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A Decalogue of American Empire-Building: A Dialogue
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Few, if any, believe what they hear and read from leaders and media publicists. Most people choose to ignore the cacophony of voices, vices and virtues.

This paper provides a set of theses which purports to lay-out the basis for a dialogue between and among those who choose to abstain from elections with the intent to engage them in political struggle.

Thesis 1

US empire builders of all colors and persuasion practice donkey tactics; waving the carrot and wielding the whip to move the target government on the chosen path.

In the same way, Washington offers dubious concessions and threatens reprisals, in order to move them into the imperial orbit.

Washington applied the tactic successfully in several recent encounters. In 2003 the US offered Libyan government of Muammar Gaddafi a peaceful accommodation in exchange for disarmament, abandonment of nationalist allies in the Middle East, Africa and Asia. In 2011, the US with its European allies applied the whip – bombed Libya, financed and armed retrograde tribal and terrorist forces, destroyed the infrastructure, murdered Gaddafi and uprooted millions of Africans and Libyans. . . who fled to Europe. Washington recruited mercenaries for their subsequent war against Syria in order to destroy the nationalist Bashar Assad regime.

Washington succeeded in destroying an adversary but did not establish a puppet regime in the midst of perpetual conflict.

The empire’s carrot weakened its adversary, but the stick failed to recolonize Libya ..Moreover its European allies are obligated to pay the multi-billion Euro cost of absorbing millions of uprooteded immigrants and the ensuing domestic political turmoil.

Thesis 2

Empire builders’ proposal to reconfigure the economy in order to regain imperial supremacy provokes domestic and overseas enemies. President Trump launched a global trade war, replaced political accommodation with economic sanctions against Russia and a domestic protectionist agenda and sharply reduced corporate taxes. He provoked a two-front conflict. Overseas, he provoked opposition from European allies and China, while facing perpetual harassment from domestic free market globalists and Russo-phobic political elites and ideologues.

Two front conflicts are rarely successful. Most successful imperialist conquer adversaries in turn – first one and then the other.

Thesis 3

Leftists frequently reverse course: they are radicals out of office and reactionaries in government, eventually falling between both chairs. We witness the phenomenal collapse of the German Social Democratic Party, the Greek Socialist Party (PASOK), (and its new version Syriza) and the Workers Party in Brazil. Each attracted mass support, won elections, formed alliances with bankers and the business elite – and in the face of their first crises, are abandoned by the populace and the elite.

Shrewd but discredited elites frequently recognize the opportunism of the Left, and in time of distress, have no problem in temporarily putting up with Left rhetoric and reforms as long as their economic interests are not jeopardized. The elite know that the Left signal left and turn right.

Thesis 4

Elections, even ones won by progressives or leftists, frequently become springboards for imperial backed coups. Over the past decade newly elected presidents, who are not aligned with Washington, face congressional and/or judicial impeachment on spurious charges. The elections provide a veneer of legitimacy which a straight-out military-coup lacks.

In Brazil, Paraguay and Venezuela, ‘legislatures’ under US tutelage attempted to ouster popular President. They succeeded in the former and failed in the latter.

When electoral machinery fails, the judicial system intervenes to impose restraints on progressives, based on tortuous and convoluted interpretation of the law. Opposition leftists in Argentina, Brazil and Ecuador have been hounded by ruling party elites.

Thesis 5

Even crazy leaders speak truth to power. There is no question that President Trump suffers a serious mental disorder, with midnight outbursts and nuclear threats against, any and all, ranging from philanthropic world class sports figures (LeBron James) to NATO respecting EU allies.

Yet in his lunacy, President Trump has denounced and exposed the repeated deceits and ongoing fabrications of the mass media. Never before has a President so forcefully identified the lies of the leading print and TV outlets. The NY Times, Washington Post, the Financial Times, NBC, CNN, ABC and CBS have been thoroughly discredited in the eyes of the larger public. They have lost legitimacy and trust. Where progressives have failed, a war monger billionaire has accomplished, speaking a truth to serve many injustices.

Thesis 6

When a bark turns into a bite, Trump proves the homely truth that fear invites aggression. Trump has implemented or threatened severe sanctions against the EU, China, Iran, Russia, Venezuela, North Korea and any country that fails to submit to his dictates. At first, it was bombast and bluster which secured concessions.

Concessions were interpreted as weakness and invited greater threats. Disunity of opponents encouraged imperial tacticians to divide and conquer. But by attacking all adversaries simultaneously he undermines that tactic. Threats everywhere limits choices to dangerous options at home and abroad.

Thesis 7

The master meddlers, of all times, into the politics of sovereign states are the Anglo-American empire builders. But what is most revealing is the current ploy of accusing the victims of the crimes that are committed against them.

After the overthrow of the Soviet regime, the US and its European acolytes ‘meddled’ on a world-historic scale, pillaging over two trillion dollars of Soviet wealth and reducing Russian living standards by two thirds and life expectancy to under sixty years – below the level of Bangladesh.

With Russia’s revival under President Putin, Washington financed a large army of self-styled ‘non-governmental organizations’ (NGO) to organize electoral campaigns, recruited moguls in the mass media and directed ethnic uprisings. The Russians are retail meddlers compared to the wholesale multi-billion-dollar US operators.

Moreover, the Israelis have perfected meddling on a grand scale – they intervene successfully in Congress, the White House and the Pentagon. They set the Middle East agenda, budget and priorities, and secure the biggest military handouts on a per-capita basis in US history!

