping Saudi Monarchs.

We are for diversity! We fraternize with Saudi-funded mercenary terrorists, Jewish land-grabbers, Egyptian tyrants and Libyan tribal allies, who blend with all of the above!

As our President tells it: “If the Yemenis don’t recognize that they are the poorest country in the Middle East and choose instead to resist the richest tyrants in the region, who are allied with the US, British and French arms merchants. Then the Yemenis, facing our precision bombs, which never miss a school, hospital or food warehouse, must be embracing a ‘death wish’.”

These stubborn Yemenis fighters should stop and study the US Marine Corp porno-website, whose once famous motto has morphed from Semper Fideles to ‘Just lay back and enjoy the violation’!

Truth from the Trump Tower

Turmoil is not necessary if the other side does not provoke our unipolar visionaries and our unsavory allies.

Turmoil in Iran

Iran must be our biggest threat – after Russia, China and others among our ‘biggest enemies of the moment’ – because the Iranians haven’t started a war in the last 200 years. But according to Israeli intelligence who pass their secret information while staying at the Trump Towers, the Persians are preparing secret nuclear weapons, sending secret agents, operating out of secret mosques, run by secret mullahs to launch invasions… while hiding behind their history of non-aggression.

The devious Iranians are sending food and medicine to starving Yemen: This is a Shia plot to infiltrate the Sunni Saudi oil fields to measure if the size of oil wells matter.

We signed fake nuclear pacts with Iran to increase sanctions in order to clear the Straits of Hormuz to allow our Hebrew brethren to breathe freely when Tehran is bombed!

Turmoil in Latin America

Turmoil is a Latin American phase borrowed from overhearing conversations between the Pentagon and Bankers regarding how to topple unfriendly democratic demagogues.

Friendly turmoil allowed us to pre-empt a coup against an incompetent elected regime in Brazil, which committed a stupid bookkeeping error. We put in its place a mega corrupt President who was our man to hand over the jewels of their economy to the people who will make America strong again.

We don’t select individuals –we shepherd flocks, led astray by center-left turmoil, by promoting peace-loving and dynamic wolves. From Mexico to Patagonia, oil giveaways are common currency that surely activate the economy – our economy.

Argentina led the way. The ‘vulture’ speculator, Paul Singer, didn’t have to raise a peep or pick a pocket: Five billion in cash just jumped from their pocket into his.

Turmoil returned as Argentina’s workers failed to find jobs in closed factories, and they couldn’t afford to buy newspapers to look for the want ads; besides these ‘deplorables’ can’t read them because the lights are turned off for not paying the one hundred percent increase in the electrical bill.

The general strike of millions of Argentine workers is just a Latin expression of ‘blowing off steam’ whispered a clever New York professor into the ear of a Wall Street broker.

She received tenure because she always looked through the wrong end of the telescope, to study their turmoil.

We mainly fleece the big Latin sheep first, but we do not neglect the lesser Andean herd. Peru and Chile elected presidents who will shear their people, not of bags of wool, but of tons of copper from their mines.

Turmoil in Dissenting Countries

We may occasionally welcome, and even promote, turmoil if it turns out the oil fields have passed to greedy elected Presidents who claim that petroleum is part of their national patrimony. We generously passed a hundred million dollars to a diverse group of generals, bankers, upscale street thugs and NGOers who seized the Presidential palace and in a fit of wrong-headed compassion merely kidnapped (but did not kill) the greedy elected President. One million slum dwellers, fooled by fake solidarity, protested the regime change. The elected demagogue was reinstated.

The oil-greedy president was re-elected a dozen times.

We were not discouraged because the president foolishly freed our leaders, in a fit of compassion, so they could pursue a coup replay.

We promoted turmoil in phases, with material incentives. We dubbed our coup-masters, “democrats”, and helped them launder billions from the Treasury, hoard food in private warehouses and smuggle contraband to free markets in Colombia in exchange for sending cocaine to our markets via Venezuelan airports.


