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Brexit: A Workers’ Response to Oligarchs, Bankers, Flunkies and Scabs
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Introduction: The European Union is controlled by an oligarchy, which dictates socio-economic and political decisions according to the interests of bankers and multi-national business. The central organs of power, the European Commission (EC), the European Central Bank (ECB) and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) have systematically imposed austerity programs that have degraded working conditions, welfare programs, and wages and salaries.

EU policies demanding the free immigration of non-unionized workers to compete with native workers have undermined wage and workplace protections, union membership and class solidarity. EU financial policies have enhanced the power of finance capital and eroded public ownership of strategic economic sectors.

The European Union has imposed fiscal policies set by non-elected oligarchs over and against the will and interests of the democratic electorate. As a result of EU dictates, Greece, Spain, Portugal and Ireland have suffered double-digit unemployment rates, as well as massive reductions of pensions, health and educational budgets. A huge transfer of wealth and concentration of decision-making has occurred in Europe.

Rule by EU fiat is the epitome of oligarchical rule.

Despite the EU’s reactionary structure and policies, it is supported by Conservatives, Liberals, Social Democrats, Greens and numerous Leftist academics, who back elite interests in exchange for marginal economic rewards.

Arguments for the EU and their Critics

The pro-EU power elite base their arguments on concrete socio-economic interests, thinly disguised by fraudulent ideological claims.

The ideological arguments backing the EU follow several lines of deception.

They claim that ‘countries’ benefit because of large-scale transfers of EU payments. They omit mentioning that the EU elite secures the privatization and denationalization of strategic industries, banks, mass media and other lucrative national assets. They further omit to mention that the EU elite gains control of domestic markets and low wage labor.

The EU argues that it provides ‘free movements’ of capital, technology and labor – omitting the fact that the flows and returns of capital exclusively benefit the powerful imperial centers to the detriment of less advanced countries and that technology is controlled and designed by the dominant elites which also monopolize the profits. Furthermore, the ‘free flow of labor’ prejudices skilled productive sectors in less developed countries while reducing salaries, wages and benefits among skilled workers in the imperial centers.

The EU : A Self-Elected Dictatorship of Empire Builders

‘Integration into the EU’ is not a union of democratic participants; the decision-making structure is tightly controlled by non-elected elites who pursue policies that maximize profits, by relocating enterprises in low tax, low wage, non- unionized regions.

European integration is an integral part of ‘globalization’, which is a euphemism for the unimpeded acquisition of wealth, assets and financial resources by the top 1%, shared, in part, with their supporters among the top 25%.

The EU promotes the concentration of capital through the merger and acquisition of multi-national firms which bankrupt local and national, medium and small scale industries.

Political and Academic Satraps of the EU Elites

The European Union’s oligarchy has organized a small army of highly paid politicians, functionaries, advisers, experts and researchers who support the European Union in a manner not unlike NGO workers in the developing world – answerable only to their ‘foreign’ paymasters.

Numerous Social Democrats draw stipends, travel expenses, lucrative fees and salaries as members of commissions and serve on impotent ‘legislative’ assemblies.

Academics advise, consent —and draw duplicate salaries from membership in the EU bureaucracy. Journalists and academics ‘front’ for the EU oligarchy by playing a leading propaganda role. For example, they have been busy slandering British pro-democracy, anti-EU voters by (1) calling for a new referendum and (2) questioning the right of the working class electorate to vote on issues like the recent EU referendum.

The leading financial press adopts a demagogic pose accusing the pro-democracy voters of being ‘racists’, ‘nativists’, or worse, for ‘opposing Eastern European immigration’.

In fact, the vast majority of workers do not oppose immigrants in general, but especially those who have taken once-unionized jobs at wages far below the going rates for established workers, on terms dictated by employers and with no ties or commitment to the community and society. For decades British workers accepted immigrant labor from Ireland because they joined unions at wage rates negotiated by union leaders, won by long workers struggle and voted with the majority of English workers. Under the EU, Britain was flooded with Eastern European workers who acted as ’scabs’ displacing skilled British workers who were told it was ‘progress’. This acted to destroy the prospects of their own children entering a stable, skilled labor market.