Apparently, some meddlers meddle by invitation and are paid to do it.

Thesis 8

Corruption is endemic in the US where it has legal status and where tens of millions of dollars change hands and buy Congress people, Presidents and judges.


In the US the buyers and brokers are called ‘lobbyists’ – everywhere else they are called fraudsters. Corruption (lobbying) grease the wheels of billion dollars military spending, technological subsidies, tax evading corporations and every facet of government – out in the open, all the time and place of the US regime.

Corruption as lobbying never evokes the least criticism from the mass media.

On the other hand, where corruption takes place under the table in Iran, China and Russia, the media denounce the political elite – even where in China over 2 million officials, high and the low are arrested and jailed.

When corruption is punished in China, the US media claim it is merely a ‘political purge’ even if it directly reduces elite conspicuous consumption.

In other words, imperial corruption defends democratic value; anti-corruption is a hallmark of authoritarian dictatorships.

Thesis 9

Bread and circuses are integral parts of empire building – especially in promoting urban street mobs to overthrow independent and elected governments.

Imperial financed mobs – provided the cover for CIA backed coups in Iran (1954), Ukraine (2014), Brazil (1964), Venezuela (2003, 2014 and 2017), Argentina (1956), Nicaragua (2018), Syria (2011) and Libya (2011) among other places and other times.

Masses for empire draw paid and voluntary street fighters who speak for democracy and serve the elite. The “mass cover” is especially effective in recruiting leftists who look to the street for opinion and ignore the suites which call the shots.

Thesis 10

The empire is like a three-legged stool it promotes genocide, to secure magnicide and to rule by homicide. Invasions kills millions, capture and kill rulers and then rule by homicide – police assassinating dissenting citizens.

The cases are readily available: Iraq and Libya come to mind. The US and its allies invaded, bombed and killed over a million Iraqis, captured and assassinated its leaders and installed a police state.

A similar pattern occurred in Libya: the US and EU bombed, killed and uprooted several million people, assassinated Ghadaffy and fomented a lawless terrorist war of clans, tribes and western puppets.

“Western values” reveal the inhumanity of empires built to murder “a la carte” – stripping the victim nations of their defenders, leaders and citizens.


The ten theses define the nature of 21st century imperialism – its continuities and novelties.

The mass media systematically write and speak lies to power: their message is to disarm their adversaries and to arouse their patrons to continue to plunder the world.

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  1. When was the last time “Nation building” resulted in a livable country. Iraq? Libya? Americans, and I am one, can barely keep their own country from sinking into a pit of decay.

    Why “deliver Democracy” when Dubai makes much of the US look like shit in terms of infrastructure, crime and poverty.

  2. Wally says:

    Communist Petras goes hypocritical again.

    If Trump’s new tariffs are supposedly bad for the US & the global economy, then why weren’t / aren’t China’s much, much larger tariffs against US goods bad for China & the global economy?

    Why weren’t / aren’t the EU’s much, much larger tariffs on US goods bad for EU countries & the global economy?

    Logic, the enemy of communism.

    • Replies: @FB
  3. @Jeff Stryker

    When was the last time “Nation building” resulted in a livable country.

    Why “deliver Democracy” when Dubai makes much of the US look like shit

    Because what a ZOG does with it’s host nation has nothing to do with improving anything for the occupied peoples.

    Think of it like the Communist Manifesto. They thump it around, preaching utopia and equality and all that sugar and honey. This is because they want you to buy what they are selling. But they don’t have any intention of ever delivering. None whatsoever.

    All they’re really trying to do is whip up an army of useful idiots to be used as blunt instruments. And once these useful idiots are done fulfilling their role in the redistribution of wealth and power, they are discarded only to realize too little too late that they have been working against their own interests all along.

    The same thing goes for exporting Democracy. It’s never been about improving anyone’s lives. In the West or any of their target nations. It’s been about whipping useful idiots up into an army that can be used as a blunt instrument against the obstacles in the way of (((someone’s))) geopolitical ambitions.

    The Jews have really perfected the recipe for human exploitation. For breeding cash cows and cannon fodder. Be they Bolsheviks or ‘patriots’, the same hands hold both leashes. Which is why Tel Aviv also makes the US look like shit.

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
    , @Lot
  4. Malla says:

    This is not new and has been going for at least a century. And the US elites have a long tradition of false flags to to get the people of America riled up for war.

    False Flag Events Behind the Six Major Wars

    False flags to fool Americans into the Spanish American War, WW1, WW2, Korean War, Vietnam War and the War on terror.

  5. Interesting is that a USA textbook already describes USA imperialism, without using the word
    Barbara Hinckley, Sheldon Goldman, ‘American Politics and Government, Structure, Processes, Institutions and Policies’, Glenview Ill., 1990

  6. @Jeff Stryker

    Ockam’s Razor: the simplest theory that explains the facts is the best.
    There is no effort to create livable countries, the objective is to destroy them.
    Under Saddam’s dictatorschip Iraq was a prosperous country, without liberty, true.
    Under old Assad, I visited Syria in the mid eighties, the same, though less prosperous, at the time, as far as I know, no Syrian oil or gas.
    Aleppo, a cosmolitan and lively city, the suq, now destroyed, a great thing to have seen, medieval, but with happy looking people.
    I had several collusins with a mule.
    Water and lemonade sellers galore.
    Of course, there was no liberty, at the time Syria was controlled by five competing secret services.
    Alas in a tribal society democracy is an illusion.

