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China, Saudi Arabia, and the US
Shake Up and Shake Down
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Major changes are roiling the states, societies and ruling classes of the biggest industrial economies, oil regimes and military complexes.

China is re-allocating its economic wealth toward building the most extensive modern infrastructure system in history, linking four continents.

Saudi Arabia is transferring a trillion dollars of pillage from princes to princes, from old business parasites to up-to-date versions, from austere desert mirages to fantasies of new mega-cities.

The United States is emptying the swamp of the Capital’s corruption and immediately replenishing it with the scandal of the day.

One Cabinet Secretary is fired; another Secretary is hired; one enemy is embraced; an ally denounced; the stock market flourishes and trade agreements are abandoned. One tax is sliced and pleases the powerful; another is spliced and chokes the consumers.

Turmoil, some would say; chaos, others would claim. And the stouthearted argue, that’s the way the world turns round.

But for all the world’s current ‘shaking’, there is substance and direction: There are models for the shaking-up and paradigms for the shaking down.

Shaking up’ occurs where visions of wealth and prosperity accompany science and discovery.

Shaking down’ is where the science of palace coups and the art of bloody intrigues fleece the poor while enriching and amusing the powerful.

The Art and Artist of the Shake Down

The Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, Mohammed bin Salman (MBS), pursues a new policy of scientific, systematic, large-scale and long-term shakedown (SD). Science is evident in these procedures, in their rigorous identification of targets and their efficient methodology of securing subjects and achieving success.

MBS and his associates launched their policy of SD in several well-planned stages.

First, they cloaked the entire SD operation as part of the vast transformation of the Kingdom, accompanied by a string of Western buzzwords: modernization of a traditional society; cleansing the suites of corruption; diversifying the oil dependent economy; privatizing ARAMCO; and replacing camels and tents with a state-of-the-art mega city in the desert.

MBS thus moved to seize state power as the final act in an operation starting with a wave of shakedowns.

The Princes-in-waiting experienced the initial shakedown.

In orderly fashion, MBS wielded his royal sword on behalf of righteousness (according to his adoring fans in the Western press, like Thomas Friedman): Scores of corrupt princes and hundreds of the business and military elite were arrested (or abducted for ransom . . . and safe keeping).

The ‘shakedown’ was underway, but the captives were held in circumstances worthy of their status. The abduction, imprisonment and plea-bargaining for ransom and release took place in the 5-star Riyadh Ritz-Hilton.

The MBS meritocratic modernizers (MM) held the highest degrees in finance and accounting and were adept at calculating appropriate ransoms from each and every captive. The MM demanded hundreds of millions from the billionaires while the generals settled for an early retirement, stripped of pensions and commands. Upon payment and release, the newly fleeced Saudi Princelings fled to the brothels of Beirut to receive un-brotherly comfort. They were freed on one condition: They would return some of the Kingdom’s pillage to fund a ‘New Class’ in a ‘New Arabia’ under the Crown Prince MBS.

However, Western investors, who quietly kept their snouts in the ‘traditional trough’ of Saudi wealth, were not sure where they stood with MBS and his meritocratic modernizers. They needed to know, for the sake of their stockholders: Were they victims or beneficiaries of the big shakedown? Were they condemned to suffer among the corrupt billionaires or granted entry into the new realm of the virtuous Prince?

MBS may have carried out the largest shakedown in recent times, in the name of justice, but there are still no signs of a diversified, modern and prosperous society arising on the Arabian Peninsula. In some places, there rose a more diverse variety of shakedown artists and plotters: Many, who applaud the Crown Prince, await their share of the loot. In other parts of the peninsula, MBS continues to deliver famine, cholera and desperation and rain down bombs on the people of Yemen. If Israel could turn the remnant of Palestine into an open-air prison for periodic slaughter, MBS could find his own ‘Palestinians’ in Yemen for target practice.

China: The Shake Up

China is in the throes of one, two, many upheavals: Over one million high and low ranking officials and millionaires, who levied their own ‘private tax’ on the public treasury, will celebrate another Chinese New Year – in jail.

Meanwhile, over 25 billion dollars has been spent on innovative high tech projects, reshaping the economy, reducing pollution and expanding the welfare state.

Over one trillion dollars is being spent on huge global infrastructure projects linking China to four continents in an integrated network of trade – The One Road-One Belt Network.

China is the polar-opposite of Saudi Arabia: In place of state-sponsored ransom and blackmail (the ‘shakedown’) China is experiencing a monumental ‘shake-up’ – spending money in multiple directions. There are overseas projects to promote trade relations; upward projects linking business to high technology and greater profits; downward projects to train and expand the skilled labor force, reduce pollution, increase social welfare, save lives and increase productivity.

Unlike the US, China has nourished its manufacturing sector, and not starved it of investment. The average factory in the US is twice as old as those in China. To even dream of catching up with Chinese production, the US would have to invest over $115 billion a year in manufacturing for the next three decades.

Limited access to investment capital will condemn the tens of thousands of small and medium size manufacturing enterprises in the US to low productivity and reduced exports.

In contrast, the Chinese government directs investment capital widely to manufacturers of all sizes and shapes. Moreover, local Chinese manufacturers connect readily to the supply chain with big exporters. China provides explicit incentives to exporters to work with local suppliers to ensure that profits are re-invested in the home market.

In the US, the multinational suppliers are located out of the country and their earnings are hoarded overseas. Whenever profits return to the US, these are directed into buybacks of shares and dividends for the stockholders —not into new production.

Beijing manages debt, raising and limiting it to promote dynamic development with a level of efficiency unmatched in the US.

China keeps a close eye on excessive debt, speculation and investment, in contrast to the unrestrained chaos of the so-called ‘free market’ of the US and its parasitical allies, the Saudi coupon–clipping shakedown artists.

The US: The Political Economy of Scandalous Conspiracies and ‘Flight Capitalism’


The chaotic free-for-all in the US political economy is manipulated by scandalmongers, conspirators and flight capitalists. Instead of preparing an economic plan to ‘make America great again’, they have embraced the political blackmailers and intriguers of Saudi Arabia in a sui-generis global political alliance. Both countries feature purges, resignations and pugnacious politicos who have never been weaned from the destructive bosom of war.

As a point of history, the United States didn’t start out as a bloated, speculative state of crony capitalists and parasitical allies: The US was once a powerful industrial country, harnessing finance and overseas investments to securing raw materials for domestic industries and directing profits back into industry for higher productivity.

Fake, or semi-fake, political rivalries and electoral competition counted little as incumbents retained their positions most of the time, and bi-partisan agreements ensured stability through sharing the spoils of office.

