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So the time has come for your gracious blogging host to request your assistance in helping my family meet our daily necessities. When my computer broke down, prompting my previous funding drive, you guys and girls literally came to the rescue, and allowed me to fix it right up. A deep debt of gratitude to all that came to help, and to all that have responded to my call in my preceding post. Thank you! Now again I ask for your help in contributing to the JayMan family and supporting my tireless blogging efforts, as we saw again highlighted in my previous post. I have a few good things in store for you guys that I will unveil over the summer ;). As I said, I appreciate anything you can give. There are many ways for you to donate. At right (and below image is clickable too), you will find the “Donate” button that will take you to PayPal. donate_paypal Also at the bottom of the page, I have a Flattr button for those of you who prefer to give that way. Flattr-Big Bitcoin is still out of commission at the moment, but I may be able to get that back up soon. As well, Happy Canada Day to my Canadian friends! Canada Flag Let me also pre-emptively wish my American readers a happy Fourth of July, as well! US Shining glory (Flag photos by me.) I hope you all enjoy a great holiday!

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  1. MawBTS says: • Website

    Just wanted to thank you for all the work you do, man.

    Here’s to many more articles about how after 10,000 hours your brain neuroplastically rewires you to become an epigenetic gay uncle.

    • Replies: @JayMan
  2. I’m not donating one cent until you accept Christ.

    • Replies: @JayMan
  3. Luke Lea says: • Website

    OT, but I thought of you when I listened to this video:

  4. JayMan says: • Website


    You’re welcome, and thank you!

  5. JayMan says: • Website


    Well how much are we talking here? We might be able to work something out…

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