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Congress in Search of a Bordello
(Make The Chumps Pay the Bill)
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In accordance with the Congressional Accountability Act of 1995 (CAA) the Office of Compliance (OC) compiled and published shocking statistics listing (1) the number of settlements paid to its employees and interns after allegations of abuse by legislators; (2) the total amount of dollars paid by US Treasury to the victims of Congressional workplace abuse.

The US taxpayers were made to pay millions of dollars in financial settlements for hundreds of incidents of Congressperson abuse, including gross sexual harassment, against interns, staff and office employees, of both sexes. This ‘slush and shush’ fund was hidden from the American people. Many abused victims were paid-off and intimidated into silently watching the elected officials parade themselves as paragons of virtue and champions of their voters.

The data, published by Congressional Office of Compliance, covered a period starting in 1997 to November 2017. In that period, 264 victims of abuse, some by a number of Congresspersons, came forward with their complaints. The US Treasury secretly paid over $17 million dollars to the victims while the identities of the abusing Congresspersons are not identified and are protected under the 1995 statute.

In other words, the members of the US Congress, including serial sexual abusers and uncontrolled bullies, have shielded themselves from public exposure, so they could continue preying on their employees with impunity and without any personal material loss or humiliating exposure to their families. Thus protected, they could expect to be re-elected to abuse again and the taxpayers would pay their secret ‘pay-offs’!

Political Party Leadership in Congress and the Protected Abusers

An examination of the political party affiliation of the Congressional leaders and the Presidents during this 20-year period of abuse reveals that both parties were engaged in shielding offenders and perverts among their ranks.

During the first 10 years (1997-2007), Congress was controlled by the Republican Party. Under their leadership, the Treasury secretly paid over $11 million in compensation to the victims.

Democrats controlled the ‘House’ during the next three years (2008-2011) when the Treasury paid over $2.5 million dollars. As a result of this perverse form of ‘bipartisan cooperation’, abusive officials from both parties were free to abuse, humiliate and exploit their employees and young interns with impunity.

In the last five years (2012-2017), Republicans, once again, controlled the House and oversaw the secret payout of over $3.5 million for ‘bipartisan’ abuse.

Moving from monetary payment to the number of abused employees, we find 133 were subjected to abuse under the Republicans (1997-2007), 48 under the Democrats between (2008-2011) and another 73 victims under the latest period of Republican control (2012-2017). All victims, who came forward with their complaints, faced a gauntlet of procedural intimidation, ‘counseling’, ‘cooling off’ periods and legal restraint to remain silent.

If we examine Congressional abuse on a per capita basis, Republicans abused on an average, 13 victims a year while the Democrats harassed 12 victims a year. There is a comforting level of uniformity and continuity of abuse in the US political system under both Republican and Democratic control of Congress. This indicates a shared political culture and practice among America’s ‘Solons’. Whatever wild-eyed rhetorical ideological differences, both parties cooperate with great civility in the abuse of their employees.

Indeed, the sense of feudal privilege over employees, viewing workers and interns as peasants, invoking the once outlawed ‘droit de seigneur’, pervades the Halls of Congress. This culture of feudal abuse, so common in the private sector, in giant corporations, Hollywood and the media, has metastasized to the centers of US political power, leaving untold thousands of brutalized victims and their helpless loved ones to deal with the long-term effects of humiliation, bitterness and injustice. For every abused young employee, treated like a serf by an all powerful legislator, there are dozens of helpless family members, fathers, brothers, mothers, sisters and spouses, who must deal with decades of silent resentment against these abusers.

None of this is surprising given how both parties have been financed and controlled by corporate leaders, Hollywood moguls and Wall Street speculators, who have exploited and abused their employees with impunity until the recent ‘Me-Too’ movement erupted spontaneously. Given the transformation of the workplace into a kind of neo-feudal estate, the ‘Me-Too’ movement may be seen as a latter-day ‘Peasant Revolt’ against the overlords.