The financial press’s lurid descriptions of the British workers’ anti-EU ‘racism’ against Polish immigrant labor ignores the long history of Warsaw’s virulent hostility to immigrants–namely the refugees from the wars in the Middle East. The Polish government and population exhibit the most furious opposition to sheltering the thousands of Middle East and African war refugees, while claiming that they are not ‘Christians’ or might pose cultural or even terrorist threats against the ethnically pure Polish population.

Some of the British workers’ hostility toward Polish workers has a recognized historical basis. They have not forgotten that Polish strike breakers took the side of ‘Iron Lady’ Thatcher’s militarized assault against unionized UK miners during the great coal strikes and even offered to export coal to aid the Conservative government in breaking the strike. As such, EU-Polish immigrant workers are not likely to integrate into the militant British working class culture.

The Polish regime’s aggressive promotion of the economic sanctions against Russia has further undermined English jobs linked to that large and growing market.

The financial press ignores the fact that Polish immigrants ’scab’ on unionized British workers in the construction industry, undercutting long-established UK plumbers, electrical workers, carpenters and laborers – who have multiple generational ties to their communities and work. The EU elites use the importation of Polish workers to strengthen the reactionary labor policies of the employers


After the fall of Communism, Polish workers backed a succession of right-wing regimes in Warsaw, which privatized and denationalized industries and eroded their welfare system leading to their own impoverishment. Poles, instead of fighting against these neo-liberal regimes at home, headed for England and have been helping the British bosses ever since in their own anti-labor campaigns to reduce wages and decrease worker access to decent, affordable housing, public services, education and medical care.

The Eastern Europeans became the willing recruits of the EU reserve army of labor to raise profits for industrial and finance capital thus further concentrating wealth and power into the hands of the British oligarchs.

To label British workers’ antipathy to these EU policies over the free entry of cheap immigrant labor, as ‘racist’, is a blatant case of blaming workers for opposing naked capitalist profiteering. It is not hard to imagine how the Poles would react if skilled Syrian electricians were taking their jobs!

The pro-EU prostitute press claims that the pro-democracy voters are ‘anti-globalization’ and a threat to England’s living standards and financial stability.

In fact, labor votes in favor of trade but against the relocation of English industry overseas. Labor votes for for greater investment in the UK and greater regional diversity of productive, job-creating sectors, as opposed to the concentration of capital and wealth in the parasitic finance, insurance and real estate sectors concentrated in the City of London.

The EU-City of London-financial oligarchy have priced labor out of the housing market by promoting the massive construction of high-end luxury condos for ‘their kind of immigrant’, i.e. the millionaire and billionaire Chinese, Russian, Indian, Eastern European and US plutocrats who flock to London’s famous tax-evasion and money-laundering expertise.

The scribes of the EU-City oligarchy who claim that exit from the EU will lead to a cataclysmic breakdown are blatantly scaremongering. In fact, the stock and bond market, which declined for less than a week, rebounded sharply, as trade, production and demand were scarcely affected by the vote.

The hysteria-peddlers among the financial press resounded . . . in the minds and pockets of the City of London speculators. They rightly feared that their own lucrative financial operations could relocate overseas.


If and when the EU – City end their oligarchical control over the British economy, workers will gain an opportunity to debate and elect freely their own representatives and have a say in their own government. Leaving the EU is just the first step. The next move will be to change the rules for immigrant labor to accord with the standards of wages and conditions set by UK trade union organizations.

The following steps would include subordinating the banks to the needs of industry, investment in public housing for workers and the development of local technology for domestic producers.

The cleavage between productive labor and the EU parasites and their political hangers-on requires a new political leadership with a democratic foreign policy, which precludes overseas wars and imperial alliances.

The break with the EU logically and persuasively argues for a break with NATO and an opening toward free trade with Russia, China and the new dynamic global markets. The end of the EU can help weaken the strategic partnership between the European and City of London oligarchs. No doubt, the latter will not go without a class war of unprecedented ferocity, involving financial lockouts, manufactured fiscal crises, street mobs and parliamentary coups at the top of their agenda.