Things have changed. Overseas neo-colonies started to offer more than just raw materials: They introduced low-tax manufacturing sites promising free access to cheap, healthy and educated workers. US manufacturers abandoned Old Glory, invested overseas, hoarded profits in tax havens and happily evaded paying taxes to fund a new economy for displaced US workers. Simultaneously, finance reversed its relation to industry: Industrial capital was now harnessed to finance, speculation, real estate, insurance sectors and electronic gadgets/play-by-yourself ‘i-phones’ promoting isolated ‘selfies’ and idle chatter.

Wall Street, Silicon Valley and Hollywood replaced Detroit, Pittsburgh, Cleveland and Chicago. Stockbrokers proliferated, while master tool-and-die makers disappeared and workers’ children overdosed on ‘Oxy’.

In the transition, politicians, who had no connection to domestic industry, found a powerful niche promoting overseas wars for allies, like Saudi Arabia and Israel, and disseminating domestic spats, intrigues and conspiracies to the voters. Vietnam and Watergate, Afghanistan and Volker, Iran-Contra and Reaganomics, Yugoslavia and Iraq, daily drone strikes and bombings and Bill Clinton’s White House sex scandals giving salacious birth to SpecialProsecutors . . .

In this historic transformation, American political culture put on a new face: perpetual wars, Wall Street swindles and Washington scandals. It culminated in the farcical Hillary Clinton – Donald Trump presidential election campaign: the war goddess-cuckquean of chaos versus the crotch-grabbing real-estate conman.

The public heard Secretary of State Clinton’s maniacal laugh upon her viewing the ‘snuff-film’ torture and slaughter of the wounded Libya’s President Gadhafi: She crowed: ‘We came, we saw…and he died’ with a sword up his backside. This defined the Clinton doctrine in foreign affairs, while slaughter of the welfare state and the bloated prison industry would define her domestic agenda.

Trump’s presidential election campaign went about the country pleasuring the business and finance elite (promises of tax cuts, deregulations, re-contamination and jacking up the earth’s temperature with a handful of jobs), and successfully pushed aside the outrage over his crude rump grabbing boasts.

Wars, Wall Street, Silicon Valley and Hollywood all gathered to set the parameters of the United States’ political economy: The chase was on!

The Clinton sleuths uncovered an army of Russian conspirators running Trump’s electoral campaign, writing his speeches, typing his ‘Tweets’, designing his tactics and successfully directing the votes of millions of duped ‘deplorables’ – the rural and rust-belt poor.

The entire media world auto-pleasured their friends and allies with the Trump Administration’s political strip tease, shedding appointees, dumping nominees and misdirecting policies with a string of revelations. According to dubious anecdotes, the Special Prosecutor uncovered Russian conspiracies to enlist Salvation Army bell ringers and Washington lobbyists. The ‘deplorables’ meanwhile tuned out in disgust.

Trump retaliated with midnight Tweets and appointed a clutch of retired Generals, who had been battle-seasoned in Obama’s seven losing wars and even found a loudmouth South Carolina belle to evoke visions of mushroom clouds in the United Nations. Naturally, there was the coterie of Zionist advisers from the ‘think tanks’ and from his own family working double time to set US-Middle East policy on the road to new wars.

Trump’s Generals and Zionists on the one hand and the Democrats, liberals, anti-fascists and leftists formed the ‘resistance’ and fought fiercely for freedom: Freedom to direct the state to censor alternative news or informed discussion debunking the canard about Russian meddling, exposing Ukraine’s land grabs, proving Iran’s compliance to the nuclear deal and Tel Aviv’s baseless warnings about Tehran. Bolstered by the President’s Chief Advisor Son-in-Law, Jared Kushner, the Saudi Crown Prince was praised for kidnapping the Lebanese Prime Minister and forcing his resignation. Everyday there was a new scandal, conspiracy upon conspiracy and, of course, fake news blaring out from all sides of corporate media and NPR.

The threat of war spreads across the Middle East: How many families would the unholy trinity of Saudi Arabia-US-Israel slaughter, starve or incarcerate in Yemen, Palestine, Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan? Drowned out by domestic scandals and conspiracies – this carnage did not happen – in the news. While scores of thousands in Yemen suffered from cholera amidst a brutal Saudi blockade, The Washington Post – NY Times CBS-NBC-ABC published the same front-page photo of Trump’s clumsy handshake at the APEC Conference. At least, the trillion-dollar corporate-oligarch tax cut merited a jolly Tweet from the Donald.

The Big Shakedown is all about the swindles and the sex designed to keep Wall Street safe, the Pentagon at war and the public distracted.


Three countries are shaking the world in different directions:

In Saudi Arabia, MBS is engaged in a region-shattering shakedown, picking the pockets of Princes for a trillion dollars of unearned and pilfered oil rents to finance more cholera, starvation and mass murder in Yemen and beyond.

Through China, there is a Eurasian ‘shakeup’ as Beijing expands modern Silk-Roads everywhere and with everyone to connect markets, develop supply chains and increase prosperity at home and among its trade partners.

And the US just shakes . . . and trembles as its leaders rush to further enrich the ultra-rich, conspire to uncover conspiracies upon plot, scandalize the scandalmongers and tell us that freedom really means the freedom to expose and gnaw over the sordid acts of petty perverts while hiding much greater truths and reality. Official truth has become a stinking mound of offal.

One can only hope for a great ‘shaking off’.

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  1. That “loudmouth South Carolina belle” was born Nimrata Randhawa.

    “I am the proud daughter of Indian immigrants.” That’s how Nikki Haley, the UN ambassador to US in Trump administration, would begin every speech when running for governor of South Carolina in 2012. –Hindustan Times

    • Replies: @Issac
    , @renfro
  2. Issac says:
    @Hank Rearden

    Never quibble over the details of someone’s provenience when the awful southern white gentiles can be shamed with such an omission. After all, think of all those white middle class “oligarchs,” currently celebrating their tax bills doing a slight recess. Who in the hell is going to pay for the unlimited free public services for the billions of migrant voters if we can’t keep taxes as high as humanly possible?

  3. This great article is an elaborate intellectual expansion on what Mr. Gerald Celente of has been proclaiming for years that” while the business of China is business, the business of America is war”. Professor Petras is pointing to the moral decline that is behind the social and economic decline of the nation of America that was once a beacon of light to the world.
    This analysis leaves the reader with little doubt as to the direction in which the momentum of historic leadership is moving; it is to the East away from the West in a reversal of the dawn of the Renaissance era of Europe. The last hope for the west to stay at the helm of civilisation is to have a leader who can ignite a moral renaissance in the West short of which the 21st century will definitely be China’s century. The impetus for such a revival is a shake up of the world of finance that will chase the money changers out of the altar of the Western economy and put he lying scribes of the Western media in labour camp where they will be re educated about the virtues of truth and reality.