Presidential Leadership and Abuse in the Workplace

Several Presidents have been accused of gross sexual abuse and humiliation of office staff and interns, most ignobly William Jefferson Clinton. However, the Congressional Office of Compliance, in accord with the Congressional Accountability Act of 1995 does not collect statistics on presidential abuses and financial settlements. Nevertheless, we can examine the number of Congressional victims and payments during the tenures of the various Presidents during the past 20 years. This can tell us if the Presidents chose to issue any directives or exercise any leadership with regard to stopping the abuses occurring during their administrations.

Under Presidents William Clinton and Barack Obama we have data for 12 years 1997-2000, and 2009-2016. Under President George W Bush and Donald Trump we have data for 9 years 2001-2008 and 2017.

Under the two Democratic Presidents, 148 legislative employees were abused and the Treasury paid out approximately $5 million dollars and under the Republican Presidents, 116 were abused and Treasury and over $12 million dollars was paid out.

Under the Democratic Presidents, the average number of abuse victims was 12 per year; under the Republicans the average number was 13 per year. As in the case of Congressional leadership, US Presidents of both parties showed remarkable bipartisan consistency in tolerating Congressional abuse.

Congressional Abuse: The Larger Meaning

Workplace abuse by elected leaders in Washington is encouraged by Party cronyism, loyalties and shameless bootlicking. It is reinforced by the structure of power pervasive in the ruling class. Congress people exercise near total power over their employees because they are not accountable to their peers or their voters. They are protected by their financial donors, the special Congressional ‘judicial’ system and by the mass media with a complicity of silence.


The entire electoral system is based on a hierarchy of power, where those on the top can demand subordination and enforce their demands for sexual submission with threats of retaliation against the victim or the victim’s outraged family members. This mirrors a feudal plantation system.

However, like sporadic peasant uprisings in the Middle Ages, some employees rise up, resist and demand justice. It is common to see Congressional abusers turn to their office managers, often female, to act as ‘capos’ to first threaten and then buy off the accuser – using US taxpayer funds. This added abuse never touches the wallet of the abuser or the office enforcer. Compensation is paid by the US Treasury. The social and financial status of the abusers and the abusers’ families remain intact as they look forward to lucrative future employment as lobbyists.

This does not occur in isolation from the broader structure of class and power.

The sexual exploitation of workers in the Halls of the US Congress is part of the larger socio-economic system. Elected officials, who abuse their office employees and interns, share the same values with corporate and cultural bosses, who exploit their workers and subordinates. At an even larger level, they share the same values and culture with the ImperialState as it brutalizes and rapes independent nations and peoples.

The system of abuse and exploitation by the Congress and the corporate, cultural, academic, religious and political elite depends on complicit intermediaries who frequently come from upwardly mobile groups. The most abusive legislators will hire upwardly mobile women as public relations officers and office managers to recruit victims and, when necessary, arrange pay-offs. In the corporate sphere, CEOs frequently rely on former plant workers, trade union leaders, women and minorities to serve as ‘labor relations’ experts to provide a progressive façade in order to oust dissidents and enforce directives persecuting whistleblowers. On a global scale, the political warlords work hand in glove with the mass media and humanitarian interventionist NGO’s to demonize independent voices and to glorify the military as they slaughter resistance fighters, while claiming to champion gender and minority rights. Thus, the US invasion and occupation of Afghanistan was widely propagandized and celebrated as the ‘liberation of Afghan women’.

The Congressional perverts have their own private, secret mission: to abuse staff, to nurture the rich, enforce silence and approve legislation to make taxpayers pay the bill.

Let us hope that the current ‘Me Too!’ movement against workplace sexual abuse will grow to include a broader movement against the neo-feudalism within politics, business, and culture and lead to a political movement uniting workers in all fields.

• Category: Ideology • Tags: Congress, Corruption, Feminism 
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  1. llloyd says: • Website

    This is a record of thirty years of “abuse” not twenty years as this article reports. To be a little nasty, these Congressmen in a corrupting environment are constantly surrounded by half naked flirting for favours attractive women. It is already a bordillo when they are elected.

    • Replies: @Astuteobservor II
    , @Alden
  2. I have D&O insurance for this sort of thing, so why shouldn’t they? Of course, mine probably wouldn’t cover what are essentially crimes, but why should we care that Congress is above the law or any moral standards? I really need to run for Congress so I can finally live the frat life I missed at university.

