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For those who are confused about my political leaning and for those who mischaracterize my views, here you go, this should clear it up:

JayMan Political Alignment

I’m described as a “social democratic patriot.” Only 3% of the test participants share this view – which might explain a lot… : (However, 21% are more extreme than I; I can only imagine what a more extreme version of me looks like.)

As one might notice, conveniently, “traditional” conservative views are on the Right of the graph and “traditional” liberal views are on the Left.

I think it exaggerates how “anthropocentric” over “ecological” I am. All I said was that it was OK to eat meat (and it sure is) and to conduct experiments on animals for human benefit (otherwise there goes medical research). 🙂

Also, unfortunately, there doesn’t appear to be a dimension for social issues. I’m sure I’d score more to the Left there as well if one was included.

This is from Go there and see how you stack up! Feel free to report your results in the comments.

(Republished from JayMan's Blog by permission of author or representative)
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  1. I’m surprised by my results, as I find myself agreeing with most of the articles I read on Townhall.

    “You are a neoliberal Democrat. 6 percent of the test participators are in the same category and 7 percent are more extremist than you.”

  2. “You are a democratic National Liberal. 4 percent of the test participators are in the same category and 98 percent are more extremist than you.”

  3. Niall says: • Website

    “You are a National Democratic Socialist. 3 percent of the test participators are in the same category and 38 percent are more extremist than you.”

    JayMan, I’m a bit surprised by your almost neutral results for pacifism/militarism. What’s up with that?

  4. Staffan says: • Website

    “social democratic patriot”

    Sweden was really succesful as with democratic socialism, but the lack of patriotism and ensuing multiculturalism has been a disaster.

    It’s a good combination although Matt Yglesias would probably ask who you think you’re fooling with that euphemism / : #(

  5. none says:

    I also got social democratic patriot, with the same orientations, though a little less extreme, on every bar on the graph.

  6. bob sykes says:

    Communism and socialism are authoritarian forms of government, so you chart might be misaligned. Not all values on the right are conservative.

    • Replies: @Bob Goin
  7. Sisyphean says:

    Patriotic Social Democrat only 13% are as extreme as I am though. Basically all your left leaning items are farther to the left on me and your right leaning ones (anthropocentrism and nationalism) are much less for me. But I mean, who in their right mind doesn’t find foreign intervention ‘for the good of those poor people over there’ problematic? There is so much implicit orientalism in today’s interventionist thinking with so little concern for long term consequences. Yeah, let’s intervene in Syria and Egypt, let’s stir up the hornet’s nest even more, Democracy FTW, yippee ki yi yay! Did no one ever watch star trek? it’s the prime directive for Pete’s sake!

  8. Gottlieb says:

    I felt that the message of ”political” mischaracterization was dedicated especially for me.
    Ah thanks for the consideration, but not …
    I’m not trying to mischaracterize what you know it is, but clearly that anyone who engages in any HBD fissure can not be organically one classical liberal. I imagine you feel frustrated with it, but do not be, these people are some fakes, lost time and more, they are against you and not in favor.

    • Replies: @Hindu Observer
  9. Luke Lea says: • Website

    I am a social democratic patriot. 3 percent of the test participators are in the same category and 59 percent are more extremist than you. Hopefully here is the image:

  10. Luke Lea says: • Website

    Try this link:

    Even though I am classed the same as JayMan there are some notable differences. I am more militaristic (!), nearly neutral on the secularist-fundamentalist scale, nearly neutral on the capitalist-communist scale, nearly neutral on the anarchistic-authoritarian scale, and nearly neutral on the visionary-reactonary scale. That last one is completely not the case: I am a hopeless goner on the left-end of that continuum.

    As always you have to take these surveys with a grain of salt because every question is both ambiguous and simple-minded.

  11. Anthony says: – democratic National Liberal – 38 percent are more extremist than you.

    I didn’t do the emphasis thing – I let every question remain unweighted.

  12. Denise says:

    You are a National Democratic Socialist. 3 percent of the test participators are in the same category and 31 percent are more extremist than you.

    I’m a lurker – read everything, never comment.

  13. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    I am a mercantilist capitalist. Sorry, that’s just a weird result. Zero percent agree with me.

  14. Gottlieb says:

    I’m leftist- fascist

  15. As always, there is a confusion between and conflation of nation and state. Some states are dominated by single ethnic nations and others are not.

    One coud be nationalistic in the patriotic sense by maintaining loyalty to a cosmopolitan state. Also, one could be nationalistic in being ethnically clannish while also being nationally patriotic to the cosmopolitan state that includes one’s ethnic nation. Or one could be nationalistic toward one’s ethnic nation while being anti-nationalistic toward the cosmopolitan state, as American Southerners did by attempting to secede and by attackng their own government.