  4. there are 2 types of elites.

    elites who line their pockets and only their pockets.

    elites who line their pockets and also makes sure the rest of the country gets a little too.

    guess which one is the american and chinese?

    the saudis aren’t even in the same category. they are just pets on a leash.

    • Agree: jacques sheete
    • Replies: @Sergey Krieger
  5. Are the following comments

    “Saudi Arabia is transferring a trillion dollars of pillage from princes to princes, from old business parasites to up-to-date versions ….

    … unearned and pilfered oil rents to finance ….”

    meant to suggest that the KSA and Saudi people extracted rents for the oil, which is a resource of the KSA and its people, or is it meant that the princes extracted unearned benefit for the oil? Come on, dude, there was some degree of free trade going on here.

    “Trump retaliated with midnight Tweets … “

    Paul Craig Roberts makes the interesting observation that this seems to be the extent of Trump’s retaliation for real attacks on his tenure despite having real constitutional means to deal with his attackers.

    “… and appointed a clutch of retired Generals, who had been battle-seasoned in Obama’s seven losing wars …

    Trump appointed? It would seem like the real puppet-masters appointed them as caretakers of the state while Trump sits in the WH.

    “… and even found a loudmouth South Carolina belle to evoke visions of mushroom clouds in the United Nations.”

    This is simply dumbing down the concept of a Southern Belle. Don’t knock Southern Belles, son.

  6. Wally says:

    Petras said:
    “jacking up the earth’s temperature with a handful of jobs”

    Pure anti science, leftist religious nonsense.
    Humans have not caused the earth’s temperature to rise.

    100% Of US ‘Warming’ Is Due To NOAA Data Tampering

    NASA Data Proves Trump Right to Exit Paris Climate Accord

    Who actually paid in to the Paris Green Climate fund?
    Tunnel Vision on CO2-driven Greenhouse Gas Effect
    “Empirical evidence does not support the claim that anthropogenic carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions cause global warming and/or climate change.

    Now 400 Scientific Papers in 2017 Say ‘Global Warming’ Is a Myth

    Most Massive Scientific Fraud In Human History

    • Replies: @Anon
    , @Joe Wong
  7. Anonymous [AKA "davids father"] says:

    Thank you fo this informative article, Dr. Petras.

    Perhaps we may close with this link?:

  8. jim jones says:

    China has a herd mentality which produces its own problems:

  9. @Astuteobservor II

    There is also third kind. Dead elites. Pick your favorite method of execution.

    • Replies: @Astuteobservor II
  10. Official truth has become a stinking mound of offal.

    Has become?

    A good thing about it is that we should know to laugh at it whenever we hear it, and accept the fact that “authority” is lying until proven otherwise.

    Were I to indulge my own theory, I should wish [the states] to practise neither commerce nor navigation, but to stand with respect to Europe precisely on the footing of China. We should thus avoid wars…

    -Thomas Jefferson, letter To G. K. van Hogendorp , Paris, Oct. 13, 1785

    Isn’t Western “civilization” just peachy? Civilization?

  11. @Joe Levantine

    …moral renaissance…

    One has to have had a “naissance” of morals to experience a “re” of them, but yes, chasing the money changers out of the temple and money worship out of our souls would have helped.

    Would have.

    Our great mass of workers have labored for the money changers too long.

    -Jacob Thorkelson, Rescue the Republic, p 9. 1939

    Few listened. We’ve had a moral abortion.

  12. Joe Hide says:

    You’re right about many things you presented, but you still don’t understand the multi-layered gradually administered releases of mis-information, dis-information, and information, designed to awaken and transform our nation, planet, and human consciousness. Given that half the population has below average intelligence, new positive leadership does not merely announce that generations of psychopaths have manipulated them. As a personal example, half the people I communicate with are sub-average intelligence, and I’ve learned to very gradually wake them up, or they will, in their unreasonable thinking, try to make trouble for me. There’s the saying, “Don’t throw pearls before swine.” I know this too harshly stated, and I should have gradually and gently presented it for half the reader’s. Sorry.
    P.S. …. and it’s reader’s are likely far above average.

  13. The key to this turmoil, is THE PROTOCOLS OF ZION, and the Zionist dual citizens who rule the U.S. gov and are driving the wars for Israel and a NEW WORLD ORDER under Zionist control.

    These Zionist Satanists are going to destroy the world for their god satan.

  14. @Sergey Krieger

    what you have described are “discarded” pets 🙂 the same kind as the saudis 🙂

    learn to extrapolate on your own please.

  15. I think Petras gets a lot of things right and he deserves to be praised for his willingness to speak out about the subordination of American interests to the the interests of the Zionist enterprise. Symbolic of that subordination is our official concern about the road from Tehran to Beirut whereas far more threatening to American interests are the roads and railroads from Peking to Istanbul, Rome, Frankfurt, etc., etc.

    On the other hand I think Petras is a bit behind the curve about American industry seeking low cost manufacturing locations overseas. Yes American companies are moving abroad but often in reaction to the insistence of their customers that their suppliers have manufacturing facilities closer to their plants.

    Tech input at every level of manufacturing has pushed everybody to shorten supply chains and is making it much easier to institute “just in time” inventory levels. Less inventory means less investment in working capital. Thus having parts needed for production floating on the high seas, subject to loading/unloading delays, weather, etc. is reducing the advantages offered for setting up plants in low cost locations abroad, at least in some industries.

    • Replies: @Mefobills
  16. Parbes says:
    @Joe Levantine

    “….put the lying scribes of the Western media in labour camp where they will be re educated about the virtues of truth and reality”

    For some of them, yes, that would be the deserved comeuppance.

    But for some, that would be WAY too good.

  17. When considering the New Silk Road/One Belt One Road initiatives of Russia and China one must consider the thinking of its true architects: Lyndon and Helga Zepp-LaRouche– To which one must then consider the idea as more than just a geopolitical flank against the leading bastion of oligarchy, the British Empire (that ‘fictitious capital’ pirate ship) towards a Republican conception of mankind Imago Dei where the role of the nation-state is exemplified by the U.S. Constitution towards the improvement of the general welfare, translated into increase in scientific capabilities and the infrastructures of higher population carrying capacities.

    Thus credit where credit is due, one must still consider in more than symbolic terms, the big battle, as they still are alive, is between the Elizabeth II, Queen of England and Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr. (LOL)….and it is no laughing matter as the “Great Game” is on and North Korea might well be the trigger to stop China, Russia and the USA.