    • Replies: @MBlanc46
  3. This stuff is rampant!


    BUSTED: US Olympic Committee covered up sexual abuse and child molestation of female gymnasts

    Stunning news is breaking that the US Olympic Committee, and the country’s gymnastics governing body were working together to cover up years of sex abuse and child molestation of their women’s gymnastics team.

    According to a lawsuit now being revealed, U.S.A. Gymnastics paid star medal winner McKayla Maroney for her silence in the sex abuse case.

    Many will remember Maroney for her smirk during the medal ceremony at the London 2012 games…which perhaps can now be explained by the sexual abuse she had endured at the hands of the team physician who was sentenced to 60 years in prison.

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  4. Anon • Disclaimer says:

    This is rampant and systemic in all sectors of American society.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  5. theMann says:

    A joke from the 70’s:

    -How is a Congressman like a bookmark?
    -They both bend over a Page!

    Seriously, people go there with certain expectations, one of which is Sex, Power, All the Same.

  6. @llloyd

    I still remember my high school social studies teacher very fondly. when asked about lobbying, he told the entire class: “basically pretty women/men with suitcases full of money, with insinuations of offering both if the person holding office would see things their way”.

    we all thought this was too extreme at the time. now I know at least he was 100% correct.

  7. anon • Disclaimer says:

    the recent ‘Me-Too’ movement erupted spontaneously.

    was it really “spontaneous”?

    As spontaneous as the women’s protest on Jan 21?

    who tweeted the first #Me-Too?

    imo Me-Too was calculated to further humiliate women as a diversion away from the moral rot that starts in Hollywood/entertainment / media and has infected entire culture. When mothers buy for little girls attire more suitable for whores & everyone acquiesces, there are deeper problems that a $17m slush & shush fund.

  8. Alden says:

    Another 90 year old male virgin heard from. They may flirt but they aren’t half naked. They wear standard office wear.

    By the way, since you retired in 1970, standard office wear isn’t dresses, it’s pantsuits.

  9. So, over the course of roughly 20 years there were 264 “reported” cases, that “went the distance” to compensation: that works out to an average pay out of $ 64, 393. (Who would like to bet against there being far more than 264 who were threatened etc into silence, into not going the distance ?) Many will disagree, but I find that monetary figure piddling at best, a gigantic insult (moral rape) at worst. (And NO, I am not suggesting that the US taxpayer should have paid MORE — merely that the perpetrators should have paid … a lot more.
    I wonder how many of those cases amounted to sexual assault/rape ?
    Of course, the writer is correct to focus on the real gangrenous wound, the pus engorged suppurating wound which is elected officials able to commit crimes not only without criminal consequences, but with NO consequences AT ALL. It is — sorry, should be, utterly fantastic….

  10. @Cloak And Dagger

    Is the accompanying photograph meant to show a/the smirk? That’s not a smirk in my language. However, if that was the way she looked on a relevant occasion it could well be a picture of someone thinking “if only they knew the rest of the story”. So maybe your point remains valid.

  11. There are 3 legs in this stool that the elites insist on calling “our democracy” that is really a corrupt patron-client system. The “cons” the patron-politicians who run the scam. They get the big pay-offs — the money, the sex, the power to do whatever they want (e.g. Bill Clinton getting a “Lewinsky” in the Oval Office, then $500K for 20 minute speeches) . The “insider-clients” who put the cons in office and get some of the payoff (affirmative action, minority set-asides, get-out-of-jail-free cards). The “marks’ the average voter who thinks the elections are something other than a charade and that the taxes he pays actually benefits the community he lives in. He becomes affectionately known as a “deplorable-irredeemable,” his future not so rosy.

  12. Joe Hide says:

    How interesting that this really hit the fan after Trump and his Allies have been incrementally gaining power over the deep state globalist deviate degenerate control freaks. Of course the idiot globalists think that their old tried and true blame the good guys for exactly what the idiot globalists are doing, will work in an age of instant social media communications and billions of cell phone cameras. Its a great sudden era of “Light comes into the world and the darkness hates it, for the Light exposes the darkness for its evil deeds” Wow, I’m glad to have lived long enough to see the Good Guys finally winning!