Only if the democratic electoral majority becomes a cohesive and combative class movement, in and out of Parliament, can they convert the referendum from a temporary electoral win to a stable basis for structural transformation.

Only a democratic majority can implement a fair and equitable immigration policy that strengthens labor and welfare policies and which would be based on the traditional values of British trade unionism and not on some criteria parroted by the ‘house servants’ for the lords of the EU-London ‘Downton Abbey’.

(Republished from The James Petras Website by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Foreign Policy • Tags: Brexit, EU 
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  1. Excellent. This is the most (the only?) article on Brexit to cover the real issues with depth and honesty.

    • Replies: @exiled off mainstreet
  2. @Brás Cubas

    I agree. This is an excellent essay on what has to be done and why those opposed to Brexit are the traitors.

  3. utu says:

    Poland and Poles and Polacks in general are responsible for Brexit? Very, very interesting.

    There were no Polish scabs in UK in Thatcher times. Poland at that time was under the martial law and no emigration was possible. Was UK buying coal from Poland at that time? Maybe, but did any other country refuse to sell coal to UK on account of British coal miners? I doubt it. But if Poland was selling coal Prof. Petras should lodge complaints with Communist Workers Party that was ruling Poland on behalf of Soviets. I am sure he may still have his old contacts or old KGB paymasters there though perhaps now retired in dachas around Moscow or in Sochi.

    After Poland joined EU UK was the first country to open borders to Polish workers. They did not have to do it. But they did it because at that time UK ruling class and its 10 top percents were engaging in flipping houses and other neoliberal enterprises like wiping out Polish economy and its industrial base The privatizations was agreed in late 1980s during the meeting in NY between Rockefeller and general Jaruzelski. There was also a Soros plan. Once communists vacated power and become comprador capitalists the plan was carried out by Harvard boys like Jeffrey Sacks. Lots of it went through London banks. In the end the plan worked perfectly. In the deindustrialized UK Brits were flipping houses and were having them repaired and prepared for the next flip by Polish workers who were purged by the same process of neoliberal deindustrialization but in Poland.

    Brexit vote would produce opposite result if the true ruling class did not want it. Brits ended up voting for Brexit because that was the real plan. All what we hear in media about a surprise and regrets is a pure dissimulation to legitimize the authenticity of British democratic process. The true ruling class of the world has a different plan for Germany and for UK it’s better to be decoupled from EU if it wants to go unscathed. It is Germany that is fighting for her life not UK. UK will be OK. After all it is a part of the Zio-Anglo-American axis.

    Prof. Petras enjoy your retirement and stay in your dacha. The world will go hell regardless of your diagnoses.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @Clearpoint
  4. CanSpeccy says: • Website

    Only a democratic majority can implement a fair and equitable immigration policy that strengthens labor and welfare policies and which would be based on the traditional values of British trade unionism

    The democratic majority in Britain, about 70% of the population according to numerous opinion polls, have consistently expressed their strong opposition to mass immigration, and just as consistently, their wishes have been ignored and they have been repeatedly lied to and misled on this issue.

    The Labour Party under Bliar covertly accelerated immigration with the intention of changing the face of Britain, i.e., genociding the British nation. The conservatives came to power under Cameron who had stated during the election campaign that “immigration must be gripped.” But all Cameron achieved was to double the excessive immigration rate established by the Blair government to the current flood of 600,000 a year. This, to a country with a below replacement fertility, means rapid population replacement, with the English now a minority in London, Leicerster, Luton and soon, England’s second city, Birmingham, where English children in elementary school are not even the largest minority.

    Without a mechanism for punishing liars and swindlers in government, there is no democracy. In September, the British Parliament will debate the question of whether Tony Blair committed contempt of Parliament with his lies about Iraq’s non-existent WMD prior to the Iraq war. If Britain’s Parliamentarians have any balls, which since the retirement of Margaret Thatcher, none of them does, they would impeach Blair and order him sent to the Tower to be executed in the traditional way, with an ax and chopping block. It would give his successors pause for thought.