    It is the issue of ecology that LaRouche goes apolectic, but the hive mind of the Empire has not stopped the exploits of the ant armies from pillaging the forest, thus there are certainly much to be feared by the railroads and the slaughter of the “Buffalo” by both sides….

    • Replies: @Alden
  18. Anon • Disclaimer says:

    Who actually paid in to the Paris Green Climate fund?

    Your comment is misleading regarding climate funds. Paris Green Climate fund is by no means the only climate fund.

    China has made available significant funds for a different fund to help developing countries combat climate change.

    The United States and China recognize the importance of mobilizing climate finance to support low-carbon, climate-resilient development in developing countries, particularly the least developed countries, small island developing states, and African countries. In this connection, the United States reaffirms its $3 billion pledge to the Green Climate Fund (GCF) and China announces that it will make available ¥20 billion for setting up the China South-South Climate Cooperation Fund to support other developing countries to combat climate change, including to enhance their capacity to access GCF funds. Going forward and through these steps and other actions, the two sides are determined to work constructively and cooperatively together and along with all Parties to the UNFCCC to support developing countries to transition to green and low-carbon development and build climate resilience.

    • Replies: @Wally
  19. Anonymous [AKA "HSJ So."] says:

    Just a reminder (October 2001):

    Novaya Gazeta
    No. 75
    October 2001

    Author: Viktor Minin
    [from WPS Monitoring Agency,




    Using techniques of manipulating public opinion, the West is trying to establish the illusion of a global forces with the fascist- like ideology of Wahhabi fundamentalism. As far as the West is concerned, Wahhabi and Islam are the same thing. It is because of this that the essential terrorism of Wahhabi ideas is being formulated so simply for public consumption: all Muslims are terrorists by nature.

    The preliminary objective of brainwashing (Islam is the basis of terrorism) is thus achieved. Therefore, the terrorist world of Islam should be maneuvered into fighting Russia. Russia and the Muslim world will destroy each other, and the West will gain access to the natural resources on their territories. The dollar pyramid will straighten once again, and the economic crisis will be over. Life goes on.

    Apart from the need to shock the international community with atrocities of Islamic terrorists, this script requires the presence of some country fundamental for this particular global force. It should answer the following requirements: a large Muslim population, government based on military dictatorship (which allows prompt replacement of the leader); borders with Russia, China, and India; nuclear arsenals; and a well-trained army with combat experience. Pakistan is an ideal fit, and Afghanistan is just a capsule.

    Continuation of the script after the terrorist attacks in the United States: retaliatory strikes at Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, and so on, depending on the situation. A dramatic rise in anti-American sentiments throughout the Muslim world as a result. A coup in Pakistan, leading to the rise of a radical Wahhabi leader there. Unification of Afghanistan and Pakistan.

    A Taliban invasion of Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, and Kyrgyzstan will follow. Conflicts with Iran and Iraq will follow. The second phase of preferable armed conflicts is as follows: Iran and Turkey, Armenia and Azerbaijan, Turkey and Greece, Georgia and Abkhazia, China and Taiwan, North Korea and South Korea, Israel and Palestine, and escalation of the situation in Chechnya. Russia will inevitably find itself dragged into some war or other, and declare general mobilization. Tatarstan, Bashkortostan, and some other ethnic republics will refuse to go to war under those circumstances. The rest of the population of Russia will also object. All this may result in a drastic destabilization in Russia, and a loss of control. Things may even reach extremes, ending in a military coup or disintegration of the Russian Federation.

    However, some details indicate that this particular script has bogged down. The world is different now. In the past, it was sufficient to torch the Reichstag or assassinate a prince; but now, even the horrors of September 11 no longer suffice.

    That is why some sort of “fuel” is needed to give the script momentum – terrorist attacks on the scale of September 11, but not in America alone. Over there, in Europe, and in Russia as well. Anthrax is just a prelude. Controllable terrorism, however, has its own limits. Russia knows, for example, that “Chechen terrorists” will no longer suffice. After all, linking them to Islam is fairly difficult.

    But even that is not the key point. Certain indirect aspects indicate that the script considered here is not the only one. Most probably, it is not even the whole script, just part of an even larger one. In accordance with the latter, Russia and the Muslim world fighting each other are not the only objectives. The West and Israel are too. It follows that some unknown Contractor and Player must be present somewhere. This script becomes possible when we assume that some Western elites and secret services made a kind of covert pact with this still-unknown Player.

    All this is only made easier by the fact that the United States is internally not prepared to carry out the task; its elites are split, and the gap first shown in the Bush-Gore election is only widening. The dollar may fail to withstand the new war, and could actually begin falling soon. This would rekindle and legitimize long- standing racial tensions. The ideology of liberalism and democracy as the most effective system is dead. It is time this fact was recognized.

    And what might this new, unknown third force be like? It should be invisible and still in politics, like an old crocodile hunting, pretending to be a log in the water. The Americans don’t realize it yet – but it isn’t all that hard to understand that the third force is China.


    A few words about China as a super-power. Population in excess of 1.2 billion, economy larger than that of the United States, a professional army numbering almost 4 million men, gold and hard currency reserves enough to repel any American attack and virtually turn all of Southeast Asia into its own currency zone. An ample volume of dollars is a defense and a financial weapon to be used against the dollar itself. Throw a great deal of dollars into the market all at once, and the dollar will crash. A conflict with Taiwan may follow. It will be a conflict waged with American money, with American weapons, investment, and high technology. Add the nuclear factor here. Suffice it to recall the recent scandal when Chinese intelligence obtained all major nuclear secrets of the United States. Birth rates in China are no longer being kept down; defense spending has been increased. China is buying up armaments and military hardware.

    China has thoroughly studied the Western technique of getting out of crises via controllable armed conflicts and wars. It has written its own script for squeezing the United States off the world stage. The Western script becomes an episode in a larger game.

    Contents of the script:

    – while remaining inactive and all but invisible, China retains and replenishes its resources;

    – China supports actions of the West aimed at mutually assured destruction of Russia and the Muslim world;

    – China supports bilateral conflicts in line with the Western script;

    – China becomes ideologically active and active in the military sense when the moment is ripe;

    – when the conflicts are over, China moves into the new territories…

    The global conclusion is simple. This is the first time strategic interests of the West, Russia, Israel, and the Muslim world coincide. We can only survive together.

    Under the unfolding script, all of us are victims. China has already won, strategically and tactically.

    The test is plain – we will sink or swim together. The new global Chinese order will follow the rules the Americans drew up for themselves. What counts is that the “golden billion” of the world’s population alone will prosper; the remaining 4 billion are expendable. Unlike the United States, to say nothing of the Russians or Jews, China has this billion already. All of us are expendable in this wicked colonial system of distribution of resources.