    • Replies: @anon
  13. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    In other countries people have sex and play grab ass all the time without using it as a weapon. The US is quite literally fucked up. But there’s more to this psyop than meets the tabloids.

    The sex debacle obscures the fact that the real whores in office are bought and sold. They then turn around and fuck us all in the ass.

  14. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Prurience. Suitable for witch hunts. Race doesn’t upset conservatives – they’ve got that all figured out. It’s temptation and underage lust, the apple and their snake.

    Typically these outrage hypocrites are in bathroom somewhere acting out their favorite scenes from gigabytes of adult entertainment.

  15. Congress is a bordello as is the U.S. gov and its Zionist controllers.

    • Agree: jacques sheete
  16. In many cases there probably was a deal. Splitting the payment half and half.

  17. MBlanc46 says:

    Accusations of “abuse” without further specification are meaningless.

  18. MBlanc46 says:
    @The Alarmist

    Where is the evidence that there are any crimes?

    • Replies: @Alden
  19. The short explanation is that since Jews own Congress and Hollywood, there’s little difference between the two.

  20. I’ve a tired, old, indignant refrain I’ve used often about those who, like the Congresspersons who are the subject of this article, abused and abuse youngsters like the many young men and women I saw staffing congressional offices when I was in the service and afterwards and lived in the D.C. area.


    When my kids were growing up there were several to many instances where someone, male or female, attempted to take advantage of my two daughters and my son. All learned quickly of my legendary paternal protection of my family and some also felt physically and materially my resulting rage.

    Well? Where were the Fathers?

    • Agree: Logan
    • Replies: @Alden
    , @Alden
  21. How Google rigs the game with biased Wikipedia entries to defame white identity while going easy on Jewish identity.

    Search for Vdare and google says:

    VDARE is an American website focused on opposition to immigration to the United States and is associated with white supremacy, white nationalism, and the alt-right.

    Search for American Renaissance and google says:

    American Renaissance is a monthly online magazine described as a white supremacist publication by several sources, including The Washington Post, Fortune, and the Anti-Defamation League

    Search for Occidental Observer and google says:

    The Occidental Observer is an American far-right online publication that covers politics and society from a white nationalist and antisemitic perspective.

    But when you look up Zionist sites, you get mild stuff like this.

    For Commentary:

    Commentary is a monthly American magazine on religion, Judaism, and politics, as well as social and cultural issues. Founded by the American Jewish Committee in 1945, it was edited by Norman Podhoretz from 1960 to 1995

    Never mind all the vitriol spewed by Commentary on Palestinians.

    For SPLC:

    The Southern Poverty Law Center is an American nonprofit legal advocacy organization specializing in civil rights and public interest litigation.

    Yeah, non-profit and ‘civil rights’, like attacking Merry Christmas and Christian groups who won’t convert to satanic homomania.


    Jacobin is a left-wing quarterly magazine based in New York. It describes itself as a “leading voice of the American left, offering socialist perspectives on politics, economics, and culture”.

    Not called ‘far left’ or ‘radical’.


    Dissent is a left-wing intellectual magazine edited by Michael Kazin and founded in 1954. The magazine is published by the University of Pennsylvania Press on behalf of the Foundation for the Study of Independent Social Ideas.

    No mention of Marxism, Dissent’s defense of communism in the past.

    So, the basic idea of Google-Wiki is to condemn white identity but go soft on Jewish identity. And go soft on radical left and communists as ‘socialist’ and just ‘leftist’.

    • Replies: @Alden
  22. Curle says:

    Uncontrolled bullying?

    I’d like to see those numbers backed out and representative samples provided. I’m too familiar with the Office drama queens who use victimhood as a sword not a shield and the lawyers who advise those who were separated for cause to always file a claim regardless. Many employers offer a nominal payment almost as a ritual and many ‘victims’ accept.