  5. edNels [AKA "geoshmoe"] says:

    All this is sad and tells the story.

    They used to harangue about the ”Communists”, but who are the real… Communists?

    Corporate/Communists… anybody? Communist/Fascists, who cleverly changed their feathers.

  6. The unions themselves are not entirely free of culpability in this matter. We should all remember their excesses from the ’60s and ’70s:
    Incessant strikes
    Labyrinthine work regulations
    Low productivity.
    Even Monty Python used to parody these facts and they were all hardcore Leftists to a man.
    While the points you made in the article are all true, it is disingenuous to suppose that British unions didn’t bring any antipathy on themselves. It’s a bit like imagining that the Jews, who have been expelled from every European country at one time or another, were simply innocent victims of irrational anti-Semites.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  7. Another SJW spouting socialist nonsense from the safety of the academic ivory tower. There are so many distortions and misinterpretations in this article it hardly bears the title of nonsense, how is it working out for your socialist compatriots in Venezuela, eh James?
    I am old enough to remember the chaos in Britain in the 50s, 60s and 70s: Power workers wouldn’t produce power, steel workers wouldn’t produce steel, miners wouldn’t dig coal, railway workers wouldn’t run the trains, all nationalized industries, run primarily for the benefit of their respective work forces. Private industry was manufacturing shoddy goods in obsolete factories. The primary problem of the EU and the other ruinously indebted nations, including the US, is that unpayable debts have been run up for social purposes; welfare, healthcare, pensions, allowances of all sorts. Disastrous Central Bank policies the world over have been directed toward the single goal of allowing their populations to live way beyond their means, the results of these policies are now becoming apparent. England is a classic case; Brexiteers maintain that Britain will become a global trading power, what are they smoking? Britain failed at that in 1880 when they controlled, directly or indirectly about 1/3 of the world. Currently England has a food deficit, a fuel deficit, a technology deficit, a technical skills deficit, a productivity deficit, a work ethic deficit and financially a trade deficit and a current account deficit, sound hopeful to you?

  8. Rehmat says:

    YES – Dr. Petras, the European Union is totally controlled by the Organized Jewry through United States, France and German – all Israeli colonies. Its current president Martin Schultz is a German Zionist Jew.

    European Union was established by big bankers and its policies are controlled by Zionist Jews. On May 9, 2016, Ari Paul spill the bean at ‘The Jewish Daily Forward’. He said that “Jews need the European Union – Warts and all.”

    On March 9, 2016, the LA-based Public Interest Investigation and ‘Spinwatch’ released its latest report, entitled, ‘The Israel Lobby and the European Union’, which took more than two years to complete. The report uncovers the matrix of relationships within the pro-Israel Jewish lobby – a social movement that overlaps considerably with the transatlantic Islamophobia industry. For example, key backers of the Israel lobby in Brussels include:

    • Irving Moskowitz, a California-based bingo multimillionaire who openly finances the Judaisation of east Jerusalem and West Bank settlements.

    • Sheldon Adelson, an American casino billionaire who uses his Israeli media empire to support long-time friend Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

    • Nina Rosenwald, heiress to the Sears Roebuck fortune who was dubbed by journalist Max Blumenthal as the sugar mama of anti-Muslim hate (here). She is founder of the NY-based Gatestone Institute, a tax deductible Israeli think tank.

    • Daniel Pipes, labeled by the Center for American Progress as part of a network of misinformation experts that “peddle hate and fear of Muslims and Islam“. On October 20, 2013, Daniel Pipes, claimed at Washington Post that Russia will become an Islamic state in the near future. However, this is not the first time Pipes cooked-up his Israeli Hasbara propaganda. He made a similar claim at his personal website on August 6, 2005.

    • Paul E. Singer, fanatic American billionaire who is the third largest donor to the 2016 Republican presidential campaign. Argentina’s pro-Israel president Mauricio Macri has agreed to pay Singer $832 million of claims on defaulted bonds.

    The report was prepared by Brussels-based Irish journalist David Cronin, Sarah Marusek (University of Johannesburg, South Africa), and professor David Miller (University of Bath), and published by the Europal Forum, a pro-Palestine group.