    1. All efforts, including from the elite of international finance, should be made to stop the war.

    2. Russia should become the real leader of the new process. (It has already become it but not yet aware of the fact.) The West and Israel need a strategic alliance with the Muslim world more than anything else, and this alliance is possible only through Russia. Only Russia in an alliance with the Muslim world can keep China in check without conflicts, helping it find its new place in the world as another super-power.

    3. Leaders of Russia, America, Israel, Europe, Iran, India, and international financial capitals must initiate a dialogue over leaving this crisis behind and preventing events like those which swept America on September 11.

    A time of change is upon us, and it’s futile to wish we were living in some other era. We have to change ourselves and change the world…

    (Translated by A. Ignatkin)

  20. Wally says: • Website

    “Your comment is misleading regarding climate funds. Paris Green Climate fund is by no means the only climate fund.”

    Pay attention , I never said it was. Your using a typical false, strawman argument.

    My post was about “Who actually paid in to the Paris Green Climate fund“, which related to why Trump withdrew from the Paris scam.

    Do better next time.

  21. Moi says:

    The only conclusion: We Americans are the dumbest effers ever!

    • Replies: @jacques sheete
  22. renfro says:
    @Hank Rearden

    That “loudmouth South Carolina belle”

    A first generation US-Indian girl is definitely not a Southern Belle.
    Knowing the low country folks as I do, how she got elected in SC is beyond me.
    Although her campaign finance reports show 3/4 of her money came from out of state….that might explain a lot.

  23. @Moi

    We Americans are the dumbest effers ever!

    So true. We could have had it so good, but we’ve been massively raped and plundered mercilessly since 1913. Our own arrogance blinded us. While we were busy strutting around as heroes of the world, we were taking it in the shorts and never even noticed even though it was completely obvious and a few “conspiracy theorists” warned us.

    It couldn’t happen here.

    But it did.

    • Replies: @Joe Wong
  24. To even dream of catching up with Chinese production, the US would have to invest over $115 billion a year in manufacturing for the next three decades.

    This sum is rather less than 1% of US GDP, and could be achieved if the will (or suitable tax incentives) existed.

  25. While I agree with a lot of what James Petras said about America, I think he has rose colored lenses on when it comes to China. More than half of China’s rich plan to emigrate, with US being their favorite destination.

    Propagandists like James Petras can say whatever they want, the Chinese know better and are voting with their feet.

    • Replies: @Joe Wong
  26. Joe Wong says:
    @Joe Levantine

    Among the political systems, people believe democracy is superior because it has self correcting mechanism built in. If USA goes down then it is sad for democracy, it proves democracy is hype and its merits like self correcting are myth.

    • Replies: @Miro23
  27. Joe Wong says:

    Wally, if you think pumping exhaust gas continuously in increasing amount is harmless, why don’t you pipe your car exhaust into your home and let it run continuously to see whether the exhaust gas is good for you or not.

    • Replies: @Alden
  28. Joe Wong says:
    @Orwellian State

    A lot of people going back to Twin Towers to work on the 9/11 2001, are you saying those people going into Twin Towers prove Twin Towers safe?

    • Replies: @Orwellian State
  29. Joe Wong says:
    @jacques sheete

    We could have had it so good, but we’ve been massively raped and plundered mercilessly since 1913

    How about the citizens of the First Nations of the North America, not a sympathetic word about them? After all the citizens of the First Nations of the North America are the genuine owners of the North American, you know.

    • Replies: @Alden
  30. anon • Disclaimer says:

    I agree with the Libertarians. Time to make Siberia and West China the 51st and 52nd states or at least PR type commonwealths/Palau type compact allies.

  31. Mefobills says:

    insistence of their customers that their suppliers have manufacturing facilities closer to their plants.

    In the mid-90’s finance insisted that America move industry to China. Why? To get wage arbitrage. Greenmail techniques were used to induce recalcitrant Captains of Industry to relocate.

    China played along by issuing loans from their State Banks, and then forgiving said loans. This put Yuans into their money supply, and said Yuans were traded for dollars won in trade imbalance.

    China recycled their dollars back to U.S. and bought debt instruments (Tbills mostly) instead of buying American goods. Finance and U.S. government liked this arrangement as it kept interest rates low. (TBill price high = Interest rates low). China purposefully bought debt and not U.S. goods in a mercantile arrangement. U.S did not enforce imbalanced trade mechanisms, as govt was corrupted. Skiff and Skim bribe money was paid to American dock workers (to keep them quiet) and to arrange China goods on U.S. retail shelves.

    It takes two to Tango, and both Wall Street and China were in on the gambit. Finance Capitalism wants to either export jobs (and industry) for wage arbitrage or import third world workers for wage arbitrage. Capital is to be above labor. The U.S. actually moved away from Industrial Capitalism after WW2, only predatory finance capitalism took over and accelerated in the last 25 years. The opening up of former communist labor was attractive to finance.

    Now that U.S. wages are being driven down, only then are there squawks from industry about supply chain length causing “profit” reduction. On-shoring back to the U.S. is because U.S. workers have been reduced to low wage labor. The former Patrimony of the U.S. was off-shored so finance could take wage arbitrage. All the knowledge won in the trenches of industry was given away for a pittance. It is cheap to teach somebody (Chinese) your industry, but hard to invent.

    China is both mercantile and has Sovereign money power via their State Banks. The U.S., to recover, must dump finance capitalism overboard, and re-learn what industrial capitalism is. Finance access to corrupt politics has to be addressed. China has a stealth sovereign money system via their state banks. The Western world are dupes in thrall to false ((bankster)) economic ideology.

    • Replies: @Joe Wong
  32. Joe Wong says:

    You should know the USD is printed thru the thin air. In the old days of western imperialist colonialism the imperialists including the American have to do some physical work like using guns to do robberies and selling Opium in order to steal wealth from China, nowadays the American is stealing wealth from China with IOU printed thru the thin air.

    Your victimhood sentiment shows the Americans are greedy, ungrateful, lazy, and always claim credit where credit is not due which are the root of American de-industrialization, not because some other nations doing harm to the American.

    • Replies: @Mefobills
    , @Alden
  33. @Joe Wong

    A lot of people going back to Twin Towers to work on the 9/11 2001, are you saying those people going into Twin Towers prove Twin Towers safe?

