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Welcome to New England
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What Mainers really mean. Good Puritan values:


(Republished from JayMan's Blog by permission of author or representative)
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  1. panjoomby says:

    aw, i visited Maine last year & Bangor, Maine had the world’s nicest TSA people! they were wonderful – they did their job, but could joke with you (me) about it. i was flabbergasted by their friendliness:) not sure if we can judge a state by its TSA people… may be as accurate as the old saw “you can tell how moral a country is by how they treat their elderly” or whatever – just because it’s a saying doesn’t make it true!” in any event – Bangor, Maine: World’s nicest (& best) TSA folks.

  2. I suspect jobs in the tourist industry aren’t really good for the soul. Also, the contrast to Maine’s traditional jobs — which are difficult, but the kind that men take pride in, like Grand Banks fisherman — are so glaring. You’re less likely to get swept overboard, but you can tell the lumberjacks aren’t impressed.

    • Replies: @JayMan
  3. JayMan says: • Website
    @Steve Sailer

    Indeed. My fiancee notes that fishermen who use their boats for tourists in the summer on the side to make extra money are actually looked down upon by the other fishermen.

    In general, the rise of the tourist economy here is symptomatic of the collapse of traditional industry in general. Kids who are up and coming and who would have looked forward to a making a decent living in fishing, lumber, the trades, or paper production (which used to be pretty big up here) now are told they need to study hard and go to college. Our (French Canadian) governor once got into some hot water for (correctly) pointing out to children that not everyone is suited for college. Unfortunately, many of the trades and other industries that he wants them to shoot for are projected to shrink in the future. But indeed, over and beyond the general fact that most people don’t have the IQ to complete the college degrees, even some that do don’t have the temperament (for most Westerners, spending your days in classrooms and your nights glued to books in quite unnatural). It’s a sad process to watch unfold.

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