  7. @Jeff Stryker

    Mother drinks some wine when flying to Dubai, expired visa, in jail with daughter for an estimated year.
    Nice country

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
    , @Dr. Krieger
  8. Nation building? When did that happen? I must have been asleep for 60 years.

  9. @Biff

    …At every nightclub or hotel.

    And more prostitutes than most other countries in the world.

    I know this personally.

    • Replies: @Biff
  10. @jilles dykstra

    I drank in nightclubs with Russian prostitutes every week in Dubai for the 7 years I lived there.

    • Replies: @jilles dykstra
    , @Respect
  11. “In Brazil, Paraguay and Venezuela, ‘legislatures’ under US tutelage attempted to ouster popular President. They succeeded in the former and failed in the latter.”

    Something is missing or mangled with these two sentences. What “popular President”? What do the “former” and “later” refer to?

  12. @RealAmericanValuesCirca1776Not1965

    Geopolitical ambitions?

    Vietnam was a mess for a decade at least and created an immigration crisis in Australia.

    The US had a surplus budget when Clinton left office. When Bush left office, oil prices were sky-high and the economy was dreadful.

    Who benefits.

    Israel? Syria is a mess that threatens their borders.

  13. annamaria says:

    A great comment with the proper name calling for the ZUSA in relation to the current situation in Turkey:
    “… The Dollar op indicates that the USA (or rather those who pull the strings in the US) finally admits that our Ally is responsible for almost all mischievous events which took place in Turkey.
    … The USA is not a country, but rather a useful contract killer on a larger scale compared to the PKK-FETO-ISIS etc.
    … The US is now stepping forward fearlessly because ‘the arms of the octopus’, as Erdogan put last week, has been severed in Turkey.”

    These two definitions do stick:
    1. the US is manipulated by the puppeteers — people (the US citizenry at large) have no saying in the US decisions (mostly immoral and often imbecile); the well-being of the US is not a factored in the decisions
    2. the US has become a “contract killer” for the voracious puppeteers

  14. JackOH says:

    Prof. Petras, thanks. A while back I read something called Confessions of an Economic Hit Man (?) in which the writer describes his efforts to put other nations into debt to American institutions and American-controlled or -influenced international institutions for the ulterior purpose of political control. Sounded plausible enough, and I saw the author speak on TV on his book tour.

    How do any of us know we’re living in a country gone massively wobbly? Can a German sipping wine in Koblenz in 1936 even imagine Hitler’s Germany will be a staple of American cable shows eighty years hence, and not in a good way? Can a Russian in the same year imagine that the latest round of arrests won’t be leading to a Communist utopia now, or ever?

    FWIW-my guess is America’s imperial adventures are heavily structural, being that foreign policy is strongly within the President’s purview, and Congress can be counted on to rubber-stamp military expeditions. Plus, empire offers a good distraction from domestic politics, which are an intractable mess of rent-seeking, racial animus, and corporate interests.

    I don’t like it much having to live in a racketeerized America, but there’s not a whole lot we can do.

  15. Professor Petras glasses are becoming little bit foggy, but his scalpel still cuts to the bone.
    But this article is lecture for beginner class, or the aliens visitors who just landed on Earth

  16. @jilles dykstra

    You’d be more likely to get busted for prostitution in the US than in Dubai. Yes, open intox will get you 6 months in jail and DUI will get you a year but you can drink anytime in any hotel in Dubai.

    Police actually won’t pull a “Rambo” on you the way white hick cops will in the US. The absence of blacks and Cholos generally reduces the need for a police state-they’re actually more relaxed.

    There is no casual out-of-nowhere Non-Asian Minority violence that you encounter in Phoenix because “Brown Pride” members see you and decide they want to sacrifice you to their Aztec gods because of the primitive instincts in the prehistoric Paleo-Indian genome.

    You won’t walk into a Popeye’s or ride the wrong bus when a sudden outburst by a Hood Rat occurs and you are the “White bitch” who is in the cross-hairs.

    There are junkies in Dubai but crackhead blacks and white tweakers are not human cockroaches like Detroit or Phoenix. I smoked some hashish in Dubai when I was younger, that was the extent of it.

    • Replies: @jilles dykstra
  17. Jeff, where exactly are Israel’s borders? Ask a Zionist and you will not get a direct answer. And that is because Israel plans to expand it’s borders into other nations especially Syria. Israel is the threat to other nations’ borders not the other way around.

    And there was no actual budget surplus under Clinton. It was all accounting tricks.

    • Replies: @jilles dykstra
  18. Yet in his lunacy, President Trump has denounced and exposed the repeated deceits and ongoing fabrications of the mass media.

    A damned good article, Sir! And bless you for calling bankster propaganda anything but “mainstream.”

    Ours is a problem in which deception has become organized and strong; where truth is poisoned at its source; one in which the skill of the shrewdest brains is devoted to misleading a bewildered people.

    -Walter Lippman, A Preface to Politics (1913), quoted in The Essential Lippmann, pp. 516-517

    Lippman was an Allied propagandist among many other things.

  19. Anonymous[317] • Disclaimer says:

    The 10 theories that led Petras to conclude “{the message is “to disarm their adversaries and to arouse their patrons” to continue to plunder the world}” is an example, that the American people are clueless about how events documented by Petras research, led Petras to conclude the USA is about plunder of the world.