We don’t rely on coups, until we are forced to, since we finally won two elections; One in Venezuela and the other in the Organization of American Colonies. Any act in defense of the elected president is a gross violation of the Democratic Chatter-Charter, which we wrote in English and procured a translation by our Secretary General Luis Almagro. We mispronounced his name as “El Amargo” – the ‘bitter one’ – which is dead wrong, as he fawns over us while attacking Latinos who resist us.

The United Kingdom: Turmoil of ‘Great Historic Consequences’

We are told that Brexit (the UK departure from the European Union) has created turmoil around the world. In the City of London and the European Union, among bankers, investors and overseas professionals in Great Britain and pensioners in Southern France and Spain, there are cries of despair and regret: What idiot allowed a free and popular vote over the EU?

Turmoil, Prime Minister Theresa May tell us, is ‘all for the best in the best of all worlds’. We are closing our doors to foreign interlopers without shedding our moneylenders and money launderers. We will no longer act as vassals to serve the oligarchs of Brussels; we got better oligarchs at home with a long tradition of training our vassals to serve our empire.

We need not share our export profits with the greedy Germans, nor the tourist markets with pompous French; nor slight our ale-swillers at the Brighton shore for the warm beer at crowded Benidorm.

Once free of the turmoil, our monarchy will sign off lucrative arms agreements with its counterpart in Saudi Arabia. The EU will have to absorb all the Yemeni refugees fleeing the Anglo-Saudi bombardments. We will keep our banks in the City and every ruler with his secret swindle will still come to us.

The United Kingdom will experience a rebirth of an English-speaking free market empire! The Commonwealth will continue to look to us for football scores even if we recruit half our teams from the former colonies.

Of course, English society will change a bit if we leave the EU. We will slow the flow of immigrants but we will not raise wages. Immigration is about ‘values’ not jobs and wages! We will let our workers know who is boss, lest some turmoil results in a united front between departing speculators and our knighted trade union officials.

There is no turmoil in the City over Brexit. Some critics claim that investors and money managers will move to the Continent because they now will have to carry their passports to travel to and fro between each transaction. It’s hard to believe that a mere flash of a passport could be such a nuisance!

The EU real estate accountants claim that England must pay back \$80 billion euros for joint holdings in property and cash. An entirely outrageous divorce settlement given the intangible gains the Brussels crowd received from using the British name in overseas transactions or imperial endeavors.

UK will experience some initial turmoil when the foreign and our unpatriotic speculators depart. But we can easily replace them with our highly competent English lads and lasses.

We may experience some initial discomfort if Scotland votes to skip off to the EU and the Northern Irish decide to fall in line with the Popish bunch in the South and sign off with the EU.

There are some rumors that Wales, provoked by the extremist Language Society, might jump ship to the EU, angry over the English buying farming cottages for summer homes – “They denounce them as illegal immigrants”!

We have already announced that we may lose half our kingdom to the EU shortly, but we have given notice that we are ready to defend our rock of Gibraltar and the seaweed stalwarts at our Malvinas Island. Let some Wall Street idlers josh about our empire amounting to a rock-island, they should think twice about its significant. China has colonized unpopulated rocks, which are a fraction the size of our rock! And no one dares to joke about China’s rock island empire building!

The EU is stirring turmoil by insisting that the political divorce precede our trade agreements: This is an unprecedented step according to our respected High Courts of Justice.

Brussels wants to monopolize trade and investment transactions among their vassal member states. We say we will keep to free trade and let their banks go in order to free our financial institutions. We will tell them to keep their refugees and immigrants!

England will be smaller but better! We will deepen our ties with Anglo-speaking nations!

There might be some turmoil in convincing the other Anglophones to join a sterling zone and to revise their trade ties with China, the US and other regions.

Scoffers may say the ‘Brexiters’ are hallucinating sentimentalists who believe that Merry Old England can refashion a great ‘global union of states’, a ‘union’ of London – New York – Toronto – Canberra – Johannesburg – Buenos Aires .