    The report challenges the secrecy surrounding this transatlantic network. It identifies where pro-Israel groups receive their funding and how some of their donors have facilitated Israel’s illegal colonization of the West Bank, including East Jerusalem; examines how the lobby has persuaded European law-makers to refrain from sanctioning Israel over its human rights abuses; and analyses how Israel’s supporters have been trying to undermine grassroots campaigning for justice in Palestine.

  9. nobody101 says:

    My response being what has this got to do with the reality of the situation, I checked “Multi-Nationals on Trial: Foreign Investment Matters” and it became clear what situation this reality is all about.
    We certainly live in interesting times.
    But please no resurrecting of spectres of the past with regards to the vile game of ‘blame the immigrant’. And less of the crowd-pleasing rhetoric to stir the emotions.
    But as for the exploitation of the wealthy, who cannot agree, but those who exploit them.
    I do wonder if the choice made to leave was sensible.
    Has Brexit got a series of BITs coming? Quite probably. I doubt the conditions attached will be good, except for the new oligarchs whoever they may be. I pity those in the UK who cannot see this and reserve my thoughts on those who will undoubtedly ignore it.
    I get the feeling there are very hard times coming for those who aren’t fair and square behind the power of the union, given the crude assumption herein outlined that all those who aren’t all for the power of the union are somehow complicit in the reign of moneyed interests.
    I hope that day will not come and people will not find a new set of victims to scapegoat.
    As I am sure the writer of this article would too. Maybe he’d like to make that clearer before I get shouted down by those who can’t wait to confirm their own prejudices?

  10. from slavery, to feudalism, to capitalism, labor has always been under attack. the power of wealth has subsumed the needs of the many for the needs of the few. democracy is not possible in any of the three economic systems.
    all over the world states raise armies and hire police to keep the rabble under control. since there are far more have-nots than haves, violence must be employed as a means to keep wealth in power.
    as well, the division of societies into individual states serves to keep the have-nots separated, thus keeping them from banding together. this makes the proles of the world more manageable.
    short of a stateless society – which is why wealth promotes racism, fear of other, war, class division, nationalism, breads & circuses – the haves will continue to exploit and emasculate labor.
    alas, i cannot promote a fairer economic system.
    utopia will never exist. but capitalism fails the majority of the world’s population.

    • Replies: @Seamus Padraig
  11. Priss Factor [AKA "Anonymny"] says: • Website

    Progs and Globs have forged a new alliance.

    The PROGLOB.

    Paradoxically, the ambitious will side with those who harass them than those who caress them.
    As the saying goes, why pay for something you can get for free?

    With GOP and Cons being so willing to kiss Big Money’s ass, Big Money has never had to worry about them.
    But Dem and Progs were hounding the rich class of blah, blah, blah, so the Big Money had to cave to their extortion racket.
    Of course, the Dem and Progs had to harass Big Money with the willingness to be bought.
    After all, there’s no sense in paying those who will never accept compromise.
    Big Money can do ‘business’ with the Libs but not with communists.

    So, the rule is as follows.
    If you attack Big Money with the pure and radical intent to bring it down, Big Money will not cave to your demands. It will go with GOP and Cons.
    But… if you attack Big Money with the dirty intent to make it pay and even come to your side, Big Money may well cave to your demands. Especially if you hold the ‘cool’ cards(arts and culture), smart cards(academia and respectability), and moral cards(Civil Rights mythology and ‘progressive’ causes).

    Progrality — prog morality — is easier than social morality. Social morality means you have to be a good moral person in what you do as individual. Progrality means you can be a lout, pig, moron, and jerk but still remain on high ground with big talk about abstractions like ‘equality’, ‘diversity’, BLM, ‘love’, and all that crap.

  12. Anonymous [AKA "quiet desperation"] says:
    @Dr. Krieger

    How close to reality was the New Gas Cooker sketch?

    Still one of my favorites.

  13. Priss Factor [AKA "Anonymny"] says: • Website

    Workers can do only so much.

    Also, these elections and referendums come and go once in awhile.

    Real power is what happens everyday.