    There is a distinct difference between USA governed Americans and the 527 persons that govern Americans.
    Access by Americans to the USA 1) in person with one of its 527 members, 2) by communication or attempted communication via some type of expression or 3) by constitutionally allowed regime change at election time. None of these methods work very well for Americans , if at all; but they serve the entrenched members of the USA, massive in size corporations and upstream wealthy owners, quite well.

    Secondly, IMO, Mr. Petras either does not understand democracy or has chosen to make a mockery of it?
    The constitution that produced the USA produced not a democracy, but a Republic.
    A republic which authorized a group ( an handful of people) to rule America by rules the USA group
    decides to impose. Since the group can control the meaning of the US Constitution as well as
    change it’s words, the group has, unlimited power to rule, no matter the subject matter or method.
    (possible exceptions might be said to be within the meaning of the bill of rights; but like all contract
    clauses, especially a contract of the type where one side can amend, ignore, change or replace or use
    its overwhelming military and police powers to enforce against the other side, leaving the other side no
    recourse, is not really a contract; it might better be called an instrument announcing the assumption of
    power which infringes inalienable human rights).

    Therefore just because 527 members of the USA government might between themselves practice Democracy does not mean the governed enjoy the same freedoms.

    So the USA is ruled by puppets, 527 of them, puppets of the Oligarchs. Since the ratification of the USA constitution, Americans have been governed by the USA [The US constitution (ratified 1778) overthrew and disposed of the Articles of Confederation (Government of America founded 1776). Not a shot was fired, but there was a war none-the-less (read Federalist vs Anti-Federalist and have a look at the first few acts of the USA).

    (Note: The AOC, was the American government that defeated the British Armies [1776-1783], the 1776 American AOC American Government was the government that surveyed all of the land taken from the British by the AOC after it defeated the entire British military and stopped the British aristocrat owed, privately held corporate Empires from their continuous raping of America and abuse of Americans. those who did the work.
    The AOC was the very same American Government that hired G. Washington to defeat and chase the British Aristocratic Corporate Colonial Empires out of America. The 1776 American AOC Government was the very same government that granted freedom to its people (AOC really did practice democracy, and really did try to divide and distribute the vast American lands taken from the British Corporate Colonial Empire equally among the then living Americans. The AOC ceased to exist when the US Constitution installed the USA by a self proclaimed regime change process, called ratification). There were 11 presidents of the AOC, interestingly enough, few have heard of them.

    Once again the practice of political self-determination democracy is limited to the 525 USA members who have seats in the halls of the Congress of the USA or who occupy the offices of the President of USA or the Vice-President of the USA. All persons in America, not among the 527 salaried, elected members of the USA, are governed by the USA.

  20. Biff says:
    @Jeff Stryker

    There was a time(long ago) when Europeans went to the MiddleEast to partake in exactly that. I guess it’s back on. ;^)

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  21. Normally I think Petras’s articles are good reads. He often makes points I disagree with, but the way he writes is engaging and I like seeing what other people think. This article is hard to read, and feels like a rough draft that shouldn’t have been published without more work.

    • Agree: Hubbub
  22. The Zionists took control of the U.S. gov in 1913 when the Zionist bankers got their FED and the IRS through congress and with the FEDs ability to create money out of thin air and the ability to create wars with a bought and paid for congress ,using this ether money and the ability to have the U.S. taxpayers pay for the Zionist created wars via the Zionist created IRS , the stage was set for the Zionist goal of a Zionist NWO via debt and wars and this is what we have, perpetual war for perpetual profit for our Zionist rulers.

    The Zionists control every country via their central banks and as Nathan Rothschild said paraphrasing , he did not care who they put on the throne of England as he who controls the money supply controls the British Empire and he controlled the money supply. America is controlled by Zionist bankers via their central bank the FED and it is the same with every country in Europe all are controlled by Zionist bankers and the bank of central banks is the BIS ie bank of international settlements in Switzerland and of course owned by the Zionist bankers.

    All the talk about empire building and wars and debt is pissing into the wind, the thing American should be concerned about is abolishing the Zionist owned FED and IRS and return the money creation back to the government as is required under the Constitution and as it was prior to December 23, 1913 a date that should go down in infamy when the Zionists captured America.

    Read the communist manifesto , a central bank is one of the 10 planks and by the way we are almost a communist country damn near all the 10 planks of communist manifesto have been installed in America by the Zionist communists.

    Free America from the Zionist communists bankers, ABOLISH THE FED.

    • Replies: @Anon
  23. @Biff

    The only time I thought a guy was crazy was a Mexican National who worked as a Chef and had an affair with a married (one of 3 wives) Arab woman.

    I told him he was crazy.

  24. @Heisendude

    Israel has no constitution, and therefore no borders.
    A constitution also describes borders.
    An Israeli jew one asked Ben Gurion why Israel has no defined borders, the answer was somthing like ‘we do not want to define borders, if we did, we cannot expand’.

    • Replies: @annamaria
  25. @Jeff Stryker

    The article describes a western woman going on holiday with het daughter to Dubai, visa was expired, then she was asked if she had drank in the plane, she truthfully answered yes, promillage 0.004, then she and her daughter were put in jail.
    The husband, a British dentist is flying to Dubai, the article states that it will take a year and € 30.000 in legal costs to get them free.
    If all this is true, I do not know

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  26. @Jeff Stryker

    Why does Israel assist all sorts of bandits, including, but not limited to, ISIS, in Syria? Just recently Israel helped in extracting the White Helmets, a PR wing of Nusra (Syrian branch of Al Qaida) from South Syria. Please explain.