But there might be some misunderstandings… New York’s Wall Street competes with the City; it poaches high-powered bankers and is advising its subsidiaries to hold out on the high-end rentals at Canary Wharf. Can the City of London build a trans-Atlantic oil pipeline from Canada in order to compete with Keystone pipeline between Alberta and New Orleans?

The sad fact is that the US has already replaced the British Empire and is highly unlikely to share any markets with an isolated and fragmented UK converted into “Merry Old England” – an England which faces turmoil between the workers of the Midlands, the City bankers and the rentiers in the South. The best bet is for the City of London to secede and become an independent City State and long for the success of Venice several centuries past.

Conclusion: Their Turmoil and Ours

Turmoil is everywhere but some turbulence is better than others. When the US-EU provokes turmoil – wars against adversaries in the Middle East, North and Central Africa, Asia and Latin America– it is a bitter pill necessary to cure the disease of disobedient regimes, which had sought to go their own wrong way.

The turmoil, which destabilizes us and our allies and vassal regions, is putting a spanner in the wheels of progress and development.

Turmoil is part of our changing reality. We are neither rigid nor dogmatic; we are pragmatic. We promote progressive turmoil, so when democratic Turkey overthrows the Syrian regime we can incite a turbulent coup to replace the dictator of Ankara.

To be scientifically correct we must start from the assumption that turmoil, big or small, national or international, a rock pile or a continent, is a class question! Which classes are behind or in front of the turmoil and which classes benefit!

(Republished from The James Petras Website by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Mark Green says: • Website

    Turmoil is a curious phenomena. Now you see it. Now you don’t. There was a sea of political turmoil following Trump’s unexpected win. His democratic election created panic among those who profess to love ‘democracy’. Russia did it!

    There were angry ‘democratic’ protests. Talks of an impeachment–or even a coup. But Trump hadn’t even been inaugurated yet. The turmoil grew anyway.

    Oddly, now that Trump is boldly bombing Afghanistan, threatening Russia rather than making peace overtures, bombing Syria, sneering mightily at Iran, and coddling Israel (as usual) with no more silly talk about ‘neutrality’ in that region, the anti-Trump turmoil is subsiding.

    What became of the protesters?

    As Trump grew hawkish, the Left went silent.

    Trump is now acting like his predecessors. So relax. Threats of non-intervention, peace, and ‘America First’ were greatly exaggerated, to the relief of all.

    • Replies: @alexander
  2. “The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary.”

    ―H. L. Mencken

    In Defense of Women (1918)

    Mr. Mencken is considered by some to be Baltimore’s most famous resident. I wonder what he would think of that city today, which has a higher murder rate than Honduras. We accept refugees from that nation because of that violence, but don’t do much about Balmer, a semi-literate local name for Baltimore that Mr. Reed noted in the past.

    If you have Amazon Prime, be sure to watch the great HBO series “The Wire” about the failure of that city. Whilst we fret about Syria, the politicos in DC don’t give a damn about the war zone just one hour to the north. Perhaps some US Air Force bombings will solve the problems. Or maybe drone strikes!

    Trump proposed a \$56 billion annual cut in domestic social spending to shift those funds to run the Pentagon’s empire aboard. This was cheered by his “former” enemies like Clinton, McCain, and the MSM, who don’t give a damn about Balmer either. I guess all we have to hope for is Rand Paul in 2020.

    • Agree: Amanda
  3. “Turkey is rife with turmoil because it refused to surrender to a false coup by a false leader named Gulan. He happens to live and plot in the US. He was hoping to repay our hospitality with expanded Turkish air bases and open highways for our mercenaries, arms and funds to liberate civilians and recover headless cadavers in Syria.”
    Except that Erdogan has been doing that anyway, and at some cost to Turkey’s internal stability. Foreigners including the US have undoubtedly stirred the pot, but Erdogan’s project of Islamicising Turkey has itself created turmoil and some resistance to it is inevitable.

  4. Art says:

    Israel is the only happy country on the planet. North and South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Greater ME – are all seething with troubles – but NOT Israel.