    People can win elections and referendums but still lose because they don’t control what happens everyday. People vote once every four yrs.
    Elites and insiders work tirelessly everyday to keep and expand their power(even when elections and such stuff go against them).

    Jews and homos won because they wormed into the inner corridors of power and worked day in and day out to push their agenda. They also amassed huge wealth and information that could be used to blackmail just about anyone. Since the kind of people who go into politics tend to be sleazos, they could be targeted with all sorts of things. I’ll bet most politicians of both parties had sex orgies, drugs, and etc.
    It’s all in the files. Jews and homos are the new J. Edgar Hoover.
    Indeed, why did Hoover have such power for so long REGARDLESS of who was president, which party had the power, and etc? It was because he worked 24/7 within the corridor of power to gain all sorts of info and dirt on everyone. Ironically, the Jews and homos who detest Hoover most gained most power by acting just like him.

    But then, Jews hate fascism because it is the model that they practice for themselves.
    When Jews say they hate fascism, they mean fascism for gentiles, not for Jews. Jews love fascism for Jews but, of course, Jews don’t call it ‘fascism’.
    It’s like Likud party is called ‘right’ but not ‘far right’. Israel is a fascist democracy. Like Mussolini’s Italy had a place for capitalism, statism, religion, atheism, modernity, tradition, militarism, nationalism, and internationalism, Israel has room for religious Jews, modern Jews, nationalism, militarism, and etc. To combine and harvest the energies and visions of all kinds of people within the tribe is fascism. Jews know it works for themselves. Why would Jews want to share their source of power with gentiles?
    Jews know that communism alone or capitalism alone will lead to failure. Communism destroys and suppresses too much individual initiative, innovation, and enterprise. Capitalism is great at creating wealth, but it lead to elite libertarianism whereby elites come to favor their own profits over good of nation, race, and culture.

    But, under fascism, racial-territorial nationalism must be the glue for controlled capitalism and socialism. Israel has some degree of socialism and free enterprise capitalism, but its main ideology is racial-territorial-historical-nationalism. Zionist socialism must be nationalist, not worldwide. Zionist capitalism must put Israel First.

    The masses think history is on their side if an election or referendum goes their way.
    But look at American history. The Conservatives won lots of elections since 68, but so much of America drifted to the other side. Why? Because when it came to daily workings of power, it was the Libs in Hollywood, media, academia, government, courts, and even churches who were pushing for their agenda. And homos were working 24/7 to gain entry into corridors of power, often closeted.
    US never had a Jewish president, but even under GOP rule, Jews were gaining more and more every year.
    While American Conservatives only paid attention to politics once every 4 yrs, Jews and Homos and others like them were working day in and day out for their own interests. Mormons are like the outlier among Conservatives. They are not complacent but work for Mormon power and influence tirelessly every day.

    Masses get to vote once awhile, but it is the elites, insider, and fanatics who work day in and day out the ultimate direction of power. Indeed, the elites remain in place even when elections go against them. Elites are not only in government but in media, academia, entertainment, finance, institutions, and etc. They got their think-tanks, well funded. Their NGO’s.
    The Deep State or the Creep State.

    All political struggles is the struggle for elite power. Masses are armies, but armies are nothing without commanders and generals.
    The Viet Cong were inspired to keep fighting in the rice paddies of South Vietnam because they knew they were serving a cause LED by those in Hanoi.

    In BATTLE OF ALGIERS, a young street thug joins the movement and has something to live for and die for because there is a movement led by Algerian patriots.

    The current white elites have lost the ‘mandate of heaven’, as the Chinese might say. They have lost the Divine Right of Kings, as the Europeans might say.
    In abandoning and betraying their own people in favor of Zio-globalists like George Soros and worse, the white elites must step aside. They have sold their souls, culture, and identity for 30 pieces of silver.

    White elites have lost their legitimacy or elitigimacy.

    The question is, Can the Alt Right play an inspirational role to create a new elite? Or will it forever be stuck in goofing around with frog memes and being snarky. Memes are mere ammo. It is not the strategy.

