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broken_computerSo it seems my blogging will be slower than I anticipated, because now I’ve hit a snag in the form of computer failure. I won’t be able to put out comprehensive blog posts for a bit. Well, actually, this is only one of many hardware problems I have at the moment, but I won’t burden you with all my woeful details… 🙂

So as you would imagine, with a new child, finances to fix the problem aren’t easy to come by. So things will be slow around here. But, in the mean time, you can still enjoy my bits of insight on Twitter and my commentary across the blogosphere.

Also, you can amuse yourself by reading my older posts. There’s plenty of good stuff there, see:

About Me

100 Blog Posts – A Reflection on HBD Blogging And What Lies Ahead

My monthly archives, especially these two busy months for me:

November 2013

October 2013

8481887-close-up-of-a-beggars-hands-and-jar-of-coinsBut, you can help! If you enjoy my posts and would like to support my repair effort, please donate. You can use PayPal, via the button to the right, and Flattr, via the button at the bottom. You can also use Bitcoin if you prefer, but that’s out of commission for me at the moment.

As always, I appreciate any support you can give me!


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  1. Aum says:

    As a new father interested in your child’s IQ, you must read this;

    • Replies: @JayMan
  2. JayMan says: • Website

    I’ve seen it at my other post. You only need to post it once.

    I haven’t gotten a chance to take a good look at that paper yet. As yet, I’m not convinced.

  3. […] see my earlier post about the new funding drive I’m running. Fortunately I have been able to make do with access […]

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