    Nuclear US and Russia’s relations are at their lowest point ever – yet Israelis are happy – things are going their way.

    Israel is a country with a political cast system, apartheid walls, summary killings, preventive detention, it shoots children that throw rocks, its government sanctioned land theft, it jails 10,000 political prisoners, and it keeps another 1.5 million people in a virtual jail.

    How do we explain this oddity – happy Israel – unhappy world?

    • Replies: @jacques sheete
  5. @Art

    How do we explain this oddity – happy Israel – unhappy world?

    I explain it by noting that apparently happiness to sado-narcissists is acting like sado- narcissists.

  6. For micro-minority of us who never accepted the primacy of Jewish carpenter sect, our year is 7526.

    • Replies: @grapesoda
  7. Agent76 says:

    May 07, 2014 The Oldest Trick In the Book: Empire Pretends It Has to Launch Wars to “Defend” Itself

    Empires – almost by definition – fight imperial wars to gain land and resources. But if they admitted to their citizens what they were up to, people wouldn’t be that excited in sacrificing their families’ blood and treasure to fight a series of wars.

    Dec 8, 2016 Rep. Tulsi Gabbard Introduces Bill to Stop Arming Terrorists

  8. grapesoda says:

    WRONG. There are many other calendars in use in the world today other than Gregorian. Don’t be so ethnocentric.

    Louis C. K. did a whole ignorant bit on this in his latest special. Little did he realize that HE was the one who was being ethnocentric.

    • Replies: @Proud_Srbin
  9. alexander says:
    @Mark Green

    Hi Mark,

    I think this transformation between Trump the “No more wars, folks” candidate and Trump the “tomahawk strike” war president betrays something fundamental about the transformation of our entire political system since the United States was defrauded by our Neocon elites into the Iraq war of aggression in 2002.

    I think we need to look at this transformation, examine it, understand how it work, why it works the way it does…..and what it bodes for the long term interests of the United States..

    As I see it,(and bear with me on this )
    On the one hand, you have 321 million Americans, 99.5 % of the population which has its wants, desires and needs.

    Then you have our “elites”…..and for purposes of this discussion I will rule out, right away, all the peace ‘elites’ (ultra wealthy individuals who garnered their riches through avenues other than “war making”)

    I believe our political system is now so profoundly corrupted by our “war of aggression” elites, that the United States has become a thoroughly bifurcated society in an extraordinary, original and unprecedented way.

    To illustrate this, I would like you to imagine drawing a large circle….to which you would ascribe the entire population of the United States.

    Within that larger circle…..draw a very small circle at its center to which you ascribe the entire “representative body” of our country…this includes all three branches of government.


    So we have our simple diagram with our large circle representing the entire population and within it, a small circle representing our centralized governing body.

    Now, you can recall, in early American history, when our “settlers”(no pun intended) ventured westward…and if they were besieged by hostile Indian tribes during the course of their journey, they developed a tactic…called “circling the wagons”…where they would create a tight circular formation of their wagon train in order to best repel the attack.

    I want you to imagine an eagles eye view of this “circling of the wagons”..and return to our diagram..

    Now draw it… TIGHT formation…AROUND the small circle in the center (which constitutes our governing body).

    This is it….its done.

    This is the clearest, simplest pictorial representation of the results of the paradigmatic shifts which have occurred since the Iraq “war of aggression” in 2002.

    Within which ,this tight “circle of wagons” is representative of our neocon “war of aggression” elites.

    This is our “new model”….and it is unprecedented in many fascinating ways because of the distinction in “belief systems” which are in operation.

    The Entire Population, the 99.5% of us ,believes either implicitly, explicitly, or both, that the role of OUR government is to:

    “Provide for the common defense, Promote the general welfare …and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity.”

    On the other hand, you have the “war wagons” of our Neocon elites, in tight formation around our entire government body…who believe the role of government is to make “war of aggression”on their behalf..

    They have, for all political purposes, SEALED UP the entire operations of government to do “their” bidding…..

    This is, more or less, the whole ball of wax.