    What on earth are you talking about? Both of those buildings came down completely, who could’ve gone back to work?
    China is mired in never before seen corruption, all the Chinese want is to participate in that corrupt system, take or give bribes, then take their share and get the hell out of dodge before it all comes crumbling down. If the US isn’t overrun by greedy Jews, we’d kill off the EB5 and keep these corrupt SOBs out.They are turning the US into another China.

    • Replies: @denk
    , @denk
  34. Mefobills says:
    @Joe Wong

    Joe Wong, what part of this statement don’t you understand?

    It takes two to Tango, and both Wall Street and China were in on the gambit.

    That is not victim-hood thinking. I am actually blaming a sector of the U.S. Did you not read what I wrote?

    Yes, absolutely, China stole the patrimony of America. Decades…generations of knowledge was transferred and then monetized. The past knowledge of america was lifted, and then transferred to China. That then broke the industrial cycle of Americans, where they improved their lives though innovating in the trenches of industry.

    China also did copy-cat thefts. Various means were done, either by copying outright, or doing the copying at night. The same workers who worked in American factories were employed in the copy operations. Some of the items copied were so exact that parts were interchangeable.

    American will work if the “money” system rewards it. America shifted away from industrial capitalism after WW2, and is in the grip of false ideology. Finance has harvested the excess economic output since the late 1970’s, then it shifted its focus to China, and then China benefited. American mainstreet, who invented most of the technology, has been shafted.

    Returning Chinese dollars DID GO INTO FINANCE rather than buying American goods… this is mercantilism pure and simple. The U.S. also allowed China to be mercantile, so again, the blame is two way.

    By the way, the Opium wars were due to Sassoon’s (Jews) who wanted their gold and silver back. There was a trade imbalance with China, so “financial types” in London decided to screw over Chinese and get them hooked on Opium.

    American’s originally got wealthy using Peshine Smith’s American system, which meant improving the health wealth and ability of Americans to then beat “coolie” labor. This meant using water wheels to power industry, and public health to improve labor capabilities. It also meant tariffs, to allow American industry to build out and become efficient.

    I’m always amazed at stuuppid Americans, and now I’m amazed at stuuuppid Chinese caught up in false narratives at odds with reality and real history.

    • Replies: @Alden
  35. Alden says:

    “modernization of a traditional society; cleansing the suites of corruption; diversifying the oil dependent economy; privatizing ARAMCO; and replacing camels and tents with a state-of-the-art mega city in the desert.”

    I remember all that blasted all over the press since around 1980.

  36. Alden says:

    The south east coastal Chinese were as involved in the Opium smuggling as the British sailors who brought the ships off shore where the Opium was loaded unto smaller Chinese boats and carried inside China though all the rivers and creeks.

    • Replies: @denk
    , @Joe Wong
  37. Alden says:
    @Joe Wong

    Does that mean that all the Chinese who have invaded San Francisco, San Marino and the San Gabriel Valley of California should go right back to China?

    Are you really Chinese? Most Chinese college students don’t swallow the liberal arts hate America hate Whites garbage. You are like a parody of a standard liberology lecture by some fat black lesbian affirmative action adjunct professor.

    • Replies: @denk
  38. Alden says:
    @Joe Wong

    You do realize that the Opium war was done by Britain, not America? You do realize that Shanghai and the other trading ports were built by British, Germans and French?

    Or don’t you? Constantly accusing America of having participated in the Opium War is the height of ignorance. It was Britain. Or are you too ignorant to know there is a difference between America and Britain.

    You sound like a muslim attacking America for the crusades that ended hundreds of years before Whites came to America.

    • Replies: @Joe Wong
  39. Alden says:
    @Joe Wong

    Never been to China have you? Neither have i, but Chinese nationals tell me that when they go back to see family they can’t see across the street or even the back yard because of the pollution.

    That’s even in some small towns and rural areas. One Chinese told me he had not seen a blue sky in his entire month long vacation until he got on the plane going leaving China.

    • Replies: @Joe Wong
  40. Alden says:
    @Hadji Gegenraum

    There are so many buffalo now that there are ranches that raise and slaughter them for the meat.

    • Replies: @random rand
  41. denk says:
    @Orwellian State

    ‘If the US isn’t overrun by greedy Jews, we’d kill off the EB5 and keep these corrupt SOBs out.They are turning the US into another China.’ [sic]

    Anybody who can turn a robber

    into a productive worker

    ought to be saluted !

  42. denk says:


    Does whitey B.S. ever stop ?

    How does that absolve the whiteys from that heinous crime, launching the opium war to force that poison down China’s throat….
    after the Chinese begged them to stop that illicit trade ??

    • Replies: @Alden
    , @Alden
  43. denk says:

    Does that mean that all the Chinese who have invaded San Francisco, San Marino and the San Gabriel Valley of California should go right back to China?

    Hey kid,
    The EB5 paid a fortune to get a green card.
    I heard some of your premium unis practically beg for foreign students, without which they’d go bust !

    As for those invaders of North America….

    I agree that they should go right back to where they came from !


  44. Joe Wong says:

    Funny I heard the similar stories from the American nationals particular from those blacks, Indian Americans or ME Americans telling about the USA, lakes are peach black because of fracking oil exploration; everybody carries three guns all day long because rampage of gun shooting at kindergartens, music concerts, shopping malls,…; all police wears Nazi black uniform and they shoot first ask later; foods are all GMO that caused new born with horns and green faces; …

  45. Miro23 says:
    @Joe Wong

    Among the political systems, people believe democracy is superior because it has self correcting mechanism built in. If USA goes down then it is sad for democracy, it proves democracy is hype and its merits like self correcting are myth.

    Wrong Wong, real Democracies with high citizen participation and local decision making, easily last for centuries (e.g. Switzerland) in peace and with high living standards.

    The U.S.A. isn’t a Democracy, it’s a highly centralized special interest Plutocracy in the process of being looted. It only has a Democratic facade, so when it goes down it won’t be a judgment on Democracy.

    • Agree: Alden
    • Replies: @Joe Wong
  46. Joe Wong says:

    Denying the American in Opium smuggling by blaming the coolies? No wonder the American calls their bombing, killing and waterboarding on the fabricated phantom WMD allegations as humanitarian intervention.

    You should know American involvement in illicit drug trade is well known fact, cocaine in Colombia, and shabu in the Philippines were all carry strong American scent, even the Opium poppy fields in Afghanistan are patrolled by the American troops in the name of war on drugs.

    • Replies: @Anon
    , @Alden
    , @Alden
  47. Joe Wong says:

    The American may wish to white wash their Opium trade crimes by not mentioning it at all, but the fact is that American rode the British coattail and profited a lot by selling Opium in China. American even set up a United States Court for China to make sure their Opium businesses in China were protected under the American laws like the British, no Chinese could intervene it, not to mention stopping it.