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  27. @Anonymous

    Those 527 are bought and paid for lackeys. We don’t know how many real owners of the USA there are, don’t know many of their names, but we do know that when those lackeys imagine that they are somebodies and try to govern, they are eliminated (John Kennedy is the most unambiguous example).

  28. Che Guava says:

    I am very amused that Petras is calling this ‘A Dialogue’, but has not responded to one commentor.

    Pour moi, agree with many of the theses, as some of the posters here I know also do.

    Dialogue? Well, surprise me and respond to some some time tomorrow, Mr. Petras.

  29. Lucky 7! It isn’t until the thesis seven, the Jews pop-up in the disguise of Israelis. Of course, one doesn’t need to peruse the overlapping theses to draw the conclusion that Anglo-American is the euphemism for the Castle-Jews (my terminology for the ivory tower crowd), who are pulling the strings of the Empire.

    The Shtetl-Jew (meshugas who aren’t in the loop, but nonetheless bray about the powers of their betters in the Tribe at the exhortation by the likes of Meshuga-in-Chief, Alan “We shouldn’t apologize for…’ Dershowitz), doesn’t figure in all those things but somehow, he is the useful idiot.

    It all sounds like the Lyndon LaRouche crazies in the Union Square in Manhattan and what they’ve been saying for years but no one pays them any attention.

    If we do live in the sad time of bread and circuses then the only thing that would save this freaking world is the second coming of the messiah… Moses, anyone?

  30. @AnonFromTN

    How could I?

    Not Jewish or Israeli.

  31. @Jeff Stryker

    Geopolitical ambitions?

    You may have heard of it. Globalism, N(J)ew World Order. That which the (((internationalists))) are always working towards. A one world government with them at the top, the ruling class.

    Vietnam was a mess for a decade at least and created an immigration crisis in Australia.

    Australia is a white nation. All white nations are supposed to suffer and ultimately collapse upon the creation of their New World Order. Vietnam was a complete success for the one’s who really wanted that war.

    The US had a surplus budget when Clinton left office. When Bush left office, oil prices were sky-high and the economy was dreadful.

    Bush was a neocon, wars for Israel with that ‘surplus’ were the intention all along. As wars under Hillary would have been as well. And as they potentially could still be if Trump proves to be a lap dog for Israel as well. He campaigned on no pointless wars, but there’s no saying for sure until he either brings all our troops home or capitulates and signs Americans up to be cash cows and cannon fodder for more Israeli geopolitical ambitions.

    Who benefits.

    Those same rootless cosmopolitans that always benefit from playing both sides of the field, seeding conflict and then cashing in on the warmongering, genocidal depopulation and population displacement in the name of their geopolitical ambitions.

    Israel? Syria is a mess that threatens their borders.

    Israel made that mess. Threatened their borders with war. Land theft. Y’know. Golan Heights. Genocide land theft and displacement are all Israel does. Their borders have expanded every year since their creation.

    Everything that’s happening in the Middle East is because of the Rothschild terror state of Israel and the Zionist Jews who reside in it….. as well as in our various western ZOGs.

    Have you really never heard of the Oded Yinon Plan? Their genocidal outline for waging wars of aggression for the purpose of expanding their borders and becoming the dominant regional superpower by balkanizing the surrounding Arab world.

    The only nations of significance left on their check list are as follows : Syria, Iran, Saudi Arabia. And many will argue that the House of Saud has always been crypto, helping Israel behind the scenes. Their sudden post-coup cooperation with their former ‘enemies’ is little more than a sign that they are needed as a wartime ally more in the current phase of their Yinon Plan than as controlled opposition funding and arming ISIS while keeping the public eye off of Israel’s role in their creation and direction. Sure enough, it seems there is a rather strong push for an alliance between KSA, Israel and the US for war with Iran.

    Here you go:

  32. @Den Lille Abe

    Nation building? When did that happen?

    The only nation they are really building is ‘Eretz Yisrael’. Everyone else is being subverted, exploited and ultimately destabilized and made subservient if not outright destroyed for this goal.

  33. peterAUS says:

    Stopped reading at:

    ….There is no question that President Trump suffers a serious mental disorder….

    Another promising title and weak delivery. I am getting a feeling that people with certain agendas simply can’t face reality.

    Good for “online therapy”, though. Venting helps a bit.
    At least some value there.

    • Replies: @jilles dykstra
  34. Technological progress, particularly the progress in information technology is pushing mankind with accelerated speed toward final solution and final settlement.

  35. “Leftists usually reverse course” Petras says.

    According to the inverted logic of most of the Rocket Scientists on here, that should be a good thing.

  36. Lot says:

    You’re either on Team USA/Israel or the Jihadis/Communists who want to conquer and destroy the West.

  37. renfro says:

    Good article …

    Corruption is endemic in the US where it has legal status and where tens of millions of dollars change hands and buy Congress people, Presidents and judges.

    Yep. I have been ranting for years calling for a Anti-Corruption Political Party Platform by some group.
    The corruption of our politicians is the cause of all the problems everyone else is ranting about.

    In some ways I think most people deserve what they are going to get eventually because they ignore the corruption of their heroes….whether it be Trump, Hillary or any other.

    I tell you sheeple….if someone will cheat and lie to others they will do the same thing to you… are stone cold stupid if you think other wise.