    And you see, the American people, furious at the enormous COST in blood and treasure of our
    stupid wars…and outraged at the FRAUD our “war of aggression elites” conspired to, to precipitate them…..Catapulting DONALD TRUMP, over their venal “war wagons “… the peoples heroic attempt to “drain the swamp” and reset the course of our nation…..

    And you SEE what happens to the “peoples agenda” once he has landed inside the inner sanctum…

    It starts to dissolve …….right away.

    Because there is almost nothing The Donald can do…There is no room to maneuver…. EVERY action within the inner circle…is now controlled by the war wagons surrounding it…including the President, himself.

    This is why the transformation in “The Donald ” has occurred..and is occurring …..because the war wagons have commandeered nearly every lever of power within the circle of the “peoples “government….and have created a forcing chamber ……..for WAR .

    The President is hermetically sealed in this “new” environment …quite like a a pinball machine…..and the American people, having done their part, can only stand outside now…and watch…as the “war makers” take over the agenda.

  10. @grapesoda

    English not my momma tongue.
    I was referencing civilization FREE of imposed one.
    I aware of different calendars.
    “gregorian” is not mine, it belongs to that carpenter sect.

  11. joe webb says:

    Petrified thinking. “To be scientifically correct we must start from the assumption that turmoil, big or small, national or international, a rock pile or a continent, is a class question!”

    “scientifically” is the old marxist, or more accurately , “communist” Word that confers legitimacy on the dialectical materialist poison.

    It lays claim to science/objectivity but like other , pardon me, imperialist bulldozing mind subversion, is a condemnation of other points of view. Hence, the charge of Totalitarianism that fits the whole leftish pseudo-intellectual position. It is also scientistic, meaning, pseudo science.

    The communist and generally leftish petrified mind-set has been eclipsed by reality, both intellectual and historical. Human Bio-Diversity (race inequality and evolutionary psychology) has updated irrevocably the Class Analysis. Class still counts to some degree, but it is not primary.

    Historically, just looking at the last hundred years or so, Class has faded as a major determinant of politics, and Race has come to the fore. This can be seen in post-war decolonization in the Third World, where Whites have been removed from the equation of political struggle and locals have taken over the terrain.

    The locals are everywhere now riven by Tribe, War-lord, or differing ethnys, like Hutu/Tootsie in Rwanda, to take the obvious example with its 800,000 thousand dead. Not only the Third World, but the White world has its examples of ethnic struggle..Scotland, Canada, Balkans, Belgium.

    The Race Struggle is so obvious in Europe and the US (muzzies v. whites) and blacks, and mexers…etc. that only the petrified old commie guard can actually utter/write the one-dimensional stuff of Petras. Even the kids , white, have moved on to Race: whites bad , darkies good.

    Then there are the other constants that are beyond race or class. All the 7 deadly sins, at which, Whites are the least guilty, when compared to , say, genital mutilation, North Korean (especially ) Oriental Despotism, and a long , long list could follow on Third World Savagery.

    The Turmoil is in the Petras mind. The world is usually in turmoil, the only thing new, is the internationalization of economics and race struggle. The lefties, in their race equality obsession, are contributing to roiling the waters of Race. This is relatively new, like since abut 1960. It would seem that having lost the battle of Economics, the leftie levelers moved on to the even more intractable Reality of Biology-RAce. This has long been a Jewish Obsession….and/or a strategy for Jewish Domination of the Goyem, no matter in what form , capitalist or communist, or now, Race Equality. Useful idiots from Petras, to our college kids now, on a mission from their own narcissistic demands for recognition/status based on nothing that they have accomplished. It is snatched from the carpet-bag of Human Rights…Free Everything, No Obligation. The communist movement and the Human Rights social justice zombies….

    They had a rock wall to beat down with communist slogans in Economics. Now they have outdone themselves with their hysterical attacks on the Iron Wall of Race. They are committed to civil war.
    Anything to feed their addiction to Heaven on Earth. They will get more than they bargained for.
    Maybe they will get to Heaven after they are dead.
    Joe Webb

  12. m___ says:

    The pages are high quality relatively to any online sources out of the mainstream. Substance, relevance, at the level of median vocabulary and cognitive ability individuals. It should continue to produce and attract above average public intellectual source material.