    You should know the Chinese ports were already there for centuries for Chinese own trades domestically and internationally, but the Gweilo were not allowed to use them for their Opium trade. The unequal treaties forced those ports to be opened for the British and their imperialist gangs to wreck havoc to Chinese indigenous industries and societies. The British and Germans expanded the ports so they could do harm to China in industrial scale. French, there are hardly any trace what the French has built in China.

    People said the British imitates Romans, the American is born out of the British, while the Romans called genocide and salted the earth creating peace; in according to the history, there are hardly any difference between the British and the American, both of them are war mongers and causing chaos to the mankind.

    You sound like an uneducated redneck colonial, hardly know anything about history but totally immersed in the neocon and neolibcon revisionist narratives.

    • Replies: @Alden
    , @Alden
  48. Anon • Disclaimer says:
    @Joe Wong

    Denying the American in Opium smuggling by blaming the coolies?

    New England opium trade produced considerable wealth for America, which used the money to jump-start the industrialization in Northeast.

    Five Elite Families Who Made Their Fortunes in the Opium Trade
    There’s dirty money buried in the basement of some of America’s wealthiest and most powerful families.

    4. The Delano Family.Warren Delano, Jr., the grandfather of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, was chief of operations for Russell & Co., another Boston trading firm which did big business in the China opium trade in Canton.

    • Replies: @Alden
  49. Joe Wong says:

    The American proclaims they are the standard bearer of democracy and the western democracies endorse it. The American and western democracies carry out crusades to spread democracy on the moral high ground for centuries, The USA is synonymous to democracy, just like the USSR is synonymous to communism, you cannot disassociate USA from democracy because it is inconvenient for you for the moment. The USA needs to carry the responsibility of the demise of democracy just like the USSR carried the responsibility of the demise of communism.

    Academically democracy is the facade to gloss over selfishness, greed and irresponsibility under the banner of freedom, it is inferior to other political philosophies that tackle the well-being of humanity holistically.

    • Replies: @Miro23
  50. denk says:
    @Orwellian State

    ‘We’ll keep those corrupt SOB out’

    Good luck with that !


  51. Miro23 says:
    @Joe Wong

    Academically democracy is the facade to gloss over selfishness, greed and irresponsibility under the banner of freedom, it is inferior to other political philosophies that tackle the well-being of humanity holistically.

    America is a disaster of out of control Special Interests, that are busy looting the country – in no way is it the standard bearer of Democracy – whatever Americans may say, or however much you want it to be. It’s rapidly turning into a failed state.

    A true Democracy is something completely different.

    For example, Switzerland speaks four different languages, is a mixture of ethnicities, and has a Democracy that has successfully held it together since the 15th Century.
    They localize political power at the Cantonal (State) level with the majority of taxes raised and spent locally. Every citizen is required to consider and debate issues so that there is maximum clarity before a local vote. This includes national issues like immigration (stopped) or gay marriage (OK but without the adoption of children). The beauty of this system is that Washington type Special Interests are excluded.

    The idea is “Subsidiarity” – pushing power and responsibility down to the lowest practical level possible – but they can still co-operate to run world class companies, and they rate among the best in the world for indicators of freedom and social welfare.

    • Replies: @Joe Wong
  52. Joe Wong says:

    What you portrayed an idealized Switzerland is socialism, it has nothing to do with democracy the West (under the American leadership) claimed they are the custodian. Grass-root participation in deciding public affairs and electing leaders is a natural evolution of human societies/civilization, all tribes practice this kind of “democracy” since human beings starting to form tribes all over the world, it is neither unique nor invented by the western democracy.

    Anyhow claiming credit where credit is not due is not going save a flawed and corrupted political system which is rotten to the core but being glossed over by a facade of hypocrisy.

    BTW Switzerland is known for maintaining local integrity tirelessly like the unrepentant war criminal Japanese, they are foreigner aversion.

    • Replies: @Alden
  53. Alden says:
    @Joe Wong

    Check out the date of the Opium war. It was more than a century before America got involved in Afghanistan.

    • Replies: @Joe Wong
  54. Alden says:
    @Joe Wong

    The Chinese opium smugglers certainly were not coolies. Or if they were, they soon became wealthy. the S. China opium smugglers were the prosperous owners of boats that had been trading and carrying good up and down the rivers and creeks and bays long before the British ships off loaded the Opium onto the smugglers boats.

    Coolies don’t own boats.

  55. Alden says:

    You are confusing Britain and America. The opium war was a British vs Chinese government war. America had absolutely nothing to do with it.

    • Replies: @George F. Held
  56. Alden says:
    @Joe Wong

    Then why is Geneva full of arab immigrant women in full veils and burkhas?

    • Replies: @Joe Wong
  57. Alden says:

    The Delanos and Russells may have grown and processed Opium, but it was the British who declared war on and invaded China when the Chinese government outlawed it.

    And what’s wrong with opium? Its first major use was by the surgeons in the American civil war. Were it not for opium, surgery would still be done with no pain killers in the “flashing hands” method. That was standard procedure for surgeons. Do it as fast and carelessly as possible to spare the patient pain. Of course fast and careless surgery didn’t work out as well as slow and careful surgery with the patient fully anesthesized.

    Pain killers, like automobiles and everything are a positive good if used properly. If idiots want to kill people with automobiles that’s not the fault of the automobile. If idiots want to kill themselves with over eating, pain killers, alcohol tobacco etc it’s their fault.

    Unlike tobacco which has no beneficial use, medicine has many useful applications, including making modern surgery and medicine possible.

    Try having surgery with no pain killers or anesthesia and see how you like it.

    • Replies: @Joe Wong
  58. Alden says:
    @Joe Wong

    You sound like a White American woman student in some 5th rate college who is too dumb to major in anything but grievance studies.

    If indeed you are a Chinese immigrant or the child of Chinese immigrants, please keep on posting. it’s good that Americans learn that our model minority hates America and Americans as much as the blacks and other liberals do.

    Read you own history.

    And I don’t mean Mao’s reign and the 19th century problems. Start about 1800 and go backwards. You will find that China has always swung between dictatorship from the northern capital to war lord anarchy. You will find that the well known corruption in China stems from the way the Chinese government has treated the Chinese for the last 4,000 years. You will find that the historic animosity of Vietnam for China stems from the fact that the Vietnamese were originally in China and fled the oppressive regimes that have ruled China for the last 4,000 years. You will learn that the historic animosity of S China towards the national governments in the northern capitol stems from the fact that the government treated S. China so badly.