  23. The laws of nature eventually always balance out.
    Results of this affair will be less employed women.
    Most of the employers require recommendation from previous employer.
    If on that recommendation will be written ” do not hire this bitch” that somehow will be kind of a barrier in building the carrier.

    • Replies: @Alden
  24. anon • Disclaimer says:
    @Joe Hide

    hate to rain on your parade, Joe Hide.
    There’s no “winning” going on here; a bunch of women are humiliating themselves in public.

    How is that “winning”?

    Notice how few perps are named much less paraded in public in handcuffs, or shamed, or jailed?

    imo MeToo is a rigged scam designed to make the Bad Guys look like Good Guys; to further humiliate all men as well as humiliate/degrade women. It further divides the electorate/polity and incites anxiety and instability. Masses in such a state are more pliable and easy to control/cause to submit to authority.

    The sexual component is a play on “Libido Dominandi,” the ways that sexuality is used to undermine a populace.

    • Replies: @Alden
    , @Alden
  25. Someone had to make a decision, some one else felt bad. WHO CARES.

    Accept some agency.

    Felt bad, one dollar and no attorney’s fees. These cases will go away.

  26. renfro says:

    lol…congress, corrupt to the core

    Head of Congressional Ethics Office Sued for Abusing Position, Accused of Assaulting Women

    A key official involved in House investigations faces a federal lawsuit alleging misconduct.
    The ongoing lawsuit against Omar Ashmawy, staff director and chief counsel of the Office of Congressional Ethics, stems from his involvement in a late-night brawl in 2015 in Milford, Pennsylvania, and includes a range of allegations relating to his behavior that evening and in the following two-and-half years.

    Ashmawy’s office conducts the preliminary investigations into allegations of misconduct in the House of Representatives, deciding which cases to pursue or refer to the Committee on Ethics. He is named in congressional documents as the official who presented one of the investigations into John Conyers, the Democratic lawmaker from Michigan accused of sexual harassment, to the ethics committee for further action.
    Among other allegations, Ashmawy is accused in the lawsuit of “threatening to use his position as staff director and chief counsel of the Office of Congressional Ethics to induce a criminal proceeding to be brought against Plaintiff and/or others,” according to the federal lawsuit filed against him.
    In court filings and in statements to Foreign Policy, Ashmawy denied the allegations laid out in the lawsuit.

  27. Alden says:

    By the way, touching others who don’t want to be touched is assault and battery, even if you are just shoving someone in a supermarket line.

    Touching someone who doesn’t want to be touched on “ breasts, buttocks, thighs and genitalia, is a sex assault crime in most states.

    So all those buttock grabs are crimes in most states.

    These incidents occurred in DC. I don’t know what their criminal code is. It’s probably similar to the uniform criminal
    code used in most states.

    These grabs and pawings usually are not prosecuted.

  28. Alden says:

    I agree it’s just a pre planned propaganda blast. Some say it’s designed to finally get rid of President Trump. Who knows?

    It’s typical MSM, all of a sudden a huge new scandal arrives and it’s in every paper and news cast. The MSM has a reason for this scandal, but who knows what the motive is.

  29. Alden says:

    It’s more humiliating to put up with it for years than to expose it.

  30. Alden says:

    The affirmative action laws are strict enforced. Companies can’t get away with not hiring women and minorities.

    Employers no longer write real recommendations. Their attorneys advise against it. Reason is if employer writes a bad recommendation the former employee can sue employer if former employee doesn’t get hired.

    So now recommendation generally don’t say anything negative.

  31. Alden says:
    @Priss Factor

    Who uses google for anything other than nearby auto supply shops, hairdressers, fed ex office, maybe a recipe or how to advice?

  32. Alden says:

    The fathers of the interns were probably back home a thousand miles away.

    After college they were adults presumably able to take care of themselves.

    These were not teenagers. They are grown women.

  33. Alden says:

    You seem to be the only man on this site who doesn’t feel that women co workers are fair game to be harassed, asaaulted, slobbered on and grabbed by every man in the work place.

    Good for you.

  34. RobinG says:

    Google’s Schmidt Played Pivotal Role

    Jerome Corsi – QAnon Exposes Dem Conspiracy To Frame Trump

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