    It is a rare critter, the individuals carriers are prime.

  13. voicum says:

    are you for real ? nobody commenting here is THAT clueless.

  14. Che Guava says:

    I enjoyed the whole article and its tone (agreeing with most but not all intended points), up to the last para. (a little on that below).

    Will throw in a couple of other examples of turmoil.

    The EU is in turmoil because a few patriotic conservative political (‘extreme-right’ if in Europe or a majority european country, although simply ‘nationalist’ anywhere else) parties are in the double-digit vote range whilst the poor eurocrats are only part of the way to their goal of destroying Europe. Pitiable them. Most of my colleagues don’t want to visit the popular places there any more.

    NATO is in turmoil (and creating turmoil) because they haven’t had a real reason to exist for almost thirty years, so they just lie and create turmoil.

    Japan is perpeually in torpid turmoil over Nth. Korea. Even I am having nervous moments over the stupid gunboat (carrier battle group, which Trump has implied is backed up by a submarine armed with ballistic missiles carrying nuclear warheads) diplomacy from the USA.

    Oddly, most of Japan is in a torpor over the Fukushima number one plant.

    No time to attempt to make the other examples of turmoil darkly witty, which you did very well with yours, Mr. Petras.

    The last para., while largely true, is a sharp break in tone which doesn’t work.

    You seem to have old left (when the left wasn’t mainly just harmful, meaningless, or a combo of the two) sympathies. Left groupings and parties in Asia haven’t adopted the many idiocies of the modern western left, but generally don’t stand for much any more, except a soft neo-liberalism.

    Even the CPJ appeals to the volk (lit. ‘national people’) at election time and on their posters.

    They still support many good causes,. Maintaining the peace clause in the constitution is the highest. They also tend to ask the best questions in the Diet (parliament).

    Back to the point. Class ain’t the old idea of class any more.

    A leading Yugoslav League of Communists member, Djilas, wrote of ‘the new class’ in the early fifties. This was made up of the beneficiaries and shapers of the new state:party members, teachers, propagandists, etc., and particularly mid-to-high-level officials representing such groups.

    Djilas had been close to Tito and was considered the natural successor. This was no longer the case after he had started expressing the ideas in that book.

    One of the great ironies of the end of the Cold War is that just such a new class was firmly in place in the west: in teaching (including academia), bureaucracies, the law, and other loci.

    They have only grown in influence since then. As a class, they have evolved odd characteristics, for example often putting identity-group interests ahead of their class interests. They necessarily have stupid ideas in the absence of a supervening cause.

    One other big change in the idea of the ruling classes is the insinuation of Jews into everything. A hundred years ago, they controlled large parts of the NY justice system and were beginning to displace non-Jewish owners and directors in the infant Hollywood. They already had disproportionate numbers among plutocrats and bankers.

    Now, they control most US media, even the Disney Corp. (poor Walt must be spinning in his grave at what they are doing culturally), almost gained a majority on the US Supreme Court, and have turned most elite universities into vehicles for tribal nepotism.

    Just for a couple of examples from another western country, France. The puerile Bernard Henri Levy is supposed to be the greatest living philosopher. The financially corrupt lecher Dominique Strauss-Kahn was head of the IMF (a hereditary Jewish role for some reason) and on the way to the presidency until he tripped over his own brazenness.

    The other ‘class ain’t class’ factor is the near-disappearance of explicit class consciousness among those not in middle-class to plutocratic situations. In Japan, this is mainly from ‘almost all of us are middle class’ brainwashing. From what I see and read, the obvious idiocy of the new class is a big factor in the west.

    Easy to continue, but this is long enough.

  15. Yeah, indeed things can be – nay, things are – hilariously funny and horribly depressing at the same time. James Petras rules. But hey, George Orwell already described most of it, back in 1948.

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