    As a Midlander American, I’m biased toward cosmopolitan nationalism. And as a supporter of Thomas Paine’s vision, I’m simultaneously drawn to international cosmopolitanism.

  16. panjoomby says: • Website

    have you tried some of Jonathan Haidt’s (& colleagues) tests at — I can’t speak highly enough of his research — it’s quite good at revealing political realities (those last 2 words sound like an oxymoron – but in this case they are not!)

    • Replies: @Sisyphean
  17. Bob Goin says:
    @bob sykes

    I don’t think the designers of tests like these have any understanding of what a conservative or libertarian is. I answer truthfully and and always end up on the liberal side. Or maybe they just assume that all tolerant traits are liberal traits. Either way these tests always turn out to be a joke. But they’re fun.

  18. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Liberal Patriot

  19. hbd chick says: • Website

    another liberal patriot here!:

    many of the questions i answered with the majority of people in mind rather than just myself — for example, the question that was something about whether one (or was it society?) could be moral without believing in a higher power, i answered “no.” (i believe) i am moral and i don’t believe in a higher power, but i think that most people actually do need to hold such a belief to behave. or at least they say that they do.

  20. @Gottlieb

    Please explain or clarify what you mean, Gottlieb. Thanks in advance.

  21. I’m confused by all those labels.

    And from my observation, most visionaries were reacting to something.

    • Replies: @viking
    , @Hindu Observer
  22. viking says:
    @hbd chick

    been thinking a lot about that lately what is a non theistic morality based on? it seems to me if you either go liberal premise and get moldbuggian deconstructed back to non theistic christianity or go utilitarian and get marxist deconstructed back into subjectivism. in other words I have to admit liberals were sort of right that morality is subjective but are hoisted by their own petri dish. it seems the only purely rational non theistic morality is based on physics and biology which seem to be saying nothingness is unstable but purposeless and survival is the only good, altruistic strategy being subordinate to individual survival. Any other morality we sort of have to admit is arbitrary and enforce by might and however good our intentions be vulnerable to the same old cycle.

  23. JayMan says: • Website
    @hbd chick

    @hbd chick:

    Based on your results, I’d call you a “nationalistic libertarian”. Maybe all those political tests that pegged you as libertarian were on to something… ;P

  24. I think the people who designed the test are German, hence they use the term ‘liberal’ in the classical sense, whereas Americans have the term ‘libertarian’ and use ‘liberal’ in a slightly different sense, meaning someone who is ‘leftist’ or in favour of interventionist government, which a classical liberal would not be.

  25. @hbd chick

    Viking, “been thinking a lot about that lately what is a non theistic morality based on?”

    The non-aggression principle? Respect for human life and human liberty?

    You can also look to various Hindu, Jain and Buddhist philosophies for non-theistic morality examples from ancient times til now. There is a philosophical basis there, but not a theistic one.

  26. I’ve noticed that the cutest children in the US are mixed with at least some African DNA.

    It really creates beautifully shaped lips and eyes. Wow.

    • Replies: @viking
    , @Hindu Observer
  27. viking says:
    @Hindu Observer

    its not that I cant imagine or am unaware of non theistic morality paradigms though Id quibble that Hindu or Buddhist are non theistic but Ive always argued atheism inst a theologically neutral position to be enshrined as above church state stricture. My problem is how do you defend them rationally as anything other than your opinion.judeo christian morality is argued to be a subjective choice true dat by the same equation so is the church of gay marriage. oh sure I can defend the church of gay marriage and anti racism for a while, first by hoping you still have some sentimental attachment to aspects of judeo christian ethics and a slim grasp of logic, and maybe for a bit longer by switching to a utilitarian or libertarian footing.but ultimately they are all vulnerable to the same attacks that took down western civilization without god all is permitted says Ivan Karamazov. Respect for human life and dignity? if not in the J/C sense then in the HBD sense? well life perhaps dignity not so much, but even then what if that general defense of human life conflicts with a more specific sense my own ethnicity my own family my own life. sure ill defend my neighbor or a neighboring country on that basis if it doesn’t cost me ill send your kids to defend the israelis mine not so much gotta think about it worth defending Canada well its a buffer against my own invasion and they might defend me again I gotta calculate the odds of the effect on my DNA. women might not think this way but war isn’t the same for them is it.
    the rational argument is the universe just is. no prime cause required. no purpose to it.. Life is just as meaningless the product of a blind watchmaker. subjectively speaking you can say its for the sublimity of human relationships another might insist its devotion to god, another the pleasures of bathouses and qualudes, another that humans ought to kill themselves so other life might live
    .its all subjective choices, what do we know is good ? all we can say is survival is good. its the prime directive, its the common good to all life, we know from evolution how this good expresses itself,. all these things we say are morals or goods are really just the strategies developed by our DNA to replicate itself. the sublime feeling we get doing these “goods” just a bio chemical cocktail our DNA cooked up to motivate us..From our DNAs point of view “we”, all life is just chaff. Our altruism and respect for life or concern for our children or other races is really just plan B of our DNA. If thinks if I cant keep this most recent, and so likeliest successful variant going, Ill fall back to the next or the next to the next most recent copy and start back from there So it seems the only good I can find rationally is that of my DNA. The others might be good strategies or they might be hangers on of older environments they might even be lethal in the current environment. the logical strategy is to keep me alive by any means necessary. And yes this very reason itself may be outdated