    Why do you thing that most of the over seas Chinese diaspora comes from S. China.? Not in the last 2 centuries but for 2 thousand years? Because the Southerners were treated so badly.

    You might want to look at what happened in China during the 19th century. In addition to being unable to fight off the British opium smugglers, China endured the Taiping rebellion/civil war. Officially it lasted only 30 years, actually it lasted about 60 years. 10 million people died. It was something like America’s civil war, southern rebels against the northern government. The rebels destroyed millions of acres of land in the fertile south.

    That’s why so many S. Chinese fled to the rest of Asia. In addition to one of the worst civil wars in history, 19th century China suffered from 2 severely retarded Emperors in a row, father and son. The Empresses did the best they could, but the situation was impossible, especially with the Beijing officials steaing everything they could.

    I learned my Chinese history in the Cecil Green library. Sounds like you learned yours in the Grievance
    Studies Department at Podunk University.

    Just because your name is Wong doesn’t mean you anything about the history of your own country.
    if you are indeed Chinese.

    • Replies: @Daniel Chieh
  59. Alden says:
    @Joe Wong

    Your ignorance of 19th and early 20th century Chinese history is laughable. The French were major players in both the building and businesses of Shanghai.

    • Replies: @Joe Wong
  60. Alden says:

    So all White people even this born a 150 years after the Opium war responsible for what the British did. You don’t seem to be aware that there are many nationalities of Whites, some don’t even live in Europe.

    Are all Chinese responsible fro what Mao and his communists did? Are all Asians, Chinese included responsible for what the Japanese did to the Chinese, Philippines and others during WW2?

    According to you , they are because of their race. You and Joe Wong, because you are Asian are responsible for the atrocities carried out by the Japanese on the Chinese during the 1930’s and WW2.

    It’s good to know what Asians in America think of White Americans. Keep posting your Podunk University Grievance Studies ignorance. Expose the Asian hatred of White Americans who had nothing to do with the Opium war. Let us know what you think of us.

    You sound exactly like the muslims and the ignorant White liberals who blame America for the crusades which ended centuries before Europeans invaded America.

    The 17 and 18 century Chinese sure liked the Americans and British who sailed to China and bought their manufactured products especially the lovely furniture dishes wallpaper and decorative art things.

    Chinese manufacturers and wholesalers made a fortune from the Europeans who loved the beautiful Chinese household things. It’s an entire school of decoration called Chinoserie. China made a fortune from that trade.

    • Replies: @denk
  61. @Alden

    FWIW, I think he’s just a troll.

    At the very least, he’s not a Chinese immigrant but I believe is posting from mainland China.

    • Replies: @Joe Wong
  62. denk says:

    Is English your natural language ?
    WTF is this rant about ?

    I merely call out your B.S., i.e.,
    whitewashing the opium war with the excuse of ‘Chinese compradors’

    It’s good to know what Asians in America think of White Americans. Keep posting your Podunk University Grievance Studies ignorance. Expose the Asian hatred of White Americans who had nothing to do with the Opium war. Let us know what you think of us

    Wrong again !
    I dont live in murica and have no wish to visit that banana republic,
    especially after reading the venom spilled by white trash !

    So you dont like moslems ?
    I guess the feeling is mutual .
    Its understandable,
    How many moslem countries have you bombed lately ?

  63. Joe Wong says:
    @Daniel Chieh

    You call people troll when they expose the American lies, they lie about the present, about the past, even about the future, they lie day and night, relentlessly; and the American founding dogmas are based on deception, their history is based on false pathos and insincere heroism? No wonder the American calls their bombing, killing and waterboarding on fabricated phantom WMD allegations as humanitarian intervention.

  64. Joe Wong says:

    Did I say the French and even the the American were not part of the thieves stealing from China? I said the French was so mean they even did not want to spend some in order to steal massively like the Brits and German.

  65. Joe Wong says:

    Yes, the American is the real McCoy in illicit drug businesses, they are still in it even the Brits has got of it decades ago, USA is the biggest cocaine market by no means of accident, man.

  66. Joe Wong says:

    Try having surgery with no pain killers or anesthesia and see how you like it.

    It seems the American enjoys having surgery on others with no pain killers or anesthesia a lot, the American military did practice a lot of surgeries with no pain killers or anesthesia on the Haitians in the name of earthquake aids in order to gain field operation experience. The American even operated on the Haitians in the open air instead of modern facilities nearby.

    You got it wrong about tobacco, cocaine, marijuana, LSD, meth, etc., they are mental distress order relieve medicine and pain killer too, the American should not ban them and should legalize them.

  67. Joe Wong says:

    Did I say the French and even the the American were not part of the thieves stealing from China? I said the French was so mean they even did not want to spend some in order to steal massively like the Brits and German.

  68. Joe Wong says:

    The Moors does not view Europe belongs to the White historically, just like the Americas and Australia do not belong to the White historically in the eyes of rest of the world. What’s wrong with the Moors getting back to where used to be theirs?

  69. @Alden

    You’re a knowledgeable guy but surely if we were to apportion blame for the Opium trade the British navy would be ranked quite high on the list of those responsible. If the British navy wasn’t involved the Qing dynasty would have had a pretty easy time stamping out the opium trade from south east coastal Chinese opium smugglers. If you’re trying to insinuate that the Chinese were as responsible for the Opium trade as the British then that’s just wrong.

  70. @Alden

    The opium war was run by and for jews like David Sassoon
    “Established 1832 in Bombay (today Mumbai) by David Sassoon (1792–1864), a Baghdadi Jewish businessman in Bombay. The company was set up in a small counting house at 9 Tamarind Street (does not exist any longer) initially involved in banking activities and property investments.[1] But it soon started to deal successfully in all sorts of commodities like precious metals, silks, gums, spices, wool and wheat. But by the time it specialised in trading Indian cotton yarn and opium from Bombay to China. The latter was promoted by the First Opium War and the Treaty of Nanking in 1842 between the United Kingdom and the Chinese Qing dynasty.[2] For the fast transport of the opium David Sassoon & Co. ran its own so called ″opium clippers”.[3]

    As David Sassoon & Co. expanded it set up branches in India (Calcutta, Karatchi), in China (Hongkong (est. 1843), Canton, Hankow, Shanghai (eat. 1845)), Japan (Kobe, Nagasaki, Yokohama), in the Persian Gulf (Bagdad) and in the United Kingdom (London, Manchester).

    Like the Rothschilds in Europe David Sassoon placed his many sons as heads of newly established branches of his company.[4] But he remained the sole owner of the business until 1852, when his son Abdallah Sassoon (1818–1896) joined him as a partner, followed by his second son Elias David Sassoon (1820–1880) shortly afterwards.[5] “

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