    • Replies: @Philip Owen
  14. Philip Owen [AKA "Soarintothesky"] says:

    mighty attack against a straw man EU unrecognizable in reality. Without the UK, the EU will deepen and turn into a serious confederation. The US will strain mightly to put the UK back in the EU orbit, even withdrawing from NATO to keep the UK in EuroNATO. This will appeal strongly to Trump and his Russian oligarch creditors who keep him out of bankruptcy courts. (This is not a secret).

    • Replies: @CanSpeccy
  15. Philip Owen [AKA "Soarintothesky"] says:
    @Priss Factor

    Patriotism was a tool of 500 year ago elites to consolidate their power and break religion. It is worse than valueless. It is morally foul.

    • Replies: @Priss Factor
  16. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    I’m glad that I wasn’t the only one who got a slight perception of Russian propaganda from this piece, but Wow! Is it well done. They are miles ahead of anyone (for the English language world at least) when it comes to this stuff, and truthfully, much of the points presented are valid, as good effective propaganda should always strive to effectively meld narrative manipulation with facts.

    • Replies: @utu
  17. CanSpeccy says: • Website
    @Philip Owen

    Trump and his Russian oligarch creditors who keep him out of bankruptcy courts. (This is not a secret).

    Would you please provide some details?

    • Replies: @Philip Owen
    , @Corvinus
  18. Priss Factor [AKA "Anonymny"] says: • Website
    @Philip Owen

    Religion is the opiate of the masses.

    Homomania is the enema of the asses.

  19. I am 100% betting on brexit never happening. this limbo will continue forever.

    the biggest evidence for the farce that is democracy. just like the greek referendum.

  20. utu says:

    Prof. Petras is old leftist who went rouge because he became very anti-Jewish at some point on the account of Palestinians probably or inborn antisemitism. Actually I liked some of his older articles. It haven’t occurred to me that he was doing a hatched for Moscow. I was rather thinking it was a product of old age senility.

  21. g2k says:

    The EU-City of London-financial oligarchy have priced labor out of the housing market

    Certainly true, at least in the more prosperous parts of the country, but the thing to bear in mind here is that this has been done with the connivance of pretty much everyone who owned a house at the time this was going on (1997-2007), which was a solid majority of the voting public and it’s a totally independent of EU. Property price inflation is a function of ridiculously draconian zoning laws and NIMBYism, abundance of credit (35+ year mortgages on 4+ times dual income), and yes immigration.

    In that respect it’s strange that the young who voted, voted overwhelmingly to remain but the older generation voted leave. Suspect the reason for this if primarily social. The most likely “negative” outcome of Brexit will be on house prices, which will hit the oldies and benefit the young.

  22. @Lawrence Fitton

    … as well, the division of societies into individual states serves to keep the have-nots separated, thus keeping them from banding together. this makes the proles of the world more manageable.

    I that’s true, then why are the élites so keen on “free” trade and open borders? It turns out that the rise of the nation state did ultimately give the workers a chance to organize themselves into unions, impose immigration restrictions and demand higher wages and better benefits … much to the chagrin of their capital-masters, who decided to scrap the nation-state model and erect a global empire instead.

  23. Svigor says:

    Internationalism and the brotherhood of man rank so much lower than nationalism and patriotism on the human pecking order that they’re over the latters’ horizon. Nobody gives a crap about the brotherhood of man. People die for their countries, their own kind.

    And it is good that these things are widely considered (privately, of course) worthless, because they are. And they’re morally repugnant, of course; what does a civilized person have in common with genital-mutilating savages in Africa, foot-binders and dog-eaters in China, child-molesters in MENA, etc? Nothing.

    “We all breave da same ayah.” “We all bleed red!” Yeah, that’s great, buddy. Us, and worms.

    • Replies: @Corvinus
  24. Svigor says:

    Hillary’s in bed with the Saudis, the Qataris, etc. I’ll take a president in bed with the Russians over that any day.

  25. Corvinus says:

    Speaking of details, perhaps you can entertain these questions.

    1) “Tax incentives for reproduction”–How do you rectify this solution with the fact that it is socialistic in nature, which is contrary to adherents of free markets?