  28. elijahlarmstrong says: • Website

    National Democratic Socialist.

    Have to beg to differ re: the meat…;-)

  29. @Hindu Observer

    “the rational argument is the universe just is. no prime cause required. no purpose to it.”

    That is also a subjective opinion.

  30. Michael Anissimov @MikeAnissimov

    Capitalism only has value to the extent that it serves a culture. The economy is there to serve the nation, not the other way around.

    Makes sense. But I’ve heard some people argue that “capitalism is the only moral economic system”. Ever heard that? How can an economic system be anything but neutral/amoral?

    • Replies: @Anthony
    , @Hindu Observer
  31. Anthony says:
    @Hindu Observer

    Is chattel slavery the way it was practiced in the U.S. South a morally neutral economic system?

  32. viking says:

    if youre asking me id say yes slavery has been practiced byalmost all human societies many in much harsher forms [since you specify US south] so I would have to conclude its an evolutionary adapted survival strategy as is tribal raiding warfare, bride kidknap, war rape and genocide, and planreold armed robbery and murder. It seems everything we do from courtship politics dining habits spiritual beliefs even bargaining dynamics like game theory in say Spanish prisoners dilemma or commons theory have been replicated in chimps so all are merely DNA technique. have you read that male dolphins kidknap and rape female dolphins theres even video of them trying to do this to a female scientist. gives a whole new meaning to flipher

    • Replies: @Hindu Observer
  33. @viking

    “if youre asking me id say yes slavery has been practiced by almost all human societies”

    This is a modern myth.

  34. @Hindu Observer

    “Is chattel slavery the way it was practiced in the U.S. South a morally neutral economic system?”


  35. Your results would be pretty similar to what English historian Paul Johnson would have scored in 1972 when he wrote his first book, The Offshore Islanders. This is a highly nationalistic history of England from a socialist/anarchist perspective. (Orwell would have approved.) With “Modern Times” in 1983, Johnson moved in a neoconservative direction, but his earlier book is particularly interesting because his standpoint is so rare these days.

  36. I’m another lurker chiming in here. I scored as follows:

    “You are a bourgeois patriot. 6 percent of the test participators are in the same category and 23 percent are more extremist than you.”

    My scores are all to the right. I was surprised that I scored 8% fundamentalist; I’m an atheist, and expected this one to score leftward (though it is my least right-ward score). The strongest was, as I did expect, 71% anthropocentric (grew up hunting and fishing).

    So, comparing to the others who posted their results, I’m perhaps not your average reader.

  37. Sisyphean says:

    Have to agree about Your Morals, the tests are interesting, different than anywhere else. I particularly liked the disgust scale, on which I scored all 1’s.

  38. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    I got “social democratic patriot” too, but with the distributions changed up a bit.

  39. “democratic National Liberal. 4 percent of the test participators are in the same category and 70 percent are more extremist than you.”

    59% secular, 45% anthropocentric, 19% capitalistic, 13% anarchistic, others single digits.

  40. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Democratic national liberal. 4% are like me, and 51% are more extreme. Huh?

  41. I didn’t finish the test because it seems not to capture outlooks very well to me. For example, I think education should be made freely available, but only as a matter of practicality. I don’t think it is “common property.” Basically, many of the questions involved asking about two or more beliefs which didn’t necessarily correlate, so answering yes to one aspect of a question could falsely represent my views another. After looking at the test, I don’t know what to make of the results you posted.

  42. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    All I said was that it was OK to eat meat (and it sure is) (…)

    How so, given greenhouse gases from meat industry is the main contributor to global warming? Eating meat is not necessary for human health in most environments, we do it for pleasure.

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