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Guns & Homicide, Map Form
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  1. Dan says:

    Love you use of maps. The mainstream media is presently ignoring a massive Harvard study on this topic.

    The media has shifted dramatically in just the last ten years away from news and toward propaganda. A major study like this would have been reported normally in just the recent past. Now, virtually 100% of the mainstream media censors it for no other reason than that it does not support a certain agenda. Now only alternative media reports it.

    • Replies: @JayMan
  2. And strip out black and “Hispanic” crime and watch that homicide color in the US shift even more.

  3. JayMan says: • Website

    Thank you!

    Though Harvard is a strong word for that study. See HBD Chick’s post.

    You’re right, I haven’t seen it in any conventional news outlet. Clearly it doesn’t fit the picture they’re trying to paint.

  4. Anthony says:

    With a few exceptions, the first map seems to track national per capita income pretty well.

    It would be interesting to compare the second map to a map of ethnic diversity – how much homicide is the result of inter-ethnic conflict?

  5. none says:

    Thought you might be interested in a discussion of the buzzword “privilege” here:

  6. Eren Jäger says: • Website

    Somalis are predisposed to criminal behaviour. So are the Romani and the Vietnamese.

  7. seems like a strong argument for disallowing gun ownership for black and brown people.

  8. Ino says:

    What’s going on in Greenland? Never knew it was so dangerous. They apparently have no guns but it’s a bloodbath up there.

    • Replies: @JayMan
  9. Gringo says:

    I prefer calculations to maps. I correlated gun ownership per capita and murder rate for 174 countries. There was a small negative correlation: -0.155.

    • Replies: @JayMan
  10. JayMan says: • Website


    Both are indispensable.

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