  38. FB says:

    Hey…great picture Walleye…thanks…I’ve saved a copy…

    Notice the appropriate and smart, yet conservative, attire of the teacher…and the earnest interest of the students in such a nice setting…this is in fact very characteristic of communism’s focus on the vital social activity of pedagogy…and why such a large amount of resources was devoted to it…resulting of course in the apex achievements in education, especially in the sciences…which we saw in communist Europe…and today in North Korea and China…

    As opposed to the afterthought resources [crumbs basically] thrown to education in capitalist shitholes, which result naturally in worse than third world education among the general public…

  39. @Biff

    Wrong question, which is, do they have Africans and mestizos? And the answer is no. they do not.

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  40. @Lot

    Team USA here, will defend the West to my last breath WHILE NOT GIVING A SHIT ABOUT ISRAEL

  41. @Jeff Stryker

    “Americans, and I am one, can barely keep their own country from sinking into a pit of decay.”

    The USA’s trajectory changed in 1965. A miniscule fraction of 1% of the population decided to sell the country out in exchange for their own personal gain.

    “Why “deliver Democracy” when Dubai makes much of the US look like shit in terms of infrastructure, crime and poverty.”

    A dishonest comparison. No negros or mestizos in Dubai, let alone UAE. Like you, I’ve been there (3 times). The only Africans I saw were Somali prostitutes. Europeans are brought in to run their water parks and other tourist attractions.

    This is not any sort of defense of the US’s insane “IVW, IVW”, nation wrecking policy. But let’s not confuse two separate issues.

  42. @Jeff Stryker

    “The US had a surplus budget when Clinton left office. ”

    OK, now you have shown that you’re not to be taken seriously.

  43. Anonymous[209] • Disclaimer says:
    @jilles dykstra

    in the still water
    the idiot cannot find
    their own reflection

    • Replies: @jacques sheete
  44. @Biff

    Jeff and Mikeat are both correct if my friend’s account of his participation in a recent trade show there is true. My friend’s wife is a ding bat Hillarybot and she got to yammering to me after returning about all the wonderful diversity she saw in the streets of Dubai, but I shut her down pretty quickly by pointing out that the diversity darlings in Dubai were paid help for the Sheikdom and weren’t even second class temporary residents by US standards; that they can be (and are) summarily deported to some slave market in Yemen if they don’t mind their Ps and Qs VERY carefully in that society. She’s also a wino, but confessed that the Trader Joe’s box grade merlot sold for about US$18 to $25 a goblet in a tourist zone food and beverage joint. (and that didn’t slow her down one bit) Hubby had to watch her close, as obvious public drunkenness (even in the tourist zone) has high potential for extreme justice.

    The New Economy plan being promoted there is the development of a sort of Disneyworld on steroids international vacation attraction, as the leaders seem to think that their oil is going to run out soon.

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  45. Seraphim says:

    I think a correction must be made to Thesis 1:
    It is the whip for your back or the carrot up yours. The choice is yours, of course.

  46. @MikeatMikedotMike


    Living overseas is the ultimate gated community. If you require government assistance, are on parole or probation, have out-of-wedlock kids, can barely read or write…you won’t be going overseas.

    For example, I’ve never seen an African-American or Mexican-American woman overseas in the 19 years I’ve been abroad.

    You meet whites, of course, but I’ve never met a rural or lower-class one. They are all middle-class.

  47. @Jim Bob Lassiter

    The oil more or less ran out a long time ago-Emirates were wise enough to invest it in infrastructure and commercialization.

    Life overseas is a Darwinian thing-the sort of whites who wander around obscenely drunk with open intox in public or drive drunk are unlikely to have the disposable income to visit Dubai or skill-set that would make them employable in the first place.

    Some Brits drink themselves TO DEATH in Dubai, if you are private property this is legal.

    You cannot find crack cocaine but if you were a heroin addict you’d probably find it eventually. One German band was selling hashish (Not just smoking it) and got 6 years in prison. But if you are just smoking a tiny piece of hash in your house the police don’t care.

    Quite a few American and British women go to Dubai to peddle ass to rich Arabs at the horse/camel racing tracks or casinos where Arab millionaires place bets of $100,000 on a black stallion.

    Because nobody back in Iowa or Kent will know and they are not down on crack row where black pimps lurk and their face will not go on a billboard you would be surprised how many middle-class white women will spend a year in Dubai working as a call girl-they can make $100,000 easy.

    South Asian and Asian workers are exploited and this is terrible. However, most of them are deported without pay, not “trafficked” to Yemen.

    There is a Russian mafia presence in Dubai. None of them are Russian Jews, however.

    • Replies: @Jim Bob Lassiter
  48. Anonymous [AKA "Abbybwooda"] says:
    @jilles dykstra

    They let her go.

    • Replies: @jilles dykstra
  49. @peterAUS

    CNN, Washpost and NYT since a very long time suffer from a serious mental disorder.
    It reminds me of Orwell’s The Country of the Blind.
    When the man who could see was cured all was well.

  50. Anon[317] • Disclaimer says:
    @Desert Fox

    While the Fed is a focal point, it is not the central issue. If Americans, were actually in voting control of the central issue Americans could and probably would abolish the fed and destroy its income by removing the income tax laws, very early on.

    But if the Fed and Income taxes are not the central issue, what is the central issue? Could it be majority will “control of the structure and staffing of that structure” that often people call government? Look back to the creation of the US Constitution! There the central issue for the old British Aristocracy accustomed to having their way, was: can Aristocrats stay in control (of the new American democracy) and if so, how should “such control” be established so that British corporate power, British Aristocratic wealth and British Class Privilege can all survive the American revolution? {PWP}.