    2) “A one-child or no-child policy enforced by all necessary constitutional means”–You just stated that democracy is a fraud, yet insist on using its mechanisms to implement your policies. Hypocrite? Yes.

    Riddle me this, How do YOU propose this policy be enacted and implemented in light of Constitutional protections and current legislation for YOUR country of origin? Stated another way, how would these courses of action be implemented under the particular constitutional constraints that prevail in the nation you reside in?

    Is there currently the mainstream support for these proposals, especially the current electorate–whom you characterize as being “dumb, low information, degenerates”–or ruling “elites”?

    What courses of action to counter the inevitable widespread dissension over these policies IF they were to enacted?

    What population size to YOU is “optimal”? How did you arrive at that conclusion?

    3) “A universal DNA fingerprint registry”–Please see above questions found in 2).

    • Replies: @CanSpeccy
  26. Corvinus says:

    “Nobody gives a crap about the brotherhood of man. People die for their countries, their own kind.”

    When you say “nobody”, you come across as a complete arrogant fool. Millions of people who are religious care deeply about the brotherhood of man and woman; in other words, for humanity. Regarding “their own kind”, that depends on how a citizen of a country feels about their fellow citizens. The American military, for example, has whites and blacks and Asians and Hispanics. All citizens. They would die for their country, for their own kind.

  27. CanSpeccy says: • Website
    @Philip Owen

    Thank you for the link, but I have to point out that it does nothing to confirm the existence of Trump’s “Russian oligarch creditors” of which you spoke.

    It reports (a) that Trump received payment for taking a beauty pageant that he owned to Moscow, but that was payment for service, not a loan; (b) that Russians have invested heavily in Trump assets, which makes Russians owners or part owners of Trump assets but it does not make them Trump creditors; and (c) that Trump would like to build a hotel in Moscow, which would add to the portfolio of Trump-branded hotels around the world, which again says nothing about whether or not Trump has Russian oligarch creditors.

    • Replies: @annamaria
  28. CanSpeccy says: • Website

    Corvinus, the questions you raise seem out of context here. Surely you on the wrong thread?

  29. Corvinus says:

    No, the questions are in the proper context, given that asked “would you please provide some details?”, and I had raised several questions on a related topic that you conveniently failed to address. Perhaps you should practice what you preach. I am here for discourse. What are you here for?

    • Replies: @CanSpeccy
  30. CanSpeccy says: • Website

    What are you here for?

    To comment on the article by Professor Petras.

    Whereas you, it seems, are here to interrogate me about issues with no relevance the article to which these comments are associated. Moreover, whatever I might say in response to your questions, I have reason to suppose that you would come back with even more questions framed in equally insolent language. Hence I have two good reasons to decline your insistent demand for a response.

  31. @utu

    Disagree with 2nd last paragraph. Oligarchs did not want Brexit. Is there a backup plan to minimize the damage? You bet. And that plan undoubtedly involves preventing other countries from exiting the European union, and making Britain suffer economically because of its decision. It will get real interesting if other countries follow. Clearly the massive immigration was designed to destabilize the culture and economic wellbeing of the citizens. It worked, but now they are fighting back. Politically now, but then what when the oligarchs resist the workings of democracy? They are vastly outnumbered and live in fear of the people waking up and saying enough. Secrecy and deception are their tools, but in the age of the internet, people are slowly but surely putting together the pieces. The bonds of trust are fraying, so it is in the best interests of the oligarchs to surrender some ground. In some ways it appears they see that; but in many other ways it appears they don’t.

  32. annamaria says:

    Thanks for touching the problem of foreign influence on American politicians, from Bush the Lesser’ wet kisses with Saudi princes to Clinton’ whoring for both Saudis and Israelis:
    “Saudi Arabia Has Funded 20% Of Hillary’s Presidential Campaign, Saudi Crown Prince Claims:”
    “Clinton’ fundraising in Tel Aviv:”
    “Hillary Clinton’s Top Donor Says She Would Be “Great” For Israel:”
    “Hilary Clinton: The Jewish Lobby’s Candidate:”

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