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Equality: Left & Right
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  1. Handle says:

    Heh. But I think they both end up at the picture on the right. The question is how the boxes got there. In the liberal version – the government takes a box from the tall boy and gives it to the small one. In the conservative version, the tall boy sells his box to the small boy. In the corporatist police-state version, all the boys are both arrested and sued by the team owners for “stealing” entertainment for which they should have bought tickets.

  2. Anthony says:

    In the liberal version, the little boy never grows up because he’ll always have an extra box to help him watch the game.

  3. Dan says:

    No, liberal equality consists of the two people on the left being made to stand in holes of varying depths to ensure that all get an equally bad view.

  4. Staffan says: • Website

    I’m ok with the little guy watching the game. I just don’t want to pay for an education he has no use for or for his children.

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