    The question was answered by developing a form of government that enabling the Oligarch few to make the rules [rule of law] that could control the masses and to produce a government that had a monopoly on the use of power, so that it could enforce the laws it makes, against against the masses and fend off all challenges. The constitution blocked the people’s right to self determination; it empowered the privileged, it favored the wealthy, and most of all it protected and saved pre-war British owned PWP as post war PWP.

    Today those who operate the government do so in near perfect secrecy (interrupted only occasionally by Snowden, Assange, and a few brave others). It spies on each person, records each human breath taken by the masses, relates relationships between the masses, because those in charge fear the power of the masses should the masses somehow find a way to impose their will on how things are to be. How can rules made by Aristocrats in secret, be considered to be outcomes established by self- determination of the masses who are to be governed?

    Ratification is the process that abolished Democracy in America. The story of those who imposed ratification has not yet been told. Ratification was used to justify the overthrow of the Articles of the Confederation (AOC was America’s government from 1776 to 1789). To defeat the British empire the AOC hired the most wealthy man it could find to organize an Army capable to defeat the British Military. The AOC warred on the British Armies with the intent to stop colonial corporate empires from continuing to rape American productivity and exploit the resources in America for the benefit of the British Corporate Empires [Read the Declaration of Independence].

    You might research.. How did George Washington achieve his massive, for its time, wealth? I don’t think tossing coins across the mile wide Potomac made him a dime? How did GW attain such wealth in British owned, corporately controlled Colonial America? Why was George Washington able to keep that British earned wealth after the British were chased out of America? More importantly many gave their all, life, liberty and property to help chase the British out, GW gave ..?

    Title by land grants [Virginia and West Virginia] are traceable to GWs estate.

    What the land grant landowners feared most was that the new American democracy, might allow the masses to revoke or deny titles to real estate in America, if such title derived from a foreign government (land grant). The Articles of Confederation government was talking about dividing up all of the lands in America, and parceling it out, in equal portions, to all living AOC governed America. Deeds from kings and queens of England, France, Spain, Portugal, and the Netherlands to land in America would not be recognized in the chain of title? Such lands would belong to the new AOC government or to the states who were members of the AOC.

    You might check out Article 6, (Para 1) of the US Constitution.. it says in part
    ” All Debts contracted and Engagements[land grants and British Corporate Charters] entered into, before the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be as valid against the United States under this Constitution, as under the confederation.

    (meaning loans to British Banks would be repaid and land deals made with foreign nations and corporations including those that resulted in creating a land Baron in British Colonial America, were to be treated as valid land titles by US Constitution. Consider the plight of Ex British Land Grant Barron Aristocrat [EBLGBA] who finds himself in now independent democratic America? Real Americans might decide EBLGBAs were some kind of terrorist, or spies. Under such circumstances, the EBLGA might look at Americans as a threat to their Aristocracy, a threat to their PWP..

    Example: A Spanish Land Grant property in America ( King of Spain gave 5 million acres of land in America to ZZ in 1720 (ZZ is a Spanish Corporation ZZ doing business in America), the land transaction was recognized as valid under British Colonial Law in America. But would Independent AOC America recognize a deed issued by a Spanish King, or British Queen to Real Estate in America?

    After the Revolution, the question does a EBLGBA retain ownership in the American located land that is now part of Independent America? Ain’t no dam deed from a Spanish government going to be valid in America. King of England cannot give a deed to land that is located in independent America.

    So if, a corporation, incorporated under British Law, claims it owns 5 million acres of American land because the Queen of England deeded it the the corporation: does that mean the 5 million acres still belongs to British Corporation X, and of course to the person made Aristocrat by virtue of ownership of the British Corporation). Is a British Corporation now to be an American Corporation? British Landed Gentry (land grant owners) in independent post war America, were quick to lobby for the constitution because the constitution protected their ownership in land granted to them by a foreign king or queen in fact the constitution protected the PWP.

    I agree with your Zionist communist observation. It is imperative for all persons interested in what is happening to study the takeover of Russia from the Tzar by Lenin and his Zionist Communist because what the Zionist did to the Christians in Russia in 1917 seems to be approaching for it to happen here in America and because that revolution was a part of the organized Zionist [1896, Hertzl] movement to take control of all of the oil in the world. Let us not forget, Lenin and crew exterminated 32 million White Russians nearly all of whom were educated Christians living in the Ukraine.

    As Petras says: “The ten theses define the nature of 21st century imperialism” because, I feel, they are the same values that defined the British Colonial Empire.

    • Replies: @jacques sheete
  51. @Anonymous

    So the USA is ruled by puppets, 527 of them, puppets of the Oligarchs. Since the ratification of the USA constitution, Americans have been governed by the USA [The US constitution (ratified 1778) overthrew and disposed of the Articles of Confederation (Government of America founded 1776). Not a shot was fired, but there was a war none-the-less (read Federalist vs Anti-Federalist and have a look at the first few acts of the USA).

    What a relief to find that there are a few (very few) others who have a clue. The “constitution” was effectively a coup d’etat. We proles, peasants and other pissants have been tax and debt slaves ever since, and the situation has continuously worsened. Lincoln’s war against Southern independence, establishment of the Federal Reserve, Wilson’s and especially FDR’s wars, and infiltration of the US government and industry by Commies, Zionists and other Eastern European goon-mafiosi scum have completely perverted what this country is supposedly about.

    I doubt the situation will ever begin to improve unless and until the mass of brainwashed dupes understand what you wrote.

    • Replies: @Desert Fox
  52. @Anonymous

    in the still water
    the idiot cannot find
    their own reflection

    idiot you say?

    who would use the word “their” there?

    better “his” “her” or “its”?

  53. @Anon

    Please comment more often. Excellent info there.

    You might research.. How did George Washington achieve his massive, for its time, wealth?

    True. Especially since the guy was a third rate, (probably mostly incompetent), Brit military officer and terrorist who treated the men under his command like sh!t.

    Reminds me of Ol Johnny Boy McCain and other such scum.

  54. @jacques sheete

    Here is the full quote of Nathan Rothschild , I care not what puppet is placed upon the throne of England to rule the empire on which the sun never sets , who controls the money supply controls the money supply controls the British empire and I control the British money supply.

    So there it is from the horses mouth and the Rothschilds/Warburgs/ Schiffs etc, etc, control our money supply via the FED and so began the foreign wars and debt and it has become a way of life being a slave of Zionist bankers. Every nation in Europe has a Rothschild central bank and America on December 23, 1913 became a captured nation under the Rothschilds and then came the perpetual wars and debt from a Rothschild central bank that creates money out of thin air and their IRS collects the ensuing debt from we the America slaves on the Zionist plantation.

    This is illegal under the Constitution and the FED should be abolished and the money creation put back in the hands of the government where it belongs, Nathan Rothschild was right he who controls the money supply controls the nation and the Zionist bankers control America and every country that has a central bank , which almost every bank in the world and the Zionist BIS is the central bank of central banks that controls them all.

    Save America ABOLISH THE FED and THE IRS.

  55. annamaria says:
    @jilles dykstra

    “Ben Gurion: ‘we do not want to define borders, if we did, we cannot expand’.
    — Right. Hence the mass slaughter in the Middle East.
    Hapless Canada is going to accept the “humanitarian” terrorists from While Helmets organization. The rescue is a joint Israel-Canada enterprise:
    Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland (a committed banderist and admirer of Ukrainian neo-Nazis) and Robin Wettlaufer (Canada’s representative to the Syrian Opposition and a harsh critic of Assad “regime”) have been playing a key role in the evacuation of the White Helmets. But there are some questions to Robin: “Did Canadians get to vote on whether or not to bring potential terrorists or supporters of terrorists to Canada? No. No vote in the Parliament, no public discussion. … Why did the Canadian government refuse the entry of 100 injured Palestinian children from Gaza in 2014, a truly humanitarian effort, and yet will fast-track the entry of potentially dangerous men with potential ties to terrorists?”
    — Guess Robin Wettlaufer, due to her ethnic solidarity, would be fine with these injured Palestinian children being smothered by someone, but the well-financed White Helmets are the extremely valuable material for realizing Oded Yinon plan for Eretz Israel (see Ben Gurion answer).

  56. Respect says:
    @Jeff Stryker

    You spent a fortune , tovarish , sure the girls loved you

    7 years , about 350 weeks , 2500 days , how often did you go ? every week ? every day ?

    Maybe you were an american soldier or spy ? and you passed the bills to uncle Sam ?


    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  57. @Jeff Stryker

    So how many tricks and how much depravity does a table grade 30 y/o blonde from Iowa have to put up with for her $100k in a year?

  58. @Respect

    Denk, you’ve manage to change your avatar but I smell your Chinese autistic paranoid schizophrenic resentment of the United States all over this post.

  59. Demeter says:
    @Jeff Stryker

    You lost me at “serious mental disorder”.

    Not only is there no evidence (and in my line of work, I have met many with serious mental disorders), it is a slander to the millions who do suffer serious mental disorders.

    You, sir, are merely a typical sufferer of TDS: Trump Derangement Syndrome. If anyone has a serious mental disorder here (meaning: an inability to respond appropriately to stimulus, an inability to examine fact and fiction and separate them, etc.) it is you.

  60. @Jeff Stryker

    The US had a surplus budget when Clinton left office

    It turns out that ‘budget surplus’ does not mean what most people think it means.

    When your household has a budget surplus, its rate of debt accumulation reverses (i.e., the total value of household debt falls). Credit cards get paid down, mortgages get paid off, and eventually you end up with a large and growing positive net worth. That’s what running a ‘budget surplus’ means, right?

    Not so for governments: the US government could run perpetual budget ‘surpluses’ and still grow government debt without bound – because they do not account for things the way they insist that we serfs account for things… there are a bunch of their expenditures that they simply don’t count in their ‘budget’.

    It’s a bit like if you were to only count the amount your household spent on groceries, and declare your entire budget to be in ‘surplus’ or ‘deficit’ based on whether or not there’s change after you do your weekly shopping. Meanwhile, you’re spending more than you earn overall, and accumulating debt at an expanding rate.

    Runaway debt is what destroys – whether it’s families or countries.

    There has only been one year since 1960 in which the US Federal Debt has fallen: 1969.

    During the much-touted “Clinton Surpluses”, the US Federal Debt rose by almost a quarter-trillion dollars. The first two Bush years had larger surpluses than either of the two Clinton surpluses – but still added $160 billion to the Federal debt.

    I know those don’t sound like big numbers anymore – much given that Bush added $602 billion per year on average, and Obama added twice Bush‘s amount (1.19 trillion per year).

  61. @Jeff Stryker

    Do you barking mad whack jobs really believe that US debt has ever decreased since 1958?

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